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A shift in the winds, caused by a wind goddess. Welcome to the Kanako thread! Please compliment this cool young goddess who totally isn't a virgin!

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Kanako-sama looks good today! Don't worry being a virgin isn't that bad, I am too you know!

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there's nothing wrong with being a virgin Kanako, lots of goddesses are virgins.

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kanako is not very.....

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I can't imagine how some "people" prefer a frog or slug to the graceful, majestic Kanako.

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One day Kanako will find a boy to love and no longer be a weird old virgin!

Most likely!
Not a 0% chance.

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Where's my reward you mountain virgin

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She farted

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I prefer my Kanako softer please

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wow kanako i didn't know you had that power!
now move it

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Kanak the Snack needs full res baby

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Please make a softer version. But not fat though.

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Wow gacha games really know how to get your money

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You guys have picture of Kanako feets? hehe

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The frog had it coming.

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Where is this from?

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Kanako wearing a "virginity is cool" tee

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Making demi-gods is what all humans dream about.

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God this goddess is trying to be bullied huh?

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Dayum I'm definitely worshipping Moriya now
Someone will totally draw that someday watch

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How could you resist bullying this old yet foxy woman

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Kanako is fuckken ripped!

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yeah right, the hag WISHES she had a body like that

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how do you she doesn't anon

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Kanako-sama so cool!

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Nah it's Suwako doin the wishing

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I'm surprised the idea of Kanako ntr'ing Sanae isn't more popular with smut artists

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There's no way in hell this ever happens

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you don't know that

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Shut up Sanae.

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I want a Michiking doujin with Kanako so bad.

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Hopefully with the new game coming we'll get some prime Kanako (and Murasa) content our way.

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If Sanae comes up to you and asks if you'd be interested in an easy odd job for Moriya, just say no. She's just going to pay you to hang out with Kanako and pretend you're interested in her so she'll be less lonely. You've got better things to do with your time.

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I'd do that for free, Kanako would seem to be the type of gal to be a geek

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I just want her to fart on my face. is it too much to ask??

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Kanako-sama's areolas are pancakes!

Yes, yes it is!!

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meet my new girlfriend

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It'd probably have tons of benefits aside from the obvious

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why should I trust you?

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Tobisawa's Kanak is the best

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Mountain of Faith was released today, so happy birthday Kanako! (please don't ask how old this makes her)

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How old does this make you Kanako?

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How old are you

No really I have questions

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WOW!!! Kanako's only 14 years old!?
They grow up so fast...

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Because the chance of >>36113370

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Would Kanako be more insulted if you told her she's 14 but she looks way, way older than her age, instead of simply calling her a hag?

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this was the one thing you weren't supposed to do :(

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Ok I will ask Kanako a different question

Have you ever been on a date before? Has a man ever told you he loved you?

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You're off by 600.

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>totally isn't a virgin!

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I am going to need your blog, please.

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holy fuck this is great

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Hello Kanako, I'm something of a virgin myself~

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hahahaha yes

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your virginity is 100% safe with kanako.

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Yeah she's keeping it safe for her to take

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like that dork would ever rape me

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>Thank you for visiting the Moriya shrine. I see you brought a daily stamp card, let me fill it for you. Looks like you have a perfect attendance. Keep it up and good things will happen!

>You should meet Sanae after clearing the 7th day slot for a reward, but you can find me if she's not available.

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kanako has two tongues!

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This is bone-chilling.

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But i don't want Sanae....

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She has a forked tongue. She also probably does it aggressively.

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She had abs thousands years ago, now she's flabby

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so this is the aftermath of >>36113370

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Actually, this is true.

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Abs Kanako is now canon

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I approve of abs Kanako

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The new burger joint, built just a small ways down from the Moriya Shrine, was intended to help attract more people to the area, who would hopefully decide to visit the shrine and pay their respects, granting it their faith. Kanako stood from behind a counter, watching the moderately crowded room buzz with chatter, people enjoying their burgers happily.

A sharp crying sound struck Kanako's ears, as she turned to see in the corner to see a young boy, maybe 6 or 7, with tears staining his cheeks. The mother tried to console her child, but to no avail. This seemed like a grand time for the goddess to play a small active role, and hopefully spark some faith in the people personally!

She was tall and imposing over the child, as she asked him what the problem was. The mother cowered slightly in fear, unsure if the goddess offered them assistance or a threat. The child, however, was unphased. His words were garbled over his tears, but Kanako could make out enough; the toy that came with his meal wasn't what he wanted. He didn't get anything of the nice shrine maiden idol, or of that funny froggy lady. Instead, he got some dumb stick. Kanako put on a smile and tried to inspire some joy in the child. She told him that it was no mere stick, it was a small onbashira, one of the symbols of the head goddess of the shrine herself, showing how powerful and mighty of a goddess she was! Her words left the kid unaffected, who continued to cry. He wasn't interested in whatever the purple hair lady offered, this stick was useless.

Sanae rushed over and in front of the goddess, as she personally appealed to the boy. Her charm and kindness, as well as how well known she was to everyone in the local town, quickly pacified the boy. Kanako was shaken, and decided to step into the back room of the restaurant to take a few personal moments to reflect over the situation.

She had returned to the dining floor just in time to see the child toss his onbashira toy in the trash can on his way out, where it joined many others identical to it.

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If i were Sanae, I would just get up and move to some other room and sleep.

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I would steal her underwear anyday

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I'm Suika in the lower left corner reading that

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found this new doujin

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That depends on how lazy she's been.
If she got complacent after beating Suwako, then it's likely after a number of years regardless of her status as a war goddess.

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Woah it got translated fast

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kanako is best waifu after all

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