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Guide: https://streamable.com/8tmw4a

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should have used the hyperbolic time chamber long before this arc

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>krillin crushes android destruct button
krillin the incel getting everybody killed

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Does anybody know where i can find the book of five rings in Japanese?

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Is that a Myoji?

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Anons somebody please help me, I'm getting desperate... what is pic related? Some kind of tea? Google translate doesn't help.

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Good point. Thanks.

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it says 青汁生活
some weird juice

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dont mind if i do. needed a palate cleanser after all that chugging

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what's stopping literally every villain from dbz from blowing up the earth on accident. they can do that at like 2000 power level and then i heart they're up to like billion now

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thanks guys

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i wonder this about brown people with nuclear weapons all the time

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nuclear weapons are like a master roshi tier attack

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dont drink that nasty shit

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I'm not, the mc of Kekkon dekinai otoko is drinking it ;)

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arent they always getting more advanced. can probably destroy the earth in my lifetime

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Fuck off with your retarded holoshit.

Guides and Resources: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

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it tells you right there


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you're the only one who cares with og gone

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wtf, og died?

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Original: http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/all-japanese-all-the-time-ajatt-how-to-learn-japanese-on-your-own-having-fun-and-to-fluency/
Modernized ver: https://refold.la/roadmap/

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this is the daily shitposting thread

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nukes can make the environment uninhabitable for humans but they cant destroy the physical earth.


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she's getting raped by master roshi right now

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shounen always falls into a trap because the threat has to become bigger and bigger

this is why naruto starts with only a few moves and in the end you get ninjas dropping meteors on earth

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dragonball starts with jackie chun destroying the moon

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that's what i've never really liked about shounen. whenever i like the premise it's great and then oops 200 chapters later god has descended and crushed five cities with his thumb

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maybe you dont understand japanese values

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the thing is if the mc beats a villain by surpassing his powers then he'll be stronger than everyone else and they are all ザッコs compared to him so a stronger dude has to appear otherwise it's just boring.

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thats why i like asspull shounens where they power up through friendship
doesnt hafe any of these problems

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i guess one piece is more interesting in that respect because theres a sense of adventure too its not just powerlevel shit (bounties)

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one piece is extremely interesting but i fell off the boat in water 7. should i pick it back up?

>> No.35711961

fuck power creep
give me power seep
every character gets weaker the longer theyve been in the spotlight

>> No.35711965

dunno, should you?

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i complain about shounen but ever since i stopped reading it my taste has gotten even worse. i started reading isekai specifically because i can expect fucked powerscaling from the start and i can just turn off my thinker the entire time. at least i know the premise is never gonna change because the author is probably a hack 85% of the time

also one piece is nice, i should pick it back up because i apparently dropped right before the hype part (impel down, i think? it's supposed to be the part where luffy gets hella pissed for the first time or something)

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also true with edens zero
its basically one piece in space

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i liked slime because it had a civ like feel to it

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your taste didnt get worse
you made it worse

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slime is pretty good imo
i was especially hype during the part where rimuru executes the invading army but also i am definitely a sucker for "epic moments(tm)"

literally no difference lol. internal and external factors don't really matter in this scenario

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>impel down
that was 10 years ago

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hxh isn't like that. there's an arguable late dragonball/early dbz tier villain in a later arc, but the next couple of arcs afterward adjust the power ceiling back to what it was in the first arc (around hisoka level).

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i ended up binging one piece a few years ago and got burnt out which is why i ended up dropping before impel down lmao

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romantic anime/manga is more annoying
that kanojo, okarishimasu has like 200 chapters and they are still at the same stage. they stall and stall and stall and 0 progress happens

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Isn't Uganda the team that were infected with the delta variant?

>> No.35712048

>burnt out
that's why i fell off in water 7. everything up to that point i honestly loved so much, but i was so tired and wanted to watch other stuff.

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lmfao damn this analcream dude is still going

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i used to have an extra copy of one piece volume 1 so i took the pages out and cut out all of the best panels like shanks giving luffy the hat and i made a collage on an a4 size paper and framed/hung it. it looked really good. i wonder what i did with it.

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does it add the audio from the clip automatically if i make an anki card?

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i used to have most of the one piece manga in japanese (1-75) but i sucked and didn't know how to learn japanese properly so i sold it because it was too hard. i really wish i still had it.

>> No.35712073

if not you should make a feature request on the github because that sounds really useful. it seems like the thing is still being actively developed so there's a pretty decent chance that can end up being a feature

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if it doesn't have that feature then i see literally zero reason to use it over anacreon's script.

>> No.35712084

yea it does.

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yeah i hate that
can only do romantic series if its a 12ep or shorter anime with an actual conclusion

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>kanojo, okarishimasu
nah u just read garbage romance manga

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jitsu wa watashi wa was good imo. don't remember how long it is but i remember really enjoying it. i happened to pick it up about 5 chapters before the end of the series so i had a great time waiting for each chapter

>> No.35712106

they are all garbage

>> No.35712110

something that stands out to me about one piece after having just finished enies lobby is how awful the pacing is. people complain that it's "too long" but one of the reasons it's too long is that literal volumes are dedicated to fodder fights and to water train rides. there was nothing thrilling to me about the second asspull train the crew had to take, and the fodder fights they had while on that train. a timeskip to enies lobby would have been great.

>> No.35712116

one thing i do wonder about with shounen manga is if the mangaka get pressured from the staff to keep the series going for way longer than they intended to

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>Years ago, thought Cure Dolly vids were a absolute trash with shit production values not worth the time.
>Quit learning JP from grief over Anki shit and related failure stressors back then.
>Struggling with reading as I started up again recently because my understanding of grammar was too flawed.
>Tried Tae Kim and other rigid resources; even when studying for a full day, barely anything of value stuck.
>Binge on Cure Dolly vids today, 720p, weird graphics and pronunciations, 田舎ーass call center mic and all.
>Suddenly understand almost everything I struggled with very comfortably, reading back the same shit and it being a breeze in comparison.
My confidence is through the roof right now. I'm reading some ero text from a scene in a novel I struggled to read yesterday. Everything is unbelievably more clear for me, and I am now aroused both intellectually and sexually. Where were you when you realized that Cure Dolly was actually the good girl in the end?

>> No.35712126

i'm almost certain that they do, honestly. bleach was great up until the end of the soul society arc, where it felt like it should have ended. then of course, we got like 600 more chapters and it only kept going downhill

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superman was created in the 40s and no one thinks that's bad

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>> No.35712134

of course they do, even mangaka admit it

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well people have recommended her shit unironically for years here but newfags always seem to think the recommendation is ironic

>> No.35712172

close but no cigar

>> No.35712179

looks comfy

>> No.35712180

those the transgender ones.

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hey anons, click here

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everyone thinks superman is bad lol

>> No.35712206

no way im marrying the 1 in the lower right

>> No.35712215

i don't like transgender "women"
i tried fapping to a tranny porn the other day and even the fake boobs didn't do it for me, the face, the voice and the dick all screamed "i'm a man, this shit is gay"
i hope trannies don't ruin japan too.

>> No.35712218

why did you try that lmfao

>> No.35712224

i'm too fast for ya

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I thought it was too, for multiple years. It appeared to just be a meme on here to shit on her videos for being actually bad. Her perspectives on, and representations of grammar really opened up my eyes. Just "oh my fuck, of course that's what it is" moments in my head one video after another. Cure Dolly is unironically great. I intended to post elsewhere, so I deleted my post, but maybe I should have just left it so more people give her vids a try. It just feels so great to have this cloud of confusion finally lifted; I can finally read in peace!

Any anons here who were struggling with grammar/syntax like me, give Cure Dolly an honest try. Her vids are not the prettiest, and may seem goofy or strange at first, but they represent essential ideas so much more beautifully than most sources I've seen.

>> No.35712258

the best cure dolly vid is the one where she says passive doesnt exist and thus suffering passive doesnt either

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>> No.35712264

i searched for a different tag and it popped up in the results so i clicked it out of curiosity. i have also tried videos where trannies fuck girls and those are a lot better but still gay.

>> No.35712282

glad im not a coomer

>> No.35712284

it popped up in search results so i clicked it out of horny curiosity. i have also tried some of those videos where trannies fuck real girls and those were a lot better honestly but still very gay.

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i gotchu, anon

>> No.35712315

>the face, the voice and the dick
you have to ignore all three

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Very nice, my brother. Spread the word: Cure Dolly is the anti-Dekinai savior of /djt/!

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yooo 北斗の拳 gets a stage play

>> No.35712337

cure dolly isnt great
every other option is just worse
in part because they see a need to fit japanese grammar into an english framework and avoid the concept of auxiliary words

>> No.35712352

japanese has no grammar. it's just a bunch of words rammed together

>> No.35712353

read more

>> No.35712365

the problem is how many textbooks and guides try to tell you otherwise

>> No.35712394

how these words interact and affect each is other is what we call grammar

>> No.35712405


>> No.35712413

there are no words affecting each other. each grunt in japanese has 500 layers of meta that was naturally agreed upon. you either know it or you don't

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oof that was hard, time for a nap

>> No.35712422

thinking about stopping my emersion and going all in on anki for the next year to try to get to 20000 flash cards

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>there are no words affecting each other
there is

>> No.35712457

that pic actually proves my point, bro

>> No.35712470

only the second interpretation is correct though thats the joke, because thats how the grammar works

>> No.35712475

true one time i was flipping through an n1 and n2 book and there was a lot of grammar that i had mined already that i thought were just regular words

>> No.35712488


>> No.35712495

dunning kruger or just retarded?

>> No.35712533

couldn't be me using one of those gay laptops

>> No.35712614

im beyond fluent

>> No.35712633


>> No.35712636

read more

>> No.35712654

loch ness monster
japanese grammar

>> No.35712700

books are gay

sure in casual conversatons people often say what enters their minds first and things are ordered differently, but they would still put a ne or eto or pause to indicate the clause corresponding to a particular thought is finished here or they would order it differently

>> No.35712733

grammar rules are just a desperate attempt to describe the commonly accepted way to say things
simple as

>> No.35712735

>matt in the replies

>> No.35712744

almost feels like miniyoga shilling his guide here
except he does it on twitter

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>> No.35712784

This is unacceptable to have in any future OPs.

>> No.35712793

wait is this og

>> No.35712795


>> No.35712823

aight, gonna install linux

>> No.35712826

if this >>35712470 is og im gonna lose my shit

>> No.35712866

im not og but ive been called og many times before
probably because she has a good gut intuition on these things like me and is mostly correct as well :^)

>> No.35712870

hi og

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i wonder if this guy ever found out the answer. i did after watching that glorious misa video


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>> No.35712980


is this the japanese twitch?

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>> No.35713043

cant stand misas english

>> No.35713064

if anything, og is soaring the heavens with her godlike powers while the rest of djt is still down on earth

>> No.35713082

the ogre is here!
i repeat, the ogre is here!

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simper these optics

>> No.35713142

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH does this language ever end? there is no more space in my brain for more words.

>> No.35713199

first month?

>> No.35713205

>read a section of linnie
>check thread

>> No.35713219

cant stop shitposting havent read in months

>> No.35713225

ask me how i know that you're og

>> No.35713235

japanese only has about 5000 useful words
as for the rest you can easily wing it

>> No.35713241

why say something so utterly false?

>> No.35713249

it was a huge understatement

>I would say it's actually possible to fluently speak a language knowing only about 50 words. If you understand the "grammar" of a language, you can basically get by anywhere anytime with a couple dozen words only. What words you don't know can easily be figured out, but you can't wing it with grammar and you can't wing it with morphology.

>> No.35713268

you couldn't even read 腐る the other day

>> No.35713272

it took og at least 3 years to get to the 1 month mark and feel that

>> No.35713289

Kill all Vtuberfags desu

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File: 1.59 MB, 1500x2172, 1626420306354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets goooooooooooooo

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>> No.35713358

wtf is this shit?

>> No.35713488


>> No.35713508


>> No.35713537

looks like a 1999 production but there's a netflix logo on there

>> No.35713564

kore kara og wo tanosimu

>> No.35713599
File: 66 KB, 1280x720, 1626438047777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.35713621


>> No.35713623

True true.

>> No.35713641


>> No.35713682

og, 背中を流させてください

>> No.35713697

Today is 金曜日.

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>> No.35713776

whats the right way to read a book?
i read one part with the audiobook help and then i read it again but using yomichan

>> No.35713790

just read it?

>> No.35713801

i'll never understand the logic behind japanese synonyms. they have synonyms for shit that i would never expect to see in other languages.

>> No.35713809

are you the guy who keeps posting luke smith quotes like the one about immersion being bullshit from time to time? he's a retarded hipster brainlet so how bout you stop giving the guy a platform

>> No.35713841


>> No.35713869

nope but i got reminded of him

>> No.35713943

what's the difference beween memento and animebook ???

>> No.35713995

you're terminally crippled

>> No.35714014

memento is a fork of mpv, you can use mpv plugins. and scripts with it.

>> No.35714015
File: 80 KB, 680x657, E6VKNugUYAow5y6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35714023

am i the only one who hates that japanese people literally quote their thoughts and that seems to be considered a good way of expressing oneself?

>> No.35714032

probably, i think

>> No.35714033


>> No.35714040

Sounds like extra work for me so not too fussed on the idea.

>> No.35714049

reddit squad

>> No.35714068
File: 386 KB, 1028x739, LOVELY×C∧TION_TjQOqAz886.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rate my japanese name bros

>> No.35714100

you should photoshop it out to say something else like 日本語が食べる or "I paid $1100 for an anki deck"

>> No.35714139

japanese is a shit language. there i said it
it sounds nice but the rest of the language is garbage

>> No.35714810

>becoming an olympic athlete just illegally immigrate to japan

>> No.35714909

you just know this post was made by an expat

>> No.35714998


>> No.35715004

*my japanese learning journey

>> No.35715088

the truth is that you'll never wake up your true feeling powers if you don't know what every single thing is doing in the sentence and just "half" understand everything all the time

>> No.35715125

いやー おまたせ おまたせ!
Ok, now to pick the best pokemon ever, mudkip and steamroll the game. Freaking fonts making me question my sanity.

>> No.35715141

the thing that native people 'feel' instead of half understanding sentences

native-level feel

>> No.35715179

i love you, keep up the great work

>> No.35715216

same, i really like to look the post when i take a trip to the bathroom and kek at my (you)'s

>> No.35715250

>what is it that i'm projecting?
Deez nuts

>> No.35715302

haha gottem

>> No.35715380

didnt feel out エペ correctly

>> No.35715466

mudkip is gay. the chimchar and torchic evolutionary lines are pokemon goats outside of gen 1 nostalgia

>> No.35715575


>> No.35715601

still haven't played any pokemon games in japanese but i'm in the advanced beginner range so i should probably try at least fire/blue

>> No.35715828

the early ones are 2D and a bit comfier

>> No.35715861

we playin the same game?

>> No.35715926

jamal様 what can i do to make running more fun

>> No.35715939

uh run less and swim its the summer and swimming is better exercise all around and better on ur joints

>> No.35715979

i forgot to mention jesus christ is an actual character in the 3rd game, thats how ass the story gets

>> No.35716184

i just sit down

>> No.35716283
File: 1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35716415

Can someone give ma a TL;DR on Refold?

>> No.35716443


>> No.35716565

reddit hates matt

>> No.35716574

I can't believe I can learn Nipponese with these 12 simple steps.

>> No.35716598

this but wanikani

>> No.35716615
File: 19 KB, 335x246, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35716671

just finished my wanikanis for the day

>> No.35716706
File: 60 KB, 620x900, 75a6b77b5f98b4d4f4af53f30ccf0e6a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm not enjoying vtubers anymore, it's fun for a while but once the novelty wears off you realize it's extremely low quality content which lacks the creative passion that other otaku media have. i guess djt was right all along i'm going back to anime

>> No.35716722

start watching 剣持刀也

>> No.35716726

another djt succes story

>> No.35716775

she's live

>> No.35716777

curious to see that this happened as soon as og left and the person always reacting to his posts is now gone

>> No.35716792

"curious" is a word you use when you're exploring your sexuality

>> No.35716806

you'll feel the same about anime pretty soon. then it's back to based english media

>> No.35716813

serious question, is she actually speaking language here?

>> No.35716858

i have been interested in anime since i was 11. never got tired of it. you guys should see a doctor about your depression.

>> No.35716879

never been interested in anime only a few specific shows

>> No.35716882

always been interested in anime tiddies

>> No.35716885

damn i must have gotten a lot better. i started playing skyward sword in japanese and it's stupid easy to understand. last year i had a little trouble with paper mario which was the last rpg i played.

>> No.35716901

sorry anon i didn't mean to quote

>> No.35716909

whichever anon maintains this https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/957579516

version 2 is only 2048 cards so yeah i don't think you updated it correctly

>> No.35716913

on the switch?
is fi still annoying as fuck solving all puzzles for you or did they allow you to turn her off

>> No.35716915


>> No.35716916

why did the last thread last only 8 hours when the one before it was 18 hours? holotranny needs to be permabanned

>> No.35716946

If I write 发 instead of 発, will a Japanese speaker understand it?

>> No.35716963

og is a character i play. i admit this every thread but people want to believe so bad

>> No.35717002

Good summer-thought out-making?

>> No.35717007

if that was true i would literally not hesitate to nuke hawaii

>> No.35717019

samefag. you're the bumper. you just bragged about it >>35695074

>> No.35717037

you get to beat 1 person from djt to death and get away with it scot free, who do you chose?

as for me, it's minirapist

>> No.35717046

i heard they don't need dentists there, cuz ya know...

ha wa ii

>> No.35717052

then why isnt japan called hawaii

>> No.35717054


>> No.35717077


>> No.35717097

guess they're all doing it now

>> No.35717114

kansai girls pronounce 歯 as her

>> No.35717147


>> No.35717172

growing up i was surrounded by a bunch of wwii vets who saw action in the pacific theater and taught me that the japs were little more than filthy savages that deserve to be plucked out. now all i wanna do is fuck my way through japan
wild what the years will do to a person

>> No.35717181
File: 307 KB, 630x333, kani.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35717211


>> No.35717231


>> No.35717232

idk shit but this is probably disputed

>> No.35717261
File: 217 KB, 512x405, 1626456501410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how to type that る

>> No.35717278

what anime is that?

>> No.35717279


>> No.35717296

Batman: The Animated Series

>> No.35717363


>> No.35717375

>Dakuten "Ru"
What is this mystery character?

>> No.35717403
File: 11 KB, 140x150, 0A8A834C-449E-4166-B0D0-A16623E5C8F1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good night anons

>> No.35717418


>> No.35717428


>> No.35717429

you dont type it as a single character, it is an informal type of ru that just indicates making a more pronounced r trill sound

>> No.35717440

now do ゐ

>> No.35717455

epic. adding this to my troll list

>> No.35717475

ugly western art

>> No.35717483
File: 4 KB, 113x157, 76jAp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35717484

it's called we do a little trilling

>> No.35717536


>> No.35717620

it rained today and is 25c and its more unpleasant to be outside cause of the humidity than it was yesterday at 35c.

dont think japan is the place for me if it's 30c and 90%+ humidity. maybe hokkaido

>> No.35717624

makes no sense thats like saying kids playing outside running around are destroying their heart muscles

i doubt it

>> No.35717636

yoshi prepared me steaks for tomorrow

1.2 kg flank steak marinating in ginger, garlic, onions sauce, olive oil and honey

800 gram ribeye dry brining in the fridge

happy days simple as

>> No.35717647

they are

>> No.35717653

i want to go outside and run around but i feel like everybody looks at me

>> No.35717662

ur just mad u didnt run the streets as a yung boy

>> No.35717667

the way all muscles get stronger is by tearing them and then they regrow to be better than before

>> No.35717677

like a saiyan boss

>> No.35717680

pretty sure i ran way more than you lol

>> No.35717709

ive got moderation issues

>> No.35717721

yeah high humidity is the worst, dunno how anyone can handle it

>> No.35717810

how can you tell if its schizophrenia when you dont whats real or not

>> No.35717835

holotranny made a fake thread early, so new one had to be made

>> No.35717838


>> No.35717869

how long do you want to live anyway

>> No.35717880

i honestly wanna live for a couple thousand years or at least until ive enjoyed every thing i want to enjoy made between 1980 and 2005

>> No.35717894


>> No.35717895

its all hormonal, growth = age
and exercise promotes growth hormones

so does protein and to a lesser extent carbs
fat barely has an impact

sedentary low protein keto would be the way to go

>> No.35717902

How do you think those people would fair against hostility.

>> No.35717904

fucking idiot that would only take 25 years

>> No.35717905

now that og is gone no one really cares about the op wars with the hologuy
all i care about is beating the goatfucker

>> No.35717920

it's not running or lifting that damages it joints btw, it's doing it improperly. feel bad for all the people who developed weak jointes that fell for this meme and will probably hurt themselves following normal workout advice now

>> No.35717922

no it wouldnt are u crazy

>> No.35717928

shut da fuck up

>> No.35717931

how, he spams every thread regardless
the only way to beat him is to hope for a war to break out near him

>> No.35717939

アッキ is the best jp youtuber, even her deep voice has grown on me. shame she's got no ass but it is what it is

>> No.35717943


>> No.35717945

if i was a mod id just add his guide to the spam filter but alas i do not have that power
dunno though, his site literally advertises isis so theres gotta be a way to shut him down

>> No.35717949

wish i could live for thousands of years just to shitpost

>> No.35717966

he'd just change the link to his guide

>> No.35717971

>the longest living people are sedentary and eat like birds
yep people have causation backwards on exercise and health

>> No.35717984


>> No.35717987

nisemonogatari is so underrated
it's so much better than second season

>> No.35717992

never watched the series so i have no idea

>> No.35718036

second season should have been split up it was too long
still great tho
the only weaker monogataris are hanamonogatari and koyomimonogatari

>> No.35718041

let us know how your fbi tip goes

>> No.35718043

new tred

>> No.35718054

big update

>> No.35718062

japanese is すごい

>> No.35718068

dont care

>> No.35718069


>> No.35718077

>open video
>50 mins
>close video

>> No.35718088

why do you think japanese women live so long? They're tiny, sedentary and eat very little which keeps their metabolism low. They've done lab experiments on rats and the ones that were on calorie restrictions lived the longest.

>> No.35718089

dont give a fuck what you do shithead unless it involves you ending ur existence

>> No.35718117

all my favorite japanese women died in their early 40s or sooner

>> No.35718128

thats why im doing a solid food vacation

>> No.35718154

of what?

>> No.35718162


>> No.35718180

Calorie restriction is not the same thing as being sedentary https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7700832/

>> No.35718198


>> No.35718216

good shit

>> No.35718221

yeah if sedentary was fine then people in their 20s and 30s wouldnt be getting butt cancer

>> No.35718223

i dont get it

>> No.35718244

diet is the issue there though

>> No.35718253

then people not sedentary would still get butt cancer from the diet

>> No.35718266

it muscles are literally part of ur immune system, the larger ur lean muscle mass the higher chance you have of surviving cancer.

>> No.35718284

i bet it happens close to just as much

>> No.35718289

i thought this show was supposed to be hard

>> No.35718332
File: 773 KB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is pretty good but the op is so homo

>> No.35718367

its ez if u know ur nihongoes

>> No.35718411
File: 1.37 MB, 854x480, bara.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35718444


>> No.35718459

why do you have all this health knowledge?

>> No.35718461

ahahaha snarky british man and THE anime man do it again

>> No.35718473

really on the fence about whether to pick this up

it looks super gay but i'm getting desperate for decent shows this season which aren't sequels

>> No.35718483


>> No.35718514

Why does Korone have a hard time reading so many kanji in ff9?

>> No.35718515

i remember finding abroad in japan 2-3 years ago and watching every video within a week and now i havent watched any of the new ones he's put up in a year

>> No.35718526

this but with this channel instead

>> No.35718527



>> No.35718552

kobayashi meidoragon s for me

>> No.35718567

bad/blurry eyesight maybe, it seems like she feels them out from the context more than actually reading them

>> No.35718591

yuyu hakusho

>> No.35718642


>> No.35718651

yea i think you have to enter some shit in the value tabs

>> No.35718656

that's a good theory. didnt think about that. she had hawkeyes finding the hidden shit in yoshi though

>> No.35718673

maybe shes dyslexic then dunno

>> No.35718694

dyslexia doesnt exist for cjk scripts to the degree it does for english speakers

>> No.35718696
File: 26 KB, 408x311, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35718713

she has the iq of a dog

if you watch her streams you will quickly realize she is just seriously unintelligent in general

>> No.35718716

Ahhhhhhhh there's only 4 hours left to do my daily duo-lingo 50xp but i'm busy doing nothing.

>> No.35718733

i'm 100% sure it's a knowledge problem.


>> No.35718735

tatsumoto servers are based.

>> No.35718750

the good news for us is most japanese have a lower reading ability than her

>> No.35718796
File: 4 KB, 249x103, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe she just doesnt care

>> No.35718955
File: 840 KB, 1920x1080, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35719450

you acquire it as you get older and people around you start dying

>> No.35720231

t. fucker of goats

>> No.35720251

walked 30 minutes to go see a friend, call him when i get to the place we're supposed to meet and he just forgot we were supposed to hang out

couldnt even be upset cause im so tired from working all day so i just said alright and went home

>> No.35720328

wow sounds like he isnt actually your friend

>> No.35720343

Having a job must suck, so happy i'm able to stay at home masturbating all day.

>> No.35720496

i would call ahead if u gotta travel for 30 mins like hey im comin to hang out and rub our dicks together see ya in 30

>> No.35720548

my job is pretty cool

>> No.35720556

dont believe you

>> No.35720564

dont care

>> No.35720844

[Current Event] Never stops.

>> No.35720847

helps to have hobbies u can do together basically like work on cars or play fighting games or go fishing

>> No.35720862

my best friend and i go cow punching together

>> No.35720881

dont follow the news cause the world is already fucked
dont have any hobbies

>> No.35721069

Do the Nips have any Gods as cool as The great Sage, Heavens equal?
They have a lot of defiant against the gods media so I assume they might.

>> No.35721229
File: 142 KB, 803x1072, E6VHuZrVcBIVCZv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35721295

kinda sad that everyone jumps ship the moment a new thread is made
widh we were back in our slow days

>> No.35721623

not sure why ne1 cares to make new threads so fast now esp considering the ops make nothing but garbage posts that no1 cares about

>> No.35721706

>havent come to these threads in years
>original jamal is apparently gone and now we have someone larping as him
someone give me the quick rundown

>> No.35721716

his balls are inert now
it will happen to you

>> No.35721726

my balls arent inert just lazy i got lazyballs

>> No.35721742

like think dende calling the dragon on namek as its about to explode and he poppin off makin all them namek words and it sounds like shits abt to get epic but then the balls just do nothing thats basically わたしのmyballs

>> No.35721778

namek had some weird scenes

>> No.35721814
File: 292 KB, 828x1601, 1626419111488[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it'd be funny if this rat used his real name and nuke finds out from the publisher. i don't think nuke was lying when he said he contacted the publishers two years ago and linked his videos. they might give dox this fuck's name for him.

>> No.35721827

why would they give nuke his name and why would nuke care?

>> No.35721832

yyh one piece dragonballz dont know what to put for other 2 that fit that mold otherwise idk ashita no joe and ippo or whatever who cares

>> No.35721867

most anons are cowardly and fear irl confrontations for their actions.

>> No.35722128

nani in the fuck are you hanashiteiru about?

>> No.35722176

thread is motto kimochi ii like that

>> No.35722183

lmao letsss goooo

>> No.35722220


>> No.35722449


>> No.35723073

naruto, hxh 99

>> No.35723250
File: 254 KB, 850x1202, __original_drawn_by_lloule__sample-702988f6fc6a8f5ea56153222d70084c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading books can be fun too, in some cases even more fun than watching anime, since you get to control everything about how you imagine scenes playing out in your mind.

>> No.35723640

books are the best thing you can do almost always

>> No.35723850

cool how karate means empty handed so badass

>> No.35723883

yea and tsunami means tsunami it's insane

>> No.35724219

can u let people enjoy their 閃き moments in peace

>> No.35724223

no. i know the least japanese in this general so i have to vent my frustrations on alll other posters

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