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I love Aqua.

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I will marry this menhera.

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Love Aqua!

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I love her too!
( ^)o(^ )b

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Towa is cute!

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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>late thread

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Birthday girl

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Twelve days! Have fun watching the all the celebrations until then!

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Now that schizochama is back, how long until another break?

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Gatekeeping is the only way to keep your hobbies from turning into shit

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...what am I making shit up? It's a fact that a lot of old people aren't taking the vaccines. They don't register either due to tech illiteracy or skip their turn because it's a bother, wasting everybody's time.
shut up

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!

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taiga got the jab, will you anon?

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Your oshi is a whore

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Fuck this whore

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d-dont look at me that way miko...

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Nobody cares about indogs lol

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Do they ever even interact?

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Sora love!

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Towa is the turbo Twap of Hololive.

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You cared enough to post about them

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Are we really going to watch a schizo talk to herself?

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I guarantee that everyone complaining about muh too many concerts will shit on whatever Marine will be doing for anniversary which isn't a concert.

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I love my cute little alien wife!

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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>banned for racism by the mad janny in 3... 2... 1...

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Unless Pekora shows up I'm not gonna open Towa stream.

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You DID buy her daki right?

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I been too busy watching the olympics, what did I miss these 2 weeks?

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It's mad again. You know people are just gonna update their md5 and in turn, will not be able see your thread, which will make you mad again?

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Me on the left

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Yes! I bought the whole set! it's going to be a great night when I can hug it to sleep

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Subaru doesn't know about dolphin rape caves...

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What the fuck is this shit

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Subau you fucking idiot

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Majority of the guest are someone she first having duet with

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What are you doing Miko!?

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Okite Okite

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Only if she can pull it off as well as Polka.

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Stairs, ikz

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Peko choosed the stairs!

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Looks like a man

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35p... KFP... don't look...

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Wow I'm excited to hear Towa's duet with Shien!

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Barret is going to fucking die

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barret is a fatass

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Looks like a Towa

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barret's ass...

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He's spamming indog images now

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barret... arent you supposed to be some roided out freak

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just filter

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What game is this?

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Pekor js blocking Barret...

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I’m glad Coco is now embracing the LGBTQ+ community, hopefully a holo makes a statement like this soon, Hololive can’t remain apolitical anymore, we need more brave tranny enablers and SJWs

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Moonashitta Leechanova
Moonashitta Fatleechanova
Moonashitta Fartanova
Moonabrappa Stankanova
Moonashitta Poopnova
Moonaleecha Turdnova
Moonamiasma Stenchnova
Moonashitta Reeknova
Moonafatta Grossnova

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Marine and Miko ruin absolutely every collab that they are involved in.

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is this like FF's version of the MGS ladder scene

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barret my fucking sides

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Kanata's pussy eating game must be godlike huh?

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

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it's political only if you make it political anon, remember the Taiwan incident...

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Stop spamming

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Nah, they're the best at collabs

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>Barret just starts randomly singing
hes losing his sanity from climbing stairs

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>Towa birthday live
7.9b viewers

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You can't say the T-word bro

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Step on me Scarlet-sama

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>/pol/tards are now coco antis

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It's been 342 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's finally getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

As of recently she has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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The fucking TV ratings hit 0%, Subaru...

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If only

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how did that happen? the pride shirt?

>> No.36001197

what the fuck is this duck's mental problem? why does she keep running out of the screen like a schizo?

>> No.36001198

Why do people call this game an rpg? It's clearly a minigame collection

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Go back to playing FF13.

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multiple pride shirts and above quote. I wonder how many actual "tatsunoko" are on these boards considering how many came from the taiwan incident to stir shit up

>> No.36001207

Only took her 32 years to come out of the closet

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Well that stairwell scene was funny. Now it'll be an hour and a half before the next interesting thing happens, Red XIII.

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What quote? Must be something pretty stupid if it's filtered.

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why is bibi so FAT???

>> No.36001222

all because of one fragile Brazillian?

>> No.36001223

>Subau just realized what Square is
Do your English rep, stupid duck

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happy birbday twpa

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At least add Flares live number, kek

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The aggie canvas is more or less filled up now, I'm calling it a day here. As always, thank you all the drawfriends who participated. I really like that one mecha Daifuku.
Past aggies and others: https://mega.nz/folder/td8k0aBQ#H1rafRxr6Zu_DO6Ev-ZTJQ

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That lamy is cool

>> No.36001234

Hate Towa
Hate Aqua
Love Haatochama

>> No.36001236

good drawings

>> No.36001237

Reeve as to be really good a it job to end up becoming a top dog at Shinra even though he is not evil unlike literally everyone of his co-workers and boss

>> No.36001240

I still feel Aloe was a massive loss for hololive
Guchico clearly loved hololive, did his best desigining a character, and delivered a S-tier semen demon
Triangle can go suck a hobo cock in a dark alleyway though, that bitch didn't deserve the Aloe character. The design didn't deserve to go down in flame with her

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towa is in pekora clique
haachama's just putting them in their place after the shit peko pulled last night

>> No.36001243

Aki wife!

>> No.36001246

Is it true that Haachama will show her pussy in her birthday?

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>> No.36001248

my whore

>> No.36001249

Coco Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.36001250

>after the shit peko pulled last night

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>> No.36001262

The more you post this off-topic shit, the more I agree with the chinks

>> No.36001263

I love my wife Choco!

>> No.36001264

>kiara graduation
hololive cured!

>> No.36001266

Sora zenloss.........

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>> No.36001270

flare's live. just because flare is an underachiever and in miko's clique, she disown her genmate

>> No.36001271

*Astel's whore

>> No.36001273

Mako energy did improved people's lives...

>> No.36001274

The hell is ROC?
Republic Of Congo?

>> No.36001277

Sora even lost her shulker box, that's gotta hurt.

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>> No.36001279

astel only fucks literal dogs and cats

>> No.36001280

russian olympic com. or something stupid.

>> No.36001281

Imagine degrading yourself to agree with the chinks. Much sad.

>> No.36001282

after the tournament ends and they come in 10th, these two will never speak to each other ever again.

>> No.36001283

Nationalist is always right, mutt

>> No.36001285

Remember the time Russia got caught cheating when they hosted the Olympics?

>> No.36001286

Really, nothing? Well ok.

>> No.36001287

This, but unironically.

>> No.36001288

You are a chink

>> No.36001290

they can't participate as russian/play russian anthem because they did drugs or some shit

>> No.36001291

just schizo's being schizo's

>> No.36001294

FFVII spin off set during Cetra era when

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>> No.36001296

Aki love!

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>> No.36001298

Cope, Astel will be on Choco's quiz next week

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>> No.36001302

imagine being a matsurisu in 2021

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>> No.36001304

>china just choked the olympic lead
we just cant winning bros

>> No.36001305

What's up with the unicorn emojis?

>> No.36001306

we lost

>> No.36001309

I don't need to imagine it.

>> No.36001311

coco always gets the last laugh

>> No.36001312

This looks like shit.

>> No.36001313

But china is in second?

>> No.36001318

I love Aki...

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>> No.36001321

USA always wins baby

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>> No.36001326

Will she take part in Botan's debut anniversary

>> No.36001327

Rename shits cost a ton

>> No.36001328

why is her tits so big

>> No.36001330

anon, when do you think the tournament is?

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>> No.36001338

It feels like Korone's magic is gone and it's never coming back

>> No.36001342

Tifa and her big red clown shoes

>> No.36001344

You also think Taiwan isn't a country?

>> No.36001347

Hmmm? That sounds awfully anti-Semitic of you. You will be (((canceled))) from participating in life in the following 24 hours. Please refrain from making additional remarks towards chosen elves to avoid having that deadline shortened

>> No.36001350

Fucking domino and pizza hut in my FF game

>> No.36001351

Domino looks cool.

>> No.36001354

I never noticed the joke because his name is Hart in English.

>> No.36001358

>wears multiple pride shirts
>probably faked the "trans rights, what's that"
I kind of lost all respect for her

>> No.36001359

Sugoi anti-kun

>> No.36001362

michelin man mode

>> No.36001363

>> No.36001367

Love Matsuri

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>> No.36001373

>> No.36001377

her magic is still there, it just isn't effective in the long run, she's an entry level holo you only like when discovering hololive, Pekora is the same
Korone is a pump and dump holo

>> No.36001380

suichan wa?

>> No.36001381

>> No.36001382

Do you guys remember the "tortillera" spic meme the last meme review? I felt like Kiara didn't like it, but coco didn't really care

>> No.36001385

Damn that's a cute ass Mio.

>> No.36001386

If Haachama doesn't reschedule. I'm going to schizo post theories until the end of time

>> No.36001391

oh no

>> No.36001392

Kyou mo sex

>> No.36001393

Hojo looks and sounds disgusting

>> No.36001395

Hojo you ugly fucker

>> No.36001400

It looks like garbage, you’re retarded.

>> No.36001401

What the hell is Festival doing?

>> No.36001405

her best

>> No.36001409

>"all these employees are pretty good-looking"
>roughly bumps into the one black guy there
>"except for you"
what did pekor mean by this

>> No.36001412

I don't get that from Pekora but I didn't burn myself out on her either because there aren't hundreds of 110-chan videos out there to binge watch

>> No.36001417

after the zombie minion incident i thought the SJW's would drag out that one clip of her calling a nigger a gorilla

>> No.36001418

Miko schedule your stream onegai

>> No.36001422

800k celebration lets go!

>> No.36001423

remember to watch Shion's hologra today

>> No.36001425

Don't engage schizos

>> No.36001428

>saying this to a schizos
oh the irony

>> No.36001429

She won't celebrate it until much later.

>> No.36001430


>> No.36001436

Haato love!

>> No.36001438

>> No.36001439


>> No.36001440

Flare loves Marine

>> No.36001442


>> No.36001443

2000 people are excited and cant wait to attend her stream!

>> No.36001448


>> No.36001450

you jinxed it

>> No.36001461

Wait!? two Hololive stream at the same time!? they must really hate each others!

>> No.36001466

aqua beby

>> No.36001470

>> No.36001478


>> No.36001483

We’re all in the kenzocuck thread laughing at their pathetic oshi

>> No.36001488

feed the beby

>> No.36001493

what the shit we have Arabian tatsunokos?

>> No.36001496

Sorry I'm in /sp/ laughing at china, be back in a few

>> No.36001497

Must be the oil prince that's sending her SAR superchats

>> No.36001498

This, but unironically.

>> No.36001505

>> No.36001506

This pekora stream is booooring

>> No.36001508

Hojo you sick fuck...

>> No.36001509

I'll be honest
yesterday's Fushichou no Flamme slaps

>> No.36001510


>> No.36001511


>> No.36001527

>matuli's zatsudan
did she had another menhera outrage recently?

>> No.36001528

This is Hojo's dream paring

>> No.36001529

Delete this post peko

>> No.36001530

I've been saving all my cum just for this exact moment.

>> No.36001532

>/pol/ has turned on Coco
>AkuPeko more likely than ever before
>the formation of cross-generational cliques

The new season of Hololive looks interesting.

>> No.36001534

>coco was the problem all along
who woulda thought

>> No.36001535

I wasn't expecting to.see Barret bullying Hojo but it was nice, even if it didn't lasted too long

>> No.36001536

is this the new biohazard?

>> No.36001539

I love Suityan

>> No.36001540

Porka is streaming

>> No.36001541

The eyes...

>> No.36001542

>people in here can actually draw???

>> No.36001544


>> No.36001546


>> No.36001548

When Omarun moves

>> No.36001549

When will a Holo play Rune Factory 5... I know Okayu was excited for it but...

>> No.36001553


>> No.36001554

Being in an abusive relationship with Matsuri!

>> No.36001555

she REALLY moves

>> No.36001557


>> No.36001558

>> No.36001559

PekoMiko is totally buried huh. And we will never know what the death cause was

>> No.36001560

>Knife ears
kill them with fire

>> No.36001561


>> No.36001562

Is it made by chinks or they just don't have the permissions yet?

>> No.36001564

Welcome back, KJanon!

>> No.36001566

Who is the most rapeable holo?

>> No.36001569

Okayu said it'd be a game better played offstream

>> No.36001572

Isn't it the by the same studio who made 牧場物語?

>> No.36001573

Tokoyami Towa

>> No.36001576

This arrangement of Smile and Go is better than the original

>> No.36001579

What went wrong?
She was suppose to lead her gen to glory

>> No.36001581

...3D will have less viewers than meme review

>> No.36001584

Cover and Aloe happened

>> No.36001586


>> No.36001588

She is boring as in her humour is weird for global standards. For an exemple, Legend of Polka is way too japanese

>> No.36001589

blame her own lack of talent outside of her sucking dick

>> No.36001592

>Not even 1 (You)
I feel bad for you zhangchama, here's one.

>> No.36001593

Polka isn't really good at sucking dicks, sadly. I even doubt she sucked one

>> No.36001594

This is not the first time Chammer scheduled something over an important stream, and she always ended up pushing it back.

>> No.36001598

based EOPchad

>> No.36001599

She didn't brush her treth

>> No.36001600

Towa's birthday isn't important

>> No.36001603

>> No.36001606

This is not the first time chammer disregards someone's birthday live

>> No.36001607

>> No.36001609

it's time?

>> No.36001610

Reminder that there were people in here who unironically defended Haachama during the Matuli debacle.

>> No.36001611

chammers doesn't give a fuck about Towa they've never even collab before. stream is starting on time

>> No.36001612

Reminder that you faggots endorse tribalists and let them hold the threads hostage. You don’t get to complain.

>> No.36001613


>> No.36001617

Were there? I don't remember seeing any back then.

>> No.36001618


>> No.36001619

Wrong thread shart

>> No.36001621

Finally Red XIII

>> No.36001624

>Schizo shit
>Streaming over our goddess Towa

>> No.36001627

>> No.36001628


>> No.36001633

The dog is talking!!!

>> No.36001634

Complain about what? Also me sorting my garbage is not tribalism.

>> No.36001635

Matsuri is a menhera and Towa a whore.
Haachama is right in both instances.

>> No.36001636

>> No.36001637

It feels like Marine has had the most 3D streams/stream appearances out of any holo, but if that was the case, why does her model still look so bad?

>> No.36001639

>> No.36001640

>> No.36001645

why is she like this

>> No.36001647

>> No.36001648

How is it bad? Muh head too big? You porbably shouldn't be watching anime styled vtubers if you hate big heads.

>> No.36001651

>> No.36001652


>> No.36001654

>> No.36001655

What could've Haachama done to Matsuri? She wasn't even streaming...

>> No.36001656

someone post that one webm

>> No.36001662

fucking lmao

>> No.36001663

who cares about that smoker

>> No.36001664

Why can't you say anything?

>> No.36001665


>> No.36001666

Fucking Towa, streaming over Haachama's meme review.

>> No.36001667


>> No.36001670

>> No.36001671

Wrong thread

>> No.36001672


>> No.36001673

>> No.36001674

Coco is so souless now...

>> No.36001675


>> No.36001677

I want to drink nene water!

>> No.36001680

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.36001681

something about new polka scares me.

>> No.36001683

>> No.36001685

What's the point of graduating Coco if nobody streams 雀魂

>> No.36001686


>> No.36001687

Ninomae Ina'nis...

>> No.36001689

I don't know who the fuck you are. Towafags don't call Towa goddess.

>> No.36001690

That mouth placement,

>> No.36001692

>> No.36001694

Is she really going to stream over our Twapper's birthday live?

>> No.36001695

it's perfect for her

>> No.36001696

Marine sucks at doing 3D streams so she doesn't deserve an upgrade
She is also thinks the model looks good so she would never ask to have it changed and her brain dead fans don't dare to point it out to her either

>> No.36001697

Yeah, that would be me.

>> No.36001698

Yukimin getting uppity

>> No.36001699

>> No.36001701

Because it's hard to explain. Basically whenever she doesn't have a jacket, everything just looks terrible, especially in motion and when next to other holos who all have better models.

>> No.36001702

>> No.36001703

I've never forgive this whore

>> No.36001705

no one? just me?

>> No.36001706


>> No.36001707

So the secret to become buff is a tarantula based diet?

>> No.36001708

why is she so hot aaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.36001711

You keep repeating this but it's really just you hating the model because everyone says it's bad. It's much like everyone repeating that Marine is the worst singer and everyone just believes it.

>> No.36001712


>> No.36001713

I was always embarrassed by Towa's eop's anyway. Give me more jsl and gooks. It's more comfy that way.

>> No.36001716

Wedge is a bro

>> No.36001717

Was Matsuri cute today?

>> No.36001718

Nobody knows the rules

>> No.36001719

>> No.36001721

What is this face trying to convey?

>> No.36001723

She still is.
Please come and watch her...

>> No.36001724

Yukimin are having separation anxiety from Lamy again huh

>> No.36001725

>> No.36001727

>> No.36001729

>> No.36001730

>> No.36001731


>> No.36001732

Ugh with Yukimin, someone post THAT.

>> No.36001733

I've never watched Hololive but I think the gyaru dark elf has a very sexy design.

>> No.36001734

>> No.36001735


>> No.36001736

>> No.36001740

>> No.36001741

>> No.36001742

rab ya onyon

>> No.36001743

Being the cutest as always

>> No.36001744

>> No.36001745


>> No.36001746

>> No.36001748

Have you seen Aki today?
now you have!

>> No.36001750

>> No.36001752

>> No.36001756

I really miss Lamy....

>> No.36001757


>> No.36001758


>> No.36001759 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36001760

anyone feel like they've consumed too much hololive content? it's starting to become mudane if I'm being truthful. I'm planning on killing myself and see what happens

>> No.36001761

>> No.36001762

me on the left

>> No.36001764


>> No.36001765

>> No.36001766


>> No.36001767

>> No.36001770

JP is dead

>> No.36001771

>> No.36001772

if I become Shishiro botan 5 year old who is going to take advantege of me first, Matuli, Fubuki or Lamy

>> No.36001773


>> No.36001775

>> No.36001776

yukimin please I'm sure ramy will have an official delivery soon please be patient

>> No.36001777

Please come watch my wife soon, and give her all the money you got cuz she really needs it.

>> No.36001778

how do I save Nose from maikura?

>> No.36001779

>> No.36001780

get her back into ARK instead

>> No.36001782

>> No.36001784

>> No.36001785

>> No.36001786


>> No.36001787

why doesn't she want her other child...

>> No.36001790

Why do they always draw Botan's feet so big? not complaining though

>> No.36001792

Because she doesn't have other child

>> No.36001798


>> No.36001802

Why Yukicucks spamming images?

>> No.36001803

>> No.36001806

>> No.36001808

Ramy!? where did you bottoms go!?

>> No.36001809

Sometimes moms have better relatioship with their younger child

>> No.36001810

That's Ui's problem

>> No.36001812

I love Lamy

>> No.36001817

>> No.36001818

Subaru's just the neglected middle child. You have the well-adjusted eldest, Okayu, and the adorable youngest child, Ayame. She couldn't make time to care for all three of them.

>> No.36001820


>> No.36001821

She needs them for hunting snow elf and sheep.

>> No.36001822

Meant for >>36001787

>> No.36001824

Today Yukihana Lamy is taking a break from streaming activities, pictures help us cope with the separation from Yukihana Lamy

>> No.36001829

>Welcome to Toway! What can I make for you today?

>> No.36001831


>> No.36001833

Soda ending...

>> No.36001836

Ah, Lamy is fucking her boyfriend today.
I see.

>> No.36001837

I don't think that's legal. In fact, I do think that can be classified as sexual assault.

>> No.36001838

roll me a cigarette

>> No.36001840

>> No.36001841

No diamonds but at least she got her stalagmites

>> No.36001843

HoloRU fucking WHEN

>> No.36001844


>> No.36001845

I love you Aki!

>> No.36001846

no more holos

>> No.36001847

what's happening here?

>> No.36001848

Roberu and Aqua should have a 1 on 1 Mario Kart race. It'd only be right for the two best Mario Kart players in the company to duke it out to see who is REALLY the best. Hoshiyomis need not apply

>> No.36001849

hopefully never

>> No.36001852

Wrong thread beggar

>> No.36001853

Fuck off shart

>> No.36001854

do you expect them to speak english, russian, or japanese, or a mix?

>> No.36001857

Story behind why Towa wrote this?

>> No.36001858

i hope you will not be watching this loud boy

>> No.36001859

>> No.36001860

>> No.36001862

>> No.36001863

hololive is full, fuck off gen 6 beggars

>> No.36001864

>> No.36001865

what's wrong with a competition? Is Aqua not allowed to prove herself because her competitor would have to be a male???

>> No.36001866

>> No.36001867

The subtle lips on these 3D models give me the biggest boner.

>> No.36001868

Now that you put it that way, the real reason why Suisei and Roberu radio collabed was because they're the top Mario Kart players.

>> No.36001872

EN 2....

>> No.36001873

>> No.36001875

Does Okayu have a driver's license?

>> No.36001876

>> No.36001878

>> No.36001879

You are not Akiposter, but thank you

>> No.36001880

>> No.36001881

not a single good post

>> No.36001882

Suisei is NOT the top Mario Kart player, that tournament was RIGGED, Aqua was ROBBED

>> No.36001884

Hello, is this the official yukihana lamy thread?

>> No.36001888

what does aunt sex feels like bros

>> No.36001889

Delete this

>> No.36001890

>> No.36001891

they look fine until you try to do some cat face with them

>> No.36001894

>> No.36001895

We are all Lamy here

>> No.36001899

its here bro >>>/vt/lamy

>> No.36001901

They still look hot in that pic tho

>> No.36001903

The most socially awkward hololive member with the most extroverted holostar, right... now that think about it, fubuki can be really awkward sometimes too but she collabs just fine with him, so idk...

>> No.36001906

Towa must be nervous right now, she's probably smoked a lot already

>> No.36001907


>> No.36001908

This one is pretty good

>> No.36001909

Wrong life beggar

>> No.36001910

WHERE IS ZA LAMY??????????

>> No.36001911

>click link
>lamy transformation fetish thread
o-oh okay..

>> No.36001913


>> No.36001914

yukimins, fight each other to see who deserves Lamy's love

>> No.36001916

>> No.36001917

Rushia of all people is actually religious.

>> No.36001918


>> No.36001919

you're just mad you can't prove this wrong!

>> No.36001921

Yeah she worships my dick

>> No.36001922

Moona Hoshinova
A college girl who works as a model and idol, but later got interested to become a VTuber too. Her face is expressionless by default, but secretly a coward.

>> No.36001925

>> No.36001926

Okayu is driving a bus

>> No.36001927


>> No.36001928


>> No.36001929


>> No.36001933

one shit log on italian, with a side of towa piss please

>> No.36001934

I love Milano Aqua!

>> No.36001935

Okayu playing GTA!

>> No.36001936

Left arm of the forbidden toi

>> No.36001937

How old is Towa?

>> No.36001938

>> No.36001940


>> No.36001941

All aboard the mogu mogu bus, next stop is a painful death in a flaming crash

>> No.36001943

Necromancers fear Jesus Christ.

>> No.36001944


>> No.36001945

she will take your oshi into a haunted house in an off collab

>> No.36001947

christcuckoldry is not the only religion on earth anon

>> No.36001948

move out of the way!

>> No.36001951

well she actually has low IQ and only half of blood vessels going to her brain so it's not really surprising

>> No.36001952

>> No.36001953


>> No.36001954

My wife don't drive so good...

>> No.36001955

FF7 is just full of random bullshit, isn't it?

>> No.36001958

>> No.36001959

this fucking face

>> No.36001961

>> No.36001963

>> No.36001964

I don't think Okayu has a driver's license...

>> No.36001966

She admitted as much. Does this game have a mode where it teaches you how to drive in the first place? They just kind of gave her the bus and set her loose. Many will die.

>> No.36001967

Rushia is so fucking dumb...

>> No.36001968

Why is Okayu driving on the left, Is she retarded?

>> No.36001969


>> No.36001971

You're questioning that and not her driving into oncoming traffic, street signs or other cars?

>> No.36001972

Blond > Blue > White > Red > Black

>> No.36001974

>White > Blond > Blue > White > Red > Black

>> No.36001976

So, where lies white with gradient to blue?

>> No.36001977

drink it

>> No.36001978

as for me, purple women

>> No.36001979

>6/9 are failures

>> No.36001982


>> No.36001985


>> No.36001987


>> No.36001989

>9/9 are in the top 0.1% of all vtubers in earnings and viewers

>> No.36001990

Shit below pink.

>> No.36001991

Should I fap before or after Towa's live?

>> No.36001992


>> No.36001993

Which holo actually has a drivers license?

>> No.36001995


>> No.36001996


>> No.36001997


>> No.36002000

wtf suityan

>> No.36002001

>Rushia also watched Kuru
Why do they have such horrible taste...

>> No.36002002

Aqua with a cute hat!

>> No.36002005


>> No.36002009

Aqua's tour of the server was cute. I used to despise her but I just might subscribe

>> No.36002011

I vote suichan for the holo to most likely be an unironic nazi

>> No.36002013

Noel as someone who has a license should play bus sim and show how it's done right

>> No.36002015

>Not Matenro
Shit taste

>> No.36002018


>> No.36002019

Baby Miko?

>> No.36002021

This game is not a true simulation because there weren't 20 officers waiting at the garage to take her in.

>> No.36002025

Why did you used to despise her?

>> No.36002026

That's because she killed them all

>> No.36002028

farming CCP points.

>> No.36002031

You'll come watch Mel play Minecraft right?

>> No.36002032

I've been a nousagi for a year and a half. I'm officially dropping Pekora today. Like, oh mah gahd, did you see her eating a burger at midnight the other day? She's getting fat!

>> No.36002033

Mannerisms annoyed me and I had a gut feeling she was trouble

>> No.36002034

What the fuck Rushia..............???

>> No.36002035

Moona is a bad influence...

>> No.36002037

She already showed it during gta playthrough

>> No.36002038

I'll cum while watching Mel play Minecraft.

>> No.36002040


>> No.36002044

>Mannerisms annoyed me
>had a gut feeling she was trouble
This one's pretty schizo. I hope you don't do that for any other holos.

>> No.36002046

I kinda like this version of Pekora, she looks so poor... I wanna buy her shoes for 1 dollar, it must be a fortune for her so she'll most certainly agree. Can you imagine the smell of those shoes? there're must be her only pair so she probably wears them everyday...

I wish I had a dollar...

>> No.36002047

The problem is she actually can ez die from her blood vessel thing so better be careful...

>> No.36002051


>> No.36002053

Okayu's smart. She realized that you don't have to slow down for speed bumps if you simply avoid them.

>> No.36002056

>new IP

>> No.36002060

I want to bully her, she's so cute...

>> No.36002063


>> No.36002064

>old IP

>> No.36002066

We hate Miko here.

>> No.36002067


>> No.36002068

Thoughts on my wife?

>> No.36002070

But that's a good thing.

>> No.36002071

Would be nice if she got a wheel and all, I'd be down for comfy eurotruck with Noel

>> No.36002072

>She's getting fat!
excellent, how can we encourage her to eat more?

>> No.36002073


>> No.36002076

Miko runs with Aqua's Crew, and Aqua Crew runs these threads.

>> No.36002077

You got the wrong person.
Pekora doesn't do things like that.

>> No.36002079


>> No.36002081


>> No.36002082

Marine loves Flare

>> No.36002083

This is why I never take the Greyhound

>> No.36002084

would you work as a bus driver if a holo was your dispatcher?

>> No.36002085


>> No.36002087

>Miko runs with Aqua's Crew

She definitely does not.

>> No.36002089

How does a hag manage to be so cute?

>> No.36002090

how to get okayu girlfriend?

>> No.36002093

She should stream more

>> No.36002094

>> No.36002096

make tulpa

>> No.36002097

Take the bus. Make peace with your mortality.

>> No.36002098

Okayu's of such a higher quality as a streamer than Korone it's ridiculous.

>> No.36002099


>> No.36002100

RedXIII red rocket...

>> No.36002101

I'm going to leave my trash behind

>> No.36002102

Be a middle aged Japanese woman larping as a dog on the internet

>> No.36002103

Please don't use my wife to shit on my wife's wife. It's unbecoming.

>> No.36002104

what is chama?

>> No.36002106


>> No.36002107

Look for chubby asians

>> No.36002108


>> No.36002112

No hag should be this cute.

>> No.36002114

Matuli don't look... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPXrFbFmRgs

>> No.36002118

i want to haram this turkey

>> No.36002119

Is she masturbating while typing this or something?

>> No.36002121

she did done good. im proud of her. respect

>> No.36002122


>> No.36002124

I thought it was some fan account at first

>> No.36002126

black asian gay...

>> No.36002127

smug yo

>> No.36002131

What is towa doing with gen5?

>> No.36002132

itsudemo I love you...

>> No.36002133

I had totally forgotten she existed. Her channel has only grown 50k subs since her debut a month ago, what went wrong?

>> No.36002134

Why are you describing Aqua?

>> No.36002135

At the nearest burger joint

>> No.36002136

just how bad is haachama's english.........

>> No.36002138

shit song

>> No.36002143

I am guessing Hoshikawa is using her account.

>> No.36002144

manochan was the smallest gokisei

>> No.36002145

>> No.36002146

What happened after that? I think the archive was erased

>> No.36002148

Eugene's english is cute

>> No.36002150

More Nene please.

>> No.36002152

I still have the leaked are you leady somewhere in my drive. Time flies...

>> No.36002154

Based AquaMiko kizuna!


>> No.36002155

This Nene feels more authentic.

>> No.36002157

australian monster

>> No.36002158


>> No.36002162

whore banpire or loud deaf leech?

>> No.36002163

Hoshikawa wants the Hachama mamas

>> No.36002164

We LOVE Miko here

>> No.36002167

What the fuck?! Are they making fun of the fact that Murasaki Shion is a high school dropout with no future career prospects outside of vtubing?! That's going over the line.

>> No.36002168


>> No.36002169

Whoops, sorry, meant to post this on Reddit

>> No.36002170

It's 2 am and I'm still awaking waiting for Towa's stream, this is what real dedication for your oshi looks like.

>> No.36002171

1 hour Okayu game streams feel like an affront to nature.

>> No.36002172


>> No.36002173

what a menhera scream

>> No.36002174


>> No.36002180

Rushia dont start drinking, please. I dont wanna get beaten up later...

>> No.36002182

where do i buy this

>> No.36002184


>> No.36002185

at the youtube clip store

>> No.36002186

Funny episode.

>> No.36002187


>> No.36002188

Drumroll crash

>> No.36002190

You could have had a healthy 8 hour sleep before her concert, retard.

>> No.36002191


>> No.36002192

>> No.36002193

Haha, yeah that tummy is hilarious. I had to pause and calm myself down every time they showed it because I was laughing so hard.

>> No.36002194

>> No.36002195

Cute episode

>> No.36002196

So, who do you think is going to call today?

>> No.36002197


>> No.36002199


>> No.36002202

Pekora. Screencap this post.

>> No.36002203

This dude >>36002197

>> No.36002206

Please stop calling Shion a high school dropout... I made that shit up around the time she moved but in reality Shion never said she was dropping out of school

>> No.36002208

This slut is so fucking dumb.

>> No.36002209


>> No.36002210

not me definitely

>> No.36002212


>> No.36002213

I think Mio said she was coming? Not sure.

>> No.36002215

in case this ever happens. how will yagoo advertise this?

>> No.36002218

I've been snorting meth since morning retard

>> No.36002221


>> No.36002225


>> No.36002227

Suisei gets the best lewds

>> No.36002228

she will be coming alright

>> No.36002233

schizo arc is back

>> No.36002234

Human experiment?

>> No.36002235

Not Ayame. That's for sure

>> No.36002238

Literally just print it

>> No.36002239

Global is laughing at us guys..

>> No.36002240

Alright fine. She's coming. https://twitter.com/ookamimio/status/1424199903303983104?s=20 She actually might.

>> No.36002241

Lamy always calls
Miko calls if nobody calls

>> No.36002243

abayo chocoball

>> No.36002244

>> No.36002245


>> No.36002246

>> No.36002247

I can't believe Barret is fucking dead forever

>> No.36002248


>> No.36002249

/hlg/ is 35P territory

>> No.36002251

lies or gossip that one speaks has an effect, mainly to go against what is true or what is in reality (both of these mean the same thing)
you can't always undo the damage you've done to someone else, for example if you've destroyed someone's career by lying or gossiping about them, what will you be able to do about that? An apology may help to repair a previously existing relationship, but what does it do for the thing destroyed, namely career in this example?
it is wrong for people to gossip about shion and saying all the things they've said, or the lies and gossip about ayame, etc
this is why it's so important to realize what you're saying even if it seems trivial, even in a place where people shitpost (lie) about hololive

>> No.36002253

Me on the left.

>> No.36002256

>when she sees a shota

>> No.36002257

>> No.36002258

That girl in white t-shirt have very big breast.

>> No.36002259

Towa looks weird

>> No.36002260

suisei miko marine noel flare shion.

>> No.36002262

>I made that shit up
Holy shit, is this the one and only "5 chan" himself?!

>> No.36002265

Noel & Towa

>> No.36002267


>> No.36002268

Sure, next thing you're gonna say is Towa isn't a whore

>> No.36002272

People said this exact thing a year ago too.

>> No.36002273

Subaru said she was interested in attending a bit ago

>> No.36002276

Not so fast, sheep.

>> No.36002279

what have they done to jenova's theme

>> No.36002280

>> No.36002281

It's now phased.

>> No.36002283

Maybe if she doesnt fall sleep. Shes been streaming for a while now and there stills 3 hours more.

>> No.36002284

You'll get the original version soon.

>> No.36002285

Yogiri, Divia, Spade Echo, Doris, Rosalyn and Artia

>> No.36002286

How hard is it to get limited merch? I want to try getting Aqua's but I'm not sure what to expect.

>> No.36002287

The shitpost on 2chan is most likely to have some effect

>> No.36002289

Civia would definitely have called...

>> No.36002290

Ayame will call!

>> No.36002293


>> No.36002297

Make a Geekjack account in case you don’t get it off booth tomorrow

>> No.36002299

Yeah, about that...

>> No.36002300

Oh yeah she's definitely passing out after that yawn. So fucking cute

>> No.36002302

>How hard is it
You won't get it, especially if it's a really popular Holo like Aqua since it'll sell out in like 2 seconds

>> No.36002303

Butchered, like the rest of the game.

>> No.36002305

Aqua is one of the few people she would actually willingly call.

>> No.36002306

Even Flare's sold out within minutes so it's really hard and entirely down to luck. If you don't have everything prepared when the orders go up you will NOT make it so make sure you can complete the order.

>> No.36002307

nearly impossible if you live outside of japan. you have to not only beat out hardcore japanese fans but jump through a bunch of hoops to order it and get it shipped - all before stocks run out.

i'm not saying don't try it, just expect to fail.

>> No.36002311

She also said Coco was her favorite.

>> No.36002312

She never saw it, never liked it, never retweeted it. LOL

>> No.36002318

Rushia is going to stream her house

>> No.36002320

Don't pay attention to the stream spend the entire hour relentlessly refreshing the page until can make the purchase.
Be sure to have your information already registered on booth so you don't have to enter it

>> No.36002321

Based onyon.

>> No.36002322

...and maybe badmouth her afterwards with her chinese followers... what does Towa think about one china policy?

>> No.36002323

In Booth? Very hard, almost impossible. Geekjack gives you another chance but it also sells out relatively fast, but as long as you have everything ready, there's a good chance you can get one from there.

>> No.36002324

She hasn't done anything special. The vsinger label is worthless when she mostly plays video games like everyone else.
They should've given her a 3D from the start and shove her into concerts outside of the company.

>> No.36002325

>bakatare's stream at the same time as aqua
i thought bakatare was supportive to everyone...

>> No.36002326

Nomura really raped the shit out of this game. Fucking cancer.

>> No.36002327

the words that you would use to describe the majority of the game's music are:
it's very different from the original, as is the gameplay, as is the story........

booth only allows shipping to a japanese address so you should get that ready at first, along with payment information as other anons have said

>> No.36002328

Towa is a chinese

>> No.36002329

>but jump through a bunch of hoops to order it and get it shipped - all before stocks run out.
That doesn't matter

>> No.36002331

Towa is the main show of today.

>> No.36002334

Make account on shop.geekjack so you don't have to spend time filling address and stuff. Refresh a lot.

>> No.36002335


>> No.36002340

No, Bibi is the communist.

>> No.36002341

and from what I remember she noticed Iofi's drawing instead.

>> No.36002342

My peepee got hard after watching that, am I gay?

>> No.36002343

Holos playing Ar Tonelico... when...

>> No.36002345

Cute A-chan

>> No.36002349

Ar Tonelico HD for Steam/Switch or AT4 when?
Soistation need not apply.

>> No.36002350

I remember that day. there was a takopa

>> No.36002355

A what?

>> No.36002357

Spam korone chat with red supachat.
for me i want azki-suisei duet singing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHmBtQd4TC0
Suisei - risu is fine too.

>> No.36002358


>> No.36002359

Wow, oh wow. Overseas bros: Disgusting!

>> No.36002360


>> No.36002362

>Remaking and re-releasing ArNosurge that was already decently playable on the Vita for steam instead
What the fuck were they thinking

>> No.36002365

It was only censored on Steam too. Fucking Gayben

>> No.36002370

No pantsu Rushia....

>> No.36002371

If you're really serious about getting it, prepare accounts on both BOOTH and GeekJack (the new site, shop.geekjack.net). Add something to your cart and go through the whole checkout process until right before you confirm the payment, then cancel it, so you already have all your payment details and addresses set up.
For BOOTH, you need to use a forwarding service that gives you a Japanese address, NOT a proxy (like the built in Buyee). Even the best proxy services take a few minutes to order the product for you, by the time they do that, it will be sold out.
There's a list of forwarding services here you can use: https://www.buyfags.moe/Proxy_and_forwarding_services

>> No.36002373


>> No.36002375

Threadly reminder to the Gokicucks in /jp/

>> No.36002376

Bought Miko's limited, I couldn't get it on booth and barely got it on geekjack because of a glitch or something. Both sold out in like a minute.

>> No.36002378

really tell about how much of a cunt she's when even the most inoffensive holos don't care about her birthday

>> No.36002379

Plot ghost strikes again

>> No.36002380


>> No.36002382

>her birthday
Good job on outing yourself, nijinigger..

>> No.36002383

His faces are honestly alright and not vomit-inducing repulsively disgusting when he's not drawing them having sex.

>> No.36002384

Wtf that looks fairly decent

>> No.36002385

>A-chan skipping Haato's schizo shit
Based, fuck this slut.

>> No.36002387

this haachama sunday was so fucking good

>> No.36002388

It’s the only time he puts effort into it.

>> No.36002389


>> No.36002390

President Shinra death is way better than the off screen stabbing in the original

>> No.36002391

This Rufus fight is at least a little cool.

>> No.36002392

why is this thread so slow now?

>> No.36002394

He's really good when he doesn't fuck everything up by cumming all over his tablet.

>> No.36002397

Everyone is busy watching Meru, the cutest.

>> No.36002398


>> No.36002400

>tfw just got through experiencing getting abducted by an female cult, got provoked into going full menhera and killed some people
>keep hearing the cult leader's voice
Anything interesting happen today or the same ol' same ol'?

>> No.36002401


>> No.36002403


>> No.36002404

WTF is this slut doing?

>> No.36002407


>> No.36002408

Is chibi-Ame canon?

>> No.36002409

Her best.

>> No.36002410

oh god I hope met comes

>> No.36002411

The ghosts are basically OGfags

>> No.36002412

>> No.36002414


>> No.36002418

Suisei retweeted it so she will probably appear

>> No.36002419

please explain what she meant, i cannot speak japanese.

>> No.36002420

Please watch Mel helping me get to work

>> No.36002422

>Another good episode
Cover finally hire a real writer for Hologra?

>> No.36002423


>> No.36002425

why the fuck does rufus have a fucking laser rifle
he only wielded a shotgun, why's there a fucking laser rifle??????
is this star wars?
is pekora playing final fantasy 7: the revenge of mako company???????

>> No.36002428

You're a pig farmer?

>> No.36002430

Even Towa talks about Towa looking dumb...

>> No.36002431

Laser rifle is whatever but keep in mind Rufus is currently tanking hits from someone chockful of Jenova juice, he sure as shit wasn't supposed to be that fucking strong in the original game.

>> No.36002434


>> No.36002436

Congrats, you're arrived at your workplace safely.

>> No.36002438

What the fuck did they do to this game? How was Japan okay with this?

>> No.36002439


>> No.36002441

two heads = two faced
two faced = four eyes
Ame is Roboco.

>> No.36002442

Why the fuck wasn't Kanata attacking?

>> No.36002445

Japs dont care about 7 that much, only gaijin do

>> No.36002447

>loud as fuck kanatan lost her hardcore mincraft faster than polka

>> No.36002451

Pretending you played the original? There is plenty of lasers and bullshit weapons in the original. Barret as Satellite that shoots lasers from orbit, Matra magic lets you shoot missiles out of your ass Reno pulls magical triangles etc

>> No.36002452

It's not Dragon Quest.

>> No.36002456


>> No.36002457

Blame copyright

>> No.36002458

Shutup nerd, this is cool as fuck.

>> No.36002461

>everything in 7 remake is literally just all those ideas kinase had in mind for the original game but got shutdown by Nomura and the suits back then

>> No.36002462

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3l8iBPpQGsw [Embed]
Holy shit, why does Niji collabs have such better chemistry than Hololive?

>> No.36002463

konkanata my dick you loud fuck

>> No.36002467

The best part about it is Nomura lives rent-free in everyone's heads so Kitase can change whatever the fuck he wants and won't bear the blame for it.

>> No.36002468

I love Pomu!

>> No.36002469

go back

>> No.36002472


>> No.36002473

Can cover hire her back? The rest except Gokishit are fine, but cover really need Artia to be back.

>> No.36002474

I WILL not submit to pomu and you cant make me

>> No.36002475


>> No.36002478

>oh no my game where the main cast has a man with a gun-arm, a robot moogle piloted by a robot cat and a vampire is not realist anymore!

>> No.36002480


>> No.36002482

nice subscriber count

>> No.36002483

Reminder that Cloud was also a schizo and needed his meds.

>> No.36002484

>aqua, rushia and okayu

>> No.36002486


>> No.36002488

god I want to ravage Mio

>> No.36002489

Huh it's really an important announcement this time

>> No.36002490

cloud was NOT a schizo and the meds WERE the problem

>> No.36002492


>> No.36002493


>> No.36002496

Seething Holobrony

>> No.36002498

Why is Aqua the tallest

>> No.36002499

Take your meds Cloud. Mother is waiting for us.

>> No.36002500


>> No.36002501

Will Shion include a skit of her cucking Aqua with Okayu? Signs say yes.

>> No.36002503


>> No.36002504

Standing on Coco's corpse

>> No.36002505

You WILL become Jenova

>> No.36002508

It’s nice of Coco to help Aqua even after her dead.

>> No.36002510

It's actually going to be with Rushia

>> No.36002511

why is this on a weekday. I'm gonna have the take the day off. damn timezones...

>> No.36002512


>> No.36002514

Shion loves Aqua a little too much.

>> No.36002516

Then they could all be happy!

>> No.36002518

>Guns and robots and other modern tech
Which part of it is fantasy??

>> No.36002521

That's why its the final one

>> No.36002522

Artia is the real project hope

>> No.36002524

I've been a Coco anti since her debut and I've never posted on /pol/

>> No.36002525

It's magitech

>> No.36002526

You're ignoring the final part.

>> No.36002527

the hairstyles, duh

>> No.36002529

Ikr. It's so unfair that she's struggling penniless, eating cup noodles everyday. While the JP whores gets to live okay and happy.

>> No.36002530

Please be bait.

>> No.36002532

>> No.36002533

Nonono, it’s totally Aqua’s love for Shion that is too big to be contained inside a normal sized picture.

>> No.36002534

Canonically speaking Rushia is the shortest of the lot, the only JP holo shorter than her is Luna.
Okayu though, she is definitely taller than Aqua.

>> No.36002535

It's been magitech ever since FFVI, only on FF9 they went back to the fantasy land.

>> No.36002536

Artia is way better than those JP whores and EN twitchthots.

Cover should hire her back and stop hiring thots like Coco and those in EN. Except for Ina, who’s actually really boring, the rest are cringy as fuck and should be graduated. I’m here to watch Vtubers, not whores from twitch.

I have not seen anyone who is comparable to Artia.

>> No.36002537

>Guns and robots and cellphones
>Yet some electronic & power company still thinks there's some unexplored part of the planet

>> No.36002538

Is this what smellfags really think?

>> No.36002543

i have not had an oshi since her... this shit just hasnt been the same

>> No.36002545

penetrating the towa...

>> No.36002546

I'm actually surprised SE hasn't approached them and asked for the girls to shill the pixel remasters. but seriously, who fucking asked for these remasters? Literally the only justifiable one is the remaster is III because the remake is essentially a different game like the DS version of 4 and the 2D remake/remaster of 3 for the wonder swan was never released

>> No.36002548

what do you call cloud when he stops using his hair gel?

>> No.36002550


>> No.36002553

Music is nice at least.
But really, Sora needs to continue her let's play of FFX.

>> No.36002554

Truly the pinnacle of Vtubing. I miss her.

>> No.36002555

Go fund her roommate's first class plane tickets and five star hotels with steak

>> No.36002556

Oh yeah, literally the reason she come back from the dead

>> No.36002557

Should I fap now or wait for towa's live?

>> No.36002558

>> No.36002560


>> No.36002562

Unironically loved her.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFmafcoUPqI [Embed]

>> No.36002563

Why are they like this?

>> No.36002564

>stops liking pekomiko fanart
>starts liking pekomoona fanart
35ps... not like this.

>> No.36002565


>> No.36002566

>new IP

>> No.36002568

Unironically fuck off.

>> No.36002569

I love her too, but she dug her own grave when she spent $50 on hotel steak and spent thousands of dollars for a business class plane ticket to go back to her shitty country, then blamed the great US of A for her troubles when she should be realizing that she's been brainwashed into thinking the CCP is anything but a complete shitshow.

>> No.36002570

Astel is so small.

>> No.36002571

Stop ban evading.

>> No.36002574

>old IP

>> No.36002576


>> No.36002577

Is Artia really a traitor? She seems charming and friendly

>> No.36002578

Cool and cute Twap...

>> No.36002579

a dead god

>> No.36002580

Mio's height is inconsistent...Fukkireta lists her as 160 cm but there's other sources that say 155 cm. Her 3D model is also bigger than a lot of them.

>> No.36002581


>> No.36002583


"You called me baba before... yabai, i might tell the whole story"

Anons help me i found this video a few days ago and that dude claims on the comments of the original that he fucked peko, is the "story" she was about to tell about an offpako or am i just overthinking it and that dude is just bullshitting for clout?

>> No.36002586

The coolest...

>> No.36002587

>implying new IP or old IPs make a difference
You're all shitposters, don't start larping as a good poster now, faggot.

>> No.36002589

I don't get it. Polka's boyfriend is fucking another guy? First of all, how did Polka get someone to love her with her body size? Secondly, he's a faggot?

>> No.36002590

This is why character heights should be at least close to roommate height, makes all 3d interaction more accurate and just better

>> No.36002591

Go fuck yourself, Murrilard

>> No.36002592

The Fukkireta has several errors in it. I wouldn't use it as a source of information.

>> No.36002593

Do u rely beleeb it?

>> No.36002595

This list is a lie
Amane Gorilla is taller than most holo for some reason

>> No.36002597


>> No.36002598

Don't show this to the 35browns.

>> No.36002600

Your posts are still really boring.

>> No.36002601

Imagine what would happen if he get within arm's reach of Choco.

>> No.36002602


>> No.36002604

Stop ban evading.

>> No.36002606

Can't be a traitor unless you had allegiance to begin with.

>> No.36002608

So japs loves shotas as they are as tall as them

>> No.36002609

Yeah, now that I look at it there's a few differences.

>> No.36002612

Take your meds

>> No.36002613

Fuck off char

>> No.36002614

Why aren't you watching Towa?

>> No.36002615

>Overlaps Nene's forced costume change
>Overlaps Flare the other day
>Overlaps Noel and probably Aqua for a "English learning stream"
Jesus Mori

>> No.36002616

stop trying to make this seem like a relationship, they will literally never acknowledge each other's existence after the tournament.

>> No.36002617

I'm watching my oshi play minecraft

>> No.36002618

fucking stop, you're making me spit my drink

the modern tech bit
or did you miss all the stuff people have been doing with MAKO ENERGY

>> No.36002619

Honestly the 3D models are a mess when it comes to heights.
Marine is tiny, Kanata is way taller than the stated height, Mio, as you said, is huge, etc.

>> No.36002620

She really doesn't care about hololive at all

>> No.36002621

Mio would then be shorter than Towa. Cute but I wouldn't know what to make of it.

>> No.36002622

Why is Kanatan using Megalovania as BGM?

>> No.36002625

Towa isn't streaming and more importantly my oshi is streaming.

>> No.36002628

Not Hololive

>> No.36002629

Watame isn't overlapping anybody

>> No.36002630

It's already time for the last boss

>> No.36002632

Yeah I'm sure it would cut back Buttons coolness in 3d too, if you took away her height

>> No.36002634

But your oshi is Towa

>> No.36002638

Oh yeah I forgot. But she's still not streaming...

>> No.36002640


>> No.36002642

I think you all should get a real girlfriend and have sex

>> No.36002643

No, it is correct, the heights are stated in the official website.
The problem is with the 3D model as some other anons already pointed out.

>> No.36002646

Wouldn't it be funny if the meme review got more views than Twappi's birthday live

>> No.36002647

Towa is going to be so cool tonight...

>> No.36002649

the FFVII remake is fucking garbage and final fantasy has been dead since 12 (being generous, it was the beginning of the end)

>> No.36002651


>> No.36002653

kill this thread I need to post towa...

>> No.36002657

>R18doujinshi author
What a great "translation"

>> No.36002659

also, I wasn't watching pekora earlier, but did jenova kill anybody and was there any blood or did they remove all of that?

>> No.36002660

VI was the last good FF

>> No.36002662

Is it cool though? isn't nintendo a bitch about all thier stuff?

>> No.36002665

Yeah but it wont because Towas waiting room already has twice as many people waiting.

>> No.36002666

you aren't me

>> No.36002667


>> No.36002668

Mods are asleep. Post Twap

>> No.36002669

TowArs... doko?

>> No.36002674

>> No.36002675

>> No.36002677


>> No.36002679

>> No.36002680

I made a mistake and tuned in to Kanata's stream without turning down the volume beforehand. Where do I send the bill for my upcoming ear surgery?

>> No.36002681

of course I'm not you, I'm just asking based off the people who allegedly watched the jenova bits and likely the stuff before as well whether jenova killed anybody
I'm leaning towards no

>> No.36002682

I really like these promo MVs that they're doing for the 3D lives now. Aqua's was really cute and Shion's is very sexy and cool.

>> No.36002683

>Haachama is trying to sell her merch again
Why can't she just be normal?

>> No.36002686

Nanaki is kinda cute

>> No.36002687


>> No.36002690


>> No.36002691

She needs to fund her vacation starting next week. Please understand.

>> No.36002692

Undertale's an indie game. Pretty sure Toby Fox is chill with people using his music.

>> No.36002693


>> No.36002695

Most of Yonkisei will be there.

>> No.36002696

it was dead after 10

>> No.36002697


>> No.36002698

>> No.36002699

>> No.36002700

back to /v/ with your shit taste

>> No.36002702

yoasobi is for menheras zzzz

>> No.36002703

you're kinda cute anon

>> No.36002704

Ok Nanaki's smile is cute

>> No.36002706


>> No.36002707

then don't continue replying with an "also, I"

>> No.36002708


>> No.36002709

haachama > towa

>> No.36002710

Clap, Clap,

>> No.36002712

It's TWEET time!

>> No.36002713


>> No.36002714

Towa loves Haachama!

>> No.36002715

Based fps_shaka streaming over Towa

>> No.36002716


it's the concert announcement

>> No.36002717


>> No.36002719

I-I'm not! B-but thanks..///

>> No.36002721

*knocks over the 3D studio streaming PC*

>> No.36002722


>> No.36002726

pagpag was extra shitty today huh

>> No.36002727

Peko will finish the game later.

>> No.36002728


>> No.36002730

Gonna watch shitdit review for the first time just to spite towafags peko

>> No.36002731


>> No.36002733

hey boy, wanna go on a trolley ride together?

>> No.36002734

Towa needs to move to another time slot. This is so disrespectful to Haachama.

>> No.36002736

A concert announcement on a concert?

>> No.36002738

oh, I didn't read the tweet
it's the goods then

>> No.36002739

>Haachama streaming over a birthday live
WTF is wrong with this schizo?

>> No.36002740

I don't know why I saw the ugly ojisan as Watame for a split second based on the thumbnail. I think it's because I thought the hair looked like horns

>> No.36002741

people keep sucking off FF12 for whatever reason even though everything was beige and it started that awful action/turn based hybrid battle system trend

>> No.36002742

Twap replied to Nose... Sio... Doko...

>> No.36002743

What's the name of the girl with the purple hair again?

>> No.36002744

Subaru commits perjury

>> No.36002745

*rapes bibi*
Nothign personal

>> No.36002746

Gotta get that EOP reddit money quick before she leaves for a month again.

>> No.36002747


>> No.36002748

you're pomu

captcha PP2V0

>> No.36002751

She didn't even come to Matsuri's concert and you're expecting her to care about others not even in her own gen?

>> No.36002752


>> No.36002754


>> No.36002755

Next hiatus incoming. She needs those superchats.

>> No.36002756

Imagine if Nose showed up at the live

>> No.36002757


>> No.36002759


>> No.36002760


>> No.36002761

Will you watch AsaAme?

>> No.36002762

She cares about Aqua!

>> No.36002763

Get mogged, SEAnigger kenzoku

>> No.36002764


>> No.36002765

Unfortunately I don't think any of Towa's non-holo friends have 3D. Except for, you know. And Reona.

>> No.36002766

I am preparing for Towa

>> No.36002767


>> No.36002768

First Flare yesterday now Noel, Pekora really hates the rest of sankisei huh

>> No.36002769

I am more mad that she bring up schizoshit again desu
Towa had her live overlapped waaaay too many times anyway

>> No.36002772

Ok but show me your pubes first

>> No.36002774


>> No.36002775

>Towa makes a conscious effort to never overlap any important events
>Her events always get overlapped

>> No.36002778

Pre recorded

>> No.36002779

Towa is too kind...

>> No.36002780


>> No.36002781

She just needs make it so that overlapping has consequences

>> No.36002782


>> No.36002783

Forcibly have sex with me, Merumeru...

>> No.36002784

Shishiron is the tallest JP. I'm honestly a little surprised

>> No.36002786

whose fanmark is the angry purple horned emoji?

>> No.36002787

burger woman HATES hololive.

>> No.36002788


>> No.36002789

She's a good girl. Her good deeds will not go unrewarded.

>> No.36002790

What color are Towa's pubes?

>> No.36002791

I can't believe Towa is going to graduate Haato's manager over this...

>> No.36002793

Tonight I will remind them
>Sankisei outside Pekora
A literal prostitute, a tranny, a menhera whore, and an irrelevant failure. Sounds like something out of vshitshow. It is kind of sad that this what Hololive has become, I feel bad for Peko having to deal with four mistakes.

>> No.36002794


>> No.36002795

10 already was a piece of shit

>> No.36002799

Mel just sneezed directly into my mouth TWICE

>> No.36002800

I don't know who is who...

>> No.36002802

The carpet matches the drapes

>> No.36002806

Twapper, the manager killer.

>> No.36002807

>haatons doing everything in their might to derail the thread
you can't make this shit up

>> No.36002808

>I feel bad for Peko having to deal with four mistakes
You can't talk about her ears like that, anon

>> No.36002809

This. People like shitting on 13 for being linear, but 10 was just as linear.

>> No.36002811

The last good final fantasy game was 6, when it went to playstation it became movie garbage. 9 tried to salvage it, but it was already too far gone and only good in comparison to 7 and 8 which are trashfires.

>> No.36002812

Seethe Kenzocuck

>> No.36002814

So can somebody tldr me what actually happened to rushia?

>> No.36002815

>10 was just as linear
10 was a pilgramage track that you can go forwards and backwards on. In 13 you couldn't even revisit locations.

>> No.36002816

Seeth Kenzocuck

>> No.36002818

Sensing danger, I climb inside Towa's mouth. Until danger decides to leave, here I will remain

>> No.36002820


>> No.36002821

is she the only creative EN member? other girls' contents are so dry

>> No.36002825

>Kenzophaggots wonder why they're not welcome on /hlg/
kek, based Chammers mogs these SEAniggers all day its great

>> No.36002826

She's the only creative hololive member besides Coco and Haachama.

>> No.36002827

She's more creative than all of JP

>> No.36002828

>Towa is already in her chat.

>> No.36002829

>It is kind of sad that this what Hololive has become
Falsefalgger-kun, you should do your research because current Hololive is heavily nerfed and used to be much more drastic.

>> No.36002832

schizoshit is more valuable to her than her colleagues, like Festival showed everyone

>> No.36002833

Mel is cute...

>> No.36002835

Towa is a whore who smokes. Then again y'all already knew that kek

>> No.36002836

If Haachama would overlap Watame, her knees would get smashed the next day (in Minecraft)

>> No.36002837


>> No.36002838

I will watch everything except play, singing, talk

>> No.36002839


>> No.36002840


>> No.36002841


>> No.36002843


>> No.36002844

Towa isn't loud enough.

>> No.36002845

Holos who will ignore Towa today?

>> No.36002847

Kiara is the only good EN

>> No.36002848


>> No.36002849

cope, SEAnigger

>> No.36002851

None that will live to tell the tale

>> No.36002852

No, seriously, don't.

>> No.36002854

Because Haato is a two faced whore who doesn't care about anyone but herself. Already unsubbed and will make sure to be an active anti of hers until she graduates.

>> No.36002855


>> No.36002856

Akai Haato and Haachama

>> No.36002857

Imagine being a Towaschizo.

>> No.36002859

I was pretty sympathetic towards Haato before but if she seriously streams over Towa, I'm gonna be mad.

>> No.36002860


>> No.36002861

Who's birthday is it again?

>> No.36002862

Too loud!

>> No.36002863


>> No.36002864

Haato better be pushing her fucking stream back or I'll become an anti.
read the fucking room.

>> No.36002865


>> No.36002866


>> No.36002867

sora cute

>> No.36002869


>> No.36002870

Why the fuck should Hachaama give a shit about some backstabbing bitches's birthday?

>> No.36002871

no one cares about towa

>> No.36002872

How old is twap? is she finally 18?

>> No.36002873


>> No.36002874


>> No.36002875


>> No.36002876


>> No.36002877


>> No.36002879


>> No.36002880

He's been doing that the whole day, in multiple threads even.

>> No.36002881

Was that the 3rd attempt?

>> No.36002882

I hope we get another HoloBand

>> No.36002883


>> No.36002884

She's 17!

>> No.36002885

>Bakatare overlapping Aqua's shit

>> No.36002886

this twap thing was just a meme so why the hell I'm waking up so early for this Towa girl

>> No.36002887

3rd one today

>> No.36002889


>> No.36002890

>Astel and Rikka streaming over Towa
Huh, I thought Towa is friends with holostars

>> No.36002892

X Had towns, stores, and you could go back to read different dialogues from the npc. XIII didn't had any of that. X is the most beloved FF game in Japan and second most popular around the world. XIII is disliked everywhere.

>> No.36002894

She is a cute devil who has stolen our hearts

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