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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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*makes shizo mad*

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Okite Okite

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These girls sure are cute...

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I love Lamy

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I love Towa!

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this thread is early but it also has Shion OP so I'll accept it

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I think Towa SUCKS!

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Okay sheep... I finally bought it...

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What the fuck are those toes

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Why is she like this

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I can't live without towa...

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oh clippers grifting again? you couldn't hear much anyway.. shouldn't be a problem considering that the amount of uber eats deliveries should've been pretty high at the time.

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Actual black magic.

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>"choco you aren't drinking from the official WNF mug!"

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I want to buy the mug, but it seems like a waste to just buy it alone due to the shipping costs.

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Reminder that reddit does not
>wish for the rape and death of holos
Why can't /hlg/ be more like reddit?

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I want to say that I love Oozora Subaru, that's all.

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Sasuga, Festival

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Sex with Shion

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How can Pekora work for 2 years in a company full of women around her age who do the exact same thing as her and not have any friends? This really speaks volumes to Pekora as a person. She must be a really really awful and unpleasant creature to be around. It's no wonder no one ever interacts with her unless they are really desperate
>4 nobodies answered calls during huge outfit reveal
>former friend who she abandoned saved her during Mario party then immediately threw former best friend away right after
>only Marine called into her birthday
Compare that to Korone's reverse totsu, or how many called in to Aqua. That pretty much says it all

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Towa is... Real... No...

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Love this duck

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We have a lot of corpo cocksuckers too, ironic and not.

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Honestly, don't even consider buyfagging if you can't accept the shipping cost that comes with it.

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She's really cute, I love her too.

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me on the bottom

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Buy multiple

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Ore no Rummy...

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ÁIRyS, la exterminatriz de demonios

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No I meant more that I should order something along with it. Was thinking about Botan's ramen bowl.

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towa love pekora

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>critical announcement at 12:00 JST

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Just give up, brother Lei.

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Miko is a saint to even attempt to interact with that freak after how she treated her.

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I really, really miss Polka...

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go back then.

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That is not true

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800 fucking oopa loopas and counting

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>It's another cat
There, I saved you of being in suspense for 10 hours

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Poruka oruka!?

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There's already blue one, what is she trying to achieve?

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pekoschizo dominated the thread, what a chad

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

The Hangover watchalong today!

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It's about 1/1200 chance to get a blue uparupa, so 400 more to go until she hits the rate.

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Pekoschizo tear is my happiness

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These are cute

>> No.35616962

Shit, I never expected to watch this with a holo

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You don't know what a "chad" is

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would you eat a meal from watame?

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Complete global oopafication

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>crying for hours is being a chad

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>inb4 lightning strikes fubuki's blue oopa roopa

imagine the odds

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autism of za lamy

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>what a chad
But pekoshizo has no balls...

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There's no point owning a blue UPRP if Watame had something to do with it, so she's getting her own.

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That is something that a schizo would say

>> No.35616987

I'd a Watame meal

>> No.35616988

Lamy is going super autistic what is this rumao.

>> No.35616990

Is he a eunuch? Is that why he's so angry?

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GOD'S WRATH for bullying the angel

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So anything interesting happened today?

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Watame did absolutely nothing

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Lamy's happy so I'm happy

>> No.35617002

Take Taiga as an example

>> No.35617003

I like Choco, apex stream from today
https://files.catbox.moe/zmcuht.mp4 - wants to go to skull town
https://files.catbox.moe/cje768.mp4 - wants to play octane
https://files.catbox.moe/6kci1u.mp4 - somehow ends up in a random party
https://files.catbox.moe/0yqbby.mp4 - snipes, gets sniped
https://files.catbox.moe/jyhx80.mp4 - disconnects because of a couple
https://files.catbox.moe/9xxc95.mp4 - wraith farming
https://files.catbox.moe/5q74ex.mp4 - chasing an octane
https://files.catbox.moe/69n8dz.mp4 - backpack escapes
https://files.catbox.moe/qi2h6m.mp4 - choco and her charge riffle
https://files.catbox.moe/3edar1.mp4 - wakes up rbc who's an hour late for her stream

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This, Fubuki's is tainted by sheep's foul stench.

>> No.35617007

Ah, so she just wants superchats after her "endurance".

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Watame is not a sheep. Sheep don't have horns, only rams do. And then there's her worrying connection to magic. Do you idiots really believe there's a magical sheep that can grant her followers the power to cast spells? Sheep don't use no fucking magic. Now think for a minute, what is female with horns and magical powers?

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Mel got the checkmark.

>> No.35617015

There are at least 5 of these already plus the one Lamy bred off them.

>> No.35617016

Watame literally willed that blue oopa loopa into existence

>> No.35617017

Did anyone keep track of the amount of times she lied to anyone? I know kinda a lot to ask but theres another one to add to that since she will never ever fucking follow through on it
Lying cunt i hope she follows cocos path soon

>> No.35617019

Only the last one is true.
I see all the other stuff on Reddit a lot, it just doesn't get 10000 upvotes and put on the frontpage next to all the epic memes and clip screenshots.
t. Redditor

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konschizo konschizo konschizo~!

>> No.35617025

But who's pekoshizo owner?

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>> No.35617027

A Mahou Shoujo?

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I wish towhore would get raped but shed like it

>> No.35617037

Nene did a Rushia and almost died on stream

>> No.35617038

Guarantee you Pekora didn't message Sora on discord like she said she would. Just another lie the nousagi gobble up like the gullible children they are.

>> No.35617040

Whoa, nice. Thanks anon.
>chasing a bag on the train
kek, women amirite

>> No.35617045

Towa isn't a liar, FAG. Reality just gets itself wrong after Towa stated truths.

>> No.35617047

Please, walk over me.

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Even rbc had more people in her totsu roro

>> No.35617052

A horny Shion?

>> No.35617054

towa will soon have a blue checkmark and all hell will break loose

>> No.35617055

Why Marineshizo can't stop talking bout lie?

>> No.35617057

chocomates still exist after all

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I love Fubuki!

>> No.35617072

I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!

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>> No.35617076

aww it's still trying

>> No.35617077

Will she stream again this week? Better, this month?

>> No.35617078

i caved in and bought the watame mug....

it was my first time getting merch from hololive

>> No.35617080

>Seach "hololive"
>9 threads
Bros the 2hus...

>> No.35617081

Towa made another promise she wont keep and admitted of prefering korean over japanese dick

>> No.35617087

>what is she trying to achieve
Don't you see that she currently has 26k views? when was the last time your failure of an oshi reached 26k?

>> No.35617088

Grats, you fell for sheep tricks

>> No.35617089

Why Towa isn't streaming lately? ;-;

>> No.35617090

Friendly reminder that nouspambots are ban evading schizos

>> No.35617091

>only 9
One third of /jp/ is hololive threads right now

>> No.35617099

Towa goes out of her way to speak nontruths because she gets off of it

>> No.35617100

Are we watching Gura in 2 hours?

>> No.35617104

why are sheepposters like this

>> No.35617109

Go back chumshart

>> No.35617110

Isn't this literally just a gyaru outfit? Okazu...

>> No.35617111

A cute Peko for the schizo.

>> No.35617113

the original towa died of lung cancer a few days ago and cover is scrambling to find a replacement VA

>> No.35617114

Never was banned for posting pekorap, stay mad.

>> No.35617115

Do you think Pekora never mentions her father because he abandoned the family at a young age or ended up killing himself out of despair after seeing what a failure his daughter was?

>> No.35617118

Sure why no-

>> No.35617122

>orange woman
nothing else will repel me more

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>> No.35617126

I rather watch the Pomu archive

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>> No.35617129

Kanata is mindbroken...

>> No.35617132

And now Kanata is traumatized for life.

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>> No.35617135

I see a blue one on screen.

>> No.35617139

God bless no matter who replaces her it will be a massive upgrade
Best case its lulu

>> No.35617140

Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

>> No.35617142

Kanata is fucking losing it

>> No.35617143

>How to out yourself as a clipwatcher

>> No.35617144

Time to follow your instincts and leech from FBK's blue oopa

>> No.35617146

>hasn't talked about her since summer festival
Yet another 'friend' she dropped.

>> No.35617147

>Lamy got an ARS akasupa

>> No.35617148

Towa was having a baby.

>> No.35617149

Was that FBK's blue one?

>> No.35617150

Her dad took himself out after realising he impregnated her misstake of her mum

>> No.35617151

>> No.35617152


>> No.35617159

Only time she mentions him is from stories when she was young. Nothing recent. Her mother said she'd be lonely if Pekora moved. Her father is dead and it's because Pekora is a friendless loser who never leaves the house. He saw his spawn and couldn't take his total failure as a parent.

>> No.35617161

Why? I'll be watching Kanata still

>> No.35617163

She has 4

>> No.35617164


>> No.35617165

That's a really cute peko

>> No.35617168

One of FBK's blue oopas. She's bred 5 of them so that anyone can get one if they want.

>> No.35617171

Kanata should just kill Fubuki's oopas and restore the balance on the server.

>> No.35617176

This is Russian accent?

>> No.35617178

>How to know when a clipwatcher loser is projecting

>> No.35617179

I like how FBK put up her blue oopa loopa to trap holos into making a decision that involves their dignity.

We already saw pekor ponder about it and lamy already bred one with it.

>> No.35617180

>> No.35617181

>> No.35617182

Cute pecor, also, i thought phonefags got filtered, no?

>> No.35617183

>> No.35617190

Kanatan ia cracking

>> No.35617191

Just make it looks like a lightning strike.

>> No.35617193

Nope, sounds too sharp.
t. ruskie

>> No.35617194

reminder that if your oshi bred fubuki's blue uparupa for their own blue uparupa they are a worthless whore

>> No.35617195

I think pekoschizo is based, noutoddlers deserves it because they've really been getting too uppity lately

>> No.35617196

my wife chino

>> No.35617197

The punchline is that Suisei is actually rolling the Rs like the so-called ヤンキー do

>> No.35617199


>> No.35617200

The pekoschizo is worse at making up shit than the gokisei one

>> No.35617201

I don't know if it's intentional, the Rs do sound pretty Russian.

>> No.35617204

No one asked.

>> No.35617205

хошимачи суисей...

>> No.35617206

Aahhh replies, I'm cumming

>> No.35617207

>> No.35617210

>praising yourself

>> No.35617212

Sora Love!

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>> No.35617214

your bunny is mine

>> No.35617217

You don't even have to steal one, just feed them fish and they'll give you your own. Nobody will ever know.

>> No.35617219

No, that's the deliquent shit. Her English pronounciation though is just like how they teach it in Russia, because unlike Japan they still teach British English there.

>> No.35617221

Remember the good times

>> No.35617224

why are japanese women so addicted to low gacha rates?

>> No.35617225

Link a single stream where she's told a story about him that happened recently, otherwise kill yourself like your oshi should do.

>> No.35617226

for u pekoschizo

>> No.35617228

When she was doing dualingo her english sometimes actually sounded very russian

>> No.35617232

she's trying too hard to be russian though

>> No.35617234

Shouldn't Kanata separate these oompa loompas? She might have been breeding them form the same color, if so that blue will never come out

>> No.35617237

Breed the oopa

>> No.35617240

yeah, no

also when are we getting GTA collabs again
I want someone else in. It would be really funny to see someone like nene/subaru/okayu/fbk join in
heck even noel could but I have no clue whether she'd be inclined

>> No.35617244

Which holos will stream over the homo 3D debut tomorrow?

>> No.35617245

>zhang clip

>> No.35617247

doesn't matter, all the rates are the same

>> No.35617249

I mean, it's pointless to push forward with your own farms instead of moving on. The first was already achieved. Maybe to cope with your sunk cost, but it's really whatever.

>> No.35617250

One of the new "accessories" is going to be a orange hair variant.

>> No.35617251


>> No.35617253

>How to know when the fag clipwatcher is seething

>> No.35617254

Hopefully all of them

>> No.35617255


>> No.35617258

Too bad she's extremely boring.

>> No.35617259

color doesn't matter for the blue uparupa, it will always have a 1/1200 chance of spawning no matter what color the parents are

>> No.35617260

great now we have garfield

>> No.35617261


>> No.35617262

man, these highly edited kirinuki are pretty good
only a couple of nips go to this level of editing

>> No.35617263

/vt/bros. It's divegrass, we're first match

>> No.35617269

>> No.35617271

More like Yakuza

>> No.35617273

>anything cocoshit
>good times
Made me laugh

>> No.35617274

fuck off mate and watch streams or do reps

>> No.35617275

Indians can't be "chads".

>> No.35617281

Amelia is a spic whore who dated black people

>> No.35617282


>full of unoriginal memes lifted off from the /hlg/ team
Yeah, ain't watching that shit lmao

>> No.35617287

Pekora's cute little booties

>> No.35617292

You need to leave

>> No.35617296

based bigface

>> No.35617297

Pekora shows absolutely no gratitude toward her mother who does basically everything for her. Pekora doesn't cook, She doesn't clean. She can barely take care of herself. Pekora's way of showing thanks? Telling her to shut up This is almost identical to the way she treated Miko. Miko is responsible for getting her into Hololive, getting her popular, even getting her sponsorships and songs. Pekora's way of saying thanks? Pretending Miko doesn't exist. One person could be somewhat acceptable, but treating 2 of the people closest to you like trash is indicative of something seriously messed up with her brain. SHe has a terrible personality and it's made all the more apparent by the fake persona she puts on compounded by her ridiculous fake laugh.

>> No.35617298

Would you get stalked by za Lamy?

>> No.35617299

Wrong place

>> No.35617308


>> No.35617309

>copied the /hlg/ team
>manager is a trianglefag


>> No.35617312


>> No.35617316

Did they also copy our models? Now that's pathetic if they did.

>> No.35617317

>replacing Marine for Pekora on her posts like we won't notice
Marineschizo needs a good dicking

>> No.35617321

Now that i think about it, /hlg/ didn't participate in any of 4chan soccer games in a long while now. What happened?

>> No.35617322

no yab retard

>> No.35617325

Why did she go from marine to peko, the schizo?

>> No.35617326

Literally obsessed, seek help

>> No.35617327

Third strike coming soon

>> No.35617330

/hlg/ isn't a board so the divegrass team only joins on invitationals

>> No.35617331

we're too good for that faggotry

>> No.35617333

poor retardchama can't make up his mind on who he hates more.

>> No.35617334


>> No.35617337

they got retarded. 4cc is faggotry and anyone who is involved still can suck dick. also everyone involved is also in a circlejerk so its better to not be involved with them

>> No.35617338

wrong board

>> No.35617341


I won't forgive them if they did copy our models

>> No.35617342


>> No.35617343

I'm not the marinschizo, in fact I'm not a schizo at all. Making posts that you don't like and can't refute don't make them anti posts. I was going the other day while the marineschizo was going too, even trying to copy some of the stuff I was saying. The problem was that Everybody likes Marine in Hololive whereas nobody likes Pekora.

>> No.35617348


>> No.35617354

No wonder i feel something miss from the thread.

>> No.35617355

divegrass spam is worse than indog spam

>> No.35617356

that is a Watamage anon

>> No.35617357

How can I marry Towa?

>> No.35617358

is this the china team?
everything is copy pasted

>> No.35617364

So the Noel Marine Peko schizo, got it
Damn you must be busy

>> No.35617367

>Everybody likes Marine
Oh no he said it

>> No.35617369

>26k watching
graduation boost?

>> No.35617370

I see, some people can't have good things...
It was fun last time i remember it though.

>> No.35617371

never come back shart

>> No.35617374

Can't fool me bitch

>> No.35617381

The only time I've posted about Noel is when I said I wanted to slap her tits.

>> No.35617382

Now that's a big yikes for me

>> No.35617387 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35617388

buy her box of Winston or whatever she smokes

>> No.35617389


>> No.35617392

>> No.35617395

Lamy LOVE!

>> No.35617402

Lamy is bigger...

>> No.35617404

>schizo meltdown
Do any of you watch streams haha...

>> No.35617405

Trash hamster...

>> No.35617406

Mogu mogu~

>> No.35617407

Totally not Pekora... Not too long ago those faggots had official Hololive colabs.

>> No.35617409

I don't think they're the same. The Marinschizo never said shit like she wanted Marine to be gutted or to kill herself or talk about dead family members. The Pekoschizo seems legitimately hate filled.

>> No.35617410


>> No.35617411

Yuropoor here. I want this mug but I'll get raped by shipping costs and 25% customs. And I'll probably get the mug broken in pieces because the mailman here are cunts

>> No.35617412

No, it's a Yakuza accent but the EOPs don't notice it

>> No.35617413

Graduation boost, Usada boost, Marine boost and Rushia boost.

>> No.35617414

>/vt/ has Coco
not like this

>> No.35617416

Haha she did it again today
Hoops not like you will do anything about you will let her keep doing it because no sense of selfrespect or dignity
>its just how she is man
>she will get around to it just belibe it
Whatever fuckface you are pathetic just as much as she is and you know it
Both of you are fucking repulsive and i honestly think hololive and this thread hell even vt would all be better off if you just fucked off with you shitty lying false oshi

>> No.35617417

not big enough

>> No.35617418

we hate football

>> No.35617420

Just her average autistic endurance stream + big gacha buff

>> No.35617422

I'm watching archives, I'm not gonna sit through minecraft gacha

>> No.35617423

watame i bought it but i am not membersheep....

>> No.35617426

>> No.35617431

I'm sure blue oopas are SOMEHOW connected to Coco.

>> No.35617434

I would gladly suck watame's big ram cock

>> No.35617438

Her father is willing to hand her off for a sum in the low tripple didgits

>> No.35617440

>> No.35617444

Will he accept PHP?

>> No.35617446

Welcome to membersheep

>> No.35617448

This is why I was saying the last time /hlg/ manager posted, we have to just cut off a lot of our stolen shit at this point. At least we have things to replace it whereas /vt/ honestly has nothing else.

>> No.35617449

I'm watching my oshi lose the last sheds of her humanity attempting to get Minecraft to produce a favorable number.

>> No.35617451

Gone for good god bless

>> No.35617452

Why are heimin like this?

>> No.35617453

>> No.35617454

Suisex in 30min!

>> No.35617458

fucking yuro customs, and geekjack doubled shipping cost too

>> No.35617461

>> No.35617468

Maybe shouldnt live in the borderlands and move to a first world country

>> No.35617470

>> No.35617472

What are you watching, anon?

>> No.35617473


>> No.35617474

Why does she look like she’s going to challenge me to a card duel

>> No.35617477

This image is so much better without the dumb meat quality mark.

>> No.35617478

there we go...

>> No.35617480


>> No.35617482

at least we still have the winning son and bibi

>> No.35617486

>nousagis are spamming pics now
lol just as expected

>> No.35617487


>> No.35617490

>> No.35617493


>> No.35617495

>geekjack doubled shipping cost too
Is it 7k yen or something?

>> No.35617497

>its been over a week

>> No.35617498

These memes are terrible

>> No.35617499


>> No.35617502

Skimmed through Subaru policem now gonna start Luna night delivery, I only saw the start live

>> No.35617503

>> No.35617504


>> No.35617507

I really want to have sex with Usada Pekora from Hololive 3rd Generation.

>> No.35617508

Pic related is /hlg/ Dec 2020 roster

You can see all the copied memes

>> No.35617513


>> No.35617516


>> No.35617517


>> No.35617519

>> No.35617520

>> No.35617522


>> No.35617523

She said she wants to memorized all of the map, all of it.

>> No.35617528

>> No.35617529


>> No.35617530


>> No.35617531


>> No.35617538

>thick eyebrows
>exposed forehead

>> No.35617539

We play again late August, btw

>> No.35617540

Kanata's going to fist coco extra hard tonight

>> No.35617541

Live strong, Kanatang...

>> No.35617544

>> No.35617545

>copied memes
/vt/ is like /ourkid/ so it's normal that they have some traces of /hlg/ in them

>> No.35617547

>Lamy starts talking about how expensive extra large underwear is

>> No.35617548

Peko has the best eyebrows in holopro

>> No.35617550


>> No.35617551


>> No.35617553

Good, looking at her last tweets she seems to be in need of sex.

>> No.35617554

Does anyone have the webm of Pekora fouling Gura?

>> No.35617557

>> No.35617566

Does Kanata actually enjoy hurting herself? That's the only reason I can see behind her endurance streams.

>> No.35617567


>> No.35617568

how fat is her roommate?

>> No.35617571

Lamy's sexy thong.....

>> No.35617575

>> No.35617577

Damn, Pekora's roommate is ugly

>> No.35617580

Jesus christ

>> No.35617581

Every single time I open Kanata's stream she says fuzakenna

>> No.35617583

Buying matching underwear with Lamy and Nene!

>> No.35617584

>​[EN] (Lamy wonders why all expensive underwear is small. Small meaning it doesn't cover much.)
Yeah Lamy... who can say why that is....

>> No.35617586


>> No.35617587

Is there any holo who Pekora hasn't dropped after collabbing with them? Watching her squirm as she is forced to shill curry next to Aqua will be hilarious. Aqua is the sole reason for her temper tantrum back in January, yet Cover gave no shits and forced them together again. Nobody takes Pekora's shit even though she thinks she's the highest on the totem pole. What a pathetic, selfish mentally deranged loser.

>> No.35617588 [SPOILER] 

towa is a w affle

>> No.35617592

>> No.35617593

Starting in about 10 minutes.

>> No.35617594

Lamy is PURE!

>> No.35617597

yeah, it's time to rename our Peko player immediately.

>> No.35617599

>delta tweeting about pantsu during Lamy's pantsu conversation
Coincidence? I think not.

>> No.35617602

Is Lamy buying underwear to send to Ina?
She did say she wants to send her some cute pink underwear since all Ina owns are kuro (tl note: black) pantsu (tl note: panties).

>> No.35617606

>peko falseflagger instead of marineschizo, sheepfags or gokischizo
>66 min
>fuck off /v/ instead of global or /vt/
>akasupa void
>gosling, roberu and artia were hlg
why am I nostalgic over this shit

>> No.35617607

>> No.35617608

Thanks, I was looking for it. It's one of my favorite divegrass moments.

>> No.35617609

Thin. She wear S size clothes.

>> No.35617610

Ina is a slutty gook

>> No.35617611

4k yen instead of 2k

>> No.35617613


>i know most of these people in this chat and could gladly expose their discords

>> No.35617622

>> No.35617623

The Lamy wear....

>> No.35617624


>> No.35617626

>> No.35617628

No one cares. Expose yourself to suicide

>> No.35617630

is the pekoschizo spamming peko images now?

>> No.35617634

4cc faggots get the rope

>> No.35617635

>> No.35617638


>> No.35617641

>> No.35617643

go back, wherever you came from

>> No.35617646

> (She says that Nene prefers wearing loose panties.)
WTF Lamy

>> No.35617647

/hlg/ is sort of playing in this cup as /jp/

>> No.35617648

Last year it was almost 4k for me.

>> No.35617649

>> No.35617651

What is it with El Ramy and pantsu anyways?

>> No.35617657

Is it just me or there is no gacha to report this post?

>> No.35617658

>> No.35617659

Nice larp. You can't do jack shit.

>> No.35617661

So why did /vt/ steal Watamage?

>> No.35617665

Lamy streams only in her underwear

>> No.35617666

What did they NOT steal?

>> No.35617669

>> No.35617671

Sheepniggers have always been globaltards who post on both boards

>> No.35617673

argentinian /vt/ user posts that shit on /sp/

>> No.35617675

He didn't do that in the last thread. Some other faggot.

>> No.35617679

Fashion is important.

>> No.35617687

Our heart.

>> No.35617690

I just got scared by Luna's archive
I looked away for a bit and her scream made me jump

>> No.35617692

Huh Suisei is on Roberu's radio again.

>> No.35617695


>> No.35617696

Pekora without her coat makes me feel things

>> No.35617698

Nousagis as well

>> No.35617699

>their nene is in 3D
Looks like they didn't get the soul and reference of 2D nene hahaha

>> No.35617700

Pekora is egosearching right now, reading some of the messages I left her on both twitter and 5ch. Hope the tears flow real nicely tonight before she drifts off into a depression induced sleep.

>> No.35617703


>> No.35617705

Kirameki Rider is a better anthem than Shiny Smiley Story so I'm glad we got that right

>> No.35617706

The OG sheepposters left this place

>> No.35617709

> (Lamy got a superchat from someone named "I-Wanna-Lick-Lamy's-Ears")

>> No.35617711


>> No.35617712

>3,650 yen
jesas, that's RAPE

Just use a forwarding service like tenso and that's gonna be 700 yen from booth to warehouse + 1,700 EMS

>> No.35617713

she's probably laughing at your google japanese

>> No.35617718

Kanata is losing her mind

>> No.35617719

>> No.35617720


>> No.35617722

It's a two-episode collab, not sure if Roberu and OnoYuu gonna go to Suisei and KoroAzu's Scramble though

>> No.35617723

At least our latest team didn't have boxheads

>> No.35617724

rami....don' t go...

>> No.35617726


>> No.35617727

Stop making me horny for Pekora.

>> No.35617731

Lucky food is Water!

>> No.35617733

Rummy don't go...

>> No.35617734

Roberu is lucky man he gets to see Suisei's roommate and smell Koroazu.

>> No.35617735


>> No.35617736

How many men did Pekora sleep with in her NND days? She was always so comfortable talking to random guys on skype.

>> No.35617737

Gaki yo!

>> No.35617738


>> No.35617740

> L: Moisten your throats

>> No.35617743


>> No.35617745

It was first and last time I bought from geekjack.

>> No.35617748

>1,700 EMS
The minimum charge for EMS is like 2,400 yen.

>> No.35617752

Lamy didn't tell us what she was depressed about...

>> No.35617753

>> No.35617756

Filling Sora's day with joy!

>> No.35617758

Is okay when Suisei does it

>> No.35617762

Kanata's lost it.

>> No.35617763

Why do Lamy and Nene just always talk about lewd shit?
It's like the only topic they ever talk about.
It's always panties this, pubic hair that, armpits this, sweat that, etc.
I like lewd shit as much as anyone but I don't want to just constantly edge and drip all day long when I watch them, it gets really tiring.

>> No.35617765

its fucking over

>> No.35617767

Don’t ever post this compulsive liar riajuu whore again

>> No.35617768

She probably didn't get good news from the doctor

>> No.35617770

/vt/ deserves to lose

>> No.35617772

>> No.35617773

Oh yeah I just checked the last one's air mail.

Though my EMS one is 2400 which was pekor's umeshu goods. still below geekjack's

>> No.35617775

My life feels so empty without Lamy....

>> No.35617777


>> No.35617778

>debut match
The game represents their fucking board

>> No.35617780

>> No.35617785

>Pekora collabs with someone
>immediately drops them
Every time. Only when Luna is about to graduate or on her death bed will Pekora pretend to care about her, and even then it will only be for the numbers boost. Glad Miko moved on from that menhera freak.

>> No.35617786

the players had no effort, no wonder the tactics are too

>> No.35617787

Good, I wasn't watching until /jp/ plays but I will still laugh at /vt/

>> No.35617788

>> No.35617790

>I'm sure if I stream for 12 more hours I'll get one-gori

>> No.35617792

Wasn't it basically that she still can't drink?

>> No.35617793

>> No.35617795


>> No.35617797

Kanatan you're beeing too fucking loud again, i can hear you from toilet...

>> No.35617802

Just remember Lamy is always with you, Yukimin

>> No.35617803

100% about her throat problem. She should consult the other blue woman about it.

>> No.35617804

So, what were the best streams this week?

>> No.35617805

That was a few years ago, when they first met at a karaoke event. They found out that they lived at the same neighbourhood and the rest is history

>> No.35617806

>> No.35617808

This is the run, Kanata's going to get it for sure in the next 10 minutes

>> No.35617809


>> No.35617810

Just a bunch of things compounding: throat problems, not being able to stream as much as she wants, lack of sleep, being generally busy with a really busy day today which broke the camel's back a little bit.

>> No.35617811

>> No.35617815

get ducked faggot

>> No.35617817


>> No.35617819

She doesn't wanna give up her Lamy voice for autistic reasons

>> No.35617822

The conversation on the radio is so fast that Azusa can't keep up kek.

>> No.35617823

It's nice that there will be art dedicated to all the 'friends' Pekora has dropped after getting what she wanted from them.

>> No.35617824


>> No.35617825


>> No.35617826

>> No.35617827

she never had it, she never had her car

>> No.35617829

PekoHimemori-san collab

>> No.35617832

>Nigger music

>> No.35617834


>> No.35617835

I can't believe she's going for a second graduation

>> No.35617836

Congratulations on 1000 URPR!

>> No.35617838

>> No.35617839

That's not a stream.

>> No.35617841

1000 oopa get! Just 10k more to go.

>> No.35617842


>> No.35617845

>> No.35617846


>> No.35617847

Wrong whore

>> No.35617849

>MASScuck as manager
definitely deserves to lose

>> No.35617852

This is worse than damnation

>> No.35617853

luna peko, and the lamy festival thing

>> No.35617855

There is only one nigger of Nippon

>> No.35617857

>wake up
>check YT
>Kanatan 25k
Holy shit

>> No.35617858

Why are whores the best?

>> No.35617859

>> No.35617860

They are the same person

>> No.35617862

>autistic reasons
What reasons? She hate her voice?

>> No.35617866

only one can speak eigo

>> No.35617868

I guess if anything, streams where Kanata is having inordinate amounts of trouble accomplishing a goal are her specialty.

>> No.35617869

Terraria is a good game and Anya a surprisingly good streamer if she actually plays something halfway decent and doesn't get bogged down endlessly in multiplayer kusoge like Dead by Daylight

>> No.35617875

People love gacha
People love watching Kanata suffer

>> No.35617876

>> No.35617877

>> No.35617878

>> No.35617879

>dropped it after people in Hololive mentioned they liked it and imitated it
Typical selfish bitch. Nobody else can enjoy things.

>> No.35617880

only paid like 10 euro for rushia's birthday set customs/fees

>> No.35617882

So, I induced myself into a 3 hours comma, hasn't Kanata got her blue oopa loopa yet?

>> No.35617883


>> No.35617886


>> No.35617889

Haato can't speak English but Haachama can
she has selective schizophrenia Sara is just another persona

>> No.35617890

She could have played Terraria with Coco...

>> No.35617891

Kanata encountered a blue UPRP

>> No.35617892

>> No.35617895

>> No.35617897

>> No.35617900

like boxer short? how big is nenechi's dick?

>> No.35617902

>> No.35617903


Big difference.

>> No.35617904

>> No.35617905

Think bout Towa's fat fucking twapper...

>> No.35617907

Minecraft has a pity system, right?

>> No.35617909

any holo femdom asmr?
i've been really into asmr lately

>> No.35617910


>> No.35617911


>> No.35617912

>> No.35617920

It's called cheating with /creative offstream like Watame did to get FBK her first Blue Oompa.

>> No.35617921

marine will never fuck your rabbit runny bunny cunny fag

>> No.35617923


>> No.35617926

>> No.35617928


>> No.35617930

>> No.35617931

>> No.35617933


>> No.35617938

>> No.35617939

>> No.35617940

Now that Towa is back, what do you want her to do?

>> No.35617941

i guess those retards have been spamming my oshi's stream lately..

>> No.35617942

sankisei love

>> No.35617943

>> No.35617944


>> No.35617946

Thinking about Towasamastream...

>> No.35617947


>> No.35617949

pretty much the usual

>> No.35617951

>> No.35617954


>> No.35617955

i want her to do me

>> No.35617958


>> No.35617961

There are people in this divegrass stream who have /vt/ colors in the chat that I remember having /jp/ colors some time ago. I'm a little let down I used to post with these people.

>> No.35617963

>> No.35617964

>Asked who's your oshi by KoroAzu
>Answered Ogami Shizuka reluctantly
So this is japanese air reading...

>> No.35617966

>> No.35617969

you aren't a pervert right lunaito?

>> No.35617970


>> No.35617976

If i wanted to listen to an English speaking whore telling me to slap my balls I could just go on Pornhub

>> No.35617977

Wouldn't be funny if someone deleted Towa's Apex account?

>> No.35617978

They went to a better place, you could have joined them but decided to stay with the filth and schizos instead.

>> No.35617979

>> No.35617983

Imagine Pekora's lonely, pathetic existence. Sits at her computer for a few hours pretending to be happy and cheerful while occasionally talking to chat. Afterwards she tweets out a thank you tweet saying how fun it was, then she immediately starts crying as her failures in life rush into her mental illness ravaged mind. Her tears won't stop as she thinks about all the relationships she's ruined by being a narcissistic bitch, letting her parents down so much that her father took his own life, having no friends in or outside of hololive. What a miserable piece of shit Pekora is. She probably wishes she was dead every second of every day. All these thoughts running through her head as she falls asleep. She wakes up and her failures attack her again. During the stream she talks about how good it is to sleep and forget, but she doesn't forget. How could she? She's a walking embodiment of failure. That's not something a tear filled night will erase, no matter how much she pretends otherwise.

>> No.35617984

>> No.35617986

>> No.35617987


>> No.35617988

>> No.35617989

Why is Nene like this?

>> No.35617991

>> No.35617993

>> No.35617995

You ARE listening to suisei right?

>> No.35617996

I'm the one bleeding

>> No.35617997


>> No.35618001

>> No.35618003

>> No.35618004


>> No.35618005

>> No.35618006


>> No.35618007


>> No.35618008

>> No.35618009

She despises it, which is pretty sad honestly.

>> No.35618012

I don't listen to Suislut

>> No.35618016

>> No.35618017

pekor wtf

>> No.35618020


>> No.35618021

I wasn’t talking to you bitch. Never respond to me again

>> No.35618022

They're always spamming. They think he's more relevant than Rushia.

>> No.35618023

>> No.35618024


>> No.35618027

dont know anon, 2k for me, same yuropoor area

>> No.35618029

Not as funny as Matuli's though.

>> No.35618031

>> No.35618032


>> No.35618033

>> No.35618034

She used it once as a "special treat" for Yukimin but don't like using it for everyday streams

>> No.35618039

I hope that they hack Apex again

>> No.35618040

>> No.35618041

Imagine schizo's lonely, pathetic existence. Sits at her computer for a few hours pretending to be normal while occasionally talking to anons. Afterwards she tweets out a schizo tweet saying how he hates everything, then she immediately starts crying as her failures in life rush into her mental illness ravaged mind. Her tears won't stop as she thinks about all the relationships she never had by being a nutcase, letting her parents down so much that her father took his own life, having no friends whatsoever. What a miserable piece of shit schizo is. She probably wishes she was dead every second of every day. All these thoughts running through her head as she falls asleep. She wakes up and her failures attack her again. During the stream she talks about how good it is to sleep and forget, but she doesn't forget. How could she? She's a walking embodiment of failure. That's not something a tear filled night will erase, no matter how much she pretends otherwise.

>> No.35618045


>> No.35618046

I want her to have lesbian sex with Momosuzu Nene on stream.

>> No.35618047

tf did peko do to make the schizo freak out? all she did was call subaru and play minecraft. completely inoffensive

>> No.35618048

>> No.35618053

Towa banana...

>> No.35618056

>> No.35618057

she didn't read any of the akasupas he sent and now he's mad

>> No.35618058

Rate the game, lads.

>> No.35618059

SuiWHORE fucks producers for music production
sorry you worship a washed-up idol

>> No.35618061

/jp/ played?

>> No.35618063

>> No.35618064

did they lose?

>> No.35618066

>> No.35618068

Terraria can be fun but you didn't even start the stream yet, onahole.

>> No.35618071

>> No.35618074

>> No.35618075

hearing nene's goalhorn was all I wanted from the cup, I'm done now

>> No.35618078

vt took all our players

>> No.35618080

Nenechi made the match worth watching

>> No.35618081

>> No.35618082

>> No.35618085

/vt/ played their first game in the cup, I l know
but it is a team full of holos...

>> No.35618086

>> No.35618090

>> No.35618091

I don't know if I should be happy my oshi isn't in /vt/'s team.

>> No.35618092


>> No.35618094

>vt took all our players
/vt/ doesnt even know who billy is

>> No.35618098

I don't watch copied teams

>> No.35618102


>> No.35618103

>I know
No, you don't, /vt/ can go fuck themselves.

>> No.35618105


>> No.35618106

>> No.35618108

>> No.35618118

Pekora is reading the archives all while thinking of cooking up some charcoal on the stove.

>> No.35618119

>You ordered the mug, right anon?

>> No.35618120



>> No.35618122

Yes I did

>> No.35618123

*I know

>> No.35618124

What game are you talking about? Is it a member stream or NND?

>> No.35618126

>> No.35618129

Damn. Imagine her 2d looked like this

>> No.35618132

Suisei radio

>> No.35618133

>> No.35618136

Any good streams today other than Subaru's?

>> No.35618137

>ctrl + f "vt"
>21 results
come on

>> No.35618139

>> No.35618142

>> No.35618143

>come on

>> No.35618144

/vt/ desperately wants us to watch them for some reason.

>> No.35618146

ha well memed, friend

>> No.35618149

>> No.35618150

>hates Aqua
>has nothing to do with Shion
>hates Marine
It's funny seeing all these images filled with people Pekora has completely ghosted. She's such a damaged individual. It's no wonder no one wants anything to do with her.

>> No.35618151

*clap clap*

>> No.35618156

I hope they make Hololive Korea and also a gen for every country in the whole world. Then we could have a Hololive world cup.

>> No.35618158

no matter if you hate 'em, /vt/ team is full of SOVL

>> No.35618161

>> No.35618162

It's our team but with the soul extracted

>> No.35618165

Any non-Matsuri watersports art?
I really like girls forcing boys to drink their pee but hate Matsuri

>> No.35618166

It's lonely at the top

>> No.35618168

Maybe because this was published bt that top streamer site

>> No.35618169

>> No.35618170

Me on the left

>> No.35618171

EN made other potential overseas branches obsolete.

>> No.35618173

The number of penises Pekora has seen is far higher than the number of friends she has.

>> No.35618175

you mena souless copycat

>> No.35618178


>> No.35618179

Flare and Luna have a bunch on pixiv.

>> No.35618180

souless cashgrab reboot

>> No.35618181

>dead hours
What are you guys doing?

>> No.35618185

Nene is the only one who has any soul in the /vt/ team

>> No.35618186

>used to
I post on /vt/ and I'm still here. Autists who use this thread exclusively are in the minority.
Never leaving.

>> No.35618188

she is going to get a bunch of terraria autists harassing her and quit the game

>> No.35618191

Watching Kanatan

>> No.35618192

How are we feeling about Luna playing FF9?

>> No.35618193

They literally removed the soul from nene's player though by being 3D

>> No.35618195

Listening to music under the influence of alcohol

>> No.35618198

Listening to ASMR I found in youtube.

>> No.35618199

>> No.35618200

>dead hours
but Kanatan is still rolling the upa gacha

>> No.35618201


>> No.35618202

>nene not 2D
kek souless

>> No.35618203

>> No.35618204


>> No.35618206

Listening to countless loops of Reinene Ai Dee

>> No.35618207

A fake will never surpass the original

>> No.35618209

Usada Kanata!?!?!

>> No.35618210

This is suprisingly good.

>> No.35618212

I use this thread and /vt/'s P*mu threads but I will not use anything else in that shitty board

>> No.35618214

Kanata even leeching Pekora's Minecraft BGM

>> No.35618216

bun bun cha

>> No.35618218

Look at her, she's clearly dead inside.

>> No.35618219

>leeching bgm
How shameless!!

>> No.35618221

trying my best to ignore all this paperwork i need to do..

>> No.35618224


>> No.35618225

Welp, that's a whole new level of leeching there, bruh

>> No.35618226

>> No.35618228

now that's my leech!

>> No.35618229

>Anya quitting a game over autists in chat
No way.
She's going to put them in their place and her chat will shit on them hard for any backseating attempts.

>> No.35618231

>13m views for Amouranth
How shitty has twitch gotten over the last few years jesus

>> No.35618236

all 150 of them

>> No.35618237


>> No.35618239

Lewding holostars

>> No.35618240

literally a porn site

>> No.35618241

Pekora talked about watching her.

>> No.35618243


>> No.35618245


>> No.35618246

もしかして。。。pekoschizo is pokinigger?

>> No.35618247

Playing trash like skyrim and waiting for her to tweet that a stream is coming

>> No.35618250

rab yu onyon

>> No.35618254

leech GOD I kneel

>> No.35618256


>> No.35618258

Since divegrass posting is happening, /hlg/ manager give the Kanata player a bunch of uprp's around her player model onegai

>> No.35618260


>> No.35618262

thanks to hot tub, brap, asmr, and yoga streams, twitchthots are a shit

>> No.35618264


>> No.35618266

>doing aqua after pekora
I see kanata doesn't know about their rrat yet

>> No.35618267

Nah, here's your kanatan model

>> No.35618268

Chotto SAA
Minna SAA
Nanka SAA
Kimi wa SAA
Maji de SAA

>> No.35618270


>> No.35618271

Reminder that Miko let slip in a since deleted member's stream(back during holocaust) that Pekora has fat cheeks, really bad teeth, and barely any chin. She said she's not pretty at all. This is one of the reasons she never does 3Ds unless absolutely necessary and never does offcollabs.

>> No.35618272

Got a link?

>> No.35618273


>> No.35618275

Kanata was the schizo all along

>> No.35618276

( ^)o(^ )b

>> No.35618278


>> No.35618282

Are you winning Kanata?

>> No.35618283

She is like 6 in human years you sick fucks.

>> No.35618284


>> No.35618286


>> No.35618289

Kanata should do Fubuki next, she'll get ao uprp in no time.

>> No.35618290

kek tenshi is a really underrated entertainer

>> No.35618291


>> No.35618295

should start singing WHOA OHH WHOA OHH OHH. instant blew axolotl

>> No.35618297

This is the timeline you chose, pekoschizo. It's time to pay for the unbearable suffering you have caused to nousagi

>> No.35618303


>> No.35618304

>hey guys im talking about myself again

>> No.35618305

How do you go from this


>> No.35618306

>> No.35618308

chuuni as fuck.

>> No.35618310

>> No.35618311

I really don't know

>> No.35618312


>> No.35618314


>> No.35618315


>> No.35618316

Totsumachi 0upa...

>> No.35618320


>> No.35618324

that's not a hime cut

>> No.35618329

>I don't get the reference but I have to post about it anyway

>> No.35618330

Holy shit just get one from Fubuki, this is literally wasting time.
Are nips just naturally addicted to gambling?

>> No.35618331

Luna... why does your roommate want my money?

>> No.35618333


>> No.35618336

Looping Kakero and Tenkyuu.

>> No.35618338

Its good

>> No.35618340

Shionyo's suicide show on a livestream

>> No.35618341

It's not a matter of getting one at this point, it's a matter of getting her own.

>> No.35618346

She's a fucking leech

>> No.35618348

>> No.35618349

Again, chuuni as fuck.

>> No.35618352


>> No.35618356


>> No.35618358

cover it, onegai

>> No.35618363

She is just fishing for views and superchat, just like her previous endurance.

>> No.35618364

Will PPT get the blue axolotl in less time than what she needed to beat Sans?

>> No.35618365

Stop breaking containment you retarded nigger schizos
Stay in your filthy cave like the trash you are

>> No.35618366

>> No.35618371

in cum? sure I will

>> No.35618376

Watching Nijisanji

>> No.35618379

As long as it takes...

>> No.35618381

fuck you watame now i lost 50 bucks on a mug

>> No.35618382

That wouldn't get her superchats.

>> No.35618384


>> No.35618387


>> No.35618389

any holo with Emma like feel?

>> No.35618391

>> No.35618394

wait for pomu

>> No.35618396


>> No.35618402

It's been 312 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


>> No.35618404

No way, it's all up to luck and with Kanata's luck she'll be here for a month at least.

>> No.35618405


>> No.35618407

Not hololive

>> No.35618411

It's been 7 days since Ayame last played "LoL"
I'm glad that she's alive but she's definitely not doing ok. I hope she streams soon.

>> No.35618415


>> No.35618417

That guy coming after Roberu's radio show has a really nice voice and I wish I'd have done more reps, because his content sounds interesting too. I ended up listening to his programme all the way through after the previous collab too.

>> No.35618418


>> No.35618423

Does Towa use tongue when kissing?

>> No.35618425

fly in oil...

>> No.35618427

fuck en

>> No.35618431

I hope the massfags will also rope when Delta finally kills herself

>> No.35618432

didn't ask + ratio

>> No.35618433

Yes, And you will NOT like it.

>> No.35618438

Only for her cat

>> No.35618444

fuck off nigger, Koreans are dead weight

>> No.35618445

big sion's yo

>> No.35618451

fuck off suicidenigger

>> No.35618457

>> No.35618458

>> No.35618468

I must say that graduations are pretty exciting. When are we getting another one?

>> No.35618469


>> No.35618470

Is it true that all the holos not streaming on fridey night are getting dicked right now?

>> No.35618478

Did this old mutt really scheduled an FF9 stream after god knows how long since she said she wanted to play it, now coincidentally close to Luna's stream? Fuck off.

>> No.35618480

fixed your image

>> No.35618482

bon bon yo....

>> No.35618484

Many of them are probably asleep right now, but possibly were dicked earlier.

>> No.35618485


>> No.35618486

>hololive brazil

>> No.35618488

I'm ready for her post-timeskip upgrades

>> No.35618491

Well, count Ayame free Fridays

>> No.35618501


>> No.35618503


>> No.35618507


>> No.35618509

Kanata got above level 40 just by breeing oopas, then died and lost all exp, and now she got to 40 again.

>> No.35618511

Sex friends!

>> No.35618516

>> No.35618517


>> No.35618520

New rrat
Lamy doesn't want to use hear real voice because she used to do JAV and her voice is easily recognizable

>> No.35618521

did you fly in oil today anon?

>> No.35618523


>> No.35618524

>> No.35618525

STOP posting holos in swimsuits, this is a christian board for anons to improve their lives!

>> No.35618527

damn I wish...

>> No.35618528


>> No.35618530

Wow, and she gets over 20k live viewers for this shit. This really shows numbers don't mean anything.

>> No.35618531

MikoLamy JAV collab!

>> No.35618532

fuck off retard
shitheads like this should be banned

>> No.35618533

Being depressed because my computer is rebooting on its own and I don't know why...

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