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Please post touhous which are being friendly to humans or protecting them. No human bullying!

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What about bullying humans while being friendly?

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Wriggle is too friendly

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I don't want to be bullied! I'll cry!

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Human and fish can coexist in harmony.

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OP said being friendly, not getting knocked up by dude.

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Looks like she is about to drown the dude. How is that friendly?

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He is clearly giving her some food and Waggy just got a bit excited.

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Pretty sus wacky saggy.

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She's just too happy.

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Go back to twitter.

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That's not a hug.

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Remi is a lot nicer than she pretends to be.

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What is it then?

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Get away from that child, you pervert!

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Cute pregnant boy

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That's me on the left!

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Who knows.
Affection isn't behind that hug.

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So is she going to eat him?

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Glad I'm not this desperate.

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Kogasa is fucking dumb.

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No. She wouldn't eat him.

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What'll she do then?

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Where's the human in this picture?

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I'm pretty sure the human is the one bullying here.

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Read the dialogue, anon.
The guy is the victim. Kogasa is an awful person.

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There is no such thing as a good and friendly youkai. Youkai are the enemy of humanity, and should be exterminated on sight.

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>Did I startle you? Are you okay? Wanna touch my breast?
>I can't scare villagers during the day...
>But, if you sweet talk them...
>Nooooo!! This person is a molester!!

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Where is this from?

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How should I know?

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Where is this from? Is there more to it?

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I want to go to an oni sleepover. Sounds fun.

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As long as they don't get too rowdy.

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It's an Oni sleepover Anon, there's no way it's going to be anything but rowdy.

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Me on the left showing Aya how strong I am!

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That's why I said not too rowdy. Getting somewhat roughed up is fine, breaking all your bones is not.

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I think you mean 'should be impregnated on sight'

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Me watching as Reimu proceeds to intervene.

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Why would Reimu intervene? It's just Aya with a nice young boy heading to her home, nothing weird.

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That tengu is at it again...

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Reimu wants to beat the fear of youkai into him.

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Mmh speaking of Youkai and Humans, would Reimu kill a Human that she accidentally turned into a Youkai ?

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Depends on her preferred method of covering screw ups. She may give them lodgings at the shrine in exchange for work and staying out of the spotlight.

More importantly, does she even have the means of turning humans into youkai?

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The one she's looking at

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An animal or person who eats human flesh is supposed to become youkai.

So if she accidentally served someone human meat, then it could happen. If she’s drunk at a party with a bunch of youkai who brought food then it could happen pretty easily.

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Why would a human go to a youkai party in the first place. Also, aren't Gensokyo youkai banned from eating native humans?

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Yeah, and she probably wouldn't feel guilty about it.

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That's not a yokai!

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Where did she get that severed hand from?

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Read FS

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There aren't that many examples of 2hus being friendly towards humans if you don't count porn.

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The Addams Family visited Gensyoko

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Why are humans being kind to Shimmy the cutest thing in existence?

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Because she is small. Small things are cute.
Seeing cute things reacting happily to people releases the dopamine.

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How small would she need to be in order to cease being cute anymore?

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When she is so small she is no longer visible to the naked human eye

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You could use a microscope. The cuteness will always be there, just invisible to some.

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What if she's smaller than the light waves?

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I am not pleased with this thread. Youkai are the natural enemies of humanity. They are NOT your protectors, friends, and certainly not lovers! For your own safety, I urge everyone here to cease these weird fantasies and stick with human girls in the future.

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Hakutaku, Zashiki Warashi, Kirin.

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She's still cute, just infinitesimally so

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I'm not giving this one over to that violent shrine maiden ever again.

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Human women are cold and heartless monsters. Men should only breed with youkai and let human females go extinct.

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What makes you think female youkai are any different than female humans?

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Protect Rumia

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She's nicer, kinder, and cuter than any human girl. She's hardworking and her dream is to be useful to humans.
She's proof that youkai are better.

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female youkai were invented by people to be what they wanted to believe

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>aren't Gensokyo youkai banned from eating native humans
they've got yukari for that though

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Hand her over, it's time to punish her

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Their supernatural and eternal nature makes them near immune to the cultural fuck fuck games that plagues mortal females

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There's no more safe and nurturing environment for a baby than a youkai's womb

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Jokes aside, any of Okuu's children would be stupidly powerful.

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if you want to give your kids the best foot forward in life, you entrust them to Okuu's belly

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Kogasa is a friend! I want to hug her!

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friendliness comes in many forms

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Creating peace between humans and youkai by uniting humans and youkai

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You can probably count the number of youkai that WOULDN’T eat Outsiders like us on one hand. Two max if we’re being real generous.
And it kind of makes me sad.

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List of youkai that you can be fairly certain won't kill or eat you:
(technically everyone in Myoren, but they don't count since they would eat you without Hijirin there)

There are some harmless youkai or once that need you alive, but they don't really have a reason to be friends with outsiders.

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Don't forget Fortune Teller!

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Wakasagihime (not an enemy of humans)
Reasonable speculation:
Keine (protects humans, and hakutaku help humans in mythology), Kagerou/Sekibanki (Wakasagihime who would get mad if they ate humans), Byakuren/Ichirin/Unzan/Kyouko (Buddhists who seem to take it seriously enough to obey the prohibition against eating meat), the Lunarians (human meat is impure), Alice (former human, high friendship level to humans according to Akyuu).

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I don't think any of the fairies would kill you on purpose. By accident is likey though. Daiyousei seems the type to not even do it by accident either. Yuuka I could believe as she's far too powerful to work up more than apathy for anyone most of the time. Same goes for anyone in that power ranking - too strong to notice you.

The Prismrivers are another "wouldn't kill you on purpose" though by accident with their playing is possible. Kasen's a hermit and *really* trying to abide by it and she's friends with Sumireko so there's precedent.

Remillia's a wildcard, it depends entirely on her mood. Aya seems more like she'd get far more enjoyment out of publishing your existence and ringing the dinnerbell than doing it herself, the tengu themselves are probably kill on sight for outsiders. Kappa are an unknown, Nitori says humans and kappa are allies but that's probably bullshit, whether she believes it or not remains to be seen.

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>the Lunarians (human meat is impure)
They probably wouldn't eat you, but would Lunarians, through direct or indirect means, want to be friendly to humans?

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I did try to list examples of youkai that definetly won't kill or eat you, assuming you arent antagonizing them. And intentionally left out powerful ones you aren't likely to ever run into like Kanako, Yukari and Kasen, even then only one of those 3 doesn't have a reason to kill you.
Fairies and Kappa are too unpredictable and Remi personally is the least of your troubles at the SDM.
Waggy saggy and her merry band of misfits I'm not entierly sure on if they care about human life at all, so I just left them out even if people usually show them as super friendly.
Tengus have a stick up their ass and even if Aya doesn't have as big of a stick up her behind she does still work for them, as seen in MoF.
Maybe I should have included all of Eientei too, they propably are more likely to just hoist the responsibility to Mokou rather than deal with you after Kaguya grows bored of you ofc

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Nonsense, every youkai in Gensokyo is friendly towards humans. All those stories about youkai eating humans are nothing more than fiction.
Youkai love talking to humans, and they'll even protect them against wild animals, so it's completely safe for humans, specially outsiders, to walk and explore places far away from the human village.

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I know who's behind these posts! Akyuu warned me about you! Away evil youkai!

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Okey so the following none human won't fuck you up on purpose if you land in Gensokyou:
Keine (will actively help you)
Byakuren and Her Followers (Although a lot of them would if it weren't for Byakuren)
(They will probably just chase you off if you land on the Mountain)
The Aki Sisters
Prismrivers (They probably won't care/ignore you)
The three knows Members of the Grassroots Youkai Network
Yukari/Ran (They probably won't care about you)
Kaguya (Aren't Lunarians just Humans that live on the Moon?)
Kasen (will actively help you)

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Define "fuck you up on purpose"? Because Tewi 100% would totally fuck with you. And I'm honestly not sure if I'd trust Yuugi or Suika. And Kogasa... What if she says "boo!"? And being around Tenshi is a disaster waiting to happen.

>> No.36422241

I guess you if get injured seriously, get crippled or if you die. Tewi's pranks are mostly harmless, Yuugi or Suki like most of the other 2hou's won't care about a random human walking around and Tenshi really isn't that bad. She too will most likely ignore you and if she doesn't you could just tell her stories about the outside world or show off you're smart phone to ease her boredom. You might even become friends that way

>> No.36422270

Becoming friends with Tenshi is a disaster waiting to happen.

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i feel like you might have overlooked some characters that are both friendly and dangerous like seiga and sweet lady yamame

>> No.36423817

What about making more tenshis with tenshi

>> No.36424027

I would be all for it but I'm not sure if her Father would agree

>> No.36424657

You could bribe Suika or Yuugi with alcohol from the outside world. I'm sure drinking just sake gets boring after a while.

>> No.36425773

Yuuka won’t harm you if you don’t destroy her flowers

>> No.36425893

Suika seems safe, she plays Oni during setsubun and she seems trustworthy with the children. She's probably mellowed out a lot for an oni.

>> No.36425932

Yamame looks absolutely adorable when vulnerable on a bed

>> No.36426018

Getting fucked up usually means serious injury. A mangled hand would be fucked up. A bruise isn't anything.

>> No.36426832

Didn't most of them actively attack Reimu/Marisa on purpose for no reason at all? I'm not sure how many danmaku I could take honestly.

>> No.36426923

Don't walk into their territory, and if Yuugi tries to fight you, fight back with all you've got. I know it sounds dumb, but trust me on this one.

>> No.36427378

what the fuck.. how did you come up with this guess- Is that the best you got? also, its a friendly thread, not something going to be guro.

>> No.36427890

I'd say it's safe to assume all gods are friendly with humans by default.
Nitori was just trying to drive them off, as for Aya they were already knee-deep in shit approaching the mountain summit, even then she was still like "oh no biggie we can take care of that goddess on our own so fuck off kudasai"
>Kappa are an unknown, Nitori says humans and kappa are allies but that's probably bullshit, whether she believes it or not remains to be seen.
Aren't kappa shown getting along with humans really well in the manga? Moving around the village and putting up stands to sell wares?

>> No.36428261

>trustworthy with the children
Yeah she always gives ‘em a good time

>> No.36428272

Rumia is too cute. I'd be her friend and let her nibble my arm every once in a while.

>> No.36428314

That would be incredibly painful, even if she doesn't eat your entire arm.

>> No.36428505

Why not get her other arms to nibble on? I doubt she'd care about the difference.

>> No.36428578

Reenacting little shop of horrors with rumia seems like a terrible idea

>> No.36428601

C'mon. It'd be fun! Just have to watch out for the red and white shrine maiden.

>> No.36428766

do not lewd the spider unless you're ready to care for the several dozen children she'll birth

>> No.36430696

Why would she want to when she has Shion?

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Well that's true for Nitorin~ and Aya, but they are exceptionally nice youkai in general.
Even in that same game, Minoriko Aki attacks Reimu because she made a comment about her smell.
Most youkai like Rumia, Cirno, Letty, Alice, Wriggle, Mystia, etc. etc. don't have a good reason for attacking Reimu.
Some of them even mention how they're looking for humans to prey on and eat.

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Youkai hands typed this post

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