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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/

Previous thread: >>35635411

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there's always like 2 or 3 layers of trolling and advertising that djt has to fight through to get normal ops, and it takes months to get through each stage. strange.

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Beginners, do not use the guide in the OP. It's made by someone who doesn't know Japanese and is using bots to spam it here for patreon money.
Real guides:
or pic related

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this video deeply scared me for life

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but i love anki

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Beginners, do not use the guides linked here >>35650684
The post was made by a known spammer. He doesn't know Japanese and is using bots to spam.
The guides contain bad advice. If you follow it, don't expect to learn any Japanese.
Never trust anyone who recommends you to use "anime cards". It's the number one red flag!

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kys you piece of shit
hope u get banned soon

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samefagging spammer.

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doing gods work i approve of this

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amazing how everyone used to hate qm advertising his anime cards until tatsumoto came around and we got to know how really pathetic someone can get

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can't wait until i can stop typing like a tard in japanese and convey complex ideas and concepts to my vtuber oshi easily
i feel like i'm forgetting english though

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ngl this is kind of a bop

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>this post is advertising or begging

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if ( {{Reading}} = "No pitch accent data No pitch accent data" ) {
{{Reading}} = ""

tell me what i'm doing wrong

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which browser is spookier? firefox or chromium?

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the if condition should be == and not =

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anyone else having problems with anki connect?

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what was that program that can read kanji off of pictures?

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sharex my man

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you're not wrong but it's still broken

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how do you guys deal with a large anki backlog?

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i have like a 3rd of my deck due from being two months behind im gonna have to take a week off e-mmersing to catch up

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this isn't valid in any language i know of

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if field A reads X, instead display Y

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any posts worth reading?

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i've been doing one card a day for the past six months and i'm already fluent

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that's what it is on paper

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i'm too impatient for that

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you cant overwrite or access {{Reading}} in code
you need to do something like this

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i'm floundering like a fish here

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the seirisyouhin thing is so dumb we also need deodorant and toothbrush / toothpaste they dont supply that either

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there's gotta be a better kanji radical deck besides the one and the autismo one--at least one that connects to japanese better

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400 words into 2k/6k today 1600 more to go until i can start making anime/manga cards so excited just a little under three months

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Nice, I recognize some of these symbols.

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really cringe how these learning community losers have to come up with copes and "breaks" after a few years to explain why they dont know japanese yet

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中国人 teach a 生意気な白人 a lesson (of kung fu)

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why does it make me sad that guys like this are still kinda aimlessly floating around the "learn japanese" online community after all these years

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fuck aniki gonna read linnies, then vinnies then coom to loli instead

>> No.35652112

crazy how one viral video of a black guy speaking decent japanese some years back kicked off this giant blob of cancer

>> No.35652116

i'm not watching 26 mins of that
key points pls

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>> No.35652128

theres no helping the retards

>> No.35652129

what's your excuse

>> No.35652145

Still can't stop laughing about you lot making a whole community around not learning Japanese.

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no one here is trying to make a living or name for themselves on any platform that could plausibly let them

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i felt like i was taking crazy pills for months after getting here
eventually the puzzle pieced together but man these dooods

>> No.35652179

you hand natives to converse with to these dekinai on a platter and they still refuse to press the advantage
no fixing stupid

>> No.35652190

thats why when i start my yt channel and streaming career im going to scoop up all these doomed fucks and give them new hope

>> No.35652199

ajatt method: waste years of your life so you can not speak japanese to you native gf by the end of it

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former thread regular here

i just caught up with the recent happenings i gotta say analcream has gone off the deep end, i remember when he was a cool codefag and made shit but i don't get this vendetta against m*tt. i mean m*tt does deserve it for being a slimy fuck but it's odd that you'd put so much energy into this

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you dont have the best track record here why would yt change any of that? bunko didnt even use your "method" if you could call it that

>> No.35652210

better than wasting your life outputting *outputs shit down your throat*

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i know when im learning a language my plan is to not be able to speak it

>> No.35652223

? my track record is perfect

>> No.35652228

mission accomplished

>> No.35652231

cant believe og failed to protect bunkbro

>> No.35652232

literally no reason to learn it other than to speak to 1% of the world
we are here for the eroge

>> No.35652236

acquired 嫡子

>> No.35652237

if japs are worth speaking to why does she spend so much time talking to english speakers on 4chan


>> No.35652238

I would post that 'why you learn Japanese' clip but I got banned for it last time, don't know why it's a joke.

>> No.35652242

well its mostly because she cant express herself in japanese like she can in english and also japanese ppl couldnt give 2 fucks about the shit she talks about general

>> No.35652247

neither do i

>> No.35652249

fucking 'ate covid bros

>> No.35652258

i hate people who care about covid

>> No.35652262

how did you 'eat covid tho

>> No.35652271

why am i watching these chucklefucks with less than 1k views and an almost entirely esl audience (i can tell because they bothered to add eng cc lmao)
why do you think im not mindless forcing myself to min-max like the rest of you? ajatt starts out with tryhard autist intentions you dont need that to read nukige or whatever

>> No.35652274

english 英語使う friends

>> No.35652279

im questioning why you think you should be allowed in the intermediate thread

>> No.35652285

>read nukige
not that you can either way

>> No.35652287

i can express myself just fine when im not playing optics games for little zoomer boys
no one wants to hear the kind of shit i want to talk to about in any language or nation to my face their are either put off or humoring me for simp reasons

>> No.35652290

is she retarded

>> No.35652293

that's the appeal
lets see how she does on the placement test

>> No.35652296

worse, she's a hololiver

>> No.35652298

i could if i would have a manic month where i grind out core kanji and start reading

>> No.35652303

she's not
she's unaffiliated

>> No.35652304

so he was right

>> No.35652305

Bros wtf she's in the Sapphire league, how can I compete.

>> No.35652306

and u tell me im broken and cant enjoy anything anymore lol

oh well


>> No.35652312

just like i could lose weight if i stopped eating all the time haha

>> No.35652313

youre a moron

>> No.35652315

never seen omega ogre make an insult that wasn't projecting

>> No.35652317

>cant articulate basic nip sentences
holy fuck im umaier than this fuck

>> No.35652321

wow i am not jealous of self aware women

>> No.35652329

worse, she's korean

>> No.35652333

nor should you be i wish i could just wipe my mind clean

>> No.35652334

yea yea


>> No.35652336

what radical deck should i use i don't like the ones on itazuraneko

>> No.35652338

jamal, duolingo speedrun when?
you should be in the mood from watching gdq

>> No.35652339

>i can tell because they bothered to add eng cc lmao

>> No.35652350

i already hold the world record in toilet%

>> No.35652360

nope, that one actually goes to coco

>> No.35652367

i guarantee no one has slam dunked that shit straight down the toiler faster than me check the leaderboards

>> No.35652378

guys can we talk about japanese and learning

>> No.35652385

rather not

>> No.35652387

you wouldnt have vtubers if gei-on had been thrown into a black hole where it belongs
those chipmunk toddlers fucked up a generation of men

>> No.35652392

radical decks have nothing to do with learning

>> No.35652394

fucked up losers were going to end up the way they are one way or another

>> No.35652396

hate retards who make meta complaints
no one is stopping you from making whatever post you want

>> No.35652397

kei-on was great i rewatched it a year ago and cried

>> No.35652399

fuckin bassssed

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>> No.35652402

thank you for proving my point sorry you missed your chance of being a man

>> No.35652404

>nobody wants to hear the kind of shit i want to talk about in any language
have you tried being interesting for once i can admire the mild ability for reflection but fucking hell theres a reason people dont want to talk

>> No.35652405

Does anyone here listen to japanese radio stations? And if yes, which ones?
I want to have something in the background when I'm doing ETS2

>> No.35652408

not i

>> No.35652411

>japanese radio stations

>> No.35652414

has og ever provided anything of value to this thread? any oc, any guides, any videos anything? i'm seriously curious because even jamal provides oc

>> No.35652420

she provided feet pics

>> No.35652424

i can be "interesting" its just shallow and not the shit i want to talk about which was the whole point
im interesting and pleasant irl in any country or language and online i let loose

>> No.35652427

I used to listen to seiyuu radio shows before sleep every night. Haven't in a few years though

>> No.35652440

repost them

>> No.35652441

i promise no one is interested in your smalltalk the real you just sucks n blows

>> No.35652443

wotd 崖っぷち

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>> No.35652449

*pachi pachi*

>> No.35652452

no one cared. would have been cringe. dont have the popularity. plenty of memes at my expense though
shilling mechanism, no one would care, im not even qualified to make one
i post nihongo videos all the fucking time including classes like nihongo no mori and some other native stuff ive come across
>jamal simping
wasted my time replying to you

>> No.35652455

honestly my fave og pics r the 小さな背中 and the 猫ぬいぐるみ

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>> No.35652457

"interesting" isn't an adjective given to one's own self
if the retarded masses dont want to talk to you you're uninteresting

>> No.35652458

were u the original nihongonomori poster

>> No.35652460

you've been here for almost a year why haven't you improved? qm got fluent in that window of time

>> No.35652462

that's not true the question is if high iq people wanna be around you

>> No.35652464

she should btfo us by posted a new set haha

>> No.35652471

i have improved
my reading and kanji is better and i pay a lot of attention to mistakes that have been pointed out here including my own output
>qm simping
damn i just should read these out first

>> No.35652472

finna jack off to anime tits

>> No.35652475

cottage cheese thigh skindentation pics please og

>> No.35652476

try to go the rest of the thread without using zoomer buzzwords

>> No.35652478

quite possibly the dumbest response you could have given in all honesty

>> No.35652479


>> No.35652480

you have to appeal to her ego, that would be a nice parting gift though

>> No.35652483

i have them saved in the same folder as qm + his gf's feet

>> No.35652484

thats why i put it in quotes since it was your word you petty fuck
so sick of arguing with literal troons i wish youd all blow your brains out already and fulfill your destiny ill give you the compliment that the fact you type like catty women is very convincing

>> No.35652485

should be 見る here :)

>> No.35652486

whos are better?

>> No.35652491

shinu hou ga ii

>> No.35652493

ive understood you from the start yet you still understand jack shit
no idea what troons youre on about either
i just dropped in needing a tool for my reading and happened to find two

>> No.35652495

id rather have her sing some karaoke for us

>> No.35652497


>> No.35652500

i reread your post and sorry im just tired i didnt sleep well i know what you mean now. there is like qm and jamal simps spamming me with passive needling and it they just ignore all reason

>> No.35652506

none of them are great, but og's
qm gf's are a bit bony, knobbly phalanges don't do it for me
i would argue that qm has better feet than his gf

>> No.35652511


>> No.35652512

its going to be less fun joking around here after og leaves no one else gets as upset as she does

>> No.35652514

true true

>> No.35652517

do what i do and fuck off
this thread is absolute cancer considering gaining insight from moon runes drives people insane
unless you actually need something or the dekinai lowlives get bored or die from diabetes its best to just steer clear

>> No.35652519

because 見たほうがいい is used when you are recommending that you should watch something specific, like a movie, but 見る is used when you are talking about the specific action of watching, like in this case

>> No.35652520

hope she dies but realistically she won't stop posting

>> No.35652523

nihongonomori is the perfect formula for exploiting sex drive and educating at the same time no woman would understand that

>> No.35652525

i dont like when ogs upset honestly

i want the 心の底から笑っているog

idk i didnt feel anything sexual abt those vids i just thought they were legit good for doomed idiots who want to learn japanese

>> No.35652526

>considering gaining insight from moon runes drives people insane
w-what did he mean by this.

>> No.35652529

sounds right but im gonna need a proven nihongo knower to back this or link your mal

>> No.35652531

what do you mean

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>> No.35652536

honestly i like the male senseis better i feel like they explain better idk

>> No.35652538 [DELETED] 

{{^Reading}}No pitch accent data{{/Reading}}


>> No.35652540

native mistake

>> No.35652541


>> No.35652542


>> No.35652543

you have to show the question too it probably depends on the bi

>> No.35652545

i have no choice to but to perma fuck off in a few days im just taking it all in so i dont miss it as much
twisted as fuck i would miss this place but i will

>> No.35652553

yeah that makes sense

>> No.35652555

oh shit ciaran's back

>> No.35652558

>no choice
everyone has a choice
most of them are just really shitty ones

>> No.35652559

how are u forced to perma fuck off exactly

>> No.35652564

it's not even the top answer >>35652541

>> No.35652565

i knew that was him arguing with me earlier

>> No.35652570

nice youre all smart as fuck and got it all figured out

>> No.35652571

my gut tells me its
but my experience getting thrashed on djt makes me not surprised if ends up being some niche rule where its 見る方
if i want to do kung fu , i have no choice. not canceling lmao

>> No.35652573






>> No.35652582

yeah that makes sense also i was right again

>> No.35652589

nice job being right after everyone already posted it

>> No.35652597

>want to do kung fu
a want does not make it a good choice
this specific want even less so
do something practical like jiu jitsu, boxing, or luchador masked wrestling

>> No.35652598

sayonara clutch w for og

>> No.35652602

lol get off my nuts i was right before it was posted

>> No.35652605

no she has no choice
bye bye og

>> No.35652606

didnt even realize there was a ongoing japanese question

unfortunately the original heckler was right and og is wrong here though the original line is wack to begin with i think and som1 shoudl help him say something better


>> No.35652614

so yeah could you stop trying to cripple people in the future

>> No.35652618

og be like Im a stripper but I only had sex with one guy

>> No.35652621

its bought and paid for and i looked at different options and this is the one i chose end of story
>want does not blah blah blah
dont parry words with me im not in the mood

>> No.35652624
File: 211 KB, 1193x591, nissin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never buying anything from nissin again

what are the recommended alternative instant noodle brands

>> No.35652625

face it you got btfo lmao

>> No.35652626

i don't mind being wrong, i'm practicing

>> No.35652630

djt be like im gonna twist the truth around you and then make fun of it

>> No.35652633

you consider that "parrying words" dear lord
good riddance

>> No.35652636

then stop making 20 posts of cope

>> No.35652638


>> No.35652640

shin ramyun is better anyway

>> No.35652644

>face it you got btfo lmao
i'm not arguing with the guy who correct me FYI. those are other people not me

>> No.35652647

kochira koso you insufferable pseud

>> No.35652648

instant noodles r trash dont eat any of that shit

it takes like 72 hours for ur stomach to even break them down

>> No.35652651

>niche rule
you need some of the kibisisa that you have with esls for yourself

>> No.35652652


>> No.35652657

I wonder if Im good enough now to watch it raw

>> No.35652661

og have u even been exercising regularly leading up to ur kung fu camp ? if not ur just going to be told to go run for a month before u even think about actually studying the art

>> No.35652665

im just insufferable

>> No.35652666

they're about learning radicals...

>> No.35652669

like clockwork

>> No.35652671

or do u think u can just show up weak and out of shape and they will just teach u to harness ur ki like goku lol

>> No.35652677

we all only use holo approved 商品

>> No.35652680

im gonna be there for months and months i might double my time ill be fine
they focus on flexibility and running makes you stiff thats that not the curriculum for the beginning

>> No.35652683


>> No.35652684 [DELETED] 
File: 304 KB, 1224x1632, dekiruyatsuyobokuha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

need some time off see you later fags

>> No.35652687

you gotta deliver milk while wearing a 40lbs turtle shell at 3am in the morning or youre ngmi

simple as

>> No.35652689

never had much confidence in og's kung fu career but this is looking like a catastrophe already

>> No.35652695

and that's a good thing

>> No.35652697

sorry, i should clarify
radical decks have nothing to do with learning japanese

>> No.35652698

cya in 3 days. like the picture tho

>> No.35652699


>> No.35652700

wonder what she's reading

>> No.35652703

the ideal woman

>> No.35652704

holy shit my dopamine

>> No.35652707

i dont think u deserve to be banned for that pic

i mean shes naked but its pretty aesthetic honestly

im not even sure if shes a whore even though it is a picture on the internet so safe to say yes but the fact im pondering it means a lot

>> No.35652709

we do sprinting exercise not like endurance running
im not sperging out in korea to try and prep for shit i have little idea about

>> No.35652714

your dick is just giving a pass to an obvious slut
typical niceguy

>> No.35652716

true, she just looks like she likes to chill naked after a bath

>> No.35652718

lmao the slut coping going on rn

>> No.35652724


>> No.35652725

my dick isnt even awake here cuz shes just casually naked

anyway good luck at kung fu school

u should still check in with us or at least me

>> No.35652729

actual 3d nudity vs 2d video games for children lmao
never change

>> No.35652736

nudity is natural, there's nothing erotic or wrong about it

>> No.35652743

nothing wrong with whores

>> No.35652744

og must be mad cuz that milk chugger has bigger boobs than her

>> No.35652749

whores are fucked up in the head thats whats wrnog with them

>> No.35652754

i really do hate whores

thats why casual naked girl is refreshing

almost brings me back to reality a little bit

>> No.35652760

the coping
its ok i know men are entirely fully of shit when it comes to these things

>> No.35652761

not sure how i feel about whores or anyone really since i haven't left my house in 10 years and i'm not sure who i am relative to other people anymore

>> No.35652766


>> No.35652767

casual nudity is hot

>> No.35652770

its funny when the shoes on the other foot and ur innate hate for other women rises up

>> No.35652774

you are born naked and you die naked get over it

>> No.35652780

you better cover your hairy snatch while you're out walking, you disgusting bitch.

>> No.35652781

if i don't get banned for that pic i'm gonna be pisssssed

>> No.35652782

not sure about that second one unless you're being a pseud

>> No.35652783

used my mothers placenta as a skirt to hide my penis from the kike foreskin snatcher

>> No.35652784

stay mad bitch

>> No.35652788

i hope og doesnt snap and do a casual nudity selfie for her sendoff

>> No.35652791


>> No.35652794

why don't you post something like a blowjob at least?

>> No.35652796

i actually dont mind the pic either i was just pointing out the hypocrisy
by any metric thats a slut and a half

>> No.35652802

not really

>> No.35652807

dn i wanted to post something cool at least

>> No.35652808

i mean bc theres a photo of it i have to agree but i wanna fool my mind and pretend its not slutting bc i dont wanna be mad at sluts anymore

>> No.35652809

what would be the problem there? nudity is natural!

just causally rocking out

>> No.35652810

that would finally out us as gaslighters if she ever did that

>> No.35652815

no one is reporting it because it was a good pic

>> No.35652816

here's my advice to og before she goes

>> No.35652817

most clever post itt
almost want to do it as your ご褒美

>> No.35652818

well the problem is itd be u doing it

>> No.35652821


>> No.35652826

plz dont it would make me severely regret the last like 10 months

btw this isnt some reverse psychology play plz dont

>> No.35652838

same, really don't want to see that shit in fact i'm x'ing the thread

>> No.35652839

i mean she does look really nice and respectable there the human body is beautiful and artistic
its important not to just assume that kind of thing is automatically slutty i should probably use djt as a sounding board

>> No.35652846

i dont care one way or the other but if she does im definitely gonna download it to share with future djters

>> No.35652847

just might get me to stop posting holos

>> No.35652855 [DELETED] 

if she does im gonna find where shes doing kung fu and im gonna paddle her

>> No.35652859


>> No.35652862
File: 2 KB, 556x44, core800k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/djt/ has move on to core800k. you must be reading an out-of-date guide.

>> No.35652865

just getting so many mixed signals here i mean i just wanna be based and casual but like not slutty with a nude photo

>> No.35652873

if ur considering posting any selfie ur already slutting and its not worth it just to get under my skin

>> No.35652875

white tank top
no bra

sad this went out of fashion

>> No.35652879

i have no interest in this skeleton skelly bitch.

>> No.35652880

just wear a white translucent ワンピース

>> No.35652881


>> No.35652884

we need ig in the matrix

>> No.35652886

only reason to do anything is to get the オマンコ. once you've done that, you can drop ajatt.

>> No.35652892

only worth if u splash em with cold water

>> No.35652899

lol based

>> No.35652906

obese skeleton broom ogre
im having a hard time conceptualizing myself at this point

>> No.35652915
File: 42 KB, 573x856, amanda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wanna rewatch stargate sg-1 but in japanese

>> No.35652917

good meme, now link me all the good posts in this thread.

>> No.35652921

i say obese when i wanna make fun of you and say skeleton or broom when im merely stating a fact.

>> No.35652923

i see that hairstle and i immediately can narrow this down between 1998-2003

>> No.35652925

is this legit

>> No.35652934
File: 3 KB, 312x35, sg1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35652940

how long will it take for you ass to break down my foot?

>> No.35652942

yeah nice to see beginners arent falling for the tatsumoto spam

>> No.35652943

that 1 probably sounded better in your head

>> No.35652944

but what year was the photo?

>> No.35652946

guy who gives multiple resources vs guy who gives one resource he made with links to patreon everywhere
you decide

>> No.35652949
File: 104 KB, 553x774, og.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

og in 3 years

>> No.35652950

wow thanks she looks like my friends hot mom

>> No.35652956

my particles would reassemble into an even more powerful being through the power of rubber and gum

>> No.35652963
File: 526 KB, 753x674, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tscs are the best card format

>> No.35652968


>> No.35652978

why do people like that piss yellow background

>> No.35652980


>> No.35652982

i started spending less time here and more time reading manga. honestly it's paying off very well. you should all read 神のみぞ it's very fun.

>> No.35652986

thank god you're back we needed you man...

>> No.35652994

tatsumoto is the holoshitter confirmed, there's nobody as schizo as him in this thread who could do what the holoshitter does.

>> No.35652999

why does everyone here have cute voices

>> No.35653000

everyone vocaroo your vowels right now

>> No.35653009

it honestly makes sense no one can samefag like mini yogurt

>> No.35653015

ok but i haven't watched anime yet today so im not going to be as good as usual

>> No.35653017

lol holoshart mad

>> No.35653023

and i haven't mined at all

>> No.35653030

i like the matt im tired excuse

>> No.35653036


>> No.35653043

dame bros i wanna go read but what if the pic gets posted and i miss it

>> No.35653059

i hate that when you copy paste jp definitions it uses , instead of 、

>> No.35653068
File: 498 B, 27x43, 1595668479963.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35653080

diorama is the best song

>> No.35653081 [SPOILER] 
File: 87 KB, 800x450, 1626054227245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35653088


>> No.35653098

wttttffffff my goddesssssss aaaahhh

>> No.35653106


>> No.35653113


>> No.35653118


>> No.35653123

yooo ive been searching for a good tiktok compilation channel
got some more?

>> No.35653130

can't wait till our consciousness gets uploaded and i can filter tiktok from my life

>> No.35653134

hope they got a ticket for pda

>> No.35653138

that anime is seriously underrated

>> No.35653153

dont do this to me bro ive already forsaken 3d

>> No.35653158

that should have been me (the guy)

>> No.35653163
File: 126 KB, 565x208, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35653166


>> No.35653170

you do know this is staged to illicit this very reaction right? also lol at the filters on her face

>> No.35653174

yosh mined 糖尿 off of futaba last week

>> No.35653181


>> No.35653185

i read that as futabu (ó﹏ò。)

>> No.35653186

bruh all i did was link the video, im not reacting to shit
thats all the people (like you) who gave me all these (you)s

>> No.35653187

dont think i can take tiktok off the back of holospam. good time to be living

>> No.35653191

is this guy retarded or what?

>> No.35653192
File: 106 KB, 883x767, shaaaaaaaaark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dont think i can take tiktok off the back of holospam
just opened the video linked above, seems like they go hand in hand lol

>> No.35653196


>> No.35653203

i watch these two channels a lot

>> No.35653222


>> No.35653228

lol, this was just recommended to me

>> No.35653235

crazy i posted that first one yesterday

>> No.35653245


>> No.35653257

dame good op https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk1wJaZx5tE

>> No.35653268

now give me some jk channels

>> No.35653270

lmao fyckking rekt

>> No.35653272

oh shit really? its a good channel, but a lot of the content is very samey

>> No.35653304


yeah japan is finished, over, no more saving it

>> No.35653328

yes he's part of a special subset of people who take hours to flip through a couple hundred cards

>> No.35653356

>do anki cards
>starts with old ones
>can't remember shit
>can't retain shit
>few new cards
>can't learn shit
>get really fucking pissed
>mind breaks
>suddenly can remember things
>old cards become ezpz
>new cards are easy to learn and retain
>get done with the rest in the time it took me to do 10%
what the fuck happened there

>> No.35653364

semen retention upped your brain power

>> No.35653367

what happened to this guy >>35506035
did he give up

>> No.35653389

i already linked タイツマンかも which is i think exclusively jk, dont really know any others that focus on jk

>> No.35653401

prob diet

>> No.35653405

Should I learn kanji before vocab?

>> No.35653411

>did he give up

>> No.35653418

no theres no point

>> No.35653491

rip, what language can i learn to best unlearn japanese?

>> No.35653522

they can be as degenerate as they want as long as they keep pumping out media

>> No.35653547


>> No.35653574


>> No.35653575
File: 816 KB, 640x922, 1604043447476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35653709
File: 1.21 MB, 800x598, 5F5FE2F0-86BC-4BEF-8F3A-37EEDAC0F12E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35653739


so far only have seen it in 未だ which aniki anki tells me is yet/more as in "you are not yet finished, there is more to go"

>> No.35653740

japan is the same. chinese and vietnamese commit most of the crimes and they make up 1% of the population.

>> No.35653754


>> No.35653756

anyone know where I can find the complete collection of hamtaro?

>> No.35653759

wrong 末

>> No.35653780

hate to see it

>> No.35653782

>first line is longer
>second line is shorter

>> No.35653835

未来 its also common as a prefix

>> No.35653836

wish they could make japanese asmr that isn't just a bunch of ear licking shit

>> No.35653843


>> No.35653860

give me my (you), homo

>> No.35653892

i've seen 未来 used in romanji for wannabee weeb games and in kana in conversations. good to know that's what that is.
also, any general guidelines on when to use kanji and when to use kana when talking over text
i've seen a lot of people using kanji for certain words but kana for simpler ones like いい and おやすみ
>>35653860 (You)
(you) deserve it for letting me learn gomenasorry pal

>> No.35653899

thanks but how will this help me learn japanese?

>> No.35653913

learners thread is >>>/int/djt

>> No.35653991
File: 701 KB, 500x393, 92819647f9153522040333500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35654058

whose the cute wide poster

>> No.35654069

whos i swear im not an esl shit

>> No.35654178

latino posting hours are over, now anglos can take over the thread. oyasumi.

>> No.35654198

need some gura merch

>> No.35654199

oyasumi amigo

>> No.35654208

funny how tae kim's advanced topics are literally beginner grammar structs

>> No.35654221

funny how people actually try to "study" "grammar"

>> No.35654239

now write this in japanese

>> No.35654240

dunno bros

>> No.35654242

i just know it

>> No.35654342

when ur nukige reading chads like us everything is beginner level

>> No.35654377


>> No.35654448


>> No.35654456
File: 38 KB, 340x533, I0Oc16u.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so if you read the entire rance series and mine it all you'll basically be set

>> No.35654484

>3m characters
yeah youll be set to pass n4

>> No.35654517

thats pretty good i hear n4 is lower intermediate

>> No.35654612

everything from the start until you pass n1 is beginner

>> No.35654624

What goes through the mind of someone who uses Duolingo, Memrise, wanikani, etc. over Anki?

Anki is a lot more customizable. Moreover, it's _free_

Seriously, I'd like to understand this.

>> No.35654627


>> No.35654630


>> No.35654662

imagine your existence summed up as what other people tell you to do, having limited amounts of autonomy before finally attempting something on your own for once in your life and then finding out that not only do you have to learn the most complicated language ever created without any prior knowledge, but you have to figure out how to use a 2 decade old software with hundreds of different options and settings to meticulously cater to your needs

>> No.35654671

it's pretty easy you just look up a quick guide and bam it works

>> No.35654686

most people that do something hard want to make it as seemingly as easy as possible even if it's to their own detriment. duolingo makes things seem easy despite it being as close to a waste of time as you can have if you plan on actually learning

>> No.35654696

yea true but some things that seem hard actually are easy and you just need to read a short guide and bam it works

>> No.35654712

>2 decade old software with hundreds of different options and settings
i just use default settings but honestly you don't need flash cards at all just read

>> No.35654713

you misunderstand, i'm not saying anki is particularly hard. but things nowadays that require any additional effort are considered difficult or some herculean task not worth doing. add to that that japanese is a difficult language, and you have people that want to learn it as easily as they can, hence not wanting to use something like anki

>> No.35654716

yeah its hard to understand but its like how others cant understand how someone goes 30 years in their life without having any physical contact with a woman besides their mother

>> No.35654718

well do you propose we kick those people out of djt or what because i think i'd support that

>> No.35654732

theres a laundry list of people to give the boot before the eternal dekinais
besides that it would go against the spirit of 4chan
love them or hate them the retards are here to stay

>> No.35654740

who are you quoting

>> No.35654762

excellent question (3 . 3)

>> No.35654785

whats ur problem

>> No.35654796


>> No.35654844
File: 157 KB, 1080x1075, 88370428_2578826989041036_2209237427408586101_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

misa sensei

>> No.35654848

too old

>> No.35654857

wish i could just read for 5 hours and mine 200 cards again

>> No.35654880

The Duolingo CEO on Duolingo:

>I recently got in touch with Luis von Ahn, a co-founder and the CEO of Duolingo, to ask whether my experience was typical. I expected some defensiveness from him about my need to use books to get the conversational skills I had hoped to get from Duolingo. But instead he laughed and told me the app had done exactly what it was built to do. “The biggest problem that people trying to learn a language by themselves face is the motivation to stay with it,” he told me. “That’s why we spend a lot of our energy just trying to keep people hooked.”
>Duolingo is essentially a product of crowdsourcing; volunteers build much of the teaching content, and the in-app behavior of its 27.5 million active monthly users is continuously analyzed to determine which exercises, sentences, and techniques lead to better adherence and faster learning. The challenge, von Ahn told me, is that the two metrics tend to be at odds: Making the lessons more difficult reliably speeds up learning—but also increases dropout rates. “We prefer to be more on the addictive side than the fast-learning side,” he explained. “If someone drops out, their rate of learning is zero.”
> ... “In the U.S., about half of our users aren’t even really motivated to learn a language; they just want to pass the time on something besides Candy Crush,” he said.


>> No.35654884


you can do duolingo, memrise, etc over and over again
with anki you have to wait after doing the set amount of cards

>> No.35654886


>> No.35654894


>> No.35654902

god i wish i was as rich as him

>> No.35654945

the highest level of lying is honesty

>> No.35654980

the ultimate measure of success is when you call your customers stupid and they immediately rush to your defense from any critics
thats the 1 thing matto did right

>> No.35654986

monkeys dont make my dick hard though

>> No.35655020

sounds racist

>> No.35655031

thinkin about pickin up chinese so i can watch more seasonal trash

>> No.35655220

Turn off new cards and plow through
Ask r/learnjapanese

>> No.35655235
File: 674 KB, 750x732, irt2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35655278

a combination of
not wanting to have to make any choices
believing some authority figure who definitely knows japanese has given them the optimal path
you get what you pay for haha

>> No.35655291

did you print the fucking vinnie

>> No.35655342

dreamt i was in a japanese class

>> No.35655357

>r/duolingo has 125,668 followers
>r/anki has 76,992 followers

Duolingo > Anki confirmed

>> No.35655361




>> No.35655371

the fact that it's even that close is impressive although a big % of anki users are medical students

>> No.35655373

you dont need to joke when duolingo is going public

>> No.35655377


>> No.35655383


>> No.35655491

not too surprising, if you use anki youre probably customizing card layouts etc so you want to seek out information about it whereas if you use duolingo youre probably a normie who thinks theyre gonna learn spanish by spending 15 min a day on there
wtf do they even talk about on the duolingo sub

>> No.35655507


>> No.35655538

prob motivational posts about 14 day streaks

>> No.35655555

it's filled with retarded questions and "i cant believe i hit 100 days guys, now i finally know what a mitochondria is!!!" + 20 decks for ひらがな、カタカナ、漢字、単語 etc

>> No.35655582
File: 12 KB, 658x226, DJT8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I walk a lonely road, the only road that I have ever known.

>> No.35655588

ryokou still feels unnatural to me

>> No.35655657

yeah if you type it in english no wonder 旅行

>> No.35655680

when i first started anki id frequently misremember it as ryoukou and 4 years later still permanently crippled

>> No.35655697

guys im gonna be real for a moment i m considering jumping in front of the yamanote line.

>> No.35655704

i dont give a shit

>> No.35655717

think of what imouto would say if she saw that post

>> No.35655722

why would you kys in japan
with all that perfect manko around you

>> No.35655725

why would you kys anywhere

>> No.35655729

no manko

>> No.35655753


>> No.35655770

my girlfriend won't have sex. im considering cheating but im not an asshole.

>> No.35655775

nothing can quite dehumidify a vagina like a nice guy

>> No.35655776

why is she your girlfriend

>> No.35655789

brutal, really can't beat mother nature huh

>> No.35655790

if she doesnt fuck you she isnt your girlfriend simple as

>> No.35655793

can confirm

>> No.35655794

who else here /terrible hairline/

>> No.35655801

because she's cute and we used to have lots of sex. i guess those days are gone.

>> No.35655807

i'm in my late 20s and it only moved up by 2cms. i'm still lucky i don't have any widows peak my hair line is pretty much straight at the top. (yet :crying face:)

>> No.35655809
File: 278 KB, 500x470, 1624338167220.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im a norwood 2 i guess but i have no thinning as of yet. but i buzz to 3mm anyways so idc really

>> No.35655811

she doesnt love you anymore

>> No.35655814


>> No.35655817

Does she shower often? This is important.

>> No.35655818

never seen a white person over 20 with a norwood 1

>> No.35655819

also 2 and i live every day in fear

>> No.35655823

are you the guy with seborrheic dermatitis or whatever

>> No.35655826
File: 718 KB, 662x763, 1625153365444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related. also literally any male model
glad i dont have insecurity about hair. i'm also going gray in my mid 20s and dont care

>> No.35655831

im about the same and i buzz it too but if i let it grow too puffy it looks very bad

>> No.35655835

LOL where do you live that everyone is bald by 20?

>> No.35655840

no, not anymore

>> No.35655842

somethin looks real off with that guys hair

>> No.35655844

nta but she just sounds depressed and feel gross about herself

>> No.35655847

bros im not balding its a mature hairline

>> No.35655849

cool, me too

>> No.35655854

they say if your genes are "compatible" you will enjoy your partners body odor
does that still count if she hasnt had a shower in a week?

>> No.35655857

does your hairline always recede first i thought you just start losing hair everywhere when you start balding

>> No.35655862

found ciaran

>> No.35655863

no way i could stomach someone not showing for more than a couple days i dont care how "compatible" our genes are lmao

>> No.35655864

that's the only time it applies, like imagine having og as a girlfriend you'll never know what she smells cuz she's immersing in chemicals all the time

>> No.35655876

I've no idea, I was just going to say she's cheating on you if she showers regularly.

>> No.35655877

going to start calling coomers gooners now

>> No.35655878

og says she cant smell its one of her many disorders

>> No.35655884

i have anhidrosis but im sure even so id not smell nice if i didnt shower for over a week. the hotel thing because i couldnt leave the room and get dirty

>> No.35655888
File: 148 KB, 742x1315, screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see

>> No.35655893

this isnt even hard to feel out

>> No.35655898

moe is all 女が嫌い because of LLL rules the world

>> No.35655900

Yeah I ain't reading that, I already done my duo-lingo reps for today I don't want to burn out.

>> No.35655905

the japanese just call people like him 女嫌い lmao

>> No.35655914

in 中東 we call it common sense

>> No.35655916

already felt this but its nice to get confirmation on it
maybe i should do what that other anon did and pick a month to just read the entire dojg

>> No.35655925

just woke up
did i miss the og selife

>> No.35655929



>> No.35655935

cute hands

>> No.35655961

its stock image you thirsty fuck

>> No.35655971

fuck the guys who saved theirs for later and hit you on the shoulder during class when the teacher wasn't watching

>> No.35655976
File: 84 KB, 280x259, Screenshot 2021-07-12 18.29.53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

djt has permanently ruined my yt recs

>> No.35655980

dame fluent by the age of 2

>> No.35655989

It's your fault for binging on language learning videos instead of learning the language.

>> No.35655994

havent binged on shit uppercaser its just the mistake of opening videos linked here

>> No.35655999

if matt was fluent once before why isnt he anymore

>> No.35656002

Don't know why you would do that. I would suggest not doing that. You're welcome for the free advice.

>> No.35656013


>> No.35656019

pretty epic how my recs are never ruined because im never logged in

>> No.35656028

i can save you, click all these

this should get you good yt recs

>> No.35656039

google also produces recs based on geolocation

>> No.35656046

right but there are ways to get around that

>> No.35656051
File: 174 KB, 1440x2365, Screenshot_20210712-194056~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post stats

>> No.35656053

and google always has ways around those ways

>> No.35656056

not really

>> No.35656058
File: 449 KB, 609x515, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can just click these buttons its no big deal

>> No.35656062

wonder if that anon asking about how to get out and meet girls is around. this is for him you gotta improve yourself

>> No.35656066

boutta go out and meet some girls

>> No.35656068
File: 32 KB, 592x425, abc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35656069


>> No.35656077
File: 25 KB, 546x337, onkey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35656078

take the tour jete pill if you want to make it

>> No.35656085

yea the jbw is real

>> No.35656087

crazy how red eyes are so nice on 2d but would be horrifying in real life

>> No.35656088

exercise doesnt help with anything lol

>> No.35656090


>> No.35656095

glad some people know the truth

>> No.35656098

ive seen red contacts that were fine

>> No.35656099
File: 30 KB, 642x452, Vj5xbFr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35656101
File: 6 KB, 1289x54, bdnf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

brainlet take

>> No.35656103

pretty sure 4bc admitted he was fat before

>> No.35656105

Ah, that makes sense.

>> No.35656106

4bbc is only heavy cuz he's 6 foot 5

>> No.35656107

gonna stick my knee in 4bcs back and twist his frail arm till he squeals uncle

>> No.35656110

which types

>> No.35656114

i "exercised" a lot in high school i was a sprinter also ran half marathons did extremely high intensity cardio for 2-3 hours every day for like 2 years didnt notice any mental benefits realized its just a waste of time and effort so these days i stick to relaxing indoors

>> No.35656119

congrats on your transition

>> No.35656120
File: 37 KB, 1695x160, bdnf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Engaging in moderate-high intensity aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, and cycling increases BDNF biosynthesis through myokine signaling

>> No.35656125

i feel like abject shit when i dont go out and get enough exertion its a notable difference in my mood and productivity
i can only imagine sedentary lifestyle shills are coping or something

>> No.35656128

nothings changed except perhaps my physical stamina but who gives a shit how often do you have to sprint irl or do physical labor not worth maintaining something you have no use for quite like useless anki cards just delete that shit

>> No.35656134

I don't get exercise high.

>> No.35656139

i dont either, but i do get sedentary lows
its just like cleaning your house its never enjoyable but you always are glad you did it

>> No.35656140

so just cardio

>> No.35656141

i thought you were one of the biggest anki drones here
did you finally drop the anki vest

>> No.35656144


>> No.35656148

ive felt like abject shit for the majority of my life and i rarely exert myself so probably

>> No.35656151

the post is still up.
did the rules change?

>> No.35656153

wdym ive always been light on anki

>> No.35656161

now that ive seen that post im in a deep depression

>> No.35656162

you are terrible at playing moe

>> No.35656163

its a blessed pic

>> No.35656166

nah this one gets a pass
og曰く beauty is seigi or whatever

>> No.35656170

watch with eng subs and mine i+1 sentences

>> No.35656172

og needs a creampie daily or something
maybe then she could be normal

>> No.35656174


>> No.35656176
File: 1.67 MB, 854x480, jouzu.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imagine getting jouzu'd at your native language

>> No.35656179

>always been light on anki

>> No.35656180

dont you have 10k+ already in less than a year

>> No.35656183

if no one reports it the rules dont matter
thats pretty much the essence of djt

>> No.35656184
File: 1.08 MB, 1205x1678, 02C895A0-3E74-4440-BDEF-15DA659D0AB0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35656187

you're getting better at nominalization keep at it

>> No.35656199

the cool thing about japanese is that even if you cant read you can just type the romanji and hit space and it might work out in the end

>> No.35656204

yeah based autokanji lol

>> No.35656208

if someone makes a djt iceberg meme 'autokanji' should be way down the most mysterious depths

>> No.35656209

he's learned 16k cards. 4bc spends the whole day droning but tries to play it cool in the thread like he doesn't do anki so he can imitate jamal and moe, lmao.

>> No.35656210

Can't believe the guy that did Berzerk is dead. I was planning on reading it in 10years when he finished the story.

>> No.35656215

i thought 4bc was jamal

>> No.35656216

ive been jouzu'd

>> No.35656222
File: 41 KB, 625x468, 1283C6D9-6554-4E5A-88EC-83E5F698D97C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35656225


>> No.35656233

think of every jozu as another step on the road to upper intermediate japanese just like every hair that falls out on the road to baldness

>> No.35656234


>> No.35656237

hairs fall all the time question is whether another one is gonna replace it

>> No.35656240

bald guys sure had it easy in the 18th century

>> No.35656241

didnt laugh

>> No.35656243

wtf no way unless he mines everything. he said he didnt know yamikumo the other day

>> No.35656246

that was just one day i think anki posters are cringe as hell fuck them lol also i dont drone all day far from it takes me 2s per card so i get my reps done fast then do whatever

>> No.35656247

even youtube allows nude yoga and non sexual nudity like that
get with the times gramps, the age of boomer prudism is over

>> No.35656250

whether 1 replaces it or not theres a finite number of hairs that are gonna fall out

>> No.35656257

>nude yoga

>> No.35656260
File: 20 KB, 349x349, 1591304797954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35656262

im gonna stand my ground against the whores

>> No.35656272


>> No.35656278

4bc has the personality of playdough

>> No.35656294

wakaimon ha ne

>> No.35656300
File: 155 KB, 290x302, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

poor bibi

>> No.35656311

thinkin about vocally sayin ha instead of wa from now on

>> No.35656312

is that a compliment?

>> No.35656313

any nude yoga recommendations for fapping? must be asian.

>> No.35656315

its funny to watch him get influenced and repeat things you say

>> No.35656316


>> No.35656324

yoga is a real big turnoff

>> No.35656328


>> No.35656348

that was disgusting youtube should ban that

>> No.35656360
File: 16 KB, 813x132, 1599411913580.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35656369

i just love how you had this ready to go

>> No.35656384

pajeet hands wrote that

>> No.35656407

og should test her kungfu skills in the slums of india

>> No.35656418


>> No.35656428


>> No.35656437

He has a point

>> No.35656443


>> No.35656445


>> No.35656447

it really is a miracle how this daniel faggot doesn't get posted here often

>> No.35656459

>hiding in my room
>video outside

>> No.35656465

Why does every who sets out to learn Nihongo end up ingesting so much copium.

>> No.35656472

i was addicted to this trainwreck before i got here
hes a living 4chan post

>> No.35656478

is it even possible for your total score to be 10 points below passing without failing any of the categories

>> No.35656487

categories require 18 points to pass

>> No.35656493

how does anyone take this shit seriously lmfao

>> No.35656496

cuz you can get 60 in the other 2 i guess

>> No.35656501

autism is a harsh mistress

>> No.35656509

hes too oldschool 4chan content and this site is now just zoomer refugees shitposting between reddit and discord sessions

>> No.35656560

lol thats a good bit

>> No.35656587

dog woke me up and now i cant sleep
least you guys could do is amuse me

>> No.35656594

amuse yourself faggot
t. cat woke me up

>> No.35656601

i cant respect anybody with a pet

>> No.35656602

I've woke up early twice at 4am because it gets so hot before it cools down around 5am

>> No.35656621

So many people are getting cats right now it's fucking bizzare.

>> No.35656623

i dont know if you talking about your mom, or your dog, or your friend or if thats a question or a statement.... i just dont get it

>> No.35656639

lmao at daniel literally pausing live jp conversations

>> No.35656646

ive made some titty squeezing good posts lately

>> No.35656654

my tits remained unsqueezed you arent that funny

>> No.35656669

Never heard of people squeezing their tits when they laugh.

>> No.35656690


>> No.35656738

which tranny reported this

>> No.35656747

duno but im deeply upset with them

>> No.35656776

talking about titty squeezing, hand expression (lactation) tutorials are also allowed on youtube

>> No.35656783

now thats fucking hot

>> No.35656805

woder if og has tits worth squeezing
something tells me she is very flat chested

>> No.35656813


>> No.35656817

flat with milk is still hot

>> No.35656826

tokyosam has bigger tits than og

>> No.35656839

yeah no idea why people think big tits == milk

>> No.35656842

actually its better that way

>> No.35656848

milk is filtered blood

>> No.35656856

your ass is about to filter my foot

>> No.35656868

My blood tastes nice.

>> No.35656878

should share her tits as her goodbye post
even if they are flat, thatd be pretty great

>> No.35656895


>> No.35656902

>shift starts at 7
>wake up at 6:30 without an alarm because i'm dreading it that much

>> No.35656913

dame i know what you mean

>> No.35656919

just quit

>> No.35656934

he wanted that happa twink butthole

>> No.35656935

Ganbatte, don't forget to ask about the weather and footy!

>> No.35656939

just...stop going

>> No.35656945

i work from home i dont go anywhere

>> No.35656948

You only have a half an hour to get ready and get to work? That seems like a pretty tight schedule.

>> No.35656955

always forget that people here dont know what its like to hate their jobs because they dont have jobs

>> No.35656962

i dont lack the imagination to know that i would fucking hate it

>> No.35656981

When I worked I would get up 1minute before leaving. I tried waking up early to have breakfast and all that but it wasn't worth it.

>> No.35656990

at least the timings should be flexible

>> No.35656996

breakfast is the path to obesity anyway
lunch or early dinner and nothing but coffee and tea otherwise

>> No.35657006

imagine wasting your life working a job for someone else
couldnt be me

>> No.35657031

yeah its insane how low 1st world educated people price their time
if you spent 40 hours of work a week on a small homestead or something think what you would produce for yourself as a result and thats not even getting into starting a business or playing with shitcoins

>> No.35657035

I never hated my job it was just something that I did.

>> No.35657039

yeah not surprising the uppercaser is a good little npc drone

>> No.35657044


>> No.35657046

Q: What do you call valentine's chocolate given at 23:59 PM?

A: girigiri-choco!

>> No.35657050


>> No.35657053

I would like it if I had stronger desires to pursue something but I don't. Such is life.

>> No.35657060

lmao at you caring about research that does a 180 on almost every notion every decade
nutrition science is probably a biggest joke than all of them considering how easy it should be

>> No.35657071

unfortunately my goals in life require money, more money than ranching will get me

>> No.35657078

my goal is to work my way into one of those sysadmin jobs where youre at a small business where you can automate everything and then do fuckall all day

>> No.35657094

i wont shit on your ambition, you know what you think you want
who am i to tell you a simple life on the land with lots of kids and good wife is all you need

>> No.35657095

>nutrition science is probably a biggest joke
sure but theres just no evidence that having breakfast leads to obesity in fact whats being contended is whether or not skipping it leads to obesity lol also i linked a meta analysis in there maybe look up what that means

>> No.35657105

or i could just listen to my own body and know that if eat early in the day ill be peckish every few hours and prone towards overeating or feeling famished

>> No.35657108

lmao who wants to work on a smelly farm

>> No.35657109

Can't believe people are getting paid to discuss if eating more makes you gain mass.

>> No.35657115


>> No.35657122

even more amazing is that they conclude it doesnt matter and eat your breakfast, slave, you will buy the grains and sugar like it

>> No.35657123

ranching is an absolutely based way of life tho brother. if my ambitions didnt exist, id be raising angus no problem

>> No.35657125

Working on a farm would be harder than any normie job, you know this don't you? There's no calling in sick, you are getting up at 5am everyday.

>> No.35657137

dont knock it till you try it, something magical about living a simple life and being a simple man and see the results of your work on the ranch every day knowing that all of it is yours

>> No.35657138

no one was arguing how hard the work was
but as it stands wagie jobs makes you feel like shit and you arent even that valuable or realizing your potential
its just soulcrushing unrewarding bullshit all around

>> No.35657147

lol peasant

>> No.35657148

people who arent sheltered children living off their parents

>> No.35657152

peasants worked less days of the year than we did

>> No.35657166

yeah those people are working in factories in the cities or doing construction work or something

>> No.35657181

no getting through to this kid hes convinced everything is his life is right

>> No.35657182

曲 of the day


>> No.35657183

I think you are dreaming too much, trudging around in mud while cold wearing wet socks isn't the ideal mood.

>> No.35657188

trying to set up a false dichotomy eh moo harder lmfao

>> No.35657204

id love to see 4bc in the cow pastures after irrigation starts up and its all swampy, fixing fencing and trying to separate the bull from the heifers
dude just doesnt have what it takes to ranch

>> No.35657205

you dont understand the nobility of toil

>> No.35657209


>> No.35657219


>> No.35657226
File: 7 KB, 276x183, images (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah kids like 4bc all need some saturn
a bit abstract but if ya know ya know

>> No.35657231


>> No.35657233

I know what its like to try to sleep in a poorly insulated house with cold walls. Philosophical ideals don't keep you warm at night.

>> No.35657247

the ideals dont but the practice does you are acting like im being more abstract than i was

>> No.35657251

i used to be a farmville pro

>> No.35657302




>> No.35657308

heating should be free

>> No.35657339

cheat. she's not upholding her end of the bargain, and by cheating you'll probably give her less attention which will actually make her like you more because women are biologically broken.

>> No.35657343


>> No.35657364

just be upfront about it its the lesser of all the evils
"im a man and i suck and i know you think i love you but actually you are just a hole im committing to in exchange for goood peepee feels please understand or leave so i can find a new hole"

>> No.35657380

Straight marriage material right there.

>> No.35657394

this is why all women should have had their nanas teach them about gritting their teeth and thinking of england

>> No.35657400


>> No.35657428


>> No.35657438

women seriously dont understand it consciously
maybe unconsciously they do, some of them
they really do delude themselves they are loved on a deeper level so when they dont put out or whatever they dont realize what they are signaling to the guy and just need to be told by someone so they can stop living in a fantasy

>> No.35657441

if she doesnt want to have sex with you then that clearly means that you dont arouse her, better focus on improving your physical appearance or either the same thing will always happen to you even with other women.
TLDR: get fit you fatfuck

>> No.35657442


>> No.35657451


>> No.35657453

ive said it once and i'll say it again
br hours = misogyny

>> No.35657476

>if she doesnt want to have sex with you then that clearly means that you dont arouse her,
>better focus on improving your physical appearance
may or may not be the right conclusion

>> No.35657493


>> No.35657494

there are lots of reasons women just dont wanna have sex some of them just have low drives and its painful/messy/annoying/boring stop projecting male libido onto them and assuming shit

>> No.35657497

work on your intentions (probably not possible so youre fucked) or stay a virgin forever

>> No.35657510

havent remembered this show existed since forever

>> No.35657518

hippity hoppity
women are property

>> No.35657542

back in the good old days women just assumed the old man would roll on top of her before bed every night for a few minutes and it was just another one of those things you がまんしてて’d

>> No.35657549

true but the chances that she has a low sex drive are low and the chances that the anon is just fat are high

>> No.35657564

sex is overrated

>> No.35657569

reminds me of that 1122 manga
careful anon

>> No.35657574

this is so fucking worthless stop posting this absolute garbage. post actual real-world benefits that result from this supposed brain improvement, not this super fucking vague nonsense about "increases in model-T which is sometimes associated with increases of foot up assery"

>> No.35657575

have you had it? yes or no

>> No.35657585

ask your mom

>> No.35657598

you only say that cause you goon to porn at every inkling probably

>> No.35657613

havent watched any porn in a long time though

>> No.35657624

whatever, jerking off to something or another same concept

>> No.35657625

you could just have said no

>> No.35657640

nice self own lmao

>> No.35657644

just remembered how disappointed qm was with real sex and how much he regretted throwing away his virginity lmao

>> No.35657680

i said yes or no
anything other than those two answers means no

>> No.35657705

loose lips sink boners

>> No.35657746

doesnt matter what you said because i followed up with an ask your mom anything you say after results in an own for you shouldve just stopped posting there

>> No.35657747

>im a man and i suck and i know you think i love you but actually you are just a hole im committing to in exchange for goood peepee feels
as long as she's honest about only being with the guy so she feels protected and feels she has a leader then that's a fine strategy. the problem is that tiny women brains can't handle that truth and would never want to think about their relationships in this way. they prefer voodoo/mystic/spiritual shit. women are so fucking stupid lol

>> No.35657795

can i learn japanese using english subs

>> No.35657799

i dont like how you worded it, but thats about right
but women do feel like its actual love even if its delusion

>> No.35657852

honestly why do people put up with these insufferable retards just funnel funds into onahole research or something

>> No.35657875


>> No.35657878

you wont learn japanese

>> No.35657884

Don't think onahole technology will be able to replicate lying next to a warm body.

>> No.35657907

he doesnt get it because hes never tried that

>> No.35657912

kind of weird how everyone hates on women but hates on homos even though by that logic theyd be based

>> No.35657929

guys feel like it's love too but they're also lying to themselves. nobody wants to think about how some of the most important things in their lives are a result of a preprogrammed chemical response to what they would consider shallow characteristics. all relationships are transactional. women are incentivized to think of their relationships as being deeper than they are because women biologically crave commitment (for obvious reasons).

>> No.35657951

finally got my new passport and i look pretty chad in the pic since the shitty quality makes my beard look thick as fuck

>> No.35657956

true as it is devastatingly painful

>> No.35657958

are you seriously trying to suggest thats a bad thing after reading this thread lol who wants to deal with this bs

>> No.35657981
File: 383 KB, 1019x2252, 1598236431493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now that the first discord is gone it's nothing but a sweet memory

>> No.35657983

i didnt suggest anything
literal projection

>> No.35657985

is the RHCSA the best entry level linux cert i can do? i want to learn linux cause its a good skill to have in IT so i figure i might as well get a cert while im at it.

>> No.35657999

lmfao sucks it's gone

>> No.35658003

>watch female jp youtuber
>bitch looks like a different person in every thumbnail

>> No.35658004

holy fuck the current rate of vaccine deaths in japan is higher than the rate of corona infections in tokyo.

>> No.35658005

do you truly have no craving for love and understanding from a physical person? honestly asking its hard for me to imagine

>> No.35658008


>> No.35658014

gonna be based when robots take the only value females have

>> No.35658017

they all have such a lack of distinctive facial features they can looking like anything depending on lighting makeup and angles

>> No.35658043


>> No.35658049

i thought someone here said to watch anime with eng subs and you'll learn japanese

>> No.35658056

ja "eternal beginner" bum said that so who cares

>> No.35658060

this girl is obviously a modern trainwreck she is secondhand embarassing me
i know lots of girls are like this nowadays but not all of them
women really did evolve to police and shame each other for a good reason

>> No.35658062

How long until I reach the level of being able to watch Youtube videos about hypothetically learning.

>> No.35658079

only thing obvious is that quiz should never be let near any 14 yos

>> No.35658088

>can i learn japanese

>> No.35658090

crazy how milestones in acquiring just bleed together once u get to a certain point

>> No.35658092

lmao yeah but honestly hes just using young girls as a mental cope

>> No.35658096

I gave it a try but then decided to watch the dub instead. Much easier to understand in English.

>> No.35658097

>also her pussy is loose man i can only cum like half the time
but he said he has 6 inches of girth how is it possible for her to still feel loose? what are the chances of that? my 4.5 is doomed

>> No.35658105

mary's fucking wildin also
made me laugh

>> No.35658117

she was a german roastie who probably had a big teutonic vag to begin with

>> No.35658123

well her feet are bigger than his

>> No.35658124

wider the hips the looser she is naturally

>> No.35658127

nah quiz was right about marriage ages

>> No.35658137

i do but i also fucking hate bullshit and all these stealth games >>35655770 its all just too petty and shallow for me even reading about it gives me a headache i dont want to bother with such low level shit

>> No.35658138

except now they police and shame each other for not fitting the mold you are criticizing

>> No.35658146

its never been the norm for a fucking 28 year old and a 14 year old thats just a major pedo cope. it was more like 14-16 with 20-22 year old guys

>> No.35658150

did queef post pics of his gf

>> No.35658158

yeah true but that came after we were told not to "slut shame" each other

>> No.35658159

it is highly recommended that you watch 10k hours of subbed anime to start so you get accustomed to how the language sounds in regular use

>> No.35658166

yeah he made a great guide about it

>> No.35658174

hed be sick of her before she even turned 20

>> No.35658180

damn I can't even 100% cardcaptor sakura

>> No.35658190

also true there is no magic bullet waifu out there you either love someone or you dont and guys get bored easily

>> No.35658197

is this a joke or has everyone here done that? 10k hours is a long time

>> No.35658220

i mean you cant even get commitment to a 2d waifu these days it changes with the seasonal chug and they are objectively perfect and unchanging
guys are fucking scum who dont deserve real love

>> No.35658228

You are going to love this thread.

>> No.35658231

the tripfaggot that originated that and has been spamming it for years has said himself that the 10k figure isnt meant to be taken literally

>> No.35658246

as a manwhore i can agree with this

>> No.35658255

probably, it would be discouraging seeing her decline out of her prime

>> No.35658257

This is a good point. But maybe not so good as characters die as soon as their season ends.

>> No.35658261


>> No.35658267

so im not meant to watch with eng subs?

>> No.35658274
File: 564 KB, 1280x720, 三傑.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we need to go back

>> No.35658275

>characters die as soon as their season ends
なんて zoomer notion

>> No.35658280


>> No.35658283

the serious answer is to do what you want. as long as you have fun consuming japanese in some way, youll be fine

>> No.35658297

the point of it is to prime you for actually acquiring japanese by exposing you to the language. presumably if you want to learn japanese you've already watched at least a few hundred hours of english subbed anime already so you've already gotten all the benefits you can from it.

>> No.35658313
File: 25 KB, 153x182, imasugu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35658329

Da Godfather
I’m almost out of intermediate level, I’m starting to notice られる more, if you’ve don’t protocol 80 you know what I mean.

>> No.35658342

eh feels like he's aware of the djt memes and tries to play into them now. lame.

>> No.35658349

i started that meme pretty proud

>> No.35658356

started what

>> No.35658368

I'm right though. It's different from human beings where they continue to exist. I will say it's incredible how they keep coming up with absolutely captivating designs for anime girls.

>> No.35658370

i use to say if ykj you know what i mean then i moved to "if ya know, ya know"

>> No.35658371

putting it on my resume

>> No.35658378

when I watch with eng subs, I'm not taking the translation literally. im also mining i+1 sentences as audio cards. sometimes I don't even look at the subs and just immerse doing raw listening

is that good enough?

>> No.35658382

lmao you dont know shit

>> No.35658390

bro do whatever the fuck you wanna do

>> No.35658395

its still my meme tho and no one can take it from me >:/

>> No.35658398

>rate of corona infections in tokyo: 1.5 cases / 100,000 residents.
>rate of corona vaccine deaths in Japan: 1.93 deaths / 100,000 people vaccinated.
why the fuck would anyone get the vaccine.

>> No.35658404

my waifu is from a game from 2011 :D

>> No.35658413

it started when agf said "if you know japanese you know what i'm talking about", the meme is quite old

>> No.35658418

proud of you bro

>> No.35658422

no. Watch with no subs if you want serious improvement or jsubs if you want to learn how to read.

>> No.35658424
File: 46 KB, 640x480, retarded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

agf playing the long con

>> No.35658429

are you fucking retarded

>> No.35658434

and just liek that its snatched from my hands
i did move to if ya know ya know but only around djt its not uncommon in english

>> No.35658440

lydia is my personal housecarl and my waifu
you cant have her

>> No.35658471


>> No.35658487

very nice

>> No.35658513

you zoomers have better alt and niche music than we had by a large mile, i will give you that
2005-2010 or so was repulsive and that should have been my youth

>> No.35658532

if you didnt grow up listenimg to absolute bangers from the 90s you shouldnt be on 4chan

>> No.35658536

why does this borderline zoomer insist on we wuzzing all the time

>> No.35658542

you sure are pissy today

>> No.35658548


>> No.35658582

don't enjoy or know music enough to know what the genres are that people on 4chan reference a lot, and when i hear a random song from those genres i don't like them

>> No.35658596


>> No.35658622


>> No.35658652


>> No.35658667


>> No.35658674

*checks calendar*

>> No.35658699


>> No.35658701


>> No.35658702

og will be back
they always are

>> No.35658713

youre underage

>> No.35658751


>> No.35658755

i don't want to learn how to read until after im fluent in listening. im not a big reader in english desu so don't want to force it in japanese

>> No.35658764

show boob before you leave

>> No.35658765

back for this dick lmao

>> No.35658768


>> No.35658776

the opposite shes really old

>> No.35658777

just say it faggot

>> No.35658789

then nosub

>> No.35658848


>> No.35658882


>> No.35658940

so you really werent jake paul's girlfriend then. woulda been funny if true, oh well

>> No.35658950

how did someone with a memory as shit as yours manage to consistently lie

>> No.35658959

i rescind that boob request, i aint into hags like bunko is

>> No.35658967

how old did you say you were i forgot

>> No.35659023

makes sense women always lie about their age and i always thought u were a few years too young to be in on the stuff u were into

anyway 33歳になっておめでとう !!!

>> No.35659029

its not that hard to fudge a couple of years i probably did mess up to anyone really watching
26 i think. i actually kind of forgot if i had said 25 or 26 and went with what others said

>> No.35659055

jamal with his dick out lmfao

>> No.35659066

im glad bunko never found out honestly

>> No.35659087

i guess shes justified in calling me a kid

>> No.35659097

but heres the better part

shes not done lying about her age

shes over 30 for sure LOL

dont think i dont know how this works

>> No.35659112

曲 of the dya


>> No.35659113

we got it from your last post bro

>> No.35659123

yeah it was so frustrating getting called a zoomer and you telling me we were almost the same age had to bite my tongue hard many times
im not your nekomancer whore sorry
not in my 30s just yet

>> No.35659139

yeah cant trust anything "she" says anymore

>> No.35659152
File: 631 KB, 496x579, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe dont be a pathological liar

also as for not being my nekomancer whore pic related begs to differ

go do ur kung fu and then come back to me

>> No.35659201

not upset at the reaction i wanted to drop something that would ruin my cred and make me feel too embarrassed to come back later so that worked out
my vanity cant put up with actually being 30 here around the time i finish my program its pathetic

>> No.35659202

よおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおおお any ni**as?

>> No.35659238

well if u want the real nail in the coffin im actually 24

>> No.35659244

quite ironic the reveal happened in a thread where the trashiness of women was already being highlighted

>> No.35659246

there was nothing to ruin you bumbling moron

>> No.35659257

I wish you could adjust the voice, sfx, and music volume on anime

>> No.35659265

thats literally every thread

>> No.35659292

well youd really be disgusted if you knew the age i pretend to be irl then lmao

>> No.35659294

whats miraculous is that theres only one woman here

>> No.35659306

why do women do this shit lol >>35659292

>> No.35659327

never been with a woman older than me before but theres a first for everything
og you gotta produce viable white offspring anyway as your duty so when i go to japan just hook up with me for a night

>> No.35659350

if people card me or think im in school im not going to correct them wtf
that just makes things awkward and i dont want to get jouzu'd over looking young

>> No.35659371

bros ive been to the toilet 4 times today... diarrhea fucking sucks

>> No.35659375

ibs anon...

>> No.35659394


>> No.35659427

nah he's not me my diarrhea went away after a few days

i did just rip a big fat smelly fart though

>> No.35659429

oh then youre not really pretending/lying i guess i thought you went around explicitly telling people youre 20

>> No.35659459

a lie of omission feels like a lie to me
specially when you see their fantasies building around said lie and you do nothing to stop it. its flattering to get hit on by zooms ngl im scum

>> No.35659479

if people get my age wrong I just tell them what it is because I'm not a psychopath

>> No.35659519

lesson learned i guess.. just buy new milk

>> No.35659526

shotacon confirmed

>> No.35659527

the vanity to lie about your age and the hubris to think anyone believes it

>> No.35659530

all i know is people dont card me when i buy alcohol anymore so i might as well buy my gravestone now

>> No.35659533

yeah u just tell them ur 27

>> No.35659554

all women do it when given the opportunity

hence all women are liars

but its not like dudes dont also lie・・

>> No.35659566

20 year olds arent shotas
anyway i never date its just ego stroking
i never "lie" about an age people just assume i am by looking at me. well except here

>> No.35659571

didnt get carded when i bought vodka at 13 but then again im a third worlder

>> No.35659599

guess im lying about my age too then same with my personal life my field of study my family my country and all sorts of other questions i sidestep

>> No.35659616

iyaaaaa sukkirishitaze

>> No.35659636

the only thing you lie about is your feelings for me

>> No.35659656

where to find hamtaro complete?

>> No.35659659

og no, autists literally dont have the same feelings as normal folk. he actually cannot feel any connections with other people

>> No.35659672

check here http://thedepthsofmyasshole.com/hamtaro.rar

>> No.35659673

you got issues

>> No.35659674

feel this
*unzips dick*

>> No.35659688

cant wait to have my kung fu wife well go to japan and beat up chikans together

>> No.35659701

Why would you beat me up.

>> No.35659718

sorry dude the scum of the earth must be purged and while we cant carry the whole weight of the world we can purge what we can

>> No.35659722

maybe but that wasnt an outright denial

>> No.35659743

Can't believe you go around stomping on other peoples dreams like that.

>> No.35659753

be better than some shit ass chikan and u wont have a problem

>> No.35659760

see you in a couple of months

>> No.35659773

let me be outright here you piss me off more than any poster in this thread and id instantly filter your ass at the first opportunity

>> No.35659777

shes gonna pack her suitcase full of underwear and then start posting again

>> No.35659778

Can't believe you're posting in /jp/ and are against chikan.

>> No.35659793

What if they ask you directly though?

>> No.35659796


>> No.35659806

compensated daters and chikans are gonna get whats comin to em

>> No.35659813

sounds a bit like sexual frustration bro, hope she isnt right about you

>> No.35659831

without question everyone that gives og extensive attention is just coping w. how they arent getting love from women in their own life

ofc that means me

>> No.35659839

>compensated daters
ok ok i have to post this before i go its how crazy you are

>> No.35659842

Can't stop thinking about all those packed trains with Nipponese eager to get out and about after covid.

>> No.35659858

go shopping and talk to girls there
if you really are a pretty boy it should be easy

>> No.35659864

and youre just there waiting on the train with a huge grin on your face and a full 4 inches of fury locked and loaded

>> No.35659868

who wants to talk to landwhales though

>> No.35659877

she makes like a third of the posts itt alone you literally cannot post in djt without getting involved in her shit been like this since november except maybe 1 month in the middle

>> No.35659880

the 'kung fu' is a lie
she going to buy a shota husband from some asian country because she hit the wall

>> No.35659895

my friend does that and they shut him down constantly. pickup artistry has died in the new era, get with the times 婆

>> No.35659907

if ur not against compensated dating then ill be sure to put ur ass to work when u get back

im done with the bullshit tho so trying to chat up ppl at the fuckin store is too far in the bullshit zone for me

yah i know shes gonna go fuck some 5'4 asian dude and have his bugspawn and get japanese citizenship off it till he cuts her off and takes the kid away

>> No.35659918

I better not reply continuing the story, I don't want to get warned for ERP again. Today is 月曜日

>> No.35659922

this isnt the place for racism

>> No.35659933




>> No.35659959

imagine how hard djt would gaslight anyone but imouto saying だいたいみんな like that

>> No.35659969

fuck off hag

>> No.35659973

why the fuck would we want to bully imouto

>> No.35659979


>> No.35659983

gonna be hilarious when she comes crawling back in a week with her chinese sim just like she did with her pass

>> No.35659986

>too far in the bullshit zone
how is this og project working out for you lol

>> No.35660003

its been fun

>> No.35660014

wonder what eiffel tower bro would have to say about the latest developments itt

>> No.35660045

my ass is popping off atm releasing all kinds of wretched gas

>> No.35660071
File: 170 KB, 225x338, 1616147521204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post shows with the biggest wasted potential

this could have been cool but it was so ass

>> No.35660083

.hack franchise in general

>> No.35660106

they look cute

>> No.35660108

i remember trying to look into .hack a while ago
there's like an ln, then a game and an anime
and there's some kind of order you should consume them in
looked like effort so i dodged it

>> No.35660109

youve been nothing but pathetic since she showed up

>> No.35660122

but who r u to me

>> No.35660132

j*mal has been so pathetic that he was expelled from the thread three times already.
and the fourth time is closing in already.

>> No.35660135

i used to be a fan

>> No.35660146

real fans dont switch up

>> No.35660172

fans だけ

>> No.35660175

jamal deaging himself thinking she liked younger men
bruh house

>> No.35660178

u mean when i said i was 24 ? it was just a cheap gaslight attempt no one would actually believe it

>> No.35660181

wtf jamal is literally a vampire

>> No.35660186

then real you is aids

>> No.35660188

the doctor in akudama drive is so terribly miscast its unbeliavable

>> No.35660194

jamal "simping is part of the plan trust me" esquire

>> No.35660205

dont care what some fairweather fuck thinks

theres no plan i enjoyed bullshittin with og dont care what ne1 says

>> No.35660210

simpering optics
simpering optics
simpering optics

>> No.35660215

there was no plan just like there was no ga

>> No.35660221

simpering optometrics

>> No.35660224

kill yourselves all of you

>> No.35660235

lets start with you

>> No.35660255

hey now children this is actual cyberbullying and depending on your country there could be serious consequences for talking like this

>> No.35660257
File: 19 KB, 655x120, simpering.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

legitimately surprised

>> No.35660260


>> No.35660283

it reads like something a schizo like her would write

>> No.35660312

is og actually bradford c walker?

>> No.35660325

bradford sounds like a fake chad name

>> No.35660356
File: 16 KB, 574x115, og...png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35660398

if krashen is right how come benny can learn a language in three months and steve can only speak a few? why doesn't he just plug his headphones in a listen to children stories all day?

>> No.35660422

would misa be mad if i jokingly called her miso?

>> No.35660433


>> No.35660478

depends on what i mean by miso but she prolly wouldnt think 2 hard abt it so no

>> No.35660496

thats the type of thing that is a silly joke in the west but 絶交 justification to oversensitive japanese

>> No.35660510

cracked my back and i think my spine was storing some depression juice because now i feel way too lethargic

>> No.35660515

the bum doesnt understand japanese people

>> No.35660517

not like shes actually gonna read your comment

>> No.35660524


>> No.35660533

im not japanese so ofc i dont know what native japanese ppl think about lots of things

>> No.35660534

god i wanna make cute haafu babies with misa

>> No.35660550
File: 175 KB, 735x800, japaneselanguagecommunity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

was there ever a matto yoga edit of this?

>> No.35660564


>> No.35660577

hate when my friends become proudy

>> No.35660578

ougi was such a waifu

>> No.35660659

>krashen is jewish

>> No.35660665

>mia doesn't wo-

>> No.35660671

yeah we arent allowed to post about that here but we did warn you not to listen to him

>> No.35660697

every single time someone starts with どうも i cringe
thanks agf

>> No.35660700

not bad if that isnt scripted
i think it is at least partly

>> No.35660706

cant decide if hes cute or ugly
need hair and dental work
great japanese for a white dood

>> No.35660723

more and more people are going to get very good at japanese and then it wont be special anymore

>> No.35660734

output it is then

>> No.35660736

people learn languages to feel special?

>> No.35660741

>more and more people are going to get very good at japanese

>> No.35660756

dont think ill ever stop learning japanese get some serious dopamine hits from doing this

>> No.35660758

Oh I forgot I was going to plan on starting drawing. I should make steps towards that today. I think i'll start by looking at those digital draw things.

>> No.35660771

they go away just look at jamal

>> No.35660778

fags who learn japanese just as a flex or to feel special deserve to stay dekinai

>> No.35660782

newsflash retard ur goal of reading shitty untranslated doujins is no more lofty

>> No.35660792

but he's doing it for himself to appease himself, there's no reliance on an outside party for affirmation

>> No.35660794

yeah its a tool and not lofty
and therefore not cringe

>> No.35660796

I don't believe they do, it's a massive larp.

>> No.35660800

an uppercaser like you is out of the loop this is the new meta and has been for years now

>> No.35660809

idk what happened with him i just feel like any time im feeling overwhelmed with shit i can just take a quick break read some japanese mine some words and feel good lol gives a sense of easy progress when other things in life are not going your way

>> No.35660816

everyone does things to feel special. Do you think ceos and presidents just want to help the world?

>> No.35660822

I think at surface level it looks like everyone on /djt/ has descended into roleplaying and getting ego's to brag about their new learning method. But I think at the core there's the want to learn it because of anime.

>> No.35660829

its funny how everyone's given up on life itself and use pointless distractions to express their competitive nature
empty shallow attempt at accruing self-worth

>> No.35660840

youre actually projecting right now
japanese was a literally "who" language until recently in the west. the reason for learning was because you were a weeb or were living in japan until your generation came of age

>> No.35660841

surrogate activities as ted said

>> No.35660844

difference between u and me is u "read some japanese"

i just read some shit lol

>> No.35660859

not even trying to be mean but you dont really know japanese yet. once you hit a real plateau where you understand most things and get diminishing returns youll understand

>> No.35660865

I already know black women who are fluent its spreading deeper than you think

>> No.35660868

>black women
actual cheat-codes

>> No.35660872

djt has moved away from anime
we are a vinnie club now

>> No.35660894

that doesn't even support your own point weebs want to feel different from normalfags. I'm not even gonna bother arguing whether or not people had other reasons for learning it.

>> No.35660903

You know what I mean, same thing.

>> No.35660908

>weebs want to feel different from normalfags
you dont understand at all. literally "ironic anime" zoomer

>> No.35660910

moving my machete away from mini rapists neck only to bring it down with vigorous force

>> No.35660922

im not going to deny i get thrills from being able to read stuff i couldnt before or read it faster course i care about the actual content too
i dont really care about my level honestly i just like the sense of momentum created every time i learn new stuff of course the feeling starts to go away the more you learn but then you just look for harder shit its limitless

>> No.35660931

it is limitless, but at a certain point when you can understand most of the content you actually give a shit about, it becomes a pain to force yourself to go further. trying to impress djt only goes so far and its ironically easier to do that by not actually showing your real powerlevel anyway

>> No.35660933

when did I say thats what I wanted? I'm just pointing out basic human motivations you can keep pretending the world conforms to your fantasy ideals though.

>> No.35660939

your projecting your personality and motives on everyone else
not everyone is exactly like you, are you autistic or something?

>> No.35660944

Whoever made the new thread, please stop posting the wrong guide in the OP

>> No.35660962

i guess
i dont really mind doing painful things ive already done some real retarded shit i dont want to talk about lol but talk is cheap i guess ill cross that bridge when i come to it

>> No.35660974

man the nerve of these ironic faggots they werent even sentient when you'd have to hide manga in your trapper keeper so the other kids wouldnt see
going mainstream kills the soul of every hobby no exceptions

>> No.35660991

>whoever made the new thread
lol, learn our thread lore already, we all know exactly who made it

>> No.35661004

>are you autistic or something
are you? where did I even indicate that I'm like this? just stumble into any japanese learning thread and you'll see people bragging about how much japanese they know, how little someone else does or how eops can't play their games. Its amazing you claim to have gone through life without learning how people behave were you homeschooled or something?

>> No.35661014

the madder someone is in this thread the more they dont know japanese

>> No.35661035

>going mainstream kills the soul of every hobby no exceptions
thanks for proving the point

>> No.35661037

>where did I even indicate that I'm like this?
they cant help but give themselves away lmao

>> No.35661057
File: 516 KB, 1920x1080, 異世界魔王と召喚少女の奴隷魔術 S02E07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35661059

almost every post i make changes the thread topic

>> No.35661066

my favorite kind of japanese

>> No.35661079

>grown woman
good taste. losses points for the excessive blushmarks but not bad

>> No.35661094

>t. spends years trolling to prove he knows japanese

>> No.35661102

so in other words you have baseless accusations and no argument. ok Cuck we're done here you have nothing to say.

>> No.35661103

Why are weights so expensive wtf. How can this be.

>> No.35661106

when have i ever trolled ? basically every1 with any real level of proficiency agrees w. some or all of what i say wrt japanese

>> No.35661116

let's gooooo

>> No.35661117

because meatheads dumb enough to buy them

protip: buy used go to garage sales or the thrift store

>> No.35661155

I cannot express my shock. It's not as if it's a complex piece of machinery or a niche item. Fucking mental.

>> No.35661156

why are uppercasers somehow stupid without fail

>> No.35661160

enjoy ur shakeweight lmao

>> No.35661171
File: 7 KB, 152x234, drtdtr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like how the heckerino is this worth over £100

>> No.35661179

please never type in my djt again

>> No.35661183

people buy it so they sell it

just about everything in life is a scam people arent making things to strengthen communities and give ppl what they need

>> No.35661184

had to click off immediately after hearing his gay voice
thats an absolute steal for cast iron

>> No.35661196

his "then" pic is literally my brother at least with the eyes blurred out

>> No.35661200

well it is true iron and steel are up lately but if u want value for a tool theres no reason to buy that overpriced shit

>> No.35661208

stfu jamal you dont even know raw from worked material prices and actual market logistics
honorary jew

>> No.35661218

probably the same reason anime is expensive. If a gym is going to pay a hundred dollars for some they'll be using it for years and getting that back in memberships for multiple people. Try buying lower quality or used.

>> No.35661219

why r u so mad

>> No.35661224

why r u so stupid

>> No.35661232

maybe you arent that good at telling tone online i meant it like "gonna smash your face in as a laugh"

>> No.35661241

just do curls with a cinder block like a real nigga

>> No.35661244

That's true, things that make money cost money.

>> No.35661248

this latest batch of newfags have no potential for funposting

>> No.35661256

yeah there isnt any work out you cant do with shit found out in nature just lift rocks and logs and shit the irregular shapes and weights are even better

>> No.35661264

>this nigga don't know about isolation exercise

>> No.35661270

this man is the secret boss of djt
his true nature is total mystery

>> No.35661271

Not keeping a rock and logs inside my house, thanks for the suggestion though.

>> No.35661276

who cares about niggas who build cosmetic muscles but cant even scale a wall with them lol

if u wanna make it u gotta go chop logs out in the woods 10 hours a day

>> No.35661278

>working out indoors

>> No.35661297

also muscles wont be the deciding factor for any girl that matters

>> No.35661305

what are you complaining about this time? so mad that you got btfo

>> No.35661308

girls dont care about muscles past otter mode thats purely to impress other men

>> No.35661318

I'm not going to lie and say aesthetics aren't important for me when thinking about my future waifu. So I understand it's important that I look attractive for my waifu.

>> No.35661336

not being a fatass or a skeleton is all you need to worry about as far as stuff you can change. dont buy the fit memes

>> No.35661343

dont care about what girls care about just do what makes you happy

>> No.35661351

yea lifting let me appreciate anime girls on a whole deeper level

>> No.35661357

u just have to be physically capable of picking up ur woman thats really it

if u can do that ur fine

>> No.35661368

^ not a terrible take, actually but youd better not be huffing and puffing and able to walk a ways with her on your back

>> No.35661387

so u want the onbu eh

>> No.35661390

>on your back
姫抱っこ nigga

>> No.35661400

pick up whales and dump them in the trash

>> No.35661408

realistically how heavy is a 110 lb human to carry around without faking machismo about it?
thats not comfortable over long distances tho im thinking like shit goes bad in the woods or something

>> No.35661410

aint pickin up no fat bitch im not your walmart moped

>> No.35661415

if you impress other men they'll like you more so its still a win

>> No.35661429

not really it looks gei and women get jealous of men having men fun without them and will especially call you gei and try to steal your gains to get you back

>> No.35661430

you'll change your tune when you meet og

>> No.35661431

weight isnt so much of a problem so much as how ur positioned to hold it

110 lbs aint much for most healthy men in ideal circumstances

>> No.35661443

og aint gonna be a fat bitch shes gonna be all in shape from her taekwando training

>> No.35661456

what are you talking about dude these are implicit subconscious things no ones gonna go up to you like
>dude nice muscles
as long as other men respect you youre good to go

>> No.35661467

uh oh...

>> No.35661470

why are you all forgetting that muscles are also to intimidate other men

>> No.35661478

manlets will spit in your food and most men will loathe you

>> No.35661489

everyone in america spits in your food anyway

>> No.35661491

uh no lol

>> No.35661500


>> No.35661506

>you need to method act to get rid of your accent
>but we don't know how to do it in your daily life
is this guy fucking brain damaged?

>> No.35661510

og would be really easy
like you could just gaslight her into believing you are ripped

>> No.35661540

can't stand it when dorks talk about lifting for "self improvement". same energy as women who say they wear makeup "for themselves". in both instances the actual point is to look good to the opposite sex, but people hate admitting that millions of years of evolution inculcated a desire for them to spend a ton of time looking good for the opposite sex

>> No.35661550

lmfao i was literally just thinking about this like yesterday
its the cope of the century alright
weird how rank narcissism is a more acceptable motivation for that kind of shit than just wanting to get laid

>> No.35661553

ur right its just vanity

if u build muscles but dont actually do any work ur just a bulky piece of shit that wont be able to move right when the time calls for it bc u have all this weight on u that is about as useful as tits on a bull

>> No.35661557

well, like sex, the original function isnt as real to you
it just feels nice to look good and feel good about yourself on that level alone

>> No.35661563

at least muscles have two purposes one is they look good but the other is their utility. even if most people don't need them it helps in sports and such. makeup is purely cosmetic

>> No.35661575

men also lift just to compete with other men at the gym its not always about impressing women actually i believe a lot of gymfags are literally closet homos

>> No.35661579

fit spergs have almost no practical utility outside of their own controlled enviroment reps (i.e. useless)
plus the extreme end of that shit breaks down your joints and fucks up you back and heart but im gonna get flamed for claiming that

>> No.35661592

being "jacked" doesnt look healthy and thats bc its not lol

>> No.35661593


>> No.35661601

that dude looks like hes going to have a heart attack by the time hes 40

>> No.35661607

and when women are like "ew" guys make up a bunch of copes how shes just pretending to not like it
seriously the standard for fit is so retarded high now, even "ottermode" is bordering on overdeveloped if you google search it like i just did

>> No.35661608

Wdym I literally just said I'm doing it for mutually beneficial reasons.

>> No.35661621

how is this any different from being obese

>> No.35661625

funny you should say that lol

>> No.35661628

finally agree with jamal on something here
these people are coping hard to full some void in them like women who get a lot of plastic surgery
unhealthy mentally and physically

>> No.35661631

yah u shoulda told me to turn on my monitor at least

>> No.35661638

those are people who only work reps if you do functional training you can lift things in regular environments or wrestles animals whatever you want to do. Theres more people who fuck up their backs doing deskwork or using their pc just don't lift like a meathead and incorporate stretching and cardio like a normal person.

>> No.35661641

no i mean because
>In August 2017, at the age of 46, Piana collapsed and spent two weeks in a coma before dying. At death, his heart and liver weighed over twice the average amount for an adult male, and he had "serious heart disease".

>> No.35661645

hes dead

>> No.35661649

obesity is different because obese person prolly has a much less healthy cardiovascular system from just being inactive and obese

but getting freakishly jacked has its own risks and drawbacks

basically u wanna be like bruce lee thats the ideal body type

>> No.35661650

typical fit cope
just get a physically intensive job dude at least then you arent doing it for free
another fit success story! he truly made it

>> No.35661655

>or wrestles animals
better be female animals desu or else thats pretty gay

>> No.35661657

just do the stretching and cardio and be fine

>> No.35661662

he did steriods and hgh for his whole life its not surprising

>> No.35661665

lmao well he was a bit older than that but yea i mean u look at these ppl and u dont think wow what health and thats bc its not natural to end up like that from doing regular work

>> No.35661667

Didn't expect this much cope-posting.

>> No.35661675

hes an influencer

>> No.35661678

he died with tiny fucking shriveled balls lmfao

>> No.35661686

they all do eventually because they are the djt of muscle gains
all pretending to be natty and cheesing whats realistically possible and then lowkey roiding up to close that cognitive dissonance

>> No.35661689

nah there's truth to that. exercise is largely a health and strength signal. "my body can handle this daily stress" kinda thing. healthy people are more likely to exercise but exercise doesn't cause the health.

>> No.35661694

>physically intensive job
no these actually fuck up your back take it from me

>> No.35661706

"exertion" and "work" causes health calling it exercise is gay and very effete/decadant shit youd expect from a society thats close to collapse

>> No.35661714

feels nice having a personality and immediately disregarding the opinion of rabble.

>> No.35661722

bradford walker posting again

>> No.35661726

well if you are pilled on anything it should be about the kinds of work that wont ruin your back and steps to protect your back from wear

>> No.35661728

hey at least rich had multiple hot girlfriends I'd like to see yours in comparison

>> No.35661730


>> No.35661736

sounds like a cool dude in the know

>> No.35661742

didn't expect this either
*unzips dick*

>> No.35661754

my 4incher is perfect for og since shes scared of sex

>> No.35661760

Not falling for this, I already got warned for ERP'ing.

>> No.35661762

my girlfriends og

she knows kung fu so watch ur mouth

>> No.35661765

everytime I talk about japanese no one responds

>> No.35661773

thats because no one wants to talk about japanese

>> No.35661782

Give it maybe another 10years and I reckon I can talk Nip with you.

>> No.35661787

muscles are like tits and ass on a woman, it's just part of looking aesthetically pleasant and sexually arousing, dont overdo it but dont neglect it either.

>> No.35661788

would love to twist the pussy arms itt with my new skills

>> No.35661791

im convinced the uppercaser is a parody of everything djt hates
so obviously it is a new persona created by og

>> No.35661812

you can't overdo tits...

>> No.35661819

set up a weight cage in my garden in a gazebo a year ago when corona happened
love it

>> No.35661831


>> No.35661833

speaking of baiting people into getting themselves banned

>> No.35661834

do milk.

>> No.35661848
File: 554 KB, 443x600, 1620694092405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

akudama drive was a lot of fun and the last episode was great and surprisingly touching

>> No.35661857


>> No.35661861

wow thanks for the spoiler now I know the last episode won't be bad

>> No.35661868

boy do i have the perfect vinnie for you

>> No.35661879

never trust a man who doesnt prefer an ample chest

>> No.35661882

>milk factory
how can they be so based?

>> No.35661892

>backstabbers prefer the rear

>> No.35661916

I lift to be able to kill your dog in one punch, not to "look good"

>> No.35661924

>>backstabbers prefer the rear
lmfao, nice one.

>> No.35661928

yea sure you do buddy. it's "beta" to want to look good for women. i get it, you can't say that aloud.

>> No.35661929

powerlifting while listening to linnie audiobooks here

>> No.35661930

ever heard of knives

>> No.35661941

problem with jamal-type thinking on "sluts" is that even if you take all that overt sexuality away, the nature of man will just attach to whatever it can
if you make them all retard chipmunk toddler yuribait that will become their new boner fuel and its not less perverted and unhealthy its substantially worse
for both men and women

>> No.35661958

vtubers are the penultimate cancerous expression of that shit

>> No.35661965

after tiktok i dont care how women decide to cope with their slutting they are sluts

>> No.35661972

never thought about societal issues much before joining this thread

>> No.35661986

never thought about admixture studies demonstrating there's a correlation between iq and degree of white admixture in black americans before joining this thread

>> No.35662004

>fair is foul, and foul is fair

>> No.35662006

retards stfu retards stfu retards stfu retards stfu retards stfu retards stfu retards stfu retards stfu

>> No.35662007

I like anime

>> No.35662016

and maynga

>> No.35662017

We don't cotton to freaks around these parts.

>> No.35662021

they're all whores and they all belong under the hand of either their father or their husband.

>> No.35662022

sluts are sluts are sluts and if u aint down w. that suck my nuts

>> No.35662024

i love japan period

>> No.35662031


>> No.35662038


>> No.35662061

crazy how much zooms like fake yarase staged shit like tiktok
authenticity is irrelevant to them

>> No.35662078

just admit you think all women are sluts and be done with it

>> No.35662087

i dont think all women are sluts but i think all women think about slutting at some point

>> No.35662108
File: 98 KB, 1280x731, big W.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

big W for jamal

>> No.35662119

youve thought about being a woman too much
aint healthy

>> No.35662122

Almost feel like og posting so 08 starts simping again lol.

>> No.35662131

damn dude got drip

>> No.35662142

>think about slutting
yeah and so do men

>> No.35662145


>> No.35662159

fapped to this

>> No.35662160

i dont think about exhibiting myself to get women to look at me

>> No.35662163

yea but it's more respectable when men do it

>> No.35662173

if you scrape up a few more iq points you might stumble upon a profound point
ill give you a hint its called "projecting" lol

>> No.35662192

but you think about how you would exhibit yourself for male attention if you were a woman because you are thinking like a dude

>> No.35662195


>> No.35662197

its はじまんでい
you have to hajimaru something new on this monday

>> No.35662199

we don't think about getting dicked so its not even remotely the same

>> No.35662211

not really no i think about how women know what they are doing when they join in on the slut behavior that they learned from other sluts

just a bunch of sluts hoping 1 of them is lucky enough to go pro

>> No.35662228

wow so much great content to see
I totally believe they're actually doing this and not just acting

>> No.35662249

>just a bunch of sluts hoping 1 of them is lucky enough to go pro
well its only become stigma free and incredibly lucrative and safe very recently
wouldnt say the absolute state of the world gives men or women a fair shake

>> No.35662252


>> No.35662259

we are officially on the chopping block bros, lets crank out those last 335 posts

>> No.35662268

where's the holo spam when you need it?
do your best guys

>> No.35662273

on the other hand once these sluts post themselves online slutting its out there forever

dont think they understand what that means for the future

>> No.35662301

and what do you care, woke master? if you were being sincere youd see us moving into a future free of shaming sexuality or whatever the line these days
what harm are sluts to someone like you?

>> No.35662321

bc what really bugs me its that this rampant slutting is just making it harder for ppl to form decent relationships

the more i see the more i think societys just getting sicker and sicker

>> No.35662330
File: 826 KB, 928x544, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35662332

just complain about women like everyone else

>> No.35662334


>> No.35662347

still better than your japanese

>> No.35662354

youve given no indication in your personal philosophy where one follows the other
seems like everyone is on board for it. you can like the life your living, you can live the life you like. you can even marry harry and mess around with ike ect ect

i thought you were about people following their natural inclinations everyone likes sex and money seems like old prudish concepts are being shaken off entirely

>> No.35662356

it has improved rapidly since i switched to tscs

>> No.35662368

>rapidly improving japanese
>kirinukis in english
true power of tscs

>> No.35662371

a classic

>> No.35662378
File: 39 KB, 321x322, 1470077303349.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35662380

i listen to this while reading

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