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All AKB sub-groups and related Japanese *48 groups welcome.

FAQ: https://pastebin.com/vnf5EBHe

(07/11~08/21) SKE48 Summer Zepp Tour 2021
(08/08) Yabushita Fu Graduation Concert @ Kobe Kokusai Hall
(08/14) NMB48 LIVE 2021 @ Osaka-Jo Hall
(08/14) NMB48 Jisedai Concert @ Osaka-Jo Hall
(08/15) Shiroma Miru Graduation Concert @ Osaka-Jo Hall
(08/20~29) Majimuri Gakuen - LOUDNESS - Stage Play
(09/01)SKE48 28th Single (Ano koro no kimi wo mitsuketa). Hayashi Mirei Center
(09/25-26) SKE48 13th Anniversary Concert @ Nippon Gaishi Hall
(09/29) AKB48 58th Single (Ne mo Ha mo Rumor). AKB48 Only Senbatsu. Okada Nana Center

>Useful Links
Theater Schedules and Ticket Application: https://global-ticket.akb48-group.com/en/home/top.php
Live Shows: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JnKp_AEeGUNTNePfY3C3AO4veiVi7frza82lRo44ejQ
48/46 Group Masterlist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B1HFVF5iQBgvjDrPnmwfbq0Iz6VvaOmDep0C2x8yoMo
AKB H/S: http://muranokuma.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/

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it's raining here

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very stoppable thread

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Bibian got arrested

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if any of your girls mention watching girls planet 999 it's a sign you should drop her

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>> No.35983777

this doll

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qipao vibes

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Arrest all uggos

>> No.35983789

sign language looks hard to learn

>> No.35983807

Girls Planet 999 is watching Erii

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coconut is 18

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>> No.35983986

Best Ami

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>> No.35983998

watch it

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>> No.35984237

So we can fap to her legally

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>> No.35984393

I'm sensing repressed hidden rapist dominant vibes in her

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Don't forget, before you touch that nurse's ass, she's a martial artist.

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Finally, the cute momo.

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but that's the forced busu momo

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>> No.35984865

I miss idol fuuko....

>> No.35985136

cooking and screaming

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>> No.35985324

I'm glad she understands the effects of global warming

>> No.35985579

What is Momo cooking? I can't watch it.

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>> No.35985642

fried egg and bacon with bread

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>> No.35985826

smoll vibes, fox vibes

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You wake up in the middle of the night with a strange feeling like you are being watched.

You're startled at first to find out somebody is sitting right beside your bed.

It's yuimommi, and in the dark of the night you notice she's completely naked.

She has this look in her face as if she's surrendering to you, and she whispers "your father is fast asleep.. you're my husband now son, tell me what you want me to do.."

Something really changed with yuimommi after that meeting with the neighborhood bullies.

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>> No.35986066

Yuimommy gets touchy when she's drunk. This is good to know

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yummy snacko

>> No.35986126

Our Erii

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>> No.35986202

She chose us over him.

>> No.35986242

sure buddy

>> No.35986312

Raiki's Erii has got it goin' on

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>> No.35986391

Why would i? She is dead.

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>> No.35986455

cause she's there all alone...

>> No.35986519

don't leave me, fuu.........

>> No.35986534

very stoppable forced boat busu

>> No.35986560

>> No.35986573

Nakai Rika > Suzuki Yuka

>> No.35986577

I will never ever forgive yamamoto ayaka

>> No.35986583

>She chose us over him.
t. dilusional stage48 retard about every member older than 13

>> No.35986589

leave yuukarin alone T_T

>> No.35986605

I wonder if her former manager left her alone... Maybe they are still cohabitating in sin

>> No.35986627

Sickness, disease, plague and pox, suffering and the slow, living rot. Such wondrous gifts does Nurgle seek to bestow upon the unworthy human cattle of the Imperium. We are merely the vectors by which his virulent beneficence may be spread to the undeserving masses.

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>> No.35986635

idk if I should laugh harder at her lame attempt to become a "social media badass" ala rika/sasshi or at how her few fans make a big deal about every reply she gives lol
it was his place to begin with and Yuka was paying her rent in meat iykwim

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which slut cucked girl is better?? Xd

>> No.35986790


the best nose

>> No.35986834

I want to reenact this with Tomu

>> No.35986848

>rika 0.5
she certainly has the face for it

>> No.35986877

nothing new here just the schizo craves some e-attentions as usual.

>> No.35986878

my wife is the prettiest woman in the world

>> No.35986893

speaking of wif- girlfriends

>> No.35986951

imagine not calling your wife your wife just because she said she didn't like it

>> No.35986960

I'm a nice husb- boyfriend

>> No.35986973

Rika has 12 fans left and gets almost no work. All of NGT is fucked (and gets fucked, or maybe because they get fucked).

Even STU sells better than NGT.

>> No.35986982

Shut yer trap Reveen

>> No.35986985

>> No.35986996

Poor Onishi :(

>> No.35987001

hey hey hey drunk yuimommi incoming

also taking a peek inside the bathroom at drunk yuimommi together with the neighborhood bullies


>> No.35987010

another good, pure girl caught up in the priestess of nurgle's plague.

>> No.35987012

this kkueen hnnngg

>> No.35987016

She didn't catch it (test came back negative) but just to be safe...

>> No.35987044

i know, i read the tweet. she's still getting fucked over because that whore came back and gave 1/3 of eitos the rona

>> No.35987068

make it 3/3 and I will worship her as the unholy savior

>> No.35987140

good vibes

>> No.35987152

Let the dead rest.

>> No.35987169

they are both garbage

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>> No.35987895

yuzu is so cute

>> No.35987912

she was the perfect loli

>> No.35987919

you are a man of culture

>> No.35987955

>busuposter hour

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>> No.35988266

d4 when

>> No.35988308

they're not even bothering to replace all the missing eitos. there will never be another draft

>> No.35988309

>> No.35988310

They should start selling more of their patented Niigata48 Weight Loss Pill to recuperate some of their losses.

>> No.35988319

>> No.35988349

This is the real unstoppable one in STU

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>> No.35988380


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>> No.35988774

What could possibly go wrong

>> No.35988830

second week sales:

>> No.35988843

wtf beat by a cat

>> No.35988900

>2nd week
2 days of the 1st week

>> No.35988958

>> No.35989009

she sold 957 in the first incomplete week and then 1105 in the second week, for a total of 2062

>> No.35989014

it went on sale on 7/30
the page you linked is the first week

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>> No.35989155

>> No.35989170

that cat puttin everbody's girls to shame

>> No.35989223


>> No.35989240


Get your pizza ready. Hiichan will have an eating together with chat stream in 10 minutes. Let's go!

>> No.35989247

stop projecting your shit taste.

>> No.35989268

an m&m that looks like it was run over by a car with some indian dude inside of it seems like an appropriate product for honda to be peddling.

>> No.35989292

>> No.35989303

>> No.35989319

3 hours to go

>> No.35989323


>> No.35989361

I heard you guys like being english tutors.


>> No.35989367

burn in hell you son of a bitch
just go watch honda and leave mirei alone

>> No.35989399

She has a stage mom which might seem like it would be difficult to penetrate since she would be guarded all the time but the truth is the stricter the parent the more likely she wants spread her wings. Show her the release she's longing for anon.

Show her the release she's longing for papa

>> No.35989422

dude fuck you you nasty ass i hope you're shown the release of death instead FUCK off

>> No.35989822

>> No.35989859

she hasn't posted in nearly a week ;_;

>> No.35989971

enjoy your ban

>> No.35989992


>> No.35990009

akb is truly dead

>> No.35990023

good GREAT ugh good GODDESS corona corona BIJIN veteran pescado

>> No.35990028

Sexy Nagi

>> No.35990057

>it's another game

i hope it's at least console/pc rather than mobile (yeah right)

>> No.35990076

>> No.35990227

>> No.35990232

No one would buy an AKB game on a console or PC. Mobile is the best route.

>> No.35990233

>> No.35990568


>> No.35990587


get in here bakas

>> No.35990599

>SEA posting
>'we stan Honda Hitomi not akb48'

no thanks

>> No.35990686

>> No.35990694

>> No.35990777

meido vibes

>> No.35990780

>> No.35990791

tits or gtfo

>> No.35990854

>> No.35990892

>a decade ago
>AKB dating sim on consoles with monkey Sakura in a bikini
>mobile gacha with nobody in a bikini

>> No.35991031

>> No.35991276

those stupid SEAs in the live chat..

>> No.35991330

no warhammer with 48s ;_;

>> No.35991352

they thought the announcement was WRD48 or another group kek

>> No.35991365

>20 second ad for gachashit
I thought at least they were going to talk about it, or something

>> No.35991367


New game?

>> No.35991369

>anons waited all day for a 60s ads

>> No.35991689

>> No.35991709

>> No.35991739

>> No.35991743

>> No.35991768

>> No.35991788


>> No.35991811

>> No.35991890

it's not a frog it's a toad

>> No.35991981

>> No.35992111

>> No.35992113

>> No.35992126

finally, the good momo

>> No.35992201

The one and only Momotan

>> No.35992234

>> No.35992622

>> No.35992759

Tania date...

>> No.35992921

>> No.35992972

where did she bury the real tani?

>> No.35993004

stupid sexy peach

>> No.35993018

I want to go to Erii World

>> No.35993033

This is a good call. Games is a good way to intoduce the girls to a wider audience, but they have chosen a great genre for the girls to be featured in. It fits them perfectly. I can't describe this type of game, pewdiepie also made this type of game, where you build and grow your "army" of sorts. Ah, it's like tamagochi, but with many tamagochi instead of one. I don't know what kind of game is that. It's not like Pokemon, although it tickles the same instinct of humans to collect, nurture and grow.

>> No.35993042

Raiki World

>> No.35993090

I want to be her big spoon

>> No.35993135

>> No.35993186

>> No.35993281

look at that grease and virus laden monster

>> No.35993297

>> No.35993322

I want to be her big melon

>> No.35993365

goblina maxima

>> No.35993424

>> No.35993650

peak idol

>> No.35993716


>> No.35993762

*cast holy smite repeatedly*

>> No.35993948

>> No.35993964

>> No.35994074

>> No.35994124

stop it keity

>> No.35994174

>> No.35994210

this is giving me a stiffy

>> No.35994258

>> No.35994358

It's like BTS World

Like, literally, same developer and everything.

>> No.35994397


>> No.35994522


>> No.35994897

>> No.35994965


>> No.35995070


>> No.35995095

>> No.35995111

>> No.35995126

Putting it between her crossed legs...

>> No.35995205

>> No.35995217

>> No.35995237

i missed this creature

>> No.35995323

>> No.35995378

bad vibes

>> No.35995481

yes pls

>> No.35995967

>> No.35995971

Now strip

>> No.35996100

>> No.35996211

big vibes

>> No.35996243

>> No.35996267

snow princess !

>> No.35996362

I want to have my way with Nagi

>> No.35996364

>> No.35996409

i'm not ready to share

>> No.35996426

most lazy ass otaku would struggle with that. let alone a 150cm girl.

>> No.35996462

she could lift me up to heaven

>> No.35996463

>> No.35996715

>> No.35996833

>> No.35996902

>> No.35996911

>> No.35996917

I thought Wakapon was supposed to be good at cooking?

>> No.35996932

The kiddies distracted her with the fire so she left the food unattended. Not her fault.

>> No.35997010

>> No.35997017

>> No.35997059

https://files.catbox.moe/tgjcrp.webm Emiri289

>> No.35997271

its all so tiresome wwwww

>> No.35997309


>> No.35997313

>> No.35997424


>> No.35997552

>pajeet is coofing delta variant again

>> No.35997567

>> No.35997882

That's not the Wakana I'm trying to get...

>> No.35997951

i'd take any wakana
especially natori

>> No.35998003

>> No.35998079


>> No.35998090

>> No.35998105

Finally, the best peach.

>> No.35998130

but that's the forced busu peach

>> No.35998142


>> No.35998159

but that's the forced baba peach

>> No.35998170

I'd take the older cute one over the ugly young one every time

>> No.35998181

>takes older uglier one

>> No.35998216

at least you're not denying that the young one is an uggo, that's a start.

>> No.35998257

>> No.35998262

>> No.35998265

Now there's a good peach.

>> No.35998278

any updates on our visual ace?

>> No.35998317

she's still ugly

>> No.35998321

>> No.35998326

ive never heard an idol use the term cannibalism before

>> No.35998336

Bubka really milking this photoshoot, no pun intended.

>> No.35998341


>> No.35998454


>> No.35998489

>> No.35998498

>> No.35998513

hey what the heck

>> No.35998669

anyway, visuals

>> No.35998691

there's a fly in her eye

>> No.35998701

>> No.35998708

who punched her?

>> No.35998717

what's going on with her lips ww

>> No.35998718

>> No.35998720

why she sad

>> No.35998743

>> No.35998750

>> No.35998755

>no numpad

>> No.35998779

What game?

>> No.35998788

Age of empires

>> No.35998813

>> No.35998818

>> No.35999000

>> No.35999014

miu the absolute queen

>> No.35999032

>> No.35999058

comfiest gf

>> No.35999087


>> No.35999094

clown face kek

>> No.35999102

good girl showing heso

>> No.35999134

AI Shoujo

>> No.35999141

nice hint of mion cleavage

>> No.35999182

Am I the only one who feels bad browsing /jp/ and seeing all these cute girls while knowing you will never date one of their level?

>> No.35999184

You aren't the only one

>> No.35999187

I've got money

>> No.35999196

you can date manatea now, incelkun.

>> No.35999204

You can do it anon, they love tall white men

>> No.35999207

Are they really that soft?

>> No.35999209

no, I am marrying one of my oshis

>> No.35999231

ngl i'd date manatea over 99% of the busus you guys post

>> No.35999237

gravure does wonders on confidence

>> No.35999268

sticc vibes

>> No.35999279

maybe IP is a good girl

>> No.35999300

>> No.35999307

I know that feel

>> No.35999328

oh mami

>> No.35999410

i want binnie to kick me in the shins

>> No.35999482

What the fuck is an vinnie

>> No.35999484

the more they hide it the more i want to see

>> No.35999522

why do you want to see their boyfriend

>> No.35999594

daily amichan

>> No.35999606

she deserves to be hourly

>> No.35999632

goblina maxima

>> No.35999636

i want to see it

>> No.35999643

i want to see it, but if i had to choose i'd prefer to taste it

>> No.35999679

I want to see it.

>> No.35999698

How did he not kiss her?

>> No.35999705

>SEA rapist customs

>> No.35999929

>> No.35999962

warning: goblina jump scare

>> No.36000192

>> No.36000405

erena ono

>> No.36000418

erena sakamoto

>> No.36000419

>> No.36000531

he said cute girls not whatever the fuck that is

>> No.36000539

>> No.36000550

>> No.36000586


>> No.36000617

>> No.36000754

is for anal

>> No.36000833

I bet Amichan has a cute butt.

>> No.36000885

What about Iwata Hina

>> No.36000896

>> No.36000989

>> No.36000993

>> No.36001073

is for motorboating and then anal

>> No.36001086


>> No.36001163


>> No.36001174

what's the point of AKB when there's no maeda and yuko playing dodgeball on akbingo?

>> No.36001212

>> No.36001216

i dont want to see 40 year old moms doin shit thats dum

>> No.36001235

>> No.36001252

we have better girls than maeda now

>> No.36001308

Those webms are too old, we need something more recent.

>> No.36001491

>> No.36001526


top tier legs
top tier nose
top tier girl

>> No.36001531

>anon only knows ske

>> No.36001638

>t8 song
holy shit just let them die

>> No.36001678

>> No.36001751

>> No.36001874

>> No.36001904

I'm still waiting for the 2018 one with Eretan's mizugi.

>> No.36002008

Nerds please give me an update on the newest qts. I haven't lurked ITT since 2018.
Is Saepii, Nagi-chan, and Rena still there? How are they doing?

>> No.36002086

those are very vague names so im gonna say no
they dead
everyone dead
akb/8 are dying from covid/civil war/grads
ske is led by a 12yo again
nmb is boobs
hkt is korea
ngt dead
stu is boatless

>> No.36002113

>> No.36002141


>> No.36002177

>> No.36002178

i'm surprised this one is still around

>> No.36002252

>> No.36002269

>> No.36002310


>> No.36002352

>> No.36002477

>> No.36002507


>> No.36002596

but that's an uggo

>> No.36002605

Rena is still here. She's doing well as you can see.
Saepii graduated late last year. Up until she graduated she was doing fairly decently with her fashion stuff. Not sure about nowdays though, but she's still doing her WEAR/zozotown thing. She also changed agency.
Nagi is still in NMB and is actually doing really well. She's making some pretty big bucks in TV at the moment and has made a bit of a name for herself as a tarento on some variety and comedy shows.

>> No.36002705

>> No.36002891

>> No.36002903

>> No.36002934

renatan knows what she's doing

>> No.36003131


>> No.36003329

>it's over
time to lockdown and strip mirei.

>> No.36003402

won't happen. japan has become increasingly unbased

>> No.36003498

I never cared about stu48 and that's ok.

>> No.36003535

they never shoulda fired that guy getting enjo kosai

>> No.36003590


>> No.36004438


I want to enjo kosai momo

>> No.36004475

cucks and kpoops wouldn't be interested.

>> No.36004494

Too bad she's only interested in girls

>> No.36004531

>forced boat busus time

>> No.36004558

>> No.36004814

you should enjoy kusai and stay far away.from momo.

>> No.36004817


>> No.36004855


>> No.36004885

there's no such thing as a virgin peach so you may as well stop trying to pretend she's pure. especially with a sister like hers, and with how much she has worked as a pair with fuu. you know her sister and fuu both let their boyfriends have a go with momo regularly

>> No.36004915

>> No.36004944

don't project your perverted imaginary fantasies.

>> No.36004949

based and unforceable

>> No.36004960

>> No.36004963

is this a meme or is it just one guy doing this all day?

>> No.36004981

look at all these boat busus yourself
more like fact tbqh

>> No.36004984

he is the most dedicated thread personality

>> No.36004997

she has had more sexual partners than everybody else in this picture combined.

>> No.36005000


>> No.36005011

>> No.36005041

stop it

>> No.36005065

it's busu hour
come back later

>> No.36005087

>> No.36005124

extremely stoppable

>> No.36005161

She's outgrown us. We couldn't hold her back any longer. She truly is unstoppable.

>> No.36005162

At least one idols remembers how to strip

>> No.36005192

0/0 is also imaginary.

>> No.36005217

this is not the face of a virgin

>> No.36005219

>ironic busus posting hour

>> No.36005250

dam can't wait for the whole thing
tokyo girls always been wanting to do sexy stuff

>> No.36005282

it's cute shu went

>> No.36005331

Wow, you're so edgy. I want to touch your peepee now

>> No.36005352

>> No.36005411

guys, how do we surpass takarazuka?

>> No.36005448

>> No.36005454

more momo

>> No.36005460

have you considered doing something with your life and making an idol?

>> No.36005547

You can tell from their faces that they just finished slurping cum before the live.

>> No.36005553

sayaka wouldn't do that. momo had sayaka's portion.

>> No.36005586

bring back 2015 nmb

>> No.36005666

Your denial is amusing. Jap girls are horny as fuck, especially the idols. If they can't suck the nearest cock they result to munching each others cunts. Thus all the videos of them kissing and touching each others' butts. They're always hungry for a good fuck but the fans are fugly idiots. If I wanted to support Momo's career then I would atleast expect a well performed dick sucking in return. Nip men are fags to be satisfied by simple handshakes and such. Doesn't an idol belong to her fans?

>> No.36005812

Cringe desu ne

>> No.36005821

i don't own a 3d printer

>> No.36005848

>> No.36005882

>> No.36005888

imagine writing all that ramble non ironically

>> No.36006016

fuckin yikes dude

>> No.36006105

>> No.36006298

Kissing Hama on the lips...

>> No.36006331

8-8 etio day

>> No.36006395

sasuga JC2

>> No.36006415


>> No.36006669

>> No.36006710

>> No.36006763

>> No.36006819

she should just quit her group and come back too.

>> No.36006891

Why are you posting this.
This is like the worst position to show off a butt.
All you see is bones, especially if there aren't much muscles or fat.
We want to see the shape, from different angles and in movement. Also the folds between cheeks and thighs.
This offers nothing, I am hugely disappointed.

>> No.36006916

actaully it's the best one because we dont have to see her ugly face

>> No.36006961

>> No.36007037

>> No.36007084

>> No.36007148

I want her

>> No.36007166

>Nagi is still in NMB
Based. I hope she's getting bullied for staying forever.
>She's making some pretty big bucks in TV at the moment
I hope she made it to Asahi doing the morning greetings or a morning drama.

>> No.36007184

Did they strip Yuzuha?
Any lewds?

>> No.36007281

>literally spammed every thread

>> No.36007301

No, my otouto is pure!

>> No.36007306

Yeah sorry I'm the nerd that just came back.
I guess I will lurk more then.

>> No.36007311

stripped, yes
lewds, a little bit

>> No.36007347

Can you post them, link me to them, or give me the magazine names, or even better the torrent names on A!O?

>> No.36007360

She's too brown for akbg

>> No.36007363

Send us to page 10, Erii. I don't want to live in this thread anymore.

>> No.36007378

Sweet mother of mercy it was all worth the wait.

>> No.36007406

i didn't save or keep track of them

>> No.36007428

>> No.36007538

Hold the phone, they stripped the STUs too?
Did they strip Yumirin?

>> No.36007549


>> No.36007555

A PB has been announced but not a ton has been shown yet

>> No.36007577

I guess good things do come to those who wait.

>> No.36007588

why doesn't anyone post emiri

>> No.36007602

not known if there's going to be any swimsuit/underwear shots, so don't get your hopes up just yet.

>> No.36007606

hktwebmbro posted her these days

>> No.36007616

meant for

>> No.36007627

Fucking prude. Just show the goods already.

>> No.36007874

>> No.36008010

Parkour idols.

>> No.36008086

>> No.36008189

Rapper idols.

>> No.36008275

>> No.36008303

>> No.36008337


>> No.36008465


>> No.36008478

https://files.catbox.moe/lhxj4h.webm Emiri293

>> No.36008518

Fukuda Akari

>> No.36008586

>> No.36008613

>the oldest one there is fresh lemon.
muh dick.

>> No.36008694

>> No.36008735

more than half gone now.

>> No.36008842


>> No.36008945

https://files.catbox.moe/mk77xu.webm Emiri294

>> No.36008983

>> No.36008987

mami mia!

>> No.36009071


>> No.36009080

Piyo piyo

>> No.36009187

>> No.36009235

>ywn go on a matsuri date with wakanyan to watch the fireworks
why even live

>> No.36009270

>> No.36009410

NEW >>36009405
NEW >>36009405
NEW >>36009405

>> No.36009410,1 [INTERNAL] 



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