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Real thread

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stop spamming, trash. that thread doesn't even link to the previous threads. that's an old spam thread that missed deletion.

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*Oops i meant fake thread

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mined 恥丘

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i fucking hate the japanese language

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what happened

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>/djt/ - Daily Japanese Thread #2912
> >>35575259 #2912
Which is it?

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japanese niggas took like 10 characters from their 90something character syllabary and assigned each one a trillion different particle functions

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it's a persistent puzzle

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Previous thread
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what was that anime that ciaran made subs for?

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Real Japanese guide

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space pirate sara, but he only did episode 2.

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how do you even draw something this ugly

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best thread

fuck janny and fuck hololive

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casting my vote

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where do you guys find japs to converse with?

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i wait for japs to find me

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i never understood why people got so attached to this, nips misread shit too

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this show is so fucking cringe lmao

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what a whore

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>In Japan, Wendy's is commonly referred to as "Fakkin" (derived from Wendy's "First Kitchen").

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disgusting gaijin face wishes

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she should be under a conservatorship so this wouldnt be an issue
that or married

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she lives with her cousin who probably fucks her as well her life is basically a doujin

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thats really sad and disgusting if true

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what level of nihongo is "kanji king"? n6?

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>I fucked you guys, sorry!

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damn, spotify blocked all of dragon ash in my country
useless zoomer apps

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its to point out his hypocrisy and posturing
when he tells you not to get crippled or listen to anyone but him and his method and then proceeds to cripple you

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clannad is overrated trash
terrible fans

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vs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuyadmpFJmM

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he misread 1 word, you're being retarded

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>he misread 1 word
and not an iota pettier than he and his simps would be to prove someone else is crippled

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partially true

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ok so you're just as retarded as the people you dislike are, great job lol

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>if you defeat your enemies, you lose!

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if you lose you lose

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>holding petty people to their own petty standards to btfo them
go suck his cock elsewhere

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never seen anyone but djt claim someone doesnt know a language cause they misread 1 word

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how new?

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ive been here since march 2018

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you should know matto allows his acolytes to direct narratives against his competitors. djt is no more petty or unique in that way, its just a microcosm of the """japanese learning community""" atm

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dunno what that is but imagine not owning your music

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couldnt get that whitoid cosplayer out of your head?

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? wtf lol

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whats crazy is that was a completely edited and screened video he uploaded and he still didnt catch what we all noticed instantly

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absolute banger lyrics

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he misread more than one word in that video

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ill take that as a yes

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leave it to a woman to hold grudges over some forgettable doudemoii shit

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it just came up in my playlist also i only called her fat

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there is a big difference between misreading a word out of a lot of text and pulling up just one word during your recording (that you prepped for) and getting that single word completely wrong

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this is my 座右の銘

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how long do you plan on posting?

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no idea you

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if im allowed to cope for a moment...

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no kuuki in a nonsequitor unless im missing something in an earlier post

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wo oh

wo oh

woooooooooooo oh

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woooooooo oh
we're halfway there
wooooooooooo oooooh
livin on a prayer

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*chug chug* ahh aint nothing like shit anime

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ironic chugging is the new meta

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clannad shouldve ended here (link now spoilered)

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guessed this was choushi and was right lets gooooo

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sick of 3d whores flexing on the piano

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Is this translation correct?

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still better than that pan bitch

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tradition is maybe not the best word but i guess it works well enough for the context

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it's stating the reason, "because"
It's mild imperative, so
>Because you're just an inexperienced novice, just stick to tradition, Yotsuba.

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no translation is ever correct

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translations itt cripple me more than output ever could
there i said it

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Thanks, that's how I understood it too.

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watch delete dont seed
simple as

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it can be if you add enough tl notes

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yep posting on the based thread

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based, i do the same

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yeah yotuba is advanced manga

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even if you write out all the nuance some of it simply cannot click without feeling it out in japanese

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is there enough tl notes to translate every 4chan shitpost to your first language with all the nuance and emotion 100% intact?

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this is the real thread

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i thought all anitubers were garbage

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trve thread

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can someone fill me in on the recent matt drama i've been afk for 3 months

holy fuck these captchas are hard i guess they need to sell their 4chan prime shit

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i think i have a fetish for 'v' used instead of 'u'

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can you please ravage my bussy

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trve roman bread for trve roman citizens

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You'd fucking cum in Rome bro

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What's your reading speed in JP vs EN?
For me, even when I'm reading texts that are around my level, meaning that I know ~85% of the Kanji and I don't have to juggle overly complex subject matter at the same time that I'm trying to focus on grammatical structure and iterating through mnemonics, I still have around a 10:1 slowdown, which feels pretty disgusting.

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dno bro you are already advanced level just with that post compared to the djters output

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lmfao matt vs japan llc copyright striked anacreon's uploads of garbage day

>> No.35587499

i already came in rome, bro

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You're focusing on the sounds too much, the benefit of Kanji is that you can instantly understand the semantic meaning. Stop worrying about whether it's the onyomi or kunyomi reading, just see the character and grasp the meaning, and then you'll read much quicker

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i dont blame you hes cute

>> No.35587535

That Greek bussy got me questioning my loyalty to Rome

>> No.35587536

any other anons from cyprus here?

>> No.35587547

My dad's from cyprus, so kinda

>> No.35587552

greek catamites have always been a threat to roman marriages better cease your degeneracy

>> No.35587556

greek cypriot or roach?

>> No.35587603

You fear their power

British actually, born in Akrotiri

>> No.35587611

do this if youre chinese

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>> No.35587651

>to their own petty standards to btfo them
wtf are you talking about you dork he's never shit on someone for anything remotely similar

>> No.35587682

this guy is a bigger chugger than any holofag out there

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wtf am i doing?

>> No.35587723

calling it this dude will be a troon by 2022 screencap it

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what's with og's fetish for having people go tranny

>> No.35587822

which djt poster does this describe best

>> No.35587834

i watch true crime and make sure not to leave my self open to killers that doesnt mean i have a fetish for them

>> No.35587835

not og for sure

>> No.35587846

i figured it out, i wanted to say

だ -> な + のです

>> No.35587867

why did your mind instantly go there

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>> No.35587887

cuz you live here rent free

>> No.35587888

you got issues

>> No.35587903

id even pay rent if it meant i could be in og

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>> No.35587914

i was just trying to have a goof on some anitube chugger, fucks sake

>> No.35587922

He's right tho

>> No.35587926

that's gay as fuck ngl

>> No.35587936

stfu og

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>> No.35587957

yup this guy is gonna become a tranny by 2022

>> No.35587963

sore na

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>> No.35587972

another man turned into a woman thanks to learning japanese from anime
they cant keep getting away with it

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dame should have started with [俺さ]

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>> No.35588073

I find the introductions and the desu boring. can I learn if I go straight to verbs and objects?

>> No.35588081

dame i thought i slipped that under the radar
djt has a long memory

>> No.35588084

just found a bug in windows 10

>> No.35588089

not upgrading

>> No.35588096

my brother forced us to keep xp till the pc crapped out completely. he was right to do so

>> No.35588098

not downgrading

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>> No.35588117

possibly but in your case, its incredibly gay

>> No.35588141

upgrade to windows 10 get the vax and eat the bugs you racists

>> No.35588142

*cue george laughing at manlet vs japan

>> No.35588163

@ the anons who were riding matto's cock earlier

>> No.35588173

hes right

>> No.35588184

considering the only way to learn a language is to use it, natives are the best teachers

>> No.35588189

dont care about opinions from trips who dkj

>> No.35588191


>> No.35588210

matt and 4 are right on this one

>> No.35588220

yeah the best teachers are jsls trying to sell textbooks and patreon subscriptions
everyone knows that

>> No.35588223

matt, post 173, post 210, and me are right about this one

>> No.35588224

i wonder how well that video would be received by natives if he had written it in japanese
wonder how well his japanese level would be jouzu'd by natives who are being told they dkj enough to teach it lmao
have a feeling ol matto might struggle a bit more on those "unscripted" live convos

>> No.35588232

>natives who are being told they dkj enough to teach it lmao
low iq

>> No.35588252

radio.garden is pretty chill but are there any stations that aren't too frequent with the music? Dramas, panels, and the like? Not sure if lyrics are an efficient way to get a grip on listening comprehension.

>> No.35588257

>Chainsaw Man
Shit meme anime

>> No.35588272

>a motley rabble who convenient dkj
considerate of you all clump together in a pile of trash like this
*grabs my broom doppelganger*

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>> No.35588294

yeah you tell em og

>> No.35588298

>by natives who are being told they dkj enough to teach it
it's not about knowing japanese. on the contrary, it's about not having any idea how it is to not NOT know japanese

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>> No.35588313

has matt ever done a livestream where he speaks japanese no script no editing

>> No.35588316

one of these days you are going to have to decide if you want to understand japanese like a native, or like a jsl you cant have it both ways

>> No.35588318

*to NOT

>> No.35588323

""yes"" (but actually no)

>> No.35588327

yeah with george and dogen

>> No.35588328

why bother explaining lol in a way matts based for paywalling his shit if you cant figure it out yourself you dont deserve to know it anyway

>> No.35588329


>people are reposting old matt clips to make fun of him.
>anacreon made a video with audio clips from a privare conversation doth had with matt where matt said he didn't care about his fans and hopes he can get more "whales" so he can have more money
>anacreon's channel got dmca striked by matt
>matt lost 300 supporters on patreon because of the anacreon video

>> No.35588330

lmao kind cringe when its 3 jsls speaking japanese

>> No.35588343

That's what Youtube is for. You should get into national and regional politics in Japan so you have plenty of listening material for you to spend time on and enjoy, and get 気が沈む after a long enough of a while because tfw no 50 year old jiisan to talk to about people running for town councils.

>> No.35588364

everything he's ever said is in here


as a matter of fact, there is a video where he tells people to go to this site and read the whole thing

>> No.35588369

it was two different streams one with george and one with dogen but yeah i agree

>> No.35588376

there's the livestream matt and yoga made when they met irl in 2018
the livestream was lost for 1 year until yoga reposted it as "yoga's old gems"

>> No.35588384

i love rewatching this video but makes me have 切ない気持ち because i turned down the chance to do hs exchange and ill never be able to now

>> No.35588396

wow you turned down the chance to be around real genuine jk and potentially have a jkgf are you stoopid

>> No.35588402

>you will never take a pe class with jks

>> No.35588405

could have made lifelong friend since japanese never make new ones after becoming adults

>> No.35588426

this aged well

>> No.35588442

*french voice*
12 seconds later

>> No.35588467

hitomi's cute

>> No.35588474

does anyone ever?

>> No.35588497

4bc is too ironic and brainwashed by jamal types to appreciate that jk video
feel bad for him

>> No.35588515

uoooh T o T

>> No.35588531

if you were a jet teacher or whatever youd probably get rotated on p.e. duty at some point

>> No.35588535

how am i brainwashed

>> No.35588551

Does anyone here makes money translating?
Do you think it's possible to have a sidejob translating hentai for thirsty weeaboos?

>> No.35588563

i dont open filtered comments sorry not sorry tripfags

>> No.35588571

pt 2 lets gooooooo

>> No.35588592

high school is not enough
should be mistakenly exchanged at birth to a japanese family so one could have experienced hatsukoi as an innocent japanese shougakusei while catching cicada in the hot summer, confess to a girl under the sakura tree as a chuugakusei, and cry with your team after winning the zenkoku tournament in your koukou years--all things you reminisce on as a celeryman who works a good job in tokyo, of which where you live in with your wife who you met at work and after you guys recognized eachother from childhood and grow old together

>> No.35588597

hs was terrible compared to uni i couldnt skip classes and was always tired/underslept

>> No.35588599

>popular guy already has a jk harem
why are women like this?

>> No.35588606

he has a good personality and a thin face anyone can do it with enough effort

>> No.35588627

i hate this shit, nips are lying that it's cute
it's a nation spanning cope

>> No.35588631

you are just going to have to trust me that japan is 100x more enjoyable as a foreign guest. literally no downside as they obey the ancient laws of extreme hospitality while also not expecting you to conform to any unreasonable expectations

>> No.35588637

i think it looks cute like elf ears or some other quirky thing on an otherwise plain face

>> No.35588642

uge win for haisyas

>> No.35588653

more like 'uge win for 'aisyas

>> No.35588658

wanna plunge my tongue inside that mouth

>> No.35588681

lmao why even bother with this language

>> No.35588696

true output fags should just quit

>> No.35588698

>jk speaks 7 languages
sasuga onnanohito

>> No.35588707

they're kids what do you expect
also you can be like the epic white guy youtubers that surprise all the japanese with your PERFECT japanese

>> No.35588708

i can say sayonara in 10 languages too

>> No.35588720

o-high-hand desu ne

>> No.35588726

are you really going to try and 1-up a jk

>> No.35588738

maybe try perfecting in one, first

>> No.35588740

only japs can be jks she's some gayjin hag

>> No.35588745


>> No.35588746


>> No.35588747

shes korean its not like you fevoids could actually tell

>> No.35588755

yeah it's seeyanara

>> No.35588766

wish filtered dude would stop giving me (you)s its annoying to get excited and have nothing to read

>> No.35588768

yeah especially nowadays where japanese women are getting plastic surgery and looking just like them sigh the coreans must be stopped

>> No.35588778

they all look. like huge faggots doing that stupid peace sign. would go there only to fuck hairy jks

>> No.35588786

wut if anything someone with yellow fever should be able to tell asians apart better

>> No.35588787

lowkey agree
peace sign is eternal you are being a heretic right now but ill spare you for not making women shave their privates

>> No.35588788

should i download a radical deck is it really that helpful

>> No.35588799

no, they are the chuggers of the yellow people they have no taste or sense of discernment

>> No.35588802

youd think shed try and pretend it wasnt he after that fuck up

>> No.35588816

do as many radical decks as you have to

>> No.35588822

ok thanks

>> No.35588841

only thing eternal is my foot up ur stupid fagget ass

>> No.35588844

nah, fuck this, i'm skipping all this honorific language crap

>> No.35588850


>> No.35588854

shes literally like an anime chara

>> No.35588879

da fuc?

>> No.35588913

read the air

>> No.35588948


>> No.35588951


>> No.35589116

what the hell is wrong with moe

>> No.35589143

because the inkyas are avoiding the camera and cut out

>> No.35589166

because they are
thats their seisyun

>> No.35589180

wouldnt it be funny if all these posts are obese girl samefagging

>> No.35589261

starting to feel like jamal

>> No.35589347

just date him already i wanna see that nigga happy for once

>> No.35589348

these translates dkj because they dont know konbini are also a place to stand and read books
if you dont spend time in japan you are ngmi no way around it

>> No.35589352

can't say i'm unsatisfied with seisyun but i'd redo it if it meant spending it with jks

>> No.35589366

i was an asshole as a kid, great times

>> No.35589373

even if i indulged you for the sake of argument nothing would make him happy in the long run
including that. i know a self-sabotager when i see one (yes a bit of projection there)

>> No.35589382

let's say


that means there is a [time]は that is implied, right?

>> No.35589391

lets not

>> No.35589396

there was no は

>> No.35589409


>> No.35589410

lol youtube won't even let him sue me properly. thank you for your legal expertise, youtube! too bad you don't actually use it when someone files an illegal dmca and you take down the video automatically without review

>> No.35589424

communicate coherently or dont bother

>> No.35589428


>> No.35589431

anacreon i understand the takedowns made this personal, but you have to give this up. it's not right what you're doing

>> No.35589438

i merely listed the words i oboerud today

>> No.35589439

next episode of djt: analcream goes to jail for underestimating matto's mom

>> No.35589448

と と と と と
is not coherent japanese
do better

>> No.35589449

it's ok guys i'm making some kind of monopoly money off of the videos now lmfao


>> No.35589453

dunno why you're coming here looking for sympathy the most i can do for you is piss on your face

>> No.35589457

rubs me the wrong way that a nepotistic jew is gonna beat some french anglo using the corrupt jewish system, but anacreon is the aggressor here. he needs to give up and come home to us

>> No.35589458

┃ ┃

>> No.35589466


>> No.35589476

analcream is the smelly kid in school who would always buzz around a group of kids who do nothing but rip on him and tell him to fuck off but still deludes himself into thinking hes one of the bros

>> No.35589478

there is a big hole in my understanding of japanese when it comes to は and が and i don't know how to fix it.
i mean when to use one or the other

>> No.35589486

oh yeah the other vid is here btw


loads kinda slow on odysee

>> No.35589487

>do better
as long as it makes someone seethe, i dont think i will

>> No.35589501

your brain is broken. you can only think in terms of memes

>> No.35589504

yea let me plug that hole *unzips*

>> No.35589508

that's all coherent but let me explain anyway since you're slow
nepotistic jew - matt and his mom
french anglo - anacreon
corrupt jewish system - youtube and how it handles copyright takedown requests
anacreon aggression - matt was minding his business explaining capitalism to the doth and anacreon used leak audio to character assassinate matt
he needs to give up - he needs to stop trying to sue and mess with matt
come home to us - djt, his home

>> No.35589511

there is always が even if its only implied. its fundamental
は is a meta structure

>> No.35589526

this is the ultimate guide for you

>> No.35589531

analcreole is stripped of his whiteness for being such a little rat
you dont want to live among rats

>> No.35589537

thank you

>> No.35589538

*prints out post and wipes ass with it*
yahhh tanoshkattaze

>> No.35589561

*glances at は*
*glances at が*
i just understand it

>> No.35589563

>anacreon aggression - matt was minding his business explaining capitalism to the doth and anacreon used leak audio to character assassinate matt

this always surprises me, it seems very common. people will say both of these things in a single post
>matt said nothing wrong!
>by posting what matt said you defamed him!
like come on now just stick 2 one story u schizos

>> No.35589573

how is that contradictory do you not understand how something can be technically true and yet the average zombie would react negatively to it if it were stated matter of factly to them? that's why matt didn't declare it to the world or whatever. he's not wrong, but the average drone could perceive it as wrong.

>> No.35589575

analcringe is a mexican and djt is anything but his home you're thinking of reddit

>> No.35589577

those two statements arent inconsistent

>> No.35589578

have you tried posting some of this info on reddit boards that arent moderated by people who hate you yet?

>> No.35589587

doth is probably the most atrocious retard in the whole story
he publicly defamed these threads while praising mary's trannycord cloaca.
and he doesn't know japanese

>> No.35589596

nm that was an actual schizo moment gonna delete it

>> No.35589597

n1 in how many months was it? 18? yea doth shits on you and all of djt.

>> No.35589598

what's your username?
let's be friends on mal.

>> No.35589601

wouldn't know where to begin, don't know anything about reddit

the only reason you suspect it's wrong is because it is. unless ur a drone speaking for yourself here

>> No.35589613

>suspect it's wrong
i don't suspect it's wrong. and people can intuitively/instinctively feel something is wrong even when it's not.

>> No.35589618

i miss ruka hope his wife's doing fine

>> No.35589623

i'm pretty sure he's not n1
he shitted on you and yet you're here licking his ass

>> No.35589627

>i don't suspect it's wrong.
then why are you talking about its wrongness?

>> No.35589634

im finally gonna do it djt
lets gooooooo

>> No.35589636

says who

>> No.35589637

are we talking about the same thing here? i meant that what matt said about whales and using them isn't wrong, but that the average person might think it's wrong.

>> No.35589643

who are you

>> No.35589652

someone explain why cream wants his jewtube back. it's a crappy platform, and censorship is not a new thing there.
peertube and odysee is where you should be.


>> No.35589656

anacreon when he's finished with matt

>> No.35589657

i never said it wasnt grammatically correct just thats its an eyesore and inelegant

>> No.35589658

well u just admitted to ur abnormal brain thinking it's ok so that's ur problem i guess haha

>> No.35589670

lets fucking gooooooooo

>> No.35589672


>> No.35589681

imagine turning into an oni on someone as inconsequential as matto

>> No.35589689

the majority of people at any given time throughout history have probably considered lots of things immoral that you wouldn't so i don't think it's fair to appeal to consensus.

>> No.35589694

yuyu hakusho?

>> No.35589696

matt's analgay's raison d'etre

>> No.35589700

is there a mirror of the video somewhere

>> No.35589710

yes, volume 14, page 172

>> No.35589711

right we should appeal to you.
anyway, the video wasn't some philosophical paper with a conclusion at the end, the viewer can make up their own mind just like you did right now. the information should be out there though. using illegal dmca's to censor it is fucking wrong though and you know it

>> No.35589712

sad selfown on his part
the sum of his existence

>> No.35589727

what is this guy's accent?

>> No.35589730

thanks downloading rn looks interesting

>> No.35589743

europoor accent

>> No.35589748

stevi is german

>> No.35589750


>> No.35589755

>*open video*
>*close video*

>> No.35589767


>> No.35589770

>we should appeal to you.
>the viewer can make up their own mind
what's an example of something you're morally fine with but 500 years ago could have gotten you shamed or even killed? imagine someone exposing that information to everyone and their defense was "i'm just telling everyone what you believe. they can make up their own mind."
>using illegal dmca's to censor it is fucking wrong though and you know it
yea i agree.

>> No.35589775

lets goooooooo

>> No.35589779

>completed 1

>> No.35589783


>> No.35589784

4bc is either enjoying my posts or shitting on me all night either way im on a roll

>> No.35589789

>bro believing this modern thing would've gotten you killed if you had lived in a different time!
and i probably wouldn't believe that thing if i was raised in a different time. we are products of our environment

>> No.35589790

i watched it a while ago, he says it in a slightly different way every time, sometimes more japanese sounding, sometimes more english mixed with his accent

>> No.35589791

ah, i was thinking it sounded germanic but it sounds quite far from a stereotypical german accent so i wasn't sure if it was something else

>> No.35589797


>> No.35589803

>and i probably wouldn't believe that thing if i was raised in a different time. we are products of our environment
does that mean anacreon is...

>> No.35589830

ive watched way more anime but ive only listed stuff i mined from 100% or watched raw

>> No.35589836

anacreon when matt is finished with him (now)

>> No.35589844


>> No.35589854

i don't have any "beliefs" like that, deontology is a meme for small minds

>> No.35589856

there is not enough emphatic of a "yes" in english to answer that first question i cant even make a vocaroo with my real opinions

>> No.35589863

post the damn video mirror

>> No.35589877

not threshold deontology. it combines deontology and consequentialism into the ultimate meta ethical framework

>> No.35589878

nta but this is the biggest npc cope you could possibly have said. you should have just lied. im embarrassed for you

>> No.35589881



>> No.35589889

ur baseless schizo opinion matters to me about as much as your name

>> No.35589890

if this nigga played gollum he wouldnt even need cgi effects for his eyes

>> No.35589904

yes to the first question
i think we should replace livestock with human females, it would solve a lot of our biggest problems

i can say that on 4chan but not in real life

>> No.35589909

>about as much as your name

>> No.35589911

just what we needed a russian website to steal my hentai

>> No.35589924

is this supposed to be profound lol

>> No.35589927


>> No.35589928


>> No.35589933

>> No.35589936

yes. you'd be surprised how many midwits don't think about stuff like this

>> No.35589939

couldnt be me

>> No.35589941

there are "people" out there that unironically believe fish is not meat

>> No.35589945

you only get that from eating undercooked food
not from raw food

>> No.35589956

no1 wants to go to some shitty russian site to watch your shitty vids, and matt isn't going to give a single fuck about them being there because nobody will see them

it's over let it go

>> No.35589959

well yeah cuz >>35589410

>> No.35589960


>> No.35589961

yeah that's me

>> No.35589965

i love the top one too though? what strawman be this

>> No.35589978

are you fucking retarded

>> No.35589981

its not, retard even in the western world fish was safe to eat on no-meat religious days

>> No.35589985

they are also on telegram and odysee if you prefer those. also someone on djt is reupping them to youtube


>> No.35589992

do you think this makes matt look bad or something

>> No.35589994

>newfags getting filtered by rawmeat anon
couldnt be me

>> No.35589995

nah he's right
heating the salmonella bacteria up but not enough to kill it just angers it, causing it to make you sick

>> No.35589996

that's easy. try to use them now

>> No.35589999



>> No.35590000

we archive all djt clips there

>> No.35590002

if only you knew the truth
salmonella releases toxins as they die at certain temperatures
if you continue to cook it those toxins get destroyed as well
but if you eat raw there are no toxins and you dont get food poisoning

this guy gets it

>> No.35590005

no1 wants to use telegram or go to a neonazi youtube rip off to watch your shitty vids, and matt isn't going to give a single fuck about them being there because nobody will see them

>> No.35590006

dang u got owned

why not just do it again but the right way lol

u can still do it

>> No.35590010


>> No.35590016

im in the kanji king klub

>> No.35590017

feels good to not have to worry about this salmo shit

>> No.35590021

msg me anacreon#6216

>> No.35590027


>> No.35590034

jamal bls messageme

>> No.35590038

they'll dab on wanikani, based

>> No.35590040


>> No.35590049

sorry, but we don't use discord because it's malware
see https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/how-to-save-the-japanese-learning-community.html

>> No.35590051

he blocks pms unless ur friends, he also blocks all friend requests

>> No.35590054

what kind of retarded argument is that? kek
some people are so unbelievably stupid

>> No.35590060


>> No.35590061

maybe take the hint lol

>> No.35590073

this fucking heat. hard to forget its natu da ze
hes right though. why do humans have such short memories

>> No.35590074


>> No.35590075

this isnt my op dude i got nothin for u on this

>> No.35590082

>i got nothin for u on this
then why do you keep posting at me with advice >>35590006

>> No.35590083

lmao i have jamal filtered and i bet i could get my pms to go through with no trouble or begging

>> No.35590098


>> No.35590102


>> No.35590106

why do you keep begging jamal to wipe your ass for you

>> No.35590116

yoo wtf

>> No.35590117

its not bait. "flesh" belongs to warm blooded creatures not fish you can eat fish during lent and old medieval holidays where meat was banned.

japanese used to be piscetarians and thought westerners were akin to cannibals for eating meat

>> No.35590119

are you really too much of a pussy to even talk to me?

>> No.35590123

what an ugly bitch lmao

>> No.35590125

were talking now

>> No.35590130

migaku is the best money you can spend on japanese right now, so many useful addons for literally no money at all

>> No.35590131

man this is so fucking awkwaaaard

>> No.35590136

slide up in my dms bb

>> No.35590138

no im talking youre listening

>> No.35590142

more like pigaku fuckin fat fuck lmao

>> No.35590145

this is just as cringe as trying to hit on women ngl analcream this thirsty for jamal

>> No.35590146


>> No.35590148

>"flesh" belongs to warm blooded creatures not fish
where do reptiles fit in your theory

>> No.35590154

fuck off yoga

>> No.35590156

retard, you can talk on matrix.
djt matrix chat #djt:midov.pl btw

>> No.35590160

dno i think they didnt eat reptiles they kinda hated serpents back then but i think creatures of the land were meat and of the sea was fish. like theyd eat whales even

>> No.35590161

og wa tume WA kirei desu

>> No.35590163

i dont know what u need to say in dms that cant be said here

ive already told u just own matto in a 1v1 while u livestream it

simple and ez and u become a "legend"

>> No.35590165

whoa... was jamal trying to get me to enter the matrix this whole time

>> No.35590167

maybe, but i dont want to be a slave to the anki no more

>> No.35590171

sorry mang the second one is ga
also i never posted my tume

>> No.35590174

i aint goin into that matrix

>> No.35590178

does it hurt?
[/spoiler]being retarded[/spoiler]

>> No.35590179

if you wasn't a lazy ass, you could register a matrix account a long time ago. it doesn't even require an email address (though some servers do).

>> No.35590181

yea this lowers analcream on the djt tier list from F to -F

>> No.35590187

he is not gonna agree to anything like that he's gone completely radio silent probably for legal reasons, are you really that naive?
>i dont know what u need to say in dms
that's why i'm askin you

>> No.35590188

you tried

>> No.35590196

130 iq everyone

>> No.35590197

pro tip:
press ctrl+s in the message box

>> No.35590198

no u buy 1 of his 1 on 1s in patreon

he has no idea whats coming and then bam destroyed out of nowhere when he just thought he was comin to talk to another poor calvin like sucker

>> No.35590199

i told you it was the ultimate guide

>> No.35590202

>sorry mang the second one is ga
no, i'm using the contrastive wa here


>> No.35590210

more like he hangs up immediately and laughs that he now has my money too

>> No.35590222

if u dont get what u pay for u contact patreon support

and u recorded the evidence : )

>> No.35590223

if its a contrastive ha it would sound better to say

>> No.35590227

it's so funny how normie noobies act smug about trivial knowledge like this lmao
it's like a little kid going
>i know that! i know that!

>> No.35590230

then he'll just refund me. can u think like 1 post ahead before u click submit pls

>> No.35590240

havent seen a clench like this in a while

>> No.35590242

the real play is to subscribe to jamal's patreon and get the 1 on 1 support you apparently need

>> No.35590243

keep doing it from different accounts

>> No.35590244

so get refunded u still got something good that he also cant dmca u for : )

matt vs japan hangs up on his patrons when confronted with real japanese

seems good innit m8

>> No.35590247

nm im retarded i dont shit about grammar terms like "contrastive"

>> No.35590256

that tiers not cheap dude or maybe it is i forget what all i clicked to include for the 10 grand tier lmao

>> No.35590257

have you ever been right in your life? even once?

>> No.35590262

cream, i have an idea for you. if you have $5, you can subscribe to refooled, download all his Q&As for the past year (the last one publicly available is from august 2020) and upload all of them to yandex disk. i'm sure the new Q&As have unlimited sources of content for new clips and "in memoriam"-style videos.
it's better than calling him 1 on 1 for $1000

>> No.35590265


this is using the contransvestite wa

>> No.35590266

he can dmca me for anything dude, literally none of his shit had any grounds. he didn't even know the audio of his conversation with doth existed until i posted it.

>> No.35590272

sorry i dont watch english content about japanese
and i admitted to not knowing what he meant by "contrastive" there which i why i delet

>> No.35590279

heres how anacreon can still win

>> No.35590292

im an ana-rexic

>> No.35590293


>> No.35590294


>> No.35590304

hmm... okay so i think i understand how you and jamal misunderstand now

i am not trying to hurt matt, that is not my goal. i am not going to do things like wrongly dmca his videos or host his paid-for content for free.

what i am trying to do is educate jp learners about the darker sides of matt so they can make a better decision about their learning path. if that "hurts" matt as a side-effect i don't care but that is not my _goal_

>> No.35590306

dang looks like u lost then

>> No.35590307


>> No.35590313


>> No.35590319


>> No.35590320

get garry or barry on the phone right now

>> No.35590334

oof looks like well be taking that as ur concession

曲 of the day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgJaX4lcH_s#t=42

>> No.35590343

i'm asking to upload the vids not because it will harm him (it will not) but because we could use them for new clips. it's been a whole year of clip deprivation, and it sucks.
i will do it myself as soon as i earn $5 so if you don't want to help, don't.

>> No.35590352

were we arguing? or are you talking about to matt? cuz i have the video up on other platforms now

>i will do it myself as soon as i earn $5

>> No.35590353

imagine how dry his imaginary wife's pussy gets when he is coping about why its unfair he keeps losing

>> No.35590355

real 曲 of the day

matt going to harvest the fruits of his labor

>> No.35590362

imagine starting refold in 2021

>> No.35590375

as soon as i have $5 on my disposal, i will go and subscribe to matt for one month to get the q&as and start making new videos about him.
do you have the full version of this?

>> No.35590383

this one gets my vote but i dont know what jamal posted dont need to know though

>> No.35590388

keep your $5 man

>> No.35590396

no no not an argument u conceded to matto right there

u rolled up tryna be hard and figuratively pants matto and instead got ur channel deleted and now ur all like oh no im not trying to mean to matto i just wanna help the public lmao

though i must thank u for ur efforts it has provided us with some valuable data

>> No.35590403

wotd 誇大広告

>> No.35590405

unironically just pledged the $15 option to the refold patreon

>> No.35590415

even if matt was down for it we all know you couldn't own matt at japanese even in your dreams.

this is why it's kind of baffling why djt is so obsessed with dumping on the dude. yeah he exaggerates how good he is at japanese but even then he's still better than 99% of djt'ers are or ever will be.

>> No.35590416

it's really not my fault you misunderstood the situation completely. most likely because you ignore or don't care about all the resources, scripts, guides, and educational videos i make

>> No.35590426

do it

>> No.35590440

tfw you run into tatsumoto on the street

>> No.35590444

uh yeah dude i'll just have my bilingual japanese neighbor dump on him instead of me haha

cuz obviously he doesn't know japanese xDDD
but if it turns out he DOES know japanese (omg!) then i guess his $1000 silver spoon course is all good now (idk if this is how jamal's mind actually works or if he's just trolling)

>> No.35590449

ur right i dont but thats bc it also falls under the umbrella of the english (only) speaking japanese learning community which i also megaloathe

>> No.35590450

*breaths in*

>> No.35590452

imagine no tripfags
imagine no holotards
imagine all of the people

>> No.35590453

you tried acting like a big boy and got wreckt stop being so 醜い and retreat for a while so you can lick your wounds cause you are bleeding out all over the place rn

>> No.35590461

holy shit stfu already

>> No.35590463

it's crazy to think that both jamal and analcream are GROWN men in their 30s acting like this

wtf happened to us men that we became like this?

>> No.35590472

>and upload all of them to yandex disk.
why would he need to do that?

all he'd need to do is compile a list of all the youtube links and post it here

matt would have to re-up every single q&a to change the links which he obv isn't going to do

>> No.35590475

analcringe life is the very definition of the word tragedy

>> No.35590478

ooof if ur native u should have no difficulty showing matto has no business trying to steer people into how to learn japanese or any language for that matter whatsoever in just 5 minutes alone in the octagon

>> No.35590479

can you imagine your dad/grandad acting like anacreon or jamal? i can't

the situation is grim

>> No.35590480


>> No.35590481

it's pretty much a requirement that your life sucks in order to want to become a tripfaggot

>> No.35590489

my lifes good

>> No.35590491

>i am not trying to hurt matt, that is not my goal.

you were clearly taking great pleasure in what you were doing as evidenced by your constant gloating and attention-seeking over it here

>> No.35590492


>> No.35590495

>all he'd need to do is compile a list of all the youtube links and post it here
but the youtube links can be privated/reuploaded.

>> No.35590499

well thanks for making those essays and speeches for people you megaloathe <3

you know what happens when you try to please all the anonymous schizos?

okay... i'm just gonna assume everything you type comes from a place of extreme ignorance and not malice or trolling

>> No.35590505

>5 minutes
honestly 1

>> No.35590506

>us men
i know thats you og but ill still say nice self-own

>> No.35590509

>you know what happens when you try to please all the anonymous schizos?
yah which is why its fucking sad to see you clamber for .... what exactly?

>> No.35590520

how do you say scooting over in japanese

>> No.35590523

how do you do fellow men

>> No.35590535

not wanting my channel illegally taken down?
it got a lot of views, and got my other vids lots of views too. i make these videos to be viewed

>> No.35590537

coochie please

>> No.35590540

only word that comes to mind is 'yoissho'

>> No.35590541

her pow

>> No.35590549

whatever things i wrote or contributed here i made 1st bc i wanted to just for myself and 2nd for my doomed boys in the daily japanese thread

as for the other thing u can assume whatever u want bc in the end この世には結果だけが残る >>35589836

>> No.35590554

tatsumoto is most likely a midget. i would fold him with one hand

>> No.35590565

>not wanting my channel illegally taken down?
by crying to djt who for the most part dislikes everything to do with your gayops?

>> No.35590571

>whatever things i wrote or contributed here i made 1st bc i wanted to just for myself

>> No.35590574

crazy how people are able to talk about nothing for so long

>> No.35590582

no your responses and salt levels imply you are buttblasted beyond repair that you arent getting wakari au'd

>> No.35590584

the person defending matt is og
she always plays devil's advocate for some reason

>> No.35590587

reminds me of the jamal-anacreon irc meme fight

>> No.35590592

i both shit on matto and defended him all in the same thread : ^ )

>> No.35590593

matt v. anacreon
what's the verdict

>> No.35590596

the psycho rightfully lost

>> No.35590604


>> No.35590606

no one cares about either person but matto won by default since analcream didnt show up to the match

>> No.35590607

>though i must thank u for ur efforts it has provided us with some valuable data
What did he mean by this?

>> No.35590618

ahhh get out of my head weather-glowy

>> No.35590622

idk anacron always tried to give me shit while at the same time takin my shit and repackaging it to publish on his own yt using his name and on whatever gay discords hes on

u cant really blame me for not being that fond of the guy in the 1st place i just tolerated him like i tolerate holochuggers and the goatfucker and crazy woman etc

>> No.35590630


>> No.35590638

>what i am trying to do is educate jp learners about the darker sides of matt so they can make a better decision about their learning path. if that "hurts" matt as a side-effect i don't care but that is not my _goal_
noooo matt isn't a saint and has the ambition to make a living off of his very above average japanese abilities

the world must know about this this is my crusade!

>> No.35590642

wow it's almost like you're a human that can make good things while also saying stupid shit. what is this binary thinking where everyone as a whole goes into the "good" or "bad" bucket? i see this a lot recently people being like "but matt made some cool videos he's cool!" and i'm like yeah ok but i'm still gonna call out his shitty parts

>> No.35590660

why are you so roundabout you couldve just come out and said so directly

>> No.35590663


>> No.35590666

too many names aaaa my nukumority

>> No.35590668

>if you're not from 1 side you must be for the opposing side
this is what the 2 party system has done to the americans

>> No.35590669

didnt read

>> No.35590674

because he actually enjoyed all the new attention from the videos and always thank anacreole for them

>> No.35590684

>but the youtube links can be privated/reuploaded.
he won't do that

>> No.35590686

translation: friendship ended with anacreon because daddy said so

>> No.35590694

i worded it like that but you're not actually defending "matt"
you dislike the idea of something of the sort happening to you so you're condemning analcream

>> No.35590715

if u wanted to just be legit about matto u could just sit in front of ur microphone and thoughtfully lay out ur thoughts making ur own content that doesnt use anything published by anyone else and just simply provide links to the things u reference

like i dont get why ur trying the serious thing now after u tried to be funny about the whole thing (and failed i might add) when u couldve just done that from the getgo and looked like less of a clown here

just my two cents

but nonetheless we appreciate u tanking all those talmudic attacks

>> No.35590717

im probably not the posts you think i am my defense of matt was more just taking the piss out of analcream. i dont actually know what he did other than make a mean video about him (that i havent watched)

unless you are talking about the gayops discord leaks and yes im very much condemning that shit even though im not stupid enough to put myself in that position to begin with

>> No.35590721

>you know what happens when you try to please all the anonymous schizos?
you were only ever trying to please your own ego and bringing hordes of retarded dekinais from youtube here in the process in your desperate bid for relevance and attention

"i was doing it for the community" lmfao even u don't believe this

>> No.35590734

keep the filters on

>> No.35590736

? i just keep things professional he makes good tools ive made requests for features itt in the past and hes added them i acknowledge his helpfulness in that area personal beliefs dont really matter here

>> No.35590739

>lmfao even u don't believe this
he probably does its amazing how powerful cognitive dissonance is

>> No.35590740

jamal is bottling it since he know he cant defeat matt either

>> No.35590746

implying jamal gives a single fuck about matt

>> No.35590748

keep your trip on

>> No.35590756

should i play stardew valley in japanese or english

>> No.35590764

>just simply provide links to the things u reference
the vid i did this with was up for 1 day before he dmca'd it so i'm not surprised you missed it too

>like i dont get why ur trying the serious thing now after u tried to be funny about the whole thing (and failed i might add)
learning works better the more entertaining it is, and even if u didn't laugh lots of people said they found my videos really funny. i tried my best

>but nonetheless we appreciate u tanking all those talmudic attacks
i appreciate the good things you do and make too

>> No.35590765

should you play it at all

>> No.35590771

doubt the coomer mods have japanese support

>> No.35590781

>> No.35590791

looking at the japanese subs list i'm excited to watch cardcaptor sakura again and make animecards after i reach 2k words wakuwaku dokidoki

hate this character so much

>> No.35590792

i finally hate anime and manga
this is the moment

>> No.35590808

what vinnies are my bros reading today?

>> No.35590810

which vid is that

>> No.35590813

looks like that thing anon posted in the other thread where you could design your own "perfect body"

>> No.35590814

it gets better

>> No.35590823

picked up

>> No.35590825

it's down now, was just a screenshot of my dmca email notice (with mega links for reference in the description)

>> No.35590827

yeah i read the manga wait until you see her disgusting real hands if they werent already bad enough

>> No.35590840

jamal be like: "mami dying was worse"

>> No.35590845

look, it's simple.

analcream talked hot shit
matt got his video deleted
analcream talked more trash
matt got his channel terminated
ipso facto analcream is a loser

>> No.35590851

i dont the rules of nature, its a harsh existence

>> No.35590859

thank you anacreon for the script that you've written
it's very 便利

>> No.35590866

give me one with characters that look like that >>35590814

>> No.35590867

np i fixed the broken page now too btw https://anacreondjt.gitlab.io/docs/condensed_audio/

>> No.35590868

dont use any analcream scripts and never will

>> No.35590878

well it looks like u have more ammo to show the dark side of matto lol


just dont be silenced by a fraud ?

i mean anime is dead at this point whats the point complaining about every time we know anime is dead now

>> No.35590893


>> No.35590903

anacreon could be making literal MILLIONS from selling his animecards method in a neat little package and yet he doesn't.........WHY???

>> No.35590906

the page doesn't work unless i enable javascript and third-party frames.

>> No.35590907


>> No.35590911

holys hit

>> No.35590917

i assume he has a stable job and isn't a conartist like the other japanese youtubers

>> No.35590923

imagining matto filing dmcas all day like when he was evading discord bans by regging new accounts lmao

>> No.35590925


>> No.35590926

could you fix the texthooker page so the lines dont get messed up when you copy paste shit while making cards youd said you have something in mind

>> No.35590928


>> No.35590931

this place is a time sink

>> No.35590933



>> No.35590943

now thats some win

>> No.35590945

wow shes fucking hot

>> No.35590946

oh yeah i'm trying, it's hard cuz i can't really communicate this "dark side" to anyone without my channel, but i've been
>emailing everyone that might possibly listen
>made a dedicated discord for getting the word out
>put a message on the front page of my website
>getting the videos out on other platforms
>not me, but some other anons are re-upping them to youtube as well

actually now that i think about it, does anyone know yoga's discord server or id?

>> No.35590949

hair looks like a broom.

>> No.35590958

tukekuwaeru wo oboeta

>> No.35590964

let's goooo

>> No.35590971

if titty boy yoga could keep his videos safe u should be able to as well ?

>> No.35590980

yoga was like in the middle of suing matt when this happened, it would just been more evidence of damages

>> No.35590995

can og verify this?

>> No.35590996

and anyway youtube has decided that they are judge and jury so they won't even let it go to a lawsuit lmfao >>35589410

>> No.35590997

thats... tough
i dont really know any that have quite that level of absurd, but if monster girls are your thing you might like this

>> No.35590999

i hate misa's accent

>> No.35591010

og cant read that
(im og)

>> No.35591025


>> No.35591026

alternatively, for a more fantasy style monster girl:

>> No.35591043

well jamal is a しし座 so it might be right
i dont actually keep super concurrent horoscopes though

>> No.35591054

or is he an aries? i forgot

>> No.35591059


>> No.35591078

best sun sign is leo and aries. sun is exalted in both especially for men

>> No.35591080


>> No.35591087

makes sense that im so epic then

>> No.35591089

pussy feeling extra slimy today

>> No.35591091

i ching
more like "bye, chinks"

>> No.35591092


>> No.35591100

should have dilated properly

>> No.35591104

are you ovulating?

>> No.35591107

well in an automated system some random little nobody channel is never going to get human attention unfortunately

i would use a different platform

u cant win on youtube mainly bc its a piece of shit but that doesnt mean u cant have ur fair sure shit stay up elsewhere

>> No.35591109

and if you have sun exalted in both, you should sun your anus daily.

>> No.35591113


lets gooooo

>> No.35591115

im not a leo im an aries im so offended

>> No.35591118

yeah i have the videos up on a youtube alternative called "odysee". someone else also uploaded them to yandex. it's just the people that are gonna fall for matt's tricks aren't gonna be on those platforms so it's not really gonna help anyone

>> No.35591121

lets not talk about astrology bullshit
it will make the astronomers in the thread angry

>> No.35591123

you joke but sunning your anus is a very leo thing to do. it probably would benefit them somehow

>> No.35591127

maybe uve heard of twitter

i believe a lot of ppl use it

>> No.35591129

i use that site its creepy accurate sometimes..

>> No.35591131


>> No.35591132

ah, i think she was talking about the intransitive verbs using が
i thought this was about something else

>> No.35591135

i asked it if i should continue to learn japanese

>> No.35591136

worst post i ever read

>> No.35591137

also how did i type "sure" instead of "use" lmao

>> No.35591145

you must be a holofag

>> No.35591149

me and og on the beach sunning our holes whilst posting on djt

>> No.35591155

yeah i know of twitter. just make an account with 0 followers and hope that djt (none of which have twitter accounts) shares it?
i feel like i should've made a twitter the same day i made a yt so i could grow them in parallel. in this age of automated deletion you really need multiple platforms so that at least 1 can survive and re-seed the others

>> No.35591162

wtf i got this imouto reading when thinking about djt

>> No.35591168

i never installed a french keyboard and it's not listed as installed in language preferences. has this happened to anyone else? it's no bother, it doesn't cycle to french when i use hotkeys to switch english to japanese, i just don't want to see french in this list. it's a language for pussies.

>> No.35591172

i think u just tag all the gay japanese learning community tags and then link ur shit or w.e but then also share it to all ur circles

>> No.35591175


>> No.35591180

yeah i guess it's worth a shot, thx

>> No.35591188

add french and remove it again

>> No.35591195

imma turn those sentences into cloze flashcards

手[...]冷たい -> が
アイス[...]冷たい -> は

>> No.35591205

thought of how bunko was doing

>> No.35591207

also vimeo is a good site to post videos i think

>> No.35591209

that would be supremely retarded cuz it can be different depending on context

>> No.35591218

it's probably easy to dmca that too but i'll give it a shot

>> No.35591226


>> No.35591231

tried to get characters with multiple traits on vndb but they don't have that as an option you gotta download their entire database which is both based and fucking stupid

>> No.35591235

i have the context cuz she explained them to me in the video

that's how you're supposed to use anki, by the way

>> No.35591244

too big just looks silly

>> No.35591245

i bet bunkos fine

really wasnt fair what happened to him

well bc its not gay ass skynet yt i think ur a lot more likely to maintain fair use and mattos less likely to get away with fraudulently filing dmcas

>> No.35591257

>that's how you're supposed to use anki, by the way
it really isn't but good luck bro

>> No.35591265

>here's some extremely vague shit you can probably relate to something in your life

>> No.35591271

get the google ime

>> No.35591274

no it wasn't, you used a clip from his video where he announced his intent to make a patreon at the beginning

why lie

yoga owns his content and has proof

and unlike anacreon he didn't stupidly keep uploading new matt content for matt to dmca and get the channel taken down with

>> No.35591276

yes, it is.
you're supposed to learn things then put them into anki so that you don't forget them

you're not supposed to learn inside of anki

>> No.35591279

google is not libre and steals everything you type

>> No.35591281

haha well i was able to get 1 up on vimeo

>> No.35591282

>> No.35591283

true true

understand first then add to anki

>> No.35591284

he said he got dmcad for the video where it was just his dmca notice

sorry thats not published on anyone elses channel so u lose here

>> No.35591285

id rather keep your shit takes filtered if you would be so kind as to replace your trip

>> No.35591288

what does this even mean

>> No.35591291

what will end up happening is that you associate 手 with が and アイス with は and you'll try to put it there even when it doesn't belong

>> No.35591292

matt used a fake name to dmca the fucking garbage day video dude. he also did the namasensei video and put "bumnumba1" in the "full legal name" field of the DMCA lmfao

>> No.35591293

so what's stopping me from just looking ahead on the 20 new cards added today from a premade deck

>> No.35591308

Exactly how many Nip words sound like English?

>> No.35591313

>he said he got dmcad for the video where it was just his dmca notice
he lied it wasn't just a dmca notice

tatsumoto edited a matt vid to put anacreon's avatar over matt's face, and anacreon used that clip at the beginning of his vid showing the dmca notice

no he didn't retard

why would he use matt vs japan llc to dmca the others and not that one

it was obviously someone else but you are delusional and obsessed so this possibility doesn't occur to you

>> No.35591315

what did you want consultation on?

>> No.35591317

thats why it is heavily recommended that you use core10k and ignore these idiots

>> No.35591320

>what will end up happening is that you associate 手 with が and アイス with は and you'll try to put it there even when it doesn't belong

no, because she explained it to me. i'll always remember the explanation because of where i got the sentence from. it's not like i'm just using a random sentence. i know what i want to remember about it

>> No.35591323

huh doesnt matt use lots of nintendo and anime clips in his videos, does he have a nintendo license for those pokemon clips lol

>> No.35591326

oh shit i never knew thank god u cleared this one up for me

>> No.35591335

yeah dude "someone else" with the exact name of some famous politician just decided to put themselves at legal risk and DMCA a fair-use video all for the sake of matt getting his psycho revenge against me. And then another person did it too and didn't even bother using a real name lmfao

>> No.35591343

heres the best part ur missing anacrown

what epic missteps do u think matto will make if u keep trying to bring to light that hes a fraud ?

hes quite literally a house of cards and u dont even have to do much but just exist

the rest will happen on its own


>> No.35591355

finally installed analcreams script, works pretty good thnx m8

>> No.35591361


>> No.35591372

literally zero

>> No.35591373

just imagine i edited this video and put matt's face over it

>> No.35591376

they're all worthless bloat

>> No.35591379

idk i wasnt really thinking of anything when i clicked the buttons except my cards maybe because id just alt tabbed out of anki lol

>> No.35591380


whos channel is this?

>> No.35591384

best script by far

>> No.35591389

30k! jesus ive done 17k and feel like thats crazy

>> No.35591390


>> No.35591426

lmfao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ_1QFoKYwM

>> No.35591431

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Gh0xOR5xiY lmao

>> No.35591434

and i still come across new words all the time
japanese never ends

>> No.35591441

well it told you to not try and brute force things and think about how you approach things
no idea if that relates to your anki cards or you trying to get a result from the site

you should think of a concrete thing you want consultation on to be able to interpret it correctly

not og btw

>> No.35591446

dang uve been put out of business

>> No.35591449

30k! jesus i've done 500 and feel like that's crazy

>> No.35591457

ah! djt, a place where people will unironically argue that

>you should not understand something fully before trying to memorize it.
and then look at you like you're a baboon for ever having thought otherwise.

this place is something else

>> No.35591461

please let there be a beach episode or bikini ova or something PLEASE

>> No.35591462

yea figured.. bc the frequency on a lot of stuff that i check is over 30k, but i guess you dont always need to know what theyre saying

>> No.35591471

my dream come true

>> No.35591472

that's not even what was argued you fucktard do you have 30 iq or something

>> No.35591480

lol are you dumb

>> No.35591486

>all for the sake of matt getting his psycho revenge against me
lmfao talk about a persecution complex

he only wanted those two specific videos gone because they were the top results in youtube when you searched his name and he even tried asking nicely (and apologizing for the only think he could think of that he might've done to upset you) to get you to remove them yourself because he didn't want to to dmca them

this isn't the behavior of a psycho out for revenge; if he had it in for you and wanted your channel gone, don't you think he maybe would've just dmca'd the vids from the get go?

meanwhile you're posting shit like this >>35549072
hmm real hard to figure out who is out to get who here huh

>> No.35591493

>that's not even what was argued
what was being argued then?

>> No.35591497

tits way too small

>> No.35591502

why? you feeling lonely?

>> No.35591508

if you are talking about what i think you are talking about; you cannot correlate all the content needed for total isolated understanding. too much is interdependent, contextual, rules and the breaking of rules ect.
its like trying to learnt to juggle with only one ball

>> No.35591516

the point was that it's retarded to use anki for doing cloze deletion with particles because you'll inevitably associate them with the words and specific sentence
it doesn't matter that you """understand""" why they are used there it'll still happen because that's what anki trains association between a and b especially when you're doing it actively via cloze and put the particle there yourself which will cause even stronger association than just reading the sentence

>> No.35591518

men have been ruined.

>> No.35591526

I'm ngmi wtf is this.

>> No.35591528

a whole storybook just to fellate me lmfao

>> No.35591530

windows is proprietary malware known for spying on its "useds"
alternative: the GNU operating system, https://www.gnu.org/
steam is proprietary malware. it uses digital restrictions management system to restrict its "useds".
it's a proprietary spyware/malware program.
alternative https://www.qbittorrent.org/download.php
foobar's developers hasn't released its source code, which makes the program proprietary malware.
alternative: mpd https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Music_Player_Daemon

>> No.35591534

actual japanese

>> No.35591536

yep, this nigga needs rtk

>> No.35591538

he said its not his

>> No.35591539

this is only in regards to optimal porn arousal. if a woman with no tits even smiled at me irl she'd give (my tiny pecker) a chub

>> No.35591541

there are a lot of words you get for free (both meaning and reading) without ever having to add them to anki as you learn more stuff how you made it to 17k without realizing that is beyond me

>> No.35591549

All real kanji with different meaning btw

>> No.35591557

>steam is proprietary malware. it uses digital restrictions management system to restrict its "useds"
alternative: steamunlocked

>> No.35591562

that just makes me sad
gonna try to randomly smile at more lonely looking guys if thats all it takes to make their day better

>> No.35591570


there's nothing wrong with matt censoring people if he thinks their critiques are wrong.

>> No.35591581

don't they're going to fall in love with you and you may even attract a couple stalkers--you're just asking for trouble

>> No.35591585

check this out

>> No.35591593

what makes you think i didnt know that? what a retarded assumption, dont think so hard bud

>> No.35591598

og found dead after a year of smiling at random guys

>> No.35591605

>no jp versions

>> No.35591606

unfortunately this
this just has to be the way things are, for your protection and mine.

>> No.35591616

i refuse to believe spreading hope to people can reap a negative end like that

>> No.35591619

>> No.35591626

ogs gonna be fine cuz shes gonna be my girlfriend

>> No.35591628

true true

>> No.35591630

nobody asked faggot take your meds

>> No.35591631

foolish woman too foolish
this is unironically how women get raped, smiling at the wrong guy and him interpreting it the wrong way

>> No.35591644

>> No.35591647

prepare for a truck attack.

>> No.35591656

you sound like this chick, it ended as well as one would expect
goat fucker was there

>> No.35591658

prepare for anus inspection in guatanamo bay if you keep making posts like thata

>> No.35591661


>> No.35591674

1462漢字 4691単語

>> No.35591685

oh come on i mean if i make eyecontact with someone on the street i smile naturally. you guys are being hyperbolic its not like im backpacking through africa i was talking about the first world
i thought i was supposed to be the one here with ppd

>> No.35591690

cope broom

>> No.35591696

i'm being protected by isis精鋭班

>> No.35591698

>talking about the first world

>> No.35591699


>> No.35591700

og confirmed to be very submissive

>> No.35591701

omg hawt

>> No.35591708


>> No.35591709


>> No.35591711

>if i make eyecontact with someone on the street i smile naturally
americans are crazy

>> No.35591712

how is being polite and pleasant submissive?

>> No.35591715

What can I use to learn alongside with Tae Kim's guide/Anki/Textbooks?

>> No.35591717

oh sorry i didnt read your post properly lol

>> No.35591718

ok the last part is a bit too lewd for me

>> No.35591724

if i make eye contact with someone in the street i scowl to assert dominance

>> No.35591728

is this gaslighting or shitposting? you people seriously scowl at strangers?

>> No.35591729


>> No.35591730

lol the hikakin bit

>> No.35591736

lick their eyelids, let them know who's in charge

>> No.35591738

what ppl r missing here is its goofy ass og makin a goofy ass autistic smile lol

>> No.35591739

are you seriously so autistic and sheltered that you think a girl smiling at some guy isn't going to make them feel good like that's a basic human interaction

>> No.35591743

smiling is a sign of submission in primates, and by doing it naturally (by instinct) it's clear that you're submissive but that's nothin to be ashamed of

>> No.35591748

this is what will happen to you if you keep this up

>> No.35591749


>> No.35591766

this is what the germans call gefährliches Halbwissen

>> No.35591767

honestly i thought it would creep them out, like in the sense that i have no reason to be smiling at them theyd think i was a weirdo for looking at them. making eye contact accidentally notwithstanding
pretty sure its an american thing where im from everyone smiles at strangers if their eyes meet (and no its not the south)

>> No.35591768

love girls like that even if its just a dick tease, but where im from smiling is a sign of weakness so we never smile

>> No.35591774

tits way too average

>> No.35591779

based nordoid

>> No.35591780

what is wrong with the world

>> No.35591783

i just stay expressionless and casually look away maybe nod very slightly if they react

>> No.35591790

multi dick not present

>> No.35591797

i'm in the new york tri-state area and i assure you that does not happen unless a friendly gesture is being done, like holding open a door a lot of cashiers don't even smile here

>> No.35591799

if you have to superficially front as a powerplay that aint real power
real powerful niggers smile and invite you for a cuppa

>> No.35591801

I love phones, now we don't have to look at eachother we can instead pretend we are on our phones.

>> No.35591807

i never make eye contact with strangers

>> No.35591812


>> No.35591815

i love masks i can just wear a mask with a smile on it and smile without smiling

>> No.35591824

eye contact violates the NAP

>> No.35591829

never moving to this autistic-ass countries like this

>> No.35591834

Everytime I wear a mask I feel a constant urge to wear a large psychopathic grin constantly.

>> No.35591844

always stare at your feet while walking

>> No.35591845

only talk to strangers with my 9milly on me

>> No.35591848

today took me 7 hours to watch 2 hours of anime and 1 hour reading i swear time is cheating

>> No.35591849

im not even extroverted just like why act like your neighbors are the enemy or something you should live next to people you dont feel are your nakama

>> No.35591853


>> No.35591855

shoegaze life

>> No.35591868

if i'm allowed to cope for a second

>> No.35591874

pussy, i'd smoke you

>> No.35591875

not rlly i just look at the horizon like an autistic

>> No.35591876

LOL this isn't the 50's, all my neighbours are foreigners.

>> No.35591877


>> No.35591888

I'm not even edgy, it just feels really good to wear a large smile.

>> No.35591909

my neighbors all look like my people, at least where i grew up. and in japan i like those yamato types and trust them in a similar way. i guess if i grew up in a dangerous multiethnic hellscape it would be different but still it makes me sad to think about
id hate having an adversarial feeling towards strangers in my community thats no way to live

>> No.35591910

most people dont have manners you shouldnt look at or talk to strangers who show no signs of wanting to interact with you nor should you physically get close to anyone without permission that much is basic etiquette

>> No.35591927

no punctuation, skipped

>> No.35591928

og is black..?

>> No.35591930


>> No.35591934

this vinnie looks sick

>> No.35591936


>> No.35591937

sincerely hope og doesnt end up like junko furuta

>> No.35591942

Such is life. Maybe if I grew up in an homogenous community I would have turned out more sociable.

>> No.35591948

not going to change for you

>> No.35591950

og surrounded by people who look just like her

>> No.35591951

she won't cuz nobody's gonna find her

>> No.35591955

i think we all feel that

>> No.35591956

yep, this world needs saving
i cannot abide this shit any longer
its not right

>> No.35591968

me and my sisters

>> No.35591971

stream sparks

>> No.35591975

>yep, this world needs saving
>i cannot abide this shit any longer
>its not right

>> No.35591985

this image is so many layers of unfunny cancer its impressive

>> No.35591986

>i cannot abide this shit
every time

>> No.35591992

literally nothing wrong with that you illiterate esl

>> No.35591994

New Thread

>> No.35591998


>> No.35592001


>> No.35592004

this thread is only page 5. new thread would be spamming/flooding

>> No.35592007


>> No.35592009

you abide "by" things

>> No.35592021


>> No.35592024


>> No.35592027

thats not how we natives use it nowadays and we dictate the language as its used
gg better luck next time

>> No.35592031


>> No.35592035

kill all esl.

>> No.35592038


>> No.35592040

dunno what you're trying to say

>> No.35592041

i wonder if there is an an equivalent of djt out there for english learners

>> No.35592043


>> No.35592046

this thread literally is already that
esls as crippled as jsls

>> No.35592047

it's here

>> No.35592049

it's like batman and tha jokah matt needs anacreon and much he needs him they complete eachother

>> No.35592051

og wrote all of these

>> No.35592052

abide this *unzips dick*

>> No.35592053

From what i've seen all the esl's don't have a cope strategy like cards or w/e they just post and talk.

>> No.35592056

okay i meant for people learning english

>> No.35592057

worst part is you cant have these anon esls perma btfod when they constantly fuck up against natives. they just keep sniping till something sticks its really infuriating i wish i could fingernail torture them

>> No.35592061

ive only heard of matt

>> No.35592064

matt went out of his way to praise anacreon and this is what he gets...no wonder matt squashed those two hit pieces and took down anacreon's channel

>> No.35592066

og hates esls so much cuz she knows she's gonna fall in love with one again

>> No.35592070

don't ever @ me again you fool

>> No.35592073

one nail for each attempt to tell a native how to use their own language

>> No.35592074

you can come up with a better torture than that

>> No.35592075

who are you talking to?

>> No.35592083

ofc menhera fall in love with anyone who give them attention

>> No.35592086

og seeing posts

>> No.35592089

ive always been a big fan of chinese water torture personally

>> No.35592097

this is worse than any torture i could come up with

>> No.35592100

i dont miss him correcting my english all the time ill say that much

>> No.35592120

just fapped to eva during the cave scene in mgs3
didn't nut because i've planned to nut to something else later tonight

>> No.35592131


>> No.35592143

>he cant nut multiple times a day
sad, takes me like 30 minutes to be ready for round 2

>> No.35592166

my refractory period was like half a second one time when i did the densetsuno2発連続

>> No.35592170

we like to block out our schedules responsibly around here

>> No.35592178


>> No.35592182

some of og's bizarre posts make more sense after the hallucination reveal. she sees posts.

>> No.35592185

yeah she can read a magazine while she waits lmao

>> No.35592187

>30 minute refractory period
sup, gramps.

>> No.35592208

at least it isnt 24 hours like the poor dude i responded to
that damn libido just dont work like it used to

>> No.35592214

they arent hallucinations, they're visions

>> No.35592220

visions of what

>> No.35592223

people, places, events

>> No.35592231

schizophrenia and delusions of grandeur? nice

>> No.35592239

no one in my family has mental illness like that. my grandma had them and her grandma too it skips a generation its normal

>> No.35592246

>og sees a prophetic vision and it's gura

>> No.35592253

those posts trying to tie to me to holos are really unfunny and forced samefaggotry just stop

>> No.35592261

>no one in my family has mental illness
>theres just a generational trend of mental illness in my family

>> No.35592278

is the trick that you have to be an ant to read that thumbnail?

>> No.35592280

nobody's posting holos

>> No.35592281

Sometimes I hear screaming.

>> No.35592292

no ones been diagnosed with anything. you bitches need to stop acting like armchair shrinks you clearly arent qualified. i dont fit anything by meme-criteria for "general 4chan schizo" which sadly isnt in the official list i guess.

>> No.35592298

yeah if mr goldberg hasn't certified me i'm fine

>> No.35592303

if ive evaded mr goldbergs attempts to certify me im definitely fine

>> No.35592307

i always troll my fbi agent

>> No.35592315

it isn't normal to see things that aren't there no matter how you twist and turn it psycho girl

>> No.35592326

they are there tho
you cant see your nose normally, but its there the entire time in your field of vision

>> No.35592329

mr goldberg? seriously? you guys are children
its dr goldberg

>> No.35592337


post your waifus

>> No.35592348

thats your brain removing information it doesnt care about
similarly, your "visions" are just your brain adding information that isnt real because it is bored. if you wear special glasses that flip the world upside down it only takes a few days for your brain to reflip the image

>> No.35592358

>when i see an og post

>> No.35592363


>> No.35592373

from now on you'll try to maximize it every time you see it

>> No.35592376

hey it's og

>> No.35592378

i have the best taste in women

>> No.35592387

lookin kinda chunky there og

>> No.35592388


>> No.35592390

except it says right there that it is 3KB and is only 125x125
why would i click on that?

>> No.35592398

you failed the schizophrenia test some anon posted a while ago and you have hallucinations

>> No.35592400

so this is the ultimate waifu

>> No.35592403

nice i got a good one right off the bat

>> No.35592409

ok this time she kinda does look like me

>> No.35592411

aaaaa my dopamine

>> No.35592416

yea ok

>> No.35592423

prophetic vision under the couch

>> No.35592424

dopamine vampires in this thread

>> No.35592433

big and true

>> No.35592434

you have been visited by the dopamine angel

>> No.35592439

i mean thats literally my hair style and color without that stupid hat
and that looks liek my old house

>> No.35592441

the day has finally come
i got my first holo rec on youtube

i assume its because i watched some ff14 videos the other day

>> No.35592446

it's pretty clear the holo thread won't be deleted. thread numbering was already fucked up with this one, so might as well move to the holothread next and then get all the numbers/backlinks fixed in the one after that.

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