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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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cute feet

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Sora Love!

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konaqua~~~ ( ^)o(^ )b

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Kill yourself, retard.

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This sheep is too cute.

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Are you guys still pretending that Gura isn't the face of Hololive?

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that's a lot of love

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I really do love Suisei.


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beautiful crazy sheep!

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Now subtitle it because I don't speak Japanese

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have another hag anon

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Do women really?

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

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Is Rushia actually this thick?

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Noel got more than Flare. Time to change it up bro.

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Sui-chan wa?

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Men shouldn't wear ladies' underwear.

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Aqua totsumachi tomorrow, who will call her? Maybe Korone?

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kyou mo eroi

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Pekora doesn't care about Hololive or her 'fans'. Can't even be bothered to put on a concert to show her appreciation. Instead she does a clipshow which others do during a countdown or regular stream.

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I really love my degenerate oshi

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tits too big, ass not big enough

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>I'll take it easier in [Fill in the month]
>Started streaming 8 hours ago

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I think Noel will call her.

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I wonder if this started as a joke but then Suzy actually liked it and they kept it in

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do you still want to fuck the dog

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You're trying too hard, anon.

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Kanata is too loud

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Meme-spouting retard. End your life already.

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Do watamate really watch the whole stream?

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Wow, she's just like me...

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Zehi... Zehi...

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Sex with hags

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Yes, though I thought she would only do a short stream today and was planning to finish reading my VN today

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"My artist is a hack, please wish for his death."

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Do you watch any streams, anon?

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Why don't you link everyone her amazing 1M live, her birthday live, and her anniversary live? Oh, right she privated her birthday because it showed everyone she can't sing and she didn't bother with the other 2 because she couldn't care less about nousagi.

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I filtered my own posts

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just say you want more hag in your life

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I only watch friend and maybe a little bit of towa

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makes the thread better

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Haha hags bros!!!!! Hags!!!!!!!

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The more you post, the more i'm convinced that you're just a nousagi

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>Argue against the trash in my shitposts.
Go take a nap, anon.

>> No.35997611

this but unironically. there isn't a single bad hag in Hololive

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>cover wasting the money they leech off the holos on useless shit like this
>still has shit quality 3D, only has one 3D studio and incompetent staff running it

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he's an ex-nousagi

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Moona is the true face of Hololive.

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I love Lamy

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>spacha reading
Friend... wake up... please...

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Why is Coco so gay?

>> No.35997628

no no no
he's not an ex-nousagi
he's watching her ff7 playthroughs

>> No.35997629

Nah it's just a dumb seanig.

>> No.35997630

Imagine getting your face plastered on the side of a building because you did something autistic in Minecraft

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Ask Kanata

>> No.35997634

Cover is so far behind.

>> No.35997635

and making schizos seethe. based moon.

>> No.35997639

I know right, Pekora doesn't deserve to be there.

>> No.35997640

panchito is angry

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Roberu and Tamaki will call in with Mea, it was the only way Mea would agree to talk to Aqua again....

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would eat this hag's ass

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I do not like this no sir

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s*saki ryona stream where everyone she's bullied gets to beat the shit out of her

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I love botan

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Why is cover 3d so shit in comparison?

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no wonder pekora doesn't have anything to do with moona, she doesn't bring the numbers anymore

>> No.35997691

i want to rape her so badly. she's so good at playing the stuck up cunt character

>> No.35997692

First I bang my drum, then I bang your mum

>> No.35997698

Just like with Chocoschizo, I guess. If he's still watching, he still likes her and feels betrayed and angry. It's sad, but it happens sometimes.

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Why is this sheep a sheepposting mine?

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That's a smile & go in less than a day...

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>> No.35997707

Smile and Go....

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We really need to improve our bullying. Marine should make Noel cry on stream

>> No.35997709

Pekora when looking at the view count barely moving

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>> No.35997713

Mene nukkumaan, Watame

>> No.35997714

What can Pekora do to get better numbers?

>> No.35997717

Suisei is the most rapeable holo

>> No.35997719

It started as a joke to spam some emojis during WNF and now I spend 8h a day watching her ramble about pokemon cards

>> No.35997720

Be a decent person

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>for sure
Miko, Sora, Matsuri, Fubuki, Shion, Choco, Subaru, Okayu, Mio, Marine, Noel, Flare and Gokisei
Suisei, Haachama, Mel, Aki, Korone and Kanata
>no chance
Ayame and Pekora

>> No.35997727

Kohta vessatauko.

>> No.35997734

PekoMoon off-collab. 200k easily.

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Watame, don't leave...

>> No.35997742

Towa is so cool...

>> No.35997743

AkuPeko Minecraft collab

>> No.35997744

Mikorin's property

>> No.35997745

me on the right

>> No.35997747

Bakatare tomorrow and Watame being a guest at Towa's 3D

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Her mom couldn't even get 200k before the views were nerfed. Moona's buff wore off a long time ago.

>> No.35997753

Anyone have the Watame uoooooh handy?

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>> No.35997759

20h Towa's birthday
22h FF crystal chronicles Bakatare + guest (already leaked)

>> No.35997761

Every collab got less views than the last, Moona isn't the buff it used to be, also
Not happening this year

>> No.35997762

woa forgot pic

>> No.35997766

PekoMoonMom collab.

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HOLOS ARE NOT LESBIANS. FUCK OFF. All of these women LOVE cocks.

>> No.35997771

What a cute Milk Elf

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>> No.35997777

Already pirated it in advance for the member's stream

>> No.35997779

Hituji, no...

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>> No.35997782

hituji...don't go...

>> No.35997784

noo sheep don't leave me...

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>> No.35997787

Why didn't Peko do an anniversary live? The rest of her gen did/is.

>> No.35997793

small indie company.

>> No.35997795

Love Sora, or else!

>> No.35997796

Go watch like the first 20 minutes of Mikochi stream today.
She wants to dick Haachama down so bad.

>> No.35997797

No Korone... no more AC please... you are mistaken, kaigai niki doesn't want this, please understand.

>> No.35997799

Mr. Koro doom...

>> No.35997800

noel is a w

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>> No.35997806

it's not pretend

>> No.35997808

I don't know

>> No.35997809

Mr Koro wants to do black flag!**
she also mentioned DOOM

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>> No.35997813

Reminder that the weekly aggie is still ongoing. Please do oin and leave a doodle of two you if you feel like it, or add more T-word to the fat fuck's vocabulary if you're more inclined.

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>> No.35997816

Did Fubuki recommended her that trash?

>> No.35997818

black flag is probably one of the better ones in recent memory

>> No.35997819

How could Pekora do this to Miko?

>> No.35997821

I thought she already played it

>> No.35997826

didnt she bought a shit ton of ac games?

>> No.35997828

The carrots in her hair hide the knives she uses to stab all her 'friends' in the back.

>> No.35997830

lol he doesnt even watch clips

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>> No.35997832

Very cute

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>> No.35997838

cute Lamy!

>> No.35997839

>> No.35997840

Noel won't have one

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>> No.35997843

I would say it's a huge step from ac3 and is pretty good but it drags on like every AC game, fun to play boring to watch
yeah she really liked syndicate

>> No.35997845

Wait a minute those clothes...

>> No.35997846

danchou CRINGE

>> No.35997847

Has anyone made some good porn now that most of the original 3d models are available?

>> No.35997849

>> No.35997856

I understand all of this except は. Shouldn't it be わ?

>> No.35997857

Laziness, just compare her to Marine. Pekora didn't bother doing a live, meanwhile Marine
>Had a 1M 3D live
>Had a Birthday 3D live
>Will have an Anniversary 3D live
>Appeared on Flare's 3D live
All in the spam of a month

>> No.35997859

who did this to suisei

>> No.35997861

the tailing missions were sooooooo bad. besides those tailing missions, I really enjoyed the game. if koro-san plays it, I think she will like the game as well. Edward is just a very likable, roguish character

>> No.35997862

Ikki Online going to happen, we did it !

>> No.35997865

Anon, I...

>> No.35997867

She's a whore.
Who ignores their friend after they got her into the best job of their life?
I won't forgive this betrayal.
Mikochi is eternal.

>> No.35997875

how you dont understand the most easy part?

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>> No.35997877


>> No.35997880

Good to see you again mate

>> No.35997887

>listen to pekomoona cover
>it's okay
so, it's just the schizos who are shitting on it

>> No.35997891

I understand all of this except "tら". Shouldn't it be た?

>> No.35997896

That's a cool elf.

>> No.35997900

Mikochi should just stick to Haachama, they did a great collab today

>> No.35997905

It's always the schizos

>> No.35997906

Friend has become too strong...

>> No.35997908

Miko jumps from friend to friend more than Pekora does.

>> No.35997909

stop whitewashing flare

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>> No.35997914

She wants this anon.

>> No.35997916

I don't

>> No.35997919

Japs are fags.
>its chi
>no its ti
>oh actually they are used interchangeably depending on the dialect.
Fuck you too m8. Fuck kanji as well.

>> No.35997920

haachama is a whore

>> No.35997921


>> No.35997922

>Pablo el niñato

>> No.35997923


>> No.35997924

Flute intro!

>> No.35997926

>Say it is okay himself
>Think only schizo would shit on it
Are you a retard by chance?

>> No.35997927

How do you get drawings from the aggie to be so high resolution?

>> No.35997932

Cool shishiron
cute dog

>> No.35997938

>suisei hangs out with men and is always collabbing with them
>haachama is an actual whore who masturbates in unarchived asmrs
I'm seeing a pattern with Miko's new friends.

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>> No.35997942

me when coffee elf

>> No.35997950



>> No.35997954

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

>> No.35997957

>> No.35997959

no one asked

>> No.35997963

I don't, I upscale them with waifu2x

>> No.35997965

this but Aqutan

>> No.35997969


>> No.35997970

is azki a native american?

>> No.35997971


>> No.35997979

She's 1/16th Cherokee.

>> No.35997982


>> No.35997988

Do your reps, NOW.

>> No.35997989


>> No.35997993

why is coco's model so enormous?

>> No.35997994

Nekko please answer this. Nene is stacy or introvert???

>> No.35997996

She's a Ghost in the Shell reject.

>> No.35997998

Reminder that Miko pretended to be best friend's with Haachama yet didn't even have her LINE.

>> No.35998007

>> No.35998008

now korone is looping too

>> No.35998009

Haaton here. She is a second hand of my oshi so she is a nerd wanting to be a stacy.

>> No.35998015

miko is too shy to ask for it

>> No.35998019

what's stopping me from going undercover as a janitor and just dig through the studio's trash bin for the holos' used tissues and scouting out the changing room for pieces of garments that might have been left behind?

>> No.35998020

She big but Senchou is just fucking tiny.
She is like 1.50m something. I'm 1.98. Just imagine the babies she would have to deliver if i went to town on her ass.

>> No.35998029

this is why nobody plays with her

>> No.35998037

Aqua is even smaller than Senchou.

>> No.35998040

Literally impossible for her to be introverted, stacy is questionable.

>> No.35998043

You're not Japanese
You live in Philippines
You are positive coof
You're underage
too poor to afford flight to japan

Yup i can list more if you want

>> No.35998046

look at these dorks

>> No.35998051

>> No.35998056


>> No.35998060


>> No.35998063


>> No.35998066

In my opinion okay is just under good, and to me good is the top mark.

>> No.35998067

Where's wojak poster?? He usually wake up at this hour

>> No.35998072

God I wanna drown Shion from the inside out

>> No.35998074

Holoblondes are the strongest race

>> No.35998077

did matsuri and haato fall out?

do they still hang out?

>> No.35998078

anon you creep me out

>> No.35998080

If this thread says is shit then is fine at worst. Schizos can't express normal opinions, they just post bait.

>> No.35998082

Oh... Should have thought of that

>> No.35998083

>complains about schizos when they're posting
>still complains when they're gone

>> No.35998093

HAHAHAHA remember when Miko was a pathetic failure on the verge of quitting for having no talent (before retarded /pol/tards unjustly saved her career) and she collabed with men all the time to leech them?
Quite funny how now that she’s big she abandoned them all, isn’t it?
Kinda makes her a worthless fake fucking whore, doesn’t it?

>> No.35998094

Fuck blonde girls.

>> No.35998099


>> No.35998102

Am I the only one who miss the chinks shitting these threads?

>> No.35998107

me too anon, me too

>> No.35998110


>> No.35998111

I'm trying

>> No.35998114

You deserve to be raped

>> No.35998115

hololive just isnt exciting anymore

>> No.35998117

I wish I could draw this well.

>> No.35998121

why is pekora such a numberfag

what's in the bump?

>> No.35998122

l-let him go, I'll take his place

>> No.35998123

Without hesitation

>> No.35998124


>> No.35998125

Shion daughter...

>> No.35998129

I love Suisei

>> No.35998132

black holo when...

>> No.35998138

Sir please don't sexualize the animals

>> No.35998139

Excuse me, is this the Towa thread?

>> No.35998140

Is there any art of Miko as Shinobu from Kinmoza?

>> No.35998145

Miosha rolling down the hills.

>> No.35998146

Gladly !

>> No.35998147

Forced collabs for everyone by the management back when hololive still a small corpo. When Miko promised she won't collab with males or indies ever again and she's an idol that's who she really is, her identity, her purpose, she dedicates her life to only hololive and hololive only now

>> No.35998149

Kanatan please sit on my face today

>> No.35998152


>> No.35998153

she's supposed to be a dinosaur, they are big

>> No.35998154

She's busy with not being invited to Towa's Live.

>> No.35998167

>anon is posting this from wojak poster's computer

>> No.35998169

God I want a sassy black holo to knock me down as Millia on stream and yell "BLOCK WHITE BOY BLOCK" as I get mixed to death.

>> No.35998173


>> No.35998174

could someone please explain why they've grown apart?

>> No.35998175

How do I save Pop?

>> No.35998176

I don't know if it's just me but in the past few months she's become really old and really stale

>> No.35998179

watch clips

>> No.35998182

Did Haachama already give up on shitpost review?

>> No.35998184

you cant make me

>> No.35998190

Welcome to the Red Heart Cafe would you like coffee or tea?

>> No.35998192

what is it doing?

>> No.35998193

she gave too much of her essence to ogayu

>> No.35998194 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35998195

>> No.35998196

peko bebis

>> No.35998204

pekora "brother"

>> No.35998207

do cosplay escort exist? not just in cosplay but in make-believe as well

>> No.35998215

Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

>> No.35998217

>> No.35998218

maybe, since i think i remember last week she said she'd return it to the normal time and she didn't.

>> No.35998221

Haato and Matsuri had an ARK collab but Matsuri was being a menhera because hoshikawa rejected her. Haato tried to brighten the ambient by acting like hoshikawa stacy but matsuri got mad and screamed at her to shut up.

>> No.35998228

It sometimes feels like this since I've watched Okayu recently and she's fascinating and has the genuine energy that Korone fakes.

>> No.35998231

She's not

>> No.35998237

did haato shut up?

>> No.35998238

I'm here to interrupt all the shitposting to say that /jp/'s up next on divegrass against the most hated board, /lgbt/

>> No.35998242

So it's not festival fault...

>> No.35998243

Don't care, didn't ask, wrong life

>> No.35998246

Imagine having a bandwagoner on your team

>> No.35998248

pekora is the turbo incel of hololive

>> No.35998249

I, for one, surrender on behalf of /hlg/.

>> No.35998251

Does your oshi have any friends or just coworkers?

>> No.35998258

jaypee bros it's our time

>> No.35998259

WE are playing next, can we outgay /lgbt/?

>> No.35998268

That's really what you noticed ? I feel like she doesn't talk at all about her family anymore, maybe her mother is better now, or maybe she doesn't talk about it because it is worst.

>> No.35998271

time to beat up the gays just like my pappy taught me

>> No.35998273

I think hurea should fuck noel

>> No.35998275

We cant stop losing...

>> No.35998276

Trying to escape

>> No.35998282

My oshi only sees numbers and opportunities, she doesn't allow herself to be weakened by things such as "friends" or "emotions".

>> No.35998285

I don't get it

>> No.35998290

>> No.35998291

Pekora is a sinful woman (whore) who loves to make hamburger (have sex) in the middle of the night.

>> No.35998293

Shion yo...

>> No.35998294

why is it licking the glass? and also can't rat escape from the place it squeezed itself in?

>> No.35998298

Is there hlg team or just 2hus?

>> No.35998299

it's pretty cute

>> No.35998300


>> No.35998301

Tower... is playing!

>> No.35998305

Oh no no no no Moonabros.. Pekora ain't gonna like about this

>> No.35998308

isn't it the birthday stream thing?

>> No.35998314

>> No.35998315


>> No.35998323

i believe

>> No.35998325

Pekora is going to cancel the pairing script, isn't? The number is not looking good

>> No.35998330

Imagine the sounds

>> No.35998331

Don't fuck this up /jp/

>> No.35998332

Roberu is the turbo whore of holopro

>> No.35998335


>> No.35998342

The number doesn't reach her expectation

>> No.35998343

what's the deal with korone and peanut butter?

>> No.35998348

Too dark

>> No.35998349

>> No.35998353

it doesn't matter if it's her best bet

>> No.35998356

>> No.35998364


>> No.35998369


>> No.35998373

watch streams

>> No.35998376

>faggots are getting lucky

>> No.35998377

cute and canon

>> No.35998380

keep hobblin womb gobblin

>> No.35998384


>> No.35998385

it's towa's fault

>> No.35998388

anal sex with towa...

>> No.35998391


>> No.35998392

what does susei smell like?

>> No.35998395

Towa banana...

>> No.35998399


>> No.35998401

being marine is suffering

>> No.35998416

not like this /jp/

>> No.35998417

/jp/ needs a manzukic ffs

>> No.35998421

did someone suffer premature ejaculation or something?

>> No.35998424

God I would literally kill a man to give every square centimeter of this menhera a tonguebath

>> No.35998426

okay I'm trans now

>> No.35998439

Blue curacao

>> No.35998444

If /lgbt wins, I will start doing estrogen, and become a woman.

>> No.35998446


>> No.35998449

Friend left....

>> No.35998451

i'm glad aqua is back in minecraft

>> No.35998452


>> No.35998455

dead hours...

>> No.35998456


>> No.35998457


>> No.35998467


>> No.35998471


>> No.35998473


>> No.35998480

how was aqua's mc stream?

>> No.35998487


>> No.35998491


>> No.35998497

Stop drawing my oshi doing gay shit, she's not gay.

>> No.35998499

all women are gay

>> No.35998501



>> No.35998502

Pretty fun.

>> No.35998507

towa sure is cute...

>> No.35998509


>> No.35998510

She confessed to me bro.

>> No.35998511

*homosexually rapes your oshi*
yeah guess what now

>> No.35998517

are towa and aqua similar in anyway?

>> No.35998523

>black holo
But there are no black japanese people

>> No.35998527

They both have buttholes. The similarities end there.

>> No.35998528

So many bibis...

>> No.35998531


>> No.35998537

They're both trans

>> No.35998543

we lost...

>> No.35998546


>> No.35998547

2hu sucks

>> No.35998550


>> No.35998553

I blame Marisa for this

>> No.35998554


>> No.35998557

did aqua interact with any holos in mc?

>> No.35998560

good fuck the 4cc

>> No.35998561

The gays won...

>> No.35998564

first cirno and now marisa
now I hate the 2hus

>> No.35998565


>> No.35998569

I can't believe it's all Marisa's fault this time

>> No.35998572

Unironically I don't know how she hasn't been told by her manager to stop liking stuff like this, you'd think they consider it damaging to their brand

>> No.35998573

we lost

>> No.35998578

we lost to literal faggots

>> No.35998579


>> No.35998580

Next, she needs to graduate.

>> No.35998584

it's over

>> No.35998585


>> No.35998591

reap what you sow 2hu fags

cost this team

>> No.35998595

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.35998598

I guess I'm starting my transition...

>> No.35998600

Boot out pessi, what a useless cunt

>> No.35998602

Your wife's boobs are getting bigger and bigger.

>> No.35998606

Towa seems like cute dork but I've never really given her a chance. What are some good vods of hers?

>> No.35998607

pessi la pecho frio...

>> No.35998608

We are officially submitting to /lgbt/, post transholos

>> No.35998611

Covid side effects

>> No.35998613

her mama has culture

>> No.35998617

which holo suffered toilet backflow and has their bathroom flooded with their own filth during that earthquake?

>> No.35998619

We're now gays, /hlg/

>> No.35998620

thank god no more divegrass

>> No.35998630

why are you talking about sports?

>> No.35998632

Wthat the heck, nobody told me that Kenzokus are all so talented.

>> No.35998633

Dear god why the alien has such a pornographic body?

>> No.35998642

is there a member only stream going on?

>> No.35998646

Naked Towa

>> No.35998650


>> No.35998652

Tell down

>> No.35998653

Her mother draws stuff like this: https://exhentai.org/g/1101506/513552161f/

>> No.35998654

>> No.35998657

We love breast milk from Holos here

>> No.35998658


>> No.35998664

Good job keeping the thread clean meidos, I'm so glad that offtopic posts get dealt with appropriately.

>> No.35998678

is this why her family is so rich?

>> No.35998686

Why I get panda?
So that's why the art feels so familiar

>> No.35998689

He's getting mad! He's getting mad!

>> No.35998694

>> No.35998697

>ctrl f 'deleted'
>0 results

>> No.35998699


>> No.35998703

/jp/ is a touhou board

>> No.35998710

It's gotta suck when the self proclaimed artist holo isn't even a top 5 artist in the company.

>> No.35998712

This is /lgbt/ board now

>> No.35998716

only for glorious nipponjin cock...

>> No.35998721

Kill yourself retard.

>> No.35998722

I'm disgusted by this image but I would fuck her 2D without hesitation

>> No.35998723

Not gonna lie she does have really nice shoulders/upper back/upper arms

>> No.35998729

Cope harder.

>> No.35998730

Nice ass ngl

>> No.35998739

is cover a publically traded company?

>> No.35998740

Flare's concert was so great bros

>> No.35998744

why do Anya mengen not show up on holodex? if I didn't have twitter notifications I never would have remembered

>> No.35998746

I loved patra

>> No.35998748 [SPOILER] 

I want to cum in Patra while Flare watches!

>> No.35998756


>> No.35998760

this but I want miko to watch instead so she gets flustered that her oshi is watching

>> No.35998770

aqua your mic peaking...

>> No.35998775


>> No.35998778

I wonder what her ass tastes like...

>> No.35998784

like 11 herbs&spices

>> No.35998790

>aqua liking pekora fanart on twitter
i thought aqua hated her?????

>> No.35998792

is there a member only stream going on?

>> No.35998795

Which holo would have the best breast milk? I imagine Watames would be thick and sweet like cream while Lamys would be thinner and have a faint mint flavor while always being ice cold. Haachamas would be a mystery flavor depending on the day and her diet.

>> No.35998796

>Jewish ass
like having 87% APR

>> No.35998800


>> No.35998802

aqua likes pekora's design but hates the sinful woman who eat burger on midnight

>> No.35998804

she hates her but cant stop her lust

>> No.35998805

Did you enjoy the stream anons?

>> No.35998806

I don't even know how breasts feel...

>> No.35998808

austrians can't be jew

>> No.35998810

I mean, she copied Marine's format it was a guaranteed success

>> No.35998815

yaman is the new guchico

>> No.35998820

Stop believing in retarded narratives.

>> No.35998825

>it's true
I've never seen her like peko art before other than curry related ones

>> No.35998829

isn't she from netherland?

>> No.35998833


>> No.35998836


>> No.35998838

what's with pekor and curry?

>> No.35998839


>> No.35998843

lol where is that

>> No.35998844


>> No.35998845

Rabbit curry is tasty.

>> No.35998847


>> No.35998848

I don't blame you for not knowing that, after all it's just a German province.

>> No.35998849

oh no

>> No.35998850

she only likes T*rks and Bl*ck "people" like all jewish women

>> No.35998853

>> No.35998855

you mean danish women?

>> No.35998856

Bros I just got a dream of a rrat staring right at me, what does this mean?

>> No.35998859

not with a nose like that

>> No.35998864

better invest in some ogeys before it's too late

>> No.35998865

Bring back vnuma...

>> No.35998867

what the hell I just got some tokens named 星街すいせい on polygon network
even crypto got infected

>> No.35998870

Was it a treerrat?

>> No.35998872

What does Suisei's milk taste like?

>> No.35998873

it looks pretty anglo-saxon to me

>> No.35998875

Boys don't produce breastmilk.

>> No.35998879

sour cream and strawberries

>> No.35998882

not with that attitude

>> No.35998883

apple juice and shota cum

>> No.35998884

they can, if you know what I mean

>> No.35998885

Don't make me post it.

>> No.35998887

We gays here

>> No.35998890

Is it true Pekora has really bad foot odor?

>> No.35998891

I have never imagined using my Penis to piss inside of Suisei's Anus.

>> No.35998895

I'm gay for Towa.

>> No.35998897

He is gay! He is so gay!

>> No.35998898

Cover is ghosting her since the beginning of this year. Those Hologra episodes whe went in are just a masquerade from the management. The apology for not giving her her 2nd ourfit is just a masquerade. Antis are just trolls. They deserve to die a painful death.
PS: thanks pekoschizo for making this place a hell on Earth. You're an obedient one and did exactly what I asked in the previous thread. You're now my marionette

>> No.35998899


>> No.35998902

Is it Suisex hours?

>> No.35998907

am I gay? I am quite attracted to this cute boy

>> No.35998909

would sniff all day

>> No.35998910

I want to drown Suisei's womb with my semen

>> No.35998911


>> No.35998912

this post is pretty schizophrenic

>> No.35998913

I have no idea about what you're talking about, but may I suggest you to take your medications?

>> No.35998916


>> No.35998917

Stop lewding my oshi you faggots

>> No.35998919

Polka eroi

>> No.35998920

Fuck off Miko.

>> No.35998921

Too small.

>> No.35998924


>> No.35998928

>> No.35998930

too skinny

>> No.35998932


>> No.35998933


>> No.35998935

tummy hole for flicking

>> No.35998940

>See this
What do?

>> No.35998941

Miko finally got Pekora to her house. Finally got her in her bed. Even got her in her own pajamas that she had rubbed her own Miko juices into. The problem started when Pekora fell asleep. Miko uncovered her and was going to start sucking her toes, but Pekora's feet smell really bad and Miko couldn't handle it. When they were eating breakfast all Miko could do was watch as Pekora ate like a pig and couldn't stop remembering how bad her feet smelled. Ruined the relationship.

>> No.35998945

I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato I need to cum in Haato

>> No.35998948

go to bed miko

>> No.35998949

Someone tell Marine to sing a sea shanty, even if it has to be acapella.


>> No.35998950

>"Hoshimachi Suisei suddenly goes missing"
>That's what I'm reading on a certain imageboard
>Everybody is still wondering why this comet idol who usually updates her twitter everyday suddenly goes radio silent
>Nobody knows the truth about what happened to her
>I smile, looks like I still have a lot of time before the police eventually get me
>I turn off my PC and head to my basement
>There I see her, tied up on a bed in an X-shaped position with a gag in her mouth, still in her plaid outfit
>"Good morning Sui-chan, seems like you are already awake"
>I slowly walk toward her
>I can see her deadly stare, she looks like she's ready to murder me if she's not tied up
>"Don't stare at me like that Sui-chan, we are going to have lots of fun today"
>I say that as I inject her vein with a drug
>She starts breathing heavily, seems like the drug works faster than I thought
>I start undressing her, slowly unbuttoning her coat and blouse
>Soon enough, I'm staring at a topless Suisei with her cute little pink nipples exposed
>"They are even smaller than what I imagine them to be"
>"But that makes it even better"
>I touch her nipples with my cold finger and she immediately jolts
>Her nipples must be really sensitive
>I start kissing her cheeks, neck, and slowly going down until my mouth finally reach her nipples
>Then I start kissing, and then sucking her cute little right nipple while she starts moaning more and more
>I start licking her nipple, still inside of my mouth. At first I'm licking it slowly, then I speed up the pace as her muffled moans get louder and louder and she starts thrashing around trying to break free from her binding
>After I'm done, she's breathing really heavily, trying to take a break and getting as much oxygen as she can
>But I'm not letting her, I immediately go for her left nipple and start sucking and licking it just like what I did to her right nipple
>Again, her muffled moans become louder and louder and she starts thrashing even more violently. She must be screaming right now if not for the gag in her mouth
>After being done with both nipples, I rip off her skirt and her panties
>I can see how wet her pussy is. Her love juice is still dripping from her pussy
>"I can't believe you came this much just from having your nipples sucked and licked"
>"But don't worry Sui-chan, I'll make you cum even more with this"
>I pull down my own pants, revealing my massive cock ready to rape the living daylight out of her

>> No.35998953

>you get to fuck your oshi once
>but she graduates from streaming
would you?

>> No.35998955


>> No.35998957


>> No.35998963

yes but only on the condition that the graduation stream is me fucking Towa

>> No.35998965

cum in her glove and leave

>> No.35998966

If I can keep her in my basement then yes

>> No.35998967

/hlg/ is quadrupling our PPM again...

>> No.35998972

>I pull down my own pants, revealing my massive cock
my immersion...

>> No.35998973

Give up.

>> No.35998978


>> No.35998982

just how big is your basement watame?

>> No.35998986 [SPOILER] 

You get to have sex with your oshi, but you have to sniff this. Is it worth it?

>> No.35998989

Yes but where's the downside?

>> No.35998994

you forgot to edit in me cumming on her feet

>> No.35998996


>> No.35998997

Absolutely not

>> No.35998999

yes. I want to smell the feet of a young woman

>> No.35999001

Why are footfags allowed to exist? Why are they so fucking annoying?

>> No.35999009

Okite Okite

>> No.35999012


>> No.35999013

if you think about it feet are cleaner than vaginas maybe it's everyone else that are the annoying disgusting ones?

>> No.35999016 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35999018

Why are hagfags allowed to exist? Why are they so fucking annoying?

>> No.35999020

>> No.35999021

God I love marin.

>> No.35999027

Which holo doesn't brush their teeth first thing in the morning?

>> No.35999028


>> No.35999029

>> No.35999036

I'll put my milk in that coffee if you know what I mean

>> No.35999037


>> No.35999039

Why would you brush your teeth first thing in the morning? That's retarded. Eat something first, THEN brush your teeth.

>> No.35999040

this clip is really funny

>> No.35999044

More Suipits!

>> No.35999048


>> No.35999052

Smelly feet is the best

>> No.35999053

Is there anyone more disgusting, more pathetic, more undeserving of respect or sympathy than Natsuiro Matsuri? Anyone in hololive at all?

>> No.35999054


>> No.35999056

Take responsibility anon

>> No.35999059

Towa, probably

>> No.35999062

oh no one says much about the footfags but when the fatfags come out all of the sudden it's unacceptable

>> No.35999064

>> No.35999067

>> No.35999068

They are all queens
Fuck off

>> No.35999071


>> No.35999072

>posting the worst version

>> No.35999082


>> No.35999085

I can't tell who's more annoying, pubefags or footfags.

>> No.35999095

where are the pubes. we love pubes

>> No.35999096

You fell right into her trap. Matsuri doesn't want to be respected, she wants to be used like a cumrag and discarded.

>> No.35999098

The first thing that happens when you join Hololive is having your pubes forcefully removed by A-chan.

>> No.35999099

Aqua liked this

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