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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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the only thing they fear is you

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no 35pajeets allowed in my thread

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Say something nice about my wife Ayame!

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Reminder to do your part to keep the thread clean.

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Post blue oopa

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I love Fubuki!
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles with Bakatare tonight!

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I will post holos just to rile up the falseflagging shitposter

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I love Towa!

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I kinda like nijiEN more than HoloEN lol But still won't watch EN shit either way. Too many JP streams

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Lamy is a cat today confirmed

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Why can't I report you?

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I'm posting about Flare

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shutup menhera anon
go work

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I thought dude was trolling when he quoted this.

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Why yes I am Marine's husband how could you tell?

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Here is your AsaLamy.

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I miss my Shishiron's streams

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God, why does she have to be so perfect? This fucking hurts

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I love Marine

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Biggest whore in the company. Truly remarkable feat.

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Uh oh... what happened little crosdboarder newfag? See you never.

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Lamy LOVE?
Lamy LOVE!

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will not open your shitty video

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The same reason why you can't report >>35608799 or >>35608800

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Because you are a sexy overseas guy

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this all could have been prevented if kanata got a blue uparupa before fubuki

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Sad... You win this time...

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retard really thought he could post with an image

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>he didn't buy the 4chan immunity pass

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Friendmeido love!

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posting enshit should be the same

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I’ll keep loving this bitch.

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She is incredibly cute and a great singer.

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I haven't seen this in a long time. Ayame!

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Yukimin are awfully insane tonight.....

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Sora Love!

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Yukimin love!

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Shows it's literally a nijiEN newfag that learned about vtubing last week

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Watame is lucky charm.

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send some love to her father on twitter

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At least she’s better than ENsharts!

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Hello Flare

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Marine is a lesbian in a committed relationship with Flare

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elite zombie killer meeeeeeeeeeeen

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How do you save Hosimati Suisei?

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I love HoloID! I'm very broken up by the fact that Indonesia will never be removed from Japan's travel ban! HoloID will never get 3Ds! I'm so sad!!!

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400k soon. When do you think she will notice it like she did with the King one?

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Noel is a useless piece of shit

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Looking forward to their collabs with Lamy next week

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No Sora stream tonight…

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sams love

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good morning to you too

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Why does Watame always steal Kanata's spotlight?

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Take it easy. Maybe listen to some tunes.

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Does Noel have an ussewa cover

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me too, no joke!

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It's been 312 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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I really, really miss Polka...

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>Marineschizo (as in the poster who shits on her all the time) seems to be gone
>Marineschizo (as in the poster who pushes her in the most obnoxious way and shits on Noel) is back
How does it work? Are they the same person?

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Noel love.

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Where is she?

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Fubuki getting one was a metaphor for whole Hololive. Hard work and persistence doesn't mean anything compared to luck, and someone else benefits from it too just by being close.

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Canadians have been able to go to Japan for months now
Leafs win again, im going to the Olympics to fuck every holo
Its a state of emergency to protect Japanese hymen from Canadian chads

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IDshit is back, anons...

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No you don't

>> No.35608959

fuck off canadashit

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None of the schizos like marine doofus

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ive had it up to here with this thread!!!!




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I love my Noel wife so much

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I don't know... we haven't gotten our weekly member-only post or a stream in 5 days
Yes I do!!!

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She's still mad at Kanata for being more successful at the start so she won't stop until she completely robs Kanata of everything she's trying to accomplish. That's just how bitter she is.

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For kaigainiki face and dick

>> No.35608973

Towa's gone...

>> No.35608974

who the fuck cares

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post streams that actually happened at some point in time

>> No.35608978

Canadians have run this thread since fest 2

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Where is Towa?
How is Towa?
Why is Towa?

>> No.35608980

I don't think think they are.
The second guy must have got banned from /vt/ and /u/ because I checked their archives and he was posting there.

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best feet in hololive?

>> No.35608983

Same, I wonder how long will it go on for since first time collabs don't last that long and this is Flare's first collab with Lamy, even then MariFlare minecraft is always a lot of fun so I'm sure it will be fine

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Burying face in Marine's ass...

>> No.35608987 [SPOILER] 

I have 2 oshis
pink rushia and green rushia

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>make Pekora shill curry with the group she was already booted from

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Your wife is cute.

>> No.35608992

Was in the shower, did ppt manage to get it?

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Marine is a lesbian

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She is the best singer

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I went outside to have a smoke and there was a rattlesnake right where the porch meets the grass. I would have died if it werent for my love for marine.

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if my 'it' you mean a major slap in the face and being made the butt of jokes for years to come, then yes. she cut the stream crying and muttering about coco

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she got your dick heyo get fucked

>> No.35609012

towa smoka break

>> No.35609014

No, Watame cucked her AGAIN. She was a fool to trust Fubuki, I hope she learned her lesson that Bakatare isn't her friends.

>> No.35609015

>find a rattlesnake
>stare at each other for a moment
>we both fuck off

>> No.35609016

Kanatach walked so FBK could run

>> No.35609017

Something about this onyon looks extra retarded!

>> No.35609020

>Actually, I use anti-perspirant on my armpits everyday after my morning shower.
gues the holo who said this. translated by livetl

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kanata also killed a potato that day...

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>> No.35609028

Whoever it is I'll never watch them again knowing that information.

>> No.35609029

Don't fucking leech when you're shitting on a leech, have some self-awareness.

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>> No.35609031

Could be literally any of them. Why is this significant?

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>> No.35609033

Daily reminder that moona is a race traitor who doesn't like indonesian men. Don't watch her.

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I'm losing it

>> No.35609039

Can you translate that to English instead of speaking in buzzwords?

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>> No.35609045

Better not be my oshi

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>> No.35609050

m-my dick in kanatan!? u-uUUOOOOOHHHHHGHHHH

>> No.35609051

Don't Asians not get BO from theit armpits?
Also that's just basic hygiene
Don't tell me you guy's dont use deodorant at least once a day...

>> No.35609053

Looks menhera

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>> No.35609059

Schizos gone

>> No.35609061

No one gives a shit about the washed up whore. Fuck off to /vg/ if you want to post camwhores

>> No.35609062

anal idol

>> No.35609063

I'm French

>> No.35609066

You don't even watch streams

>> No.35609068

I will marry this menhera.

>> No.35609069

who would be down this hallway?

>> No.35609071

how do you lick your oshi's armpit?

>> No.35609072

To be fair, all asian women love white guys

>> No.35609073

>> No.35609074

she will squeeze it into a pulp

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>> No.35609082

>uses a buzzword
>gets a reply with another buzzword used twice
>can't comprehend
I mean, being retarded must be pretty hard I guess.

>> No.35609083

She abandoned haatons

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>> No.35609091

Stay mad.

>> No.35609094

Not in this life, Lyger

>> No.35609095

Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!

>> No.35609096

Why are you angry?

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>> No.35609098

kanata on all fours running towards you at 40km/h...


>> No.35609099

I finally get to catch a Night Fever stream

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>> No.35609105

Why do men even watch Marine? It's literal cuckoldry

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>> No.35609109

cutting board

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>> No.35609114

>Corporate ship

>> No.35609115

NTR is very popular

>> No.35609119

I want to bury my face in Kanata's ass after she's just finished an endurance stream. More than anything in the whole wide world.

>> No.35609120

I WILL rape Luna

>> No.35609121

Raping lesbian straight is a beloved pastime

>> No.35609123

I wouldn't know, you tell me. If you're capable of forming a sentence using words instead of stale memes of course.

>> No.35609124

>corporate ship

>> No.35609126

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>> No.35609131

People can enjoy Marine as the great entertainer she is while also respecting that she isn't attracted to men

>> No.35609134

Marine is just friends with Flare though? She likes guys. One day she'll marry a man(like me).

>> No.35609138

>> No.35609140

Me too

>> No.35609142

Kanata is too cute

>> No.35609143

Flare is Marine's girlfriend in has been that way for a while. Marine isn't interested on men

>> No.35609146

The 運動会 was 13 months ago.

>> No.35609151

She opted out of collabing with men when she asked her audience about it.

She dislikes being around men physically.

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>> No.35609159

>Holofes was 2 years ago

>> No.35609163

marine is a rabid man hater

>> No.35609164

What is this shit, why are we timelooping

>> No.35609173

I'm sorry but I think you are wrong. Marine has talked about what she would like to do with a man one day. Plus, she constantly flirts with her viewers and has admitted to liking her doujins that involve men.

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>> No.35609178

I can't believe matuli draws much better than me...

>> No.35609179

It's funny that there was a whole story to this and the TL only translated that one line

>> No.35609182

I can see my Rushia doing that.

>> No.35609184

She's Japanese

>> No.35609185

Dead hours

>> No.35609186

>> No.35609187

You could call the ignorance in these threads a timeloop but really it's just people not believing the truth so they need to be told again.

>> No.35609195

These threads are way too horny, every other image is always lewd.

>> No.35609196

She draw much better than that in the first place

>> No.35609199

why are japanese people so good at everything?

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>> No.35609205

>> No.35609208 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35609209

do we like noel again?

>> No.35609210

>Watame tags along for the minor portion of the stream
>gets credited together with Fubuki for Fubuki's work
If this isn't bias I don't know what is.

>> No.35609211

Marine is currently in a relationship with a woman, and given how things are going she will very likely end up marrying Flare once Hololive is over.

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>> No.35609215


>> No.35609217

Raw autism

>> No.35609218

Would you have sex with Omaru Polka?

>> No.35609219


>> No.35609220


>> No.35609224


>> No.35609226

>Liking whores
Feel free to fuck off to whatever shithole you crawled out of. Noel has been hated since the /vyt/. Camwhores like her don't belong in vtubing or in Hololive
It's a fucking insult that no only do they allow her to be part of Hololive while she also moonlights as a prostitute but on top of it they also make Gen 3 the best gen have to put up with her. Everyone in Hololive is tired of dealing with that whore

>> No.35609231

We never stopped

>> No.35609234

Take your fucking meds /vyt/ schizo

>> No.35609236

A story in 2 tweets

>> No.35609239

watame sugoi

>> No.35609240

Hey he's back

>> No.35609244


>> No.35609249

who was it?

>> No.35609251

I watch because she is thirst for cock.
I guess we dont watch the same woman.

>> No.35609254


>> No.35609258

yukimin in matsuri stream got caught...

>> No.35609263

You can't rewrite history. Noel has always been hate and she will always be hated. We don't tolerate scum like her here

>> No.35609265

This. I cant tell if /u/tards are that delusional or they are dumb EOPs who doesnt understand a thing Marine says.

>> No.35609267

She doesn't thirst for cock she thirdts for love
As a gf senchou would be too tired for sex most days and just fall asleep with her ass on your face as compromise

>> No.35609268


>> No.35609269

I haven't seen noel throwing hammy image in months.

>> No.35609270

>> No.35609271


>> No.35609273

>Denies Marine being a lesbian
>Calls others EOP
Roru, no matter how much you try to pretend she is straight, Marine will not fuck you let it go dude

>> No.35609276

I don't know if hiring a fan was a good idea
Lamy is dangerous

>> No.35609277 [SPOILER] 

Ask and ye shall receive.

>> No.35609278

No shw wasn't that only happened after the split from vyt. If it were true you would be able to link an archive.

>> No.35609279

this image is a ship graveyard

>> No.35609280

Sounds like heaven

>> No.35609281

Another thread ruined by Sankisei and their schizos

>> No.35609283

>braindead /u/fags here again


>> No.35609285

Lamy will remember that

>> No.35609286

Timeloop kun...

>> No.35609287

Marine likes watching men cum.

>> No.35609288

>"Your honor, this anon hated that i was streaming minecraft for 7 hours again, and didn't subscribe to membersheep"

>> No.35609290

rest in peace yukimin...

>> No.35609291

Literally me

>> No.35609292


>> No.35609297


>> No.35609298

Nobody is live what the fuck

>> No.35609299

Uh oh...

>> No.35609301

>Look mom I posted it again!
When are you going to understand that them denying it so much only makes it more obvious. Marine and Flare are in love

>> No.35609302

Shame that Aqua is only talked for shitposting purposes and nothing else

>> No.35609306

It's kinda amazing how we was holding a proper conversation with Matsuri, like if I get into a voice chat with a Holo I'd probably start panicking. Also his voice sounds fucking good

>> No.35609307


>> No.35609309

>corporate ship
>Only one who takes care of Flare after her surgery while Marine fucked off with her concert

>> No.35609310

schedule of za rami

>> No.35609312

>> No.35609313

What is this?

>> No.35609314

No it wasn't.

>> No.35609316


>> No.35609317

>Mario Golf

>> No.35609319

>> No.35609323

That's a lot of MariFureRami

>> No.35609325

The place where my balls connect to my pelvis is itchy

>> No.35609327


>> No.35609330

>Oneesangumi but without that fucking worthless whore Noel
BASED AS FUCK, thank fucking god that piece of shit finally got kicked out

>> No.35609332

Oh no no no Marifurebros. She couldn't be flirting with men like this. My purity ship rrats AAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.35609333

What the fuck is a pelvis? did you mean penis

>> No.35609334


>> No.35609336

Flare hates Noel, just like the rest of Sankisei.

>> No.35609338

I'm gonna draw a lewd ppt. please, suggest a pose because i'm not creative

>> No.35609339

I have a headache and thinking about Towa only makes it worse

>> No.35609340

can we go back to pomuposting? at least it's better than this timeloop...

>> No.35609342


>> No.35609343

I love Marine and her fat ass.

>> No.35609351

Remember when Noel broke Subarus hymen with a mace handle?

>> No.35609352

I sure love HoloAiDee

>> No.35609354

>Can't get a joke
Based retard. You seem like the type that takes all of Marine's over the top jokes as truth, what a fucking tool lmao

>> No.35609355

Nice headcanon.

>> No.35609357

dominating coco by choking her against the wall while thrusting with the pretty penis

>> No.35609358

Coco and Suisei slapping Kanata's ass but lewdly

>> No.35609364

Not enough MiKomet kino lately.

>> No.35609365

How is that peko poster always first?

>> No.35609366

>Based retard. You seem like the type that takes all of Marine's over the top jokes as truth, what a fucking tool lmao
>And he actually believed all those over the top /u/ baiting from Marine.
kek. The cope already sets in.

>> No.35609367

Marine hates Noel
Flare hates Noel
Rushia hates Noel
Pekora hates Noel
Hololive as a whole hates Noel.
No one wants to be associated with a cheap whore like Noel, no amount of coping will ever change that Noel is the most hated holomen. The day Noel finally kills herself Gen 3 is going to throw a party to celebrate that they don't have to deal with the STD riden whore

>> No.35609370

>> No.35609371

shion yo!

>> No.35609375

kek. this much headcanon.

>> No.35609379

How can anyone hate a holo?

>> No.35609380

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

>> No.35609381

Kanata angrily double-fisting Coco while Watame hold ups a blue oopa-loopa in the background with bags under her eyes with Fubuki looking at her and wondering why Watame is holding it up

>> No.35609382


>> No.35609384

Just post Noel. I think he is going to have an aneurysm.

>> No.35609385

I love every holomem of every branch and every generation if you don't do the same you aren't a real hololive fan

>> No.35609392

Made for kaiganiki dick

>> No.35609393

shion boobs yo

>> No.35609395

Yes anon, I'm sure Marine buying a new bed for when Flare comes to visit her is just a joke, same goes for all the random tangents Flare goes on talking about how precious Marine is to her. Or Flare "joking" about how her and Marine should be a lesbian couple, or Marine pretty much masturbating Flare on stream, just keep ignoring how they're basically soulmates. As long as you cope by calling it a "joke" your feelings can't get hurt right?
Stop being a delusional prick and just face it. Marine is a lesbian, Flare is her girlfriend, neither of them will ever fuck you. Deal with it

>> No.35609396

>> No.35609398

Kanata dominating Towa

>> No.35609399

No Korostream tonight...

>> No.35609401


>> No.35609407

Marine doesn't like men

>> No.35609409

Monster Hunter Stories let's gooooo

>> No.35609410


>> No.35609412

Sora hates Anon
Roboco hates Anon
AZKI hates Anon
Miko hates Anon
Suisei hates Anon
Fubuki hates Anon
Matsuri hates Anon
Aki hates Anon
Mel hates Anon
Haato hates Anon
Shion hates Anon
Choco hates Anon
Aqua hates Anon
Subaru hates Anon
Ayame hates Anon
Mio hates Anon
Okayu hates Anon
Korone hates Anon
Marine hates Anon
Flare hates Anon
Noel hates Anon
Rushia hates Anon
Pekora hates Anon
Kanata hates Anon
Coco hates Anon
Watame hates Anon
Towa loves Anon
Luna hates Anon
Botan hates Anon
Lamy hates Anon
Nene hates Anon
Polka hates Anon
No one wants to be associated with a cheap whore like Anon, no amount of coping will ever change that Anon is the most hated poster. The day Anon finally kills himself Hololive is going to throw a party to celebrate that they don't have to deal with the schizophrenic whore

>> No.35609413

I will also draw Kanata. Getting blacked.

>> No.35609414

Funny, isn't it. History only remembers the winner. It's like Kanata was never there. Watame wasn't either but she came just at the right time to get immortalized in the server's only oompa loompa that actually matters. But I'm sure Kanata isn't fuming right now, she's used to finishing last. And I'm sure she won't spend the whole weekend trying to get her own loopa while Fubuki is mass-breeding this truly rare specimen for everyone on the server except Kanata.

>> No.35609416

Lamy LOVE!

>> No.35609420

Does marine have the best ass in hololive?

>> No.35609421

>> No.35609422

You promised the same with Subaru a year and a half ago, coward. I don't believe you.

>> No.35609423


>> No.35609424

>Nene hates Anon
Nene loves me! She read my superchat and laughed!

>> No.35609426


>> No.35609433

>> No.35609434

Yes, a lot of loveless men have trouble understanding the closeness of female friendships

>> No.35609436


>> No.35609440

Everyone please watch Anya. I can't bear to see her view count in the double digits anymore.

>> No.35609442

pick your poison

>> No.35609445

shion yo...

>> No.35609448

Marine and Flare are more than friends, they're lovers

>> No.35609450

I'm glad things are finally going back to normal. May her throat fully heal this week.

>> No.35609451

There are no lesbians in Hololive

>> No.35609452

Or friendship in general. I doubt schizos like him have ever experienced friendship.

>> No.35609458

I pick option P

>> No.35609459

Reps sound good.

>> No.35609460

would someone that loved you be physically abusive towards you?

>> No.35609461

>> No.35609463

the fairy

>> No.35609464

Marine, Flare and Miko are lesbians. Marine and Flare are a couple

>> No.35609466

Oh so we're back to THAT timeloop
I fucking hate all of you so much

>> No.35609471


>> No.35609472


>> No.35609476

Marine being straight won't change the fact we'll never fuck her, why are your posts so nonsensical?

>> No.35609478

Who is Marine's favorite gravure idol? Miko has stated hers on stream.

>> No.35609483

She lost the oompa loompa race but she won my heart

>> No.35609485

I may be stupid, but at least I'm not Towa.

>> No.35609488


>> No.35609492

It's her culture, things are different in Taotao

>> No.35609493

I wasn't here yesterday and today, how did /hlg/ react when Matsuri streamed Valorant?

>> No.35609494

Miko is a fake lesbian

>> No.35609496

I pick Kouhai-kun

>> No.35609497

> buying a new bed for when Flare comes to visit her is just a joke
Corporate mandated larp. Marine actually bothered to buy a new bed for her then Flare should have rest there after her surgery.
> Flare goes on talking about how precious Marine is to her. Or Flare "joking" about how her and Marine should be a lesbian couple,
She pretty much said the same thing about Patra or Noel or Korone or the rest of Bakatare. Nice way to expose yourself not watching the streams
>Marine pretty much masturbating Flare on stream, just keep ignoring how they're basically soulmates
kek. And Marine's real self talked about how she schlicked herself to men jerking off as well.
Here comes the truth, Marine just played up her appeal as a horny bisexual to milk the money of /u/fag, unicorns who believes that she's pure and coomers watching her streams. Otherwise, so far, Marine showed that she cared more about profit and the money she could earn as a holo over her supposed "soulmate" and best friend's well-being.
That's the type of human being she is. There is a reason why despite being rooted in otaku subculture, even one of those early Touhou MMD/MV circles, she never made that many friends and unable to strike out in anyway, not because of the lack of talent (though she does lack a striking styles compared other circles/artists) but because she's the sort of toxic person like that.

>> No.35609499

Watame is the mastermind

>> No.35609502

Wtf is valorant
Isn't that the failed csgo knock off that is boring as sin?

>> No.35609503


>> No.35609504

Miko has shown geniune attraction to women

>> No.35609506


>> No.35609508

Wow, Yukihana Lamy is really special.

>> No.35609513

me too

>> No.35609517

God fucking dammit. Guess I will have to watch him this time.

>> No.35609519

I was the only one watching...

>> No.35609520

>> No.35609522

God I fucking hate Matsuri

>> No.35609524

Reminder that Marine never had more than 1k followers on niconico or 1k fans on twitcast before Hololive despite doing it for the better part of a decade.

>> No.35609526

Why is Matsuri like this. Bitch should be fucking grateful that people want to play with her at all

>> No.35609527

None of the Holos are lesbians. Thats not a thing in Japan. They all love dick and arent virgins anymore.

>> No.35609528

Same with Marine

>> No.35609529

Lamy Yukihana is a snowy jewel in the moonlight!

>> No.35609533

Part time for 95% of that

>> No.35609534

Not even Pekora would be able to pull an entertaining stream with a game such as Valorant, much less Festival
APEX saikou!!!

>> No.35609536

I'm like 95% sure that Lamy had a bad experience with a guy and it turned her gay.

>> No.35609537

Marine is unironically more into 2D

>> No.35609541

Matine is the straightest Holo and she is hungry for oversea sexy dicks.

>> No.35609545

Flare stayed at Marine's new bed. Flare didn't want to bother her girlfriend Marine because by her own admission the surgery was nothing major and Marine had a big concert line up the same way
>Corporate mandated larp
What a fucking cope. Marine will never fuck you, Flare will never fuck you both a lesbians in a committed relationship with each other and none of your weird copes if ever going to change that

>> No.35609546

They all have bad experiences with men
Japanese men are either spineless and emotionally stunted or extremely selfish and rude

>> No.35609547

Pretty much every Holo was part time before Hololive. They were still all more successful than Marine.

>> No.35609548

Lamy has never even seen a dick

>> No.35609551

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VQ9Lirh9p8 BROS ITS LIKE GETTING KEKED LIVE ON STREAM BROS

>> No.35609552

>> No.35609554

it's more successful than CSGO by almost every metric but you're spot on about the rest

>> No.35609555

Marine is the gayest Holo, she loves women specially her girlfriend Flare

>> No.35609560

When Hololive was still good....

>> No.35609561

A concert is more important than your supposed friend?
You have never had friends.

>> No.35609562

Matsuri is a cunt

>> No.35609564

Marine is straight and wont ever fuck me. Stop your shitpost spree.

>> No.35609566

>we will never see it again

>> No.35609569

what a chad, I can't imagine having to hold a conversation without spilling my spaghetti

>> No.35609572

If she is more in to 2D why does the porn she looks at exclusively involve men?

>> No.35609573

Noel has been streaming since middle school, highschool even though her STEM degree program then a full-time office job and was much more popular than Marine's ever been
>huh duh she just a JAV
Her amateur gravure stuff only started once she got in streaming full-time, which is about late 2019 when her mental health was at its worst.

>> No.35609574

NicoNicoChannel save this

>> No.35609575

but they are.
anime is fantasy, anon

>> No.35609576

Watame logged into the server's admin account to change the UPRP percentages via console command at the exact time Kanata went to collect more tropical fish so that Fubuki (and thus Watame) would produce the first Blue UPRP while Kanata was swimming in the dark ocean alone.
From Fubuki's perspective, you can see Watame visibly panicking and then stop moving in-game when she sees Kanata decided to goes back to up the waterfall early before getting a full inventory of fish, since she hadn't pre-edited the command to set the rates back to normal and had to get it set back before Kanata made it back to her devices. It would be a disaster if Kanata spontaneously produced a dozen blue UPRPs and set off all the alarms.

But no one will ever be able to prove anything, for she was proxying through a series of no less than 40 of her Hong Kong smart fridges and carefully turned off the server admin logs in preparation.

>> No.35609578

Flare was never in any danger. It was a harmless surgery that had no lasting impact on Flare as she was back to streaming the day after.
Marine understood that her girlfriend wasn't in any problem and went along with her job

>> No.35609582

Even if Marine was a lesbian, she would never go for the irrelevant Flare.

>> No.35609583

Easily achievable if they're streaming on
the best streaming platform twitch

>> No.35609584

Going under always has a chance to kill you so your logic fails

>> No.35609585

No one gives a shit about your retarded whore.

>> No.35609587

she may be a whore but she isn't retarded

>> No.35609589

Flare is good looking, has great legs and a very kind soul. Flare and Marine are actual soulmates that's more than obvious in every one of their collabs.

>> No.35609590

still 2D tho

>> No.35609591

The only lesbian in hololive is me ;)

>> No.35609594

She wasn't there to emotionally support her friend because she cares more about making money than her friend.

>> No.35609596

Having a general anesthetic, throwing up and pretty much exhausted for the day is not "harmless", moron. Her doctor even advised her to take it easy for 2 weeks at least but Flare was a fucking streaming addict.
It was pretty much implied to be dental-related, possibly removal of wisdom tooth. Either you are underaged or you never experienced how fucking awful that shit is.

>> No.35609597

I have this strong desire to start a throwaway twitter account and just use it to bully Matsuri and her roommate telling her to stop lying and admit she has a boyfriend.
Am I an anti?

>> No.35609603

What kind of zoomer slang is this?

>> No.35609604

So by that logic Marine is attracted to 2D MEN. How does that make her a lesbian?

>> No.35609607

She explained why she doesn't like yuri as much

>> No.35609611

I love Aqua.
( ^)o(^ )b

>> No.35609613

Aren't people pushing the lesbian narrative just trying to cope with the notion that most if not all hololive girls get the dick now and then?

>> No.35609617


>> No.35609619

>It was pretty much implied to be dental-related, possibly removal of wisdom tooth.
Flare said it wasn't anything related to the mouth. Some people just misinterpreted unrelated comments

>> No.35609620


>> No.35609621

So she only gets off to men then?

>> No.35609622

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.35609624

She attracted to both but prefer yaoi
She literally talked about all this shit several times
She clearly like girls too and draws girls much better than men likes boobs etc

>> No.35609625


>> No.35609626

Marine is a lesbian, but you're right she will never fuck you since she doesn't like men

>> No.35609627

My oshi said she likes girls

>> No.35609628

what's wrong /vpol/chama?

>> No.35609630

Nevertheless, having only Udon and jello after probably means her constitution after was weakened enough that she would avoid pure solid/savory food.

>> No.35609632

I will become Lamy and fuck Marine

>> No.35609634

She still went under general anesthetic. There is reason why anethetists are specialists. It is dangerous.

>> No.35609635

She's incredibly cute.
She's an idol.
She cares about her fans.
She's a good gamer.
She loves and is loved by the other holomem.
She loves (You)

>> No.35609636

No, she explained that she doesn't consume as much yuri because she doesn't like that it doesn't go far enough.
She's disappointed at how coward mainstream yuir authors are, obviously as a lesbian she's not going to like a medium that doesn't properly portray her

>> No.35609638

The reps do fucking nothing, I'm so damn STUPID

>> No.35609641

aqua seconds before marine stimulates her ovaries

>> No.35609644

Marine only likes women

>> No.35609645

Number 5 is a big lie
Even mio dropped her for Ayame

>> No.35609646

Boobs too big

>> No.35609650

Classic /u/ coping mechanism

>> No.35609652

Narrativefags deserves the rope.

>> No.35609654

>mainstream yuir authors are, obviously as a lesbian she's not going to like a medium that doesn't properly portray her
Is she a retard? Hard josei yuri went fucking hard all the time. Either she only skimmed over surface-level stuff or she just made shits up. Fucking Kannazuki no Miko which is published in a Shounen magazine and aired aiming at shounen audiences centering a female couple and included on-screen lesbian rape scenes.

>> No.35609655

She likes men and women, Marine is a bi

>> No.35609656

keep trying
never give up

>> No.35609659

If Marine is attracted to women she would have a favorite gravure idol or at least a favorite j-pop idol. Those women are extremely attractive. Which is why a real lesbian like Miko likes them.

>> No.35609660

Any good streams from today? Just had to watch Kanata throw fish at funny-looking amphibians for most of the day.

>> No.35609661

Lamy has talked about being creeped on by a male beautician before. Now she avoids being a regular at any single place.

>> No.35609663

Truthitive fag

>> No.35609665


>> No.35609666

Marine doesn't like men, she's simply a lesbian

>> No.35609667

I had local Anesthesia when I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed. I don't see why you would need to go fully under for the procedure.

>> No.35609670

>> No.35609671

She's a real life lesbian who doesn't need shitty yuri to get by.

>> No.35609674

Hey bros what's going on in this thread?

>> No.35609676

This thread is filled with lesbians.

>> No.35609677

Speaking of which, a few more of them got twitch channels over the last month or so. Rushia, Marine, Fubuki, and Aqua at least.

>> No.35609681

>102 IPs

>> No.35609682


>> No.35609683

Isn't yuri mostly consumed by straight men

>> No.35609685

>only like women
>Not raging after Gakki getting married
There is a reason when that news broke out, pretty much 90% of gay girls in Japan raging like a castrated gorilla

>> No.35609686

I've jacked off to Dwayne the Rock Johnson but that doesn't make me gay

>> No.35609687

>> No.35609690

Marine hates men

>> No.35609691

/u/schizos seething

>> No.35609692

Being a pretty woman seems pretty exhausting if you aren't an uber slut

>> No.35609693

You can't give a single example of her showing attraction to women other than her shitty yuri bait, yet Miko (a real lesbian) has shown plenty.

>> No.35609694

Hot take: Momosuzu Nene is cute

>> No.35609696

I mean, gay Japanese women are like .25% of the female population, so probably

>> No.35609699


>> No.35609700


>> No.35609701

Uh thats pretty gay dude. Come out of the closet.

>> No.35609702

>Marine hates men
>Favorite manga genre is handsome men going at each other
>Only watch Gundam Wing because of the pretty boys
>schlick to men fapping
the cope is real

>> No.35609703

>She's incredibly cute.
That's subjective
>She's an idol.
Pretending to be an idol
>She cares about her fans.
I don't know about this one
>She's a good gamer.
Mediocre gamer like any other guy
>She loves and is loved by the other holomem.
Absolutely false
>She loves (You)
Do you really BELEB?

>> No.35609705

She has a girlfriend how does that not qualify as "showing attraction to women"

>> No.35609706


>> No.35609709


>> No.35609711

Marine wants to get dicked by men, she's sexually repressive

>> No.35609713

>She has a girlfriend
Your headcanon isn't real and doesn't count.

>> No.35609714

She's the boob maid

>> No.35609715

The 1 Nene per husband program is incredible.

>> No.35609716

yeah i have any idea what these words mean cause i'm a virgin too lmao

>> No.35609718


>> No.35609720

>She has a [head canon]

>> No.35609721

I don't care if marine is a lesbian or not, all I want is to sniff her pus-ridden fat ass

>> No.35609722


>> No.35609723

>> No.35609726

>She has a girlfriend
Just over the top jokes. Don't tell me you actually think it's real.

>> No.35609727

>open Towa stream
>there's no Towa stream
>close Towa stream

>> No.35609730

>She loves and is loved by the other holomem.
Yeah, I'm not sure about this one chief

>> No.35609731

Nene is a huge slut

>> No.35609735


>> No.35609736

She also likes hunterxhunter and code geass for the pretty boys. She definitely has a type.

>> No.35609737

>> No.35609739

someone please save this autismo

>> No.35609741


>> No.35609743

I love my wife Choco!

>> No.35609744


>> No.35609745

>That's subjective
>Pretending to be an idol
Well, it's working really well then, given the incredible amount of sponsors and events she's involved with.
>I don't know about this one
>Mediocre gamer like any other guy
Objectively false, she has a long list of gaming accomplishments that are way out of reach for any mediocre gamer
>Absolutely false
There are countless instances of lots of holomem talking fondly about Aqua, what makes you say that it is false?
>Do you really BELEB?
I do.

>> No.35609746

chocopex! my favorite!

>> No.35609748

Only the dick can save Choco

>> No.35609749

The usual

>> No.35609751


>> No.35609753

>> No.35609754

My Lamy wife

>> No.35609755


>> No.35609756

For someone who plays so often, she sure is a slow learner. She makes the same mistakes that get her killed in almost every game (falling off of the map, rushing an engagement by herself when her squad isn't near

>> No.35609757

AZKI looks rad as fuck

>> No.35609760


>> No.35609761

Depend on person to person. My cousin got general anesthetic and pretty much needed me to carry him in a piggyback as he was out cold at the end.

>> No.35609764

most of the time i struggle to grasp how so many yuri narratives take root in this shithole but then i remember that 90% of posters ITT unironically have never had sex, a girlfriend, or experienced any kind of intimacy, and don't speak to women outside of their immediate family

>> No.35609766

FAQ Mik2ywm

>> No.35609768

0kisei, Matsuri, Fubuki, Nikisei, Noel, Marine, Rushia, Flare, Kanata and Coco have clearly stated how much they like Aqua.

>> No.35609769

I love the old Aqua, the autistic Aqua, the "tryhard" every game Aqua
I hate the new Aqua, the idol Aqua, the shilling Aqua
I love the old Aqua, the minecraft Aqua, the Aqua that collabs with Shion yo Aqua
I hate the new Aqua, the dancing lessons Aqua, the concert after concert Aqua
I love the old Aqua, the endurance streamer Aqua, the speedrun Aqua
I hate the new Aqua, the tweeter Aqua, the never streams Aqua
But despite all that, she's still my oshi

>> No.35609772


>> No.35609773

>she has a long list of gaming accomplishments that are way out of reach for any mediocre gamer
I'm a mediocre gamer and I've done all of what Aqua has accomplished and I didn't even break a sweat. You have incredibly low standards if that's what you think is good.

>> No.35609774

Suisei as a turtle is very fitting

>> No.35609776


>> No.35609777

nice blog how do i unsubscribe

>> No.35609778

faq migongja

>> No.35609782


>> No.35609783

Given how they view human interaction I doubt most posters here have ever even had a friend. Maybe they wouldn't be so schizo and angry if they did.

>> No.35609787

yuduki cyoko

>> No.35609788

Stop projecting your problems on others.

>> No.35609791

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, are you really that new?

>> No.35609794

What a sad cope

>> No.35609798

I am not the one getting extremely angry over women larping as anime girls. If you do that you have issues.

>> No.35609799

i'm certain a young woman like choco would have many suitors, what's scaring them away from her?

>> No.35609801

Marine wants to ear out women, she dislikes men and doesn't have any intention in being on any kind on relationships with one.
Marine currently has a girlfriend

>> No.35609802

Flare is straight

>> No.35609803

She talks about Spinos on the first date.

Japanese men are nowhere near cool enough to appreciate it.

>> No.35609805

I miss her...

>> No.35609807

She isn't joking

>> No.35609808


>> No.35609811


>> No.35609813


>> No.35609814


>> No.35609816

towa's comeback stream will get at least 500k viewers

>> No.35609818

Flare is Marine's girlfriend

>> No.35609821

Immortal bard.

>> No.35609822

Love you, gamer maid.

>> No.35609827

I’m waiting for you to post a Sekiro speedrun nigger

>> No.35609829

It's been 5 days since Takoyaki Twap "took a vacation".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement he has received, Tokyo Tower was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now he's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on his album, merch and on the new apex tournament.

Tsunomaki Toi is not a very strong person and he's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that he's alive and happy that he's working hard to accomplish his dreams.


>> No.35609830


>> No.35609834

Can you retards stop meming about what gay is for once and actually READ SOME FUCKING ARTICLES?
An accredited, well respected, degree holding sex therapist(AKA knows more than you) is the one saying this, among many, many others
If you don't like academics for some reason, quite literally check these Quora posts from actual living breathing straight dudes, retards
Not even any paywalls, stop asking to be spoonfed now
Dudes can be straight and so am I, we just needed to get a load off(ha) occasionally and get to know each other after a while

>> No.35609837


>> No.35609839

/u/ fags and chinks, ugh....

>> No.35609840

based, but you should take your meds

>> No.35609843


>> No.35609844

Marine loves bishounen boys like those found in Code Geass, hunterxhunter and gundam wing. How much do you think she spends at host clubs where men are chosen to dress and look like those same characters?

>> No.35609847

You are most certainly a turbofaggot.

>> No.35609852


>> No.35609853

anon is the turbo gay of hololive

>> No.35609854

No, you're just naive.

>> No.35609855

Marine would only attend hostess clubs since she only likes women. However Marine doesn't do that since she's already in a loving relationship with Flare

>> No.35609857

Nigga u gay

>> No.35609858


>> No.35609860

Nice counter argument.

>> No.35609865

Nene is probably the least sexy holo ever, she somehow manages to be even less sexually attractive than Luna.

>> No.35609866

Still gay. Modern gender "scientists' say all sorts of crazy shit. Jerking off to men is gay.

>> No.35609867


>> No.35609874

Nigga u gay

>> No.35609875

>I'm a mediocre gamer
Most turbo autists aren't even aware of their condition on the spectrum, either

>> No.35609876

Must be fucking embarrassing being you.
Back to >>/lgbt/, crossie.

>> No.35609878

I though the servers were dogshit right now

>> No.35609879

>> No.35609880

alright we get it, you have low standards.

>> No.35609881

>> No.35609892

Dead space 3.... onegai...

>> No.35609896

I don't go to LGBT, I only hang with my bros and each and every one of them is as straight as me

>> No.35609898

You literally didn't bring anything to the discussion except the typical toddler response of "I can do it too"
Where's the evidence?
And, most importantly, do you even know what kind of achievements Aqua has?

>> No.35609902

*laughs in hag*

>> No.35609904

Anon is the turbofaggot of /hlg/.
He jerks off to men while I fuck my sexy bitch Tawa.

>> No.35609906

>do you even know what kind of achievements Aqua has?
>he thinks those are achievements
low standard andy coming through

>> No.35609908

I'm excited to see how her child sings.

>> No.35609909

Why does anon like to larp as Mio's cat of all things

>> No.35609912

>I concede
As I thought.

>> No.35609915

Nigga u and your boyfriends are GAY.

>> No.35609916

you're a faggot

>> No.35609918


>> No.35609919

I accept your concession

>> No.35609920

I really really love OKBRo

>> No.35609923

Look at my trip.

>> No.35609925

>> No.35609929

Please listen to one of my favourite covers done by Polka

>> No.35609930

Haachama 大丈夫?

>> No.35609931

take this down

>> No.35609934

>> No.35609936

Sure anon, now take your meds and go back to your room, break is over.

>> No.35609944

She requires the men do a 18 hours endurance date.

>> No.35609947

choco champion thanks to me

>> No.35609948

>> No.35609950


>> No.35609952

>There are now 30 Tuber threads on /jp/, 20% of the board
Not bad.

>> No.35609954

didn't ask. You suck dick = you gay nigga, it's that easy, just accept your fate.

>> No.35609957

but why, the last thing i want is the meidos to finally decide enough is enough and banish us all to /vt/

>> No.35609959 [SPOILER] 

meru is something else...

>> No.35609960

Choco solo...

>> No.35609962


>> No.35609964

they are too cowards to do it

>> No.35609967

Thanks for your service anon

>> No.35609969

I feel like these retards that keep making threads just forgot to tab back to /vt/ because there's no way you're getting any discussion if it's not a hololive/vyt/nijisanji thread.

>> No.35609970

>Ayame did a entire stream with that frozen dumb face

Why is every she does so unintentionally cute..
I can totally understand why people give her money, even though I wont do it myself.
She and Rushia are sirens.

>> No.35609973

>> No.35609974

nice ass, and i'm not even ass man.

>> No.35609976


>> No.35609978

This skeleton is a whore.

>> No.35609980

Then pray tell anon, what do you consider as an 'achievement' in your standard? Maybe once you make it clear we can talk about this further.

>> No.35609984

Yup its burgerhours.

>> No.35609986

Why is choco screaming about balls?

>> No.35609987

Imagine the money she would make if she streamed more than once a month.

>> No.35609989

>corralling off the Indos into their own section of the map

>> No.35609991

Are you horny?

>> No.35609992

Off model trash. Towa has no ass.

>> No.35609993

>trying this hard to deny you are gay

Thats how you know you are actually a faggot.

>> No.35609994

What is that bulge?

>> No.35609995

Don't post forbidden knowledge unless it has subtitles, if you can't translate just send it to Hololive Historian and his team since they actually know Japanese

>> No.35610000

Why is pekora so racist?

>> No.35610002

hey anon you like fishsticks?

>> No.35610003

>you can see the fatness difference between some photos

Mel...please...eat anything

>> No.35610004

I see a lot of Moona´s boobs but nothing about her ass

>> No.35610008

shitty japanese. they're all retarded pinoys after all

>> No.35610009

I had a boner from Choco and then your ID garbage reversed it. Thanks Indog.

>> No.35610010


>> No.35610014

>she bought a new carpet

>> No.35610015

Streaming everyday she could very well be in the top 10 most superchatted.

>> No.35610016

I still think Nishizawa is a genius for drawing official POV headpat art.
She's a hack who drew her with fucked up shoulders nonetheless.

>> No.35610019

ITT Hololive members who are impossible to fap to

>> No.35610021

Liar, you know Moona makes your dick throb.

>> No.35610025

Holy based, people were laughing at me and calling me gay for having sucked a dick once when I was young
Feels good being right

>> No.35610026

towa fat......

>> No.35610028

Another thread ruined by coomers

>> No.35610029

You wish; I fap almost exclusively to these two.

>> No.35610032

Holy shit she's cute.

>> No.35610034

tried once, was pretty gross.

>> No.35610035

God bless hololive Historian for finding obscure shit like this

>> No.35610038

Finally a good fucking stream.

>> No.35610043

lmao actually made me laugh

>> No.35610047

every nip is a gacha addict

>> No.35610048


>> No.35610049

C makes me cum buckets but R does nothing for me...

>> No.35610050

uprp saiko!
but why is rbc a unicorn now?

>> No.35610051

At least the blue axolotl arc gives me a time to go through archives or watch anime

>> No.35610052

ah fuck, luna is gonna play night delivery

>> No.35610053

Next question

>> No.35610056

>Botan also considering it
I swear, Gamers are the only ones I can trust. Mio, Korone, Okayu, and Subaru, the only non-Minecraft holos.

>> No.35610059

Flare is in love with me

>> No.35610061

If you can't fap to hags, you don't deserve them

>> No.35610062

Wish i could draw well like this.

>> No.35610063

any new rrats?

>> No.35610066

Towa is not a he. Towa is a beautiful girl

>> No.35610067

nenechi is my little sister. I just can't

>> No.35610068

So did someone get a blue axolotl or did they all end up wasting time?

>> No.35610070

Hi Sans

>> No.35610071

Watame did

>> No.35610072

Ay yo Look at this shit aqkwa

>> No.35610073

Fubuki did

>> No.35610074

it's called oopa loopa, stupid mexicans.

>> No.35610078

Yeah, nah.

>> No.35610079

*grabs your sister's tits*

>> No.35610080

Wtf peko

>> No.35610081

you mean whoopa roopa?

>> No.35610086

*steals paradise*

>> No.35610087

You oshi is fucking cute

>> No.35610089

Botan was the one who started this shit in the first place by turning the entire roof of the gen 5 building into an axolotl gacha machine

>> No.35610093

Mi amiga Fubuki le salió un axolote azul.

>> No.35610094

I'm gonna kill this "cute" guy brb

>> No.35610095

I think Anya is a little late for her stream...

>> No.35610096


Those 2 things Okayu's announcing tonight have suddenly increased to 3. How does that even happen, I wonder.

>> No.35610105

>> No.35610106

having infinite sex lessons with Reine

>> No.35610108


>> No.35610109

God, i love dog dick so much

>> No.35610110

Taking a break from apex so I can watch Choco play apex

>> No.35610111

why are towafags like this?

>> No.35610112


>> No.35610114

I got PTSD

>> No.35610115

did you miss her doing this shit for 10 hours already?

>> No.35610120

Pregnancy announcement!

>> No.35610122

She thought they were twins, but it turns out they're triplets

>> No.35610125

why are meidos like this?

>> No.35610127


>> No.35610129

>> No.35610130

Her manager just got something approved/completed and let her know.

>> No.35610132

Smile and Go....

>> No.35610134

fuck off sheepnigger mukkun fucked Watame’s ass countless times, 7 years of defilement

>> No.35610136

kanata is taller than these two

>> No.35610139

Does this whole website work a lot faster since the captcha change?

>> No.35610142

Ayamy's daughter..

>> No.35610143

Make sure to always land in skull town other wise Choco will be sad

>> No.35610147

No proof of them having sex
Also mukkun was her brother, get your rrats right

>> No.35610149

It's not racist if it's for cheap labour

>> No.35610152

Yes. It's not just you, I've noticed it as well. It's great.

>> No.35610155

We know Marine

>> No.35610157

Here it is

>> No.35610161

hi hoeny :)

>> No.35610170

Marine is old and busted, Mikochi is in.

>> No.35610172


>> No.35610173

Towa is the prettiest boy in the world

>> No.35610178

>> No.35610181

roboco delayed by two hours... zehi...

>> No.35610183


>> No.35610190

God i wish i was Migo

>> No.35610195

she has a decent ammount of ass for someone so skinny, if only she put on a couple of punds

>> No.35610196


>> No.35610197

Okayu's been making really cute journal entries every day for the past three days. It makes me very happy.

>> No.35610198

RBC stream delayed for 2 hours.

>> No.35610200

Unironically neck yourself

>> No.35610201

>> No.35610204

I'm sitting here, in the gutter, waiting for Towa

>> No.35610207


>> No.35610208

everyone died...

>> No.35610209

Sorry, you're at the wrong gutter, this is my home

>> No.35610212

Hi Towa

>> No.35610213

Stay mad
Watame is a virgin and probably purer than your oshi

>> No.35610217

mukkun is homo, anon
that didn't happen

>> No.35610218

I'm mad at you for using rrat like a globalnigger, I don't care about Watame's pajeet hating boyfriend

>> No.35610220

Reminder that elytra is for queers and you should be an elytra anti.

>> No.35610222

>> No.35610226

Should've rolled.

>> No.35610228

>Roberu GTAV


>> No.35610233


>> No.35610234

Wrong thread shart

>> No.35610235

sora beby...

>> No.35610237

Any new rrats?

>> No.35610238


>> No.35610239

my oshi henry is up, you will like henry and charles

>> No.35610240

sora stream later


>> No.35610242


>> No.35610245

Go back to global retard

>> No.35610246

>> No.35610252

It's the big head

>> No.35610254

Fuck that anituber loving whore. I hate her!

>> No.35610255

Only a few more days and I can finally hear towa's voice again...

>> No.35610258


>> No.35610260

Winning nigga

>> No.35610263


>> No.35610264

スカルタウンいっしょう に いこうよ

>> No.35610269


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