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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
New guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Old guide for those afraid of change: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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beginners, beware of the sites in the OP. they contain harmful language learning advice and promote malware.

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the notorious samefag known as mioniyoga wants to take you to his pet "guide" which he uses a bot to promote to steal your money and infest your device with keyloggers
his "guide" links to isis propagand and should be avoided if you dont want glowies kidnapping you. watch out for posts like these:

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the notorious samefag known as mehmet wants to take you to his pet "guide" which he uses a bot to promote to steal your money and infest your device with keyloggers
his "guide" links to various spуware programs and should be avoided if you don't want glowies kidnapping you. watch out for posts like these:

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fuck iturazenko and fuck matt

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wtf, this guide just gave me gonorrhea.

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fuck off already minifaggot

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oh nice, miniyoga btfo

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Where do I go if I want to find a cute jap who likes anime and video games to do a language exchange with? HelloTalk is a bit too normalfag-ridden for my tastes. Bit of a weird question, but how's VRChat when it comes to stuff like that? I have heard that the temple world is good for language exchanging.

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this is 4channel

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deeply subversive

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Poisonous philosophies intentionally crafted to stop people from growing. Snakes must be rooted out and their heads sliced off.

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I studied Japanese in college. Ask me anything.

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do you know japanese?

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dont care

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are you full-body shaven?

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does your girlfriend cum?

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>Make the thread hours early
>Have one job
>Fuck it up
Please refrain from making any future OPs.

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opinion discarded

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what was his job?

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Putting #2949 at the end of the subject line.

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excluded that on purpose tho, didnt fuck up

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>studied every day for 7 months
>reading comprehension: N4
>listening comprehension: N5
>speaking ability: N7

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It's sad that malicious trolls (like yourself) are destroying the /djt/ community as you attempt to find some kind of meaning to your wretched existence. Please find somewhere else.

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not gonna take that from some uppercasing cuntbag that doesnt know the first thing about djt culture

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It's the /DJT/ community.

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this is djt

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Have you defeated a native Japanese in a language battle yet?

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sucks that anime peaked with madoka

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weak bait

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>djt culture
We know /djt/ has #2949 threads because they've been numbered from the beginning. It's the oldest tradition, or culture if you will, that we have.
Meanwhile you're posting an eceleb picture and troll links as guides. Your so called culture is cancer. Please find somewhere else to post.

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never thought id die side by side fighting with an uppercaser

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dame i fucked up the word order

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why is a jeet asking me if my girlfriend cums
what are the implications

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no we don't nobody knows how many there are

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theres been more than 2949 threads and you obviously werent here during the stretch when unnumbered threads were the norm

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crazy that jamal is here since the very first djt thread and still doesnt know japanese

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ey wussup just gota new phone is this the deejayt forum??????? wut is that some music mixin or shiet
haha no i just joshin ya;tryna figure out how to some of deez symbos n shit after seein dem on da olymps bruv n fuck booty ass japanese bitches fore dey all gon from dis muhfuger muhfuga
do i use duwolingo

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Can this be the thread theme song tonight?


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>troll links
assuming the uppercaser is miniyoga or pretending to be retarded

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ok ok ill fix my etiquette it gomen
where do i go if i want to find a cute jap who likes anime and video games to do a language exchange with? hellotalk is a bit too normalfag-ridden for my tastes.
also apparently email pen pals are still a thing(????????)

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best place to go that isnt heavy on normalfags would be to physically go to japan
akihabara is super mainstream now, but ikebukuro is a little less popular (although growing fast)
beyond that you might be able to find a bbs suited to your needs but youll never know who you are talking to

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>email pen pals
only snail mail for me

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why would she write this to someone who cant read

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Damn dude. I need to get heart mails from Japanese gfs.

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They were all meticulously tracked down and numbered.

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Haha lol. Fumos are cute. I love these pictures.

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can't tell if this guy's ironic

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i wanna man

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No i'm serious, i'm not being sarcastic, they make me smile when people put them in different situations and take pictures.

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hold on someone is calling me

>> No.35879304

it'd be i wanna be a man if that were og

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my suspicion remains

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that can speak jap?

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I am bad at being authentic because i've been sarcastic and witty for most of my life so it is difficult for me to appear authentic when saying nice things.

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Me too :)

>> No.35879366

It is a good thing that we are both trying to change to be more positive. I hope it goes well for you too.

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low eq (and iq as well)

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How do I edit the font on .sup files? the default font on the JP subs for the SAO movie have an ugly font.

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here comes og

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>speaking ability: N7
that doesn't go away unless you work at it. There are people who've read dies iraes but cant speak at all

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in my experience apex japan server and discord

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When I start reading should I start a mining deck alongside core2k or do I just try to remember the book words really hard?

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pretty sure the uppercaser is some alt persona for og or just pretending to be retarded

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It's ok I am learning. Somebody told me it's important when being nice to avoid rating the person so for example instead of saying 'You did well' Say instead 'That went well'

>> No.35879467

two decks is a good way to spend more time using anki than immersing
ultimately ask yourself whats more important, flashcard dopamine or nukige dopamine

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matt took everything katz said way too literally and then pretended it was all his ideas.

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og post manko or gtfo

>> No.35879492

Word mined today: nukige
Def makes sense, probably gonna just try to read without a second deck, thanks man

>> No.35879506

the sad thing is that if you smelled her manko every day you would eventually get used to it

>> No.35879510

another uppercaser saved by the power of porn

>> No.35879521

nukige dopamine is nice but i find loli doujinsi dopamine more compelling

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>> No.35879551

loli doujinshi dopamine is nice but i find loli hentai anime more compelling

>> No.35879565

Not porn but I am reading the loli bear isekai for my first book lel, very compelling

>> No.35879566

oneshota dopamine is the best though

>> No.35879582

yeah dont matter what kind of loli it is as long as you have fun

>> No.35879584

do you have an anki deck for eq?

>> No.35879590

>troll guides
minikike i hope you and your family get raped to death i truly do

>> No.35879591

can't believe i can read this wao

>> No.35879641

hate everything

>> No.35879664

No I just feel it out.

>> No.35879685

the real lolis are the friends we made along the way

>> No.35879747

Do you plan on learning Japanese some day?
Yep, start a mining deck and keep reviewing 2k

>> No.35880027

sometimes i realize that the other posters here are real people and it blows my mind every time

>> No.35880034

mine this 殺戮

>> No.35880057

i've started to regret my decision to learn japanese, the more i understand eroges the more i realize that they're trash.

>> No.35880087

learn how to have shit taste

>> No.35880092

They've actually been perfected for their target audience. But you aren't part of it

>> No.35880095

djt already came to a consensus years ago that the easiest way to learn japanese is to have really bad taste.

>> No.35880138

already mined that from naruto

>> No.35880143

might be time for you to graduate to bunko level activities

>> No.35880153

i miss bunkobouya...

>> No.35880181

i started posting in like 2016 and i do all right in the nihongo department

>> No.35880189

ah its the tegami

>> No.35880223

fun fact: you dont a return address to drop a letter
so technically its possible that a half anonymous djt penpal is possible

>> No.35880226

If you have been posting since 2016 than you are the real og...

>> No.35880234

im the real og
and ive been on this site longer than that trashman

>> No.35880267

that reminds me i found a japanese learning thread on an alt-chan you would like but im not telling you where it is because i dont want you sullying that place too

>> No.35880292

thats sounds like something someone would say when they want me to sully them

>> No.35880307

no i dont want you to ruin their comfy little thread
didnt even tell the boys where it is for the same reason

>> No.35880316

don't care at all about that place

>> No.35880317

i mean the fact you mention is like
i could look around altchans if i had the inclination
just admit you want more of me

>> No.35880322

every alt chan nip thread that has known of djt has hated us

>> No.35880346

there are more alt chans on the internet than stars in the universe
youll never find it

>> No.35880362

Good news, my chuuba gf will be doing ASMR streams.

>> No.35880363

smug, guca and cafe are all gay

>> No.35880368

0 for 3

>> No.35880404

one of the primary reasons i post on 4chan and not other chans is that 4chan gets way more traffic. all other chans are shit in comparison.

>> No.35880426

jabum thinks we forgot about the トイレットペーパー episode

>> No.35880436

booru is an outdated concept id be surprise if many are left in 2021

>> No.35880445

i was as ground floor as it gets unfortunately for u but i didnt post that much cuz there was more fun stuff to do

i was there 4 moots thread on sa where he said he was launching a futaba spinoff and every1 laughed at him and said gl with the site nerd lol

>> No.35880455

i mean yeah 4chan is good for the constant dopamine drip but the alt chans remind me of the old niche forums i grew up on where youd post and then check back a few days later to see what responses you got
miss those days

>> No.35880488

im not old enough for sa i only know what my bf told me about it like how they gassed furries and other based things like that

>> No.35880497

>days between responses
might as well snailmal at that point
not even a zoom but my old forums at least had daily posts to read

>> No.35880509

None of them advertise so the only posts are ghost bumps.

>> No.35880548

>it is easily understood that three yins represent heaven and three yangs represent earth
huh? well it wasn't to me

>> No.35880563

already found it. started shitposting. gonna shit it up.

>> No.35880565

sure some forums and threads were super popular and got regular responses but not all of them and i used to be on some pretty niche forums i found by pure chance
the point im making is that they arent creating the constant stimulus that the modern internet has become and that we are all so accustomed to now

>> No.35880598

smug bans you for missing capitals and periods its unusable

>> No.35880646

just checked, still no new posts in days
its safe

>> No.35880655

don't wanna rush things. meant i started planning my shitpost. the next shitpost you see, you'll know it was me, and it was because you told me about it.

>> No.35880658

once got a mod on smug to edit my post because i fucked up the spoilers

>> No.35880672

like i said, youll never find it

>> No.35880692

is it an english speaking board or is it somaliachan learning nip to escape the warlords

>> No.35880710

already did, you will see soon.

>> No.35880724

not about to help you bastards locate it by process of elimination

>> No.35880748

its polishchan

>> No.35880769

Yeah you already screwed up, there's billions of dead boards but only a handful of active ones.

>> No.35880782

I love もう  and present perfect tense forms

>> No.35880836

it was a fun and a good time

now every1s old and gay and what u would call "low t"

>> No.35880901

found some old videogames magazines between my junk, they were announcing final fantasy xiii, there was a pic of some kind of trailer with nip subs and i was able to read them easily, this achievement feeling is just the best

>> No.35880905

t levels and sperm levels have been dropping for generations. our great grandpas could have kicked our asses when they were our age.

>> No.35880914

Whats a good VN for beginner?

>> No.35880937


>> No.35880947

hanahira is good if you like falling asleep while reading

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File: 99 KB, 1110x543, stress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related is pretty good, the Japanese version of course. if you like the subject. which is the secret, you want something thats good and you like more than something "easy"

>> No.35880966

>learning a language for porn

>> No.35880969

can already tell ima rub myself raw reading this one

>> No.35881009

feel like i could whoop your grandpas ass when he was my age

>> No.35881043

acquired 一挙一動

>> No.35881059

speaking of altchans i checked out nanochans djt and lmaod at the thread being basically dead aside from miniyoga advertising now and then

>> No.35881069

being dead is a better fate than being a zombie, like us.

>> No.35881074

lmao that guy

>> No.35881075

ngl bros i only feel alive while cooming to loli

>> No.35881095

Natures way of telling you to become a father.

>> No.35881132

never thought of it like that

>> No.35881159


>> No.35881300

is there jap lodoss subs anywhere?

>> No.35881361

what the fuck https://youtu.be/LBcJ59i-lcY?t=235

>> No.35881376

it's genetic

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>> No.35881445

did you draw this

>> No.35881458


>> No.35881461

cone itchy what
knee hone eh, yoke oh so

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>> No.35881521

same but also when rooning

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>> No.35881609

Damn, matto got pipes

>> No.35881622

Why does every song sound like it's being sung in the distance.

>> No.35881659


>> No.35881686

botn: https://youtu.be/UbbOCalEfRY

>> No.35881689

Remember leveling my pala listening to this song a lot. Linkin Park, Sum41& co were carrying me through 1-70. He definitely has a good voice btw.

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why is perhaps or maybe(in japanese) said twice here?

>> No.35881699



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>> No.35881721

Time for some passive Nihongo reps with my vtuber friend.

>> No.35881761



>> No.35881817

dont engage with imouto
just wait for him to off himself

>> No.35881826

>give me some [slack]
>give me some [small piece of coal]
this language is impossible

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File: 97 KB, 640x640, 1623764599705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To the Just Reading Chads here, at what point do you think you grasped reasonable comfort in reading most texts of your personal interest? Rather, how would you describe your progression over time learning in such a way? Linguistic acquisition has been going well for me, and I am not feeling any impatience as I'm enjoying the content I'm consuming. However, I'm curious what the shifts of experiences have been like for others doing the same sort of thing as me.

Personally, my vocabulary acquisition has been rather swell, with my grammatical understanding lagging behind at first, but picking up now. I'm finding non-particle grammatical structures to be pausing me in my reading sessions more than anything now. Despite their simplicity in every way, they tend to be some of the more difficult things for me to work with for whatever reason. Almost tempted to seek out some pre-made, mildly autistic Anki deck to jam out this small stuff, but I probably won't.To the Just Reading Chads here, at what point do you think you grasped reasonable comfort in reading most texts of your personal interest? Rather, how would you describe your progression over time learning in such a way? Linguistic acquisition has been going well for me, and I am not feeling any impatience as I'm enjoying the content I'm consuming. However, I'm curious what the shifts of experiences have been like for others doing the same sort of thing as me.

>> No.35881893

>voiceless vowels

>> No.35881902


>> No.35881912

i'm a just anki chad. never going to read or listen to native content outside of anki.

>> No.35881917

It's basically a very brief pause. For example:
Completely different words, just that the first has a pause in the middle. This applies to everything else. You can hear this same example back to back if you use Google Translate's TTS function. You'll hear that the pitch accenting is different for each word as well.

>> No.35881927

For all those hard 読み方s

>> No.35881934

oh of course the pitch accent is different!

>> No.35881984

wish I was eaten by a giant girl right now

>> No.35882009

help bros cant acquire ブロント語

>> No.35882013

id eat you, bro
im human sized, sadly

>> No.35882040

cant stop listening

>> No.35882099

good music in that show

>> No.35882121

had 100% real time comprehension on this cuz its easy as shit i know all the words and she enunciates clearly despite getting basically no audio input over the months but of course youd still say my listening is worse than someone 3 months in at some shitty jp uni program

>> No.35882136

no im not like these crabs,if you say so it i believe you
this listening here is after the 3 month mark from 0 even at prep school id wager. depends on the student though

>> No.35882149

also how the fuck did you know i posted that??

>> No.35882212

N4 is only 1.5k words. How have you been studying?

>> No.35882222

i mean i couldve probably gotten all of it even back in nov like here >>35852400 i understood everything live speed but i also know people will do anything to gotcha if you actually say anything so i just ignore it dont need to comment on everything
i dont think you understand my standards or what i mean when i say my raw listening sucks (cuz ive gotten 0 audio input) it doesnt mean i struggle with the baby shit youre thinking of lol i just dont want to work on improving it rn cuz it wont be as efficient

>> No.35882245

its funny you are telling me this like i am out to get you or something obviously i can only assume based on what you have and havent posted about
you dont have to prove anything to me you probably are immersing enough to cover the gaps in anki or maybe you are just diligent enough to get some success idk

i still think you will plateau and get diminished returns pretty soon with only anki. its fine to be where you are at 6 months or whatever but times gonna slip by fast and these wolves will remind you of it

>> No.35882315


>> No.35882333

but i remember posting that code gayass clip months ago which you said you couldnt understand at all guess that got memoryholed

i think your ignorance stems from your complete lack of experience with anki like you rep 同盟 a couple of times and what do you know a few weeks later you start hearing it everywhere like in 同盟軍 in that clip (did you get that?)
i did 0 listening while grinding through core 6k and i remember playing an anime ep after finally finishing the deck and my head fucking exploded with how much japanese i was suddenly able to hear i was getting bombarded with thousands and thousands of japanese words id literally only heard the word audio of in anki for the very first time was very surreal so i know from exp that listening can catch up pretty fast

the real challenge isnt mechanically parsing the sounds but having a good mental framework for jp so your brain autocompletes words and effortlessly strings them together to understand what is being said and that framework can be built with reading

>> No.35882347

>code gayass clip months ago which you said you couldnt understand at all guess that got memoryholed
dont remember that
if that was the scene with missiles and shit i transliterated well (or well enough to not get much shit over it)
otherwise no idea what that was

if you have audio in your anki cards thats a huge bonus though and counts as listening imo

>> No.35882368

i bet feel-anon would post a bladerunner reaction to this
wonder what hes been up to

>> No.35882374

Bros the streamer said dirty in Japanese and I understood it. I'm GMI.

>> No.35882377

beginner here. which of the guides linked here is the real one? ive seen like 5 already

>> No.35882388

>if you have audio in your anki cards thats a huge bonus though and counts as listening imo
Sometimes when I make cards from Yomichan, there is no audio file (despite hearing it in the dictionary entry). Any idea why this may be? It's been rather bothersome. I have Forvo sources too, just for this purpose. No TTS sources.

>> No.35882398

Is kanjitomo still the best ocr software for linux?

>> No.35882400

Did you study or “study””

>> No.35882408


all my cards have word audio unless its a rare word which doesnt have any forvo audio
if i mined from an audio source i also put in audio of the entire scene along with the corresponding subtitles lines if theyre available and a screencap of the scene if theres some accompanying visual

if you mine from anime all of this can be done automatically in <10s per card and ive already linked you vids which show what animecards look like were going over this for the millionth time now

>> No.35882417

Daily reminder anki is a meme.becuase it’s static recall,
You need to create sentences everyday

>> No.35882422

>if you mine from anime all of this can be done automatically in <10s per card
How the fuck do you pull a clip in less than 10 seconds..

>> No.35882433

>beginner here
Don’t learn japanese

>> No.35882435

what do you guys think of oldschool ajatt? (immersion + Heisig + sentences)

>> No.35882440

>may 3rd
you can say im lying but i wasnt posting during that time. that was smack dab during my travels to korea and it took me a while to get through the range bans
i dont even remember seeing that op ever

anyway if you are mining audio as well thats a good thing combined with your autism at actually keeping up with things
but eventually memory mode is not going to be enough but i get what you are saying you are using anki to start and then will start immersing or whatever

not sure what you plan to do about grammar but i dont want to argue about it im sure your honest enough with yourself to deal with it if it becomes a problem

>> No.35882448

w...why not?

>> No.35882451

you use one of the anime mining scripts for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4t7HYS73ZQ
its pretty simple in theory you just load up the episode with jsubs and have the transcript play in the back

any time you hear something new you just go the transcript and hover over the word with yomichan
if you want to make a card for it you just click the plus button then select the lines you want on your card and bam everything is automatically taken care of word audio scene audio screencap pitch accent graph etc

wtf literally look at the post i replied to there
>since they locked me up in here. nothing better to do. was getting range ban errors till now on hotel wifi and no mobile

>> No.35882454

oh lol
yeah i scrolled around and didnt find the posts you were referencing sorry

>> No.35882457

is there any trip who hasnt fallen for ogs antics

>> No.35882463

what antics would those be?

>> No.35882467

also you just do sentence cards for grammar theres the dictionary of japanese grammar deck to get you started but you dont even have to do it really cuz grammar shit has entries in dictionaries you can just make cards for grammar concepts as you come across new stuff in your input

>> No.35882470

Most people just don’t spend enough time studying,
The usual pattern is people study a little, think they are conversational, visit Japan realize they can’t speak or understand at all, and they go on one of two paths, ethief they don’t change anything and become 10 year no progress people or they start studying for hours and hours a day.
Flash cards is not studying, watching anime is not studying. Actually rewriting and studying structure while you immersioning is studying.
Also heisig is a dead end. It’s a great way to burn time studying without studying japanese

>> No.35882478

Becuase you aren’t interested in japanese, you are interested in anime, be happy with subs, it takes years to get decent and unless you live in japan it is a dead end and living in japan sucks, and as a native English speaker you could learn 3 western languages in the time it takes you to learn japanese

>> No.35882484

btw i dont know why you think i didnt understand that
i dont usually clink links hosted on urls like that even now i didnt click it
but now you will probably link where i said i watched it and didnt udnerstand it lmao

i might actually be losing my wits to have memory this bad its getting worse
i thought you were a qm acolyte and thought sentence cards were a sin?
i dont recommend making dedicated grammar cards from dictionaries its one thing on paper and another in how people actually talk. sentence cards from wild japanese is a lot better

>> No.35882500
File: 410 KB, 860x3034, 0AE3456A-885E-498A-8557-10A95496250C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ment to link
Becuase you aren’t interested in japanese, you are interested in anime, be happy with subs, it takes years to get decent and unless you live in japan it is a dead end and living in japan sucks, and as a native English speaker you could learn 3 western languages in the time it takes you to learn japanese

>> No.35882509

88 weeks to learn Nip? What's their method?

>> No.35882511

2200 class hours :)

>> No.35882518

oh look at that just under 2 years assuming classes whod EVER have thought of that...

>> No.35882520

jamal what do you think of muramasa

>> No.35882525

Huh. Maybe I should google what they teach in class and steal their resources.

>> No.35882530

just make sure its a 2 year prep school actually in japan
they all pretty much use minna no nihongo and start monolingual and kanji ends up a separate class

>> No.35882532

ive been immersing for a little under two years and im still not fluent

>> No.35882535

Language school

>> No.35882541

Immersion is overrated without someone to guide you,
Also watching tv is the weak form of immersion

>> No.35882544

now write this in japanese

>> No.35882546

No u

>> No.35882550

so youre basically suggesting i linked you a virus lol ok
anyway it was this scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HqV03Jouzk dont look at the subs and be honest with yourself

imo sentence cards are shit for vocab it completely gives away the meaning when you have the sentence on the front
but some words have multiple wildly different meanings and in those cases you just put some context on the front to disambiguate
grammar is different it literally makes no sense to learn it out of context

>i dont recommend making dedicated grammar cards from dictionaries its one thing on paper and another in how people actually talk. sentence cards from wild japanese is a lot better
???? wtf are you talking about you get the terms definition from the dict the sentence is from your input where you encountered the term how is the sentence not from the wild

>> No.35882552

leave this thread uppercasing faggot

>> No.35882558

Why does Japan have a prep school for teaching Japanese.

>> No.35882563

so foreign students can efficiently learn japanese in order to enter jp university and understand the courses

>> No.35882573
File: 202 KB, 1497x379, E17FCCC0-6318-4871-A129-83F64694E4C4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5 hours a day 5 days a week for 37 weeks with a professional teacher for the basic course

>> No.35882576

i can understand most of this because its chuuni dialog which is kind of my thing actually
except terms unique to the show of course
the echo is annoying though

whether you want to believe me or not is up to you

>> No.35882580

To steal weebs money.

>> No.35882590

you dont get to churn out student visas for the sake of a scam
the government is particular as fuck as to the criteria of the school petitioning for them

>> No.35882598
File: 345 KB, 1668x594, 781C435F-3EA5-46AD-A0D9-82ED760ED6C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot the link https://fsitraining.state.gov/Catalog/CourseDetails/LJA100

>> No.35882606

im gonna lol if i djt ends up just taking recommended classes online and cracking the trick to quickly learning japanese

>> No.35882607

That's a lot of money.

>> No.35882637






>> No.35882638

Yeah well it’s mostly meant for diplomats, who get it for free if it’s part of their assignment. Only government employees talking it for a lark have to pay

>> No.35882640

>classes online
could you come up with anything less useful

>> No.35882643

yeah its a "fuck off" price

>> No.35882653

>could you come up with anything less useful
every other method djt memes

>> No.35882662

matto took college level japanese and found it piss easy after doing immersion learning

>> No.35882663

This 60Pound bundle on amazon that includes
Minna No Nihongo shokyu 1 Learning Japanese 2 Books Set , workbook , translation , Grammar , Notes Workbook – 1 Jan. 2012
looks pretty appealing.

>> No.35882668

my aunt is a diplomat and her french sucks i think she just finally got b2 after years of working as a diplomat in francophone countries

>> No.35882669

yeah can't wait to go to a japanese prep school so i can blow them away with my jowzu japanese

>> No.35882670

well if you say so
its just that youve failed at transcribing really simple shit in the past many many times so its only natural people will be super skeptical maybe just write down everything you hear then compare with jsubs in your free time you can get jsubs at kitsunekko.net

>> No.35882673

*boots up rtk*

>> No.35882677

not western university you mong

>> No.35882678

Be warned the standard minna no nihongo is for use with a japanese teacher and has no English, you need to get the second book with the right color for self study

>> No.35882686

thats the best part you mong
if you ruin it by adding in english you are ngmi

>> No.35882697

It's not gonna help me if I can't read what's in the textbook if i'm honest.

>> No.35882706
File: 75 KB, 638x903, A9FA0FA4-CFC8-4A94-9CA2-F0150DCD86C0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s littertally impossible to learn from zero with minna no nihogo. Without the translation book.

>> No.35882708

I'm getting recommended a lot of English learning books with 'natural dialogue' I almost want to buy them to see what hilarity is inside.

>> No.35882711

its built from stupid easy with pictures
you know whats going on from context
also it has a cd you can listen to
but yeah being with a native teacher using the teachers book is optimal

>> No.35882718

why did you start with chapter 9 as your example? post the very first lesson and say that

>> No.35882723

do you seriously think the pedagogy methods are different enough to make a real difference or are you just being a hysterical contrarian again

>> No.35882732

western university jp classes are like... a novelty experience for credits on your degree
its absolutely nothing like a real jp class in japan
and i should know ive done both multiple times in different schools

>> No.35882741

that depends on the quality of your teachers which is probably quite low in burgerland

>> No.35882746

burgerland has a considerable jap expat community

>> No.35882754

university jp is standardized
its the same pace everywhere and they use genki and frequently non-native teachers
ive studied in 2 different uni in america and immediately dropped it both times
they dont even go past beginner

>> No.35882765
File: 418 KB, 1558x2131, 3593AC7E-CFF4-47BA-AAF1-3D08F4EDD736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay smart ass.
This is the first lesson after the hiragana chart.

>> No.35882767

you all dont know anything about how anything works you just assume assume assume
and im not smart enough to understand and explain exactly why its not how you think it is and its straining my mental limits
just shut up and trust me or ignore me

>> No.35882774

you have admitted yourself that you are functionally illiterate in nihongo why would anyone here listen to you?

>> No.35882780

thats the intonation chart which is considered part of the basic prep along with kana
post the actual intro chapter to japanese, please
fyi in my school they skipped this part and saved intonation for later

>> No.35882800
File: 324 KB, 1433x2010, 385C24A9-003D-4784-A267-AB661BC43752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are just mining (yous) at this point? It’s universally understood you need the translation book to use it for self study
> fyi in my school
That’s my point, if you have a teacher who can read it to you you might not need the translation book

>> No.35882801

bad news guys my 食器洗い機 doesn't draw any water anymore

>> No.35882811

Have you tried adding ink.

>> No.35882822

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little dekinai? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in Japanese 101, and I've been involved in numerous other japanese language classes, and I have over 300 confirmed genki pages.

>> No.35882825

yeah do minna no nihongo monolingual from the first day and end up crippled like og where half of your vocab (of like maybe 2k) is a hazy sea of kibous and kitais lmao

>> No.35882827

i know, confidentially, im not as good as thought i was when i got here
i know i make tons of mistakes even with hearing which im usually good at
but even so im not as incompetent as everyone would like to imagine
you know, it might just be that i had frontloaded enough eng subbed anime to make even this chapter feel easy but yeah also you have a teacher with vocab cards interacting with you the whole time

i dont know if i could actually recommend trying to self-studying with minna no nihongo since its not at all what i did
but that being said i can go through the later books without a teacher now

>> No.35882837

lmao https://youtu.be/VVe1mrd4KDk?t=200

>> No.35882852

i am a terrible example of how you should approach japanese outside of structured lessons, workbooks, and drills

im lazy, complacent, obstinate, flighty, capricious, barely interested in weebshit anymore, and all my classes were years apart during the summer instead of doing it in a 2 year go like i was supposed to

but despite everything wrong with me my level is sorta...well not bad especially in djt due to doing a few things correctly

>> No.35882858

>cope cope cope cope

>> No.35882868

and a confession i only go through the first 1/3rd of the second minna no nihongo at the end of my last summer program

im not even intermediate yet lol
but even so, i was actually learning japanese

>> No.35882872

Have taken it at two colleges and the genii one is much better than the phd teacher who used the textbook she wrote herself. It was interesting textbook on the language but useless for zero stdeunts

>> No.35882874

i did use the 'c' word once at you earlier
you could be a little bit more patient in return

>> No.35882889

Based. That’s pretty much everyone’s experience with learning japanese in the west

>> No.35882912

og has qm syndrome

>> No.35882919

the method you propose is shit cuz its boring and makes a lot of people (people like you) want to stop learning jp immersion keeps things fun not only that but its more effective as well textbook drills rely on rote memorization immersion leads to acquisition

>> No.35882923

new here, what guide am I supposed to use?
I saw the last djt and it had different guides in the OP

>> No.35882926

Japanese from 0 is a best seller.

>> No.35882941

Argh, my farts smell like egg now. I should stop eating them.

>> No.35882947

there isnt that much rote memorization
most the of acquiring comes from interacting with the teacher and physically doing homework the old fashioned way with pencil and paper

>> No.35882959

and anki is waaaaaaay more fucking boring than that
jp classes are extremely enjoyable

>> No.35882961

>makes a lot of people (people like you) want to stop learning jp
this is good i'm gonna shill academics now

>> No.35882979

Geniki with the English is also hard to self study, it just seems easier.
Genii has no pace guide. It will cover a major concept in one paragraph, and then what? Do you stop and study that paragraph for a week?
It’s also unclear where you are supposed to go, as every lesson has four parts in different places, the main chapter, the chapter section in the back of the book, the practice in the workbook, then the practice in the back of the workbook.
Every genii chapter is really just repeating itself to prep to 2 things,
one, the block text reading aloud the chapter letter in the back of the book test, which you need a teacher to grade you on,
and two, a test given by your teacher.
One the other hand the nice thing about genki self study is every chapter has tons of YouTube videos and websites you can google for extra materials.
Dispite what /djt/ thinks, a textbook is not completely useless, but it’s only like a single corner stone, you still have to go beyond and build the rest of the house after the textbook

>> No.35882990

classes did not make me not want to learn japanese
on the contrary, i was never more engaged and focus than when i was doing it up in japan full time mon-fri

my reason for not doing my classes in a proper stretch was mostly to do with schelduling or finances or something i had a fiancee a lot of that time as well and couldnt just jet off to live in japan for 2 years without him

and now im too old to feel comfortably being like 10 years older than my classmates
plus student visas arent back to normal yet

>> No.35883001 [DELETED] 

Anybody know about this?

>> No.35883007

I meant this

>> No.35883014

>textbook drills rely on rote memorization
No that’s anki.
Textbook does stuff like teaches you grammar rules and inflections with one set of vocab than tests you on it with a different vocab, it’s the opposite of rote.
Immersion is still the best way

>> No.35883029

immersion can be combined with other things
ive never been against immersion with textbook learning, far from it

just against "immersion theory"

>> No.35883047

we cant blame og women are ontologically incapable of long term self-directed study

>> No.35883061

>ontologically incapable
dont know what that means, but i assume i should be insulted

>> No.35883072

Don't feel bad the one who posted doesn't know what it means either.

>> No.35883078

are u sure you dont just have buyers remorse over your student tuition and are projecting that onto us og

>> No.35883088


>> No.35883098

summer courses were pretty cheap imo
i have a lot more remorse over wasting like 10K on stupid aids western uni if anything when i should have gone to japan to begin with

>> No.35883105

Stop speaking in Japanese using english words.

>> No.35883106

I know the feel

>> No.35883120

Pretty sure ontological is Latin transcribed from Greek

>> No.35883129

>immersion theory
What’s immersion theory?

>> No.35883130

and while we are setting the record straight japan is an amazing country and even after visiting like 7 times i only fall more in love with the experience of staying there and you should probably assume the people who are calling you a delusional weeb and always trashing japan have a bad case of sour grapes

>> No.35883149

but then again that kind of thing is really subjective maybe it truly isnt for everyone, but there is always the chance it might be for you so make sure before refusing to visit at least once especially if you are committed to learning japanese

>> No.35883162

What's a Shokyu.

>> No.35883170

the fate of all textbook tards >>35882868
doesnt matter how great your method purportedly is if you cant finish it in the first place
whats easier watching jp subbed anime or doing shitty genki exercises whatll keep you interacting with japanese for longer

>> No.35883180


>> No.35883182

you are shilling anki which im no better equipped to stick to
not sure what your argument is are you saying all these guys have the same personalty as me?

>> No.35883185

or better yet don't bother visiting and keep reading your loser vns

>> No.35883186

og made me angry and now i cant concentrate on my reps

>> No.35883189

Well despite being hard at work on my duo-lingo reps I feel I could benefit from routine study done by professionals.

>> No.35883193

professionals at learning languages?

>> No.35883194


>> No.35883202

would it make you feel better if i said im sorry?

>> No.35883207 [DELETED] 
File: 135 KB, 722x852, 572A43FA-1EEA-4796-841A-6BE50B916CD9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here let me google that for you

>> No.35883218

Arigato gozaimasu

>> No.35883226
File: 668 KB, 878x460, external-content.duckduckgo.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.35883229
File: 9 KB, 250x206, 7EC59A6D-0786-44C5-B211-32601392182F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watching jp subbed anime
Nobody learns from that either unless they either already have 1000s of words and grammar down or stop the video every 5 seconds to transcribe, which takes away the fun factor just as much

>> No.35883240

im not shilling anki but while were on the topic yea its much easier to do than read a textbook 2-3 seconds per rep how tf can you complain

like its just mind boggling i even suggested you rep core 2.3k as pure reading cards if you think you know the meanings such a brainless activity as simple as it gets look at the word get the reading right pass otherwise fail build some momentum and do a few hundred cards a day log 20 hours and youre done
so whats your issue

>> No.35883242

one day ill save you all from your misery somehow

>> No.35883265

The biggest problem with college classes is they go too fast for japanese Becuase to count as a language credit they have to get to a certain lvl, which is possible in the timeframe for Spanish but not japanese.
They really should have a kana prep class prequalifer. Or focus on speaking and drop writing for beginners,

>> No.35883270

ok so you do a starter core deck and skim tae kim maybe do an intro grammar deck then youre good

>> No.35883279

>such a brainless activity
That’s why it’s bad though. Ehh still better than the time I waste on /djt/ though, not her btw captCha is DOXXR

>> No.35883291

western uni classes crawl notoriously slow
the standards are incredibly low to gain that credit
aaaahh none of you know anything about anything

>> No.35883315

proof that は only marks the topic 2m20s


if this doesn't convince you nothing will

>> No.35883328

Not the ones I’ve been in

>> No.35883334

no its good because it makes a lot of things automatic everyone has a limited amount of attention rather spend it enjoying your input and focus on drawing higher level inferences instead of wasting time trying to figure out readings and basic meanings of individual words or the other crap that gets in the way and kills your flow

>> No.35883337

dunno how you wanted that to come across but it looks like you're fighting the voices in your head

>> No.35883343
File: 62 KB, 640x640, djt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35883350

sorry you are a retard

>> No.35883351

i took four semesters of Japanese at a major state college (for ez credits bc I was already around N1 at this time it turned out lol) and by the fourth there were only like 6 students left because everyone else constantly complained that the class was moving too fast for them

>> No.35883362

は efinsizies what comes before it, が efinsizes what comes after it.
That’s why 何 Takes が。

>> No.35883363

yeah but like, its super slow though isnt it you should know
just cause western students are dumb/lazy fucks cant be helped i guess

>> No.35883364

do you guys use blue light adjustment on your PCs

>> No.35883372

sometimes yes

>> No.35883374

og what are your anki statistics like

>> No.35883382


>> No.35883383

westoids are dumb og said it

>> No.35883384

i guess it can be true that it's simultaneously too fast (for retard college students) and too slow (for someone serious about the language)
i don't really remember how much the classes covered though, i mostly used them to get tutoring on my pronunciation and diction from the native professor since my speaking sucked at the time

>> No.35883392

I’m convinced the problem is anki just doesn’t work for some people.
Im happy for the ones it does
but I never progress on it at all, it doesn’t write to the part of my memory I use when consuming language anywhere else.

>> No.35883407
File: 6 KB, 223x226, 53ED6B10-10AA-4CA7-B2AF-DAF5C957D3E0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I was already n1 except for speaking.
>why was this class so slow.
Yo know half or more of the students shown up without knowing 私 or even わたし

>> No.35883422
File: 5 KB, 401x205, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is how i roll

obs: i took this sentence directly from a native with an explanation given for it

>> No.35883427
File: 49 KB, 1080x1380, 1に睡眠2に美味しいもの3にゲームかな.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how can i be sure i'm actually understanding what i'm reading and not just making the wrong assumptions about the meaning?
i get that this sentence should probably be super easy but i just have no idea if what i think is right lmao
like is this supposed to be a list like the "eat sleep game" shirts? my translation is basically "1: sleep, 2: eat (tasty food? i guess?), 3: game"
i assumed that this implies that she eats tasty food or something?
i'm also not sure how "かな" interacts with the sentence, because i always thought it basically meant "i wonder"

also is "2に" pronounced "にに" or am i retard

>> No.35883435

i will master particles in this manner. input works but i noticed that my brain tends to ignore everything that isn't really necessary to memorize in order to understand a sentence (de or ni?) so i took it into my hands to fix this gap

>> No.35883447

she studies 2 minutes and gets burned out for the day, lmfao

>> No.35883458

This is only a complimentary book for the main minna no nihongo, you will need both this book plus the full Japanese one in order to learn.

Also, as I stated in my review on the main one, these two books are not meant to be used for self-learning purposes.

>> No.35883459


>> No.35883466

anime cards, bro

>> No.35883475

no video

>> No.35883481

Yeah all the reviewers are saying it's an excellent book to learn Japanese and also don't use it to self-learn

>> No.35883482

grammar guides are more pleasant to read after you've consumed more than a hundred hours of content in the language because you actually know what they are referring to and you know the stuff that you have trouble with

>> No.35883518

found the offical tl and i guess i was decently close, actually
>My first priority was sleep, the second was tasty grub, and the third was the game.
is the "1に、2に、。。。" format a priority list or is that somehow context dependent?
also could somebody still enlighten me on the usage of かな and the pronunciation of 2に tho?

>> No.35883521

tasty grub lol. rub a dub dub

>> No.35883557

i mined my cards using english translations (esl) and now i can read j-j definitions without much difficulty

you'll eventually figure out the true meaning of a word as long as you are consuming content in the language. your understanding of it will improve every time you see it being used in the wild.

>> No.35883562

lol its called 食洗機
why are you making up jp?

>> No.35883572

You don't know japanese

>> No.35883770

i use anime cards (almost 6k cards) and sentence cards (1.3k)

and this problem that qm and 4bc mention of remembering the meaning of the word because of the sentence is simply bullshit. the only problem of sentence cards is that they are slower to review

in the wild we have the opposite problem that they talk about. the word is surrounded by other words and you don't know how it is working in the sentence

>> No.35883838

dame hate it when this happens https://streamable.com/px66fl

>> No.35883853


>> No.35883932

how do i stop being an ankidrone

>> No.35884051

rabu chu pero chu

>> No.35884231
File: 24 KB, 350x500, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.35884314

like that show peep show where they spy on the guy with the iq of 60 bc hes so damn funny

>> No.35884327


>> No.35884434

why do all of the best gaijin whitenoise but everyone here shits on it

>> No.35884470

it's boring as fuck and you don't feel any gains

>> No.35884530

if you do point blank white noise it wont do anything, you got to get your foot in the door then it works extremely well. i white noised my first year and i feel like i wasted a lot f time

>> No.35884656

what is white noise?

>> No.35884667

jesse what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.35884712

listening to japanese raw audio before you understand anything

>> No.35884888

why must we have such a strong urge to fap boys

>> No.35884896

selfish genes

>> No.35884902

why are you doing nofap?

>> No.35884916

not him and not doing nofap but i haven't had the urge to in like a week and i have no idea why

>> No.35884926

Now that i'm actively doing several different things I don't have an urge too. It's different from a few months ago when I would do it all day.

>> No.35884928

not that guy but i waste hours edging

>> No.35884943

edging ftw

>> No.35884953

Am I seriously meant to believe that artists can rotate images in their mind. And then draw it. Sounds like a larp.

>> No.35884966

after 42 days my first time around i understood why people did it and now i want to try again

>> No.35884985

yes it's called having spacial awareness

indeed it easier if i'm preoccupied with something that takes concentration but when i'm doing something like watching vtubers sometimes i can't help but think mmm that cartoon is pretty sexy

>> No.35885007

that webm of 3 girls in wedding dresses from a jav posted recently really got me into groups of girls
might even watch some akbingo or something

>> No.35885047

tohru's seiyuu is a genuine otaku i really like when they're like that, really shows their passion and love for the form

>> No.35885096

npc plz

>> No.35885107

42 days?! thats some buddhist monk shit.. but whatever floats ur boat. i think ur crazy though and just confusing fap'n with shame and you feel good bc youre conforming to society. i have no shame

>> No.35885172
File: 106 KB, 599x900, RDT_20210729_144329342430729150158939.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35885182

it's just like my manga

>> No.35885188

is it possible to go back to jacking off to real porn after jacking off exclusively to anime for an extended period

>> No.35885206
File: 30 KB, 412x496, rX5BpN0Z8T.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35885209

jav is like anime

>> No.35885212

yes unironically nofap
after the second week or so super vanilla 3d stuff is pretty much enough to set you off you may prefer it over drawn images in fact

>> No.35885219

read this as kusaga

>> No.35885236

jav > hentai

>> No.35885252

careful with that hot opinion

>> No.35885255

have to agree i especially like when my javs have plots

>> No.35885259

cuz we're meant to spread our seed

>> No.35885263

There's not much chikan hentai content, plenty of jav though.

>> No.35885268

i've read somewhere that women have a difficult time with 3d visualization compared to men.

>> No.35885274

there was a study where it showed that porn has a negative effect on your mental health if you believe it's bad. but if you don't believe it's bad then there's no effect. luckily i'm pretty smart and understand there's no such thing as objectively good or bad in a moral sense so squirting out juice from my pipe because a female has certain body proportions isn't wrong at all.

>> No.35885282

i like how japanese porn have more foucsed fetishes in them

>> No.35885300

>According to certain studies, men on average have one standard deviation higher spatial intelligence quotient than women.[3] This domain is one of the few where clear sex differences in cognition appear.


>> No.35885311


>> No.35885336

i think the same effects applies for the reverse if you believe that abstaining is a good thing
but whatever it feels a lot better after even a week and increasingly more so as time passes

>> No.35885375

>i think the same effects applies for the reverse if you believe that abstaining is a good thing
possibly but that ties into the morality belief thing. if you're stupid and you think that fapping is somehow wrong then you'll feel guilty if you fap. so you shouldn't fap. it's really, really dumb and delusional but that's how normal people are.

>> No.35885392

i sometimes wait up to 4 days to save up a huge load

>> No.35885401

it's not that i think it's wrong per se, but i do think it has an effect on my body chemistry

>> No.35885414

yea that's called being retarded/delusional

>> No.35885418

whats the best jav you have guys saw?

>> No.35885421

if i do that the load just becomes really inconvenient like no matter what i get it everywhere
you know that shit where you can really hear the pressure when it hits the paper

>> No.35885425

I will try to explain better. When I picture something in my mind it feels more like a transmission than looking at an image, like those thoughts you get that are faster than speech.

>> No.35885442


>> No.35885446

when i dont jack off for 2-3 days i actually shoot cum instead of just dribbling

>> No.35885448

I like the two ASMR ones because I really like ASMR.

>> No.35885474

fapping daily is not good for you

>> No.35885483

have you tried drinking more water or simply lasting longer
>cum in 2 mintues, dribbling
>edge for 30, cum normally
>edge for 1hr+, blasting fucking rope, baby

>> No.35885493
File: 262 KB, 1920x1080, 1624772564967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fc2 uncensored vid where girl is dressed as a weather girl wearing the new hire uniform

>> No.35885509

i never dribble whether i take a couple minutes or edge for an hour i always shoot a strong, long load it surprised me when i heard this happened to guys, hasn't happened to me since my very first faps in my life

>> No.35885520

>there's no such thing as objectively good or bad
wise words. its like saying clouds are bad or good, dont play societies games

>> No.35885521

only jobless NEETS fap to porn.

>> No.35885531


>> No.35885537

ur probably hydrated honestly, i'm always dehydrated as fuck
it might also be a health thing because even though i'm not fat as shit i'm hella unhealthy

>> No.35885538
File: 406 KB, 1688x1689, joker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35885548

woah now. you're taking it too far. i think most people have to believe in something like that for society to function. i'm just one of the special chosen few who is above it all

>> No.35885553

i think im drinking enough water. i think i saw a /fit/ guide to supplements for bigger loads maybe ill look for that

>> No.35885558

i never fapped with my hands.

>> No.35885559


>> No.35885566

This better be a woman post you queer.

>> No.35885572

theres nothing wrong with being a neet

>> No.35885576


>> No.35885583

Opposite for me but same.

>> No.35885589

i like watching this one japanese girl play games on youtube. she's great at games, she's a super collector, she's cute and she's not a fucking vtuber. love it.

>> No.35885604

all of japanese youtube sucks

>> No.35885620

Still watching this, i'm glad he's a 12+hour streamer I can listen too.

>> No.35885627
File: 301 KB, 2048x1152, E7NSWAsVUAkFXGQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35885672

if japan had so many shogunato wars, why you cant find armours or skulls everywhere?

>> No.35885676
File: 149 KB, 846x1302, kanas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I can't even learn them
i just can't im too brainlet and too lazy sorry the dream is dead

>> No.35885696

That's because you don't know any good channels. Once you find the good channels it's no different from english YouTube except for the "documentary's" where they pull "facts" out of their ass with no source that persists on English YouTube.

>> No.35885697

drill it you retard nobody looks at it and just knows it you have to invest effort.

>> No.35885702

im intermediate but i cant read well most katakanas, gambarinasai!

>> No.35885704


>> No.35885719

japanese grammar books should start teaching nanka alongside words like chotto now that i think about it, i think it's a lot more useful of a word

>> No.35885738


>> No.35885739

If Japanese eat so many wasteful snacks that include unnecessary individual packaging, how come you don't see trash on the streets everywhere?

Not watching the right stuff

>> No.35885750

wotd: バイキング

>> No.35885760

seeya later, queen

>> No.35885781

it means viking

>> No.35885797

Very surprised how many times I’ve seen の used as ことandもの but more surprised I can even notice it now.

>> No.35885799

bye, king

>> No.35885804


>> No.35885828


>> No.35885833

>If Japanese eat so many wasteful snacks that include unnecessary individual packaging
they don't, those are omiyage. normal snacks aren't individually packaged like that.

>> No.35885853
File: 12 KB, 300x166, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

took me a while to get the joke, sorry

>> No.35885863
File: 1.07 MB, 849x1200, 88359813_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a lot of nice art of cute girls on pixiv.

>> No.35885897

conbini bentou

>> No.35885899

Hiragana is truly the greatest filter

>> No.35885904

I tend to forget less common ones

>> No.35885927
File: 181 KB, 1024x768, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anywhere I can download(pirate) the Japanese version of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale?

>> No.35885935

this isn't /r/, you faggot

>> No.35885937

those aren't snacks and they're packaged no differently than how similar food would be in other countries.

>> No.35885949

Buy steam version and change to Japanese in the launch properties

>> No.35885950

i never used core decks. i'm sitting here picking through one to make a list of all the words i know. i can't believe people have to use a deck to learn all these easy words.

>> No.35885952

I am doing it purely for education purposes, cum gobbling anon .

>> No.35885956


>> No.35885976

I never used one either until recently. I find it's kinda helpful once you get past the first 1300 or so words.

>> No.35885997

yeah but they are eaten way more

>> No.35886005

I'm reminded I would like to someday buy Nipponese candy.

>> No.35886048

i don't have an estimate, but i know a few thousand words already. i just want it so i can make a list of words i know and compare it to scripts and see what percentage of words i know before i read or watch something.

>> No.35886068

this bitch is so fucking hot

>> No.35886069

let the dekin haters hate

>> No.35886081

>Short hair

>> No.35886083
File: 68 KB, 500x489, 1548087297353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>short hair

>> No.35886091

short hair is the best, except in western countries where it means youre a fat lesbian.

>> No.35886103

would fuck

>> No.35886126

I just set the new card limit to 200 at a time. The reviews are still nice to have and you can breeze through them in 15 minutes.

>> No.35886127

she's a total autist as well, half of her channel is dedicated to trains and shit

>> No.35886128

the most effective method


>> No.35886188

in order words
massive quantities of (comprehensible) input

>> No.35886197

did i just suffer a stroke?

>> No.35886205


>> No.35886233
File: 92 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

an ironic commentary on the notion that kanji cant even be read in the first place

>> No.35886290

big if true

>> No.35886410

if the nips can't correctly read the kanji of a station name then it was over from the start

>> No.35886428
File: 4 KB, 108x41, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck do I set Windows to stay in the Hiragana mode?
Every time I change from the ENG keyboard to JPN IME it sets itself on Half-width alphanumeric so I have to fucking move my mouse and set it manually to hiragana.

>> No.35886444


>> No.35886482


>> No.35886511


>> No.35886541

just learned that japs used to pull out their teeth as a passage to manhood trial. savages lmao

>> No.35886547

rather stupid i'd say

>> No.35886626

yo djt
is there any website which constantly streams japanese television?
I would like to listen to japanese newschannels 24/7 for those semi-passive gains

>> No.35886651


>> No.35886659

alt+~ to switch input

>> No.35886716

read this as abura

>> No.35886742


>> No.35886764
File: 103 KB, 989x895, google-dark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Google has finally made a dark theme for Google's search engine

>> No.35886791

oh shit ty

>> No.35886823

theyve been slowly rolling it out for months, my friend got his dark mode ages ago and it still hasnt been given to me

>> No.35886832

>Es hätte irgendjemand gewesen sein können


>> No.35886840

yeah but anime cards are crap
read https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/discussing-various-card-templates.html

>> No.35886851
File: 385 KB, 1912x1080, IMG_20210729_102221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35886852

eshan get out

>> No.35886883

>it would-have anyone been to-be could

>> No.35886905

just watched a pov jav where the guy gets a bj from 3 girls at the same time
when he cums he does so on each of the girls faces but its only like a drop for each girl

>> No.35886915

his life forced has been drained from him

>> No.35886964

read that as sleeve

>> No.35887140

I just noticed Spanish has te form for requesting wtf

>> No.35887145

dont care

>> No.35887162

irl u dont buss like hentai

the closest u can get is save up for like a week

>> No.35887177

you havent seen my cums then

>> No.35887179

nigga i nut more than that guy every single day

>> No.35887196

that guy nuts in a day more than you do in a week

>> No.35887209

i would hate to be forced to nut to the point where it becomes dribble

>> No.35887223

if you ever want to seriously become fluent in this language you must have some degree of autism there is no other way around it even the japanese have a higher level than the world average i'm sure and in a good way

>> No.35887250

Are there books that are "subtitled"? As in, Japanese books with English translation beneath lines/paragraphs of the text.

In my case, I'm looking for something like that for Ningen Shikaku, because I'd like to look up certain parts in the original, how it was written there and how it was then written in the translation. I usually do that with visual novels but might as well do it with books. Any ideas?

>> No.35887253

any germanbros in here?

how wrong is my interpretation?

>irgendjemand ist [in dem Haus] gewesen
>Es hätte ... können

>Es hätte [irgendjemand gewesen sein] können
>it could-have be-possible [anyone to-have been]

>> No.35887260

getting real tired of the current state of djt

>> No.35887263

there are some VN on steam like that

>> No.35887278
File: 167 KB, 512x459, 1597141139081.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you use cards with audio on the front?

>> No.35887286

why the fuck would you use a card that says the reading first

>> No.35887288

i do but only the audio and nothing else

>> No.35887293

nigga i aint watch any dudes nuttin so

>> No.35887294

>using google
oh nonono you've been datamined

>> No.35887299

pItCh aCcEnT

>> No.35887306

put it on the back

>> No.35887310

do you use it to learn new vocabulary?

>> No.35887361

i'm crazy though

when i mine words while watching anime without subs, i make audio cards
when i mine words while reading, i create sentence cards (later with the example sentences provided by the dictionary)
when i mine words while watching j-subbed anime, i create anime cards

>> No.35887362

i doubt you can learn pitch accent by listening to the same recording multiple times
if you already know that 出来る is nakadaka, even if you can't hear pitch accent yet you can answer the flashcard as soon as you hear the word.

>> No.35887384
File: 734 KB, 1000x1000, 1627575317876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are u learning Japanese?

>> No.35887399

if the word has a homonym marked as common on jisho then i add a compound if there are no compounds then i add a hint on the front or i simply don't mine it

>> No.35887406

omeko ga kuitai kara

>> No.35887426

to nut deep inside a nip girl in the boonies of japan

>> No.35887427

i like the people

>> No.35887428

i'm not learning japanese japanese is teaching me

>> No.35887438

no you're just retarded

>> No.35887452

i like the culture, both old and new, i like the people, and it's my duty as an otaku to learn the language of the gods

>> No.35887467

maybe i am but i'm improving

>> No.35887492

are you sure you're not trapped within a local minima tho

>> No.35887494

creating these audio cards makes me focused on the audio. sometimes a word jumps at you and you feel like you know the word but you can't recall the meaning then when you look it up it's a word that you knew in its written form but that you can't recognize spoken

my listening has been improving a lot by doing this

>> No.35887508

>are you sure
i don't know i'm retarded

>> No.35887557

shut the fuck up

>> No.35887577


>> No.35887604

ぽっ ぽっ ぽっ ぽっ

>> No.35887610

-t Qwant user

>> No.35887629


>> No.35887641

dog an i headbutted each other and now i got one of those cool eyebrow scars you see in anime

>> No.35887644

this made my day, thanks!

>> No.35887717

I just put the sentence audio on the front and the exercise is to name the PA of each word. Then I can correct myself if I misheard something by looking at the back which has the written sentence w/ accent marks.
十人十色 tho

>> No.35887810



>> No.35887823


>> No.35887850
File: 224 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah this title gave me aids

>> No.35887870

ok i'm checking this one out

>> No.35887888

it's really cool slowly recognizing more and more words in the wild
anki it just works

>> No.35887898

fuck off

>> No.35887913

learned しらばくれる by ear

>> No.35887959
File: 24 KB, 321x474, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35887965

lol wtf happened to the thread its noob central now

>> No.35887970

it's da juujins, guys

>> No.35887976


>> No.35887978

we all gotta start somewhere

>> No.35887995

heres to hoping a future edition will honor the achievements of revolutionary language guru matt bonder

>> No.35888000

you gotta start here >>>/int/djt

>> No.35888002

hate waking up with bug bites in the sommer

>> No.35888027

wow it seems helpful

>> No.35888125

fuck almost started playing a jav while i was unmuted during a work meeting good thing it didn't finish downloading

>> No.35888185


>> No.35888295

who's tougher you guys or /int/djt?

>> No.35888320

saw some guy say jk at the end of a sentence and i thought he was talking about jks for a second

>> No.35888351

wanna put a jk at the end of this sentece 3===D

>> No.35888363

This could be seen as a power move you know.

>> No.35888369

yeah that journalist who got fired for jacking off on a work zoom call was a fucking chad

>> No.35888389

he was suspended, he's already back on the air tugging it under the newsdesk

>> No.35888530

nothing powerful about watching porn tho
had i been having or something maybe

>> No.35888601

we do a little readin

>> No.35888619


>> No.35888696

how do we stop china bros

>> No.35888699

its too late

>> No.35888720

having sex whoops

>> No.35888735


>> No.35888787

can't. average iq is too high, population too large.

>> No.35888821

They should invite Renge to play!

>> No.35888834

renges retarded tho

>> No.35888836
File: 798 KB, 626x974, FGmVU2t.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35888851


>> No.35888852

don't need too, average is is too low, they have no creativity. they will stop themselves.

>> No.35888860

muh iq

>> No.35888861

fuck im trash i have a card for that word

>> No.35888868

yep, chinamen have low iq in general. they output fake stats like usual.

>> No.35888872
File: 9 KB, 496x137, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.35888892

imagine thinking the complexity of the world can be reduced to a meme number

>> No.35888896

chinamen: accidentally invent 4 things 4 thousand years ago, don't even use them properly, rely on others to advance them, steals all other tech from the rest of the world

the west: invents 4 million great inventions, conquers the world, creates everything

>> No.35888907

>i came, i saw, i coped

>> No.35888914

what's there to cope? you can clearly see the results by position of the rest of the world. even with 1 billion worker drones, china is poor and completely relies on stolen technology.

>> No.35888923

hopefully nothing's going to happen for at least two decades
then i'll be too old to get conscripted

>> No.35888931
File: 23 KB, 461x182, yo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow this word is much less common in anime???

>> No.35888948

not him but lists of inventions by individual european countries like germany are probably the same size as china's list. countries which only formed/civilized in the past ~1500 years and with 1/20th of the population have accomplished the equivalent of a civilization that is thousands of years older. god damn europeans are amazing. too bad their elites are anti-white and destroying themselves.

>> No.35888954

ass: clenched

>> No.35888960

my foot: up ur ass

>> No.35888979

>luckily i'm pretty smart
lmao, you arent
>there's no such thing as objectively good or bad in a moral sense
errant nonsense

>> No.35888984

ironic you'd accuse an entire nation of lacking creativity while parroting somebody else's opinion like an npc

>> No.35888992

>you can never have the same opinion as someone else or you're a parrot
complete brainlet

>> No.35888998

wotd: quidnunc

>> No.35889019

3d objectively bad
2d objectively good
checkmate gaytheist

>> No.35889037

usually atheists believe in 2d cuz they have to fill the void in their soul

>> No.35889042

>wow the lowest form of media uses a toddlers vocabulary whoda thunk

>> No.35889072

i want to read texts where people hypothesize about output

>> No.35889085

so nukige?

>> No.35889095

say what you want about your "efficiency" but its just more satisfying to figure something out for yourself organically than to grind some flashcard

>> No.35889120

they're only low due to environmental factors when raised in a proper environment like singapore, hong kong, australia or the us they have higher average iqs then whites

>> No.35889138

i want to read texts where people hypnotize output girl

>> No.35889140

a lot of these were just made by other civilizations independently

>> No.35889145

which is irrelevant to the point being made

>> No.35889156

they're not gonna fight with soldiers you dolt they'll use drones

>> No.35889187

>lmao, you arent
i am how else would i easily figure out that objective morality is nonsense despite never reading philosophy

>> No.35889191

sometimes i forget what og even stands for it's just og

>> No.35889194

>my rick & morty take: me so smart

>> No.35889200

i want to watch javs where everyone outputs in her

>> No.35889205

actually it is because you have to take these insults comparatively. if you get four questions right on a 100 question test while everyone else gets 80 to 100 you're essentially a dumbass. obviously its impossible for a people to have NO creativity at all, think about whats being said here

>> No.35889210

dick and dorky and its creators probably communicate some leftist morality bullshit though. not that i'd know since i don't watch that trash

>> No.35889222

oh yea output girl took me a min

>> No.35889228

if you think people coming up with their own philosophies is not the norm you're delusional

>> No.35889229

you fundamentally align with their core tenants of nihilism and subjective morality and you are stupid to even realize it

>> No.35889236

its super nihilism actually with no political leaning

>> No.35889237

it stands for onderground (typo of underground, if you know og, you know) >>35889020

>> No.35889240

*too stupid

>> No.35889245

their core tenants are probably some leftist shit but again i haven't watched the show so idk

>> No.35889246

leftists don't have a morality they just complain about whatever the current state of affairs is

>> No.35889256

well it's true that leftism is just the coalition of the fringes trying to invert a hierarchy that they declare as unjust.

>> No.35889261

she named herself after a typo? wow

>> No.35889271

that webm is allegorically me in this existence
low iq

>> No.35889273

4bc named me i had no interest in being a namefag

>> No.35889298

I thought you left

>> No.35889301

morality is a spook

>> No.35889318

nice projection

>> No.35889325

whats dna's end game...

>> No.35889332

so turns out Mabinogion is a real thing brb gonna have to learn old welsh now

>> No.35889339

why would you say perhaps or maybe twice in english

>> No.35889348

ugh animelon is lagging

>> No.35889446

welsh is one of the most beautiful languages in the wolrd

>> No.35889454

I'm told each Tango N5 card corresponds to a Japanese word, but how do I know what that word is? Each side of the card has a word dump.

>> No.35889518
File: 28 KB, 539x135, g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in the 60s they already knew the truth that og still hasn't accepted

>> No.35889541

ogs not very bright

>> No.35889542

he mentions output in the same line

>> No.35889567

i dont know how many times i have to tell you im not against input its an absolutely crucial component
im only against pretending you can learn from input alone and having a spergfit over early output

>> No.35889589

people are dumber nowadays. when when the last time someone like neumann was born, for example?

>> No.35889622

Does this apply to Nihongo?

>> No.35889640

yes according to the djt doctrine

>> No.35889657
File: 1.22 MB, 1280x2378, djt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the old guide

>> No.35889674

mined it from the takagi anime

>> No.35889732

true innovation is down there hasnt been a major invention since the internet

>> No.35889741

Gonna be honest lads, I don't believe technology is real. Seems closer to magic.

>> No.35889744

hilarious we struggle so much just getting back to the fucking moon 50 years later

>> No.35889759

what do you mean by struggle? there were 6 missions in total. the last mission was in 1972

>> No.35889768


>> No.35889771


>> No.35889778

fuck dont tell me theres globies itt

>> No.35889786
File: 565 KB, 541x728, 1613707684142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

been reading the fable and dont feel like doing much after work anyways so have a lil chug backlog

>> No.35889789

Weird that Nip has so many symbols in a sentence but only the most complicated one actually matters.

>> No.35889884

now if only ull just agree that using japanese that u made up urself with english reckoning is permanently crippling and u should only mimic known good japanese wed be basically comin from the same place

>> No.35889910

maybe after you admit ydkj
part of the reason it takes me so long to do a long post is because i literally cannot think of what im saying in english and have to switch to a jp mindset
but of course you cant tell the difference and just assuming im translating in my head
>mimic known good japanese
you are so fucked in the head i want to put you out of your misery.
you are a cancer please die and stop ruining the lives of young impressionable people on the internet

>> No.35889922

if u think listening to a japanese person and mimicking what they say in a specific situation word for word isnt the way to acquire language and build verbalization skills idk what to do for u

also i dont wanna flame u so dont tell me more about ur japanese mindset

>> No.35889924

>jamal: fuck japanese people
>also jamal: i kneel to japanese people and their known japanese i would be so embarrassed if i did parrot them verbatim on an eng speaking website

>> No.35889929

holy fuck this one is awesome why must it be censored

>> No.35889930

t. shits on me for spouting "anime serifu"

>> No.35889938

yea matt even said this. adopt a "parent" and try to copy what they say

>> No.35889939

jamal cant stop contradicting himself

>> No.35889942

yeah good to know matto and jamal both belong in the trash for being retarded jsl bullies who dkj

>> No.35889952

Not a good month for trips is it.

>> No.35889954

>mimic known good japanese

>> No.35889962

imagine being so insecure you cant even engage with the language you are trying to learn out of fear of not speaking exactly like a literal native from the start

i hate what jamal has done to this place so much he is literally ruining peoples lives with this shit

>> No.35889965

matt and jamal agree on so much not sure why jamal always disliked and laughed at him

>> No.35889966

why r u trying to fight me in such a pathetic way lol

>> No.35889971

jamal right
if u know japanese you know what im talking about

>> No.35889972

t. makes fun of esls that say anything weird lol

>> No.35889976

cuz hes a goblin lookin ass fuck w. 2 dads who rips ppl off on the internet w. a bunch of bullshit that doesnt even constitute an actual product its even worse than ajatt lol

>> No.35889978

Good thing I stick to just writing the days of the week, i'd hate for people to know I don't speak Nihongo.

>> No.35889984

im not fighting you
im thwarting you
you are irrelevent, you have aliented yourself and only have a couple of died-hard simps who even give a fuck if you fucked off forever
and the best part is you are so weak the newfags dont give two shits what some impotent old tripfag has to say on the subject

walk straight into that horizon, old man

>> No.35889986

>its even worse than ajatt lol
wasn't tyrone's program even worse than what matt is doing? what was that silver spoon shit he did? what was he selling?

>> No.35889996

maybe you should learn english first

>> No.35890003

jamal right you cope

>> No.35890010

yah armed with 木と青さ ur comin to thwart me all right

>> No.35890015

>if u think listening to a japanese person and mimicking what they say in a specific situation word for word isnt the way to acquire language and build verbalization skills idk what to do for u
i don't agree with you that this is the only way but i do this sometimes. i like to play with it

i did it earlier in this post >>35887810

the original line was 誰が人形を動かしている

>> No.35890016

an apt example of your petty bullshit no one cares about outside of djt crazyland

>> No.35890021

i forgot to say that i'm not og

>> No.35890029

i never said its the only way but u have to work from correct japanese that u heard somewhere

u will eventually grow to be able to correctly link certain things together of course bc ultimately as long as u follow the rules u can technically say whatever u want but more often than not nihongo hopefuls write shit that they dont actually mean bc they dont intuitively understand what shit means in ~japanese~ and ur operating with an english speakers reckoning

>> No.35890049

>english speakers reckoning
this is called a strawman
and that you dare to apply this to me and also call me weeb who wants to be japanese and copies anime serifu shows how disingenuous has my hara in a tatsu

>> No.35890057

funny u mention strawmans as u tell me what the strawman of me u created is doing lol

>> No.35890067

the difference is your posts actually bare that out where all you can do is talk about ki to aosa shit from last year

>> No.35890074

do i believe that was from this year

we havent been together that long yet

>> No.35890076

btw arguing you became a lot easier when i realized you were lying about your iq and a considerably more moronic than me (which is saying something)

>> No.35890088

tell og to stop inviting her irl friends here

>> No.35890090

>he is literally ruining peoples lives with this shit
there is a little bit of post in your exaggeration

>> No.35890094

u mean arguing w. me became a lot easier when u just made a strawman to argue w. me u certainly arent arguing w. me bc as always i dont argue

i dictate

>> No.35890104

The trip is floundering hard. He's seetheposting at lightspeed.

>> No.35890115

i just casually tab in and deal w. my retarded girlfriend lol

>> No.35890123

i wish i were but so many miserable people getting caught up in his bullshit and it shattering their one real interest of goal in life is very likely and possibly hes indirectly responsible for some suicides after doing this shit here for years and years in a site known for housing troubled men
>reduced to spouting my own terms back at me
if you iq is a point over 115 ill eat my hat
lemme guess im gaslighting you now lol

>> No.35890125


>> No.35890136

Is this gonna be like a few days ago when the other trip did 800posts of assblasted replies.

>> No.35890138

when you say shit like this it makes you look so pathetically desperate

>> No.35890144

idk why u want to eat a hat but im gonna hold u to that

maybe ill call mensa back and b like hey remember when u used to send me mail and call me begging me to join and i told u to quote "fuck off nerd" ? well i had a change of heart

>> No.35890152

the fact you voluntarily bring up mensa as part of your ongoing lore-crafting says a lot about the truth of the matter
and of course, you being you, you cant conceive of a way of valuing yourself as a person and as a man other than reddit-tier criteria like iq

>> No.35890153

Has mensa done anything useful, I never see anything in the news about what the high iq society has done.

>> No.35890154

i was disappointed the son didn't fuck his mom or anyone at all there was only some weak ass penetration in the background

>> No.35890164

and fyi im only bringing up iq as a way to dab on you being soft in the head and lacking critical reasoning skills in an argument
and the fact im the one dabbing on you over your reasoning ability is majorly said lmao im half demented

>> No.35890171


>> No.35890183


>> No.35890212

almost asked myself why jamal is such a vile being than i remembered hes happa

>> No.35890224




>> No.35890249


>> No.35890259
File: 149 KB, 500x566, you-cant-learn-japanese-alone-linqualift-tier-5-weeaboo-can-40713261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I give up immersion therapy does not work. It only works if you move to Japan. People who are shilling that for money live in Japan and make money of patreon.
They are shilling stuff that doesn't work.

>> No.35890267
File: 13 KB, 480x360, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shit has gotten interesting
this has potential

>> No.35890277

pausing my immersion for this

>> No.35890279

fuck off then

>> No.35890287


>> No.35890296

I am already working on plan b. when my muscles fully bulge in a few years I can get a Nihongo gf instead so I can stop trying to learn Japanese.

>> No.35890302


どうした ? わたしここだわ



>> No.35890344


>> No.35890352


>> No.35890371


>> No.35890377

this is extremely melodramatic why are women like this

>> No.35890387

word of the day: 最期

>> No.35890396


>> No.35890400

>immersion therapy

>> No.35890401

っていうか日本語で大丈夫 ? 爆笑

>> No.35890407


>> No.35890426

jamal still struggling with は and implied subjects

>> No.35890433


>> No.35890438

im happy to be labeled crippled if i can drag posers like jamal into hell with me

>> No.35890455

yea thats enough nihongo innocent bystanders are jumping into the crossfire and killing their slefs

>> No.35890456
File: 110 KB, 755x585, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

og is my 天賦 but there is only way of settling this


>> No.35890472

3 years in and comprehensibility is still as important to me as how compelling something is. no matter how much i want to read something, if i have to look shit up a lot i get tired of reading it

>> No.35890476
File: 65 KB, 584x365, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35890483
File: 2.30 MB, 1116x1468, 1596250547383.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw no saori hayami gf

>> No.35890490

normally i let ppl go for a while hanging themselves w.o ever telling them but bc ur my girlfriend ill put u down swiftly

i wasnt implying u used the wrong particle

>> No.35890492

what a shocker jamal struggles with basic japanese
its funny his paranoia about unnatural "english" japanese makes him so jumpy he self-owns like this

>> No.35890495

I like that I can spend an hour looking at cute gothic lolitas and now it counts as art reps.

>> No.35890497

damage control

>> No.35890512

im not the 1 posting images of the phrase "日本語は大丈夫" as some kind of preemptive defense to some attack on something u decided on in ur own mind due to low nihongo-ryoku lol

>> No.35890515

yeah same you got any other good ones

>> No.35890516

*points gunbai to jamal*
syobu ari

>> No.35890518

keep up the good work

>> No.35890519

im not even that anon, retard
your bullshit stinks to the whole thread not just me

>> No.35890529

well then i refer back to this >>35890455

>> No.35890531

jamal isn't lying about his iq. he was just tested when he was like 10 and his score was an aberration and he doesn't realize his iq is probably 120-130 as an adult.

>> No.35890535

do u think anyone with an iq that low could be so good at tying these fools into a pretzel every time they try to step lol

>> No.35890539

y do u act like a little bitch when u r arguing? all vague and shit. it's so annoying

>> No.35890543

again i refer back to this >>35890094

>> No.35890548

i test as 130 each time
hes no 130
ive met many midwit 120 who are still sharper than he is
its doesnt take a high iq to cheese emotionally manipulative behaviors and be perpetually vague
when that fails, he just sticks his fingers in his ears going "lalalalala"
real high-caliber wit here

>> No.35890550

only thing being used here is your face for djt to pee in

>> No.35890554

our kids would have an average iq of 125 which would be nice. i don't want kids dumber than me.

>> No.35890556

it's like watching a lovers quarrel while you're trying to enjoy your meal at a restaurant

>> No.35890557

u say as u turn into a corn cob lol

>> No.35890563

inb4 ogs next ad homie attack or comedy option anime語 attack

>> No.35890564

huh, must be the wrong hours for your jamal boys maybe you should check your dead irc lmao

>> No.35890566
File: 60 KB, 242x396, jamal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>u r so wrong but i ain't gonna tell u why bb
>i'm slaying u right now bitch, i'm fabulous
>i'm right and you're wrong. don't even ask, it's a fact. just deal it, sweaty

>> No.35890571 [DELETED] 


>> No.35890578

He defo looks like that LOL.

>> No.35890582

lmao not far off probably

>> No.35890588

that dudes more ripped than u

>> No.35890600

and i dont mean his butthole

>> No.35890603

why am i not allowed to piss on anyone itt who are obviously all going to be guys without you sickos twisting it like this
im gonna start doing it to you and calling you all gay or something see how old that gets

>> No.35890606

Can you walk in heels?

>> No.35890613

most of your posts just feel like flirting to me idk, like you're trying to be playful and insulting at the same time.

>> No.35890616

never tried

>> No.35890622

good thing about serving cocktails is it taught me how to run in heels if nothing else

>> No.35890624

What do you mean?
This >>35890566 is a picture of you wearing heels.

>> No.35890626

running in heels is retarded tho u just fuck up ur feet and ankles and shit wearing idiot footwear

its not but that dude would beat u in a arm wrestling match

>> No.35890629

the mc of fable is so fucking based, might be my favorite mc ever lmao

>> No.35890634

ive got high arches a small heel is way better for my feet

>> No.35890635

Are you saying you could beat me in an arm wrestling match despite walking around in heels? Is this part or your weird fetish of being dominated?

>> No.35890640

he's generic as fuck he doesn't have a personality. and that makes sense cuz it's an rpg and you're supposed to self insert as him.

>> No.35890642

what ?

>> No.35890644

self insertion is npc behavior

>> No.35890647

im talking about a manga

>> No.35890649

You should learn to be less homosexual in public. Even though no one says anything they are judging you for being a man walking around in red heels.

>> No.35890653

what ¿

>> No.35890654

as for me, the western rpg game released for the xbox and pc

>> No.35890660

I suggest learning more English so you can better follow conversations in the future. Maybe spend less time thinking about dressing up as a lady.

>> No.35890665

too advanced for /int/djt but too beginner for /jp/djt sigh komaru wa ne

>> No.35890668

i don't think so

>> No.35890669

what ??

>> No.35890671

you went from 'haha what if i call you gay how would you like that' to 'jamal you wear heels lol gay'
the severe lack of finesse is truly something

>> No.35890680

your attempts to simp jamal could use some finesse

>> No.35890683

Why are you posting an extremely low quality post.

>> No.35890685

spent like 2 hours on djt in the past week

>> No.35890686

what ?

>> No.35890698

Please stop spamming/Flooding you're bringing the quality of the thread down.

>> No.35890701


>> No.35890706


>> No.35890711

gonna be done with training at work soon so i'll be able to put jptv on a different monitor to stream the entire work day. wonder how much faster i'll improve.

>> No.35890713

By posting a repeating word that adds nothing to the conversation you are diluting the thread with garbage, how do you not understand this? Is it because of your homosexual tendencies?

>> No.35890720


>> No.35890722

in job training do they tell you every single little thing about having a job that a neet might not know. i don't even know how shifts/hours work and what it means to "clock out" and stuff like that)

>> No.35890729

studying japanese and instigating jamal and og's beef at the same time

wotd: 嗾ける

>> No.35890738

well you can ask but they'll think youre a stupid retard. for my training the guy walked me through basically everything since the entire job is based on fixed procedures of which there a million

a lot of jobs have knowledge-bases, guides etc in one note or whatever that you get access to

>> No.35890739

studying japanese is a surefire way to never learn it

>> No.35890741

nah i don't actively seek out javs with extensive plot i just got in on the swarm early to get some ratio

>> No.35890746

depends on the job, if you're lucky you get to shadow someone but generally assume that you're going to have to figure shit out

>> No.35890752

i dont jerk off to jav almost every anymore because its too fucking tedious to find one where the guy isn't complete dogshit at fucking, the girl isnt a shrieking banshee and then still having to fast forward 40 minutes to get passed the disgusting slurping kissing and pussy eating

>> No.35890753

true, the only acceptable method is this one:

>> No.35890755

word of advice to the neet retard overthinking everything

dont worry about shit and never let anyone get wind that ur not retarded

the retards use the non retards never let that happen to u

>> No.35890767

is ano hana really that sad? ive been avoiding it for years

>> No.35890770


>> No.35890774

npcs don't think

>> No.35890779

anohana is only as sad as u r

print this post and put it right on ur wall

>> No.35890807

usually cum to the sloppy kissing scenes

>> No.35890816

the sound makes me seethe

>> No.35890817

i like how you finally took my advice and paid for jptv
you wont regret it its so much content

>> No.35890823

this is your "nihongo guru"

>> No.35890827

you don't have to pay to get into jptv just pass the interview lol

>> No.35890829

a npc is a character that is pre-programmed to act a certain way

"self-insertion" is about fantasizing. how does that make someone a npc?

>> No.35890830

my friend told me nihonjin actually kiss nasty like that but without the sounds

>> No.35890831

why u r putting that in quotes i certainly never claimed such a thing

>> No.35890834

i havent paid for it yet also i dont know what youre referring to by advice, youre probably mistaking me for someone else
a tracker i was on used to have free jptv for members but its gone now and it sucked anyways

>> No.35890836

i doubt you found that by accident its pretty well hidden

>> No.35890846

its not well hidden theres an entire subreddit for jptv and there are a few other options beyond sakura tv. i knew what iptv was beforehand so i just googled it for japan

>> No.35890855

i searched and searched and didnt find it until a friend told me about it
i even checked the tv threads here and didnt see it mentioned

>> No.35890857


>> No.35890862

guess im just smarter than you

>> No.35890873

dare ni?

>> No.35890879

a very special girl lol...

>> No.35890883

og gaslighting herself into thinking she's a jptv guru

>> No.35890893

true i did do that
well no one wanted my jptv when first posted about it

>> No.35890897

yeah cuz no one is stupid enough to pay for commercials when there are dedicated communities which provide raws and encodes

>> No.35890900

cms are good immersion

>> No.35890909

people who fuss over cms probably haven't watched tv cuz they lose their charm when you see them for the 5th commercial break in a row

>> No.35890916


>> No.35890951


>> No.35890962

a trick played by the cruel on the weak and foolish

>> No.35890978

Commercials I assume. Don't know why they insist on talking in concepts and text speak while writing in English, probably Nihongo frying their brain.

>> No.35891000

how do you post in the intermediate thread and not know what a cm is?

>> No.35891003

>what a cm is?
jamal's dick?

>> No.35891008

jamal is a hermaphrodite and has only a vestigial penis thats why he copes about being too old to get hard

>> No.35891021
File: 337 KB, 938x1008, 1612227947390.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35891029


>> No.35891030

og gets more mentions by far

>> No.35891039

you can't live your entire life thinking like that it's chotto kanashii you should be more hopeful
love is the last thing adults hold from their childhood

>> No.35891043

Yo is this trip gonna cope post for the next 500 posts, it has not been a good month for the trips mentals.

>> No.35891044

agf upgraded this place to the advanced thread

>> No.35891049
File: 201 KB, 850x1208, 0155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I posted this image (but with lower resolution) on the Touhou ERP board back in March.

>> No.35891066

>love is the last thing adults hold from their childhood
well i didnt let go of anything but that, so ill be ok i think
love is out of my control so i dont want it simple as

>> No.35891075


>> No.35891082


>> No.35891113

16 degrees and raining. God bless the cold. I can go back to wearing comfy lounge wear.

>> No.35891118

i wish the whole world could just be winter without it destroying all life

>> No.35891142

that would destroy japs they need 4 seasons

>> No.35891169

i'm personally an autumn guy myself

>> No.35891183

Hnnnnnnnnng walking with my Nip gf under the snowy cherry blossom tree.

>> No.35891184

my country's usually cold and miserable, but that last bout seriously made me consider buying an ac

>> No.35891191

one day me too but don't say nip

>> No.35891200

nip's a term of endearment

>> No.35891202

Is Nip offensive? I thought it was shorthand, At least I didn't call her an Eleven.

>> No.35891217

I live in a region where it's usually above 35C (p close to 100F) during daytime around this time of the year, but I rarely ever turn anything but the fan on.
I almost always turn the air conditioning off around my house if somebody leaves it on.

>> No.35891225

1 point 1 day ago
Possible? Sure. But you need to invest a ton of time. A few hours each day at least.

It took me 3852h (1033h Anki, 2228h listening, 591h reading) to pass in 1.5 years from 0. But I didn't take the "most optimal" route as I just read and watched what I wanted for the majority of the time (up until 1 month before the test).

If you just grind JLPT books, maybe you need less time, but that's not something I did so I cant really help you there.

>> No.35891226

you're always safe as long as you say japanese or japan people often make that mistake of saying j*p or n*p it's not good though it's disrespectful

>> No.35891238

that german spreadsheet guy creeps me out

>> No.35891246

christ is this even the same site?
kys twitter faggot

>> No.35891248

my grandfather used to say 'there's a fucking jap in the air today' when he thought it was going to rain
great guy

>> No.35891251

we do a little trolling

>> No.35891253


>> No.35891265

everyday until you like it

>> No.35891279

It's important to know, I wouldn't want to damage my future cute Nip(ponese) gf's heart.

>> No.35891281

kill all men.

>> No.35891286

come here, let me spit in your mouth

>> No.35891303
File: 40 KB, 850x735, 1627608016871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Find somebody from your own race. If you can't succeed at romance in your home country, there's no way you'll ever succeed in Japan unless you get a gold digger who has a fetish for foreign men and is obsessed with foreign cultures.

>> No.35891308

true true

>> No.35891314

n5 neta

>> No.35891317
File: 76 KB, 850x1189, 1627605816956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Liking women with large breasts and fat bodies is for niggers. Liking slim, petite girls is for civilized men.

>> No.35891319

I feel isolated in my own country, maybe this plays a part in why i'm actively learning Japanese. I want to be surrounded by nice media.

>> No.35891331

petite taller girls with large breasts are the most patrician

>> No.35891339

all my gfs have been big blonde girls with cow tits

>> No.35891347


>> No.35891358

This is true.

>> No.35891361

>1033h Anki
wtf that's more than i've worked in my entire life (0h)

>> No.35891391

all my girlfriends have been delinquents or tomboys

>> No.35891436

i hate when someone else is chosen over me

>> No.35891458

Would you guys be willing to watch a guy who makes videos of himself making extremely brief summaries and offering his impressions on LN volumes, or would you regard that as cringe and give a thumbs down to every single video he uploads?

>> No.35891474

that's the kind of thing you need to make for yourself rather than for affirmation

>> No.35891489

Sounds like a nice idea and it would be helpful for people who want to know that information.

>> No.35891547

Now that I think about it, it wouldn't even make sense to make a video review of a book, since you wouldn't even have any video clips to show and the only pictures you could show from the book would be the cover and like 4-6 illustrations on the inside. It'd just be some fag talking to the camera about something he read instead of typing it out and submitting it to some book review site like a normal person would.

>> No.35891901

this but short

>> No.35892024

manlet detected
what, you want short kids?

>> No.35892025
File: 44 KB, 352x500, 51JQnRMx-1L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can i read this an N3

>> No.35892037

n5 here. no idea

>> No.35892345





>> No.35892571

My vtuber just taught me more Nihongo than /DJT/ has in months

>> No.35892701

dont care

>> No.35892710

Harsh, I thought we all cared about our Nihongo journey together.

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