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Aruran chat+karaoke

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Majin love!

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Today's schedule
Also, Roberu's collab on the 13th is with Tamaki, Life-sensei, Yumeoi, and Maimoto

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I really really love this cute Seaweed!

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>DJ Foy (OPPAI_Paradise66)

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CR main stream to keep track of any action going on.

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First game is starting

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Wow, Astel's team got a really good spot for this first game.

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They have no healing so they're fucked unless they can turn it around in a fight

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True, but man, god spot for the entire game. Easy kills + free placement.

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2nd with max KP, damn, what a start

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Kawase that was so close

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Kamito too strong, but that was amazing

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Kinda crazy that Astel's team started at Tree and managed to get that god spot in Survey Camp. They literally started at the bottom of the map and got there ...
This is a great start!

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ASTEL please, you're beaming right now. rip Big Star

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Selly is too strong what the hell

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less than twenty minutes...my balls

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Miyabi 3d debut

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I'm not ready.

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Me either, I cant believe this is happening. Im so happy for the flower.

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Already akasupa'd. I wageslave for HIM

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I can't believe Miyabi was REAL

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his flower aura is too strong

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His model is beautiful bros...

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The intro was so cute.

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His house gives off such a different feel to all the other 3Ds, this is really nice

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Holy shit I want to live in a cute little house with Miyabi, my dreams are coming true!

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Yeah, I like the gamer cottagecore

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I love his room and kitchen, it feels so fitting, even with his awful cooking skills.

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Miyabi shuffle!

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He's even cuter than expected, I'm gonna commit a crime

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miyabi is dying just making these poses www

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Don't kill him, please! He's got to live through the rest of the debut!

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I cant survive this, neither can he.

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this angle what the fuck

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He seems so easily flustered and its cute to watch him shuffle around.

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>hanasaki no mori
i guess it's time to die

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rero rero his feet

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why does a single man need so much land? he's got at least 10 acres of woodlands here

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I'm really digging this camera work for Miyabi's singing.

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I love this

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The Hanasaki no Mori was a Reality Marble all along...

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he's even replicating everyone else's weapons what the fuck

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i wish i were water

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panting flower...

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miyabi's house looks exactly as I imagined it... now i'm thinking about that miyabi fic someone posted on these threads

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Poor flower is dying but that was really worth it.

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I am no longer living

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this hanasaki no mori roleplay is too cute

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Neither is Temma after dropping Holopen

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knight truly is a chad

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Kyoumuhole teetee!

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Temma opens his legs for the Holostars

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Thank you hanakishi.

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Oh no they are actually going to kill him.

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Temma torturing poor miyabi, he's fucked

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Kishido Temma from Holostars 0th gen

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Remember to always have a bro spot you while working out

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blessed noises from the forest god

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They modeled a water bottle for all the dying Miyabi had to do

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3D ring fit! What have we done!

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Who knew that the "D" in "3D" stood for dying (on stream).

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Temma is really enjoying this. I'm surprised the Hiyamaru compliment counted.

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Indirect kiss...

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Cute charm and tote

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Oh, another bag a charm! They look nice. I wish I had gotten the other Miyabi bag, so I'll be sure not to miss this one.

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The flower got moves!

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The promised emoi Fansa is so good. Thank you flower.

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Fitting song for the DAISENPAI

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This almost got me to tears

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Thank you for supporting the cute flower.

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I'm so happy for him.

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don't care if i look like a fag in public, i'm getting that bag MIYABI SAIKO

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Shogun (T . T)

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I was sort of tearing up in the beginning, but Fansa and the note just made me start full on sobbing. So proud, that was so great.

>> No.36891038

That was a nice 3Ddebut, I'm crying a little

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Yeah, fansa got me too, I was able to make it through until that, the flowers and note at the end were really deadly too. So happy and proud of the flower.

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>listened to everything fans asked for in a 3D
I love him so much

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The shop sales must be doing well if they arent doing a booth release this time, its too bad since this lined up perfectly for a bulk order. Flower goods are worth it however.

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Modeler tweet, very cute

>> No.36891461

So Miyabi's shoulders really were slightly fucked for the debut, at least it's not as prominent as Roberu's.

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Clubhouse games, Roberu Gatchman, Tamaki, Warabe

>> No.36891714

what is this

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Bossu little nightmares
Arucraft in an hour and Oga asmr
Didnt notice how stacked today is.

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Roberu playing Ludo with Gatchman, Inuyama Tamaki and Hoozuki Warabe in Gatchman's channel.

>> No.36892280

Poor Roberu is having a hard time this round, Ill be amazed if he brings this back.

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Fansa: https://files.catbox.moe/yjm3a1.webm
Intro: https://files.catbox.moe/qyb1fn.webm
I love the intro so much, I hope he was able to do some extras as bonus shorts. Flower would really fit into Hatoba Tsugu like videos.

>> No.36893021

Looks like you're in luck, anon. He just tweeted about uploading the intro on YouTube later.

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I love Roberu!!

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Man, bossu's chat has a ton of backseating retards today...

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Few people in chat commenting that the guardian farm project is a lot for one person, I hope with the extra weight of the debut off of him flower can join in the arucraft chats again occasionally.

>> No.36893714

Is the guardian farm really required to be that big to work? Also what's the benefit of having one on the server?

>> No.36893796

From the little I know most of them are really big, I think theres some more space efficient ones but they take more resources and are usually just as long to build.
Out of the drops I think really only the shards are noteworthy,sea lanterns are a nice light source and the exp isnt bad from the guardians.
Aru uses these projects as a chat delivery and less of something thats really necessary honestly.

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J*U, I'm surprised Astel's team managed to get 13th even with zero points in the last two rounds. It feels like they got really unlucky, and I'm pretty unhappy since they had really consistent performance in scrims.

>> No.36893883

These things happen, there has to be a team that gets taken out first and it ended up being Astel's in the last two rounds. I remember it being Odanobu's in the last round of the Kagayaki Cup and his teammate took it pretty hard at the time

>> No.36894016

Wasn't there some saying about things in life being 70% skill and 30% luck? Even the likes of Selly and Cpt got wiped out early in the 1st round
Anyways, even if they did end up in 13th place the entire team at least had fun during the whole CR cup experience

>> No.36894171

DJ Foy aka OPPAI PARADISE was one hell of a wonder worker for the team's atmosphere during this entire week. I hope Astel plays with this team again, they're a bunch of swell dudes.

>> No.36894301

Even in casual matches would be fun. I feel like Astel plays with a lot of vtubers, but it's rare for him to grind ranked or casual with them on stream

>> No.36894321

What did majin did on his asmr?

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How can a Seaweed be so fucking pretty bros aaaAAAA

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You’re next catboy

>> No.36896011

The last thing you see

>> No.36896817

I finally watched Miyabi's 3D debut, it was great!

>> No.36896922

The start of it was really amazing. Walking through a botanical garden with Miyabi makes me feel things.

>> No.36896956

I really like the props and stages for the holostars so far, it feels fitting and personal. Miyabi’s cottage house looks comfy af

>> No.36898111

my beautiful wife

>> No.36898710

The intro really is one of my favorite bits out of all of the 3ds so far, it would be so nice to have more of those, imagine a 3d hanasaki forest tour.
Miyabis gentle smile as he shows you horrors and saying slightly off things.
Id like a night scene too, Miyabi in the middle the forest with slightly glowing eyes and fireflies and one of those "take my hand" poses.

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File: 1.18 MB, 1063x607, Screenshot 2021-10-09 042843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today was a good day.

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Don't think I've seen this posted before.

>> No.36900811

Yukoku Poemu - Day 1

>> No.36901534

Why do they look like rich brats ready to bully you

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File: 531 KB, 1454x2047, 73C1623B-BB3E-4379-85B7-F312D635820A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there laws against molesting androids
Asking for a friend

>> No.36902072

ARN's Lab returns.

>> No.36902127
File: 361 KB, 1920x1080, 【#花咲みやび3D】いつか花咲く、その日まで【花咲みやび_ホロスターズ】-P14PMe0GUzQ.mp4_snapshot_57.22_[2021.10.10_06.50.13].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flower 3D zatsudan


>> No.36903841

>rich brats ready to bully you
All of a sudden I'm reminded of those doujins where the bratty lolis/shotas get fucked by ojiisans...

>> No.36904232

I want a doujin like that with shota brat holostars...

>> No.36906128

Yeah, it feels like the boys could do a lot of things in these stages in future 3D streams

>> No.36906485

Hanakishi 3D video premiere on Miyabi's channel l.

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File: 3.30 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (34).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.36907832

I'm glad the boys are giving us a lot of 3D content.

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File: 793 KB, 1920x1080, FBV7VmNVIAE48ws.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Btw here's Aruran's schedule for the week

>> No.36908580
File: 361 KB, 1920x1080, 【#花咲みやび3D】いつか花咲く、その日まで【花咲みやび_ホロスターズ】-P14PMe0GUzQ.mp4_snapshot_56.40_[2021.10.10_06.48.59].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did watch the debut live but he just blasted me away with how good and beautiful it was.

Miyabi is my oshi so seeing him do pretty much all the stuff fans wanted and stuff that he personally wanted had me smiling and enduring my urge to cry the entire time. He promised to eventually sing something cool instead of cutesy but didn't expect him to sing Oath sign during his 3D. Fansa was something that I don't have the words to describe how beautiful it was and me cry so much. I love my singing flower and the flower petals were beautiful.

I'm so happy for the flower. He had to endure a lot but look at him having that fantastic 3D. I love how they got a modeler that was a Holostars fan and knew about Miyabi already and gave him a really high quality model then after the debut said that they are going to improve it even more.

He also is stiff as fuck and got the back of a grandpa but he sure had a cute body language with a lot of wiggles, little dances and punching.

>> No.36908676

I'm happy for you anon.

>> No.36908764

Nice, a Slatoon 2 collab with papa, Roberu, Miyabi and Shien on Tuesday

>> No.36908821

Sundays are usually slow so of course the one sunday I cant watch live theres new flower art in a chat and a new Lab to stumble poorly through. Looking forward to new forest resident and more co-op splatoon.
Thats too adorable, theres something hypnotic about watching the ribbons on his outfit move around. Cute laughing hanakishi and ticklish knight, I want more.
I'm really happy for you anon and Flower, he really delivered with a lot of things he mentioned in the past, getting another Fansa from him during the 3d debut is too fitting. I cant wait to see his frail body in 3d collabs. He seemed so pleased during the chat, I hope he can tell the hanamigumi really enjoyed it.

>> No.36909708

Daisenpai love!! I can’t wait to see the 3d collabs he’s going to have with the rest of the Stars!

>> No.36910385

With the way things have been going lately we will might get one before Shogun gets his debut, I want a karaoke with hanakishi included finally or 3d twister/rfa relay. I really cant imagine Miyabi being able to do the poses necessary for twister and yet I want to see him die some more.

>> No.36910683

Miyabi himself wants twister for some reason.

>> No.36910725

Thats partly why I want to see it so much, I cant help but wonder why he thinks its a good idea, both he and Temma have also brought up the rfa relay several times and its just one of those things that makes you wonder about flowers thought process.
He has a lot of fun dying at least.

>> No.36910763

Oh, totally want it to happen. The flower looks and sounds really cute dying.

>> No.36910765

Hanakishi twister will be the day I ascend beyond the mortal coil

>> No.36910776

Morning Roberu

>> No.36911052

Never going to happen but Roberu please bully suntempo into side m covers or do a few for a rare karaoke.

>> No.36911741

Astel no archive uta

>> No.36911851

Time for some Disney.

>> No.36911972

I was not expecting to see his model, let alone 2.0. Cute that chat goes wild for it too.

>> No.36911982

>uses his 2.0 for the first time after the reveal in an unarchived karaoke stream
This fucker.

>> No.36912046

Astel's cute teeth!

>> No.36912350

I really cant wait to see just how active he is when singing in 3d.

>> No.36912529

Holy shit, I don't think I've heard Astel's My Heart Will Go On since that legendary 24hr karaoke.

>> No.36912539


>> No.36912552

Kpop only unarchived karaoke when?

>> No.36912565

I would kill for it.

>> No.36912637

BTS and Stray Kids should have enough songs for at least an entire hour of seaweed karaoke, not to mention BTS has some songs in Japanese

>> No.36912736

Seaweed is a shopoholic

>> No.36912780

>all these people in chat mentioning Uniqlo being too expensive
Is it really? It feels pretty affordable for people in the middle-income class to me, especially once they hold sales. Only expensive items I can think of are the coats, jackets, and a select few bottoms
Wasn't there some old tweet from his roommate about spending more than 800k yen in one year on clothes alone?

>> No.36912783

Im always amazed by his expensive tastes no matter how many times it comes up. That brand he tweeted about earlier is so expensive.
Seaweed fashion stream roasting never ever.

>> No.36912815

>all these people in chat mentioning Uniqlo being too expensive
Fast fashion is a hell of a drug. Though Astel has some crazy habits, a lot of people in the west are used to REALLY cheap clothes.

>> No.36912870

>Astel will never offer to let you hold his hand because you're scared of the rollercoaster


>> No.36912919

I'm ending myself tonight anons I can't anymore

>> No.36912937
File: 215 KB, 610x562, 1615584980113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least wait until his 3D, Anon...

>> No.36912944

>A suspicious amount of people begin acting overly scared and looking around outside of rollercoasters in Japan

>> No.36913046

this fucker blew my ears out again

>> No.36913352

Nostalgic unarchive and chat experience.
Astel unarchive files

>> No.36913482

>I have to compete with a pro player for Astel's affections
I can't win, bros...

>> No.36913579

I told you to do your APEX reps anon, I told you...

>> No.36913809

Thanks anon

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File: 270 KB, 1992x1328, FBQXow_WEAY17vO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miyabi's beautiful intro is up! Date with the flower!


>> No.36915738

Yukoku Poemu Day 2.

>> No.36916037
File: 341 KB, 1377x2037, 7CF23E40-3745-4D18-80CA-29D00140FEC0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute charming seaweed...

>> No.36916852

Hanakishi - Smash Bros

>> No.36916941
File: 168 KB, 1536x2048, 49995085-E8F1-42D2-AF21-6ADC6FE33F98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Donald is looking pretty fucking sus

>> No.36917014

Oh forgot to add
>tfw you’ll never hug astel from behind and hold seaweeds slender body between your arms

>> No.36917809
File: 805 KB, 1280x720, 1614563524518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you flower, will continue to watch from afar, I hope he can go back someday for another season.
Fun to put this side by side of him getting mostly destroyed in smash.

>> No.36918120

Why would Miyabi do this to us, we are never going to get that clip unless Knight sandbags really hard.

>> No.36918466

Bossu chat

>> No.36918525

why is this jackal always so lewd

>> No.36918552

It just comes naturally. Im a little envious of mafia fans sometimes.

>> No.36918565

Because he knows susan will let him get away with anything

>> No.36918650

>ywn get to massage Bossu's sore butt muscles
I'm sad

>> No.36918832

Underwear update: bossu's underwear is black today

>> No.36918841

Hot. Fitting

>> No.36918893

Regulars, heads up
5 streams tomorrow, with one collab and one membership stream

>> No.36918937

A fucking Christmas miracle.

>> No.36919050

Actual membership stream, Im not even a regular but I hope all of you enjoy. Imagine if Roberu was the type to delete menshi streams.

>> No.36919342

I love hanakishi comfy collab streams so much, I wish they could have some offcollab marathon that includes air ride and melee.
The promised skit, includes chus

>> No.36919349

Even if he has to cancel one I'm still happy.

>> No.36920636

Hanakishi fans have been blessed.

>> No.36921055

>mr and mrs hanakishi
best friends...

>> No.36921094

The beautiful Kyomu Suzume he decided not to have in his debut https://twitter.com/miyabihanasaki/status/1447636020363624448?s=20 because she wasn't scary enough

>> No.36921107

That actually is surprisingly cute, I understand what he means now though with some effects done afterwards I'm sure that the horror could shine through. Id love to see kyomusuzume in a short.

>> No.36921302

Not sure why the modeler couldn't just texture on the crayon eyes and this would have worked just fine. But I see what Miyabi means as is. (Oga seems to disagree.)

>> No.36921886

Have Oga or Rikka said if he was interested in streaming the new Metroid game? They're good at 2D action games

>> No.36922116

I can say Rikka hasnt mentioned it, at least I dont remember him doing so in the last chat, I havent been able to catch up with Oga but he is still doing actraiser I think as his streaming game.

>> No.36922405

>but he is still doing actraiser
I've been watching these streams, he's pretty good at them. I actually bought the game so I could play before him and so watch him without getting spoiled

>> No.36922551

It is a fun game, I an happy to see Oga play it.

>> No.36924004


Bar is open!

>> No.36924412

Aruran chat.

>> No.36925407

Robechan apex


>> No.36925424

is there a particular reason why robechan is the one playing apex...

>> No.36925458

he didn't have anything planned for his afternoon stream and probably didn't want to make a new thumbnail

>> No.36925477

Nta but my theory was that there could be a collab coming up like the one he had with Nagao Kei months ago, but this makes more sense when it comes to Roberu.

>> No.36925581

Robechan is very genki right now, it's so cute

>> No.36925775

Seaweed doko... play with Robechan...

>> No.36926359


>> No.36926366


>> No.36926730


>> No.36926731


>> No.36926763

TEMMAofTEMMA. I love it.

>> No.36926773

Now this is a rare collab combination.

>> No.36926779

The girls have their guerilla MC, the boys their guerilla APEX. And all is right with the world.

>> No.36926801

I wish we could have another guerilla MonHun arc... I'll take what I can.

>> No.36926813

Funny how some higher power decided to turn Robe's solopex into a full-on collab considering every other stream this afternoon is a collab stream (AmeRobo MC, FaunaReine Clubhouse 51, and HimaPol Clubhouse 51)

>> No.36926855
File: 361 KB, 1920x1080, FBeq9_RUcAMWKrA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36926866

Roberu really should provide some other PNG, it's always that one on collab thumbnails that I think it's turned into some sort of inside meme for his collab partners.

>> No.36926917

ENTER SHOGUN (in chat).

>> No.36926927

ENTER ARURAN (also in chat)

>> No.36927006

>Begging for help since he still doesn't have a plan for his 2nd year anniversary

>> No.36927150

Roberu is late for his stream...

>> No.36927165

Honestly, I'd rather he continue APEX with Shien and Temma over whatever kusoge he chose this time.

>> No.36927173

>Haven't even downloaded the game
Robe-chan please I'm crying

>> No.36927183

Why IS he like this? Can he be fixed?

>> No.36927202

No. Not even the combined efforts of Shien, Izuru, Haneru, and Tamaki managed to do it. Though an intervention type collab would be funny now that I think about it.

>> No.36927238

>an Intervention type collab would be funny
I refuse to believe it hasn't happened before.

>> No.36927248

Roberu's random kusoge for the day stream is starting.

>> No.36928139

Arupapa Mom Hid My Game
Shogun Apex

>> No.36928353

Still a few hours to go but rate the thumbnails for tonight's splatoon 2 collab

>> No.36928789

Fellow Splatoon anons... we're winning

>> No.36929049
File: 665 KB, 1900x1080, FBG9bIAVcAMy0AB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never expected a Splatoon arc in late 2021 but I'm all for it

>> No.36929117

Instant Disqualified/10 since he has the staff make his thumbnails for collabs.

>> No.36931481
File: 883 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2021-10-10 15-15-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New video of that RobeRikka collab with MZM.

>> No.36931725

>Shogun Apex
He's getting matched with a lot of holo fans huh. First a chumbud, then a nousagi and a Aquafan (no idea what they're called)

>> No.36932957
File: 928 KB, 1000x1250, 18670CA8-51F4-4B2C-914F-DF0DD8789A20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Astel love!

>> No.36932981

Roberu members-only.

>> No.36933143


>> No.36934728

I wasn't expecting or wanting apex to be the way to get more playful entenka banter but since Ive complained recently Ill take it. I wish knight would play with bossu more often, bring out more of that h side.
Or Bossu influencing more genius arousing comedy asmr, so many dropped things knight can do for his anniversary.

>> No.36936285
File: 107 KB, 1274x714, FBhZPWFUcAQzDnB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, anon? What are (You) doing at 4 a.m in the morning?

>> No.36936361

Thinking about lewd Miyabi in his cute little house.

>> No.36937044

>overpowering and pounding the flowerboy right on his cottage’s floor

>> No.36937103

flower twitter space https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1zqJVBmAnkXJB/peek

>> No.36937105

Miyabi Twitter space.

>> No.36937223

Archive anon please say you're getting this

>> No.36937451

I also hope space archive anon has Miyabi added he sounds so good with the phone mic and I always miss the start of these.
He mentioned he was trying to think of his own project to do? I look forward to what he comes up with, things like the intro and other per-recorded stuff from Miyabi always comes out well, like the things he had prepared for trips so I hope he can use the 3d for shorts like that.
Also a flower musical would be cute.

>> No.36937573
File: 271 KB, 2016x1944, 57790FCD-E173-489C-93EC-606EB08E04DA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36937671

Holy shit, 5 am Miyabi is breathy and purring. I also like hearing him mulling over projects he wants to do, he has some really fun ideas.

>> No.36937708

All those extra "mmm"s at the ends of his sentences, I hope he does more space/twitcast when he cant sleep.

>> No.36937725

Pizzadad status?

>> No.36937835

I had to skip the splatoon for later but when I took a small peek into minecraft he was setting up the minecarts that will pick up the items and singing to the mobs, so all seemed as usual, all the main work is pretty much done on it I think unless he goes back to make it look prettier.

>> No.36937848
File: 2.65 MB, 1260x2130, Papa minecraft.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's completed his farm, he'll now make it more efficient in future streams

>> No.36938159

That Miyabi spaces was fucking nice. The flower really thinks lot and has ambitions. Praying for that new goal of your flower.

>> No.36938404

can someone tldr Miyabi's space...

>> No.36938600

My japanese isnt very good so please take with salt, Flower has ambitions and ideas for his 3d but nothing hard planned, wants to do something cool.
He seems to seriously want to do a musical in 3d and went back to that a few times. He also wants to do a variety of things and increase the amount of things he does on stream in general.

>> No.36938615

stolen from that d*scord because they got a dedicated hanamigumi that tried to compile all the stuff Miyabi from memory after he ended the space.

he started the spaces because because he has been watching others vtubers and ended thinking too much
so he couldn't sleep today. He wants to try new things
not for him but for the vtubing world in general
so far he says that he does things because he saw someone else do it I decided to try
but he wants to something unique as a vtuber but its hard since the vtuber world moves too fast
he mentions that did the odekake video for the 3D but he isn't the first one to do something like that
getting a 3D made him realize that theres so much he can do. Not only in 3D but with live2D too
he mentions that he can't produce that many covers since he can't draw and make the videos himself
he needs to bother the staff for that and well money is another issue
he then mentions that his goal for this year was reaching 100K and it already happened
so he is wondering what does he want to do now?
even talking with the staff they asked him what does he want to do
not scolding but curious about his dreams and goals
then he said wants a new goal for the next year
he wants a 3D musical
he says that of course he doesn't know if its possible but its something that he wants
he said he will actually ask the staff if its possible
he mentioned that he searched and vtubers musical actually exists so he knows it can happen
he mentioned that maybe the staff would tell him "isn't easier just doing a solo live?"
and he says that of course he eventually wants a solo live but he wants a musical
it requires more work? sure, but its the thing he actually wants
he mention how he is aware that he needs a script, choreography and original songs for that. Thats a lot of work and money and he is aware
but still wants this to happen someday
maybe not next year but he hopes that eventually he announces it and we react "ooohh that dream! you finally got it Miyabi!!"
he went back to the 3D musical talk because he really likes the idea
mentioned that he wants his own orison soon
and that theres a lot of stuff he wants to in 3D both collabs and alone
he also would like a 3D camping
like the odekake video but camping
talked about how he is the happiest when he streaming video games since he loves games
but feels that he can't just play video games and not have more variety
he himself put it this way "its a work where I play video games of course I would want something like that. I just tell listeners today we are playing this~ and thats my work"
but that he can't just do games all the time. He wants to try a lot of things
he wants to be a vtuber that has variety and unique things
he really wants to give his best as a vtuber since right now he believes he isn't giving his best
he noticed after the debut that he can do way more
he wants to explore basically
try content that isn't that common
he is aware that the other stars and staff would want to try to help him but he wants to do it himself
so depends on what the staff says but
his next goal is a 3D musical
he said he maaay bring this talk to mengen since its a serious talk from him and he knows a lot of people missed it.

Praying for archive anon.

>> No.36938654

thank you very much kind anons!

>> No.36938710

Our flower! I really hope he can find something he's satisfied with, he worries so much about standing out. In the short term, something like "musical skits" might be a more cost effective way of testing the idea.
>3D camping
Yes plz

>> No.36938739
File: 336 KB, 1516x2071, FBXF10zVIAAOuqi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So fucking nice to see that the 3D just motivated him more. We can only wait but good luck flower.

Still praying for archiveanon but thank god he started the space when his dedicated clipper was up( the translation was longer. I only posted the important stuff)

>> No.36939253


>> No.36939572

Shogun twitcast

>> No.36940687


>> No.36940691

DJARN in the house.

>> No.36940942


>> No.36943082

Stars in Ollie BDay stream

>> No.36943228

Miyabi: Everyones common sense

>> No.36943588

The call ins sound like they were really cute, Ill have to make sure to watch later, I hope these youtube issues didnt effect anything there.

>> No.36943632

New Miyabi frame

>> No.36943652

During Astel's call in, they both hinted at something happening for Halloween, I'm guessing they'll release a cover for it

>> No.36943752

Very seaweed like to manage squeezing in another cover, though I was half expecting another after the envy baby milestone.
I wonder what random time we are getting the Hanakishi+AsuIzu one

>> No.36944086


>> No.36944090

Based archivebro.

>> No.36944103

Thank you so much anon.

>> No.36944237

Roberu's Gartic Phone Collab in Tamaki's channel with Yumeoi, Maimoto and Ito Life will be postponed to November 4th.

>> No.36944256

Forgot to add that this is because YouTube is shitting the bed once again.

>> No.36944259

>November 4
What the fuck that's like a fucking month away.

>> No.36944288

An actual call in type stream with a game like this would be really fun though hard to set up. Im glad he went with calling him though hes streaming anyway.

>> No.36944933

Rikka Asmr with a guitar

>> No.36945246

Finally more Oga Miyabi collab crumbs.

>> No.36945305

>Rikka ASMR
??? Is that his first time doing that?

>> No.36945320

As a public stream with an actual mic, yes he just recently got it and did a members stream setting it up yesterday I think. He mentioned in an interview wanting to do this idea so Im glad he is doing it right away, he has a nice voice for it.

>> No.36945433

It's really nice to see the other members dropping in to help Miyabi out.

>> No.36945697

Oga chat

>> No.36945845

What a great stream, thank you common sense wii game to leading to monhun/apex levels of random and rare collaboration even if for only one stream.

>> No.36945982

Temma English! His message was very cute.
I hope Ollie had a great day, her stream schedule has been jam-packed.

>> No.36946090

Shien talking about the IDStars Among Us collab reminded me that if they can ever do it again, they can fit everybody now since the player count got bumped up to a perfect 15.

>> No.36946165

thank you!!

>> No.36946745

As for the others, Miyabi's little brother drew something for Ollie. Oga too but that's expected. Roberu, Shien and Rikka invited Ollie to various collabs. Temma left a message in English since he couldn't make it. Papa made a shitpost video

>> No.36947419

I really like it whenever Astel sings S'il vous President

>> No.36947764

I like all the different sensei!'s, would be a cute compilation.

>> No.36949989

Seems the file is down....

>> No.36950253

Made a mistake and broke the link

>> No.36950429
File: 149 KB, 1110x1200, bloomy_3-1376152306572349444-20210328_084052-img1 - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you anon

>> No.36950442


>> No.36951016

>ywn give seaweed kisses
It's not fair~~
This is a really cute pic tho

>> No.36951104


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