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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I'm thinking it's this one lads

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Garbage offmodel shit art

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Matsuri is lolcow

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sexi bebi

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Okite Okite

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Is this the sheep thread?

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Pick your poison.

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Flare will NEVER play DMC3

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she would make some prime material as a lolcow, but she would break too fast.

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Oruri soon!

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15th for towa

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Lamy food zatsudan, home.

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Flare loves Marine

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We love Marine

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OOT, not holos.

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Flare loves Patra

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Loli Botan!

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ramii is so lovely.

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Patra is married and might have a child

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towa is a SLUT

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I love Lamy! SC reading starting momentarily

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Miko is the turbo saint of Hololive.

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been losing interest in hololive lately
like the copy pasta but unironically

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that won't stop an elf

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Cooking streams means she has a child?
Choco must have children too then.

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Why does flare like to sperg about her race at least once a month?

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nothing lasts forever anon, the arcs are fucking boring and a third of the holos don't stream anymore.

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Sora love!

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She's a racist stuck in a brown body

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It has been 11 hours since Nene went on break because she's moving apartments.
I might be alive but I'm definitely not doing okay. I hope she comes back as soon as possible.

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fuck matsuri

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Patra is married with Miko and they have a child together

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>that hoshikawa medal
fuck i laughed

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pretty sure that patra has been doxxed since pretty much her debut.

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Kanata is too loud

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Yukimins, when was the last time you got healed in the morning chat?

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tie up matsuri

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Rushia is too quiet

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oops ignore that image

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is the monhun arc over yet? is it safe to watch streams again?

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its only a matter of time

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They've been doing the same thing over and over again for 2 or 3 years now. Of course people will lose interest over time.

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Fuck off. I have delibrately avoided Honeystrap dox.

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Matsuri WILL fuck Mamatsuri

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What happened to this man?

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Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!

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35p bros i want to go to mikopi cafe...

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>minecraft hardcore
>superchat reading
>minecraft again with Flare and Polka
Miko's never gonna do her room review at this rate

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We will get that utawaku one day right yukimin?

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people that unironically enjoy denpa are autistic enough to notice her voice immediately

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She will do it after Nier Replicant

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Mate... the dirt on Patra's past life is almost a decade old

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fat fuck ramen...

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Mel's mama is playing with sausages again...

>> No.35952267

She's on her second husband.

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i ordered my coffee without a fat fuck

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Stand still anonoraaaa

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I miss this KoroBGM...

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Can be smaller

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Who fucking jizzed in my coffee?

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Why is Sora so lewd?

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Shooter Person First

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I liked Towa before she was a whore

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I'm tired of waiting for Miko to stream, how do I make time go faster?

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/our girl/ Anya is so cute!

>> No.35952291

Too small

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please tell down

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I like Rushia but I don't like that she's blatantly starting to soft-leech Pekora. Any game Pekora plays, Rushia plays the stream after.

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>can't lick himself
Imagine the smell

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What do you guys think of suisei's deeper natural voice?

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there's nothing worse than posters that give you a (you) 3 hours after your post

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what holo is this

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Which holo practice ACTUAL sports? And no being a slut is not a sport.

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Tokoyami Kotaro

>> No.35952310

why would towa lick a cat?

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I forgot to tell this poster to kill himself at the time for calling a clipper leech that debuted as a vtuber his oshi so I'm doing it now
Kill yourself

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Holos for this feel?

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Have you read Anya's doujin yet?

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Korone practices box, and that's about it

>> No.35952319

towa is a professional squatter, she trains in my room every night on top of me

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Imagine how fat Mel will be when my girlfriend can offpako her in Japan

>> No.35952322

What the heck I missed it because I was listening to her duet with Marine again

>> No.35952327

The only reason I hate Lamy is because I know she will never do an utawaku

>> No.35952328

I love Aqua.

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>> No.35952334

All holos are active again
Nijiniggers are seething
Be vigilant, shitposting will increase

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eat logs leech lover

>> No.35952339

Marine loves Flare

>> No.35952342

Ayamy's food seems delicious

>> No.35952344

Watame kawaii!

>> No.35952347

I love Flare

>> No.35952349

Noel did kendo, judo and ran track back during her school days, but currently I think its only Korone who does boxing.

>> No.35952350

As a friend
Stop perverting genuine women in a close friendship because you're a thirsty loser who looks for romance where there isn't
Most girls would classify you as a creep

>> No.35952353

Based. Love Aqua, fuck Coco.

>> No.35952354

Yeah, all ten of them will come from the NijiEN thread on /vt/ to shitpost here

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>> No.35952356

He self-inserts as Marine.

>> No.35952358

My girlfriend wants to put my sausage in her mouth...

>> No.35952359

nijichads are hitting the dab on dead and boring hololive

>> No.35952361

>Korone has been boxing for 8 years now

>> No.35952362

I want to insert myself into Marine if you know what I'm sayin

>> No.35952365

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko's Minecraft hardcore day 3 in 10 minutes https://youtu.be/1FXhj4qFOf0
And another stream at 17JST https://youtu.be/vyF_BTP27i8

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Marine is a lesbian.

>> No.35952368

Only Lain. The rest of Niji still sucks, especially that titless bitch Pomu.

>> No.35952371

god I wish korone would beat the shit out of me

>> No.35952373

I don't think school years count, even fucking Pekora did badminton in school and she's not exactly the image of physical fitness.

>> No.35952374

Also this at 21JST

>> No.35952376

Marine is a lesbian.

>> No.35952377

If you truly are a sexy overseas guy maybe she will let you.

>> No.35952378

It's been 338 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's finally getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

As of recently she has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


>> No.35952381

Square the fuck up Risuna-san

>> No.35952382

We’re watching Ollie later, right lads?

>> No.35952383

Badminton isn't exactly physically demanding especially compared to that other stuff.

>> No.35952384

Noel won something at a national tournament in Kendo, it wasn't just a hobby

>> No.35952385

Noel was a national champ in kendo though.

>> No.35952386

I never asked for her consent

>> No.35952390

No one cares.

>> No.35952392

Fuck off

>> No.35952393

Can't rape the willing.

>> No.35952394

>parody: original

>> No.35952396

gay people belong in sanatoriums like they did in the good old days

>> No.35952397

This is a very classic Yukihana Lamy superchat reading segment

>> No.35952399

Okay sorry, I had no idea. That definitely counts then.

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>> No.35952401

Cow tits a national kendo champ? Amano-san??!

>> No.35952402

I care. Its on-topic and actually interesting.

>> No.35952403

Way better than her grating high pitch voice

>> No.35952404

Them and their supporters (fujos and /u/fags) they are all insane.

>> No.35952405

Pekora also quit...

>> No.35952406

They're girlfriends

>> No.35952408

like real boxing or cardio bunny dancing boxing??

>> No.35952412

>big titty kendo champion
Just like in my hentais.

>> No.35952413

I knew she competed at a national but I didn't know she won

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>> No.35952417

you need to locked up bro youre legitimately retarded and sick

>> No.35952419

Based danchou and her tard strength

>> No.35952422

strength and luck build > dex build

>> No.35952425

I want to see more of Lamy's diorama

>> No.35952426

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.35952429

Lamy is going to make the best terrarium ever

>> No.35952430

You will never be Marine.
You will never be a woman.

>> No.35952432

all noels kendo training couldnt reverse her uncles molestation

>> No.35952433

except the two women are creeps

>> No.35952434

Miko started, get in here fellas! https://youtu.be/1FXhj4qFOf0

>> No.35952435

>Kson streaming over Miko again
Fuck that bitch what is her problem?

>> No.35952437

She is a filthy, diseased indog. Also she is already married to Sora.

>> No.35952438

Kill yourself

>> No.35952439

Please don't take this personally, but you're of moral character. I know this because you're lying, as Iofi is not your wife. She is mine.

>> No.35952440

how do we watch hololive then

>> No.35952442

Why is Aqua's playthrough of RE7 and RE8 so kino? Am I just being biased because she's my oshi? I'm actually invested in a playthrough watching her, whereas other girls I find really boring.

>> No.35952443

I love Miko Miko Miko!!!!!

>> No.35952444

Kill yourself

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>> No.35952448

You just answered your own question

>> No.35952450

Kson never forgave Miko for not moving into the holohouse

>> No.35952453


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>> No.35952457

aqua was never the same after her numerous mental breakdowns
i wonder whose back she'll try to stab a knife in next

>> No.35952458

She said she hasn't hit anyone but she uses a punching bag at the very least

>> No.35952460

Nyahello Miko :DDD

>> No.35952461


>> No.35952462

>Mikochi tired of early streams already.
Lazy debuchi,

>> No.35952464

Hopefully this will make her burn out from playing Minecraft

>> No.35952465

Is IRyS flopping? she is slowing down a lot in subs and views.

>> No.35952466

back to /vt/ ksharts, it's Miko time

>> No.35952467

She got horny and had to masturbate

>> No.35952469

Miko's yawn sounds like baby's yawn

>> No.35952471

Sleepy Miko...

>> No.35952472

>> No.35952474

irys's face makes me wanna puke

>> No.35952478

>Kson at 6k
She reclined fast as fuck

>> No.35952480

Okite Miko okite!

>> No.35952481

irys's face makes me wanna fuck towa

>> No.35952482

You know what the problem is with kson? that she isn't 2D, you can see her getting old on live, while Coco was a eternal dragon that didn't age, that was always the same.

When I see kson fanart, it just bland, it's like a downgrade from 3D to 2D. She should just use a rig avatar

>> No.35952484

As Hololive expands there will be a bigger separation between A-listers and B-listers. She isn't flopping, but she will never be in the top tier.

>> No.35952486

I wish KSON would get as big as she was as Coco as a fuck you to cover corp

>> No.35952487

mikochi your reps...

>> No.35952489

Guess i'll look her up then

>> No.35952490

It's good to have dreams

>> No.35952491

She was awake playing offline with Shiraken until 6 AM. I'm surprised she didn't oversleep.

>> No.35952494

Towa mama...

>> No.35952495


>> No.35952496


>> No.35952497

She's using an avatar lately

>> No.35952500

35p sugoi

>> No.35952502

She lose a lot of steam, she will reach 650k-700k and slow down even more. I though she would hit 1m, after all she is as boring as mori or kiara, so she should able to hit those numbers. Maybe a solo debut wasn't a good idea with someone as bland as IRyS when it comes to stream

>> No.35952503

Sex... Live2d onegai...

>> No.35952504

lamy pog

>> No.35952505

once you account for the youtube bug towa gets millions of live viewers and is the most subscribed to youtuber in history

>> No.35952508


>> No.35952510

these early miko streams remind me of 2019 gta/minecraft

>> No.35952511

I'd like to see Miko doing a stream as mikodanye

>> No.35952515

Why are these threads so hostile towards MariFurea?

>> No.35952517


>> No.35952518

fuck off schizo

>> No.35952519

>Hololive getting less numbers than they usually get
>Nijisanji getting higher numbers than they usually get
Is this the end?

>> No.35952520

We just don't like Marine

>> No.35952521

Marine only love is shion
Flare only love is the cute version of herself

>> No.35952525

Good lord

>> No.35952526

>Oooooo! Indoo Sugoooiii

>> No.35952527

thread was never called hlg flour fucking donkey

>> No.35952528

Jesus, this shit proto-Coco is showing is so... souless?

>> No.35952531

Time for Miko to make her 3rd world today

>> No.35952532

This is false Iofi is my wife and always has been

>> No.35952533

Back when Hololive was good.

>> No.35952534

hi friends, please don't reply to baits that will derail this thread!

>> No.35952536

if I just switch to another tab it's like coco never left!...

>> No.35952539

yes it's the end, hololive is over
the new niji gen is killing it, and by killing it I meant the viewer count because they already reclined

>> No.35952542

I just slapped a pic of Coco on the right side of the screen and it just works.

>> No.35952543

Schizos are afraid of real lesbians like Marine and Flare

>> No.35952544

I don't see how is nijisanjiJP growing, they have a limited market and appeal only to the japanese audience, in other hand nijisanjiEN is gaining force, Selen and Elira are great

>> No.35952547

i noticed all the clip channels viewer numbers drying up

>> No.35952548

>> No.35952549

Miko and Suisei had some business to do together so Flare and Polka stayed with them during the call, they ended up playing Gartic Phone until 6AM

>> No.35952550

I listen to it like a radio and it's just like it used to be

>> No.35952552

What about Pomu? You forgot to mention Pomu

>> No.35952553

morning numbers

>> No.35952557

We hostile towards (You)

>> No.35952559

didn't this dumb bitch miko die yesterday? why is she playing again

>> No.35952561


>> No.35952563

Now that you have unfiltered Coco original content, Do you realize that managers actually act as a good quality control point?

Asacoco was never good, reddit review is just a copy from pewdiepie, and she didn't invent early 2000's karaoke.

>> No.35952566

No one asked

>> No.35952570

New world

>> No.35952571

look again, ping pong

>> No.35952572

The pride of Hololive

>> No.35952573

She's hemorrhaging veiewers every day.

>> No.35952575

This but miko

>> No.35952577

I like finana more

>> No.35952578

Is this guy like a NoeFure fanatic?

>> No.35952579

finally this thread is getting back on track

>> No.35952581

miko's laugh evolved so much

>> No.35952584

I want to listen to Mio's original songs which releases on the 20th! There will also be a full MV for it!

>> No.35952585

shohei love...

>> No.35952586

At least Korosan's husbando is winning

>> No.35952587

>unfiltered content
>when is just kusoge and... this thing she is streaming as we speak

>> No.35952590

Shotime I kneel

>> No.35952591

It feels fucking great to be able to shit on Coco without being called a zhang by tatsunokos

>> No.35952592

I love this hafu hag

>> No.35952593

Pekora doesn't play GTA

>> No.35952594

Isn't this more than she used to get as C*co?

>> No.35952596

all coco had to do was beg her audience to subscribe to every holostar during her graduation stream and now day after day kson refuses to even say the winning son meme and name drop robertroo

>> No.35952597

she's trying to redo her old content like shitpost review (calling it sushitpost review now) without knowing what made it so engaging, it wasn't herself, it was the guest and the people making the awful memes

>> No.35952598

Suisei is...!

>> No.35952599

Just spam about how much you want to kill Noel already, everyone knows its you anyway.

>> No.35952600

Didn't ask?

>> No.35952601

3dpd > 2d

>> No.35952602

noel > lamy

>> No.35952603

what the fuck happened to pekora playing gta. cunt played it once and couldnt figure it out and never tried it again. is she still in miko's crew?

>> No.35952604

lamy > noel

>> No.35952605

lamy <3 noel

>> No.35952607

Damn this 3dpd is just boring

>> No.35952608

That's impossible to do

>> No.35952609

Yes but I don't think she will maintain these numbers. It's only been a few days

>> No.35952611

small today

>> No.35952612

pekora > miko

>> No.35952613

>she's gonna lose those numbers bros.... any day now........ tomorrow for sure................

>> No.35952615

She's on the track to just becoming another reaction channel

>> No.35952616

I see 35piss is ruining the thread as usual.

>> No.35952617

What is there to filter about this, are you retarded?

>> No.35952618

The only nijis allowed on this thread are Toko, Chima and Pomu.
Maybe Hoshikawa too.

>> No.35952619

>okayu and korone are part of gamers
>they are doing a collab together
>it's a zatsudan collab

>> No.35952620


>> No.35952622

>baseball superstar
>only 12k

>> No.35952623

Stop falseflagging 35p

>> No.35952624


>> No.35952625

How long until she goes back crawling to Cover's doors to ask for at least cleaning the toilet?

>> No.35952626

>hey how about you don't stream about this shit?

>> No.35952627

Miko is becoming Luna...

>> No.35952628

Marine and Flare are girlfriends

>> No.35952630

Any friends here?

>> No.35952631

Miko > Pekora

>> No.35952632

The game is shit, why would you want her to play it?

>> No.35952635

Hoshikawa is alternate universe Haachama, she's the only acceptable Niji

>> No.35952636

/u/ schizos are mentally ill.

>> No.35952639

Pomu has fucking nothing to do with Hololive. Lain is more relevant

>> No.35952640

Kson > Coco
Cover fucked up

>> No.35952641

why wouldnt i want her to play it. she's at her prime in shitty sandbox games, and it opens up collab opportunities

>> No.35952643

nijibeggars getting uppity i see

>> No.35952644

Miko bebi...

>> No.35952645

I like Ars...

>> No.35952646

Coco > Kson

>> No.35952648

Kiara is her oshi.

>> No.35952651

GTA is only for desperate numberfags is a good thing she never played it again

>> No.35952655

>sandbox game
Collabs in boring games are shit

>> No.35952656

Really good.

>> No.35952660

Coco = Kson
I hate to break the illusion, but they are the same person

>> No.35952662


>> No.35952663

Ars looks like Kanata so she is allowed too

>> No.35952664

Cover fucked up, yes. But no way Kson was/is better than Coco.

>> No.35952665

But pekora's always playing minecraft

>> No.35952667

They haven't collabed together. Go take your cancer riddled bitch to /vt/

>> No.35952668

you forgot the woj*k

>> No.35952669

>literally doing the same exact things she was doing as Coco
Where's her new creative freedom everyone kept talking about?

>> No.35952671

kshits are almost as bad as massfags

>> No.35952672

Miko boat...

>> No.35952673

omfg she built a boat
I've been begging to the screen for the last three days and she did it.
Holy hell thanks Migochi!.

>> No.35952674

wtf so kson gets almost all the supacha money now without cover? what was the fucking point of hololive? just for the popularity?

>> No.35952676

look up gta3

>> No.35952677


>> No.35952678

holos are mentally ill

>> No.35952680 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35952681

She is reviewing Sushi as we speak!

>> No.35952683

based kchads never letting go of their oshi

>> No.35952684

Just wait for Vhoujo collab.

>> No.35952685


>> No.35952686

please don't post your dying chuuba here

>> No.35952687

Yeah but Ars has hidden booba

>> No.35952688

she said rape earlier

>> No.35952690

Miko you forget about your holoschool...

>> No.35952692

Networking opportunities. The biggest benefit to working for cover is collab opportunities.

>> No.35952694


>> No.35952696

What about it?

>> No.35952697

Kshart hours...

>> No.35952698

based I love kaichou

>> No.35952700

Fuck build streams of all kind.
Literally watching paint dry. the fuck is wrong with you retards?

>> No.35952701


>> No.35952702

What ground breaking content.

>> No.35952703

If you want to watch 3dpd just watch amouranth or pokimane you retards, kson is not hololive.

>> No.35952705


>> No.35952706

but i want to watch kcute

>> No.35952707

Love Matsuri

>> No.35952709

She's not dying.
The surgery went well.
Now she doesn't have boobs but it's ok I still love her.

>> No.35952711

I just want more info about the school festival...

>> No.35952712

Her managers would probably make her contact the photographer and chef to buy the rights to every picture she's reacting to

>> No.35952714

Gundou's fine too

>> No.35952715

Build streams are comfy. Next you're going to tell me you don't like to watch Watame move dirt for seven straight hours.

>> No.35952716

it's the freedom to not have to deal with other holos.

>> No.35952717

A very limited sandbox and not anything like the sandbox games Pekora plays

>> No.35952718

kson is an honorary HoloJP

>> No.35952719

learn japanese

>> No.35952721

Love Matsuri

>> No.35952724

Yeah literally, the ideal is to do the same that Coco did
Join Hololive > Boost your roommate > Graduate and keep all the fame and money for yourself
Noel is probably the next one to graduate

>> No.35952726

Miko kusa

>> No.35952727

i thought you niggers said nobody will watch kson? shes still literally swimming in money

>> No.35952729

w-what is she doing with her hands?

>> No.35952731

>> No.35952732

Here you go anon, more boat.

>> No.35952733

Imagine the timeline where she had actually gotten the Haato role
Imagine Matsuri getting fired for stalking a genmate

>> No.35952735

New debut boost

>> No.35952737

"minecraft streams are zatsudan streams" they're zatsudan about minecraft 90% of the time. When will you fags stop lying and calling everyone who doesn't like minecraft EOPs

>> No.35952738

>complains about ks*on
>doesn't complain about nijishits
makes one think

>> No.35952739


>> No.35952741

Here is the ultimate Coco/Kson rrat I just created, so hold tight while reading!

Coco is waiting for when the chinks forget about her to come back to Hololive someday. Chinks are getting weaker and weaker each day, so it's a win at the end for Coco!

>> No.35952742

What is queson style anyways? Will she go full Amouranth and do a hot tub stream? Can she pull it off?

>> No.35952743

>Noel is probably the next one to graduate
you mean matsuri
noel doesnt even need money, shes fucking loaded with all those whore videos. theres literally no point in graduating

>> No.35952745

Holy shit Miko!

>> No.35952746

New shiny toy, just wait for 3 months.

>> No.35952747

yes it's a sandbox. doesn't matter if it's not like other sandbox games she plays, she can make it fun

>> No.35952748

>EOP parroting something some shitposter once said

>> No.35952749

all she does is tifa and bayonetta cosplay

>> No.35952750

I swear 99% of Ayamy's donations are from the same two people and she's still at the very very top of indie vtubers

>> No.35952751

I can't be objective because Mikochi spoils us too much with her shenanigans but i really prefer to see some sort of action my screen. Build streams are just wastes of time. They should just hire some retards to do it for the girls. Niggas would sell their nuts for the opportunity i bet.

>> No.35952752

>your oshi graduates
>she keeps streaming the same content
I'm fucking jealous of tatsunoggos, my oshi might just disappear forever when she does

>> No.35952753

Coco brilliant new idea was reviewing fruit sushi and make some in the end

Fucking brilliant, what a huge lose for hololive, I expect at least 100k yen in superchats and 1k of fanart about this!

>> No.35952755

>Noel is probably the next one to graduate
Fuck off schizo Noel is NEVER LEAVING

>> No.35952759

>my oshi might just disappear forever when she does
Good. Get a better oshi

>> No.35952760

>noel doesnt even need money, shes fucking loaded with all those whore videos. theres literally no point in graduating
The same goes for Coco, she had no need to graduate she was making bank with Coco but now she's even making more as Kson

>> No.35952761

The sandbox games she plays are the ones that she can make fun, not shit like gta

>> No.35952762

/jp/hololive - everything but hololive

>> No.35952763


>> No.35952765

My oshi (Pekora) would probably going back titty streaming on NND

>> No.35952766

I can't tell what 5ch says anymore because the Hololive threads were banished to some other board

>> No.35952767

>same content
so when is she going to stream Asacoco again? retard

>> No.35952768

why are 35p like this

>> No.35952770

she can even make pubg fun with viewer interactions, it doesn't matter how shit you think the game is

>> No.35952771

Coco said the same and now she's streaming to 11k people and keeping ALL the money she makes to themselves

>> No.35952772

>ever leaving hololive
rumao roru kusa w

>> No.35952773

Flare likes Fubuki

>> No.35952775

I kind of feel bad for her, she makes more than some Holos (including her own daughter) but it comes at the cost of having her fanbase literally be like 90% EOP.

>> No.35952776

Matsuri graduates next 100%
>Is hated by everyone at hololive
>Roommate gets more superchats and viewers
>Not allowed to interact with males or have a boyfriend while being an idol
>Everyday gets more active on her roommate
Matsuri will get a graduation where it will only be herself playing Apex in 3D with no guests, and it will break the record for the lowest superchat earnings in hololive

>> No.35952778

>Coco said the same

>> No.35952779

I've become addicted to IRyS

>> No.35952780

This. Anon deserves an oshi who is codependent with her fans like Rushia, Watame or Matuli.

>> No.35952781

Noel was doing that even before she joined lmao

>> No.35952784

in a few days, but she hadn't done asacoco for almost a year before that

>> No.35952785

sorry, the US Government is taking 40% plus tip

>> No.35952786

>she had no need to graduate she was making bank with Coco
clearly the issue was something else retard

>> No.35952787

Stop falseflagging, 35piss.

>> No.35952788


>> No.35952789

Even for Korone who seemed to love streaming it's not out of the question. And she really has no reason to start back up on NicoNico when she does graduate.

>> No.35952790

Only as a collab and for a couple hours. Also pubg is not a shitty sandbox game like gta

>> No.35952791

Does Miko really have to fucking scream for every little thing?

>> No.35952792

>> No.35952793

Lamy is cute even when talking about her pleb taste in western media

>> No.35952794

YouTube and US taxes still apply. She's not a japanese citizen

>> No.35952797


>> No.35952798

>> No.35952801

Noel makes most of her money on her roommate already anyway where as Coco made most of her money as Coco.

>> No.35952803

>> No.35952804

and she probably has like a single viewer who speaks her native language because Koreans aren't into vtubers

>> No.35952805

Yes, Miko is so cute right?

>> No.35952807

what did she mean by this

>> No.35952808

camwhores should pay high taxes

>> No.35952809

It's the only way to keep her underage audience engaged.

>> No.35952810

she's played pubg mutiple times alone. i guess you've never seen them. the car blowing up in front of her was one of the most kino clips.
my point was that pubg is fucking boring as shit but she can make it fun, not that it's a sandbox

>> No.35952812

Nobody should pay taxes

>> No.35952813

they pay the highest tax, being unmarriable

>> No.35952814

>makes a hamburger at the middle of the night

>> No.35952815

So she still isn't using streamlabs?

>> No.35952816


>> No.35952818


>> No.35952819

Income taxes scale by the amount of money they make per year. All the high earning holos are in the top bracket that is something like 40%

>> No.35952820

I did not want to believe it but I went into the sister Towa's closet, and I found new shoes... I FOUND NEW SHOES

>> No.35952821

Where did I mention taxes you schizo?

>> No.35952825

And I'm telling you gta is so shit even Pekora can't make it fun

>> No.35952827

Lamy you can't call them that

>> No.35952828

i'm telling you that she can because the shittiness of the game doesn't matter

>> No.35952829

Hololive is reclining...

>> No.35952830

Trannies like you should be hung.

>> No.35952831

Pretty sure that camwhoring get you money externally, and up to you to actually declare it in your income and taxes revenue.

I wonder if I can snitch noel roomate to the japenese IRS

>> No.35952832

The Wall has no mercy for anyone m8.

>> No.35952834

danchou.... pls stream....

>> No.35952836

>> No.35952837

coffee elf...

>> No.35952838

Did we ever find out who asked?

>> No.35952841

>coco and aloe can keep all the money they earn
>other holomem only get pennies of what they earn

>> No.35952842

Why make a shit game bearable to watch instead of making a good game into a great stream

>> No.35952846

she needs a you know what

>> No.35952847


>> No.35952848

Coco still has to pay US taxes if she didn't renounce her citizenship, she's still getting extra fucked over

>> No.35952849

Someone should keep a manko counter on the stream

>> No.35952850

You say that but probably half this thread would turn into a woman given the chance, and some of the holos like Kanata would like to be a boy.
There's no need to be hateful towards trans people.

>> No.35952851

the fuck is 0.01

>> No.35952852

I can't wait for iRyS to say my name!

>> No.35952853


>> No.35952854


>> No.35952855

Miko kitaaaa!!!

>> No.35952857

Honey, my kids are tiny

>> No.35952858

Cute divorced woman

>> No.35952860

the "superchat is the only thing that matters" retards will never stop being funny

>> No.35952862

easily digestable streams that don't require needing to watch the previous to keep up with the story, like most jrpgs. also, the more jank there is in a game the more entertaining it can be, like TABS

>> No.35952863

>I wonder if I can snitch noel roomate to the japenese IRS
you would think that some schizo/jellyfag hasnt tried that already

>> No.35952864

Japanese dick size

>> No.35952865

i drawd it !!

>> No.35952866

Holy shit bros she read my chat and sang the song.

>> No.35952867

guitar strings

>> No.35952868

Literally every single one

>> No.35952870

eating mike tyson's ass-san...

>> No.35952871

>EOP detected
Go watch EN

>> No.35952872

>You say that but probably half this thread would turn into a woman given the chance
dude nobody wants to become a woman because of a fetish

>> No.35952874

She gets her money the exact same way Kson does except through streamlabs instead of YouTube. I would love to see you waste your time though.

>> No.35952875

i'm not an eop, but if that's your only argument then lol

>> No.35952877

>at the middle of the night
hi 35SEA

>> No.35952879

Can I print this and put it on my smart-fridge?

>> No.35952880

Miko is a cute!

>> No.35952881

She probably makes enough even with the high taxes that it's not worth the risk of getting caught

>> No.35952882

Same goes for Kson, Hololive is a pump and dump company now that Kson showed it's true potential

>> No.35952883

why the fuck would i want to be a woman faggot?

>> No.35952884

Pretty sure that was a thing with thot audit a while back and they were all freaking out

>> No.35952886

are you Towa?

>> No.35952889

Only the MariFlarefag /Noelschizo does. They are probably already on hrt.

>> No.35952891

why would I want to make myself weaker and bleed out of a gash in my crotch every month

>> No.35952892

i wish...

>> No.35952893

its literally 12NN here retard

>> No.35952895

Hololive... lost...

>> No.35952898

Miosha rolling down the hills.

>> No.35952899

To live life on easy mode?

>> No.35952900

what kind of faggot shit is this? i'm keeping my cock

>> No.35952901

>> No.35952902

i am going to hate fuck every single stupid fucking vtuber

>> No.35952903

i fucking hate that tokyo ghoul faggot

>> No.35952904

I'm sorry but having to suck someone's cock isn't easymode to me

>> No.35952907

Don't be mean, she re married and has been happily married to her second husband for about a decade now

>> No.35952908


>> No.35952909

pekomiko donation yet again

>> No.35952912

numbers r gay

lemme enjoy hololive

>> No.35952914

Because he has bigger numbers than your oshi?

>> No.35952916

kill yourself holy shit

>> No.35952917

We finally did it shakabros

>> No.35952918


>> No.35952919


>> No.35952920


>> No.35952921

Shin-chan debuff. Pekora will again overtake Tokyo Ghoul in August.

>> No.35952924

The thread is full of off-topic garbage, please do something, meido. Reincarnations of graduated holos are not fucking hololive related.

>> No.35952925

isn't she sick?

>> No.35952926


>> No.35952928

Why? He is actually pretty cool

>> No.35952929


>> No.35952930

>korone not even on the list

it's over dogfags, the sonic debuff is real

>> No.35952932

Wow easy on the misogyny there

>> No.35952933

vtuber shit will die out please god let vtuber shit die out please please please get over it im so fucking sick of seeing it am i going to have to murder-rape every single one of these whores to get you to stop looking at vtubers

>> No.35952936


>> No.35952938

the mighty tatsunokos are at the same level as MASSfags now, what a shame

>> No.35952939

He is mad he is mad

>> No.35952940

But anons have been saying this since october and she has not come even close to graduating

>> No.35952943

everybody calm down, here have some cheese

>> No.35952944

Watame is only growing stronger

>> No.35952945

how did she fuck up so badly

>> No.35952947

>since october
time traveler anon???

>> No.35952948


>> No.35952949

why doesnt she collab with other hololivers much, or is this just confirmation bias by me? i don't watch her so i don't know shit about her

>> No.35952952

no cheese

>> No.35952954


>> No.35952955

no gccx collab

>> No.35952957

Believe it or not, October 2021 will not be the first October ever

>> No.35952958

why is she like this

>> No.35952960

No i literally meant since october last year after FestivaLuna ended HPS happened and she was playing apex with Kotone and Pakael

>> No.35952961

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.35952962

kyou mo eroi

>> No.35952963

She sexually harassed them all until they don't want anything to do with her

>> No.35952964

Why are you so bitter?
Is it because you know your oshi wouldn't be able to leave hololive and still be something? no need to lash out like that anon.

>> No.35952965


>> No.35952967

Holomen should trick her into a big offline collab and hatefuck her 24/7 until she's fxied

>> No.35952970

Nene still likes Matsuri.

>> No.35952971

>Is it because you know your oshi wouldn't be able to leave hololive and still be something
If anything that makes me glad. Why would I want her to leave?

>> No.35952973

kyou mo chiisai

>> No.35952974

I would

>> No.35952975

>following a lot of vtubers then debuting yourself
HIKAKIN is a leech

>> No.35952980

Miko's gonna die

>> No.35952981


>> No.35952982

you're a retard and i'm not even a matsuri fan, but that is wrong

>> No.35952985

Miko sounds weird for a baby

>> No.35952987

Miko is too loud.

>> No.35952988

why is Miko's framerate so bad

>> No.35952989

thread not good!

>> No.35952990


>> No.35952991

he got noticed by watame

>> No.35952992

I just watched Aqua's whole RE8 playthrough when I understand zero JP. I don't even know what the story is about.

>> No.35952995

>the last chart that will ever have PPTrio

>> No.35952996

Anyone debuting as a vtuber in the past year is a leech

>> No.35952998

did you enjoy it

>> No.35952999

You dont speak for me, faggot. I'd do it in a heartbeat

>> No.35953000

Too many mods

>> No.35953003

and the dumb bitches actually talk about him
if my oshi mentions him again, i'll unsub and cancel membership

>> No.35953004


>> No.35953005

miko's hiding in a cuckbox

>> No.35953007

Name one single holo who doesn't like Matsuri

>> No.35953008


>> No.35953010

I can't there's too many

>> No.35953011


>> No.35953012

ramii...come back...

>> No.35953014

My oshi mentions him and his brother every stream...

>> No.35953015


>> No.35953018


>> No.35953019

>9.5 mil subs vtuber
Sharkbros... We were supposed to be on top of the world...

>> No.35953021

how old is IRyS? 28?

>> No.35953022

Sorry I'm watching Miko

>> No.35953023

Run Miko run!

>> No.35953026


>> No.35953028

At least 18

>> No.35953032

>Zombies making out in front of Miko

>> No.35953033

been watching less holos and started watching more ui-mama since 2 weeks ago
what is happening to me bros

>> No.35953035


>> No.35953038

>> No.35953039


>> No.35953040

post-apocalyptic eroge with Miko when

>> No.35953041

She literally ruins every friendship she ever has
>went too far with Fubuki
>pissed off Haato to the point where they didn't speak until From First, then she did it again
>killed her relationship with Luna
>Hoshikawa only tolerates her because she gives her money

>> No.35953042

WTF are those zombies doing?

>> No.35953044

Mikos laugh heals my soul

>> No.35953047

You are becoming a man of taste.

>> No.35953049


>> No.35953054

Does believing all that shit makes you happy?

>> No.35953055

add shion to that list, they used to collab a lot then stopped completely

>> No.35953056

>> No.35953060

Kek Miko

>> No.35953064

You don't know what you're talking about, Matsuri was one of the first friends she made outside of her gen, mostly because they did that drama thing together and Matsuri had a lot of events with Sora

>> No.35953065

Well she never was friend with haato, she has always been jealous of her, haato was a mega normalfag when she was in japan, used to hang around with popular people from the twitcast circle, like hoshikawa, and then she fuck off to Australia to study overseas, while matsuri was coping with losing viewers and being fat.

>> No.35953067

>[En]Miko: It was just a one-night love

>> No.35953068

Sora mistook Subaru for Matsuri because she saw Matsuri everywhere

>> No.35953075

Pekora had a one night stand with Miko...

>> No.35953077

My YouTube notifications have been broken for months, I haven't gotten a live notification in ages, today I got a single notification that Nose went live with Minecraft and then they stopped working again...

>> No.35953078

>Hoshikawa only tolerates her because she gives her money
Matsuri is so pathetic

>> No.35953082

It was because Matsuri was eating the fucking cake on the background, that fatty

>> No.35953084

Matsuri did nothing wrong. Even I she did, it was fully justified.

>> No.35953085

IRyS more like HIRySk of taking this dick

>> No.35953088

Why did she do this?

>> No.35953090

i had the same fucking thing happen, to it working once today for lamy all of a sudden. it likes to pop up notifications for some stupid ass shit i'm not subbed to though, like random olympics vids

>> No.35953092

>> No.35953093

Miko my sides...

>> No.35953095

Do we like micomet here?

>> No.35953096

Are you fags ready for the ultimate mogging?
>Started at the same time
>Already head to head
In just minutes a former Hololive member will not only surpass the newbie but also a popular one.
How will holobronies will cope when that occurs?
Anticipate almost more than a half of Hololive to graduate by the end of this year

>> No.35953097

Matsuri is my whore

>> No.35953098


>> No.35953101


>> No.35953103

Literally who?

>> No.35953104

We LOVE MiComet here, the ultimate hololive duo

>> No.35953105

we don't, we LOVE miComet here

>> No.35953107

Fuck off, kill yourself, no one cares

>> No.35953109


>> No.35953110


>> No.35953111

Hololive is fucking over

>> No.35953113

>Aloe graduates
>Kson starts streaming again almost exactly a year later

>> No.35953115

I love those two dorks.

>> No.35953118

I prefer Natsumachi Suiri but miComet is fine too.

>> No.35953122

Probably the best cover in hololive

>> No.35953123

We should call them 35Bronies from now on kek

>> No.35953126

That guy is posting the same shit on /vt/ by the way.

>> No.35953129


>> No.35953130

Jun is japanese Pewdiepie, Hikakin is like Markplier or whatever that guy's name is

>> No.35953131

holy shit you people only care about numbers, at least pretend to care about the streams first

>> No.35953132

It's mad.

>> No.35953133

Go back to >>>/vt/

>> No.35953134

Global Rule 15 for 35Bronies when?

>> No.35953135

>no one cares
>people in the thread are talking about her

>> No.35953136

>from 500k to 11k

>> No.35953138


>> No.35953139


>> No.35953140

Matuli and Suzy perform pretty well as a duo or whenever they are in the same unit but i don't think they compliment each other as streamers.

>> No.35953141

garden of za lamy

>> No.35953142

He’s so fucking pathetic holy shit, always looking for any opportunity to mention his shitty, irrelevant oshi.

>> No.35953143

He posted here because very few gave a shit about his thread

>> No.35953144

Keep coping holobronies
Hololive is done, all their top dogs will leave
Even Nijis tops dogs will leave after seeing the absolute mogging Kson is doing on them

>> No.35953147

i'll never forget how much /hlg/ loved this chink cunt's twitch streams. kek

>> No.35953148

can't wait for those mini tomatoes

>> No.35953150

He's mad! He's real mad!

>> No.35953153

35Ponies also works

>> No.35953154

I'll take things that never happened for 500 alex

>> No.35953155

kek the mikoschizo is vtard

>> No.35953157

rent free 35bronie
this is why no one likes you kek
imagine punching up to kson who's mogging every holo right now kek

>> No.35953158

Thank you for letting me know
I do

>> No.35953159

It would be fun if she takes weekly photos

>> No.35953161


>> No.35953164

What's a cheeso?

>> No.35953165

Matsuri is so beautiful
post more of her.

>> No.35953166

That's true for Shion and everyone though

>> No.35953170

kek based

>> No.35953171

I swear matsurisu are the most annoying, deranged fanbase.

>> No.35953172

Sometime her streams were pretty fun

>> No.35953173

he's mad he's mad

>> No.35953174

it was great, because she wasn't trying to be funny but professional, but in the end she was so much of a retard that it was funny


>> No.35953176

You're cherrypicking screenshot. Miko's at 18k now. Also go back

>> No.35953177

I'm still waiting for this https://twitter.com/suisei_hosimati/status/1396490561733816320

>> No.35953178

Fair assessment. Though it's probably because they have different taste in games. In terms of interaction, they're actually pretty entertaining.

>> No.35953179

rent free 35pony

>> No.35953180

It's really mad.

>> No.35953181

It's a situation which lets Matsuri take the more restrained side of a collab because of how much energy Suisei has. It's kind of unique in it's own right

>> No.35953184

watamates exist

>> No.35953186


>> No.35953187

like all holoshit fanbases they're bad but no one is as bad as 35ponies
Kson peaked at 25K KEK

>> No.35953188

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

>> No.35953192

It's so mad.

>> No.35953193


>> No.35953194

i need more holobeby

>> No.35953195

>Kson peaked at 25K
Why are you lying, chink

>> No.35953196

Suisei's voice is too smooth for this song, shion's will be better even though suisei is probably the better singer

>> No.35953199

look bros matsuri is a menhera whore we get that but why arent we talking about miko being a JAV whore who had a baby last year?

oh the 35pony redditors don't know? LMAO they're in for a rude awakening

>> No.35953200

Shion has never made a good cover.

>> No.35953202

>all their top dogs will leave
Saviorfags win again

>> No.35953204

You don't even watch their streams

>> No.35953205

Imagine having to reply to your own posts because no one else cares about your shitty menhera oshi

>> No.35953206

You're trying too hard

>> No.35953207

So mad.

>> No.35953208

>> No.35953211

Nene will never collab with Lamy again.

>> No.35953212

My amazing wife Matsuri!

>> No.35953213

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

>> No.35953214

Every kson anti is Chinese.
Since NGA got shot down they now go to this thread to hate on Coco/kson.
Don't let them get away with this. We failed to protect her smile once. It won't happen again.

>> No.35953215

>Hey look guys i love the weird menhera slut i'm so based for being a contrarian

>> No.35953216

that's some revisionism

>> No.35953218

that's fine, Lamy is growing her own tomatoes!

>> No.35953219


>> No.35953221

You're free to go back to r/Hololive like a good little 35pony would

>> No.35953222

this thread fucking sucks

>> No.35953226

We unironically love Matsuri here

>> No.35953227

Retard Matsuri still screams in collabs with Suisei, as seen when she played MK8 with her and Towa. Shut the fuck up. The only variance with her is when she’s pretending to be “cute” or the collab is in a calm game. Kill yourself

>> No.35953229

>treerat finally decided to drop another proper cover
i bet she made the peacock pays for it because the treerat is a massive poorfag

>> No.35953231

Based Ameribros fueling the ultimate mogging of Hololive by an indie. KSON LOVE

>> No.35953232


>> No.35953233

reminder that Pomu is literally dying and it's all your fault vteen

>> No.35953234

>> No.35953235

Why did Fubuki give up on this cutie?

>> No.35953236

meant for>>35953199
meant for>>35953206

>> No.35953237

Our amazing wife Matsuri.

>> No.35953238

1 minute 1 sec

>> No.35953239


>> No.35953240

No one cares about Fatsuri anymore we disavowed that menhera whore a year ago

Lost in the dust and shitposting was Miko unironically having a child last year and 35ponies still deny it today kek

>> No.35953242

I'd wager it was actually Reine that suggested to do the cover because Reine fucking loves Kakumei Dualism and sings it in like, every second utawaku.

>> No.35953243

Why are matsurisu like this?

>> No.35953244

1 minute 1 second

>> No.35953246

She's not dying. Her surgery went well and she's recovering.
Pomu is strong there's no way she would die. She promised us a lot of things too, so there's no way she would give up.

>> No.35953247


>> No.35953248

Screaming while playing games is a normal reaction that everyone does.

>> No.35953249

They don't exist bro, it's coping 35ponies we're after.

>> No.35953250


>> No.35953251

Well, /hlg/?

>> No.35953252

Watch more streams

>> No.35953253

I volunteer to be sacrifice to please Matsuri.

>> No.35953254

1 minute 2 second

>> No.35953255

>treerat almost at 500k subs
Make an endurance singing stream Risu I need it.

>> No.35953257

is she really cutting off her body parts

>> No.35953258

I'm surprised Shion beat her to the punch, Suisei covering this song seems like such a natural conclusion I thought there already was one

>> No.35953259

35ponies are like the way they are because they're unironically that retarded enough to keep donating to a single mother with a kid who did JAV KEK

No r/Hololive style shitposting can save you here, LMAO

>> No.35953260

kson is a hololive anti, she abandoned all her friends and made them cry. This is a hololive thread. The kson fans are the hololive antis.

>> No.35953261

My oshi has big delicious breasts while P*mu had hers chopped off.

>> No.35953262

Nice excuse retard, kill yourself, even Suisei and Towa were complaining that she was loud. Die

>> No.35953265

are you ok bro?

>> No.35953267

She loves her as a friend

>> No.35953268

>> No.35953270

To get better friends that are otakus, hags and nocturnal like her.

>> No.35953271

1 m 1 s

>> No.35953272

>Kson mogged Miko by 10K viewers 2 nights in a row


>> No.35953273

Say her name

>> No.35953274

obviously, Risu is too high up her own ass to invite her junior.
i must say though, their voice could fit the song pretty well, as long as Risu don't use her shitty high voice in it

>> No.35953275


>> No.35953276

End your life. Do it.

>> No.35953278

is this guy the marifure hater

>> No.35953279

Shion is always the fastest to cover popular song. KING, Goodbye Sengen, and now Odo.

>> No.35953281


>> No.35953282

>implying we watch corporate shill shit on 4chan
Kson and Beatani have been the status quo since July, get with the program bootlicker

>> No.35953284

I've warned you guys about ksonsharts and nijiniggers roleplay as ksonsharts

>> No.35953285

Lizard Hurea... Home...

>> No.35953286

1 minute

>> No.35953287

I love her even without breasts, she could transition into a man and I would still love her.

>> No.35953288

Ayame is 4th gen now....

>> No.35953290

People doesn't constantly be calm or be hype all the time, anon.

>> No.35953291

damn miko that's cold...

>> No.35953292

Literally who?

>> No.35953293

35pony gonna cope at facts don't mind xir

Why the FUCK would I care about a fat whore and a turbo dyke?

>> No.35953294

I glad that Yagoo kicked coco, Changs were right about everything. Hololive is healing

>> No.35953296

I'm starting to think that this guy doesn't even watch kson if he's spewing about misinformed things like this.

>> No.35953297

Stealth /yah/ thread? Stealth /yah/ thread

>> No.35953298

Master Apex player Natsuiro Matsuri!

>> No.35953304

of course the schizo is a discordfag too

>> No.35953306

Quiet Zhang
>this guy
Read the room Holobrony

>> No.35953307

Shhh... Tawa is sleeping.

>> No.35953309

>new Hololy models on the MMD site now
gonna make polka default dance now

>> No.35953310

It's admitting it's a tranny or something?

>> No.35953311

About time, i have been waiting for my 1 order of sex

>> No.35953312

It's lunch time on SEA.

>> No.35953313

Are you going to post this every thread?

>> No.35953314


>> No.35953315

Nice projection, tranny. YWNBAW

>> No.35953316

He's cover and hololive hater aka Aifag. Same writing style.

>> No.35953317

Matsuri is an unapologetic whore

>> No.35953319

She was just nervous, she plays a lot better offstream when she is completely focused on the game.

>> No.35953320

I don’t see you complaining about other ritualposts.

>> No.35953321

I wish

>> No.35953323

Fair enough

>> No.35953324


>> No.35953326

What shader is Miko using, it's very vibrant

>> No.35953327

>July 2021+1
>he isn't a full-fledged IndieCHAD
wew laddie buck

>> No.35953328

>she plays a lot better offstream when she focuses on sucking dicks while predators boost her account

>> No.35953329

We love whores here, aren't we?

>> No.35953330


>> No.35953331

seanig here, can confirm
Watching pekotowasuipex archive as im munching on rice

>> No.35953332

Please share it when you've made it.

>> No.35953333


>> No.35953334

I would simp for her if that was the case

>> No.35953337


>> No.35953338


>> No.35953339

Learn english

>> No.35953341

no one cares about moeshit bro
the same shader she used to make her baby less black kek

>> No.35953342

I don't watch failures

>> No.35953343


>> No.35953344

why nene though?

>> No.35953346

Make Up True > Tsumari wa Itsumo Kujikenai
You know it's true.

>> No.35953347

Rent free Holobrony

>> No.35953349

because she's an idol

>> No.35953350


>> No.35953352

You're a mentally ill retard.

>> No.35953353


>> No.35953357

Wow that's actually pretty nicely made. Love it.

>> No.35953358

Explain Miko, Matsuri, and Aqua then kek

>> No.35953360

sasuga meido

>> No.35953361

Jesas that's a lot. Proper cover when.

>> No.35953362

reminder that your literally who indie chose her discord server over the thread that helped her grow
you lost, she dumped you and there's nothing you can do about it other than be mad

>> No.35953365

>needing the translated version

>> No.35953366

dude stfu

>> No.35953367

Matsuri acts that way for attention but she'll become a shivering mess immediately when someone goes for the real thing

>> No.35953368

The absolute state of this thread

>> No.35953369

Miko is not a failure, she's one of the most watched holo now.

>> No.35953370

It's actually a meido sanctioned raid. Don't bother reporting.

>> No.35953371

Seethe at facts, 35pony

>> No.35953372

>Noel will never appear in anime or sing songs for anime
not sure how to feel bros...

>> No.35953374


>> No.35953376

She’s not a virgin, retard

>> No.35953378


>> No.35953379


>> No.35953380


>> No.35953381

Post failures, i will start

>> No.35953382

>Walking down the street at night
>Suddenly get stabbed
>Turn around
>See this
What do

>> No.35953384

Watching Miko and Irys while eating my chicken rice

>> No.35953386

Palmtop Marine...

>> No.35953387

Holy shit Matsuri, again?

>> No.35953388

She's inclining either way. More viewers than Anya rn kek
How come Kson mogged her 2 days in a row? kek

>> No.35953389


>> No.35953392

I see how the one you posted is a failure. But why did you link a different YouTube channel?

>> No.35953393

>> No.35953394

She will still become a shivering mess.

>> No.35953396

But it's replying to my unrelated post.

>> No.35953397

Watch, he’s going to rush to spam a Matsuri OP for the next thread.

>> No.35953398

>this influx of SEX Marine art
Feels good.

>> No.35953399

she probably missed>>35953298

>> No.35953401

Your indie whore will one day be doxxed. Don't forget.

>> No.35953402

Seethe. YWNBAW

>> No.35953403

>Kson mogged
She didn't.

>> No.35953404

Minato Aqua is fucking noob, black and cheater.

>> No.35953405

Touch her belly

>> No.35953409


>> No.35953411

no wonder why indiefags are so aggressive
they have to constantly cope with the fact that their streamer will never be popular and the fear of them simply dumping them for a larger audience or company

>> No.35953412

>you gotta quit smoking man
IRyS, you didn't need to call out Towa like that

>> No.35953413

Hhhoooooooooo I love assfaaaaaaangs

>> No.35953414

>back to back days at 20K+ peaks
Get wheelbarrows ready if Miko is the OP kek

>> No.35953415

The second a meido shows up and all your messages are deleted I'm gonna laugh so hard.
Any second now...

>> No.35953416


>> No.35953417


>> No.35953418

what's her next cover

>> No.35953419

but I want my yellow indie to have larger audience or green get into a company, but they won't.

>> No.35953420

>She’s not a virgin
She has clearly never had sex

>> No.35953421

watch this cute watame clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxRgsYFM0Hw

>> No.35953422


>> No.35953424

Who I am?

>> No.35953425

>back to back days at 20K+ peaks
You know everyone can see peak viewcount for livestreams on playboard, right? Why are you lying?

>> No.35953429

>This happened 10 months ago
Where did all that time go?

>> No.35953430


>> No.35953431

At least I haven't bothered with coroporate whores after Coco warned me about them. I'm just here to laugh at you faggots until you eventually leave Hololive like any normal person on this site would by now. What happened to the "no whores" policy a year ago?

>> No.35953432

Nope, you'll just get warned for misclassified reports.

>> No.35953434 [SPOILER] 

suichan wa????

>> No.35953436

Big yikes

>> No.35953437


>> No.35953438


>> No.35953439

nye ga urusai

>> No.35953441

You’re a gullible retard.

>> No.35953442


>> No.35953443

s-sugoi, Miko tamed the dog with just one bone

>> No.35953444


>> No.35953445

i hate ollie

>> No.35953446

Stop posting your threads, 35pony

>> No.35953447

You don't even watch kson you retard, she got less than 10k viewers yesterday when she streamed at the same time as Miko. When she was doing superchat reading stream and today she peaked at 11k viewers.

>> No.35953448

why do you literally type like a horsefucker?

>> No.35953449

Why would she do this while IRyS is streaming?

>> No.35953450

I'm hoping it's this one

>> No.35953455


>> No.35953456

watching the fanmade videos of the new MMDs makes me realize how good the models look without those super bright white lighting they always use in hologra. What gives?

>> No.35953457

migo bebbi.....................................

>> No.35953458

Real question is collab with Del and Zen fucking when?

>> No.35953459

Sex with Miko would be amazing because she has plenty of experience pleasing men.

>> No.35953460

What's Suityan looking at?

>> No.35953461

>700k subs
1000 viewers RUMAO hahahhahahah

>> No.35953462

she's getting her ass filled with piss

>> No.35953464

My dick

>> No.35953466


>> No.35953467

I'll only believe it's over for hololive if korone were to return to making tiktoks on the side

>> No.35953469

When VShojo absolutely mogs Cover in the tech and 3D department it's evident that Cover is beyond saving at this point

>> No.35953471

can you link me one, anon?
i don't really know any mmd sites beside iwara

>> No.35953472

The dog's gonna die next stream.

>> No.35953475 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35953477

She's already dead inside

>> No.35953478

He's a ksonfag. Kson fucked horse ergo her fans love being fucked by horse

>> No.35953482

>all of these 35Ponies mocking facts
No matter the amount of Mikos you post
Hololive was mogged hard today by a former Holo

>> No.35953483

Yeah, not having high hopes.

>> No.35953484

she realized she's in koikatsu and what that entails

>> No.35953485

Hope Matsuri graduates.

>> No.35953486

>> No.35953488

twitter you dumbass.

>> No.35953489

>When VShojo absolutely mogs Cover in the tech and 3D department it's evident that Cover is beyond saving at this point

you know it's not even a joke, that's fucking retarded

>> No.35953491

Hololive is already dead anon

>> No.35953492

Clap clap next meme

>> No.35953495

>hi honey
that wasn't even a fotm meme
barely even fotw

>> No.35953496

>tricking poor virgins into lifting for her entertainment
why is sora so manipulative

>> No.35953499

Cover has been getting mogged by indies back when it was just Sora

>> No.35953500

I don't think Hololive created tiktok accounts, they only planned to but didn't because of China.

>> No.35953501

Miko's cabin is pretty comfy

>> No.35953503

Nah it'll be Miko. Next one to leave that trainweck of Hololive she is then
He's right. Cover isn't doing jack shit to upgrade their 3D tech and rigging. VShojo has it done on par with Niji

>> No.35953504

I want to be Matsuri's first boyfriend in the past 5 years

>> No.35953509

dont care, hope she dies

>> No.35953510

too late

>> No.35953511

I was lied to.

>> No.35953514

>being able to afford and actually maintain his """talents"""

i hope that little shit dies in return because he treated gachimuchi like a chore. faggot should've been in that car crash over billy herrington

>> No.35953516 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35953517

kek are those Miko's numbers?

No wonder she can't get half of a former Holo that absolutely mogged her kek

>> No.35953518

I really wish she'd go back to making content just for the chance I could see her hot hag body but she'd probably get a vtuber avatar if anything

>> No.35953519

How can anyone call Kanata a leech when the IDs exist?

>> No.35953521

That's kson's...

>> No.35953522

I want to be Matsuri's second boyfriend in the past 5 years

>> No.35953526

>mogging cover
You're joking right?

>> No.35953527

Keep hoping, she won't.

>> No.35953528

>he says while posting a whore


>> No.35953529

who, I don't watch en whores

>> No.35953531

Did Miko name her dog Yagoo?

>> No.35953533

>still no goat, horse or rabbit holo
guess they were too busy giving cat ears to almost every member

>> No.35953534

That looks better than any of the shit they use for Hologra

I'm a Holobrony btw this is just facts

>> No.35953535

go back to twitch

>> No.35953536

censor that please

>> No.35953537

It looks better in motion and even though it's shit it still manages to look better than irys

>> No.35953538

>this is the thing that will beat cover
mowtendoo should've been killed in that car over herrington. suck my cock you overrated hack. be grateful people ate up your shitty YTPMV's because they were "quality"

and nyanners deserves maggots in her eyes. fuck her

>> No.35953539

flare's penis

>> No.35953541


>> No.35953542


>> No.35953543


>> No.35953545

The goat.

>> No.35953546

>muh western girl is a whore
>muh girl: japan

>> No.35953547

>> No.35953549

>vshojo cocksuckers don't even know what they are talking about

>> No.35953550

Holos for this feel?

>> No.35953553

The only design that is good is Veibae

>> No.35953555

>he thinks gachi was all twitch
that was once /jp/ culture, but then that little shit forsen killed it with his "haha shitty gay" bait and switch stuff. and mowtendoo never acted like a person who cared for his creations and IWF. Again, fuck mowtendoo and fuck Vshitjo

>> No.35953557

pretty sure I saw mowtendoo tweeting about an heroing like 2 years ago, when the EN bubble finally bursts I hope he's first

>> No.35953558

Towa utawaku with announcement

>> No.35953559

for Marine and Polka only

>> No.35953560


>> No.35953561

I'm still angry the character collab got postponed but also sad Marine got sick.

>> No.35953562

Seethe at a better CEO than muh Reddit idol YAGJEW

>> No.35953563


>> No.35953564

That's a very low chance!

>> No.35953565

I've literally never watched a vshojo anything, I'm just being honest

>> No.35953566

I feel physically ill

>> No.35953567


>> No.35953568

Tanaka Elizabeth = Dog
Yoshida Yagoo = Goat

>> No.35953570


>> No.35953573


>> No.35953574

yagoo at least handles an actual company. Vshitjo is gonna fold and collapse harder than a clapboard house in houston after a hurricane

>> No.35953575

CAN I PLEASE GET A ugghhhh uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm A CUTE aqua clip maybe?

>> No.35953576

Why are you lot insist on being retarded?

>> No.35953577


>> No.35953580


>> No.35953582


>> No.35953583

They did make it. The account is still up but it's not used for anything aside from posting music. https://www.tiktok.com/@hololive_music?lang=en

>> No.35953584

anniv concert, what else

>> No.35953585


>> No.35953586

Nigga YAGJEW sold his soul to Tencent last month what planet are you on?

>> No.35953588

SEA kiddies woke up and posted about their shitty EN company again and "derailed" the thread

go back to /vt/ and discord you twats

>> No.35953589

>Nijisanji won
Now what?

>> No.35953590

after 4 hours of hardcore miko has built a small house, corraled 3 ducks into a pen, died, built a slightly bigger house, got a dog and goat.

>> No.35953591

>mogging cover

>> No.35953592

post the kanata one

>> No.35953593

While meddling with random folders i found the Matsuri diet voicepack and the Ayame muscle training voicepack, my honeymoon period with hololive was something else, i learned a little jap and lost a few kilos in hope to find a cute japenese girlfriend but i dropped it halfway like everything i do.

>> No.35953594


>> No.35953595

Ironmouse is adorable at least

>> No.35953598

based, we're never going to make it

>> No.35953599

>these are the vtubers that will "defeat" hololive and niji EN

how retarded are some people? You can't unironically like this shit, right?

>> No.35953601


>> No.35953602

Top 2 have objectively better rigging this isn't even debatable.

Bottom left has better 3D tracking and bottom right is a meme kek

>> No.35953603


>> No.35953604

vshitjo cope

>> No.35953605


>> No.35953606

I don't think I can handle them being actually gay for each other

>> No.35953607

Shouldn't it end there

>> No.35953608

Veibae has the best design and Snaffy had the best face tracking.
Everything else is objectively garbage.

>> No.35953610

this thread isn't very good

>> No.35953616 [SPOILER] 

korosan doxx

>> No.35953617

Aqua would NEVER be in JAV!!!

>> No.35953619

tenshi eating a corn dog

>> No.35953620

>he doesn't know
lurk 6 months before posting

>> No.35953622

Progress! But there's no way she's beating the ender dragon by the end of this challenge.

>> No.35953623

looks like shiraken's next adventure is the woodland mansion
Miko also wants to rewatch the EVA rebuilds for her next watchalong, then watch the new movie when it becomes available in Amazon

>> No.35953624

>cutting edge western tech btw

>> No.35953626

post brappers

>> No.35953627

Also this art is garbage.

>> No.35953628

Oh hi /hlg/

>> No.35953629

Groping Suityan's delicious flat chest!

>> No.35953630

they look like sex dolls

>> No.35953631

Gura tier rumao.

>> No.35953634

Doesn't matter how good thier "rigging" is if they look like a fucking ps2 model now does it?

>> No.35953637

Right unironically looks better here nigga

>> No.35953639


>> No.35953641

It's pure fucking SOUL you retarded zoomer

>> No.35953642

What about that one pure sex succubus girl who's like Ayame but cuter?

>> No.35953643

We are in War, time to show me the watame shogun your warface!

>> No.35953644

>b-but the tracking
they could have the best face tracking in the entire world yet no one would watch them because they're fucking ugly LMAO

>> No.35953645

It is business yuri

>> No.35953646


>> No.35953647


>> No.35953649

subaru playing ao oni. that's gonna be a fun stream

>> No.35953651

burger should stick to steven universe really

>> No.35953652

Pink cat is kinda cute...

>> No.35953653

>Coverbootlicker accepts mediocrity when indies do it best
kek will never not be funny that this thread always idolizes shit over quality

>> No.35953654

I’m not your “nigga”, baboon.

>> No.35953655

she will

>> No.35953656

VShojo will always have low subscriber numbers
VShojo will always have low views
VShojo will always have low superchat numbers
VShojo will never get a collab with holos because none of the girls give a shit about them
VShojo will continue to beg
VShojo will always be a failure
I will never watch a VShojo stream
I will never reply to a VShojo post
I will always wish for graduation of VShojo
VShojo posters will always be shitposters and falseflaggers trying to get (you)’s because not even VShojo posters actually watch VShojo

Just look at the state of this thread
Hololive is an idol agency and yet i’m supposed to put up with VShojo subhumans talking about how their literal who nobody who’s earning below minimum wage? How is this acceptable?
Read the fucking room already meidos, nobody here watches VShojo, stop letting them be used for shitposting.


>> No.35953658

Forcing Aqua to do lesbian JAV

>> No.35953659

It always felt like friendly kissing but now they're making out in elevators

>> No.35953661


>> No.35953662


>> No.35953664

lol Aqua is all worried about what Ayame thought when she probably just was spacing out as always

>> No.35953669


>> No.35953670

Wrong thread schizo

>> No.35953671


>> No.35953674

now kneel

>> No.35953675

Sleeping Miko....

>> No.35953676

>> No.35953677

Shit art

>> No.35953678


>> No.35953679


>> No.35953680

you called?

>> No.35953681


>> No.35953682


>> No.35953684


>> No.35953685

Stop ban evading.

>> No.35953687

My V+ wife

>> No.35953689

Soul is the cope retards like you use when something is objectively shit

>> No.35953692

t. Soulless cretin

>> No.35953693

Feel free to lodge you complaints here btw

>> No.35953695

Ayame is ungrateful Nana has to continue to support Chinks

>> No.35953697

It's an overused /v/ buzzword (also an overused /v/ buzzword)

>> No.35953699

Post cute boys

>> No.35953702

Everyone shut the fuck up and look at this retard's feet

>> No.35953703


>> No.35953704


>> No.35953706

Why bother, that's one of the only threads that is actively monitored by trannymeido

>> No.35953710

Already posted my grievances in there

>> No.35953713


>> No.35953714

Suisei fucked more males than your whore of a mother ever could

>> No.35953716

Another text from Yagoo telling me I need to hit my stream quota for the month. Maybe later..

>> No.35953717

That's a tall order

>> No.35953718 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35953719

Only Miko. The hags have no kids

>> No.35953720

Those boys aren't cute...

>> No.35953721

>another stream in 2 hours. Miko I'm sleepy...

>> No.35953722

thanks for the clip aquabro
miss you aquapex

>> No.35953723


>> No.35953724

Whenever I come here and see a line of hidden posts, I always end up curious about what the schizos are sperging out about this time and look at some of the posts. Kinda defeats the purpose of filters, huh?

>> No.35953725

Luna has grandkids

>> No.35953726


>> No.35953727

Miko kek

>> No.35953729

Fuck off birdkun

>> No.35953730

Exactly, if he won't get off his lazy ass and moderate this thread unless it hits his thread then we should make sure that any shitpost in this thread is mirrored there as well

>> No.35953731

Have another apex aqua chad

>> No.35953732

That's why you hide stubs

>> No.35953734

Do you not understand how this works or are you pretending to be retarded again?

>> No.35953737

Nope, Suisei is a pure seiso idol that doesn't have sex and isn't insecure like the rest of Hololive that have to pretend to never Interact with males.
She is the only holo to be both proven to never have a boyfriend before and being a virgin.
She interacts with a lot of males because everyone knows she would never do anything dirty with any of them unlike the rest of the whores on hololive, which would instantly suck dick if they spent more than 5 minutes all alone with a boy.

>> No.35953738

>ctrl F deleted

>> No.35953739


>> No.35953740

Hide stubs. Out of sight, out of mind.

>> No.35953741

Yeah right, more like we would just end up banned and off-topic faggots would continue to run amok.

>> No.35953742

sweep it up meido

>> No.35953743

That's a good point. Suddenly everything seems to clean

>> No.35953744

Miko is bebe!

>> No.35953746

this was the best GTA collab in ages

>> No.35953748

Why are you replying to the schizo? He's been spamming that image for a while now

>> No.35953749

But p*mu isn't dying?
You could check her twitter or her YouTube community tab and see she's doing well.
Also her return will break records, mark my words.

>> No.35953750

dangerously based

>> No.35953752


>> No.35953755

Next thread will be better

>> No.35953758

I want to be miko's table

>> No.35953761

Did meido finally ban the homospammer?

>> No.35953763


>> No.35953764

Which holo should I watch while the light of my life is on a moving-induced hiatus?

>> No.35953765

she will break nijiEN's record, which is like 2k viewers roru

>> No.35953767

Is this a call to raid?

>> No.35953768

the only break she will have is a permanent one once the cancer kills her

>> No.35953769

why would you cheat on your oshi?

>> No.35953770

Just a reminder that any holo who nuked their twitter when they joined hololive are stacy sluts who pretend to be autistic virgins for money, they wouldn’t kill their past if they had nothing to hide.
It’s not like anyone believes Suisei is a virgin anyway.

>> No.35953774

When is akutan going to pog out in apex again...

>> No.35953775


>> No.35953777

>> No.35953779

wrong version

>> No.35953781

Correct version

>> No.35953782

Need Bibi to save the thread

>> No.35953783

>> No.35953784

>> No.35953785

Did Miko die today?

>> No.35953786

But Suisei doesn't pretend to be autistic?
If you saw her playing Tetris while singing you can tell she's very smart and likes to brag about it.
Suisei is way too proud to lower herself to have sex with men. I believe she's a virgin 100%

>> No.35953788

the aloe poster also died

>> No.35953792

Dont worry, they arent.

>> No.35953793


>> No.35953794

>> No.35953795

>> No.35953797

>> No.35953798

>and mowtendoo never acted like a person who cared for his creations and IWF
Now that's fucking bullshit
I collaborated on IWF, and he cared. Did he personally cause the delay of 16 and 17? Yes.
But because his ambitions went beyond his means at the times, not because he did not care. 3DCG ain't a cakewalk, you know.

>> No.35953801

Miko finally met Anemachi
nice from Suisei to present her new GF to her sister, that's the first step

>> No.35953802

i know he caused delays but i saw discord screenshots that he acted like a fucking douche behind the scenes

>> No.35953804

She just doesn't want to be doxed idiot. If you actually read her twitter, there was literally nothing about boyfriend there

>> No.35953805

Watch her girlfriend

>> No.35953806


>> No.35953807

Are there actually fucking Discords worth using out there for Hololive discussion?
I hate the idea so much but this place will become unbearable as time goes on(already is, basically, but still)
I just want a server full of people who openly acknowledge GFE and are idolfags. It's literally all I watch Hololive for. I'm not autistic about it, I don't schizopost, surely there's more people like that out there somewhere...right...?

>> No.35953808

MiComet is official.

>> No.35953809

Pregnant 35P will give birth to more 35Ps!

>> No.35953810

>> No.35953811

offcollab onegai

>> No.35953812

But she keeps collabing with other women...

>> No.35953813

Post them or cease.

>> No.35953814

What sound does Watame make if you slap her butt?

>> No.35953815

>> No.35953816

>pregnant 35Ps
im so jelly bros.... i wish i had a wife who likes mikoti too....

>> No.35953817

they're from 4 years back and i never saved them sadly

>> No.35953818

Did we ever figure out if Matsuri is a pure virgin or no??

>> No.35953819

She farted

>> No.35953821

The entire reply chain is deleted you dumbass

>> No.35953822

migo likes bebbi...

>> No.35953823

something like *slap*

>> No.35953824

It's either that or her being depressed in solitude

>> No.35953825

fucking trash nolife just fucking kill yourself

>> No.35953826

>> No.35953827

lamy botan towa luna golf

>> No.35953828

why are suisharts like this?

>> No.35953830

Why are you VTumorfags forcing shoehorning shit into anime now? Do you fags have any sense of self-awareness or are you worse than bronies 10 years ago?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ltwzBVhpuI [Embed]

>> No.35953831

>> No.35953833

>> No.35953834

>literally the same time as OkaKoro offcollab
Just fuck my shit up

>> No.35953836

>> No.35953837


>> No.35953838

who the hell cares? vtubers do better than your shitty fucking animes. you even need vtubers voices to get relevant lmfao. who's the retard here? anime fans are pretty much massive fags anyways

>> No.35953840

And now you see the true essence of this place, threaten the nijimeido's little fiefdom and the meido springs into action.
Remember this if you ever feel like the meidos aren't doing their jobs

>> No.35953841

Tits literally too big

>> No.35953842

>> No.35953844


>> No.35953845

go back tranny

>> No.35953846

>> No.35953847

i think i saw her mama posting these on her twitter, is izumi making these themselves? what is it for?

>> No.35953849


>> No.35953850

Then I don't consider it of any headspace.
Knew the person myself on a semi-personal level, and I'm pretty sensitive to people being asshats. He was emotional but fair.

>> No.35953851


>> No.35953854

No one cares about your shitty apex menhera.

>> No.35953855

Izumi-papa did make it himself. I don't know what for, I think he was just learning Blender.

>> No.35953856

VTubers are a cope for weebs who are upset that anime has phased them out. This is an objective fact.
>hololive fanbase
>not riddled with discord trannies
kek lol oh no no

>> No.35953857

Just use twitter and/or >>>vt. theres also c*tube but I only use that to bum off the concerts like everyone else

>> No.35953859

>> No.35953860

still here tranny?

>> No.35953863

>VTubers are a cope for weebs who are upset that anime has phased them out. This is an objective fact.
what "anime"? generic shonen 114514 and shitty moecomic that pisses off twitter? anime is declining. read manga. the cesspools of /a/ is a consequence of spics

>> No.35953864

Oh look the tranny is ban evading

>> No.35953865


>> No.35953866

>I just want a server full of people who openly acknowledge GFE and are idolfags.
This place, I know it’s not perfect but it’s the best you’re going to get

>> No.35953867

Touch a grass

>> No.35953869

2/10 shitty bait and trying too hard.

>> No.35953871

We already know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjtNlPRhvZg

>> No.35953873

Look at all the deleted posts.
Is this the new l*l*? kinda funny if going to the niji thread to complain brings moderation here.

>> No.35953874

>> No.35953875

>> No.35953877


>> No.35953879

>read manga
fucking secondaries

>> No.35953880

pretty based of izumi, truly one of the loving holomamas

>> No.35953881

>> No.35953882

>VTubers are a cope for weebs who are upset that anime has phased them out. This is an objective fact.
This. They hated him because he told the truth.

>> No.35953883

>click the link
>most of the complaints people have about vtubers are just them helping out to promote shitty LN isekai adaptatjons and/or romcom garbage
>these are the people who screech about vtubers the most

>> No.35953886

>> No.35953892

You know you can watch/enjoy both vtubers and anime right? I'm still watching yugioh sevens and enjoying vtubers. Miss me with your inane babble

>> No.35953895

If your oshi doesn't appear here, she's not part of hololive.

>> No.35953896

This has the signature calling card of a Nene false flag operation.

>> No.35953897

He's pretty cool, honestly. Always ready to draw Mio whenever she needs it for merch and other purposes.

>> No.35953898

Everyone knows the only reason vtuber threads are still on jp is because the niji meido likes his little fiefdom too much to throw them to the wolves of /vt/, so yes.

>> No.35953899

>> No.35953901

I only watch Aqua because she's SAOchad.

>> No.35953905


>> No.35953906


>> No.35953909

>> No.35953910

>you can only like one or the other
>you cant like both
Projecting awfully hard eh?

>> No.35953912

But I'm watching anime more than vtubers now.

>> No.35953914

>> No.35953915


>> No.35953917


>> No.35953918

Garbage art.

>> No.35953921

This. I like anime and vtubers. Am I not allowed to? I've read Jahy since it started, was excited when it got an anime and I think the ED is fairly cute if not a little generic

>> No.35953922


>> No.35953923

what a wonderful holosex simulator

>> No.35953924

>> No.35953925


>> No.35953927


>> No.35953932

>> No.35953934

>> No.35953936


>> No.35953937

otsumiko fags!

>> No.35953938

Sorry, I read the manga or play the VN. Or both.

>> No.35953939

Eww, where's the fucking spats?

>> No.35953940


>> No.35953941

>> No.35953941,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35953941,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35953941,3 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35953941,4 [INTERNAL] 


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