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this one

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Yeah, this thread is gonna be deleted.

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Kanata is too loud

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Tako sings all right, good song overall.

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Gaki summer!!!

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It was shit

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hopefully this thread will be better

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Not nearly as good as Gura's Reflect.

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I love Lamy

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I love Aqua!

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done with my nip clips. thank you clippers

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>porridge has been successfully groomed
it feels disgusting, how did korosan get away with this?

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Okite Okite

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It's alright, might be one of those songs I have to listen to a bunch to really start liking

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5ch is complaining that the song isn't in English

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How does she have so many fucking members? The chat is all green

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Coco love!

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Booting up search algorithms
Looking for friends

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I really do love Suisei

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it's ok since they're both girls

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didn't listen to it but it's shit just like every EN song lol

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You get lost? This is /jp/.

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New songs are good and all, but how about listening to THIS masterpiece!!!!

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I know that feel with S&G

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Towa deserves rape.

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/jp/ is a touhou board.

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Ina is Anya's friend, so she's allowed here.

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hololive doko...

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It's time for my daily reps!

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Even the dumb squid has an original song now, how odd it feels.

Any Holos that still don't have one?

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>Song by EN

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>how did korosan get away with this?
If it's good for my dick, it's good for hololive.

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>8m views in a bit over a month
holy shit

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>late thread
>shityon op
At least put Ina because she is having an original song and commemorative stream right now.

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Because she's cute and talented

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What's the next step in this dog's master plan?

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Flare doesn't have one.

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Did you enjoy the stream anons?

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not hololive

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kanata's is coming any day now....

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Well this thread is doomed, see you faggots tomorrow

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Yabuki Holo when

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Friend located.

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try harder Indog

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Ayame... Rushia...

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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Smile & Go fuck yourself

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Is it time for our morning exercise?

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Flare loves Marine

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Her fanbase was cultivated through her charm and talent instead of riding a wave of popularity

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Tsuchinoko loli Holo when?

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Rushia has an original song.

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/\bpenis\b/i will only filter penis and if it's penises it won't be filtered, right?

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>They need 9 talents to outperform the less popular Hololive
Oh no no no

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>late thread

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I love Aqua and I love ALL the Holos! Yes, ALL of them. But I still love Aqua the most.

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why do you want to filter penis, are you gay?

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Flare loves Fubuki

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What the fuck is this offmodel garbage?

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Go back trash.

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See you in five minutes.

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Flare has more subs than every homo combined.

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They should have stayed "friends that kiss". It really feels like they've crossed a line here and I feel kind of disgusted watching either of them now.

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There is no way they didn't see this kind of question coming so I want to believe it is played up but that reaction is not one they could have acted because they are not that good at acting.
Fucking HOT!

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15 days

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I meant good ones

>> No.35961315

I love only Aqua and her mod.

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>it only took 1 month for the holochads to reach what Flare got in 4 months
Graduate the dark elf already

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Me too, I'm not joking around here.

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I take vtubers very seriously.

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On model perfection

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they prepare the questions before they start the stream...

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I forgot Iris existed

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do you think Mr Koro goes WOWOWOWOW during sex?

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/u/faggots are so fucking retard, reminder that Okayu herself said she plans on getting married and having a husband one day, she wants to be a traditional wife.

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How many Smile&Gos will Ina's song get by the end of the week?

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She'll be a traditional wife to the Korocock

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full release when

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That was the old Okayu, Korone turned her

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>marshmallow: say one thing you love about the other
>korone: a face okayu has made that only I’ve seen
This is killing me.

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I cried. Nothing can top this. This is the best original song anyone in Hololive has produced.
It's all downhill from here. Thank you my flat wife, you have shown me paradise.

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I find it funny that this whole /u/ argument didn't start until a notorious clipper released a video several hours after the stream.

>> No.35961344

And the holofaggots try to downplaying nijisanji saying they are irrelevant but when something important like this happens you never see any holo in it. strange no?
Look at this full of celebrities and none holo but a bunch of nijis.
Hololive is for mentally and lonely otakus.

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I see friend

>> No.35961346

Love Matsuri

>> No.35961347

It's been 338 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's finally getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

As of recently she has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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asacoco for kids!

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Where's the reflection of friend's pussy?

>> No.35961355

2-3 friends found

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You posted that in the last thread

>> No.35961357

(?) I posted about it on the thread the moment the question was brought up

>> No.35961358

Time for another takopa

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Not necessarily. Of course it is up to what you believe in but many Holos have just been scrolling through the list during the stream.
And if it was picked beforehand then it is even more hot because that means they wanted it to be exposed.

>> No.35961360

Yes, it's specially funnier cause /vt/ and 5ch started talking before people in here did. Which means people on /vt/ watched the stream, understood what they were saying and discussed about it in real time.
Meanwhile this thread was going 'TOWASAMAWIN" cause it's the only thing they could understand

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Sure, the fans who were watching posted about it, but the arguments didn't start until there was a translated clip by jayshay out.

>> No.35961364

>"Wow, you sure have a lot of posters and figures, anon!"
>"...But why is that pillow with the girl on it all sticky?"

>> No.35961365

Please reply to him.

>> No.35961366

I’ve just seen Violet by Ninomae Ina'nis and nothing prepares you for this. I cheered, I shouted, I fist-pumped the air, I cried, I stood and cheered. It’s absolutely everything you hoped it was going to be. I’m so proud to be a tako and I can’t wait for you to see it.

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Loud holo when?

>> No.35961377

Man holo when?

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>> No.35961380

sion yo

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>> No.35961383

>proceeds to molest mel

>> No.35961384

Into the trash it goes

>> No.35961385

Shitposters are EOPs. This is not news.

>> No.35961386

This but unironically.

>> No.35961387

Aloe Love

>> No.35961391

>he fell for the most blatant gachibait that made okayu feel so repulsed that she never brought it up again
o i am laffin

>> No.35961392

It’s still in the process of killing me.

>> No.35961393

why does she constantly try to leech off ENs?

>> No.35961395

Lets say I bring a girl into my room and she sees all my Coco merch
how would she react?

>> No.35961396

Kill yourself, retard.

>> No.35961397

Disgusting post

>> No.35961398

Of course it's not, but it's always funny when they confirm how retarded they actually are, rather than just how retarded they're pretending to be. True brainlets.

>> No.35961399

god I love long legs

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>> No.35961402

I see the Flare /u/ schizo switched to okakoro

>> No.35961405

This is my favorite image.

>> No.35961407

I miss this gamer maid.

>> No.35961408

I will not discuss hypothetical 3dpd situations with you

>> No.35961412

>real Japanese people love the ENs
>people wanting to be Japanese hate them
I don't understand this phenomenon

>> No.35961415

Gura in 40 mins!

>> No.35961418

Failing to cope, I see

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>> No.35961421

Oh, it was a /v/ermin all along.

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>> No.35961425

which holos have no friends?
no Matsuri, Watame or Pekora

>> No.35961426

Japs have shit taste and a flock culture, some might even say that we are more Japanese than so called "Japanese" people who are really pirate gooks btw

>> No.35961428

>you have to watch all streams at once and know what every single vtuber is doing at any moment in time
That said, here you are, safe and sound in /jp/, once again.

>> No.35961431

>I feel kind of disgusted
What is it exactly that disgusts you?
The fact that they're gay? that they admitted it? or something else?

>> No.35961432

>people wanting to be Japanese
This is all projection on your part.

>> No.35961435

Are you from Jayshay's personal discord, bro? Props.

>> No.35961436

I will not masturbate to Lamy

>> No.35961437

How much merch are we talking about?

>> No.35961438

What's your source on that bro?

>> No.35961439

same reason why real japanese people hate the japs

>> No.35961441

I have an announcement: Today, in this instant, I lost all the respect I had to Watame.

>> No.35961442

Good thing holos aren't there.

>> No.35961443

I will masturbate as Lamy

>> No.35961444

what happened to "he's mad!"?

>> No.35961446

I am Japanese.

>> No.35961447

why does she get so much more nsfw art than rest of her gen

>> No.35961448

Was it the friends thing?

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>> No.35961450

This is garbage.

>> No.35961451

I do have the tail lying around

>> No.35961453

She is 100 times sexier than her genmates

>> No.35961454

stop projecting, I'm not her

>> No.35961455

Yeah man, remember how 1M was supposed to be when her original song comes out and now she'll just have a cover and not even at the milestone but two weeks from now...

>> No.35961456

why did rushia do it?

>> No.35961458

She retweeted an EN.

>> No.35961459

Jomon or Yayoi?

>> No.35961465

>> No.35961468

Her genmates are a retard, a clown and a depressed clown. She's the easiest to lewd.

>> No.35961470

Yayoi = Koreans

>> No.35961473

konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu

>> No.35961477

Apparently according to today's SC reading it's not going to be just a single original song, she has multiple she's going to be releasing. She's probably making an album at this rate.

>> No.35961481

Ina is based ngl

>> No.35961482

These oriental ladies sure are cute :)

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>> No.35961484

stream yo...

>> No.35961485

Botan is a clown?

>> No.35961488

Fun fact: Aki's 1 week break is over tomorrow.

>> No.35961489

>holos make a rightfully gay stream
>schizo permavirgins have a mental breakdown and sperg out everywhere
Sigh, can you just go to /vt/

>> No.35961490

why today? watame has been trying to leech off EN for a long time now, after she saw her best performing original song was carried by mori she wants the EN viewers more than anything

>> No.35961492 [SPOILER] 

>wake up
>see this
What do?

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>> No.35961494

oh look he posted it again

>> No.35961497

A chill clown.

>> No.35961500

how many times you going to post this brother??

>> No.35961503

Please reply...

>> No.35961505

>wake up
>see this
what do?

>> No.35961506

She's said that before, aside from Tabuchi's one, there's a bunch that she's working on (she never said how many but she implied that there's more than one orisong coming after the first one) but who knows how she'll time the releases of it

>> No.35961508

Why do you guys post here if you get so butthurt?

>> No.35961512

>acknowledging it

>> No.35961513

So you're a newfag?

>> No.35961514


>> No.35961516

Breed Rushia

>> No.35961517

Keep coping incel. They are not larping like you said, it is real and they are dating each other in real life. That is explain ehy they said that on stream, not to mention they are horrible actors to fake it.

>> No.35961518


>> No.35961519

Bro, your filename... https://warosu.org/vt/?task=search2&search_filename=1620743240780.jpg

>> No.35961520

I love aqua

>> No.35961521

he's mad now

>> No.35961522

Why are they hanging out with Rushia?

>> No.35961524

i'm willing to bet that marineschizo and /u/schizo are the same person since marineschizo is a massive fujo and probably is triggered by yurishit

>> No.35961525

why does Yuri make people so mad? not only here but in general

>> No.35961529

it gets them attention and replies

>> No.35961530

Women are for (You) not other women.

>> No.35961531

you're 友人C

>> No.35961534

Everyone wants to hang out with Rushia because she's cool

>> No.35961536

Because being a lesbian isn't a real thing.

>> No.35961537

why did you quote me

>> No.35961540

Why does Kanata use boku when she's one of the most girly holos?

>> No.35961541

me too! ( ^)o(^ )b

>> No.35961542

Ina's song is good but her singing is so fucking bad

>> No.35961545

I was so offended by your opinion that I had to let you know what I thought

>> No.35961547

Why does she look like a slut

>> No.35961549

Cutest hologirl coming through

>> No.35961552

>> No.35961553

If lesbians aren't real, explain Hololive

>> No.35961554

She acts cutesy but she's doesn't seem girly at all

>> No.35961555

it's the thigh tattoo

>> No.35961556

she is a slut, I wish she had a womb tattoo...

>> No.35961558

She looks like a nice girl

>> No.35961559

Miko and Pekor
Marine and Shion
Marine and Flare
Marine and Miko
Kanata and [redacted]
Okayu and Korone

>> No.35961561

God I wish I was Oga so I could get pegged every night by fubuki...

>> No.35961562

Hololive is an idol group, not a lesbian group.

>> No.35961564

it's a fucking larp

>> No.35961567


>> No.35961568


>> No.35961569

if he posts it one more time i'm gonna lose my mind

>> No.35961571

Whenever I think about naked Shion, I get all hot and bothered. Is my brain broken?

>> No.35961572

Mel and Rushia, but newfags won't remember that.

>> No.35961573

And risu

>> No.35961574

You forgot Fubuki and Oga, and Oga and Risu

>> No.35961577

Are there any male characters you like? How do you feel about yaoi?

>> No.35961584

Abhorrent post.

>> No.35961585

>only 565 fans
How do we save minatoaqua?

>> No.35961588

Rate the song

>> No.35961590

I said hololive not holostars or hololiveID

>> No.35961590,1 [INTERNAL] 


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>> No.35961594

>Marine and Shion
That was a rape.

>> No.35961595

Why? Is your view of yurishit that close to shattering?

>> No.35961597

God I wanna fuck Haachama so bad bros

>> No.35961598


>> No.35961602

Actually you just stated holos without any other qualifiers.

>> No.35961605

it's not a full version/10

>> No.35961608

Micomet offcollab when?

>> No.35961609

>> No.35961611

Women were designed for human male penises, not rubber or silicone ones, and certainly not to rub clits.

>> No.35961612

what does m*les and y*oi have anything to do with yuri, is this unironic schizophrenia

>> No.35961613


>> No.35961616

It's good when it's hinted at but once it's real it's a turnoff

>> No.35961617


>> No.35961620

and you were designed to continue the bloodline of your ancestors

>> No.35961623

>Afraid of chinks
Everything about Oga is a lie...

>> No.35961624

We hate dykes here

>> No.35961625

Fubuki and Oga.

>> No.35961626

>posts a lesbian comic

>> No.35961627

Answer the question, tranny.

>> No.35961628

I'm working on it, what are you doing LARPing about women being lesbians?

>> No.35961629

Not if you have Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome.

>> No.35961631

Miko already met Anemachi but only heard her voice, wait until the state of emergency is lifted (again) and they'll have a threesome

>> No.35961633

Stop spamming and trying to make this a thing. And stay away from holostars thread retard, everyone hates you

>> No.35961634

Lies AND slander

>> No.35961635


>> No.35961639

Probably got banned off /vt/

>> No.35961641

Her head unironically looks like JUST

>> No.35961644

>this therad

>> No.35961645


>> No.35961646


>> No.35961649

>he doesnt even know what LARP means
>actual involuntary celibate
sorry I thought you were being ironic

>> No.35961650


>> No.35961651

>Stop spamming

>> No.35961652

Oga is a manlet? lmao

>> No.35961654

I can’t tell what’s happening here

>> No.35961655

The only girl I ever kissed before is my mom...

>> No.35961658

Who are you quoting?

>> No.35961662

Why is anon replying to himself, again?

>> No.35961663


>> No.35961664

He's Japanese.

>> No.35961665

Back to vt with your retarded buzzwords

>> No.35961666

RBC is a robot and she uses boku

>> No.35961667

It like when college girls are kiss each other, everybody thinks that hot but find real lesbians a downer.

>> No.35961669

Before I scrolled down the capital R looked like a B

>> No.35961670

eigo very very hardo nguyen

>> No.35961671

if Miko moved to the holohouse like Coco suggested she would be living with Suisei now

>> No.35961672

/hlg/ is a yuri general

>> No.35961673


>> No.35961674

Imagine the sex

>> No.35961675

There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian, wanting to be a boy or wanting to be a girl.

>> No.35961677

and she'd be forcing Suisei to raise her baby like a freeloader!

>> No.35961679


>> No.35961681

>it took 9 of you to beat me, pathetic

>> No.35961682

Take your meds.

>> No.35961686


>> No.35961687

My family doesn't believe in meds so I just pray instead

>> No.35961689

is towa a gay?

>> No.35961691

fuck off birdkun, go back to dying on the hospital bed

>> No.35961692

>> No.35961693

Ok how’s this?

>> No.35961694

I was going to ask why are there so many anti-yuri posts but shit I forgot this was SEAhour

>> No.35961695

She's bi

>> No.35961697

it took them one month to pass a song that's been out for nearly 5 months from someone from a more popular group

>> No.35961698


>> No.35961699

i'm going to build a hermit shack and live there

>> No.35961700

Astel is one of the best singers of Hololive, that's unfair, like comparing Risu and Noel.

>> No.35961701

towa doesnt like men

>> No.35961702

The weird jerking on the right side looks so bad and alien.

>> No.35961703

>Apple phone filename
Oh, someone woke up the shart spammer

>> No.35961705

She's probably doing them like she was doing covers, record a few at the same time and then release one by one. Seems to be a popular strat these days but it's understandable.

>> No.35961709


>> No.35961713

fuck you I like it

>> No.35961714

inb4 he's mad spammer

>> No.35961715

I dunno about girly but she's the most "middle-aged Saitama woman" out of the bunch for sure.

>> No.35961719

A fan made Cover of the same song by Noel has more views

>> No.35961720


>> No.35961721

look how mad he is!

>> No.35961723

Yep, He's mad!
It started!

>> No.35961728

Spade Echo got an original song before most holos did.

>> No.35961729

I’m always in these threads schizo bitch. Stop spamming

>> No.35961732

He's mad! He's FURIOUS!

>> No.35961734

kill yourself

>> No.35961735

Most people only watch these to laugh at Noel...

>> No.35961736

? Noel is in hololive though
And noel is more popular than flare

>> No.35961737

The thread is so slow yet he's still here. Sad!

>> No.35961738

They are lovers.

>> No.35961739

>getting promotion stream
It's official, Ollie is in the big leagues now.

>> No.35961740

Stop being retarded and think about Yukihana Lamy

>> No.35961744

Sora Love!

>> No.35961745

Its literally nothing

>> No.35961746

Stop ban evading 35brown

>> No.35961747


>> No.35961750


>> No.35961752

We love dykes here, which means we love all holos

>> No.35961753


>> No.35961755

indogs can't afford games

>> No.35961756

Aqua butt

>> No.35961757

yab there is a bunch of bootleg anime games on it

>> No.35961758

It's one of the best songs in Hololive.

>> No.35961759

How does that work

>> No.35961763

You know why

>> No.35961764


>> No.35961766

Its not even good
The best song right now is anything towa

>> No.35961767

I'm a nousagi.
Keep seething, schizo!

>> No.35961768


>> No.35961769

IDbeggar roru

>> No.35961770

Not with that tone deaf singing

>> No.35961774

Cope EVA and add some bible shit for lore fags

>> No.35961775


>> No.35961776

Stop ban evading

>> No.35961779

>Company: Ayo mainkan permainan buruk kami demi uang
>Ollie: Baik

>> No.35961780


>> No.35961781

I want to hear women singing, not a Towa.

>> No.35961784

We hate fags, dykes and trannies here

>> No.35961785

Speak american you terrorist

>> No.35961786

anybody else start doing the exercises too?

>> No.35961789

Who should I believe?

>> No.35961793

we love holos and we love kanata

>> No.35961795

shion yo!!!!

>> No.35961797

Do Japanese people like Hololive?

>> No.35961798

I'm fat

>> No.35961801

Hey man, sorry if I prefer to watch Luna humiliate Towa while playing a child's golf game instead of a groomer and her pet cat.

>> No.35961803

Ook eek to you too, sir.

>> No.35961804

Who am I supposed to believe?

>> No.35961806

Yes they sit at home in front of a small monitor eating cold fish and rice and going "Soudesune"

>> No.35961810

They are into nijisanji

>> No.35961813

Maybe if it was sung by someone like Towa or Marine. Ina's singing just as bad as Ame's except that unlike Ame it's not fun

>> No.35961816

Name a single Hololive talent cutter than Sodafunk. I'll wait

>> No.35961819

Damn you were almost able to speak English this time

>> No.35961820

That means that I am Japanese now!

>> No.35961827


>> No.35961828

Rushia is as flat as a cutting board. Does that count?

>> No.35961830

isn't that even more reason to do them? it's mostly stretching.. or when you say fat are you one of those My 600 Pound Life ones in which case i'm sorry and keep up the good fight against gravity.

>> No.35961833


>> No.35961836

What's with all the shitty art Fubuki's been getting lately where she's drawn with big boobs?

>> No.35961838


>> No.35961839

sakura mikoler is debuchii

>> No.35961841


>> No.35961842

Not that fat.

>> No.35961843

Dohoho that was a funny and original joke XDXD


>> No.35961844

I think we need to stop simping for the talents, they are idols, we can't marry them.
But we should simp for the clippers, since we actually have a chance with them.

>> No.35961845

PekoMikobros, don't look!

>> No.35961846


>> No.35961852

Hololive is a big part of Japanese culture.

>> No.35961854


>> No.35961855

Well okayu seemed to not quite understand what that question meant so she might've unknowingly pick it

>> No.35961856

>more views than a week's worth of ID streams

>> No.35961857

She has the best tits in all of hololive.

>> No.35961858

What the fuck is this peko

>> No.35961859



>> No.35961860


>> No.35961861

Someone asked Mito what is Fubuki's size since there was no clear line if she had small or big boobs, then he draw a boing boing Fubuki in swimsuit and all coomers started drawing Fubuki with beautiful shaped boobs.

>> No.35961862

Disgustingly hot
What if this is real anons

>> No.35961864

cow is better

>> No.35961866


>> No.35961869


>> No.35961870

>puffy nipples

>> No.35961871

I love PekoMoona but this doesn't make sense.
Miko has been Pekora's best friend since childhood why isn't it her?
But knowing Pekora she probably requested for Miko to not be there because she finds shipping to be creepy and maybe doesn't want to ruin her friendship with Miko, that's the only reason I could think, PekoMiko is probably still alive but in private.

>> No.35961872


>> No.35961874

i have seen multiple pictures of Japanese women doing this to displays with characters/vtubers they like. Why???

>> No.35961876

both are dead ships pushed by cover while miComet reigns supreme

>> No.35961877

Looks edited

>> No.35961878

Supposing Gura is behind Fubuki and vice versa, who's behind Sora?

>> No.35961880

kill yourself clipshitter EOP scum

>> No.35961881

Based Moona

>> No.35961882


>> No.35961883

odds on her being a virgin?

>> No.35961885

Man, Moona is literally only relevant when forced next to Pekora. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

>> No.35961886

Moona looks really fucking retarded

>> No.35961887

>both are dead ships

>> No.35961888


>> No.35961889

me. I'm behind Sora every night having naked sex with her if you know what I mean.

>> No.35961891 [SPOILER] 

is this a whore?

>> No.35961892

Is Towa a virgin?
My gut says yes

>> No.35961893


>> No.35961894

would you still be friends, with your rapist?

>> No.35961895

Me, I am always behind Sora. I will follow her to the end of the earth!

>> No.35961896


>> No.35961898


>> No.35961900

they are tho, they haven't had collabs in months and both Miko and Moona admitted that Pekora doesn't reply to them

>> No.35961902


>> No.35961906

no this can't be happening j_god save us

>> No.35961907

Could you be more specific?

>> No.35961909

No she doesn't there are like 5 holos at least that have better cannon tits than this shitty fan art

>> No.35961910

j_god loves holoID

>> No.35961911

Miko didn't rape Pekora it didn't happen, they still interact but they do it in private because of /u/schizos making up narratives about them having sexual sex together and things like that so now they keep PekoMiko in private but I can probably still guarantee you they are best friends.

>> No.35961914

dude you are a pedophile

>> No.35961916

>miko behind moona
Which fag was saying she wasn’t there

>> No.35961917

>Pekora loves Moona
>Subaru loves Moona
>Watame loves Iofi
>Matsuri loves Ollie
>Subaru loves Reine
>Nene loves Reine
>Korone loves Risu
>Mel loves Anya

>> No.35961919

>can probably still guarantee

>> No.35961920

I like the hololives alot more when their naked

>> No.35961921

Forgot, Fubuki and Sora also love Iofi.

>> No.35961922

naked shuba

>> No.35961924


>> No.35961928

>Mel loves Anya
How many viewers will they have if they collab?

>> No.35961929

Naked towa is abhorrent

>> No.35961930

I was talking about Towa now the disgusting 3D pig

>> No.35961931

sex with duck

>> No.35961933

I've seen Towa naked and it's not a pretty sight

>> No.35961935

This seals the fact that Moona is more popular than rest of gen 3

>> No.35961937

Thank you for buffering the girls from the homos mooner.

>> No.35961938

I've seen Towa ride a unicycle and it's pretty awesome

>> No.35961940

Forever number one in my heart!

>> No.35961941

>all those filtered posts
guess the schizo got tired of spamming the squid girl and is posting indogs now

>> No.35961944

Anyone here want to see a naked Towa?

>> No.35961945

>Using filters
You might as well use discord or reddit.

>> No.35961946

>> No.35961947

watch friend instead of arguing with schizos!

>> No.35961949

Why is she sitting like that?

>> No.35961950

On what metric? Surely I don't have to pull up subs, averages, and whatnot do I?

>> No.35961951

He's going to get mad at filters now

>> No.35961952


>> No.35961953

What homos? That's Miko forma masculina.

>> No.35961954

>please please see my bad posts I beg you

>> No.35961958

Tokoyami Towa

>> No.35961959

I will literally make 30 images of every indog picture I have with a random 1 black pixel in each one and bypass all your filters

>> No.35961960

Oh hey, it's you again.
Please die already

>> No.35961962

Who are you quoting?

>> No.35961963

The red fag.

>> No.35961964


>> No.35961965


>> No.35961969


>> No.35961970

Wouldn't that just prove his point that IDfags are shitposters? Getting pissy at someone for using filters is some next level autism.

>> No.35961971

Her punishment for all the lies she's told

>> No.35961972

>Moona looks really fucking retarded
She is retarded.

>> No.35961974

Moona's images are out on the streets to advertise hololive and theirs are not.

>> No.35961979

Victory at any costs my mans

>> No.35961980

maybe her butt hurts?

>> No.35961981 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35961983

blue clapper


>> No.35961986

Tokino Towa

>> No.35961987

>> No.35961988

i wonder what the median age of everyone here is
probably a lot of teens...

>> No.35961990

Need more It Takes Twoa...

>> No.35961992


>> No.35961994

jesus christ friend, so lucky

>> No.35961998

>toKINO Sora
What did Hololive mean by this?

>> No.35962000

Is nobody bothered by the stock cicada sound loop in this Shin-chan game?

>> No.35962001

damn EN reclined beyond belief, those numbers are pathetic for minecraft, even Flare gets more

>> No.35962005


>> No.35962007

Sora is KINO!

>> No.35962010

active kulone

>> No.35962011


>> No.35962012

I wonder...

>> No.35962013 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35962014

How will hololive ever recover? That's why we should start watching NijiEN. They're better and more entertaining.

>> No.35962015

EN/ID brought in a shit ton of teenagers. All the roommate spammer discords are made up of mostly 16 year olds.

>> No.35962016

So are theirs too, just not on those pillars. Surely you aren't so stupid to think they all aren't getting advertised right?

>> No.35962020

Post them.

>> No.35962021

Migo stream

>> No.35962023


>> No.35962025

>They're better and more entertaining
Only P*mu and Selen

>> No.35962027

holoEN may have reclined but at least they're not literally dying like nijiEN

>> No.35962028

>> No.35962030

I wish P*mu would get the Lulu treatment already even if it's just 1 samefag.

>> No.35962031


>> No.35962032

At least search a bit before being retarded.
I'm curious as to how you are going to move the goalpost after this. Betting on something like; "This isn't as MUCH advertisement as the pillars therefore it doesn't count"

>> No.35962034

Yagoo and Elon Musk should meet, they give very similar autistic vibers

>> No.35962035

Pomu, Selen, Gura, Ame and Ina would have been the perfect EN gen 1.

>> No.35962036

shitty bear...

>> No.35962039

Good morning indogs, shitposting indogs and others who larp as indogs.

>> No.35962040

>Tfw Graduation
K- Kuso...

>> No.35962043

Japan is so cringe

>> No.35962045

Why do you know a representative amount of people in a Discord channel well enough to know their age?

>> No.35962047

You might be right about this

>> No.35962048

lot of people falling for retarded shit so you can just tell

>> No.35962050

I improved your usagi

>> No.35962053

Selamat pagi

>> No.35962054

Selamat pagi kamu anjing

>> No.35962057

What'd you guys think of Violet?

>> No.35962060

I'm alone here, but I don't like Lamy and her fans because they're are all really creepy and make me feel unwell.

>> No.35962061

Prettty mid

>> No.35962062

Cute! Chest is too big tho

>> No.35962064

>shitposting indogs
That's all of them.

>> No.35962069

Why don't they have their own individual advertisements like Moona? Being included only because you're in a group photo is the definition of a side character.

>> No.35962070

>make me feel unwell
Sounds like you're becoming Lamy

>> No.35962071

the owner of the subaru mobile needs to take Maimoto off the car since Subaru now pretends he doesn't exist since it would go against her plan to get more gachis

>> No.35962073

very mediocre and pointless

>> No.35962077

Run while you can vermin

>> No.35962082


>> No.35962085

definitely not the anti thread btw

>> No.35962087


>> No.35962089

Same reason I opened up reddit once to see for myself if it's shit or not (it is). Why are you so bothered by people doing their own investigation?

>> No.35962091

Do any of the Hololives like white people?

>> No.35962093 [SPOILER] 

Why is Shion like this...

>> No.35962100

KFPs, how do we recover....

>> No.35962104

Marine, Luna, Subaru, Korone and possibly Miko would betray their nation for the chance to be accepted by white people.

>> No.35962105

>> No.35962107

Only white girls

>> No.35962108

People that use filters are like vegans, they can’t stop shoehorning it in every conversation

>> No.35962109

Collab onegai

>> No.35962110

whenever I see one of those group photos, the first one I always focus on is Coco.
I miss Coco..

>> No.35962113

You're retarded.

>> No.35962116

Wow, I thought you'd be smarter than to literally move the goal post exactly as I said you would. You indogs are even dumber than I thought.

>> No.35962117

This but with ID

>> No.35962118

They occainsionally play western games full of white protagonists and a white guy won Haachama's contest.
The better question is does Hololive(aside from Miko) likes black people.

>> No.35962120

Noel has the best, biggest tits.
Mel has the softest.

>> No.35962122

>gen 2 and 5 in the back
Based artist.

>> No.35962126

>> No.35962127

Uoohh i’m gonna manager

>> No.35962128

imagine the sex after being relentlessly bullied by them

>> No.35962129

>he hasnt did his holoen reps

>> No.35962130

now that you post it, ID fans are the vegans of hololive

>> No.35962133

Aqua loves Black people.

>> No.35962134

How the FUCK does Deaver draw tits so perfect then draw the worst pussies

>> No.35962135

*by her

>> No.35962138

>ctrl+w "deleted"

>> No.35962139

She would trade everything for a white bf.

>> No.35962140

no wonder Aqua is scared of her fans

>> No.35962144

He seems fairly new to drawing pussies but agreed, his boobs are top notch

>> No.35962146

ChocoRoboAstel playing together soon... Twap's team...

>> No.35962147

buraku raibusu matasu... hmmm naruhodo

>> No.35962148

How are they all able to draw so well? I can't even draw a fucking circle.

>> No.35962152

I'm just going to believe it's one schizo arguing with himself.

>> No.35962153

I will always, ALWAYS love my clown wife and her 3D model !!

>> No.35962154

I want a true mech holo...

>> No.35962156

why are whities like this?

>> No.35962157

Delusional milkmonkey

>> No.35962159

>Numbers are bad
>Have no way out, nobody cares about you anymore
>I know! I’ll yuribait

Korosan is a bit pathetic

>> No.35962163

Why can't you answer my question? Also you are the one who moved the goal post by introducing a group picture when we were talking about individual holos having their own posters
Explain why all of gen 4 have their own individual posters but gen 3 don't

>> No.35962164

post an example

>> No.35962168

it's gonna suck. Astel will take all the fun out of Roboco and Choco in an attempt to take things seriously and when they inevitably fail like every tournament, it's just going to be a bad time all around.

>> No.35962170

The drawing on the right has a heavily pronounced shadow under the woman's nose that makes her look like a dog. As the artist is also a woman, I am going to assume she is just a catty bitch and not a bad artist.

>> No.35962171

>> No.35962174

why does okayu always get the best art, it's not fair

>> No.35962175

I've seen higher quality nude edits on /trash/

>> No.35962177

LOL, just like HPS, right?

>> No.35962178

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.35962181

Deaver is still learning and clearly just didn't do a proper study for that. He started taking studying seriously not more than half a year ago

>> No.35962184

This is what retards call "perfect tits"?

>> No.35962185

don't be mean

>> No.35962187


>> No.35962188

Gura doesn't seem drunk today...

>> No.35962190


>> No.35962191

I haven't seen a single naked Towa poster yet. Shame on all of you.

>> No.35962192


>> No.35962193


>> No.35962197

I asked on what metric is Moona more popular than gen 3, you responded that she was being advertised out in the streets, I replied that so is gen 3, to which you asked me to prove it and I did.
That's all there is to it, you said something wrong and retarded and I proved you wrong. Nothing more needs to be said.

>> No.35962199

Tits are wonderful and beautiful.
Pussies are disgusting and ugly.

>> No.35962201


>> No.35962202

How can you speak so confidently while you watch none of the three?

>> No.35962203

Moona is.worthy of putting on her own poster and rest of gen 3 are not
Moona is more popular than them by that metric
You lost ID hater schizo

>> No.35962204

Roboco is the heart and soul of Holo0, kindly Smile & Go fuck yourself.

>> No.35962206

Why are there literally no other thicc eyebrow holos

>> No.35962210

Go back to your containment threads.

>> No.35962212

For me, it's gen 0

>> No.35962213

>replying to his own post to give it attention

>> No.35962217


>> No.35962221

Sora shouldn’t even be gen 0 but a step even beyond that

>> No.35962222

What the fuck is this

>> No.35962223

Astel fails in pretty much every tournament he joins, no matter the skill level of players(pretty sure he's only one ONE tournament ever and it wasn't even a stacked event), has cried in every tournament just like Festival does and now has to rely on Roboco and Choco(with which he apparently tried to get a coach for them and got met with backlash for) expecting a good result, it won't be fun to watch. He takes the game stupidly seriously just like Matsuri does, but since he's better at the game than her and doesn't get invited to as many things as her, you don't see his reactions as much as you do with Matsuri.

>> No.35962226

gen -1?

>> No.35962228

We love naked Shion here, noob

>> No.35962229


>> No.35962230

Who's that cutie with blue hair?

>> No.35962231

Training arc ikuzo

>> No.35962232

they're on a team for the next APEX vtuber tournament.

>> No.35962233

>Today marks the year anniversary of their twitter debuts
>No Gen 6 announcement whatsoever
>Despite Gen 5 debuting 9 months after Gen 4
Why? Is the EN market that powerful enough to put their main branch on the backburner?

>> No.35962234


>> No.35962236

>> No.35962240

The EN branches will fuse into the main branches. The next jp branch will be gen 8.

>> No.35962243

JP has too many girls simple as

>> No.35962248

any new hololive jav?

>> No.35962250

I'd say that's verifiably Hololive

>> No.35962252

believe it or not, but new things are not better than old things by default

>> No.35962253

Ask 35Ps

>> No.35962254

>The fact that they're gay
t. self hating homo

>> No.35962255

This man has committed an comet

>> No.35962256

No ones gonna read this

>> No.35962257

Fubuki has hit a wall.

>> No.35962258


>> No.35962260

Suisei has the best design in the entire hololive

>> No.35962263

Wish I could draw...

>> No.35962269

>people unironically think okakoro are actual lesbians
Its kayfabe you fucking retards and lesbians dont exist anyways

>> No.35962272

friend is gone... time to wait for Miko now...

>> No.35962274

That’s rushia

>> No.35962278

That's a bold statement when Shion yo exists

>> No.35962279

They said they will wait longer with gen6. Theres already too many girls in there.
Dont want niji situation where it takes 10 months of research to know every member and by the time you do it they will have doubled in size.

>> No.35962281

Overdesigned garbage, imagine needing a crown for your fucking hat.

>> No.35962282

I want that Luna JAV now. I am tired of waiting.

>> No.35962283

the best part are her breasts...

>> No.35962285


>> No.35962286


>> No.35962289

>l-lesbians don't exist
says the coping /pol/cel for the 50th time today

>> No.35962291

You don't deserve the royal anus

>> No.35962293

Haha sure

>> No.35962294

Reminder that this two fuck everyday

>> No.35962295

I agree
Sexy, cute, beautiful
MMD/Hololy never

>> No.35962296

Gen 5 was a failed gen with Botan carrying the entire branch. Nene was the biggest failure since Aki and EOPs still blame her for Aloe's departure while Lamy and Polka could be bigger but they just do clique collabs nowadays.
After losing the chinese deals they had, they don't have enough funds to throw out anymore so they probably want to see some serious numbers before investing into possibly making a Gen 6.

>> No.35962298

Where's the orange

>> No.35962300

Reminder that you cannot escape hole of za ramy

>> No.35962301

I want to rape Luna too

>> No.35962302


>> No.35962303

>hurrr [cope] durr [cope]
They are shopping sex toys on Amazon jp RIGHT NOW

>> No.35962305

But all the older gens have become shitty except maybe gen 1

>> No.35962307


>> No.35962308

*gropes the host*

>> No.35962309

>> No.35962313

Why are we always losing to cats ? Why bro ?

>> No.35962314

Thats bullshit
Korones roommate has kids and okayu is ugly as fuck

>> No.35962315

>EN Minecraft with numbers
What's the point?

>> No.35962317

I'm sorry, but she's not Hololive.

>> No.35962318

>> No.35962320

Wrong thread

>> No.35962325

If nothing the fact that it's taking them so long to release EN2 means that they're not confident enough on them in the long run.

>> No.35962327

super dork

>> No.35962328

I love my clown wife!

>> No.35962331

>muh over-saturation
You can just simply not... watch them? Every single one of them(except ID) has massive audiences compared to every other agency. It's not like more girls would hurt them.

>> No.35962334

Towa can spin her ass hairs into gold.

>> No.35962337

>wanting more jp gens
Fuck off, it's already annoying have to remember all of these bitches name. Stop trying to make them copy nijiniggers

>> No.35962340


>> No.35962341


>> No.35962342


>> No.35962343

Even tho it looks boring, Shinchan is a comfy game

>> No.35962344

Of course after they saw Niji En performance, sure they lost their confidence

>> No.35962347

you still are the original dorky bitch

>> No.35962351

osiri kawaii

>> No.35962354

Thumbnail of this always looks more like a “ :-0 wtf “ face

>> No.35962357

It is... but that's the kind of game very boring to watch

>> No.35962358

Why does she have elf ears?

>> No.35962360

Kys, that would eliminate the last piece of SOUL that hololive has and would make it no different NIJINIGGERS. JO does not need more gens, only adhd zoomer fucks like you think otherwise

>> No.35962361

I got you

>> No.35962362

Miko is the soul
Marine is the body
Pekora is the mind
they're the trinity of hololive

>> No.35962363

There's a crown in the crown.

>> No.35962368

Are numberfags the same people that beg for new gens? You don’t even watch streams why do you want more streams you don’t watch

>> No.35962372

yeah, they're scared of the chinese penguin with 500 viewers

>> No.35962374

I dont even watch streams, I just rightfully bitch about too many streams the few times I actually do

>> No.35962375

They watch clips so it's not a problem

>> No.35962377

Yeah I guess that makes sense.

>> No.35962378

the entire escense of hololive is caring about every single one of them and each one are as strong as their weakest member
go join the nijifags or the gurafags at /vt/ if you're only her for 'x' holo member and not the hololive idol group

>> No.35962385

Oh boy, i can already see the replies this post will get.

>> No.35962390

We only watch naked holos here

>> No.35962392

>mfw the mmd is released, allowing for hour long sex animations that work independent animators into the ground for chump change

>> No.35962395

Nowadays they dont even seem to do that

>> No.35962396

>It's not like more girls would hurt them
Lamy stole some Flare's gachikois. Some Haatons flocked to Nene. Gachikois are switching twitter marks all the time. We hit the peak of people that are willing to watch chuubas long ago.

>> No.35962397

It's a genius idea pairing up the 2 dumbest holomembers with the smartest one.

>> No.35962401

Yeah. Might as well hide it now.

>> No.35962403


>> No.35962404

Okayu is not ugly, she is just overweight

>> No.35962405 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35962410

Pekora doesn't bother DM anyone in general unless the person took the direct approach like Korone

>> No.35962412

2 autists and their babysitter

>> No.35962415

I'm fapping to this.

>> No.35962416

i already watched all the good clips all thats left to do is shitpost

>> No.35962418

It's a king's crown inside a queen's crown.

>> No.35962419

Gura is very cute today.

>> No.35962420

>the 2 dumbest holomembers
They got Aqua and Pekora to collab together?

>> No.35962426

Yeah some are just parroting what they read in the thread

>> No.35962427 [SPOILER] 

THIS GUY gets to fuck Noel??

>> No.35962428

I don't see how the fuck is adding 5 extra members make it so hard to keep out. Like can you guys not count to 30? I've been watching these girls since late-2019, know the ins and outs of each one of them, along with their types of streams, comedic styles, their true selves, etc. and i've known all of this since last year. Is this general filled with EN zoomers that came in the summer? Even if that was the case, you guys have been here for almost a year now, I don't get how it's so fucking hard for you to keep up with 30 people when if you took a psychology class you would know it takes only 20 minutes to get a general idea of a person, but in this case a vtuber and you guys had an entire year since the last Gen.

>> No.35962429

Haatons flocked to nene because they hated the schizo shit and she was barely doing anything else. Also
>using attentionwhores on twitter as a metric for anything

>> No.35962432

Nijien gen2 are performing better than I expected. Well , around 4k people watch that former apex predator wiping out bronze lobbies. Those are better numbers than nijien gen 1 used to get. I'm sure holoen2 would do fine.

>> No.35962437

Why are you pretending to be an ESL

>> No.35962438


>> No.35962439

sorry wrong photo

>> No.35962441

Because they'd be reaching nijisanji levels of bullshit, gen 5 was already pushing it. Face it; no one wants to or feels like keeping track of 30-100+ members that range from irrelevant to non existent like nijicucks do

>> No.35962444

Cover needs APEXHOLO gen, not gen6 or en2.

>> No.35962446

Which holo cat wouldn't eat their owner's face if they had a stroke or coma?

>> No.35962453

>using attentionwhores on twitter as a metric for anything
Oh, you want metric? Look at EN views and compared them with numbers from 6 months ago. Lmao I guess?

>> No.35962454

Flare grown to like her small niche audience and it helps her have some fun zatsudans. Haatons flocked because Haato got rid of her pure tsundere act.

>> No.35962455

So you came with EN debut and think your words have worth here lol

>> No.35962462

why did she do it?

>> No.35962464


>> No.35962466

Keeping track of that many members is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is expanding and broadening appeal to wider audiences without losing focus on overall quality. Hololive will continue to add generations but they need to be careful to avoid releasing significantly weaker subsequent groups.

>> No.35962467

Yes keep posting this

>> No.35962469

he never died...

>> No.35962470

He's in hell where he belongs.

>> No.35962471

Name this duo

>> No.35962473

I used to rule the world...

>> No.35962475

>it’s 2021
I certainly am!

>> No.35962477


>> No.35962479

Late 2019 was the gen 4 debut.

>> No.35962481


>> No.35962484

The difference is Hololive and most other companies give time to actually develop new idols, give them time to build an audience, make sure their merch sells, and make sure their senpais treat them well.
Nijisanji debuts 7 vtubers every 3 weeks without giving a damn. They're literally the only agency that does that while every other idol agency, including non-vtuber ones does it annually.

>> No.35962485

That's a girl...

>> No.35962488


>> No.35962490


>> No.35962492

How can your reading comprehension be this bad anon?

>> No.35962493


>> No.35962494

Why do they keep killing their pets?

>> No.35962495

Pop-chan is a girl

>> No.35962497

>hololive idol group
most Hololive members don't even care about the "Hololive idol group"

>> No.35962499

>> No.35962500

Also who the fuck wants saturated prime hours

>> No.35962502

>> No.35962503

I was only joke responding but I thought 2019 was last year...

>> No.35962505

If they had good maternal instincts they all would have already been married with multiple children. Cover only hires menheras.

>> No.35962507

The prop hunt and the payday 2 collabs were too good, Botan please deliver

>> No.35962515

she made luna have laughs that i haven't heard since her avengers watchalong

>> No.35962516

Suisei’s a fucking stick

>> No.35962517

Korone has already been married and had multiple children...

>> No.35962520

yet they still have singing and dancing lessons, even if they barely improve they still end up performing in live concerts like holofes and bloom, not to mention the minor ones like VILLS

>> No.35962521

Anon, the fact that Coco herself said to Gen 5 right in their faces that she barely even knows who they are should give you a hint that the current roster needs much more time to develop.

>> No.35962524

This is just... sad
need a new meme so hypefags will jump back in

>> No.35962525

Don't forget me even after I'm gone.

>> No.35962530

Twap is fat...

>> No.35962531

Children that she abused. The courts gave me full custody for a reason.

>> No.35962532

Ooh. Double hell then. Sorry to hear that.

>> No.35962533

the lion can do it all

>> No.35962535

It's unfortunate but you have to give up, Abe-san. None of these hags have been bred.

>> No.35962537

Why are you talking about dancing lessons in this context? Do you also take dancing lessons because you care about the hololive idol group?

>> No.35962538

>> No.35962541

Gen6 beggars, dramafags and shipperfags are cancer

>> No.35962542

>singing and dancing lessons

it's called "sex"

>> No.35962543


>> No.35962544

>> No.35962547

Any Minecraft autists here who's been watching every Minecraft stream provide an update for this? We're nearing the yearly update.

>> No.35962549

It's a shame that Gura turned out to be boring

>> No.35962551


>> No.35962552

One day Botan is gonna suffocate on stream.

>> No.35962556

>Have a cool friendship niche that viewers loved
>To avoid shipfags no one cares about, they made the dumb decision to stop collabing so much together
>Surprise surprise, no one cares about their friendship anymore
PekoMiko would have shit numbers too if they collabed nowdays

>> No.35962561

Comfy is more accurate. She is a chill streamer, not a wacky Pekora clone like people wanted.

>> No.35962567

Her English is terrible.

>> No.35962568

But you guys said she's the number one vtuber in the world mogging JPs into desperately leeching from her.

>> No.35962569

Shippers would ship rocks if they were too close together
Who the fuck cares what they think

>> No.35962571

>> No.35962573

Hikakin already took care of that, including the leeching

>> No.35962574


>> No.35962575

Numberfags don't watch streams

>> No.35962578

Not anon, but I was hoping Gura would be tomboyish, like a childish version of Botan.
Although I do like that she's pretty chill to watch, even though I don't really watch her that much.

>> No.35962582

I hate pink Rushia.

>> No.35962583

Matsuri has friends, just that they are outside Hololive.

>> No.35962584

pinku rushia hate

>> No.35962589

Holo cackles and wheezes are the best

>> No.35962591

They do watch the numbers though and no one has been able to explain why the most subscribed vtuber in the world gets the same views in Minecraft as Flare when she used to have the most for any given stream any time of the day.

>> No.35962592 [SPOILER] 

anon, my rushia looks weird today

>> No.35962593

>shit ton of filtered posts
So we're having a schizo thread huh

>> No.35962594

Which is what I don't get why Holos themselves give them so much attention. No one watches Hololive for yuribait.

>> No.35962597


>> No.35962598

Haato, Rushia, Ayame, Aqua and Shion

>> No.35962601

how you know he's dead?

>> No.35962602

Why are there so many trans flag holos?

>> No.35962604

They are lovers.

>> No.35962605

You mean that hamu gets fucked by noel in the ass

>> No.35962607

Are you lost

>> No.35962609

5ch said so

>> No.35962611

Because a lot of her numbers are memesubs. She didn't pander to the children because she does not care about numbers so she has a lot of deadsubs.

>> No.35962614

weird, her roommate didn't post anything about it.

>> No.35962618

4chan said you are not a homo lusting cock gobbler

>> No.35962620

who stole ojou's furnace?

>> No.35962622


>> No.35962623

this is why you hide stubs, anon. The thread seems relatively peaceful to me

>> No.35962624

youre the schizo

>> No.35962629

her ass?

>> No.35962631

Marine loves Flare

>> No.35962634

Remember me

>> No.35962635

bro what shes a native

>> No.35962637

I really hate this kind of art

>> No.35962639

as a friend. Marine's heart belongs to overseas sexy guys.

>> No.35962644


>> No.35962651

Marine loves anglo girls

>> No.35962652

yeah i dont care too much about that adventure time-type art style either

>> No.35962653

faq ogayu

>> No.35962657

Let's be honest, Towa would unironically like this bullshit

>> No.35962658 [SPOILER] 

Nene hotdog

>> No.35962660

>> No.35962663

Marine's hands are two different sizes

>> No.35962665

some of his animations aren't that bad.

>> No.35962667

There's noting wrong with liking cocks.

>> No.35962668

Uh oh hotdog

>> No.35962674

its wrong when you're a holo

>> No.35962676

I actually love pink Rushia

>> No.35962677

>> No.35962679

Nene trash

>> No.35962684

Relaxing morning Minecraft delivery with Yukihana Lamy

>> No.35962687

Marine is Flare's girlfriend. Marine doesn't like men

>> No.35962688

>catching up on Sora's stream from this morning
She's so cute, I love her to bits.

>> No.35962689

nene trust

>> No.35962691


>> No.35962692


>> No.35962693

She does not like men, she only likes their cocks.

>> No.35962698

>> No.35962699

Yeah, she's so fucking hot

>> No.35962700

nene trast

>> No.35962701

he isn't bad at all

>> No.35962702


>> No.35962704

Why come Nene never has had none schizos?

>> No.35962706

Yukihana Lamy.

>> No.35962707

Putting aside their latest video, since I was already thinking of this before I saw it, Okayu and Korone seem one of the more genuine pairings considering its still on for so long and showed their intimacy onscreen. Just take a look at how Noel and Flare, they kept on talking about doing shit offstream and getting those couple rings but now they wanna tone it down.

>> No.35962709

nene crash

>> No.35962711

She married every schizo so they won't turn against her.

>> No.35962714


>> No.35962715

Apex isn't that bad at all

>> No.35962717

Flare literally only said she doesn't want to be seen as the male.

>> No.35962718

Lamy is playing MC properly

>> No.35962719

nene respawn

>> No.35962720

post no towa baby

>> No.35962721

keep it up and soon you will be officially /hlg/ certified schizo!

>> No.35962723

Get off the road, grandma!

>> No.35962724

Pekora sure changed from the early days...

>> No.35962725

>> No.35962727


>> No.35962728

It's her fault for having a mannish voice and demeanor.

>> No.35962729


>> No.35962730


>> No.35962732

Okayu seemed like one of the straightest holos so it threw me for a loop

>> No.35962733

I really like when Lamy confirms that she has done things correctly

>> No.35962735

oh, it was a streamable, that's why I couldn't find it

>> No.35962737

And it's the only one Yagoo doesn't own

>> No.35962739


>> No.35962740

Lamy's Maicra streams are so comfy~

>> No.35962742

When i think about Lamy, I don't really think about too much else at all.

>> No.35962744

new ip here, just got done with my shift at walmart, any new juicy rrats today?

>> No.35962745

Lamy BGM doko??

>> No.35962746

Towa is so cute, I want to punch her face

>> No.35962749

I want to see Suisei naked.

>> No.35962750


>> No.35962752


>> No.35962753

>> No.35962754

>Order some cookies and a cup of coffee
>This happens
What do?

>> No.35962755

Anyone watch Towa's golf stream this morning? Was she cool? did she win?

>> No.35962758

Huh? Her voice is nasally which isn't man-like at all and her favorite things are gender neutral at worst.

>> No.35962761

>> No.35962763


>> No.35962764

i have reached the ii of ne

>> No.35962765

post og towangry clip, streamable one is dead

>> No.35962766

the towa posting isn't ironic?

>> No.35962767

actually towasamawin x3

>> No.35962768


>> No.35962769

usada pessi

>> No.35962771

Why is sora surrounded by literal prostitutes?

>> No.35962772

The Watamates are the most sexual fanbase

>> No.35962775

Towa is such a professional whore, having a no kissing rule you know she's been doing it for a long time.

>> No.35962781


>> No.35962782

no, we all like towa here.

>> No.35962787

anyone else feeling burnout paradise from holos? think i'm going to take a break for a month or week two.

>> No.35962788

>nijisanji won
Can we have a come back bros?

>> No.35962789

Why does her avatar look retarded. Her stupid voice is already enough but that egg looking ass head isn't doing her any favors
Towa looks and acts like someone with hydrocephaly

>> No.35962793

>shitposter was a 2hu all along
what a surprise

>> No.35962796


>> No.35962797

>> No.35962798

What did they win?

>> No.35962801


>> No.35962803


>> No.35962805

-open Lamy stream
-keep stream open

>> No.35962807

ask for sex

>> No.35962808

Gomen Sora, I already have a girlfriend...

>> No.35962809

Miosha rolling down the hills.

>> No.35962810

me on the left

>> No.35962812

Lamy just murdered Pekora...

>> No.35962814

>Moona gonna hit 1M this year
>Ollie gonna hit 1M this year
>Japan trip soon
>3Ds soon
>offcollabs with the JP holos soon
>gonna be in the next holofest
Man the IDs is on fire

>> No.35962815

it's not a proper gen 5 stream without them mentioning Shishiron at least once

>> No.35962818


>> No.35962819

aren't they on damage control because of LiSa

>> No.35962820

Gura is a leech... to her mom.

>> No.35962821

Where is she going?

>> No.35962823

"crash her now"

>> No.35962828


>> No.35962831

and so are you.

>> No.35962834

>Japan trip soon
>3Ds soon
>offcollabs with the JP holos soon
>gonna be in the next holofest

Please at least pretend you watch streams

>> No.35962835

>Japan trip soon

>> No.35962839

>> No.35962841

Are you retarded?

>> No.35962843

yes I'm retarded that's why I hate the IDs

>> No.35962845

who will be the Chrischan of hololive when they get fired and have a meltdown on their personal channel?

>> No.35962846

>gonna be in the next holofest
I doubt this one. Unless Yagoo plans their 3D debut on the same week or something.

>> No.35962849

kind of based.

>> No.35962850

Well at least you're honest rumao

>> No.35962855

We can have a date back at my place, Soda.

>> No.35962856

iofi will never be allowed into Japan now

>> No.35962857


>> No.35962861


>> No.35962862

Matsuri or Kiara, any other answer is objectively wrong.

>> No.35962863

Didn't they get a travel ban cause chink virus got worse there?

>> No.35962866

with vaccine passu she will

>> No.35962867

Unironically I feel like ive seen that place before.

>> No.35962868

They will do everything to get Moona into holofes even if it means excluding some JPs

>> No.35962871

she only needs that pfyzer shot

>> No.35962874

There is no ban on IDs

>> No.35962875


>> No.35962877


>> No.35962878

>Thinking corona is going away this year

>> No.35962880


>> No.35962882

Why is it always SEA?

>> No.35962883

That doesn't stop IDs feom going to Japan. They belong to a Japanese company.

>> No.35962884

Corona didn't stop the last holofest.

>> No.35962886

>>gonna be in the next holofest
They haven't even announced the next Holofest retardchama. But going by the schedule of the past one the IDs are out since everyone is already starting rehearsals

>> No.35962889

Cover when?

>> No.35962890

why are you so mean???

>> No.35962891

I'm gonna take a dump in it

>> No.35962892

she's not girly.

>> No.35962893

She played Minecraft after this, it's a slanderous screenshot, she just built her house somewhere else

>> No.35962894

Yes it did tho. There was no audience

>> No.35962895


>> No.35962898

Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!

>> No.35962899

No need. The best cover is already out

>> No.35962901

Doesn't matter if there was no audience, the event still happened, how is this even an argument?

>> No.35962902

I've fapped to her before, you know?

>> No.35962906

Will the Holostars be on the next Holofes?

>> No.35962907

me too

>> No.35962909

15 days until Mio's birthday live! My anticipation keeps building!

>> No.35962913

Course they will. Can't have fes without stars

>> No.35962915

mio hate

>> No.35962917

No, just JPs and IDs probably.

>> No.35962918

this dumb bitch killed hololive
i'll never forgive her

>> No.35962922

Has Suisei said anything about her 1M live?

>> No.35962923

Only JP, if EN isn't in neither are the IDs

>> No.35962924

>> No.35962925

>> No.35962928

I want to cover Suisei in my spunk

>> No.35962931

IDs are getting their 3Ds, ENs aren't.

>> No.35962932

Bacon of za ramy

>> No.35962933


>> No.35962934


>> No.35962937

Shut up Taiga. Go to sleep.

>> No.35962939

IDs already have their 3D models done but incompetent cover failed to let then debut yet
EN have not event talked about getting 3D

>> No.35962941

That's not going to fit

>> No.35962942

ENs are more successful so ENs will be first

>> No.35962943

<span class="sjis">【Important Announcement】[/spoiler]

>> No.35962944

pound that robopussy, astelboy

>> No.35962945 [SPOILER] 

suichan wa????

>> No.35962947

The Japanese government gets to choose if they are let in and it's unlikely they will allow it

>> No.35962948

Shion...please do something with Aqua

>> No.35962950

EN is overwhelmingly more popular in Japan they won't allow one foreign branch to attend the even but not EN.
Sorry but until EN and ID can be together neither are taking part at Holofes

>> No.35962951

They have the right to enter already anonchama

>> No.35962952

I would very much like to see Shion and Aqua naked

>> No.35962955

Show proof

>> No.35962958

Reminder nijiniggers are in overcope because all hololive are active

>> No.35962960

Imagine being this delusional. Oh, and by the way your samefagging is really obvious

>> No.35962961

That anon never lie, I believe him

>> No.35962962

Moona is too popular to be kept out

>> No.35962963


>> No.35962969

why are 35p like this?

>> No.35962970

Yukimin horny level is increasing

>> No.35962973


>> No.35962975

Oh gee... aw really?

>> No.35962976




>> No.35962977

Why is roboco Venom snake now?

>> No.35962978

Some people in 5ch have been crying for like an hour about this.

>> No.35962980

>instantly tweets out Ina's song
>still hasn't touched IRyS'c cover

>> No.35962981

>unironically a matsurisu in 2021

>> No.35962982

Non H

>> No.35962983

Koreans need to stick together

>> No.35962985


>> No.35962986

Both of you pathetic side families don't have pure enough blood to be in holofes
Sorry but I'm gonna have to stop your retarded fighting

>> No.35962987

𝓱𝓮𝔂 𝓶𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓪

>> No.35962989


>> No.35962991


>> No.35962992

He came in a non-sexual way nahone

>> No.35962994

>> No.35962995

why is roboco a unicorn now?

>> No.35962997

towa got mogged so hard

>> No.35962998

Are AquShio, OkaKoro and ChocoMel the only remaining ships that haven't sunk yet?

>> No.35962999

You will never be in holofest EN niggers and ID poorfags

>> No.35963000


>> No.35963001


>> No.35963003


>> No.35963005

Handholding doujin

>> No.35963007

noeflare is pretty much strong but getting killed by horrible clippers

>> No.35963008

Ohayappi, niggers.

>> No.35963012


>> No.35963013


>> No.35963014

irys palette > towa palette

>> No.35963020



>> No.35963021


>> No.35963022


>> No.35963024

What the fuck was Lamy doing till 3AM?

>> No.35963026

but what a fucking slut

>> No.35963027


>> No.35963029

Like unmuted mics this is also scripted.

>> No.35963033

No they haven't anon

>> No.35963034

sora date again.... when......

>> No.35963037

Corporate teetee, ikuzo !!

>> No.35963040

I really don't like this evil whore

>> No.35963041

Flare literally dumped Noel, I give it a month before she starts calling Marine her girlfriend

>> No.35963042

>> No.35963043

Go take a look at the thread

>> No.35963044

Marine is straight

>> No.35963045

what does sora piss taste like

>> No.35963047

you keep saying this but it doesn't make it any more true

>> No.35963049

pasta is straight until wet

>> No.35963051

she's so cute, literally a 11/10

>> No.35963054

>> No.35963055

I refuse to watch Lamy because she is creepy.

>> No.35963058


>> No.35963059

We're gonna go see a movie on friday and you're not invited

>> No.35963064

Lamy is the most likely holo to be arrested for holding one of her senpai hostage

>> No.35963065

Sometimes I feel like I really want Lamy to bite me. Weird urge

>> No.35963068

I wonder what my co-workers will think when they see a perfect rendition of my face hanging off my bag.

>> No.35963069

>open thread
>lamy posting
>talking about ina violet
fuck that shit i aint reading all of that

>> No.35963070

Lamy is still watching you nonetheless

>> No.35963071

I hop she goes to jail forever

>> No.35963073

cute as fuck, not like the hysterical creepy knight woman

>> No.35963075

Are you actually retarded?
>Most of the thread is just complaining about gaijins
>The rest is talking about GurAme
>The comments about the Homo collab are just "oh good look the homo the other 2 suck" and "OH NO NO ON" fun post the rest ignored

>> No.35963076

>and you're not invited
what an absolute faggot

>> No.35963078


>> No.35963079

There's no way she'll have any unicorns left after this so she has to be a unicorn herself

>> No.35963081

Too rich she'd never see the inside of a cell

>> No.35963083

Lamy WILL rape Shishiron

>> No.35963084

Aqua Iro Palette is unironically the best original hololive song, Suisei's GHOST comes in at a close 2nd. Others don't even deserve to be on the list

>> No.35963085

Why do they always call themselves their hololive name on their roommate account, but never their roommate name on hololive.

>> No.35963087


>> No.35963088

Gura is honorary indie

>> No.35963092

fuck off spammer.

>> No.35963094

It's amazing how meidos won't simply ban this off topic retard.
You need to kill yourselves as well.

>> No.35963095

Never gonna be in holofest

>> No.35963096

Sio please go.

>> No.35963098

>I give it a month before she starts calling Marine her girlfriend
>a month
Feeling THAT unconfident already? You gave it a week last week >>35891850

>> No.35963099

not fat enough

>> No.35963100

Euthanize Lsmy and all yukimin; you know it's the right move.

>> No.35963101

it's all below the neck

>> No.35963102

>You gave it a week last week
They haven't collabed since Marine is still in pseudo-break due to her throat

>> No.35963105

Kenzoku are you guys saving all your cum for Towa's big day?

>> No.35963107

>> No.35963108

Fubuki baby...

>> No.35963109

who? not holo, don't care.

>> No.35963111

which EN makes this thread seethe the most?

>> No.35963113

This is such a creepy rapish analogy it's honestly hilarious that you pill popping lesbo fetishists keep saying it.

>> No.35963116


>> No.35963117


>> No.35963118

>complaining about gaijins
We’re the same...you and I

>> No.35963120


>> No.35963122

Marine collabed with suisei and mio and Korone but not flare during her break
What happened? Why does marine hate flare?

>> No.35963124

But it hasn't been 9 months yet..

>> No.35963125

I want to change body with Marine and have sex with myself

>> No.35963126

You WILL come to the Ramyhouse
You WILL dress up and roleplay as Shishiron
You WILL never leave

>> No.35963129

"adidas and pizza" is not an entertaining vtuber concept

>> No.35963131

Why do they need to collab? Flare can call Marine anything she wants during her own stream just like how she does for Noel.

>> No.35963134

yukimin stop begging lamy to kill you

>> No.35963135

It's funny how many holos have their name in katakana for regular japanese names while akua and rushia actually should be in katakana

>> No.35963137


>> No.35963138

but i am lamy.....

>> No.35963140

Flare doesn't want to call Noel anything other than Noel, bitch got dumped

>> No.35963141

Does aqua even like wooper

>> No.35963144

no, she prefers mcdonalds

>> No.35963146

I'm Lamy, but like unironically.

>> No.35963147

irys' covers are fucking weird, shes sounds like shes copying the voices of the singers instead of singing in her own voice
it sounds fucking soulless for me

>> No.35963148

>> No.35963149

Why did you not answer my question? Marine was already 2 weeks into her break when you "gave it a week" so you can't even use that as an excuse.
You will never be a woman.

>> No.35963152

Imagine being a macdonald worker and cumming in aquas burger

>> No.35963154

>oh shut up it's not like this is a highlight for me either

>> No.35963155

btw wrong board

>> No.35963158

>> No.35963160

That Marine looks weird

>> No.35963161

She returns it and says she asked no mayo and no salad except lettuce

>> No.35963162

Pictured: Sora and her imouto

>> No.35963163

mel stream please..

>> No.35963164

>> No.35963169

>> No.35963171

She'd be too autistic to go up and say she got the wrong order

>> No.35963172

Feed the animals please

>> No.35963173

Officially dead ship

>> No.35963174

>K*ara is going to a con in-person
That's gonna fucking go over well isn't it. Yagoo would have the JPs 20 miles away in an underground bunker for this shit.

>> No.35963175

I fucking love Suisei

>> No.35963176

>> No.35963178

post your oshi merch

>> No.35963179

you mean sora and her sex slave

>> No.35963180

Who asked?

>> No.35963181

no one cares about gravure idols with fucked up teeth

>> No.35963182

they feel emotionless, which doesn't work so well with those song choices.

>> No.35963184


>> No.35963186

ur mom

>> No.35963187

dont worry about it. shes fucking irrelevant in popularity no one would literally care

>> No.35963189

>> No.35963190

If you think about it, Lamy's addition to Hololive really made Flare's appearance more pronounced. Now when someone is asking about an elf holo, you now have to specify their skin color to differentiate.

>> No.35963192

>> No.35963193


>> No.35963194

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.35963196

but mio isnt EN

>> No.35963197


>> No.35963198

Don't watch Towa

>> No.35963199 [SPOILER] 

anon there is a third elf....

>> No.35963200


>> No.35963202

>> No.35963203

She's my imouto now

>> No.35963204

come again? i cant hear you hamu fuck

>> No.35963205

>> No.35963206

>> No.35963207

I can't believe astel is gonna have sex with choco and roboco
Good thing they're not my oshis

>> No.35963208

Half mermaid/siren.

>> No.35963209 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35963210

yeah but is astel a spino? checkmate

>> No.35963213

>> No.35963215

>> No.35963216

>"Take your pants off."

>> No.35963217

>> No.35963219

>> No.35963220

>> No.35963221

no one? just me?

>> No.35963226

why can't I post images? Fix you're fucking site, gookmoot

>> No.35963227


>> No.35963227,1 [INTERNAL] 


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