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Dear Kogasa,

You are a very sweet umbrella! You are kind and good natured, and you are very scary too! I know that though you scare humans (you are very scary!) You still would not hurt a human like many wicked youkai like Rumia or Yuuka would. I hope you know that everyone enjoys having you around! Thank you Kogasa!

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Dear Kogasa,

Your attempts at surprising people are lame and for that the punishment is being beaten and bred I know where you live so there’s no safety for you! Start running

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Dear Sanae,

No matter what everyone else says, I know you are a pure girl, so stay strong! Also, your armpits are very sexy! Sexier than Reimu's!

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Dear Yuuka

I don't fear you, you will never find me and kick my ba-

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Dear Letty,

Words alone cannot describe how much appreciation & love I have for your kind: Your beauty shines brighter than a diamond, and your smile brings enough warmth to go through even the harshest events that can occur at the season you hold so dear to your heart, and quite frankly, so should we! But unfortunately, the thoughts of my brethren have long since been corrupted with false ideals that will perhaps bring an end to the world as we know it: Seeking heat for such frivolities as going to the beach, while our dearest elderly people are at risk. How selfish! Meanwhile, with Winter, Children & Adults alike are in awe at the sight of this white landscape, very much evocative of peace & beauty, and our aging people are no longer at risk, so long as they stay at home!
With that in mind, I truly wish you the best, and implore you to come visit us more often, for you bring the happiest, safest of times.

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Hey, stop badmouthing Yuuka. She'll only hurt you if you hurt her flowers.

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Dear Lily White,

I think you are incredibly cute and even a little sexual. The way your cute fairy wings flap in the spring air strokes a feeling inside of me that I just cannot explain. You have 2 days to pack essential items because I am going to kidnap you so you can be all mine. With me, you can have lots of fun and eat all the candy you want! Doesn't that sound fun Lily? One more thing, it is useless to resist. Your fate has been decided. Love you!

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Dear Suika,

I know you have a particular fondness of sake, but have you ever sampled any other alcohols - like beer win or mead? If yes, which one was your favorite. Personally, I'm in an opposite predicament - good quality sake is unavailable where I live as well as the ingredients needed to brew it.

Recently I began trying my hand at homebrewing and have made some pretty good meads so far - one flavored with ginger, other with dried apples and pears with a third one (a cyser spiced with herbs and spring flowers that I collected myself) on the way. So I'd like to make you an offer - how about we trade a few bottles of my mead with a few bottles of your sake? Also, I've heard that your good friend Yuugi has a bowl which raises the quality of sake that's poured into it. I wonder if it works that way for other drinks.

What would you say about this offer? Take care.

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Anon, why did you stop in the middle of a sentence? That's really rude.

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How will we send our letters?

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Dear 2hus

You are all slutes

Sincerely me

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Dear Sanae,


Yours truly, Moriya shrine follower.

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you on the left

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Dear Cirno

Kindly piss off

Love, Anon

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Dear Anon

Make me

Love, Cirno

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Dear Mokou,

You'll always be better than Kaguya. I'm glad you have found a good friend, like Kiene. Please don't allow yourself to be forgotten because you're definitely a top 5, 2hu.

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Dear Hecatia

Your country is very pretty. Please come visit me sometime, i would appreciate if you could show me around.

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bad picture

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Dear Shou

You are the best cat and I love you even if no one knows who you are.

Love, Your Biggest Fan

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Dear Yama Eiki,

allowing more cruel desires to be unleashed in a virtual enviroment doesn't count as a sin, right?

Sincerely, Anon

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Dear Yuyuko,

Food is in the fridge.

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This could make for an interesting argument..

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Dear Joon,

Sorry to be a bother but I didn't get a shout-out on your Twitch stream a couple of minutes ago even though I donated the 1000 dollar minimum (with an extra 150 to show my support for your great streams!). I just thought I should let you know since this is the fourth time this week that this happened so it might be a bug in your system. No rush to fix it haha I just want to make sure my donations are reaching you! :D

Also if you need any help I can totally be a mod for you! Just offering haha

Your #1 supporter, Anon

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not for long

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Rumia is a good yokai she doesn’t eat people without a reason the reason is to make her big jiggly boobies bigger

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huh seems like i dont have jiggly boobies in my filter yet

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She seems very happy to get kidnapped by anon

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Dear Patchouil,

Is your fridge running?

Yours truly anon.

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Dear Anon

Thank you for notifying me that Cirno has escaped

Yours truly, Patchouli

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Dear Patchouli

Question why is Cirno your fridge miss magician, also do you own a fridge "fridge" in that manor?

Yours truly (again), Anon

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Dear Aya,

I'd like to cancel my subscription to Bunbunmaru Newspaper as I've given up on my paper mache hobby and no longer need useless scrap paper.

Sincerely, Anon

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Dear Patchouli,

You will never catch me.

Kiss my ass, Cirno

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I want to assfuck Marisa on a hot day, two weeks after her last bath. I want to rub my cock all over ass and use the sweat as lube. I want her to fart on my dick and let me rub my dick all over her sweaty feet then lick them clean. Then I want to force her to sniff my smelly cock until she gags, at which point I would shove it in her mouth and facefuck her until I came all over her face, then I'd smear the cum around with my smelly penis.
After the sweaty, musty sex was over, I would kiss her feet and shove my face in her ass and huff the fumes until I passed out.

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Dear Sakuya,

As the years go by, I still find myself drawn to you. I don't know how it happened, but I don't regret it.
I find it truly admirable that a human can have amazing abilities and honed talent. I liked the concept of time manipulation long before I discovered there were other characters in fiction that shared that ability. Even knowing they exist, I still view you as the first to have it as a natural ability. Remilia might be the only one you care about, just remember that no matter what others think, say, or how little attention you get as time continues to move on its own, I will always love you. I may not be a lot, I may not be the best, but I won't give up. Whether it's because I can't, or I simply won't. Even to this day, I don't know what drew me in. It's Sakuya herself rather than anything else she's associated with.
Take it easy.

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Dear Hina,

Thank you for taking my misfortunes away, and I love it when you spin.

Sincerely, Anon

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That's not a letter you didn't even write an address

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dear kogasa
show feet

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Dear nue,


Isawyourtrueformloser hahahahhahahahahhahahaha

We can have makeup sex later in the yokai forest okay?

Love you

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He stopped because you hit him, Yuuka.

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He liked it.

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Dear Rumia,

On the envelope this letter came in, you will find my address. I'm ready to be a snack and have a sufficient amount of spices for you to choose from.

Your meal,

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Dear anon,

I can't read.

from, Rumia (actually from Mystia)

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Dear Mystia,

that comma after "from" is unnecessary and ruins the flow of the letter.


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Dear Patchouli,

I left a surprise for you in the library.

Sincerely, An anonymous skeleton

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Dear Anon. Skeleton,

could specify the location more precisely. I can't seem to find it.


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Dear Patchouli,

I though magicians didn't need normal food, so why do you eat so much of it?


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Dear Patchouli,

I suggest sit down at your desk that's where you'll find it.

Anonymous skeleton

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Dear Patchouli,

I'm glad you found the whoopee cushion... wait why are making that face?

Anonymous skeleton

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Dear Kaguya,
I have spotted the imposter amogus gamer outside your house, and he wants to meet you.

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S-something w-went u-u-up t-t-t-there...

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So it wasn't the whoopee cushion then...

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No, it wasn't. It took about 4 hours for Koakuma and Sakuya to remove that thing. I refuse to even look at it now

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Dear Cirno

If I decide to go inna woods because of industrial society and its consequences, would you mind providing refrigeration?

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well...um, you just got pranked!

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Dear Patchouli,

You are the cutest 2hu (and the fattest, but i dont judge) i want to be your wife and i wish i could kiss you and gently squish your tummy while we watch The Matrix (1999)

in The Matrix (1999) "Neo" is "The One" but you are "The One" for me, Patchouli

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Dear Kogasa,


>> No.35777694

Don't you mean husband?

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Dear Letty,

lmaoooooo you have the physique of a snowman!

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Dear Rinnosuke,

If you are getting this letter, that means I've successfully found a way to send things to Gensokyo.
If this is the case, I would like to propose a deal in which we exchange goods that are hard or impossible to obtain otherwise.

Enclosed in this letter are various forms of currency in the outside world. I would kindly ask that it finds it's way to Hakurei Shrine.

Thanks in advance

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What's wrong with you? We're all little girls on the internet.

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What use would Reimu get from foreign paper currency

>> No.35787042

Dear Letty,

pick your sleeping places carefully and watch out for underage perverts.

Take care, Anon

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toilet paper

>> No.35788546

pretty sure she has enough thanks to aya

>> No.35788839

It'd be funny. It's like giving the homeless monopoly money.

>> No.35790600

That's only applicable to 2020.

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the tengu sure are nice, providing free paper

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Dear Chiyuri

WHERE the FUCK is my weed ?

Sincerely, Anon

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Dear Anon

I smoked it

Love, Chiyuri

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Dear miss Kirisame

i wanted to thank you for your help and advice against those witches that wanted to kill me. I did what you told me and stole their stuff before making my escape, a few clothes and a chandelier was all i could carry considering my nakedness they are yours if you are interested.
i hope we can meet again in the future under better circumstances, i would love to learn some magic from you if you are willing to teach me of course.

with love, the naked guy you saw running

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What witches?

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Probably Alice and Patchy

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Can Patchy even run?

>> No.35809563

Running for too long might be too much but she can fly but I don't think she would chase somebody outside of SDM.

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Dear Kasen,

I was taking a walk the other day and I saw this Oni that look just like you. She was flying around and proclaimed that she would eat the Hakurei Miko. You might want to deal with her befor she destroys your reputation as an honest and hardworking Hermit

Sincerely, Anon

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don't know, some weird dream i had, they had masks so i couldn't see their faces i don't think they were touhou characters just some weird shit my mind made up but one of them had short blonde hair like Alice and it took place inside a house... anyway i just wanted to thank Marisa for her help and advice, i will keep it in mind next time i am in a hurry in real life.

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Do you happen to remember any more details? This sounds like it could be posted on the 2hu dreams thread.

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> This sounds like it could be posted on the 2hu dreams thread.
i posted some dreams i had in that thread but this one doesn't have to do with touhou except for Marisa appearing out of nowhere.
>Do you happen to remember any more details?
i don't remember why or how all i can remember is that i am naked sitting on a wooden chair inside a room iluminated by candles, theres a bed in front of me with purple sheets on top of that bed two naked girls wearing some creepy masks (not full face masks but kinda like blindfolds with eye sockets) are staring at me. One of them leaves the room, so i get near the one with the short blonde hair and i laid her on the bed (she never said no) but i come to my senses and start thinking about how weird and creepy this whole thing is, this is a trap, "they must be witches trying to do some sort of sex ritual and i am going to get knifed by the end that's why the other chick left" i started thinking. So i turned around, saw a door and ran into it as fast as i could and left the room. As i was making my escape i saw her... Marisa sitting on a chair, she looks at me and tells me "you can't escape empty handed, go there and steal their stuff" i nod at her wisdom and return once again into that damn room. I opened the door and i found the two witches still naked talking to eachother confused maybe worried since their prey escaped , then they noticed me and they freeze i quickly grabbed some clothes on the floor and some chandelier and i ran away while they screamed and tried to pursue me but i managed to find the exit door and i disapeared into the wilderness like the most cunning fox.

thank you Marisa.

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Sounds like a pretty cool one. I wish I dreamed more often.

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>fat on her sides
youkai are fatties. no fucking way.

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Dear anon,

since Kasen is not an oni, there's no way an oni could look like her, stop trying to smear her reputation. Anyways, thanks for notifying me of this potential new threat.

Sincerely, Reimu

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Dear Reimu,

The Oni could have used magic to look like Kasen or she's a very good Cosplayer. Either way I won't have noticed if it weren't for her Hornes, her eating humans speech or the evil look on her face. Things that don't go well with Kasen. Either you guys should handle it before it gets out of control.

Sincerely, Anon

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Dear Alice,

Why do you stuff gunpowder in your dolls?

Sincerly, Anon

>> No.35836232

Dear Yukari,

there is a sandwich in my fridge. Can you be so nice as to gap it into my room?

PS: the cola too

your one and only NEET friend, Anon

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Halo, Kogasa? Obciągnij mi kutasa!

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Silly Anon, Kogasa is from Japan. She can only speak English

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Dear Udonge,

I love you.

Will you go out with me? y/n

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I want to huff her crotch like glue

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>> No.35842351

hot except feet

>> No.35842366

Dear Aunn

Can I pet your belly?

Sincerely, Anon.

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Dear Kogasa. You suck.

>> No.35845601


>> No.35846221

me too

>> No.35846454

Dear Reimu,

There is a bomb in your donation box.

P.S: Any attempts to defuse or dispose of this bomb will cause it to explode immediately.


>> No.35849931

She'll graze the shockwave

>> No.35850122

Dear Anon,

This is cringe af, I ain't doing it

>> No.35853518

Dear Akyuu,

Be aware. I saw the fairies flying in formation recently, and are stockpiling sweets and rope. I fear that something weird may occur. Please ensure that all men and boys in human village are up to date on their sperm retention tactics. And have some anti-fairy propaganda ready to go. Consider distributing butterfly nets and mason jars with holes poked in the lids.

Concerned 3rd party.

P.S: Ill buy any "clean" fairies at a fair price in exchange for no questions asked.

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You just did. OP is actually a 2hu in disguise.

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I have information that’ll lead to the arrest of the Moriya conglomerate.


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Dear Benben,

Get benbent.


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"dea r yuukk a can be wif?"

>> No.35857178

Just sniff the inside bit of a used umbrella.

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Dear Anon,

what is a 'wif'? Is it an exotic dish?


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Dear Yuyuk o

Ye s.

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Dear Yuyuko,

may I hug you?


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