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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I love Lamy

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I love Fubuki!

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I love Aqua, no joke!

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I love shion's tummy yo~

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hags on the tv

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it's so like ayame to not treat 1m like anything special

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I want a hololive coast to coast show where pekora talks about aliens and miko enlightens us about the mysteries of the universe

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Reminder that Marine is a fat high school drop out whose roommate had less than 1k followers on niconico before Hololive despite being on there for a better part of a decade. She must be really good at sucking dick.

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!!!

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God i want to fuck Furriend

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Do this for EOP stream watchers

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Ayame and Marine had a fucking offcollab you absolute piece of shit, they STILL have their matching twitter icons. Ayame herself said that it was just a matter of getting to know Marine better and her Holoprofile fucking said that Marine was her favourite streamer in Hololieve
Maybe stop being a fucking schizo nigger piece of shit a realize that not everyone hates Marine like you. She's easily the most well liked holo in the company

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I don't remember asking

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>She's easily the most well liked holo in the company
That is just what management wants you to believe.

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results are in
from first place to last:

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Didn't read. I was making fun of you for quoting a random post about Lamy instead of whatever shit about Marine made you angry.

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It's hard being the main character

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sheepposters turned on their VPN

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It's been 311 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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lol i like marine and ayame but let's not pretend that all of that wasn't company oriented fluff
you're like a WWE fan trying to defend scripted storylines.

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Kill yourself.
Your oshi will never be as popular as Marine
Your oshi will never be as loved as Marine
You oshi will never makes as much money as Marine
Your oshi will turn irrelevant by next year while Marine becomes a respected person in the voice acting industry
Your oshi is a whore who will never amount to anything that matters
Your IS and will forever be inferior to Marine in every single aspect of life.
And most importantly. Marine achieves more in a singe day than you will in your entire miserable life you fucking dog

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Doesn't watame just spend all day in a onesie eating chips? How is that girly?

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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Towa and Luna are both more girly than Watame

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>Two people can't like each other there must be involvement from a third party

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ywn go to a church where luna is the organist

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>Nene and Botan are going elytra hunting together while Lamy has to go with Flare and Marine
More like Cuckihana Lamy!

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the way they built up the ayame and maine storyline was exactly like a WWE storyline
they could have even had a promo about it

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send this to twitter pronoun niggers

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Watch Gura.

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I don't think you got the memo: that is girly

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Isn't it weird that the schizo always schizoposting about popular holos like Pekora Marine or Miko but never the unpopular ones? like for example Luna or Aki?

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My oshi is more popular than Marine will ever be.

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marine doxx

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Protagonist of Hololive, living rent free in everyones mind.

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But that's a virgin

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Where is Mio's jacket?

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No it wasn't.

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yes it was and I'm not going to argue with you because you are being obtuse.

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Whore's can only be side characters

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IRyS already has more subs than all of the Homostars and NijiEN rumao

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>nobody congratulates ayame but yagoo
lmao loner than aqua

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I will never forgive YouTube for interrupting my Lamy love. Susan you must cut your belly for forgiveness.

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I'm really looking forward to Lamy finally collabing with Flare, the three of them are going to be an awesome group

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>Falseflagging as a Nousagi because you got BTFO
LMAO, plus Marine is going to overtake Pekora by the end of the year. Pekora is growing stale and nothing she ever does has any effort put behind it, you can tell people are starting to catch onto the fact that Pekora is just a shallow girl that makes stupid noises and nothing more

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Other Pekora archives unprivated
2 Convenience Store streams
2 大魔界村 streams
New Years outfit reveal stream
Snack Usada stream after the outfit reveal
Showing presents from nousagi stream
Merry Christmas stream

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I love Towa!

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Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!

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*steals paradise from okayu*

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how the FUCK, it's only been a day

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What's the point? She clearly doesn't care.

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Reminder that this is the complete list of people who have any reason to care about whether Ayame streams or not:
-Cover's investors
Not on the list and mad about Ayame's streaming schedule? Then you're a gossipy old woman getting into other people's business cause you have no business going on of your own.

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Jesas, even HoloEN didn't get this much pre-debut right?

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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>Oneesangumi but without the useless piece of shit that's Noel
Fucking finally

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PekoMiko is over, PekoHime is next

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Yiff in hell furniggers

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No it wasn't, but you a head and drown in your bitter headcanons. You must be one of those retards who thinks two holos can't be friends if they didn't know each other from before Hololive

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Elf love!

>> No.35595666

can't stream
no holomem stream to watch
bored lamy:

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Thanks for the list

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She is a streamer. Everyone has a reason to be upset when she streams 4 hours in 2 months and didn't announce a break or hiatus.
All she needs to do is tell us that she is going to fuck off when she fucks off.

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Fuck off

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It's still funny that that random egirl from 10 years ago is vtubing now

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Bold of you to think that Pekora would even collab with Luna again.

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Tits too big.

>> No.35595686

Fucking hilarious innit. Must be rough being a homo and having someone outdo your 2+ years of work on the basis of "she isn't a male"

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Honestly this doesn't come as a surprise to me. Numbers are starting to mean less and less, especially since they don't actually equate to more viewers most of the time.

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nyanners should be killed on a stake

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What happened...

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>LMAO, plus Marine is going to overtake Pekora by the end of the year.
Lmao you keep saying that. It still hasn't happened. Pekora is still ahead in subscribers, live viewers, superchats and views.
Marine's content is way more stale. Utawakus with the same songs over and over again, the same zatsudans over and over again and she only ever plays horrible autism simulators or horror kusoge.

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I'm hyped, I hope we get suisei aqua iro palette

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>Bitter NijiENfag

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heard the same thing about Korone, Kanata, Towa and Botan
Luna is just going to be dumped just like them

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KanaTowa's lovechild...

>> No.35595707

What's the record of the subs the holos had before debut so far?
Didn't shark had like 300k before debut?

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her sister died

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my poor akwa...

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Peko makes me horny

>> No.35595722

Your oshi kneels to my oshi

>> No.35595724

Pink women...

>> No.35595725

how long until we get a perfect towa captcha?

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the collab was great, fuck you.

>> No.35595728

Subaru pulled a massive Matsuri and replaced Luna with an indog,

>> No.35595729

Too big

>> No.35595733

Yeah because fucking Pekora of all people has good "variety" of content LMFAO. Don't you have a 50 episode playthrough of some garbage JRPG that no one gives a shit about to catch up with retard?
I look forward to Pekora having nothing once Hololive is over because she has 0 life skills begging Marine for a job at her new company

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The Snack Usada stream is actually from a few weeks before the outfit reveal. my bad.

>> No.35595739

Marine can only get so far pandering to the r*ddit crowd.

>> No.35595742

rurudo still hates botan?

>> No.35595743

No. You have zero reason to be upset. It has not impact on your life if she streams 24 hours a day or never. If her streaming schedule really is negatively impacting your life you need help.

>> No.35595747

It was an amazing fucking collab man, everybody loved it, hour and a half clubhouse collab breaking 60K? even if you think Pekora is a numberfag demon those numbers alone guarantee more collabs

>> No.35595748

All Japanese artists are menheras.

>> No.35595753

Luna might just be the hyperacting girlfriend peko needs

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>> No.35595757

Menhera love

>> No.35595758 [SPOILER] 

my friend changed......

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>> No.35595769

Pekora already joked about making another channel to talk about those kind of things. Honestly I love watching the holos doing those kind of streams. So far the closest thing is some parts of Pekora's Dragon Quest anniversary challenge. That is basically a week worth of zatsudans.

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based ramie not congratuling ayame and talking about cute emoticons instead.

>> No.35595772

It is literally her job to entertain 1m people and they have a right to complain when she doesn't stream.

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>> No.35595776

It got high numbers because it was their first collab. It's not going to work multiple times.

>> No.35595779

Either Pekora got really good at interacting with more members or sh0xx4e really hit it off with Luna

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>> No.35595785

>It is literally her job
According to who?

>> No.35595788

roru roru rumao

>> No.35595789

That's the last time you've falseflagged, anon, you're going to detention.

>> No.35595793

You hate to see it. Hopefully she has someone that archives.

>> No.35595794

Is that supposed to be impressive?

>> No.35595797

How about you explain what her job is then slugger

>> No.35595799

I'll wait until their next collab then, which will probably never again.

>> No.35595800

Stop replying to yourself, seek help

>> No.35595801

who's the girl on the left?

>> No.35595803

It's obvious marine looks up to pekora as a content creator and personality. She wouldn't have it in her to surpass her.

>> No.35595804

Pekora finished High School and has a degree, Marine is a high school drop out. More people watch Pekora play JRPG kino than Marine playing r*ddit games like Portal and Subnautica. Pekora's utawakus have varied song choice and she talks about far more interesting things than Marine's boring BL degeneracy and boring work and childhood stories.

>> No.35595809

why is she so sweaty?

>> No.35595811

At this point it's easier to ask which Pekora collab won't reach 50k or more

>> No.35595813

i remember she said she was taking a break

>> No.35595814

Since Aqua took a step back Gen 2 has become the worst group in hololive.

>> No.35595815

Lol forgot to erase your captcha phone poster?

>> No.35595816

It happened to a lot of people last year. Eventually it gets fixed.

>> No.35595817

Explain what? There is nothing to explain, YAGOO says you only need to stream 10 hours a month and you're good to go.

>> No.35595820

I think it's a bit of both

>> No.35595823

Reminder that the Marine schizo is just an insane fujo who is still angry that Marine was not beheaded for insulting her precious fujo doujins, pay her no mind.

>> No.35595829

she's from nijisanji I guess

>> No.35595830

This pic is so cute

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>> No.35595835

Prove it

>> No.35595836

Marine knows she only got where she is because she sucked management dick. She has even admitted that her voice sounds like a dying cat and she is envious of Holos like Mel who have nice voices.

>> No.35595839

This is bullshit, these 2 should have less votes

>> No.35595844

I'm on my dektop you are still right tho

>> No.35595847

Pekora is also a certified daycare teacher and can play piano. Still, what interesting things does she really talk about? Her zatsudans are pretty weak

>> No.35595851

It's amazing how people call subaru a liar and listen to marine's lies about her daily life like it's nothing

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>> No.35595856

>your oshi
>did she congratulate ayame for her 1m?

>> No.35595860

You don't know what her job is, because you're not Cover or one of Cover's investors. And since Ayame is still a Cover employee, all we can conclude is Cover and Cover's investors are fine with what she's doing. Why do you think you know more than Cover or Cover's investors?

>> No.35595862

Reminder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bnaBnd4kyU

>> No.35595863

Streaming definitely isn't

>> No.35595865

At least she isn't as bad as danchou

>> No.35595866

Coco is surprisingly cute and girly

>> No.35595868

Towa braids her asshole hairs, and it's long enough to serve as a pseudo tail.

>> No.35595872

She just did a member stream while on hiatus and suddenly graduated. Saying it was a decision between her and the mistress. Also rurudo happens to be more busy now at the moment. Make of that as you will.

>> No.35595873

they should, I'm surprised she can get 1M subs by doing literally nothing.

>> No.35595874

They would've been if people only watched clips.

>> No.35595876

No? Shark was on the 100k as the other girls.

>> No.35595877

i want to pluck them one by one and make a tea out of it

>> No.35595878

Pekora is a useless retard who worked a miserable minimum wage job before joining Hololive. Her "degree" is some bullshit certification that they have to her just because she was a woman like all other teaching and nursing certifications.
Marine did graduate high school and then spent years working on improving her craft. If it wasn't for Marine revolutionizing the vtuber environment Pekora would have graduated in mere months because no one gave a shit about the rabbit, without Marine Pekora wouldn't be ANYTHING. Marine is the only friend Pekora has because she fucked all her other friendship, without Marine Pekora wouldn't have made it past the initial days of Hololive because she has the social skils of a worthless bug
Pekora can't sing
Pekora can't dance
Pekora can't draw
Pekora can't voice act
Pekora is a shitty gamer
Pekora is a shitty conversationalist
Pekora doesn't have any meaningful connections
Cover doesn't trust Pekora

>> No.35595879

A certified daycare teacher is a reliable job. Marine only has her seiyuu pipe dreams she has fucking nothing to fall back on. She is fat and old now she has no chance of making it in the modern seiyuu industry.
Pekora's views on things are very unique and interesting thats what makes her zatsudans great.

>> No.35595880

You shouldn't be. The hololive brand is powerful.

>> No.35595882

We never did get that Lamy/L0L0 collab huh

>> No.35595885


>> No.35595886

What's gonna be the next song every holo covers? We haven't had a King or 夜に駆ける in a while.

>> No.35595887

What is a turbowhore?

>> No.35595888

But then she farts and burps loudly on purpose near you.

>> No.35595889

Ayame's job is to please the BoD higher-ups and investors, if you know what I mean

>> No.35595893

Noel fucked her way into Hololive and isn't even trying to hide it, she's literally absolutely useless even a fucking actual piece of shit is more qualified for the job

>> No.35595894

I hope ado's new song gets picked up by towa

>> No.35595895

So is Kanata and Towa.

>> No.35595898

Ramy is disappointed in you, /hlg/

>> No.35595902

stay mad
reply to this post with another wall of text please

>> No.35595904

>> No.35595906

She's just being humble retard. There's more to voice than timbre. Mel sounds cute but more people want to listen to Marine and there's a reason

>> No.35595907

a whore that is a level above the average one

>> No.35595910

I dont know if it was intentional but that motorcycle looks like its about to break in half

>> No.35595913


>> No.35595915

Danchou has a beautiful speaking voice and has a STEM degree. Also she had 200k YouTube subs before Hololive and more than 50k followers on niconico. Her CV was far more impressive than Marine's who as I said didn't even have 1k followers on niconico. Pekora had 10k for referenece.

>> No.35595917

Marine knows that she couldn't make it in the normie market. Plus she's only rivaled by fubuki for being an extrovered chad. She's happy right where she is, singing otaku songs and making chuuni pirate singles.

>> No.35595918


Mel and Choco are dating...

>> No.35595921

what job?

>> No.35595925

I was talking about her singing but ok

>> No.35595926

and I'm glad. fuck ayame what a bitch

>> No.35595927

Noel had 200k YouTube subs before Hololive that is how she got in. Marine had less than 1k on niconico and less than 500 on twitcast.

>> No.35595936

I wanna see how many schizos this thread can contain at the same time.

Gokisei is a great generation!
HoloID, HoloEN, and Holostars are all part of Hololive!
Kanata is not a leech!
Subaru isn't a liar!

>> No.35595938

After watching Marine's 1M I honestly don't care. She's the glue that's holding together 3kisei

>> No.35595940


>> No.35595942

There's only one schizo

>> No.35595944

Gura gamer rage!

>> No.35595946


>> No.35595947

if you think gokisei is bad you're an EOP in my book.

>> No.35595949

hey men

>> No.35595950

Literally every other besides Subaru had more than 5k followers on niconico or twitcast before Hololive. Marine is fucking unique in how irrelevant she was before Hololive.

>> No.35595952

Just goes to show how Marine is the best Holo.

>> No.35595954

Why are all the ENs masculine?

>> No.35595959

So you concede that Marine fucked her way into Hololive?

>> No.35595963

FAQ Miko my little nyegga

>> No.35595964

If marine is the fruit of whoredom, maybe we need more sluts

>> No.35595965

No Marine is pushed hard by management.

>> No.35595967


>> No.35595968


>> No.35595972

Aqua gamer rages there's nothing masculine about it

>> No.35595976

Yes, management promotes their best talent.

>> No.35595977

urusai neega

>> No.35595981


>> No.35595983

There's just her being menhera

>> No.35595987

Noel is a whore, Marine isn't. It's that simply
Noel is just a walking cumrag that will never amount to anything in her miserable life other than dying young of STDs

>> No.35595988

just wait until you realize Mori is trying to push pronouns into Hololive

>> No.35595991

Pekora is the best talent. Marine can't get 70k viewers playing a 20 year old JRPG, Pekora can.

>> No.35595992

Why doesn't 3rd gen have an original song?

>> No.35595996

They hate each other.

>> No.35595998

>A certified daycare teacher

>> No.35595999

Even friend gamer rages

>> No.35596001

yo da yo~

>> No.35596002

Just have to wait until a sankisei graduate first

>> No.35596004

Ahoy is third gen's original song

>> No.35596010


>> No.35596012


>> No.35596017

Pekora doesn't have any friends. No one like Pekora and her being an unlikable cunt is killing any mobility she could have in the entertainment industry
Pekora didn't get a 3D live because management hates her because she's a cunt
Pekora will never get a collaboration cafe because management hates her because she's a cunt
Pekora will never be involved in big projects like Marine and FBK are because management hates her because she's a cunt
Pekora being a horrible person will be the death of her career

>> No.35596018

Nijinigger cope incoming

>> No.35596021

No it's not

>> No.35596025

you missed the famous offpekos

>> No.35596026

When lockdowns are over h-haha...

>> No.35596028

It is now

>> No.35596033

Yet Noel is the one who finished high school, Noel is the one with a drivers liscense, Noel is the one who went to university and graduated. Also she is a virgin.

>> No.35596034


>> No.35596035


>> No.35596036

When the clams Towa ordered came with butter instead of tartar sauce, she went absolutely banal, I felt so sorry for the waiter.

>> No.35596038

were people being mean to coco so she pulled out her most recent mildom video?

>> No.35596044

You keep saying this but I've yet to see any proof, especially since Marine is a former OL and you can't get a corporate job as a high school dropout in Japan. Is this one of those things that schizos repeat in this thread until it becomes accepted through sheer volume?

>> No.35596046

Just stop entertaining noel schizo I think he's got enough for today

>> No.35596048

Imagine seeing how pekora acts and just calling her a cunt

>> No.35596050

And yet no one likes Noel. She's a useless piece of shit that's physically incapable of making anything that matters. Noel is a walking cumrag that will never be more than a pair of tist.
Looking forward to the day Noel killherslef, probably the best thing she could ever do for sankisei and Hololive. I've seen dogs shits more valuable than Noel

>> No.35596051

>noutoddlers vs ichitrannies
sure love watching disabled "people" fight

>> No.35596052

Kids need to be looked after paticularly in a country like Japan where both men and women work. No one is going to pay Marine to make funny voices.
Pekora is a kind person.

>> No.35596054

Why does she keep doing this?

>> No.35596055


>> No.35596056

your first mistake is thinking he understands japanese or watches streams

>> No.35596060

damn the schizos are going hard today

>> No.35596062

Why not?

>> No.35596064 [SPOILER] 

habs bros...

>> No.35596066

It's clickbait.

>> No.35596067

noel an heroing on stream when?

>> No.35596071

Senchou likes fighting youtube until they take down her stream for lewd thumbnails
it's sort of an injoke between her fans at this point it happens so much

>> No.35596073

I would go to miko's cafe just to say hey man to her

>> No.35596075

>no streams for another 6+ hours
Why am I still awake?

>> No.35596080


>> No.35596081

Hopefully soon

>> No.35596082

Too big

>> No.35596083

I assume it was because the chat was causing lag for the entire stream.

>> No.35596084

Your oshi is hlg

>> No.35596085

This is what happened when burgers go to sleep

>> No.35596087

>loli Ui
isn't the other way? Ui being the one in the jail?

>> No.35596096

newcomers welcome

>> No.35596099

you can disable the chat

>> No.35596101

A STEM graduate is worth more than a high school drop out potty mouth who makes funny voices and has seiyuu delusions. When Marine is working in a conbini 5 years from now she will realize that maybe she should have studied instead of jerking off to shitty BL doujins.

>> No.35596107

When will shion come back?

>> No.35596111

holy based
we hate noel here

>> No.35596112

holosummer never ever

>> No.35596116

Why do the other holos not like it when peko talks about the earth being flat?

>> No.35596121

Noel is a worthless whore and nothing she ever does will ever change the fact that she's nothing more than a pair of tits. Her life will never amount to anything more than a internet hooker.
Noel will kill herself on stream and I will celebrate it as the day Sankisei can finally reach it's true potential without the deadweight of the human piece of shit that is Noel

>> No.35596136

Chinks were making clips with fake subs

>> No.35596137

Hello anti thread??

>> No.35596138

bunny brain small. bunny should be ridiculed

>> No.35596139

is this a good design?

>> No.35596142

What’s Towa’s racial bonus?

>> No.35596148

when's their collab? best JP and best EN united

>> No.35596152

based based based

>> No.35596153

chinks really don't have anything better to do with their shitty lives

>> No.35596154

>Every time there's an announcement, people go crazy, "You're retiring!?!?!? But there's nothing but good news (for the 100 millionth time).
Come and find out!

>> No.35596159

I've seen holos use audacity, which one will switch to the new sneedacity fork to avoid telemetry?

>> No.35596160

Her face looks weird...

>> No.35596161

200% breedability but stuck with 1 intelligence for 20 years only increasing in intervals of 1 every 10 years

>> No.35596162

I really don't like her dress

>> No.35596163

Sora love!

>> No.35596166

Their gremlin personality matches well with each other.

>> No.35596169

If's off by default you know?

>> No.35596172

Too messy, should've either went full in with the crystals, the roses, or the horns, not shoved all three into one design.

>> No.35596173

<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

>> No.35596175

she looks like a rejected Korean MMO design

>> No.35596176

It was the Taiwanbros and the subs weren't fake, stop believing the mainlander zhangs trying to smear the Taiwanese

>> No.35596177

You're all the same bugs

>> No.35596179

Is she finally going to make a good song that rivals NCP? everything else has been lacking

>> No.35596190

Miko, did you just call me a ニーガ?

>> No.35596204

A bit too busy, but then again redjuice designs has always been like that

>> No.35596205

The PTSD is real

>> No.35596209

Duck looks really good with a tan.

>> No.35596212


>> No.35596213

Noel is worth more than Marine. An education in a markertable field is worth more than someone whose only skill is making funny voices. In 5 years Noel, Pekora and the other educated holos will be working normal jobs, Marine on the other hand will be working as a conbini clerk.

>> No.35596217

So, what happened to pekora's friendship with aqua?

>> No.35596220

>samefag your hateposts
>Is ThIs An AnTi ThrEaD

>> No.35596222


>> No.35596225

What's the middle one? Never seen that before.

>> No.35596231

Maybe they should learn how to announce shit in a way that doesn't make it sound like they're graduating.
But no, they need to put 【重大発表】in white text on a black background thumbnail, then say "UH GUYS WHY ARE YOU FREAKING OUT?"

>> No.35596232

In 5 years Marine will be a prolific VA. Noel in 5 years will be nothing more than a corpse after she kills herself

>> No.35596235

Noel plans to never stop streaming so doubtful
honestly same with pekora
dunno about marine tho she actually might start a family or something lol

>> No.35596242

Holy fuck, tell me someone archived her videos. I didn't do my reps and now Towa's meido will forever be lost to the ether.

>> No.35596243

Face anatomy looks off if I'm being honest.

>> No.35596246

i fucking hate tampa bay

>> No.35596248

You think Noel's gonna be working in 5 years? She's gonna be married and at home. Marine, on the other hand, is going to spinster her way to hag fame.

>> No.35596258

Did Suisei cover that song or what did I miss

>> No.35596260

Post (N)igas

>> No.35596261

Face looks a little jewish

>> No.35596266

>> No.35596271


>> No.35596279

No one would marry a whore like Noel

>> No.35596281

I don't think Marine is qualified enough to be a konbini clerk, maybe i could trust her to clean it's bathroom, maybe.

>> No.35596282

Something feels off about her head, like it's missing a part of the top or it's the way the bangs look.

>> No.35596285

>Nene-chan, what are you going to do if the server with the mesa road gets reset?
>...Cry on stream. I'll make a stream with a black background, write "thank you for everything" on the thumbnail and cry about it.
>You should put "Important Announcement" in the title too.

>> No.35596288

To me it sounds weird to know about ayame having a dream in which she was killed is that the only hololive dream I ever had involved this too. I think it's the sword or something, I am not esoteric to any extent.

>> No.35596289

We got PekoLuna. When is next Holobaby and then HoloBabyPeko.

>> No.35596290

They don't hire 33yos with no real experience to be seiyuus. Go look at the seiyuu threads. Also you keep saying Noel is going to kill heself but she is still alive. Marine seems to be the one with worse health....

>> No.35596294

This is kind of aesthetic. Kind of reminds me of Korone's weird pop art shirt.

>> No.35596299

'Tis what girls do

>> No.35596303

Wait she actually graduated?

>> No.35596304

Jesus, at that rate she might end up having more subs than AZKi before her debut.

>> No.35596318


>> No.35596319


>> No.35596320

She's doing a holosong only utawaku today.Akutan sang Tenkyuu before so there's a chance that Suisei would sing Aquiro as a payback

>> No.35596323

She'll be a nervous wreck during her debut huh
It'll be a sight to behold...
I feel like it's kinda easier when you have whole gen to rely on.
But when it's 1 person with seemingly big expectations? Sounds awfully stressing

>> No.35596327

Gravure idols get married all the time.

>> No.35596333

I'd marry her

>> No.35596338

Jesus christ, she might be worse than Kanata

>> No.35596339

Holos need more transparent clothes

>> No.35596340

Imagine the smell

>> No.35596342

I can't believe rurudo finally fired LOLO.
But seriously I only managed to catch the last stream where she cried while saying she's taking a break. Hopefully she'll stream again someday.

>> No.35596352


>> No.35596354

Seriously? I thought it was just a regular break, but to cry during your own break announcement. I didn't see her as the type. It has been almost a year after all.

>> No.35596355


>> No.35596356

>> No.35596357

I really, really miss my clown wife...

>> No.35596358

She cried too?
what is going on with her...

>> No.35596362

im 90% sure i've seen that exact artstyle in some of those porn games /aco/ keeps shilling

>> No.35596364

Did she and rurudo have a fight or something. It sounds like she took away the rights for the character or something

>> No.35596365

>Aqua is the only one on point
Haha what the fuck

>> No.35596366

cute onyon, I wanna work for cover staff just so I can see her do silly things in 3d

>> No.35596370

Subaru's cute??

>> No.35596371

Lamy will remember that

>> No.35596372

Is this R18 of her yet?

>> No.35596380

I don't typically numberfag, but I really want gen 5 to perfectly align so I can make choo choo train posts.

>> No.35596382

1080p lamy

>> No.35596387

Yea it scared me how in sync she was that's why I clipped it

>> No.35596388

So are the youtube comments just not loading or is it just me? I can't see my utawaku timestamps fuck

>> No.35596392

She's not following rurudo on Twitter anymore...

>> No.35596393

>ever busy
Is she still a student? She barely posts anything on her twitter. Only recently has she posted about her artbook and her new piece on pixiv. There's also the new famima thing and previously the 100 artist thing. She also has done a few official merch but nothing that seems to warrant being so busy as an artist. Feels like she and Towa interact once in a blue moon. At leas there was that Marine collab.

>> No.35596397

They're not loading for me either.

>> No.35596398



>> No.35596399


>> No.35596400

I love Noel.
I love Pekora.
And I love all the other Holos that this schizo ichimi loves to shit on.

>> No.35596402


>> No.35596404

Wait, Lolo wasn't actually Rurudo?

>> No.35596406

That's disgusting, there's nothing nastier than a woman who can't clean up after herself.

>> No.35596407


>> No.35596412

No, that was just a meme.

>> No.35596416

Never noticed until now that she has spats on. I'm as blind as a bat.

>> No.35596417

Yeah she did, but around that time anons were busy talking about the other L*l*. I remember only one or two anons posted about it here.

>> No.35596419

A cat and 3 monkeys

>> No.35596421

Who the hell is Lolo then

>> No.35596425

I hope Roboco enjoys her 700k milestone, because after that, Flare, Nene, and Ollie will pass her.

>> No.35596428


>> No.35596429

*clap clap*

>> No.35596430

I wonder if that artist is still here. Those were good times, when it felt like we could actually do stuff.

>> No.35596433

Works on my machine

>> No.35596439


>> No.35596441

I don't get it.

>> No.35596443

Probably just a friend of rurudo who she made an avatar for

>> No.35596450

It's impossible because Nene is a failure

>> No.35596451

Please post hags so I can masturbate and then go to sleep.

>> No.35596452

Flare will likely get if before her, Nene probably. Not that it matters. Even 1 mi has lost its taste now.

>> No.35596453

>2/3 graduated
And nothing of value was lost

>> No.35596455

some capeshit meme don't bother

>> No.35596456

Is it just me or do youtube comments break all the time? They sometimes load and sometimes they don't even load. Sometimes comments load, but I can't see replies. It's the weirdest sperging bug I've seen of Youtube and I've had it for over a year. Sometimes it'll even fix itself for whatever reason. It also seems to occur if I open more than a few tabs of youtube, I don't get it at all. But it's pretty annoying. Have to close browser and all that to get it fixed. Which is not the thing you want to do in the middle of a stream.

>> No.35596458

Pekora isn't friends with miko because she's a stalker who keeps a collection of recordings of her

>> No.35596459

has Marine forgotten her signature aisatsu pose? she didn't do it in the latest concert

>> No.35596461

Well, who are you watching, anon?

>> No.35596463


>> No.35596464

Are you fucking with me, I can't tell

>> No.35596467

Yikes. This is borderline creepy.

>> No.35596468

My oshi isn't on, so no one...

>> No.35596470

"you're under arrest"

>> No.35596473

>Flare will likely get if before her, Nene probably
Nah that's too much of a stretch unless they manage to get the attention of clippers in some time between now and then.

>> No.35596474

?? Nene stream where?

>> No.35596475

No, L0L0 really wasn't Rurudo. Who knows what the fuck her relationship to Rurudo might be but they aren't the same person.

>> No.35596476

>> No.35596478

>> No.35596480


Imagine seeing your 2 oshis graduate in 1 week

>> No.35596481

you can't stop me evil feline.

>> No.35596483

How is it creepy?

>> No.35596484

I don’t see Korone, so no one.

>> No.35596485

Nothing creepy about watching other holos stream retard, take meds

>> No.35596487

A wolf's tail doesn't look like that.

>> No.35596490

I don't get it. What triggers it

>> No.35596491

Everything she collabs with Marine her subs fucking explote and they have a lot planned together in the very near future

>> No.35596494

Mel isn't that nice...is she?

>> No.35596495

Face it, 35p. Miko is an obsessed stalker. It’s no wonder why Pekora had to cut her off.

>> No.35596496


>> No.35596498

Is Watame next
I thought she would stick around for Budokan

>> No.35596501

>> No.35596502

only one i always watch on that list is fbk. i sometimes watch rbc.

>> No.35596503

Pekora doesn't exist anymore, it's Miko who puppeteers Pekora using a soundboard

>> No.35596504

was the guy actually cool? I heard a lot of people liked him

>> No.35596507

Marine Aqua Shion is too cute. Never gets tiring.

>> No.35596509

>> No.35596512

Take meds.

>> No.35596514

I dont like the eyes

>> No.35596515

A lot of the girls liked him because he fucked well.

>> No.35596516

It's okay, but the face is dogshit.

>> No.35596517

L-looking forward to that upcoming meme review…haha…

>> No.35596518

Bitch Love!

>> No.35596521

>> No.35596524

My oshi didn't shower today, and neither did I.

>> No.35596525

Mio a cute

>> No.35596526

Face reality.

>> No.35596527

>played different games than the FOTM games like the Holos
>let it rip ASMR
>even streamed in off hours
It was good. Shame in the end, there wasn't must attention anymore.

>> No.35596529


>> No.35596533


>> No.35596536

Yeah he played beyblades on rushia's chest. He was one of the good Homos.

>> No.35596539

Based nousagi.

>> No.35596542

I'm going through Lamy withdrawals. YouTube why.....

>> No.35596543

>>played different games than the FOTM games like the Holos
Anon he played Minecraft more than any other homo

>> No.35596544

She was looking at the schedule and opened their streams.

>> No.35596547

I guess? Iofi really liked him. Mostly because she's a fujo.
He did beyblade spinning once
The narrative is that he got fired for fucking someone in the industry outside of hololive. He collabed a shit ton

>> No.35596548

>> No.35596550

Okite Okite

>> No.35596552

>tfw k-on will overtake these people soon

>> No.35596553

Is this what happens when a Christmas Cake remains a Christmas Cake for far too long?

>> No.35596554

>> No.35596556

Minecraft was dead at the time for Hololive, so that's not a problem. They also had to catch up to 1st Gen and 2nd Gen.

>> No.35596557


>> No.35596558


>> No.35596559

Your head canon is not a reality

>> No.35596562

It was when I saw this picture that I realized. Mio is actually the most menhera holo. She actually thinks she's a cat girl and thinks her cats are her actual children.

>> No.35596567

what does a 10 year old anime have to do with hololive

>> No.35596572

Right. Fortunately(?) for you, it’s not a headcanon. Feel free to open your eyes at any time.

>> No.35596573

menheras are great

>> No.35596576


>> No.35596577

She's way past christmas cake anon...

>> No.35596579



>> No.35596580

hidden menheras are even better

>> No.35596582

>10 year old

>> No.35596583

why they never collabed then?

>> No.35596584

menheras are sexy

>> No.35596585

Wrong thread shart

>> No.35596588

Total fluke surely. It could have been anyone. You can't check the list.

>> No.35596590

holy based

>> No.35596591

Stop listening to the voices in your head

>> No.35596594

8 9 10
same thing really
years go by like fucking burgers at a barbeque now

>> No.35596596

The other option is that she never followed rurudo in the first place, which I kind of doubt. rurudo follows her.

>> No.35596597

Since when was L0L0 known for collabing

>> No.35596598

Based Euegene rting this absolute coomer pic

>> No.35596601

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.35596602

Sometimes it feels like I'm going insane, I wish my oshi would hold me and tell me everything's going to be okay.

>> No.35596603

>> No.35596605

Well Eugene rarely gets fanart...

>> No.35596606

I mean, just look at this part of their last collab. Watame has already put one foot out of hololive.


>> No.35596608


>> No.35596609

It goes christmas cake, then hag, then crazy cat lady. I'm afraid she's almost at the crazy cat lady stage...

>> No.35596611

Speaking of which, do you think Miko’s voices are coercing her to try and do whatever she can to reconnect with Pekora?

>> No.35596612


>> No.35596614

we won homobros
we won

>> No.35596617

Fuck off, Ogayu.

>> No.35596618


>> No.35596619

>tfw the story of how women become cat ladies happening right in front of our eyes
Apparently all it takes is being an idol. Not like the Holos have to hold back on their relationships.

>> No.35596623


>> No.35596624

Holy shit.

>> No.35596625

she's not an alien she's just indonesian

>> No.35596628


>> No.35596629


>> No.35596631


>> No.35596633

I can't believe they won...

>> No.35596636


>> No.35596637

but the UFOs that pass by sometimes...

>> No.35596640


>> No.35596641

Can't stop winning.

>> No.35596648

It's kind of weird now that I watch this again and remember their talk in ARK about numbers. Quite the development in the relationship.

>> No.35596652

sora is the new witch because shion yo is now a cat girl

>> No.35596653


>> No.35596656

Guy, there’s too much purple in this thread

>> No.35596657

Look at this desperate young man, replying to his own bait that no one took.

>> No.35596658

>indogs SEETHING
but Iofi is pretty excited about it and even congratulated bossu and retweeted it?

>> No.35596659


>> No.35596660

Gokishit will always be a worthless failure that added nothing to hololive.
Can't wait for this

>> No.35596662


>> No.35596663


>> No.35596664

This really looks like the anti thread...

>> No.35596665

I hope not, I don't want them to interact with each other anymore

>> No.35596667

But Polka was supposed to be the next Pekora...

>> No.35596669

Iofi is an alien

>> No.35596670

They are the same person anon. Towa's new year member stream had a thumbnail made by Rurudo, it looked exactly like a Lolo thumbnail. Lolo said she made her own thumbnails

>> No.35596671

But Sora went for a catgirl costume on Halloween

>> No.35596672


>> No.35596674

Well, it's not impossible she doesn't follow rurudo, although to unfollow one person seems strange too.

>> No.35596678

everyone knows purple is an inferior color to blue

>> No.35596681


>> No.35596690

>> No.35596696


>> No.35596700

Dumb clipwatcher

>> No.35596701

They have a bunch of other cute stars and they choose the one who has a girlfriend...

>> No.35596705


>> No.35596706

Here's a cute gokisei picture, remember to have fun friends!

>> No.35596708

To be honest, Watame should graduate too. They way she lives is not the correct one.

>> No.35596709

when is the Ayame x DrainAddict collab

>> No.35596714

no because she doesn't deserve it like EN

>> No.35596715

It's his sister...

>> No.35596716

fuck off Touma

>> No.35596719 [SPOILER] 

watame cunny

>> No.35596726

>> No.35596728


>> No.35596729

how do I filter EOP spamming gifs

>> No.35596736

any new rrats?

>> No.35596739


>> No.35596741


>> No.35596753

I can’t believe Hal was Ayame’s bf all along

>> No.35596755

is hololive still bigger than genchink impact?

>> No.35596756


>> No.35596758

post horror games that you want a holo to play
I'll start

>> No.35596760 [SPOILER] 

What a bunch of cuties!

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