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New thread just in time for some Chicken Rice

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>there's only 112 days left before Christmas

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that can’t be right...

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>Temma's plans for his 100k subs celebration tomorrow
>Roberu schedule for tomorrow

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I love Roberu!!
nice happy

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Regulars self insert themselves to the rrat now huh

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Shoo shoo to the other thread

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The rat is out there living the dream, It would be a HUGE step is she had Roberu as his first non-EN collab. Roberu himself doesn't seem against it since he popped up in her chat

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>Roberu himself doesn't seem against it since he popped up in her chat
It doesn't mean shit, he also shows up in Mori's chat and nothing came out of it. There was even a time it was believed that he was one of those senpais who refused to collab with her earlier in the year.
I would say it is not totally unlikely, but even for Rat, it should be better on the longterm if she started with a holojp and keep Robesan as a mid-term goal.

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9 hours of Knight, some of which I can catch in the evening, I'm at peace. I didnt expect him to make such an event out of it and the members stream was a nice surprise too even if I missed it.
Night way home is atmospheric enough that it might actually dock his lunch money a little.

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Majin love!

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Probably less than 100 days left before the live.

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>Literally 0 info

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That's why I said probably idiot i'm speculating they're not gonna make the live close to christmas.

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I won’t be able to take Astel 3d bros...I hope for his sake they make him cute like he wants

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Suddenly remembered that holokle is coming up this month, the circle list has been updated: https://holokle.info/list theres a few more star related participants than before, hopefully most of them do online sales too.
Hanakishi book will also be up on the 20th.
I'm so excited for what Seaweed has planned.

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Wouldn't put it past them, doesn't seem like they've anything done so far and the cover recruit page still has the listing for Holostars even planned from a couple of months ago

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Temma 100k meal challenge marathon stream

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Time for more fire

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He is making a lot of money

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1k dls

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Please dont forget to congratulate Temma on his 40k Temma subscribers.

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I love how weak the knight is to horror, why is he so cute. Why will we never get that suntempo horror collab/relay. Dbd is going to need to earn him a lot of money.

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What do we have to do to get Suntempo in the same room with a horror game?

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At this point it doesn't even have to be Suntempo trying to survive a horror game together, I'd just love to see the return of horror game collabs like Hanakishi's Emily Wants to Play or Astel+Aruran's House on the Hill playthrough...

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I dreamt astel got his 3d and he got emoi and almost cried on stage

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also stars collab on 9th of september

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Highly likely to happen, I'll be really surprised if he doesn't at least sniffle a little.
Very nice, so this is what he mentioned during minecraft. Nice thing to wake up to.
I would love that too, I doubt house on the hill will ever return but I can only hope that it does, or something else scary with that combo.

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the mix is a little strange, you can hear the robotic voice quite clearly, but the song suits Aruran's singing very well
also yurustars kizuna is strong as always

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The songs he has picked to cover this year are on point. This one loses out to the 3d version for me but it would be hard to top that just because of everything else surrounding it

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Aruran looking hot in that artwork

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Rikka Grime
Also an interesting flower member stream is going on, knight and flower topics overlap a little this week.

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>lewding arupapa

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Notice from Aruran:
No midnight minecraft today. Schedule for the week will be posted tomorrow.

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Bossu is back

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Aruran schedule for the week
Lots of collabs this week + his 2nd anniversary
Ready your wallets, Familiarans

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Still haven't bought the penguin goods, Robe's birthday, possible 3D debut (if they keep doing 1 per month), the Stars are really killing my wallet lately

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I don't know what I was expecting
their cocks are too human

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And that’s a complaint I wasn’t expecting lmao

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If you're going to draw it, do it right.

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Organ rearrangement/10
Speaking of size difference, Oga really wasn't lying when he said Shien just happens to look small when next to him. He looked like a manlet in that 3D collab.

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Nice sudden singing from bossu.

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now draw them giving birth

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Really? They're not human, might as well have fun with it instead of being boring and safe

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Love this duo but the artstyle looks ugly. But I can't really complain further because Holostars NSFW art is rare af

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I'm glad I decided to watch bossu's stream after a long time of not doing so. His home 3D looks great.

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His home 3d is really nice to see, I rarely get to catch Bossus streams so Im glad that its this one, its funny how he just jumped into it without notice.
Im not ready for them making a tradation of showing off the home 3d suddenly like this.

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Jokes on you, i like mpreg

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His home3d is so good bros...handsome bossu...

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Nice geddan to add to the collection, only 6 more to go.

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i wasn't joking

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Shien would agree to getting pregnant with Oga's child thinking it's a joke, but goes along with it anyway when Oga actually whips the Majin out

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Majin’s little Majin uoooh

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Schedules for tomorrow
Usual morning stream + another stream at 5pm JST
No stream but he will be uploading a Short video around 9pm JST
No schedule yet but mentioned awhile ago that he'll be playing Twisted Wonderland tomorrow

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Why does it feel like he has a return every month

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It's not exactly unusual for mafia bosses to occasionally leave their bases for long periods of time, is it?
On a serious note, iirc the May revival was due to him returning to streaming after taking a week off for his throat (this was during Golden Week too so hospitals + clinics were closed and he couldn't get it treated immediately)
His most recent absence was caused by the usual side effects of his 2nd coof shot (taken last Wednesday according to his Twitter)

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>tfw you’ll never shoot your medicine straight into bossu

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Thoughts on this one

>> No.36441249

There's better art you just have to search more.

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Risu don't look.

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Shogun Apex.

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Hmmm yes quite thought provoking indeed. I sure won’t mind any other titillating subjects

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needs to be more messy

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Bar's opening.

>> No.36444093

Looks like Yumeoi will be visiting the bar. About time.

>> No.36445029

Those cute summer stands and other goods are up for anyone to purchase now: https://shop.hololivepro.com/en
I'm going to miss it live but thats a really nice guest, I'm looking forward to that vod, Ive never kept up with Yumeoi after checking him out near debut so itll also be a nice reintroduction to him.

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The shirt sucks

>> No.36445051

Its incredible how bad the shirt is, every time I see it I wonder how it made it through. I feel they made up for it by including Shinove in the stands at least.

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Ah yes, my favorite male vtuber group, the HOOSLTRAS

>> No.36445101

The name placement seems like a lazy afterthought too, its multiple levels of being a bad design.

>> No.36445112

Follow us, HOOSLTRAS

>> No.36445247

they could have used the original logo and it would have been better baka

>> No.36445514

It's so bad that I kind of feel like I want it.

>> No.36445561

Same, anon, it has that ironic potential that unironically makes me want it very badly. Hoolstras...

>> No.36445593

Schedule for today
Expect guerillas and a Short video upload from Aruran

>> No.36445758

Guerilla Robe stream

>> No.36445769

Inb4 he finally used his home 3D.

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Son is a postbox?

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That almost looks lewd.

>> No.36446675

Rikka casual clothes outfit reveal on the 10th???

>> No.36446985

controllerpex with pizza

>> No.36447510

Looks like it's going to be really cute, Knight has hinted at his in a members stream a while back so I wonder if this is the start of a new wave of outfits or if this is just Rikka. Wasn't expecting anything so soon after the 2.0s.

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Man, can't believe the Taj Mahal arc is almost a year ago already...

>> No.36448353

Bossu Twisted Wonderland

That's a really nice clip, tskr anon

>> No.36448390

This is why you're getting fat Flower boy...

>> No.36448641

I wish fanartists would all only draw him chubby now to make him play RFA again or else all his thumbnails are going to show him chubby.

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Say no more, anon.

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Yes I agree, the flower should be bullied into doing more RFA

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I didn't realize just how long it has been, it would be nice to see a tour with the pretty shaders on someday.

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Ollie mentioning a while back that she wanted to tour the Holostars server gave me some hope that we'd see it again, but ever since then there's been no sign of it happening. I'm also curious as to the progress of Astel's Neverland Project since all of the members have been pretty secretive about it, going so far as to avoid the general area it's located at on stream.

>> No.36449224

I want to plump up the cute flower...

>> No.36449353

Flower confirmed pregnant

>> No.36449516

Aru minecraft in 20 mins
Rikka guitar in 50 mins

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He is. I'm the father.

>> No.36449655

No me
Look at my cute expecting waifu

>> No.36449977

Poor Bossu was really getting into it, whenever I watch one of these and enjoy his silly va it makes me wish more joseimuke had real gameplay spinoffs more often, twst has some nice designs trapped in being gacha.

>> No.36450687

Old man spilling some interesting info, wonder who would go without a new outfit in exchange for something else
Flower and Seaweed both expressed wanting new outfits iirc, and Knight has teased one

>> No.36450786

Its really interesting to think what the "something else" could turn out to be, its nice to potentially get extra surprises like this.
Out of everyone for some reason Id expect seaweed to take the something else option, but thats not based on anything, maybe it would be a way to get his new hair on older outfits.

>> No.36451293

Shien schedule for the week

>> No.36451400

Coco said that for a million subs they're offered either a full concert or a costume for free. She chose the costume

>> No.36452147

Roberu's schedule for tomorrow

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>that hint of thigh & tummy
u-uooh ;_;

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>> No.36453656

Summer is ending so I guess we're slowly going back to the lazy son

>> No.36453945

H-hey there cute boy, want some candy? I left it at home though h-haha let’s go together...

>> No.36453991

would be a shame if he got lured into hanasaki forest

>> No.36456608

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3vvG9wQFxE morning shogunpex. seems like he wants to solo master

>> No.36456632

>solo Master
Shogun... Your sanity reps...

>> No.36457320

How long until shogun embraces the "abandon your team and rat" strategy?

>> No.36458095

Well, it seems like he gave up on it pretty fast. His sanity may remain intact

>> No.36458100

He's abandoned it all together.


>> No.36458123

Can't say I'm too surprised. I don't remember him mentioning wanting to do the challenge, not even after seaweed completed it.

>> No.36458129

Well here's the new link for that tweet since he remade it and turned replies off

>> No.36458254


>> No.36458733

I assume he just did that so Vtubers that he follows can reply to squad up with him and it's easier to look through

>> No.36459347

Roberu Twelve Minutes

>> No.36460217

Aruran - zatsudan + room-cleaning

>> No.36460725

Bossu Tsugunohi

>> No.36461611

Arusan Phasmo collab
Aru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGhk8youn5I
Kuku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqGY6F-kUuQ
Naruse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLc_csExbxI
No Hira-san POV.

>> No.36462065


>> No.36462116

Arupapa just let out a really girly scream...

>> No.36463730

It's really nice to see more people watching the flower boy lately.

>> No.36464409

I completely missed Knight correcting his tweet so I was expecting an overcooked vod, happy to get a long minecraft session for later either way, This lake is going to be a lot bigger than I was expecting him to go for.
The regular minecraft activity and the timeslot seem to work really nicely for him and Aru.

>> No.36465211

Oga whispering

>> No.36465284 [DELETED] 

Knights schedule, complete with singing and the dates being incorrect

>> No.36465411

Knights schedule, complete with singing and the dates being corrected.

>> No.36465487

Risu in chat with her boytoy

>> No.36465532

Of all fanservice I wasnt expecting that to come back, silly Omaesans.

>> No.36466485

Another SOUL thumbnail from our son.

>> No.36466705

Winning sun!

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File: 88 KB, 696x748, BC96E738-A3F9-4503-8DAD-33FED50EE40F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.36467656 [SPOILER] 
File: 120 KB, 800x1200, 932E56BB-C5C2-498B-B263-3A91154BEF42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36467836

Friend you don't have to do this.

>> No.36468677

How did you take a picture from my basement?

>> No.36468905

Faceless mob crew [email protected]

>> No.36470884

What scenario are we going with?
I propose: we're a group of exorcists or something out hunting, caught him, brought him to our base, and are now ready to "examine" him.
Sorry I lack the literally skills to make this sound better

>> No.36471013

Bar's opening.

>> No.36471212

I forgot that today was Tox anniversary, never going to get a full re-release on pc for Roberu to play through again, though he probably wouldnt want to anyway.

>> No.36471918

I wrote some basic dialogues. I’m not planning on continuing this.

A group of exorcists gathers around to see the demon they've just captured. Beaten up and tied on the floor.

"What's this?" Says one of them walking into the room.
"He happened to be passing by. He looks strong but he couldn't use his magic thanks to the barrier we've put around the place."
"It was cute to see him all confused when his powers didn't came out." Other one said while lightly stepping on him.
"He’s big as heck. We could get a lot by selling his bones, his horn or eyes can also be used on potions."

One of them crouches down and grabs at his face.

“His face is pretty feminine if you look it up close.”
“And what’s with his waist?” He said as he grabbed it. Majin turned his head to the side with disgust. “It’s so small while his ass and thighs are big.”
“He’s a man but has the body of a slut. You think someone could pay to fuck him?”
“We’ll have to train him first, and also rip his teeth out.”
“We don’t have to train him but I wouldn’t mind cumming over him. If we’re gonna kill him anyway why not torture him a bit before?”
“That doesn't sound bad. I’ve been sex deprived I wouldn’t mind to fuck him for a couple of days.”

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File: 251 KB, 650x366, C8CA024F-17A5-48EB-955C-CE4883577E56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rikka new outfit teaser. Looks like it's more than just Spanner for his new fit. It excites me because it's the first non-group outfit and gives hope for more individual clothes.

>> No.36473430

I see the little ears on the hood still but it looks like a nice and comfy outfit. Real excited for individual outfits for all the lads.

>> No.36473440

TSKR mob anon

>> No.36473473

Apparently it's to commemorate Rikka's channel surpassing the 100k subscribers mark. I'll keep my expectations in check but at the same time the idea of everyone getting their own individual outfits is exciting.

>> No.36473529

Shien - continuation of Undertale

>> No.36473587

Shien is really not good at this puzzle...

>> No.36474031

The other thread is shit and mods don't care about banning raiders, I guess this is why some abons here didn't want to make a vt thread

>> No.36474090

Coming back to the better thread

I love Temma!

>> No.36474602
File: 105 KB, 313x337, A609CE67-17B7-4177-A7FE-DBEF3DABB5D5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me too! No joke!

>> No.36474603

Sometimes I feel bad about this thread not being as active as it used to be but I immediately forget about it whenever I see the state of the other thread.

>> No.36474679

Aunties will reclaim /jp/, this thread is now a colony of Temmamura

>> No.36474727

Now that I think about it, which stars fanbase is the biggest in these threads anyway: Astellas, Kishimen, or Hanamigumi?

>> No.36474750

Someone should make an oshi poll

>> No.36474822

Yumeoi at Roberu's bar.

>> No.36474839

nothing gang where you at???
feels like there's a lot of regulars or familiarans over at the other thread

>> No.36474856

It seems like Yumeoi doesn't like being called Yume Yume. It probably reminds him of a white haired-girl Roberu has collabed a few times with

>> No.36474937

Have my ears gone fucked or do they sound really similar?

>> No.36474954

And Yumeoi's Live2D is now replaced with a PNG

>> No.36475007

Holy shit, Yumeoi speaks even faster than son does

>> No.36475109

>jp viewers just enjoying the stream
>all eops can do is bring up the views number

>> No.36475234

Ngl I would fap to a full fanfic of this

>> No.36475430

don't forget to tune into arusan's gartic collab

>> No.36475765

This thread seems to have a lot more nothing gang members, hanamigumi, kishimen, and bukatachi.

>> No.36475853

spam-kun returns

>> No.36476168

Miyabi schedule

>> No.36476264

I can agree with there being a lot of kishimen, hanamigumi, and nothing gang in this thread but I was under the impression that there's barely any bukas here. If anything, their numbers seem to be closer to the number of tuners and familiarans in this thread while there's a huge number of Astellas in both /jp/ and /vt/

>> No.36476278

I just got a Japanese ad about an otome manga on pizza dad's stream. This usually never happens unless companies specially choose a channel to display their ad on. Nice for Aruran!

>> No.36476424
File: 1.81 MB, 1080x1080, 1619500632075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aruran anniversary goods
i quite like the pizzakun pin actually

>> No.36476505

Papa looks very happy to get in a gunfight

>> No.36476520

The pin is really cute, would go nicely with the bag.

>> No.36476537

Flower boy FGO gacha

>> No.36476543

Thank you LackPapa for this handsome Papa.

>> No.36476552

Huh, depending on the price, I might actually get the pin

>> No.36476602

Oh wait, you posted a link to it. It's 1,500 yen plus probably that price again for shipping

>> No.36476702

Flower has some really good luck today, his questionable gacha habits lead to some great thumbnails.

>> No.36476716

Astellas are everywhere, in the /jp/ thread, in the /vt/ thread, and other threads. There are Astellas behind you right now.

>> No.36476782 [SPOILER] 
File: 331 KB, 558x582, 1624547468856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are Astellas inside you right now.

>> No.36476870 [SPOILER] 
File: 22 KB, 209x209, 2607B5AD-CBD9-444F-8B3A-B1F9A362BB23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone has a menherastella lurking beneath

>> No.36476928

I prefer Astel to be inside of me instead. Or the other way around. I'm not picky.

>> No.36477020
File: 105 KB, 714x714, AF011E98-419E-4432-AC89-F4BEEA2AC60A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36478377

Yurustars Overcooked 2

>> No.36478769

Ever since noticing the different quality to how Miyabi sounds in Arus streams its hard to not focus on, anon if you have any other streamable compilations Id appreciate any sharing.

>> No.36478961

Oga Asmr

>> No.36479300

Cute whiny knight being bullied by food, I love this.

>> No.36479388

are there any yandere holostars (especially male)

>> No.36479490

the closest is probably a voice pack

>> No.36479498

Astel has a yandere vp available, and Im fairly sure one of the older marshmallow streams has a lengthy yandere prompt, cant check right in detail now.
Miyabi has a few moments playing around with it but most notable is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQFZxs0xQc8

>> No.36479568
File: 20 KB, 199x233, 83B3389E-55FD-41E0-9D5A-13B8909666C5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yandere seaweed

>> No.36479964
File: 314 KB, 742x687, 903E1632-9537-4876-8751-8268604A71A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.36479988

disney strikes again

>> No.36479990
File: 256 KB, 2048x1825, D75E8E31-32E9-48C0-A8B5-CD5F7097D59C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.36479991
File: 354 KB, 900x674, adey0209 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yurustars love!

>> No.36480100
File: 292 KB, 1200x493, 1625965760665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yurustars teamwork is in good form today.

>> No.36480328

The tone of knights voice and laughs when he is sleepy is really good, Im getting the feeling this wont wrap up until 4am at this point.
Makes me want to listen through the takoparty again.

>> No.36483654

I'm bored, post fanfic concepts

>> No.36483730

You first

>> No.36483830

Miyabi visits Oga in hell and is mistaken for a demon prince

>> No.36483849

Son's morning stream

>> No.36483973

Strangely enough this idea was triggered by the recent revival in Minecraft streams but consider:
Harvest Moon/SoS/Rune Factory AU

>> No.36484055


>> No.36484089


>> No.36484233

Babudon Roberu is a vampire and the only one he can feed off of is Shien.

>> No.36485584

Imagine all of the fur in the way

>> No.36486135

Bar ROBEL and Animare cafe are in the same shopping street. Some of the girls part time at ROBEL. Absolute SOL comfy times ensue ala Mitsuboshi Colors or Tamako Market.

>> No.36486209

Rentboy Miyabi guilt trips Temma into spending a night with him after chasing off one of his potential clients

>> No.36486507

Temma Minecraft

>> No.36486579

hmm... you might be onto something here

>> No.36486789

Aruran - Twelve Minutes

>> No.36487274

This sounds so comfy as a short episodic anime

>> No.36487526

Any idea when papa's good will be available in GeekJack?

>> No.36487574

22:30 JST or about 3 hours

>> No.36487578
File: 367 KB, 1502x2048, 1A408FB0-60E2-4A43-811C-5970DE7EE6A0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.36487605

Thanks for the info

>> No.36487679

Izuru just went and dropped a cover out of nowhere

>> No.36487705

It's a very Izuru thing to do

>> No.36487722

>Izuru drops a cover out of nowhere
>Rikka is premering a new cover on the 11th
>Astel has that one delayed cover from August + another cover coming
Alright, who else is gonna be dropping covers next?

>> No.36487767


>> No.36487896

Speaking of Rikka, his cover releasing schedule is really weird. He tends to put out 2 in a week and then release none until the next month

>> No.36488058

Roberu's quiz layout is just an Excel speadsheet lol

>> No.36488150

That was really good and also depressing. Thanks shogun.

>> No.36488159

Aruran is leading with the score. He also showed that he knows how to speak English but his sentence constructing skills need some work

>> No.36488487

Score right now:
>Aru: 8
>Oga: 3
>Miyabi: 4
They're all avoiding the English questions

>> No.36488503

Miyabi took English 1 (recite the english alphabet) and almost got the order wrong at the end by saying "...wxzy"
Roberu gave him a second chance, but everyone was pretty shocked that he got it wrong at first

>> No.36488732
File: 2.25 MB, 1885x1064, 1607903281886.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surprisingly, the loser was Oga, not Miyabi.

>> No.36488768

As expected, Aruran steamrolled lol. Sasuga Papa.

>> No.36489093

Thank you Shogun, I've been thinking about acoustic covers lately, I'm not prepared for him dropping sudden covers like this.
I forgot to avoid spoiling myself via the thread but even though this is what I expected, looking forward to actually seeing it happen anyway. Did they happen to give a date for the yurustars trpg?

>> No.36489568

Seaweed Utawaku

>> No.36489667
File: 23 KB, 522x299, Pizza kun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, they're sending it over in February 2022

>> No.36489678

He’s really feeling the singing itch huh lately

>> No.36489682

>2700 yen shipping for a pin badge
The actual fuck

>> No.36489743

I pray that Tenso is still doing the extended holding for merch that Ive seen people say that they are doing, or I pray the timing of the two stand sets lines up and flower + knights 3d goods lines up with this pin. I miss registered sal shipping so much.

>> No.36489909

Oga thumbnail creation/chat

>> No.36490274
File: 274 KB, 1224x1616, E11bEPmVoAAgdgQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seaweed's singing is especially emoi today, it's great.

>> No.36490299

it's been 4 days since his last stream after all

>> No.36490411

Streams like this from Oga are my favourites I wish he did more drawing on stream even if its silly things only like this.
Yeah he sounds really into it today, these 1 hour utawakus are a nice way to get more seaweed when he is busy.

>> No.36490480

It's kinda funny seeing Astellas crying about it, they wouldn't survive if Seaweed had a streaming schedule like Shogun's

>> No.36490570

It's the same song the Regulars sang when Roberu stopped doing multiple streams a day, only this time it's Astellas getting withdrawal from Astel not constantly streaming APEX these days.

>> No.36490580

Imagine if he needed to go a week without streaming (say, for health reasons or to finish other work)
Would Astellas actually survive that week-long break?

>> No.36490616

Jokes on you, i take self imposed breaks from astel so i don’t get too attached. Haha

>> No.36490652

Everytime seaweed goes into that lower tone, very nice.

>> No.36490684

As a Regular, any day with less than 3 streams just felt weird and incomplete. No streams on the weekends was hard enough, but these days we'd be lucky enough to get 10 streams a week. Remembering I had seasonal anime to catch up on helped me cope though.

>> No.36490768

Fucking seaweed I knew it.

>> No.36490771

"There's someone that I want to sing for."
"It's (You)"
and then he proceeds to as monotonous as possible
Leda you fuck

>> No.36490839

And we end on KING, and he's singing it properly so far

>> No.36490858

I survive Shogun's streaming schedule and his sparse tweeting well enough

>> No.36490895

Yes God.

>> No.36490935

I guess repeatedly shooting Festival was actually a ritual for him to supplant her as the main Menhera deity.

>> No.36491022

Aru 12 minutes part 2

>> No.36491115

Oga archive, enjoy your love Omeasans
Oga megaman 6

>> No.36491128

This is going to be recurring throughout September and maybe for the rest of the year, he has talked about streaming less since he has a lot to work on.

>> No.36491164

I knew he announced it but for some reason I was expecting he'd be less busy after Vsaikyou S3. What's he working on, anyway?
Also, will Astellas actually survive this new schedule?

>> No.36491168

I’m happy he gets do to the things he wants

>> No.36491182

He talked about it during his membership streams, so Astellas should have already prepared themselves. Expect covers among other things.

>> No.36491184

He gave a lot of prior notice at least, last members stream he stressed to expect less streams through September and I think October as well.
Edging the Astellas works well in his favor usually anyway.

>> No.36491472
File: 127 KB, 1246x552, C598CAA0-55B0-4757-BE60-DD0C25C62144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.36492309

More megaman to come, the more I watch Oga play these the more I wish for a shovel knight play through or just specter of torment.

>> No.36492359

That's something you could probably ask in a talking stream, or send a superchat about

>> No.36492661

Stars isekai'd into wh40k

>> No.36492759


>> No.36492867

Stars get stuck in a “can’t leave until you bang” room

>> No.36493180


>> No.36493308

Holy based

>> No.36493961

Thank you for the archive!

>> No.36494071

which faction would you put them in?

>> No.36494401

>Missed another singing stream just as I went to sleep
I mean I know its archived but still I want to see it live . . . 〒▽〒

>> No.36494414

I get your feels, live is different

>> No.36494861

Izuru has a Twitter stream right now.


>> No.36495124

Twitter stream over.
I'm not the greatest with my reps but he talked about eating, other Stars members. He burped right into the mic at the start of the stream.

>> No.36495199

Sadly I was asleep... Archivebro...

>> No.36496033

I love you archivebro.

>> No.36497260


>> No.36498040


>> No.36498074

You're the most based anon in this entire thread. Thank you.

>> No.36498131

Thank you. I owe you my life.

>> No.36498820

Aruran - Twelve Minutes pt 3

>> No.36499106

Temma Idol Manager

>> No.36499159
File: 44 KB, 300x300, 1613916428819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since when did Temma command a multi-billion yen idol company? Truly tensai.

>> No.36499176

I love this tensai knight and his ridiculously large piles of money!

>> No.36499290

I kind of like that JP guy in Temma's chat who just keeps commenting

>> No.36499393

Temma is now doing the Fujimoto route, and the Aya route afterwards

>> No.36499554

Temma is considering selling his own bath water after seeing one of his idol want to sell hers

>> No.36499627

He knows these konkishi are parched.

>> No.36499635

Imagine 2nd anniversary goods where buying the full set will give you a jar full of his bath water

>> No.36499735

Aunties would buy it

>> No.36499736

Shogun utawaku

>> No.36499739

Shogun Hikigatari

>> No.36500131

Old man new costume reveal

>> No.36500146

today's setlist was very nice, for once chat was not cringe, shogun is happy

>> No.36500237

Old man has moe sleeves now.

>> No.36500275

>The blush
Stop, I can only get so hard!

>> No.36500317
File: 136 KB, 724x1023, Ez_eJA0VEAU2Z0b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Roberu Garibenger V in ~30 mins.

Anybody here know how to view the second part or is it just going to be JP exclusive?

>> No.36500510

Old man's new outfit is really cute, forehead and shoulder peek very nice. Spanner in the outfit is a good addition.
The website that will host the rest probably blocks a lot of common vpns, I noticed a lot do these days but I didn't actually check.

>> No.36500584

Anons, I know the old man isn't for lewding but ever since he put that facemask on I couldn't get the idea of a Rikka secretly prostituting himself in that costume like those JKs in hentai/JAVs out of my mind
Like, imagine a doujin/fic where Rikka often disappears at certain nights to go out into the streets and nab himself some mobs willing to pay to have sex with him only for one of them to recognize him, ending with the mob anonymously sending the other stars a video or a pic of Rikka being fucked
I'm so sorry

>> No.36500689

Very nice, how much for one night?

>> No.36500697

The barcode set me off.
Imagine buying Rikka for a night scanning the barcode for how many hours you get to spend with him.

>> No.36500747

i love all these mental images thank you very much

>> No.36500915

Subtle Miyabi


>> No.36500919
File: 92 KB, 714x608, B8862348-1568-44E7-8DE1-0480BD1C95DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Furthest I got when I saw it was “i want to kiss his cute forehead”

>> No.36500992
File: 182 KB, 828x1792, IMG_20210910_075507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rikka's design and demeanor always hit all my buttons, his mama designed a vtuber I also want to fuck, and I have an android fetish but I thought, old man isn't for sex, and never had a lewd thought about him. but that barcode has done me in. I want to breach his firewall.

>> No.36501001

I cant wait, between this and the other things he has mentioned wanting for his stream I'm very excited. If he manages to get everything in place for a mega reveal I'm in danger.

>> No.36501076
File: 261 KB, 403x414, 6596758B-2DD6-4D1F-9AB9-6F5C48EE4BCA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want to breach his firewall.

>> No.36501119

Hhhhgg. Those are some good mental images I am having right now.
Got me thinking of a scenario where Rikka gets infected by some virus from some porn website that it turns him into an actual slut whoring himself out in the streets. The virus stays dormant during the day but activates while he's sleeping to whore himself for a few hours before returning back to bed. it then erases his memories of that and Rikka wakes up to not know any better. [/spolier]

>> No.36501355

Wasnt expecting a shogun utawaku over night, todays archive binge is going to be good. Forgot that Air is a guest today too.
Thank you anon, assuming youre the same anon youve not shared your script anywhere have you?
The barcode and the facemask are both things Im really into, I always wanted Rikka to look more obviously robotic in some way and even though its very small the barcode is something. Some subtle shoulder/collarbone panel lines wouldve been amazing.

>> No.36501405

100/10 would read

>> No.36501665

Miyabi Minecraft

>> No.36501804

Lunch with the knight sounds cute, Miyabi living the vp dream, spending time with the knight as he talks about food.
Nice flower sounds today.

>> No.36503199


>> No.36503200

I like how after the ice broke the stars hang out much more irl

>> No.36503212

Holy sh

>> No.36503286

I wish I was a beetle now

>> No.36503333

The first time is always the hardest since you don't really know what's gonna happen, even if you've gotten along well enough online.

>> No.36503527

Speaking of offline interactions, do we have any info from the boys on who hangs out with who the most irl?

>> No.36503597

Besides how hard meet-ups are with the state of emergency, Miyabi and Shien always mention when they go watch the Fate movies together.

>> No.36503622

Aaaaahhhhh. The Stars give me the strangest tfws
>tfw no miyabi/shien to hang out with and watch anime with
Kil me now

>> No.36503677

>tfw no Astel Disney date
Pass me the rope

>> No.36503831

This looks like a typical upskirt, except that it's his hotpants. And shogun tummy...

>> No.36503863

Miyabi was talking about wanting to have coffee on a quiet backstreet cafe and I felt that in my soul.
>Tfw no aesthetic coffee dates with flower boy

>> No.36503914


>> No.36504442

Had to step away for a bit, was half expecting Flower to stay with Aru this time.
The group dynamics sound really nice even with the varying levels of comfort they have with each other, Shien and Miyabi especially share nice stories and Aru sounds really fun to be around. I look forward to future 3d events, Old man gets so animated during them.
To this day though nothing quite tops the surprise of https://streamable.com/txg51p
Hearing more of homebody neighborhood kid-cat knight hanging out just a little more often makes me happy.

>> No.36504500

I really love knight's laugh...

>> No.36504547

Ahh they’re living the life bros. Comfy vtuber life & hanging out with vtuber friends outside ahh

>> No.36504765

Me too, I hope eventually something sets him off during a 3d event, I want to see the full body movement that goes with the laugh so much.
I have too many clips of just the knight laughing.

>> No.36504872

Bless you, I love his laugh but somehow I get too embarrassed to save it myself

>> No.36504904


>> No.36504949

I understand, I feel deep embarrassment any time I look at my archives/clips folder, even with some self imposed limits on what I end up clipping for myself I still have way too many.

>> No.36505123

Im sad we will never get that Knight OnoYuu dbd hunt.

>> No.36505228

I still feel amazed at the fact that Roberu and OnoYuu have become such good pals. Big thanks to Iofi, bless that alien

>> No.36505464

Yeah, I also felt they got along especially well tonight. It is great that the show is still going steady, even after months of them talking weekly.

>> No.36505557
File: 743 KB, 750x944, 651E1903-0FBE-4C23-9209-02B4BBABD804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.36509895

Ugh fuck
I had a thought like that. Like Rikka unintentionally downloading porn or getting a virus from something sketchy and he's just in a state of perpetual horniness.
Low-key hate the fact that the instant I saw the barcode my mind went
>ooh barcode
>buying Rikka
>buying Rikka to play music
>buying Rikka for the night
And now that i'm thinking about it again imagine sexbot Rikka.

>> No.36511171

rikka is programmed for pleasure

>> No.36511171,1 [INTERNAL] 


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