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Limbodng is seething again....

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ratiobros, hear my call

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Indog meido is mad!

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Dangerously based.

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I love Aqua...

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Minecraft Hardcore Day 6 https://youtu.be/vUPF6qzDTi8
And another Miko stream at 19JST https://youtu.be/jgp1h2yRbBU

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>early lived

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kek my sides

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miko died

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I love Towa!

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what killed miko?

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!!!

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Wew i am glad she is dead.
Hopefully she'll stream something else in this time slot from now on.

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she just can't catch a break can she

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I wish Mio was my mom and was also open to mother son incest.

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that fucking creeper didn't even make the usual hissing sound

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Rushia keep being exceptionally charming and cute!

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Something that kills you from full health.
Think bro.

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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>a fuckingcreeper

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Elizabeth... Now alone in the world...

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Green guy

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miko is so cute when she's sad

gj ninja creeper

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Glorified e-thot

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This is why some HC players either rush cats or rush totems.

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A death so fast yet so sad...

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Sora is better at minecraft than Migo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI80VKmwVPo

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why is there no id spam in this thread?

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Being Miko is suffering...

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>2nd fucking death already

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You tellin me that a woman in her mid 30s looks like shit without lots of makeup?

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creeper ambush, a timeless classic

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There's no way she's that thick.

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sorry, I wasn't watching

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

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Based thread and cutest Holo

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She hadn't even got the chance to fight the endora.. Miko...

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this reminds me of Joi from BR 2049, the save can be lost for ever, like us experiencing this world, so she would hold it dearer

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Eleven days left!

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Blue versus Pink who wins

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wow anon what do you mean women aren't that beautiful when they are over 30 but with a little help of makeup and hair styling they can go back to their former glory?

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The fuck are they doing

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its perfect

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Tanaka Elizabeth...

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is this purgatory? is this the punishment for miko being so smug?

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Elizabeth will be forever waiting for her owner, who will never return...

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vocal exercises

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Being Miko is suffering

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cute watame

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Eleven days left before she never ovulates again

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What is the point of watching more than one stream at the same time?

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So Miko is starting a new world again?

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To attentionwhore.

>> No.36013973

Enter World #3

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and she will lose it again

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It's been 343 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and she was getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

She has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon.

But the beginning of August has been a really rough week for her, she got so stressed out she ended up in hospital due to some copyright issues with the original song she planned to release on her birthday, being overbooked with too many meetings and losing time because of side effects from the 2nd vaccine shot. And with Aloe's debut anniversary date getting closer each day she's been getting more and more stressed.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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Love you sheep~

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>pyramid at spawn
>tnt plate
world #4 imminent

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Is Rushia ever going to change out of the festival uniform?

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miqo wa

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>22 more days until a full year has passed

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Fucking kek you wanna try that again?

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Now this is some shit taste

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4 graves in this world...

>> No.36014007

I don’t

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Miko is stuck in the limbo...

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>*pornhub intro plays*

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Incredible stream. Do you have the discord screenshots Shion posted on Twitter?

>> No.36014013

wait a bit bro, it's lunchtime in limpdongland

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>pasta got updated
>that whole new paragraph
Holy shit what the fuck

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Coco ruined Kanata forever.

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I love Harbor Water very very much!

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Sugoi ne...

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not canon

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faq ogayu

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Hey I tried. I think my file naming scheme could use some work.

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why so many horniposters

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That was one sneaky creeper

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>Both are openly gay
>Pair rings
>Shower together
>Matching adidas clothes
>Call each other "family" and "soulmates"
>Uchi no Kanata https://youtu.be/OIn-9KcsbHI?t=788

These two have sex almost every day and you're delusional if you think otherwise

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sheepbros, I require more sheep drum webm

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>> No.36014064

bob too big

>> No.36014065

Kanata and Rushia

>> No.36014067

>using pornhub after they purged 90% of the site

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>> No.36014069

Too big, this looks terrible.

>> No.36014070

No thanks, she looks fat

>> No.36014072

Okite Okite

>> No.36014075

Aqua's anniversary in 8 hours!

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Give AZKi a watch

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I hid your post btw

>> No.36014081

wtf were they thinking
its like they hate money

>> No.36014082

not canon

>> No.36014083

Do spics really?
He also posted this google translated shit in chat

>> No.36014084

it's funny how pekora is taller than marine

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Why the meido never deletes or bans the fag that spams images everytime there's a HoloID in the op image?

>> No.36014092

That makes it even better tho, it's not fake or scripted.

>> No.36014093

Don’t name, just use sequential numbers

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>> No.36014096

This sucks man.. I was kinda looking forward to her nether adventure
Now instead we get to watch her mine and trade with villagers for the rest of the stream

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>> No.36014099

Hide mine too I dare you

>> No.36014100

do the girls even read their names if they write this shit or do they just skip over

>> No.36014102

Why the meido never deletes or bans the fag that spams images everytime HoloID thread gets deleted?

>> No.36014104

>ended up in hospital due to some copyright issues
Did some lawyers beat her up or something?

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>> No.36014109

I need a FAT Watame.

>> No.36014110

Gone but NEVER forgotten

>> No.36014111

>not canon = not fake
>canon = fake

>> No.36014113

He's Limpdong approved.

>> No.36014116

i'll watch the archive but i hope her goods are cute

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>> No.36014119

its like she saw a shota stuck in room or something

>> No.36014121

why is it always tatsunokos?

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>> No.36014125

I'm not interested in old bints

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>> No.36014127

AZKi now owns this thread.


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>> No.36014131

Based AZKI bro

>> No.36014132

tiny hand

>> No.36014133

She didn't answer the question,,,

>> No.36014134

its time to nun nun sora's pussy!

>> No.36014135

But I though this place likes older women

>> No.36014137

You know exactly why

>> No.36014138

why gyaru okayu?

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>> No.36014140

I'm going to sleep now, can you guys behave and not fight?

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>> No.36014144

Stop falling for memes.

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>> No.36014147

its time to rail azki in front of her husband

>> No.36014148

This is the type of """person""" you're inviting when you're doxxposting.

>> No.36014149

limpdong's sleeping, make new thread!

>> No.36014150

Unprotected cheating sex with a married woman while her husband watch!

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>> No.36014152

Nice headcanon you've got there

>> No.36014153

Who even gets off to tits that big?

>> No.36014154

This is what I think

>> No.36014155

Shion’s sexy ribs yo...

>> No.36014156

thought that was blood and a bruised face from the thumbnail

>> No.36014157

Miko wouldn't have died to that creeper if she didn't plant those stupid sunflowers there. The creeper was standing among them when Miko walked past

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>> No.36014159

Sorry Irys, I'm going to watch the other vsinger.

>> No.36014160

bery cute intro

>> No.36014162

but it's summer vacation...

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>> No.36014165

Thank you based Hololive Historian

>> No.36014166

tatsunokos are STILL the worst fanbase even after her dead...

>> No.36014167

imagine the sex

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>> No.36014172

This is terrible.

>> No.36014173

I wish Miko would turn off these shaders, they make her game run at like 20fps

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>> No.36014177

>GTAV's Michael's VA Ned Luke actually invited Miko to his podcast
Do you think Miko will accept it?

>> No.36014178

>it's a fucking MASSfag
every time

>> No.36014179 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36014180

Fucking tatsunokos are shameless.

>> No.36014182

sex with azki while sora holds her down

>> No.36014184

...miko can't even speak japanese.

>> No.36014185

Why do homosexual men hate Hololive so much?

>> No.36014186

Not canon enough to imagine

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>> No.36014190

Oh thanks, that's a good idea actually.

>> No.36014191

Source? For real.

>> No.36014194

ramii...come back...

>> No.36014195

Where's her tail?

>> No.36014196

Too big.

>> No.36014197

All me

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>> No.36014199

the fuck are these hags doing

>> No.36014200

>a lot of posts with poor english all of a sudden

>> No.36014201


>> No.36014202

not big enough

>> No.36014203

Why is her tail coming from her anus?

>> No.36014204

so it was true, Cocofags are mostly spics, that explains why they're so cancerous

>> No.36014205

lmao is this what he meant with aqua's fc2 what a fucking schizo

>> No.36014206

Yep it's headcanon, but they make it so easy.

>> No.36014208

What's the point of posting off-model art? What does that even add?

>> No.36014209

t. Heimin

>> No.36014211

Hahaha a tatsunoko and a triangle boy. Many such cases!

>> No.36014212

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.36014213

why is her butt sweating?

>> No.36014215


>> No.36014216

Bibi ate it

>> No.36014217

not canon

>> No.36014218

Mikochi don't step on it...

>> No.36014220

What's the point of touching up magazine covers? What does that even add?

>> No.36014221

>collab with a male

>> No.36014222

Thanks for giving me more images to filter!

>> No.36014223

Azki is pretty cute.

>> No.36014224

the motion blur makes it better

>> No.36014225

goblina woman hate or love?

>> No.36014226

just big enough

>> No.36014227

he's mad! he's mad and spamming!

>> No.36014228

love I guess

>> No.36014230

I have more if you want

>> No.36014231

Do I watch Azki or my favorite indie?

>> No.36014232

Does he even have a podcast

>> No.36014233

>> No.36014234

Mikochi step on it! Yes!

>> No.36014235

Do you like Ayame?

>> No.36014236

*whips out my cock*
This is canon.

>> No.36014237


>> No.36014238

It must be hot out

>> No.36014239

he's replied! he's still mad!

>> No.36014241

>not using the one where she looks at (You)

>> No.36014242

Tits too big.

>> No.36014243

I don't like anyone from before gokisei.

>> No.36014244

God I wish I was her husband

>> No.36014245


>> No.36014246


>> No.36014247

I concur

>> No.36014248

Why am I not surprised lmao

>> No.36014249

We love lesbians here, /hlg/ has always been /u/ territory

>> No.36014250


>> No.36014251

I don't like whores.

>> No.36014252


>> No.36014253

>> No.36014254

I want to be crushed under their warmth.

>> No.36014256

Did it nuke its account?

>> No.36014257

Hope so, she can bring an EN to help translate. Maybe even gigguk and crew can join too.

>> No.36014259

God I wish I was her...

>> No.36014260

bob too big

>> No.36014263

spyro subway scat picture but its towa laying logs

>> No.36014264

>tatsunokos exposed as brown doxfags
>he starts spamming

>> No.36014265

>kanatan immediately pairs with towa after coco
what did she mean by this? who's bigger?

>> No.36014266


>> No.36014267

If Miko was smart she would fence off a small area around her house that is lit up so she can look around before leaving the safe area

>> No.36014269


>> No.36014270

What part of too big do you not understand?

>> No.36014271

Sssh don't point it out

>> No.36014272

that's not a fujisan...

>> No.36014273


>> No.36014274


>> No.36014275

>If Miko was smart
she's doomed isn't she...

>> No.36014276

>> No.36014277

You're trying way too hard mate

>> No.36014278

Flare loves Marine

>> No.36014279

No I didn't.

>> No.36014280

Based /u/chad

>> No.36014281

I like her opinion on Minecraft

>> No.36014283


>> No.36014284

azki doesnt have a husband stop lying...

>> No.36014285

Now he's replying to himself.

>> No.36014286

>> No.36014287


>> No.36014288

The only thing I understand is that you won't survive the winter.

>> No.36014289

>If Miko was smart

>> No.36014290

Pekora? more like pecuck lol

>> No.36014291

>> No.36014293

azki and sora are being really cute!

>> No.36014294

>> No.36014295

stop projecting
I am not brown, never doxxed anyone, I just post Coco and Kson here whenever I want because the are and will always be Hololive no matter how much seethe you have there

>> No.36014296

I've never seen a good post with a Fubuki image.

>> No.36014297

>> No.36014298

ban the images

>> No.36014299

>SEAnigger hours
>all of them watching Miko
wrong thread browns

>> No.36014300

Oversized breasts are the worst.

>> No.36014302


>> No.36014306

didn't care, watching Miko

>> No.36014308

Seriously awful.

>> No.36014310


>> No.36014311

it's trying hard to self-realize its prophecy

>> No.36014312

>> No.36014314

>nyooooo it is impossible other people to share the same opinion as him he must samefagging

>> No.36014315

Blue women always end up getting cucked
I wonder who Botan will fuck

>> No.36014316


>> No.36014317

Doxxing WILL NOT be tolerate on this thread!
I don't even know what doxxing mean anymore...

>> No.36014318

Now he's replying to himself.

>> No.36014320

>actually replying
kek it's really not bright

>> No.36014324


>> No.36014325

>> No.36014327

manjigumi when...

>> No.36014329

I always knew cocofags were saviorfags but they're esl and roommate posters too?

>> No.36014330

Who are you talking about?

>> No.36014332

>> No.36014333

>> No.36014334

She said that during superchat reading yesterday. But that anon misunderstood something, Ned Luke thinks Miko does podcast as well besides streaming on YouTube and if she wants to collab with him she could. And Miko seems eager to do it but of course she couldn't because she can't even speak english lol

>> No.36014336


>> No.36014337


>> No.36014339

You can see his English getting worse as he gets angrier.

>> No.36014341

>> No.36014343

/u/ rules this thread and don't ever forget it, hololive is a lesbian idol agency

>> No.36014344

>> No.36014345

heterochromia is not good and should not be used in future designs

>> No.36014347

So this is the sort of schizo that would choose to anti Aqua.

>> No.36014348

>> No.36014350

>> No.36014351

This is the ideal form.

>> No.36014352


>> No.36014354

why's she sitting like that

>> No.36014356

>> No.36014358

a tatsubrown masscuck, the schizo isn't going to like this

>> No.36014359

the fuck is with these passive aggressive posting? is this a fucking tranny thread? absolutely abhorrent

>> No.36014360

kys thread commenters
how am I replying to myself if at same time I am replying your retarded posts? is it really difficult to believe we share the same taste?

>> No.36014362

What is it about Okayu that makes me so horny
I want to ask her out and hear her reject me for Korone

>> No.36014364

Okayu's new costume is like some weird body paint suit

>> No.36014365

heterochromia is the only reason marine got this popular

>> No.36014366

so coco is dead and tatsunoko are fully exposed as shitposting just to make people mad wwww sasuga

>> No.36014368

>mass reply
It's so mad.

>> No.36014369

it's a completely natural reaction

>> No.36014370


>> No.36014371


>> No.36014372


>> No.36014373

My anon can't be this butthurt!

>> No.36014374

Once this guy masters drawing pussies he will be a god.

>> No.36014376

Jesus what is Lamy feeding those tomato plants

>> No.36014377

Stop forcing more meme buzzwords into this general. Also, what did it even mean in that context?

>> No.36014378

>> No.36014379


>> No.36014380

RIP in pieces Yagoat and Elizabeth...

>> No.36014381

Idiot spammers. If they thought about it, it would be faster to bump OTHER threads or even make new threads.

>> No.36014382

That's a lot of graves.

>> No.36014383

Elf milk I think she said

>> No.36014385

why do they always pair them together? where are my Kiara pairings?

>> No.36014386

Miko... your pets...

>> No.36014387

It means that he's triggered but he has nothing smart to say, schizos hate /u/

>> No.36014388


>> No.36014390

he's so mad he's gonna explode LMAOOOO

>> No.36014393

kiara is a whore

>> No.36014394

>shitposting just to make people mad

>> No.36014396

After the 5th regressions, Miko will realize it's better to not develop any sentiments and focus on completing her mission.
Whatever it takes.

>> No.36014400

Damn this shader's making the water looks realistic

>> No.36014402

kys anti /u/ schizo, nobody likes you incel thoughts here

>> No.36014403

It does look really nice.

>> No.36014405

Uh oh, looks like a samefag got exposed

>> No.36014409


>> No.36014410


>> No.36014413

Imagine replying to yourself. Doesn't that undeserved (You) make you feel shamed?

>> No.36014414

Sora and AZKi are too cute.

>> No.36014415

sasuga meido

>> No.36014416

>> No.36014417

>> No.36014418


>> No.36014419


>> No.36014422

Flare loves Marine.
Noel is straight and a whore

>> No.36014423

This but asymmetrical leggings.

>> No.36014424

>> No.36014425

I just want to point out this post and laugh at the guy who posted it

>> No.36014428

They are lovers.

>> No.36014430


>> No.36014432

I'm curious, you do realize meidos can delete all the replies to a post, right?

>> No.36014433

Damn, times like this made me regret filtering trash. Would be cool to see what kind of faggot is so sad.

>> No.36014435

pekobob too big

>> No.36014436

Naruhodo, that said it really shouldn't be a problem to get a in-between translator. Kiara can do it, honestly. Haachama would be too much hassle to attempt serious translations with her skill level.

>> No.36014438

They're padded

>> No.36014439

Miko should play roblox

>> No.36014441

>replies are seconds a part
>multiples replies of different people at SAME TIME
>nooooo he's must be replying to himself
Holy cope, you must be really new to not understand how 4chan works, boy

>> No.36014443

It's very easy to tell who's the samefaggot when you can see his broken english degrade as he posts on 1 minute cooldowns, meidos just made it easier.

>> No.36014444

your choice between Towa or Watame

>> No.36014445

>oh no this thread is terrible
>better spam and shitpost to make sure they're as angry as possible
What's the point of dropping to their level?

>> No.36014446

she's baby but not that baby

>> No.36014447

>> No.36014448

big tawa

>> No.36014449

Idiot you can clearly see the boob flesh extending past where she should have boob.

>> No.36014451

You sound angry, do you need a hug?

>> No.36014452

wasn't he the size of mio's foot just a week ago...

>> No.36014453

>> No.36014454


>> No.36014455

>> No.36014456

Take it easy

>> No.36014459

that's cats for you

>> No.36014460

Azki likes Sora, I just searched for Azki clips and this popped up!

>> No.36014461


>> No.36014462


>> No.36014464 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36014465

It's over

>> No.36014467


>> No.36014468

Miko looks retarded as usualy today

>> No.36014469

I honestly think the dude who makes the "he must be so mad he's replying to himself" posts is a schizo himself considering I was one of the replies to that link and I'm pretty sure multiple other anons replied as well but we all got deleted.

>> No.36014471

>Miko reads manga
lol what a nerd

>> No.36014472

>> No.36014474


>> No.36014475

Towa cunny...

>> No.36014477

>> No.36014480


>> No.36014481


>> No.36014482

/u/ hours are best hours

>> No.36014484

that's not the post when we talk about samefagging

>> No.36014485

i love the cute faq girl

>> No.36014486

its healthy to be gay

>> No.36014487

Miko please play GTA IV, onegai...

>> No.36014489

thank you ned luke, very cool.

>> No.36014490

uh, saaaaa *sluuurp*, is that all? just the condom?

>> No.36014492

>> No.36014493

This doesn't look like her at all

>> No.36014495

You're not talking about >>36014171 or >>36014123? What other post chains got deleted?

>> No.36014501

>> No.36014502

>flare next to noel but not marine

>> No.36014503

hope peppa-chan doing well...

>> No.36014505

I also need 2 packs of cigs, Suisei is staying over tonight.

>> No.36014506


>> No.36014507

wait so that glass is there so the cat can sit on it instead of your keyboard?

>> No.36014509

he is the anti/u/schizo who keeps spamming the thread every time someone healthy bring discussions about something he dislike (/u/)

>> No.36014510


>> No.36014511

Are cats even true pets? they act more like needy and annoying roommates than pets compared to dogs when I lived with one.

>> No.36014514


>> No.36014515

Who's that?

>> No.36014517

Why is Towa always so tiny?

>> No.36014518

>> No.36014519

>> No.36014524

Holo EN 2

>> No.36014525

I've become Lamy

>> No.36014527

I can't stop fapping to her after I found her on iwara

>> No.36014528


>> No.36014529

Why do I keep seeing this image?

>> No.36014532

cause she´s cute

>> No.36014534

Seek help.
The aqua ones are better.

>> No.36014536


>> No.36014537

Reminder that Aqua used to work part time at a cake shop but she was bullied by her female senpai and eventually had to quit because she couldn't handle their pressure!


>> No.36014540

I really like aqua

>> No.36014541

She should play Nier again

>> No.36014542

What happens if I call Flare a NEGRA?

>> No.36014543

Is she an indie?

>> No.36014545

>> No.36014546

Don't be ashamed, it's okay to fap to sluts.

>> No.36014547

Oh now I see. Yeah that guy is a schizo.

>> No.36014548


>> No.36014549

Cats literally eat you the moment you die

>> No.36014551


>> No.36014552

>> No.36014554

>healthy discussion

>> No.36014555

>> No.36014556


>> No.36014557

What's this expression trying to convey?

>> No.36014560

It's really good, Pekora and Moona compliment each other well.

>> No.36014561

Maid Holo when?

>> No.36014562

>fight with kids over childish shit
>you can't make fun of an adult!

>> No.36014563

s-she doesn't mind it right? I can't help it...

>> No.36014564

Keep crying schizo

>> No.36014565


>> No.36014566

APEX doesn't sound that bad after reading this post

>> No.36014568

you will never become lamy

>> No.36014569

So now the dust has settled, can we all agree that HoloEN is a failure? they can't even get good viewers numbers anymore with how many subs they got

>> No.36014571

they are both fine
t: has owned 6 cats and 2 dogs

>> No.36014572

Hate this artist.

>> No.36014573

>> No.36014574

>> No.36014576

fat fuck, why are you so fat? why did towa keep you?

>> No.36014577

>> No.36014579

Kanata is too loud

>> No.36014580

How big is too big?

>> No.36014581

for me it's azki and sora they're cute And I enjoy this game

>> No.36014582

They have matching colors.

>> No.36014586

Miko has more than those 4 other streams combined

>> No.36014587

not flat? too big
simple as

>> No.36014590

Wait I'm already growing the boobs and my hair is turning blue...what am I becoming?

>> No.36014591

This is the limit.

>> No.36014593


>> No.36014594

Miko is taking this childish argument too seriously

>> No.36014595

All idols are gays because they can't interact with men or recognize their existence. This is a fact!

>> No.36014596

Bigger than enough to bury your head in

>> No.36014597

this is still the best noel chestnut i ever took

>> No.36014598

oh god look at pekora grabbing moona's fat tummy

>> No.36014601

I'm the schizo when you encourage hating Noel? Blow your brains out c/u/ck.

>> No.36014602

>> No.36014603

So close SorAZ...

>> No.36014604

mine now

>> No.36014605

You become suisei.

>> No.36014607


>> No.36014608

But we love Noel here

>> No.36014609

you guys don't browse this general often do you

>> No.36014610

Be careful Miko...

>> No.36014611


>> No.36014613

But I've already grown a c-cup...plus i have been waking up early recently...

>> No.36014614

There are your fellow /u/ """chads""" that you support and approve of >>36013932 >>36014422

>> No.36014616

then you're peko

>> No.36014617

She can't do the lava bucket nether portal strat because of PTSD

>> No.36014618

Miko is a boomer...

>> No.36014619

I only come here when my oshi (Miko) is streaming

>> No.36014620

yes you are. keep your incel out of this board.

>> No.36014621

hurea will marry noel and run away with her property

>> No.36014624

Miko hasn't died again yet?

>> No.36014626

When you hate yourself for being male you are the incel, anon.

>> No.36014629

Miko is such a piece of shit. I can't wait until that fake whore graduates.

>> No.36014631

Why does she have to use thumbnails like this?

>> No.36014632

where is nenechi?

>> No.36014633

She's efficient now!

>> No.36014634

That's not an /u/chad, everyone in /u/ hates the MariFurea schizo too

>> No.36014636

>> No.36014637

Let's just go to /vt/ holobros, looks like we're not welcome here anymore.

>> No.36014638

you know exactly why

>> No.36014639

We love Miko here, please refrain from shitposting about her here.

>> No.36014640

I am not male and I love yuri, you are just delusional.

>> No.36014641

>everyone in /u/
You have to return

>> No.36014644

He's the only one defending Marine's true identity of a man hating lesbian. How can you hate such a person?

>> No.36014645

Never leaving

>> No.36014648

Are you saying MariFurea is not a valid ship?

>> No.36014649

she knows what I want

>> No.36014651

Why is she like this?

>> No.36014652

Miko talking like a boomer...

>> No.36014655

I bet she's been slimmer for a while

>> No.36014656


>> No.36014657


>> No.36014660

>rushia copying haachamas lewd art stream
Inb4 she gets her channel banned

>> No.36014661

Just tuned into IRyS for the first time and HOLY SHIT her 2D looks even worse in motion.

>> No.36014662

She knows Mikorin is watching

>> No.36014663

Yeah, already giving up on relationship (with pets) on her 3rd regression. This is shaping up to be a great timeloop plot.

>> No.36014664

You can ship whoever you want with anyone but when you start schizoposting about another holo because a ship triggers you then you really need to blow your brains out with a shotgun

>> No.36014667


>> No.36014668


>> No.36014669


>> No.36014670

When will we get HoloKR?

>> No.36014672

We can make sure she gets demonetized at the very least

>> No.36014673


>> No.36014674

Found the /vt/ schizo and thread commenter

>> No.36014677

Towa was cool last night if you were wondering

>> No.36014680

You spend too much time in these threads my friend

>> No.36014683

>> No.36014685

The infamous Aqua JAV...

>> No.36014686

There's nothing wrong with attacking other ships. You are weak.

>> No.36014687

You've lost it.

>> No.36014688


>> No.36014689

Stop it haachama , festival is already dead

>> No.36014690


>> No.36014691

how do you know it's from /vt/ tho? Nah is a perfectly normal dismissal word.

>> No.36014692

>> No.36014694

this but unironically

>> No.36014695

Damnit at least put it in spoiler!

>> No.36014696


>> No.36014698


>> No.36014699

Because you keep replying without replying

>> No.36014700

Miko why...

>> No.36014702

sora takes what she wants

>> No.36014703

Do you like older women, anon?

>> No.36014704

Attack other ships all you want as long as you remember which holo actually gets to fuck one another, nothing wrong with supporting crackships.

>> No.36014705


>> No.36014706

you don't deserve it.

>> No.36014709


>> No.36014713

yes and I wouldn't mind being violated by one

>> No.36014715


>> No.36014717

They're all crack ships

>> No.36014718


>> No.36014719

>She actually managed to not reveal the song

>> No.36014720


>> No.36014723


>> No.36014724

fuck yes

>> No.36014727

>which holo actually gets to fuck one another
Who are you referring to by this?

>> No.36014731


>> No.36014732

get in here

>> No.36014734

If you know, you know.

>> No.36014735

Which holo will be eaten first if they're stuck on an isolated island?

>> No.36014736

You don't get to define who's a /u/chad.

>> No.36014737

Why is Miko streaming so much

>> No.36014738

is that nakadashi? I've seen that kanji on some javs before

>> No.36014739

>> No.36014740

sports clothes are the best

>> No.36014741

i wonder who

>> No.36014742

/u/ is a board of peace so schizos are by definition not true /u/

>> No.36014744

Haatobros is this true?

>> No.36014745

>is that nakadashi
do your reps

>> No.36014746


>> No.36014747

Even if not hungry, eat her before the waterworks start up.

>> No.36014748

That's just normal Miko, having insane streaming hours is her thing (and Watame's, I guess).

>> No.36014749

not big enough

>> No.36014751

Board of peace except hetpanderers get the rope

>> No.36014753

extremely wrong kanji for the first one

>> No.36014756

As they should

>> No.36014757

Noel is one.

>> No.36014758


>> No.36014759

Because she said we didn't get to spend the summer together with her last year

>> No.36014760


>> No.36014761


>> No.36014762

wen u squirt for the first tiem but you did it wen nobody look so you want to make stream for squirts

>> No.36014763


>> No.36014764

W-what happened to her right eye

>> No.36014765

ignore the anti /u/ schizo, he's malding as always

>> No.36014766

Noel is terrified of men

>> No.36014767

Why does haachama wear the eye patch? Is she a chuuni?

>> No.36014770

so am I

>> No.36014771

the longer this joke keeps going, the more empathy that keeps coming

>> No.36014773

Doesn't change the fact that she panders to them.

>> No.36014775

>Everyone thought Inchou would be the one corrupting Sora, little did they know...

>> No.36014777

Matsuri APEX

>> No.36014778

imagine the scratches Botan could give you with those claws

>> No.36014779

hey boy, wanna go for a swim?

>> No.36014781

TL Note: Chuuni means schizo.

>> No.36014783

Give me your smugsora folder nowwwww

>> No.36014784

I’m terrified of women, doesn’t mean I’m not attracted to them.

>> No.36014785


>> No.36014786

I don't care what she does as long as a dick doesn't get near her, i'm glad she has paypigs willing to support her lesbian sex with Flare.

>> No.36014787

Please remember to send Matuli a lot of sugary snacks

>> No.36014791

Matsuri you fat fuck, stop eating so much!

>> No.36014792

Honestly, /u/ or anti-/u/ anyone who wants to impose their own highly subjective tastes on anyone else should get the rope. These two >>36014751 >>36014756 should be lined up and shot with the anti-/u/ schizo.

>> No.36014793

Her voice sounds weird, slight voice filter? Why?

>> No.36014795


>> No.36014797

not fat enough

>> No.36014799

Noel is dating a trans man named Flare.

>> No.36014800

So hetpandering is fine then huh. Why are you so hypocritical?

>> No.36014801

I wonder how long it will take her to pull it

>> No.36014802

What happened to her? She looks like shit right now

>> No.36014803

>> No.36014804

Fuck off you cancerous faggots.

>> No.36014805

Milking paypigs to enjoy the purest form of love is perfectly fine, yes.

>> No.36014806

Kill yourself, MASSFAGGOT.

>> No.36014807

/u/ is always right, incel.

>> No.36014809

Careful, they'll call you a schizo.

>> No.36014810

Look at those wrists. My girl is plumping back up nicely

>> No.36014812

Why is she so cute... I hope she follows Coco and starts roommate streaming more often

>> No.36014813

This is why these threads are shit. Retards are more interested in roommates than the actual holos.

>> No.36014814

>> No.36014815

and this is why listener-san will die

>> No.36014816

I do not follow

>> No.36014818


>> No.36014819

I can't tell if this is a falseflagger or not at this point.

>> No.36014821

lot of pleasure

>> No.36014827

Pekora will never collab with Suisei again, will she?

>> No.36014828


>> No.36014829

I thought she was pregnant.

>> No.36014831

literally no one watches Matsuri here aside from her roommate. Stop being surprised by every old thing that's been happening for months in here.

>> No.36014832

Architectbros, we can't stop winning!

>> No.36014833

i want to see mr koro's roommate stream more often now!

>> No.36014834

She has pretty nice teeth for a japanese person

>> No.36014835

Miko baby...

>> No.36014836

It's gonna be Fansa
Screencap this

>> No.36014837

Matuli is fat.

>> No.36014839

She fat

>> No.36014840

the faggot pretending to be neutral in every situation will be the first to be dismembered in a societal collapse

>> No.36014841

Did she just say that she haven't had a boyfriend for 4 years now? Somehow I doubt that...

>> No.36014842

It doesn't make a difference when the real ones act exactly the same.

>> No.36014843

Did you mistype fanta?

>> No.36014844

You stupid faggot, I’m talking about the fact that we have holos currently streaming yet everyone would rather post about roommates.

>> No.36014845

>wears baggy clothing on purpose so people won't notice she's fat
kek nice try matsuri, but you won't escape these architect eyes.

>> No.36014846

Yeah we already know she was lying about that
She hasn't had one at all

>> No.36014847

Pekora will have a collab song with Suisei, Lamy, Kanata and Towa to sing Blue Nation together. I believe...

>> No.36014850

I knew all that stress eating KFC in the middle of the night would catch up to her

>> No.36014851


>> No.36014852


>> No.36014853

She's A FUCKING ONLINE PROSTITUTE, Jesus on what level of brain worms do you have to be to believe that someone who makes a living out of whoring herself to men has any issues with them
/u/ is beyond delusional, Noel is one of the straightest holos, and on top of that she's a whore

>> No.36014854

She has a girlfriend now

>> No.36014855


>> No.36014856

When is Polka streaming as her roommate?

>> No.36014857

It's hololive historian discord raid, just ignore and talk about the stream

>> No.36014858


>> No.36014859

complain at certain other thread

>> No.36014861

marine is a prostitute

>> No.36014863

Talk about Miko’s stream? Nah. Talk about the SorAzki stream? Nah. I think I’ll post about nzmi instead, that makes sense.

>> No.36014864

She's literally contracted to Hololive Productions you dumb faggot

>> No.36014865

I agree, k*on, sex and nozomi fags should fuck off.

>> No.36014866

Why is it okay to discuss Matuli's roomate stream but not Coco's?

>> No.36014867


>> No.36014868

Why don't you go fap with one of those niconico videos of Marine flirting with men?

>> No.36014869

is she cheaper than Ayame

>> No.36014871

must be mad that the roommatefag masscuck got exposed

>> No.36014873

i want nakadashi with n*z*m*!

>> No.36014875


>> No.36014876

this but unironically.

meidos, do your fucking job

>> No.36014877

Back to global retard.

>> No.36014878

Marine only sells to girls

>> No.36014879

It is not okay, and you faggots talk about Coco's roommate all the fucking time anyway.

>> No.36014880

None of them are okay retard

>> No.36014881

>the fall gays arc started a year ago

>> No.36014883

I only watch Subaru, Matsuri and Okayu and none of them are live

>> No.36014884

Nice SorAZ!

>> No.36014885

lol, matsuri just leaked her boyfriend on stream and she's in damage control

>> No.36014887


>> No.36014889

these two cuties are so in sync

>> No.36014890

Because she will only have a real relationship with a man.

>> No.36014891

Nice strawhat Miko

>> No.36014892

>"Some filipino guy was at the door... He said his name was Tiger or something... "

>> No.36014893

>globaltards trying to police the thread again
These fucking retards keep appearing and thinking /vt/ and /jp/ have the same rules. Protip: they don't.

Keep seething though, I'd like to see you faggots cry more everytime a roommate streams.

>> No.36014894

go back to /vt/ please

>> No.36014895

Same price.
Ayame is younger but you run the risk of being covered in diarrhea. Marine is older but still has great rectum and sphincter integrity.

>> No.36014896

For me it's Zoro

>> No.36014897

It's early afternoon in Japan, burger boy

>> No.36014898


>> No.36014899

Wrong life retard

>> No.36014900

It's easy to tell based on her face, neck and arm.
She trying to slim down her head by hide it with her hair but her arm exposed her fatness.

>> No.36014901


>> No.36014902

>> No.36014903

tranny jannies

>> No.36014904

It's fine to talk about them, don't be fucking a faggot like the retards on /vt/

>> No.36014905

Guess that'll be the last stream for awhile

>> No.36014906

>but still has great rectum and sphincter integrity.
Not really, she told a story about how she thought girls had a prostate and was trying things without any luck.

>> No.36014907

noel pays to see naked pics of girls just saying

>> No.36014908

Sorry anons, truth is I've been living with Matsuri since 2020

>> No.36014911

Sora and AZKi actually cleared the game, nice.

>> No.36014912


>> No.36014914

It's only acceptable to talk about cute roommates streaming.
I'm the one who decides if they are cute or not

>> No.36014915

That's not nearly enough to reach Ayame's level.

>> No.36014916

Too late, I recorded it

>> No.36014917


>> No.36014918

>Literally living in fear after the Mel incident
You never know..

>> No.36014920

You can clear Overcooked?

>> No.36014921

Miko been watching City Hunter anime lately. Lol what a boomer

>> No.36014922

What happened

>> No.36014923


>> No.36014924

Kill yourself anti

>> No.36014925

I don't believe you

>> No.36014926

You wish, L*ger-kun.

>> No.36014927

It's honestly sad how you make it your life mission to dream up situations where real women are secretly man hating lesbians.
What will you do when they move on from this "job" and get married to men? Did you not learn from shipping seiyuus?

>> No.36014928

She was with a guy and got found out.

>> No.36014930


Thanks Migo.

>> No.36014931

To be fair, the City Hunter french live action we watched was kinda nice.

>> No.36014933

>pretending to be neutral
lol if you think that's neutral. it's not a "neutral" position between your side and the other schizo's, both you and the other schizo are the exact same kind of trash who both want the exact same thing. It's (You) psychopaths against everyone else who is sick of your shit.

>> No.36014934

It's her brother.

>> No.36014935


>> No.36014936

>It was actually her bf
Holy fuck hahaha

>> No.36014938

Yeah apparently. They can now go for 4 stars if they want to.

>> No.36014939

Towa did it first.

>> No.36014945

I'm pretty sure she live on her own.

>> No.36014946

You roommate retards really need to fuck off
This is the hololive thread, only hololive discussion is allowed here, Nzmi isn’t streaming as a hololive talent so she’s LITERALLY not hololive
Very simple and easy to understand

>> No.36014947

remi that Miko loves one piece and said bleach is boring
she's the most based holo

>> No.36014949

>> No.36014950


>> No.36014951

No Sora, AZKi don't go...

>> No.36014952

Matsuri is going to DIE ....

>> No.36014953


>> No.36014954

what would suityan say about this controversial opinion

>> No.36014955


>> No.36014957

But she loves Naruto the most, which makes her ultra based

>> No.36014959


>> No.36014960

it's time to go back to discord

>> No.36014962

WTF slut!

>> No.36014963

BLEACH kicks the ass of wan piss every day of the week.

>> No.36014964

Matsuri really is the most entertaining Holo.

>> No.36014966

kys retard stop begging for attention

>> No.36014967


>> No.36014969

I can't believe l*ger finally scored.

>> No.36014970

Bleach is only decent during the first two arcs then it goes to shit

>> No.36014971

>Anon actually ate up the whole "I don't have a boyfriend" "Matsuri is a virgin"

>> No.36014972

That's an unbelievably bad opinion but it's bad enough that I can believe it coming from Miko.

>> No.36014975

L*ger has gone too far this time

>> No.36014977

hahahhaha imagine being a matsurisu in 2021

>> No.36014978 [SPOILER] 

aquashion sex

>> No.36014979

>loves One Piece and Naruto
>dislikes Bleach
>knows nothing about Dragon Ball other than the Broly movie
holy shit, why is Miko so based?

>> No.36014980



>> No.36014982

I'm sorry that was me
I'll be careful next time

>> No.36014983

Watch the right side

>> No.36014985

can you retards fuck off back to your doxcord now?

>> No.36014988

You guys being too horny lately.

>> No.36014989

>20+ year old Japanese
Why the fuck do retards fall for this rrat?

>> No.36014990


>> No.36014992

"君臨者よ!血肉の仮面·万象·羽ばたき·ヒトの名を冠す者よ!焦熱と争乱、海隔て逆巻き南へと歩を進めよ! 赤火砲! "

>> No.36014993

can you explain this post to me like I don't get it

>> No.36014994

Not hololive fuck off

>> No.36014995

what a stupid whore

>> No.36014996 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36014997

Johnny arrived to early to "coach" her in "apex"

>> No.36014999 [SPOILER] 

Absolute plebeian opinion

>> No.36015000

Thirsty virgin my ass.

>> No.36015002

>male hand
It's over

>> No.36015003



>> No.36015005


>> No.36015007

Matsurifags damage controlling KEK

>> No.36015009

WTF. Don't expose me bros.

>> No.36015010

So, what's her excuse?
She lives on her own so it's not her family, she doesn't have any known actual roommates

>> No.36015012

What does the Japanese part have to do with it? Are you implying there's some nationality that are virgins?

>> No.36015013

This was scripted.

>> No.36015015

I loved the first 2 seasons of Bleach and then it went to shit. OPs are still top tier.

>> No.36015017

>> No.36015018

The police are arriving, please stay safe, Matsuri.

>> No.36015019

actually a bigger yab than towa's, I'm impressed

>> No.36015020

She's currently pretending someone broke into her apartment, opening her bedroom door, then left within a minute.

>> No.36015021

I can't believe ghosts actually exist!

>> No.36015022

Timestamp? I don't want to waste my time watching a 7 minutes clip

>> No.36015023

It was a cat. Or a ghost. Or a ghost cat. Stop assuming it was a human male

>> No.36015024

did Matsuri just pull a Towa

>> No.36015025


>> No.36015027

Are you implying otherwise?

>> No.36015028

Ah yes, she "called the police" because there was a "stranger" in her house.

>> No.36015030

Literally the first second of the video, retard

>> No.36015031

Literally at the beginning, it's 7 minutes of damage control.

>> No.36015033


>> No.36015035

matsuri has only done it with girls...

>> No.36015036


>> No.36015037

>"Are you winning, Matsuri-chan?"

>> No.36015038

>Matsurifags coping and damage controlling
Must feel bad to know that your oshi is getting creampied by another man everyday.

>> No.36015040

Male hand, it's over

>> No.36015041

Yeah? Women past the age of 15 can't be virgins anywhere. Now let's hear your answer, is there a nation where adult women are virgins?

>> No.36015042

meds now, schizo

>> No.36015044


>> No.36015045

No one is a Virgin in Hololive, faggot.

>> No.36015046

Thank god my oshi Miko is the only virgin in hololive

>> No.36015047

Yeah, Japan

>> No.36015048

Officer Oozaru has arrived

>> No.36015049

Matsuri is literally so sad lying about having a boyfriend honestly is something she would do

>> No.36015051

>Festival has a dedicated thread
What is wrong with those people

>> No.36015053

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.36015054

>going to lose the only 2 gachikois she had left
at this point Lyger is going to be the last man standing

>> No.36015056

Cope, seethe, and Dilate.

>> No.36015057

>oh no a stalker got in and left without doing anything!

>> No.36015058


>> No.36015059

Pekora and Moona are

>> No.36015060

Go to sleep fagsuri hahaa

>> No.36015061

why the fuck would she start streaming with somebody else in her apartment loool
how dumb can she fucking be????

>> No.36015064

Then why did you post
>20+ year old Japanese
If that wasn't you why the fuck are you talking to me

>> No.36015065

Watch as literally nothing will come out of this because nobody actually cares about Matsuri.

>> No.36015068

Lmao the cope from these incels are hilarious

>> No.36015069

did i step into the wrong thread?

>> No.36015070

Matsurisu need a circlejerk thread because they get shat on everywhere else.

>> No.36015071


>> No.36015072

Not her boyfriend.
That's her sex slave escaping the cage.

>> No.36015073

Kanatan is a virgin

>> No.36015074

>it's going to be another attack matsuri episode here
why are you guys like this?

>> No.36015075

If that was actually a stalker he would rape her live on stream

>> No.36015076

>that cope
damn I almost feel bad

>> No.36015077

Moona was an idol irl before joining hololive, she fucked her producers before. And Pekora has a boyfriend (Jun)

>> No.36015078

Did she ever actually move out or is that just her family

>> No.36015079

That was his big plan all along

>> No.36015080

Where do you fucking retards even come from? None of you even give a shit about Matsuri you're only pathetic dramafags

>> No.36015081

>Yes, there's a stranger in my house
>No I didn't hear them brake in
>Yes they GENTLY closed the door once they saw I was inside
>My first reaction MINUTES after it happening, above all was to tweet about it AND private my stream all while calling the police and telling them the details and my address
>Despite there being an intruder in my house I'm ver calm and on twitter, calm enough to be a little cheeky and add the three dots at the end, gotta make the tweet a little sentimental you know
Jesus, this whole shit has to be peak retardation. A little fucking sign "DON'T COME IN CURRENTLY STREAMING" because it's not like her roommate streams on the daily, those stream are semi-rare, so she planned this in advance, couldn't tell her boyfriend not barge in during it. Also
>Has a brother
>Doesn't immediately use it as an excuse to quickly dismiss it
>"Oh that's my brother, he's visiting today"
It' was that easy

>> No.36015082

Miko is my Oshi you faggot. She's the only virgin in Hololive. Bird kun can go fuck himself.

>> No.36015084

>t-that's just her brother!
The copium levels are too high right now.

>> No.36015086

She didn't, she just gave keys to her apartment to someone else and they came to visit.

>> No.36015087

She could've said "Hey, it's my friend OO-san who is staying with me. But now she's pretending to call the police on twitter, what do you want people to believe? She's stupid as fuck. Even chat told her it would be okay if it's her boyfriend but she went "uh-nuh, I don't have a boyfriend" for whatever reason despite painting herself as a slut.

>> No.36015088

Not interested in participating with it, but she really invites it on herself. For someone that has been streaming as long as she has she makes some poor choices.

>> No.36015089

no one? just me?

>> No.36015091

>you're only pathetic dramafags
First day here?

>> No.36015094

hey remember when the HOLOLIVE thread talked HOLOLIVE?

>> No.36015095

Trying too hard to falseflag there

>> No.36015096

>now she's pretending to call the police on twitter
Go back to /r9k/ incel. She's definitely in trouble, that's why she had to end the stream early.

>> No.36015097

run by jews, explains why the only shit left on there is degenerate shit and not just normal porn

>> No.36015099

If it was her brother she could have just said so and continued the stream without any issues, people know she has brother. But no instead she panicked privated the steam and now is pretending that someone broke into her house??

>> No.36015100


>> No.36015101

Would anyone even be mad at this point if she just fucking admitted it? She's pissed most of her fanbase away and complains about not having anyone constantly. This is the same woman who literally revealed her full name by accident and just laughed it off.

>> No.36015102

>https://twitter.com/masimasi0/status/1424605262This have to be a joke right? like HA HA IT WAS A THIEF. There's no way someone just got into her house like that

>> No.36015103

Kanata and Noel are virgins, the rest are whores

>> No.36015104

when chat told her about the door she didn't even turn to look at it lmao
who the fuck reacts like that???

>> No.36015105

Yeah she could have easily said it was her family since giving spare keys to them is normal.

>> No.36015106

yeah good night anons I'm leaving

>> No.36015107

Ah, Miko and magma. What a classic Miko

>> No.36015109

It's pretty funny how i had to vacate the thread at the same time last year haha being a Matsurisu is a wild ride anon, i'll se you guys in a few weeks when things have calmed down

>> No.36015110

Forgot the image.

>> No.36015111

I agree with you

>> No.36015112

there's no problem with streaming with someone else at home at all, how many times have you heard anemachi or coco/kanata barge in unannounced randomly? even some people liike subaru lived with their family before moving out and you never heard a thing
all she had to do was tell them that she was streaming and not to come in until she says so

>> No.36015113


>> No.36015114

She's gonna get burn again isn't she

>> No.36015115

>Matsuri is the second biggest yuritbaiter in Hololive
>she just revealed she has a boyfriend
lmao the yurifag must be crying right now

>> No.36015116

Good bye Matsuri.

>> No.36015118


>> No.36015119

This. Or she could've just said it was a friend staying with her.

>> No.36015120

yeah that's bullshit

>> No.36015121

>Your retarded boyfriend shows up on stream
>Chat tells you
>You panick
>Have to come up with something live on stream

Comedy fucking gold Matuli

>> No.36015122

no don't do it

>> No.36015123

Honestly I would have believed her if she didn't private the stream.

>> No.36015124

literally nothing will come of this

stop fucking making mountains of molehills for fucks sake

>> No.36015125

>Hololive thread
>Nobody talking about Noel or Miko
Thanks for proving once again none of you retards actually give a shit about Hololive

>> No.36015128


>> No.36015129

you forget where you are everything is a mountain here. it'll blow over just the same as her other mishaps tho

>> No.36015132

Holy shit, are people this fucking pathetic?

>> No.36015133

nothing COULD have come of this
she is making things come out of this

>> No.36015134

i've been talking about noel the entire time. nobody cares because they wanna discuss the roommate instead

>> No.36015135

that's hilarious, matsuri is actually a good entertainer

>> No.36015136

I'm talking about Miko here

>> No.36015137

This is the kind of thread that I like

>> No.36015138

>literally nothing will come of this
unironically this but only because it's Matsuri and that's usually what happens with her yabs

>> No.36015139

>> No.36015140

Holy Shit....

>> No.36015141

Oh no no no. Idolfags are enraged. How could their Oshi fuck a male?

>> No.36015142

I was enjoying aki and sora but no one wanted to discuss it with me...

>> No.36015143

nothing will come out of this because no one cares about Matsuri

>> No.36015144

well yeah that's what I mean. Either tell em to fuck off or wait till they leave
It doesn't make any fucking sense
Is she just this retarded?

>> No.36015147

People are just being dramafaggots

>> No.36015148

Fucking shit I mean this is funny and all but she might actually kill herself :(

>> No.36015151

The copium leves are off the charts

>> No.36015153

Damn crazy to think I just happened to check out roommate stream and see matsuri do a towa. Will be interesting to see if summer festival can make this blow over like towa did.

>> No.36015154

How far is she in the game? I really can't remember any part of this game...

>> No.36015156

Can't wait for the achu achu achu

>> No.36015157

>lyger's hand opened the door

>> No.36015158

Oh hush up. Let us have some fun while it's fresh.

>> No.36015160

You should be worried about her safety instead of saying this, why is anon such a monster?

>> No.36015161

she's at the water temple.

>> No.36015163

Sorry I'm doing my Pippa archive reps since my oshi isn't streaming.

>> No.36015165


>> No.36015166

>>"Oh that's my brother, he's visiting today"
>It' was that easy
Why are women so retarded? When I saw that hand the very first thing I thought was "Now she's going to use the brother excuse" and instead she went with the absurd drama option.

>> No.36015167

The real lesson here is place your desk so the door is in front of you not to your side

>> No.36015169

I miss festivaluna...

>> No.36015170

>all of this shitstorm for a nothingburger
>but literally no one gave a shit when Ayame's sucking her boyfriend's cock while playing League of Legends
You're all a bunch of retards for even trying to make this a big thing.

>> No.36015171

It's matsuri, no one will give a shit even if she fucked multiple men on stream

>> No.36015172

So you actually believe a stranger broke into her house? Because the telling thing here is not the actual hand, but the fact that she's so desperate to cover it up. If it was her brother, friend, family or literally anyone else she could have just said so, it wouldn't have warranted the OMG SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY HOUSE LE ME PRIVATE THE STREAM AND TWEET ABOUT IT.
The "it's her boyfriend" doesn't come from the hand but from her retarded reaction which makes it more than obvious that she has something to hide.

>> No.36015173

Will EOPs save her?

>> No.36015174

I didn't think that Towa's yab could be topped...

>> No.36015175

Well I was talking about SorAZ but there's only one other dude who's watching...

>> No.36015176

you guys only have "fun" when it means someone is graduating, taking a break or has something bad happen. give me a fucking break. half this thread is unironic anti's who fucking hate hololive, a quarter /v/ and /pol/ kiddies who don't even watch streams, and only a slim margin who actually watch and care about hololive. fuck off

>> No.36015177

That was close miko

>> No.36015178

will lyger kill himself?

>> No.36015179

Rumao rumao cuck

>> No.36015180

This is the Matsuri thread and the Anti-Matsuri thread. Where you expecting otherwise?

>> No.36015181

With each new day I somehow end up hating Matsuri even more.

>> No.36015182


>> No.36015185

EOPs will save her but not "her", that's "forbidden knowledge" bro

>> No.36015186

>Men shows up on a roommate stream
>I-It's a nothingburger

You know what's worse than dramafags? being an EOP retard that actually believes he has any idea what he's talking about

>> No.36015187

Yes I was looking for the matsuri eroi thread

>> No.36015188

it was a fucking nice stream. was the perfect game for them.

>> No.36015190

He'll kill Matsuri first

>> No.36015192

That's what happens when you disrespect the Chama.

>> No.36015193

>all of this shitstorm for a nothingburger
Well I wouldn't call someone breaking into Matsuri's apartment mid stream a "nothingburger" that's actually pretty fucking scary innit, if you believe Matsuri well then she's in an extremely dangerous situation because someone broke into her house and went all the way into her streaming room

>> No.36015194

Fuck off. Something unexpected happened and we are reacting.

>> No.36015195

I don't get it at all... why the fuck bitch about boyfriends and shit when she actually has one?
Is she actually this nuts?

>> No.36015197

t. EOP

>> No.36015198


>> No.36015200

>2:03am in brazil
>1:03am in mexico
go to sleep, you don't want to miss these streams

>> No.36015201

>940 posts
>130 IPs
Try to make it less obvious lads.

>> No.36015202

>breaking into Matsuri's apartment mid stream
Taking the bait.

>> No.36015203

You guys say shit about Matsuri but Marine is way worse than her. You guys watch Marine almost every day but you don't even realize it. Wake up. Some holos are fake and Marine is the fakest of them all.

>> No.36015204

I was enjoying the stream the new overcooked stuff looks really fun I hope they continue playing

>> No.36015205

any new spicy rrats bros?

>> No.36015206

That was Roberu's hand...

>> No.36015208

Probably a new boyfriend that didn't understand not to fucking open the door

>> No.36015210

Trying too hard.

>> No.36015211

it isn't a nothingburger, it's a double cheeseburger

>> No.36015213

She's having a menhera episode RIGHT NOW and probably beating the shit out of her bf.

>> No.36015214

really now lmao?

>> No.36015215

god i wish i was a spic so i could sleep through these

>> No.36015216

danchou's stream is ending soon?

>> No.36015217

Well lets just assume that there was actually a stranger in her house
Then she will be raped in the near future.
If she takes a brake for a week+ that means she got raped.
If she does not take any brake at all then it was her boyfriend.

>> No.36015218

Maybe this is what will push him to commit a suicide-murder

>> No.36015219

Couldn't be him, Roberu is an actual living skeleton

>> No.36015220

You told me women can't be funny
You lied anons :(

>> No.36015221

oh no no 5ch isn't happy about this...
say goodbye to her while you can

>> No.36015222

I wish she would beat and stab me instead...

>> No.36015223

Imagine the Angry sex later tonight.

>> No.36015224


>> No.36015225

I want to be her bf..

>> No.36015226

>> No.36015227

Solo pictures and videos are now prostitution? Its fucking gravure with an ASMR mic literally everything she does in them is directly copied from gravure.
>Noel is one of the straightest holos
>spends ¥50k a month on pictures of naked girls
>has been a massive fan of gravure since she was a teenager
>pervs over female characters in games
>massive fan of cosplay
>has retweeted sexy pictures of women on twitter
You are fucking retarded.

>> No.36015229

guess she'll be single again after this one LMAO

>> No.36015230

I hope this yab causes matsuri to go into binge eating and getting fatter

>> No.36015232


>> No.36015233

Fuck off, marineschizo. Festival is the hot topic right now.

>> No.36015234

Yup, she has a collab later today

>> No.36015235


>> No.36015236

7691264 send me here. What's happening?

>> No.36015239

I don't hate her, it makes me happy that she's not the angry virgin she appears to be and that she has (had maybe, lol) a boyfriend. She's really feeling the pressure of getting older and hitting the wall.
It saddens how dumb she is, though, I want to support her but she is so stupid.

>> No.36015240

>chama broke into matsuri's house to stir drama and cause panic
how based is she? never cross an australian, those things are vicious

>> No.36015241

Mio Mama....

>> No.36015242

are the only holos confirmed not virgin

>> No.36015243

you can just not watch hololive, you know
not every stream has to be watched
I watched towa's live, and chose not to watch haachama who was running at the same time
if you feel a compulsion to watch hololive you've got something going wrong in your life, my dude

>> No.36015244

Is Matsuri a virgin?

>> No.36015245

>Not prostitution
RUMAO. The cope.

>> No.36015247

Miko is a treasure

>> No.36015250

Yeah it was super fun. Next time they should invite other Gen 0 for a full game.

>> No.36015252

cute noeru

>> No.36015253

Not as of a few minutes ago

>> No.36015255


>> No.36015256

He has been following Matsuri's diet

>> No.36015257

is anyone really going to fall for this intruder shit lmao

>> No.36015258

>> No.36015259

holy schizos you guys are more pathetic than i though...

>> No.36015261



All the boring holos

>> No.36015262

This, but Pekora.

>> No.36015264

fucking lol

>> No.36015266

no i will continue to make china jokes about aqua and dislike her streams

>> No.36015269

Some faggot got banned here and went to cry about it on /vt / lmao

>> No.36015270

Imagine ks*n is streaming and a real fucking gorilla enters her room

>> No.36015271

People are crucifying Matsuri for what could possibly be a male hand when there are videos of Marine's roommate flirting with men on NND back in the day.

>> No.36015272

I mean just like Towa's case women are retarded or panic

>> No.36015274

Why are 35p like this?

>> No.36015275

She slept with unknown oji-san...

>> No.36015276


>> No.36015277

Her gachis definitely are, look at the replies.
Pretty funny actually.

>> No.36015278

nice job matuli now the thread is alive again

>> No.36015279

raid hours...

>> No.36015280

>said she called the cops
Going to need proof that she actually did call them

>> No.36015282


>> No.36015284

Miko is a virgin, you can't lose your virginity by having sex with another girls

>> No.36015287

0 days since last Matsuri yab

>> No.36015288

You do realis that if it was actually her boyfriend then thats a good thing .
coz if it was not then she is going to get raped.

>> No.36015289

It's fine right, all she has to do is just show the police report or any proof that she was actually visited by the police since someone broke into her house. An Audio, a photo literally any physically proof that law enforcement is currently on the case, she can totally do that and BTFO all the schizos right?

>> No.36015290

>ctrl+f anya
>0 results

>> No.36015291

Why are yabs so fun? I'm honestly giddy right now

>> No.36015292

Coco almost got a heart attack when the uber driver walk a few steps inside her house. THERE'S NO FUCKING WAY she can be so calm after some ramdom man got in her very room to most likely rape her. She's making a big problem out of literally nothing.

>> No.36015293

>back in the day
The two key points that make this completely different from the current situation

>> No.36015294

lyger is on the phone with the japanese police right now

>> No.36015295

Everyone in this thread has seen her videos. In fact they are incredibly mild by gravure standards.

>> No.36015296


>> No.36015297

>Matsurisu watch her roommmate and make a fuss of it by posting link in here
>yab happened
>damage controlling while attacking other holos
You retard brought this onto yourself you fucking roommate nigger.

>> No.36015299


>> No.36015300

she went with the dumbest possible excuse, it's really funny

>> No.36015301


>> No.36015303


>> No.36015304


>> No.36015305

Only SEAnigs watch Miko but they are more interested in roommate drama right now

>> No.36015306

Lamy is

>> No.36015309

I only member lesbians
I only watch streams if they're lesbians or bisexuals
I ignore str*ight holos

>> No.36015310

my desk now

>> No.36015311

How many hamburgers will Matsuri eat at midnight because of this?

>> No.36015313

Coco is American so paranoia is normal for her

>> No.36015314

Nigga we all know that NND was the offpako hub back in the day. Marine probably fucked those guys.

>> No.36015315

>35browns are shitposting on Matsuri now
Alright, I'm out of here.

>> No.36015317

is that your OC in all the paintings at the back?

>> No.36015319

>"Oh that's just my brother, he's visiting today"
>Continue streaming like usual
>Get her brother to record an audio at the end or to actually visit her
>"What up gang, here's brother saying hi"
Situation completely defuse

>> No.36015320

>implying getting raped is not a good thing for her.

>> No.36015321

This is how they break up

>> No.36015322

Did l*ger try to break in to Festival's home?

>> No.36015323

>Matsuri right now

>> No.36015324

Cop here. No. We didn't get any calls.

>> No.36015325

I can't wait for memes of Matsuri deathly afraid of doors

>> No.36015326

>> No.36015327

All the holos have had sex in the past, the current is what is important to the gachis

>> No.36015328

She also got groped in trains like 4 different times so she's paranoic beyond belief, i don't know if Matsuri talked about this before or not but Noel and Coco are really beyond paranoic.

>> No.36015329


>> No.36015330

the only true approach

>> No.36015331

Clips yet?

>> No.36015332


>> No.36015333

Slander, I'm a burger, don't lump me in with some SEA mudskins. Also her chat is literally 90% Japanese now

>> No.36015334

>> No.36015335


>towa bodypillow
>noel bodypillow

>> No.36015336

i wish i knew japanese in the nnd heydays

>> No.36015337

Haha that's funny

>> No.36015338


>> No.36015339

And Pekora didn't?

>> No.36015340

boko boko

>> No.36015341


>> No.36015342

But Idolfags care about purity.

>> No.36015343

>can't combine shipping with Marine's daki
AAAaaaa fuck you geekjack

>> No.36015344


>> No.36015346

Pekora was (is) the offpako queen, she had several orgies under her belt.

>> No.36015348

same shit

>> No.36015349

I'd take the one with adjustable Booba

>> No.36015350

35Pchads can't stop winning. This is why Miko is the best, because she is more than a girlfriend

>> No.36015352

I always knew Matsuri was a whore

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