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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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Where is her cloak?

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Okite Okite

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*enters matsuri*

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*casts spell on watame to stream with luna*

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hey man

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I love Towa!

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Pekora's streams were both extra nice today.

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Why this fat ass has so many good art...

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You can't handle it.

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rub the NEKO

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Her design was top tier

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thats the royal poncho to you peasant

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Sorry bros my mother never thought me how to knock on a door before entering

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dead space…
it takes towa…
hotline miami…

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someone please post the shion nudes I missed them

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Did you not enjoy the stream anon?

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This hair style is so perfect...

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i want her to shit on other holos instead

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glad to hear luna again. she's still under the weather but she isn't gravely dead.

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As always, I enjoyed it.

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she needs to rest more

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How was the chubby bunny training for MC, didn't see it yet

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I love Aqua!!!

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Stargazing with Luna!

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Look at this girl

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That's a man

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flare and polka are actually being pretty good as friends. she have pol a chainsaw man plush

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Last bit of stream in nether was sweaty as fuck.

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So is it Towa or Twappi?

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I can confirm the nether house of Lamy is II NE

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Towa is so cute...

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Really lucky with her seed and somehow managed to not die in the fortress she was exploring before having to stop for Aqua's live. Lots of talk about what they should do for the collab and Flare was in her chat for a tiny bit as well.

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I apologize, but Yukihana Lamy official delivery is still taking place, I don't have time for Luna at the moment.

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The biggest tragedy to ever befall the vtube scene is the fact that a masterfully designed avatar as this was completely miscasted to the absolute worst person imaginable. What an absolute fucking waste. I feel bad for rurudo.

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Update, the house is kanpeki

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Who was door????

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This is how youtube doxxers look like lmao

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Towa is a lesbian now...

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Towa's roommate is a cute girl and is very nice

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what the fuck were they thinking giving it to a smoker whore

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meidos ?

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This is unironically the haircut JAVers have

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Since one dick isn't enough, how many is going to take at one time to fix her?

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Towa is the best Towa possible

>> No.36022561

shes kinda fat

>> No.36022562

I like squishy cheeks

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Towa and rurudo actually seem surprisingly fitting for each other. More so than any other holo parent and child.

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understandable, please enjoy your official yukihana lamy delivery!

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Lamy made it to the end of the day without dying Lamy is a genius! Lamy love!

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I would really like to pet my Friend.

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I watched both

>> No.36022575

Who's in front of the camera? I haven't done my roommate reps

>> No.36022577

I really do love Suisei.


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when is the unofficial Lamy delivery?

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"JAVers" have legs too, anon.

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I'm a wagie on a phone

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heavy petting with my furriend!

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towa looks and sounds like a prosty

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ramii...come back...

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This girl sure is cute...

>> No.36022592

Yukihana Lamy delivery....

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short hair towa is the worst

>> No.36022594

the cope on the comments is fucking hilarious
>muh stalker

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hohoemu to goto

>> No.36022601

*casts spell of megane and cat ears*

>> No.36022602

Post furry Friend one more time and Ill find you and put you into Lamy hole.

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This girl sure is cute...

>> No.36022605

I love my furriend!

>> No.36022606

Bets on how fast she will move out?

>> No.36022608

Lyger broke?

>> No.36022609

naruhodo, thank you anons i'll check it out
>Flare was in her chat for a tiny bit as well.
Flare tends to watch sankisei a lot, cute.
I'll never forget the time pekora was building a huge dirt road over flare's house and said
>it's fine i'll remove it later she won't even know about it
and she immediately said something to pekora about it

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Minecraft sucks and there is nothing to do.

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No wonder fubuki likes him(her) so much

>> No.36022616

Is Luna ok? Missed a lot of her streams recently.

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what a cute sheep

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she will go to jail for filing a false report

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You better lock your doors or you gonna end up like Matsuri.

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There is if you play a large modpack. The holos never will because of permissions tho.

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*lockpicks your door*

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incredibly based will send ojou a supacha next stream

>> No.36022638

Wait i thought you guys were memeing, she really said it was a rando on her house?

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Is this real? I just woke up and now Towa has a haircut? How do I tell Watame she isn't my oshi anymore? I'm literally shaking rn at how cute she looks like.

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>plays 12 hours of league of legends

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>> No.36022646

a burglar

>> No.36022647

Towa looks like RBC.

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send her a super chat(make sure it's at the end of a 6 hour minecraft sand stacking stream) and say that you are sad because your father is dead but also that she is no longer your oshi.

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she lies all the time anon
its a yab she handled poorly

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Damn... does no one sub to this channel anymore? The views are so low...

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how did she handle it after the fact?

>> No.36022663

asking the real questions

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There was a dude posting banana emojis aswell

>> No.36022665

towa free girlfriend...

>> No.36022666

It was me. Sorry I thought she was talking to herself

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Is there any merit in Shuba considering Aqua as the leader of 2nd gen or is she more like a figurehead?

>> No.36022670

I'd hope my gf is Towa-free

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cute retard

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When is Pekora going to stream something interesting again?

>> No.36022678

what does shuba taste like?

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Aqua is the first 2nd gen and carried the gen on her back for a whole 2 years before Subaru was able to take it off of her.

>> No.36022683

never, peko will play draque and lose at card games!

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even if I could understand towas I wouldn't watch tyowa

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I wonder if they've ever met IRL.

>> No.36022693

Juicy, tender duck meat with a thin layer of crispy skin like all good duck dishes should.

>> No.36022694

I hope my queen can rest easily after the burglar incident.

>> No.36022695

Peking duck

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If the menhera is able to get a boyfriend it's almost guaranteed that every holo has a boyfriend

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Are clippers getting too strong?

>> No.36022699

like piss.

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>> No.36022703

Remember when Choco said clippers shouldn't profit off of Hololive? haha... no one does apparently... not even the clippers

>> No.36022704

I'm so lucky Towa doesn't know how to open doors.

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Rantsonas are not otaku culture.

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>> No.36022715

Which Holos are apparently mentioned to be cute IRL

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This girl sure is cute...

>> No.36022726

Towa standing on flat earth

>> No.36022730

>Choco said clippers shouldn't profit off of Hololive
That entitled bitch wants all of the money that's why she left hololive.

>> No.36022733

your oshi

>> No.36022734

>That entitled bitch wants all of the money that's why she left hololive.
>mfw it worked

>> No.36022736

Ayame and Suisei are two that immediately come to mind.

>> No.36022738

She looks cute. What spell is she casting with the wand.

>> No.36022739

Illiterate retard.

>> No.36022741

Look at this dork.

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>no sushi
>no vtube tengoku
>no iroha translations
>no holoyume
>no rezado subs
literally whos???

>> No.36022752

towa is transitioning

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>> No.36022755

I can't wait to see what rurudo does next. Is it really possible for Towa to become even cuter?

>> No.36022756

Imagine being a stalker, failing your schedule reps and was opening doors instead of watching the live

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>> No.36022762

Translator clippers are literally whos compared to EN clippers who get more views than the holos they clip.

>> No.36022763

thank god the only actual good clipper (sushi) is keeping himself to himself, others can fuck off

>> No.36022764

They're all either EN or short "cute noises" clip spam channels, aren't they.

>> No.36022766

absolute sex I want to make her a mother

>> No.36022767

>doesn't show up for aqua's concert

>> No.36022770

>tfw someone actually remembers all the good clippers

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>> No.36022772

>watching anything EN related

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>> No.36022776

She look like Eimi Fukada

>> No.36022778

I have a screencap from the upcoming N*zomi stream

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>> No.36022783

I thought Towa would become a cat but she became a boy...

>> No.36022787

we can only hope

>> No.36022790

It's always funny when Flare pops up in chat.

>> No.36022791

its a raid!

>> No.36022793

she should just shave her crotch instead

>> No.36022797

cute hurea

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>> No.36022804

It's been 343 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and she was getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

She has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon.

But the beginning of August has been a really rough week for her, she got so stressed out she ended up in hospital due to some copyright issues with the original song she planned to release on her birthday, being overbooked with too many meetings and losing time because of side effects from the 2nd vaccine shot. And with Aloe's debut anniversary date getting closer each day she's been getting more and more stressed.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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>> No.36022810

you can only choose one

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>> No.36022812

We need more boys (girls) in Hololive.

>> No.36022813

Based Shion

>> No.36022814

How do you think Bryan feels

>> No.36022817

>when achan is alone again

>> No.36022818

dead hour recommendation

>> No.36022820

Matuli is the turbo whore of hololive

>> No.36022821

Rurudo will get Towa in a bikini to happen one way or another

>> No.36022822

Aki is refined. Noel is off the hook. Lamy is well, Lamy.

>> No.36022823

>Roberu rolls a prompt saying to do a love confession for Matsuri
>ends stream
>Roberu gets told to call Mea cute
>immediately says it

>> No.36022829

ALOE LOVE, but bitch is not suited to stream for more then 10 people.

>> No.36022830

STOP! Before you post towa... Do ask yourself
-is towa streaming?
-is towa on other holos' stream?
-is towa being discussed by other holos in their stream?
-did towa post anything on twitter in the past hour?
If you answered no to all of the above then REFRAIN FROM POSTING TOWA

>> No.36022831

Just a reminder that TOKINO SORA had MULTIPLE human boyfriends so it’s okay if other holos want to be whores too

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>> No.36022835

But you just posted towa

>> No.36022836

That he should send another 500 bucks if he wanted a kiss.

>> No.36022839

I guess you have to donate that much to get a good response... Why does Risu sound so different though, I could have sworn she sounded different a year ago.

>> No.36022841

Matsuri trip to the forest stream when?

>> No.36022842


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>> No.36022849

this but the opposite

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>> No.36022856

just 17 days until one year

>> No.36022858

Here's your hag, bro

>> No.36022861


>> No.36022863

Matsuri's boyfriend was the one that got her master

>> No.36022864

Towa-sensei please groom me...

>> No.36022865

how hairy do you think mio is

>> No.36022866

Pretty based if you ask me

>> No.36022868

wait a second.. you just posted towa...

>> No.36022870


>> No.36022872

The fuck, holos don't have real modeled crotches

>> No.36022874

I haven't watched her in a year and it sounds like forgot what voice her voice is supposed to sound like. Also her live2d is unsettling now.

>> No.36022875

Mea is cute

>> No.36022876


>> No.36022877


>> No.36022878

Matsuri's boyfriend is Johnny??!!

>> No.36022879

but that's my biological daughter

>> No.36022884

That hand looks blackish...

>> No.36022885 [SPOILER] 

noel and noel doxx

>> No.36022886

Aki is still on holoserver?

>> No.36022889

Towa is always live in my heart.

>> No.36022893

Towa's crotch with extreme detail would fix all of the worlds problems

>> No.36022897

>> No.36022900

who's the 3rd noel then???

>> No.36022903

tits too small, not real Noel

>> No.36022904

>17 days
>until one year

>> No.36022905 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36022907

Outdoors JAV with her boyfriend when?

>> No.36022909


>> No.36022921

hot and based

>> No.36022923


>> No.36022925

1 year has 360 days, it's a circle

>> No.36022926


>> No.36022931

Ctrl+f coco: 0
Sad dragon noises...

>> No.36022934


>> No.36022935

Girls are cute to each other all the time. It's only when someone says they're beautiful that you know that person is the real deal.

>> No.36022937

does aqua go pogu pogu dance when she gets her order?

>> No.36022939

if you want to make coco more relevant just link all of kson's streams and mengens in this thread then faggot

>> No.36022941


>> No.36022942

Does she still do that cancer?

>> No.36022945

If anyone posts that "pogupogu" gif one more time I'm going personally hunt you down

>> No.36022947


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>> No.36022961

She's so precious.

>> No.36022962

>> No.36022967

Papa Rushia is pretty BASED

>> No.36022968

This entire story is a twist after another. From hearing Rushia wearing contacts, to blood from her mouth to the number to the end. Jesus, the holos can't even drink safely...

>> No.36022970

>> No.36022971

uluha lushiar

>> No.36022972

Towa grooming her mother...

>> No.36022975

too big!

>> No.36022976


>> No.36022979


>> No.36022980

Kek, that pornhub intro cute

>> No.36022981

Sex Syndrome collab!

>> No.36022982

Here I was thinking Rushia's family were just normal, but I have new found respect.

>> No.36022985

>> No.36022986

Blackmailing Azki-chan into having unprotected cheating sex!

>> No.36022987

Moona is eating.. okonomiyaki.

>> No.36022991

>> No.36022995

>> No.36022997

Any new towas?

>> No.36022999

>Bad for your marriage

>> No.36023000


>> No.36023001

Still love this doragon

>> No.36023003

>> No.36023004

i see we are back to posting unsubtitled clips and pretending to know japanese
i too, know japanese

>> No.36023006

UI-mama is a hack...

>> No.36023007


>> No.36023009

i feel bad for matsurisus. how ya'll holding up?

>> No.36023012

Subaru before and after getting her first yankee bf.

>> No.36023013

they all became kenzoku

>> No.36023014

Yo listen up you bunch of work dorks and brown skinned lesser Asian. Yeah it was me in the stream I forgot she was looking to get a few extra bits of yen outta you losers for the love hotel just want you dorks to remember you ain’t getting a real woman else where so just keep handing your neetbux and the money you get pimping your sisters to fat white guys (looking at you SEAnigs) to my girl and be glad a real man is handling her.

>> No.36023015

>Notice regarding graduation from "Natsuiro Matsuri"

>> No.36023016

rurudomami really puts in a lot of detail sugoi

>> No.36023018

off topic

>> No.36023019

give me twintails please

>> No.36023021

towa baby

>> No.36023025

Pekora talking about burgers for 6 minutes

>> No.36023026

its just rurudo being too good...

>> No.36023030


>> No.36023031


>> No.36023034


>> No.36023035


>> No.36023037

sinful woman

>> No.36023041

Short haired girls make me cum uncontrollably.

>> No.36023042

Go where?

>> No.36023047

When will the japanese keemstar post a video about matsuri's yab?

>> No.36023049


>> No.36023050

This is Towaiu material.

>> No.36023056

Towa is a MtF only gay people like her

>> No.36023064

Lyger trying to damage control his oshi's yab with his latest clip is pretty funny

>> No.36023070

Damn bro I kneel. Please treat her well

>> No.36023075

kenzocucks are gay perverts

>> No.36023076

She brought it on herself. Nobody asked her to go talking about not having a boyfriend in 5 years in her roommate account. As she said herself while trying to prepare her audience just weeks ago, Holo members are not forbidden from being in relationships. All of the simpbaiting comes from them, it's not a required part of the job. If someone like Botan suddenly says she has a boyfriend, she's still gonna lose some simps, but nobody can pretend she was fooling them or whatever. She just doesn't talk about this either way. Matsuri goes out of her way when nobody's asking to sell the lonely image.

>> No.36023080

Kanata says otherwise

>> No.36023083

>> No.36023089

I'm sorry that posting Japanese clips remind you of your terrible discipline that caused you to stop studying, but I have no reason to post English clips from people who barely know English or Japanese when I can understand the Japanese ones just fine.

>> No.36023092

any of you buy/buying aquas merch? i dont know if i want a framed picture man

>> No.36023097

Johnny... you told me you just were helping her to get better at apex...

>> No.36023099

what channels do you usually watch? I like them for my reps

>> No.36023100

shion steal yo

>> No.36023102

I'll take a framed picture over another bag and towel and shirt... Thank you Aqua...

>> No.36023103

What's this "limiters off" meme with kiara?

>> No.36023105

So, did they fuck or what?

>> No.36023108

Exactly. It's not even that she has a boyfriend, but that she lied to everybody's faces for pity-superchat and ego stroking.

>> No.36023109

No Sora stream for Tuesday

>> No.36023114

No... :(

>> No.36023115

The little shield thing on her belt keeps her in humanoid form

>> No.36023116


>> No.36023117

Forgive her.

>> No.36023121

gaki smug

>> No.36023124

Poor girl, just 1 more day until her big event too

>> No.36023125

What's with all the Matsuri posting?
Did something happen?

>> No.36023127

I forgave her a long time ago I'm on this wild ride no matter what now

>> No.36023130

she performed with Twapster so she's good in my book

>> No.36023132

I really like Shion bros

>> No.36023135

>so far, only ENs have greeted Haachama's birthday tweet
What's going on?

>> No.36023137

I don't see any unsubtitled clips

>> No.36023138


>> No.36023139

I love Aqua, but I am saving for when my oshi finally releases her daki.

>> No.36023140


>> No.36023141


>> No.36023142

Forgive her for what, she's innocent

>> No.36023143

can someone give me the narrative on the new Festival yab?

>> No.36023145

I will when she tells the truth

>> No.36023148

K*on is living in a delusion. Her happiness is not real.

>> No.36023149

I'm using my smoking break to post Festivals

>> No.36023151

I don't really subscribe to any since I don't want them flooding my subscription box but the dedicated ones for singular Holos are usually a good bet since they will do hard work for their oshi.
For example.
I watch everything Pekora does but subtilted clips of certain conversations helps a lot if I had trouble hearing what she said.

For more diverse channels these ones have generally been good.

And if you want stuff with added cute art but with less frequency you have channels like

>> No.36023154

Is this worth a sub?

>> No.36023155


>> No.36023156

Two of them have Watame as a profile pic so obviously.

>> No.36023158

She's becoming an ojisan through gunpla leave her be

>> No.36023162

So Mac fried potato is the best, and for the burger go wherever?

>> No.36023164

just got around to watching Aqua's concert, wow, another stellar performance. she's easily the best live performer in hololive right now

>> No.36023165

Saving money or cum?

>> No.36023166

There's upcoming MC school festival next few months, dont forget

>> No.36023168


>> No.36023170

Marine's favorite is doublechee but her doctor told her to eat better so now she eats the single

>> No.36023171


>> No.36023172

She can't keep getting away with this

>> No.36023173

big kusa

>> No.36023174

True. Mugi shouldn't have stolen that strawberry.

>> No.36023175

This guy is so right!

>> No.36023177

Only after her naked dogeza stream.

>> No.36023178

But why would Matsuri's boyfriend allow her to become that fat??, last stream she already had the shoulders of a male from how wide she is.

>> No.36023179

Kanata is also completely forgotten by the thread unless she's shitposted about.

>> No.36023180


do nips really

>> No.36023182

should've left her dead

>> No.36023184


>> No.36023186

>> No.36023187

Maybe he's an architect?

>> No.36023189

I will use rasengan directly on Towa's clit

>> No.36023192

>> No.36023193

I mean it's easy to do when you don't give a fuck about her lol

>> No.36023195

>> No.36023197

Hello i come from 5ch. Is this anti thread?

>> No.36023200


>> No.36023201

>> No.36023202

She isn’t making a much without her live2d I guess a lot of Holocringe fans are more about the brand

>> No.36023205

People are seriously mad that somebody opened the fucking door on Matsuri's stream? This is such a weak drama

>> No.36023206


>> No.36023208

Konanon~ we LOVE all holos here but particularly the IDs

>> No.36023209

Fuutan cute!

>> No.36023212

I do the same thing for the same reason, sometimes I just can't hear her well enough and the subs help a lot, though sometimes I worry it's just training my reading rather than listening. For Pekora https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjfIecspgbptsNljs8RIs1w is also good. I found it really funny when I found it since it's supposed to be Hoshikawa and Pekora but it's basically all Pekora now.

>> No.36023213


>> No.36023214

Isn't that hand just her mom?

>> No.36023216

I like Matsuri but I also like drama, what should my opinion be?

>> No.36023218

The less this thread talks about my oshi, the better.
Please continue discussing Matsuri all day.

>> No.36023221

Didn't Rushia stream over an EN debut?

>> No.36023224

isn't pink Rushia her super saiyan form?

>> No.36023226

There would be no problem if she didn't make such a stupid lie.

>> No.36023231

Man I wish I wash her boyfriend…oh wait!

>> No.36023232

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Minecraft Hardcore day 7 at 12JST https://youtu.be/6qwLZsJtQKU

>> No.36023233

she could've just played it off like it's her mom but instead she choose to pretend to call the police

>> No.36023234

Will I get malwares if I download catbox files from /hlg/?

>> No.36023235

No, people are mad/laughing at her that she made up such a ridiculous lie about who it was

>> No.36023238

how could you ignore her when she's so loud?

>> No.36023241

What was the lie?

>> No.36023242

Yep and it's already too late *hacks you*

>> No.36023246

More people watch her roommate streams than her normal streams otherwise no one would give a fuck about this

>> No.36023248

Do you think with the amount of autism that Moona has, could it be used for someting incredible, like finding a way to make our oshi real?

>> No.36023249

I'm watching Jinnytty because I am addicted to Asian women

>> No.36023253

Someone broke into her house.

>> No.36023254


>> No.36023255

Remember what they took from us

>> No.36023256

I don't think that channel have shown up in my recommendations before and what a shame since it is a dedicated zatsudan clipping channel which I haven't found many of. Thanks for the recommendation.

>> No.36023258

My oshi is real and you can't tell me otherwise.

>> No.36023259

She's not loud when she's not streaming...

>> No.36023262

I love Mastsuri and her roommate they provide constant drama and excitement she is legit the least boring Holo love her dearly

>> No.36023264

Retards will tell you Miko is red

>> No.36023265

>> No.36023266

no replies from /vt/ huh

>> No.36023272

Thats pretty gay but whatever makes you happy.

>> No.36023275

PekoMoona building a gigantic onahole machine..

>> No.36023276

I call noel

>> No.36023277

Any anons want to dress up like my oshi and let me splash down your throat?

>> No.36023283

Never been to that shithole. You seem to know what goea on there though.

>> No.36023284

what is even a turing

>> No.36023285

You sounds like a virgin. Don’t (you) me ever again you little faggot.

>> No.36023286

This is another good diverse clipper

>> No.36023287

Part of Kiara's debut, yes. Rushia collabed with her to "apologize".

>> No.36023290

It's like here without the mental illness

>> No.36023292

It's sad how Matsuri started off as many people's entry holo and now all she's good for is generating drama

>> No.36023292,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36023297

>It's like here without the mental illness

>> No.36023298


>> No.36023299

I'm sure there are plenty of chinks willing to do it.

>> No.36023301

A machine copy of something. Turing love means to copy something like love using science.

>> No.36023302

Why is that sad? fuck all the boring Vtubers who just churn out garbage streams of shit games

>> No.36023304

Ollie was my entry holo!

>> No.36023307

Sure, but bear in mind, I am 5"10, and 155lbs.

>> No.36023309

Why Subaru is so low-quality...

>> No.36023310

Yeah it never got recommended to me either for some reason but anytime there's something I really want to understand but just can't for whatever reason I usually end up searching for ぺこら videos in the last day a few times a day to see if anyone clipped it and i noticed that channel popping up a lot that way.

>> No.36023311

Yes, now replace that with a picture of this thread and half of the posts will just be some variation of "Towa"

>> No.36023313

I hid your post btw

>> No.36023315

The gay dude who invented computers

>> No.36023316

Did someone say, Towa?

>> No.36023317

subaru playing with noels ASMR was a fun stream

>> No.36023318

What does Shion do? Game sleep tweet?

>> No.36023321

120k watching Ui's hack work while only 70k watching korone's new outfit in which fukahire clearly put a lot of effort into

>> No.36023324

okay but only if you call me かわいい during

>> No.36023326

stop being a bitch

>> No.36023332


>> No.36023339

Of course. They got underaged retards and low test newfags to compensate.

>> No.36023340

i thought you niggers said we were going to get genshin nigger streams now that coco is gone?

>> No.36023345

Does ホロリ― work yet?

>> No.36023351

No, I told you genshin was dead and umas killed it.
You got pokemon united, enjoy it.

>> No.36023355

Mate, the only thing i remember saying that anon is gay.

>> No.36023356


>> No.36023358

there is nothing wrong with towa or posting towa and you are a meany

>> No.36023359

>> No.36023360


>> No.36023361

>> No.36023362

Go to sleep moona

>> No.36023364

this the cringest holo image I've ever seen

>> No.36023368


>> No.36023370

Go yo sleep Jun

>> No.36023372

Just woke up, did Watame original songs reach 1mil yet?

>> No.36023373

Is this true?

>> No.36023380

canon btw

>> No.36023385

>> No.36023386

MASKETTA MAN is their only weakness

>> No.36023389

>> No.36023392


>> No.36023397

Your daily reps

>> No.36023400

I thought that real life stuff was haram there, did they finally change their policy.

>> No.36023403

>> No.36023405

Matuli is a whore

>> No.36023407

>> No.36023409

I'm malaysian and I have an inverted penis. It's common among my kind. My favorite holo liver is matsuri because she collabs with my favorite niji livers.

>> No.36023411

so basically
>botan became cute
>lamy became a brat
>polka isn't crazy
>nene is nene

>> No.36023415

You will never be hololive fans.

>> No.36023419


>> No.36023420

Is Ollie based or cringe?

>> No.36023422

But Sea fags hate her the mosts

>> No.36023426

I hate hololive and it’s fans you make me cringe but I also love coming and laughing at you losers acting like you even matter to your waifus

>> No.36023427

Would Gen6 be a high spec gen like Gen3 and EN or would they be another bunch of talentless parasites like Gen4 and Gen5? Or is Cover abandoning all hope for local talents and is just focusing on EN from here on out? It's been 1 year and Gen5 has done absolutely nothing remarkable.

>> No.36023428

which roommate is this

>> No.36023431

Sankisei is the worst gen though

>> No.36023436

Forbidden knowledge hours?

>> No.36023437

Thanks for the (You). Goodbye loser

>> No.36023438

lol no vtuber is remarkable they’re fucking streamers sitting on their asses and playing games for lonely men

>> No.36023440

SEAfags hate gen 5 the most because most of them are MASSfags.

>> No.36023441

She's very loyal to her boyfriend, thank you very much.

>> No.36023443


>> No.36023445

Id give it to her

>> No.36023447

What happened to Minato Aqua Sea Fest in the final?

>> No.36023453

>high spec gen like EN

>> No.36023455

Cancelled and refunded

>> No.36023459

I got poop on my arm but can't find it because it's the same color as my skin. The problems of being a SEAchad.....at least Anya knows this problem as well. She joked about it last stream.

>> No.36023464

Okay. Gen5 is less than unremarkable then. Downright inconsequential.

>> No.36023465


>> No.36023467

Aqua Mister Pink MMD videos https://gofile.io/d/uRedX0

>> No.36023470


>> No.36023472

>> No.36023478

based or cringe

>> No.36023480


>> No.36023482

based on cringe

>> No.36023485

Cute family

>> No.36023489

Pekora has 2 dads?!

>> No.36023493

>> No.36023496

Towa has kon'd her last yappi

>> No.36023501

What's the worst greeting?

>> No.36023503


>> No.36023506

One can draw pretty pictures
One shits out music
One has actual talent for singing
One is trilingual
Knife ears can't even be bothered to do karaoke streams since the bitch is that insecure
Actual senior citizen larping as a cartoon avatar
Rejected 5 times before dicksucking her way into being a holo
Obese and wasted potential

>> No.36023509

Aloe... How the fuck do you have copyright issues with an original song

>> No.36023512


>> No.36023515

Whatever Choco says. Her audio quality is so bad anything she says is going to be the worst.

>> No.36023517


>> No.36023518


>> No.36023520

Imagine being this delusional

>> No.36023521

Kondragon is kino

>> No.36023524

>One can draw pretty pictures
>One shits out music
>One has actual talent for singing
>One is trilingual
Yes, that's Ame. What about the other 4?

>> No.36023530

It's a shame that I will never be able to
satisfy a woman like this, because of my small pp.

>> No.36023531


>> No.36023535

>Homos banned
>Gay Captchas
Why /hlg/ is like this?

>> No.36023538

If I saw Mikodanye in the street I'd punch her in her fat fucking nose.

>> No.36023541


>> No.36023544

It's the truth. Every time you check a gokisei hater it's an Aloefag every single time, if you're lucky he will be a tatsunoko too.

>> No.36023547


>> No.36023549

Fucking dumbass

>> No.36023552


>> No.36023557

Based if that's really her

>> No.36023561

In awe of how wide that neck is, she could take a punch

>> No.36023568

Does this need sound to be understood or am i retarded?

>> No.36023571

Everything is Thiccc b

>> No.36023572

No way lol. The bitch is brown

>> No.36023576


>> No.36023577

No stream to watch? /vt/'s playing right now against /pol/ if someone's interested with divegrass

>> No.36023578


>> No.36023583

The mixing is better than her Hololive songs.

>> No.36023587

I bet their hugs are super warm...

>> No.36023592

Oh nice, made me check Iwara and there's a Lamy one out now

>> No.36023595

My favorite indie is graduating.

>> No.36023597

Messi will steal Jun's oshi while nousagis are stuck here solving captchas.

>> No.36023598

>trash week
no, thanks

>> No.36023607

>Thinks 180cm is really tall
>Thinks 15cm is huge
These are the only "men" that will fuck Fatsuri

>> No.36023612

she's cute even when she's fat

>> No.36023621

True she’s incredibly fuckable

>> No.36023623

Did they announce when Matsuri is graduating yet?

>> No.36023627

Konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu konlamydesu

>> No.36023630

>high spec

>> No.36023631


>> No.36023633

Tokino Sora Fingers Natsuiro Matsuri until she Cums. (Hololive Lesbian Hentai)

>> No.36023642

i wanna lick matsuri's cute tummy

>> No.36023643


>> No.36023646


>> No.36023656

who is the most /m/ holo?

>> No.36023658


>> No.36023659

Do you think Matsuri lied to her manager about the boyfriend too?

>> No.36023670

Lamy would never do this indecent shit.

>> No.36023673


>> No.36023677


>> No.36023679

Matsuri does need to be punished

>> No.36023680 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36023684

i miss her bros...

>> No.36023686

She's administering them properly

>> No.36023695


>> No.36023699

Why is Marine so cringe

>> No.36023703

This is easily shaping up to be the most kino tournament yet.

>> No.36023705


>> No.36023706

Meru supremacy !

>> No.36023711

/jp/ still can't counter this

>> No.36023714

Towa and Ars? I don't know if my penis can handle this.

>> No.36023721

It's fun if you pair the video with this Sora's archive

>> No.36023723

Had they gotten Fuwa on the team with Kuzha and Kanae it would have been game over for everyone else. Just fucking conceptualize the views

>> No.36023727

death to all hags

>> No.36023728

>Astel, Roboco, Choco
What is this killer team

>> No.36023733

Since Matsuri can get away with lying to her fans, what guarantee do (You) have that that your oshi is not lying to your face about her life outside of streaming?

>> No.36023735

finally, the best cover in Hololive reached 1M views

>> No.36023736

>Kuzuha (D3)
I'm not an APEX watcher so I thought the biggest APEX vtuber would be at least Predator...

>> No.36023737

Cute Friend!

>> No.36023739

Towa's new hairstyle looks great

>> No.36023740

Hang in there SEAbro...

>> No.36023746

Towa looks great

>> No.36023751

She has no life outside of streaming. It's painfully clear.

>> No.36023753

>Caring about APEX tournaments
Unironically fuck off

>> No.36023757

My oshi is 2 dimensional and only exists during streaming. I don't give a shit about roommates.

>> No.36023759

She sounds extra retarded. I love it.

>> No.36023761


>> No.36023762

If people cared about the skill they would just watch pros.

>> No.36023766

>towa, noa AND ars
>nose and ratna
>chiichan and uto
>gorilla and hoshikawa
>leona and ran
>kanae and kuzuha

I unironically have no idea who I'm gonna watch.

>> No.36023768

Skill is secondary, he is a vtuber not a pro gamer he has to be entertaining first then a good gamer second

>> No.36023769

Hololive will have Fortnite permissions soon. Hope you're ready.

>> No.36023770

my oshi has a girlfriend but is pretending to be single

>> No.36023777

This like Matsuri's fiftieth yab, nobody should be surprised anymore. I don't trust Matsuri but I trust my oshi because she isn't Matsuri, simple as.

>> No.36023781

Miko x Travis Scott let's GOOOOOO

>> No.36023782

I can't wait to see them drooling over the LeBron James skin.

>> No.36023783

Love hololive
Simple as

>> No.36023786

I wouldn't be mad if she had a boyfriend desu, I wish for her to be happy.
I do enjoy making fun of anons with a taken oshi though.

>> No.36023790

My oshi is not Matsuri therefore she's not a liar

>> No.36023791

I've seen too much NTR, i can take it.

>> No.36023792

wgaf. call me when we get Genshin permissions

>> No.36023793

But Watame... You stream all the time

>> No.36023794

What about Rushia though?

>> No.36023795


>> No.36023797

Everyone keeps saying Towa is bad. How is she in Diamond? Is is just really easy to get diamond in Apex?

>> No.36023809

Given enough time. Any half decent person can make it to diamond. But then that's when the REAL shit begins.

>> No.36023814

Towa is more of a clown in most of the tournaments she has played in.

>> No.36023816

I don't care if my oshi is lying about eating grass or her multiple part-time jobs before becoming a Holo, she's entertaining and I love her, simple as

>> No.36023817

D4 is the average. D3 on is where the real climb begins.

>> No.36023818

>500k in 2 days
>300k in 2 days
Suisei is reclining

>> No.36023819

What about her?

>> No.36023820

Towa is the best hololive player.
No, Aqua is not as good as her, Aqua can't handle the pressure.

>> No.36023821

No Disneyland permissions though

>> No.36023822

Roboco already played it

>> No.36023824

I heard Towa likes Wendy's

>> No.36023829

Can someone please post a cute (very cute) Twappi?

>> No.36023830

She's 1600 years old

>> No.36023831

Retard. Fubuki is the best in Hololive and it isn't a contest.

>> No.36023833


>> No.36023835

up until diamond lobbies the APEX ladder is basically about how much time you put into the game. anyone that plays fairly regularly should be able to hit D4 after one or two seasons

D3 and above is where you start running into the real sweaty gamers

>> No.36023838


>> No.36023841

I'm talking about apex not about promoting a pyramid scheme.

>> No.36023844


>> No.36023846

>Is is just really easy to get diamond in Apex?
Yes, literally by just playing it everyday you can reach Diamond. Diamond 4 is different, though. That's where you use actual game sense and knowledge.

>> No.36023847


>> No.36023851

Kiara is cute today

>> No.36023855

If diamond is so easy how come RBC is stuck in plat?

>> No.36023856

4 is the lowest level though?

>> No.36023857

>> No.36023860

Kiara was made for Chocoball semen

>> No.36023863

Yeah sorry mixed them up.

>> No.36023873

Where where you when /vt/ lost by a huge margin?

>> No.36023874

because she doesn't even dedicate enough of her time to actually improve on the game.

>> No.36023879

Matsuri is the best Hololive player because she’s the only one that has won a tournament.

>> No.36023880

fatty chubby chubby
i want to poke your fat rolls

>> No.36023882

She would.

>> No.36023899


>> No.36023911

Matsuri when THE HAND comes in

>> No.36023914

Don't get too cocky, we also got our ass handed to us in the christmas cup and /jp/ lost the past two cups as well

>> No.36023917

Wish there was full hlg team, not worth watching otherwise.

>> No.36023923

rab yu rab yu

>> No.36023924

>> No.36023926

Anon, I'll level with you. If Kiara wold drop the chicken voice, calm down the yuribait, and save the "woe is me" stuff for member streams, I'd probably like her. She plays games I like and she really leans into the character she's playing, which is fun. The KFP fanbase can get annoying but it's clear they want to support her. She also very obviously loves Hololive. She's just not my cup of tea as she is.

>> No.36023927

why are they all shaking their asses lately???

>> No.36023929

Aqua is always so happy looking in 3D... I almost want an entire just 6 hour stream with her

>> No.36023932

>13-0 win
>biggest loss
trash week...

>> No.36023933

It's breeding season in nip land

>> No.36023943

i'm going to buy aqua's goods!

>> No.36023945


>> No.36023948

If you holo parent doesn't post about the free wireless charger cover sent them, they don't care about their child.

>> No.36023951

>Natsuiro Matsuri
Let's see how she carries her lower-ranked teammates.

>> No.36023953


>> No.36023957


>> No.36023959

I'm still confused if it's a wireless charger or a coaster.

>> No.36023960

one of us

>> No.36023961

Did the girls get the wireless chargers too?
The Tako talked about getting a cool Holo branded wireless charger and how convenient it is last week if I remember right

>> No.36023965

So i heard that pekora oppenned her roommate acc a few weeks ago, i saw it and ok fine. But i though she had another one with her old nnd handle (itochanxxx) , was that one not hers?

>> No.36023966

>500k even with the Pekora debuff

>> No.36023967

this is it. i've become old. i have no idea what a wireless charger is but i'm guessing it's for your phone, i have no idea how it functions

>> No.36023968

do you think Fukahire got 2 for also designing Civia? lack got 2 for doing Flare and Aruran

>> No.36023969


>> No.36023974

wtf, towa was a hag lover all along?!

>> No.36023977

Those two are still alive

>> No.36023978

Kakage got 1 for designing a miscarriage, surely graduated parents got one.

>> No.36023982

lmao fuck you anon

>> No.36023984

Kakage has Towa...

>> No.36023985


>> No.36023986

Please find a girlfriend and get her pregnant so that Lamy can eat the placenta.

>> No.36023990

I feel bad for kakage, whoever gets to be his child will probably never live up to his art.

>> No.36023994


>> No.36023995

pretty sure they all would have tweeted pics of it if they did
maybe ina didn't realize they were just for the artists and got one because she's about to become a mama herself

>> No.36023999

Are you the legendary detective known as "hololive historian"?

>> No.36024000

this anon posts this to test if his new ip works after being banned

>> No.36024005


>> No.36024007

<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

>> No.36024009


>> No.36024013


>> No.36024016

Isnt he dead or something?
Last time i heard of him he was getting doxxed.

>> No.36024018

Was this her master plan?

>> No.36024022


>> No.36024035

Why do you have such a boner for that anon?

>> No.36024042


>> No.36024046

Good one.

>> No.36024048

I want to see Towa so badly

>> No.36024049


>> No.36024051

Anon-san is my kanojo

>> No.36024052


>> No.36024054

Guys.. Jump King got a new map update..
Kanata 100 hour marathon ikuzooo!
And Okayu playthrough I suppose, once they get permissions.

>> No.36024058

I know that his YouTube channel was deleted for uploading so many k * on videos

>> No.36024060

the jp team last match was full of holos. there is an /hlg/ team but i think thats for baby cups

>> No.36024064

There is one, but "we" haven't played anyone this year yet.

>> No.36024065


>> No.36024067


>> No.36024071

>new Jump King map
Aqua finally has a new game she can play!

>> No.36024080

Everything has been going wrong for Matsuri ever since Haachama came back.

>> No.36024082

>> No.36024084

rushia goes to mutliple exorcists lmao i thought subaru's chiropractor/acupuncture shit was bad

>> No.36024085

Friend's early morning Shin-chan streams cured my depression.

>> No.36024097

you must love hags to be holo

>> No.36024103

The prettier a girl looks to me, the more I distrust her

>> No.36024109

Kek, he is not wrong

>> No.36024111

Matuli... you're becoming a meme...
Why are you so bad at lying...

>> No.36024114

So the secret is out huh.. you finally know that I'm dating Matsuri...

>> No.36024115

I just got an email that I am no longer being considered for Hololive English but thanks for my interest and I should keep an eye out for future openings.

>> No.36024117


>> No.36024118


>> No.36024119

You wish, L*ger.

>> No.36024124

do you think anybody will sing about your oshi when she's a 少女レイ

>> No.36024125

link your test vid or get the fuck out

>> No.36024126

At this point she's in too deep. Her only choice is to keep the lie alive at all costs.

>> No.36024129

Okay I'll leave

>> No.36024130

Thread too slow

>> No.36024132

When are you guys moving to /vt/? Moderation totally works and enforcing rules there.

>> No.36024139

Right after you go back.

>> No.36024141

/jp/ is /vt/ in disguise

>> No.36024142


>> No.36024145

why can't japs into damage control

>> No.36024148

Pube love!

>> No.36024149


>> No.36024150

Is she chinese?

>> No.36024151


>> No.36024156

I hate womb tattoos

>> No.36024158

We're all on /vt/ right now

>> No.36024165


>> No.36024166

Which part of Towa would you kiss first?

>> No.36024167


>> No.36024168

I like pubes

>> No.36024169

Thread too hairy

>> No.36024175

She must be loving the attention she's getting.

>> No.36024176


>> No.36024177

no need to fight, I love all pussy types

>> No.36024180

We all in /jp/ right now

>> No.36024181


>> No.36024183

she'll be better off in nijisanji it seems like she likes them more anyway

>> No.36024185


>> No.36024186

Hmm, for emotionally unstable people this attention is too overwhelming, just stop bothering the girl before she commits suicide.

>> No.36024189


>> No.36024199

Towa unravel > *

>> No.36024201

post the blue version onegai

>> No.36024203

when were you when towa yab was surpassed
I was sat at home watching Nose minecraft when fred message
"matsuri has boyfriend"

>> No.36024204

Towautism growl...

>> No.36024206

I don't even like sex anymore, i only enjoy eating pussy.
Hairs look good but it's a problem because they stink.

>> No.36024207

I miss spice schizos....

>> No.36024211

We all now Matuli is "kinda" a retard, but analyzing the facts... I'm guessing she went straight to "stalker" and else because she was desperate to turn off a fire; now, why not the easy family lie? She wasn't sure the person reflection was shown on stream, so she had to cook something quick on the fly. Of course it ended up being stupid, but that's the card she decided to play. This means that... it's quite likely it was something male/bf related since it wouldn't require a brainfart of this caliber otherwise.

There is also the possibility that it was some underage also triggering such desperate reaction, but that's reaching beyond a good guess. Have any anon done some good detective work that isn't trying hard for a narrative?

>> No.36024213

>I love all pussy types
You then must love this

>> No.36024216

koone will never be a woman

>> No.36024221

no one gives a fuck about Matsuri shut the fuck up

>> No.36024222

The REAL Hololive GAMERS. Fubuki too busy debuffing herself with Watame

>> No.36024226


>> No.36024231


>> No.36024233

I could read 50% of this
bad something store

>> No.36024242

>brainfart of this caliber
This is the most logical explanation.

>> No.36024243

KEK what the hell was that?

>> No.36024244


>> No.36024246

what is the gravity of lying to the police in Japan for a case like this? If the lie is found... could this mean a potential graduation danger? This is my biggest fear to be honest...

>> No.36024249

Coco is busy with herself.

>> No.36024253

i only watch jap clips of kanata but i really like her personality. i like how jewish she is and how she can take jokes and doesn't get cunty even if they always call her a gorilla, and flat

>> No.36024254

it's pretty clear she didn't contact the police

>> No.36024255

Does FBK have any selfcest?

>> No.36024257

She's the one who encourages those comments herself

>> No.36024261

where's this from? i know haachama showed it but i never found the source

>> No.36024263

How much more fucking drama surrounding Festival will there be? It doesn't seem to have an end.

>> No.36024267

Sometimes Towa slaps her crotch really hard and screams as loud as possible in the office
No one actually knows why but they know it installs a primal fear in them

>> No.36024269

>what is the gravity of lying to the police in Japan for a case like this
Something like this, not a big deal.

>> No.36024272

She literally mentioned it EOP

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