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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I miss Twi...

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I love Towa!

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Himemori-san that's NG for this week.

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I hope your wife has renters insurance

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Probably looking things up to impress overseas sexy guys & gals with

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cute collab

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Whered you find a full rez version of the arT?

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Miko is such a good kid, I am proud to be her parent. I love you Mikoti!

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Minecraft!

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Marine called Annette a baba

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I love Fubuki!
Operation: Tango with Watame right now!
Watame PoV

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Shien's feet are offtopic you fucking faggot

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Watch Reine

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So it's officially Towa's signature gesture now?

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This year for sure...

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Stop spamming seanig

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Your oshi is a whore

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Here's Gen 4, kindly upscale

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I am going to try and masturbate to Minato Aqua today.

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Shut the fuck up Shinove

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good for bossu knowing him I'm sure he'll make it a fun time

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Why are Watame and Fubuki in an Amazon warehouse?

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Marine you fuckin idiot

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No :(

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are the oopas actually lagging the server?

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The merch shilling stream had been planned for multiple days. Pekora decided to do a collab with Luna at the exact same time. Miko has done nothing but help her and still Pekora has to do everything in her powers to get all the attention. The deranged rabbit couldn't even wait an hour to let them advertise merch with Pekora on it. It's the reason she's a lonely loser.

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Get used to it

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Nene has been trying a big harder than usual as of late. Did she finally realized she can catch up to lamy and polka if she puts some effort?

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Off fucking topic

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Model looks cool. Hoping for a better rigging than Robe-san's though.

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!!!

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I hope they don’t fuck up his ears or tail physics

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>polka when she finds out what has become of her room

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Typical squatter third worlder

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His got fixed, and it was an equipment issue, not an issue with the model.

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Fuck off itoddler

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I love my wife Choco!

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I want to nibble on his ears

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I have been summoned

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>that thumbs

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Just the SFW one.

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I also love your wife

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Rainy love!

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What the dog doing?

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The dog is live

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Hope she cheers up.

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Answering wishes

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NouSEAkids don't get to opine

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Stealing GPUs.

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Shut the FUCK up the dog is up.

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Wrong, the GOD is up

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Okite Okite

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>those boots
>that tail

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Saint bernard...

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this seems like such a reddit thing to say

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Here buckos. Upscaled gen 4 from:

The rest of them:
>>35588192 gen0
>>35588138 gen2
>>35588003 gen3
>>35588116 gen5
>>35588286 id
>>35588336 en

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so are they the big four of hololive?

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Is Mr Koro's Christmas gaslighting building up to something? What's her endgame?

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kys itoddler

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FBK Gura collab doko?
The comfy woman is leaving all the other ENs in the dust...

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Big tiddy menhera Anemachi GF where...

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you told me that Gura isn't part of hololive...

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I really hate the faces.

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It's literally her kami outfit

>> No.35588629

gura can't Japanese and Fubuki can't english so probably never

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Did they told Pekora that they are going to use her as a yuribait?

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>Japan to enter their fourth state of emergency

>> No.35588634

UOOOOH towas tummy!

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Miko whats?!

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Doubt it. Cover owns the character. They don't have to tell her anything. What is she going to do about it? Cry and take another 5 day break?

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Probably, but Pekora knows it is the only reason Moona is popular so.

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>did they told

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>selling coco merchandise after she graduated

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is korosan celebrating tanabata or christmas? what the fuck?

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You can stress your point without using this word every zoomed abuses.

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...and here's the upscaled main key art done by Ordan:

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Remember when Korone did one of these and a guy just straight up said his house got lost to a landslide?

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consider medication

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ever since moona posted her pantsu it's all I can think about

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>live stream offline

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This BotanNene collab is pretty boring

>> No.35588668

Migo your cafe...

>> No.35588669

>wants to play language police
>can't spell
Roru roru rumao

>> No.35588670

Nice to see Sora build stuff on her own

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Help I'm falling for Choco

>> No.35588672

>What's her endgame?
Nothing. She just wants to torture everyone who works retail by giving them the christmas nightmare music 5 months early.

>> No.35588674

why is there xmas music is dogs music

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I miss towa

>> No.35588676

Miko guru guru...

>> No.35588677

t. Zoomer

>> No.35588678

Reine what the fuck

>> No.35588679

She said if you think of it as tanabata music then that’s what it is so don’t worry about it

>> No.35588680

She likes it and has been using it randomly for the last two months.

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faq migo

>> No.35588683

Russel, your stream...

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>> No.35588686

Coco bridal carrying luna is my fetish.

>> No.35588688

She just likes the Christmas music and has had it on for a while now

>> No.35588691

It's fine, Miko's café is reservation only, you can still go to her café

>> No.35588692

I will fuck Shishiron~

>> No.35588693

based mr. paradise

>> No.35588695

gently thrusting hime with her cocock...

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Korone's chat has been some of the better one throughout the entire year. It's night and day in comparison to what it used to be.

>> No.35588701

the fuck is that noise rushia...

>> No.35588702

Reine is eating again...

>> No.35588704

Gokisei is just the best

>> No.35588710

lucia just can't afford a 3Dio or a KU100...please donate...

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It hurts to see very obvious EOPs pretend to be JOPs in the chats when all they spam is “こわいい” and “草”

>> No.35588713

What's Miko making? some sort of sorting machine?

>> No.35588715

Why do schizo here lose a few iq points when they see anything related to the EN?

>> No.35588716

I want genderbent gokusei

>> No.35588719

shitty rushia mic... home...

>> No.35588721

Hags are in your main frame!

>> No.35588724

>plays metal by accident

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>> No.35588729

Why are they afraid?

>> No.35588730

Same reason schizos pop a blood vessel whenever they see anything related to the ID

>> No.35588731

>Luna playing RDR2 after peko collab

>> No.35588732

Yep. She's such a good kid.

>> No.35588734

I love mikoti too!

>> No.35588735

>he doesn't hide chat

>> No.35588736

Unironically self-lothing racism.

>> No.35588737

>no ENTER spam for Pekora
Nobody is watching Chocosen

>> No.35588739

Oh no, it's pink Rushia, i'm out.
Ask Noel to help with your mic...

>> No.35588742

Meant for>>35588712

>> No.35588743

>pc noisy as fuck
>nyanko fucking shit up in the background

>> No.35588744

I spam member emotes too

>> No.35588748

She's not part of the thread on the japanese board of 4channel called hololive that's what is said
The maid disagrees but he can't be here all day anyway

>> No.35588749

Yeah, if you want to be a full nip you also need to post わかる

>> No.35588750

my $2 mic sounds better

>> No.35588751

lmao Pekora lied her way through it ahahahha

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>> No.35588753

Why do you get so mad when someone doesn't like EN? Are you that desperate for validation?

>> No.35588756

Today I will remind them.

>> No.35588758

What is this oopacalypse on gokiseibil's roof? It just looks worse by the minute.

>> No.35588759

I don't understand why can't you accept that some people simply don't want to watch en, just go talk about them elsewhere
>self-lothing racism
what the fuck is this even supposed to mean

>> No.35588760

Pekora was in Choco's stream?

>> No.35588761

Miko doko???

>> No.35588762

What a cunt

>> No.35588763

wtf is her problem?

>> No.35588769

post the shion one

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>> No.35588773

Subaru and Pekora so far

>> No.35588774

This can't be real

>> No.35588775

I love Towa...

>> No.35588776

>supposed to be kami
>not omniscient
>not omnipotent
>not omnipresent
>not omni anything
Some “god” you are, Koone.

>> No.35588779

I love Rushia

>> No.35588780

>I wish for the Holos' good health
>K: Can't do anything about that, sorry. Next!
>I wish you would collab with Subaru
>K: Next!

>> No.35588782

They aren't even answering her calls...

>> No.35588790

its not

>> No.35588792

pekokids already went to sleep

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>> No.35588794

mogu mogu ogayu

>> No.35588795

Even some lewdbaiting and a kiss. Even Pekora can't resist her sensei.

>> No.35588797

It still looks like shit tho, the face is uncanny as fuck and the hands are huge

>> No.35588798

someone fix rushia's mic for fuck's sake

>> No.35588800

you can't be this gullible

>> No.35588801

>Botan and Nene engaging in eugenics, killing the worthless common types to get the superior kind of axolotl
Dangerously based

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>> No.35588808

The omni shit only applies to the desert death cult and their branch offices. Pagan gods are usually none of those, and most kami are halfway between gods and just spirits.

>> No.35588809

Choco is pretty cute.

>> No.35588810

Wrong thread spammer

>> No.35588811

The hands are part of the design aesthetic, I personally don't see a problem with the face so I can't sympathise.

>> No.35588815

it was probably ayame

>> No.35588818

Rushia removed 彼女面 from the stream title?

>> No.35588819

I guess we're doing this again tomorrow.

>> No.35588821

Miko is stalking Sora-chan!

>> No.35588823

Shinto gods aren't supposed to be omnipotent like the christian god. They are basically "divine spirits" not gods.

>> No.35588824

7 people in Maikura.

>> No.35588825

Wrong, most of them suck Moona dick

>> No.35588831

>Woooow theyre pretending like Coco doesn't exist, they're trying to memory hole Coco, truly a dark company
Also this type of deals take ages to work out, art was probably comisioned way before she settled on graduating

>> No.35588835

damn I can understand the japanese that rushi's using

>> No.35588838

So pagan, got it.

>> No.35588840

Only the best of the best.

>> No.35588845

I love my cute little alien wife!

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>> No.35588849

How about not shitting up the thread pretending they not Hololive related

>> No.35588851


>> No.35588856

It's fine, her cafe was planned with Corona restrictions in mind, however it does mean that it can stay open past 8 and will likely begin closing at like 7 or 6

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>> No.35588858

choco already ran out of holos to call...

>> No.35588859

Miko that's incest!

>> No.35588860

Kotone now

>> No.35588862

Oh Sora

>> No.35588865

And let you and your global buddies take over? I don't think so

>> No.35588866

Why does Marine say shit like Pekora is hard to approach for a collab and how she never replies to messages? Does she think if she badmouths her enough then Pekora will suddenly want to collab with her? Botan has said Pekora is easy to get along with and won't turn down ideas, which was proven by their collabs and even the summer festival which Botan asked Pekora about before starting. What kind of retarded collab ideas is Marine throwing at Pekora for her to always turn them down? Another marshmallow reading stream? No wonder she gets rejected.

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>> No.35588868

You better make good on that promise, Korosan

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>> No.35588871

Sion yo... akwa...

>> No.35588872

Enter Sora's only friend!

>> No.35588873

>Botan and Nene chanting blue over and over again on top of the gen 5 building in the midst of a horde of axolotls
This is a bit creepy

>> No.35588875

Why can't you answer a simple question, ENcuck?

>> No.35588876

NEVER, it's part of the charm

>> No.35588878

Lol Miko's having the time of her life

>> No.35588880

Well yeah, everyone loves the Moon

>> No.35588885

the progress on the cult has been moving at a steady pace I see

>> No.35588887


>> No.35588888

Miko is no longer interested in Sora ever since she was raped by Suisei. Trauma really does a number on the females doesn't it?

>> No.35588891

I'm never even bring them up, I see no point in talking about things I don't watch. But they get spammed anyway every day. You can watch and enjoy them, you can talk about them as long as you don't spam, I don't give a shit. But you will just have to live with the fact that some people will never watch or accept them

>> No.35588892

Oh, there she goes slaughtering the darkies again

>> No.35588895

how rich and handsome do you have to be to have a chance at marrying rushia?

>> No.35588896

I want Button to euthanize me after I fail to become a blue Lamy...

>> No.35588899

Oh yeah?

>> No.35588900

Reine looking down on you

>> No.35588902

>> No.35588906

I figured out why Choco is so loud, it's to try and attract a mate but it doesnt work.

>> No.35588907

How about you stop forcing shit and just deal with how the thread works, stop imposing your will. If people don't like EN no amount of whinnign is ever going to change that

>> No.35588910

I'm glad Luna is finally starting to get more attention, she's pretty funny. Now they just need to bring Aki out of the shadows.

>> No.35588911


>> No.35588915

Which elf is the most fertile for breeding?

>> No.35588917


>> No.35588918

Most people like EN, it's just a few schizos here who can't stop shitting up the thread whenever people want to talk about EN

>> No.35588920

She looks bored 80% of the time

>> No.35588921

What's Flare working on?

>> No.35588922


>> No.35588923

Scary Migo...

>> No.35588924

It's Himemori-san!

>> No.35588925


>> No.35588927

They are Hololive related.
Wont stop me from shitting on them. That's Hololive related too.

>> No.35588929

fuck off retard

>> No.35588931


>> No.35588932

Miko BGM kowaii

>> No.35588933

sure thing bro

>> No.35588935

Sure anon, that's why no one bothers talking about them outside of cheap bait and spam

>> No.35588936

>pekora does collab
>calls in to totsu right after
Is she graduating or something?

>> No.35588939


>> No.35588940

Any new yabs or rrats?

>> No.35588941

>Most people like EN
Prove it.

>> No.35588942

Anon, it's just a drawing

>> No.35588943

Same reason Watame ghosts her genmates but sucks up to EN. There's only two reasons to reply to someone for these kind of people:
>It's gonna benefit them
>it's gonna reflect badly on them if they don't reply

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>> No.35588946


>> No.35588950


>> No.35588952

people who want to talk about en can fuck off and do it in one of the 100 threads on /vt/ now can't they

>> No.35588953

I hope so

>> No.35588955

I want rushia to scream in my ear and slap me in the face

>> No.35588956

they could just flush the oopas they don't want into the lake nearby
let them kill all the octopus populations living there
why aren't they doing that, having an oopa lake sounds like a cool thing to have

>> No.35588957

>Most people like EN
>people want to talk about EN

>> No.35588959

Do you really think the only gen with all 1 million subs and a 3 million sub megastar would have less fans in here than JP gens? That's impossible just by looking at the numbers

>> No.35588960

>cute laugh
>voice that makes your cock throb
>great design
God, Reine is prime breeding material

>> No.35588961

she saw the clip of Marine calling her a bitch for not replying to her DMs and now she's trying to damage control as much as possible

>> No.35588962

>call in
Choco called her

>> No.35588963

I want an uninterested handjob where she keeps asking if I'm done yet

>> No.35588965

I don't care

>> No.35588966

You EOPs really need to learn the difference between a Totsu and a Reverse totsu.

>> No.35588967

Seriously why doesn't Rushia have a Ku100 by now, it's fucking ridiculous she's rich

>> No.35588968

It's the law of the jungle, from Botan's point of view genetic failures have no future anyway

>> No.35588969


>> No.35588970

The only acceptable EN's are Gura and Amelia.

>> No.35588972

No one has any idea of how to collab with Aki

>> No.35588975

sympathy spachas

>> No.35588977

Miko's adlibbing things is amazing

>> No.35588978

>Most people like EN

>> No.35588979

I want to have oyakodon with Pochi and Reine

>> No.35588981

>> No.35588982

So straight into falseflagging, have a (you) and fuck off

>> No.35588983

Go back

>> No.35588984

just get drunk

>> No.35588985

I wasn't even watching the stream I just want Pekora to graduate

>> No.35588986

gurame is the pekomiko of EN, quite fitting considering both are dead ships and they hate each other

>> No.35588989


>> No.35588992

rushia is feeding me apples...

>> No.35588993

I'd blow so many thick loads

>> No.35588995

you do the same, kys

>> No.35588997


>> No.35588998

Whenever people want to talk about EN they go to global. Why are you such a tribalist that you can't go to a different thread?

>> No.35589001

what a coincidence im eating apples right now, it's almost like she's right beside me

>> No.35589002

Warlord Bokeer creating her own perfect tank-bred UPRP...

>> No.35589004


>> No.35589005

Sexbot Roboco

>> No.35589006

Too bad she is not Japanese though. Such a waste. I'd rather breed Tomoe

>> No.35589007

>> No.35589008

>Same reason Watame ghosts her genmates but sucks up to EN.

>> No.35589009

what kind of pantsu does reine wear?

>> No.35589012

>on topic
Holo member that didn't need to seek constant validation that they belong in the thread

The one whose 90% of """"discussion"""" revolving around "RIGHT THREAD,LEFT THREAD,BEHIND THREAD,WE BELONG HERE,NEVER LEAVING"

Simple as

>> No.35589013

Based, lip, super dope

>> No.35589015

Which one with the girl on top?

>> No.35589016

Most people are neutral or indifferent and just get annoyed when people like you talk about them here while being fully aware that it will lead to shitposting, when though you already have another thread full of EN fans that you can use.

>> No.35589017


>> No.35589019

There is nothing wrong with liking EN

>> No.35589021

that thread was really good

>> No.35589022

Even if she had one, it would just end up a very expensive paperweight

>> No.35589023

I guess Reverse totsu would be topping since it is the girl calling you.

>> No.35589024

Ok, now go back

>> No.35589028

Tribalists are fucking retaded

>> No.35589029


>> No.35589031

Your metapost is off-topic too, you fucking retard. Get some self awareness.

>> No.35589035

never saw this

>> No.35589037


>> No.35589038

I'm having a date with Rushia, enjoy the shitflinging I'll be having fun

>> No.35589039

There is nothing wrong with disliking EN.

>> No.35589040

One of my favorite ones in months.

>> No.35589041

She's rich, so probably some kind of fancy silk. I like to imagine she has a lewd side though and wears sexy lingerie just because she can.

>> No.35589042

Those sounds effercts are great

>> No.35589045


>> No.35589047

I like her laugh, it's so goofy.

>> No.35589048

Miko what the fuck was that

>> No.35589049

>Nenechi, what are you going to do if the server with the mesa road gets reset?
>Gonna cry on stream. I'll make a stream with a black background, write "thank you for everything on the thumbnail" and cry about it
>Put a "Important Announcement" in the title too

>> No.35589050

and fuck off, dont falseflag with Aki

>> No.35589051

I miss the King arc.

>> No.35589052

Already angry that no one agreed with him lol

>> No.35589053

Reine is not JP

>> No.35589055


>> No.35589056


>> No.35589057


>> No.35589058

You're retarded, she's perfectly fine as is indonesian.

>> No.35589059


>> No.35589060


>> No.35589061

Sora, with the help of many others, finally made an enchanting table!

>> No.35589062

>spammer doesn't know

>> No.35589064

People only hate tribalism when they're part of the wrong tribe.

>> No.35589065


>> No.35589067

Thanks for proving their point

>> No.35589069

This is a shot at Pekora

>> No.35589070

El ramirez

>> No.35589071

holy based

>> No.35589072

Cope, you'll never have real non JP discussion here

>> No.35589073


>> No.35589074

Who is your favorite 1st grade holo?
Who is your favorite 2nd grade holo?
Pic related for me.

>> No.35589076

me on the left

>> No.35589077


>> No.35589078

Just a reminder that any holo who nuked their twitter when they joined hololive are stacy sluts who pretend to be autistic virgins for money, they wouldn’t kill their past if they had nothing to hide.
I mean it’s not like anyone believes Suisei is a virgin anyway.
Be sure to do your twitter/instagram roommate reps.

>> No.35589081


>> No.35589082

Yes and some people really like baseball. Yet we don't discuss baseball here. It is considered off-topic and should only brought up when relevant to current streams.
Hiroshima Carps ikuzo!!

>> No.35589086

no. fuck off.

>> No.35589089

Tribalism is a need. You may not like it but when you see shit in the chat thanks to the filthy disgusting EOPs it's when you want to protect your oshi from them. Go and read Haachama or Korone's retarded comments on her videos/chat. It's absolute cancer. By cutting ties with other holos you are protecting your oshi, by wishing other holos to graduate you are destroying EOPs. Easy as.

>> No.35589090

Did Chocoball call Subaru yet?

>> No.35589091

>> No.35589092


>> No.35589093

Choco bebi...

>> No.35589094


>> No.35589100


>> No.35589101

>Nene mixed up the dates and forgot that she was supposed to be on Choco's stream right now

>> No.35589102

First call

>> No.35589103

w-what doesn't he know?

>> No.35589104

Would Moona get wet if you recited the entire McDonald's menu to her?

>> No.35589105

Courageous and based. But the nig is here, so you'll get 1-day.

>> No.35589106

monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan monhan

>> No.35589107

>luna collab
>good thread, everyone talking about streams
>even the ID fag was posting about reine withouth getting into arguing
>now everything is shit again

>> No.35589109


>> No.35589110

This site is 18+

>> No.35589111


>> No.35589112

Choco calm down holy shit

>> No.35589114

>"thank you for everything on the thumbnail"
That's a really weird thing to put on a thumbnail

>> No.35589115

Why is she like this?

>> No.35589118

I kneel Mr. Koro...

>> No.35589119

I guess that solves the mystery of who didn't pick up the phone earlier

>> No.35589120


>> No.35589121

baka seal

>> No.35589122

I messed my quotation mark placement, sumimasen.

>> No.35589124

>> No.35589127


>> No.35589130


>> No.35589131

>even the ID fag was posting about reine withouth getting into arguing
I felt bad about this one guy posting about his oshi all the time and no one here cared. I wonder if there is a better place to discuss indian vtuber.

>> No.35589132

I finally gave up and i just go to global for watson streams, what's the point of trying to talk about the stream when the only replies are schizos reeing I'd rather just deal with the cancer than the schizos who will never be true japs because they're white

>> No.35589133


>> No.35589134

>> No.35589135

how can she be the most fertile when she can't even give kids to Shishiron
even I could've done that already

>> No.35589136

Reine doesn't get it

>> No.35589137

dogeza dogeza

>> No.35589139


>> No.35589140

According to Ollie, pink with frills

>> No.35589141

Reine is a slut

>> No.35589144

holos with this feel?

>> No.35589146

Holy shit

>> No.35589147

thank you I will fap to this information

>> No.35589148

Because someone posted a holostars stream earlier

>> No.35589150


>> No.35589151

>indog hasn't played metal gear solid
Not really a surprise.

>> No.35589153

Watame it isn't this hard...

>> No.35589157

Botan bro...

>> No.35589158


>> No.35589159

I hope you learned a valuable leasson from all of this, /hlg/

>> No.35589160

What's with the EN posting? No EN is even streaming

>> No.35589161


>> No.35589162


>> No.35589164

Why is Botan being punished for Nene's mistake

>> No.35589165


>> No.35589167

I think Reine is A DORK.

>> No.35589168

Pekora recently acknowledged Macau

>> No.35589170

>I felt bad about this one guy posting about his oshi all the time and no one here cared
I feel bad for those folks too my oshi was less popular here before but now there is more mentions of her. people just want to talk about their oshi the one they love it's a little lonely for some.

>> No.35589172

>> No.35589173

Cute lion

>> No.35589174

The dad has to pay for his daughter's sins

>> No.35589175

I don't really watch Botan but you Futa Botan fags make me hate her

>> No.35589177

Nene isn't legally accountable

>> No.35589179

Guilt by association

>> No.35589181

Every EN, ID and Homo postings are just bait posting?

>> No.35589182

Personally I don't care because I watch everyone.
I just find it hilarious that you fags are so easily triggered by EN but still have no problem with ID, who speaks English 80% of the streams.

>> No.35589183

but aren't girls cuter when they are a little dorky?

>> No.35589186

in porn it's usually the other way around

>> No.35589187

that's because ID as a branch is practically non-existent, no one cares about them

>> No.35589188

Who asked

>> No.35589189

Pick your chama

>> No.35589191

Trying too hard

>> No.35589192

There's not even that many futa Botan fags, you'd have more people talking about futa Coco...

>> No.35589193

>but still have no problem with ID
Nice try IDtard

>> No.35589196

>no problem
>when everyone avoid ID thread like a plague
Nice try.

>> No.35589200

read the thread, slowfaganon

>> No.35589201

>ID as a branch is practically non-existent, no one cares about them
Reine has more viewers than Sora.

>> No.35589203

I didn't like that either because I prefer futa Kanata

>> No.35589204

Choco grew goat horns

>> No.35589205

Did you expect something good from SEAmonkey? rumao

>> No.35589207

What is a "Towa..." ?

>> No.35589208

>still have no problem with ID
These threads sperg about ID all the time.

>> No.35589209

EN is just built different, and simple-minded people have a hard time dealing with anything outside of their little picture book.

>> No.35589210

only polka can save gokisei from the chocogoat now...

>> No.35589211

fuck off numberfag, fucking ensharts go away

>> No.35589212

I'll take the Watamechama thanks

>> No.35589214

Global is talking about her stream but IDfags are huge tribalists and refuse to go there.

>> No.35589215

It's Chocoyagi

>> No.35589216

Lion’s barbed monster cock...

>> No.35589217

>not futa Flare
baka my head

>> No.35589218

Most people don't like EN, it's just a few bait posters here who can't stop shitting up the thread whenever people want to talk about actual hololive

>> No.35589219

I care about Iofi

>> No.35589220

Why is Choco having a menhera breakdown?

>> No.35589221

South East Asia is still part of Asia

>> No.35589223

yes, but retards cant stop falseflagging and bringing them up in

>> No.35589224

>So are you a boy or a girl?

>> No.35589226

while playing a boost game, see you next stream where she barely breaks 1k

>> No.35589227

Cocochama, so I have the best of the two worlds.

>> No.35589230

What, your dad was never railed by your mom because of your fuck up?

>> No.35589233


>> No.35589234

Tomoe... nice

>> No.35589236

fuck off redpillfag

>> No.35589237

Small girls with huge dicks are the best, fuck Choco elves

>> No.35589238

That character looks like one that won't get played after the sponsored streams end

>> No.35589239

What the hell is that abomination wearing?
Mori I mean.

>> No.35589240

Morin being cute

>> No.35589242

tomoe sex

>> No.35589243

I guess I'm a retard and forgot what yagi means, because I heard her call herself Chocoyagi

>> No.35589244

It's almost as if whether the Vtuber speaks english or not isn't actually the problem...

>> No.35589245

Futa Flare is dead, she's a very girly girl now
It's been ages since I last saw someone call Flare their husband

>> No.35589246

Thanks for the reddit content friend

>> No.35589247

Choco's voice sounds terrible

>> No.35589250


>> No.35589251


>> No.35589252

which one is the sluttiest?

>> No.35589255

ENpoops deserve to be flushed.

>> No.35589258

Nene is so distraught she's speaking entirely in her natural voice.

>> No.35589259

Why IDs make you seeth so hard?

>> No.35589260

Jaysus Christ

>> No.35589264

Being miko is suffering...

>> No.35589266

the naked one on the left

>> No.35589267


>> No.35589270

Tomoe disappeared..

>> No.35589274

>your dad was never railed by your mom
I mean, if that ever happened, I don't think I'd be there to see it.

>> No.35589275

>ID, who speaks English 80% of the streams.
Exactly. EN and ID are the same garbage and both are hated equally. The same kind of retards (aka You) watch both of them.

>> No.35589281

What's wrong with Nene?

>> No.35589283

>rabbit ears
pekora obviously

>> No.35589287

Korone's celebrating Christmas during summer again

>> No.35589289

Looks like a tranny

>> No.35589290

>this kind of posts gets instantly deleted
>the noupajeet/35brown spams through an entire thread don't
Of course.

>> No.35589291

English is garbage now?

>> No.35589292

No one hates them.

>> No.35589293

Korone is shredding my wishes...

>> No.35589301

Lunaitos ust watch this today...I miss ASMR

>> No.35589302

which one are you talking about?

>> No.35589304

MeltyKiss LOVE

>> No.35589305

You are garbage.

>> No.35589308

>shit thread
Flips are back from evading their shitty government.

>> No.35589309

Wrong. IDs have always been welcome and will always be welcome. Anyone who says otherwise is a newfag who wasn't around back a year ago.

>> No.35589310


>> No.35589313


>> No.35589314

Watame is a LEGEND

>> No.35589316

Tensai Vampire

>> No.35589317

You would be right if you were posting on global, but you're not.

>> No.35589318


>> No.35589319

Mel and Choco gonna fuck on stream

>> No.35589322

*tensai banpire

>> No.35589323

You know what? Reine is alright. I'm not watching her atm because that game is pretty boring, but I saw her the other day and she was cutely retarded. Like, same as Risu, but not like a cute retarded kid, but a cute retarded bubbly girl you fall in love in second view at a vacation were you though you were going to ignore her the whole travel. I'm... kinda shocked really, the girl have charm. I bet that on a date she would dress pretty nice.

>> No.35589326

In that order.

>> No.35589327

The second Gen is a whole different story

>> No.35589330

Global hates ID. You should stay there.

>> No.35589332

Meru is on Choco's stream... Meru stream onegai...

>> No.35589334

RIP Choco...

>> No.35589340

Why was this deleted.
Homos have their own thread they are offtopic here.

>> No.35589342

kapu kapu

>> No.35589343

how come rushia never has tummy rumbles during her asmr...

>> No.35589344

Somebody save Mel...

>> No.35589345

>they gave Kakage the gen 3 tapestry, which is probably going to be one of the best sellers
Guess they're feeling sorry that Kakage's daughter never got to be born...

>> No.35589346

what a plot twist

>> No.35589350

Anya and Reine are welcomed here.

>> No.35589351

I literally went to look at global as the lone reineturd was spamming images of her shitty stream and saw that they had 5 times the discussion of the stream AND it wasn't all by the same guy like it is here.
Stop being such a tribalist, IDmonkey.

>> No.35589353

RBC is cute

>> No.35589354

I don't see anything wrong with Anya or Reine.

>> No.35589356


>> No.35589357


>> No.35589358


>> No.35589363

Nene and Botan talking about back to the future, cute.

>> No.35589364

You know why.

>> No.35589365


>> No.35589368

It's even more funny when Towa is his oshi and he couldn't care less about gen 3.

>> No.35589370

when is Pomu joining Hololive? The nijimeme is past it's course. She belongs on a home with a roof and warm meals. I'll allow her mint dress again even.

>> No.35589376

A year ago global or /vt/ didn't exist, keep seething squatter

>> No.35589378


>> No.35589379

Meido is working actively against you. See
Two threads of the same thing (not really, the first is the meido's pet thread to dab on the weebs). There's also >>35521259 and all the other individual threads. But Hololive JP thread is deleted on sight.

>> No.35589380

>ni ga

>> No.35589383

Korone gonna play Final Fantasy 9

>> No.35589384

Towa's banana...

>> No.35589385

Can you imagine talking about streams?

>> No.35589387

Just a random thought but it never crossed my mind that during 3D streams, the holos may not even be the ones that move the 3D model. They might just be behind a mic on a tripod or some shit

>> No.35589388

That was fast

>> No.35589389

Tribalist? You're the one popping several blood vessels over EN and ID here

>> No.35589392

So ENfag hate the IDs because they're welcome here while the ENs aren't? rumao

>> No.35589393

This isn't Nijisanji.

>> No.35589394

Good. I'm fucking tired of waiting for Watame saying she's gonna play it for like 2 months.

>> No.35589395

>and he couldn't care less about gen 3.
Try be less of a newfag anon

>> No.35589399

russel...my ears...

>> No.35589400

Time to renew my membership.

>> No.35589407

How do the Holos feel when they see stuff like this?

>> No.35589408

Global is talking about the stream you want to talk about.

Just minutes ago you were weeping about no one wanting to talk about Reine and YOU got mad when told to fuck off to the thread where people are talking about monkey shit.

>> No.35589411

its the retards bruh

>> No.35589412

Thanks for proving my point that Towa is his oshi.

>> No.35589414

sasuga tensai vampire

>> No.35589415

Some like it, the ENs even have lewd tags for it.

>> No.35589416

How do we save Anya anons? I fucking bet my left arm that Coco would have catapulted her to fame if only she had the time... they had great chemistry on their short stream together. What can be marketed about her now that she dropped the whole ID only shit?

>> No.35589417

Luna is part of hololive dumbass.

>> No.35589418

Elite miko

>> No.35589419

Roboco giving me the authentic Tanabata gf experience.

>> No.35589421

indogs are regularly called out vt tourist

>> No.35589423

I will marry Choco

>> No.35589425

But she's going to replace coco tho?

>> No.35589427


>> No.35589430

Hands off. I'm saving her.

>> No.35589433


>> No.35589435

Someone save choco, please.

>> No.35589437

who the fuck cares

>> No.35589440

Why is Korone shredding our wishes?

>> No.35589442


>> No.35589444


>> No.35589445

always has been, fucking tourist

>> No.35589446

Why are we pretending to like Reine?

>> No.35589450

Soda pool soon to be completed.

>> No.35589451

Chima is so talented I wish she was in Hololive.

>> No.35589455


>> No.35589459

It's 100% going to be the best selling one, that isn't even up for debate. Doesn't change much for him since he doesn't get a cut but still, it's nice knowing your art is popular I guess

>> No.35589460

Choco ASMR tomorrow

>> No.35589462

It's a divine relic that sorts the wishes so she can grant them better.

>> No.35589463

Shiranui Kensetsu interview when?

>> No.35589464

based Kakage also drew black shout poster

>> No.35589465

*annihilates Miko's collab numbers in your path... again*
OH NO NO NO 35pchuds I thought Miko was the most popular holo????? How can this be????????????

>> No.35589469

Tanigo please please please trade her for Towa please

>> No.35589470

Reine my blain is breaking

>> No.35589473

The resident reinefag is just talking about her stream, I don't see any problem with that

>> No.35589474

Is this your first Tanabata or something?

>> No.35589475

Reine why do you torture me like this

>> No.35589477

in your head indog

>> No.35589479

Did you just get this image off google to falseflag? fuck off cancer

>> No.35589480

Why is this allowed
Where is PekoMiko

>> No.35589481

Why would they pay for someone else to dance if the fans pay to see hags barely dancing?

>> No.35589483

No one has a problem with ID on global. They get more discussion there than here because they watch english language streams.

>> No.35589484

blessed tiddies and boner killing laugh is an interesting combo

>> No.35589485

Go back to /vt/, tourist

>> No.35589488


>> No.35589489

The future is now old man

>> No.35589490

I wish Chima was a Holo

>> No.35589491

Pekoschizo having a meltdown, can't even get a proper image to falseflag.

>> No.35589493


>> No.35589494

By shoehorning your ID garbage where it doesn’t belong, you’re not making them any less unwelcome.

>> No.35589497

Pomu is fine in niji, the less retards in her chat the better

>> No.35589498

Notice how they never falter/catch their breath when they sing in 3D.

>> No.35589499

Remember this duo?

>> No.35589502

She ran out of time to grant them so she started shredding them, then she said it’s just a joke and it’s not a shredder but a secret piggy bank and she’s gonna read the wishes later and grant them all. Then she pointed out that the wishes she’s pretending to shred aren’t the listeners wishes anyway, they’re fake wishes she made herself.

>> No.35589503

Talk normally you retard.

>> No.35589505

To fit in, so the bait would work better.

>> No.35589506

Imagine thinking Pekomoon is still a thing

>> No.35589507

Botan's whopper pen is disgusting.

>> No.35589509

Korone wants to collab with Pekora again.

>> No.35589510


>> No.35589512

They're welcomed here

>> No.35589514

fuck off anyafag back to global

>> No.35589515

Pekoschizo already roped (the traditional SEAmonkey method of suicide) after PekoLuna broke 60k.

>> No.35589516

>offtopic nijishit doesn't get deleted
>shitting on hololive main branch doesn't get deleted
>shitting on enfags gets deleted

>> No.35589517

Get better bait /vt/ourist

>> No.35589518

Her chat is the exact same thing as anyone else's.

>> No.35589519

Why are we pretending we like the holos? except your oshi ofc

>> No.35589520

The hacker known as SheepFox does it again!

>> No.35589523

It is tho.

>> No.35589524

I want them to go full-out with the bully-teasing

>> No.35589527

I want them to collab again too

>> No.35589528

If you become Lamy, you'll end up in her Lamy pens...

>> No.35589530


>> No.35589532


I prefer Rabbit and Bebi.

>> No.35589533

EN is also welcomed here and this thread is Hololive Global.

>> No.35589534

like always idiot, what did you think
seaniggers among us

>> No.35589535

She already said when she was going to play it, retard.

>> No.35589536

know your place, EN hater

>> No.35589539

into the trash it seems

>> No.35589540


>> No.35589541

I hope they collab again and Luna isn't a PNG

>> No.35589542

Yes, for the last 2 months that's my fucking point.
She hasn't even finished Sakuna yet.

>> No.35589545

Jojo references incoming.

>> No.35589546

Too much blue it needs some warm colors

>> No.35589547


>> No.35589548

Shut up, Peko.

>> No.35589549

Lamy love?
Lamy love.

>> No.35589550


>> No.35589552

Guess you should go to 5ch then

>> No.35589553

Roboco's lovely singing is so soothing

>> No.35589554

>lots of people live
Is anyone doing anything interesting today?

>> No.35589556


>> No.35589557

The faggot sharkmod is really active today.

>> No.35589558

Yes. You can talk about hololive here.

>> No.35589559

>half the thread

>> No.35589560

I finally escape za rami hole but for some reason I am not happy.

>> No.35589562


>> No.35589565

>cutely retarded
Risu, stop posting, start streaming

>> No.35589566


>> No.35589567

Their nipples are warm.

>> No.35589568

Maybe, just maybe, it's not about EN, ID or Nijiposting, but rather being a fucking schizo sperg?

>> No.35589569

You'd know when she was planning on getting to it if you weren't a whiny fucking EOP.

>> No.35589571

not really

>> No.35589574

Miko gets her own promotion, which is her own collab cafe. It's the biggest event for hololive summer, Miko also gets her own merch.

>> No.35589576

If their banter just a little bit harder than this >>35589527 it will turn into real fight.

>> No.35589579

Marine still has the best reaction to the Jojo scene

>> No.35589580

>everyone that doesn't like what I like is a schizo

>> No.35589582


>> No.35589584

how many times do we need to tell you to go back>>35589568

>> No.35589586

>schizo sperg
I don't get it, why does he keep posting id/en

>> No.35589588

It is the exact same as Ina's or Botan's.

>> No.35589590

Coco's graduation? Understandable. Now explain all the previous time she spend stacking sand while complaining that there's so many games she wants to play.
Fuck off, don't try to defend everything she does.

>> No.35589592

That's because unlike all these other posers, Marine actually WATCHES JoJo.

>> No.35589594

if you have to ask, then you don't get it.

>> No.35589595

the original problem was that the retarded shitty chumshit meido sperged out, now we cant stop hating en and the fucking shark

>> No.35589600

>should I make regular ammo or shotgun ammo
what kind of retarded question is that?

>> No.35589604

This is not about Miko.

>> No.35589605

I don't give a fuck about Miko, retard. I want PekoMiko.

>> No.35589607

but Ina has a comfy chat lol

>> No.35589608

>It says here that we are still stuck in the same timeloop from last summer!

>> No.35589609

Unironically why are mutts getting buttblasted over being called a retard?

>> No.35589610

Gura is a WHORE

>> No.35589611

It's not funny because of that though, it's because of her reaction to that shitty Japanese

>> No.35589614

Where do I need to go? I'm here for the original hololive members before the mudhut squad was introduced.

>> No.35589616

She wasn't even reacting to jojo, just to the shitty japanese.

>> No.35589620

How is that a good thing? Any true Jojo fan read the manga and ignored the shitty anime adaptation.

>> No.35589621

>Pekora gets to appear in a commercial for one of the biggest brands in Japan during a nationally syndicated TV show
>Miko gets a shitty temporary cafe that bankrupts Cover after one of the Vietnamese illegal immigrant workers undercooks something

>> No.35589622

HoloHag jank and getting tired from moving is SOUL

>> No.35589625


>> No.35589626

He is long gone. You can stop hating them now.

>> No.35589628

Anon, PekoMiko is long dead...

>> No.35589629

Miko outgrew PekoMiko and she can stand on her own now.

>> No.35589630

The r word is illegal in America I'm not even joking

>> No.35589631

nobody reads manga lol get out of here grandpa

>> No.35589632

bros... I'm falling for Reine... I don't even like english... why is this?

>> No.35589633

She finished the sand stacking two months ago and that was before they had SE permissions again you dumb motherfucker.

>> No.35589635

>gets the biggest event during the festival
>gets the biggest event during the akihabara collab
how does she do it?

>> No.35589638

That's retarded

>> No.35589640


>> No.35589642

Proof? Post link.

>> No.35589644

Dorky girls are cute

>> No.35589645

I could really go for another Watame sand moving stream.

>> No.35589648

>Anon gets to have a brain damage because he didn't take his meds

>> No.35589650

Did you just imply Miko was faking her friendship with Peko as a crutch?

>> No.35589651

I wonder why there is no end-of-month member asmr stream anymore... I miss asmr...

>> No.35589655

>can't use retard
>can't use gay
>can't use mongoloid
Fuck, what's the latest meme insult in the US?

>> No.35589660

Who are your favourite JPs, just curious?

>> No.35589661

>illegal in America
Fuck off seanigger retard, we have something called the FIRST AMENDMENT, it's called FREEDOM.

>> No.35589662

Same. The overwhelming amount of menial work just made it magical.

>> No.35589665

Reine needs to do ASMR

>> No.35589666

Marine using her dumb bimbo braincells is cute

>> No.35589667

Will they ever play Kingdom Hearts?

>> No.35589668

Unironically gamers.

>> No.35589671

No, Pekora is just a shitty friend

>> No.35589674

Meanwhile, where I live you can be openly racist and have no issues.

>> No.35589676

>he believes he actually has any freedom
Americans havent known true freedom in many years

>> No.35589678

They don't have permission.

>> No.35589679


>> No.35589680

I hope not, that game is cursed

>> No.35589682

It's just the most subbed JP, ID, and EN members together with the face of hololive, Fubuki. You should be asking where is Roberu

>> No.35589686

Flare... DMC3 when... You streamed DMC2 again but still won't go to 3...

>> No.35589687

I'm sad.

>> No.35589690

Why is she so smug?

>> No.35589691

stop reminding me of the autism post with each holo's unique key sword

>> No.35589692

hopefully not, it's a bad game with a worse fanbase.

>> No.35589695

Towa's key sword is wrong. it'S a banana actually

>> No.35589698

Worse than Sonic fanbase?

>> No.35589699

I'm horny

>> No.35589701

Pekora isn't the most subbed JP retardbro

>> No.35589702

>Doesn't watch Watame
>Ignorant fuck begs to be spoonfed

>> No.35589706

Because she will be graduating soon and no one even knows.

>> No.35589707

Yeah, I'm sure it's someone else who comes around whenever /vt/ raiders are getting raped. Just like it was totally not him coming in to save Gura's dogshit outfit from sheepposter image shenanigans. uwu might hate us but he doesn't give a fuck about EN, neither does limpdong.

>> No.35589708

That's because singing is usually prerecorded, it's actually way too obvious when it isn't.

>> No.35589709


>> No.35589713

>Cooking fried butter First time in my life

>> No.35589714

Mr Paradise kneels to Yuzo Koshiro.

>> No.35589716

Next meme

>> No.35589717

>the most subbed JP

>> No.35589718

not that bad, but still pretty bad

>> No.35589719

I do not want to imagine how much they would have to bend backwards for disney permissions. However, I would be amused by seeing one of the girls playing KH1->2->3 without any of the other shit.

>> No.35589720

Has anyone seen Towa?

>> No.35589721

pleae andastand tsube-kun is flagging the video for shit like that..

>> No.35589722


>> No.35589723

I can't do it... I can not choose who is cuter between Miko and Nene.

>> No.35589724

Is Sharou even getting paid by cover? Her BGMs are the best

>> No.35589725

high specs

>> No.35589728

>New community post on Coco Ch.

>> No.35589729


>> No.35589731

time to go to sleep noutoddlers or the watachads are going to go wild on your ass again

>> No.35589732

>died many times
>game reccomends assisted difficulty

>> No.35589733

Literally who

>> No.35589734

Pekora will catch up by the time it ships

>> No.35589735

>brain damage from not taking meds
I'm pretty sure that even psychosis doesn't cause brain damage, let alone delusions

>> No.35589736

Yeah sure.
Spamming about trannies or lesbians for hours every time Marine is mentioned is not being a schizo.
Constant chink shit about Aqua or Coco is fine too.
Nothing wrong with the posts about how Pekora or any other Holo is a turbowhore that hates everyone either.
But someone says "wrong thread" or insults an ID? Now that's going too far and meidos will take care of it.

>> No.35589738

Churka will cut your head off, slavlunatio.

>> No.35589739

If Sora is, well, Sora, then who is Towa supposed to be? Riku? Mickey? Roxas?

>> No.35589740

Miko is cuter of course

>> No.35589741

Schizo hours...

>> No.35589744

Which fanbase has the best posters?

>> No.35589745

Nothing chad about being mukkuns sloppy seconds

>> No.35589746

I'd say so, sonic fans are aware of the stigma that surrounds them and they get somwehat of a pass for being diagnosed autists or children

>> No.35589747

Why so mad? Watch some Reine and relax

>> No.35589754


>> No.35589756

Tatsunokos, too bad theyre gone

>> No.35589757


>> No.35589759

35P of course

>> No.35589760

Any good streams today?

>> No.35589762

Imagine having a girlfriend and finding out she whispers sweetly to thousands of men online
Only a very small fraction of dudes would be into that and most of those dudes aren't boyfriend material

>> No.35589763

Idk man Mukkun is pretty based I'd be happy to receive anything he touched

>> No.35589764

what the fuck is this axolotl eugenics breeding facility they made

>> No.35589765

Marine went straight for Rebecca in gym shorts when she was dying...

>> No.35589766

There are no fans here just schizos.

>> No.35589768

She’s in Riku’s position from the Kh1 cover.

>> No.35589769

Let them try.

>> No.35589771

The problem is Watamates also have the worst posters.

>> No.35589772


>> No.35589774

Are we sure blue upa-wupas are even real? What if Botan is commiting genocide for nothing?

>> No.35589777


>> No.35589778

Who cares? You're the one fucking her at the end of the day

>> No.35589782

Everyone loves nekkos.

>> No.35589785

Marine is こわいい

>> No.35589786

Uhh bro???

>> No.35589787


>> No.35589788

Sonic’s fanbase literally has Chris-chan.

>> No.35589793

Good point famalam. Is it a mod or a janny? Why is he doing it for free

>> No.35589794


>> No.35589795

it took days for a bunch of redstone autists


>> No.35589798

it's not even funny

>> No.35589799


>> No.35589800

The toxoplasmosis has taken over Reine's brain

>> No.35589801


>> No.35589802

The largest female asmr youtubers have boyfriends tho.

>> No.35589804

A KU100 makes zero sense if you can't set it up properly. It would probably sound actually worse than what she is using now..

>> No.35589806

Are you going to hurt these nousagi?

>> No.35589807

Kenzokus don't care about good or bad posters, they just want Towa...

>> No.35589809

The real genocide is the friends we made along the way.

>> No.35589811

Aqua Love!

>> No.35589812

So he made castlevania or something?

>> No.35589813

About the upcoming pop-up, is there any feasible way to shop when it's active besides either flying to Japan or hoping for the best on request sites after the fact?

>> No.35589814

Looks like Marine forgot there's guns in this game

>> No.35589815

I'm still disappointed no holo ever played Metro...

>> No.35589816


>> No.35589817

The joke is on you nekkoshitter.

>> No.35589819

it's weird because it's only that specific word, not the sentiment behind it. you can use everything else with a similar meaning to deride cognitive ability - moron, idiot, imbecile, dimwit, nitwit, simpleton, feebleminded. it's just retard that's forbidden.

>> No.35589820

>somwehat of a pass for being diagnosed autists or children
Too many of those in every fanbase to ever give that a pass

>> No.35589821


>> No.35589822

Just got back but why are the Nousagi's virtually nonexistent? Fuck happened to the distorted pekoras? Twas literally the rare pepes of hlg

>> No.35589823

35Ps and Watamates are the only good ones

>> No.35589824

I miss Shishiron

>> No.35589827

And those boyfriends are cucks. It is not normal to be okay with random dudes jacking it to your gf.

>> No.35589829

Haatons and Tatsunokos

>> No.35589831

They moved to /vt/ where they belong

>> No.35589834

So does every JAV idol and most soapland workers

>> No.35589838

The bad sex scene and the stripers would be funny to see

>> No.35589839

As much as I want Botan to play it. Having neither Jap subs nor dubs makes it unlikely.

>> No.35589840

Spawn chance is 1:1200, so to get one you can easily go for 10k breeds, and you need two to ensure that you can produce more. If they get all the minecraft autists on it they might have a shot.

>> No.35589841

If anything the boyfriends are the ones cucking 1000s of men daily.

>> No.35589842

This FoxSheep collab is super fun
I hope they play some of the other coop games similar to this, like maybe the ones that Nene and Lamy did

>> No.35589843

>油を油で揚げる ってコト!?
Fucking KEK, literally the best meme to come out of Hololive for a while

>> No.35589846

Hoshiyomi by far

>> No.35589847


>> No.35589849

Anti-posting JP? Fine. Doxxposting? Fine.
Say a single bad thing about SEA? Instant action.
You can literally spam Lulu porn or post Mel's bush and it'll stay up all day. Meanwhile you so much as mention ID in anything other than the most positive light and your post gets INSTANTLY deleted.
I bet if Marine did a collab with one of the IDs the Marineschizo posts would get instantly deleted all day.

>> No.35589850

Ordan is pro PekoMoona, pleased andastand.

>> No.35589851

She probably just ate right before those considering when she does asmr streams. Though I definitely heard her tummy before..

>> No.35589853

manechan noticed nene being a NAUGHTY girl lately...

>> No.35589855

Sure, but they started like that, and that doesn't show all the ASMR channels that shut down or stopped because of relationship troubles
It is not normal to be okay with that, anon

>> No.35589859

Nene should play Cruelty Squad, the game already looks like one of her superchat readings.

>> No.35589861


>> No.35589866

Aqua had a pop up for her sololive and the goods were also sold online at around the same date. So wait a little and maybe they will have an online storefront alongside the physical one when it finally happens
If not, idk do the regular me aro yahoo searching

>> No.35589867

They should play stalker first.

>> No.35589868

I'm jackin to your girlfriend right now and you can't stop me

>> No.35589871

So why is hlg still allowed in /jp/ when there's literally a dedicated board?

>> No.35589872

OK so if a dude sees your girlfriend at the beach and jerks off to her when he gets hope then somehow MC is cucked?

>> No.35589873

Flare: Become Human

>> No.35589874

All of the men involved are being cucked by the eternal St*cy.

>> No.35589882

But the point is, normal dudes cannot emotionally invest in a girlfriend who does that.

>> No.35589883

lion WILL play stalker 2 for the sponsorships

>> No.35589885

Post-operation Flare...

>> No.35589886

Metro is a shit book and a shit game, both tried to leech from Stalker's success
t. Ruskie

>> No.35589888

>distorted pekoras

>> No.35589892

Botan and Mel saw one like at the start, but they didn't know how rare it was.

>> No.35589893

caviar and a bottle of Smirnoff

>> No.35589894

Has anyone found a blue u-pa-ru-pa yet?

>> No.35589896

japanese entertainment company
japanese talent
japanese internet culture
popular in japan

>> No.35589898

I do not like indonesian vtubers, I do not like them sam I am

>> No.35589899

What's next, Watame images aren't posted by REAL Watamates?

>> No.35589900

Go back to your shithole globalnigger.

>> No.35589902


>> No.35589903 [SPOILER] 

Gen 5's tapestry was done by pic related's artist...

>> No.35589905

Well, asmr darling did have her account hacked by her bf... and that fox asmr girls bf posted her revenge porn.

>> No.35589907

never leaving

>> No.35589910

Yes. Once you get a girl you must hide her from the male gaze, the muslims understand this.

>> No.35589914

Holo5ive stars

>> No.35589915

Botan and Mel apparently saw one in the wild around the introduction of those things on the server.

>> No.35589916

Love Pekora
Hate Miko
NEVER leaving

Simple as.

>> No.35589921

Miko bebi...

>> No.35589922

Careful anon... He's here......

>> No.35589923

Does Towa stream?

>> No.35589925

No one talks about streams here because all the holos streaming right now are boring. Sad.

>> No.35589929

Too thicc

>> No.35589930

She piss streams into Kotaro's litter box

>> No.35589931

>Just got back but why are the Nousagi's virtually nonexistent? Fuck happened to the distorted pekoras? Twas literally the rare pepes of hlg

>> No.35589934

Because the mods are the biggest cowards ever, just look at the state of /jp/

>> No.35589937

Careful, that's a racist opinion to hold.

>> No.35589938

Ada is a WHORE.
Claire is fine tho

>> No.35589940

I liked both but I'm biased towards post-apocalyptic nuclear armageddon stuff and would probably like it even if it was bad
t. slav

>> No.35589942

I just realized Marine is about to get betrayed again by a videogame character

>> No.35589944

It's amazing how little stream discussion there is nowadays

>> No.35589946


>> No.35589947


>> No.35589948

Yup, and I'm sure if you did some digging you'd find out about even smaller channels having shit like that happen
It's not uncommon for a guy to be uncomfortable with it, you can see questions and complaints about finding out that their gf's did ASMR stuff as well as outright OnlyFans whoring all over the internet.

>> No.35589950

Oh no, think of the 2hus!

>> No.35589951

Love Miko
Love 35P
Hate Pekora
Hate Noutoddlers

Simple as.

>> No.35589954

I wonder which holo would spend all of her money on the stripper.

>> No.35589955

Metro is a great game though and stands on its own just fine next to Stalker. Both are fun.
t. Finn

>> No.35589958

MiComet seems to be the new hotness.

>> No.35589962

Guess someone didn't play Revelations 2. Also Ada is like 40-something in 6 and looks just as fine as the day she met Leon because she also has some bio shit in her meanwhile Claire would be old and busted at that point.

>> No.35589967


>> No.35589968

Go back to your craddle noubabbies, time for a nap

>> No.35589969

Idubbbz seems ok with it al tough he is probably just a cuck.

>> No.35589970

I am a nousagi, I left my fear behind a long time ago
Just like Pekora left behind Moona. Because she doesn't prefer to spend time with indonesian vtubers, just like me.

>> No.35589971

maskettarushia when

>> No.35589972

eh the game is fine as a stelth based shooter on high difficulties, anything ressembling a plot is retarded

>> No.35589974

>Blue wooper narrative

>> No.35589975

>he's still angry

>> No.35589977

Never leaving

>> No.35589979

wrong chuuba for goofy

>> No.35589980

holo Dino crisis when

>> No.35589982

No, they're posted by Watame.

>> No.35589983

And now new stalker looks like metro

>> No.35589984

How long are they planning on playing?

>> No.35589989

>Metro is a great game
All of them? Because some people disliked the third one. I love the first two and have mixed feelings about the third.

>> No.35589990

I will put on the mask

>> No.35589991


>> No.35589998

I wish I could draw this well.

>> No.35590004

I will never forgive comet for leaving Coco stuck alone at the mattress store for hours. Kanata gets a pass because she is an airhead but Suisei should've known better.

>> No.35590008

why Botan has lower numbers than Nene?

>> No.35590009

>e-celeb and /v/ hours

>> No.35590011


>> No.35590013

wait miko built an auto-sorter? holy shit

>> No.35590014

>> No.35590015

Ayame has 998k subs
Ojou... your stream...

>> No.35590019

Miko gets to hang out with Suisei while Pekora gets forced into another dead ship, seems like a good trade

>> No.35590020

Blue Axolotl is just chasing the gacha dragon.
Once you get one, it's a 50%~ chance to breed your second Blue Axolotl so once you get one it only takes a bit of time to get your second one. And once you have two, you have a 100% chance to get more blues. After that you quickly breed dozens of blue axolotls, everyone on Holoserver has Blue Axolotls, and the Minecraft arc ends. The only exciting thing is who'll roll the lucky dice first.
I doubt anyone is going to use them for anything aside from maybe Towa logging in, dropping one or two in her aquarium and then not logging out.

>> No.35590022

why do you focus on nothing but numbers

>> No.35590024

Where is Haachama?

>> No.35590025

Goofy is retarded, not violent with a gore and torture fetish

>> No.35590028

Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge Holotourney when?

>> No.35590029


>> No.35590032

>Nose got demonetized
Nose... Susan...

>> No.35590033

Miko gets to wipe all the Holostar cum off of Suisei's mouth before she kisses her

>> No.35590041

What the auto sorter for? I don't understand minecraft

>> No.35590042

How can Cover salvage the EN branch? The NijiEN has much lower subscriber numbers but great live viewership numbers. It's just a matter of time until NijiEN gets enough exposure to match Holo subscriber numbers and absolutely beats the Holos in live viewer numbers.

>> No.35590043

triangle supreme

>> No.35590046

How about a C&C Generals tourney held in Coco's honor?

>> No.35590048

>but great live viewership numbers

>> No.35590052

first pika, now nose. brace for poverty arc 2

>> No.35590056

Marine ends right before the final stretch

>> No.35590057

First Pikamee, now Nose. Guess we're not seeing any swimsuits for the holos this year again.

>> No.35590058

When they play starcraft 2.

>> No.35590059

Over at my house, we're playing Fortune Street

>> No.35590062

Nene got the Choco boost.

>> No.35590065

sorachan...don't go...

>> No.35590066


>> No.35590067

Proportional to their sub numbers. If they had the same amount of subscribers as HoloEN they would absolutely wipe the floor with HoloEN in live viewers.

>> No.35590069

Does it have issues with blending together like that? It's way too bright can you darken it a bit

>> No.35590070

Botan is a failure

>> No.35590076

you put the items in and it'll get sent to the appropriate chest

>> No.35590077

>> No.35590079


>> No.35590081

anon, you know the concept of dead subs right? the less subs you have, the less dead subs you have. That means fucking nothing

>> No.35590086

That's a big "if" Elirafag

>> No.35590088


>> No.35590089

So, /hlg/ means Himemori Luna general?

>> No.35590092


>> No.35590093


>> No.35590094

>in Coco's honour
>china wins in that game

>> No.35590095

>Miko is probably forced to hang out with the stars and other guys thanks to Suisei
Fuck Suisei that whore I hate her

>> No.35590096

>if they had more subs they would have more live viewers

>> No.35590097

>watch Roboco
>fall asleep
I do like ASMR

>> No.35590101

C'mon anon, there are limits to how insecure a man can be.

>> No.35590107

Huh what is this?

>> No.35590108

Why Susan?

>> No.35590109

is this a better haachama?

>> No.35590110

>Goofy's trial is canon

>> No.35590111

Thankfully Generals is banned in China so they wouldn't be allowed to see it or brag about it

>> No.35590112

It's a problem of discovery. They are better entertainers but Hololive has a meme status so they get more attention. Once NijiEN is found by more people HoloEN has no chance.

>> No.35590113

Maybe, I'll look into the tool later. Watame is streaming and Ys9 releases today.

>> No.35590114

>Miko is riding Homostar cock thanks to Suisei

>> No.35590115

the way that sound in Operation Tango seems like its constantly rising in pitch is giving me anxiety

>> No.35590122

the ending was probably ea's attempt to get unbanned, it didn't work

>> No.35590126

Miko won't collab with Suisei anymore. They only collabed because it's to help Suisei to get her 1M.

>> No.35590129

>only time the thread works relatively well is when she streams
Yes, yes that's exactly fucking right.

>> No.35590137

Stop replying to the nijifag

>> No.35590139

>homofart getting uppity again because of some pity collab
can't wait to laugh at them again after another awful 3D stream

>> No.35590141


I don't think NijiEN will ever match HoloEN's subs or live viewer numbers, the Hololive brand is just way too big of a buff among the EN-tuber crowd.

The disparity in quality among the talent is shocking, though. I can sit through an entire NijiEN stream and be entertained regardless of who is streaming, or if it's a collab, solo stream, utawaku, whatever. Whereas every time I've tried to give HoloEN a shot, even the so called "good" ones like Amelia or Ina, I just end up closing the tab in minutes. Not to mention the interaction between streamer and viewer is way more personal and intimate at the size and pace of LazuLight's current viewership. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how all three of these girls didn't make the cut for HoloEN while the likes of Mori and Kiara did.

>> No.35590147

That's because all the schizos are Lunatwigs.

>> No.35590153

Because to join hololive you don't need to be a good streamer.

>> No.35590155

Reine boobas is top tier

>> No.35590157


>> No.35590159

Luna thread

>> No.35590164

>> No.35590168


>> No.35590170

not a fan of the clothes. hope her alt is better

>> No.35590172

Stop ban evading.

>> No.35590173

Mikoti and Flare flirting.. Suityan..

>> No.35590180

Just use voice chat...

>> No.35590182

fuck I can't stop looking at tamaki's femboy chest

>> No.35590183

>gets cucked by Marine
>gets cucked by Miko
being Noel is suffering

>> No.35590184

why are you discussing HoloEN and NijiEN here .
Miko is streaming

>> No.35590185

>> No.35590191


>> No.35590194

The clothes are a limiter, she'd be too powerful otherwise.
Stop being a faggot.

>> No.35590200

There are no schizo lunaitos.

>> No.35590201

Business conversation

>> No.35590206

I always internalized Tamaki as a flat femoid larper that's stuffing socks down her panties.

>> No.35590208

Fuck, just look at these fat sagger bounce...

>> No.35590211


>> No.35590212

Maybe it's your personal preference talking. I can't stand the fish and dragon ones, but Ina's pretty fine to me

>> No.35590217

Only one of them apply to HoloEN and it's the most boring one.

>> No.35590218

She could open a can with that chin, also those hands...

>> No.35590219

>> No.35590220


>> No.35590221

Miko loves dick but won't publically admit it

>> No.35590224

Who? Show me then.

>> No.35590226


>> No.35590228

Just like you

>> No.35590232

>> No.35590234

Miko loved dick, but that was before she's seen mine.

>> No.35590235

They’re used for intimidation

>> No.35590236

>on vacation
>literally can't stop thinking about APEX

>> No.35590238

What drives people to respond to obvious bait every single thread?

>> No.35590239

Miko is one of the few people who is not larping as a lesbian in hololive.

>> No.35590246

>> No.35590249

Newfags, ENfags, and just boredom.

>> No.35590252


>> No.35590253

>> No.35590254


>> No.35590255


>> No.35590258


She really wants to build pretty buildings like Flare

>> No.35590260

Maybe Nene isn't so bad

>> No.35590263

Noel is a whore who doesn't deserve happiness

>> No.35590267


>> No.35590268

okay janitors, fuck off, I want offtopic be offtopic, NOW

>> No.35590269

I'm not a schizo.

>> No.35590271

Sora should join Shiraken

>> No.35590274

I thought it was too sensitive to show the dakimakura on youtube?

>> No.35590276

>> No.35590278


>> No.35590283

then why are you replying to yourself?

>> No.35590286

>implying those post were baits

>> No.35590287

Sora just needs sex..

>> No.35590288

That's what they all say...

>> No.35590289

Why can't japanese be like this? Or at least hiragana only?
>muh homonyms
That's why we have ťìćķš and mäŕķş. Just replace kanji with romaji and done.

>> No.35590291

Noel deserves her Nii-sans cock

>> No.35590299

Miko had an online boyfriend and never expressed interest in women before joining hololive, hell she has made R18 ASMR before of her getting fucked

>> No.35590301

Reine should play Portal 2 with Subaru, they work so well together

>> No.35590303


>> No.35590305


>> No.35590309

Noel is a virgin.

>> No.35590311


>> No.35590312

Watame, Fubuki, don't go...

>> No.35590314


Hey, they actually made a live stream for the upcoming figures

>> No.35590315

How did you find out about my relationship?

>> No.35590316

>trust nobody, not even yourself

>> No.35590318

It's small enough to not be noticed.

>> No.35590321

WTF I love Miko's roomate

>> No.35590322

Noel deserves a brick to the head and nothing more, worthless piece of shit

>> No.35590323

>3.5 hour collab
Today was supposed to be a short stream

>> No.35590324

>> No.35590327

After these Operation Tango streams I really just want to see Fubuki and Watame do more coop puzzle games to be honest.
Portal 2 would be great.

>> No.35590328

Code for "I wish Yagoo would let me molest my kouhais like the old days"

>> No.35590329

I never samefag expect if I am adding to my previous post.

>> No.35590330

Not going to learn 6k chinese characters, fuck that. Fuck China for making everything worse in this planet.

>> No.35590331

If someone doesn't they just samefag anyway.

>> No.35590333

despite other holos playing MC almost every day, Miko's the only one who can build structures and mechanism without having to follow a guide, only Haachama comes close

>> No.35590335

Youtube-kun is farsighted

>> No.35590336

Bakatare Crystal Chronicles on Friday.

>> No.35590339

She expressed interest of wanting to meet Pekora irl and grope her boobs.

>> No.35590340

That’s what your oshi said about my dick.

>> No.35590341

Nigger posting?

>> No.35590342

Good Botan, push please!

>> No.35590345

hot gluing pekola

>> No.35590348

Fuck off with your shitty rrats

>> No.35590349 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35590351

>> No.35590354

Miko IS baby and i'm tired to pretend she's not

>> No.35590356


>> No.35590357

Everbody loves booba anon

>> No.35590359

Is it just me or did Suisei just absolutely mog Mori in this cover?

>> No.35590360

wrong board 35poos

>> No.35590361

>> No.35590363

If you could import one holoID to the main branch, who would you choose?

>> No.35590366

That letter Pekora wrote for Choco was very エモい

>> No.35590367

Miko was catfished. The thing they done to young women in the internet tsk tsk tsk

>> No.35590369

Thats Marine.

>> No.35590370

Thank you

>> No.35590371

right board 35pals

>> No.35590372

>> No.35590373

>> No.35590377

>> No.35590378


>> No.35590379

remove mikobrowns

>> No.35590380

Most of them are pretty non-offensive, anyone other than Ollie would be fine. Maybe Risu just because she posts here.

>> No.35590381

Those Flares are too white to be Flare.

>> No.35590382


>> No.35590385

Don't say the n-word

>> No.35590387

lobotomize all mentally ill pekojeets

>> No.35590391

>> No.35590392

Flare really does look like tanned Asuna.

>> No.35590395

Reading kanji is no harder than letters

>> No.35590397


>> No.35590401

wrong existence poosagis

>> No.35590402

>> No.35590404

What is sex with Flare like?

>> No.35590408

Noel is love
Noel is life

>> No.35590409


>> No.35590410

Imagine Flare getting embarassed and even a little bit disgusted about how much you lust for her perfect volumptuous dark elf body

>> No.35590412

God I want to fuck Hurea

>> No.35590413

watameeee, don't leave meee

>> No.35590414

Flare is my nigga

>> No.35590417


>> No.35590420

Her big elf cock plunging into me!

>> No.35590421


>> No.35590422

Imagine sex with black women.

>> No.35590423

>Haachama coaster

>> No.35590424

Ollie is fine, plus she is an actual hololive fan

>> No.35590427


>> No.35590428

Reine. She brings something to the table and doesn't have any real downsides.

>> No.35590430

Hime always manages to make the thread better.

>> No.35590433

Is it good?

>> No.35590434

>Suisei abandons Kanata to spend more time with Miko
>Flare abandons bakatare to spend more time with Miko
based lesbian

>> No.35590435


>> No.35590437


>> No.35590438

Anon she was catfished by a guy pretending to be another guy, it doesn't change the fact that she was looking for a boyfriend

>> No.35590439

Did you know Flare means fire? You can think of her as a Fire elf. And Lamy is a Snow elf…

>> No.35590441

And yet Marine struggles with it. Fucking worthless piece of shit.

>> No.35590445

Is this real?
Man, it feels good being a nousagi knowing your oshi will never act like a whore for random internet stranges

>> No.35590446

Sora said she's been peeking into Flare's builds for tips

>> No.35590448

Not at all. It's laughably bad.

>> No.35590454

what the fuck is wrong with nousaggers

>> No.35590455

She should be peeking into youtube videos instead.

>> No.35590456

Lamy is just a slutty white girl

>> No.35590458

That was Pekora looking at random people's cock

>> No.35590459

Noel is garbage and will never amount to anything other than a walking pile of stds in all of her worthless pathetic life

>> No.35590464


>> No.35590465

I’ve been saying this for the longest, Reine is already pretty much a part of the main branch. She fits in better than some the actual holoJP members

>> No.35590467

Why is Sora so creepy?

>> No.35590468


>> No.35590469

>> No.35590471

I miss Marineschizo...

>> No.35590476

White girls fuck cats?

>> No.35590477


>> No.35590483

The state of this thread when Luna is not streaming..

>> No.35590485


>> No.35590487

It's serviceable, most of the "it's really bad" responses come from 35p trying to deter people from watching it and hearing Miko as she pretends to be a Loli cumming after getting raped.

>> No.35590488

I am literally married to Flare

>> No.35590494


>> No.35590496

t. SEAmonkey

>> No.35590497


>> No.35590498

So, Flare is an elf related to fire
Lamy is related to ice
What is Aki Rosenthal related to?

>> No.35590500

Japanese is spam now?

>> No.35590501

Pekora Genshin Impact this weekend

>> No.35590503

where's the fun in that

>> No.35590504


>> No.35590507

It's literally garbage quality

>> No.35590508

Idk why, but Luna seems to have a pacifying effect on schizos.

>> No.35590511

Oh, you know

>> No.35590512


>> No.35590515

Then why haven’t you colonized her womb so she can finally have the white babies she wants?

>> No.35590516

FBK open up

>> No.35590517

>What is Aki Rosenthal related to?

>> No.35590518

>she has made R18 ASMR
I fail to see how this is a negative event, nice try noutoddler.

>> No.35590519


>> No.35590522


>> No.35590524

Why is Towa so weird

>> No.35590525

t. meilyn delacruz

>> No.35590528


>> No.35590529


>> No.35590530

No its not, the audio is alright and she does a good enough job at doing both the Loli and oneesan voice.

>> No.35590531

Space Jews just like Yagoo intended

>> No.35590533


>> No.35590534

This is probably the best thread we've had in a long time

>> No.35590536


>> No.35590538

Noel has a degree in STEM and is a virgin.

>> No.35590542

What's with the yt music weekend? Is it like some promotion or something?

>> No.35590546

Love Risu.

>> No.35590547

She is acting like me at a party where I don't know anyone.

>> No.35590550


>> No.35590551


>> No.35590553

There's nothing wrong with it, I just don't see how it's a lesbian thing to make R18 ASMR of you getting fucked by men twice one of them being borderline rape

>> No.35590560


>> No.35590566

ever heard of acting?

>> No.35590567

try again

>> No.35590568

My head hurts reading this

>> No.35590572

>my feet hurt
>nene is to loud
>I wish I was at home playing apex

>> No.35590573

Patrick Neil Harris pretended to be straight for that shitty TV show for how many years?

>> No.35590575

Shouldn’t it be konaideshou?

>> No.35590576

Yeah, that's what Miko does regularly pretending to be a lesbian

>> No.35590577


>> No.35590578

wrong thread poo

>> No.35590581

Moona isn't relevant outside of being put next to Pekora. Miko is relevant outside of Pekora.
Hence why they had to do yuribait in the picture because that is literally all Moona is known for.

>> No.35590583

>> No.35590586

We all love Moona

>> No.35590588

>-noda sentence ending

>> No.35590589

Mikochi's hands are very small she can barely clap

>> No.35590591

The 4 Heavenly Kings

>> No.35590594

Of course. She’s our girl

>> No.35590595

>Flare will never wake you up in the morning

>> No.35590599


>> No.35590600

All of your romaji complaints can be fixed by two things:
1. Mandatory spaces between words
2. Use Hepburn consistently instead of Polivanov-looking shit that the nips use

>> No.35590601

Noel love

>> No.35590603

So Miko pretended to be starting for years on both her roommate and her first corporate persona for no reason? Seems more likely that she just started playing the lesbian shit up as soon as she realized that it was more lucrative

>> No.35590608

I understand every holo on there except Moona. She didn't anything remarkable, unlike the others.

>> No.35590609

Money. She's the Monopoly holo.

>> No.35590610

I'm proud of my elite Miko!

>> No.35590612

I never want to see 35browns talking shit about Choco, Noel, or Mel ever again.

>> No.35590613

>> No.35590616

In a way, it promotes several artists just compiled on the weekend.

>> No.35590620

Drunk sluts

>> No.35590623

HIMYM was a decent show

>> No.35590625

noutoddlers shitpost about Miko making some garbage ASMR all they want but it won't make them forget about Pekora being known as the offpeko queen during her NND days

>> No.35590626

Coffee elf babies with hurea..

>> No.35590627

It is really bad though. Sounds too much like Miko doung a shitty voice and sounda like she's sucking her finger shittily. I prefer Chocos.

>> No.35590629

Stop falseflagging.

>> No.35590631

Is there any Luna x Pekora erotic art yet?

>> No.35590632

>newfags discovering holomen ero voice work
timeloops inside timeloops

>> No.35590635

I think Miko should kiss herself

>> No.35590637

come on. being a cam whore isn't as bad as you make it out to be. It's better than being an actual whore like Ayame

>> No.35590639

>pekora out of nowhere
Rent free.

>> No.35590640

It isn't 35p who do that. It is ichimi.

>> No.35590641

This is a nice drawing. This is a nice drawing.

>> No.35590644

punjabi cock

>> No.35590645

I'll never understand

>> No.35590646

How do Flare’s feet smell like?

>> No.35590647

In other news

>> No.35590650

What's you Tanabata /hlg/?

┃ ┃
┃ ┃
┃ ┃
┃ ┃
┃ ┃

>> No.35590651

>rent free
lmao of course the shitposters is an indog, they're the only ones who use that buzzword

>> No.35590652

We need a wood elf

>> No.35590654

She literally said she wanted to grope Pekora's boobs if they meet one day. Miko was a teenager, but I think she already has some interests in women back then

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