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/jp/ is boring again today

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ancient proverb say, shitposting in flanfly brings ruin upon the board

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Seeing Merry reminds me of the old cj threads on /b/ before the great namesync/seff scare when moot and the /g/ braintrust become convinced an army of professional shitposters were doing SOMETHING.

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>/jp/ is boring again today
And what do you propose to change that? Yeah I thought so.

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Eh, I'd take the slowness of /jp/ over the absolute chaos of the faster boards like /v/ and /tv/.

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There are currently 18 vtuber threads not counting the bunch of permanent general, so what else did you expect.

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Tomorrow will be better...

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Don't kid yourself, /jp/ was just as boring before vtuber threads

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More and more will be made because the janitors are the ones making them.

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At this point, given what happens to any reply telling them to leave, I wouldn't be surprised if that really was the case.

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