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Uhhh? Meidos?

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Meidos make up your fucking mind

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Is it finally happening?

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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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The meido that nuked the non-meme thread is based as fuck.

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Is this the autoimage timeloop again?

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I love Kanatan

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Guess Hololive global it is >>35521259

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miko pekora love

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This Towa looks a little funny...

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>Delete a normal thread
>Later delete the thread that has a bait image
Stellar moderating tonight

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meidos wojakposting on a different board

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Fuck you meido >>35578563

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time for another image limit RTA?

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Retard Meido at it again.

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I don't get it

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Hey meido what happened to this >>30503597
>the way to fix this thread is your attitudes. I cannot do that for you; I cannot make you be better posters.
So it's okay to wish death upon the hololive talents and incite others to raid dislike their stream? >>35362220
You haven't even put on your mod tag since the 2000 posts post.
Any clarity?

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>both threads got deleted
Based meido

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Post it, anon.

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Sorry only Lamy allowed

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where is the other thread anons, I feel lost...

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Meido might be more retarded than I thought.

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Remember when Pekora cried for 45 minutes then disappeared for 5 days under the excuse of
>I won't stream while I'm sad
In truth she was reclining at the time and pulled an Ayame of going away and coming back. Even her emotions are designed around pulling in as many numbers as she can. Her pre-graduation 歌枠 is another example.

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it's no wonder they don't get paid

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Claiming an image slot for AZKi

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Useless maids

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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asalamy... doko....

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Wash-up whore only good for NTR

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Are you retards really gonna sperg out because you saw an EN-related youtube video 4 hours ago

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It's time to hire AI meidos

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vt is infested with shit, jp has schizos ENnigger and seanigger idiots, lose lose situation

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She is kneeling to EN 2

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You're a big princess

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It's a shame Pekora hates Miko now and refuses to even acknowledge her existence. All because Miko dared show her kindness. Truly a mentally unstable freak.

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wrong thread

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Anon you posted this here instead the feedback form.

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Earlier, but deleted. Meanwhile
is not deleted. Sasuga.

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Are you excited for HoloKR?

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holos for this feel?

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992k! Motto!!

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Cover told JP not to stream during the EN
collab/announcement for some reason

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For you.

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>ID janny deletes the JP thread
>based janny deletes the ID thread
>remaining thread is a meme bait thread shitting on EN
>ID janny cant stand it and nukes it
>remaining thread is now a JP thread


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I still wonder what she saw..

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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Yagoo knows EN >JP

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Guran guran

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I was trying to reply to the duet post..

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When she is going to help Mel? Meru...

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Well that looks interesting

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It's even worse than sending reports, it's just sending shit to be laughed at instead of it getting ignored.

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So it's actually happenning.

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I don't understand, all Ayamy does is be a shameless whore, if you can get money with that what was the point of firing Coco?

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Sorry you have such shit taste anon

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I'm lost

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JP shits not allowed to stream over glorious EN announcement

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What does the new color mean?

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I, hmm, don't know what to expect.

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Holy fucking Kino

>> No.35578703

This is going to be awful. Both are terrible collab partners, but Pekora is easily the worse one.

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The combat in dark souls 2 looks a lot clunkier than 3.

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finally, this is very exciting

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wrong thread

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what the fuck

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!!!

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Pekora may be a turbo whore but Ayame is a giga whore

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AZKi now owns this thread

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Baby larper and an actual baby, nice.

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>double ritual posting

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En cuties run this place

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Weird, but okay. Maybe a shill stream?

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I wish I could draw this well.

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Watame is about to be the only one in yonkisei who hasn't collabed with Pekora.

>> No.35578735

Awesome, look forward to seeing what their dynamic will end up being

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fuck off tourist
the idiots writing about it are globalkeks

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It's slow and methodical.

>> No.35578740

of course, it's older

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"collab with pekora? no thanks"
*boots up minecraft*

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>Luna is such a big failure they force her to leeched off of the most popular vtuber ever

>> No.35578748

Imagine thinking luna of all people is a terrible collab partner.

>> No.35578750

How much food will it take for loli Okayu to step on me?

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seabro please...

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Are the Weiss Schwarz booster pack pre-orders sold out everywhere?

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holos for this feel?

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AZKi owns this board.
Next the world.

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Writing about what

>> No.35578763

Important notice about state of Shirakami Fubuki and her future.

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>The Peko anti is still going
What the fuck, it has been hours. What even triggered the faggot, it isn't like she did anything in particular today.

>> No.35578769

And honestly probably the worst collab fit for Pekora out of them. And they're my two favorites so I would love them to have a 1-on-1 just to see it

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>Sorry Pekora, but I'll collab with superstars like Choco instead of small fry like you

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Something like the short princess vs princess interaction during the new years special? Besides Luna calls her PekoPeko senpai and Pekora always addresses Luna as princess. Is cute

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hah, indogs begone

>> No.35578778

Definitely didn't expect it this soon after she said she wanted to do one. Can't wait.

>> No.35578779

>Bun Bun Cha
Oh boy

>> No.35578780

It wanted to be more "grounded" so they mocapped a lot of animations instead of going full anime like in 3. Problem is it doesn't really work for some weapons, not as snappy as in 1 and 3. It's also a lot more deliberate because you can't rollspam.

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Oh is she going to collab with the shark loli?

>> No.35578790

>now he's replying to himself

>> No.35578791

fuck off from jp board /v/ shit

>> No.35578792

Watame was there to get Pekora out od jail during the Pekonews stream.

>> No.35578793

Luna Gura collab would be Kino

>> No.35578796

>a psychopathic loser with no friends who does nothing but leech has do to something specific to be disliked

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fuck off chumshit

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>> No.35578809

Funny that Pekora just talked about wanting to collab with Towa but she's on break. Did she go to the hololive website look up Towa and just point at the picture closest to her and say " bring me this one instead"

>> No.35578811

remove poosagis

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Boss time

>> No.35578822

Why Peko and Miko are going for Luna? Is she the trophy?

>> No.35578823

You can't leech inside Hololive, the more popular girls are more popular for a reason and the only thing that will happen is people will leave the less popular girl for the more popular one.

>> No.35578827

Businesses don't want to be openly associated with whoring.

>> No.35578828

I will never forgive Yagoo for taking away the elite pantsu

>> No.35578830

>a psychopathic loser with no friends who does nothing but leech
sounds like somebody is projecting

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>> No.35578832

>You can't leech inside Hololive

>> No.35578835

Pekora singing the Pekorap while Hime goes NAAAAAAAAAAAA in the background.

>> No.35578836

Towa went on her smoka break, pls andastnd

>> No.35578837

>You can't leech inside Hololive

>> No.35578839

>nijinigger chatposting niji stream in hololive thread

>> No.35578841

Shishiron loves me.

>> No.35578843

Korone, The God of The Dog

>> No.35578844

Too lewd. Please tell down.

>> No.35578848

Oh , its the dumbest post ever on this website.

>> No.35578851

Cool diary but noone asked you to describe yourself.

>> No.35578852

>Watame finding out the EN countdown
>"Will it explode?"

>> No.35578853

>Pekora will get close to Luna just to dump her like all the others
It's so tiring

>> No.35578854

More goblinposting

>> No.35578855

Why aren't you chatposting Watame's stream anon?

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>> No.35578860

its NOUsagi anon. its ok to make mistakes, dont worry

>> No.35578861

I did.

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>> No.35578872

Spill the beans Watame

>> No.35578873

>​[en] Watame: I know something… not everything, but I know something hA hA hA hA

>> No.35578875

wrong board mikopoos

>> No.35578876

Towasama please break into my house and breed me

>> No.35578877

I heard you guys like Ayame

>> No.35578880

>You can't leech inside Hololive

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>> No.35578888

Holo soccer watch along FUCKING WHEN?

I wonder if they'll be able to stream the World Cup? Now that would be really fucking hype in all kinds of levels. Specially when Japan plays.

>> No.35578889

Remember when ogey rrat poster got doxxed? Despite working in IT, he learned an important lesson in not being a cheap fuck and paying for WHOIS protection on his domains.

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>> No.35578893

Pekora's Mask watchalong was really garbage. Is this really what she hides behind her membership? Who the fuck would pay for it? She just says what's on screen.

>> No.35578894

hituji...don't go...

>> No.35578897

Why did people stop clipping things to post here? It feels like it's a rarity now

>> No.35578900

>1 match 500 damage
Made me chuckle, how much did she want last time?

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>> No.35578904

wrong life pakisagis

>> No.35578908

Operation Tango again? But sheep doesn't read superchats after collab...

>> No.35578911


>> No.35578913

don't leave me sheep...

>> No.35578914

Think of the blind people, anon.

>> No.35578917

Because most people here don't watch streams

>> No.35578918

>the artist of this picture

>> No.35578919

>Matsuri dumps Luna to simp even harder for nijisanji
>Subaru dumps Luna as soon as she gets the attention of the overseas branches
Luna should just stick with her actual friends inside Hololive, Roboco, Choco and Aki, atleast they know her from before Hololive

>> No.35578920

Pekora's views went higher than her usual during any spontaneous PekoMoona collab due to SNS crowd alerting everyone, and the official collab is Pekora's 4th most popular stream ever.
Moona is proof you can't leech, only amplify.

Now if you want a REAL argument, try to bring up Towa.
Wherever Towa goes, views become Towa views.

>> No.35578921

>[en] Watame: The membersheeps already saw a spoiler for the announcement, so please look forward to it in 4 hours

>> No.35578922


>> No.35578927

only the c*tube clips now

>> No.35578935

noushartgis are getting uppity again

>> No.35578936

Ai chan...

>> No.35578937

Miko btfo by the rabbit AGAIN lmaoo

>> No.35578938

Some more Marine Re2

>> No.35578945

Sorry boys. It's my fault. Watame ended early since I have work early tommorow morning.

>> No.35578947


>> No.35578948

because that YouTube nigger just kept taking them posting them on his channel then shilling it here with the exact same clips

>> No.35578951

Is there an artist you want Cover to hire as a mama/papa?

>> No.35578956

>Remember when ogey rrat poster got doxxed?
That was in global fuck off

>> No.35578957

Yea, pekora collabing with a bottom tier holo surely btfo of micomet.

>> No.35578959

I still do but this thread hates my favorite holos so I don't post my clips here.

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>> No.35578962

It's good to be a member.

>> No.35578964

Towa get a big sub boost and viewer boost whenever she does anything pekora related though. Watch Luna get a bump after this. They always do

>> No.35578965

I remember the days where this thread called Towa a menhera whore

>> No.35578966

Who? I heard something like that before

>> No.35578967

Sora love!

>> No.35578971

Miko is the best.

>> No.35578975

yes, I can also remember today

>> No.35578978

Who are your favourite holos?

>> No.35578979

I agree, Miko is the best JAV idol in Hololive

>> No.35578981

Haruko Ichikawa

>> No.35578986


>> No.35578987

This. Last time when that Suisei Nigga clip was posted, that nigger reposted it on his channel in 2 minutes and posted link here.

>> No.35578989

go back to NND

>> No.35578990

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,

>> No.35578991

Thats every thread, Anon.

>> No.35578993

Multiple human boyfriends...

>> No.35578994

His style already fits well with chuubas and he's expressed interest in doing L2D stuff before. Also the dude fucking loves tummies.

>> No.35578996

gokisei may be huge failures but at least they're not leeches like yonkisei, well, if you exclude Polka and Nene

>> No.35578998

Whore?, yes, but it's been a while since someone called Towa menhera

>> No.35578999

Yamamoto Souichirou

>> No.35579000

Koyoharu Gotoge

>> No.35579004

>> No.35579006


>> No.35579007

That last clip was so stressful.

>> No.35579009

Disgracefully based.

>> No.35579010


>> No.35579011

Matuli in EN chat
is she scouting for dick again?

>> No.35579012


>> No.35579014

I originally did it to give my oshi more exposure in these threads but she got more popular and people primarily just use her for shitposting now.

>> No.35579015

Luna literally begged Miko for another collab but she declined because she doesn't want to play MonHun anymore

>> No.35579018

Raita Honjou

>> No.35579019


>> No.35579020


>> No.35579021

she should upload a cover of this next

>> No.35579023

Subaru, Kanata and Polka

>> No.35579025


>> No.35579026

just remember how hard she tried to leech off Coco's last moments. Her fans already dropped her after the mugen Apex arc, she is trying hard to get new ones

>> No.35579029

I've wanted this for a while, they're my two favorite holos. Can't wait.

>> No.35579039

Thanks 35p I needed to watch it again

>> No.35579040

That's because Towa's streams are literally the peak of hololive entertainment.

>> No.35579045

His vtuber designs are really ugly.

>> No.35579048

1st listen: "lol, what the hell is this"
by the end of the song: "Oh my god, it's amazing, play it again!"

>> No.35579051

Unusual combo, I like Subaru the best of the three but I miss a lot of her streams, post some clips here and there anon

>> No.35579053

based redditor

>> No.35579055

Uh what the fuck?

>> No.35579056

Do you think Towa misses us?

>> No.35579059


>> No.35579061

she sees ur cocc

>> No.35579066

FKEY, Mignon, Hews, peromekuri, but mostly from Nora Higuma.

>> No.35579067

Namori-sama. She's already a hololive fan, but i imagine she's quite expensive to hire.

>> No.35579071

You really never heard that before?

>> No.35579073

Shishiron, Fubuki, Towa.

>> No.35579074

Based 35p. I love this song. Cute and well composed.
Have this in exchange.

>> No.35579075

Niji hired her to do some art recently

>> No.35579078


>> No.35579082

If he's still fucking Iofi maybe he can get in for ID 3. He fucking lurks here too.

>> No.35579083

ritz for a mahjong holo

>> No.35579087

Anyone got Kiara's birthday voicepack?

>> No.35579089

No, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4PT1phuM9M

>> No.35579091

But I've never stopped clipping my cat.


>> No.35579092

>> No.35579095

He does? I liked his Neptunia art.

>> No.35579098

What the fuck is her problem

>> No.35579101


>> No.35579103

Smile and Go away...

>> No.35579104


>> No.35579105

What do you mean misses.
Shes always here with us.

>> No.35579107

We already have THE mahjong holo.

>> No.35579111

She misses me specifically

>> No.35579114

>Lack of imagination
>Earns his living by drawing porn but gets pissed when it was implied that his favorite Shirobaco character had a boyfriend
No thanks, Hololive already had a to deal with a crazy artist not to long ago.

>> No.35579115

I try to here and there, still have about a hundred unrendered ones and no motivation to get to them. Have a cute panicking Shuba https://files.catbox.moe/8ywj4s.webm

>> No.35579116

ogey rrat
now fuck back to global

>> No.35579118

Who is going to celebrate Coco 1.4m ;_;

>> No.35579119


>> No.35579121

za towa...

>> No.35579123

You music posters never want to do exchanges.

>> No.35579128

Because it really was a thing in the past. Past Towa was writing cryptic message on her Twitter and being a loner isolated fuck after the yab but now she is considered friendly by most of the holos, it isnt fair to say when there're worse menhera in Hololive

>> No.35579131

This one, with all my heart.

Speaking of, I think Sugoi hi got a chuuba commision? Or am I thinking of someone else?

>> No.35579132


>> No.35579133


>> No.35579134


>> No.35579137


>> No.35579139

i would like one that actually plays mahjong. one where if she played with sio like pekora did the tags wouldn't be mindbreak and rape.

>> No.35579140

That would be a new low even for her

>> No.35579141

Sio doko... fucking nipniggers she hid away never to be seen again

>> No.35579142

Maybe Kanata could stream Coco's celebration on her own channel to leech some more

>> No.35579146


>> No.35579148


>> No.35579153

She's debuting in 3 hours

>> No.35579154

Go back.

>> No.35579155

back to global

>> No.35579156

Nice Puna

>> No.35579158

Have a heroic Shuba in return

>> No.35579162


>> No.35579163

Because all of those anons got the memo and went to the VTUBER board made specifically for you instead of shitting this board with now offtopic and low quality containment threads

>> No.35579164


>> No.35579165

A small freelance artist that I doubt anyone here knows: https://twitter.com/kakage0904

>> No.35579167

Okite Okite

>> No.35579168


>> No.35579169


>> No.35579171

That's cute, reminds me how Fubuki also started wearing adidas because of Coco. Coco truly was the trend setter of Hololive.

>> No.35579176


>> No.35579179

The wideface-sensei

>> No.35579180

where is this anon

>> No.35579188

Please let me buy Kanata's worn Adidas, the materials of some of them really hold smells.

>> No.35579192


>> No.35579195

Didn't she just got a "live" and even sang a Love Live song?

>> No.35579198

This is something I never knew I needed
It makes perfect sense

>> No.35579201


>> No.35579205


>> No.35579208

I love Ume but I have some doubts if her artstyle would translate well into L2D.

>> No.35579211

Look too weird next to the others but I'm surprised she isn't doing one herself with it

>> No.35579213

Watame looks stylish

>> No.35579215

These streams are such a blessing. Okayu was right, just letting them play in the background already makes your day better.

>> No.35579218

Anyone buy nendos yet? I don't know about nendo prices, but it's worth for the quality right? It's nothing like 20000 yen after all.

>> No.35579221

>Ayame does nothing but suck thousands of cocks
Explain this then.

>> No.35579222

one day there will be a mahjong indie using that bgm and I will know it's her..

>> No.35579227

Korone's beautiful "GAHA" laugh....

>> No.35579228

All of her boyfriends.

>> No.35579229





>> No.35579231

Have pekora and luna collabed before??

>> No.35579232

Masami Chie

>> No.35579234

Korone... https://streamable.com/x9wssp

>> No.35579235

Pekora unprivated that one 魔界村 stream where she becomes hysterical after beating it. Funny imagining her watching herself display her mental illness. I wonder if she thought it made her look good.

>> No.35579236


>> No.35579238

Not outside of other members being involved

>> No.35579239

Does she deserve it?

>> No.35579240

A single hour of an Ayame stream is worth more than 100 hours of Watame being a boring cunt and talking about stupid shit nobody gives a fuck about in minecraft.

I'm not even shitposting.

>> No.35579242

Not 1:1 but they were in the new years 3d stream together.

>> No.35579243

Why are you like this. Everyone was having a good time posting clips and talking about possible holomamas

>> No.35579246

Only incels don't think she does

>> No.35579249

I have a few nendos, but didn't pre-order any of the hololive ones yet, only Pekora figma so far. But quality is pretty good for the price of 5-6K yen usually. And this considering how many accessories and extra face plates you get as well.

>> No.35579250

I can still hear that scream kek

>> No.35579257

I'm gonna kill the pekoschizo. More details at 8

>> No.35579263

Not one on one. They did a 2x2 with Subaru and Migo on a New Years stream.

>> No.35579266

I know Rushia is a necromancer, but I didn't know Kanata was a necrophiliac

>> No.35579268

Here you go. Hee name is Usame Pekoda.

>> No.35579271

my wife peko

>> No.35579272

for ENlets, the previous jackbox collab was literally the only good full gen collab they've had
feel free to watch today's to pass the time until announcement

>> No.35579274


>> No.35579275

Must be weird for other holo members to interact with Pekora through discord and in game after meeting her in real life and seeing how ugly she is.

>> No.35579276


>> No.35579278

>coco corpse boost didn't work
>EN leeching didn't work either

>> No.35579279 [SPOILER] 

holos for this feel?

>> No.35579280

Im gonna have sex eith pekoschizo

>> No.35579285

the PekoLuna collab will last exactly one hour and they'll never talk again
Pekora hates everyone who doesn't suck her toes during the entire stream aka the usaken leeches, the same happened with Korone

>> No.35579290

Can't you read or do you just struggle with the concept of time?

>> No.35579291

Don’t attempt to falseflag if you can’t even quote correctly

>> No.35579293

Why are Kenzoku like this

>> No.35579295

lunaitos how do you feel about the collab?

>> No.35579296

meant to >>35579221

>> No.35579301

I think you are confusing her with Marine.

>> No.35579305

Not looking forward to it. Pekora isn't a good collab partner and it seems she is just going to use Luna and dump her like others. I don't want Luna to get hurt.

>> No.35579308

Did you buy your nendos from the same side as the pre-orders for the hololive ones? I've been wondering if shipping is expensive too.

>> No.35579309

I was gone for two days and now there is a peko schizo? Or our main schizo jumping on who’s popular again

>> No.35579312


>> No.35579313

but the cutest member of hololive (miko) loves pekora...

>> No.35579314

You just needed to not be a schizo...

>> No.35579316


>> No.35579317

They're my two favorites, so i'm excited. I'm not sure what to expect. The first time Pekora collabed 1 on 1 with Towa i thought it was going to be a disaster but it ended up working great, so we'll see.

>> No.35579318

Not sure, they got along quite ok during the new years stream so maybe it'll be pretty good.
I will enjoy ritualposting with the nousagis at the same time though.

>> No.35579321

schizos always leech off whoever is performing well or doing interesting things

>> No.35579323

Luna will screw it up, she always get chances to leech off popular chuubas but she never does, see how she wastes her opportunity yet again with Pekora. Luna needs to leech more if she wants to get inside the mighty top 50.

>> No.35579326

Why are 35P like this?

>> No.35579328

>0 Marine schizoposts

>> No.35579329

And in return Pekora hates her. What a bitch.

>> No.35579330

All women have an ugly friend so they look better in comparison. That's why Pekora doesn't have any friends now because nobody is uglier than her.

>> No.35579331

But that's that obese cunt named Marine

>> No.35579333

> she always get chances to leech off popular chuubas but she never does
shut the fuck up

>> No.35579335


>> No.35579336

peko schizo types like a woman

>> No.35579337

I love my oshi and enjoy discussing her here but if some turbo autist is going to call her a whore or that she sucks Jun cock or call me a tranny then I may as well leave. Bye.

>> No.35579338

Kenko Cross

>> No.35579342

Fuck off I love Pekora. This is just a seething ichir*dditor

>> No.35579344

Towa's enlarged clitoris...in my mouth...!

>> No.35579345 [SPOILER] 

The real faces of Hololive

>> No.35579346

Pekora is a whore and a bit brown

>> No.35579348

>pekoschizo trying to trigger other schizos to begin a civil war
You're not even the biggest fish in the pond, you fucking piece of shit. I'll hunt you and eat your heart raw

>> No.35579351

I always buy and pre-order things from amiami, their prices are usually cheaper than buying from GoodSmile (manufacturer) and the shipping price depends on the weight, and the shipping method you choose, for me it's 1,5-2k yen with RSAL. For more info read the guide, and you can visit buyfag threads on /a/ as well.


>> No.35579352

godspeed nousagi

>> No.35579354


>> No.35579356

Neromashin, Nagi Ichi, Minority, Shirota, NemuNemu, Tokorot, ATAGE, Typehatena, Takeda Hiromitsu, Tanabe Kyou, Takase Yuu, ShindoL, Aogiri Penta, Abubu, Marimo, Yuzu Machi, a-10, Deadflow, Kakugari Kyoudai, Otakumin, Ponpon, Tamagoro, Ikezaki Misa, Kereno...

I have to stop since there are way too fucking many I would want bros, their work is so beautiful.

Outside of them, I would love one designed by Harada Takehito. He already did a Watame collab, so it isn't that out of there.

>> No.35579360

how is luna not kaguya? RETARDCHAMA

>> No.35579362


>> No.35579363

Come back for the collab

>> No.35579367

Are you implying that Marine is popular and does interesting things?

>> No.35579368

will Pekora ever take Miko to comiket..

>> No.35579369

what's this talk of a pekoschizo? i just see a bunch of posts telling the truth about the mentally deranged rabbit

>> No.35579371

You can really tell global came up with this

>> No.35579374

one noutoddler less, only a few more left

>> No.35579375


>> No.35579377


>> No.35579379

>hasn't seen the absolute trainwreck that is runny bunny cunny anon
I guess to be fair, he gets a 30 day vaction every time he posts here, so you have to be here at the right time

>> No.35579381

thinking about this whore who ruined her generation and has no friends at all

>> No.35579382

Towa wants to make a fool out of ME? I'll fucking show that bitch

>> No.35579383

How wet does Lamy get to this picture?

>> No.35579384

This needs a fix

>> No.35579388

Reminder that Marine's roommate said she likes watching men cum.

>> No.35579389

>No morning streams
Well, that's a bummer. At least the later collabs will be interesting.

>> No.35579390


>> No.35579391


>> No.35579392


>> No.35579393


>> No.35579394

Wrong fucking thread.

>> No.35579395

am I going to die in 7 days?

>> No.35579399

I hope it won't be like the Botan PUBG collabs where they barely interact.

>> No.35579401

2 hours until sharkfaggot shits the place up again!

>> No.35579402

Marine is a fake bitch and deserves to die

>> No.35579403

I do. I want to watch the stream but can't stand Luna's voice.

>> No.35579404

When does it start and in what channel?

>> No.35579405

nousagis officially kicked to /vt/ again kek

>> No.35579407


>> No.35579409

It starts now on chicken's channel

>> No.35579410

did I loop back to last year?
I finally did it.. I can save sio

>> No.35579411


>> No.35579412

Pekora will make sure any interaction is one sided and makes her look good. Luna will probably get embarrassed and ashamed and take a break. Pekora is known to not be kind to collab partners. It's one of the reasons no one ever calls in to her totsus.

>> No.35579413


>> No.35579415

Does Lamy's Tanabata thumbnail count as corpse leeching?

>> No.35579419

I can't stand both of their voices without getting hard.

>> No.35579420

Get in here!

>> No.35579421

Who's your oshi?

>> No.35579422

Lamy doesn't leech

>> No.35579423

We can't read Japanese so no.

>> No.35579424


>> No.35579425

I love both. I think they'd be great. I can see Luna getting adopted as another moon little sister.

>> No.35579427

Jokes on you. i don't recognize any of those literal whos besides Cirno and reimu

>> No.35579428

It is very likely to be Asobi Taizen since that was something Pekora wanted to do recently and it fits the title.

>> No.35579429

Pekora is the kindest Holo. Every single Holo agrees.

>> No.35579431

This word is really starting to get on my nerves

>> No.35579433


>> No.35579435

It's Asobi Taizen

>> No.35579437

kanata was so much more likeable before she started releasing all those coco songs and short meme clips

>> No.35579438

Can you? Play close attention to that pic again

>> No.35579439

>Botan PUBG collabs where they barely interact.

>> No.35579440

Why the fuck are you people obsessed with corpses?

>> No.35579442

Lamy wants that Yagoo folder though

>> No.35579443

Gokisei do nothing but leech

>> No.35579444

You were too late anon. The archive is already gone. You need to go back a month earlier.

>> No.35579445

Do you think he regrets some of his hires?

>> No.35579447

This. She's a cutie pie and the ekoschizo deserves to die a painful death

>> No.35579448


>> No.35579449

Is there any way to look live this commercial?

>> No.35579452

>friends edition
>no FBK
dumb whore

>> No.35579453

He got a leash

>> No.35579454

Is that why nobody but Miko and Suisei played Mario Party with her and all the 'nice' stories told about her during her april fool's stream were fake?

>> No.35579456

it should be fun! I'm curious what they will do

>> No.35579458

Why nobody likes Pekora here?

>> No.35579460

>whole career ruined because of one(1) shitpost

>> No.35579462

Lamy does NOT leech

>> No.35579464

i came in pretty late (just past gen 4) but I have a question: has Ayame ever been active enough to warrant her crazy numbers? Was she once a beloved member of the community who is just too busy to stream nowadays?

>> No.35579465

She did not join hololive to be an idol.

>> No.35579468

>all the 'nice' stories told about her during her april fool's stream were fake
Take your meds schizo.

>> No.35579469

That's so ugly what the fuck

>> No.35579470

What even is Towa?

>> No.35579471

>No one is live

>> No.35579473

haha my bad wrong link

>> No.35579476

No, she isn't. You're that EN faglord who comes to shit our thread from time to time. You just wanna see this place burn, but if it happens you will burn with us

>> No.35579477


>> No.35579478


>> No.35579482

This is actually kind of cool. Neat merch. Yagoo even looks like he's getting younger.

>> No.35579483

If Luna joins Usaken, it'll be pretty awkward

>> No.35579484


>> No.35579485

if takehito harada becomes a holomama i'm going to UOHHHHHHHHHH into orbit

>> No.35579487

I understand your feelings got hurt because you're used to shitpost someone else's oshis and now it's your oshi's turn but saying retarded shit like that doesn't help at all.

>> No.35579490

Why nobody likes (you) here?

>> No.35579491


>> No.35579494

Botan made up a story. Watame didn't have a story. Mio made up a story. Noel told a fake story she told a year ago. Face it, nobody likes Pekora. Compare how many call her to literally any other holo.

>> No.35579495


>> No.35579496


>> No.35579497

>hires Luna so she doesn't have to add anything extra to the castle

>> No.35579499

You WILL accept the moon

>> No.35579501


>> No.35579502

What did gen 5 do wrong?

>> No.35579503

Why would they? She's a whore with no consideration for others feelings.

>> No.35579505

Towa just fucking won a game and you fucks arent even talking about her stream. I thought you liked Towa.

>> No.35579508

she used to be more active, but her incline came once she started getting clipped and eops discovered her
her audience was one of the most japanese ones previously

>> No.35579509

Marine is my oshi.

>> No.35579511

>> No.35579512

her laugh is completely unremarkable

>> No.35579515

RBC can't get away with this!

>> No.35579516


>> No.35579517

Imagine a sweaty Moona during the summer heat...

>> No.35579518


>> No.35579520

Completely deserved.

>> No.35579521

that collab was fucking sad, it was Miko and Suisei playing together and having a fun time while Pekora was sitting on the corner playing with the CPU

>> No.35579523

Nothing, they're great. Polka seems in a bit of a slump which is unfortunate

>> No.35579526

No, why did you think that?

>> No.35579527

That's way too outdated dramanigger, she having a mental breakdowns over a FUCKING CHOCOLATE. I don't even know why Polka tell us that story in the first place

>> No.35579530

You should apologize for writing so many bad things about my oshi in the past 8 hours. Apologize to me and the other nousagi from this thread NOW

>> No.35579531


>> No.35579535

How do you know they made up those stories? Were you there?

>> No.35579538


>> No.35579540

They didn't force sex to stay, ruining their initial plans and forcing cover to rush out the gen that overshadowed them

>> No.35579544

The more this thread dislikes something, the more it talks about it.

>> No.35579545

Stop reply to it retard

>> No.35579546

Sure, right after your oshi apologizes to the people she's currently hurting.

>> No.35579547

Does it count as a slump when it has been going on for 8 months? Feels like the normal state of things.

>> No.35579548

Their a reason she's /our girl/

>> No.35579549

It also proved to everyone that it's Pekora who is ignoring Miko. She'll gladly take her help but when it comes time to reciprocate she nowhere to be seen.

>> No.35579550

I remember when she cried all day, that happened around the Okayu collab

>> No.35579553

Thanks mate. This will come in handy.

>> No.35579556

Polka has been on suicide watch since debut

>> No.35579557

Funny how everyone cries about EN and whatever but there's a holoJP thread right now and nobody uses it.
Could it be that you're all just children throwing a temper tantrum?

>> No.35579560

Is Marineschizo based or reddit? She's single handedly breaking the nousagis.

>> No.35579565

Aqua always calls Towa a menhera, so no.

>> No.35579566

Anon, are you ok?

>> No.35579570

He's replying to himself also

>> No.35579571

>we can finally do collabs
So the Coco ban was real?

>> No.35579572

japanese duck cooking spaghetti

>> No.35579573

I'm sorry Pekora is a terrible person who has no friends. I wish she wasn't so mentally ill that she shuns anyone that wants to get close and ruins all her relationship. I apologize she's a mentally and emotionally unstable nutjob.

>> No.35579574

Based, the less sankisei cancer in these threads, the better.

>> No.35579576


>> No.35579577

Will you be watching the holoEN gen 2 reveal?

>> No.35579578

tenshi eating a corndog

>> No.35579582


>> No.35579583

just glad she's stop targeting maririn

>> No.35579585

Its not me ichir*dditor. I am busy defending pekora.

>> No.35579587

everyday until you like it

>> No.35579590


>> No.35579592

noo, 2hufaggot is back
(make more pics)

>> No.35579595

That's very obviously penne rigate

>> No.35579599

Wall Maria design leaked

>> No.35579600

She started of great, the 3Day stream announcement was great. I don't watch her much so I can't tell if it's Aloe or something else, but I hope she gets over it. Botan is amazing, Nene is finally rising and Lamy has been a really pleasant surprise, Polka is lagging behind a bit. But it's ok, Luna also took a long time to adjust to her new position and now she's great

>> No.35579601

>pekora this
>pekora that
Meanwhile no one says nothing about the other blue woman, Suisei

>> No.35579602

>Noutoddlers getting blown the fuck out
You love to see it

>> No.35579604

Pekors did nothing wrong

>> No.35579605

Very cool

>> No.35579607

based AK-103 Ramy

>> No.35579609

Good luck on your /buyfag/ adventure anon!

>> No.35579612

>Still samefagging

>> No.35579615

AsaLamy died for EN2

>> No.35579616

It's mikoschizo not marineschizo this time

>> No.35579618

fuck off global

>> No.35579620

>> No.35579621

Dont listen to them, Anon. Im watching Towa and enjoying her stream.

>> No.35579622

suichan wa?

>> No.35579624

PekoLuna could be very fun, judging by the NY stream. What are your thoughts?

>> No.35579626

>look up peko in archive
>almost nothing but shitting on her
??? she didn't even do anything today except play MC and call in to kiara

>> No.35579629

>mama that keep nagging her to marry
>Fat fuck that eat most of her income and being horny all the time
>Apex got hacked

Towa DEFINITELY miss us

>> No.35579630

why is it so small

>> No.35579632

pissing in her ass...

>> No.35579633

Nye ga

>> No.35579634

heavy is the head the wears the crown

>> No.35579635

Jesas, stop replying to the schizo. The more you reply the more he'll keep shitposting about Pekora.

>> No.35579636

All the schizo post by me today. You got bamboozled, /hlg/ cucks

>> No.35579638

>> No.35579639


>> No.35579641

That was obvious. Enma is a fag, like shartmeido

>> No.35579643

Here is what we should do for gen 6: have them be sisters of current Holos.

>> No.35579644

I honestly have no idea what to expect, it's a pairing out of nowhere I didn't see coming

>> No.35579647


>> No.35579648

The axis being born

>> No.35579649

Based & Reddit.

>> No.35579651

Me too buddy, me too

>> No.35579653

kyo mo kawai kunai

>> No.35579654


>> No.35579656

>beautiful voice
>great singer
>loved by every Holo
>plays good games
>fun utawakus
>can cook
>high school dropout
>ugly voice
>terrible singer
>management has to force others to collab with her
>plays r*ddit games
>same 15 songs every utawaku
>can't cook
This is why ichir*dditors are jealous of nousagi.

>> No.35579659

reminder that Pekora is an unlikable bitch
>still hates Aqua after 5+ years
>hates Korone after she damage her fragile ego during their only collab
>hates Marine and ignores all her DMs
>hates her entire gen and barely spends time with them even with Marine constantly trying to reach out to her
>never collabs with anyone because it could hit her number
>only hires people who can't oppose her (Moona the leech who can barely speak and Botan the hag who feels bad for her)
>now hates Miko for no apparent reason
the fame really got to her head, even Kiara who was a massive nousagi before joining changed her for Watame because of how unlikeable she truly is, never met your heroes I guess

>> No.35579660

The "people" in this thread don't deserve any new clips or OC.

>> No.35579661

We're not talking about Gura

>> No.35579662

>Matuli tweets
>l*ger immediately answers
What a fucking nigger.

>> No.35579663

I've wanted them to collab for a long time but I honestly don't know what it will actually be like.

>> No.35579664


>> No.35579665

collab with my oshi please..

>> No.35579666

jokes on you i want to fuck marine's fat fucking ass

>> No.35579667

I'm very curious, I really don't know what to expect.

>> No.35579668

Someone please marry Towa before she become a hag and grooming Kotaro...

>> No.35579669

To match my penor

>> No.35579670

apex hacked? how did that happen

>> No.35579671


>> No.35579673

>You got bamboozled
fuck you fubuki! mirage sucks!

>> No.35579676

You just don’t love your Oshi enough to understand him

>> No.35579677

Who the fuck cares...

>> No.35579679


>> No.35579680

I do the exact same for my oshi...

>> No.35579684


>> No.35579685

>> No.35579686

The peko anti has been active for almost 10 hours, something upset him today so he has been spamming the whole day. And as is common with these faggots is that they can't for the life of them be subtle, you can always tell when they make a post.

>> No.35579687

Is marine's roommate really landwhale? From 3d's she doesn't really seem to be fat, but not skinny either.

>> No.35579688

>> No.35579692

Lyger should just move on with his life

>> No.35579693

Yes, we aren't. Well observed.

>> No.35579695

Already got it covered anon, don't worry about my wife.

>> No.35579696 [SPOILER] 

Consider pic related

>> No.35579697

you dont do the same anon? fucking pathetic

>> No.35579698

I just hate all the gen 3 cabaret offpako whores

>> No.35579699

kek you can pinpoint exactly which post triggered him

>> No.35579701


>> No.35579703

>>hates Marine and ignores all her DMs
There is literally nothing wrong with that.

>> No.35579704

the only Suischizo hanged himself after all the miComet collabs

>> No.35579707

he's still hoping that one day he will be able to slide into her pussy.

>> No.35579711


>> No.35579712

god imagine the dorkiness

>> No.35579715


>> No.35579717

I was literally just asking myself “where are the tummies”

>> No.35579719

Samefag, not based and marineshizo deserve to get raped by ojisans here

>> No.35579720

Shouldn't she hate Okayu from these standards as well?

>> No.35579723

FAQ MIKO!!!!!!

>> No.35579725

>EN gen 2 hits 1 million before Watame

>> No.35579726

>not responding to your oshi within 10 seconds
get a load of this NERD

>> No.35579730


>> No.35579732

desire to lick increasing

>> No.35579733

Fuck off 35Piss
Miko will NEVER get Marine numbers no matter how much you shit up this thread

>> No.35579735

What if one day the loneliness really gets to her and she invites him over...

>> No.35579736

Obese people can't do this

>> No.35579737

>> No.35579738

>> No.35579739

I already fapped to okayu.

>> No.35579740

Are you serious? The 3D streams show how heavy and fat she is

>> No.35579742

would be based

>> No.35579744

Go watch Oga's onagole play pso2 or whatever "friend"
Marine waddles in 3D, only other person that does that is Polka

>> No.35579745

absolute state of these anons

>> No.35579747

There is nothing wrong with that

>> No.35579748

it's impossible to hate Okayu because she barely does anything noteworthy, Pekora just dumped her like she never existed

>> No.35579749


>> No.35579751

>> No.35579755

That's based though.

>> No.35579756

No ojisan wants to touch disgusting marineschizo.

>> No.35579757

Pick a peko

>> No.35579758

>> No.35579763

big enough

>> No.35579764

>> No.35579765

Shizo is getting uppity again. Someone post lewd rushia

>> No.35579767

Where's Pekola?

>> No.35579769

big cat tits,,,

>> No.35579772

That's prerecorded and they used different people to control the models

>> No.35579774

Twintail peko!

>> No.35579775

>Leave your footprints and join as a witnesser.
I think we're getting a dinosaur chuuba to replace Coco.

>> No.35579777 [SPOILER] 

I just don't like standing out and I'm actually jealous he gets noticed and acknowledged by his oshi.

>> No.35579779


>> No.35579782


>> No.35579784

Mental illnesses are real and many of them are very serious. Remember to take care of your mental health.

>> No.35579785

I want him to have another chance. It's not fair

>> No.35579786

>> No.35579787 [SPOILER] 

>appears next to you
>what do you do?

>> No.35579788


>> No.35579792

Hair down is always the best choice

>> No.35579796


>> No.35579797


>> No.35579798

>funny artists
good taste anon

>> No.35579801

>> No.35579803

Short hair peko is sex 2nd is curl

>> No.35579805

Why does she like Bill Nye?

>> No.35579806

hair down peko

>> No.35579807

When the fuck is en2?

>> No.35579808

>a dinosaur chuuba

>> No.35579812


>> No.35579814

>> No.35579815


>> No.35579816

I know there's no chance but the idea that Pekora would look at these threads and see all this shit actually makes me sad. No holos deserve this shit.

>> No.35579817

He's hurt enough.

Only if he makes a notJack next

>> No.35579818

short all the way

>> No.35579819

Wake up

>> No.35579822


>> No.35579823

do not think like that anon, you will be a target

>> No.35579824


>> No.35579825

Curls but every time I see this I feel like I end up picking a different one

>> No.35579827

I miss Towa so much...

>> No.35579828 [SPOILER] 

marines fat fucking doxx

>> No.35579829

Tell her she is not Luna and she should delete her pictures from the internet.

>> No.35579830

>remove makeup
>take pictures
>blackmail into sex
>put makeup back on

>> No.35579831


>> No.35579833

Curious and interested. They did great in the NY stream but I have no idea what to expect. Hopefully, it's not gonna be like a LunaMel collab.

>> No.35579834


>> No.35579835

Make her get んなああああああああked

>> No.35579837

>> No.35579843

fuck back to global retard

>> No.35579852


>> No.35579853

I totally forgot GDQ was going on...

>> No.35579856

Those are some strong ass bras

>> No.35579857

Missed that one, is that awkward?

>> No.35579858

wrong site

>> No.35579863

Hair down Peko!

>> No.35579864 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35579865

Why Towa didn't collab with Rushia?? Both of them are cute autistic cakes.....

>> No.35579870

If i was from global i’d know when it was dumbass low iq baboon

>> No.35579871

Ponytail-peko really has that air about her that makes me want to breed her.

>> No.35579872


>> No.35579876

I thought it was pretty good and I was happy for both of them.

>> No.35579881

Why does everyone love the squid?

>> No.35579889

There is an infamous LunaMelNoel collab which was absolutely terrible. Mel and Noel were terrible while Luna tried to do something but it didn't work. The game they were playing had almost no 3 player games as well. Luna and Noel had a collab and did great but Luna and Mel just don't seem to mesh together well.

>> No.35579892

It tastes good with beer.

>> No.35579903

>Hair down not curly
I'm no expert but I don't think that's how it works.

>> No.35579904

If it is any consolation I'm sure she has seen much worse from people who can actually understand her. Japanese antis are far from lenient.

>> No.35579905

she's boring but she's the comfy kind of boring
where you can watch her focus and she's kind of cute doing it

>> No.35579906

Mel doesn't mesh particularly well with anyone.

>> No.35579907 [SPOILER] 

i miss her.....

>> No.35579911

Except her manager

>> No.35579912


>> No.35579913

dumbass learn to write better
back to global now

>> No.35579919

I just wanna write about how much I love my oshi without having to read insults and slander every 5 posts. Is that too much to ask?

>> No.35579922

What if PekoLuna ends up being kino?

>> No.35579923


>> No.35579924


>> No.35579928

bibi is FAT

>> No.35579929

depends. Fried squird is best with oolong tea

>> No.35579935

In a bout two hours.

>> No.35579937

not your hugbox

>> No.35579938

>> No.35579939

I would give her a bob hime cut with a clean accessory free look on it complimenting it with a contrasted outfit that brings out her unique energy while keeping her stills as very stylish and girly. She can pull it out so well, may actually draw it one of these days.

>> No.35579940

I liked Mel Nene, it probably was her best collab

>> No.35579942

>Pekoruna kurabo


>> No.35579945

Everyone wants to fuck Ina.

>> No.35579946

guys what if Coco had to sign a contract that said she couldn't post on /hlg/ anymore if she signed it and she didn't sign it so she could keep posting on /hlg/ and that's why she quit

>> No.35579949

Please no, this is the current Peko thread: >>>/vt/6120917

>> No.35579950

>Peko taking another moon themed holo away from Shuba

>> No.35579953

You can do it without metaposting about it.

>> No.35579954

Short peko is really cute

>> No.35579957

Your oshi is probably a whore

>> No.35579959

This is not true, I quit due to Roboco bullying me

>> No.35579964

chunky dess~

>> No.35579966

No it isn't but it's good to know the Pekora thread name still filters people even if the thread itself isn't great.

>> No.35579967

A target for what?

>> No.35579968

>> No.35579969

it is very easy actually anon
>your oshi

>> No.35579972

>Literally the worst drinks in the world


>> No.35579974


>> No.35579978

Kuroneko spinoff?

>> No.35579983

that's Ayase...

>> No.35579986


>> No.35579990

>Taking over the moon holos from Subaru
What's her endgame?

>> No.35579991

Remember Haachama


>> No.35579992

for rertards and schizos to post about you, fucking think anon

>> No.35579993

Its over...

>> No.35579994

kirino got fucking ROBBED
fuck the producers
fucking let him do a full blown incest manga

>> No.35579999

this shit is still going on?

>> No.35580004


>> No.35580007

Would Luna k-k-kiss his liver-brother?

>> No.35580008

No matter her hairstyle, she'll always be unlikable, friendless, and completely chained to the numbers. Imagine having someone as good as Miko, who is loved by everyone in the company, and completely shunning her. Not talking to her on stream, in discord, and not even acknowledging her in a fucking video game. Absolutely disgusting behavior. Even when Miko found out Pekora browses 5ch(and obviously antiposts other holos) she tried to stick by her side only to be pushed away.

>> No.35580011

About someone wanting to be recognized by their oshi? I think most people want that.

>> No.35580013 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35580015

Why doesn't Pekora like me?

>> No.35580017

Indonesia class with Reine!!

>> No.35580026

>No one is joining Watameken...

>> No.35580028

Shut the fuck up marineshizo, we love holos here besides Towa and Risu

>> No.35580030

>Got him in the LN
>Got him in the anime
I don't get it. Let the losers get some too

>> No.35580032


>> No.35580034

Festival morning bath

>> No.35580035

No PekoMiko is over

>> No.35580037

dude, take a break from shitposting

>> No.35580039

Peko likes Towa...

>> No.35580044

Why are nips so interested on Moona emigrating to Japan? This was posted literally today and it already has 35k views. Is she really that popular?

>> No.35580046

I wonder which of these will be Okayu's new outfit.

>> No.35580047

When is Korone doing a South Park watchalong

>> No.35580049

I read that as breath...

>> No.35580053

>Peko not anywhere near Miko
The signs were already showing then. She was already pushing her one true friend away.

>> No.35580054

FBK was EXTREMELY sad, practically having panic attacks on her deleted stream after Coco graduation (it was afucking shock, I have never seen her that bad... ) do you think she'll be worrying about Haato after? Properly taking care of her solo nature by hooking her up and making her feel more welcome on Hololive as a whole?

>> No.35580055

What games they can play together and have fun??

Hardmode: Not Minecraft

>> No.35580057

Is pic related from the same manga?

>> No.35580058

Lamy love?

>> No.35580062

I refuse to believe these posters are real humans

>> No.35580063

Reflect is a fucking banger and i'm tired of pretending it's not

>> No.35580064

water dripping erotic

>> No.35580065

I'll have two bottles onegaishimasu

>> No.35580067

I only remember Akai Haato

>> No.35580071

You don't even watch that new year stream faggot

>> No.35580074

I would want an autistic Moona gf

>> No.35580078

Yes of course

>> No.35580080

>> No.35580081

collab doko

>> No.35580083

I'm not the marineschizo. I think it's sad that someone as kind as Marine has also had enough of Pekora and stopped trying to reach out to her. She used to be her protector, whereas now she quickly moves on when Pekora is mentioned.

>> No.35580087

nothing but

>> No.35580088

Oh shit. Yeah I'm down for this.

>> No.35580091

I love Aqua!

>> No.35580099

Lamy hummer

>> No.35580102

Name my band

>> No.35580107

Yeah nips love the Moon, even more with the 3D announcement.

>> No.35580109


>> No.35580111

the three kings

>> No.35580112

when did magamaga become the premier gen5 partnership?

>> No.35580117

I shat on her ugly-ass build in minecraft, but so did everyone else including her chat. I like her overall, not my top-10 holo, but she has her appeal and is good for setting arcs up.

>> No.35580119

Gives me the same feeling as when Marine was doing her Hololive relation chart for the year and noted they didn't have a 1:1 in 2020. I'm really not sure what either of them would do with Watame and she's my oshi. They're just really different people.

>> No.35580120

schizo bait

>> No.35580122

Always was. The two are about the same age and it's easier for them to get super close.

>> No.35580124

I am now in the bathroom with Matsuri

>> No.35580125

Moona is literally as popular as Pekora with the japanese audience.

>> No.35580129

why is lamy such a chuuni?

>> No.35580135

>Can't speak Indo
>Can't speak Engo
>Can't speak Nihongo
>Nips still love her and are thirsty for the infamous PekoMoon meeting

>> No.35580136

It was always a pretty weird thing about the numberfag narratives. If Watame was a stonecold selfish bitch she probably wouldn't be collabing with Choco, Aki, Mel and Iofi.

>> No.35580138

Lamy is a hag?

>> No.35580142

You didn't watch that collab

>> No.35580143


>> No.35580144

She is Lamy!

>> No.35580146

always was
Lamy's affection towards Shishiron is one more akin to kid and a super hero

>> No.35580150

Magamaga is Lamy/Nene

>> No.35580152

Not that anon but I wish I didn't.

>> No.35580155

you dont understand anon...

>> No.35580157

you ok there?

>> No.35580159

why did Matuli never uploaded this video to youtube?
it's fucking fantastic, stuff like this remembers me why I loved her in first place. Does she needs to work the rights all over again?

>> No.35580163

Sounds like bullshit, they don't watch her streams

>> No.35580164

Impressive that she was checking replies that old

>> No.35580166

So is Matsuri going to cover Odo next?

>> No.35580168

Why is Moona's chat 94.78% English and Pekora's is only 7.02% then?

>> No.35580169

Holy shit anons i’m going to blow your minds...gen5 all have plant references in their name!!

>> No.35580172


>> No.35580175

Pekora never congratulates anyone on milestones, never tweets at them, and never retweets or likes anything not related to herself. Typical signs of a narcissist. It's why no one ever tweets at her anymore. The rest of the company knows what she's like. They know what a rotten personality she has. The signs are all there for anyone to see, but so many just think she's some funny little rabbit. In reality she's a self-absorbed lonely loser who no one can stand for any period of time, except ONE person. That one person gets the cold shoulder, which then causes all of Pekora's fans to make up narratives about HER rather than Pekora. Like oshi like fan.

>> No.35580179

Spaces is only available on iOS and Android for now, but we’re working to bring it to Twitter.com as fast as we can.

>> No.35580181


>> No.35580182

fat old bastards, yes

>> No.35580183


>> No.35580184


>> No.35580189

Sill all failures

>> No.35580190

I like plenty of Holos yet I don't watch their streams.

>> No.35580199


>> No.35580205

Love Lamy

>> No.35580209

It really is surprising that not even a single gen5 member has become a breakout star
They ought to just scrap them and start over

>> No.35580210

dumb ass chart don't prove nuthin what I typa in engish when english stream type indonesian when indonesia stream type japan when japanese stream
stupid chart you not scientis

>> No.35580213

Lamy's throat > horror game.

>> No.35580215

Gokisei HATE

>> No.35580216

>Can't speak Indo
Is her native language

>> No.35580218

Fuck off and don't talk about my wife polka like that.

>> No.35580220

Nene is a protagonist in the making

>> No.35580221


>> No.35580224

Is it selfish if I want a more subdued generation with a smaller audience?

>> No.35580225


>> No.35580230

Not at all

>> No.35580236

Polka is objectively the worst one

>> No.35580237

Moona's fanbase are all disgusting SEAniggers like (You). Japanese people don't watch her.

>> No.35580239


>> No.35580240

fuck off idiot

>> No.35580242


>> No.35580245

Sexcould have been... tho they arent that much different compared to En based on number, En's only outlier is gura

>> No.35580251

What a shitty voice

>> No.35580252


>> No.35580253

God aloe is so fucking gross little midget goblin

>> No.35580255

Aloe is sex

>> No.35580257

Sora Love!

>> No.35580258

There is not one interesting thing about sex.

>> No.35580259

Nene is just a whore

>> No.35580260

Nene successfully landed herself so deep into the friendzone that Botan doesn't even acknowledge her as a threat. I'll trust her judgment on that.

>> No.35580261

Nothing about Aloe suggested star power.

>> No.35580262

This is so good

>> No.35580263

everyone loves her

>> No.35580265

indies are your choice

>> No.35580267

Sora love!

>> No.35580270


>> No.35580274

Is that why she blanked her for most of the year?

>> No.35580275

Nene is Supernenechi, she's gonna be one of the biggerst holos in a year or two

>> No.35580276

holy based

>> No.35580277

She could've been the first vtuber getting beat up by her dad live on air

>> No.35580278

BOOBA. I rather listen to this than smile&go or aimai choco desu

>> No.35580281

Same shit with gura then

>> No.35580282


>> No.35580283

She'll 100% graduate within a year.

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