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>see-through fabric

*unzips duck*

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We love sluts and hate whores here.

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oh fuck my dick

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La Matriz....

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Meh, she still has shirt on

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Twap love!
Button love!

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I want to see Marine NAKED
is that really too much to ask???

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Surely there was something better to put there

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towa 3D

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Someone save Kson...

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This is better than 3D swimsuits

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko's Evangelion 2.0 rebuild movie watchalong https://youtu.be/Ph4ARS2Z8EM

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Hey kid wanna buy some drugs

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That's cute

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Ten (nine?) days left until Mio's birthday! Congratulations Marine on the anniversary!

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Minato Aqua is monke

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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pekora cute

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>matsuri stream rushia
Thinking about it, when was the last time Matsuri and Rushia collabed? Never?

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Marine is very good at negotiations.

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undress more, fucking whore

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No but I do want to get a massage

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>Suisei need kind girl

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no srsly pls give me meds

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Will she be able to switch to OP pic? Please remove the extra layers...

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!

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Marine ain't so bad after all...

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hskw love

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>Rushia has piyoko
>Pekora has nousagi
>Marine has dokuro-kun
>Flare has kintsuba

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>can show the bikini bottom
>can't show the top

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>inb4 banned womb RTA

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Marine is kinda...skinner than usual? Did she seriously slim down for that stupid "beach body"?

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This is what happens when you don't give up like Coco.

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YouTube is racist against breasts

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This is the closest she's got

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im gonna use this everytime she close up her crotch

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>bottom is a go but cleavage is too much
I don't get it

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Womb tatto???

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You can see her ass fangs...

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Would be 10/10 with hip dips

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Only against holo breasts

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Noel is a boring whore who can't even come up with the simplest shit

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Management is retarded. The half-closed hoodie already shows all the tits there is to see.

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>several pages of regulations
kek Cover is going to kill itself before the year is out with all these restrictions

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Thighs are simply not thick enough.
Original costume was a lot better than this imho.
The twin tail hair is definitely better than ponytail.

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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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Because you rarely see the bottom of the avatar during streams.

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Jealous chestlet

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>no womb tattoo

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How do you think Marine "negotiates"?

>> No.36033375

Triggers Youtube AI something fierce. I'm sure Youtube doesn't really understand it either.

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kek based

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She pisses in dokuro-kun everyday

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Towa is a slut...

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I haven't watched Luna for months, holy shit she's this good now? I thought it was background music at first

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Blame YouTube.

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Meetings and presentations.

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1M birthday live with all of Gen 3
New costume
Birthday live with 13 guest
Anniversary Variety show
Fully animated PV for her new original song

3D live with guest

3D live with guest

Literally nothing

Literally nothing

Are they even trying...

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>reveal swimsuit
>lose viewers

>> No.36033390

I wish I was dokuro-kun

>> No.36033392

Do you mean "sex"?

>> No.36033393

Towa is the new standard. Bless rurudomami.

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is livetl better than YTC filter?

>> No.36033400

Marine is long time friends with rurudo. She planned this all along.

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People come and go.

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Marine is the actual holo who is too much of a loser to get a boyfriend, isnt she
way too much pent up sexual frustration after spending her early 20s pleasing old men as an OL so all she can do is flirt with ichimis

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Yet you still have full on naked 3dpd on youtube

>> No.36033407

Is that hololive carnival phantasm?

>> No.36033409

They came and left

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why does cover hate Pekora?

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Anime tits bad

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This whore really has no shame with her coomerbaiting

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Nijis have full swimsuit costumes and Youtube doesn't ban them, Cover is just retarded

>> No.36033417

Perhaps Youtube AI is more human than we think if it's also a hypocrite.

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Send me to Japan and I'll save her

>> No.36033419

I use the Holodex site.
It just works.
I don't need more functions.
This is just fine.

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The only thing that is bigger than her ass is her brain

>> No.36033422

(?) She's dating Flare

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>50k people watching marine's stream
>50k boners

>> No.36033428

Towa is becoming too powerful.

>> No.36033430

beause nijinigs mass report Hololive streams

>> No.36033432

Haachama swimsuit 2dl when????

>> No.36033433

anime is cartoon
cartoon is for kids
boob for kids bad

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>Blame YouTube

>> No.36033435

Okite Okite

>> No.36033436

It takes two hags

>> No.36033437

And she's always trying to improve too. The electone makes her performances sound really extravagant with all of the extra instruments and sounds.

>> No.36033438

>tfw you realize Marine could have also got Towa to change her outfit if this went wrong and they deemed Towa's outfit NG after all

>> No.36033439

>sex botan
I wish

>> No.36033441

youtube is not a neutral platform, and the people who manage it push for their own agendas
that includes, yes, what kind of vtubers are okay and subsequently what hololive can or cannot do

>> No.36033442

>t. tribalist fag with no proof

>> No.36033445

smile & go

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>Taishi Ch. 神代大使 [EN] Marine: I got turned down so many times by mgmt, I almost gave up. But I eventually got this passed. So I want to say to other HLmem, keep fighting! Find that compromise.

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no boner from me, already masturbated several times before opening the stream

>> No.36033450

That stuff is typically age restricted and unmonetizable.

>> No.36033454

>still think it's Youtube
Fucking retards
It's because of Cover's "new direction"

>> No.36033456

I'm watching and don't have a boner

>> No.36033459

can we graduate retarded hololive management already????

>> No.36033460

But teaching kids to go transgender and have anal sex is okay, I'll never understand burgers

>> No.36033461

Marine is way too successful while Pekora is reclining at a fast rate, at this point Miko is going to take the second spot since Marine already took the first one

>> No.36033462

self proclaimed muscle head please understand

>> No.36033463

Moona ahegao is funny

>> No.36033464

>t. newfag who only came in 2021
they literally concernfagged the shit out of holos and organized raid

>> No.36033465

Marine literally telling other Holomen to start a war with management.

>> No.36033466

Nice Towa

>> No.36033467

Can't wait until more holos quit because of Cover's stupid guidelines, Coco was right.

>> No.36033469

doesn't noel have a 3d planned for a later date?

>> No.36033470

miko, it is your time. bring back pantsu!

>> No.36033471

Literally made for big kaigainiki dicks

>> No.36033472

Towa almost never wears her original outfit anymore anyways.

>> No.36033473

I-I'm sorry anons for some reason I dont have a boner
I hope I'm not gay

>> No.36033474

Confyuseddo quackingu

>> No.36033475

Management hate

>> No.36033476

Premier of za lamy

>> No.36033481

Miko kusa

>> No.36033482

they mass reported and tweeted about Korone's banjo stream, newqueer. did the exact same during Miko's comeback concert

>> No.36033484

Towa-sama test threads

>> No.36033486

That's why Towa fired her manager

>> No.36033487

Dokuro-kun is too strong

>> No.36033488

Coco is so fucking DUMB. Holy shit.

>> No.36033491

Who cares if a stream gets banned for 5 seconds, they can just make another one. The fault is with Cover for being pants on head retarded.

>> No.36033492

>Pekora ANNIVERSARY stream
>Marine Anniversary COUNTDOWN

>> No.36033494

yes, mine

>> No.36033497

Back to your newfag board, newjinigger

>> No.36033498

keep falseflagging schizo

>> No.36033499

Miko danye has her pantsu!

>> No.36033500

I wanted to see bare tits so I am a bit disappointed. At least the bottom part is visible.

>> No.36033503

Calm down dude

>> No.36033506

Hololive summer scenes 2 when?

>> No.36033508

If you actually enjoy Pekora Haato or Marine you should be executed with prejudice

>> No.36033509

>5ch said so so it must be true
Tribalists don't have a single brain cell

>> No.36033510

She seems to be happier doing what's shes doing now atleast

>> No.36033511

No excuses for not having one in time. Marine had 3 3D streams in the spam of a month

>> No.36033514

It's because they got fucked over by Youtube once already so they are self-censoring now

>> No.36033516

Is she?

>> No.36033517

>Who cares if a stream gets banned for 5 seconds, they can just make another one.
Choco get banned 5 fucking times for her 3D until she had to cover her boobs and suddenly the ban stop

>> No.36033518

it was interesting when you posted this last thread before she had actually got bigger numbers

>> No.36033519

No, I will blame Cover cowering in fear before antis.

>> No.36033520

>no de aru
>not even a cute chinese outfit anymore
What is Nene even supposed to be anymore?

>> No.36033522

I'd rather we get Hololive Halloween. Imagine the creative costumes we could get over stupid things like swimsuits.

>> No.36033523

Marine and Coco have different situations you fucking retard. How are you even posting dumb shit like this?

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>> No.36033528

>Who cares if a stream gets banned for 5 seconds, they can just make another one
This is the level of intelligence of the kind of people who think they can run Cover, holy kek

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>> No.36033533

>this thread right now

>> No.36033535

>banned for 5 seconds
Did you not know of Choco's 5 consecutive tries of 3D stream, to the point that she had to manually hold her hands over her breast for the entire time?

>> No.36033537

whore holo outfits are the future

>> No.36033538

Halloween is not a thing in Japan, that's just some American loan shit horror season in Japan is summer

>> No.36033539

>muh chinese boogeyman

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>> No.36033542

I have only ever seen holofags proudly brag about reporting niji streams, never otherwise.

>> No.36033543

>> No.36033544

>Nijiniggers has to whore themselves for views
>Still low views
Now that hololive has won!! how are we feeling today HoloCHADs?

>> No.36033547

a seal lol

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>> No.36033550

>marine talking about the uphill battle with management
Yeah, I'm thinking Hololive is dead at this point.

>> No.36033552

I missed erolive so much

>> No.36033554

Legs being too thin is my only gripe with this outfit.

>> No.36033556

Nijinigger is an absolute fucking newfag ahahahaha, no wonder Niji discord cabal hates you and you had to beg here.

>> No.36033558

Lamy 3D swimsuit

>> No.36033559

I would unironically buy a dokurokun cup merch but only if its signed by senchou

>> No.36033562

Coco has absolutely no excuse for being so shit when Marine has proven time and time again that you can get what you want when you fight for it. Tatsunokos deserve better than that dragon whore that sucked reddit and Chinese dick

>> No.36033564

Shishiron... its simple..

>> No.36033565

>still blaming other companies
>still acting like Youtube still has their rushed out Corona AI cranked up to 11

>> No.36033566

Miko don't cry...

>> No.36033568

Is that the original Iofi-Roboco collab but with Reine now? I could have swore it was just the two of them.

>> No.36033570

And more, my gentleman
>Marine chit chat
>30k or more of average
>Pekora chit chat
>10k of average
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA if Marine played the same games as Pekora she would have at least 50k of average

>> No.36033571

Marine's countdown destroying ever niji lol. 103.50 is so pathetic

>> No.36033572

Yes I am very mad because people keep talking about dogshit holos in the thread

>> No.36033574

Man... I'm genuinely disappointed with my oshi. Seeing Marine and Miko do so much cool shit and yet they do nothing

>> No.36033575


>> No.36033577

That's Cover's fault for not fixing things with Youtube, besides who gives a shit about Choco. Cover are retards for creating a situation where big tier holos like Coco and Marine will leave in order to protect low tier holos like Choco from getting banned, that's the stupidest way to run a business ever.

>> No.36033581

of course it's an indog kek

>> No.36033582


>> No.36033583

I knew it, Towa runs Hololive in the background
Why else she can snap the top 3 talent of hololive to collab with her in an iffy for her concert?

>> No.36033586

Honestly? Me too

>> No.36033589


>> No.36033590

>35brown is mad again and suddenly starts shitposting about Coco

>> No.36033591

Why does Towa and Botan bring in so many viewers, is it mainly Botan's viewers?

>> No.36033595

Sorry for shit quality but look at this pci man.
She was thick as hell both in tummy are and the legs.
New one is way too slim in both cases.

>> No.36033596

Towa just showed us BLOOM for free!

>> No.36033598

Oh nonoono he's here to MALD again

>> No.36033599

Cover's real mistake is that they still haven't gotten their own man on the inside. Fucking Quarterpounder had more clout with Youtube than Cover does. If you have someone from YT staff on a speed dial you can get away with shit other people don't, that's how this site works. But Cover still deals with Youtube's fucking JP office that has one guy that doesn't work on the weekends.

>> No.36033601

He's so upset lol

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>> No.36033603


>> No.36033604


>> No.36033608


>> No.36033609

35P love Coco

>> No.36033611


>> No.36033612

Towa runs to the bathroom when she gets the diarrhea signal

>> No.36033614

He's mad! the brownie is mad again!

>> No.36033617


>> No.36033621


>> No.36033622

BoTwap kissu...

>> No.36033624


>> No.36033626

Botan and Towa kissing under a tree

>> No.36033627

35Ps and Tatsunokos are allies tho, a lot of them have been changing their pfps to Miko after Coco's graduation

>> No.36033628


>> No.36033631

I'm a nijiqueer and I have to admit, Marine's numbers just for a countdown are really something. 99.99% of niji couldn't even get half that in a 3D or graduation stream. Cover really knows how to pick talents. Quality over quantity works I guess. Oh well, we have some more livers who failed the hololive auditions to look forward to in the future

>> No.36033634

Now I understand why Korone says nahone hearing Towa annunciating naruhodone sounds dumb

>> No.36033635

>this is the level of intelligence of people who never learn from history
Cover is on a one-way road to the trash bin with all their retarded restrictions, they're going to end up like Machinima

>> No.36033638

shit taste

>> No.36033639

>35Ps and Tatsunokos are allies tho,
Not in this thread, tatsunokotard

>> No.36033640

>watching 2 hags kissing

>> No.36033643

I dont thnk I'm going to make it tomorrow senchou....

>> No.36033644


>> No.36033645

My oshi is fucking useless compared to Marine

>> No.36033649

Everytime they say zehi Robocos face flash in my mind

>> No.36033651


>> No.36033653


>> No.36033654

There's 8 Noel limited full sets left on Geekjack

>> No.36033657

these crickets sound like they came from the 9th layer of hell

>> No.36033658

what the fuck is machinima

>> No.36033659

>watching 2 hags kissing

>> No.36033660

Sora LOVE!

>> No.36033661

what do we watch bros

>> No.36033662

oH NONONONO he's so mad he's namefagging to falseflag

>> No.36033663

LOL fucking failures

>> No.36033664

i missed the kiss...

>> No.36033665


>> No.36033666

This thread needs more cute and less horny

>> No.36033667

35P is ally to all JP fanbases except for that obvious one.
This particular schizo who is falseflaagging as 35P also belongs to this fanbase.

>> No.36033668

I hope Marine's vocal chords become even more damaged and she has to talk like Steve-O

>> No.36033670

Definitely would

>> No.36033672

LMAO literally no one gives a shit about Noel, all the others sell out within seconds

>> No.36033673

https://files.catbox.moe/b596bu.mp4 click the good !

>> No.36033675

Management doing it’s best to get other holos to graduate fucking lmao

>> No.36033676

Holy shit, I didn't realize you could do that. Nice check.

>> No.36033677

I was expecting KH out of instinct

>> No.36033678

I've watched the same movies with Miko before and yet it somehow still feels like the first time

>> No.36033679

They're incompetent and can't deal with circumstances they're in. It's okay to play it safe but you can't hide forever. Hopefully more holos will stand their ground.

>> No.36033680

>most notorious purveyor and cultivator of fandom and gamer culture
/v/shit, meh

>> No.36033681


>> No.36033684

Marine Enako collabs when?

>> No.36033685


>> No.36033687


>> No.36033689


>> No.36033690

Twap is so dumb...

>> No.36033691

Well at least that mean some of us can expect more "content" from "her" since she probably sad, frustrated and need money

>> No.36033693

towalive production

>> No.36033696

>53 ips
>thread still shit
I guess all the good posters moves to /vt/
Goodbye faggots, I won't miss you, my oshi's discord has people that actually like Hololive and can provide meaningful discussion

>> No.36033697

>> No.36033699

God damn, they didn't have to mess with this perfection...

>> No.36033700

>they can just make another one
Except they couldn't because every subsequent stream also got banned. Were you even here when that shit was happening?
That stuff has not happened this year at all though so the measures to prevent it are stupid to have, but you are talking as if there was never any issue at all.

>> No.36033702

What was the original stock though? 500?

>> No.36033703

Your oshi wishes she had a cover as good as Marine`s

>> No.36033704

woah how did she do that?

>> No.36033705


>> No.36033707

Is she an actual failure? How are limited goods not sold out

>> No.36033709

See you tomorrow dumbass

>> No.36033710

Kek he made me laugh

>> No.36033711

Towachi is so cute today!

>> No.36033712

nice post, old ip

>> No.36033714

Where does it say there are 8 left?

>> No.36033715


>> No.36033718

>fixing things with Youtube
Yeah good fucking luck with negotiating ANYTHING with Youtube.

>> No.36033719

Maybe if she hadn't made it a prude dakimakura like a retard.

>> No.36033720

Who are the other three aside from Enako and Moe?

>> No.36033721

shut the fuck up towa

>> No.36033723

Why is cover against swimsuits again?

>> No.36033724


>> No.36033725

Ah my modern games and soap are here. Thanks!

>> No.36033728

It would be really fun to take Towa on a date at an amusement park

>> No.36033729

Imagine not selling out your limited goods JESAS

>> No.36033732

You mean 94 right? You fucking blind mongoloid

>> No.36033733

Get in fucking the robot shinji

>> No.36033734

You can add as many to the cart as you want but can only proceed to checkout with 8. Don't know if that's the actual amount left though or just a cap.

>> No.36033735

Funny how no one else has that issue, more likely it's retarded Cover managers messing up the stream settings somehow and triggering a ban.

>> No.36033737

Got banned too many times

>> No.36033738

Dumb dog ruined my package

>> No.36033742

No idea, I didn't think the check when they were first released. The largest stock I saw was ~50, which was like 12 hours after the sale started. Aqua's limited goods had 100 stock for both the L/XL versions.

>> No.36033744

Can't wait for homo piano kino

>> No.36033745

Sweet, my new prosthetic fingers are here.

>> No.36033746

I hate her knight outfit.

>> No.36033749

My oshi's original song has over 22 million views. Marine can't compete.

>> No.36033750

You are not making any sense.

>> No.36033751

Your delivery is in HIS package

>> No.36033752

>almost 1AM JST
its 3 days are up and it's shitting this thread again. well, it did occasionally ban evade but it got it main IP back now

>> No.36033753

>Aqua's limited goods had 100 stock for both the L/XL versions.
Damn... that's so few. I can't believe I'm one of the lucky 200.

>> No.36033754

That's actually embarrassing. Lowest earner of her gen, can't even sell out merch

>> No.36033761

You can definitely do it if you're not incompetent like Cover, Nijisanji has almost no issues and they let their livers stream whatever they want without useless management oversight.

>> No.36033762

Would you buy this?

>> No.36033767

Twap's pc is exploding ...

>> No.36033769

Same. Fuck this shithole. Nothing but a den of schizos, shitposters, samefaggers and falseflaggers.

>> No.36033771

Nobody wants Noel merch, they want pictures of her roommates tits instead

>> No.36033773

Isn't that in the 3rd movie?

>> No.36033774

What new direction
We just got official Hololive gravure cosplay in swimsuits

>> No.36033775

my onahip has arrived!

>> No.36033777

Then whose package is this!?

>> No.36033779

Kys zoomer, machinima was pure SOUL

>> No.36033780

>Kanata's sold out in under 30 seconds (the time from the first refresh that showed it on the main page using multiple devices, to me getting to the final order confirmation page while having done another order to get all information on auto-fill / signed-in properly)
feels awful man

>> No.36033781

Isn't it Pekora's roommate?
I saw anon getting excited over her 11onico account but this one has been up for 2 years now.
Am i wrong?
She even answered to some nigger who said "peko" today.

>> No.36033784

Fubuki : Shinozaki Kokoro https://twitter.com/kokoro777pp/status/1420670219115143170
Aqua : Manatsu https://twitter.com/manatsukin/status/1420671960946593796
Sora : Miyamoto Saki https://twitter.com/saki_miyamoto/status/1422522579412082693

>> No.36033785

>> No.36033786

Is Towa still fertile?

>> No.36033788

retard that's not her

>> No.36033791

>Not selling out on your anniversary limited goods
That's a really bad look Noel...

>> No.36033793

Just the case? Maybe
A shitty overpriced pre-built? No way

>> No.36033794

You have to be 18 to post here.

>> No.36033796


>> No.36033797

>let their livers stream whatever they want
>when you nijiniggers were championing nijisanji last year for its restrictive management and kept posting that gwelu clip
oh wait it's nu-nijinig I guess

>> No.36033799

I just want the stickers since I use sffpc.

>> No.36033802

That few? BOOTH probably has at least two or three times as many.
I have to wonder how little stock Marine and Rushia had.

>> No.36033804

Towa is merely a cake, she has plenty of time.

>> No.36033807

>he doesn't know

>> No.36033813

Thanks for checking anyways. It seems risky to do since geekjack says they'll cancel your order if you do more than 1, so putting so many items in your cart seems like a risky game. Especially since I think putting it in your cart reserves it for yourself.

>> No.36033815

I need MORE brown holos!

>> No.36033816

Weird, IDfags told me that they get more viewers than Roboco.

>> No.36033817

That's why I am waiting for it

>> No.36033823

Isn't that like really bad?

>> No.36033826

you will find out in 9 months

>> No.36033828


>> No.36033830

Not even dying of covid could get people to watch the failure of a branch.

>> No.36033831

Gyaru Lamy doko??

>> No.36033834

Which holo will play Balan Wonderland and unironically like it?

>> No.36033835

dumb /vt/ nigger

>> No.36033836

Hey, someone bought one! 7 left.

>> No.36033837

Towa will kiss Botan...

>> No.36033838

Checks out

>> No.36033839

I really do love Suisei

>> No.36033842

I saw some of the old tweets that have been deleted and it sounded like a male pekora fan was using it but now it's seemingly being used by some female

>> No.36033845

Neat, didn't realize that was Saki. Hololive feels really big if they're able to get even the big shot cosplayers.

>> No.36033846

Towa is so girly

>> No.36033847

Korone will find the enemies designs cute, I bet.

>> No.36033851


>> No.36033854

No because the case has a bad configuration. Just sell a poster of the art or something.

>> No.36033855

yeah, last year, this year is different.
Nijisanji has WAY more freedom than Hololive.
>Can play more games
>More sponsors
>Can sing more songs
>3D events not limited to idolshit
>Doesn't force their talents to take singing and dancing lessons
The best part is that currently Nijis earn as much if not more than Holos these days

>> No.36033856

>RBC with Luna's boyfriend

>> No.36033857

No, also lurk more.

>> No.36033859

I'll try to find you the email but Geekjack customer service told me that the Rushia 2nd anniversary limited was less than 50 sets. The overseas vendors get a pittance compared to Booth.

>> No.36033860

Not even green coat luna slavnaito is here anymore.

>> No.36033862


>> No.36033863

Man imagine being so unpopular that your limited goods don't sell out in a full day. That's Aki levels of irrelevant even Flare's sold out

>> No.36033867

>August 23 Cumming Soon

>> No.36033869

Botan will cum inside Towa

>> No.36033870


>> No.36033871

Happy birthday sex-chan

>> No.36033874

>be a holo
get a summer outfit
people expects it to be a swimsuit showing a lot of skin
is actually covering most of your body, even their homos
>be a niji
get a summer outfit
can show most of their body and actually be in swimsuit
even an actual homo can show his body

>> No.36033875

There's something with Suisei's songs that makes me want to listen to it more and more after the second time. Bluerose and Kakero didn't impress me too much at first but after listening to it a few times I got hooked. Your oshi has some magic going on.

>> No.36033879

Towa baby...

>> No.36033880

Being Miko is suffering...

>> No.36033881

>play more games
>sing more songs

You don't even watch niji. This is who you rally behind, unityCHADs.

>> No.36033883

Based, finally taking advantage of what she's best for

>> No.36033884

>still manages to be under hololive
How do they do it?

>> No.36033885

>lewd fanart stream arc
Finally a good arc

>> No.36033887

That's because nijifags autistically try to report holos for showing skin to get youtube to take it down, while holofags aren't obsessed with their competition.

>> No.36033889

To be fair, it's mainly just a pillow case. Maybe a lot of people don't own body pillows. If it had a shirt or something else, there might be more buyers.

>> No.36033890

But that's incest...

>> No.36033891

That's embarrassing.

>> No.36033892

Towa sure loves kissing...

>> No.36033894

It's always funny that people don't even remember it's Wonderworld.

>> No.36033895

Post proof.

>> No.36033897


>> No.36033898

Should be more focused on her crumbling reputation

>> No.36033899

I will now watch your oshi!

>> No.36033900

Loves kissing Botan!

>> No.36033901

Miko's real voice is leaking...

>> No.36033906

Botan's bed time

>> No.36033909

Why the fuck are you retards talking about nijis in here? go back to /vyt/ if you're so interested in them.

>> No.36033910

BoTwap...don't leave...

>> No.36033911


>> No.36033912


>> No.36033913

It really doesn't matter tho, it's a limited set those always sell out in seconds because of the autographed postcards.

>> No.36033914

My dick can't take any more of these costumes man

>> No.36033918

Three more zones... Will they finish it next time... Twi... Button... See you next month...

>> No.36033919

Actually it's Wonderwall

>> No.36033920

Nooooooooooo I want more hags give me hags

>> No.36033921

button don't go...

>> No.36033922

Not that anon, but you asked because it ran out or something? What's the context behind them giving that kind of information to you?

>> No.36033923

No don't go...

>> No.36033925

No Twapi Button don't go...

>> No.36033926

BoTowan don't leave me

>> No.36033927

But they don't?
Most Nijis can beat holos these days in both viewers and superchats.
They also sell more merch and get more sponsorships thanks to China

>> No.36033929

God even the naming sense was whack. Wonderworld really doesn't roll off the tongue as well as wonderland.

>> No.36033930

What are the chances she won't sneak in art of her getting straight up fucked?

>> No.36033932

I miss Towa and Botan...

>> No.36033933

Sad Miko makes me sad...

>> No.36033936

who else in hololive would feel bad about tearing apart a voiced toy elephant like towa did?

>> No.36033937

finally some good fucking content

>> No.36033938

Oh nonono, not like this chinkbros, what about opsec

>> No.36033940

Towa and Botan are done, time to leave this shithole.

>> No.36033941

It's a shame that nobody will see these outfits since nobody watches them. Artist's work wasted on mid-tier chuubas.

>> No.36033946

Shinji you beta cuck

>> No.36033947

Korone would cry about it.

>> No.36033948

>dead hours
>while the shitposters still running rampant

>> No.36033949


>> No.36033950

Who the fuck is this guy above Flare when she had an entire live and anniversary?

>> No.36033955

first time monetization

>> No.36033958

Friend is horny...

>> No.36033959

Brb drawing Matsuri streaming in a bikini with a door open behind her

>> No.36033962

I thought you're baiting and double check it myself.

>> No.36033965

new niji that just got monetized

>> No.36033966


>> No.36033968

See you at 7AM, Friends!

>> No.36033969

>332K for APEX
What the fuck. People aren't lying when APEX is a buff for males

>> No.36033970

Jesas Shinji

>> No.36033972


>> No.36033974

time to draw a manga of an "intruder" entering her room and "raping" her

>> No.36033975

Proof that hololive is on the decline and nijisanji are winning

>> No.36033976

Towa string bikini! PLEASE!!

>> No.36033977

Now show the channels that got swimsuits, let's see that massive boost to their revenue.

>> No.36033979

>HoIobronies aren't replying
uhhhhh what now?
Flare had an anniversary and still can't beat a nijichad lmao

>> No.36033981

I kneel to the bitch

>> No.36033985

>sneak in
You could actually try reading the tweet first.

>> No.36033986


>> No.36033989


>> No.36033992

Nijifujos got their fix of fresh homos for the first time in over a year. It means nothing though, fujos being women blow all their cash on one or two things, their supacha levels outside of big events like 3D debuts are nothing special.

>> No.36033993

>moving the goalposts

>> No.36033995

Thank god, we can go back to being the otaku hobby and leave niji to the rabid normalfags.

>> No.36033996

Holy shit anon predicted the future

>> No.36033997


>> No.36033998

Not sure if that applies since Towa played APEX for like months... Tokyo ghoul also seems to have competition now.

>> No.36034000

FBK needs to do her own echichi art review

>> No.36034002

>chink with Taiwanese Vpn

>> No.36034003


>> No.36034005

oh the meme song

>> No.36034008

I did read it. Why are you acting so smug?

>> No.36034009

>> No.36034010


>> No.36034013

based friend

>> No.36034014

>Towa who busy with recording and APEX tournament still managed to continue her series of game collab with Botan
>Korone can't even continue Dead Space 3 with Botan
Why is she like this

>> No.36034016

Your original post was about swimsuits. Take responsibility for your bait, show how well those swimsuits were actually received. You've got nothing to be ashamed about if the numbers are big, right?

>> No.36034017

They buy merch and voice packs every month on top of giving SCs for big events, meanwhile Noel can't even sell out her merch. All of the new nijis earned more from their monetization stream than any holos too

>> No.36034018

Why does FBK even know this but I don't? Is FBK a secret kenzoku?

>> No.36034020

That dakimakura is terrible. If it was like Mikos it would have sold out instantly.

>> No.36034021

>> No.36034024

Holyfick he’s buff
tfw you’ll nevwr get matingpressed by the buff elf

>> No.36034025

Neither of them wanted to finish Dead Space 3. It's fucking shit.

>> No.36034027

Botan will never be rurudo's kid again

>> No.36034028

Dead Space 3 is good though, what kind of shit taste do you have? Provide a better co-op game then.

>> No.36034029


>> No.36034030

I can't believe we're finally back to "muh merch" 103.50bros!

>> No.36034031

Because it literally says she'll put mosaics so don't worry about how far you go with the drawings, there's nothing to sneak in when she's already asking for hardcore images.

>> No.36034032

>announcing a report

>> No.36034033


>> No.36034037


>> No.36034038


>> No.36034039

What is the appeal of this shit? Everyone plays the same games all the time.

>> No.36034040


>> No.36034041

Probably because of her voice not being male enough

>> No.36034042

Why didn't you ask this in your first post in the thread?

>> No.36034044

but those were for me...

>> No.36034048


>> No.36034050

I hid your post btw

>> No.36034051

Yep they got all the possible enjoyment from the game they can't understand out right there.

>> No.36034052

>no airflow on the front
>shipping costs more than the PC
Just print your own stickers and put it on your case.

>> No.36034053

Towa baby...

>> No.36034054

The story is whatever but it still one of the best co-op game.

>> No.36034055

You’re only supposed to watch 1 of them, spend the rest of your time watching indies and nijisanji

>> No.36034056


>> No.36034058

Lost Planet

>> No.36034060

I wish they all played APEX instead.

>> No.36034065

why should I care about these numbers?

>> No.36034067

I will miss both Lamy announcements tomorrow

>> No.36034069


>> No.36034070

>> No.36034071

>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku
>Marine anniversary countdown

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
>Noel anniversary countdown
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already. The stupid failure can't even sell out her own merch

>> No.36034075

Cover just wasting money that was supposed to be used to improve their 3d tech and talents but no lets waste in cospigs no one cares

>> No.36034077


>> No.36034078

So this guy is capable of other things if he tries.

>> No.36034083

>cringy idol personas
>forced laughs
>they literally browse Reddit
>chill, genuine streamers
>eop filter
>content with way more varietty, everyone is bound to find the perfect vtuber for them
>even the male vtubers are actually entertaining and popular

>> No.36034087

this thread is getting worse by the day

>> No.36034088


>> No.36034090

>genuine streamers
Yeah you dont watch Nijisanji

>> No.36034097

Do we need to go to the other thread for the tridaily feedback or something?

>> No.36034099

holobronies think their superchats are still impressive when their biggest earner graduated already lmao. holobronies will never beat nijichads in this timeline.

>> No.36034103

You don't have to larp, even japs aren't buying it anymore.

>> No.36034107

Time for piano kino 35p.

>> No.36034109

He's mad about hololive again!!
We won...

>> No.36034110

Just dont miss them.

>> No.36034111

Hags love Towa, and Towa loves Hags!

>> No.36034112

gotta love how the Q PV had nothing to do with actual Q


>> No.36034113


>> No.36034115

Holy shit Miko, big kusa

>> No.36034118

Glad you like them, anon.
Also she's gonna release another original on 21st!

>> No.36034119

>> No.36034120

Rate my ringtone - https://litter.catbox.moe/lk3xhd.mp3

>> No.36034121


>> No.36034124

Luna, Miko, Kanata, Nene, Aqua, Shion and Okayu are the guests

>> No.36034125

Why do all holos wish they were nijis?
lives together with "singing talent" Kanata but prefers to collab with Inui instead
spent all her life savings on Hoshikawa SCs
said the vtuber she wanted to collab with the most was Himawari in an interview
is so obsessed with Shiina she copied her mannerisms

>> No.36034126


>> No.36034127

Its my ringtone now

>> No.36034130

kek, your average nip streamer.

>> No.36034132 [SPOILER] 

shitposts all day long
doesn't learn japanese
complains about not having talent and refuses to make up for this deficit with dedication and consistency in work
anon's mom:
calm person
always keeps quiet whenever hearing anon shout and laugh like a manchild in his basement
doesn't hope for anon to marry but just wants him to be happy, but struggles with telling him to grow up because he won't get out of his room

>> No.36034134

kusa, the HoloEN debut comments are accurate though.

>> No.36034135

Miko lmao

>> No.36034137

Who is this cutie and is she a hag?

>> No.36034138


>> No.36034142

Nice lineup, this is gonna be good.

>> No.36034143

Very nice. Nice to see Luna get some live time. This entire group is fancy.

>> No.36034144

fuck yeah
fuck yeah

>> No.36034147

>eop filter
But they are the ones using that shitty auto translate caption program in a desperate bid to get EOPs.

>> No.36034148

People need to know Gundou is a lying drama queen. Like when she said she was streaming in a hotel in Italy only to have a japanese trash truck announcement coming from her window. Of course now she ban everybody who mention this.

>> No.36034149

Only 2 movies today I think, Miko will watch the second and the latest movie tomorrow

>> No.36034151

Saitou Naoki-sensei's illustration is also pretty cute

>> No.36034152

Pekora literally made Honhima play the entire MGS because she requested it in a totsu

>> No.36034154

not like this, niji-sisters...

>> No.36034155

terrible lineup, what is this shit

>> No.36034158


>> No.36034161

Sorry, I meant the third and the latest one

>> No.36034164

meant for >>36034124

>> No.36034166


>> No.36034169

obviously the only numbers a certain black company is winning on are those that arent public or able to be verified

>> No.36034171

So was she lying about getting punoed and railed? I got burned with aloe larping about being a whore I already dont feel like getting hit a second time

>> No.36034172

Nice catch. I didn't even realize that was the artist.

>> No.36034174


>> No.36034177

>will she lie again?
You tell me

>> No.36034183

Marine literally can't stop winning

>> No.36034186

Thumbnail by that one pokemon guy.

>> No.36034187

Will there be rips from amazon for 3.0+1.0 as soon as it's relased?

>> No.36034188

Nijitrannies went silent after this one

>> No.36034192

>nijiniggers are still niggers even in nip
what drives a sane person to be like this..

>> No.36034195

Usually yes

>> No.36034197

Sorry, I completely forgot that she's Toko.

>> No.36034202

Fuck yeah

>> No.36034209

I mean, women tend to be unintentionally be truthful about being whores

>> No.36034211

All nijifags hate Gundou but the worst niji is still better than the worst holo (Kiara)

>> No.36034217

Nigger have you not seen their recent 3d concerts?

>> No.36034218


>> No.36034221


>> No.36034229

Why do you think we started calling them nijiniggers in the first place?

>> No.36034234

me, at you, for wasting your time looking for a screenshot of your own post

>> No.36034238

this newshit scouring warosu for stuff niji says or something?

>> No.36034239

Have you seen Niji's recent AR concerts? That's what happens when you invest into 3D and improve your tech, Cover isn't doing jackshit except wasting money on writing up books and books of guidelines to restrict their talents

>> No.36034244

Today streams were fun!!

>> No.36034245

That's because she's larping, she is actually a pure young girl after all, instead of your holowhores who keep hiding their boyfriends and acting like nothing happened.

>> No.36034248

>> No.36034251

I enjoyed it takes twawawawawa.....

>> No.36034252

>implying holobronies arent way more insufferable than that
roru rumao

>black company
coco gets the banishment room and then swiftly graduated
cover hires rapist as mel's manager

>> No.36034253


What did she mean by these?

>> No.36034255

false marketing is a prosecutable offense

>> No.36034257

Agree! Moreover i liked that pekora talked a little bit more about her obaa-chan in mengen.

>> No.36034258

Never noticed Bibi in the background until now.

>> No.36034259

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.36034260

>Have you seen Niji's recent AR concerts?
No, I don't think anyone did given that it didn't even get on trending

>> No.36034261

Why the hell are nijiniggers extra mad today?
>checked /vt/ bans and deleted posts
Oh so that's why...

>> No.36034263

i am mentally ill

>> No.36034264

yup, i thoroughly enjoyed stickmin one.

>> No.36034270

They were too fun. Didn't expect so many streams on a weekday.

>> No.36034273


>> No.36034275

There was a mengen today? I didn't get any notifications.

>> No.36034276

i don't, i bet most of hologirls are fed up with eops, but can't express it.

>> No.36034277


>> No.36034278

Trying to throw off people, the more pathetic she appeared the less people would suspect of her having a boyfriend

>> No.36034280

Not him but it actually get on trending.

>> No.36034283

Big kusa miko

>> No.36034285

Will COVER invest in the jav market?

>> No.36034288

It means she wants your money.

>> No.36034290

Yeah almost too much, I need to watch BotaTowa it takes two archive later.

>> No.36034292

I still can't believe Towa said she wanted to fuck Mio on stream...

>> No.36034293

Yeah, being a treacherous lying bitch seems to be a job requirement for Nijisanji. Consider Inui Toko, who said this on December 30th, 2020: 「すいちゃんすぐ転ぶから視界の中入れときたい」

Yet two and a half months later gif related happened. Never trust a Niji.

>> No.36034295

the natural state of a nijinigger is seething

>> No.36034296

>actual fox ears for FBK
This place is legit.

>> No.36034297

Am him and it didn't It's why I didn't reply to him.

>> No.36034301

It was sudden since she ended maicura earlier, wanted to talk a little to calm down after such a disaster.
She said that she was jumping on her bed out of frustration right after ending minecraft.

>> No.36034302

I've only watched ShishiTowa live but I'm looking forward to watching today's archives later.

>> No.36034304


>> No.36034306


>> No.36034309

that was a big kusa moment

>> No.36034310

patiently waiting for the official yukihana lamy delivery!

>> No.36034313

did Marine paid for the thumbnail art?

>> No.36034314

Me in the middle

>> No.36034316


>> No.36034317

She just flipped off all the mentally ill unicornfags and absolutely decimated their fragile egos. Just how based can she get?

>> No.36034318

What is even happening here. I don't get the comment nor the gif context. Is Suisei blind or something, why does she randomly roll off the chair like it has something on it we can't see?

>> No.36034320

Huh that's weird. Pretty sure I found out about their AR concert from trending hastags.

>> No.36034322

sorry to break it to you, but

>> No.36034323

Marine paid for literally EVERYTHING involved in her Anniversary stream.

>> No.36034325

You are a fanatical mentally ill stalker, go seek for medical treatment or god.

>> No.36034327

mr koro found the cum jar again....

>> No.36034328

wrong board

>> No.36034330

That's pretty edgy, i like it

>> No.36034333

Thanks for the info, would've completely missed it since I wasn't watching the minecraft stream at work.

>> No.36034334

Why does Marine like Naoki Saito enough to commission him? I must have missed a zatsudan or story about it.

>> No.36034339

Yeah guess I'm not going to work

>> No.36034340


>> No.36034343

Means she's tired of being a slampig

>> No.36034347

They used to have sex together with each other if you know what I mean

>> No.36034348

take it easy panchito

>> No.36034349

Someone submitted their fanart of Marine to his YouTube channel in which he makes correction and gives advice, Marine took notice of it and submitted her own illustration so he could correct it since she's a fan of his work

>> No.36034353

I don't blame her. EroMion is too powerful.

>> No.36034355

the gif means suisei is a polka-sized whore. do your eye reps faggot

>> No.36034358

I'm horny too. For Fubuki.

>> No.36034360

These are the streams he's talking about, btw

>> No.36034363

Right after talking about how she took Aki's virginity...

>> No.36034364

>She said that she was jumping on her bed out of frustration right after ending minecraft.
Extremely cute bunny

>> No.36034365

I WILL impregnate Mio multiple times

>> No.36034366


>> No.36034369

That guy really has a giantess fetish

>> No.36034371

What would really change if she admitted she had a boyfriend?

>> No.36034376

His Rushia video is the best. I wish he'd make a Pekora one.

>> No.36034378

migo KUSA

>> No.36034379

that she can lie at the level of a retarded four-year-old

>> No.36034381

Miko what are you doing...

>> No.36034385

do you love her back?

>> No.36034386

How many accounts does this slut have?

>> No.36034390

they said t true Matsuri was the rights about time of completing her Pokemon Unite past time saw Watame must live Marine always

>> No.36034392


>> No.36034393

I really hate this coombait whore

>> No.36034394

matsuri lied
towa lied

>> No.36034396

It's the room downstairs and I pay rent.

>> No.36034397

Migo don't go...

>> No.36034398


>> No.36034400

Miko ended, otsu35~

>> No.36034402

Seething incel

>> No.36034408


>> No.36034409

I am really in love with Suisei. How can a girl be this perfect...

>> No.36034410


>> No.36034411

otsumiko fags! enjoy your shitflinging!

>> No.36034412

Are you having a stroke, ESLkun?

>> No.36034414


>> No.36034417


>> No.36034418

as part of a basic life skills program that the japanese government has in place, each of the holos has to learn the same, single recipe that is mandated on a company basis
you're a manager, and you along with a few other managers are deciding on said dish
what dish do you vote for?

>> No.36034420

The light finally returns to my life!

>> No.36034421

>want to do lewd stuff so bad they have to throw down with management to get a OK to do it

It should be that easy, but japs are so fucking beta they just take it.

>> No.36034422

Miko ended, what now?

>> No.36034423

dino nuggies for my choco tentei

>> No.36034425

suck my cock dude

>> No.36034430

youtube's not in control of their AI anymore

>> No.36034431

Because Youtube doesn't work that way, even some of the biggest channels in the platform, including THE biggest channel in the platform can't get in contact with them

>> No.36034433

Superchat revenue cut is utterly insignificant for Youtube in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.36034437

Manchu-Han Imperial Feast

>> No.36034440

There no human staff in youtube, only bots.

>> No.36034443

Why doesn't Yagoo just beat the shit out of Susan?

>> No.36034450

yagoo can't even beat mikodanye

>> No.36034451

Love his channel, he got a lot of super useful practical tips.
Btw kakage also been doing these corrections stuff if any drawfag here interested.

>> No.36034452

Who is your oshi?

>> No.36034454

If Pewdiepie can't get a human at YouTube to talk to him what makes you think Cover can

>> No.36034458

Fun watchalong Miko. Hopefully the rips for 3.0+1.0 will be available soon

>> No.36034461


>> No.36034462

>has a 4th (FOURTH) twitter account

>> No.36034464

Yagoo is an awkward nerd. He probably gets bullied into sex by Holo members and his wife

>> No.36034467

Suck my fat dick, you damn Paco

>> No.36034468

Not a fan of japanese curry myself, but I'd say its a fairly easy dish to make. That, and miso soup. The non-instant kind.

>> No.36034471

I believe this

>> No.36034472

few can

>> No.36034474

Sorry to break it to you, but

>> No.36034475

what are we watching brothers?

>> No.36034476

They are looking at you, anon.

>> No.36034477


>> No.36034478

Kaarage should be easy enough, right?

>> No.36034479

>he only knows about the 4

>> No.36034481

My Polka birthday goods have shipped.

>> No.36034482

Are they going to beat me up?

>> No.36034483

>> No.36034485

Look at this leech still signaling cocofags so they don’t forget about her
The ultimate leech, absolutely no fucking shame at all

>> No.36034489

Most of them made it at least once

>> No.36034490

You forgot your sheep image

>> No.36034491

real cucks

>> No.36034494

kill yourself watacuck

>> No.36034495

>gray name saviorfags

>> No.36034497

Towa shits in the shower

>> No.36034498


>> No.36034499

Ame is a furry...

>> No.36034501

>checked last night
>little bit over 500k views
>Check this morning
That's a fairly healthy growth, isn't it?

>> No.36034502

Yes Kanata please call me human trash and beat me up

>> No.36034504

I haven't watched a stream in 2 weeks.

>> No.36034505

I’m a kenzoku not a Watamate

>> No.36034507


>> No.36034509

>canon size Korone

>> No.36034510

HELLO ! my name is Natsuiro Matsuri

And this is JACKASS

>> No.36034513

T-that's kinda hot

>> No.36034514

nice try sheepfaggot

>> No.36034515

Is this the new "smile & go"?

>> No.36034518


>> No.36034519

Towa banana...

>> No.36034521

So is Astel and Fubuki.
It's not 2013 anymore, there's nothing wrong with being a furry and liking cute anthropomorphic animals.
You weebs simp for virtual anime girls so it's not much better

>> No.36034522

I just checked it out right now. Pretty cute to hear the contrast in Moona and Pekora's voices singing together. Also cute to see Pekora comment down below.

>> No.36034523

that's really not a good look if you're trying to convince people you don't have a boyfriend

>> No.36034530

HELLO ! my name is Tokoyami Towa

And this is The Human centipede 2

>> No.36034531

there might actually come a time where i masturbate to marine

>> No.36034533

>> No.36034534


>> No.36034536

It has three times smile and go so no

>> No.36034537


>> No.36034540

Sometimes I forget if I'm on /vt/ or /jp/

>> No.36034542

do you think they meetup in their furry suits?

>> No.36034544

so the police shit was fake?

>> No.36034546


>> No.36034548

It's not Youtube, it's management being prudes you retards, Nijisanji literally just revealed skimpy summer costumes for their livers and nothing bad happened to them.

>> No.36034549

what happened to Kanata's archive? I had meetings and wanted to watch it afterwards...

>> No.36034550


>> No.36034552

Imagine being Matsuri's boyfriend and receiving her menhera rage after you made an honest mistake.

>> No.36034553

>check smile and go
>Still below 280k views
uuuuhhhhhhh, is the song not getting views anymore?

>> No.36034555

Sorry but PekoMiko Daisensou is superior to that shitty cover

>> No.36034559

hololive want the idolfag audience

>> No.36034560

Check her twitter, there was no stream.

>> No.36034562

Don't forget korone

>> No.36034564


>> No.36034565

where did you find it?

>> No.36034566

Two timing slut...

>> No.36034567


>> No.36034569

It’s getting like 200 views a day, not even Flaretards want to listen to it

>> No.36034572

>> No.36034574


>> No.36034577

>> No.36034580

I thought this was Boulder Dash...

>> No.36034581

Not only that, it's her boyfriend who took that picture. Just look at the reflection

>> No.36034582

The mix holy shit

>> No.36034584

You are not a real 35p.

>> No.36034589

Her boyfriend is a Coca-Cola bottle? What a whore

>> No.36034590

imagine pointing your camera straight at the door

>> No.36034591

Explain matsuri yab plese...

>> No.36034594

Iofi dont leave me...

>> No.36034595

holy shit, matsuri is going full stacy
you love to see it

>> No.36034596


>> No.36034597

Some gooks laughin' their asses off

>> No.36034599

You're a real 35p

>> No.36034600

I'm better then you

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