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Oga morning drawing

Op: https://twitter.com/noyaariho/status/1421485206733692936

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you forgot the best one

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Yes but then I heard he would upload them himself, so getting rid of mine. Cute stream I hope he does more art streams like this.

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I love shogun!

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I love Roberu!!

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I totally forgot that Shinove is the guest for the Hanakishi conference, looking forward to it.
On that note, AsuIzu conference when ;;

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robesan love!

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oh nvm no conference today..

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Rikka singing in a little over half an hour. Not often are his thumbnails as SOULful as this.

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A nice 30 min clip of honest, thoughtful Miyabi talk.


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Seaweed singing in less than ten

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Ah he did Summertime Record solo

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This seaweed really overthinks his voice to a ridiculous degree

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Rikka schedule

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These kind of things make me wish he had more jp listeners that actually understand his worries because what he wanted to hear here was definitely not a wave of ganbares.

That just shows how much he cares about finding what makes himself him. Izuru is a bit similiar to that. Most people will say that they are overthinking but exactly that kind of overthinking is the drive that will help them find their way and will help them improve instead of stagnating as entertainers.

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>make me wish he had more jp listeners
Hopefully that will happen sooner than later with his recent apex networking. All of the boys could use some more fans that they can actually communicate with, honestly.

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Astel just dropped that his orison will come this year out of the fucking blue

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This fucking seaweed I swear to god.

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Huh, he usually does have a few jops he can talk with, maybe chat is too fast

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>astel original

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Temmapex. Rikka also just dropped in VC.

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He actually archived it
Right at the end of the steam, he mentioned that his 3D debut was going to be the last, after Aruran, Miyabi, Temma and Izuru. I think he was just listing them off and not actually spoiling the order since we know that Aruran and Temma are the next two based on the teasers so far.
He also brought up his anniversary this year, which could be a hint for his 3D date being December 7th

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I'm really happy to see this translated, going to guess that you followed through on what you posted after this stream, good work on the channel anon, don't actually confirm
It's nice to be able to understand more of this than I did before, greatly looking forward to seeing flowerboy building himself up even more.
I'm sure he already knows that his fans find a unique quality to the side of himself that he shows through streaming already but he is determined to find a strong niche, once again happy that he didn't quit.
I think that anon just meant proportionally wanting more, his japanese fans are also usually really active in the marshmallow and twitcast streams for him to talk to.

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The ratio of jop to eop always is in favor of the eops. At least he understood that everyone who told him to give his best didn't understand the point of what he was talking about.

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Genius placement from the summer festival staff

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That is perfect!

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Don't mind if I do

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That’s kinda saddening

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Get in line anon.

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Damn, Temma's really improving
At this rate, he'll definitely be a solid diamond player

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>The ratio of jop to eop always is in favor of the eops
Didn't he say a while back that it was 80:20 for EOPs:JOPs

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Leaving Holostars was really the best decision he ever made.

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Hyped up Temma is really cute, I really hope the grind pays off with a nice placement, he is really into the tournament and grinding.

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He's keeping up with Izuru pretty well

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Roberu's schedule for tomorrow

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He is already fantastic( shut up Migavi, your singing voice is precious) but I also want him to reach new potentials and find his own niche and happiness.

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Ah, she saw his shitty thumbnail

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"Your thumbnails have offended my very soul and have shaved off 10 years from my life"
- Tamaki, probably

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Aruran schedule for tomorrow

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The JP regulars are catching up to the narrative

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I don't think izuru should use caustic, he often get carried away and forgot to use his ulti like his horizon.

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My fav livestar narrative

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What the fuck
Apex is too powerful

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The among us/apex circle is so strange, how does this happen. I still cant believe the weird bridges among us creates.

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Gartic Phone is also a dark horse on that matter. And it is at least much more fun to watch than the other games. I hope the trend doesn't die too fast.

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Nice well lit photo of the star stands, cant wait to buy these.
I really want gartic phone to catch on with the indie vtubers/normal streamers I watch sometimes, its really fun even with limited understanding and art related streams are some of my favorites.

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WHAT THE FUCK?????? I need to watch this apex customs

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3rd champ today
they're doing pretty well

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Astel with more Fuga
Oga shin chan

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Knight is actually going to somewhat give out a schedule this week but will only be the hard confirmed collabs everything else is apex as expected.
Taking the Roberu approach for most of august probably.

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"Izuru is nice guy, cute boy"
- Kishido Temma, Auigust 2, 2021

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>Roberu, Aruran, Temma, Kuku, Izumi, and Rukako are the members for the collab tomorrow
Sasuga spoiler Knight, you never disappoint.

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https://twitter.com/kanadeizuru/status/1421887916117151745 izuchama its 3am

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Finally cute Astel merch!

>> No.35927154

That's a normal time for him to be awake.

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Shien schedule

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Really cute watching seaweed fanboy over all the recgonizable artist and seeing him in shipper mode.

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looks way too much like flower boy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tptmXIHhXG4

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Schedule for today

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Morning Roberu

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I do get that one comment sad about not seeing "eye to eye" with him any more but the 2.0 is cuter.

>> No.35930515

He needs a better set up it also kinda makes him look like he has shitty posture

>> No.35930638

Its not too distracting at least, just different, it does make me wonder exactly how his set up works, since he is looking down at the monitor for comments and his game screen seems to be to his right. So is it slightly above him then? I dont know why this of all things Im curious about.

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Get on the Son Bus

>> No.35932094

Holostars are going to have a booth in the Animate Girls Festival (AGF) in November

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Incredibly cute Astellie art. I live for shit like this

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I kinda fucking hate Roberu's new mouth

>> No.35932260

Almost thought you said Animare Girls Festival for a second. Also, funny that I was going to ask if this event is meant for girls or are the merch going to be filled with bishoujo stuff until I saw that the event was in Ikebukuro, then I knew.

>> No.35932283

Why? What bothers you about it?

>> No.35932305

It looks like a generic anime grin but it's also slightly open, it's weird

>> No.35932320

I want to ride Roberu's bus

>> No.35932427

The probability of it happening is extremely low but even now I'm still hoping for the AsuIzuOllie collab. The wacky adventures of a pair of siblings and their best friend, I just wanna see it happen at least once.

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>> No.35932570

Bossu Paper Mario

>> No.35932665

>Seaweed returning to his natural habitat

>> No.35932691

No Apex yet from seaweed?

>> No.35932699

he's addicted to the kemoge
and his teammates are probably having fun with unite

>> No.35932775

RBC managed to break away from PokeLOL for a bit to hold an unarchived karaoke awhile ago
She sang the JP version of Part of Your World, Butter, and Dynamite (although she mumbled her way through this one)

>> No.35932828

>These kind of things make me wish he had more jp listeners that actually understand his worries because what he wanted to hear here was definitely not a wave of ganbares.
What happened here?

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holy shit

>> No.35932965

168 cm

>> No.35932969

The actual FUCK

>> No.35932997

Oh boy.

>> No.35933022

oh god

>> No.35933028

>the way he enunciates the hai at the end of his sentence is identical
>both are illustrators and involved in game dev
>mentions liking Kizuna Ai
>Oga retweeted one of Ai's songs earlier this year

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Astel was genuinely worrying about not having his way of singing and kept talking about wanting to find it but EOPs kept telling him that it's fine how he sings now even though it was clearly a matter that means a lot to him.
In the end he got a wave of "Give your best!"s but he realized that the listeners telling him that were just talking past him since that wasn't be the problem because Astel was already giving his best.

>> No.35933195

>having his way of singing
What does this mean? Like how his style of singing isn't unique enough?

>> No.35933212

To be fair, there really isn't much to say as a layman and people are there for the way he sings. He honestly should talk to his vocal coach if he really has any doubts about about his style or wants to change himself.

>> No.35933244

Astel noticed that he would adapt his singing depending on the the song he sings and compared the difference to Izuru who would always sing in a distinct way no matter which song he would sing.

I doubt he is taking it to heart since he just brushed it off and it was just emoi talk to hype up the original song announcement.
He doesn't take voice lessons but it's likely he talks to Izuru about this kind of stuff so I don't really worry about him.

>> No.35933269

Anons... forgive me for I have gotten curious enough to check out the 'other' twitter account and I'm starting to think it really is Oga's roommate since he
1. Has a picture of not only a gundam kit he bought but also of a huge gundam statue
2. Mentioned playing ring fit
3. Has his birthday as January 15 (why he decided to have his vtuber birthday and real birthday on the same day is beyond me)
4. Has an artstyle with fairly thick lines and light and cute colors
5. Halted all activities on the 'other' twitter after April 27, 2020, with it only being used to retweet announcements from FruitBat

>> No.35933279

Anon, it was pretty obvious even without stalking the other twitter. It's 100% him.

>> No.35933289

>Astel noticed that he would adapt his singing depending on the the song he sing
Isn't vocal versatility/having a wide vocal range in itself a unique quality though? Especially since he's the only star capable of doing so (and maybe Rikka and Shien to a lesser extent)

>> No.35933292

>Astel noticed that he would adapt his singing depending on the the song he sings
I see. Vocal coaches will tell you to focus on technique first and style later. If you go out of your way to sound different for the sake of being different, then all that's going to result in is you sounding like a dying frog in your 40s. Seaweed's doing good.

>> No.35933330

Roberu Furaiki 4

>> No.35933413

>the way he enunciates the hai at the end of his sentence is identical
Not only that, but the way he emphasize his words, grunts and laughs are all very similar to Oga. Also in the video he also mentions he can't speak English at all (like Oga) and the way he ends off the radio I can just imagining it being one of his regular streams. It's definitely him.

>> No.35933417

I think most would agree it is, I suppose his issue comes from the fact that because he's so versatile he loses having the ability to add his own "Astel quality" to a song (ie the way Izuru does).

By the way, he also made a remark in that stream that he hated his voice, which is probably why the EOPs were extra coddling.

>> No.35933471

The undoxxable homo...

>> No.35933494

Aruran - A Short Hike pt. 2

>> No.35933600

This is actually pretty cool because his work is very well liked. Still gotta respect the boundary.

>> No.35933899

I hope the update doesn’t fuck up seaweeds side view...or his cute little mouth
Ahh i’m nervous

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File: 100 KB, 1466x1191, E7oNXuJVoAEvcWh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's barely gonna use it I wouldn't worry about it

>> No.35934301

He's really fond of his new years outfit. I can't blame him, it's really cool

>> No.35935038

Roberu, Temma, Aruran, Kuku, Izumi and Rukako Codenames collab
>Temma POV
>Kuku POV

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>> No.35935477

Going to have to rewatch this one but the combination of Aru and Temma thought processes is really fun. I wish Aru had a pov, hes getting bullied quite a bit as usual.

>> No.35935545

Astel Fuga

>> No.35935681

If that's tall the rest of the homos must be fucking dorfs.
Is there any photos of him tho?

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File: 409 KB, 2560x1440, Eb1z_YHUwAIhMR6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Temma and Roberu absolutely crushing everybody
SunTempo no Kizuna is unbeatable.

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>> No.35935869

You can find a page on webarchive with photos of him and some stats if you google his name and follow a few links

>> No.35935974

He looks thicker that I expected. But it's an old photo so he's might have gotten thinner.

>> No.35936115

The Gartic Phone collab is all Holostars except Temma...

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File: 1.53 MB, 912x1056, temmacry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Temma just found out that he's the only one not included in the Holostars Gartic Phone collab

>> No.35936165


>> No.35936249

Heads up for any of Shogun's members: he's starting a membership only stream right now

>> No.35936549

The knights schedule is as expected.

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File: 323 KB, 460x628, shogunslinging.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bless this members only stream.

>> No.35936604


>> No.35936720

>That おやすみ?on the collab date
What are the chances he finds a way to participate? You could hear the genuine shock in his voice earlier when he found out he was the only one out.

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File: 58 KB, 327x321, B325FA71-1884-48A3-9FEB-2A8A87F7F0A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But why

>> No.35936765

I'm fully expecting apex or the members only half year badge creation stream., though it would be nice if he joins in anyway.
Badge creation stream at least means there will be some knight art, looking forward to it.

>> No.35936782

By that, do you mean that he was surprised no one else declined or that he didn't know it was happening?

>> No.35936787

He's not the tallest homo. Maybe they meant bulky and not tall.

>> No.35936796

I'd chalk it up to Knight being an airhead as usual. Roberu and Aruran were shocked when Temma said that he wasn't participating, in the same way Temma was shocked to find out he was the only one not participating.

>> No.35936806


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Thats also what I thought, honestly its a very Temma thing to do. I hope they do Gartic phone again down the line because I was really looking forward to a full collab.

>> No.35937270

He's not gonna lift seaweed on 3D.

>> No.35937412

Isn’t seaweed like, 1,50

>> No.35937612

I'm usually good at searching past life stuff but couldn't find that at all, props to you. And also to him for managing to hide it well.

Nope, he lied about it for some reason. He seems to be around 165cm.

>> No.35937658

You guys do know that it's not some impossible feat to lift someone up that's around the same height as you, right?

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File: 1.25 MB, 800x800, 2949F611-2134-4E55-B1D6-3AEEFBC760FC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you want to be a shota that bad...

>> No.35938273

Old photos from 5 years ago. Looking at his 3D he dosen't move like an overweight person does, also have in mind his ring fit stats and that he owns a pull-up machine. He used to be fat and now he's ripped.

>> No.35938531

Hey I just thought of something fun, let’s lewd Temma!

>> No.35938544

This does not sound that fun

>> No.35938571

Where's the fun in that when he isn't even streaming and making questionable cute sounds

>> No.35938599

I am always in a state of lewding Temma

>> No.35938622

Well then go on ahead anon

>> No.35938675

What's your favorite way to lewd Temma?

>> No.35938686

I always enjoy that anon and have the background lewd knight in mind often but not quite in the hornyposting mood. Heres a cute gasp though if you like: https://streamable.com/geouie
Knight and the flower are pretty close to 100k I wonder what they will do for it, Miyabi seems sicker lately so probably no rfa.

>> No.35938784

His new mouth is so fucking cute

>> No.35938874

The round face and constant open mouth still havent lost new appeal, even though his tendency to think with his mouth open was noticeable before its something you cant ignore at now. The combo has made him lose any sort of cool factor his model could have but its very worth it.
I wish we couldve gotten that proper unarchive + possible english utawaku before the apex hit. I want another asmr stream with this 2.0 too..

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File: 434 KB, 686x686, 1626915642803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, clips of him being a kusogaki really do it for me. And like another anon said, the "thinking with his mouth open" thing pops up in my brain very often.
[Spoiler] Forgive me anon, the only horny art I have of Temma is fujo shit.I am actively on the hunt for non fujo lewds but am retarded when it comes to twitter art [/spoiler]

>> No.35938956
File: 434 KB, 686x686, 1626915642803.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly, clips of him being a kusogaki really do it for me. And like another anon said, the "thinking with his mouth open" thing pops up in my brain very often.
Forgive me anon, the only horny art I have of Temma is fujo shit. I am actively on the hunt for non fujo lewds but am retarded when it comes to twitter art

>> No.35939105

Ive been wanting lewd Knight pin-ups, sadly the artist I was so set on commissioning for it doesnt do nsfw v-tuber art, there are a few others I had in mind but he wouldve looked so nice in her style.
I'm going to have to suck it up and poorly draw them myself.
Knight does make a pretty cute brat too, the quick retribution for any smug behavior helps too, and the whine, and the salt. Too good

>> No.35939241

I think Temma once claimed his blonde hair was dyed, which is a really cute detail to me because then he's trying to actively be the pure knight, not that he just is the archetype. Which then makes his brat side extra spicy.

>> No.35939405
File: 375 KB, 779x657, EwTcihSU8AQ28bM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember at least one of those times was a yurustar apex stream, a few artist did dark hair Temma fanarts, I wish there were more. Black hair blue eyes is always a good combo.
Not exactly related but I really need the seaweed knight song to be slightly spicy or have something that leans that way with the mv designs, need more excuses for spicy Temma art.

>> No.35939827

What’s wrong with fujo shit. That’s me asking sneakily, do post

>> No.35939877

If you manage to find something do share been trying to find stuff by myself, but progress has been... slow... I'm still trying to figure out abbreviations...

>> No.35939896 [SPOILER] 
File: 204 KB, 944x661, 1627944239930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35939951 [SPOILER] 
File: 265 KB, 1262x2048, 1627944679895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, since you asked
>Time to horny post

>> No.35939959 [SPOILER] 
File: 82 KB, 926x696, 1627944741290.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't mind me

>> No.35939967 [SPOILER] 
File: 221 KB, 900x695, 1627944818922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35939990

Thank you very much

>> No.35940077

I... was actually referring to non-fujo stuff, since fujo stuff is actually pretty easy to find (and really good), but hey, I'm not gonna complain about this little batch.
Now if you excuse I'm gonna lewd the knight in my mind.

>> No.35940318
File: 736 KB, 1400x1170, E70eOC-VcA8Gvc4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.78 MB, 1399x2491, EymAQ8IWgAA1Dr0 full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Youve probably already seen this

>> No.35940434

Both cool knight and cute knight are good!

>> No.35940783

>dying frog in your 40s
おえ!! Izuru's raspy voice is fine, even for a 20 yr old...

>> No.35940969

Morning Roberu

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Master is cute today as well

>> No.35941162

Thirsty regular superchats and text between things like others asking about the olympics and such never gets old. I didnt expect him to actually use anything new again so soon.

>> No.35941345

Its been so long since the discovery channel minecraft stream that even though theres hardly anything going on in the server theres a lot for him to see, looking forward to watching that archive.

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File: 175 KB, 1280x720, V3logUHEV_U-HD (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35942497

He's just going around and fixing all the OCD spots and it's fucking great.

>> No.35942712

I want robechan to get angry at me like like how he’s getting angry over this messy server

>> No.35942749

Thanks for this lead I was having a hard time finding the pics

>> No.35942866

He's so annoyed at all the torches, it's great

>> No.35942978

I never thought Roberu would be the one obsessed with cleaning and organizing the server

>> No.35943093


>> No.35943117

And of course the first thing he does is flex his blue upa.

>> No.35943189

Is he really organizing all the torches...

>> No.35943235


>> No.35943337
File: 111 KB, 253x232, ( ˘ω˘ ).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.35943369

>The maze has Kira facts

>> No.35943434

Shien's ordering Roberu to strip again...

>> No.35943594

Today's guerilla babudon collab and the Aruran's collabs with AsuIzu and Miyabi during his ao upa arc make me wish we get another big MC collab with all of the boys

>> No.35943601

Interest is building up again, so I'm expecting some collabs to pop up here and there. The big collab really depends if Oga is up for it since he has a hard time with FPS games

>> No.35943631

https://youtu.be/9fxgELL9bNY Aruran's starting up his MC stream, it's a collab with Roberu right now
https://youtu.be/r61IcPblruQ Shien

>> No.35943850
File: 126 KB, 210x360, mysides.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A years plus of living in that Minecraft village
>Only now they discovered that everything below the village is cursed
I'm fucking dying. Not sure if it's going to be an actual stream, but Roberu plans to run a zombie extermination team to get rid of all the zombies underground and that they have to be S.T.A.R.S.

>> No.35943928

Looks like you might be getting your wish. Roberu and Aruran are planning to do a village clean up stream with whoever else is free at that time.

>> No.35943972


>> No.35944014

>Roberu, Aruran and Izuru wants to move out of the Tenma Village.
>Astel in Aruran's comments: "Just throw the whole village away"

>> No.35944113
File: 563 KB, 1125x1500, 004916517_008472419_t2t6OPMKg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miyabi zatsudan about the TRPG

>> No.35944434

Roberu Exit From

>> No.35944462

From what?

>> No.35945232
File: 256 KB, 1463x1262, 942D4249-3896-4967-8B17-BD2923A1E1AA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35945258

Me on the right

>> No.35945259
File: 434 KB, 1000x1414, 1623754729013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait, but that means shien is wearing this underneath

>> No.35945417

I'm not a fan of roommate posting but in my heart, I'm glad the creator of one of my favorite childhood games is thriving elsewhere. Didn't expect I'd be a fan of him again without knowing at first.

>> No.35945455


>> No.35945915
File: 833 KB, 2894x2894, E6-0W7LVUAAoyMl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love costume swap art

>> No.35945953

>that astel
>those legs
>those thighs
I’m gonna commit a crime

>> No.35946195

Thank really adorable, anon.

>> No.35946564

Aruran Minecraft
Oga Zatsudan

>> No.35948099
File: 143 KB, 640x658, E7GB6T3UUAEcCn9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumb flower bought an onigiri and just left it in his bag during summer heat and decided to eat it the next day anyways and got food poisoning.

>> No.35948297

flower....... get well soon

>> No.35948413

Another 4 streams/day schedule from Roberu. Technically, today was just 3 instead of the planned 4 but I'll forgive it since we got a fun and lengthy MC stream instead.

>> No.35948590

migabi please......

>> No.35948591

Just started

>> No.35948601

How long will he play it this time?

>> No.35948977

Hanakishi...both airheads

>> No.35949016
File: 986 KB, 588x889, 1626267711645.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now no one can question the sincerity of his airheadedness

>> No.35949021
File: 333 KB, 1648x1004, 3406F11E-7C99-48E6-97CE-C9AE41C83479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All that new furry art...

>> No.35949025

He's eating it up

>> No.35949328

Astel is playing with Pakeal

>> No.35949628

Who’s that lil nas looking homo

>> No.35951468

Morning Roberu

>> No.35951588

Finally catching up on todays vods and I never wouldve expected this to actually be 5 hours long, this is great. Nice to also see some people new to seeing the server in general in the chat, since Miyabi already wanted to tidy up the place I hope he can make it to the Roberu and Aru stream.
This is the complete opposite of how the knights last minecraft stream went.

>> No.35951593

Loose socks uooooh.

>> No.35951756

Aren't those leg-warmers instead?

>> No.35952524

>> No.35952931

watch bessan suffer

>> No.35952934

Roberu Makaimura


>> No.35953454

https://youtu.be/2HloqLoCT1g knightpex

>> No.35953884

Looks like this 12:00 on the 5th will be the date for the first team apex practice.

>> No.35953933

I love how his first words when he joined VC was
>"I'm drunk off my ass, so I apologize if I don't hit my shots"
Classic Seaweed.

>> No.35954013

Thanks for the heads up anon

>> No.35954106

Wasn't this like 5-6 in the morning for him? Seaweed...

>> No.35954159

It's been a while since Astel last collabed with Maeka. I wonder what happened they used to be pretty tight

>> No.35954206

? Anon, they literally played together less than a week ago.

>> No.35954211

He literally had a guerilla collab with Meika less than a week ago, it doesn't get any more tight than that. Also Meika's a pretty busy guy, and isn't just perpetually stuck in APEX like out Seaweed is.

>> No.35954251

Shit, missed that my bad

>> No.35954316

He was probably drinking off his depression from the furry game lmfao
Gotta check the vod later

>> No.35954412

He said his sleep schedule is fucked again so he's trying to fix it with the power of alcohol.

>> No.35954684

Rikka Apex with Otogi and Ueda Kana

>> No.35954760

Otogi POV. How come he barely has 10 viewers when he's a pro player?

>> No.35954822

Maybe he streams on a different platform usually? He seems to have more subs on twitch. Or the work day is just ending for the nips

>> No.35954850

I wanna roommate post but I also understand that I shouldn't roommate post

>> No.35954857

It's so weird that he's playing with literally one of the most famous seiyuu and yet nobody seems to care and the stream only has 300 viewers. I have to imagine it feels kinda nice for her too, being part of a small-scale thing like this every now and then.

>> No.35954862

The dude is just not that well known. Even his Twitter and the team that he's coaching's Twitter don't have a lot of followers.

>> No.35954892

I think you're overestimating a seiyuu's power in getting live viewers. Even one of the more popular still relevant seiyuu like Sugita struggles to get 10,000 viewers. OnoYuu doesn't get a lot of viewers either. As much as I like Kana Ueda, she just hasn't been getting too much work these days.

>> No.35954910

True i guess. I feel like hardcore seiyuufagging has died down a lot in general. Ueda Kana got to voice essentially Tohsaka again because of Ishtar and the HF movies obviously, and i feel like she'll always hold a place in the heart of any F/SNfag.

>> No.35954957

I used to think that being a pro would guarantee a certain amount of viewership...

>> No.35954961



>> No.35954982

Not if you don't build a viewership first. Otogi is young (and actually young if he's actually 20) in his e-sports career, so he still has a long way to go. It goes for western pro players as well.

>> No.35955012

They're still like most streamers/vtubers where even high skill won't guarantee you a huge following
See: Crazy Raccoon where major members like Ras/Selly/Mondo/Cpt get views in the thousands + a fuckton of followers while others get barely any attention (like Rion)

>> No.35955041

Son doing one of his 7th place or under and the stream Marika

>> No.35955064

Last time he managed to keep going for just under an hour until he decided to fucking jinx himself. Wonder how long this one's gonna be.

>> No.35955081


>> No.35955818

Why is Temma not part of the gartic collab? Will he, in despair, fall into the hands of Animare? Is Hiyamaru secretly a member of Animare?

>> No.35956197

>Roberu is suddenly pushing out 3-4 streams per day this week
>Temma's schedule this week is notably full of おやすみ
After the Lobstars freed Roberu from the basement, the Animares decided they needed a replacement

>> No.35956300

Gartic phone time.

>> No.35956321

Top Breeder is gonna have his skills put to the test huh

>> No.35956346


>> No.35956357

Temma why

>> No.35956364

Can I join for uh, science

>> No.35956374

Poor Temma

>> No.35956387

>arurans side view
I’m sorry but...

>> No.35956410

Pizza already...

>> No.35956429

toilettempo already makes an appearance

>> No.35956449

Actually surprisingly cute, whatever Aru form this is.

>> No.35956507

The Oga and shogun drawings are way too cute for this prompt. Knight is really here in spirit

>> No.35956509

Temma got to be a part of the collab after all kek

>> No.35956562

These guys can't draw shit

>> No.35956564

You can really see the clear divide in drawing ability in this collab, Oga and Astel clearly knowing what they're doing while the rest come up with some decent stuff from time to time. And then there's Rikka, Miyabi and Roberu...

>> No.35956574

Did they say why Astel isn't participating in VC earlier? Kinda weird that he's fucking dead silent in this collab.

>> No.35956589

He was at disney just now
He might not have made it back home in time and is playing from his phone or something

>> No.35956592

This prompt should cause some really good Miyabi art.
I dont think anyone mentioned it but he is probably still outside.

>> No.35956598

Holy grass.

>> No.35956631

That crossed out drawing of Aruran was Astel's, really curious about the prompt

>> No.35956637

Cute IzuIzus from Aru today.

>> No.35956645

>At disney
Of course

>> No.35956662

I want a full story from bloody Roberu drawings.

>> No.35956671

Astel you fucking idiot, at least we got cute oga godzilla from that

>> No.35956680

That's fucking cute.

>> No.35956707

I really want aruspoons to show up again somehow.

>> No.35956742

Love how Astel keeps sabotaging the prompts by giving out reviews.

>> No.35956776

>> No.35956830

Somehow, Bishojo Shien looks like FBK

>> No.35956867

Get a load of this fat fuck.

>> No.35956885

This Shien round is going even better than I thought it would. Please I want more Knight bullying.
Shes so smug.

>> No.35956924

Temma looking like he came right out of South Park

>> No.35957002

These last few stay surprisingly on track. I really hope they do this again in a few months, I wouldve enjoyed hearing Temmas laughter and confusion here.

>> No.35957037

Advanced asmr

>> No.35957046

Thank you roberu for leading us down this path somehow with this amazing drawing of Shien performing ASMR

>> No.35957058

Astel's iteration of monke licking

>> No.35957103

>going to Disney the day of a collab

>> No.35957378

I never knew that the flower pin was also a forest resident.

>> No.35957383

Miyabi's hairpin was always sentient...

>> No.35957392

Miyabi's instant corruption of that flower into a monster is amazing

>> No.35957469

It will be a shame if they dont upload these. The last 3 work surprisingly well.

>> No.35957553

Miyabi's frame always manages to throw off the plot completely, I hope someone manages to get all the animations

>> No.35957692

Here is one.

>> No.35957696

Shogun playing the guitar

>> No.35957900

training for the tournaments starting tomorrow so it's not unexpected he'd be going to Disney

>> No.35957965

Aru minecraft

>> No.35958144

Shogun sounds very clear today.

>> No.35958367

Son's schedule for tomorrow

>> No.35958371

He does sound really good today, Im not a member but between the collabs and member streams theres actually been a lot of Shogun the past few days.
Really good last song.

>> No.35958407

That was fucking great, I really can't wait for him to do more regular lives

>> No.35958451

Despite the shitshow that went down near the end of the stream his last song really made up for it and it put me in a better mood. Thank you, shogun.

>> No.35958532

>Despite the shitshow that went down near the end of the stream

>> No.35958570

Usual shogun chat problems, over policing etc, shogun can put chat in their place and it wasnt too bad this time, archive survived and he went straight into the last song.

>> No.35958579

Seeing how members usually stay quiet while he sings and only come out to clap and chat with him he should really consider members-only chat. His members-only stream this week felt like it was moving at 15 comments per minute and you could really tell that he had fun picking up comments.

>> No.35958892

The stream reminded me of those comfy early 2020 days that will never come back.

>> No.35960318

Oh no

>> No.35961348


>> No.35962249

>apex in 4 hours
But sleep...

>> No.35962447

Either fall asleep with an Apex stream on the background or it's time to go get some coffee/energy drinks.

>> No.35962546

this is the future astel wants

>> No.35962816

When I said male animare, this is not what I meant.

>> No.35962888

does this mean Oga is a successful steam game dev because the pic on the right is a successful steam game dev

>> No.35963744


>> No.35963808

Astel Roboco Choco coming up soon

>> No.35963899

Miyabi's pale, exposed chest...

>> No.35964012

And so the Apex arc begins anew.
>Astel's team POVs


>> No.35964173

Astel just declared publicly that Holostars are not idols, but artistes

>> No.35964234

It's not the first time, and it won't be the last.

>> No.35964411

Didn't Shogun have an interview last month or something? Does anyone know if it got translated somewhere?

>> No.35964501

Oh shit Astel and Temma got matched up in the same lobby.

>> No.35964501,1 [INTERNAL] 


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