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"Fufu ~ How would you like to be taken to another world?"

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How old is she again?

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16 years old.

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17, forever.

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17000 years old

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more than carbon-14

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Yukari has no friends.

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180 lbs

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I would be her friend if her boobs weren't so big.

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yes, and she deserved that fate.

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Boobs ruin friendships?

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Her big boobs would distract me too much.

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I love mommy Yukari so much

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your tastes are trash, dusttrust is better.

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>giving up video games, the internet, family, and everything that keeps me an even vaguely functional person to go live in a hellish pocket dimension filled with everything of various myths trying to murder you and your entire species

How the fuck is that an offer anyone sane would take

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Who are you quoting? Anyways let me rebuttle each of these points

>video games
Fun, they would still exist in Gensokyo, but would you really want them when they are primarily a distraction from the outside world?
>the internet
Being freed of this would be a Godsend
Would be sad but wouldn't they ultimately want you to have the best possible life?
>and everything that keeps me an even vaguely functional person
Why does it keep you vaguely functional? Is it because your life, crafted by society, is depressing and miserable?
>hellish pocket dimension
Gensokyo isn't remotely close to hellish, even in the most grimdark scenario that's respectful of the lore
>trying to murder you and your entire species
Murdering the entire species is the exact opposite of what they want. And the vast majority are extremely amicable. In fact it's honestly a bit questionable how often a youkai kills a human in modern day Gensokyo.

Modern day life is the real hellscape. Bureaucracy, pointless actions and works, so many deeds which are designed to both prolong your life, and extract as much wealth from it as possible. You may be alive, but do you live? Gensokyo provides an alternative. A peaceful rural Japan life with friendly people. No taxes, no oppressive governments, no high paced daily life. Escape, freedom. And if Yukari is the one offering you a chance to come in, would being the boytoy of a hag be so bad?

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Nooo, anything but being a boytoy of a sexy mature lady! Have mercy!

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Yukari should be made a mommy

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me in the womb

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Chuubas could actually exist in Gensoukyou if you think about it. Youkai and gods are created and sustained by human belief and mental energy (in the from of fear or hope). This means that the image people have of a vtuber should be able to gain an existence of it's own if a bunch of people follow and like them. Especially if they're idols (idols ain't called that way for no nothing). But only if their fans see the vtuber as a representation of the real person behind them and can therefore see them as "real".

When that vtuber is forgotten later on, their image needs another way to sustain itself. Going to Gensoukyou to farm belief/energy from the village would be an option, providing they can handle the transition from being experienced through a screen to getting attention in the physical world.

Also it's implied Gensoukyou is in the near future, when more vtubers have existed then now. What I'm trying to say is that it would make sense lorewise for a chuuba 2hu to exist. As far as I can tell at least.

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I'm going to fap to her RIGHT NOW. I'll report back on how it goes. I'm really muscular and still a teenager so if Yukari is some sort of Cougar due to her advanced age us having sex (if I got sent to Gensokyo for whatever reason) is pretty likely. Unfortunately my money would probably not get transported with me, so I can't just buy every girl out, but nothing good comes easily. Fapping to her feels much better knowing how utterly realistic it is that we would fuck.

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I came. It feels pretty hollow though. Maybe Yukarin would not like men who masturbate, and this is a sign of that. I'm indisposed.

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It's not realistic at all. She isn't even real.

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Gensokyo is real but we can't go there

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I just went there

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pal, your rebuttal sucks ass also Yukari is a useless old hag.

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pal shut up, Gensokyo is not real and well all know that.

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Autistic samefag lol

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pal, do you have proof for that?

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kiddo, i'm just saying Yukari sucks and is a hag.

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I imagine Yukari suffers immense loneliness because in a sense shes not truly apart of any world by the nature of how her type of powers work, being the type of being stuck in between dimensions, being able to jump around to various realities at will but no place to truly call home, no place to call as hers. it's an existential kind of hell especially derived by her own nature.

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Hey, asshole?
..............you imagine wrong

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Yukari-sama, may I cuddle with you for a bit?

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he is correct, you are wrong.

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Yukari is just sack of old sacks

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why are you so angry

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imagine making her a mother

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big sacks of sand, lole

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Anon outsiders are treated as rockstarts in Gensokyo even if you are an useless human the fact that you can understand a ton of books and things from the outside will make you really popular. You bet Akyuu and Kosuzu would want to meet you.
The man who brought soccer to Gensokyo was from the outside world and the sport became popular as hell you don't need to be a genius.
Also chances are you will be extremely popular with the ladies, you are an exotic and interesting foreigner, you will be married in no time to some pretty human girl.
If you are worried about youkai just don't leave the village at night and have some common sense when traveling, the thing is that most males in gensokyo are drunk retards who put themselves in danger or outright challenge youkai in combat.

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>or outright challenge youkai in combat
that's me

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I don't know. Usually it doesn't end well going to another world.

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Are you saying that if you found yourself in Gensokyo you'd shack up with some boring human girl? You bet your ass that I'd be the drunk retard that's walking out to Mystia's stall in the middle of the night.
this guy gets it

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you are going to make some youkai really happy one day, human meat is delicacy

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Due to the spell card rules, youkai aren't allowed to eat humans that have chosen to become citizens of the Human Villlage, mainly because without them youkai would also cease to exist. At worst, they would challenge you to a spell card battle.

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>youkai aren't allowed to eat humans that have chosen to become citizens of the Human Villlage
you guys are outsiders and the first thing they do is get drunk and go hunt youkai

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I'll just use diplomacy on them. Maybe the violent maneaters just need a friend.

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"Most outsiders that get caught by youkai either get eaten at once, or get eaten once the youkai lose interest in them. "
"*Even if they see youkai, they will neither run nor fight.They are willing to become eaten. "

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I hate this argument, at least Gensokyo is not real so you guys are safe.

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I'm not like the other outsiders, I'm sure that I'll be alright.

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Yukari threads are ____.

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going to give me a fetish for long gloves

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you hate facts
Youkai aren't friendly and Gensokyo is real

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Real in the context of fiction maybe.

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Please stop making Yukari have cowtits. She is not a bimbo, she is an upstanding lady. Thank you

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Why is she dragging off Reimu?

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to solve the fake moon incident

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Reimu shat under the kotatsu again

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Damn, Yukari is fucked up.

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that's worse than Makai and hell put together

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Challenging Yuugi to a wrestling match!

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Gensokyo and Youkai are not real.

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open the window

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Ummmmm ok.

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I am not delusional kiddo also Gensokyo is a fictional location.

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Repeating your claim is not the same as providing proof.

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I mean, telling Yukari "no" probably would have a worse result than just opening the window.

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look up "is Gensokyo real" then.

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I asked for proof, not to go on a wild goose chase.

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Challenging Yuyuko to a eating contest!

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are you retarded lol

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no but he is, also the guy is crazy.

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Don't trust this young'un! She's got a lot to learn.

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Hi Eirin! I hope one day you and Yukari can be friends and bury the hatchet!

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I don't know about Eirin, she insisted on a penis inspection when I came to her clinic for a completely unrelated complaint.

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I'm just here to remind you all that Yukari is a shitty old hag.

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anhero immediately

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no you ugly weeb, get out of you mothers bacement.

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late post but i think i struck a nerve here.

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Yukari go back to bed.

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Yukari is the unbirth hu

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Rubbing your glans on Yukari's stretch marks!

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I want to rub my glans on her soft, silky gloves instead.

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Sorry, Yukari, you're a little too old for me. I'd rather be with a younger lady like Sumireiko.

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Yes it's me your favorite Youkai Sage Yukari
Unfortunately I haven't been feeling so well lately and I don't intend to do anything besides hibernating like I always do.
I suggest you redirect your love & attention towards Okina Matara instead.

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Okina your not fooling anyone with that disguise.

>> No.37052222

Right, Okina... I almost fell for it...

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smells like birbs

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She no longer thinks like a human, if she ever was one. The type of person who turns themself into a man-eating monster does not have the same values as you or I.

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you don't have any values

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If that were true, you'd never be a candidate to get taken to begin with.

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be silent slave

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I would bring weightlifting to Gensokyo and become super strong. Maybe I would challenge Yuugi or Suika to armwrestling (but not drinking). I would go loiter in front of SDM until Hong teaches me martial arts. I would donate to Hakurei shrine. I’d also visit moriya shrine (to see Suwako)

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>Nut in Yukari with all your might, believing you're about to impregnate her
>She opens a gap and makes you blast yourself in the face

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Please take me to the virtual world!

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The girls are cute. I would also be live for thousand of years, if i can prepare for it, taking my phone with bunch of roms. I will figure out something for charging.

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she has to have absolute adoration for you for her to let you make her a mother

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How do you make Yukari like you more?

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I want Yukari to force me to suck my own dick while she masturbates to it in the background

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what are they saying ?

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there's translations here.

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i will not have sex with hags

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literal faggot

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this is a disgusting picture

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>You like that little man?

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Why is there no Yukari size content? She's actually perfect for it

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Titkari is secondary propaganda.
She's as flat as they come.

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hag bump

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Hey Anon. I want you to remember this post, and I want you to reflect on it at the end of the year, and then remember the year previous and what you had early in the previous decade. Ask yourself that question again.

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Don't expect them to value their family, they would rather just consume.

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