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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I will marry this menhera.

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Love this fat fuck

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Say something nice about my wife Ayame!

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Old VA please come back...

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I love Aqua, no joke

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Is it true that pekora was a bully on nnd who would raid other streamers streams and spread vicious rumors about them on messageboards?

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We need more holos in gymwear

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great whore

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thats a lot of hololive threads

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Look at what my cute nephew draw!
I actually drew this myself. I don't even have a fucking nephew. Fuck i'm bored. When is she gonna stream

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towa love kanata

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dont lie

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Your oshi will get cat ears.

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Okite Okite

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You can only post your oshi here if she has access to an ao oopa.

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*wastes an image slot*
nothin personlel

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need cute kanata....

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cute onyo

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that reminds me, will there be an aggie today?

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*steals bibi*

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Do we seriously allow towa to be op now? But not ids? Risu is way more important to hololive.

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I really, really miss Polka...

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Not really my thing but I can see the appeal

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I want to draw something this cute.

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anon watch towa

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It's been 6 days since Tagaraki Torre "took a vacation".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement he has received, Tortellini Tulpa was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now he's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on his album, merch and on the new apex tournament.

Tokugawa Tomare is not a very strong person and he's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that he's alive and happy that he's working hard to accomplish his dreams.


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You know what would be pog? Pomu OP.

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Gym means exercise, and exercise means sweat. It's just association.

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Towa aqua watch en

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Can someone post silly clips of Towa?

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Because of (You)r falseflagging, /qa/

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I miss her so much bros...

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Apparently she will stream
though I don't really care anymore

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it was probably towas fault... yeah towa did it

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ホイホイアホイ ホイホイアホーイ
ホイホイアホイ ホイホイアホーイ
ホイホイアホイ ホイホイアホーイ
ホイホイアホイ ホホイのホイ

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what's worse Towa or this new captcha?

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Pomu laugh sounds like a dolphin

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Hags look like THIS?!?!?!

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Anyone else think Towa might be a whore?

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It's been 313 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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Why are (You) like this?

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She will appear on the offcollab, right?

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Love my Lamy

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Captcha isn't as bad now since I get a lot more "Verification not required" ones.

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Haven't seen that once, are you using 4chan x?

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>"Things that Towa would post in this thread"

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Are there any good Chinese elf chuubas

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Those tits are way too big

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>New game next week
I will keep suffering from anxiety...

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Why won't Nene eat vegetables

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looks like she won't

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>holos for this feel

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sunday project?

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I like Nene

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I thought they were going to bring back hololive cn? I'm glad coshit is gone but still want the cn girls back

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spice love commercial watchalong

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Danchou is going to get addicted to this

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tits too big

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Wake up anon! Dead hours are over! Noeru is streaming draque!


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Can't wait for his 3D, so far Roberu's and Rikka's 3D have been better than any of the girls 3D so I expect Shien to have a good stream too

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me too, friend

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Towa saggers...

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>Roberu's 3D

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wow didn't know Watame was a bigot... guess I better find a new oshi

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/hlg/ told me that BiliBili streams and Genshin streams would start on July 2nd but I’m still waiting

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>> No.35622254

they bounce so much, it's mesmerizing

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Meanwhile, in bizarro /hlg/...

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You don't even believe your bullshit but you expect others to believe it?

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What will the announcement be?

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Rainy chatting later, be sure to watch!

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sex with me

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They're going to start right after Subaru's 2nd anniversary 3D stream

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Miko is easily one of the best holos

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cool they removed the botnet too

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Does this really work?

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777 kita

>> No.35622276

Sora stream....

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Is she just saying that she's delaying specifically the story game she planned to play, not today's stream?

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When is Korone gonna get a new outfit, it's long overdue.

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I can’t wait!

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I just tried it and it failed 3 times in a row, so yeah...

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Why is Japan obsessed with blonde hair?

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i actually welcome homoposting. i've been out of the loop since Roberu's 3d debut

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Doesn't work very well, it keeps getting a few letters wrong.

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Will they mirror it?

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>not Ame
2/10 made me click.

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It's the most aesthetic hair color.

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Because they don't have the gene for it

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Sora Love!

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She's starting to sound like Nobuhime again in this video.

>> No.35622327

Cute altho not really similar

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Who’s roommate will start a freechat next?

>> No.35622329

instead of spamming, can you share some insights about Shien? like the onigiriya anon sometimes do

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Danchou my ears...

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This thread has somehow made me hate Holo ID. I liked some of them before and subbed to all gen 2 when they debuted, but now when I see they are streaming I get a flush of anger and think of the retards in this thread that spam them constantly. It's really unfortunate because they never did anything to make me hate them. Guess it's time to just unsub before I become a true anti

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If they do Genshin streams I will quit my job and watch hololive full time

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This is so much more entertaining than the main game

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hes spamming his homos... hes spamming his homos...

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Say what you will about Hololive ID but Reine has a beautiful character design

>> No.35622351

They don't watch streams.

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I want to lick towa's tummy!

>> No.35622354

Mr Koro my sleep reps...

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me too. occasional ID posting is fine (except Ollie who's a turbo whore) but indogs are forcing hlg to like them all.

>> No.35622361

Quite an early stream for Mr. Koro. Guess she wanted to be the first

>> No.35622363

>monki hands

>> No.35622364

Shien and Korone are the same person

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>> No.35622367

Same, gives me a lot of MD5s to filter for the time when actual spam starts.

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>> No.35622373

I miss Towa...

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>> No.35622375

>Live in 11 hours

>> No.35622376

I thought Mr Koro wasnt streaming until 22:00?

>> No.35622377

Look again

>> No.35622378

How low does your testosterone have to be to watch virtual males?

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That's a lotta sluts

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>> No.35622385

What game does Noel play at the casino?

>> No.35622386

The homo spamming schizos do not actually watch them or know anything about them. They are just trying to prove a point that nobody else understands because the rest of us aren't retarded. If you want to learn about Shien ask in the homo thread.

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It's also really addictive

>> No.35622389

probably pretty low since im not a man

>> No.35622390

Just got it wrong, she changed it now.

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>> No.35622393

Your watching 30+ woman roleplaying as anime characters online lmao
If you had high testosterone you would be doing other things

>> No.35622395

>Members only chat
Do all orange women look the same to zhangs?

>> No.35622398

I don't think testosterone has anything to do with that

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Dumb dog this is why you're reclining

>> No.35622401

>Forbidden knowledge not being deleted
I miss when posting roommates would be deleted...

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If they don't talk about loli I hereby declare Hololive as dead, no soul left in the company.

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>> No.35622409

the homo cries out in pain as he strikes you

>> No.35622415

There's no way this is her first FF. Is she just making fun of Pekora with this title?

>> No.35622417

I now realize when Miko lost her soul
It was when she stopped playing visual novels

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>> No.35622422

I hope she als this

>> No.35622427

I want to grind my face on Nene's abs.

>> No.35622429

>If you had high testosterone you would be doing other things
Watching Pomu being one of them

>> No.35622430

Fuck off

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haha its pmu

>> No.35622442

Why is Korone stealing Luna's thunder? What a whore.

>> No.35622445

*blocks number*

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most japanese don't play ff, ff is for weebs overseas mostly

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>> No.35622458

Noel is a gambling addict. Noel should be banned from casinos for her own sake

>> No.35622462

at first, i thought it was a double chammers but i noticed the hair lenght

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>> No.35622465

You're goddamn right

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>> No.35622468

Noel has a sake? since when?

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>thread has been slow ever since Coco graduation and haachama hiatus

I thought this is what I wanted, but it's too slow now...

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Does sora have fetal alcohol syndrome?

>> No.35622497

next thread will be better

>> No.35622501

mugen loop...

>> No.35622502

Probably doesn't want random EOP to spam chat to ask if Festival would prefer fucking Hoshikawa or the homos

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>> No.35622510

Fuck you Peanuts is based.

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Why do I hardly ever see Aqua even though she's one of the most popular in terms of subscribers?

I'm US-based and speak primarily English. I got into Hololive last summer when the Korone "Eekum Bookum" meme got big, and later her DOOG run with the chainsaw and BFG got me hooked. Obviously I got huge into EN when that became a thing, but over the months since I've branched out to watching a lot of the JP crew as well.

The thing that seems odd from my perspective is that when I look at the most subscribed vtubers, it's a lot of names I would expect... and then Aqua. I am not saying that she's not fun to watch. I wouldn't know. Just that I feel like I've been hardly exposed to her at all. To me, it feels like she's in the same category as like, Aki Rose or Choco. I know they exist but I hardly ever see clips of them, or see them in collabs, and I don't really know what their "thing" is. Even someone like Reine who has far fewer subscribers, I feel 10 times more familiar with.

It's not just a language thing. The other top JP members I'm very familiar with and I see their clips and memes all the time. Korone, Pekora, Fubuki, Senchou, Haachama, Miko - I watch their clips almost daily and it seems like I've seen them in a lot of collabs. But if you asked me to name my favorite Aqua clip, I don't think I could even think of one.

Is there any particular reason she would be so much more invisible for a newer fan or to Western fans in general? And, beyond that, is there a good place to start if I do want to learn more about her?

>> No.35622517

Why would the DQfag play those shitty games gaijins like?

>> No.35622518

>> No.35622520

what are you?

>> No.35622523

Because I'm pomu

>> No.35622524

She wants to but the game won't let her...

>> No.35622525

it's slow because of captcha, I'm indo-niceian and english is my 5th language so these new cpatrhca are confusing to us

>> No.35622534

>> No.35622535

Only chinks like Aqua because she's as soulless as them

>> No.35622536


>> No.35622538

>is there a good place to start if I do want to learn more about her?
try Bilibili

>> No.35622541


>> No.35622542

Start by watching the best Aqua clip

>> No.35622543

Ok it was this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCYnsvEFNVM

>> No.35622544

Because she hasn't been streaming as of lately, she's recovering from her APEX and RedBull addiction please understand.
Last year she was pretty active I don't know how you missed her.

>> No.35622545

Doom 2016 was exactly a year a go while Banjo was early September.

>> No.35622546

1/3 of the images in this Hololive thread are not Hololive

>> No.35622549

>> No.35622551

>> No.35622552

Dumb fucking rabbit streaming while sick

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>> No.35622555

You should ask for a quick rundown.

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>> No.35622562

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>> No.35622567

stomach has probably been turning from anxiety about the commercial and watchalong, she mentioned she was really nervous about it the other day

>> No.35622568

are we sure the homo spammer isn't just marine schizo? both are noted fujos.

>> No.35622569

>> No.35622573

>Last year she was pretty active I don't know how you missed her.
Because he's a baitposter who wants to start another thread derail and you need to stop feeding him.

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>> No.35622578

Sora's oka-san apparently was quite a rebel..

>> No.35622582

Homos will always have low subscriber numbers
Homos will always have low views
Homos will always have low superchat numbers
Homos will never get a collab with holos that aren’t Fubuki and Matsuri because none of the girls give a shit about them
Homos will continue to beg
Homos will always be a failure
I will never watch a homo stream
I will never reply to a homo post
I will always wish for graduation of homos
Homo posters will always be shitposters and falseflaggers trying to get (you)’s because not even homo posters actually watch homos, you’re just against the split because you love baiting with homo images
Kirashit, Suzasomething and Kaofag will never be back and nobody will remember them

Just look at the state of this thread
Hololive is an idol agency and yet i’m supposed to put up with homo subhumans talking about how their literal who nobody who’s earning below minimum wage is fucking my oshi? How is this acceptable?
Read the fucking room already meidos, nobody here watches homos, stop letting them be used for shitposting.

>> No.35622583

Aqua antis confirmed reddit?

>> No.35622584

>> No.35622588

Is this Shienbro dumping new twitter arts to help us all update our MD5 for tonight? Kinda based.

>> No.35622589

Noel enjoying some Red Bull(TM)

>> No.35622590

How do you think Kanata and Towa are feeling with there being a rise in people shipping them together since the new vsinger appeared?

>> No.35622594

>> No.35622597

>> No.35622598

based but you could update it and add ollie and azki

>> No.35622599

what will miko's preferred ojitan be, zach galifinakis, bradley cooper, or ed helms?

>> No.35622604

Towa is too busy collabing with men in Apex and Kanata doesn't give a shit about Towa

>> No.35622606

they were being shipped since time immemorial

>> No.35622608

zach obviously. she likes autistic fat boy.

>> No.35622610

>> No.35622611

Fuck off

>> No.35622616

WTF?! Who raped the schizo?

>> No.35622617

Fatbros, we made it...

>> No.35622618


>> No.35622620

Bad sign, every guest that's been on holotalk has graduated

>> No.35622623

>> No.35622624

Yeah but I said a rise on it, Hoshi no Kanata or Kanacoco were more popular than that.

>> No.35622629

getting a week to have baby making sex


>> No.35622633

>> No.35622639


>> No.35622640

Who's in the middle?

>> No.35622642


>> No.35622643

It's her first FF9. She's played 6 before

>> No.35622644

Wait a week for the vsinger joke to die.

>> No.35622648

I'm sorry for shitting on Pekora all day. I had a sudden realization and was overtaken with a crushing feeling of grief and regret. If you see anti-Pekora posts from now on, they aren't from me.

>> No.35622650

who's this vsinger anyway? and why are they associating her with kanatowa?

>> No.35622653

I would literally give up my life to be able to cum just once between Lamy's tits.

>> No.35622657

>> No.35622658

You should just neck yourself, this is why you get 30 day bans

>> No.35622662

Cringe, you should keep going, watching noutoddlers cry was great.

>> No.35622663

Fuck off, if anyone is going to die after Lamy Paizuri, it's going to be me

>> No.35622666

Her bio states she's half angel half demon, color schemes also are close to both of them.

>> No.35622668

>> No.35622669


>> No.35622671

I accept our concession

>> No.35622673

<span class="sjis">               、ー─_───-_ -─‐- _ ────,
                  , .: .: \_ -          -_   .:/
                ′.: /  /       ヽ  ヽ:/
             , -■∨  /             ',
                /   □/   ;     | .:    |  |:  ′
            | |i  .,′   | ハ | : |.::.     |  |   |
            |/   |    |: -─-:|:::::.  -─-.|   |
                     |    |/ V L|:::::::. _八N!.  |
             }   .|    | 云芹ミ  ̄ ̄,ィ巧ミ|   |\
             |   .|    |  乂ソ    Vソ {!.   〔⌒
                / /     iト        丶    ル   |
             / / / /    i|! \         イ |!  .|
          -=彡-=彡 1    |   .}h。_, ´-`─-、r'/ .丿
               /    |     .|!   i! | /)-、   |と⌒ヽ
           /.  , =八   |Τ´ ///)  |/⌒ヽ}=┐
              /  ( .γ⌒ヽ .| |`i_ { './/)   .|-⌒ヽト、⌒i
           ⌒1 |. _〕.|     Ⅵ |:  j  'γ´─‐-}(⌒ ./. \j
           |!.|. ( .ハ    )):i| . /   八---‐'"|_|. 〔   )
           |!.|. \∧   .))::|!/  ,r′    [__|  〔 ./
           |八  ( 〕   Υ:/  /───┬:┤.|.  〔´
             \\):〕  ./   /::::::: |:::○ |:::::|__|   〔
              ⌒V〕 ./   / :::::::: |::::::::::|:::::|:: |.   〔
                Vi     ,{ :::::::::: |:::○ |:::::|:八.  }
                 |ハ.  ./ |:::::::::::::|::::::::::|:::::|:::::|\ノ
                 /::::ゝ-<.: :|::::::::::: |::::::::::|:::::|:::::|
                ⌒i:::::::::|.: .:|::::::::::: |:::○ |:::::|::::::',      ___
                  / :::::: |.: .:|::::::::::: |::::::::::|:::::|::::::::':,       \: : `: .、
                     / ::::::::: |.: .:|::::::::::: |:::○ |:::::|:::::::::: 〉      ',: : : :`: 、
              _. -‐ : 7::::─: [二]___|____!::-|─:⌒,       `' 、: : : : :\
              / : : : : /:::::::::::〉>++( ゚ ) :::: |:::::::::|〈〉.ψV/:',         /: : : : : : : ':,
         .: : :: :: :: ::/ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|::○::|ψ 〈〉.V/:',       \: : : : : : : :/,
.         /: : : : : : :/ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: |:::::::: |.〈〉 .ψ.V/:',       /: : : : : : : : :/,    ___
        /: : : : : : :/:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|::::::::::|ψ.〈〉ψV/:}        \ : : : : : : : : └: :  ̄: : : : : : : :[/spoiler]

>> No.35622674

Towa has already came multiple times while looking at the art.

>> No.35622678

his name is cummsies he debuted last month

>> No.35622684

>> No.35622685

I've never been banned. Never even got a warning.The mods really don't care about the kinds of posts I was making.

>> No.35622686

why do they all love kamyu
he's just an edgelord

>> No.35622687


>> No.35622689

Mio's womb is on life support and there's nothing I can do to save it

>> No.35622690

Why is everyone in the chat talking like trannies?

>> No.35622692

Miko and Watame have mentioned talking with Haachama, its not much and is not that reliable considering how she's been recently, but at least there's some news.
What about Shion though? Any other mentions of her from other holos? Anything new on her roommate?

>> No.35622695

What is Miko streaming today?

>> No.35622696

I just assume you're all runny bunny cunny poster

>> No.35622702

cause they are

>> No.35622704

Hopefully something that's not Minecraft.

>> No.35622705

Your oshi will be the next active roommate to graduate

>> No.35622706

>> No.35622709

That's just KFP for you.

>> No.35622711


>> No.35622715

My oshi is Anya.

>> No.35622717

>> No.35622728

why is kanata such a chad

>> No.35622733

Daily reminder that Shion is in a committed relationship with a woman, and it isn't (you)

>> No.35622734

Thoughts on Yagoo?

>> No.35622737

for a moment i though that it was a KFP Bossu edit

>> No.35622738

Le funny CEO retard

>> No.35622741


>> No.35622743

God I wish I was Aqua...

>> No.35622745

Why are you lying? It’s me.

>> No.35622748


>> No.35622750

Is aqua shion the new relationship /u/ schizos are trying to push?

>> No.35622751

aqua please stream

>> No.35622754

35P how do we get Miko to play some of the classics she's never touched instead of playing Minecraft and shitty meme games all day?
She'd have so much fun playing SNES classics I bet and the viewers all want to see that stuff if it's a first playthrough so she'd get good numbers too!

I can't keep watching her stagnate much longer with her horse girls and dumb shit it hurts so much

>> No.35622755

I am hapopy he yagoo'd the needful to giving people fune times.

>> No.35622756

A good father.

>> No.35622757

Jokes aside I think if there's one holo who's lowkey gay it's Shion.

>> No.35622759

Nijiniggers deserve the rope

>> No.35622763

>new relationship
fuck off newfag

>> No.35622765

If I didn't let the streamable clip of his marriage proposal get deleted I would prove you wrong

>> No.35622766

Not only am I older than you but I have a membership to both of them.

>> No.35622768

>She'd have so much fun playing SNES classics
She wouldn't. Miko really doesn't vibe with old clunky game, for better and for worse she really is a zoomer

>> No.35622770

Aqua ate Shion's kani the other day

>> No.35622771

Oops meant for

>> No.35622772

what did you think of Okayu's latest cover?

>> No.35622775

Hey, I know most people here don't like matuli, but she's in 2 collabs tonight if you want to watch...



>> No.35622779

sou desu ne...

>> No.35622780


>> No.35622782

fuck off l*ger

>> No.35622783

no one cares about what you want them to play retard

>> No.35622784

Weird only one link shows up for me

>> No.35622788

>With close to 313 thousand births, women aged 30 to 34 years were the leading age group giving birth in Japan in 2019

We're going to make it hagbros

>> No.35622793


>> No.35622795

What if she's already older than 34

>> No.35622797

Oh are you actually being serious? How can you be older than me then if you don't know that Aquashio was already a pairing that existed long ago.

>> No.35622800

no holo is that old, maybe botan

>> No.35622801

You're literally doing nothing

>> No.35622802

Your baby will end up like Towa...

>> No.35622805

>Ayame's internet got accidentally borked while moving

Is she really that clumsy

>> No.35622806

I'll only watch Aki and her friends

>> No.35622809


>> No.35622811

I'm cheering her on from the sidelines, we're basically married

>> No.35622812

Towa broke it

>> No.35622813

In comparison 126million indians were born in 2019

>> No.35622818

mio is but there's still hope

>> No.35622822

stfu and fuck a hag retard

>> No.35622823

I want to have sex with Tokoyami Towa

>> No.35622826

Because Towa acts like a wife around her, worries about what Kanata eats, notices little details about her like her cutting her bangs just a bit or losing a bit of weight, gets all timid when they perform on the same stage. Nothing left for Kanata but to wear pants in that relationship.

>> No.35622827

Visuals were freaky but I love her sexy voice.

>> No.35622830

Mine will ignore fast

>> No.35622834

No, she was playing league. She's just a smelly liar, unless she was playing league at her boyfriend's house

>> No.35622836

>> No.35622837


>> No.35622841

>shipping kanatowa because of this IRyS shit
You faggots already have a legitimate relationship why do you need more?

>> No.35622843

You need to leave.

>> No.35622845

Why did she molest Marine?

>> No.35622849

god why is pekora so unsexy

>> No.35622850

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udfd3sHudLg Aki
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGKftruYI64 Luna
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF0qGqK24Ws Botan

>> No.35622851

This was the real reason

>> No.35622853

it's not legitimate if she's not hololive anymore

>> No.35622856

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.35622861

I'll only believe it's real if her roommate shows up on a kson gfe stream

>> No.35622862

>Sorry guys couldn't stream had no internet teehehe
>Played league everyday with her boyfriend

>> No.35622863

she's like a bratty little sister

>> No.35622864

>Sabotaged really hard in 2020
>Became one of the strongest talent in 2021
Did Subaru's old manager kill themselves yet?

>> No.35622867

Luna is gonna start the stream and you will shut the fuck up and watch

>> No.35622868

Would you a Towa?

>> No.35622869



>> No.35622871

i cant wait for the next kson stream.
please stream....

>> No.35622872

No but I am

>> No.35622873

I love adultery anon

>> No.35622876


>> No.35622877

Stop spamming.

>> No.35622878

no thanks, smoker breath is gross

>> No.35622881

Why did she steal Lulu's ribbons before killing her?

>> No.35622887

KanaTowa has existed for a long time, nothing wrong with having a bit of fun. Also if it pushes them to collab more I'll be happy. At the very least Kanata is already aware of IRyS being assigned as their child.

>> No.35622891

I'm going to be the schizo that molests Rushia during a konbini run

>> No.35622892

Why does she have a tattoo?

>> No.35622893

aki is cute but I cannot support israel

>> No.35622895


>> No.35622898


>> No.35622902

Sure hope so. Subaru started inclining despite her limitations back in 2020, now with a good manager she's blooming for real.

>> No.35622904

No, since she had a child her pussy is really stretched out and my dick is too small for her

>> No.35622905


>> No.35622906

>strongest talent
>hates singing more than Okayu does

>> No.35622907

Why are Lunaitos like this?

>> No.35622909


>> No.35622911

only if I can bully bibi after

>> No.35622912

Stop spamming like this. It's making my phone lag

>> No.35622915

>Hates singing

>> No.35622916

Finally some high quality posts

>> No.35622917

Download kuroba retard

>> No.35622918


>> No.35622920

>nothing wrong with having a bit of fun.
There's plenty of things wrong with shippers

>> No.35622923

How new?

>> No.35622924

>strongest talent

>> No.35622928


>> No.35622931


>> No.35622932

>It's making my phone lag
That's the point fuck off fone bitch

>> No.35622934

How much do I have to pay KMR to free Subaru's soul. I don't want her to whale anymore

>> No.35622935

Why is it that all the holos instantly become better with some extra weight?

>> No.35622936

Only if you have autism and your defective brain is forcing you to take everything seriously.

>> No.35622940

She's okay, she asks her dad permission to whale.

>> No.35622941

Everyone but Polka

>> No.35622944

But even Polka gets better.

>> No.35622945


>> No.35622946

yeah, good thing there's no one like that here...

>> No.35622947

Why is pekorap considered spam and nnaa isn't? not even a nousagi

>> No.35622949

Someone from Tumblr drew this, delete it. Being fat is disgusting

>> No.35622954

Meido is a Lunaito

>> No.35622955

>> No.35622956

Just include a photo of Shien with your pekorap and you're good

>> No.35622959

>> No.35622960

Gay, plump holos are the best.

>> No.35622961

noeru loves the small lil ojisan
i understand how she feels though

>> No.35622962

Why is Luna coughing? I'm gonna concern...

>> No.35622968

Post it in full kanji and you're good to go

>> No.35622969

Big Lamy....

>> No.35622970

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Stream at 19JST https://youtu.be/SB29vkFYvjE
And The Hangover watchalong at 23JST today!

>> No.35622974

Fat girls have double chins. You worship a false god.

>> No.35622975

King of the Hill watchalong onegai

>> No.35622976

FF9 is 21 years old...

>> No.35622978

Is Korosan going to be playing FF9 on original hardware?

>> No.35622979

I don't think this is the first time Luna is playing this game, is it?

>> No.35622980

Post more thicc holos

>> No.35622982

How can an old hag have a laugh this cute?

>> No.35622983

Fantastic. The song was perfect for her range, and I wasn't expecting her to go as far as having the entire thing be animated instead of just having one tweening still.

>> No.35622985

Aki's drinking already

>> No.35622986

Don't remind me.

>> No.35622987

>> No.35622988


>> No.35622990

>old hag

>> No.35622991

Cocock has a better ship, they can even clash tongue piercings together.

>> No.35622994

It says switch in the stream description

>> No.35622996

Aki LOVES her overseas viewers and tries her best to speak English

>> No.35623000

Yes, she's literally talking about how it's different from her memories.

>> No.35623001

>> No.35623002

>strongest talent
When did Subaru reached the level of Fubuki, Aqua, Korone, Pekora and Marine?

>> No.35623003

The deleted ones weren't even on time like before, nousagi are getting sloppy.

>> No.35623004


>> No.35623005


>> No.35623006

>> No.35623009

Anon this is 2021 we're talking about...

>> No.35623013

>Weekly utawakus
>Consistent cover output
>Original song

>> No.35623017

this jewess is pretty cute, fellas

>> No.35623018

towa used all the image posts

>> No.35623020

Moona has the best body in hololive, holy fuck.

>> No.35623022


>> No.35623025

pomu love

>> No.35623026

Aaaahhh the battle BGM... Nice...

>> No.35623027

Do you even watch stream?

>> No.35623029

Haha it's P*m*!

>> No.35623031

saviorfags are also poorfags, I guess

>> No.35623032

>Muh singing
Whot the fuck cares
Singing is boring as fuck

>> No.35623033


>> No.35623035

Fuck off.
Her friendship with megumi is pure and platonic.

>> No.35623036

I've ran the numbers and Towa is projected to have around 1.8 billion live viewers for her comeback stream tomorrow.

>> No.35623038

!!! pomu !!!

>> No.35623039

>Sabotaged really hard in 2019
>Became one of the strongest idols in 2020
DId Suisei's old frog manager kill himself yet?

>> No.35623041

Aki just kissed me.. later losers

>> No.35623042

Leeching EN

>> No.35623043

Aki is fucking CUTE
Really sad so many holos have throat and voice problems lately...

>> No.35623044

Cope duckeks

>> No.35623045

She definitely should diversify a bit, I think even she would enjoy it. She looked like she had a lot of fun with Spiderman.

>> No.35623046

It's not bad at all for a niji

>> No.35623049


>> No.35623053

>strongest idols
When did Suisei reached the level of Sora, Miko, Watame, Kanata and Nene?

>> No.35623054

She kissed me too, amazing!

>> No.35623055

i love her so much

>> No.35623056


>> No.35623057

long ago?

>> No.35623059

i have a lot to say about towa

>> No.35623060

Aki's cool cause she hangs out with us in the cell.

>> No.35623061

Have you been living under a rock?
Get some internet, SEAnig

>> No.35623063

In 2020, keep up anon

>> No.35623065

We did it pomudachis!

>> No.35623066


>> No.35623068

Pomu in poverty...

>> No.35623069

Is Pomu a new Lulu?

>> No.35623075

I wish we had Pomu over literally any of the other ENs in Hololive

>> No.35623076

>Marine streaming at the same time as Shiens 3D
She will kneel and move her stream like Luna did for Roberu

>> No.35623077

No, she is Pomu!

>> No.35623078

>> No.35623084

She will not, Luna is a good girl while Marine is a whore

>> No.35623089


>> No.35623090

pomu is pomu

>> No.35623092

This is such a clean artstyle, I'm jealous.

>> No.35623095

homofags harassed on twitter Luna to do that

>> No.35623097

Hime bully!

>> No.35623099

>HoloEN? yuck get those western wh*res out of here
Why are you people like this?

>> No.35623100

You will never make Botan as happy as Zeus does.

>> No.35623103


>> No.35623105

Meidos-sanctioned nijiraid.

>> No.35623107

I wish pomu was hololive

>> No.35623108

What if I'm Zeus in a cart?

>> No.35623109

Mori is confirmed a Roastie slut
Pomu is literally me and therefore pure

>> No.35623110

It's replying to itself.

>> No.35623111

Nari-sensei art is the best for Suisei and i don't want it to be change....

>> No.35623112

Yes. just filter it.

>> No.35623114

desu I also liked nijiEN more than holoEN lmao

>> No.35623115

Miko, Aki and Matsuri will also stream over the 3D, just deal with it

>> No.35623117


>> No.35623119

Why couldn't Pomu have been EN gen 2..

>> No.35623121

but I am a mammoth so I'll be fine

>> No.35623122

>open Botan's stream
>close Botan's stream

>> No.35623125

Watch a HoloEN collab and then watch a NijiEN collab

>> No.35623126

It is Kiara's fault

>> No.35623132

>Your Hololive oshi is bad
>My Nijisanji oshi is good

>> No.35623135

she has cancer, thats why

>> No.35623140

Are homofags going to harass Marine like they did Luna? Are they going to delete their accounts like they did after Luna replied?

>> No.35623143

How about I watch neither

>> No.35623145

Hope cover will hire less awkward cringelords for EN2...

>> No.35623146

>works in an office
she is just like me

>> No.35623152

At least Mori is hololive

>> No.35623153

WE only hate Kiara and Mori. The other 3 are okay.

>> No.35623154

both are shit nijibeggar

>> No.35623156


>> No.35623157

>> No.35623158

Gura is a piece of shit

>> No.35623160


>> No.35623161

Are there really this many pomudachi here?

>> No.35623162

Akiroze dakimakura!! aaaaa

>> No.35623163

Did Kanata ever get the blue axotl?

>> No.35623165


>> No.35623166

>shishiron kakkoii!!!
>iyaaaa shishironn!!!

>> No.35623169

HoloIDs are essencially HoloEN done right.

>> No.35623170


>> No.35623171

FUCK that's cute

>> No.35623172

>> No.35623173


>> No.35623174

muh dick

>> No.35623175

Well this is the Holo/Pomu thread

>> No.35623176

Worth the 50 ARS, thanks

>> No.35623177


>> No.35623178

oog popular thing bad

>> No.35623179

Pomu love is universal

>> No.35623181


>> No.35623182


>> No.35623186

Towa will save us from the Pomu spammers

>> No.35623187

Meidos, this is the HOLOLIVE thread

What the fuck are doing

>> No.35623190


>> No.35623191


>> No.35623192

what kind of sacrifices do I have to make and to what god if I want my oshi's chat to be cleansed of grey names

>> No.35623194

Towa Pomu collab onegai

>> No.35623195

Aki cleavage!
Aki thighs!
Aki feet!
Hugging Aki while I sleep!

>> No.35623198

I want to stick it in wAKImanko

>> No.35623200

>> No.35623201

You mean Akimakura.

>> No.35623203

You will cum on your aunt's daki, right?

>> No.35623205

Aki is slut

>> No.35623206


>> No.35623207

Just use the wheelbarrow on them and force them to switch to members only chat

>> No.35623208

Get her to say something positive about Taiwan and she will have no choice but to members only her chat.

>> No.35623209

Pretty nice

>> No.35623210

why is she like this

>> No.35623211

she's just traveling around the hub.....

>> No.35623212

Change your oshi to Aqua or Shion

>> No.35623213

Looks really good shame I don't give a fuck about Aki

>> No.35623215

There's a browser extension for that.

>> No.35623219

this art is pretty fucking godlike

>> No.35623220

Aki or pomu?

>> No.35623222

Hah, you think meido is on your side.

>> No.35623224


>> No.35623227


>> No.35623228


>> No.35623234

she's not funny

>> No.35623235

Pomu finished streaming so this is an easy choice

>> No.35623236

my final cope: they're holding off on genshin streams until inazuma is out

the alternative is that chinks still don't want to work with them despite coco being gone which financially would probably not be great news for cover but since matsuri recently played valorant i'm still somewhat optimistic about the future

>> No.35623240

Shut up everyone and talk about streams. What the fuck is wrong with this thread today.

>> No.35623241

that would make yagoo want her more

>> No.35623244

Try report one if those posts and you will see why.

>> No.35623245

I never thought I'd see the day..

>> No.35623249

Watching CC and IX is weird because they feel like the direction FF was supposed to go in, but Bishounen Zipperman took control of the franchise. You'd think there'd be a plethora of games where you can run around a fantasy world dressed in the iconic apparel of black mages and dragoons. There aren't.

Why do you care about this? They're like 5% of streams.

>> No.35623250

Stop metaposting first faggot

>> No.35623251

Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!

>> No.35623252

It's more like people hate HoloENs fanbase and NijiENs fanbase is too irrelevant and they don't come here to brag about how superior their girls are to the HoloJP girls.
If people continue to shill P*mu here every day then more people will start being vocal about hating her too.

>> No.35623253

Kill yourself chink, we don't want your kind near hololive

>> No.35623254

I wonder what is in a NG voice pack... JOI is what I was wondering as well.

>> No.35623257

Riot Games is an american company. Tencent doesn't do anything aside from publishing the games and taking care of the servers in China. Outside of China, Riot games are not chinese games.

>> No.35623258

Women never are

>> No.35623259

Reine would be pretty good if her laugh wasn't painful to listen to

>> No.35623260

numberfagging -> nijibeggars -> shitposting
Numberfagging is the root of all evil and should be bannable.

>> No.35623261

I prefer chuubas without expiration dates, so Aki

>> No.35623262

How do I buy just the cover?

>> No.35623264

Filter bait and offtopic shit and you'll see that there are quite a lot of people talking about streams. Meido is going to keep raiding this thread with its orbiter and there's nothing you can do about it.

>> No.35623266

Riot is too big to give a shit about bugs. And yes all of China hates Cover still.

>> No.35623267

probably some bloopers that didn't make the cut into the other voice sets

>> No.35623269

dude valorant perms mean nothing, ame played that multiple times after the taiwan yab before cocos graduation. fuck genchink too.

>> No.35623272

They never lost Riot permissions.

>> No.35623273

There's 20 post talking about Aki right before yours, stfu

>> No.35623274

its the 10k yen option

>> No.35623275

nah, even he knows thats a death flag

>> No.35623277

I find it funny that you guys are complaining now, I don't remember you complaining when the thread was talking about Ahoge, or Desuwa, or other random indies

>> No.35623278

Hime's kupo is so cute...

>> No.35623279

someone show this to kanata


>> No.35623280

You need to buy enough shares to have majority. But they arent public yet.

>> No.35623281

she sadly has a chat on screen for most streams

>> No.35623282

Korone was funny once then she exploded her knees and her mom died

>> No.35623283

I'm waiting for Reine's stream to start.

>> No.35623284

AHG is our daughter, not a disgusting nijiwhore

>> No.35623286

You are trying really hard to rewrite history.

>> No.35623287


>> No.35623288


>> No.35623291


>> No.35623292

>Vagina Bones

>> No.35623294

>> No.35623295


>> No.35623298


>> No.35623300


>> No.35623301

what is this face trying to convey?

>> No.35623302


>> No.35623303

Her laugh is great, faggot.

>> No.35623304

she appreciates that you tried

>> No.35623306

did someone say ark

>> No.35623307

The pleasure of being creampied

>> No.35623308

Finally Subaru is gonna finish DQ and my weekends will be saved

>> No.35623311

>ARK without Cocochi

>> No.35623312

>> No.35623313

I want to drink from those boots like a mug

>> No.35623314

So we like aki now?

>> No.35623315

>"It's okay you only lasted 30 seconds, anon. You tried your best!"

>> No.35623316

I'm not rewriting anything, the threads were full of fags talking about ahoge and whenever anyone told them to fuck off they'd try to justify their offtopic shit. Even when meido banned them they tried to act like meido was in the wrong. I don't give a shit about the quality of these threads anymore.

>> No.35623318

You've just been a bad boy and came before she did, and you aren't going anywhere regardless of how you feel about it.

>> No.35623320

You know tenga?

>> No.35623322

My wife and my indog mistress are having a collab soon, you should watch it.

>> No.35623324

We always did, unlike r*ddit who gave her pity subs for like 2 days then dropped her immediately.

>> No.35623325

This isn’t the anti thread, we love all Holos.
Yes >we.

>> No.35623326

i only like Reine because of her live2d and irl milkers

>> No.35623327

I don't know how someone can come into /hlg/ and say women aren't funny.

>> No.35623328

>Nenechi here in spirit

>> No.35623330

It says right there, in English, Nene is only there in spirit.

>> No.35623331

>> No.35623332

like nene, I am not very smart

>> No.35623333

It's not a collab, Nene isn't even up

>> No.35623334

Learn to read, retard.

>> No.35623335

35P we need to get Miko to suck my dick. There are many good reasons for Miko to suck my dick. Number 1: it would feel good for me. Number 2: I could tell people that Miko sucked my dick. I can go on. Lets do this!

>> No.35623337

Lamy delivery doko?

>> No.35623338


sora AC stream soon

>> No.35623339

I'm getting real tired of these kusoge jrpgs.

>> No.35623340


>> No.35623341


>> No.35623342

why do you watch hololive

>> No.35623345

Can't wait for another sub-2k stream!

>> No.35623346

Sora Ace Combat!?

>> No.35623347

This is kinda leechy

>> No.35623348

I want to marry this princess

>> No.35623351


>> No.35623352


>> No.35623353

Botan wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

>> No.35623354


>> No.35623355

She's talking about the cover the two of them made together, I don't see what's leechy about that.

>> No.35623357

Silly anon, it's obviously Armored Core.

>> No.35623358

how many nobles will luna impress? Korone?

>> No.35623360

FF9 had such a fun prologue/tutorial.

>> No.35623361

If DQ is kusoge to you then what isn't?

>> No.35623363

What's the point? It's not the same without the bitch...

>> No.35623366

is it wrong that i want to fuck my aunt

>> No.35623368


>> No.35623370

Suppressing your urges is what is wrong.

>> No.35623371

8 minutes left until a new cover it's up that will get more views than shit & go

>> No.35623372


>> No.35623374

Luna's pretty damn good at this duel thing.

>> No.35623375

Which holo is hated in America?

>> No.35623377

ramirez pits

>> No.35623378


>> No.35623379


>> No.35623382


>> No.35623384

Perfect Hime

>> No.35623385

Lamy ASMR doko....

>> No.35623386

Luna is too cute today

>> No.35623387

100 first try holy shit Hime

>> No.35623389

Holy shit Luna, got 100 first try...

>> No.35623390

god damn akis legs on that daki

>> No.35623391

>shitposter doesn't even know when a cover is released

>> No.35623392


>> No.35623393

factually wrong.

>> No.35623394

Is Aki GFE?

>> No.35623395

Lamy no!

>> No.35623397

based, first hentai I printed and read is garnet.

>> No.35623398


>> No.35623399

Why is Botan so obsessed with Zeus?

>> No.35623402

he has a way with women

>> No.35623404

I agree

>> No.35623405

actually worse

>> No.35623407

was friends with trails

now TABS is my new best friend

>> No.35623409

AC is clearly Assassin's Creed.

>> No.35623410

wife/aunt experience?

>> No.35623411

Zeus fucks EVERYTHING female.

>> No.35623413

It's just bantz man, I loved DQ11.

>> No.35623414

greekchads can't stop winning

>> No.35623415

Botan's never seen a beard in person

>> No.35623417

She's mommy experience

>> No.35623420

Luna... What are you seeing.. This is not for babies

>> No.35623421


>> No.35623424

Persona 3

>> No.35623425

Luna meets Luna

>> No.35623426

Why can't my lines look this nice?

>> No.35623428

That んなタン name still cracks me up.

>> No.35623429

She was a huge God of War fan

>> No.35623430

Wine Aunt Emulator

>> No.35623431

I really liked that collab even if the game they played wasn't something I was interested in

>> No.35623433

Kiting Zeus sasuga

>> No.35623435


Lamy is graduating.

>> No.35623439

For some reason, a week without Towa has made me really horny for her...

>> No.35623440

his lazy way of throwing the thunder bolts resonates with how lazy this lion is

>> No.35623441

Luna's voice is fucking pissing me off.

>> No.35623442

>> No.35623444

calm down marine

>> No.35623447

You're supposed to say IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT...

>> No.35623450

I know right

>> No.35623451

No, i actually hate sora.

>> No.35623455

She did a good job making Zhorn and Thorn very hateable.
And the fucking Queen too.

>> No.35623456

>> No.35623457


>> No.35623458


>> No.35623459

get filtered retard.

>> No.35623460

I can't believe she's being cute on Twitter right now who does she think she is

>> No.35623462

>beatrix luna voice

>> No.35623463


>> No.35623464


>> No.35623465

Draw with your shoulder not your wrist

>> No.35623466

What the fuck is this Luna-neesan voice? I thought she was a baby...

>> No.35623467

Why are the girls playing FF 9? The most overrated FF of all time.

>> No.35623468

thats AIJ you fucking dunce

>> No.35623469

The Lamy space.....

>> No.35623475

Island visit when…

>> No.35623478


>> No.35623481

enter /v/

>> No.35623482

we are never free from these two

>> No.35623483

Tits too big

>> No.35623484

what the fuck is Lamy doing?

>> No.35623485

Why did people start calling shion garlic?

>> No.35623486

I am old.

>> No.35623488

Thanks amputee anon

>> No.35623492

I am getting filtered by Luna's voice.
Am I just too weak to truely transcend that barrier and enjoy her streams?
What can I do lunaitos?

>> No.35623493

That's too hard

>> No.35623495


>> No.35623498

>the threads were overtaken

>> No.35623499

Use headphone.

>> No.35623500

Pekora and Korone should do a 1v1 "speedrun" challenge of one of the FF games. Winner is the one with less time spent streaming to finish the game so there is no strict time schedule for the streams

>> No.35623501

garlic yo

>> No.35623503

>I am getting filtered by Luna's voice.
How can People get filtered by Luna's voice...

>> No.35623504


>> No.35623506


>> No.35623507

I'm glad Nene is free from the apex menhera

>> No.35623509

I miss towa already... please come back twap...

>> No.35623511

It's annoying to listen to.

>> No.35623512

Literally from chinks in bilibili since she was close with their onion queen back then

>> No.35623513


>> No.35623514

Which one, she's loved by two of them.

>> No.35623516

man i wish hololive did better asmr
cant listen to noel or mel because of their roommates
choco does the same stuff everytime
okayu, rushia, roboco are too vanilla
nene and lamy are bad at it
only fubuki and marine are decent

>> No.35623517

>back then
they're literally still best friends

>> No.35623518

Oh god, I just realized what a huge timewaster older games are. Even an act of saving requires you to wait for the Moogle to finish its animations.

>> No.35623519

Not big enough

>> No.35623520

based chinks

>> No.35623522

Marine is way better than she has any right too be

>> No.35623524

Aki does have large breasts

>> No.35623525

newfags don't know how much Luna's voice has changed since her debut

>> No.35623526

Shion doesn't consider any holo her friend.

>> No.35623529

here, take these on your journey

>> No.35623530

Towa is good at it until she shoots Doc.

>> No.35623534

Same energy

>> No.35623536

Aki isn't even my oshi but I bought her daki

>> No.35623540

Marine's ASMR is awful.

>> No.35623543

based. her daki looks way too good.

>> No.35623544

Lamy CUTE!

>> No.35623545

korone's first asmr stream was decent, 2nd one was meh
kanata's you can lump with okayu
watame had the worst asmr stream i've ever listened to

>> No.35623546

What's the appeal of Subaru to EOPs?

>> No.35623547

The "master" apex player.

>> No.35623549

Matsuri is being cute again...

>> No.35623550

I spent a lot of time at 2x speed when I played FF9 on an emulator

>> No.35623551


>> No.35623553

reminder fat fuck is in luna's part as vivi


>> No.35623556

She speaks English

>> No.35623557


>> No.35623558

and maybe drunk

>> No.35623559

She gets a LOT of clips and is a clip enabler.

>> No.35623560

Nene's ASMR is incredible, you're just too chained down by stale norms and common sense to understand it.
It's not relaxation or horny-inducing ASMR, it's comedy ASMR.

>> No.35623563

Aki's english was shockingly good when she explained about her vocal chords and why she hasn't been streaming

>> No.35623564

I hope lamy forgives for watching rushia more than her

>> No.35623565

Why are Luna and Korone starting FF9 on the same day?

>> No.35623566

Dancing duck

>> No.35623568

God may forgive you but I will not. It's an amazing game

>> No.35623569


>> No.35623570

I can't believe they made a vtuber based on that funny reddit duck meme!

>> No.35623572

>watame had the worst asmr stream i've ever listened to

>> No.35623574


>> No.35623575

>> No.35623576

You didn't experience the feeling of poisoning a boss/giving yourself HP regen and then opening up the CD lid to stall the game as the damage/healing over time ticks on.

>> No.35623577

turf war

>> No.35623579

Fuck you I feel the Lamy love each time I listen

>> No.35623580


>> No.35623581

Look at how they fucking jiggle

>> No.35623582


>> No.35623585

Sounds interesting but how would they even plan that out
any game they choose would at least be 40 hours long

>> No.35623588

Buy Noel's asmr voice packs. They're great.

>> No.35623589


>> No.35623590

banpire op

>> No.35623593

They can play 1.

>> No.35623595

please no...

>> No.35623596

I'm tired of hating on Matsuri

>> No.35623598

Post fat tits and chubby bellies onegai

>> No.35623599

What is the point of Mel?

>> No.35623603

Fortunately, SEA isn't America, at least not yet. You fucks better not find any oil on your islands. I do NOT want my shitty government to freedomize you.

>> No.35623604

Why aren't you?

>> No.35623605

Mel and Noel are really good. You are missing out.

>> No.35623606

I wish I would get paid $3 for each weird fish I breed.

>> No.35623608

...sea has a lot of oil

>> No.35623610

Mel's sex ASMR was too much for Susan

>> No.35623613

Lithium is the next oil

>> No.35623614

Momosuzu Nene!

>> No.35623615

don't let the americans know you retard

>> No.35623617

>I see! Space is the universe, the shuttle, the long keyboard, and thanks for the new features on Twitter!
I see

>> No.35623621

Love you Miko!

>> No.35623622

What is Amouranth? A pro gamer?

>> No.35623629

Remember when you used to think these CGs looked amazing?

>> No.35623631

The idea would be they would start their first streams at the same time but the end time and when they continue streaming would be up to their own schedule. Maybe add in that they can barge in on each others streams to talk shit when ever they want

As for choice of game, it doesn't matter much but it should be something that they can't finish in a couple days

>> No.35623633


>> No.35623634

>melodies of life
where did the time go...

>> No.35623635

Search Amouranth fart

>> No.35623637

>60 minute JOI voice

>> No.35623638

what game is the funny bunny going to play?

>> No.35623639

Cute autistic Lamy!

>> No.35623641

Is Marine not playing Outlast 2 again? I was really looking forward for more.

>> No.35623644

bathtub streamer

>> No.35623647

A literal whore

>> No.35623652

It's still amazing shut up shut up shut up

>> No.35623653

Me too anon, me too

>> No.35623654

which holomem fanbase has the most cucks?

>> No.35623655

>left out the part where pekora wonders if she should do hot tub streams too

>> No.35623657

not hololive that one is for sure

>> No.35623658


>> No.35623662

do you even need to ask this?

>> No.35623663

That would be a bad idea, she already almost drowned in her bathtub.

>> No.35623666

Coco did it before it was cool.

>> No.35623667

So, basically we are all Zidane?

>> No.35623668


>> No.35623671

but now she'll be able to almost drown in her bathtub on stream!!!

>> No.35623677


>> No.35623678

hahaha lamy doesnt even know what space is what a stupid

>> No.35623679

not really most of coco's "ideas" come from bigger streamers and that's why they worked

>> No.35623680


>> No.35623681


>> No.35623683

Luna-hime... I kneel.

>> No.35623685


>> No.35623686

rushia and maybe pekora

>> No.35623687

Nice cope

>> No.35623692

Best cover in the past 3 months.

>> No.35623694

КИНО. Reine's mixer is fantastic.

>> No.35623695

Best hololive cover.

>> No.35623699


>> No.35623702

The Pekoschizo is currently sleeping

>> No.35623703

I still do.

>> No.35623705

Didn't listen to it.

>> No.35623706

There's a nip meme about materia or something?

>> No.35623708


>> No.35623709

man I could go for some polka sweat now

>> No.35623711

Pekora naked drowning ASMR definitely sounds like a 6 digit viewer stream.

>> No.35623712

No Holo will play FFT...

>> No.35623713

Which ones

>> No.35623716

Didn't know it was a thing till this thread

>> No.35623717

Roboco Nene and Flare must be sweating bullets at this point.

>> No.35623720

Good cover, nothing mind blowing tho but it's good to have a Nene cover that wasn't recorded like 6 months ago
She has improved a lot in the past few months and her music shows it. Reine was alright

>> No.35623723

Oh shit, the combat system in this FF actually looks pretty good.

>> No.35623724


>> No.35623726

Oh shit, the new girl drops tomorrow.

>> No.35623727


>> No.35623731

Which Holo has the cutest, most blessed screams

>> No.35623732

Roboco is fine, these 3 will graduate years before her.

>> No.35623733

the only one sweating bullets is Mito

>> No.35623734

It's too slow though. The animation and shit takes too long.

>> No.35623736

good for the first minute or two, gets boring after a while.

>> No.35623739

>that wasn't recorded like 6 months ago
Didn't she say the Idol Sengen one was recorded like, last May or something?

>> No.35623742

I don't watch indogs, someone edit it so it's just Nene

>> No.35623743

at least she doesn't pretend like some girls

>> No.35623744

Is she really the most subbed girl in niji? That's embarrassing.

>> No.35623752


>> No.35623757

>> No.35623758

I swear Luna's voicing for the characters is driving me crazy.

>> No.35623760

yes, the next niji is Kuzuha with 860k

>> No.35623761

Yes, that shit was old and you could very easily tell it was from before she started taking serious singing lessons

>> No.35623764


>> No.35623766

Ojou... stream...

>> No.35623768

Why sora's home3d has delay when she finish talking?

>> No.35623769

Steiner is a fucking moron...

>> No.35623771

Will he ever make it to the million?

>> No.35623775

>> No.35623776

Botan did it!!!

>> No.35623777

Tsukino Mito
>avg viewers: 13500, 350k in superchats
Hoshinova Moona
>5500 avg views, 50k in superchats

>> No.35623779

Reine is cute.

>> No.35623780


>> No.35623782

Would you play a modded FF9 that uses Luna's voice lines?

>> No.35623783

Nijishits are lazy as fuck, they never stream. Just look at this

>> No.35623784

idk but she really speaks in such a lewd way sometimes. It makes my dick twitch

>> No.35623786

>Moving goalposts

>> No.35623787

maybe next year

>> No.35623788

I have a feeling Botan is the electricity type

>> No.35623789


>> No.35623790

No need to get insecure now.

>> No.35623792

Absolutely. This playthrough has been fun with her voicing all dialogues.

>> No.35623795

the only reason you dont watch nijisanji is because they don't pander to you lol

>> No.35623796

Careful you don't want to compare superchats pal

>> No.35623797

kanata is a leech and a whore

>> No.35623799

Was very nice .Also, Reine's rap part sounded considerably less cringe than anything cringe reaper ever rapped

>> No.35623801

You're probably the same kind of person that gets butthurt when people talk about Guras subcount.

>> No.35623802


>> No.35623804

nijisanji isn't a cabaret like hololive

>> No.35623805


>> No.35623806

>they don't pander to you lol
But they do, A LOT, more than most holos actually. Have you perhaps forgotten that they have an EN branch or that several of their JP talents are desperately looking for EOPs?

>> No.35623807

The important part is that all of them will take down Nijisanji main channel from the mighty top 50 in a couple of months, the only one that needs to hurry up is Luna.

>> No.35623808

based soratomo

>> No.35623809

It's Rockman 2

>> No.35623810


>> No.35623814

You're correct, Nijisanji is a host club. Whore out their males treat their female talent like shit.

>> No.35623815

its ok to be gay anon but dont be proud about it

>> No.35623816

>they don't pander to you lol
You don't want to start this argument.

>> No.35623817


>> No.35623818

I heard a rumor that Towa is cute...

>> No.35623819

why are suisei and kanata still avoiding each other. it's been months

>> No.35623820

What a handsome lad.

>> No.35623823


>> No.35623824


>> No.35623825

I thought she plays long RPGs on the weekends?

>> No.35623828

so then why don't you watch niji streamers?

>> No.35623830

>tfw no m*kk*n bf

>> No.35623836

more like rook man i aint watchin this shit

>> No.35623838

why do you get defensive so easily?

>> No.35623839


>> No.35623841

I wish I was one of her multiple..

>> No.35623842

Delayed until next week

>> No.35623844

I've done extensive research into this topic and can confirm that it's true

>> No.35623845

why bring it up in the first place?

>> No.35623847

Wtf i'm so nousagi now

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