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Zumi is part of the forest now.

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It was interesting to learn that she was a Capybara, I had no idea until Roberu drew her in place of one

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Aruran made diamond boots for himself instead of a diamond pickaxe.
This is exactly why he gets bullied by everyone

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They finally found a fortress, maybe they can finish in a couple more hours

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As soon as I noticed that Arusan was staring the void, I was certain that migabi was gonna push him into it

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Miyabi's egg...

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Astel's team just avenged themselves by crushing Noah's team.

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23rd is CR Cup,
25th is Cypher Cup
22nd of next month is ShibuHal Vtuber Cup

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Oga crayon shin-chan

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Seaweed finally putting the astellas in their place for not doing their apex reps.

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I don't feel so good...

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Cute!! Niji LOVE

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Oga art collection

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Blue axolotl-chan is playing around on stream if you need more seaweed for today.

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And he just successfully got a nice jumpscare reaction out of Arusan just now.

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I have the impression that Arusan got used to the mouth tracking, because the lack of sync was seriously disturbing me the days before

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I noticed a little earlier after somehow not noticing it yesterday, its just a few seconds but like you said it does feel a lot more in sync now.
Probably just me but it makes me wonder if he adjusted his phone stand or whatever he is using because he seems like he isnt at a slight upward angle either like yesterday.

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He keeps saying last gacha and he almost thought seeing a blue uprp.

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Never thought Id see him drawing another star after Kaoru left, I dont know how I missed seeing that today.

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there is a timeline when meme50 did a Kaoru erodoujin

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Robe-chan in 10 minutes.

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Honestly thought the game was wraps once Octane and Path died once. But Temme on crypto really saved the day.

I guess feeding the enemy teams kill points with path led to their victory(?) Somehow found a duo with white armor into a solo.

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Shogun Apex.

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Knight eigo flexing time.

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>Temma partying up with kaigai randoms
Bets on how long this friendship will last?

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He's come a long way.

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Tournaments are so close to each other!
I suppose that's why Temma doesn't participate in FG despite being decent at it and possibly complete Yurustars, since there is the Cypher Cup days after and he needs to git gud beforehand

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Looks like Temma's skipping the usual morning streams for next week in favor of doing more APEX practice for the tournament.

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Honestly, can’t wait for the banter among other things

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Miyabi playing Octopath Traveler


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Seaweed got a fever, so he's not gonna be in tonight's scrims. I wonder who he'll manage to snag as a sub?

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>Seaweed's replacement: one Suzuki Noriaki
Looks like he's some commentator
Also a friend of k4sen

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I had a feeling that may happen, I would've been amazed if he were able to balance all the things he does on top of more apex practice.
I will miss them but at least with all the bg apex incoming Ill have time to catch up on some of the other boys recent archives.

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Just picture the sniffing and throat attack that he had while cooking this >>35743028 then fear can turn to sympathy.

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I-is this real

>> No.35747149

Cute Bossu

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still doing my Miyabi reps


Right now it feels like his health isn't that shitty.

Cherish your frail flower.

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Bar's open


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Even the knight bullies papa


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Yeah, in general he seems a lot healthier and is heeding the doctors current advice to actually exercise, he doesnt get those sudden sick moments he seemed to in the past.
Im also not much of a buka but hot, its very easy to appreciate all of Bossus flashy hand movements and poses, he really knows what he is doing.

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Everyone loves to bully Papa

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I really enjoy that along with the 2.0 update we get more dark Temma laughs, the semi constant open mouth is cute too, looks surprised and lost all the time.

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>The Cypher Cup team is now technically Master/Master/Dia4
Looks pretty strong on paper, though in reality I feel like it's more Master/High Diamond/High Plat. Still pretty strong though, and if the role assignment and shot calling is on point then we'd have a tournament to look forward to.

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Is "drinking" here means water? I remember Oga doesn't drinking alcohol

>> No.35754474

Seems like it.

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> https://twitter.com/m_Usi/status/1417031456686329857
Stars going full throttle with the TRPGs lately

>> No.35755032

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CLID4uegrY
Summeroberu playing an RPG kusoge

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I would wait for Hanakishi's schedule before theorizing. Rikka just released his and planned to play Apex the 24th

>> No.35755767

Follow-up from Rikka

>> No.35756034

Starting well! They might get someone bringing home a crown this early

>> No.35756586

He just keeps winning, what a fucking pro

>> No.35756593

This Hanjou and K4sen playing with Templex is pretty kino

>> No.35757577

I want to see oga lift astel up and place him on his shoulder.

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An older spooked Knight clip, if you havent watched this or Visage its very worth it.

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Oga, please don't eat Aruran's Ao Oopas, poor man needs to be liberated

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Lots of people really got invested in his goal. Reading the chat is heartwarming!

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Roberu has never really interacted with Bun so its not that surprising he hasnt brought him up, or at least he never did when I checked him out.

>> No.35759982

Ollie, please don't do that ever again

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>asmr twitcats

>> No.35760605

what is flower egosaing

>> No.35761734

Miyabi twitcast voice feels so different, he sounds way less boyish with the shitty mic quality...

>> No.35761858

I miss the workout streams...

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Adiós amigo

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Thank you!
My internet is so bad that I can't even load the archives so you saved me.

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With his design and what I've seen from the few existing clips of him, Suzaku could have been one of my favorites if he hasn't left...

>> No.35763355

Is Oga just naturally erotic or is he playing it up on purpose?

>> No.35764115

He's pure sex

>> No.35765123

Seaweed apex, he seems to be feeling better

>> No.35766689

Another SOUL thumbnail from our Knight.

>> No.35767030

Perhaps a better question would be:
Which star(s) does Astel bully the least?

>> No.35767049

Off the top of my head I think Rikka, Roberu and Oga, probably. They're just very rare combinations with Astel in general.

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>Galge where you go around riding a cool bike on a touring/camping trip and meeting cute girls
>Meanwhile in real life all you get are old dudes
Life can be so unfair sometimes.

>> No.35768270

>Miyabi schedule
>Temma schedule

>> No.35768488

HanaKishi + Roberu Mario Golf tomorrow. Wonder why they didn't get a 4th guy.
No major spoilers for this schedule

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why are there giant omaesan eyes staring at me

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I'm hoping for 3D workouts and some 3D MaFia てぇてぇ. Omaesan bullying would be nice as well. Everything else is pretty much an extra

>> No.35769265

i wanna touch his chest

>> No.35769272

With the 3D announcement over, back to Apexland with Astel.
Astel POV: At 2200 JST
k4sen POV: https://www.twitch.tv/k4sen
Hanjou's not joining today but here's the stand-in's POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRRQcuNqqT4

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>Astel wanted to be last so that the opening act for the Holostars 1st Live also doubles as his 3D debut
>Astel Leda 3D debut deat. Disney on Stage
I wouldn't put it past our Seaweed to fucking come up with this scheme.

>> No.35769970

Boss Fallguys

>> No.35770019

So will they continue this pace or will the next one be a bit of a longer wait? I wouldn't be surprised if they're doing them in groups (MaFia, Yurustars, Asuizu).

>> No.35771052

Miyabi 3d will kill me too, I already almost died during his 2.0 stream. For his 3d I'm just hoping to see some of his forest and maybe a bit of RFA and singing since he's been saying he wants to do that for a long time. Flower high speed wobbling and clumsiness and struggling in 3d........

>> No.35771198

Astel is my oshi but for some reason I think Temma’s 3d will be more dangerous to my health

>> No.35771204

He did mention wanting to do no-archive vocaloid utawaku iirc.
Don't quote me on this though. My memory is shitty.

>> No.35771267

Yurustars chat muscle focus

>> No.35771541

I want the full cut of that onegai muscle so we can hear all the Miyabi exercising bits in full quality.

>> No.35771611

Just caught up the announcement. Really cool, Ma-Fia is now the first gen being fully in 3D.
Like last time, what are your predictions for Majin's stage?
The modeling teams really spoiled with all the rooms in Bossu's live, and it wasn't generic assets at that

>> No.35771648

Aruran schedule for tomorrow

>> No.35771706

Astel's poem for the CR Cup. Too bad my reps aren't good enough to read this yet.

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>It's not that I'm good at games, it's just that you guys suck
Jesus fucking Christ Temma you can't just kill the rest of Yurustars like that.

>> No.35771805

izuru on space https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1kvJpoAAXRPGE

>> No.35771844

He only deserves it, though honestly with the Nier one I feel like it was obvious that he was slowly losing interest in parts of it so I dont really mind that he never finished that one. Though in usual Temma fashion you can just act like it never happened.

>> No.35771937

Seems like he just wanted to show off what he just learned to play on guitar. Cute.

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>> No.35772017


also I have a space he did on 6/17, I don't think I ever posted it

>> No.35772065

Thank you very much anon.

>> No.35772090

Thank you anon.

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Apparently team names needed to be animal related but Lobstars is just sheer fucking genius.

>> No.35772368

Flowerboy please this is perfect members only audio release material

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>> No.35772535

>"I like this kind of stuff."
What did he mean by this?

>> No.35772677

Why are panting boys so hot

>> No.35772815

Why are breathy sounds so fucking good, just woken up exercise asmr from Miyabi never ever. Knight exercise asmr or twitcast also never ever.

>> No.35772892

I want a full hour of Temma’s this and gasps

>> No.35773013

Exercising panting >>> Intentional ASMR breathing

>> No.35773028

That one gasp plays on repeat in my head, I understand completely. Knight makes so many good sounds and has a great voice, if only he liked to pander in that way intentionally often.

>> No.35773122

Intentional asmr/fanservice cringes me out, even if it’s oga or shien or whoever, but when it’s unintentional...(like those electric massager streams...)

>> No.35773234

You understand me. I have to brace myself for ASMR streams.

>> No.35773458

I don't mind intentional ASMR but I agree that unintentional sounds are much better.
I'd really love it if any of the stars do those electric massager streams again...

>> No.35773474

Astel Apex massager stream trying to hold his voice in uooooooh....

>> No.35773543

The unintentional fanservice is the best, I agree but I would enjoy some direct pandering sometimes, Ill enjoy the scraps but sometimes I'm just really hungry.
I'm cursed that my voice fetish never gets activated by anyone that wants to pander that way.

>> No.35773796

I'm the same anon as >>35773458
Speaking as a buka, I enjoy Bossu's RFA & electric massager streams much more than his ASMR but I like his voice enough to listen to them.
I normally don't listen to any rando ASMR.
Except the overly lewd ones clearly made for lewd purpose.

>> No.35773970

This post reminded me of his Apex AV.


>> No.35773974

My voice fetish is pretty yabai and only one seiyuu was able to cater my degeneracy for years. Then the flower somehow catered hard to this even if I just think his voice is really pretty and doesn't make me feel degenerate like said seiyuu.

I find the way he laughs insanely cute.SO CUTE that it hurts and heals at the same time so I get pandered every stream I guess.

>> No.35774315

Miyabi really does have a good laugh, also the filler mms and his ne? are especially nice. I cant really say I'm not indirectly pandered to, I'm just very greedy.
The asmr mic Miyabi laughs right next to the ear, the pained effort sounds, morning voice and breathless quality his singing and sometimes talking has is just perfect. A calm and soothing voice shouldnt awaken the degenerate side so much but it does, Knight is even worse.

>> No.35774748

Temma is just so cute it activates something primal in my brain. I really realized it was bad when I found myself thinking "fuck this is so cute" at the way he moved his mouse on the screen as if he was thinking about something.

>> No.35774840


>> No.35775291

Good to see I'm not the only one who's that far gone.

>> No.35775534

Yes, there's too many likable things about the knight even outside of how cute he is, It's been a while for me now and I'm still not over his charm nor can I fully explain it.
To not go on as I usually do I'll just take the opportunity to post this yawn again because it still causes a strong reaction for me.
Finally watching the big trpg collab makes me wish there was more to show off that cute analytical side of him more often too. My reps are so painfully slow but the knight is worth it.

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All these things that makes Miyabi's voice so perfect together with his wholesome and dork personality and how he is very expresive even if he is limited to a live2D... He is too good for this world.

I'm not an auntie but I do think Temma is cute and while he doesn't cater to my voice degeneracy I really like when he finally understands somethings and goes "..aaahh~ ah I now I get it"

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Miyabi, Temma and Roberu playing Mario golf


I was waiting for the stars playing golf since Roberu got it.

>> No.35777563

I still don't get why Temma's oshi mark is a hedgehog.

>> No.35777599

I dont remember exactly what her reasoning was but Matsuri helped him pick it out, something like "its a defensive animal and also looks strong" I think Temma was dead set on the dash being there. Swords were taken already and Hiyamaru wasnt in the picture either. My memory is pretty poor so take with a grain of salt.

>> No.35777740

Speed golf this time, onegai

>> No.35777836

Seaweed has joined in.

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