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Okite Okite

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I love Lamy

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Subaru? You can't show that on stream....

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>membersheep stream
>started streaming 5 hours ago

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I love Fubuki!

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Maou Lamy

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Marine is a lesbian in a committed relationship with Flare

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Heard you were talking shit

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Elite chorus time! https://youtu.be/K57XcDsUl6A

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If you think about it, there's going to be anons that reply to your posts more than others. For all you know it could be the same 1 or 2 anons replying to your posts every time. In a way, you could say you are friends...

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Kakero love!

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What is Watame doing there

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So has any holo gotten a blue oopa loopa?

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3D mizugi 3D mizugi 3D mizugi 3D mizugi

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Do you like Ayame?

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We are all friends here, anon, you're still a fag though.

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i installed apex after seeing 12 nene's blasting coons but never got around to launching it

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Snow flower Ramirez

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Someone post funny Miko sounds.

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Said that yonkisei collab never

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>almost 6 hours of MC
Kanata what the FUCK

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I really really really like Lamy

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Polka guerilla utawaku frame https://youtu.be/HDjNJ2W39EY

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Lewd woman that refers to herself as boku

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loli Okayu

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Jesas, this is way too lewd.

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!!!

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I need that on my face

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I remember more than a year ago anon said he could identify most of the anon in the thread by writing style and his gag (plus the thread wasnt as populated as now). Now all the face we're familiar with are all the face of the schizos...

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Bokuko are the lewdest

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Flare is married to Patra.

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Don't forget about our girl Reine

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How do you even pronounce "amanekanatach"

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I kinda like kanata now.

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wen u crack the boomer juice but still don't strem


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Wrong life pajeet

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Confirmed, all me

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>Aqua gets a new outfit and always uses it and rarely uses her old one
>Luna gets a new outfit and always uses it and rarely uses her old one
What's with pink hair girls and never usin their OG model. Do they not realize that's what most fans were attracted to in the first place?!?!?!?!

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wrong fucking thread poo

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Elite rapper https://youtu.be/3Z70MMa_bPU

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sake ga nomeru
sake ga nomeru
sake ga nomeruzo
sake ga nomeru nomeruzo
sake ga nomeruzo

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Patra is married to her second husband.
I mean, hopefully she still is it would suck to be a two times divorcee

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I love this beautiful sheep!

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>robbed of a sponsorship for her favorite drink
no wonder she left

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remove mikobrowns

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I hate IDs so much, I think I'm going to search "tire iron" on warosu to feel better.

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>no asalamy

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Sleeping with the Rami....

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any old rrats?

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Ignore schizo

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How do people in corrugated metal huts make you seethe so greatly?

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>It would suck to be a two times divorcee

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only new ogeys

>> No.35605673

Miko fucks fans in bathroom stalls at comiket

>> No.35605674

I want to go on a date with Idutu-san

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what happened

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j_god runs this thread...

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Look at this baby.

>> No.35605683

I think she said that she wasn't sure she would stream till she saw a doctor about her throat

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Ii ne ii

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Here's one

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is kanata's stream just an endurance zatsudan?

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All me
I am her only fan

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Ayame is a whore

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She attempted delivery with 2 frames yesterday and they both failed

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im gettin me hammer

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35p oos

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35p ee

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tapestry doko

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Oh well, is that time of the month again huh...

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Say what you want I would bury my dick in her ass so deeply the person that pulls me out would become the king of Indonesia

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man it's been a fucking year

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Die you dumb rabbit.

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towa love lamy

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Is this the anti thread?

>> No.35605721

Miko Miko Miko Miko punjabis!

>> No.35605723

Lamy just can't catch a break

>> No.35605724

Hope we get more 3D soon

>> No.35605725

both banned?

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Мы любим Лами?

>> No.35605730

35p iss

>> No.35605733

Miko and Luna monhun collab apparently soon.

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marine wants anon today

>> No.35605736

watame stream streams streaming

>> No.35605739

Cat is for tender cuddles

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Wrong. It is
luna love lamy

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No Japanese ingest server is just dogshit

>> No.35605746

Yeah, even less concentration on the game required than Jump King.

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someone ask for porridge?

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>luna love lamy

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Anon is black????

>> No.35605756

>wrong life pajeet
>wrong fucking thread pajeet
>remove mikobrowns
never fucking leaving 2husharts

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Watame stream streams

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>kanata towa love

>> No.35605763

I have did that before and it was my last cigarette Twappy...
It suck..

>> No.35605764

Only if it's straight from the source

>> No.35605766

First late night Kanata Minecraft or what?

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Она достала кота за яйца тянуть с коллабом, а так да.

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They all dropped their original character that was designed before they auditioned for them

>> No.35605776

I mean what else is she gonna do? Sit there in silence while the Upas fuck?

>> No.35605777

Why do cats have such a hard time drinking water?

>> No.35605778

Яйца кота...

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Witch Shionyo...

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2hushart schizo fear the 35P

>> No.35605789

Watame is teasing something through her member wallpapers.

>> No.35605790

She has a drinking problem

>> No.35605792

>This video is private

>> No.35605793

le sleepy woman

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>> No.35605797

reminder that Pekora didn't want to meet Miko at comiket because she was hanging out with her group of NND friends, they fucked her in every hole possible

>> No.35605798

Too bad it is MonHun. Don't watch MonHun.

>> No.35605799

The only drinking problem Okayu has is when she spills it! Oh, wait...

>> No.35605801

IRyS baby...

>> No.35605802

Stop fucking posting her stream for the schizos here.

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>> No.35605807

Mori is a boner garage and I'm tired of pretending she's not https://youtu.be/-8e53aBlSv0

>> No.35605808

Man I love HoloBaby but please not MonHun...

>> No.35605811

haha that song

>> No.35605812

Who delivered the baby?

>> No.35605813

*clap* *clap*

>> No.35605815

Schizos don't care for Choco in the first place

>> No.35605819

Mori very gap sexy

>> No.35605820

i can't contain my horny level

>> No.35605826

Towa banana baby...

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>> No.35605828

The video was viewable an hour ago. What happened?

>> No.35605830

<span class="sjis">
                           ..-:::::: ̄ ̄::::::::‐-.....
                    ィ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::\.  ヽ:::::::::\
                //::::::_ -‐ ¨  ̄ ̄ ̄ ¨ '‐- _::::: \ }::::::::::::::\
                    /` ´::/,  ァ\ ̄ ̄./`'t .、   ヽ::::::`´::::::::::::::::⌒\
                 / ::: /r  /   \/   i|.  \  \::::::::彡::::::::::::::::: \
            //::::/´ .|/          i|  ./ \.  ',::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ヽ
             /:: /:::://    /'           i|/ \ .ハ  ',:::::::i:i:::::::::::::::::::::::乂
        / :::: /:::/V  / / /              ∨ ', ゙i,:::::i:i::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ
        /:::::::::::/: /V  / / / .:.                 /   ,  ゙i:::::::i:i::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.
.     / ::::::::::: /: //  ./ / .′.::::.         |  i|   ̄ ̄ ', ゙i::::::i:i::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.
     / :::::::::::::: /:::/i|  | |  |  |:::::.  ..i|      |  i|     | ∧. ゙i:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.
.      ̄ ̄ ̄7: / |  | |  |  |::::::.  .i|      |  i|      l/ 'i  'i::::::: `:______}
         ,':::;'./  i| {\|  |::::::::.  |      |  i|      |  ̄|   'i::::::::::::::::::::::: ハ
        ,' / 丿  |\〉 \|:::::::::  | /__|_i|      |  V|  }::::::::::::::::::::::::::ハ
.      ー=彡..ィi{|i  i|: 下¨:丁  ̄ ̄ ̄  下¨:丁~i|      |   \__|_.; :::::::::::::::::: }
/         .{:::{.{ . |i  i|: |:::{}::|         |::{}: |  |     | \__/:::::::::::::::::::::リ    \
        ∨_\|   乂.乂,ノ         乂,ノ  j      :|   |   / :::::::::::::::::::::ノ
     //     <___ノ'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~└─^─┴─ '─'──   ¨´   )     \
.     {  \               ̄ ¨   ─--                        ノ ヽ   ヽ
    \  ``~、、         `~"''~ 、、,,_____      _,, 、 + ・ ''"´、 丶 `   ノ  ヽ リ
      ``~、、    `¨¨¨  ー---  ─                --─  ´ 、 丶 `  ̄    ノ イ
          `¨     ──    --          --  ───[/spoiler]

>> No.35605832

Noel is a nice girl who deserves happiness

>> No.35605833

Any old ogeys?

>> No.35605834

Holy cow!

>> No.35605838

Luna has been announcing it for weeks but Miko doesn't want to play it anymore and their level different is way too high
they could play bunnyman or something

>> No.35605839

Reproduction is prohibited

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>> No.35605852

Witch of endless superchats, Watatrice

>> No.35605854


>> No.35605859

It's okay, that's mine.

>> No.35605860

It's pretty cool except for the fact that it contained EN.

>> No.35605862

It's too early for horny hours, guys.

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>> No.35605867

>> No.35605872

Somebody get her pregnant please

>> No.35605874

I hope she falls asleep

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>> No.35605885

Can't we wait an hour or two?

>> No.35605890

one day my oshi won't haishin anymore

>> No.35605895

Indonesian women are the most fertile

>> No.35605896

I will now matsushiko

>> No.35605898

For now, trust me your oshi will get one eventually if they think you're having too much fun

>> No.35605901

I can't believe Kirito dresses like that...

>> No.35605902

Watame, don't leave...

>> No.35605906

short hair Reine
short hair Reine

>> No.35605909

*clap clap*

>> No.35605910

It's like the countdown to the first EN debut

>> No.35605917

Watame hinting through her wallpapers that 3rd gen is going to lose 1 member soon.

>> No.35605919

>6 hour member's stream
The magician does it again!

>> No.35605922

Now I want a courage the cowardly dog watchalong

>> No.35605926

hopefully it's Noel

>> No.35605930

I'll post an image and then leave

>> No.35605931

I love towa!hm88t

>> No.35605932

My dick jumped

>> No.35605933

sorry I'm not going to let Flare stream after we get married

>> No.35605936

Level does literally nothing in Monster Hunter.

>> No.35605938

>draw Noel
>call her an ID

>> No.35605939


>> No.35605942

>/jp/ loves hololive
Is this true?

>> No.35605944


>> No.35605947

no, now~

>> No.35605948

Sweet night, sweet time Watame

>> No.35605950


>> No.35605953

/hlg/ does, and we're probably still the majority here, so...

>> No.35605956

35P is the strongest fanbase.

>> No.35605957

It's OKAY to love the IDs.

>> No.35605958

>Watame didn't go to the toilet during the 6 hours she streamed

>> No.35605961

are there any holo arts with chastity belts posing for male?

>> No.35605969

>> No.35605970

watame is a diaperfur

>> No.35605972


>> No.35605974

I love women with a lil bit of chub.

>> No.35605980

>jamal shoes

>> No.35605981


>> No.35605982

>> No.35605983

You will

>> No.35605986

>> No.35605991

I miss her. I hope she does an early morning stream soon.

>> No.35605993


>> No.35605998

>> No.35605999

herro people here is the anti thread ?????

>> No.35606000

Christ, Haachama does things to my dick like no any other holo.

>> No.35606004

Tasteless faggot

>> No.35606008

this is the manko thread

>> No.35606009


>> No.35606013

no this is the horny thread

>> No.35606016

when did i travel back in time? tell me twap..

>> No.35606018


>> No.35606020

There's only one reason why I saved this image.

>> No.35606021

Why are these 30 year old women dressed like teens?

>> No.35606022

>Roberu GTA
will he say the word? or has it been done by so many Japanese vtubers that all of them know it's a bad word now?

>> No.35606023

Shiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeet iz doez some yeezy airboost 989s?

>> No.35606026


>> No.35606034

Yukihana Lamy.

>> No.35606035

no this is the hag thread

>> No.35606037


>> No.35606041

>nousagis ran to /vt/ after a single thread
>ichimi barely post anymore
>35Ps are still going strong even with the indog spamming every single thread
they truly are

>> No.35606045

Noel is YOKED

>> No.35606057


>> No.35606059

no thanks

>> No.35606065

It is going to be Marine. She is getting sick of management's bullshit

>> No.35606070

Iiiiiiiiiiii neeeeee?

>> No.35606071

Feet are cool too

>> No.35606073

Yes, but you have see which antis are active at which hours. Sometimes the Marino schizo is here, sometimes not; the ID antis always posts in SEA hours. And almost everyone either hates or ignores EN, except when they don't and are fine with watching their streams (mostly on debuts)

>> No.35606082

>> No.35606083

those nikes are nice

>> No.35606086

Why not?

>> No.35606091

Give me swimsuit sheep.

>> No.35606092

Will Watame invite Choco to Ubersheep next week?

>> No.35606097

Lamy love?
Lamy love!

>> No.35606098

Limited edition Danchou's

>> No.35606100

I am a friend with a sheep poster.

>> No.35606101

>> No.35606105

Why do I like older women?

>> No.35606106

>And almost everyone either hates or ignores EN
Delusional kid

>> No.35606109

Little boots!

>> No.35606110


>> No.35606112


>> No.35606113

Don't bother he will claim that it is normal for lesbians to enjoy watching men jack off.

>> No.35606114

2 days!!

>> No.35606116

Groomed by hags.

>> No.35606117

>> No.35606119

Not you again

>> No.35606121

Watame would put Choco's autism to good use.

>> No.35606122

>> No.35606125

I miss booties poster...

>> No.35606126

>> No.35606128

>Leech OP

this is not the thread

>> No.35606130

remove 35pajeets

>> No.35606132

What does a girls belly button taste like?

>> No.35606134

What happened to Korone feet poster?

>> No.35606137

>> No.35606139

>> No.35606140

Lamy Yukihana

>> No.35606144


>> No.35606146

The schizos are coming

>> No.35606149

And yet you're still here.

>> No.35606150

>> No.35606152

So this is it for Hololive? Nothing happens anymore, everyone play the same boring games and everyone prefer to stay on their comfort zone...

>> No.35606159

So why did they ban Peko pajeetspammer but not Miko pajee spammer?

>> No.35606160

>> No.35606161

if only a japanese person voiced this. She would be at 1m subs by now

>> No.35606163

>> No.35606164

Smells like dead fish in there

>> No.35606165

I want to stack these two and go hole to hole

>> No.35606167


>> No.35606169


>> No.35606170

Pekora's cute little booties!

>> No.35606172

Shame about Marine being there

>> No.35606175

>Implying it's not the same schizo ban evading

>> No.35606177


>> No.35606178

Reine is perfectly fine though, stop being tribal

>> No.35606179

Great thread.
Great images.

>> No.35606185

fuck off hornyposter

>> No.35606188

One on the right is my wife

>> No.35606191


>> No.35606192

>> No.35606193


>> No.35606195

>> No.35606197

MariLamy doujins doko

>> No.35606199

towaspics are getting uppity

>> No.35606207

I pray for your urethra anon.

>> No.35606208


>> No.35606211


>> No.35606212


>> No.35606215

Remove the blue...

>> No.35606218

>> No.35606219

Lamy love!

>> No.35606221

>> No.35606224

Stop posting so many good chubby hag images I can't download them fast enough.

>> No.35606225

Is this the love thread?

>> No.35606226


>> No.35606227

Meet Usada Pekora and her little sister!

>> No.35606228

>> No.35606230


>> No.35606231

I want to bun bun cha this rabbit peko

>> No.35606237

Proper new outfit when

>> No.35606239

Love live x hololive when?

>> No.35606240

I wish someone would post Noel with big eyebrows I have been asking for a week

>> No.35606243


>> No.35606246


>> No.35606247

Wait for the alt outfit

>> No.35606249


>> No.35606252


>> No.35606254

Wow, i'm listening to suisei's karaoke and my conclusion from that stream is that she should never string palette every again.

>> No.35606256

those fuckers have a sheep named kanata, that's just too ridiculous

>> No.35606260

Oh, Ina drew the Noel X Flare merch that's on Molly right now.
Never would have guessed, it doesn't really look anything like what she usually draws.

>> No.35606264


>> No.35606266


>> No.35606271

Why are Heimin like this?

>> No.35606272


>> No.35606273

before kotaro got fat....

>> No.35606276


>> No.35606277

It’s pretty obvious if you look at the eyes

>> No.35606280

Stop saying he's fat Jesus christ have you ever even owned a cat

>> No.35606284


>> No.35606285

God i fucking despise towhore
Heres hoping coco leaving was just the start instead of being a one of
Stupid whore needs to fuck off hololive has been declining ever since this absolutely useless cunt showed her face

>> No.35606286

Sora Love!

>> No.35606288


>> No.35606290

Koptachin is fat!

>> No.35606292

Well, your conclusion is wrong.

>> No.35606294


>> No.35606296


Wow, I'm reading anon's comment and my conclusion from that statement is that he should kill himself.

>> No.35606299


>> No.35606303


>> No.35606309


>> No.35606310

>Sleeping sounds
Just 5 more years

>> No.35606313

>> No.35606316

Oh please be quiet, heimin are actually good people.

>> No.35606321

Post their hug

>> No.35606324

Your oshi is streaming Heimin. Save the anti-posting for later.

>> No.35606325

My Noel wife

>> No.35606330

>He doesn't remember about our resident Choco schizo

>> No.35606334

Tokayami towa is the Donald Trump of hololive.

>> No.35606336

You have a non Noel wife?

>> No.35606337

You were supposed to be here.

>> No.35606338

Why Kanata have more viewers than Ina?

>> No.35606340

God I want to be Mel's cat.......

>> No.35606346

Your wife has fat tits, and they make my penis hard.

>> No.35606347

Chocoschizo knows more about Choco than anyone else

>> No.35606354

Asking any anon keep track of the recent Axolotl arc: who has been breeding the most of them?

>> No.35606359

Heimin have already been outed as Zhangs.

>> No.35606361

Choco schizo loves Choco.

>> No.35606364

Hoshikawa love!

>> No.35606367


>> No.35606368

Stop saving bad art please

>> No.35606369

Haachama please come back...

>> No.35606370

My Marine wife

>> No.35606375

Uh they're called woopa loopas you bigoted shitlord

>> No.35606377

>> No.35606378

It's not bad.

>> No.35606383

What happened to him? He finally abandoned her after becoming too obsessed?

>> No.35606386

Heimin seething his oshi doesn't have 1 million subs.

>> No.35606388

Pure slut virgin

>> No.35606392

Nigga full screen the face the proportions are fucked

>> No.35606395


>> No.35606398

Wasn’t Chink suisei born from a Macrolink concert?

>> No.35606399

Hololive needs more bimbos

>> No.35606401

Botan did 500-ish last I saw, maybe Kanat already did more.

>> No.35606402

Kanata's at like 450 something, don't know about FBK and Shishiron/Nene

>> No.35606408

I'm gonna knock this whore up and NOT take responsibility!

>> No.35606409

No they're not, it's not any worse than some other stuff that gets posted.

>> No.35606411

This is animal cruelty.

>> No.35606412

Worse towa is literally fucking hitler
This towoman has genocided so many of her friends careers and lives by fucking them over on purpose
Absolute cancer the girl
Good for absolutly nothing

>> No.35606413

but blonde bimbos are the most overrepresented type in hololive

>> No.35606415


>> No.35606416

The zona pellucida prevents cross-species fertilisation. Cease this degeneracy at once.

>> No.35606418

>> No.35606421

Stop being contrary just for the sake of being contrary

>> No.35606424

Life finds a way

>> No.35606427


>> No.35606428

How many are there again?

>> No.35606433


>> No.35606436


>> No.35606438


>> No.35606439

Is my oshi a blonde bimbo?

>> No.35606441

It's probably a local faggot trying to start shit. They wouldn't come over just to shit on themselves.

>> No.35606445

She's one of the dumbest so yes

>> No.35606448

I'm not, I'm being objective.

>> No.35606453

Watame is NOT a bimbo

>> No.35606454

>> No.35606457

What hololive really needs is a flat, blonde tsundere. All the blondes are titty monsters

>> No.35606458

Fuck. I still love her.

>> No.35606461

shutup retard

>> No.35606465

Are you ready?
Let's go!
kirakira pikapika mofumofu nade nade
guruguru gorogoro wakuwaku uzuuzu
noronoro urouro tekuteku
kosokoso sunsun peropero
nikoniko batabata kirakira pikapika
mofumofu nadenade guruguru gorogoro
wakuwaku uzuuzu
noronoro urouro tekuteku o' itadakimasu
mogumogumogu kirakira pikapika mofumofu
nade nade guruguru
gorogoro wakuwaku uzuuzu noronoro
urouro tekuteku kosokoso sunsun
peropero nikoniko batabata dokodoko
shan tantan shaan
gyun-gyuun ka' don do' shaan!
jaan! ahaha

>> No.35606467

just shrink down chammers and you got your wish

>> No.35606468

>> No.35606469

why isn't Cover helping Watame produce songs?

>> No.35606470

Actually think about it, is there ever any whore that is flat?

>> No.35606472

She is so beautiful

>> No.35606473


>> No.35606476

Who am I supposed to believe?

>> No.35606477

Shut up the bigger a girls tits are the more pure and wife material she is.

>> No.35606478

Twitter... Home...

>> No.35606480

She has her 4th song coming out tomorrow and 5th one coming out soon after so she must be doing something right.

>> No.35606481


>> No.35606482

That rolling piano Luna is gold

>> No.35606483

tech company anonchama

>> No.35606484

Nice bait

>> No.35606485

Wrong thread homeshаrt.

>> No.35606486

No more flat girls please. Just go fap to Homos or something, faggot.

>> No.35606488

kanatan is running out of tropical fish...

>> No.35606489

Choco apex, I didn't notice during the stream but she spent a lof of time alone lol

>> No.35606490

She'd still be a titty monster.

>> No.35606491

haha titty...

>> No.35606493

reminder to kanafap today!

>> No.35606495

is this real..?

>> No.35606496

So did Subaru really eat fried butter?

>> No.35606498

Whoops wrong link https://youtu.be/K57XcDsUl6A

>> No.35606499

Coco's voice on Kanata's stream

>> No.35606500

We need a titty dragon stacy holo

>> No.35606503

Cover doesn't care about Smile and Go tier songs

>> No.35606505


>> No.35606506

Doesn't seem like a good investment imo

>> No.35606508

Don't fall for the trickery!

>> No.35606512

Girls with small tits should be made to feel ashamed

>> No.35606513

35p 00s

>> No.35606514

YOU'RE not a good investment

>> No.35606515

kek hard

>> No.35606522

gen 6 onegai...

>> No.35606523

The last gen we got was nothing but titty monsters. We're due a fully flat gen.

>> No.35606525

I forgot he exists

>> No.35606528

So you ARE also the marineschizo.

>> No.35606529

>A literal who, Kanae, Kanae's cumpet, Recline: the chuuba, HimeHina
Oh wow this event is leterally nothing!!!

>> No.35606530

I want to get whipped...

>> No.35606532

Nice job Kanata, it looked like an accident.

>> No.35606534

femdom NTR sph holo when...

>> No.35606535


>> No.35606536

this is animal abuse, someone call PETTAN

>> No.35606540

Yes BML 2020

>> No.35606543

kanata is a genius, now nobody knows about the llama.

>> No.35606546

All we really need is an actuall domme holo instead of submissive fuckpigs pretending to be tops from time to time

>> No.35606547

The Wamy...

>> No.35606548

WTF How did you find my twitter account?

>> No.35606549

Twapie your family...

>> No.35606551

big kusa

>> No.35606552

i mean she's hot but the other girl was way better. guess gyaru's are nothing special.

>> No.35606557

Oh shit, she actually got one up.

>> No.35606560

Your schizopost is not creative at all dude

>> No.35606561

Our girl Anya is the closest you'll get.

>> No.35606565

She has a fight with Rurudo and lost the rights to her character

>> No.35606567

My beloved angel, Kanata, is awake at 6 am playing bungee-llama.


>> No.35606569

*steals paradise*

>> No.35606571

Why does she hates her balloons again?

>> No.35606572

Watame went on another RT spree...

>> No.35606579

Yikes. Hlg is Dodgers territory.

>> No.35606581

Is Kanata on heat?

>> No.35606582

Hahahahaha so funny! Abe let me in! lol

>> No.35606589

This but ironically.

>> No.35606590

I can't believe rurudo is fighting with herself again...

>> No.35606591

Why do they love breading so much, are those women that desperate?

>> No.35606595

Well it's her normal routine...

>> No.35606597

Wait actually?

>> No.35606598

>There are so many brown failures already

>> No.35606600

L0L0 wasn't Rurudo

>> No.35606605

you know mr.koro likes ohtani right?

>> No.35606606

When all else fails, use a bigger hammer.

>> No.35606607

Remind me again what's the point of Chocosensei exactly?

>> No.35606608

Bros... I miss her so much...

>> No.35606609

>Why do they love breading so much

>> No.35606611

Please understand, when you get into eugenics you can't help but adopt a certain mindset.

>> No.35606612

yeah she was

>> No.35606614

Exactly man, I knew we'd get along well

>> No.35606617

Autism, dinosaurs and a sexy voice

>> No.35606622

she likes sleeping

>> No.35606624

so relatable

>> No.35606626

This is actually pretty sad. I know she didn't stream often or have much variety but she was still a comfy streamer who was fun to watch. I wonder what happened

>> No.35606628

choco raped hime

>> No.35606629

No she wasn't

>> No.35606632

The noises she sometimes makes while sleeping are very cute

>> No.35606635

Brown is only nice when it's things you can eat or lick (like chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, Kanata's nipples, onions sauce etc) otherwise Pink and White are nicer colors for an UPRP (and the mythical Blue, to be judged when it appears).

>> No.35606641


>> No.35606649

Seeing them try to breed the upas makes me miss the Pokemon arc

>> No.35606650

Would already be in jail if that was in sweden, why isn't the jap police doing anything?

>> No.35606657

she NEEDS sex

>> No.35606661

Name a fakest whore. Protip: You can't.

>> No.35606662

Hololive needs a new robot vtuber, if Gura was born from shark Fubuki then we will have a robot next time.

>> No.35606663

Nene has what it takes to be the most popular vtuber ever.

>> No.35606664

Woman can't rape woman in japan

>> No.35606668


>> No.35606672

>> No.35606678

Reminder to drink milk!

>> No.35606681


>> No.35606685

God i need to rape the dagger

>> No.35606688

When Haachama was thin...

>> No.35606690

[goodbye sengen tier list]

>> No.35606695

Does Choco want to fuck a Spinosaurus? Does Choco want to be a Spinosaurus?
I don't get her

>> No.35606696

She ate too many kangaroo and alligator borgars...

>> No.35606697

It'll be funny if FBK is the one who gets it first when she logs in again in 30 minutes

>> No.35606702

Spinos are her babies

>> No.35606704

remember that time we learned hiragana and katakana and never read anything

>> No.35606709

She's like a living onahole, built for pleasing cocks. Also make sure you make her accept her fat tits.

>> No.35606711


>> No.35606714

I don't understand.

>> No.35606716

Noel milk

>> No.35606717

Based Treerrat pissing of the autists

>> No.35606718


>> No.35606720

>> No.35606726


>> No.35606727


>> No.35606731

fanbox yo

>> No.35606732

>blew axolotl

>> No.35606735

>> No.35606736

Wow, it's already at over one Smile and Go!

>> No.35606737

sex with matuli

>> No.35606739

Buy her spinosaurus theme ASMR set and find out.

>> No.35606741

What's up with her? She is streaming more frequently after Coco graduated.

>> No.35606742

fubuki always streamed a lot, why is this surprising

>> No.35606749

The mixing ruined Ayame‘s cover in y opinion

>> No.35606750

she doesn't give a fuck and doesn't even hide it
what's fake about it??

>> No.35606752

What was the best stream today?

>> No.35606756

Who is that and why do they have shions panties on their face? Her mascot?

>> No.35606757

I tried to explain to Towa that if you dropped a bowling ball and a marble from the top of the Tokyo Tower at the same time, they'd reach the ground at the same instance. She didn't get it though, she kept insisting that the bowling ball would fall faster.

>> No.35606758

People only really notice because she does something relevant instead of capeshit watchalongs, apex or whatever.

>> No.35606762

She's trying to flush out all the chat spammers

>> No.35606763

That's an ojisan.

>> No.35606765

The mixing has to be the way it is becuase Ayame is nowhere near as good of a singer as Aqua and Shion. She's getting better now that she's taken an interest in singing and taking lessons

>> No.35606766

Towa is right, it would, it's heavier...

>> No.35606785

only reason ayame has so many views is because its the only way naricrew even have a chance to listen to their oshi's voice. If she even streamed regularly, there's no way it would of been that high. Aqua's still the best.

>> No.35606794

Who is your favorite holo? Mine is definitely Pekora, but I also like Korone, the baker. She probably bakes a LOAF of bread every day. She's such a hard worker. Korone was actually the girl that introduced me to hololive.

>> No.35606800

Rushia paizuri while she speaks softly to you...

>> No.35606806


>> No.35606809

I'm not good at physics, it's been 10 years since I had my last physics class, but I think what you're describing only works in a vacuum

>> No.35606815

>> No.35606819

Best Rushia

>> No.35606822

Air resistance is a thing and with the way it's written Towa is right about calling bullshit on the "at the same instance" part.

>> No.35606827

A marble would be more influenced by wind resistance and would possibly be blown away or slowed more easily.

>> No.35606830

My life has improved considerably ever since I met mikoti!

>> No.35606833


>> No.35606835

My life has deteriorated considerably ever since I met mikoti

>> No.35606836

this is proper rushia

>> No.35606843

Mio streamed over everyone

>> No.35606850

My life has improved considerably ever since I took my meds!

>> No.35606854


>> No.35606855

Polka's fuck me eyes

>> No.35606857

My life has improved considerably ever since I met mikoti but it's probably a coincidence

>> No.35606858

chamers anti chloro benzen

>> No.35606860

Friend appears!

>> No.35606864


>> No.35606866


>> No.35606867

wild friend appeared

>> No.35606868

It's so weird to me that someone on 4chan would be unable to recognize that.

>> No.35606871

My life has deteriorated considerably ever since Abe didn't allow me to breed the blue Sexelf

>> No.35606873

Haachama isn't coming back is she?

>> No.35606877

I have been lonely ever since I took my meds

>> No.35606879

Gacha addict friend...

>> No.35606880


>> No.35606882

oh yeah.

>> No.35606884

We get it funny joke "my life better mikoto" Haha so funny

>> No.35606888

My life's been miserable since I drank these 6 beers and ruined the comprehension of my oshi's speech

>> No.35606889


>> No.35606890


>> No.35606894

She will return as soon as you have begun to move on, then the cycle of abuse will continue.

>> No.35606898

She was not like this last year. I don't know what exactly affected her so much to not be streaming. I mean, even if it's collegue dedicating 1 hour at the end of the weekend would'nt kill anyone.

>> No.35606903

Fat holo when?

>> No.35606905

Who cares, she might as well graduate and nobody would give a shit

>> No.35606906

>> No.35606907


>> No.35606909

16th this month, Watame leaked it

>> No.35606911

Matsuri is naked in the bath right now...

>> No.35606913

Wait what i missed this

>> No.35606920

Me too! I wish I could sleep forever!

>> No.35606921


>> No.35606922

Is it just me or does Fubuki sound cuter than usual?

>> No.35606923

Fuck that reminds me I'm forced to go drinking tomorrow and it means I'll miss Pekora stream, and at the very worst I'll be fucking hungover for her weekend stream.

>> No.35606924

Even if this anon is a newfag he should be able to use the internet and google the source easily. Really makes you think.

>> No.35606925


>> No.35606927

Wasn't she on chemo?

>> No.35606928

If I recall correctily, Aki shows pictures of all of her four cats during this stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbuHDmIgO28

>> No.35606930

My headcanon is that Haachama realized how unbelievably cringe she was being (possibly due to Hoshikawa's input) and wrote herself into a corner so to speak with the fanbase that she fostered. She didn't know how to deal with it so she just quit for the time being

>> No.35606931

That phantom scared the shit out of me.

>> No.35606937

Mio needs to be updated for Tawa.

>> No.35606938

Then just don't go drinking tomorrow. Also nice blogpost, faggot.

>> No.35606940

That happens to you guys too? I hate being bullied into going out to drink by my coworkers.

>> No.35606941

I really like listening to Matsuri splashing around naked in the bathtub

>> No.35606942

this anon only posts one cat per holo

>> No.35606943

>"twitch is bad for not having clear guidelines"
>youtube literally randomly bans anyone

>> No.35606945

No one cares about that menhera bitch

>> No.35606948

Literally who are you quoting

>> No.35606950

Make up an excuse faggot, your mom is in the hospital or whatever.

>> No.35606951

yt doesnt have shitty twitch emote spam

>> No.35606952

Does anyone feel like their tastes in hololive have changed over time?
I used to watch more energetic vtubers like polka and marine but then I began favoring the calmer ones such as the fatto catto.

>> No.35606953


>> No.35606954

I'll watch it twice as hard just for you.

>> No.35606957

I can't believe hoshikawa and chama aren't the same people

>> No.35606961

asked and cared, thx anon!

>> No.35606965


>> No.35606966

>being peer pressured as an adult
just don't be a faggot

>> No.35606967

She's an idol so she wears a bathing suit

>> No.35606968

It is strange, I don't have an issue with Noel having a roommate or Luna or anyone but Matsuri's roommate makes me angry and hate her in an instant. Bitch just shows her face and is happy her channel got monetized.

>> No.35606969

Why are ayamaefags like this

>> No.35606972

I once punched a man so hard he became Tokoyomo Towa

>> No.35606974

I will NEVER data a heimin

>> No.35606975

Go back, faggot.

>> No.35606979

I want to hate Matsuri but she just keeps making my penis hard

>> No.35606981

It's actually worse as an oldfag it could affect your livelihood.

>> No.35606984

To be honest I already forgot about her.

>> No.35606985

literally anyone ever in these threads when someone says that twitch is obviously better for livestreaming
imagine posting watame emotes in flares chat, would be poggies

>> No.35606987

Way too obvious.

>> No.35606988

She's also talking about food again..fatsuri...

>> No.35606990

I will always, ALWAYS love my clown wife !!

>> No.35606994

Why is everyone trying to farm the blue fish?

>> No.35606995

WTF is her problem?

>> No.35606996

fucking hate pog burgers

>> No.35606999

Thank you anon, the Friday stream is a bit whatever but I really don't want to miss out on the weekend stream since she will be starting a new game.

>> No.35607001

What are you gonna get fired if you don't kiss your bosses ass 24/7?
Tell em you got shit to do at home and they should fuck off

>> No.35607003


>> No.35607006

Fucking NEET retard lmao

>> No.35607010

It's very rare. It activates the deep Japanese need to gamble.

>> No.35607014

Selling your soul is fundamental capitalism.

>> No.35607015


>> No.35607017

>still talking about Coco when she's already being wheelbarrowed
Frined, that's not a good idea...

>> No.35607019

>> No.35607020


>> No.35607022

Was that really itu"tu or was it polka?

>> No.35607024

it is the best idea, chinks need to fuck off
(they wont)

>> No.35607025

I will listen to Smile & Go everyday until it reaches BIG numbers

>> No.35607026

>> No.35607027

FBK just said that Kanata's hair smells really good

>> No.35607028

tell me about the color of the drinks, what does it mean

>> No.35607031

I wish it were that easy, but making a fuss over every little thing gets you nowhere in life. Part of being an adult is accepting that you must do what you are told.

>> No.35607032

smile and go anon!

>> No.35607034

Who said anything about dating? Now bend over, I don't plan on wearing a condom this time.

>> No.35607035

>implying Fubuki haven't already pissed the chinks off before
newfaggot need to do archive reps

>> No.35607036

Why does tenshi have so many viewers

>> No.35607038


>> No.35607040

I need to check that for myself.

>> No.35607041

According to the video it was Idutu-san. But let's be honest, I would go on a date with both of them.

>> No.35607042

shutup esl

>> No.35607045

Where was that ever implied, you dumb ESL?

>> No.35607046

that's my semen dyed blue

>> No.35607047

>> No.35607048

Please let me sniff her head hair and her pubic hair.

>> No.35607049

Nothing wrong with that sentence you wannabe native.

>> No.35607051

It's a comfy gacha zatsudan. She had even more when it wasn't 6am.

>> No.35607052

Coco is waiting patiently outside of Kanata's room for her to end the stream, at which point Coco will barge in and absorb the aroma of Kanata's bare anus.

>> No.35607054

not having a spine won't get you anywhere either
>do what you are told
are yuo being ordered to do drinking outside working hours?

>> No.35607059

>> No.35607064

I actually prefer Rushia of both extremes.
Imagine teasing the usual flat Rushia until she proclaims herself to be boinboin with such determination that her chest rapidly expands, tearing up the top of her dress and leaving her brand new melons bare.
Rushia then flaunts her huge new tits for a few days until one day they vanish into nothing and the modified top that was made to contain them falls off, revealing her usual flat chest.

>> No.35607065


>> No.35607067


>> No.35607068

seems like they didnt have money to get good chuubas

>> No.35607069

I'm more surprised that her entire chat is still mostly japanese, nips pulled an all nighter to watch kanata breed upas

>> No.35607070

god I wish that was me

>Fubuki drowning in the background while Kanata tries to talk about 友人C

>> No.35607071

>> No.35607076

Aloe room review

>> No.35607079

Keep your gay fantasies in check, I talked about data.

>> No.35607080

Did Korone mention wanting to play FFIX? When is she planning on doing that? I vaguely remember her saying that but it might've been a dream.

>> No.35607081

>> No.35607083


>> No.35607084

Let me peer inside

>> No.35607087

>> No.35607093

>I talked about data.
And now we're talking about what I want. I won't ask twice.

>> No.35607094

>> No.35607095

That's not how human legs work.

>> No.35607098

>not having a spine
sure, pass on every social meetup and watch as you don't get anywhere in your workpplace
you don't sound like someone who's ever had a job

>> No.35607100


>> No.35607102


>> No.35607103

Friend is behaving like a kusogaki...

>> No.35607104


>> No.35607106

>> No.35607108

The fuck is fubuki doing?

>> No.35607113

Breast expansion is underrated.

>> No.35607114

>> No.35607117


>> No.35607119

Picked up

>> No.35607120

Making fox pups with Friend...

>> No.35607125


>> No.35607126


>> No.35607127

>every social meetup
who said that faggot? but if you clearly don't want to go somewhere just say no
>don't get anywhere
just get good
>you don't sound like someone who's ever had a job
just get a real job, instead of being an office whore

>> No.35607128


>> No.35607129

>friend logs in
>everything goes to hell

>> No.35607131

Shishiron is too addicted to gacha, she needs help.

>> No.35607132

Kanatan decided to kill herself a few times in solidarity with Fubuki, what a good kouhai.

>> No.35607133

I will listen to Just Follow Stars everyday until it reaches BIG numbers

>> No.35607135

>FBKing drowning
>Kanata skydiving into the floor
Just Minecraft things

>> No.35607139

I switched to Fubuki's POV to see why she kept dying just in time to see Kanata fall from the heavens

>> No.35607140

Even the shit EN is farming the fish

>> No.35607145

What the fuck is Kanata doing?

>> No.35607147

who will get the blue uparupa first?

>> No.35607148


>> No.35607149

Thinking about TOwa...

>> No.35607151

bets on what miko will watch this week?

>> No.35607152

If those were any bigger she'd need to start wheeling them around.

>> No.35607152,1 [INTERNAL] 


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