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Be a good boy and don't let all that wine go to waste.

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You have to drink ALL the wine, guys!

>> No.36010733

but I don't like wine?

>> No.36010738

Stupid goat's fur probably smells like wine

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How old is she?

>> No.36010749

Great, isn't it?

>> No.36010770

I want a lilim sandwich.

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Evil foxes make for the best housewives.

>> No.36010814

I want to wake up in some old hags house

>> No.36010825

Breed dragons

>> No.36010833

Being a cheshire cat's trad-husband!

>> No.36010841

What's the kind of monstergirl that would immediately fall head over heels for a man and melt in their presence?

>> No.36010850

very old ones who haven't been outside in decades or more

>> No.36010859

every slime

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I want to meet up with a bunch of monster girls at a glory hole and play pregnancy roulette.

>> No.36010870

Is that like Amazon's tradhusband or what?

>> No.36010872

I want a Kiki to make me a sandwich.

>> No.36010885

Being a tradhusband to a Cheshire means being the straightman in the comedy duo.

>> No.36010920

Imagine getting to lick their assholes and taste their pussies every day.
Imagine getting to shove your tongue into their mouths in deep, passionate kisses.
Imagine getting the exclusive right to breed the daughters of the demon lord 24/7.
Imagine getting to grab them by their horns and pound their asses into the ground as you fuck their pussies into submission.
Imagine getting to rape their sensitive spade tails.
Imagine getting to grope their voluptuous breasts and pinch their milky nipples.
Imagine getting to interlock your fingers with theirs as you hold hands together, walking down the street, with their heads nuzzled up against your neck

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>> No.36010930

I can't be a straightman because I ain't a straight man

>> No.36010944

i want the blueberry milk

>> No.36010978


Prove me wrong

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I'd melt in her arms and fall head over heals for her everyday when I see this smile of pure happiness on her face holding the egg of our daughteru

>> No.36011056

Okay but what about her

>> No.36011079

If you and your wife lived with her sister (who is single but not romantically into you, for now at least) would you cook for her too?

>> No.36011092

Yeah I guess. Makes a good impression and you'd want to keep the family in good terms.

>> No.36011100

Haha oops! I can't stop thinking about making my black harpy wife happy and putting a smile on her face. She gets extra lovey dovey during mating season. So cute!! I reward her with lots of kisses and hopefully, God willing, a daughteru!

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Of course. I love cooking and one extra head wouldn't be a problem. I'm sure she would find her man soon or later and move out. Until then i look after her. Wife doesn't mind it either.

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purple tongues are good

>> No.36011176

can ghosts give birth?

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damn dude, you got me. i'm so mad and such

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>> No.36011251

How do I wake up a dormouse? I tried everything from kissing to creampies and she’s still sleeping

>> No.36011255

i like demons better than angles

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Leave her alone at the house without telling her where you're going. She'll track you down, so that she can fall asleep in your arms

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>> No.36011319

Does she really need her claws to draw?

>> No.36011343

Why do you want to become a sex slave?

>> No.36011349

Fuck off

>> No.36011399

Why do hags show off so much skin? Especially when they don't even bother to work out that much? You're supposed to get beach body ready before summer

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>> No.36011421

why, because their clock is ticking and they need someone

>> No.36011503

remember anon, don't go near weird vans

>> No.36011506

Gentlemen, it's a nuclear device. Time is running out.

>> No.36011531

>cursed nuke hag holds an order city hostage by threatening to go off if she isn't given a man

>> No.36011574

Don't forget to leave home without a pocket Yeti!

>> No.36011577

But do hags really have to try hitting on younger boys? It's so strange. Their advances would be unwelcome surely.

>> No.36011594

I'd gladly would have married a hag

>> No.36011609

i don't know a lot of eligible methuselahs

>> No.36011624

>at work
>feel a little sad
>put finger in shirt pocket
>feel tiny yeti hug
>get the energy of 1000 men

>> No.36011638

you telling me you would have ignored this, if you were a young boy?

>> No.36011649

What good are some flabby hags?

>> No.36011676

I am sorry, that you are gay anon, but let me explain. Imagine all that woman on you

>> No.36011689

Yukari is a rapist and men who were almost her victims or victims of other monsters need to speak out on monster-on-human-male rape.
Please, speak out about it, please, bring awareness.

>> No.36011703

Would a Lamia need heat lamps around their house?

>> No.36011753

>defense attorney is visibly turned on and asking for more details as you point to places on a doll where the old snake touched you

>> No.36011757

All that useless meat on her breasts, thighs, and that muffin top just speak of a lady who's a has been. Additionally, preying on men younger than her by several (hundred) years is unbecoming.

Something needs to be done about this hag problem!

>> No.36011775

>All that useless meat on her breasts, thighs, and that muffin top
tell me how I know you are a filthy bahpo slut and if they is a problem, then just let them get hubbies as soon a possible and there, no more single hags

>> No.36011784

Why is she so perfect?
I'd commit to a life of farming just to have merino

>> No.36011797

>the doll is also horny listening to what you are saying as well getting ready to rape you too

>> No.36011842

This may sound (and probably is) retarded, but ever since i finished reading Magus's Anon long ass story i feel kind of empty regarding MGE stuff
Waiting for new chapters and figuring out where the story would go next was actually great, as someone who gets the most enjoyment out of MGE by reading now i can't fill the gap even if there's some new pretty good writers that have come out since then like Legitwho
It's unrealistic to hope for it but i hope down the line another big serie like that eventually pops out
In the meanwhile if Magus is among us, looking forward to the alternate ending whenever it gets done and thanks for the work put into the setting

>> No.36011856

You're their heat lamp

>> No.36011864

I will find them!
I will capture them!
And no one will ever be raped again!

>> No.36011873 [SPOILER] 

I got you a gift

>> No.36011889

just gonna close that gift box

>> No.36011897

That's a big vampire.

>> No.36011898

>> No.36011911


>> No.36011912

Big vampires need big ball gags. Don't wanna get bittin by sum dang hag.

>> No.36011916

The best kind of gift.

>> No.36011982

I want a penguin to keep me warm

>> No.36011990

>"Ha ha! I have decided to spoil you today with a taste of a more 'mature' flavor my favorite servant."
>"I must say I cut as regal a figure in this form as much as I do in my more normal form don't I?"

>> No.36011994

remember to always say thanks to your rapists for saving you from a life of loneliness

>> No.36011997

You have no idea how dense I was before I turned 25.

>> No.36012034

Gentlemen, I've dumped a vat of catnip in the local Jinko apartment building for science.

>> No.36012052

Everyone talks about riding on a centaur's back, but what about riding an Ushi's back?

>> No.36012063

>anon can't hear her as he just has the words "must breed" in his head
you call that an experiment, I just sent my local hags pics of empty egg cartons and my location. I also tied myself up very well as well entered a maze with puzzles to solve to see how smart the hags are

>> No.36012106

>Little too good at hide and seek
>Neighbor hellhound girl thought I was trying to ditch her
>Even though I was hiding in an abandoned trapdoor ushi-oni hole
>Get dragged all the way to her bedroom but her mom calls her down for something
How do I calm her down so she doesn't beat me up?

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>> No.36012125

no hiding from that nose

>> No.36012126

Roll her onto her back, flip her shirt up and rub her belly.

>> No.36012132 [SPOILER] 

I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin' with a dead man
I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin' with a dead man over my shoulder
Don't run away it's only me

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>> No.36012147

She's full of charisma, yes.

>> No.36012163

she really needs to stop gripping the walls like that. between that and buying her custom made bras, im broke

>> No.36012181

Who are those foxes?

>> No.36012182

also works great on shogs

>> No.36012201

but I don't want to I want to destroy the sky

>> No.36012210

From left to right: Kaga, Amagi, and Kaga, as portrayed in the mobile game Azur Lane

>> No.36012218

make up your mind

>> No.36012222

Tight muscular ogre pussy>Any other flabby loose monster pussy

>> No.36012224

Anyone who isn't thinking that has something wrong with them.

Quite full of it.
praise her, she has earned it!

>> No.36012229

I did I decided that I want to destroy the sky

>> No.36012231

Anything for the mistress of the mansion.

>> No.36012239

Belly rubs are a surefire way to insta-loss canine and feline girls. Though be warned, in the case of the latter, the perk that unlocks belly rubs doesn't come until you've advanced your relationship with her. Whereas with canine girls, belly rubs are automatically unlocked when the two of you because a couple.

It's also important to note that for higher leveled species like hellhounds; the insta-loss effect of belly rubs only lasts as long as you can keep it up. The moment you stop, the effect wears off, and she'll seek revenge on you... sexual revenge.

>> No.36012251

Fk hell dogs, learn already that rape is bad!

>> No.36012274

If my hands get tired can I just rub my dick against their stomach to insta-loss them?

>> No.36012299

No, touching a monster with your dick like that in a provocative manner doesn't insta-loss them. It insta-losses you! It guarantees immediate rape

>> No.36012317

There needs to be more mge touhou

>> No.36012326

Clueless knights invade a monster girl area.

>> No.36012354

Is helltaker still a thing or did everyone move on?

>> No.36012359

what's to talk about that hasn't already been said? i like chicks in suits.

>> No.36012371

>mg brothel
whats the point? any single guy would be snatched up in the streets before they can get close. buffet is the only way to stay in business

>> No.36012417

I need a dark mage tall enough to do this without turning me into a shota.

>> No.36012436

it's okay, but you basically need to headcanon romance into it because of how mean everyone is in the game/comics

>> No.36012506


>> No.36012536

Any dark mage can use the loophole in your reasoning by increasing their own size instead.

>> No.36012621

I love yetis so much.

>> No.36012638

they love you

>> No.36012659

Is this a diagram from Druella's sex ed book?

>> No.36012678

you do know what they say, those who can't do, teach

>> No.36012697

Reject yetis, embrace whitehorns

>> No.36012704

drew it herself

>> No.36012707

i like the pop-up book part where you move the paper tabs and they start fucking

>> No.36012722

Get off the computer, Yukari. We know you get less action than Kanako

>> No.36012731

>it's a fumo doll

>> No.36012738


>> No.36012755

A white horn is fine too.

>> No.36012785

how do get less action than zero?

>> No.36012788

only winter ladies i would settle for are whitehorns, wendis and tsuraras

>> No.36012806

I can't stand the cold, I like the heat better

>> No.36012824

Good thing global warming is gonna make you more happy, then.

>> No.36012833

Its funny you should mention that...

>> No.36012856

NTA but why?

>> No.36012868


>> No.36012892

Who dis?

>> No.36012912

the civilized p'orc

>> No.36012916

Fuck you and fuck the heat
>To cool down you have to turn the air conditioning up paying more in your electric bill
>You can only take so much clothes off before you're naked
>Fans, fans, fans all the time all over the damn place
>Can't cuddle due to it being too hot unless you want a giant sweat spot on the bed
>Constantly sweating all the time
Meanwhile if it's cold and you easily warm yourself up and be comfy
>Can lower the heat for bed time and just wrap yourself under thick comfy blankets
>Can cuddle with your significant other keeping even warmer and comfier
>Can always just wear more layers/thicker clothes for warmth
>Not constantly sweating all the time
get fucked heatfag

>> No.36012935

someone can't stand the heat

>> No.36012958

Things are gonna get chily

>> No.36012966

Gimme them soft, civilized porcs

>> No.36012967

why? if the world is heating then why would it get colder?

>> No.36012991

It doesn't even GET cool where I live. Maybe a few degrees but that's it.

>> No.36013025

versatile slime

>> No.36013026

I think current models actually predict a Deep Freeze (which is still bad btw) due to breakdowns in air and water currents.

>> No.36013035

Based and same

>> No.36013042

I want to put all the porcs in cute dresses

>> No.36013063

the thermohaline circulation spreads warm water around the world and makes Europe and North America warmer than they would be for their latitude. heating of the oceans can stop these currents and cause significant cooling at high latitudes

>> No.36013101

So we just need to make it even warmer, got it.

>> No.36013132

I love the Sailor Hams!
>Black Forest
They’re all so cute in their uniforms!

>> No.36013146

Elves are naturally horny.

>> No.36013150

give proof

>> No.36013152

Old Mama San Tanuki is beside herself, she thought it would be a great idea to open a brothel after the portals opened. Every man she contacted to come work for her never showed up, abducted as soon as they set foot across the portals. She has tried hiring guards, and they end up abducting the men themselves. Until one day, anon cluelessly stumbles inside her parlors doors wanting a drink.

>> No.36013171


>> No.36013200

>Need a job to the rent
>hear of Old Mamas bar, weird name for a bar but I heard they needed some people and I am people
>Go to the address, it's a shabby old bar with a single old tanuki drinking herself into a stupor and with all the bottles around, it would it wasn't a rare occuence
>I go over to that drunk tanuki and tell her I am here for the job

>> No.36013238

That's just one elf, I need at least two more pieces of proof that elves are horny

>> No.36013244


>> No.36013259


>> No.36013267

Just trust me.

>> No.36013268

but why are they so horny? aren't they supposed to be above all that

>> No.36013288

Being above all for centuries mean you have the sexual frustration and jealousy of centuries.

>> No.36013349

it's in their nature. A better question is showing proof of an elf that's NOT horny

>> No.36013353

beware of the shorties

>> No.36013362

i'm sure some of them can hang in there but you also end up with such powderkegs as the elven wet nurse, who at times goes decades or centuries without any release.
it's the sort of things holsts whisper about in dark rooms with hushed tones.

>> No.36013372

According to elven law, if you witness an elf bathing in a river you must marry her.

>> No.36013377

what if she sees me bathing instead?

>> No.36013384

b-but every river in elven territory has a bunch of elves in it! just waiting for some poor boy to snap up

>> No.36013400

No anon, they would beware as they are going to get mating pressed and impregnated.

>> No.36013406

I am a sucker for angels cosplaying as devils and devils cosplaying as angels

>> No.36013411

Good night Anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead remember that pai loli baphos are the best baphos

>> No.36013414

I'm going to fuck the elf

>> No.36013419


>> No.36013422

just walk around blindfolded, I am sure no elf will take advantage of you

>> No.36013428

>hellhound can only watch in horny horror as her manticore friend gets obliterated by anon
>she tries to tip toe away to save her womb
>she feels a grip on her ankle and slowly looks to anon's smug face
>she can only shriek a "kyaaaa..." as she gets dragged away to join her filled up friend
shorties need to be reminded their weaker than their normal sized sisters

>> No.36013434 [SPOILER] 

preach it brother

>> No.36013437

This is the fatal flaw of shortstacks.
They don't just lose height, they lose strength.

>> No.36013444

Ay Caramba

>> No.36013446

ought to at least stare her in the eye while you lean over her and jab yourself with 2-3 borrowed manticore spines

>> No.36013451


>> No.36013457

god help us when you find a picture you like because we're stuck seeing it for at least the next 6 months.

>> No.36013466

Would this thread like a player on the /jp/ football team? You can suggest a meme/mascot to play if you'd like, there's not really anything that fits that's currently on the team, but a yes or no will be enough for the roster spot and I can figure it out from there

>> No.36013472

Probably a Yeti, it would be simple enough to get going.

>> No.36013475

>anon wall slams hellhound
>"Condoms? Where we're going..."
>anon proceeds to show his concealed hand that looks like a pin cushion
>"...we don't need condoms."
these shorties are lucky anon has a good heart and gives after sex cuddles

>> No.36013478

>but a yes or no will be enough for the roster spot

>> No.36013489

Silly little demon girl next door wants to be a lawyer just like her mom, isn't that cute?

>> No.36013495

Those pair are going to be cumflated and ahegoing by the end.
Shortstacks are for intense breeding.

>> No.36013499


>> No.36013519

How many laws do they have anyway?

>> No.36013524

One day I want to be a monster girl waifufag.

>> No.36013530

why cant that day be today?

>> No.36013533

>she tries to tip toe away to save her womb
That's the least believable thing I've read all day, and I've been browsing /x/.

>> No.36013595


>> No.36013606

pocket flamethrower

>> No.36013626

Remember, their chests are their weakpoint.

>> No.36013627

must be de-smugged before it's too late

>> No.36013642


>> No.36013673

Witches are sick

>> No.36013679

in the head.

>> No.36013683

witches are nerds

>> No.36013688

and nerds must be bred

>> No.36013726

>t. witch

>> No.36013731

Motherfucker I ain't nobody's onii-chan

>> No.36013732

Yeah, I get that. Waiting for the next chapter had a way of keeping your attention that waiting for a one-off doesn't

>> No.36013744

Trouble sleeping? Need me to read you a bedtime story?

>> No.36013747

Yes, I want a bedtime story, gazer chan!

>> No.36013807

>Implying gazer-chan wouldn't just tell the story of the monster girl who wanted anon to wear a condom to mess with you

>> No.36013911

gazers are sexy

>> No.36013921

Very well. Here begins our tale.
>The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been.
>In the closing years of the Zhou dynasty, seven kingdoms warred among themselves until the kingdom of Qin prevailed and absorbed the other six.
>But Qin soon fell, and on its ruins two opposing kingdoms, Chu and Han, fought for mastery until the kingdom of Han prevailed and absorbed its rival, as Qin had done before.
>The Han court's rise to power began when the Supreme Ancestor slew a white serpent, inspiring an uprising that ended with Han's ruling a unified Empire.
>Two hundred years later, after Wang Mang's usurpation, Emperor Guang Wu restored the dynasty, and Han emperors ruled for another two hundred years down to the reign of Xian, after whom the realm split into three kingdoms.

>> No.36013923

>> No.36013953

looking a little jaundiced in the eyes there. kind of like it

>> No.36013957

Lil' sandworm!

Say something nice to her

>> No.36013974

I liked killing a bunch of you in Zelda games.

>> No.36013975

Beware the fit ones.
They can just keep going... and going... and going...

>> No.36013981


>> No.36013986

wow, gazer chan. you old

>> No.36013997

That's very mean

>> No.36013998

don't fear them if you are fit as well

>> No.36014046

shes a cute

>> No.36014060

do a gazer

>> No.36014066

You're suppose to like the rape, sweetie. It's sexist and anti-monster if you deny them for it.

>> No.36014088

Chinese stuff is boring, tell me about the wacky stuff happening in the middle east!

>> No.36014094

Raid Boss of the week in a monstergirl multiplayer game.

>> No.36014106

It's just a book
The season isn't right for the story of Exodus. Try in the springtime.

>> No.36014108

>It's sexist and anti-monster
now that makes not like rape and rather not even want anything to do with monsters so I can get raped harder

>> No.36014112

So the raid boss is a married couple? Must cause a lot of psychological damage on the single mgs

>> No.36014145


>> No.36014181

>married couple raid boss
>they keep buffing and healing each other while comboing attacks
>they can only be beaten if both are KO'd near the same time
>their dying cry is for each other

>single mgs proceed to go apeshit over how "men arent that strong!"

>> No.36014261

>hear that monsters think men are weak
>get a fire in my heart to prove them wrong
>lift, lift, lift, eat, sleep
>just nonstop until I can bend an axel into a balloon animal with ease and can lift a mountain with my dick
>then issue a challenge to the strongest monsters so I can show the world men aren't weak
>abloustely crush them in the lifting competition
>They ask why I did it, because a bunch of neet monsters thought that men are weak

>> No.36014303

>he could have bred miia and her mother and knocked them up at the same time
>could have raised a big snek family
>he didn't

This says a lot about society

>> No.36014367

Witches are for fucking in the butt until they have enough mana saved to summon terrifying entities from beyond the veil which you can also fuck in the butt.

>> No.36014391

I think it's the colour scheme being corrupted by the 'wine aunt' meme, but all I think about when I look at these is Marine-chan.
t-take it easy i'm not vtuber posting, it's just an observation

>> No.36014406

>Something needs to be done about this hag problem!
I agree. We should sacrifice one man to every two hags, thereby cutting down the population by a factor of two. I know it's a cruel policy of attrition. Therefor, I will nominate myself as first sacrifice.

>> No.36014407

Don’t some monsters turn their husbands into superpowerful demigods of sorts because of the mamono mana?

>> No.36014442

or shotas

>> No.36014450

no, it should be a man for every three hags, and I will go first because I am their prime target, a young fit boy that's very innocent and naive

>> No.36014457

yes. you think single extremist, desperate single neet hags know or care about that though?

>> No.36014473

Please no, I'm too unpopular. I don't want witches to do kickflips over me on their brooms and call me a nerd.

>> No.36014508

>three hags
Clearly too many, you only have two eyes, two ears, one dick and one tongue.

>> No.36014526

no, it isn't too many because hags are always quickshots or semen demons. In the latter case, I can hold out for quite a time due to being young

>> No.36014606

All Incubi technically have that potential but are too sex focused to realize that power is only a few steps away, the utter fools.

>> No.36014658

Power is like wealth, if you don't use it, it's worthless. When you have all you want, what good is power? To protect it? It's the power of love, baby.

>> No.36014682

I'll volunteer. All I need are a pair of straitjackets and some gags.

>> No.36014707

Power is its own reward, you dork. It's fun to have and fun to gain.

>> No.36014716

>you see a guy at the gym whose muscles have muscles have muscles have muscles, you're pretty sure you've seen gigachad edits that are less built than this guy
>he walks over to the bench, loads every weight he can find onto the bar, and benches it one-handed
>you work up the courage to ask what ungodly routine he must be on to get such monstrous gains
>turns out his minotaur wife has a hidden submissive streak, but refuses to admit to it unless forced physically

>> No.36014743

So this is that naive thing called "human". Hoe comically misguided. How adorably pathetic.

>> No.36014788


>> No.36014789

Maybe if you had two eyes like an actually attractive monster you'd be able to type your words correctly.

>> No.36014848

Sleep is important.

>> No.36014909


>> No.36014948

>turns out his minotaur wife has a hidden submissive streak, but refuses to admit to it unless forced physically
Does she make her husband dress like a matador or bull rider?

>> No.36014956

depends if she is Spanish or American

>> No.36015011

Where does he put the banderillas to weaken her?

>> No.36015063

>1) Bogey / November 16, 2020

>> No.36015066

You WILL live in the pod.
You WILL eat the sludge.
You WILL like it.

>> No.36015117

It's ogre, in both senses.

>> No.36015131

Pod? Sludge?

>> No.36015212


>> No.36015231

The fact is that I don't understand it

>> No.36015249


>> No.36015263

I see a monster drowning someone

>> No.36015447

Breed the oni
Red > Blue

>> No.36015542

Two noodles chillin after a brawl

>> No.36015549

Are there any other colors?

>> No.36015563

I am more scared of the one with closed eyes

>> No.36015628

>Drown, boy. Drown in titties! Kyahahaha~

>> No.36015640

gladly, but may I ask for ass as well

>> No.36015662

>The Order Heroine contemplating life and past choices before the final battle against the monster Lord's begin

>> No.36015681

>The monster lord is just getting annoyed she's taking so long
>"Come on girl, I've got plans you know. I haven't fucked my husband in like 2 hours now."

>> No.36015685

>"Who the fuck parked their whale in the sky?"

>> No.36015715

was wondering when some of that was gonna come and some newfags took the bait

>> No.36015743

She tries to look professional
Though like her mom she's unpredictable

>> No.36015761

I bet there's the 2000s anime logic/cliches where she goes to flash backs of her galavanting and messing around withuh comrades. And lend me le strength. And power of friendship monologues.

>> No.36015763

>> No.36015788

I wonder if Lilims or the demon lord ever get tiered of hearing those.
>"Oh, you're never gonna give up since your friends believe in you? Yeah, they're getting fucked in the next room over, calm your tits."
>"You made a promise when you were a kid. That's... cute I guess. Kind of cliché."
>"Yes, yes. I know they believe in you and their strength live on in you. Look, do you want to fight or can II get some tea while you're at it?"
>"Ugh, you're only realizing now that he loved you? Lady, you're head as thick as my thighs."

>> No.36015807

>I wonder if Lilims or the demon lord ever get tiered of hearing those.
They probably spout them just as often.

>> No.36015834

Genki Yellow!

>> No.36015843

>Lilim and Heroine and fighting
>They both start getting dramatic about fighting for their friends and their loved ones
>The Lilims husband just sits there is slight embarrassment
>The Heroines soon-to-be-BF is just confused as hell and goes "You could have told me this at any other point..." under his breath.

>> No.36015846

>You made a promise when you were a kid.
What most hero(ines) don't realize is that this just makes them prime bait for Lilim Matchmaking Services™

>> No.36015865

Egyptian Cat Girls would have such an attitude, they'd expect you to worship them the moment you met.

>> No.36015875

>Lilim and Heroine start fighting
>fight devolves into them yelling at each other about how much better their bf is than the others
>the respected bfs in question are sitting on the side blushing like crazy

>> No.36015878

>Feeding the female hero you're adventuring with lies that saying something like that will distract the Lilim and then reaping the ensuing encounter's benefits

>> No.36015981

I'd just offer him some soda or beer.

>> No.36016374

>heroine and lillim are getting dramatic and spouting off the cheesiest drivel you've ever heard
>their males are sitting in a corner getting drunk and laughing their asses off at the spectacle, with the occasional heckling, catcalls and wolf whistles

>> No.36016507

>Though melancholic, their beautiful wailing arouses carnal desire in men soon after resurrection when a man's capacity for thought is shaky, directing his unsettled consciousness at the banshee.
Where's a paladin when you need one? These monster girls need to be wiped out.

>> No.36016563

>You are resurrected
>also You get a hot scene-girl/emo waifu
oh no, how terrible. Help me orderman I'm getting brainwashed aaaaaah

>> No.36016608

>gets brainwashed by monster girls
>i-it's okay, at least i have a wife now
>gets brainwashed by the state
>i-it's okay, at least im safer and have a higher standard of living now
How deluded can monsterfags be? They're the type to actually spend eternity in a hedonic machine.

>> No.36016651

>thinks all monster girls offer is sex, and not companionship, familly and loyalty
>thinks state that offers a dick up the ass and mandatory medical experiments is comparable
Kek, nice bait

>> No.36016714

>not husbands
I shiggy diggy

>> No.36016765

>heroine's husband is leaving the house
>"Honey, I'm going to meet up with Jeff for a few beers."
>"Why are You meeting with that Lilim whore's husband again?"
>"Cmon, You guys apologized to each other already. You should both come with us once in a while, You will definitely be friends."
>he fluffs her tail and leaves

>> No.36016838

Take the poltpill

>> No.36016922

Hello, how you guys doing? Sorry about being a little slow on this one, life got in the way. Just a short story here about a Papipaladin and a Dark Moth being a nuisance. Renowned monster"slayer" Gerard comes in to solve the problem in an unpredictable way. (Story contains no Gerard, and the monster layer joke isn't actually relevant until partway through. The solution is very predictable.) As always, comments and criticisms are more than welcome, I hope you enjoy it and I hope it finds you all well.

If I had pictures to post of amazonian valkyrie tier mothgirls and papillons, I would.


>> No.36016937

nice, thanks for the fresh read

>> No.36016947

>If I had pictures to post of amazonian valkyrie tier mothgirls and papillons,

>> No.36016966

Oh, I forgot aboutthat one.

>> No.36016980

Monster girls don't have casual sex.
They have competitive sex.

>> No.36017054

>being a monsters husband when she is challenged to a sex battle.
Your gunna be bone dry in less than aj hour.

>> No.36017132

>mino, oni, ogre, hellhound and ushi sign up for a sex competition
>small squeak of fear from their husbands

>> No.36017145

Hello, yes, I would like a moment of your time.
>Oni abs
That is all.

>> No.36017350 [SPOILER] 

Big fat spoiders

>> No.36017559

Damn girl whachoo doin' with all dat junk in yo trunk?

>> No.36017619

Remember, the best combo of monster twins is a soft, THICK twin and a buff, muscled twin.

>> No.36017730

>when anon is struggling in waist high snow

>> No.36017757

I've never struggled in snow deeper than up to my thighs.

>> No.36017774

I wanna brush a whitehorn's fur

>> No.36017786

I want a really sweetie of a white horn with massive breasts.
The sort of girl that makes you cookies on a whim, always greets you with a smile, and even asks if you need anything while you're doing chores.
She also fantasizes about getting plowed by you out in the open and has a half dozen other fantasies.

>> No.36017809

>the Ice Queen is silent the whole time

>> No.36018081

Good morning, worms. Hehehehe.

>> No.36018113

I'm gonna breed onis and nobody can stop me!

>> No.36018129

Why hello there, Ms. Many Eyes.

>> No.36018237

>Implying anyone would want to stop you

>> No.36018332

only yucky lolis would try to stop you from breeding the big, attractive girls

>> No.36018457

Jokes on them, I'd breed them both

>> No.36018481

remember the older they are, the more trustworthy they are

>> No.36018504

I'm breeding this, whatever it is.

>> No.36018568

Well yes, Ms. Wight is ancient and she's very trust worthy.

>> No.36018661

>> No.36018720

Just don't accidentally eat her pudding or she'll give you a hug you'll never forget

>> No.36018722

and the bigger they are, too
big girls don't need to deceive men, they just take them if they want them
a very big hag is the most trustworthy and also most attractive of the monsters
god I want to snuggle with one

>> No.36018832

I can't imagine what accent that Cheshire has, she doesn't seem to be a Brit.

>> No.36018855

>this one is going down your pants anon

>> No.36018874

I'm ok with this.

>> No.36018978

This guy sure enjoys losing to his Ice Queen wife

>> No.36019008

He was about to leave then the Ice Queen uses her powers to make him slip on top of her >>36012738

>> No.36019011

She has the Tommy Waisou accent

>> No.36019347

I already ate all her pudding and I will do it again.
She will never be able to stop me!

>> No.36019448

>oi, do you sell fishos?

>> No.36019556

Wait I read it wrong. The Ice Queen was disappointed she only got to hug him on the first day so she started using her ice magic to make him literally fall on her on the next days.

>> No.36019572

>I did naht rape him, I did nahhht

>> No.36019639

I want to be sat on a very big hags lap and get some head pats as well getting called a good boy

>> No.36019760

I’m honestly surprised we haven’t had any sex olympics stories

>> No.36019774

Bunyip of thr swamp I require relationship advice

>> No.36019792


>> No.36019819


>> No.36019853

I'd pay to get that.

>> No.36019870

t. Ocelomeh

>> No.36019908

Ocelomeh in the sex Olympics would be great. Naked fighting with demon silver weapons with a ritualistic end of them fucking their husband or opponent if they are single.

>> No.36019909

It's called brain damaged.

>> No.36019958

>> No.36019984

Consider hag Cheshire

>> No.36020001


>> No.36020046


>> No.36020069

Bigger chest and hips, taller than (You), wearing jeans and maybe an apron, her bullying being calmer but more intense like whispering with a sexy voice on your ears etc.

>> No.36020111

>Consider hag
that's all you fags post about, it's nothing new

>> No.36020128


>> No.36020130

>The Ice Queen was disappointed she only got to hug him on the first day so she started using her ice magic to make him literally fall on her on the next days.
Ice Queens are big cuddle sluts! I'm going to give this scoop to Rata-chan!

>> No.36020137

thank you for that, there might a pic with on e in the future

>> No.36020179

i definitely won't have time to read this until later but i do look forward to it

>> No.36020186

>her bullying being calmer but more intense like whispering with a sexy voice on your ears etc
Most of them tend to do that

>> No.36020239


>> No.36020265

>In Wonderland, everyone enjoys doing things that feel wonderful
You know what feels wonderful? Sticking your fingers in a cheshire cat's mouth!

>> No.36020287

like smooth, silky sandpaper

>> No.36020297


>> No.36020353

what is the more efficient rapist, a hellhound, a Cheshire, or a Ushi oni?

>> No.36020390

>> No.36020441


>> No.36020480

We need more spaghetti spilling angels and dark angels.

>> No.36020546

>> No.36020606

I'd join in her that tub, and I wouldn't leave until I was 100% sure her egg(s) had been fertilized

>> No.36020732


>> No.36020806

>> No.36020844

Who even watches olympics anymore?

>> No.36020857

I hope you enjoy it anon.

>> No.36021348


>> No.36021356

I for one won't stand for our young being turned into shitty little brats who only eat hot chip and lie to get into oji-chans pants

>> No.36021388

>>36015681 >>36015685 >>36015761
Don't respond to the schizo /tg/ human girl/order spammer

>> No.36021390

>shitty brats
You Fool! By uttering these words you give the mesugaki more than enough power for them to instantloss you.

>> No.36021404

just ignore them

>> No.36021417

When you're NEET, every day is beautiful!

>> No.36021451

Would your waifu help you get in shape? How would she motivate you?

>> No.36021462

>oi cunt gimme some fishos or else ill glass ya
What a lovely lass

>> No.36021547

So could a cursed sword be called a cutlass.

>> No.36021564

Did you mean cutelass?

>> No.36021573

Look anon, I just wanna make some fun posting about exasperated lilims, even if the first post was a order spammer.

>> No.36021582


>> No.36021587

She might be a cutlass, but she's also a cute-lass.

>> No.36021592

Cute lass with a cute ass

>> No.36021706

Are black people interested in MGE and monster girls in general?

>> No.36021711

Why wouldn't they be?

>> No.36021748

Kakuens are a thing yes

>> No.36021791

At least 1 notable waifufag is black

>> No.36021805

Everyone in this thread is black.

>> No.36021828

I'm not, I'm proud of my steppe-dwelling, throat-singing heritage.

>> No.36021937

I'm white, and I wanna facefuck a tanuki

>> No.36021941

I don't see why not, they're known for destroying anything nice, and monsters are nice.

>> No.36022131

Weren't black people supposed to be unable to use the internet?

>> No.36022181

No their racial weakness is the water, they can't swim

>> No.36022190

mondays are for mofu

>> No.36022209

did someone say mofu

>> No.36022437

Did you remember to calibrate your wife today, anon?

>> No.36022450

no, I like to live on the edge and don't like reading instructions

>> No.36022461

>finally have monstergirl dream
>pretty sure it was an Anubis, but was in regular clothes and had a very mild and relaxed personality
>very comfy dream with lots of closeness, occasional light kissing
>no lewd
>wake up sad

>> No.36022495


>> No.36022497

You can't just lewd an anubis right off the bat. That would be uncouth. You have to do the comfy first.

>> No.36022527

You can with Apophis venom.

>> No.36022558

I woke up sad from the comfy, not the no lewd. I should've worded it better but I'm too depressed now.

>> No.36022589

I'll take a number 9 large, a number 6, two number 45's one with max mofu, a number 7, a large diet soda.

>> No.36022599

>You can't just lewd an anubis right off the bat.
You can lewd anything off the bat with the right mindset.

>> No.36022612

So I got told my stories need more worldbuilding, slower pacing, what do you guys think overall?
and more proofreading, but I can't really do much about that, since I lack the time.

>> No.36022621

>Mofu Mondays
>Tanuki Tuesdays
>Wurm Wranglin’ Wednesdays
>THICC Thursday
>Familiar Fridays (brought to you by the local Sabbath branch)
>Succu Saturdays
>Sunday Nunday

>> No.36022623

I don't even know who you are man

>> No.36022626

>anon tries to lewd an Anubis immediately
>she applies the mummy's curse and tickles you
>the pleasure is so intense he came everywhere

>> No.36022630

The Who, who is Legit.

>> No.36022648

You're alright, but if you have the time to write, you have the time to proofread.

>> No.36022658

Pete Townsend?

>> No.36022689

I'll try, but my stuff will get out extremely slowly then since I got a new job too, but we'll see. I plan on rereading everything I did so far.

>> No.36022701

It's fine to take it slow dude. We all get to the finish line in the end...

>> No.36022720


>> No.36022753

>t. Shiki Eiki

>> No.36022779

How many of you fags have had a waifu dream?

>> No.36022784

Honestly, time is my biggest enemy right. I was planning on taking requests again after I finish the buff succubus story, and revisit my older stuff to proofread, also try this sick-ass new hemingway app I got, but it seems like I won't be able to do it for weeks. Fug
I hate wagie life.

>> No.36022807


>> No.36022910

Pap already you slut

>> No.36022930


>> No.36022952

Hardly anyone

>> No.36022964

We have a few people here that are black

>> No.36022974

I don't really have a waifu, but I've been steering my dreams in the direction of lovey encounters and it's working pretty well so far.
My brain seems to have trouble fabbing fantasy elements for some reason, though- the few times I've seen MGE characters, they've always been like cardboard cutouts out in the distance.
Lucidity continues to trend upward. I'll build myself some good dream mofu one of these days.

>> No.36022978

Don't forget about tomorrow's military parade our benevolent elf caretakers are organizing! Take part in commemorating the historical Unification of our people! Large trade fair and dozens of sideshows included! Free milkshakes for all attendees! Extra call out to all you single folks - the fine ladies of the Protection Squadron are naturally single and always ready to answer the call of motherhood!


>> No.36022998

fuck off retard

>> No.36023044

If your automaton can't do this, then she's trash.

>> No.36023048

Eh i know, anon. But I`m afraid to get ban from tolerant janny.

>> No.36023053

What do you do when it's the monster who needs to get into shape?

>> No.36023081


>> No.36023160


>> No.36023167

Iron beast is black
He wrote a bunch of stuff for the thread
theres also wrightfag IIRC

>> No.36023191

If I set the style on tomorrow all of you guys are black.

>> No.36023196

>> No.36023215

>he doesn't know about the wight b****ed art

>> No.36023225

>> No.36023252

What is the alcohol content of oni cum?

>> No.36023268

I would want to see some non-eygyptian african monsters
Like an african trickers spidergirl

>> No.36023278

It isn't that bad, magic could make them normal

>> No.36023282

>implying it's drawn and/or read by black men

>> No.36023314

I don't know, but I'm more interested in their milk.
Mokele-Mbembe girl would be thicc.

>> No.36023330

>tfw thread is probably at least 5% trannies
Fuck's sake you are everywhere

>> No.36023335

If a girl drinks a lot of alcohol, will that go into their milk too?

>> No.36023341

you talking about the alp lovers or something

>> No.36023367


>> No.36023399

Stop letting /v/ and /pol/ definition of what a tranny is lead you to getting yourself worked up over everything.

>> No.36023416

I hate new Wolfenstein.

>> No.36023418


>> No.36023457

>> No.36023495

>> No.36023507

I trust her! With all my heart, essence, mana and soul. The fox would never receive me.

>> No.36023513

never deceive me* shit

>> No.36023516


>> No.36023536

You should've been more careful with your spelling, because she'll take that as a challenge.

>> No.36023602

>> No.36023649

>> No.36023660

Slime Kunoichi!

>> No.36023671

Ah, a rogue to add to my party

>> No.36023681

She wants the H-P.

>> No.36023691

*throws a health potion at her*

>> No.36023707

Hellhound >= Ushi >>> Cheshire
Cheshires fuck around far too much.

>> No.36023730

>> No.36023805

>> No.36023852

Damn gurl how u feet get so beeg Peggy hill lookin ass cat

>> No.36023861

The power of CLACK

>> No.36023941

>> No.36023955

>> No.36023964

Images you can hear

>> No.36023981

>> No.36024003

>> No.36024023

Being dragged into the schemes of an evil fox set on corrupting your country!
Accidentally discovering the evil fox's true form!
Rushing headfirst into the evil fox's trap!
Proposing to the evil fox!
Marrying the evil fox!
Spending many days narrowly avoiding being fully enslaved in body, mind, and soul by the evil fox's temptations!
Watching as the evil fox gradually accepts the role of a housewife!
Raising a family with the evil fox!
Enjoying countless years together with the evil fox!

>> No.36024025

Satsuki Monster would have me on my knees instantly.

>> No.36024033

As a matter of fact I had one yesterday. Starts with me trying and failing to kill a slime. Not a slime girl, but a big fucking slime that melted rocks and stuff, then he gets sword-lightning smited by an angry angel that looks at me like walking garbage. Says I’m pathetic for failing to kill a mere slime and starts raping me on the spot for that repeatedly calling me an idiot.
Then after the fifth successive ejaculation I just faint on the grass. Flashbacks I was praying in a church for help in the first mission and heard her voice telling me to be careful. I wake up telling her sorry I failed the mission, her pussy just contracts further and she starts crying telling me she is angry I could have died and life is more important than some mission

I think it’s a result that I read that manga about a super retarded lucky guy that people think he is a godly strategist with near clairvoyance and he tells them “be careful of a weird slime” and everyone in the guild readies themselves for the fight of their lives expecting some bullshit strong raid boss-class slime because every time he gives an advice he unknowingly saved their lives but ALWAYS happened to be against an unpredictable near-impossible situation. So my subconsciousness manifested that.

>> No.36024039

>heart window on crotch
>can see the top of her clit

>> No.36024044

How do I make this happen?

>> No.36024059

You can't. Foxes are not evil, they are all inherently good.

>> No.36024063

Oh no anons already been mindbroken by mofu they got him

>> No.36024070

another shirt left stretched and victimized by the succ menace

>> No.36024077

Prove it.

>> No.36024094

I don't have to, people only say foxes have the capacity for evil because they have never met one. Spend literally five minutes with one and you will agree that foxes are the best and have never done anything wrong.

>> No.36024098

You, too, can marry and love an evil fox! Just help her get these little bits of paper off first...

>> No.36024106

We need to put a stop to this.

>> No.36024131

How heretical

But also somewhat cute

>> No.36024135

Happy oni!

>> No.36024153

Kitsune hands typed this post.

>> No.36024155

Bunnies are scary.

>> No.36024182

Bun herbivore, why bun have sharp teeth

>> No.36024192

This sounds more like an elf than an angel

>> No.36024195

To bite plants better.

>> No.36024220

That bun is standing on a box

>> No.36024228

How mean.

>> No.36024239

It isn’t heretical for an angel to exert their rightful right to punish a sinner.

>> No.36024241

So she can eat the steak dinners you make her.

>> No.36024264

This bun not herbivore

>> No.36024273


>> No.36024289

>> No.36024369

>> No.36024670

>tfw no tuna gf to eat outprdww

>> No.36024756

did something h

>> No.36024761

Actually had a dream today where I had a kiki meido. She was cleaning the house, specifically the carpeted stairs leading up to the 2nd floor. I don't live in a house with two floors nor do we have carpeted stairs, but ya know, dream world. She was very meticulous with her cleaning and was being provocative with her hip swaying movements as she cleaned. Though her demeanor was that of a stern meido when cleaning, she was very sweet and soft spoken when chatting with.

Hope I dream of her again.

>> No.36024782

brain machine is out of order due to get trained in boxing for the first day

>> No.36024836

need me a mindflayer gf so I can train without feeling soreness

>> No.36024911

need me a mindflayer gf so i can forget how much of a piece of shit i am

>> No.36024952

>Sealed for centuries
>Descendant of the people who sealed you unseals you
>Want to take your revenge but he's too cute

>> No.36024959

Oh no the candlebogey got him too, everyone h

>> No.36024978

I don't believe in that old fairy tale for littl

>> No.36024998

Nice try, funny guy. You didn't say her name.

>> No.36025008

whats her name then?

>> No.36025026


>> No.36025046

>all monsters sent are caught and snugged until they fell asleep

>> No.36025062

See that's not so ha

>> No.36025088

>> No.36025120

>> No.36025152

Gonna ask my momster to teach me about sex.

>> No.36025157

Fool! You've drawn her attention!

>> No.36025216

Thick sweaty hag

>> No.36025257

why is she looking at me like that? I just came to see what was going on

>> No.36025282

>> No.36025291

Shotafication potion. Now.

>> No.36025299

I have a need to go a Castlevania style mansion and fight my way to get these old vamps as my wves

>> No.36025306

She is NOT your mother. You have been brainwashed you fool!
No, that will be the point of no return! WAKE UP!

>> No.36025312

We need more tsundere rapists
The problem of dreams like that is that you don't control much of setting nor what happens. Try to think a lot about something before sleeping, so it may manifest as a dream somehow.

>> No.36025315

mama tols me not to listen to strangers on the internet, she told me they lie

>> No.36025317

>> No.36025321

Reminder that hags are the ideal babysitters for boys.

>> No.36025342

Wolf butts drive me nuts.


>> No.36025343

shotafags are cringe

>> No.36025361

>Take your revenge by hijacking the bloodline, turning the ancient shrine keeper bloodline into an monster bloodline
Monsters truly are evil

>> No.36025427

>> No.36025437


>> No.36025451

going for the triple cringe, huh?

>> No.36025457

Nah, wrong file.

>> No.36025462

Very good

>> No.36025551

>"Excuse me young ladies, is your mother home?"

>> No.36025558

Do h’orcs smell better or worse after taking a shower?

>> No.36025559

Lilims are good actually guys

>> No.36025573

>> No.36025581

>can I get a bottle of mike?

>> No.36025587

Lilims are actually good guys

>> No.36025595

lilims are actually guys

>> No.36025600


>> No.36025607

Lilim Evrart is helping me find my gun.

>> No.36025612

Where shall I put her?

>> No.36025616

in your home to shoo the tax man away

>> No.36025633

a whole nother meaning to a footjob

>> No.36025683

in bed to serve as your daki

>> No.36025690

Isn't she the tax man?

>> No.36025707

she may tax you but she will never le t the tax man take your money

>> No.36025710

But how can she be the tax man if she’s a woman?

>> No.36025715

Throw her in the barn with the other girls.

>> No.36025738

What type of manga/anime do monstergirls consume?

>> No.36025750

KC said Shoujo

>> No.36025754

>> No.36025771


>> No.36025773


>> No.36025795

do they have a printing press or are we talking about wooden etchings?

>> No.36025807

what is MGC

>> No.36025838

>> No.36025854

Take your potions, mana tank

>> No.36025855

you're going to get a wight mad that you don't appreciate her collection of classical lewd etchings.

>> No.36025894

>> No.36025895

I want to hug Druella!

>> No.36025897

How do I help a neet vampire become a true ruler of the night?

>> No.36025905

>"Get some of that long dragon pussy."
Gets me every time

>> No.36025914

That’s basically marriage proposal

>> No.36025917


>> No.36025918

Cum in her a lot.

>> No.36025939

be her belmont to her dracula

>> No.36025940

>Using two tricept pulldowns
>Not using a lat pulldown
>Obviously not breathing due to her red face
I bet she skips leg day

>> No.36025965

thats why you need to coach her so she gets nice and juicy

>> No.36025968

she did, just look at them legs

>> No.36026060

>"Hey, Ken-chan, won't you play games with onee-chan?"
>"But onee-chan is bad at games."
>"So mean~ Well then, how about a game I'm good at? I bet I wouldn't lose to you."
>"Uuu...I won't lose no matter what!"
>"Is that so~ Then, if you win, we'll stop. But if onee-chan wins, you have to go along with it for as long as I want."
>'What kind of game could it be?'
Hags are truly devious tricksters. Shotas should be wary of their monster onee-sans, momster, and even auntsters.

>> No.36026083

That loser Druella wouldn't know what to do if she was proposed to. She would probably just hold Anon tight and cry.

>> No.36026101

That's why you have to build up to the hug.

>> No.36026103

please tell me you only typed that out ironically to get a (You) from the people arguing about shota earlier

>> No.36026119

>people arguing about shota
You mean the three or four posts that were probably only between two people? Calm down dude.

>> No.36026142

>people arguing about shota
>You mean the... people?

>> No.36026146

Bretty Good

>> No.36026155

>removed the stocks
But why?

>> No.36026159

post ass
u like your gazer with or without the stalks?

>> No.36026179

Looks weird without the stalks. I'd be more unnerved by a bunch of disembodied eyeballs floating around her than I would be if they were attached to her.

>> No.36026182

>help people are enjoying things I don't like

>> No.36026189

Based translator

>> No.36026224

It's not perfect, but it's good, fun practice. Someday I'll get good enough to read that World Guide I bought without looking at the wiki.

>> No.36026244

>Oneechan pulls out chess
>She beats me easily
>All she does is sit me on her lap
>am very happy I am not raped
>Get raped by the stray hellhound instead

>> No.36026261

>onee-chan doesn't even protect you
What a terrible onee-chan.

>> No.36026270

On her back so you can plow her.

>> No.36026274

I want to protect this angel's smile.

>> No.36026280

she was watching, just to give a hint at what she may be

>> No.36026288

>since when did onee-chan grow a second horn?

>> No.36026295

>When you go adventuring with a Holy Party of Eros

>> No.36026296

>> No.36026297

They are magical constructs. How do you think she can fit all 10 stalks into her tail, and still make it comfortable enough to rest on?

>> No.36026335

>two cupid assassins and an apsara dancer
this doesn't seem like a well balanced party

>> No.36026337

i wonder, would bicorns larp as unicorns?

>> No.36026340

>Houri cleric
>Cupid Ranger
>Eros Valk Paladin

>> No.36026359

>houri desperately wants to perform the rite of eternal bonding with you and all of your party members
>keeps coming up with subtle ways to get you to agree to it

>> No.36026374

>It'll build group unity!
>We'll function better as a team, act with better coordination, all the girls will get more fertile.

>> No.36026421

>all the girls will get more fertile
Dear Eros, just imagine.
>houri's habit can barely contain her new curves
>cupid has to learn new ways to use a bow without her big tits getting in the way
>valk's breastplate is several sizes too small

>> No.36026438 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36026452

>waking up

>> No.36026457


>> No.36026463

Shit bros my mom found all the "monster bikini oily dance" vids in my history I'm so screwed

>> No.36026467

The biggest danger to the group isn't bandits or the big bad, its the rest of the party getting knocked up by Anon.

>> No.36026471

Do squirrels get off to nuts?

>> No.36026481

Oh no bros, I think my future wife is an Anubis.

>> No.36026492

Now draw him reaching out to her as she fades away and he wakes up for real

>> No.36026495

I'm pretty sure the longee you are with a holstaur and the more you suck on her titties to engorge them, the items she pulls out of them just become more and more absurd
3dpd warning https://files.catbox.moe/wslcgn.webm

>> No.36026500

Well anon, look forward to your momster performing an oily dance in a bikini for you. Try not to get a boner or your virginity is hers.

>> No.36026522

They'll get you off by licking your nuts.

Again. And again. And again. And again.

>> No.36026525

Cultured gentlemen.

>> No.36026528


>> No.36026533


>> No.36026617


>> No.36026639

Ganbatte Cupid-san, you'll do your party and goddess proud!
>Preferred Enemy: Homewrecker

>> No.36026650


>> No.36026670

I really like this pic.

>> No.36026682

>Anon STILL isn't recognizing the advances of his unicorn neighbor
>cue cupid gearing up like Arnold in Commando

>> No.36026711


>> No.36026714

Oh no

>> No.36026782

What is your wife's idea of a romantic date?

>> No.36026838 [SPOILER] 

Taking me to a fancy restaurant, then taking a walk under the moonlight, and finally we come back home and she has her dinner

>> No.36026841

Her perfect date is her and I cuddling together alone in a pitch black room so none of the WHORES can even look at me.

>> No.36026847

>"Look. sweetie. Mama's old angel uniform still fits. Although, the chest is pretty tight, and I remember the skirt being longer..."

>> No.36026851

love me some forest demigods

>> No.36026856

But can she still pull off the pose?

>> No.36026864

>tries to pose
>loud rip sound
>face turns bright red
Now look what happened, anon.

>> No.36026866

>Angel momster

>> No.36026873

It was worth it.
The only question is what tore.

>> No.36026875

i did go to heaven after all, momster heaven that is

>> No.36026891

But how would an angel momster react to finding out you've incubized and now have a third leg?

>> No.36026895 [SPOILER] 

Hello everyone about 4 months ago I made a comment in response to an anon referring to the donut steel lilim Mari as a whore. In it I said something along the lines of "Sluts do it for free, whores do it for money therefore all drawfags, by virtue of commission are technically whores." I understand that this comment likely caused a few people some anger in addition to my previous comments and behavior. I would like to formally apologize if only so that the people harrassing me will kindly stop. I did not intend for it to be taken as insulting as it probably was though in retrospect it was a very personally charged comment as it was, and for that I am sorry. I have already deleted both of my pastebins and do not intend to participate in this fandom any more from here on. Please leave me alone. I don't want to be whacked. All hail Big Brother. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go write my suicide note for when I kill myself via two to the back of the head. Just do it in a way that lets my mom have an open casket. She put up with me with 24 years. She should at least be allowed to mourn in however fashion she sees fit.

>> No.36026903

This is the final end result of letting the greenworm menace go unchecked. So much hunger in such a powerful form... what can men do against such reckless gluttony?

>> No.36026907

But she is a whore

>> No.36026911

Impregnate them.

>> No.36026914

Last time the closest thing to that happened, she tried to purify and regress me via her milk before adding me to the angel family.

>> No.36026925

That may just be the last hope for the civilized and free world.

>> No.36026941

harsh scolding and being milked everyday so you can't act on those urges to impregnate monsters

>> No.36026945

I volunteer as tribte.

>> No.36026958

So apparently the flood of Hachisaku Onna art was because of August 8th (8/8)

>> No.36026976

>> No.36026982

how do foxes get this thicc?

>> No.36026993

Least trustworthy monsters:
Most trustworthy monsters

>> No.36027001

all lolis are very untrustworhty
all monsters like bogeys, dark mages, foxes, elves, angels, hellhounds and others like them are most trustworthy

>> No.36027015

Basically the dumber they are, the more you can trust them.
Wurms are extremely trustworthy.

>> No.36027017


>> No.36027019

But what if the only monster I want to impregnate is her?

>> No.36027023

Fried tofu

>> No.36027025

>calling an angel a monster
>calling your mom a monster
Something tells me you will be milked for at least 3 months non-stop, anon

>> No.36027028

no, I was tricked by my wurm wife to come into her cave to see something and I then woke up to being coiled and milked by CC wurm

>> No.36027040

Uh, wrong platform? Is this some wikia drama there is no reason for me in all of universe to know about?
Also >>36026907

>> No.36027060

why she lookin at me with them big old eyes of hers?

>> No.36027061

don't engage with that.

>> No.36027080

>When a small dragon proclaims you her lover

>> No.36027106

She clearly wants to cuddle.

>> No.36027123

i would agree but she looking right at my liver

>> No.36027126

>coin dragon hauling you by your finger to her "hoard"

>> No.36027129

I'm going to hit a dragon with the "what if the real treasure was the friends we made along the way?" line to see her reaction when I refer to her simply as a friend!

>> No.36027140

Always nice to see you around

>> No.36027144

She's gonna look so smug with your finger in the coin pile.

She will react like all dragons and inform you politely, but firmly, that you are her lover.
She will then mark you by riding you till your pelvis cracks

>> No.36027152

>nearby a dragon egg when it hatches
>she imprints upon you
hope you like jabberwocks

>> No.36027155

Cheers anon, nice to be around.

>> No.36027158

Good night Anons, take care and don't burn down the thread.

Instead, remember to reward loli knights appropriately
Candy and headpats are recommended for most low level quests

>> No.36027174

Harpy wife says the thunder outside is scaring her and wants me to hold her until she falls asleep. What do?

>> No.36027179

She doesn't DO dates...but if she had to, she'd like me to choose a nice place, have her dress up. Just act like a lovey-dovey couple, and see me honestly happy.

>> No.36027209

>'Awww, such a cute little girl. Are you his little sister? '
>"I'm his lover! We're going to have lots of babies when I grow up!"
And then the monster girl gave you a look like she was staring at human garbage.

>> No.36027215

Don't worry, kumihos may be more savage than kitsunes when feeding (and having sex) which sometimes happens at the same time but outside of those they're like kitsunes and like to look clean, neat and beautiful and don't want to make a mess of their clothes.

If you tease her too much while cuddling or touch the right spots she can't guarantee your body's well being for the rest of the night though

>> No.36027217

>My wife wants to cuddle
>Waht do?
Guess you'll have to figure this one out yourself

>> No.36027250

are you a bird brain?

>> No.36027259

Does your waifu like cosplay? Or fancy clothes with a theme?
>tfw like getting somewhat kinky outfits for the wife
>tfw ask her to dress up like a sheep
>she agrees, and also gets me some weresheep wool pajamas
>Awaken some time later from magic induced slumber
>I'm tied to the bed, and she's wearing a wolf ear headband

Just a half-baked lewd thought because I'm tired.

>> No.36027280

my wife likes me suiting up in the best plate around and coming to save the princess(her) from a tower. But I also like putting my wife into magical girl outfits too small for her body and be the villain raping the old hag heroine, my favorite is when I am a shota being punished by my teacher for being a bad boy

>> No.36027292

She's not much for cosplay, but she does like to dress up nice.
Which is a bit out of the ordinary for her species.

>> No.36027314

>> No.36027342


I should clarify, I'm usually the one pushing her to dress up. If she had her way, she'd wear either nothing, or a matching outfit for whatever (slightly embarrassing) outfit I'm in.

>> No.36027367

But then how do you explain her wanting to milk me of my semen so much, and how she seems to be drawing sustainence from it? Isn't that typical of monster behaviour?

>> No.36027447

My wife is a huge pervert that loves finding new types of roleplay to try. That's why she has an entire walk-in closet dedicated solely to her outfits. I never know what she's gonna come out wearing.

>> No.36027454

>> No.36027467

What flavor is the sucker?

>> No.36027477

cool fox

>> No.36027485

Don't stay up too late, human.

>> No.36027520


>> No.36027531

I'm gonna stay up till 2 AM, and there's nothing your flat-chested gooey ass can do to stop me!

>> No.36027542

But it's early afternoon. Do you want me to be nocturnal?

>> No.36027573

I'm a front door kinda guy.

>> No.36027676

houndpussy please

>> No.36027740

>giving me a choice

>> No.36027778

what monstergirl for face-to-face, standing, back-pressed-to-the-wall fucking?

>> No.36027795

Which one of us is pressed against the wall?

>> No.36027813

>not making your own choices

>> No.36027844

There a higher res version?
That jpeg so crusty

>> No.36027921

>Hellhound sub
Wait, that's illegal!

>> No.36027926

Did you remember to drink a warm glass of milk before bed anon?

>> No.36027936

I had some milk but it wasn't in a glass.

>> No.36027951

hounds don't care how they're fucking until the guy runs out of gas at which point they continue by any means necessary

>> No.36028257 [SPOILER] 

Are baby monstergirls cute?

>> No.36028424

They're learning. The end times are upon us

>> No.36028461

Tax fraud

>> No.36028521

Sigma rule #684: Always sexually harass Lilims.

>> No.36028549

Considering how powerful Lilims are in cannon and that most men fall just from the sight of them, I do wonder how they would react to a man just harassing them or messing with them.

>> No.36028563

Outraged, but also aroused.

>> No.36028594

>Hey, guess what?
>I like you!
>No lol
and another city got nuked
and he STILL GOT AWAY!!!!

>> No.36028595

>"How could any man dare do this to me?! I am the demon lords daughter!"
>"... I didn't tell you to stop."

>> No.36028632

>Kick down door to throneroom at the end of the adventure
>Walk right past the lilim to hit on her low level succubus handmaiden

>> No.36028641

I hope so, considering how many I plan on having.

>> No.36028653

sexy little bitch

>> No.36028752

the worst insult and humiliation a lillim can suffer?
>getting NO WAY FAG'd
usually ends with the lillim nuking a city, throwing a tantrum, a temporary "men are retards dont know what they want!" edgelord phase(which may become permanent/extremist), running into the demon lord's hands crying, and NEETing it up in her castle for a few months, presumably with several gallons of holstaur icecream

>> No.36028770

There are certain limits that shouldn't be crossed.

>> No.36028800

>I make breakfast
>sit at home cuddling all morning
>make lunch as a picnic
>go to the forest to eat lunch and spend all afternoon cuddling
>spend evening in town, eat dinner at restaurant
>go home

>> No.36028912

I'm pretty sure printing press exists in MGE canon.

>> No.36028925

>"...I want to apologize."

>> No.36028963

they are, and must be nurtured and cared for

>> No.36028989


>> No.36028997


>> No.36029050

I fucked my automaton too hard and now she’s stuck in orgasm mode, how do I hard reset her cause she isn’t reacting to normal turn off methods

>> No.36029055


>> No.36029101

Fuck her more so she overflows to 0 arousal.

>> No.36029122

Distract Dragons with music in order to steal their treasure.

>> No.36029124

>she’s stuck in orgasm mode
That sounds kind of hot, not gonna lie.

>> No.36029133

Gonna fuck my automaton so poorly she underflows to max arousal.

>> No.36029162

>An Anon who can fuck Automatons into a permanent orgasm loop.
A legend is born.

>> No.36029264

This, but an Oni.

>> No.36029528

Look in her configs for a variable called "Anal Program" and change the value to "Death Force".

>> No.36029731


>> No.36029737

is bad.

>> No.36029795

very BIG girls
they are literally made to rape me stupid

>> No.36029801


>> No.36029833

What if you turned around and started nuzzling against her abs?

>> No.36029842

picks you up by the scruff of your neck and it's off to the lion's den

>> No.36030065

Please remember that the waters around MGC are infested with sharks, swim at your own risk.

>> No.36030078

>I will be your swimming instructor today.

>> No.36030160

>I just want to swim in pussy.

>> No.36030187

>Ushi-oni boss introduces herself as broodmother of the mountain
>Faced a suspicious lack of ushis along the way
>Ask her if she has any daughters
>Her pomp deflated in dejection as she murmurs no
>Ask her if she has a husband
>Can barely hear her second no
>Ask her why she chose the title
>Was taught to dress for the job you want not thr job you have and since she doesn’t wear clothes a title is the closet thing
Ushis sure are dumb the only thing they’re made for is breeding and potato sack webs

>> No.36030260

So how's the married life treating you?

>> No.36030299

What if I ask if I'm able to help her get that titel?

>> No.36030318

My pelvis hurts and whenever I try to powerbottom and taunt her, she grinds me into the bed furs even harder yelling for me to knock her up

>> No.36030736

What is she eating?

>> No.36031066

I want to fuck death right in her pussy

>> No.36031072

I`m not attractive to girls, so i can swim freely.

>> No.36031117

ok, i just need to walk on water then

>> No.36031145

The remains of anon's former girlfriend

>> No.36031182

Last known words by a man who was raped by sharks.

>> No.36031217

unless the sharks start swimming on land

>> No.36031255

Ugly face and small penis give 100% resist from rape.

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