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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I love Aqua!

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Are you the real Hololive?

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!!!!!

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And now I'm starting to regret not owning a switch

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I love Towa!

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These Senchou noises...

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Last thread had too much towaposting. It is forbidden to mention Towa from this post on.

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Treerat has no more money

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko (with Flare and Polka) Minecraft https://youtu.be/vyF_BTP27i8

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>OkaKoro confirmed fucking

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AquShio Love!

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Thank you, Watame, for a fresh, weekly batch of wata images to smugpost with

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>ctrl+f towa
>333 results

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Mio's taken the time to develop herself around her personal events this year! Can't wait for her birthday live on the 20th!

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sentjo sure is cute

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marine playing smash is way more sexual than her doing RFA

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Jesus Ichimi are just dumpstering on Marine

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I hope Watame uses the duel disk she retweeted

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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Fuck off, Sio, nobody cares for your salt.

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Hoping for some good stuff!

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Hime is winna

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The sound from her controller is a bit distracting.

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She need to develop her womb

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Should've been a better border inspection officer then.

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Put on your swimsuit again Miko!

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Smash streams are always like this. It's kind of funny how hard the viewers always go on them. Even Aqua can have a hard time fighting the viewers.

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What, not her boobs?

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aerith hate

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>he doesn't know about gamecube stick ASMR

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I'm going to save anya

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4 heavies in a row...

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I like it. It's nostalgic and feels like I'm in the room with her.

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mahjong elf holo when

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I wish she'd start doing some big collabs again, no one's taken up the slack.

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one who happens to have a fat ass too... if only...

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It's funny too because Senchou isn't even that bad of a smash player. Sometimes it feels like everyone who watches Hololive and plays smash is a pro player

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Risu let me see your brown nipples and I'll let you detain me

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The incline and spotlight that she took for granted last year has perished

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>Holo reads a single line in english and can't pronounce it at all
>eigo jouzu

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Confirmed christian holos ?

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towa cute

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the reason why Korone reclined so hard is because she never evolved
her content is the same as it was a year ago, she doesn't develop new friendships, tries new ways to engage with her audience or make her stream unique
people change, they grow up, learn new skills, improve their lives and all of this to keep their existence fresh meanwhile Korone stays the same, therefore being left behind

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Why is Miko like this...

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this. I'll do it every time too because they say the same to my japanese

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It's kind of relaxing honestly

>> No.35957744

Miko, Pekora and Marine

>> No.35957745

Oh god what the hell, this is kinda addicting.

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>Miko love Aqua

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Is nijishit even trying anymore?

>> No.35957754

>menhera throat bullying
yes please

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Skill gaps in Smash is really apparent even if the distance is not that far. But yeah, there seems to be a lot of pros playing against the members. The other day I think Rushia fought against a top Ridley player.

>> No.35957756

This is a tough pill to swallow... It's like she gained nothing from her growth.

>> No.35957759

correct me if im wrong but marine is the only holo who still uses a gamecube controller isn't she

>> No.35957760

Just like the japanese lie to me and make fun of me about my japanese to make me feel better, i'll do the same to the japanese with their english

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>Top 3 most watched hololive members
It ain't a coincidence. Repent to Jesus

>> No.35957765

>love apex stream

>> No.35957766

>Miko 20k
>Flare 10k
>Polka 5k
>Suisei 0k

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You think they also mean it when they say 日本語上手?

>> No.35957775

Aqua really likes being called kakkoii

>> No.35957779

You didn't hear this from me she might start making a few after her birthday or anniversary. She's just felt like she hasn't given enough time for herself lately.

>> No.35957781

it brings her closer to being kirito

>> No.35957783

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

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Doing better than all the homos

>> No.35957789

Look if a child shows you a crayon drawing you say he's done a good job even if it's oibectively shit just to keep him going at it. Same principle here

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>an unkempt hag and a fattie
probably REALLY bad

>> No.35957793

>getting Mio smile

>> No.35957794

anyas drawings have soul...

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Why didn't Suisei join the shiraken collab?

>> No.35957801

Everytime they do these Smash streams with fans I feel like buying a Switch with that game just to get the pleasure of beating them up.

>> No.35957805

now kiss

>> No.35957807

she left

>> No.35957808

time to move on to the next fad

>> No.35957810

More like they'll beat you up, the holos who do these kinds of streams have been playing that game for years by now.

>> No.35957815

no one? just me?

>> No.35957816

Suisei can't stream for two days in a row or she collapses

>> No.35957818

Ii ne

>> No.35957819

>1 person looking at playboard's stream
>it's me

I just realized how much of a numberfag i am

>> No.35957821

holos are fighting game pros??

>> No.35957824

They'll have no trouble beating up someone like you who just picked up the game on switch at least

>> No.35957826

why are you faggots like this?

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But she streamed today

>> No.35957829

Just woke up, why isn't Pekora streaming today?

>> No.35957830

All of their roommates are secretly pros.

>> No.35957832

I will marry this menhera.

>> No.35957834

>fighting game
anon NO it's almost those hours

>> No.35957835

Botan will never kiss Lamey

>> No.35957837

Sorry I can't draw.

>> No.35957839

holos with this feel?

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wrong thread

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Love Matsuri

>> No.35957844

anya is drawing with SOUL how dare you

>> No.35957846

You are kidding, right?
They fucking suck balls. I am not new to the game, but I bet even someone who played for a week can beat them up.
Maybe Marine and Aqua would put a fight, but not the rest.

>> No.35957849

game and watch is such an unorthodox character

>> No.35957850

Oh wow an actual game an watch player, haven't seen someone play that seriously in like, ever.

>> No.35957852

Just woke up, is Pekora still brown today?

>> No.35957853

Only Aqua would, really. If you have basic understanding of the buttons and movement you should be able to beat most of them.

>> No.35957854

Suddenly got hot down there and ran to Jun

>> No.35957856

well then what kind of game is it?? they are literally fighting each other

>> No.35957858

She is in the studio.

>> No.35957861

>only black holo
>doesn't play fighting games
why is Flare like this?

>> No.35957864

Why is Marine a ghost?

>> No.35957865

ban evading his ban evasion
>yeah i did get banned and yeah i did ban evade

>> No.35957867

Of course Sora’s addicted to this sort of game

>> No.35957870

Miko you retard

>> No.35957872

Game and watch is fucking cheating on this stage holy shit

>> No.35957873

Fuckers name is NUT

>> No.35957876

Just finished fucking marineschizo today. Hope she doesn't appear here again in about 1 month.

>> No.35957880

game and watch bro.....

>> No.35957882

The only ones that do more than button mash are Aqua, Marine, and Ayame, and out of those Aqua is the only one that has any idea about the meta and how to actually play "properly".

>> No.35957884

>They'll have no trouble beating up someone like you

>> No.35957886

same Mkkopi!

>> No.35957888

>her content is the same as it was a year ago
True. Same content, same nahone, same cute noises, same laughs after every sentence. That's it. I struggle to think of anything else unique about her, but I can't come up with anything. She's just boring and stale at this point.
>she doesn't develop new friendships
This. She always collabs with the same people over and over. She's never tried to branch out; she just sticks to what she's comfortable with. Watching the same dynamics all the time gets boring because, just like her, nothing changes and it's the same shit as always.
She mentioned wanting to collab with more people during her tanabata, but the only ones she's collabed with since then outside of her comfort zone are Luna, Choco and Roboco. And it was a pretty boring collab desu.
>tries new ways to engage with her audience or make her stream unique
Also true. Just like everything else about her, the same as it's always been.

It's a shame, really. I think the only other person that can rival her in squandering potential growth is Polka.

>> No.35957890

Yeah I'm nutting alright

>> No.35957891

To see them winning against viewers is so rare they deserve a red supa everytime.

>> No.35957898

I miss Aqutan Smash streams... Did she like playing with Sephiroth?

>> No.35957899

The dagger is being too cute right now...
Her trying her hardest when drawing is fucking adorable

>> No.35957902

it's a masterpiece...

>> No.35957903

No, but you still are.

>> No.35957905

Aqua turned me into a cute JK

>> No.35957909

that was a fucking nice edgeguard

>> No.35957911

What the fuck Miko!?

>> No.35957915

Another loss for senchou

>> No.35957916

who are those 3 indies and why are they hololive related?

>> No.35957917

Senchou how did lose to pichu of all players

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>> No.35957920

Don't talk about Subaru's mom like that.

>> No.35957921

Every time fan-art doesn't try to replicate Marines face it looks better, weird how that works.

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>> No.35957926

I want to go on a date with Anya

>> No.35957927

I will print this out and post it on my fridge.

>> No.35957931

>Anya draws herself flat as a stick

>> No.35957932

Was Towa cool in the golf collab did she win?

>> No.35957933

Fuck OtakMori, fuck kenzocucks

>> No.35957935

I guess what they say is true
You really cant teach an old dog new tricks

>> No.35957937

This dumb zombie is blocking the pictures...

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>> No.35957939

Glad to see Korone doomposting growing, keep it up.

>> No.35957943

was literally about to post this

also from the last thread what's wrong with otakmori's translations? they seem fine to me, do you all just hate her because she's a women?

>> No.35957944

Get in Holobros

>> No.35957950

You already baited this topic last thread

>> No.35957952

towa is always cool

>> No.35957953

Some anon the other day said Aqua gave a kiss during a stream. Anyone got a clip? I like Aqua GFE...

>> No.35957956

woah I'm putting pic in my Towa being cool folder(which is also my Towa folder)

>> No.35957960

she gives more chuus in this stream, somewhere around 1 hour in

>> No.35957962

who dis

>> No.35957966


>> No.35957969

does she do any sort of gfe often?

>> No.35957970

That was for XI, not for you white swine!

>> No.35957971

yea but it was with her bf, she left her mic on and you hear a male voice saying the store was out of condoms and then you hear aqua kissing him

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>> No.35957975

Mad Scientist's numbers seem to be normalizing well, though. No one expected him to keep his debut buff numbers, and around 16-20k+ per stream is pretty good for a Niji. He might not be able to compete against top Holo outside of special occasions, but he's definitely better than average Holos too.

>> No.35957977

Senchou is getting hard countered...

>> No.35957978

>open stream
>cum on forehead
>leave stream

>> No.35957979

sentyou is being really cute

>> No.35957980

It’s not really a kiss. It’s the sound you make when you inhale air with a closed mouth.

>> No.35957982

Aqua is the queen of retarded gfe

>> No.35957983

aqua kissing me then coughing directly into my mouth!

>> No.35957985

This isnt what I had in mind...

>> No.35957987

you may think this kirby is playing like shit, but he's achieved his goal of getting marine to shout, a moral victory

>> No.35957990

Aqua's shoujo rei

>> No.35957991

I want to live between these tits

>> No.35957992

but that's the authentic aqua gfe experience

>> No.35957993

Did she sing it today?

>> No.35957995

>Anya gives so little of a fuck about her lore she isn't even sure if she can eat and drink

>> No.35957996

Just now, not entire song though.

>> No.35957997

She did some of it just now.

>> No.35957998

holy shit i forgot they added kazuya to smash

>> No.35957999

Marine called Kazuya's crouch dash disgusting...

>> No.35958002


>> No.35958005

She made a valentines video for members, but when she got a sc thanking her for the kiss she said that it’s just a habit and not a kiss.

>> No.35958009

reading this just made me remember sephiroth and steve are in

>> No.35958010

>Ollie gushing about the Anya drawing with big tits while Anya gets obviously annoyed at it

>> No.35958011

Anya's pretty hot

>> No.35958015

You wake up as Towa tomorrow, what the first sing you do?

>> No.35958016

That's just how regular Tekken is anyway

>> No.35958017

It looks good compared to the one on steam

>> No.35958018


>> No.35958019


>> No.35958020


>> No.35958025

I love Noel, she's very good at entertaining her viewers

>> No.35958026

Reach over to the nightstand and light up a cigarette.

>> No.35958030

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq9uq8_lCuY Haato

>> No.35958033


>> No.35958034

Check my oshi's twitter.

>> No.35958035

Fucking slut

>> No.35958036


>> No.35958037


>> No.35958039

Anya is flat RIGGER HATE

>> No.35958044


>> No.35958045

provide pics
prove yourself

>> No.35958046

Sora sure likes cute farming sims to make a third fresh save file...

>> No.35958048

god i wanna FUCK chammers so badly

>> No.35958049

Sex with Nose...

>> No.35958050

also holy fuck ANOTHER G&W player?

>> No.35958051

Game and watch again?

>> No.35958052

>no archive just to get more numbers
numberchama back at it again, she must have felt bad after getting 5k on her last singing stream

>> No.35958053

more like a sluuuuuuurp

>> No.35958054


>> No.35958059


>> No.35958061

Yes, I'd sing タバコ

>> No.35958062

It's pretty obviously a typo and meant to be "thing".
Otherwise the sentence structure makes zero sense.

>> No.35958065

Your oshi may be having sex with other men, or she may not be. But she won't ever have sex with you, so don't worry about it.

>> No.35958066

Aqua forgot how to introduce herself in Korean

>> No.35958067

of all the parts to watch of course marine saw cloud crossdressing from pekora's playthrough

>> No.35958069

>> No.35958071


>> No.35958072

I only watch Holowhores

>> No.35958074

will haachama do a countdown again today?

>> No.35958077

Male voice on Aqua's stream...

>> No.35958079

I hope. My dick is ready.

>> No.35958081

If you send her a girthy spacha with it as a request maybe

>> No.35958083

Why is there Towas voice on Aquas stream?

>> No.35958087

Towa wanted the apex collab so much that she broke into Aqua’s house

>> No.35958088

Haachama not like this...I dont wanna fap

>> No.35958089

Cloud is so cool

>> No.35958090

has aqua benefitted the most from the korean boon for hololive? what is it that makes aqua so attractive to foreign audiences?

>> No.35958093

Aqua is making fun of Towas yab...

>> No.35958095

Where is the lotion?

>> No.35958099

hamster feet

>> No.35958106


>> No.35958107

I dont think she bought a KU but whatever mic she got for ASMR is pretty damn good.
Its good enough to tickle the inside of my ears.

>> No.35958109

Her name is Kiryu Coco, and don't forget it!

>> No.35958110

Please don't post such images while Senchou is streaming, I'm already horny enough as it is

>> No.35958111

they found a other mansion but they want to explore it with Suisei...
shiraken no kizuna is strong

>> No.35958113

Aqua is a /hlg/ regular.

>> No.35958116

Aqua talking about APEX

>> No.35958129


>> No.35958132

>> No.35958133

Why did Haachama have to turn into a whore...

>> No.35958138

>its a game i cannot hate. i love it

>> No.35958139

literally a case of domestic abuse at this point
>life becomes ruined from apex
>m-maybe i'll go back next time....

>> No.35958145

>> No.35958147

haachama is making me feel funny

>> No.35958148

Do Towa and Lamy fug?

>> No.35958151

There's this wierd squishy sound on Marine's stream, is that her controller falling apart?

>> No.35958153


>> No.35958154


>> No.35958155

Voice acting sheep.

>> No.35958157

Debuchama is bullying my dick again

>> No.35958158


>> No.35958163

She's flexing her seiyuu lessons

>> No.35958165

Mio in Marine stream!

>> No.35958169

anon... that's the gamecube controller when you let the stick go...

>> No.35958171



>> No.35958172

>only one live translator
haachama is reclining

>> No.35958176

she will never be as good as master Matsuri

>> No.35958178

barfing wolf...

>> No.35958180

>> No.35958187

your random niji will never be the new Lulu

>> No.35958188

ah yes, every Wolf is Mio

>> No.35958190

I was checking this guys twitter and 99% of his arts are of Haachama.
Why arent you doing your reps and drawing your oshi yet?

>> No.35958200

sorry, she's wetter than usual today
i'll be done with her quick

>> No.35958202

magowasabi is like haachama's nyger

>> No.35958206


>> No.35958207


Shit...I think I was 22.

>> No.35958213

enter reine!

>> No.35958214


>> No.35958228

Kanata is too loud

>> No.35958231

So Sora eats chocolate cereal every day

>> No.35958232

You just had to give attention when everyone's ignoring it

>> No.35958233

>> No.35958236

Another black waltz destroyed!

>> No.35958240

nice ass

>> No.35958241

Sorry we dont watch losers

>> No.35958242

any juicy new rrats?

>> No.35958245

Aqua WILL get bullied into making another hair dryer stream

>> No.35958246


>> No.35958249

this but mizugi Migo

>> No.35958252

>> No.35958253

you can see haachama's nipples in her stream

>> No.35958257

watermelon yo

>> No.35958260


>> No.35958262

no words needed

>> No.35958264

Soooooo cuuuuuuuteeee

>> No.35958266

>Marine at 28k
Holy fuck

>> No.35958269

nakirium is just semen

>> No.35958271

Smell it

>> No.35958272

Kson is a bluff for one year until chinks get bored and she can go back to Hololive.

>> No.35958273

I want Ayame’s semen.

>> No.35958275

>Okakoro confirmed fucking
>Twitter and 5ch up in arms between gachi kois and yurifags
>Meanwhile not a word in here
Can't believe you all are missing such an opportunity

>> No.35958276

lamy baby

>> No.35958278

when are they moving to a new server?
this one is already full of shit and the school festival seems like the perfect opportunity, hopefully they release the map online once they move out

>> No.35958282

Nousagis will still say she isn't the most popular holo though

>> No.35958283

Why should I care about something everyone already knew?

>> No.35958284

>old women fucking

>> No.35958285

well, it's officially dead hours now

>> No.35958286

>> No.35958287

Thank you for watching! Please subscribe to our channel! Give us a high rating and follow our Twitter! Please come see me tomorrow!

>> No.35958288

Miko ended, otsu35~

>> No.35958290

Yeah because that makes sense

>> No.35958291

this haachama ASMR isn't very good

>> No.35958293


>> No.35958294

otsumiko fags!

>> No.35958295

Good for them, I do not care.

>> No.35958298

Ayame pls get STDs from all the sex you have been having

>> No.35958299

I mean, I would.

>> No.35958301

ladies and gentlemen welcome to yukihana lamy

>> No.35958302

>That pause
>That silence
These two are extremely fucking gay

>> No.35958303

Shut up EOP.
Also that would be disgusting, considering their roommates.

>> No.35958304

Where's Shion's version

>> No.35958305

Killyou Cocaine?
I won't forget!

>> No.35958306

Pekora was correct. Imagine picking some girl you met like a few hours ago over your childhood friend.

>> No.35958308

Imagine the smell.

>> No.35958309

imagine wanting more shitposting

>> No.35958310

Jin will have one up in a few hours

>> No.35958311

Wait Miko's not ending yet

>> No.35958314

enjoy the sue

>> No.35958315

Where the hell do you think you are?

>> No.35958316

If you are not watching Haachama, you are gay.

>> No.35958317

but we learned nothing new

>> No.35958319

Miko... you don't have to read superchats if you don't want to...

>> No.35958321

That's why you strive for a level where they don't jouzu you and don't turn on the "Foreigner accent" when responding.
Like my oshi did for me which made me insanely happy

>> No.35958324

Nobody cares about GAMERs here, that much has been obvious for awhile

>> No.35958325

oh no he reported anon from the famous mongolian basket weaving site

>> No.35958326

Imagine spreading her legs on that table and pounding that JK pussy like no tomorrow with her dad watching

>> No.35958327

mikochi just took a huge dump

>> No.35958331

Childhood friends almost always trash, I'd pick someone I just met over that shit

>> No.35958335

i like this
its like the fbi.tips.gov meme

>> No.35958336

>a hag fucking an obese woman
I didn't need to imagine that.

>> No.35958337


>> No.35958338

I didn't know Haato's ASMR was legit I expected some schizo shit

>> No.35958339

Sora and Ruri horror 3D would sound interesting if it does happen, given Sora got legitimately scared the first time

>> No.35958340



>> No.35958344

God I wish I could watch you ravaging her tight pussy.

>> No.35958346

I want to support someone who is kind and dedicated to her fans. Someone who works hard. Someone who can sing. Someone who looks like a cute farm animal.

>> No.35958349


>> No.35958350

I love Pekora too!

>> No.35958354


>> No.35958357

Well rabbits aren't really farm animals I guess but everything else fits.

>> No.35958358

I, too, want to support Botan.

>> No.35958360

birdkun is in the hospital someone beat his ass bad

>> No.35958363

I never had a childhood friend so friend I have no qualms picking the girl I just met

>> No.35958364

Cat lamy...

>> No.35958365

Sora likes cute farming games

>> No.35958368

I love Kuzuha too

>> No.35958372


>> No.35958373


>> No.35958374

Towa fucks horses so she counts.

>> No.35958378

She lost to another game & watch
This is kind of sad senchou..

>> No.35958380


>> No.35958381


>> No.35958383

why do you guys keep breaching containment?

>> No.35958389

>anya dont penetrate me
wtf ollie

>> No.35958390

yikes what a giga cringe

>> No.35958392

Go back

>> No.35958393

Did he mix her up with Luna?
And I’m 100% sure that Aqua enjoyed getting slapped by her.

>> No.35958394

Okayu is young though. Korone is only around 30 so prime hag material

>> No.35958396

It's a good idea for extra practice as long as her voice is holding up.

>> No.35958397

why do you post dumb twitter screencaps as if you were on /v/

>> No.35958398

>Seeing any foreigner in your feed or in the comments
You haven't vetted hard enough.

>> No.35958399

>Sora: Cicadas have a short life span and they live their lives. Sometimes I feel sorry for them. Yet I hate them

That's deep

>> No.35958402

35Ps finally took revenge

>> No.35958403

I still don't understand how this card game works

>> No.35958405


>> No.35958411

Nobody cares

>> No.35958413

This jigglypuff is scaring Marine wtf

>> No.35958414

Rushia guerilla mengen, no archive

>> No.35958416

Jshay was robbed
we love Jshay here

>> No.35958420

>okayu and korone have fucked
>coco and kanata have fucked
>noel and flare have fucked
>marine and shion have fucked
>towa and kotaro have fucked
>matsuri and her hoshikawa bodypillow have fucked
>miko and kaoru have fucked
>fubuki and oga have fucked
>taiga and tawa have fucked
>sora and her multiple boyfriends have fucked

Who am I missing?

>> No.35958421

So Kanatan

>> No.35958424


>> No.35958426

Menhera time...

>> No.35958427

This guy makes it look creepy with the calm walk and grab.

>> No.35958429

my oshi

>> No.35958431

>no archive mengen

I disapprove of this kind of behaviour

>> No.35958436

do people still care about the new smash bros i remember it being a big thing but you never hear about it anymore

>> No.35958437

>Korone confirmed to have completed the grooming process
Based pussyhunting dog

>> No.35958438

Yeah, I am at my men limit alright

>> No.35958441

>> No.35958444

Anon and his hand have fucked

>> No.35958445

>guerilla mengen, no archive
no bigger fuck you you can give to your fans

>> No.35958446

Korone is hot and fit as fuck and Okayu is in shape now.

>> No.35958450

roru rumao

>> No.35958452

What is their endgame?

>> No.35958453

no i am not a pedophile so i dont play smash

>> No.35958457

Senchou is changing her voice to preserve her throat, just like Suisei...

>> No.35958458

>> No.35958459

Fingerbanging, possibly tongue bathing

>> No.35958461


>> No.35958464

Nintendo keeps releasing literally whos so everyone moved on except the casuals

>> No.35958466


>> No.35958467

See me next time!

>> No.35958468

That's her real voice

>> No.35958470


>> No.35958471

Aqua don't leave...

>> No.35958472

I really wish.. that in the end Miko and Peko would've retained their relationship in same level and done same things as OkaKoro..
I really miss that time.

>> No.35958474

/v/ had a meltdown when Steve (Minecraft) was released.

>> No.35958475


>> No.35958476

chammers is doing blowjob roleplay...

>> No.35958477

what the fuck how do i get groomed by an old woman

>> No.35958478

Why nobody told me that fubuki is friends with that vtuber porn voice actress?

>> No.35958479

That's honestly disgusting.

>> No.35958482

why does towa do tha spins?

>> No.35958487

Aqua Ch. 湊あくあ なんか負けた気分だが!?
Aqua Ch. 湊あくあ スパチャに敗北するミナトアクア 完

>> No.35958488

>> No.35958489

>> No.35958490

Messages from Aqua
>スパチャに敗北するミナトアクア 完

>> No.35958492


>> No.35958498

Noclip boobs

>> No.35958500

lol thats a real thing

>> No.35958502

What's the rrat on this?

>> No.35958503


>> No.35958504

How desperate you gotta be to keep thinking about two fat bitches fucking?
Jesus, get some help.

>> No.35958507

Me and your oshi GOTTEM

>> No.35958509

why do you guys like nene? you realize she's an omega riajuu that wouldn't even glance at you?

>> No.35958513

Taiga is pure

>> No.35958516

>a morbidly obese girl and a 30yo single mother with piercings having sex

>> No.35958521


>> No.35958523

think of the smell

>> No.35958525

Explain haatons.

>> No.35958526

>> No.35958527

I want to fuck the dog

>> No.35958530


>> No.35958531

Why do they like to make us imagine things and not say concrete things but gets upset when we make narratives? Aren't they the same thing?

>> No.35958533

No one from hololive, basically.

>> No.35958534

Please stop
I am already sick

>> No.35958535

Haven't seen this one in a long time, thank you anon.

>> No.35958537


>> No.35958542

Which one will collab first, pekomiko or hoshi no kanata?

>> No.35958544

Miko has another collab tomorrow (6th), when is the Gartic Phone one again?

>> No.35958545

And the age difference between them is almost 15 years...

>> No.35958546

I've got decent genetics I can fake riajuness for a bit

>> No.35958548

My dick can't take this.

>> No.35958554

I want to fuck Marine in the ass while pulling on her ponytail

>> No.35958555

back when Towa model had SOUL

>> No.35958556

Both Pekora and Miko are going to be in hc micra collab but not sure if it counts since it wont be 1 on 1.

>> No.35958561

Oh shit, I just noticed that Aki is not streaming anymore. Where is she?

>> No.35958562

What does she expect from that? That's just shitty behaviour.

>> No.35958564

i'm going to make chammers a mother

>> No.35958565

Me too, no joke

>> No.35958566

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.35958568

It's time to let go, anon. Those times are over and done with. Miko has plenty of other people, and Peko is in her element with Botan and Towa. They're both better off where they are now.

>> No.35958571

Health problems . on a brake .

>> No.35958573


>> No.35958576

See >>35958446

>> No.35958583


>> No.35958584

She called Åland a country on stream and Fins have been harassing her ever since, sending Salmiakki to her home address and spamming her twitter tags with spurdo.

>> No.35958586

Watame WILL get Garnet's ass.

>> No.35958590

Imagine the nonstop sex with Haachama. She squealing like a pig during all the ride.

>> No.35958594

I can't even look up rrats on 5ch anymore since someone had a hissy fit and the hololive anti thread moved to a board that doesn't even fucking archive

>> No.35958600

I swear Suisei is getting the most lewd fanarts after Marine these days

>> No.35958603

I really love these two

>> No.35958604

The fuck, Chammers.

>> No.35958605

I fucking wish that island of snob leeches was it's own country.

>> No.35958611


>> No.35958612

There's going to be another Gartic collab?

>> No.35958613

Jesus that startled me.

>> No.35958618

Are they fucking like OkaKoro ?
Old x young is a thing apparently

>> No.35958619

Sora Love!

>> No.35958621

fuck I spilled my towa milk

>> No.35958622


>> No.35958625

anon please I can only be so erect

>> No.35958629

>> No.35958630


>> No.35958634

the best ritual poster in this threads

>> No.35958645


>> No.35958647

So for Sora, gap moe is a cute girl being able to become super serious

Odd choice, but I guess it still counts

>> No.35958650

>I'll taking

>> No.35958654

rrrrrrat rrrrrrat do not ogey i repeat do not oge- rrrrrrrrat rrrrrrrrrrrat

>> No.35958657

Lamy wishes they were

>> No.35958666

The horror

>> No.35958672

They reached their endgame, now they can just keep living the cozy life of a wealthy vtuber with a wealthy vtuber gf

>> No.35958676

>> No.35958677

>I'll taking

Stop reading ESL translation you goof

>> No.35958680


>> No.35958681

more lesbians yagoo, right now

>> No.35958682

brown friend

>> No.35958683

I second this

>> No.35958685

Hoshi no Kanata DAY is only 3 months away so them

>> No.35958687


>> No.35958689


>> No.35958691

I remember reading it's going to be 9 people or something

>> No.35958696

>> No.35958702

Are haachama's member only asmr even lewder?

>> No.35958703

I'll trust an ESL over an EOP

>> No.35958707

>cum countdowns
I dont know anon you tell me

>> No.35958708

some are, this was pretty shit by her standards

>> No.35958711


>> No.35958713

>Rushia's mengen
Sorry rushia, I dont want kids and that will never change

>> No.35958714

Miko just found out about superchat stickers lol

>> No.35958718

marine uoooooooooh

>> No.35958720

Why did she say this?

>> No.35958722


>> No.35958724

Loud random things are what brings in the EOP crowd

>> No.35958726


>> No.35958727


>> No.35958728

Which holo is going to pick up and play The Shore? Is any holo even into HP Lovecraft at least?

>> No.35958733

the Hololive Gamers are basically only good for sex now

>> No.35958735

>make us imagine things
Korone straight up said "やったことあるね"
There's nothing up for imagination anymore
Do you need them to tell you how they finger and suck each other?

>> No.35958736

https://files.catbox.moe/b596bu.mp4 click the good !

>> No.35958739

>> No.35958745


>> No.35958747


>> No.35958752


>> No.35958757

3 of my favorite vtubers were confirmed to be carpet munching heathens in one week...

>> No.35958758


>> No.35958760


>> No.35958761

post the Sora cyclops

>> No.35958762

Who's the third if okakoro are the first two

>> No.35958769

if i may direct your attention

>> No.35958771

Who's the third one?

>> No.35958773

they're okay, sometimes she does something really good. Today's was pretty shit though

>> No.35958774

Too big

>> No.35958775


>> No.35958778

Nice ARS rainbow, bitch lol

>> No.35958779


>> No.35958782

small womb...

>> No.35958787

your oshi is cute
my oshi is a whore

>> No.35958792

>Romancing Saga 3
Nice to see Sora use those permissions to play it again after a year

>> No.35958793

Wrong, your oshi is cute too.

>> No.35958799

Guys Rushia is dying.

>> No.35958805


>> No.35958806



>> No.35958807

Why not?

>> No.35958816

>> No.35958817

>> No.35958818


>> No.35958819

Watame said the line

>> No.35958820

They're saving it for the okakoro ASMR

>> No.35958822

cute duck

>> No.35958823

>his oshi lacks a dynamic camera

>> No.35958825

Is this how they treat Covid in Indonesia?

>> No.35958826

I want to fuck Marine

>> No.35958832

First they get a shaman to perform a ritual...

>> No.35958835

Memeing botan into installing gentoo

>> No.35958840

What happened?

>> No.35958843

tell me something new

>> No.35958849

She has ovary cancer

>> No.35958854

Is that Watame basement?

>> No.35958858

She won't be streaming for a few days while she and Shion get settled into their new condo.

>> No.35958860

I don't really understand why this part is supposed to be so sad

>> No.35958862

what the fuck is marine doing

>> No.35958867

No. You'd never get a camera in.

>> No.35958868

>[EN] (She's talking about how she thought about "cosplaying" as herself and walk around Harajuku etc., but the silver hair aside - not too bad, her breasts would be too recognizable.)
Danchou wtf are you even thinking...

>> No.35958870


>> No.35958875

She wants to give back to the fans

>> No.35958879

imagine walking around and seeing c*n*n dressed as danchou...

>> No.35958881

Good thing Shion doesn't stream anyway

>> No.35958884

She wants to take in gallons of semen from her fans?

>> No.35958885

We know Flare

>> No.35958895

Rather see danchou dressed as c*n*n to be quite honest with you

>> No.35958901

Towa is cool!

>> No.35958904

that's just her alt outfit??

>> No.35958906

So is she admitting she knows people watch her as C*nan or why does she think her tits would be recognizable?

>> No.35958910

post no towa baby

>> No.35958913

Is that AZKi's friend?

>> No.35958914

Stop saying the T-word

>> No.35958916

he probably means one of these outfits

>> No.35958918


>> No.35958921

do NOT reproduce

>> No.35958923

This Anya stream is pretty good.

>> No.35958924

Rainbow superchat baby...

>> No.35958925

Whenever I see her tits I get sad cause my dick is smaller than her boobs...

>> No.35958926

She says similar shit all the time
Like she mentioned that she streamed from early age too pretending using skype etc

>> No.35958929

Mio's sister

>> No.35958936

perpendicular paizuri

>> No.35958939

I want to reproduce using those tiddies.

>> No.35958940


>> No.35958941

I wish I looked like this.

>> No.35958942

I would like to be the first to personally congratulate Towa on passing her N5 certification.

>> No.35958948

It's not. She talked to us properly before her break.. if anything she didn't need to do that stream but did anyway.

>> No.35958949

holy based

>> No.35958953


>> No.35958954

mane-chan mandated break

>> No.35958955

Chicken is the Flare of EN. The yurileeching failure of an otherwise successful generation. Sad!

>> No.35958956


>> No.35958962


>> No.35958967


>> No.35958968


>> No.35958969

*Chicken is the Noel of EN
Flare does more than fine without the yuribaiting, she literally just dumped Noel and her SCs are top tier. Noel on the other hand is the deadweight of her gen

>> No.35958972


>> No.35958974

I love my wife Choco!

>> No.35958975


>> No.35958976


>> No.35958977

Why is she like this??

>> No.35958979

>> No.35958980

did she died?

>> No.35958983

How long is she going to run this into the ground? The second one where she got horny was predictable as fuck. It's boring now.

>> No.35958989

Flare won’t like this.

>> No.35958990

Fuck off retard

>> No.35958991

Games, sex, singing, and comedy. There's nothing more I could want.

>> No.35958996

I'm ordering pizza. What toppings you want?

>> No.35958999


>> No.35959001

Mozzarella, smetana, chicken, fries and bacon. A surefire combo,

>> No.35959011

Cockroach sausage

>> No.35959013

haha dope, based and suprelit

>> No.35959015

pickles, sausage, onion

>> No.35959016


>> No.35959018


>> No.35959019

captain crunch

>> No.35959020


>> No.35959022


>> No.35959025

Btw if anyone is still interested in the nendo Senchou just said there might be a restock so don't throw yourself at the mercy of scalpers just yet

>> No.35959026

add a bit of rrat

>> No.35959027

No pineapple
Many many cheese
No pineapple

>> No.35959028


>> No.35959029

What did she mean by this?

>> No.35959031

The real drama from the Okakoro stream was who they thought the smartest holos were. Korone thinks it's Botan, and Okayu thinks it's Suisei.

>> No.35959032

This is the most obnoxious human I've ever heard speak.

>> No.35959035

Migo 草

>> No.35959036

Seems like they're going up in flames, with some LiSa drama

>> No.35959037


>> No.35959038


>> No.35959043

Is Hurea the most sensitive holo?
I can't imagine what would happen if she had active antis.

>> No.35959045

monkey meat

>> No.35959048

Would you drink this y/n?

>> No.35959049

She's probably been begging Lack to make her White since debut

>> No.35959051

Fubuki actually cried over being called a cat

>> No.35959056

yes, every day

>> No.35959059

Bacon and pineapple

>> No.35959060

They agreed on them being smart because they think anyone who's good at games like among us is smart
Dunno who else is a try hard in among us, maybe Ayame

>> No.35959062

why does flare refuse to embrace her african heritage?

>> No.35959069


>> No.35959070

isn't she just italian like his brother?

>> No.35959072

reminder that Dark Elves are purple

>> No.35959075

1) Did he actually have the nerve to use C*c*.K as thumbnail?
2) The mask is Red X?

>> No.35959076

UOOOOHH you get to play as a JK

>> No.35959077

I'd be too. It must suck being so far behind everyone just because your original design is shit.
Same goes for IRyS. She'd be 1 million by now if she had anything even remotely decent.

>> No.35959080

>specifically ask for optional accessories of your favourite animal in your new outfit
>fan happens to make a viral video that forever associates you with an entirely different animal just a little earlier than that
>roll with it and embrace both identities

>> No.35959081

And this day will be named the Watame day

>> No.35959082

Stop watching retarded clippers who don’t know English or Japanese.

>> No.35959083

Is she worth watching? I tuned into a stream once about a month ago and she didn't speak for close to 10 minutes so I left.

>> No.35959090

hehe poopy head

>> No.35959092

Eugene should stream more often solo, her streams are always so nice to listen to.

>> No.35959093


>> No.35959099

I still can't believe Okayu and Korone have sexual sex together...

>> No.35959101

But what did she mean by this?

>> No.35959103

I think she's pretty cute. She has her moments but she is usually trying to talk about things.

>> No.35959105

pepperoni but without pepperoni

>> No.35959106

wrong thread poo

>> No.35959111

Korone unironically needs to play more minecraft, and I hate minecraft. It'd be a decent opportunity for her to interact with the others without having to schedule a formal collab

>> No.35959118

remember to leave mean comments on twitter because the holos will read them and get sad

>> No.35959128

I'll give her another look. Do you have any past streams that you'd recommend or should I just tune in to her Death Stranding stream later this week?

>> No.35959133


>> No.35959134

1AM JST is really when it’s starting to get mad.

>> No.35959136


>> No.35959143

Miko ended, now what?

>> No.35959146

I get the impression Kiara does not like IRyS and sees her as a potential threat. There are multiple things I have noticed that convey this.

Firstly before her debut when talking about her whilst streaming with Gura, she does not say anything positive about IRyS all of it seems fairly negative. Stating for her not to call her "Senpai" and stating she gets the impression she is reluctant to talk to them. Not once did she say that she was looking forward to her streaming or anything nice about her, pretty much that she is just shy. Fair enough Gura did not want to get in trouble talking about her from management but Kiara did not care and from my perspective only tried to big herself up by offering "Support" to her. - link here https://youtu.be/I0mpYxHT0DE

Secondly when IRyS Debuted on youtube the rest of the EN members and other Hololive members retweeted her stream and posted positive comments of support or excitement. Where as Kiara posted a tweet very late into IRyS's stream, positing the link with the caption "WATCHING BTW" . This to me seems like her management literally had to prompt her to post something because she did not want to give IRyS coverage on her Twitter.

Finally, Kiara has continued to completely ignore IRyS on Twitter, even when she is promoting her own album "Sparks" trying to get a mediocre song to 1 million. IRyS retweeted it saying how she loved it but she completely ignored her again lol. It seems clear Kiara is bitter that IRyS's first set of songs are way better and higher quality to anything she has put out and main mv has almost reached sparks in terms of views.

Personally I think this is rather petty and shallow of Kiara, however I can understand her mindset. At the beginning of her being at Hololive she said she did not want any future EN generations to come on board and just want it to be "us 5". Then suddenly IRyS arrives, who is an incredible singer, speaking fluent English and Japanese, does not force being a fake lesbian or lewd. It must hurt her pride or ego quite abit, she is no longer the number one English translator and IRyS is the complete opposite to her.

Honnestly, I feel sorry for IRyS she must feel quite alone right now and is getting little support from the other Hololive EN members especially Kiara. This whole event has made me respect and appreciate Ollie alot more, now thats a genuine kind and supportive person right there, unlike narcistic Kiara. Their complete opposite reactions to IRyS's debut on twitter literally says it all.

Obviously this is all my own speculation and opinion, do you think I am completely wrong and reading too much into this? Either way, so far I am really enjoying IRyS it so refreshing to have her apart of Hololive EN

>> No.35959147

Opinions of the preview of Watame's new original song? I liked it the best out of the ones she had made this year.

>> No.35959152

This image of Noel's tits holds a special place in my heart. In the immediate aftermath of Coco's graduation announcement this thread was going utterly fucking crazy and full depressed schizo. Someone posted this image and it somehow calmed everyone down

>> No.35959153


>> No.35959155

You got banned from /vt/, didn't you?

>> No.35959162

luna is winner

>> No.35959163

didn't read

>> No.35959166

Hey buddy I think you got the wrong board. /vt/ is 1 row down

>> No.35959168

Don't care.

>> No.35959170

Chicken is pouring all her bottled anger over being deported on her.

>> No.35959172

Ars is my favorite Holo. Why do we never talk about her here?

>> No.35959176

>We won't get to see another okakoro stream anytime soon thanks to people hating them for being dykes
At least I hope the porn of them increases

>> No.35959177

Not really drama since both are very solid choices. These lesbians are good judges of character

>> No.35959178

Worthless whore, just graduate her already

>> No.35959182

kawaii chestnut

>> No.35959184

We call her Amane here

>> No.35959189


>> No.35959192

I'd trade EN for the China branch again in a heartbeat.

>> No.35959195

Ok Zhang

>> No.35959198

Artia alone was more entertaining than any EN

>> No.35959201

Kill yourself, Artia.

>> No.35959202


>> No.35959203

Same, but including the rest of the whores: Ayame, Pekora, Miko, Noel, Mel, Marine.

>> No.35959207

death stranding is kind of what you would expect from walking simulator although shes far enough in the game to the point that things are interesting. I really enjoyed her playing village and outerwilds and her art is pretty cute from todays gartic phone thing

>> No.35959210


>> No.35959211

Well Irys is essentially Kiara but better in every respect so it's not surprising she feels threatened. Typical female "queen bee" behaviour

>> No.35959217

Nah, Chowa and Spade Echo are in much better places now, and Fartia got what she fucking deserved

>> No.35959218

Zhang who are you trying to fool? We all know that the Chinese lack hearts

>> No.35959222

The only thing I miss are ocasional autistic chowa clips but never bothered to watch them myself.

>> No.35959228

Seeing what's happened recently she would have probably graduated herself anyway. She doesn't seem too stable

>> No.35959229


>> No.35959231

At least Kiara's model doesn't look like it has down's syndrome

>> No.35959236

If you really think that then donate to her right now since she's in a rough place and is running out of money.

>> No.35959237


>> No.35959244


>> No.35959245

How do I become a better schizo? No one ever replies to my posts.

>> No.35959246

I love Korone and Okayu

>> No.35959249


>> No.35959250

Anon Kiaras model and design are trash. You are comparing two turds

>> No.35959251

Chowa and Echo would be nice to have in Hololive, not that they interacted with the main branch much.

>> No.35959254

I don't even know if there's something that went on with Artia recently outside of having to spend almost her entire savings on a botched trip back to China

>> No.35959259

Imagine the sex...

>> No.35959262

remember to leave nice comments on twitter because the holos will read them and get happy

>> No.35959264

Unironically stop taking your meds. The voices in my head are better shitposters than I will ever be.

>> No.35959271

Anyone else bothered by Okayu not wearing pants?

>> No.35959274

Nothing is confirmed until I see the OkaKoro sex tape

>> No.35959277

Not saying it isn't pretty shit, but it's still miles better than what IRyS got.

>> No.35959284

Unironically the most unattractive design in Hololive. She just looks like she smells bad.

>> No.35959286

>Okayu is streaming with her pussy out in the open

>> No.35959289


>> No.35959292


>> No.35959295

Where are the CATDOG edits?

>> No.35959298

Not to mention the fact that she's a fucking thief who has no regard for intellectual property law.

>> No.35959304

Kiara's design is a mess in itself but IRyS's is so fucking bad I actually wonder how the fuck it even got greenlit. Poor Rariemonn did what he could.

>> No.35959305

Consume mioshaa's product!

>> No.35959308


>> No.35959309 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35959310

Fucking laughed at it
What's the source? 5ch?

>> No.35959312

all im saying is towa views kotaro as a stuffed animal or toy and the cat is going to grow up developmentally damaged because of towa

>> No.35959317


>> No.35959319


>> No.35959320

This but unironically
I hate both but CN was easier to ignore and irrelevant except for the occasional artia twitchfags

>> No.35959322

5ch says Kanata is part Chinese.

>> No.35959324

As compared to all the mentally well adjusted housecats out there?

>> No.35959326

Today I couldn't decide who to watch so I didn't watch anyone.

>> No.35959327

This but for all the wrong reasons

>> No.35959330

Link to the thread please?

>> No.35959332

abhorrent post

>> No.35959333

Old friends gone...

>> No.35959336

i bet that watame is going to lose a card and save scum

>> No.35959340

No, thank you. I just ate.

>> No.35959341

This thread isn't very wholesome...

>> No.35959342

Does Watame plan to beat the game this year?

>> No.35959343

That reminds me of male pov and okayu pov image. I think I deleted it from my folder.

>> No.35959346

>> No.35959351

Would you trade Kiara for Pomu?

>> No.35959353

fuck off youtube

>> No.35959358


>> No.35959360


>> No.35959368

I'd trade Kiara for literally anyone else

>> No.35959369


>> No.35959370

look, we all saw the new clip about kotaro gnawing on her and hes doing that because towa is a whore

>> No.35959371

it was deleted since they moved to a board that doesn't archive threads for reasons I don't care to find out

>> No.35959374

Is Bibi okay?

>> No.35959377

I would trade them all for Pomu
Niji > holoshit

>> No.35959379


>> No.35959381

Can we just give Kiara?

>> No.35959384

Holos with this feel?

>> No.35959385

what did you say about luna?

>> No.35959386

Fuck, what board?
Care to link that one instead then?

>> No.35959387

Kiara is honorary indie

>> No.35959388

I'd trade her for anyone besides that fish Niji that tried to encourage trannies to get involved in Vtubing

>> No.35959392


>> No.35959393

marine handjob asmr when

>> No.35959394

Basically any Marine pairings.

>> No.35959395

No because then she wouldn't be able to play with her friends and that'd be sad. A lot of fun comes from constant interactions between the six of them. I'd give away Kiara though, she'd feel better as a Niji.

>> No.35959396


>> No.35959397


>> No.35959401


>> No.35959402

just graduate EN

>> No.35959404

Rewatching the Shiraken GTA stream and I never realised how nice Suisei's Home 3D is. Wish she'd use it more often

>> No.35959407


>> No.35959414

Free, no need for a trade

>> No.35959417

Who do we have to trade to get Selen? I'd trade a few branches for her

>> No.35959421

>load up MMD
>load oshi's model
>Her skirt glitches out mid-song
>full view of spats

>> No.35959422

I love the Twap!

>> No.35959423


>> No.35959424

What holos besides Watson offer lewd membership benefits?

>> No.35959425

Are you the guy who replied to himself 30 times?

>> No.35959426


>> No.35959427


>> No.35959434


>> No.35959437


>> No.35959438


>> No.35959441

I just applied for HolostarsEN

>> No.35959442


>> No.35959443

dead thread
dead game

>> No.35959444

>Page isn't working error
Need a vpn huh, well damn

>> No.35959445


>> No.35959446

Have you listened to make up true today?

>> No.35959447


>> No.35959451


>> No.35959452


>> No.35959453

You have to go back

>> No.35959455

me in the middle

>> No.35959457

Perfect sheep!

>> No.35959458

The most forced one in the past NoeFure and WatameHaachama

>> No.35959462

She's a perfect sheep

>> No.35959463

filthy batsoup covered fingers wrote this post

>> No.35959464

Go back to where :)

>> No.35959465

apparently okayu literally fingers your prostate in her asmr sessions judging by how well she's received here

Also get a $2 Ayamy membership to see hag cleavage

>> No.35959466

smug vivi!

>> No.35959468

Pekoschizo is the turboslut of /hlg/

>> No.35959470

>> No.35959471

The one with the guns or the one with AIDS?

>> No.35959472

To Wa...

>> No.35959473


>> No.35959476

Jesus, watame, how is that poor guy going to feed guys children now?! You took everything!

>> No.35959478

what's that?

>> No.35959480

So this is why the thread is so shit

>> No.35959483

The poor have no choice

>> No.35959487


>> No.35959488

You fuck dogs

>> No.35959489

Hololive Gossip

>> No.35959490

Source? Surely that isn't the case and she'll just do it with Shiraken.

>> No.35959492


>> No.35959493

You lost?

>> No.35959495

Why are there nijiniggers in this thread?

>> No.35959497

>> No.35959502

Yeah I was looking for the hololive thread, this appears to be infested with nijiniggers

>> No.35959505

choose your kanata to go out with tonight

>> No.35959508


>> No.35959510

>> No.35959511


>> No.35959514


>> No.35959517

nice hip

>> No.35959519

P*mu isn't dying...
She's doing alright now and will come back any second...

>> No.35959525

maid gorilla

>> No.35959526

>> No.35959528

I think it's extremely concerning just how sexy Konbu Wakame's Nene drawing is.

>> No.35959529


>> No.35959530

She needs to be a holomama

>> No.35959533

I need to become a better person. My oshi would not be proud of me.

>> No.35959534

We like Pomu

>> No.35959536

kill it.

>> No.35959540

>> No.35959542

wrong thread poo

>> No.35959546

you type like a fag and your shit's all retarded

>> No.35959547

Why is watame beating up this old guy?

>> No.35959549 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35959550

>> No.35959553


>> No.35959555


>> No.35959557

stop posting ghosts retard

>> No.35959565

when u are famous u dont read nice comments u only read the mean ones cause the nice ones always feel ingenuine

>> No.35959566

The stylish cutie on the right.

>> No.35959568 [SPOILER] 

>see this
What do?

>> No.35959571

prone bone

>> No.35959573

Go back /v/fag

>> No.35959575


>> No.35959576

*pisses on Towa*

>> No.35959578

I call the Oozora police

>> No.35959583

I prefer naked Towa to regular Towa

>> No.35959585

help her

>> No.35959586

Looks like we triggered the cy-janny. Get fucked cytube bitch

>> No.35959587

I’m not even surprised anymore.

>> No.35959588

what about half naked towa?

>> No.35959589

marine is a prostitute

>> No.35959590

Kill yourself dumbass

>> No.35959592

Mods are asleep. post Towombs...

>> No.35959593

We like vtubers here, including nijis.
Sorry if this upsets newfags.

>> No.35959595


>> No.35959596

This is true for me and I'm not even famous

>> No.35959597

Marine only sells to girls

>> No.35959598

The diviner girl fell
>Look at her underwear
>Rape her

>> No.35959600

I have never seen Towa naked

>> No.35959601

Your move, Anon.

>> No.35959602


>> No.35959604


>> No.35959605

I'm looking forward to see Watame finishing FF9 in 2023!

>> No.35959607


>> No.35959608

I wish I never saw Towa naked

>> No.35959610

I use the race card!

>> No.35959611

When's the /hlg/ meetup in the smoking area?

>> No.35959612

Do sheepfags even watch Watame?

>> No.35959613


>> No.35959614


>> No.35959616

>> No.35959617

Would a kind soul show me that glorious hole. I haven't seen it at all lately.

>> No.35959619


>> No.35959620

Yes, you should too

>> No.35959623

I play Magic: The Gathering (the superior TCG). Yugayho is for children and deserves less respect than Vanguard or the Pokemon TCG.

>> No.35959625

who had the worst crime?

>> No.35959626

Imagine a world without leeches.

>> No.35959627

This is my favorite streamer.

>> No.35959628


>> No.35959629

rushia is boing boing :)

>> No.35959631

Magic a shit

>> No.35959633

It would be great, anon wouldn't exist since all of anon's content is just leeching off of towa and kanata.

>> No.35959634

>> No.35959635

is she over the coof yet?

>> No.35959636


>> No.35959641


>> No.35959646

>> No.35959647


>> No.35959648


>> No.35959651

>> No.35959653

Stop replying to yourself.

>> No.35959657

>> No.35959658

Iofi needs more lewds

>> No.35959659

>> No.35959660

Hey I know this one underground vtuber, she's really underrated, I bet you guys never even heard of her. She's called Tokoyami Towa

>> No.35959662

looks like a melted lard of wax. add -fumihiko or -fumihiko_(fu_mihi_ko) to your search bar next time for better fapping quality.

>> No.35959663


>> No.35959664


>> No.35959665

Imagine if the chink nanotech virus fucked up her lungs and throat so bad that she sounds like Towa now...

>> No.35959667


>> No.35959668

towa sama animated...

>> No.35959669

>> No.35959670

Why do you call yourself out for samefagging?

>> No.35959671

Would give Watame a good excuse not to collab with Towa anymore

>> No.35959672


>> No.35959674


>> No.35959677

>> No.35959678

She'll need to get alot more popular in order to get more lewds

>> No.35959680

Stop ban evading retard

>> No.35959681

>> No.35959683

my face in matsuri's butt

>> No.35959685

Kuzuha won like 20k subs in a single day, what happened?

>> No.35959689


>> No.35959690

aki is a space jew so if she's in the line up something pretty serious has happened.

>> No.35959691

There's an actual ban evader in this thread and the meido fucked off after a single action so go figure.

>> No.35959694

>> No.35959695


>> No.35959697

Nene for doxxing the other Gen5 members before their debut

>> No.35959701

>> No.35959703

nasty slut

>> No.35959705

Well we all knew it was coming but it's sad it had to happen. Marine is going to graduate at the end of this month.

>> No.35959706

This is still my favorite Iofi pic

>> No.35959707

Is it Matsuri love time?

>> No.35959708

>> No.35959710


>> No.35959711

>> No.35959713

>senchou now has the best outfit of all vtubers

>> No.35959715

The MMDs were a mistake

>> No.35959717

>> No.35959718


>> No.35959719

shuba shaushage...

>> No.35959721

>> No.35959722

It's always Matsuri love time.

>> No.35959724 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35959727

Matsurisu are mentaly ill.

>> No.35959730

>> No.35959732

>> No.35959735

does this indie stream?

>> No.35959736


>> No.35959737

This artist never drew anything better

>> No.35959738

Man getting into Master rank sure is easy!

>> No.35959741


>> No.35959742

It's been 338 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's finally getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

As of recently she has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


>> No.35959746

>> No.35959748


>> No.35959749

What matters is the friend she made along the way.

>> No.35959750

>> No.35959751


>> No.35959755

I want to cum on Shion's stupid eyebrows

>> No.35959757

>338 days
Fuck me it's already 1 year?

>> No.35959758

And the predator rank dicks she sucked.

>> No.35959761

>> No.35959762

choose one

>> No.35959763

When are we getting tanlines back?

>> No.35959766

Update when...

>> No.35959769

>> No.35959770


>> No.35959772

Nene wants you to do your reps

>> No.35959773

Room wear as always.

>> No.35959775


>> No.35959778

Fuck Matsuri

>> No.35959779


>> No.35959780

Aki is a space ELF and there are no jews where she comes from, that's why she is able to SPACE TRAVEL.

>> No.35959782

>matsuri will never spoonfeed you

>> No.35959783

Aqua wont play apex anymore because her teammate called her a noob

>> No.35959784

>> No.35959787

>> No.35959790

You're ban evading retard

>> No.35959798

Matsuri is a rapist.

>> No.35959799

I will

>> No.35959802


>> No.35959807

>> No.35959809

>> No.35959811

>> No.35959812

I want to drink from Lamy's tits...

>> No.35959813


>> No.35959814


>> No.35959815

literally me?!?

>> No.35959817

It's good but nothing special

>> No.35959818

>> No.35959819

I like her new team

>> No.35959823

>> No.35959824


>> No.35959825

Why is the matsurisufag spamming this time?

>> No.35959827


>> No.35959828

No retard, 1 year is 365 days.

>> No.35959831


>> No.35959833

>> No.35959836

>> No.35959837

I asked him to give me more pics to filter.

>> No.35959838

yeah ok rosenthal

>> No.35959840

>> No.35959841

>> No.35959842

These hags will play FPS games soon

>> No.35959846

why are japs so small

>> No.35959855

If I say no, will she chase me down?

>> No.35959857

Matsurisus are starting to get uppity again, someone post THAT.

>> No.35959858

Towa is harassing Watame on Discord

>> No.35959859

>> No.35959861


>> No.35959862

That's a space elf name!

>> No.35959863

>> No.35959865


>> No.35959866


>> No.35959867


>> No.35959868

Doesn't fix her crosseyed goblin face

>> No.35959871

>> No.35959872

Miko if she real

>> No.35959874


>> No.35959877

>> No.35959879

Centuries of living on rice alone

>> No.35959880

not soon enough

>> No.35959882

>> No.35959885


>> No.35959886

>> No.35959893

Shoulder to cry on becomes a dick to ride on

>> No.35959894

>Floating ponytail to get the hair out of the way
>She can just remove the floaty bits and have short hair
What did she mean by this?

>> No.35959896

Was the golf collab good?

>> No.35959897

space elf jew.. i wonder if her family owns the galactic banks

>> No.35959899

Why won't you love her?

>> No.35959907

What else would you expect from the apex menhera

>> No.35959908


>> No.35959911

>> No.35959918

I want to go on a beach date with Matsuri.

>> No.35959919

don't flash me! please!!!

>> No.35959922

Towa was too loud

>> No.35959929

>> No.35959930


>> No.35959931

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