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So is the Blue Oopa Roopa arc over? Who won?

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>Sakunahime #13
Let us finally be free from its grasp!

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it won't end until kanata gives up

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what now

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>IRS lives in Japan

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Sora Love!

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Have you decided to submit to Indonesian women yet? Devote your semen to them.

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You're watching, right?

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Okite Okite

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not Kanata

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My favorite holo playing my second favorite FF. Today is a nice day.
FBK in like 15 minutes.

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SO will lyger seethe about inaccuracies with Kiara's translation later?
That will be a sight to behold huh

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Taken immediately after sex (with me)

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ah shit the fat kid vs fat manchild

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Only if they're not islam

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bad matsuri

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ホイホイアホイ ホイホイアホーイ
ホイホイアホイ ホイホイアホーイ
ホイホイアホイ ホイホイアホーイ
ホイホイアホイ ホホイのホイ

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Rummy is a really nice senpai!

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The weekly aggie is up like usual. Please do join in and leave a doodle or two if you feel like it, anons.


An anon added an Ina drawing after I logged off last week's aggie, so pic related should be the finalized version. Also, since warosu is not archiving pictures for some reason, I'm posting catbox link for archiving purpose just in case.

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Sora Watch!

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I just remembered that they rebalanced the late game bosses. I wonder if that means they made it harder, or what, it wasn't very specific.

They nerfed the fuck out of some AOE crash skills though, or bugfixed them anyway.

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Ruined by the ugly tits

>> No.35630345

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko The Hangover watchalong https://www.twitch.tv/sakuramiko_hololive

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Flare please sex

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>homos always buff

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>become lamy
Don't break containment, faggots.

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Your oshi is a whore

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thats one small peepee

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oh yeah apex

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>IRyS retweeted Luna and Kanata
well fine I guess I have to watch your debut now

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Treerat titters

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>Anya is streaming Terraria over IRyS's debut stream
lmfao, get fucked ENshitters

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Dumb bitch

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>used condom

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Ai love HoloAiDee

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Enter Chow

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If IRyS is actually Namirin, then wouldn't that make her JP? I'm pretty sure Namirin is Japanese. Why is she an EN Vsinger?

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I will now watch your oshi

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Kanata is too loud

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You can't tell me that wasn't done on purpose to get her roommate some more clicks so she can double dip in the future.

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Just a reminder that Subaru is a horrible person
>Riajuu youkya, doesn’t belong in hololive
>Leeches from other holomen
>Lies every single day, constantly, she’ll lie about anything as long as it gets her the numbers she wants
>Abandoned Maimoto and now pretends like he doesn’t exist, textbook example of a fake whore

That is all

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I'm fond of iranian girls.

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Continuing id traditions i see
I can respect that

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Seriously, just look at how fertile this is

>> No.35630397

If she's actually IRyS, then I'll watch her

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Why is kanata so obsessed with the goddamn fish?

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Link the tweet

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Namirin was born in the US based on her twitter profile, so if anything she's probably a hafu

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Miko saw peepee again

>> No.35630404

She's not

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The Chicken is EN instead of GER too, why not if they stream mostly in English?

>> No.35630408

Cover is only aiming for big candidates now
don't expect any surprise picks

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My oshi finally has a schizo. She's in the big league now!

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I dont care towa has done all that before and shes still here

>> No.35630415

wtf Fubuki is a God how does she keep getting away with it

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her entire schtick now is doing things for hours on hours for clicks, and it works

>> No.35630420

They just couldn't find a good english singer

>> No.35630421

Go to last thread retard

>> No.35630424

holy shit, she's gonna lose 500 viewers!

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>Matsuri has now been shilling Nijisanji on HoloTalk for 39 minutes
She just keeps going and going, holy fucking christ.
At this point she's talked more about Nijis than Holo.

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When will they ever fucking learn to use separate devices?

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the leech has grown too powerful

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She isnt german but austrian

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I took a break browsing the threads before this Subaru lie shit started. What caused it?

>> No.35630435

Cope and seethe more nijinigger. Is that niji dog dead yet lmao?

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Im actually want her to be in EN2, she´s a good singer but for a Vsinger Im expecting someone with a higher level

>> No.35630439

She already messed up lmao, I'm happy it's her tho

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If you cut out everything from 2:34 to 4:00, Ahoy would be a good song.

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Straya is not a real country, anon.

>> No.35630450

There's no GER branch but there's obviously a JP branch.

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did she delete it?

>> No.35630454

You forgot to add that she hates singing more than Okayu, who got over her hate for singing.

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why are heimins like this

>> No.35630460

She'll drop down the moment she starts doing normal streams just like festival after her Apex gacha

>> No.35630461

>Subaru is a horrible person
>Ryajuu youkya
Makes sense.

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What's wrong, Friend?

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so it's confirmed that it's her?

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God I want to breed her so bad...

>> No.35630476

Nobody else called in the sheep.

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well she wouldn't delete it if she was just a random trying to butt into the conversation

>> No.35630481

she´s good but I was expecting someone better

>> No.35630482

Look at it, isn't it the cutest thing ever?

>> No.35630483

It wasn't actually 15 minutes, she spent a few hours on her makeshift basic bitch farm but ended up luckshitting it.
Mind you, her main opponents were Shishiro "I end up sparking every banner I roll" Botan and Amane "Lamenters chapter luck" Kanata.

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I'm sure her 103M view cover song looked good during the audition.

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What do we know about Namirin?

>> No.35630487

What the fuck is that face

>> No.35630488

I only got 3 hours to watch stream vods today, which ones do I watch?

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When was the last time you liked a thread, friend?

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Reine needs more r-18 art.

>> No.35630494

roru, i'm just glad they got someone bilingual who can collab with both EN and JP.

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What now?

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Everyone likes rice and loli, but which Holo likes /m/ and shmups enough to stream Astebreed?

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EN label means more potential revenue.

>> No.35630508

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My fish die

>> No.35630517

FBKing is a Goddess of Luck.
Ever since I made her my oshi I have had insanely good gacha luck.

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>used condom
When I was living in college campus I used to sneak into the dormitory hallways right before the cleaners woke up and rummage through the trash bins outside the rooms. Could usually find 1 or two used condoms there, not a lot of other trash so they were relatively clean. I would tie up the end and suck on the condom. My logic was that since the outside of the condom was inside the girl, it was still covered in vagina juices. That way I could taste a hot chick despite being an unfuckable virgin. The cock is inside the condom so technically I have no contact with it and it's not gay.
Then one day I ventured towards the local frat house and rummaged through their trash since by my logic the pussy quality those frat dudes get is much higher. Unfortunately when I went to suck on it I realized that those bastards put the condom inside out before throwing it away, so I got a mouthful of disgusting frat cum in my mouth. Pretty much had to stop after that, but the though of sucking on some left-over pussy juice still excites me. If I still lived on campus I would do it again.rqdqq

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I'd say she's above average but she also spends like there's no tomorrow.

>> No.35630526

Yeah... Been waiting for that to happen for a few months...

>> No.35630527

I'm sorry, anon.

>> No.35630528

How popularity is still inclining, so it's just a matter of time.

>> No.35630535

She's gonna get the AZKi treatment though

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>> No.35630539

Why are watamates like this?

>> No.35630540

>loves telling stories endlessly about Holo girls and arbitrary subjects
>absolutely awful at video games
>struggled for a long time to distinguish herself from other Holos
Love my girls Subaru and Kanata

Kanata's yet to secure her viewers outside of her main pull (endurance grinds) like Subaru did with hers though.

>> No.35630541

I wish she leech on me

>> No.35630545

The power of Nadeko

>> No.35630547

I love reine but people here hate IDs so I don't talk about her that much

>> No.35630549

Holo having a schizo is a seal of approval in this thread because they appear as a reaction to someone being explicitly loved and praised here.

>> No.35630550

Remember Kiryu Coco?

>> No.35630552

>Reine slowly starting to realize this game is going to take her like 20 streams

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>> No.35630557

labels represent nothing
you could literally put the english label on indos and it would actually boost them considerably
or remove Anya and Iofi's ID tag and sell them as JP and they'll do better
English branding is just there to make sure it's seen by everyone, there's so many viewers lost if you label yourself ID or KR or JP, retards will never give them a chance and assume they don't speak english

>> No.35630558

Just give her all your money and it's done

>> No.35630559


>> No.35630560

Why are Tatsunoko like this?

>> No.35630562

Virgin here. Why would they flip the condoms inside out? Wouldn't the semen get out of the condom and get everywhere if they did that?

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>> No.35630569

Why indo milkers have to be so big and juicy...

>> No.35630573

Reddit like EN so why not?

>> No.35630576

azki does collabs all the time though, most of the times it's just with sora and other singers that she's close with. unfortunately most of them aren't very popular.

>> No.35630579

boob windows are just the best

>> No.35630580

Im only a shizo because i hate her i dont care if other like her

>> No.35630588

Fucking Chow

>> No.35630591

That's precisely why. Then no girls can use it and fuck the guy over.

>> No.35630594

>that tummy
IRyS is a downgrade...

>> No.35630596

In what part is miko right now?

>> No.35630597

>people here hate IDs
Most people here like the IDs or are at least, indifferent. It's just 2 or 3 loud schizos who hates them.

>> No.35630599

As long as you're thinking of her

>> No.35630600

How are people so incompetent with this shit?

>> No.35630601

That design is so much better. They should have recruited her like Suisei rather than making her reincarnate.

>> No.35630602

Subaru worked for years building her brand to get where she is now, Kanata will come to her own with time too.

>> No.35630603

>but people here hate IDs
No >>>>>>>>>>we don't. Don't let the vkiddie minority fool you

>> No.35630606

Not always, there was a Choco schizo, we sometimes have Noel and Rushia schizos for superficial reasons.

>> No.35630607

>> No.35630608

based falseflagging spammer

>> No.35630608,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35630610

Official Pochi doujin when?

>> No.35630611

>> No.35630617

Women with computers, please understand

>> No.35630619

>yayoi people to jomon people, circa 300AD

>> No.35630620

Most people are indifferent to them until faggots spam them and then eventually they start hating them

>> No.35630621


>> No.35630622

They found out that Doug is kidnapped by Ken Jeong

>> No.35630624

I will never forget this bitch, unlike that whore kanata and her heimin chink armada

>> No.35630626

I don't speak indonesian so I just ignore them

>> No.35630627

Is that Moona or Keqing?

>> No.35630630

I love whores and sluts

>> No.35630632

Huh? So girls would reopen the condom and use the semen inside to get pregnant?

>> No.35630633

Sometimes I want to hibernate.

>> No.35630635

Nothing against ID holos. Just hate the annoying ID posters who chatpost here instead of global.

>> No.35630637

It called accidental marketing.You know "haha how silly of me to reply using my other account,hopefully none of my old fan will follow me *wink*wink*"
And yes deleting it make it seem more legit than just leaving it behind.

>> No.35630638

To get you in trouble

>> No.35630640

How is it that if someone posts Marine arts it's not spam, if someone posts Ramy arts it's not spam, if someone posts Mio arts, it's not spam. But if someone posts ID arts it's spam?

>> No.35630641

Okayu did it! I think.

>> No.35630642 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35630644

the people spamming them are clearly doing it to annoy people and make them hate them

>> No.35630646

Miko gonna gamble at the casino

>> No.35630648


>> No.35630649

We won Numberbros

>> No.35630651

To be fair there is one schizo who hates the ID spamming ID images.

>> No.35630654

I will never forget the shitty bear

>> No.35630656

irys bebi

>> No.35630658


>> No.35630659

Because wrong thread

>> No.35630660

Pekora will probably play The Last Guardian

>> No.35630661

That makes no sense.

>> No.35630664

I'm looking for that one image of Towa making a dumb face, does anyone have it?

>> No.35630665

>the top 1 female streamer is a whore who streams half naked
>therefore, pekora (and probably other female streamers) consider becoming more lewd
This is what people mean when they say that women get objectified in capitalism.

>> No.35630666

But I though she was irish...

>> No.35630668

So will IRyS have a collab ban for 1 month and have to stream alone for the entire month?

>> No.35630671

And there is one schizo spamming ID images just to annoy the other schizo.

>> No.35630672

I'm going to be an Irys schizo, but I will be in /vt/ so don't worry.

>> No.35630673

Sugoi Miko!

>> No.35630674


>> No.35630676

No matter what Pekora does she will always be the unsexiest Holo.

>> No.35630678

Didn't the chicken move back or something?

>> No.35630679

>> No.35630680

Another artist wants to drop his porn works to only draw cute girls...

>> No.35630681

This twitter storm is great and all but Ame should really go to sleep, she has a stream later!

>> No.35630683


>> No.35630685

Ok, I'm sold. Just get the new girl on JP maicra server right now.

>> No.35630687

Nice, a hafu.

>> No.35630689

Sora watch hololive

>> No.35630690

>collab ban for 1 month
Why is this even a thing?

>> No.35630692

they should've let her keep her design...

>> No.35630694

Breed the duck https://twitter.com/idol__picture/status/1413746182505918464

>> No.35630695

Why the fuck is Luna's stream shadowbanned? Cant find it in sub box or when you search her name on youtube.

>> No.35630697

she will stream once or twice a week like Asskey anyway

>> No.35630700

>> No.35630704

She is only allowed on the EN server

>> No.35630709

I didn't like his cute and funny stuff, I liked his bigger booba stuff, and his non-h stuff is also good.

>> No.35630710


>> No.35630711

Man... sometimes I hate the way Korone plays

>> No.35630717


>> No.35630718

Youtube banned babies from streaming

>> No.35630719


>> No.35630720

How in the flying fuck did she get that many views?

>> No.35630722

She sings

>> No.35630724

Then tako should get off her ass and kill endora already for the merger.

>> No.35630725

Hero of Children...

Althought that she already wears a bunny girl costume

>> No.35630726



>> No.35630727

OkaKoro offcollab! I missed the date because I wasnt paying attention

>> No.35630728

People thought it’s the original

>> No.35630729

There's no official video for Renai Circulation. Her video is the first result when you search for it.
It's also really popular.

>> No.35630731

There's no official upload of the OP and most viewers thought it was the original OP.

>> No.35630732

Because you're retarded

>> No.35630734

Suddenly ublock doesn't work on youtube ads anymore. Anyone else have the same problem?

>> No.35630735

Was Holotalk always 2 hours long?

>> No.35630738

Well there isn't many other options if you want to listen to renai circulation on YouTube.

>> No.35630742

Reine is really a beautiful bird

>> No.35630743

Just block all third party scripts and whitelist everything going from there.

>> No.35630746

Not sure, but my guess is that the Hitomi Chris incident showed them that you sometimes get bad apples among the new girls, and you don't want the bad apple to spoil the entire group.
Imagine if this Irys became best friends with Sora, but then it turns out Irys is a racist who hates blacks and Hispanics. Now soras image is tainted too.

>> No.35630747

works on my machine

>> No.35630748


>> No.35630750

You can thank her mama for that.

>> No.35630752


>> No.35630753

To let talents do their thing and shine on their own?
Maybe 1 month is a little too long...
But usually there are several people that collab and stuff on 1 gen.
Being alone for a month sounds rough
Kiara talked how Irys was hesitant to even talk to them behind the scenes. Hope she won't isolate herself too much. We don't need to repeat INNK stuff...

>> No.35630755

>Imagine if this Irys became best friends with Sora, but then it turns out Irys is a racist who hates blacks and Hispanics.
Sounds pretty based to me

>> No.35630758

Why would killing the end dragon matter?

>> No.35630759

It’s just a cover

>> No.35630760

That is not Kana Hanazawa's voice singing it so. No.

>> No.35630762

Short hair Reine is a gift.

>> No.35630763

I mean Hanazawa Kana's voice is much more softer than that.

>> No.35630764

>racist who hates blacks and Hispanics

>> No.35630765

I hope Sora makes a cute 800K celebration stream this week

>> No.35630768


>> No.35630769

Sankisei 3D swimsuit onegai...

>> No.35630770

tell her to run the numbers instead. the #1 streams more than 300 hours a month which is way more than double pekora's hours.

>> No.35630773

For some reason, nips decide to never advertise or even upload their shit. This is the case for so many anime song.

>> No.35630774

Fucking numberfag.

>> No.35630775

fuck off chickentard

>> No.35630776

It even says 歌ってみた

>> No.35630780


>> No.35630781


>> No.35630783

PFFFFFFHAHAHAHA is this your whore, meidos? She’s niji indonesia tier of a failure
Do you think shilling this worthless whore here will get people to watch her?
Nobody will ever watch a talentless whore, she’s a failure.

>> No.35630784


>> No.35630787


Sora’s hyped

>> No.35630788


>> No.35630790

I'm going to be an Irys schizo and I will be here. Let's do our best, schizofriend!

>> No.35630791

Thanks, forgot how simple most people on youtube are

>> No.35630794

And how does your "based" measure up to the opinion of several large advertisers?

>> No.35630798

Sora likes kouhai's who can sing idol songs with her.

>> No.35630799


>> No.35630804

>Pretty Pussy Tenga still breeding axolotls
is this sunken cost fallacy?

>> No.35630809

So if I love JP but hate EN then what should my opinion be of Irys? I don't dislike singers but I don't go out of my way to watch them, either.

>> No.35630812

She just wants her own blue uper.

>> No.35630813

It would make far more sense to have the new recruit collab with the bigger names in Hololive. This would make their channel grow quickly and that in turn would make Youtube's algorithm push the channel more, making it grow even faster

>> No.35630815

Holy shit, best EN confirmed.

>> No.35630817


>> No.35630818

She know that if she keep going, her gachis will shower her with money when she finally got it.

>> No.35630820

kanata wouldn't dare to leech off fubuki's upa

>> No.35630821

>crying over a video game

>> No.35630823

You should love all holos instead of parroting inane tribalistic teenager tier wars.

>> No.35630824

happy sora is gonna have kohais to work with. Unlike those useless new JP gens who cant even be assed to sing

>> No.35630825

mr paradise...

>> No.35630828

Holy shit this movie is stupid

>> No.35630829


>> No.35630831

Well I meant sunken cost fallacy as in time spent, not really the money but that will happen too

>> No.35630833

Wait couple of years until you're 18 and capable of forming your own opinions.

>> No.35630835

Why do you need this thread to form an opinion for you?

>> No.35630837

1. She said she went over Okayu's house every day. This got back to Okayu and she said it was just a couple times a week.
2. She said her and Towa were married now. This got back to Towa and she didn't know what she was talking about.
3. I don't remember the specifics but she told a story about being in the studio with Lamy and accidentally ogling her tits, which she then covered up presumably because she noticed. It got back to Lamy and she said it didn't happen like that.

Her fans have started pestering her about it. She isn't really lying, she just exaggerates what happens to make it funnier.

>> No.35630838

Just don't watch if you don't like her.

>> No.35630839

Yeah. We have decided, follow the order.

>> No.35630841

Because that's what they decided on, ask them.

>> No.35630844

>Crying for fucking Blank
Vivi's history will fuck her.

>> No.35630845

You can just be neutral about her if you not interested in something like a normal person.

>> No.35630846


>> No.35630847

And even if she doesn't, they will still throw money

>> No.35630851

>crying over a minor side character

>> No.35630852

>adult only stream
Hime no!

>> No.35630853

>i literally cannot formulate an opinion of my own, please make one for me
Can I tell you to kill yourself instead?

>> No.35630854

This dog is very emotional

>> No.35630855

Doug is as red as a crab

>> No.35630856

foxbro, do you have an updated filter?

>> No.35630858

I remember finding it funny when I watched it, but I honestly don't remember a single thing about it. Except the twist ending.

>> No.35630859

>She isn't really lying, she just exaggerates what happens to make it funnier

I'm pretty sure they all do that

>> No.35630861

Someone clipped Okayu damage controlling her sheltering Subaru all week long so OkaKoro fans won't get angry and some schizo here got triggered by it.

>> No.35630863

fuck off, oppaischizo

>> No.35630864

This loud hamu fuck why is she popular

>> No.35630866

I think I'm in love.

>> No.35630868

Probably the same as on tako or better, she will collab left and right with JP going off what she's doing right now, and seems well adapted to JP culture.

>> No.35630869

That was more on AZKi active singing live on stage, and her management revolving around it. AZKi only started to stream more this year as a resolution and even then limited to singing and Minecraft with Sora

>> No.35630871

Anya WILL accept her big, soft tits.

>> No.35630873

You should stick to your usual behavior of having emotional instability, mood swings and bi-polar schizophernia and hate on her on IRyS every other Monday, Tuesday and Sunday, while loving her with burning passion every Wedsday and Friday but only if they are non-holidays, remain indifferent on Saturday. And don't forget to post about it in this thread to let all anons know about your current opinion of IRyS, preferable with appropriate explicatives of the "whore" kind. Good luck on your schizo quest!

>> No.35630874

Cute Hime...

>> No.35630879


>> No.35630880


>> No.35630882


>> No.35630884

>Probably the same as on tako or better
And what is /our/ opinion on tako?

>> No.35630886


>> No.35630893

go back to your doxxcord

>> No.35630894

It started after gamers because Korone debut was so bad that she needed other people to help her. That made it hard to grow her own fan base for a while.

>> No.35630896

What? We have Nene and Polka

>> No.35630898

A fucking Vsinger is not going to be collabing with anyone.

>> No.35630899


>> No.35630902


>> No.35630903

She doesn't even exaggerate, just doesn't spend a minute in silence trying to remember all the details or saying "I don't remember what happened". The Towa story was about fucking octopus rings or whatever, nobody took it seriously in the first place. Subaru tells stories about things other members consider absolutely trivial, they don't remember them right either.

>> No.35630904

Being adopted into gokisei, should have been a JP all along. Inb4 our opinion on gokisei.

>> No.35630905

Miko kek

>> No.35630906

When luna streams i drop everything. I think i need a kid but women dont want it. Fuck

>> No.35630910

don't care, didn't ask. get out underage fags

>> No.35630911

actually, she's going to collab with my big dick hawaiian internet technician cock

>> No.35630912

No. I need to shove my cock between this titty onahole's fat saggers.

>> No.35630914


>> No.35630917

Imagine what she does while singing...

>> No.35630919

Nene seems to get along well with Sora. I hope they interact more.

>> No.35630921

Cute and boring, drawfags want to kill themselves when they watch her draw, her singing skill is ok but almost nobody watch her streams for more than 5 minutes.

>> No.35630922

Gap. She has an innocent, forlorn face and general demeanor, but she's actually violent and one of those not afraid to get her hands dirty types. You know the one. Probably raised on a farm. Knows a disturbing amount of practical information. Wouldn't hesitate to shoot a dying dog. But she looks like a Charlie Brown character.

>> No.35630925

hahahahahaha Miko

>> No.35630927


>> No.35630930

What did he mean by this

>> No.35630931

yab miko

>> No.35630932

Because she's interesting

>> No.35630933

This is theatrical version? What does the unrated version show then?

>> No.35630934

>> No.35630935


>> No.35630936

If everyone's fucking mamas collab all over the fucking place, there's literally nothing stopping a vsinger from collabing. There might be a collab ban but there probably won't be or it will be short since she debuted alone.

>> No.35630937


>> No.35630938

Cry me a river fag lmao

>> No.35630942

I'm sure the theatrical version didn't have korean dicks.

>> No.35630943


>> No.35630944

Nene is fake and only joined hololive for the clout. Glad she's still bottom tier

>> No.35630945

She looks like pink hoshikawa

>> No.35630947

unrated is just some extra scenes

>> No.35630949

Oh thank god.

>> No.35630951


>> No.35630952

comfort woman for all of holo jp

>> No.35630953

Every western woman is a SJW, it's okay to hate them without exception.

>> No.35630957

>> No.35630959

mediocre entertainer and average singer, extremely talented artist
she's the most inoffensive holo you can think of, which is why she barely has any schizos

>> No.35630961

Big fat Marine milkers in a swimsuit being drawn right now

>> No.35630962

Shes the underdog holo. Everyone loves a good underdog story.

>> No.35630966

I was watching the unrated version ffs

>> No.35630967

She's extremely flat, and it's extremely hot

>> No.35630968

>Its fine when Suisei whores herself

>> No.35630969

Imagine getting the rare blue hoshikawa...

>> No.35630970

I wish she was my dog.

>> No.35630972

>implying they're not racists who hate blacks and Hispanics
rumao rumao roru roru

>> No.35630973

>left: generic trash
>right: overdesigned trash


>> No.35630974

somehow, the corpo one has more SOUL than the indie incarnation
how does this happen?

>> No.35630976

Miko saw a dick, she's not pure anymore.

>> No.35630981

100% average asian chick that you know from university

>> No.35630982

Vsingers don't do regular streaming content you dumb fuck.
What's the point of branding as a Vsinger if she's going to be doing minecraft 7 days a week? Because that's not happening.

>> No.35630983

>generic trash

>> No.35630984

I can't believe Risu is fucking dead...

>> No.35630986

Just some extended scenes https://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=39126

>> No.35630987

She's a great relentless tsukkomi with ability to talk about anything for hours. She went from timid and emotionless to having loud fun reactions and constant banter with chat. Not anyone can casually sustain 20K+ audience for more than five hours with nothing but idle talk while feeding axolotls.

>> No.35630988

>drawfags want to kill themselves when they watch her draw
Took me a bit to understand this is actually a compliment.

>> No.35630990

I can't find the non-unrated version anywhere. Pretty sure it doesn't exist.

>> No.35630992

A lot of times that is just because of stupid license decisions, but it's getting better lately.

>> No.35630993

Nnnaaaazz For Your Soul

>> No.35630994

Discount Hokusai

>> No.35630997

what a downgrade fuck

>> No.35630998

Why no one is talking about Reine's stream?

>> No.35630999

namirin is from hawaii, her outfit makes total sense.

>> No.35631000

Why do people freak out? Miko's probably seen way worse stuff just in all the eroge she's played.

>> No.35631002


>> No.35631003

Have you not heard the original? It's clearly different

Also why the fuck are you using youtube videos to listen to music?

>> No.35631005

It's the Kansai genes and upbringing.

>> No.35631007

Theatrical version just mosaiced everything.

>> No.35631008

pixelated stuff

>> No.35631009

>Not anyone can casually sustain 20K+ audience for more than five hours with nothing but idle talk while feeding axolotls.
Most Holos could easily do it

>> No.35631014

You better believe Ina is gonna mog you if you ever draw with her

>> No.35631015


>> No.35631017

>Miko will watch the hangover 2 drinking

>> No.35631019


>> No.35631020

anon didn't even watch Miko Korone a way out collab

>> No.35631021

Eroge's not nukige, anon...

>> No.35631023


>> No.35631024

I'll show Ina her place

>> No.35631027

You might want to check her individual thread on /vt/ for more active viewerbase

>> No.35631029


>> No.35631030

Hime is on
I only watch her for her utawakus
Chunsoft games are shite
And many more reasons

>> No.35631031

EN got this. Is JP going to get a hafu too? I hope so.

>> No.35631032

>Most Holos could easily do it
name 7

>> No.35631034

That's a really cute design.

>> No.35631035

Nabi is a hack, even Mel's drawing has more soul than her

>> No.35631036

Miko has seen dicks now, but she's lesbian. As long as she hasn't seen a vagina, she's still pure.

>> No.35631037

Has she collapsed with marine yet?

>> No.35631039

>Vsingers *headcanon*
She's literally the first, calm down. All we have to go by right now are Suisei and Azki who both do a fair bit of maicra.

>> No.35631040

I hate ChinAqua for merging with Pekora.

>> No.35631041

Shamefur dispray from Nabi.

>> No.35631044

Marine pussied out...

>> No.35631047


>> No.35631048

Haachama is 80% australian at this point

>> No.35631050

Has Watame beaten the story yet? I see she's at the postgame shrine.

>> No.35631052


>> No.35631054

It's funny how a lot of them still don't know Ina can speak decent japanese.

>> No.35631055

hahahahah migo saw a fat guy's DICK!

>> No.35631058

What? The latter is just a sub-group of the former and even non-porn-focused titles can get pretty wild.

>> No.35631061

>Chunsoft games are shite
Shit tastes

>> No.35631063


>> No.35631064

If Miko's going to watch parody, she should watch Superhero Movie first.

>> No.35631065

Because she has been stonewalled by a mirror.

>> No.35631068

Suisei is not a Vsinger and never has been. AZKi did literally nothing for years.

>> No.35631071

They really shouldn't have gone with the dark, chunni personality with her Holo design if she's normally this bubbly and cheery with that voice.

>> No.35631073

Inafags are the most obnoxious en posters so far

>> No.35631074

She's Silky's Plus games, they can get pretty hot.

>> No.35631076

>Most Holos could easily do it

>> No.35631077

Well replace her with Miko, Korone or Kiara then

>> No.35631078

I shouldn't tell you this because you'll get upset, but Sora said Nene is her favorite kouhai.

>> No.35631080

Normal minecraft at this hour can get flare 10-15k
ao uupaaruupaa buff is easily enough to make the difference

>> No.35631084

have you seen KFPfags

>> No.35631085

No Miko I do NOT want to watch Boss Baby! Toy Story is fine though

>> No.35631087


>> No.35631090


>> No.35631093

The most impressive thing about Ina's nihongo is that she manages to land puns more often than not.

>> No.35631095

>modern spoof films

>> No.35631096


>> No.35631097

t.EOP clipwatcher
everyone knows no one likes 5th gen

>> No.35631099

You didn't have to embarrass yourself even further, just say Kanata is on the same level as Sankisei heavy lifters right now and let it rest.

>> No.35631101

>Silky's Plus
Wait she has good taste?

>> No.35631103

just letting you know I love this lion

>> No.35631108

not big enough

>> No.35631111

nenechi made the best rami

>> No.35631112


>> No.35631113

I'm not debuting until 8 hours or so

>> No.35631115


>> No.35631116

Kanata is leeching Coco again

>> No.35631117

Nene should do a drawing collab with Marine

>> No.35631124

Hang in there, fellow oji-san...

>> No.35631127

No because Marine will lose all of her gigs as illustrator if she ever collabs with Ina when she gets exposed as a shit tier artist.
She's always making keychains and other small drawings for other chuubas and that would all be lost if she collabs with Ina.

>> No.35631128


>> No.35631131


>> No.35631132

loafy...the eyes...

>> No.35631133


>> No.35631135

Then invite Luna and Towa again.

>> No.35631139


>> No.35631140

Iofi in charge of tsurime

>> No.35631142

Why does she shit out the horrors on stream if she can draw normally like this?

>> No.35631143

This you?

>> No.35631145


>> No.35631148

Iofi is an ARTIST

>> No.35631154

Someone post the ina iofi collab drawing

>> No.35631160

much. still a little on the small side.

>> No.35631163

That makes no sense. Those people commissioning Marine's gigs would have known about Ina anyways.

>> No.35631168

Risu drives me nuts!

>> No.35631169

It's her final act of love towards her, to not leave a single part of her carcass behind in this world.

>> No.35631173

What a fucking downgrade. Her design is miles better than that EN garbage design.

>> No.35631174

Since Kanata is changed now that Coco's gone, post your saddest ppts

>> No.35631175

Why did Pochi nerf herself? Not enough self confidence to pilot a big titty mommy avatar?

>> No.35631176

Post the Cyclops.

>> No.35631179

That looks fine.
To be honest Iofi is fine as an artist, she just needs some guidance on certain areas how to improve further.

>> No.35631180

The best part is when near the end she drew THIS without looking at any reference images, entirely off memory.

>> No.35631181

She's more comfortable in hololive these days so they should do it again

>> No.35631183


>> No.35631185

I prefer the other artist in that image

>> No.35631186

What is Watame even doing right now in game, objective wise?

>> No.35631191

Generic taste senpai.

>> No.35631193

>> No.35631195

Nene drew that on stream

>> No.35631196

>> No.35631200


>> No.35631208

Why didn't they just hire this character instead of just the roommate?

>> No.35631211

i don't think it takes a good artist to expose a shit tier artist
actually most of the time people seems to go easy on drawing collabs
not saying marine is the better artist, just that if she's indeed a shit tier artist, people will be able to tell just from her solo drawing streams by how she works

>> No.35631212

>pink girl

>> No.35631213

Anemachi fucked hoshikawa...

>> No.35631214


>> No.35631215

Just do your reps anon-san. Or get better clippers. She was wondering why the eroi oneesan makes lewd streams in the gaming category. Something that even the chat was questioning why it was allowed, or maybe is just a kaigai/twitch thing.
She was also brainstorming over the top ideas of how become more lewd/voluptuous. But end up end up saying she is fine the way she is.
This is the first time in a while that she didn't said anything serious about learning from a top streamer.
And this just my speculation, but unlike the other girls, she doesn't seem to recognize the lewd streamer as legit.

>> No.35631216

I've switched my brain off from the game outside the cutscenes for the last 3 streams or so and just focus on Watame speaking

>> No.35631218


>> No.35631219

nah, this one is pretty generic

>> No.35631220


>> No.35631221

It's really cute, but there's something chinky about it. I'm not an artist so I can't really explain why I feel that way.

>> No.35631222

I don't have cow tit art sorry

>> No.35631225

The Hololive Historian discord just figured out the identity behind the Vsinger that still hasn't debuted lmao
is there anything he can't find?

>> No.35631226

Looks like Nekkoshits decided to show up today. A reminder that she should've died yesterday. Maybe the only time people would actually care about her

>> No.35631227

it's fine. that's good.

>> No.35631228

I wouldn't watch fucking rice loli even if you paid me money.

>> No.35631231

>new IP

>> No.35631232


>> No.35631234


>> No.35631235

>buff game
>dead game

>> No.35631236

Because it's fun. It also takes just a few minutes compared to the image just posted which took her over two hours.
For the record, Nene's stream props are also self-drawn, so are her single covers.

>> No.35631238

that is one of Lofi's better ones actually
someone post the Sora

>> No.35631239

Honestly, I'm surprised she can even get that much playing fucking rice loli #13 after god knows how many months.

>> No.35631242

>I don't have cow tit art

>> No.35631246

Miko is so cute!

>> No.35631250

Huh, Watame doesn't have all the search dogs yet?

>> No.35631253

What a hack.

>> No.35631254

Wow Kanata has more viewers with a gacha bait challenge stream playing Minecraft than Watame's Riceloli #13!

>> No.35631255

>Anonymous (120)

>> No.35631257


>> No.35631258

Watame needs to realize she’s a minecraft streamer, nobody gives a fuck about her unless she’s leeching the minecraft server

>> No.35631260

that's the ticket.

>> No.35631261

Time for elite janken!

>> No.35631263

Here you go.

>> No.35631266

Why am I not allowed to predict with elite points WTF twitch

>> No.35631268

wow, he must be real good at sniffing around huh?
can you tell him on discord that he's doing god's work

>> No.35631271


>> No.35631273

>already selling baby dirtblood oopas
Based Kanatachi

>> No.35631275

The fuck is kanata doing?

>> No.35631276

LOL she must hate Noel

>> No.35631277

Kanatan upa...
Will Miko do an elite point bet today?

>> No.35631278

Some madman bet 250k elite points!

>> No.35631279

Yeah, she was joking and half mocking when she said she wanted hagure to draw her like that, hagure was responding jokingly too. Clipper missed the context once again.

>> No.35631281

You missed your chance, the poll's only opened for like a minute

>> No.35631286

She started this game 7 months ago.

>> No.35631287

Rice loli is a big debuff game

>> No.35631288

Why they give big breasts? Aren't Muslim into lolis?

>> No.35631289

why is kanata spouting the number of the devil????

>> No.35631290

Can't believe you retards are here at /jp/ without knowing her or anything about utaite

>> No.35631293

I guess I'll have to start saving some Gen5 images as they seem to rile up that faggots aspergers quite a lot, please do give me some of them
also good thing that whore al*e left and will never comeback, if only the non JP branches would get the same treatment as CN branch and hololive would be perfect

>> No.35631294

now that the dumb dragon is finally gone
my wife can officially reclaim her #1 titty holo title

>> No.35631297

cute rion

>> No.35631300

Good gacha luck requires sacrifice

>> No.35631301


>> No.35631302

>New IP
Maybe you should read the thread next time, also go back.

>> No.35631303

Careful, you got banned for this last time, remember?

>> No.35631306

Void terrarium arc > Riceloli arc

>> No.35631310


>> No.35631311

Going on minecraft is now leeching?

>> No.35631312

>tfw you will not be a shota that gets lured by noel

>> No.35631314

Based, a lot of her songs are featured on osu!
She's quite famous...
However not everyone possesses forbidden knowledge...

>> No.35631317

Kanata: 29k
Watame: 5.5k

>> No.35631318

Noel is not in the gaming category on Twitch though.

>> No.35631321

Is she doing a poo?

>> No.35631327

I have no clue. I started watching an hour late into the stream. At least this will be the last rice loli stream

>> No.35631328

You: faggot

>> No.35631329

The free market allows people to give other people what they want. People (dumb men mostly) want to look at boobies, I don't know what to tell you, anon.

If you want to control the market so that people are forced to value products that they need, things that are actually good for them in the long-term, then maybe you'd like to discuss how feminism has created a free market for mate selection which results in women reproducing men who are actually bad for society? Women are attracted to low IQ men with criminal tendencies and dark triad traits. Clearly, for the betterment of society, the government should step in and tell women which men they can and can't sleep with, right? I mean, I doubt you were trying to have your cake and eat it, too...

>> No.35631331

forbidden knowledge my ass
just go to twitter lmao

>> No.35631335

hey men

>> No.35631336

Kanata is going to beat Watame in subs soon
Will she able to do it before 1 million?

>> No.35631337

Cope, Delta is doing way better than any of gokishit. Also EN and ID are huge successes. You're just bitter that they are growing much faster than your JP failures. So sad they can even beat Ollie.

>> No.35631342


>> No.35631343

I can't believe that I agree with this.

>> No.35631344


>> No.35631345

I have a feeling that guy is a MASStard

>> No.35631346

Holy shit I just won 10k elite points. Fuck yeah!

>> No.35631347


>> No.35631349

Oh thank god I missed my chance to bet.

>> No.35631350

twitch > youtube
simple as

>> No.35631353

Don't worry, Void Terrarium is coming back soon now that the DLC is out!

>> No.35631354

Sexy bunny

>> No.35631357

Bankrupt... my elite points

>> No.35631358

My fucking elite points

Fucking rigged

>> No.35631359

It does. Maybe it reminds me of Spade Echo.

>> No.35631360

My elite points...

>> No.35631361

>> No.35631363

Lamy is bigger, she's also not a whore and unlike Noel, other holos actually like Lamy

>> No.35631364

Fuck off Nguyen

>> No.35631365

Miko my elite points.......

>> No.35631367

What's even left of Coco's corpse? Is she keeping it on ice or something?

>> No.35631368

Nyooooooo my elite points!

>> No.35631370

Void terrarium had at least good music and it picked up during the last few streams. Riceloli has been pure torture all the way.

>> No.35631372


>> No.35631377

I thought that was obvious? Rice loli is a chore game.

>> No.35631379

Nobody cares about a gook artist and she's not hololive either so literally wrong thread

>> No.35631381


>> No.35631382

Sometimes I wonder, how can I be sure that Kotaro isnt actually just a really cute cat plushie anyway?

>> No.35631383

Anon is crying about Kanatan again

>> No.35631385

>Delta is doing way better than any of gokishit.
No she isn't anon, we already did the math Delta is making even less money than Polka

>> No.35631386

oh lord what a schizo go fuck yourself fucking retarded nigger

>> No.35631388

best thing about riling up the massfaggot is that I have it filtered so I can only imagine the boiling rage all those filtered pots ooze without having to read even a single word

>> No.35631390

God I wish I was Kotaro...

>> No.35631391

go back watch twitch whores

>> No.35631394

I can't believe what a numberfag this sheep is
Honestly fucking unreal

>> No.35631396


>> No.35631397

How much longer does geekjack usually take than the stuff from both.

>> No.35631398

>he doubted

>> No.35631404

hack, no one can beat Ina

>> No.35631405

>Curious is the trapmaker's art - his efficacy unwitnessed by his own eyes

>> No.35631406

How long has Arupapa been trying?

>> No.35631407

Why are yukimin the most aggressive posters here...

>> No.35631409

>7,577,553 ELITE POINTS distributed

>> No.35631410

Trying too hard, retard. At least get better bait.

>> No.35631415

i dont care about your whore

>> No.35631418


>> No.35631419

I care :)
I also bet someone else cares

>> No.35631420

which one?

>> No.35631422

a vagina.

>> No.35631423

That was rigged, how the fuck did migo win? winning is literally 1/3rd

>> No.35631424

>Luna plays FF 9
>then Korone also plays FF 9
Is Korone being a bitch or what's going on?

>> No.35631425

>Streams nothing but minecraft 95% of the time
Biggest numberfag in hololive, even more than Pekora

>> No.35631426

What do we think of my wife's wife here?

>> No.35631427

fuck me, why do they let in debt filled commies onto internet or in the real world, I will never know

>> No.35631430

>kanata 29k
>miko 5k

>> No.35631434

She will fail if she continues her regular sub growth. Keep in mind, Watame said she will do a 1 mil endurance stream, last month. So kanata haS even less time to pass her

>> No.35631435

Quite a while but not as long as Canata

>> No.35631436

because Botan won't dick them

>> No.35631439

I don't get it, why are they called that? Where are they going?

>> No.35631440

eventually she´s gonna get stalked

>> No.35631441

she cute

>> No.35631443

hugest downgrade in history...
At least she almost have more subs than on her other channel already

>> No.35631445

I wish I could draw

>> No.35631446

You seem really desperate, anon. It's cute.

>> No.35631447

>Have you not heard the original?
I dropped monogatari after the snail's arc in season 1, so no, I don't think I did.

>> No.35631448

Wrong thread

>> No.35631454

It's been awhile. 35Ps were itching to gamble.

>> No.35631455

Monster Farm 2 tomorrow and then either Minecraft or Gartic Phone at night. Otsu35~

>> No.35631456

To ROCKkisei's concert.

>> No.35631457

Was there any loli talk on Kiara x Matsuri stream?

>> No.35631461

Reminder that heimins posting here are gay

>> No.35631462


>> No.35631464


>> No.35631467

Is it just me or do a few of those girls look identical?

>> No.35631468


>> No.35631469

Smile and Gokisei...

>> No.35631470

Enough for Yagoo to comment.

>> No.35631471

>he wasn't here for L4D collabs

>> No.35631472

>no kneeling
>no sun

>> No.35631474

>dropped monogatari
No wonder you listen to music on youtube

>> No.35631475

my whore will fuck your whore and you will like it

>> No.35631477

do your reps

>> No.35631479

Prettiest Niji and generally chill girl but not Hololive unless she is doing something with her waifu

>> No.35631483


>> No.35631484

What did you mean, Miko already ended her stream

>> No.35631485

Reine is still streaming, give her a watch.
She showing her mathematics skills

>> No.35631486

I just realized that IRyS (or anyone else new) won't be visible on jetri because dragonjet is a faggot....

>> No.35631488

What is Watame trying to do? Searching for an uncollected item? Proceeding with the story?

>> No.35631491

then draw something, anon

>> No.35631497

Nah. It was honestly pretty boring.
She did show the bandaid clip but didn't really talk about anything degenerate.

It had nearly 40 minutes of Matsuri talking about Hoshikawa and how much she likes all the Nijis.

>> No.35631498

I'm gonna say it:
Kanata is too loud

>> No.35631500

amanekanatach's illegal breeding pond...

>> No.35631501

That's what happens when they have a kilogram of makeup on their faces

>> No.35631502

Towa just came inside...

>> No.35631504

Fat indo milkers

>> No.35631505


>> No.35631507

So many ruparupa babies have reached heaven

>> No.35631508

I've been watching for the entire stream!

>> No.35631510

use holodex dumbass
dragonjet even said to move there since he's gonna busy making some shit ass hololive gacha game

>> No.35631511


>> No.35631519

Western english streamer vs Japanese vtuber. She never stood a chance. Not like it matters, Pekora is an idol after all. She has other shit to do aside from streaming.

>> No.35631522

I will!

>> No.35631524

>not just using the holo schedule site and watching on youtube

>> No.35631526

>using a worse site

>> No.35631527

Marrying Reine and live off her parents money!

>> No.35631529

I'm not switching to a bloated pile of shit with terrible UI.

>> No.35631530

Korone is always a bitch

>> No.35631532

2021, July 10... I am... forgotten....

>> No.35631534

>that armpit bussy

>> No.35631537


>> No.35631538

It's shit

>> No.35631540

Holodex is fucking horrible though, it takes for fucking ever to open multiple streams and set a layout when it's only a few clicks on Holotools.
When is someone finally making a proper sleek lightweight Holotools replacement?

>> No.35631543


>> No.35631545

It's been 10 weeks since a Holo has played L4D2. I wish they liked it as much as they like apelegs.

Not that anon, but I only watched the original season of Bakemonogatari. It just seemed like a quirky, pervy show with no real substance. I was shocked to find out it was getting more seasons; I was less shocked to find out it went completely over the top with fanservice, because that's literally all the anime is.

Also, I also listen to music on YouTube. What's wrong with it?

>> No.35631548

32 hrs + 2hr in the current stream
Kanata has done 15 hours + 2hr in the current stream so far
what the fuck

>> No.35631550

I thought Korone's was scheduled first?
Does anyone know if Korone got 100 out of 100 on swordfight?

>> No.35631552

Hololive is dead, Matsuri is not allowed to be Matsuri anymore.

>> No.35631555

Holodex is so ugly though...

>> No.35631557

>ASMR with video
thats ineffective because the immersion is lost when we see what they're doing.
hololive chuubas are unironically at the peak of experience then because they nail the ASMR right leaving everything upto imagination.
>yfw noel, lamy, rushia are better at ASMR than actual whores

>> No.35631558

It's Korone's game now.

>> No.35631564

We all know she's a fake whore who probably sucked a lot of dicks during her falied "idol" career. She's spoiled goods anons, are you guys that much of a cuck?

>> No.35631567

I just did a research and I found out a

>> No.35631569

Watame was the first one that said she wants to re-start her FF9 play-through and got permission for it from her manager.
The others all jumped on the train when they saw it pop up on their hot new permissions list.

>> No.35631570

They were supposed to play pokemon go but then chink virus hit...

>> No.35631572


>> No.35631573

I wasn't watching it, but I think I saw people posting that she got it in the thread.

>> No.35631576

>Does anyone know if Korone got 100 out of 100 on swordfight?

She did, after several attempts

>> No.35631578

>Also, I also listen to music on YouTube. What's wrong with it?
Just download the songs and play them with a music player

>> No.35631581

How was that supposed to work? Botan and Lamy pushing around Polka in a wheelbarrow while Nene runs around with all 4 phones?

>> No.35631582

Is her roommate a cutie?

>> No.35631584

But why isn't Watame playing FF9?

>> No.35631586

Ye, it's finally time to move on. Holodex GUI is shit but the block function is fantastic

>> No.35631587

>no sheepfaggot in the replies
Kekekekekekekekek. Sheepkeks.

>> No.35631589

>rushia are better at ASMR than actual whores
It's cute if you like Rushia, but the technical setbacks really take away from it

>> No.35631590

this. use youtube-dl

>> No.35631594

Has nene said anything about this collab recently? It's very soon

>> No.35631595

Kanatachi... Holy kek

>> No.35631597

Aloe was also supposed to help move Polka...

>> No.35631602

Why are homofags like this, what made you so bitter?

>> No.35631603

I thought the same, but since the girls from niji en got added too, maybe it will get updated... right?

>> No.35631606

She will. She's just finishing the playthroughs she's already started first before starting FF9 as her night game again.

>> No.35631607

I want to give views.

>> No.35631609

>> No.35631610

What are you going to do with my IP, anon?

>> No.35631614

Anon, that's every Holo except the fat ones.

>Just download
No? Then I have to open a separate program.

>> No.35631615

You can also block just as easily with a script on jetri, you're probably already running another script either way so it's no extra work

>> No.35631618

Or just go download the song from the dozen different websites that have it, unless it's not available outside of youtube

>> No.35631619

Just accept it that you're a gay.

>> No.35631620

Why is there a need to block homos?
Doesn't the thing just show what you subbed?

>> No.35631622

Kanataso zenloss...

>> No.35631623

why would homofags be mad, Cover prioritised Roberu before Nene.

>> No.35631625


>> No.35631627

>it's in 8 hours
She better not pull a Polka, then again her mom came over earlier today so it should be fine.

>> No.35631631


>> No.35631635

It’s what happens when you live in these threads

>> No.35631636

Just use the shart remover on jetri

>> No.35631637

Nene got a much better 3D.

>> No.35631639


>> No.35631640

It's been really nice having Luna playing electone as the background.
I hope this arc never ends.

>> No.35631641

>it's in 8h
Uh Nenechi... that's during IRyS' debut..

>> No.35631642


>> No.35631644


>> No.35631645

Ah yes, the glorious 10 FPS 3D

>> No.35631650

It's pre-recorded you fool.

>> No.35631651

It's outside work, she's exempt

>> No.35631652

So you would rather open a new tab wasting memory and also waste bandwidth downloading the video again instead of a lightweight music player that you can control using hotkeys so you never have to even see it after setting it up?

>> No.35631653

music videos though

>> No.35631659

Luna's electone makes my dick the erecton

>> No.35631660

Oh wait it's a video premiere so it's pre-recorded, no worries then.

>> No.35631662

Guys, your insecurity is showing.

>> No.35631671

Nice Korosan.

>> No.35631672

Man, are you THAT poor?

>> No.35631673

You can bet more than half the thread wasn't there when it happened.
Such a glorious moment!

>> No.35631674

Not since the day it was announced I don't think. The video on YouTube is a premiere so it's presumably prerecorded.

>> No.35631677


>> No.35631678

>So you would rather open a new tab wasting memory and also waste bandwidth downloading the video again instead of a lightweight music player that you can control using hotkeys so you never have to even see it after setting it up?
I got unlimited data so the bandwidth is a nonissue

>> No.35631679

>Didn't watch past the first 5 minutes
I mean, not that I expect much form a homofag, what happened seeing Nene with proper shoulders made you close the stream in impotent rage? Or is it that Nene has used her 3D more than Roberu ever will in his entire career?

>> No.35631680

Kys no one asked your homosexual opinion

>> No.35631685

Can't you just add people yourself? I added my favorite indie on Holodex.

I don't sit at the computer wearing headphones listening to a neverending playlist of music. When I feel like listening to something, I sit across the room on my couch and I like to watch something with it, like a nostalgic music video or a video showing the lyrics or chords. I don't like listening to music as background noise, I get comfortable and sing along or follow the notes.
>waste bandwidth

>> No.35631689

Kanata-senpai, your autism...

>> No.35631692

>use holodex
bloated to fuck due to meme UI and other hipster shit embedded into it while jetri is clean, quick and can handle showing multiple streams. I dont care about prettiness, I care about functionality and jetri has dex beat by a mile

>> No.35631693

Idiots. My oshi is a female. Whom I'm not going to name because I can't trust you.

>> No.35631694


>> No.35631695

I like the dog, she's cute.

>> No.35631696

Poor because I'd rather not waste time opening a youtube video instead of just hitting a hotkey and having the music start playing?

I have unlimited data too, even on my phone. It's still a waste of bandwidth

>> No.35631702

it's obvious that slut oshi of yours fucked someone on the board of Cover just so they allow to shill her. Too bad shit's not working and she's barely getting any subs. The fact that 2 IDs are already above her is laughable.

>> No.35631706

I'm so glad Towa's back tomorrow...

>> No.35631709

>> No.35631711

>kanata talking about her first interaction with watame
fucking kek

>> No.35631712

>he is now defensive about his sexuality
the unsecure fag just call out being a actual gay lmao

>> No.35631713

Bossu was really cute though

>> No.35631717

dangerously based. ignore the janny approved homoraiders replying to you

>> No.35631718

kanata menhera arc?

>> No.35631719

Homofags is about to pop a vessel lol

>> No.35631720

My oshi is a better gamer that me...

>> No.35631723

Exactly like I imagined it. Yonkisei...

>> No.35631725

>It's still a waste of bandwidth
But it doesn't matter at all...

>> No.35631726

Now in english please

>> No.35631729

>2 hour thread with 700 hundred replies?
huh? Slow day it seems hahaha.
Anyways, are there any new rrats about the REAL FACE of the new V-singer?

>> No.35631731

>inoffensive Holo
What about Watame, then? Why does she have some of the worst schizos under her command?

>> No.35631733

When what happened?

>> No.35631734

>alice died
>laughs hysterically

>> No.35631735

God, I want to fuck Reine in this position so fucking much, bros.

>> No.35631736

Thank you anons. Part of me wishes she was on a different version (PS2 or PS3) to see the real modern struggle of the swordfight since I think Korone would have grinded for it.

>> No.35631737

>subjecting yourself to shitty 128 kbps instead of just finding the studio quality release in 5 seconds using Google
talk about lazy unless you actually care about MVs

>> No.35631738

>700 hundred replies
Holy shit we're inclining...

>> No.35631739


>> No.35631740

kys itoddler

>> No.35631741

commushou yonkisei...

>> No.35631742

His autism just powered through and made him incredibly based

>> No.35631744

go back to /vt/

>> No.35631747

Poor because your shit ass pc can't handle opening one more single tab
why are you spasming over how other people prefer to enjoy their music anyway lmao fucking autist

>> No.35631749

>What about Watame, then? Why does she have some of the worst schizos under her command?
So what have sheepposters done other than make fun of you here?

>> No.35631750

go back

>> No.35631752

You need to be 18 and older to post on 4channel

>> No.35631755

>under her command
Watame knows nothing of these nobodies’ existences. She’d be disgusted of she saw sheepfags

>> No.35631759

Watame is unsettling to observe.

>> No.35631760

>you don't understand, FLAC just sounds better

>> No.35631762

Prone? Imagine cumming deep inside and watch her shiver and her toes curl up

>> No.35631763

Gen 5's anniversary coming up next month reminded me that I also subscribed to the Niji girls that literally debuted in the same week. I've still been watching them on and off and honestly they don't really do anything different from what the holos do.

>> No.35631768

It's been 313 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


>> No.35631772

Go back to /v/

>> No.35631774

too easy

>> No.35631776

Oh, looks like Watame is heading into end game for Sakuna now. She just started the festival which leads into the final dungeon of no return.

I wonder if they made the final boss more fun to fight. In any case, come watch her finish it all, so she can move on to something else.

>> No.35631777

>They have less subs than IRyS who hasn't even debuted yet

>> No.35631779

How many days before IRyS surpasses Nene and the rest of the worst hololive generation?

>> No.35631780

>When is someone finally making a proper sleek lightweight Holotools replacement?
i think you can fork the whole thing

>> No.35631782

Kanata is too loud

>> No.35631784

all me

>> No.35631785

This skunk fuck cartwheel himself into the scene while my oshi can barely breathe after 5 mins of ringfit....

>> No.35631786

Fuck is up with that major differences in subs?

>> No.35631787

How can one translator be so right?

>> No.35631789

Cutest holo?

>> No.35631795

I hope they upgrade the girls' 3D to be at least on par with Bossu.

>> No.35631797

I think her design will be the biggest roadblock...

>> No.35631798

Sora and her roommate

>> No.35631799

All your samefagging will never make her popular.

>> No.35631800

Remind me, how long did Roberu have to wait to get his 3D since his debut compared to Nene?

>> No.35631801

Towa's back but she seems weird...

>> No.35631802

Aqua, no

>> No.35631805


>> No.35631807

Double cartwheel even
Even roberu the skelly cartwheeled out

>> No.35631808


>> No.35631809

Here's a quick and easy guide to block in Jetri

>> No.35631812


>> No.35631815

Imagine the backlash if Lyget started talking about the importance of translators when he was the one who got Matsuri demonetized back then.

>> No.35631816

>autistic offtopic arguments

feels like home

>> No.35631817


>> No.35631819

Now Towa is going to be an autist that does nothing but play Apex and sing...

>> No.35631820

The green one is about to sing if you are into it.

>> No.35631823


>> No.35631825


>> No.35631826

Too obvious

>> No.35631831

Does anyone have that pasta about the 4kiseis getting pizza where towa worked and bullying her?

>> No.35631832

There's no way he hasn't been commissioned to translate for Cover.

>> No.35631834


>> No.35631836

Kanata is loud IRL too

>> No.35631837

I got a better PC than most of the holos, stop projecting your poorfag self on me

>> No.35631839

Homos will always have low subscriber numbers
Homos will always have low views
Homos will always have low superchat numbers
Homos will never get a collab with holos that aren’t Fubuki and Matsuri because none of the girls give a shit about them
Homos will continue to beg
Homos will always be a failure
I will never watch a homo stream
I will never reply to a homo post
I will always wish for graduation of homos
Homo posters will always be shitposters and falseflaggers trying to get (you)’s because not even homo posters actually watch homos, you’re just against the split because you love baiting with homo images
Kirashit, Suzasomething and Kaofag will never be back and nobody will remember them

Just look at the state of this thread
Hololive is an idol agency and yet i’m supposed to put up with homo subhumans talking about how their literal who nobody who’s earning below minimum wage is fucking my oshi? How is this acceptable?
Read the fucking room already meidos, nobody here watches homos, stop letting them be used for shitposting.

>> No.35631840


>> No.35631841

__ ____ __ ___ ____!

>> No.35631842

Need the shart filter for 100% removal.

>> No.35631843

How do you feel about this Indonesian princess's royal titpussy?

>> No.35631847

He didn't, it was a china fag who reupload her whole stream

>> No.35631848

She's going deaf and can't hear herself sometimes...

>> No.35631849

>they don't really do anything different from what the holos do.
That's my impression too and I like it that way. That batch was pretty inoffensive but I ended up liking them. Especially Hisui, she's my guilty pleasure.

>> No.35631850

Garnet's butt is something else.

>> No.35631854

w-wait a minute...

>> No.35631861

seems like sheepposters destroyed you in the past. what was it?

>> No.35631863

What's the name of this thing?

>> No.35631866

For some reason I always forget the yellow one exists. Apparently I'm not the only one.

>> No.35631869


>> No.35631870

3 of them have even less subs than Aloe.

>> No.35631871

Towaqua? Aqwa?

>> No.35631874


>> No.35631876

What did she say?

>> No.35631878

>I only watch clips, but I watch a lot of them!

>> No.35631884


>> No.35631887

Chigusa is really cute

>> No.35631890

It's not the same when you can't post the -shart word anymore.

>> No.35631892

Isn't Chigusa friends with TokoMachi? I think she was the one who introduced the two to each other

>> No.35631898

the blue niji is leeching off the fans of her previous identity

>> No.35631900

You were the one who cared so much about muh pc resources though

>> No.35631904

okay l*ger

>> No.35631906

Women know how women act regardless of culture, it's nothing new

>> No.35631907

Reminder that Marine moved her stream by an hour for Shiens 3D

>> No.35631909


>> No.35631910

>3 hour stream

>> No.35631911

That's a classic

>> No.35631912

While it may be bloated, the built-in LiveTL that keeps a history of filtered mod chat is really nice.

>> No.35631915

Just use the filter, it also removes them from the top bar

>> No.35631917

Reine, come on...

>> No.35631921

Post it.

>> No.35631923

Get out.

>> No.35631924

>the built-in LiveTL
> is really nice

>> No.35631926

That's because I know you faggots use 5 year old laptops

>> No.35631928

I don't know whether she is the one who introduced Suisei and Toko but yeah they are friends and sleep together once.

>> No.35631930

Final dungeon starting, come watch Watame finish Sakuna.

>> No.35631931

She's alive

>> No.35631938

Does it keep records of every message the holos themselves post, even in pre-stream chat? That's the only thing I use the chat filter for.

>> No.35631939


>> No.35631940

>using some 3rd party website to watch holos
Why not just watch them on Youtube like a normal person?

>> No.35631941

Toko's Blue women harem...

>> No.35631942

That's why I specified that it's good for keeping "a history of filtered mod chat" so that I can see when other holos have jumped in chat even if I'm late to the stream.

>> No.35631943

Is Polka ok?

>> No.35631945

Thanks anon!

>> No.35631946

Just search shart remover in the archives, pretty neat tool I also added EN to it

>> No.35631948

This thread sorta set her up as the Polka of her group due to their past lives experience. But while Chigusa is now the most subbed and viewed member of her gen, Polka...

>> No.35631949

Cum on Reine!

>> No.35631956


>> No.35631958


>> No.35631961

Well at least she will actually be good at those things now. Unless the Towa chromosome is dominant...

>> No.35631966

Those websites make it easier to watch multiple streams at once within one tab.

>> No.35631968

That too

>> No.35631969

do you really need to be reminded of Tomoe 3D?

>> No.35631971

Please understand, she has to milk her dumb sheeps with at least 5 Minecraft streams a week + all the supacha readings.
Korone on the other hand isn't soulless and plays whatever she wants whenever she wants.

>> No.35631973

It's a shame no rivalry spawned between them and gokisei. It would've made for some kino cross-company storylines.

>> No.35631974

Mr Koro's only weakness...

>> No.35631976

Because I dont want to give views and money to YouTube and Holos.

>> No.35631977

Kill yourself newfaggot

>> No.35631978

sure thing anon

>> No.35631979

I like Reine, but she should just stop with the cringe laughter, it doesn't suit her

>> No.35631981

Sub number posters always feel big until you bring up shark

>> No.35631982

Twapowa is a better team player.

>> No.35631983

I wish we get Chigusa instead of Polka...

>> No.35631994

>because dragonjet is a faggot

>> No.35631995

None of them seem to have any SCs, merch or sponsorships anywhere near what gen 5 gets though. I guess when the inevitable 3D debut happens for them in another year or two they might see a lot of donations?

>> No.35631997

Her and Okayu need to replay RE7, just the buglady part

>> No.35632001

Do you really need to be reminded about how Tomoe's viewership is sub 2k?

>> No.35632003


>> No.35632008

Her laugh is perfect.

>> No.35632012

Based. Cover doesnt deserve anything.

>> No.35632014

Please end this ritual at the 1 year mark. We managed to get rid of the ctrl+w fag but you're really a insistent prick, did you know that?

>> No.35632017

He abandoned jetri to develop a hololive gacha that no one gives a fuck about.

>> No.35632019

Gamers EDF collab... please...

>> No.35632022

https://twitter.com/WatarI0131/status/1413846602377138180 is this NTR?

>> No.35632024

I think only numberfags here ever compared them here. And it's a bit of a shame that unlike gokisei they're not that integrated into the company's core to this day, but that's just how it works there.

>> No.35632028

They did put a bullet in the actual most popular member of her gen though.

>> No.35632029


>> No.35632032

Oh no, it's notTriple Triad

>> No.35632033


>> No.35632036

Time for Watame to fight a shitty final boss.

>> No.35632040


>> No.35632041

I refuse to change jetri.

>> No.35632042

Yes. As far as pre-stream, it will only save chats within 15 minutes before the stream starts.

>> No.35632043


>> No.35632044

They could just collab...

>> No.35632045

Reine is super cute today...

>> No.35632050

Thinkin about Towa...

>> No.35632051

Good job is such a great stream game.

>> No.35632053


>> No.35632054

As always!

>> No.35632056

Kanata's birthday last year. It was a trainwreck

>> No.35632057

Anya makes as much money as Moona, with half the subs and a third of the views. Numberfagging subs and live views is meaningless

>> No.35632058

The ending is finally in sight!

>> No.35632068

It wasn't her birthday retard

>> No.35632069


>> No.35632072

where do you track their streamlabs?

>> No.35632073

>SCs matter

>> No.35632074


>> No.35632075

How loud is kanata on bedw with towa?

>> No.35632080

Numberfagging indogs is even more meaningless when they're split between streamlabs and youtube.

>> No.35632081

I don't think Watame really understood the mechanic...

>> No.35632083

No one uses streamlabs.

>> No.35632086


>> No.35632087


>> No.35632090

0-person totsu was way before her birthday.

>> No.35632091

Welp, looks like the Omizuchi fight is still as bad as it always was.

Well done Watamesteaks.

>> No.35632095


>> No.35632103

Starting so sweat, huh Elfriend?

>> No.35632104

/m/bros, we're up next

>> No.35632106

It went exactly as scripted

>> No.35632107

I did look her up and her stuffs. She seems like your average utaite. Would expect them to hire a better singer considering they're able to snatch AZKi but I guess the 100M cover is way too tasty to ignore.
Also i found out that she and Mel's roommate knows each other, or at least worked together at some point in the past doing utaite shit.

>> No.35632108

>throw in unique random mechanic at the literal end of the game
It's a pretty simple mechanic, but still what the fuck.

>> No.35632109


>> No.35632111

I'll never understand why people are willing to give Google such a huge chunk of their money. Even doubly so for iFags and Apple.

>> No.35632118


>> No.35632119


>> No.35632122

Go back, you stick out like a sore thumb.

>> No.35632124

first time i heard of this
does she have bunch of potent gachis?

>> No.35632129

It's simple, attentionwhoring.

>> No.35632131

What are you talking about? iFags are primed for giving over their money to megacorps.

>> No.35632135

the only metric that matters is the one that supports my argument
if there isn't one, the I'l make one up
my oshi is the best because she has the most subs earned during her friday streams
she also earns the most money during the sixth eight of her streams

>> No.35632136

i get it if he doesn't want to do significant updates to the site anymore but wouldn't it be absolutely trivial to add a new channel to the site?

>> No.35632142

Go back where?

>> No.35632143

Her voice is really good, I thought she would be generic anime girl

>> No.35632146

Wrong thread, you pile of steamy shit

>> No.35632147

>> No.35632150

What an amazing boss fight! It literally does no damage to Watame and she is not using the new mechanic correctly.

>> No.35632151

And with that, Watame is finished the story for Sakuna. Tune in right now if you want to watch her cry during the ending cutscenes.

I'm still disappointed at what a poorly executed final boss this game had, what the fuck.

>> No.35632152


>> No.35632155

kys itoddler

>> No.35632161

I thought Pekora when she thought nobody was gonna call her but it turns out it can actually happened kek

>> No.35632168

Does anyone else have NTR fantasies about pekora? Or is it just me?

>> No.35632169

Oh wow that's sad

>> No.35632175

I am the bone of my oopa loopa

>> No.35632178

The evil is finally vanquished...

>> No.35632179

Why is it always the yellow one

>> No.35632185

trivial enough you can probably do it yourself

>> No.35632187

Rainy's being cute, her fat tits are bouncing. Everything is right in the world.

>> No.35632190

her nip only stream today made her ok sc numbers
she has some streamlabs gachis that are a weird combo of spics, russians and leafs
I don't see any indo names donating to her

>> No.35632193

Learn English before posting

>> No.35632197

Based dagger

>> No.35632200

Subscriber count matters because it shows your potential as a streamer.
Successful streamers use their potential to their fullest, while others..don't.
Aloe having 200k+ subscribers just shows how much potential was wasted

>> No.35632202

Of course and it's not like he's completely consumed by that gacha either if he can shit out stuff like this on the side:

>> No.35632207

>> No.35632220

>> No.35632224

Pffft yeah. I’m sure aloe got subs because of her PoTEnTiAl

>> No.35632225

because it's way more convenient. also most people use superchat so holos can read them. especially true for the gfe holos like rushia and watame.

>> No.35632226

When will he do a NoriPro one

>> No.35632227

Why did you add an Aqua image while imitating 35ps?

>> No.35632228

Id let this indog sit on me

>> No.35632231

damn, i guess japanese have soft spot for foreign chuubas who speaks their language

>> No.35632236

You people are always crying about youtube chat so clearly that is the case. It only adds like 5% cpu use for me

>> No.35632237

Literally looks like that albino midget dudes from Akira

>> No.35632238

There are over 200 radicals, but 50 radicals make up 75% of the frequency of usage of the radicals

>> No.35632240

>> No.35632242

>Korone on the other hand isn't soulless and plays whatever she wants whenever she wants.
And she always has fun doing so. This is what I like about Korone and it's why she's my oshi.

>> No.35632245

Well I've stayed up all I could. Oyasumi Mr Koro...

>> No.35632247

yeah she cry

>> No.35632250

Yeah, definitely a design downgrade.

>> No.35632252

Not like you'd have a say in the matter.

>> No.35632253

Why she hates her boing boings so much?

>> No.35632256


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