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Okite Okite

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Rab u onyon

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miosha is confirmed to be ムチムチ

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Do you know towa

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love Lamy!

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Why do meidos allow offtopic discussion in these threads?

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Marine will fuck your Oshi

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Sexual sex with Minato Aqua

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Why is Luna wearing shackles?

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Miko is a whore.

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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What is Luna doing?

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she only wants to punch my oshi...

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All they care about is racism and specific doxxes

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!!!

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Your oshi is a whore

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Why are you not?

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>why yes I watch Rushia how can you tell?

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More like my oshi will fuck Marine

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Pekoschizo ban evaded again but he's still the turbowhore of /hlg/

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The Niji thread is the only thread that matters

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I fucking hate that whore Miko so much

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Miko is a saint.

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Ryona also counts

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Miyabi is a saint.

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Miko is a regular person with both virtues and flaws.

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I fucking love that saint Miko so much

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Ratiobros are fucking dead.

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15 months
You've been doing this shit for 15 months

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I'm waiting for another member stream Sora...

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brown whore

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>same ip
MENTAL ILLNESS. Kill yourself, faggot

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Migo exhibitionist

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Lamy is Lamy!

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Haha, not gonna happen

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I love Aqua.
( ^)o(^ )b

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If your oshi mentioned Hikakin, she is a whore

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if you love her you should be able to post the picture she just used for her twitcast

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Miko is a saint though.

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Ramy is Botan!

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meido-san has spoken

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towa twap

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Then Pekora is indeed a turbo whore

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I am Lamy

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So why the fuck is the player shota sized?

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become ramy

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>kill luna, love miko
but who do I fuck?

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Hololive /ss/ simulator

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35browns can shit on Pekora as much as they want but that will never make Miko more successful than Pekora

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This is actually creepy

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Both at the same time

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>35p soul

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ban evading
>yeah i did get banned and yeah i did ban evade

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Why does Lamy have these weird little fangs?

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mine will throw her off of a cliff to show her love for her

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To bite your dick

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Fuck off orange man, you will never be a shota

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Why is Sora so smug?

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Are you familiar with canines? Most humans have them, pretty normal things

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any new rrats?

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why even live

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ANBU Lamy....

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Yukimin struggling to be relevant is hilarious.

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Ramy is a neko!

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He is right, though.

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Is it unarchived...?

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you've already downloaded her livestreams, right?
surely you've downloaded the RE livestreams at the least, after all capcom could take permissions away from hololive and then you won't be able to watch it again

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Now that the dust has settled, how do we feel about Okayu and Korone fucking and sucking each other?

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Why is she showing her relationship talk

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Every night I wear my VR headset to bed and have it play Lamy so that I can receive Lamy delivery in my sleep

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Drink it

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Are we supposed to act surprised or what?

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The same as I felt 2 years ago about it: good.

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I'm happy for them, they seem happy

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i don't give a fuck what you think LOL
i'm just pointing out that this is the second time he ban evaded and should be rangebanned

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Why is Lamy also a cat?

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Yuri is not real

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Very Long Period Of Time Without Light Towa...

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Slowly becoming Lamy

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Who cares

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kill yourself

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Are you ready for another kamige by Chilla's Art?

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Is that her pubic hair inside?

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Hololive Error...

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Disgusted. Thankfully, they most likely lied.

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When will the first yukimin mass shooting occur?

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Miko is already more successful than Pekora.
>Highest watched live event between jp members
>An entire themed cafe for herself
>Is having a blast in viewers
>More than 30k in a 4 person collab
>Streaming more and maintaining high viewership in dead hours
>Tons of clips
>35p are the richest

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>It isn't going to suck itself, get to it anon

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https://store.steampowered.com/app/1581080/ I want them to play this instead

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>Pekora already said tomorrow is probably horage, but not sure
>The new chilla kusoge's release date is either 6th or 7th

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When Lamy is arrested for illegal alcohol sale.

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So this is a nijinigger trying to shit up the thread right?

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>implying i'm a 35piss
LMAO brown turbo whore Pekora can go suck Jun's dick for all I care, I don't give a single shit about the pregnant JAV whore either LOL

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I don't care about either Miko or Pekora.

>> No.35969520

Lamy's alcohol sales are vetted and legal. She does things properly

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Miko is the Jesus Christ of hololive
Sora is the angel, Suisei the eagle, Flare the Lion and Polka the ox
together they make the perfect tetramorph

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Schizos are not welcome here

>> No.35969527

Just accept that we love Lamy here.

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we sure do

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r18 MMDs doko

>> No.35969534

Do not trust Mio
Do not trust Mio

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Sharing it with each other!

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Give it a rest Taiga

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Can you see a pattern here, guys?

>> No.35969544

this is not how fluids work

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No Miko's minecraft hardcore tomorrow?

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Lamey will NEVER be a cat and she will NEVER copulate with Shishiron

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I think if you look closely you can see the meds you haven't taken today

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oh yeah explain THIS

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>how do we feel
Not real, stop falling for it.

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Someone post that 5ch image

>> No.35969586

I will never forgive Fubuki for enabling this
fake ears

>> No.35969587

Lamy is a fraud, a fake, a liar, a deceiver!

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Sorry I am too dekinai to know what is going on here.

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I wonder what goes through meido's mind when they delete the proper thread in favor of the late thread.

>> No.35969598

Nobody is watching Okayu?

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>the members for Pekora’s Minecraft Hardcore Collab is 3rd gen on the 22nd

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>> No.35969606

Polka came back from doing stuff in the studio to what is presumably the break room? dressing room? and found the depicted candy along with a message from Phantom Thief N telling her to eat the chocolate.

>> No.35969608

Been watching the entire time. Last level took 3 hours.

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Fuck off.

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Getting unmasked doesn't feel that good, right schizo-kun?

>> No.35969616

You know the character who says that is a closet lesbian who ends up blackmailing the MC into having sex with her? Why the fuck do you keep posting this?

>> No.35969618

chammers doko

>> No.35969622

Sorry, she's having sex with me, I'll be sure to return her tomorrow.

>> No.35969623

why do you holobronies complain why off-topic discussion is not encouraged in other chatrooms kek

>> No.35969626

not even once

>> No.35969630

carry on

>> No.35969632

Holy mother of leeching
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdgthKHyDTQ [Embed]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tjb84ttOxI [Embed]

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>> No.35969635

Lamy's dreams will come true one day

>> No.35969638

She is my wife and we are having sex right now

>> No.35969639

Imagine being so autistic you can't understand why a panel describing fake yuri relationships keeps being posted. You're so fucking dumb, just kill yourself.

>> No.35969641

Remember to never report bad posts, that way all the schizos can stay here in the containment.

>> No.35969643

How are you posting this then

>> No.35969644

So who's raiding us this time?

>> No.35969646

This is why EN is a mistake. Western deviants know no bounds

>> No.35969647

Yeah, clippers are the worst leeches

>> No.35969648

gaki stream yo

>> No.35969649

I don't give a fuck what that shit is. Fuck off.

>> No.35969650

Miko is a hypocritical whore, once she got enough subs she pulled the, "IM AN IDOL I CANT COLLAB WITH MALES", while still lusting for e-celeb cock.

>> No.35969654

This guy's Pekos are dangerously sexy.

>> No.35969656

You know they only regurgitate things they saw without knowing a thing about where it comes from, right?

>> No.35969657

Chama is riding me leaving my hands free to mobile post

>> No.35969660

>he's still mad

>> No.35969661

Imagine unironically simping for leeches and whores

Hololive is made of Shameless whores they leech off people who are more popular than them and throw them under the bus the moment they gain some relevance

>> No.35969662

Meh, your schizopost is too boring

>> No.35969663

Except it's not fake because that character ends up having sex with another woman, you don't read that manga, do you?

>> No.35969666

Tits too big

>> No.35969669

Obvious troll is obvious

>> No.35969670

The sad thing about this ship is while Kiara needs Mori
Mori does not need Kiara

>> No.35969671

Teasing Luna!

>> No.35969672

based miko

>> No.35969675

Love Matsuri

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>> No.35969681

>here in the containment

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>> No.35969683

Source: https://youtu.be/9gXB0-dsn1c @ 30:00 (sorry can’t embed with the timestamp, I’m phoneposting)

>> No.35969684

Miko your baby's father....

>> No.35969685

I think it might be the bronies

>> No.35969686

She got Oga in her back though

>> No.35969687

Why does no one leech off of Aqua? Or does she not let anyone leech off of her?

>> No.35969688

Official complaints thread. Thread being shitty? Meido not isn't doing their job? Lodge your complaints there.

>> No.35969689

based miko dropping them failures

>> No.35969690

>being a whore is based
Is this the next Holocope? You don't even belong here. We disavow all whores on /jp/

>> No.35969691

Korone and Okayu are fucking!

>> No.35969692

Did you get to kill her?

>> No.35969695

Very, very nice. I feel slightly bad for Marine and Noel because they don't really play all that much Minecraft but a full on Sankisei HC run is going to be amazingly fun.

>> No.35969697

Are you really this fucking retarded? She's complaining about fake yuri, it does matter if she's gay, straight, or a damn alien, the point is that she's talking about it only existing because it sells. Am I being baited?

>> No.35969698

We love Miko here on /jp/

>> No.35969699

based miko ditching the lowborn monsterz mate to mingle with the homofailures

>> No.35969700

>Nyooo why is this not working?
Keep trying but no one will believe in those fake edits kek

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>> No.35969705

Holos that promote parasocial relationships with chat are gross.

>> No.35969708

some schizo from /vt/, he just copies every post and repost them here

>> No.35969711

Survival of the fittest bitch, male failures will always be successfully manipulated by a smart woman like Miko

>> No.35969712

>game starts
>it's already night because they spent too long connecting and doing their stream openings
>pekora and flare manage to dig holes to hide in
>other three die
Can't wait for it

>> No.35969716

I just realized the Miko & Subaru schizo is probably the same person, a butthurt nijifag

>> No.35969717

Reminder that Miko can't even surpass Kson in terms of views now

Reminder Beatani has more average viewers than Anya

Imagine unironically watching Hololive after July 1, kek

>> No.35969719

Yeah, I’m excited for the chaos, it’s been a long time since we got a 3rd gen collab

>> No.35969720

haha every single one of the males are nobodies now, based hololive avenging the nijigirls

>> No.35969722


>> No.35969723

You're retarded, and a newfag. The only actual Subaru schizo left months ago.

>> No.35969724

He probably got banned from /vt/ so he's shitting up the thread now

>> No.35969725

Imagine watching my nuts go into your mouth

>> No.35969727

Why are the antis so mad today? Lmao

>> No.35969728

is it okay to post something this erotic???

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>> No.35969731


>> No.35969732

You're the one complaining about banter 35Phaggot. Not your hugbox.

>> No.35969733

Like who?

>> No.35969734

But that "Subaru is a fake lying whore" is still around isn't he?

>> No.35969736

Why would you post such shitty art?

>> No.35969737

Always has been

>> No.35969738

Do 35Phaggots really?

>> No.35969739

I honestly can name a more based holo than Miko
she instantly dropped the other indie/niji failures once she saw the opportunity to shine and look at them now, the niji dog almost died while Miko is the third biggest hololive member
collabing with males is a sign of failure

>> No.35969740

I haven't seen gokisei schizo for a while. Hope he's ok

>> No.35969741

Oh look. Showing its homeboard already.

>> No.35969744

Miko should kill herself, she's the JP version of SSSniperWolf

>> No.35969745

That's not schizo shit you dumbfuck. Are people who make fun of Towa schizos now? Are people who make fun of Ayame schizos?

>> No.35969748

Hello, it's me. Mr Commentator.

>> No.35969750

Everyone??????? Are you acting like a dumb or you are a dumb? Kuzuha, Kanae, Minato, Hayato and the new gen of nijis are literally oblitering every holo right now

>> No.35969753

Luna ended, enjoy the schizohours

>> No.35969754

WTF I love hololive now

>> No.35969756

The absolute state of 35Phaggots

>> No.35969757

What happened to their ceo with cancer? Must suck getting left in the dust by miko and got cancer lmao

>> No.35969758

You have to ask me if I enjoyed the stream first

>> No.35969759

>mass replying

>> No.35969760

This is what happens when you let tribalists run rampant, you did this to yourselves.

>> No.35969762

Why can't Miko be like Gura and just avoid male eceleb trash?

>> No.35969764

Thank you for pointing that out! I did not see that.

>> No.35969766

Don't reason with Holofags rumao their brand has been reclining since March and they're still in heavy denial about Nijisanji's renaissance kek

>> No.35969770

Rushia Lamy Okayu Nene Haachama Polka

>> No.35969771

yeah but they ain't the bottom feeders like maimoto, belmond, chaika and yashikizu. failures all of them, it's only time before each of them hung themselves out of shame

>> No.35969773

Leeching is in Miko's blood and 35Phaggots will keep calling her le based

>> No.35969774

Calling Towa a smoker or Ayame a whore here and there, is a far cry from regurgitating several pastas in a row that are all the same made up bullshit.
"Making fun of", amusing way of putting it. You must have some serious brain damage to think pasta spam is "Making fun of".

>> No.35969774,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35969776

Do not feed the animals

>> No.35969780

no they are not.

>> No.35969781

>He's seething

>> No.35969782

What the fuck is going on?

>> No.35969784


>> No.35969785

Who is Mel?

>> No.35969789

Discord tranny raid

>> No.35969790

Going in for the "He's seething" greentext. No one has EVER done that before!

>> No.35969791

>1 minute apart

>> No.35969793

The railing

>> No.35969795

Well, this thread is shit, guess I’m going to sleep

>> No.35969796

Towa IS a smoker and Ayame IS a whore. Don't seethe at facts, cuck.

>> No.35969800

Is this more your style?

>> No.35969801

>new gen of nijis
I guess I can give Leos a leeway, but the others? Failing at record speed. What an embarassment, almost a year of hype and being a wisp of fart.

>> No.35969803

>You must have some serious brain damage to think pasta spam is "Making fun of"
Because it is, and with how upset you get over it, I'm gonna go ahead and guess you're this same faggot >>35397608 who shits his pants whenever anyone says anything mean about Subaru.

>> No.35969804

Remember lads, the complaints thread is linked right over there

>> No.35969806

I've donated more than 50 bucks over time to my favorite male streamer and he's not even a VTuber.
I have donated precisely $0 to women online.

Imagine letting a fucking anime avatar trick you into donating money to e-roasties. The faggots here try to justify it as GFE and shit like that but from an outside perspective it's fucking pathetic. That's why we get shit on by other boards as retarded simps, blinded by a fucking anime puppet. Hana was right. I'm a free entertainment chad. I will NEVER donate my hard earned money to an E-WHORE. If I had to donate to a chuba, it would be someone based like Aruran.

>> No.35969807

Are you seriously that stupid to use the same shitposting style to try samefagging?

>> No.35969812

Give me your best shot to qualify as a Towa schizo

>> No.35969814

I feel sick to my stomach because their roommates are ugly.

>> No.35969816

He's real mad

>> No.35969817

Stop ban evading.

>> No.35969819

Learn fucking English, SEAscum

>> No.35969820


because of how these whores are being disgusting 2faced hypocrites i'd love to see Hololive burn and regress back to how it was back in 2019 and see if they start leeching off of others again especially the males theyre so scared of (when they collabed and interacted with males left and right in the past and previously in their past lives on NND)

Imagine saying youre an "idoru" who can't talk or collab with males but you only use that shit as an excuse whenever you see fit and talk about the m*les you hate so much only if they're famous and need some of their clout. Fucking stick to your little manipulative act through and through or fuck off with your bs.

>> No.35969821


>> No.35969823

Towa is uh... a whore!

>> No.35969827

Towa... is a cute girl! she is NOT a male

>> No.35969828


>> No.35969831

Sora Love!

>> No.35969834


>> No.35969837

Thank god no one will take this schizo seriously

>> No.35969840

>didn't get the respond it expected
>had to samefag

>> No.35969841

Seethe. He's right, simp. Imagine NOT being a free entertainment Chad.

>> No.35969842

Imagine saying this when there is fumicancer art in the thread

>> No.35969846

>Because it is
If you are underage maybe, or a chronic shitposter sure. And no I'm not that guy, I don't even watch Subaru but you won't believe that anyways since you've already decided in your underaged head that the only way I can dislike meaningless shitposting pasta spam is if I'm a Subaru fan.

>> No.35969847

For a cute boy that smokes like a chimney, Towa truly loves us!

>> No.35969849

so this is how having a permanent inferiority complex looks like
niji will never be popular or the biggest company again, just deal with it

>> No.35969850


>> No.35969851

35p are very really in shamble right now that they are agreeing their oshi is traitor snake rumao

>> No.35969853

Oh Choco sensei

>> No.35969858

You can hear a male voice in every Towa stream and Towa is her own anti

>> No.35969861

Someone post that nijisanji popularity before or after pic

>> No.35969862

Just because Nene is the sun shining over my life doesn't mean she promotes parasocial relationships, that'd be weird.

>> No.35969864

What the fuck, Miko is based?

>> No.35969866

I really can't wait for this. Also I didn't get everything she said but I think she also talked about a project she's been thinking about where she interviews people and invites them to a server for a building competition. She hasn't told her manager about the idea yet though so on the off chance it even gets accepted, I wouldn't expect it for a while. It was around 1:26:20, someone feel free to double check me because Japanese muzukashii.

>> No.35969868

Why is Marine such a bitch to her fans?

>> No.35969869


>> No.35969870


>> No.35969873


>> No.35969875

Female Nijisanji fans are attacking the new Nijisanji girl because she collabed with her male genmates. The only female Nijis that they don't attack are the lesbians, the ones that are confirmed that their roommates have a boyfriend, and the 'approved' ones, the ones that they can use to self-insert into. You can go to a website called 好き嫌い.com if you want to see these 'people' in their natural habitat. This shit is absolutely horrible, even people from 5ch are disgusted by their behavior.
Now that this happen, I can say for certain that Nijisanji was a mistake and male vtubers were a mistake.

>> No.35969877


>> No.35969879

You are her Husband whether you like it or not

>> No.35969880

Didn't niji got dragged into a seiyuu scandal recently?

>> No.35969885

Too loud...

>> No.35969886

The standards of /hlg/ have declined since a year ago. We don't tolerate whores here PERIOD. I blame Reddit for forcing 35Phaggot spam on this thread ofc.

>> No.35969887

Still doing better than gokishit, cope

>> No.35969888

Haachama is my oshi, but I'll murder you faggot schizos.

>> No.35969890

>Female Nijisanji fans are attacking the new Nijisanji girl because she collabed with her male genmates.
God I fucking hate Fujos and Yumejos...

>> No.35969894


>> No.35969895

Brown illiterate hands wrote this

>> No.35969896

If only she had a father figure in her life

>> No.35969897

He's mad.

>> No.35969898

You're trying waaay to hard. Your post carries no weight because you're only complaining about "meaningless shitposting pasta spam" when it involves Subaru. I don't see you complaining when people post the Matsuri pasta, or when Ayame is the target. Hey anon? Why don't you complain whenever anons make posts like this >>35969606 and spam about Polka being fat?

>> No.35969899


>> No.35969900


>> No.35969904

Oh, it's that Whoreshikawa member.

>> No.35969907

>best rigging in the world
>best personality in the world
Why is she so perfect bros?

>> No.35969908

I really want to fuck her and marry her

>> No.35969909

They're popular enough to be involved with real life seiyuu scandals, holoshit isn't.

>> No.35969912

Not really an interview, just people sending in shit they have built and the chat gets to vote on which ones get in

>> No.35969915

What the fuck is your problem with the NenePol teetee moment I posted? Don't drag me into your squabbles.

>> No.35969916

You told me Kson got 25k when Miko was streaming, but she got 13k while Miko gets 18k. And today, she only gets around 6K... I wanna shit on them too bro, but not based on a lie.

>> No.35969917

>unironically calling her whoreshikawa
>average Holowhore sleeps with a minimum of 2 guys a week
i kek

>> No.35969921

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.35969922

hime sama!?

>> No.35969924

The schizo is real mad and I'm enjoying the show

>> No.35969928

You mean scandals that are always brought up by JP Holobronies? kek don't make me laugh

>> No.35969929

Are you calling Hoshikawa a liar?

>> No.35969932

Male vtubers aren't the problem, their cancerous fanbase is. It's always the fucking fanbase that keeps stirring shit up and for some reason it's always niji"fans"

>> No.35969933

I really like her tummy and her bellybutton, is somehow erotic

>> No.35969937

>still posting old pictures when there are new ones that have her face on them

>> No.35969941

Haachama is a pure maiden with a dirty mind
Hoshikawa is a dirty whore and a manipulator
that's the difference between hololive and nijisanji

>> No.35969943

>> No.35969946


>> No.35969947

no one said apex nose

>> No.35969948

She is awaking something in me...

>> No.35969949

Pekora is a money hungry, self centered, selfish whore which reminds me of real women too much. Bitch doesn't even know how to cry about her declining numbers the right way when Kson is about to mog her in every way possible kek

>> No.35969951

itchy nosey

>> No.35969953


>> No.35969956

Blatant lie. Kill yourself

>> No.35969959


>> No.35969962

cutest sisters...

>> No.35969963

Stop posting such garbage art.

>> No.35969965

Why did you reverse who they actually are though? Holofags can't stop being in denial about facts that I've known since 2 years ago while doing roommate reps, right?

>> No.35969966

This boss seems like a clusterfuck.

>> No.35969969

Hoshikawa is an ACTOR, an truly formed actor by an actual well recognized academy, logically she is just acting to fit her character who is a "slut". But her voice actor is pure and never had done nothing she said so.

>> No.35969970

Kek it's the holobronies doing it, they've always been jealous of Nijisanji

>> No.35969971

They're jealous because hololive is more popular than nijisanji now

>> No.35969972

>> No.35969975

Go back to art school newfaggot

>> No.35969976

>H-how about I call in 1 good artist. Just one. Then all the other one can be members.
>*one artist join*
>Yeahhhh... how about another one?
>*two artists join*
>Yeahhhh. More. Who's next?
>everyone the game is an artist
>KFP gets cucked
What the fuck? Looking at the comments, looks like KFP is actually happy that this happen. Are KFP's actual cucks? Your oshi doesn't even like you.

>> No.35969979

Miko and Marine are such filthy posers they don't know how to embody the otaku mystique like Mito does

>> No.35969981

Maybe keep your shit art to yourself next time, yeah?

>> No.35969987

But Nose is minecraft streamer now.

>> No.35969988

Ah ok, the usage of 面接 confused me then. I heard her talking about people sending in what they've made but I assumed it was something they'd do before an interview to make sure they're not a troll or whatever.

>> No.35969989

Then how come Holobonies are the ones doing massive damage control on Nijisanji's renaissance whereas Holoshit has been reclining since March? kek

>> No.35969990

>he doesn't know

>> No.35969994

More like desperate now that Sony is pulling the plug.

>> No.35969995

>it's mad
It really loves Whoreshikawa huh. Must be sad being an EOP and liking Nijis.

>> No.35969996


>> No.35969997

She isn't even the biggest otaku in Niji.

>> No.35969998


>> No.35970001


>> No.35970002

you really can't tell bait when you see it?

>> No.35970003

At least KFPhaggots know how to show grace on this website unlike 35Phaggots who dodge facts and cope by spamming their leech whore.

>> No.35970007

remember when Hoshikawa used an expired coupon then never apologized?
she's not only a whore and a manipulator, she's also a thief and awful person in general

>> No.35970008

cat yo

>> No.35970017

>> No.35970019

Is Sora dom or sub?

>> No.35970021

Japan calls retarded holofags hologaiji which is literally holo retards.

Also no matter the language, their cancer spreads.


>> No.35970025

all nijis are dregs of society, remember catfishing faggot?

>> No.35970027

You know what the funniest thing about this all is? There's only 80 posters in the thread.

>> No.35970029


>> No.35970030

It was a lie and part of script to create content, she would never done something like that.

>> No.35970031

Akushio when yo?

>> No.35970032

Except Haato's roommate did exactly that and you're lying?

>> No.35970036

that was just a joke hologaiji holotard she did nothing wrong unlike the actual criminals working for hololive

>> No.35970038

mental illness is real

>> No.35970041

Japan calls nijiniggers nijigaji which is literally niji retards

>> No.35970042

Japan calls retarded nijiniggers nijiniggers which is literally niji niggers.

Also no matter the language their cancer spreads.


>> No.35970046

Less than 7 days remain!

>> No.35970048

>0 like
>0 retweet
>0 reply
kill yourself

>> No.35970050

>open account
Wow it's a nijingger

>> No.35970051

>what is a joke
>why can't I recognize sarcasm?
Holoautists everyone

>> No.35970054

nice try but you should've used nijigaji because it's literally the oriignal term

>> No.35970055

>> No.35970056

I didn't know that anon who got angry anytime someone compared that azur lane character to Pekora was actually Japanese.

>> No.35970057

>it was just a joke
>let's suspend the livers
this is fun. watching okayu suffering while reading this is fun

>> No.35970059

Are the homofags unironic incels?

>> No.35970061

What surprises me the most is that how easily they turn on their own too. It's not even about Hololive, it's about their ego, they want to show chuubas they're in control. They're rotten people who can't do anything but to shitpost knowing chuubas depend on their audience.

>> No.35970064


>> No.35970066

But you guys told me the thread would get good when the IP counter drops...

>> No.35970067

lain is cute as fuck. fujoshis are retarded

>> No.35970070

>trying to cope on behalf of a recurring 5ch slang term
kek Holotards never change

>> No.35970072

>>what is a joke

>> No.35970073

One good thing about the whole hi honey joke thing is that we get more lewds of suzy

>> No.35970074

Have some chips

>> No.35970076

Wait what?

>> No.35970077

>trying to cope on behalf of a recurring 4ch slang term
kek nijiniggers never change

>> No.35970078

35niggers successfully removed

>> No.35970079

>don't even have permissions to finish danganronpa
>now there's this shit

>> No.35970080

Another day of Miko successfully made the schizo malding

>> No.35970082

He's right though. Hologaiji think everything revolves around Holoshit. Nijibros can control themselves.

>> No.35970083

The way she proposed this plan initially sounds like a very difficult thing to actually put into motion, which is pretty common for her spontaneous plans.
She wants to use either the management server, or if a sort of "Listener server" is created since then she'd be able to do a lot of various competition types.
The idea is that people are going to submit a form with proof of what they've built and then she'll watch those on stream and the chat and her will together vote on who gets in.
The whole "Chat voting on which gets in" sounds like a recipe for butthurt so I doubt that will come along if she so chooses to do this plan.
Once the participants have been selected they'll be invited to the server and she'll do a countdown and they'll proceed to build whatever is the theme.

Fun idea, probably way too difficult to actually put into motion and as she said this is merely in its conception stage as she hasn't run this by management yet and usually when it is like that the plan is dead on arrival.

>> No.35970086


>> No.35970091

We need suisex poster to save this thread

>> No.35970096

You can't fucking stop me 35Phaggots. I am immortal.

>> No.35970097

Sony is doing their own vtuber auditions, they want to release around 50

>> No.35970099

That's because hololive is more popular than niji

>> No.35970100

Not even going to disagree, Nijifags the sharts male vtubers do have pretty garbage fanbases

>> No.35970101

What's a good vpn?

>> No.35970102

I know everything is a lie and I've seen every possible pic. So don't come here spreading false information

>> No.35970103

Fuck it, guess I'll go hide out in /vtsg/ until the thread clears up

>> No.35970108

Remember the niji meido is here and supports this raid

>> No.35970110


>> No.35970114

It's because nijisanji is a failure.

>> No.35970117


>> No.35970119

>b-but collabing with literally who males is a good thing!!!
>t. 35Phaggots
What would Holowhores even gain from collabing with 5K sub nobodies at the time? Its a scummy thing to do but thats how they've been doing things up until now, dunno why faggots keep saying that Hololive is a big family when they have something like Holostars hidden in their basement. Lmao the absolute shitshow state of Cover and Holoniggers, thats why your company and talents suck ass

>> No.35970121

>> No.35970122

Seeing all these Niji post make me think about the penguin NijiEN. If only she is an American and not a chink, she would rise to rival even Gura. What a shame.

>> No.35970123

AND COVER DID THE SAME TO TOWA DONT YOU REMEMBER? AND SHE GOT 2 WEEKS BECAUSE OF HER LIE. Dont shit talk other people if you have the worst management and company.

>> No.35970124

>> No.35970131

Towa wasn't suspended though.

>> No.35970136

I only complain to you because you doesn't seem to be the average schizo spammer that is literally incapable of reason. You at least reply to me even if you are retarded.
I'd whine about the Noel schizo, Marine schzio, Pekora schizo and so on if that would actually have any effect but those people are so mentally ill that even ignoring them doesn't help.

This still doesn't change the fact that actually finding meaningless pasta spam to be fun, makes you a fucking retard. Would it hurt you to try and think up a new joke? At least be creative, just spamming pasta is bottom of the barrel shit.

>> No.35970139


>> No.35970140

Is this guy really arguing with himself

>> No.35970141

Only outside Japan and Korea. Japan has never left Nijisanji anyways and it's inclining substanially outside Japan now. Why do Holofags seethe at facts again?

>> No.35970142

Can't Okayu hit the boss past the hand block on the tips of the ear or something, or does she have to wait for that hand to go away?

>> No.35970143

I fucking love HSKW

>> No.35970144

This thread isn't very good.

>> No.35970148

You're always welcome in /jp/ Holofriends

>> No.35970149

Hahaha it is so mad it's using caps lock. Based as fuck onigiriyaryaa

>> No.35970150

Oh wow, yeah that’s a big plan. I wonder how it’ll go if management does approve, it’s a unique concept that I would actually be interested in

>> No.35970151

First time seeing it?

>> No.35970152

Meidos sure doing God's work containing the raids to this thread, huh?

>> No.35970153

just like hololive, then

>> No.35970154

Cute whore sisters

>> No.35970156

I love Cirno!

>> No.35970161

Me too

>> No.35970164


>> No.35970167

He's seething!

>> No.35970171

Post it there maybe someone might actually do something

>> No.35970172

Can't have Nijimeido's little fiefdom got compromised after all.

>> No.35970173

Why don't you learn English before posting? It's embarrassing, SEAbro

>> No.35970175

She's pretty tame, doesn't have the same meme power as Gura. But I think it's better that way.

>> No.35970176

Meidos are based because they allow funposting unlike other boards.

>> No.35970177

Aren't they in damage control because of the rumor that LiSa's husband had an affair with a niji

>> No.35970179


>> No.35970181

Could it be....our company is a failure compared to HoloCHADs?

>> No.35970187


>> No.35970188

>> No.35970189

Google search is not the standard of someone's popularity, even niji admitted they lost >>35969900

>> No.35970190

based yurichad

>> No.35970191

What wh*Toid language is this and why are you dodging the fact that Japan will NEVER put Hololive first even after they peaked?

>> No.35970192

What did Nijisanji do now?

>> No.35970194

>repeating lies spread by JP holofags
Holobronies have no shame lmao

>> No.35970196

She's shit, she debuted with a lewd tag, then got embarrassed and deleted it the next day, and then a few days later did an RFA stream where she mutes the audio for half an hour.

>> No.35970197

That's more than 80% of Petra's viewers and most are from SG...

>> No.35970199

This thread is bad bye

>> No.35970203

I love Kana even if she has taken dick

>> No.35970204

All that just says is that they won, kek

>> No.35970205

Why does the thread always go to shit when the american neets wake up?

>> No.35970208

oh i stepped in the wrong thread

>> No.35970209

it's all about positioning
the hands block the face when you're on the floor, unless they're moving to the side to shoot the beams
when you're up standing on either knee then you're able to hit the face because the default position of the hands is on the jaw and blocking the chin from under

>> No.35970211

Grow up

>> No.35970212


>> No.35970213

Yeah, Kazaki appearently, it got to the point where Nijisanji had to issue and official statment topkek

>> No.35970214

Niji EOPs timezone please understand....

>> No.35970217

>rumors started by hologaiji

>> No.35970221

Niji's "fandom" will be eternally seething because of Hololive since holos basically used their connections with nijis as a springboard to reach relevancy. Once Gen3 rolled out they didn't really need it anymore and by the time Gen4 debuted most connections were cut. They were left behind so of course they feel cheated.

>> No.35970222

Thanks for the detailed description. It's a cool idea but sounds like a lot of things that could get in the way. And yeah, wouldn't be the first time she has an idea that doesn't come to fruition.

>> No.35970223

Fujos in denial are awake

>> No.35970224

>> No.35970225

This thread isn't very good

>> No.35970226

Meido you can stop shitposting now

>> No.35970229

Americans have better taste in livers compared to SEAfaggots

>> No.35970230

Reminder that we holofans support phaseconnect and not nijien.

>> No.35970231

What did trigger the nijischizo this time?

>> No.35970232

>> No.35970234


>> No.35970235

>Holobrony telling others to grow up
kek, Niji fans are older on average by at least 9 years

>> No.35970239

Nijitranny cope had to reply twice LMAO

>> No.35970240

Look at the nijiniggers scrambling for damage control

>> No.35970241


>> No.35970242

What the FUCK is this framerate

>> No.35970243

Ahh, burger hours.

>> No.35970244

I feel like you'd be able to hit him just past the thumb, but maybe the hitbox doesn't extend far enough.

>> No.35970249

Holo EN 2 will mog Niji EN from day one

>> No.35970250

Sounds pretty based.

>> No.35970252


>> No.35970255

Keep coping that you house literal homewreckers

>> No.35970256

Remember to send feedback

>> No.35970257

the holo you watch the most gets a new outfit and you can decide on the color of the pantsu
which one do you choose?

>> No.35970258

>> No.35970260

You don't have to reply to it twice, my nijibro.

>> No.35970261

>acts quickly to threaten legal action to quash harmful rumors against their livers
>abandons their top talent to harassment and does nothing for months

>> No.35970265

nice cope fatty

>> No.35970268

>Hololive since holos basically used their connections with nijis as a springboard to reach relevancy
Nijisanji only did Holoshit a favor to not reach that far in terms of their piss poor viewership they had in 2018-19
>Once Gen3 rolled out they didn't really need it anymore and by the time Gen4 debuted most connections were cut
Pandering to EOPs and Chinks is a good thing? No wonder Nijisanji is truly more culturally relevant in Japan
>They were left behind so of course they feel cheated.
Who's the one mogging Holoshit in terms of viewers right now? Top 5 Nijis are regularly at the top while their highest draw (Pekora) has been in a freefall in terms of numbers. Even Kson is about to take over Holoshit rumao

>> No.35970269

A fucking hololive highlight reel got more views during it's premiere than all of NijiEN ever got topkek

>> No.35970271

If only they acted to stop Lulu's stalkers.

>> No.35970273

Miko literally can't stop winning bitches

>> No.35970282

Feedback thread over this way

>> No.35970283

Do 2018-2021 and then we'll talk also those aren't official search terms.

>> No.35970286

They did, they arrested a bunch of the holo-watching idolfags stalking her, Lulu just decided it was time to move on

>> No.35970287

Some ENclipfaggot larping as a woman is already mogging all NijiEN combined.

>> No.35970288

Gen 5 was announced exactly one year ago today. Where the FUCK is gen 6?

>> No.35970292

Wasn't that long ago. There was the Mario Kart collab at the end of June. First one was practice with just sankisei, then sankisei vs yonkisei.

People like to shitpost about sankisei bond but they do things together as a whole more often than any of the other gens.

>> No.35970293

the tranny doing damage control is real lmao

>> No.35970294

Be sure to keep all your complaints in this thread, this is the shitposting thread after all

>> No.35970295

Still coping after your Holo got exposed as a leech and a whore 2 days ago, 35Phaggot?

>> No.35970296 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35970298

if you're talking about the hand under the face, it looks like it's given a hitbox as wide as the face so I doubt you can just stand at the very edge and hit it
just my thought on how this makaimura was done anyway, it seems they intentionally put in walls between you and the boss at times and you have to take platforming opportunities to reduce boss hp levels
the previous one was like that too

>> No.35970299

why are nijifags the absolute worst here? literally do your reps, and you don't even do them

>> No.35970300

Fuck off

>> No.35970301

>wanting a gen 6 after the absolute failure that was gen 5

>> No.35970303

>nijinigger can't read hiragana
oh god this is so good.

>> No.35970304


>> No.35970306

Remember to send in your feedback

>> No.35970308

You mean EN 2

>> No.35970309

Let's nihongo

>> No.35970310

>> No.35970312

they EN now

>> No.35970315

Based 35p making the nijinigger mad.

>> No.35970317

>more EN talents than JP this year
kek they really are gonna dissolve the JP branch while half of them join Sony aren't they, kek. I mean it makes sense since Holoshit's target audience is gaijin and they don't care about the JP talents at all whereas Nijisanji won't have to worry about Sony poaching from them because they're more financially stable and aren't suffering from lawsuits from fans like Holoshit is.

>> No.35970320

Non Red juice IRyS is so damn good

>> No.35970321

Nijinigger seething

>> No.35970322

Okayu... ganbare

>> No.35970324

what the fuck is his problem?

>> No.35970325

>> No.35970326

>> No.35970329

Stop replying to bait and watch Okayu clear Makaimura,she is at the final boss

>> No.35970330

Keep seething bitch boy

>> No.35970331

She won't give in, but she will cry.

>> No.35970332

Why would I waste my precious time learning some meme language I will never use in my life?

>> No.35970333

Why do 35Phaggots accept leeches and whores in Hololive? A year ago everyone was laughing at their cope, what changed, /hlg/?

>> No.35970334

Using gen 6 to change the topic, huh? Too transparent of an effort though.

>> No.35970335

Cook story bro maybe go post it in the feedback thread
>>35953736 >>35970322

>> No.35970338

he's too based for this world

>> No.35970339 [SPOILER] 

just debuted the other day

>> No.35970341

he's on his period lmao

>> No.35970345

nice cope

>> No.35970347

>posting Holo that hates Miko
What did the 35Phaggot mean by this?

>> No.35970348 [SPOILER] 

i still see her as a dorky dragon

>> No.35970349

Official complaints thread. Thread being shitty? Meido not isn't doing their job? Lodge your complaints there.

>> No.35970351


>> No.35970356


>> No.35970357

Damn you're right, as soon as you posted that he's been shitting up the thread full-force

>> No.35970362

>> No.35970363

If only

>> No.35970365

She did it!

>> No.35970366

Unchibros, we just can't stop winning.

>> No.35970367

okayu did it!

>> No.35970369

I will, thanks anon

>> No.35970370

God DAMN it why did Aqua have to twitcast while I was asleep. I'm assuming there's no way to access the archive now? Did she mention anything important?

>> No.35970371

>> No.35970374

Who cares about this chink whore nowadays? lmao. She can't even break 9K now. So much for muh Nijikiller KEK

>> No.35970375

that twice faster than Pekora clear....

>> No.35970378

Where's the choco sensei warning message when you need it?

>> No.35970382


>> No.35970384

Cute Festival

>> No.35970385

Why do Nijiniggers rally behind horrible people like Whoreshikawa and Gundou but leave nice girls like Lain, Lulu and Chihiro to the wolves?

>> No.35970387

Cute sisters!

>> No.35970388

We don't watch Chinese VTubers here

>> No.35970389


>> No.35970390

I'm a nousagi but ok Nijinigger

>> No.35970392

Ahh why do you write it, it can't read hiragana and can't google translate image.

>> No.35970399

Oh right god, how did I memory hole that, although Flare wasn’t apart of the practice stream

>> No.35970406


>> No.35970410

Hoshikawa and Gundou are not really whores though. They just like teasing (You) and you Holotourists bite it every time kek. Your next cope is Saku is a bully even though she's only bantzing.

>> No.35970411

>See all these filtered posted
>See what the retard arguing about
>Just see bunch of retarded post regurgitated same shit every thread
Turn filter back on and be glad I hardly see these post again

Also, you can just add whatever to filter that not already there, you lazy fucks.

>> No.35970412


>> No.35970413

>nice girl

>> No.35970419


>> No.35970421

nice cope

>> No.35970423


>> No.35970426

>using filters
Learn to take it like a man, pussy.

>> No.35970429


>> No.35970433


>> No.35970434

>> No.35970437


>> No.35970442


>> No.35970443

Towa is taking a break until December...

>> No.35970444

Sasaki isn't a bully but Gundou and Hoshikawa are terrible people. Why do you defend them but not Lain, Saskai, Lulu, Chihiro etc.?

>> No.35970452

You wouldn't protect this smile?

>> No.35970455

I guess it's over until tomorrow

>> No.35970457

probably mad that she's better than their homos at apex.

>> No.35970459

Dragon woman good.

>> No.35970461

Oh look who woke up and decided to do his fucking job

>> No.35970462

Now enjoy your ctrl+f deleted

>> No.35970466


>> No.35970472


>> No.35970473

Yeah Towa is not getting to the million by the end of the year...

>> No.35970476

>> No.35970477

This is your nijinigger.
It can't read hiragana.

Also posting all the turbo whore and offtopic image here.

>> No.35970479

No she is a bitch. She doesn't even have a cute voice and her laugh is worse than Haachama's.

>> No.35970482


>> No.35970484

now let's talk about Miko

>> No.35970487


>> No.35970495

She is a whore

>> No.35970498

>more makaimura with okayu

>> No.35970500

Kek he is so mad he's spamming outside of the thread

>> No.35970501

my wife on the right

>> No.35970502

2nd run is going on the big list. The list with Shiren 100F, IN Extra stage, and Yoshi's Island 100%. Wonder if she'll get to it one day.

>> No.35970503

but he named his channel "hololive addiction"
what's up with that

>> No.35970507

What a day to take a break from the thread

>> No.35970508

No she's not

>> No.35970511

>he's right
Oh my god, samefagging and talking about itself in third person. ahahaha

>> No.35970513

let me dream anon...

>> No.35970515


>> No.35970517

>19 (You) before Meido come
Pretty nice haul today, lads.

>> No.35970520

Hey Man!
Fucking slut!
Mio barf!
Oujo aishite!
I fucking hate this bitch!
Shion yo!
Piss in Suisei's ass!
ARS fox!
Become Lamy!
Hag cackles!
Coffee Elf!
Shittest Start!
Poruka Orca!
144kg 45cm!
Bun bun cha!
Hey Moona!

>> No.35970521

And the meido woke up immediately after the thread started spamming links to the niji thread, looks like we found our new meido summing ritual

>> No.35970522

>attacking multiple holos
>posting off topic whores

>> No.35970524

Some people are simply addicted to bilingual dragon women.

>> No.35970526

fuck watame

>> No.35970528

How it was your break?

>> No.35970535

Corporate shill
The treat her like shit, she still has her likes disabled
Only girl in her wave, they think she's going to treat them as her reverse harem, doesn't help that she overplays the clutz angle, don't debut a woman in a Gen aimed at yumejoshis
Unicorn fanbase, not very social
She's far from a good person, they hate her guts and the fact that she's better than all of their homos at Apex

>> No.35970538

makes sense
except one is bilingual and the other is not

>> No.35970539

Stop ban evading retard, I know it's you

>> No.35970543

It's so funny that Kiara complained about 'bottom left' and 'press X' when EN fanbase only know how to run the same joke/meme to the ground.

>> No.35970546

>He's replying to himself again

>> No.35970552


>> No.35970557

You just know.

>> No.35970559

Funny that Matuli streamed a while ago, no mentions about her stream though

>> No.35970562

Okay the butthurt nijinigger is gone, you guys can stop being retards now

>> No.35970564

>> No.35970565


>> No.35970566

How does something so soulful and wholesome such as Hololive, bring the worst kind of schizos and mentally ill people of the world in just one place?

>> No.35970567

Selly won't carry Towa anymore...

>> No.35970572

ID and EN

>> No.35970573

if you could ride a time machine back into the past and tell a single holo a single sentence, who would you speak to, and what would you say?
I'd say "don't show your youtube analytics" to coco

>> No.35970574

>> No.35970575

They're jealous haters

>> No.35970576


>> No.35970582

Learn how topics and search terms work you fucking retards

>> No.35970586

Weird how the matsuri spam starts up right after all the other shitposts get deleted.

>> No.35970588

the price of catering to autistic redditor ironic weebs

>> No.35970589

The butthurt nijinigger is gone now, you can stop pretending to be retards now

>> No.35970593

I find it hilarious that Coco not only started to gradually forget proper English but her Japanese started to get messed up a bit too. The other one tries, JP-only streams are fun.

>> No.35970595

Fucking nice, good riddance faggot

>> No.35970598


>> No.35970600


>> No.35970602

There's nothing to talk about
Schizos give us purpose in dead hours....

>> No.35970603

>> No.35970604

I was watching it but it was pretty boring they had a game were they camped a tower for a solid 10 minutes and Kotone died in a pretty funny way, Matsuri also performed way worse than last time so i expect she'll tweet something about it.

>> No.35970607

35sharts successfully removed

>> No.35970608

I have spent around 52 bucks to get this little thing to my country.
I will stick to superchats from now on.

>> No.35970609

>> No.35970610

how do you guys stop hololive addiction?

I'm at risk of losing my job because all I do is watch streams instead of work.

>> No.35970613

>There's nothing to talk about

>> No.35970615

Towa is not a faggot!

>> No.35970616

But that'd mean CN remained in Hololive so I don't think it's a good idea.

>> No.35970620

>> No.35970622

She's supacha now.

>> No.35970623

>Butthurt /vt/ spammer gets banned
>immediately start trying to blame other holo fanbases
Why are you like this

>> No.35970628

>> No.35970630

Good 35P.

>> No.35970631

That just means it's a zatsudan.

>> No.35970632

These threads made me realize Matsuri is really cute.

>> No.35970633

Search for a boss that watches hololive too

>> No.35970634

her loss of English was mostly because she didn't use English in her day-to-day
think about it, would she even have a single conversation in English in a typical day in japan? It's most likely that she barely gets the chance to use it

it's entirely possible that CN gets booted out as well after the mainlanders go full retard
it's also entirely possible that another holo shows youtube analytics and the whole thing starts again with them

>> No.35970636


>> No.35970639

I don't watch whores

>> No.35970641

alchemy stars is a nice game but I don't understand what it has to do with alchemy

>> No.35970642

But I'm still here.

>> No.35970644

>Implying more than 3 people, at most, here can speak Japanese.

>> No.35970645

>> No.35970646

You should follow that one anon, and take a 1 week break to see how it works out

>> No.35970649


>> No.35970650

>> No.35970653

I fapped to Coco bebi once...

>> No.35970654

why is Pekora like this...

>> No.35970656

I knew Watame wouldn't stream today so I just played video games

>> No.35970657

>reply to every piece of garbage bait and off topic post
>don't reply but turn the thread into discussion about their posts anyways
>wtf why are the threads so shit

>> No.35970660

the eternal leech

>> No.35970661

>Did she mention anything important?
Yes she ate Tiramisu.
She might use twitcast for utawakus or chatting more from now on but she's not sure about it.

>> No.35970662

Until you can hands free bust to Lamy's ASMR do NOT reply

>> No.35970666


>> No.35970667

It is always the fucking Yukimin starting shit

>> No.35970668

you realize that it's entertainment and you're using it to distract yourself from the things you should be doing
there's literally no end to the stuff you can watch that's related to hololive, they output far more than you're able to consume
entertainment should follow your life, not the other way around; there's much more to life than just entertainment

>> No.35970671

>> No.35970674

Took you a while

>> No.35970677

Kanata is too loud

>> No.35970680

It wasn't a matter of "if" but "when", those wheelbarrowing idiots were always on the prowl looking for a chance to attack Hololive and Coco specifically. Wouldn't CN branch also eventually suffer from those new streaming regulations? I think they were fucked either way.

>> No.35970681

>> No.35970682

choose 1 oshi and watch all her streams.
nobody else ... only collabs that will peek your interest .
watch everyone else only on your free time (after work, weekends)

>> No.35970683

You missed this one meido

>> No.35970685

You know it's true but you can't accept it. Keep seething niggers KEEEEEEEEK

>> No.35970687

>Butthurt nijinigger spammer gets banned
>immediately start trying to blame other holo fanbases
Why are you like this

>> No.35970688

>entertainment should follow your life, not the other way around; there's much more to life than just entertainment
Literally none of this is true, keep your worker drone mentality to yourself.

>> No.35970691

>> No.35970694

>> No.35970695

How was Pekora's Minecraft? oh right none of you watched it because it was booooooring

>> No.35970697

you made me do this

>> No.35970699


>> No.35970700

>> No.35970702

also, don't believe everything you read, there are retards who lie in here, so just because you hear someone saying "oh I watch hololive while I work" doesn't mean they've actually got a job, or that they watch hololive while doing so
not everyone here speaks to promote the good of the person they're talking to

>> No.35970703

For sure, same thing explains her Japanese getting worse. Nothing but casual language all day instead of intense training during the learning phase.

>> No.35970704

>Festival spam

>> No.35970709

Luna is horny...

>> No.35970710

Is she still having a breakdown over haato not sending a voice file or something?

>> No.35970713

Why don't you own Matsuris shirt?

>> No.35970716

>> No.35970717

I hate Matsuri.

>> No.35970721

I love Matsuri

>> No.35970722

This dude >>35970582 is right though.

>> No.35970725

I love Matsuri.

>> No.35970727

Wow this thread really likes Matsuri

>> No.35970728

Yeah, that's pretty much guranteed to happen. Showing youtube analytics wasn't frowned upon before the chinkout, Korone even outright mentioned Taiwan a few months back and nobody cared. The reason it blew up when it did was because the Taiwan thing suddenly flared up, and knowing Hololive back then it was only going to be a matter of time before someone said Taiwan and triggered the bugmen

>> No.35970730

He's just going to keep spamming, huh?

>> No.35970732

>feeding the animals

>> No.35970734

>> No.35970735

stop spamming

>> No.35970739

I don't want to get lynched

>> No.35970740

Who’s basement?

>> No.35970741

One of the biggest regret of my life was missing the chance to buy this t-shirt.

>> No.35970744

I miss Towa...

>> No.35970745

to be fair you don't need to have a great grasp on japanese to be able to stream with your fellow holos, excepting situations where you have to read stuff out loud that may include phrases or expressions you're not familiar with or use on a daily basis
most conversations we hear between holos during collabs are fairly basic, everyday language

>> No.35970747

Capcom is not here

>> No.35970748

>> No.35970751

Me and my girlfriend

>> No.35970753

This festivalfag is so fucking cute
like he is madly in love.

>> No.35970754

fuck u nigga

>> No.35970755

I'd rather post Mori

>> No.35970757

Biden's rape dungeon

>> No.35970759

Why couldn't we get her as our vsinger?

>> No.35970760


>> No.35970763


>> No.35970765

cute. I want to squish.

>> No.35970766

We know that Selly

>> No.35970767

Are you the Mori anon who always get banned on /vt/?

>> No.35970768

Hey, I just don't wanna see bunch same retarded shit posted every thread. This shit bothers me more than seeing bunch of gay black scat porn on my favorite thread, since that shit barely faze me. Yes, that was a pun.

>> No.35970769

So Hikakin is like Japanese PewDiePie right? I'm confused as to why is it such a big deal.

>> No.35970771


>> No.35970773


>> No.35970775

I dunno who that is

>> No.35970777

it is over

mio's womb has dried up

>> No.35970778


>> No.35970779


>> No.35970781

We smoke here

>> No.35970782

that /vg/ tranny latch to anything that give holos a bad name

>> No.35970783

>> No.35970785

go back

>> No.35970788


>> No.35970789

He's really more like Japanese Ray William Johnson except he didn't go full retard and throw it all away to do standup comedy.

>> No.35970790

Too bad she's fat again and probably can't do this anymore.

>> No.35970791

Please stay away from my wife.

>> No.35970793

Bilibili was preparing to push Hololive out of the Chinese market and have been as far back as the Choco incident, they'd have manufactured some reason or another eventually.

>> No.35970796


>> No.35970797

not even mori likes mori lmao

>> No.35970800

I just came back from my smoka, I agree.

>> No.35970802

>> No.35970803

dumb stupid sexy wigger

>> No.35970804

Why the fuck does /jp/ not know about Hikakin these days? Have we really fallen that low?

>> No.35970807

Do you have any crying or abused Matulis?

>> No.35970809

Naked Towa

>> No.35970810

Wait, I thought that was an anniversary merch lmao. I'll buy this tomorrow.

>> No.35970812

Those are bold words for someone on stabbing range

>> No.35970816

this isn't /jp/, this is r/hololive, these eops have no clue about japanese pop culture

>> No.35970818

sorry matsuri, subaru is luna's best friend

>> No.35970819

Towa banana...

>> No.35970820

>> No.35970824

Sora collab when?

>> No.35970828

We love matuli here

>> No.35970829

Their breasts are touching

>> No.35970830

For me that Pekora incident was enough to hate them forever. As always it's the loud minority that just wants to fuck things up for everyone who just wants to enjoy things.

>> No.35970832

It's okay I love Mori twice as much for the both of us

>> No.35970833

When she gets better

>> No.35970838

Only this one but I don't think it counts

>> No.35970839

>> No.35970840

How did iofi do what others couldn’t?

>> No.35970842

It can't be...

>> No.35970845

>> No.35970848

Too bad Luna isn't Subaru's best friend...

>> No.35970851

>> No.35970852

Too small

>> No.35970854

Bring it on

>> No.35970856


>> No.35970860


>> No.35970863

It's ok, Luna was like her sister after all.

>> No.35970864


>> No.35970865

that's a professional singer with an established career
most holos don't have established careers in whatever field they were in, from utaite on niconico to small time streamer on twitch or youtube
it would be as silly to want this person joining as a holo, as to want someone big like hanatan or a big-time singer like my first story's lead singer

no clue about the veracity of that but I'm pretty sure china's netizens are really retarded and would probably demand all vtubers who didn't speak mandarin or some shit to get kicked off or something along those lines
what's this now?
all I know is that fubuki got shooed off the platform, and that's pretty much why they're still bent on harassing her like the flies they are

>> No.35970867

Someone save her, she's about to drown.

>> No.35970870

she'll float fine

>> No.35970871

having free time

>> No.35970873

yeah in my cum lol

>> No.35970874

Minato Aqua twitcast archive
found on yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcxm0kh07EU

>> No.35970875


>> No.35970877

>> No.35970878


>> No.35970884

>> No.35970888

>> No.35970891


>> No.35970894

She looks kinda like a dwarf for some reason

>> No.35970898

>> No.35970899

no need to explain pekora now, I got the gist after searching it up

>> No.35970900

If only Miko never said nigger...

>> No.35970902

IRyS only got hired because of her Renai Circulation cover and she is scissoring AZKi

>> No.35970909

She's just thick.

>> No.35970911

>> No.35970912

me on the left

>> No.35970915

Name a single bad nepotism hire. You simply can't.

>> No.35970916

It has been 0 days since Messi graduated, wish him all support in his future projects

>> No.35970917

>> No.35970918

me on the right

>> No.35970921


>> No.35970922

Yea i’m sure shion & ayame are super duper busy lol

>> No.35970923

I want to see Nene naked.

>> No.35970925

Towa just got dumped by Selly

>> No.35970926

Please save dead hours Fubuki, Lamy

>> No.35970927

don't look!

>> No.35970928

This but Lamy

>> No.35970929


>> No.35970930

why is the menhera on the right not wearing a skirt??

>> No.35970935

Messi isn't in barca anymore...

>> No.35970937

It’s not IRyS’ fault that AZKi’s husband can’t satisfy his wife.

>> No.35970938

>Ora Natsu, Lamy

They will kill the hours even deader

>> No.35970939

>> No.35970944

creepiest holos?

>> No.35970945

The saddest thing about Pekora's video crediting incident was that it was basically instigated by one faggot who blew it out of proportion. Others just joined for teh lulz as usual, nobody actually had any stakes in it. This is why CN and blbl were always just a time bomb waiting to blow sooner or later. They don't need a reason to ruin someone and it doesn't matter if there are actual fans there who don't want that, these schizos represent their entire community in the eyes of everyone else with their actions.

>> No.35970946

Lamy and Sora

>> No.35970948


>> No.35970950

They're shooting porn.

>> No.35970953

Take a break and see what happens

>> No.35970954

Lamy is by far the creepiest.

>> No.35970955 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35970960

Imagine Lamy chasing you through the woods at night and all you can see is her glowing eyes

>> No.35970961

Fuck off, he is not FC Barcelona

>> No.35970964

Yeah, there she is

>> No.35970967

Lamy, maybe Towa

>> No.35970970

>> No.35970971 [SPOILER] 

I'm risking a ban by posting this but here you go anon.

>> No.35970972

>Others just joined for teh lulz as usual, nobody actually had any stakes in it.
Hey, that's just like the old /b/!

>> No.35970976

>> No.35970977


>> No.35970979

holos for this feel?

>> No.35970981 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35970983

>> No.35970986


>> No.35970988


>> No.35970989

Lamy is pleasant and cute just look at this picture of her growing her plants properly. Lamy is not creepy!

>> No.35970990

Natsuiro Matsuri raped and killed a girl in 1990

>> No.35970993

i hate elves

>> No.35970995


>> No.35971000


>> No.35971001


>> No.35971003

Rushia (the roommate) is pretty creepy. Not in a lolmenhera way but in a weird serial killer way. I find it very hard to have any attraction to her.

>> No.35971004

in this regard the japanese are just as retarded as the chinese because once a lie is told people don't bother to check if it's true or not and it all leads to shit, and antis do in fact harass people
one just has to remember aloe being called on her landline to show the kind of mental instability that is present in the japanese, just as there probably are in the chinese

>> No.35971006

Catsup? On a hamburger sandwich? Perish the thought!

>> No.35971007

All the Festival ships are fucking dead

>> No.35971009

>> No.35971013

Alright but don't masturbate

>> No.35971014

All elves are psychopaths

>> No.35971015


>> No.35971016

One year ago...

>> No.35971018

People who grow plants are creepy

>> No.35971019


>> No.35971020

>in this regard the japanese are just as retarded as the chinese because once a lie is told people don't bother to check if it's true or not
Might as well include the western world to this, people have lost all sensibility

>> No.35971022


>> No.35971024


>> No.35971025


>> No.35971028

That stream was really fun I hope she gives timely updates on the plants' progress.

>> No.35971031

If you pull on flare’s ears would her eyes straighten out like lamy?

>> No.35971032

Oh wow, he's still spamming.

>> No.35971033

There's Wat now

>> No.35971035


>> No.35971036

I see. I hope she starts archiving them, it would kind of suck if they're going to keep occurring when I'm asleep. Is there a way to auto-archive twitcasts? I might have to set up a script in that case.

>> No.35971038

Shut up I'll kill you

>> No.35971040

Still missing...

>> No.35971041

t. American

>> No.35971042

>> No.35971045

after irys, good, they'd be fucking terrible

>> No.35971046


>> No.35971049

True, same shit happened during the janny incident or how some kusomaro got picked up by legit antis. For a nation that puts so much importance into context these faggots sure are quick to discard it altogether when it suits them.

>> No.35971053

they have a push api don't they?

>> No.35971055

I've still got the leaked version somewhere. What was that guy's name?

>> No.35971056

You keep your filthy mouth shut when talking about my chuuni tanuki

>> No.35971058

Yukimin are scary just like their oshi

>> No.35971060

Pekora consumed the cum chalice?

>> No.35971061

>> No.35971064

Another Neneless day tomorrow... At least there's a collab on sunday...

>> No.35971066

Chama hijacked her clothes.

>> No.35971068


>> No.35971072


>> No.35971075

Yukimin would be peaceful if dumb bitches like you would quit talking shit. We just want to love Lamy properly.

>> No.35971078

Are you retarded?

>> No.35971079

she isn't that deadly, just look at her

>> No.35971083


>> No.35971085


>> No.35971090


>> No.35971091

Why do people that look like her commit all the crime?

>> No.35971092 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35971094

Forgive me PLEASE

>> No.35971095

I love my oshi

>> No.35971096

Way too big

>> No.35971098

I love her too

>> No.35971099

Are you?

>> No.35971101

>> No.35971104

i steal roboco's chair

>> No.35971105

I accept your concession

>> No.35971107

how can something so cute be creepy?
that's right it can't

>> No.35971110

Were you here when gen 5 got announced one year ago? Be honest

>> No.35971111

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww look how saggy they are

>> No.35971117

Not big enough

>> No.35971120

Yeah, it's still funny how people thought that Botan will be some uber cool onee-san with deep voice.

>> No.35971121


>> No.35971122

Never forget

>> No.35971123

I started watching hololive while haato was still in japan and playing kusoge

>> No.35971124

Yes I had just gotten into Hololive before the elite break began

>> No.35971126

I was here when gen 6 got announced

>> No.35971127


>> No.35971128

Yes, I joined these threads shortly before Flare's 3d.

>> No.35971130


>> No.35971131


>> No.35971132

no, but I came back after /vt/ was created and this thread got calmer

>> No.35971133

I want lamy to chase me through the woods at night..

>> No.35971134

Okayu isn't a lesbian.

>> No.35971135

Destroyer more like dick destroyer amirite?

>> No.35971138

I was in /vyt/ when 4th gen got announced, it was one of my first memories here

>> No.35971141

>after /vt/ was created
>thread got calmer
I can't trust what you have to say

>> No.35971144

Bisexual is not the same as lesbian, anon. You still have a chance!

>> No.35971145

>> No.35971150

What happened to them?

>> No.35971152

haha i stole bibi

>> No.35971154

Never mind, I found it and it's disappointing. I thought it was a whole doujin.

>> No.35971155

I think I got here on the same day

>> No.35971157

Yes, I almost became a yukimin but circumstances changed.

>> No.35971161

i dated a bi once
they are too manipulative

>> No.35971164


>> No.35971165

I asked?

>> No.35971170

>> No.35971173

>Okayu in a 9 person collab tomorrow

Ah, the Gartic Phone one, huh?

>> No.35971174

Got here shortly after the split from /vyt/.

>> No.35971175


>> No.35971177

bisexual means gay

>> No.35971178

Yeah. Those were easier times despite already being pretty shitty. Gen6 won't be as exciting.

>> No.35971180

Oh no, it's really true what they say about those with dark skin...

>> No.35971184

Will her lungs hold out for another 14 years?

>> No.35971185

I mainly lurked and didn't start posting until the whole Towa incident

>> No.35971186


>> No.35971187

whatever you say homo

>> No.35971188


>> No.35971189

Yeah, still waiting for Polka to be the new Pekora.

>> No.35971197

>> No.35971204

It's almost been a year since fangchama...

>> No.35971206

I claim this image in the name of Yukihana Lamy aka God

>> No.35971207

zion yo

>> No.35971209

Could someone upscale all these scans?
and alternate source nyaa 1417229

>> No.35971213

suka blyat

>> No.35971217


>> No.35971219

oops meant for >>35971207

>> No.35971221

I wonder if WeabooTrashBoii is still here...

>> No.35971222

Can't wait to find out if treerat is a good singer like everyone says or if she's a one cover hit wonder like Irys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euBur-z_lmk

>> No.35971224

how do you explain THIS!?

>> No.35971225

>> No.35971227

And thus dreaded dead hours have begun

>> No.35971228


>> No.35971230

whatever happened to poor rui?

>> No.35971231


>> No.35971232

Chubby onyon...

>> No.35971234

She made a Snow Halation cover too and not just King

>> No.35971237

Do your reps while you sleep do your reps while you eat do your reps while at work do your reps while driving do your reps while shitposting

>> No.35971238

>> No.35971240

Dead hours please watch Choco's game show

>> No.35971241

Matsuri's roommate is a literal 11/10, I'd give everything to be her boyfriend...

>> No.35971244

This sounds like a great way to pretend to study without studying

>> No.35971245

Ohh nice

>> No.35971248

Vampires are evil, stealing is par for the course for them.

>> No.35971253

Aka's version of Aqua was terrible damn.

>> No.35971254

>> No.35971255


>> No.35971257

Matsuri's roommate made me love fatties. Nozomi Love.

>> No.35971260

>> No.35971261

Why did Hololive’s vampire not cover Vampire?

>> No.35971265

The two sexiest voices in Hololive.

>> No.35971267

She already did though

>> No.35971271



>> No.35971273

Flare loves Marine

>> No.35971274

Dildo sashimi is still the funniest shit I've ever seen

>> No.35971275

Hololive was created to make men become architects in love with hags.

>> No.35971280


>> No.35971282

Bibi just wanted someone with huge tits, huh? He must be very disappointed in Towa.

>> No.35971284



>> No.35971286


>> No.35971289

harry potter girl!!

>> No.35971290

You get to have a date with any holo of your choosing but it's up to you to make them find you attractive if you want anything past the first date
>your oshi
>who do you date

>> No.35971296

Your oshi is in solid IMC and recieves a "TERRAIN! TERRAIN! PULL UP!" alert. You are a passenger on her flight. How screwed are you?

>> No.35971297

Noel is a whore

>> No.35971300

i hate you so much marine

>> No.35971303

The Mztsuri x Me ship is alive and well.

>> No.35971309

I'm here in /hlg/ laughing at the guy who got dox'd because he leaked the gen 5 video.

>> No.35971310


>> No.35971312

>it's up to you to make them find you attractive

I don't think that's possible I'm afraid

>> No.35971320


>> No.35971321


>> No.35971322

>> No.35971325

information about hololive sixth generation

>> No.35971331


>> No.35971332

It's Matsuri x Us, anon. You know well that Matsuri can't really be committed to one person unless that person is Hoshikawa.

>> No.35971334

Noel is a whore and Marine shouldn't associate with her

>> No.35971335

>> No.35971339


>> No.35971341

God I want to swap places with Marine

>> No.35971345


>> No.35971348

Yeah I'm thinking we love Matsuri

>> No.35971350


>> No.35971352

Imagine being able to draw this well.

>> No.35971355

Minato Aqua has large breasts.

>> No.35971357


>> No.35971359

>> No.35971361

That's why the >your oshi line is there. Do you choose your oshi despite knowing it won't go anywhere or do you try to go for a holo you think might be desperate enough to like you

>> No.35971365

Yeah sure, it'll be up for 3 days so take your time.
Marine https://litter.catbox.moe/66uguz.png https://litter.catbox.moe/5wvxtw.png
Pekora https://litter.catbox.moe/zjpf0a.png
Fubuki https://litter.catbox.moe/qwl7j1.png
Noel https://litter.catbox.moe/py34ui.png
Aqua https://litter.catbox.moe/a73jjj.png https://litter.catbox.moe/0072ld.png
Marine https://litter.catbox.moe/joure0.png https://litter.catbox.moe/c37vau.png
Pekora https://litter.catbox.moe/6f0ehx.png
Fubuki https://litter.catbox.moe/by09pu.png
Noel https://litter.catbox.moe/st8q7l.png
Aqua https://litter.catbox.moe/naguar.png https://litter.catbox.moe/d0pcgk.png

>> No.35971366


>> No.35971370

I don't believe you, please provide evidence for your claim

>> No.35971376

I'd rather imagine how fun it would be to manhandle Aqua's tiny body.

>> No.35971381


>> No.35971383

aqua is noel's baby

>> No.35971387

>chink nene
>lamy singing

it feels like it's from a parallel universe.

>> No.35971394

This series of threads in the middle of the whole doxing of gen 5 was a really wild ride

>> No.35971395

It's awwwwright

>> No.35971399

Noel's tits are so big I had to go-around because I got a GPWS alert due to them when on final to an airport in Japan.

>> No.35971400

Why did Aqua put her oneesan on the edge of the picture?

>> No.35971402

What would a timeline where Aloe didn't fuck over gen5 be like?

>> No.35971403

Mel Kuzuha collab when?

>> No.35971414

I've been saving ebin sheep images for more than a year now

>> No.35971415

Noel is a whore and Aqua shouldn't associate with her

>> No.35971421

mano-chan won't lose to lamy!

>> No.35971423

What happened to Pekora? Why did she recline so much in getting daily subs despite getting the most live viewers in hololive?

>> No.35971426

Aqua baby...

>> No.35971430

I saved this post another anon made for the sole purpose of answering this question.

>> No.35971432

mikoti debuchi..

>> No.35971440

suichan wa?

>> No.35971443

There's never a push for unity among us, Taiwan yab happens and Cover actually fires Coco because they never experienced the backlash that they got from how they handled the Aloe situation. Hololive no longer feels like a safe workplace; the other members start leaving one by one.

>> No.35971444

debuchi jya nai no

>> No.35971447

we really missed out

>> No.35971450


>> No.35971453

Nye ga urusai

>> No.35971456

I am the last thing that will be seen

>> No.35971459

Wrong. The Taiwan incident would never happen because Coco always has a new Alpe yab to talk about during Asacoco.

>> No.35971460

dead hours until ramie...

>> No.35971462

What the fuck was his problem?

>> No.35971463

It's a timeline where Towa graduated after her yab and Cover learned the lesson earlier. Nobody wants to live that

>> No.35971465

look at me!

>> No.35971468

God I've never wanted to be a shota this badly until now

>> No.35971469

have your oshi graduate
I'm much more productive working from home now that coco is gone

>> No.35971470

Akua apex doko...

>> No.35971473

Imagine a world without Towa...

>> No.35971483

maybe a little bit debuchi to be fair

>> No.35971484

botan and okayu and perfect examples that you don't need to look good irl to do well. And most people know how they look like too.

>> No.35971486

>> No.35971490

I understand cocofags, they're mentally retarded enough to watch her already, but Kanata? Literally MOURNING and next day talking about her roommate, and Coco just switched accounts ffs

>> No.35971491

>Risu actually singing
That's not her.

>> No.35971493

I wish Aqua was my wife, my sister, and my daughter

>> No.35971495

I will lick every spot of Shion's body

>> No.35971500

We'd be Aloe... posting

>> No.35971503

that isn't far from how aqua's family tree looks like

>> No.35971508

Not this time Moona!

>> No.35971515


>> No.35971522

And retards said that Marine wasn't going to overtake Pekora LMAO. The rabbit's days at the top are counted it's just a matter of waiting until Marine fully recovers her voice

>> No.35971524

Sounds just like this thread

>> No.35971525

I wonder if Kumiko was a teen mom. That might explain why she completely fucked up in raising Aqua.

>> No.35971526

Damn you can get Pekora numbers by just streaming some big metal barrels

>> No.35971527


>> No.35971528

Kumiko no...

>> No.35971529

What is the best fanbase name and why is it prisunar

>> No.35971535

>Most subbed holojp
Because pretty much all hololive fans already subbed to her. You can just think of her current sub growth as number of new hololive fans each day.

>> No.35971537

I really like fandead.

>> No.35971538

Aqua has a big brother, but I don’t know if he turned out better.

>> No.35971541


>> No.35971542

Aqua's brother is fairly normal I believe

>> No.35971544

Deadbeats, unironically

>> No.35971549

Wrong fucking thread nasashart

>> No.35971550

>> No.35971552

>pretty much all hololive fans already subbed to her
Not everyone likes the retarded rabbit.

>> No.35971554


>> No.35971560

>Replying to bait

>> No.35971561

What the fuck does this have to do with Pekora?

>> No.35971567

Wait until it gets out of control

>> No.35971578

>Stacking on Super Heavy
They are finally preparing to launch Polka into space?

>> No.35971595

if you want to know the fascinating thing about why western society is all messed up as it is now, you'll probably find this insightful
that said it's not gotten to the point that holo EN are getting public harassment from groups of people like how chink spam hololive twitter tags because they lost their ability to spam in holo chat

>> No.35971609

Tokoyami Towa

>> No.35971611


>> No.35971613

I was here all the way back to first Kizuna Ai threads.

>> No.35971614

Towa doesn't wipe after pooping...

>> No.35971622

She likes to pick away at it later. She calls it moon crust

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