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you can still have kids with a 40+ year old woman

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Boundary of childbirth

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The idea of having a child with a woman old enough to be my mother is a bit strange.

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soon you will be old enough to be your own mother

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I'm confused, why would you say that then post a picture of two 17 year olds?

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I'd rather round out the doorhag's belly.

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I'll move to Gensokyo before that happens.

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Anon... (You) are a +40 year old woman...

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as we can see this weeb is fantasizing about having a sexual fantasy about dating yukari as we speak.

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I mean, aren't you?

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no god sir, I am not.

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well, you should be

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explain why then.

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are you still trying to explain, or not?

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Yukari and Yuyuko should just have children with each other...

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are you mentally unstable good sir, first things first they both have vaginas, second off Yukari and Yuyuko are not lesbian, and finaly you should get a life.

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telling someone to get a life on 4chan, specially on /jp/, is a bit silly

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im not usually on /jp/.

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iPhone file name

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Hag thread?

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I don't like hags.
They're scary.

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i am not sure what you are saying but Yuyuko is dead and Yukari is not human (nobody knows what the hell is she) they may appear young but you cannot breed with them (maybe with Yukari but who knows what will come out of that)

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She kid would probably end up retarded

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But not millenia old saggy sacks of skin and bone.

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Yes, run to them.

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Can Yuuka join this hag thread?

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Ok, Yuuka, ok... but only if you send us sexy pics.

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Don't run from her. It stings.

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Why does a grown woman want to play with children?

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Yuuka is very lonely!

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If you don't mind extra chromosomes or creating the next chris chan, sure.

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no, she's a pedo.

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Please don't be mean, Yuuka is a sensitive soul...

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Imagine getting there late because you got lost and she's made a mess of the place

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You'd just walk away before she'd notice you of course, right?

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Of course not, I'd hug and comfort her!

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That's a bad idea, you don't want to get too close to a youkai like that, especially a hag. Who knows how Yuuka might react to feeling a hug, she's probably never even been hugged before.

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whats life without a little danger, a shit one that's what

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I don't care, Yuuka deserves good things!

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That's just sad, I'd hug her and I would definitely become her friend

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Post embarassing pics of hags to scare them away

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post pics to bring them back

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you literally can't after a while

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In Gensokyo you can!

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when will I get to gensokyo? I just want to take it easy there...

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yuuka can go fuck herself and she is still a pedo.

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rude, yuuka deserves love and lots of hugs!

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I want to molest little fairies with Yuuka!

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but she's a hag, why would she do herself then? flawed logic

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I wat to report you to the fbi with said fairies.

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The only FBI in Gensokyo is Reimu. And she won't do shit.

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>implying yukari can't just change her boundary between the two sexes and grow a massive 10 inches futa cock
Anon, you haven't read enough doujins...

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do you masturbate to that good sir because if you do then you shoud seek help right now.

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anon, you're in /jp/, get on with it or get out

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I will do Neither good sir.

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little did you know, yuuka and Gensokyo are not real.

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lies and slander, yuuka and gensokyo are very real, you'll see

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Dimensional merge between Gensokyo and our world when

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sir you a delusional maniac, yuuka and gensokyo are not REAL.

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ZUN was paid off by Yukari to spread Gensokyo to the outside world in a subtle manner, allowing them to harvest loads of Faith and Fear without drawing any undue attention to themselves.

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prove it then.

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Nice try, if I posted evidence Yukari would spirit me away and put me in front of Rumia. You aren't fooling me Yukari!

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your right about Gensokyo being real but you were wrong about me being Yukari. I am god not Yukari.

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I have neither faith nor fear of gensokyo's inhabitants. I can't stand to lose, so I'll give it my absolute best to make it. I've struggled through seemingly impossible situations before, and I'll probably do it again.

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kid your not going to make it.

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i am god, also known as sans.

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this thread is dead :(

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Very risky. Never impregnate a hag.

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doesn't apply in gensokyo, don't worry

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That's just for humans, relax

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I'm making progress in life, and I'm lined up to achieve a personal goal. I think I'm doing fine.

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With that attitude you won't be able to reincarnate into gensokyo when you are judged before Eiki in the afterlife.

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Wriggle likes what she sees.

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Hag is an offensive term. They prefer to be called “Wenches”

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It doesn't just increase the likelihood of down syndrome but autism as well.

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We have the tech to freeze eggs and sperm and use them later

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You can, but your child will be autistic and suffer.

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I want a Kokoro of my own.

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Aren't old women who try to have sex with younger guys called cougars or something?
Would they enjoy being called that?

Instead of getting a Kokoro or a Koishi, you're way more likely to get a chris-chan.

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ok boomer.

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if gensokyo and Eiki are even real, witch there not.

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>witch there not
Though there are witches in Gensokyo
Yeah but Chris-chan is the way he is because his parents were two massive tards.
Despite that, considering how mama Byakuren and papa Miko are constantly fighting over her custody and her best and only friend is the official queen of autism, Kokoro's future isn't looking too bright.

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prove that gensokyo is real then, go ahed try.

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gap is smug.

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you seem a bit out of it, pal, try taking it easy a bit.

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says the person who believes Gensokyo is real.

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gap is hot.

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Gap is fertile

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gap is sad

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remind me how this hag is the most powerful being in gensokyo? you have a 2hu that can stop/rewrite/erase/accelerate time and one that can kill anyone instantaneously, and then some retard who can can make little portals with eyeballs in them and maybe think hard

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your just mad.

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Oh no why is she sad?

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O-oh. I thought it would be something less… harsh.

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Alright, you get to be a young (legal) girl in Gensokyo, but you HAVE to be under the care of one of Gensokyo's hags. Which hag do you pick? And how does it turn out?

>> No.36481148

>young (legal) girl
In other words, a hag. The only type of "legal" girl I'd accept being is an immortal loli.

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Would you prefer her weeping be because her child is leaving the nest and going to college?

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Yukari would ensure her child goes to the very best university to ensure the vast superiority of her bloodline is flaunted well

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At least she would still have a kid.

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File: 1.03 MB, 1600x1200, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_coto__fc63352564ae2e79b64477b1c24c70de.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yukari has killed, eaten, or abducted thousands over the centuries at a minimum, and there is no indication she'd have any reservations about taking children
Countless families losing members without a trace
For once, Yukari would feel the pain she so happily inflicted on mortals without hesistation or remorse
People forget that she's a genuinely evil daemon, most deserving of the title "Monster"

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