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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I love Roboco!

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I love Aqua, no joke

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love ARK stream

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I miss Twi...

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I will marry this menhera.

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

2 Miko streams today!
- Miko Stream at 19JST https://youtu.be/SB29vkFYvjE
- The Hangover watchalong at 23JST on twitch
Be there 35P!

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Image RTA?

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Oh my goodness...! Now I want to fuck Huea...

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Where is she?

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guys, why is flare so cute?

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I'm not lion when I say Botan is pawsitively purrfect!

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That stage honestly took her less time than I expected

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Atahuta is at it again

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Shion will molest your oshi, there's nothing you can do to stop her

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peko i kneel

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Akwa...my poor Akwa...

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Sora Love!

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Give me back the old VA...

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deviru queen!

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I wonder if Nene got scared after her "exercise"

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Upscaled Aki daki, sourced from: https://s2.booth.pm/4ee2c0d9-41fa-4a0e-a30f-1bc9e15d4e5b/i/3088504/aff5d254-f87b-4172-b20c-f4444aa6e58b.png
Side B in the next post.

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Who is this indie? This is a Hololive thread

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That's not milk, that's fucking cream.

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I recognize that bgm...

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Why did she wear this, is she trying to say something?
The most prominent words this could be an anagram the immediately stick out are Deceit, Indebted, Bitchy, Deathbed, Cyanide, Decay.

Is she going to do something during the 3D or Holotalk?

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She's fine her mom is with her

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Poruka doko?

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Subaru said she doesn't want to stream during homo's 3d. lololol

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Made for kaigainiki face and dick

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Fucking NICE, thank you very much

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It's been 313 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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can someone post THAT matsuri clip

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I'm not a racist, but isn't Towa pretty ugly?

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I love coc

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Time for JUSTICE

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Marine is a lesbian in a committed relationship with Flare

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Shion should molest Aqua more.

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Crazy that it's already almost been a year

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What's her deal? Shion hasn't streamed for over a month, lies about her throat and continues activities on an alt account. Yet she says she's not graduating, and Cover hasn't terminated her yet. Surely, since she's technically an adult person now, she must have entered a legal contract with her employer, which obliges her to stream. Could the fact that she's not been fired yet mean that she has an legit reason for her absence after all?

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was shion's 3D always this good?

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She's hanging out with aloe on her discord

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I though this was going to be the ear-rape om3tcw version

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Can't wait for them to hang in a forest

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mano-chan is doing well. she won't kill herself anymore

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Is Mio doing unpaid slave (Watame) work of moving sand in the desert for Akukin Kensetsu?

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>> No.35625063 [SPOILER] 

yabe content

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You're shitposting but kuroa has been part of triangle discord for months before the mods hided her name along with Guchico mama and Guchico papa

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those are some huge buttocks

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meru love

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Around elves

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Is steiner a lunaito?

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You are a whorayjah!

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matsuri is now a gaijin...

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thanks hololive historian for finding this hidden content

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all the holos low key want to kill themselves, it's fucking depressing. But I guess so is pretending to be an anime girl online

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architect bros..

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why can't we have this based content?

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Pekora can't beat the bunnies...

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>luna still playing

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she's having a lot of fun with this game

>> No.35625117

Festival put her hands on a loli in front of 3k people...

>> No.35625118

Shes going to play for 3 more hours.

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If it was allowed, who would the be first Holo to build a TENGA on the server?

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Baby doesn't have enough energy

>> No.35625122

FF9 is the best in the series. This just goes to prove it.

>> No.35625123

She would...

>> No.35625125

Of course it would be Co...

>> No.35625127

I remember her and choco collabing they should have done this as a collab instead

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Luna is finally ending it...

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>Poisonous Westerners have continued to destroy everything good in the world as they have predictably begun pushing their nonsensical ideologies onto others in the virtual YouTuber community, with this particular instance involving a Western VTuber revealing how they reported another VTuber for having a “sexualized loli” avatar

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You jinxed it you fucking cunt

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>shitkaku complex
Kill yourself

>> No.35625138

It's a different model. Her regular one has distinct thick outline on her hair

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>wasted an image slot for this garbage post

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have we had any other chuuba suicides, or just the one last year?

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That one last year was sort of known, haven't heard of any others but could be a bunch of dead indies floating around on twitter.

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>finally manage to start watching Luna's stream
>she ends it

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Did the new captcha kill all the posters or what? Why is the thread so slow?

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<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

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The only one I wonder abut is if that one teenager who got divorced after having a kid killed herself

>> No.35625161

Luna stream pacifies schizos.

>> No.35625163

Lamy isn't streaming

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good effort peker

>> No.35625169

pekora pls

>> No.35625174

Otome kaibou is a litmus test to see how good someone at singing .If Your oshi can't sing that song it means she's trash

>> No.35625176

>building sex toys
Are you 12yo?

>> No.35625178

This is the speed the thread SHOULD BE

>> No.35625179

Did you enjoy the stream anons?

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>> No.35625183

Why is Korone's FF9 thumbnail that Doom Eternal fanart?

>> No.35625184

Migo migo migo!

>> No.35625186

Yes I love Luna

>> No.35625189

the fad is over; now we can go back to watching anime instead of hours of korone/rushia/pekora screaming

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>> No.35625192

yes, but I'm starting to remember how sad that game's story is, feels incoming

>> No.35625194

They all went to the secret /hlg/ hide out over in /vt/

>> No.35625199

Yes very long now I have to watch another few hours of korone do the exact same shit

>> No.35625202

>Did the new captcha kill all the posters or what?

>> No.35625203

yes, una is cute and also my daughter

>> No.35625204

I could not watch Luna's full stream. Will she continue the game because I heard something about FFIX?

>> No.35625207

waiting for Miko

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>> No.35625211

>You will never knead Polka's belly like this

Why? It's a cute squeaking alternator belt.

>> No.35625213

I can't wait for Watame to cry again whe she plays FF9

>> No.35625214

shien, I kneel

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>> No.35625219

Truly, she lives up to her name

>not building sex toys
Are you?

>> No.35625220

Fucking finally

>> No.35625222

They should add some physics to Festival, she does have some chest in 3D

>> No.35625223

happy nenechi

>> No.35625224

Same Lunaito talking to himself again.

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>> No.35625228

who's that girl under Azki?

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>> No.35625230

Nah, anime can fuck off until the bleach anime comes back and besides, the only anime I still watch is yugioh

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>> No.35625233

Any new rrats?

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>> No.35625235

based pekor

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>> No.35625242

I also noticed that, my fellow festival chad who is totally a different person and not me samefagging.

>> No.35625245

Why is Miosha watching Watame's Maicra archive on stream?

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>> No.35625248

>> No.35625249

>> No.35625251

Only old ogeys

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>> No.35625256

https://youtu.be/ZlIXZOyF_t4 a trend amongst other chuubas

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>> No.35625258

It's really weird how I can tolerate and like festivals personality and bullshit when she streams and reverts back to her roommate but as a holo I just ignore her existence and consider her less than garbage

>> No.35625259

roboco is going to talk about her action packed trip to detroit!

>> No.35625260

>FBKs twitter tags
When will Aqua take responsibility for the actions of her fans?

>> No.35625261

When will you do archive reps?

>> No.35625263

love cowe

>> No.35625264

Will any Holo even come closer to Luna's FFIX stream?

>> No.35625265

>> No.35625267

This BGM is a banger

>> No.35625268

It's also weird how you typed all that shit up without being prompted

>> No.35625269

Remember when Matsuri streamed from the bath and slapped her tummy and (absolutely flat) tits with an audible BWAP BWAP?

>> No.35625271

We had to put towa down, she wouldn't stop dragging her ass on the carpet.

>> No.35625273

Soda wont pull the trigger

>> No.35625274

uh oh, tummy ache

>> No.35625275

Asking not to use her image to hate on her coworkers once 6 months ago is not enough

>> No.35625278

Korone will actually cry at the end and at a few other parts so maybe her.
I legitimately can't picture luna getting teared up over a game.

>> No.35625281


>> No.35625282

Okay, chink.

>> No.35625284

Hell yea

>> No.35625285

Again, when will you do Archive Reps newfaggot?

>> No.35625288

Luna had already played this game while Korone doing it for the first time.

>> No.35625290

Aqua should graduate if her fans will continue harassing more holos

>> No.35625291


>> No.35625292 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35625295

I'm talking about other games though I've seen her play a lot of shit and I don't think she gets emotionally invested in them

>> No.35625296

>under 100k after a day
Is this the new smile&go?

>> No.35625298

so this is the power of niggersanji

>> No.35625299

yab festival is an elephant all along

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>> No.35625304

She's mocking us.

>> No.35625305


>> No.35625306

Festival fags, explain yourself?

>> No.35625310

hololive is dying...

>> No.35625311

Dumbo looking ass.

>> No.35625313

nene's shitty bear...

>> No.35625314

Western whores have nothing to do with virtual youtubers.

>> No.35625315

>> No.35625316

>says throat hurts
>schedules another stream 5 hours after than
This Baby

>> No.35625318

can they?

>> No.35625319

She's gonna need TWO lozenges for that throat

>> No.35625321

Okite Okite

>> No.35625322

My favorite Luna streams

>> No.35625324

>join to hololive
no, kira used a voice changer like a faggot and he sounds way better without that shit

>> No.35625326

Towa please stream...

>> No.35625327

Towa is part of Hololive

>> No.35625329


>> No.35625330

damn that song is cute

>> No.35625331


>> No.35625333


>> No.35625334

The last thing you see before the rapening begins

>> No.35625336

Thanks Luna.

>> No.35625337

>> No.35625338

Literally every single holo sounds better with their natural voice instead of altering it in some way NO EXCEPTION
Especially Towa
I hate the fake voices so fucking much...

>> No.35625339


>> No.35625342

>Walking down the street at night
>Suddenly get stabbed
>Turn around
>See this
What do.

>> No.35625344

i will never forgive the japanese for what they did to towa's voice

>> No.35625347

Pop-chan is such a silly name only made more hilarious by the fact that she's named after her piss

>> No.35625348


>> No.35625350

>been pretty mad at rushia for months
>she reads my comment and giggles
>fall in love with her again

I am such a easy slut...

>> No.35625351

Towa unironically sounds like a fucking post op tranny. Her current voice and someone, let's say lamy's voice are fine as they are

>> No.35625353

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.35625355


>> No.35625357


>> No.35625358

how can anyone stay mad at her?

>> No.35625359


>> No.35625360

>> No.35625361

>already got a weak headache
>Lucia starts screaming
Here we fucking go

>> No.35625367

>let's say lamy's voice are fine as they are
A mere words cannot properly express my disgust.

>> No.35625368

Hard to go that low

>> No.35625369

Is it actually Rushia or Lucia???

>> No.35625370

>out of Wood energy

>> No.35625371


>> No.35625373

it didn’t work...

>> No.35625374

Miosha, just call Uber Sheep...

>> No.35625375

But it is though, cute voices >>>> real and ugly voices. Except for maybe botan's

>> No.35625376


>> No.35625377


>> No.35625378

my fucking ears

>> No.35625381

You sound like some sucker who would stay in abusive relationship no matter how many times the woman fucks you up

>> No.35625384


>> No.35625385

For your effort

>> No.35625386

Lucia, like Lucifer.

>> No.35625388

they don't enjoy minecraft anymore. it's just guaranteed viewers

>> No.35625389


>> No.35625392

who the fuck is that?

>> No.35625393

Rushia very clearly likes minecraft

>> No.35625394

Aqua has been my oshi for the longest time now but i'm but no longer able to say that with confidence after her numerous antics in recent months that have affected my views of her. I personally found her streams to be repetitive and uninspired, skipping some despite her regular breaks.

Seriously. What went wrong with her?

>> No.35625397


>> No.35625399

I unironically want to be in one where she stabs me and everything, so yes

>> No.35625400

I hate rushia's voice so fucking much its like fork on a plate its like nails on a chalkboard fukincg HATE IT absolutely disgusting

>> No.35625402

How new?

>> No.35625405

It says it right there in the stream title.

>> No.35625406

Her name is Kiryu Coco. Remember that.

>> No.35625407

>> No.35625408

old and busted

>> No.35625411


>> No.35625413

Have you ever been stabbed?

>> No.35625414


>> No.35625415

I'm not baiting in the slightest though, I unironically prefer the voices they put on over their real ones. Lamy's real voices repulses me the few times I hear it

>> No.35625416

As long as you have any ounce of creativity you can have fun in minecraft.

>> No.35625421

>> No.35625422

Yes, myself a couple of times and a female classmate who stabbed me with a pencil in middle school

>> No.35625424

Kanata suffering stream was good

>> No.35625426

Towa did it to herself. There are plenty of deep voices on the chuuba scene.

>> No.35625429

I mean for Rushia I guess I would.
It highly depends if the pussy is worth that sacrifice.

>> No.35625431

>> No.35625432

>> No.35625433

Remind me again what's the point of Rushia?

>> No.35625434

Yeah, and I'll let her kill me since it's what I want and deserve in the end

>> No.35625437

>> No.35625438

>> No.35625439

to pay half of cover's salaries

>> No.35625442

So you haven't actually been stabbed then

>> No.35625445

>> No.35625446

>> No.35625447

*glug glug glug*

>> No.35625448

Stop stealing my yukimin, you green goblin

>> No.35625450


>> No.35625451

>> No.35625452

pekoras tits are my favorite

>> No.35625454

Not him but I want a hot bitch to stab me desu

>> No.35625456


>> No.35625457

>> No.35625461

>> No.35625462

they are free to choose and they have chosen

>> No.35625463


>> No.35625464

Voice induced orgasm

>> No.35625465

I want to watch Walking Dead with Rushia...

>> No.35625468

hurea's friend is a violent woman

>> No.35625470

>> No.35625471

Wrong choice of words...

>> No.35625475

>> No.35625476


>> No.35625478

>have to choose between watching rushia, lilith and patra

>> No.35625480


>> No.35625481

>not listening to Friend on her spaces right now

>> No.35625482

hiromoot collab when

>> No.35625484


>> No.35625488

>> No.35625490

She keeps Hololive safe from bankruptcy

>> No.35625493

>> No.35625496

>> No.35625497

she is my girlfriend in exchange for monetary gain

>> No.35625500

time to fall asleep listening to Miko's piano

>> No.35625502

>> No.35625504


>> No.35625505

I want Flare to sit on my face after her streams

>> No.35625508

too busy sucking janitor cock

>> No.35625510

how are her piano skills?

>> No.35625511

>> No.35625512

please sit on my face.. one last time

>> No.35625517

Friend is talking about love hotels...

>> No.35625518

she's out of touch, last time she played it was almost 2 years ago

>> No.35625521

Just stop

>> No.35625522


>> No.35625526

friend has compensated sex when she is not streaming...

>> No.35625528

why do they always play minecraft..

>> No.35625531

All of the participants are listed there, I don't know what are you confused about?

>> No.35625537

Thoughts on YKHN LMY?

>> No.35625538

1:42:52 is still the hottest thing Suisei or any holo has ever done

>> No.35625539

Let me guess, she pays Oga with "exposure and collabs"

>> No.35625540

Explain yourselves

>> No.35625541

It gets numbers. If you're oshi never played minecraft she'd be irrelevant.

>> No.35625544

No. You should have seen Smile & Go after a day.

>> No.35625546

Can't stop winning, Homochads

>> No.35625548

no she has uses a strap on to dominate oga as part of her kouhai bullying but that's something else

>> No.35625550

It's been over a year since Miko did a piano stream https://youtu.be/SB29vkFYvjE

>> No.35625552

>you're oshi
hey moona

>> No.35625553


>> No.35625554


>> No.35625555


>> No.35625556


>> No.35625558

>> No.35625561

Stop talking to the indog, Rushia...

>> No.35625562

who will the INDog leech off of today?

>> No.35625564

why is she like this... take it easy twap it's your last day of vacation

>> No.35625571

Watame please have the strength to rid of us from the rice loli once and for all today...

>> No.35625572

>Ookami Mio
>a member of Hololive Gamers
>has sticky keys turned on in Windows settings

>> No.35625580


>> No.35625582

>> No.35625588

i want coco to call me a cumstain

she'll never do it now

>> No.35625595

Can only find the clip on blbl https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1aJ41167wk, the original link to the stream is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5OU8C_XU1E

>> No.35625598

if my oshi stopped shitposting on 5ch she'd still be streaming with towa

>> No.35625600

Don't click that bilibili link it creates nerve gas

>> No.35625601

Subaru stopped streaming to watch homo's 3D and will restart after it. lol

>> No.35625602

fuck off

>> No.35625603

I hope Sora does push through with her guerrilla Minecraft stream later this evening

She already plays offline for relaxation

>> No.35625604

>> No.35625605


>> No.35625606


>> No.35625607

Towa is cool...

>> No.35625608

muna arigato

>> No.35625609

is this how Comet gets new songs released?

>> No.35625611


>> No.35625615

>> No.35625617

How do I find a woman like Rushia?

>> No.35625618

meru and koreans in 5 minutes!

>> No.35625619

Subaru recline inc.

>> No.35625620

what did muna do

>> No.35625621

>> No.35625622

Mel can draw?

>> No.35625623

>> No.35625625

you have to groom them

>> No.35625626

>Rushia en route to stream over the homo 3D
Some things never change

>> No.35625629


>> No.35625631

please watch my wife aunt and buy her daki...

>> No.35625633

You will come to see this right?

>> No.35625635

https://twitter.com/yozoramel/status/1402925550868393988 a bit

>> No.35625636

Rushia's minecraft isn't super low fps anymore!

>> No.35625637

just woke up and now I have blue hair and longer ears?

>> No.35625638

rusia is secreting a lot of saliva today

>> No.35625641


>> No.35625642

Finally... after nine hours I can finally go to sleep

>> No.35625643

Yes, Subaru told me to watch it

>> No.35625644

Miko piano mengen starting soon https://youtu.be/SB29vkFYvjE

>> No.35625645

post tits

>> No.35625647

You are becoming Suisei

>> No.35625648


>> No.35625649


>> No.35625650


>> No.35625651

The only Homo I will ever watch in 3D will be pizza dad if he ever gets one

>> No.35625654

I can wheelbarrow it if you want?

>> No.35625655

That startled me Friend...

>> No.35625656

Why does Flare hate being a titty elf?
Why can't she be more like Aki?

>> No.35625660

based rumy, fuck whores like aki

>> No.35625662

Use up all the images or suffer a tragic fate. That's my advice for the night

>> No.35625663

Flare has an erotic body in real life

>> No.35625664


>> No.35625666

We all love Rushia here.

>> No.35625667

*based furea

>> No.35625669

Chotto SAA
Minna SAA
Nanka SAA
Kimi wa SAA
Maji de SAA

>> No.35625670

No, I will be watching the later half of Luna's FFIX that I missed today

>> No.35625671

It must suck to be Noel's roommate because everyone just likes you for your tits

>> No.35625672

>fuck whores like aki
I would love to

>> No.35625673

Shion yo

>> No.35625674


>> No.35625675

>> No.35625676

who are these people on aki's channel?????

>> No.35625677

*Pushes into a full squad alone*
Chotto SAA
*Ninja loots every kill*
Kimi SAA
*Ditches team though portal*
Nanka SAA
*Chokes during the final circle*
Tabun SAA
*Tilts after avoidable loss*
Maji de SAA
*Has asperger fit*

>> No.35625678

>open stream
>Matsuri is resting her legs over the table to show off her panties
>close stream

>> No.35625680

my space jew aunt aint a whore, she's for deep loving

>> No.35625682

I can listen to Rushia talk about the most mundane shit for hours and not get bored of it

>> No.35625683

I miss Aquapex...

>> No.35625685

>> No.35625686

Except she built her channel with other content beforehand, the booba is a recent thing

>> No.35625687

>3d stream
>low numbers

>> No.35625688


>> No.35625689

I am only here for Mel. Ina is just an extra because she cute.

>> No.35625693

rumy on my mind

>> No.35625694

I told some female co workers they were infertile because they were over 30. wtf did you guys lie to me this entire time?

>> No.35625695

Since when Rushia has a new PC?

>> No.35625696

.live debuff

>> No.35625698

Next thing you're gonna tell me Aqua isn't actually black...

>> No.35625701



>> No.35625702


>> No.35625703

Miko using a new BGM for her stream intro, nice

>> No.35625704

>play with nijishits
>get nijishit numbers

>> No.35625705

nya nya nya nyahallo

>> No.35625706

>Aki floating black panties
Dick status?

>> No.35625708

>ojou hit her hours for the month
its funny how ojoufags cannot see through her bullshit

>> No.35625709

Eggs start to suck at 30 and every year the risks of birth defects rises, but they're still able to carry a child until menopause at ~51

>> No.35625710

It's a banger.

>> No.35625715

Poor Ayame, she does her best and the world is just against her...

>> No.35625718

>yet another instance of me having to groom a woman into what I want
God fucking dammit, why cant they just naturally be like this. Having to groom a girl just weirds me out since I want to be a groom and am a legitimate sub

Fucking bullshit

>> No.35625719

Ina'nis your eigopuns are too hard for tensai Meru

>> No.35625720

fuck off, she's just unlucky

>> No.35625722

you should've seen how trash they were in the first half that was hosted on chieri's channel, at least it's a bit more on a holo channel
too bad, everyone missed matuli waving her butt

>> No.35625724

Probably her fault for taking too long to talk to them about it.

>> No.35625726

Yeah.. "management" is at fault.

>> No.35625727

I love MY Rummy

>> No.35625728

Bossu is the one homo I feel bad for because his audience is full of the worst kind of woman

>> No.35625729

Next month it'll be "I can't stream because the dog ate my computer, please wait for me <3"

>> No.35625731

SuiStream 21jst!

>> No.35625732

Booba is a new thing. She was more known for doing a variety of stuff including a famous 32 hour marathon of DQ 3.

>> No.35625734

Aki didnt deserve these whores

>> No.35625738

They're not from nijisanji newfag retard

>> No.35625740

I hope this is ironic

>> No.35625743

Fuck off

>> No.35625746

I smell bullshit

>> No.35625747

Well, that's one way to get out of the situation.

>> No.35625749

Who are these literal whos then?

>> No.35625750

>> No.35625751

Soon. They're all getting 3d this year if things go as planned

>> No.35625753

Ina is being lewd again.

>> No.35625754

So when did you start anon

>> No.35625756

35p falseflagger being retard is nothing new

>> No.35625757

Where is this 3D studio? The setup keeps breaking, it was already buggy during the first part but now it's really fucking janky

>> No.35625760

Thats actually pretty impressive Miko

>> No.35625761


I take it she saw Okayu's "Blue-Rose Ultimate Imaginary Suisei" rant

>> No.35625762

>> No.35625763

Trying too hard.

>> No.35625764


>> No.35625768

I believe her.

>> No.35625769

Go away Sio, you already killed most of them

>> No.35625770

how new?

>> No.35625771

AmaNeko Call Boy got delayed for weeks for the same reason so expect it like end of the month

>> No.35625772

She literally said she had all this stuff planned for when she hit 1m so she absolutely does focus on minimum hours to stream

>> No.35625773

>ancient hololvier
>miko's return
roru roru rumao

>> No.35625774

Come on...

>> No.35625775

>for the same reason
What is the reason?

>> No.35625776

wait a minute, .live is still alive?

>> No.35625779

imagine matsuri and aki's sweaty butt while they do squats...

>> No.35625780

Who is a more accomplished artist, Ina or Nabi?

>> No.35625781


>> No.35625782

Try to actually understand the meaning of the meme SEAnig

>> No.35625784

Everyone on this is cancer anon that's the point

>> No.35625785

Can we get a chierixtowa sex tape to really get the sioposting going?

>> No.35625787

Manager check

>> No.35625790


>> No.35625792

Why is Festival like this?

>> No.35625793


>> No.35625794

No, I mean what's the reason behind management stalling a release of a cover that's already been sung?

>> No.35625795

Yeah, idolbu split up and half of them graduated though.

>> No.35625796


>> No.35625797

Need to update it, new school should be ancient now

>> No.35625798

Take your meds SEAmonkey, I'm just laughing

>> No.35625799

I miss baacharu...

>> No.35625800

i wonder if she would play Okayu's headcanon character on stream.i think it would be fun

>> No.35625801

Miko can actually play her own song on the piano

>> No.35625802

They are going to shower together after this

>> No.35625804

Idolbu splitting up was what destroyed hololive when all the idolfags migrated over here instead and now pretend like they were always around.

>> No.35625808

She would have to be really sweet and forgiving...

>> No.35625809


>> No.35625810


>> No.35625811

roru roru monke

>> No.35625812

But I only have one dick.

>> No.35625814

It's too much effort to update it "new school" keeps getting worse everytime

>> No.35625815


>> No.35625816

Management in japan is retarded, it takes them 20 years to approve anything due to corporate bullshit.

>> No.35625818


>> No.35625819


>> No.35625820

Checking the MV? Permissions? I don't know honestly

>> No.35625821

Is aki or choco more dangerous to be around?

>> No.35625824


>> No.35625825

why is she so cute?

>> No.35625828

>aki doing push ups like a champion, possibly surpassing anons in this thread
>festival cant even do one

>> No.35625829

You'd think they took care of that BEFORE the recording.

>> No.35625830

I really like watching Miko from this angle.

>> No.35625832


>> No.35625836

>> No.35625837

Aki, no doubts.

>> No.35625838

Tell that to Suisei's manager... Crazy Crazy...

>> No.35625839

There's a 99% chance Aki molests Matsuri after the stream ends

>> No.35625841

>doorbells on migo's house
they got her

>> No.35625842

ok u got me lmfao

>> No.35625846

Aki. Choco is just a dork pretending to be eroi

>> No.35625847

you mean saved hololive

>> No.35625849

Drunk Aki is.

>> No.35625852

possibly in the showers as well, aki has a track history of raping the cocock

>> No.35625853

Mel is getting old..

>> No.35625855

I want Aki to mating press me like im a little submissive twink

>> No.35625856

Aki WILL have sex with your oshi, whether you like it or not.

>> No.35625858

You are

>> No.35625860

how heavy and how tall are you?

time to go to japan and marry her

>> No.35625861

Aaaahhh Miko is so cuteee

>> No.35625864

>less than 100 image slots

>> No.35625865

>Choco would force you to marry her to satisfy her need for percieved social standing of "married woman, it's just a check mark for her, she wouldn't care about you outside of your social standing
>Aki would lock you in her sex dungeon to satisfy her endless libido, but she does care about you even if you are just a flesh dildo that can talk

>> No.35625866

181cm and 110kg

>> No.35625868

>ikamen Ina
I didn't know I needed this in my life so badly. She should be doing this more often.

>> No.35625869

No Friend don't go...

>> No.35625871

She does that but to her husband.

>> No.35625874


>> No.35625876

She's been doing it with gokisei.

>> No.35625878

Aki has abs as hard as steel and thighs that could crush your skull. You stand no chance, anon

>> No.35625880

You must be mistaken, Mukirose WILL mating press you like a twink

>> No.35625881

She should be doing it with the takodachi.

>> No.35625883

except Botan

>> No.35625884


>> No.35625885

Listening my littler sister/wife practicing her piano

>> No.35625886

>> No.35625887

imagine Aki force feeding you boner pills so that she can force you to stay erect after she's drained your balls of semen for 6 hours straight

>> No.35625889

>> No.35625892

that sounds unpleasant...

>> No.35625893

>> No.35625895

>> No.35625896

Even better

>> No.35625897

>> No.35625898


>> No.35625903

Choco is for Akicock

>> No.35625904


>> No.35625905

rushia stream gta again onegai

>> No.35625906

Which holo looks almost similar to their roommates?
Is it only noel?

>> No.35625907

Shit, I never knew that Miko played Dead Rising 2 before. I only thought she only played the 3rd one https://youtu.be/ROY1pe5___o

>> No.35625908

>> No.35625909

>threatened by a male 3D

>> No.35625911

Aki wouldn't damage your dick like that, she is very jewish and knows how to plan ahead and maximize your goy cum production. A damaged dick is just equipment misuse

>> No.35625916

Flare but her avatar's tits are too small

>> No.35625917


>> No.35625918

>> No.35625919

Why is Botan from the youngest gen and yet everyone treats her like a senpai?

>> No.35625921

>> No.35625922

>> No.35625923


>> No.35625924


>> No.35625926

>spammer already back
Back to the c*tube it is

>> No.35625927

>> No.35625928

Will Shien's gf show up for his 3D debut?

>> No.35625929

Minecraft is so goddamn boring that watching Holos play it has cured my insomnia

>> No.35625930 [SPOILER] 

Shien is a twink

>> No.35625932

I think this thread needs to work on the ratio

>> No.35625934


>> No.35625935

I'm 170 and 45kg or so
lose some weight, you'll get there some day

because of how she behaves
it's kind of like how coco managed to get a ton of people to look up to her, mostly because of her work etiquette and how she stood out compared to the rest. Botan also stands out in one specific way: she's the only one to get sponsorships because of her involvement in FPS

>> No.35625937

Good to know holostars are living rent free in their head.

>> No.35625938

Damn, if Shien is making you that insecure I can't wait for Astel 3D

>> No.35625939


>> No.35625940

Reminder: jannies are trannies

>> No.35625941

>> No.35625942

>> No.35625943

>> No.35625944

whatever happened to aki's mint green pantsu?

>> No.35625945


>> No.35625946


>> No.35625948

Kira...you’re the twink...

>> No.35625950

That kusoge is reaaaaaally unnecessarily long.

>> No.35625952

>> No.35625953

>new school
>saw a clip of Coco's graduation
>knows all the choco apex round results
>watched IRySH debut live on stream

>> No.35625955

>> No.35625956

Damn. Hlg would have a complete meltdown

>> No.35625957

Aunty sweaty spats...

>> No.35625960

Remember to update your filter so you can ignore homo poster in peace.

>> No.35625961

so four hags are doing physically tiring activities? I really like the heavy breathing

>> No.35625962

It's a 100 hour game that unironically sucks

>> No.35625964

>cucking themselves out of images because they’re afraid of one(1) fluffy boy

>> No.35625965


>> No.35625967

Ayame stream onegai

>> No.35625968

Ina's JP speaking has really improved since her debut. Do your reps!

>> No.35625969

>> No.35625970

what did everyone eat today

>> No.35625971

aki's tamago kake gohan...

>> No.35625972

>> No.35625973

only sluts streaming...

>> No.35625974

Great social skills, reliable, experienced. Also a saviorfag so she gets involved in other people's trouble.
On top of that, "youngest gen" is almost a year old already so it doesn't matter much.

>> No.35625976

Its her favorite game series.

>> No.35625978

Oh shit, Mashiro 3D in 78 minutes!

>> No.35625979


>> No.35625982


>> No.35625983

Watame goose

>> No.35625985

Aahh I’m more excited for shiens 3d than roberus

>> No.35625986

I want to fuck hoshikawa...

>> No.35625987

Miko lol

>> No.35625989

theoretically speaking, Aki could technically teleport your dick to penetrate her right?

>> No.35625990

>> No.35625992

Festival is very far from being a hag...

>> No.35625993

>> No.35625994

>> No.35625995

Fuck Ina is fast

>> No.35625997


>> No.35625998

Look at this cute oni

>> No.35626000

So swimsuit lamy when

>> No.35626001

gonna report the stream on the right

>> No.35626002

>over 19
>not a hag
how new?

>> No.35626003

Miko really seems more expressive in her mengen. Now we just need her handtracking back

>> No.35626004

>> No.35626005

It's almost like it's her job to draw things

>> No.35626006


>> No.35626007

>Aki has a 3d collab going on
>one of the homos is having a 3d debut in 20 minutes
which one is pre-recorded?

>> No.35626008


>> No.35626010


>> No.35626012

Shien will first unveil his model in their stream as he comes onto the stage telling them to leave so he can do his stream

>> No.35626013


>> No.35626014

Aki collab is in .LIVE studio

>> No.35626015

>> No.35626016

>> No.35626017

A fine addition

>> No.35626018


>> No.35626019

>> No.35626020

>> No.35626021


>> No.35626024

I wish a was a shota and noel tries to give me a bath

>> No.35626025

that makes sense then

>> No.35626028


>> No.35626031

It's also the reason it's so buggy, they have even shittier equipment

>> No.35626032

>> No.35626034

>> No.35626035

Ina is an actual professional working with different companies. Nabi just does commissions as far as I know? And vtubers of course

>> No.35626037

>> No.35626039

Miko is a treasure

>> No.35626041


>> No.35626042

>It's not right to say that 5ch's Holoan hates Kiara, but it is right to say they essentially talk about her the same way they talk about a HoloJP, which means she's fair game for shitposting. Whereas if you try to shittalk an EN there (outside of a couple of very specific instances in the past, like Mori's Persona begging stream) you'll get shit on immediately. That kind of creates the impression that Kiara is 'hated' compared to the other Holos, which isn't really true. It'd be like saying Ame is hated here because she isn't talked about positively 100% of the time, compared to, say, Okayu or Nene.
>t. Dumpsterdiver

>> No.35626043

>> No.35626044

>> No.35626046

>> No.35626049

They only have 1 studio?

>> No.35626050



>> No.35626051

Didn't ask

>> No.35626054

Wrong thread, retard.
Here we have high standards when it comes to hags.

>> No.35626055


>> No.35626056

>> No.35626057

>> No.35626059

Don't care.

>> No.35626060


>> No.35626062


>> No.35626064

>> No.35626067

Do indies have to pay cover for studio time?

>> No.35626069

>> No.35626070

>> No.35626071

>> No.35626072

>> No.35626073

>> No.35626075

Will anyone be streaming over it? I can't be arsed watching.

>> No.35626076

Nabi sure laughs a lot

>> No.35626078

aki is more of a gorilla than kanata...

>> No.35626079

Migochi suki

>> No.35626080

Yes, Ive been waiting long time for that Kanatas cover.

>> No.35626081

>> No.35626083

Who are the better artists, men or women?

>> No.35626084

>> No.35626085

Miko is elite today too!

>> No.35626088

You care enough to reply, so you do.

>> No.35626091

>> No.35626092

>> No.35626093

stop posting whores

>> No.35626094

>> No.35626095

Tako referenced blue crapper a few minutes ago but I got distracted and didn't get to chatpost about it.

>> No.35626096

>> No.35626097

oh no, it appears we are almost out of images.....

>> No.35626099

>> No.35626100

Women, they know how to draw tits.

>> No.35626101

That girl looks like Choco's friend Natori who graduated.

>> No.35626102

>> No.35626103

>> No.35626104

>> No.35626105

>> No.35626106

Suck ya mum bumboy.

>> No.35626107

>> No.35626108

>> No.35626109

That lamb is kawaii nigga

>> No.35626110


>> No.35626112

>watamate called his discord friends in for an image raid
This is who you share your threads with

>> No.35626113

Rushia is still streaming

>> No.35626114

>> No.35626115

>> No.35626116

how high is too high?
how low is too low?
well only YAGOO
could tell you at all

well considering that studios have to be booked in order for them to get the equipment required for a 3D stream with a bunch of people in it, that probably means that they share the bill and cover only pays for their own talents, yeah
think about it. You're working as management for a company, and one of your workers is going to go to a place that's going to charge them money to use the stuff that's there. Would you pay also for those who are not from your company, who are together with your workers?
if anything cover probably pays the other workers for joining in on a time slot with their talents, but not the fee for joining in the first place. Or so I'm inclined to think

>> No.35626117

>> No.35626118

Ina is streaming?

>> No.35626119

Can I order a nice sheep image?

>> No.35626120


>> No.35626121

>> No.35626122

Thread getting archived in 3... 2... 1...

>> No.35626123

At least the spammers this time were dumb enough to spam this thread instead of the stars one

>> No.35626125

>> No.35626126

Rushia will stream over homo's 3D. I allowed her. She is great.

>> No.35626128

how much u wanna bet meido is gonna "come to the rescue"?

>> No.35626130

yea, about that...

>> No.35626131

Watamates use Microsoft Teams newfag

>> No.35626132

Miko tentai!

>> No.35626134

>Implying Cover covers the costs for their talent
rumao they bill the talent too

>> No.35626135

how long before she returns?
a year?

>> No.35626136

Based anons

>> No.35626138

Next thread will have fluffy boy images. So don't worry.

>> No.35626139

I want to post Aki's 3D stream...

>> No.35626140

MeruInaNabi on Nabi ch

>> No.35626141

After winning son's 3D, I don't have high hopes for this one...

>> No.35626142

Stars threads are unspammable, those who tried don’t have the attention span for it

>> No.35626145


>> No.35626148

crippling ass fetish

>> No.35626150

Reminder that you obsessed faggots are the reason the archive no longer has images.

>> No.35626151

Why didn't they spam the thread with pictures of Aki's stream? What the fuck are you doing?

>> No.35626152

Honestly, they don't have remotely as much reason to get triggered by her, when she switches to JP she behaves herself a lot better than usual. If she was that way all the time people wouldn't care about her here either, maybe even someone would like her for the game choices or something.

>> No.35626153


>> No.35626154

Fuck off shartmeido

>> No.35626156

Sorry anon, these people don’t care about hololive girls, winning imaginary battles is more important

>> No.35626157

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mzl4QdChj4 Fubuki
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ziNItsX3iQ Kanata Premiere

>> No.35626158

Unacceptable. Let me speak to your manager.

>> No.35626161

No its not, she is a fake whore who never played the other games. She will never be accepted as DQ fan like Korone or Luna, theyre the only legitimate DQ fans among holos

>> No.35626162


>> No.35626163

Uhh... Fubuki?

>> No.35626164

I thought Mori was cool but she really turned into a massive whore who keeps giving attention to Holostars.
Worst part is its like she is doing it on purpose.

>> No.35626166

Maids fault for not putting us back to 4k auto-archive

>> No.35626167

>swimsuit streams never again
I'm gonna commit sengoku on YAGOO's headquarters.

>> No.35626168

>towa thread
>can't post towa

>> No.35626169

Get in here

>> No.35626170


>> No.35626171

Don't care about your home, fag.

>> No.35626173


>> No.35626174


>> No.35626175

One brave man tried

>> No.35626176

awkward asian...

>> No.35626177

She's grounded until she becomes a hag...

>> No.35626178

I hate the youtube premiere music so fucking much

>> No.35626179


>> No.35626180

Based Friend.

>> No.35626182

How smoka?

>> No.35626183

Matuli's Y-stand was fucking EPIC

>> No.35626184


>> No.35626185


>> No.35626186

What will Shien do today that will be added to the growing list.

>> No.35626187

Why are there actually newfags who come here instead of going to /vt/?

>> No.35626189

Did we win against /vr/

>> No.35626190

This is a pretty good indicator of what happens when you let newfags that came after /vt/ was established overrun the thread.

>> No.35626191

Based anon

>> No.35626192

You would just spam towa 2000 times to get images back.

>> No.35626197

Why are you asking a question you could answer yourself?

>> No.35626201


>> No.35626202

Yea but it'd also kill phone users again

>> No.35626203

Reminder to not reply to the beggars.
Let them waste their time talking to themselves.

>> No.35626205

They get banned there.

>> No.35626208


>> No.35626210


>> No.35626211

>Astel rapes tiny animals
He just said the truth

>> No.35626213

No one cares go watch you whore Noel

>> No.35626214

Shien's intro is actually really cool

>> No.35626217

>watching the leech instead of a kino 3d stream
are you even fans of hololive?

>> No.35626218

I'm a 35p.

>> No.35626219

Didn't this get Botan's 3d banned?

>> No.35626220

I have my cunnypass right here

>> No.35626223

>nooo its managements fault im lazy!

>> No.35626226

>790 / 301
I'm so proud of you anons

>> No.35626227

>10k waiting
>stream goes live

>> No.35626228

Imagine even seeing beggars positng.
Filter that filth away and never thing about them again.

>> No.35626229


>> No.35626230

What's that weird animal between festival and that green haired girl?

>> No.35626231

I do care lets watch Miko

>> No.35626233


>> No.35626234

No? Her hologra was down for a bit possibly because of guns, but 3D had no problems.

>> No.35626236

I hope someone clips that weird Matuli dance just now.ggn4r

>> No.35626237

That's a good thing anon

>> No.35626238

no feet yet

>> No.35626242

No, I really don't get it. I can understand old schizos staying behind and never leaving but /vt/ is by far the more recognizable face of vtubing discussion on 4chan nowadays. They should be catching all the newfags who don't even know what the girls have said about doing 3D stuff.

>> No.35626243


>> No.35626244


>> No.35626245

cool story samefag

>> No.35626246

Reminder that he got a gf

>> No.35626248


>> No.35626249

She's not wrong, if the management just lets her slack around for years it's their fault too.

>> No.35626254

kek insecure fags

>> No.35626258

oh my

I think I'm gay. He's so fucking handsome.

>> No.35626260

>more viewers than akitsuri collab
Not like this holobros...

>> No.35626261

wtf anon don't dox me

>> No.35626263

Towa's vacation ends exactly in 3 hours and 53 minutes from now

>> No.35626264

Post the shiendown

>> No.35626268

Thank god someone can't post his feet now

>> No.35626269

I don't understand those 10k people waiting for Kanata cover... She barely can sing and needs lots of effects and editing to sounds acceptable.

>> No.35626274


>> No.35626277

I don't mind a recurring mengen piano stream. But I guess it's annoying to set up.

>> No.35626278

You have 1 hour alone with Matsuri. How will you spend it?

>> No.35626280

The model is really good, but a full seated song is a weird opener.

>> No.35626281

It's off to a great start right now at least.

>> No.35626283


>> No.35626284

i forgot how many female fans this homo has. imagine all the wet panties dripping

>> No.35626285

man roberu got mogged hard

>> No.35626286

watch her eat a week's worth of food

>> No.35626288

If it wasnt pathetic enough to waste away watching female streamers behind anime avatars, theres the gay retards who watch male streamers behind anime avatars.

>> No.35626289

Looks like he has shoulders.

>> No.35626290

Nice room Bossu.

>> No.35626294

What the fuck are those gloves?

>> No.35626295

That's some big feet.

>> No.35626296

roberu = cell shading
shien = unreal engine 5

>> No.35626297

Are the gloves supposed to be that short?

>> No.35626302

Friend, tell them to moderate chat...

>> No.35626303

You do know that watching female vtuber's will affect your speech if you are learning japanese, the only way to balance it out is by watching the homos

>> No.35626304


>> No.35626305

Homochads can't stop winning

>> No.35626306


>> No.35626307

man kinda feel bad for robel now

>> No.35626309

watch it, buddy. I don't want to have to break out the chart.

>> No.35626310

Did I ask? You have your own board to post it

>> No.35626311

>mikochi still streaming
hahahahhahaha based based based!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.35626312


>> No.35626313

That's a long boi.

>> No.35626314

But i’m glad shiens model seems to be perfect, i’d hate for bossu to have issues

>> No.35626315

why is he called bossu?

>> No.35626317

>3D stream
>buzzwords everywhere

>> No.35626318

This RPS really highlights how shitty their hand tracking is.

>> No.35626319


>> No.35626320

do hoshikawa together

>> No.35626322

will he show his feet again?

>> No.35626324


>> No.35626327

>Rushia still streaming without any care in the world

>> No.35626328

Hey guys, I haven't watched Hololive in a few months. When was the last time Pekora talked to Moona?

>> No.35626329

Yeah, he has half leather gloves

>> No.35626330

kek, homofags are pathetic. Fuckers spammed the thread ahahaha.

>> No.35626333

He better show his Arthur impression

>> No.35626334

I love you too Miko

>> No.35626336

Rushia just wants to be on Botan's next end raid and hit on her when they're there.

>> No.35626337


>> No.35626338

The week before last leading up to summerfes

>> No.35626339

Rushia is so cute

>> No.35626343

Holy shit that's some smooth tracking my mans is a beyblade

>> No.35626344

Oh ok, can't really find any obvious faults then.

>> No.35626349

Fun Hololive collaboration

>> No.35626351

Discovering Hololive made me realize that charisma and charm are 95% looks and voice, and 5% personality.
That's why Pekora, the funny screaming rabbit that only speaks Japanese, is so popular among EOP.
They don't even understand what she says (personality), they just like her character and her laugh and voice

>> No.35626355

we want the fury audience

>> No.35626356

bossu looks cool

>> No.35626358


>> No.35626359


>> No.35626360

Cover updated their shit or what

>> No.35626362


>> No.35626363

why do you want their fury?

>> No.35626364

>the only holos still streaming are Miko and Rushia
kek, of course the two biggest sluts just keep streaming

>> No.35626366


>> No.35626367

That's illegal.

>> No.35626368


>> No.35626370


>> No.35626372

>Endless nekomimi forms
checks out

>> No.35626377

shien looks way better than robe

>> No.35626379

why wouldn't they? is there an event going on or something?

>> No.35626381

how much did they spend on the unity store for this one?

>> No.35626383

Rushia is so fucking BASED

>> No.35626385

>Marine not streaming
Whore confirmed

>> No.35626386

Holy shit, very based of Miko and Rushia. Membered and now they're my oshi

>> No.35626387

please watch meru and her friend ina...

>> No.35626388

>suisei liked the 3d homo stream

>> No.35626389

I really like Pekora and she's one of my favorite Holos, but her voice sucks and I don't like her Loli look

>> No.35626391

I dont like stream Friend is it, feels weird.

>> No.35626393

Oh nononono that sword

>> No.35626394

The lighting do be looking clean tho

>> No.35626395

Why does his head looks so weird? Is it because the girls head are all oversized?

>> No.35626396

fluffy tail

>> No.35626397

His toy sword is there too...

>> No.35626399

Is that confirmed? I thought it was a scheduling issue and moving it around Kiseki Knot was hard.

>> No.35626401

Yes, there's a 3d stream going on right now. Aki and Matsuri's. Why aren't you watching them, if you are, why are you asking?

>> No.35626402

Oh no he's floating

>> No.35626403


>> No.35626405

The homo looks cool

>> No.35626408

Suisei is a whore like Marine and Noel

>> No.35626409

Yeah, his head is smaller than Marine's and his shoulders are 4 times as wide

>> No.35626410

is that Bibi's friend

>> No.35626411

Bossu's live2d proportions are the same, very long arms and legs.

>> No.35626412

what the fuck is that thing

>> No.35626415

Orange man bar looks so shitty in comparison, kek

>> No.35626416

>moona is also playing minecraft instead of watching homos

>> No.35626417

Deformed from all dicks he took.

>> No.35626420

>crossed legs sitting on leather couch
Full homo for bossu

>> No.35626421

Cute cat.

>> No.35626423

yooooooo dat nigga chill

>> No.35626425

wait a sex, nekoyama is also okayu's surname

>> No.35626426

shitty digimon

>> No.35626429

She literally tweeted that it was being checked by management so she can't upload it yet

>> No.35626432

Nabi is a hack.

>> No.35626438

Oh god, that horrible hand tracking in Aki's stream is killing me.

What the fuck was that green thing clipping in the table?

>> No.35626439

I want to see Jump King 3D...

>> No.35626440


>> No.35626441


>> No.35626445

why is the cat blowing the homo?

>> No.35626448

>> No.35626450

Nekoyama making bibi look malnourished

>> No.35626451

son was done dirty bros...

>> No.35626455


>> No.35626456

Suisei is not insecure like the rest of the girls, while the others try to desperately prove they don't talk to boys, Suisei doesn't mind it

>> No.35626457

This, but unironically and with good English.

>> No.35626458

That's a big cat

>> No.35626459

it lacks the soul of NEKO

>> No.35626460

Rushia is my new oshi

>> No.35626461


>> No.35626463

Based Elite Miko I will member her later

>> No.35626464

T-they'll update the rigging for the girls 3ds to match shien, right?

>> No.35626466

who did roberu piss off to get fucked over so bad?

>> No.35626467


>> No.35626468

this homo is pretty chill
shame not enough people watch him

>> No.35626475

to be fair roberu had SOVL

>> No.35626476

Her name is Nekomata

>> No.35626477

Shien is a psychic

>> No.35626479

>this whole stream
sovl. Roberu got fucked over though.

>> No.35626480

>muh rigging
sasuga retard spewing nonsenses

>> No.35626481

Kanata's cover of Additional Memory just now had an original MV about her struggling with the news from the doctor that she can't sing much anymore... Damn.

>> No.35626482

what the fuck there is more?

>> No.35626483

>can’t spam images
>spams rushia/miko
>they don’t even watch her
why are you guys even here lol

>> No.35626487


>> No.35626488

Fun fact, all of this homostars hate started after EN debut

>> No.35626489

He's got double the viewers of Aki's 3d at the moment... zehi...

>> No.35626490

wtf are those

>> No.35626491

She's doing her best...

>> No.35626493

Shien's 3D is so smooth

>> No.35626494

I swear to god, Cover 3D shading is come and go.

>> No.35626498

Ever since coco left all of the other Holo girls have felt extra fake, so this homo stream is actually a breath of fresh air.

>> No.35626500

He slapped Kira's knees in front of Yagoo.

>> No.35626501

WTF? I love EN's now!

>> No.35626502

Rober is a skelly, no doubt his model was fucked

>> No.35626503

that's a lot of props

>> No.35626504

i love rushia. i lost my virginity to her.

>> No.35626505

Friend is cute today, watch her please.

>> No.35626506

Jesus please let Ina sleep...

>> No.35626507

Technically true. Nu-homofag and beggars are ENnigs. The amefag literally spammed Oga cuck shit over and over.

>> No.35626508

>Cat mountain okayu
thats one fat sounding cat

>> No.35626509

they scheduled his 3D in between multiple events and made them have less time to prepare. They actually had time to get Shien's right. Roberu even said that all the problems from his stream were things that they had no time to fix. In the last 3D stream, they even mentioned that they're essentially redoing parts of his Bar setting too, which is why he and Rikka spent 10 minutes at a counter and didn't move around the room.

>> No.35626510

And retards here are blindly following it thinking it's the hip thing.

>> No.35626511

Trying too hard dial it back a bit

>> No.35626512


>> No.35626513


>> No.35626514


>> No.35626515

Suisei is a public bicycle that everyone rides for small pounds.

>> No.35626516

My oshi streamed over Roberu's, my second favorite streams over the furryboi.
I love them so much.

>> No.35626518

>Friend is cute today, watch her please.
what are you nigger talking about
fubuki isnt streaming

>> No.35626519

It happened after /vt/ split I think. Also, no mods right now, feel free to make your Hololive JP thread again and see how long that lasts.

>> No.35626521


>> No.35626523

meumeru is great artist

>> No.35626527

Now I'm afraid of Miyavi's 3D, the dude will bring the whole forest

>> No.35626528

She must mog her friends before sleep

>> No.35626529

you can tell who is mogging who LOL

>> No.35626530

Kanataso really loves thematic songs she can relate to. I love it too, she puts her soul into it.

>> No.35626531

How do I fuck the sheep on Aki's stream?

>> No.35626532

no, but it certainly got worse when splitschizos were appeased by global coming to be. Never give them an inch.

>> No.35626537

Damn so this is where my superchat money goes

>> No.35626538

I feel sorry for that channel. Small channels have no chance against the wheelbarrow.

>> No.35626539

maybe the 3D artists who modeled the girls are just hacks

>> No.35626540

isn't winning son our meme in the first place?

>> No.35626542

The thread is still chill in homos fall guys arc.

>> No.35626543

She is playing trpg, just not on her own channel

>> No.35626544

>tfw Chowa is probably watching Shien's 3D

>> No.35626545

Oh shit, nice.

>> No.35626547

How is this dude 60fps and Nene can barely maintain 15fps

>> No.35626548


>> No.35626553


>> No.35626555


>> No.35626557

His coat has proper collision. Why can't the holos have that?

>> No.35626560

Shien is so cool

>> No.35626561


>> No.35626562

Based Flip

>> No.35626563

Based and Elite pilled

>> No.35626565

cooking... oh no he's gonna whip the feet out

>> No.35626566

Where is his autism though, he got defanged or what

>> No.35626568

kek he must be having flashbacks right now

>> No.35626570

He's gonna show his feet again

>> No.35626572

Where's the meat?

>> No.35626574

the way he put his hand on his hip
*chefs kiss*

>> No.35626576

Are we being railed?

>> No.35626579

Nope, Suisei is a pure idol, she interacts with boys, yet there's not a single rumor of her being a whore.
Then you have Miko and Rushia, one has a boyfriend and the other did JAV, yet they desperately want to prove they dislike boys and don't talk to them

>> No.35626580

>hololive collabs to another channel
>chat gets spammed by chinese

>> No.35626582

Chat not going completely insane with 100k people

>> No.35626584

It's one of my favorite songs thematic to Kagepro so I was pretty excited for the potential cover. I just wasn't expecting her to relate the MV so strongly to herself too. Hit pretty hard.

>> No.35626587

His autism is sprinkled in moderately

>> No.35626588

How is this guy's 3D so smooth? the fuck

>> No.35626592

Your oshi would be disappointed in you, knowing that you afraid of homos. Most likely laugh at you too.

>> No.35626593

bros... should i watch the archive of luna's FF9 stream, or should i wait until the reddit dog streams it in 2 hours?

>> No.35626594

>the new standard for 3d models is fucking shien
this is hilarious

>> No.35626597

These are some PS5 graphics. Holostars getting sweet Coco's money.

>> No.35626598

I knew it, it's Youtube's fault afterall.

>> No.35626599

So you're saying numbers were the real enemy all along!? NUMBERS HATE!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.35626601

Problem is if you dont force a split whenever something gets a global (EN version) it goes to shit due to this having more SEAniggers, /v/ermin and schizos. Look at what happened to places like /fgog/ (though anything type moon/fate related is an asylum anyways but still), azur lane, etc.

>> No.35626603


>> No.35626606

>homobeggar shitting on holos
>muh whore and boyfriend
And you wonder why more and more people hates them.

>> No.35626607

Orange man got mogged so hard

>> No.35626608

what's with the omuraice lore

>> No.35626609

>splitting is bad
If you really want a global-like thread you could be smart and go to global

>> No.35626610

Suisei slept with the producers and higher ups to get to where she is right now

>> No.35626611

>mogged lofi, the "art" themed holo
>mogged her genmate's mama
admittedly lofi is also a fucking hack, who is she going to mog next?

>> No.35626612

Watching Rushia with the bros!

>> No.35626614

watch both.

>> No.35626615

wtf hololive bros did we just get BTFO by homos?!?!?! his 3d is literally better than any Holo3D stream

>> No.35626617

?????? whats going on

>> No.35626619

>homo revisionists at it again

>> No.35626621


>> No.35626622

Code vein looking models are a nice upgrade

>> No.35626623

>proper lighting
>good looking model
>collision working properly
Why can't the girls have this?

>> No.35626624

>m-muh falseflaggers

>> No.35626625

Miko still follows her exbf and Rushia still got mafumafu

>> No.35626626

This actually reminds me a lot of Coco's 3D for some reason

>> No.35626627

since coco left the holos have more sponsors, more collabs and do more things, clearly Coco was a sacrifice, I miss her

>> No.35626629

Shien's 3d looks better than roberu. Now if only he loses that animal ears...

>> No.35626630

unscripted homo kino

>> No.35626631

Which Holos would you like to see serve time as public urinals?

>> No.35626632

Old homo/ID fags were at least tolerable.
These newfags post just to be annoying.

>> No.35626634

fag raid

>> No.35626635

those gloves look gay as fuck not gonna lie

>> No.35626637

The plate...

>> No.35626639

miko never did JAV, that has been disproven. there are strong arguments that she has a baby though. we never did find out why she was hospitalized for so long. short tongue surgery? cancer? pregnancy? who knows.

rushia used to be a whore, there's a video where she strips naked for a guy, until she realized it was being livestreamed

>> No.35626640

bros nami's laugh is cute and scary at the same time

>> No.35626641

You're not fooling anyone homo-shart

>> No.35626642

living the dream

>> No.35626644

They gave him a proper skeleton beneath his rigging

>> No.35626647

Aki dakimakura is really a good deal, might want to buy it.

>> No.35626648

the girls are too much of a prude to suck the staffs cocks
homochads on the other hand are more than willing to give head to a bro

>> No.35626649

Shion curry post looks updated

>> No.35626651

yeah, it's great

>> No.35626653

It snowballed after EN debut, but it started way back. j_god, the original splitschizo, was brought in by Pekora's MGS stream, then started sperging whenever homos get mentioned.

>> No.35626654

Nope, it was just hard work, she did everything herself while also working a normal job

>> No.35626655

Literally mogging 2 Gen 1 members at once

>> No.35626656


>> No.35626657

I thought the NGA swarm of bugs was dead, why are there functioning wheelbarrows still around?

>> No.35626659

Guess they learned

>> No.35626660

wtf is ina mogging them hard?

>> No.35626661

The amefag homospammer doesn't even watch them.

>> No.35626662

niji btfo

>> No.35626664

>Cover office staff is full of lonely women
>Shien is Rushia of homos
use your brain anon

>> No.35626665

It's so uncanny seeing a 3D model move so realistically

>> No.35626667


>> No.35626668


>> No.35626670

Wtf I love Holostars now

>> No.35626671


>> No.35626672


>> No.35626673

Its not homostar hate, its homoposter hate. They started getting more annoying this year, spamming and talking shit.

>> No.35626675


>> No.35626676

What are the numbers looking like bros?

>> No.35626677

No it isn't

>> No.35626679


>> No.35626680

>double cart wheel
>tfw a middle aged man is more fit than the girls

>> No.35626681

Yagoo holostar fight club...

>> No.35626682

That was pretty cool.

>> No.35626684

Imagine trying to downplay so much LOL
Suisei is a whore, Rushia is a confrimed whore with boyfriend. Suisei interact with males every time because she is a slut ready to ride them, she is always wet thinking about dicks and her motivation to play games is their males. And Miko is pure, she studied in an only girls school, never dated anyone and doesn't care about males.

>> No.35626685

That fucking hair, she's absolutely showing off.

>> No.35626686

>It's been a year already and the mouth movement is still delayed by a second
Why the fuck is Cover so incompetent?

>> No.35626689

Since ID and EN are left they will get these high quality 3d models as well

>> No.35626690

Ahh Aki and her friends are done...

>> No.35626691

Miko's roommate doesn't have any social media accounts

>> No.35626692

Never thought I would see stunts like that after Coco.

>> No.35626693

well ideally we'd have some fucking mods that would have killed obvious crossboarders, but we were left to rot

>> No.35626695

I wish Friend would feed me...

>> No.35626697

Why can't YT implement antispam site wide?

>> No.35626698

>muh lighting
It's funny watching these faggots talk about shit they don't know.

>> No.35626699

Those replies, kek

>> No.35626700

bros im not supposed to go gay

>> No.35626702

>How come Ayame streams so rarely compared to the other Hololivers? What gives?

>> No.35626704

Nene's 3Ds have a ton of extra effects around the stage, her themepark is the worst for it and she has much better frames when less stuff is going on in the background.

>> No.35626705

If Reine's 3D is as good as this and has amazing tit physics I'm gonna bust really hard

>> No.35626707

Why didn't fags harass Miko and Rushia today like Luna last time?

>> No.35626709

That woman is probably schlicking her cunt right now.

>> No.35626714

oh shit he's armed

>> No.35626716


>> No.35626719

Gun is kinda scuffed

>> No.35626720

Hello newfag.

>> No.35626721


miko and rushia confirmed based

>> No.35626722

Same, I love the song so it was a treat.

>> No.35626725

That gun looks like a lethal dominator.

>> No.35626727

>Why didn't fags harass Miko and Rushia
what the fuck are you even talking about

>> No.35626729


>> No.35626730

>the girls get cheap unity store guns
>dumb skunk boy got a sick ass custom gun

>> No.35626732

>this year

>> No.35626733

Rushia is so fucking cute!!!!!

>> No.35626734

Not even samefagging. And their posts reeks of burgerhours' pomu meido raid.

>> No.35626737

looking forward to moona's floppers

>> No.35626738

that's based af

>> No.35626740

watch out those bullets make you gay

>> No.35626743

>Gun is kinda scuffed
huh? what the fuck are you talking about it looks clean as fuck

>> No.35626745


>> No.35626749

Cool gun and knife.

>> No.35626750

Why is the 3D so good? This is beyond my expectation.

>> No.35626751

Based and Miko pilled

>> No.35626754

Bossu putting his favorite sticker on his kiddie toys...

>> No.35626755

Does his model have motion blur?

>> No.35626756

When the crossboarders outnumber you 10 to 1 and have no intention of leaving, as is the case after EN, they're no longer just crossboarders, they're the new majority.

>> No.35626757

>Anya 3D before the Gen 1 IDs

>> No.35626759

Anon... Faq means love

>> No.35626761

>Matsuri beheaded on stream
>No reaction from thread

>> No.35626762

I love the lighting. It's so realistic.

>> No.35626763

So Cover's 3D prop game is improving?

>> No.35626764


>> No.35626766

this is where your supachas to the females actually goes lmao

>> No.35626767

The hands actually can grip those weapons properly, pretty nice

>> No.35626769


>> No.35626770

i bet my fucking ass virginity he practices these chuuni poses on daily basis

>> No.35626773

Thats just sad. Even Anya would get more on 3d.

>> No.35626774

They lost their HQ but splinter groups are still active.

>> No.35626776


>> No.35626777

Miko is always based, but Rushia is a whore selling herself for easy money on internet.

>> No.35626778

Bossu is chuuni as fuck

>> No.35626779


>> No.35626780

Where's the watermelon? He needs to redeem himself

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