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Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

Previous thread: >>37044567

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Updated guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Old guide for those afraid of change: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library


Targeted sentence cards are the most effective way to combine Anki with immersion.

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other thread isnt even at 1000 posts yet

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this itazuraneko shill always wants to be the first to spam his garbage and confuse beginnners.

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>no matter how much you study you will never think in japanese

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>new: 20
>due: 204

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yep this is the thread. fuck tatsuretard and his crippled guide

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wtf this guide gave me rheumatoid arthritis

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im allergic to cats, i hope my future japanese girlfriend won't have a cat

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just want a sayacchi gf that's all

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do not click
virus + dogecoin miner

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how can we ban tatsumoto?

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dude already ban evades

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holy fuck

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12 posters, 13 replies, one reply >>37053594 defending tatsumoto
yep i think you can tell who's samefagging

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that's a dude

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anyone know the best site to buy DRM free ebooks? there's shit I can't find pirated that I want to read and I had previously bought from honto but you have to read it in their proprietary app

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i heard ebookjapan and amazon but i never tried any of them

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Amazon kindle unlimited is the cheapest option
since you can rip the ebooks

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you dont need to prove anything, everyone already knows he samefags

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reminder that ajatt was made by a black man

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just reminding you chud

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Dont give up!

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khatz is also a genius with three ノーベル賞s

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and he stole it from the guy who made Antimoon, a Polish guy. niggas be stealing

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he didn't steal shit. why do you force that retarded take?

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borrowed, my bad

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a dude says
>i've approached learning japanese by immersing in it 24/7 and using sentence cards. i even eat with chopsticks to simulate being fully in the thing
>this is where i got inspiration from: krashen, antimoon and so on

this retard >>37055842 claims that is stealing

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0.1 ajatt coinz have been deposited into your account

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fuck I just ajatt'd all over my keyboard bros!

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I like AJATT, there's nothing wrong with stealing

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>t. tatsumaggot

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now to make my mom a birthday cake

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lets get this thread back on track

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this op is so fuckin kino

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why the fuck is the web manga not being continued

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ajatt is basically just immersion, right? and you think a black guy invented that? they knew about immersion in ancient greece for sure, those fuckers were really intelligent, they invented democracy and homosexuality and shit like that, they also learned egyptian to talk to their neighbors they must have known immersion.

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perfume is inferior to capsule.

>> No.37056071

*shoves your head in the toilet*
didnt ask

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seethe harder.

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I want a book like that except teaching japanese.
did anyone reverse translate it?

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can't hear you since ur head is still in the toilet water

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Here's some facts about tatsumoto and his guide:
>spams his shit everyday, hijacking every OP he can
>just wants you to give him money via patreon
>lies about other guides and resources
>says not to use 4chan(yet here he is)
>believes visual novels have spyware
>uses MAL
>doesnt actually know japanese

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both are inferior to きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

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this post is likely made by goatfucker himself so he can reply to it with his "false false false" post.

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i always confuse the tripfags. is tatsumoto the one with a patreon scam?

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remember to report this for advertising

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when will japs realize that they sound ridiculous when they say shit like chokoreito disuko


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shut da fuck up

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make another season of grand blue you fucking cunts FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

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hes banned thats why he stopped using the trip
we need to get his shit site filtered

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google started recommending me random articles written in japanese a while back and it finally reached a point where it recommended me a japanese skyrim mod. that algorithm has me figured out bros

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think im gonna play dies irae next
gonna be the most crazy long vn ive played since ruitomo

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dude nice

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known spammer spamming a garbage "guide"
its all donation begging via patreon and other garbage, he spams this all over this, and other japanese general
he pretends to be multiple people as well, and is regularly banned

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ive been googling mucus so much google is recommending me pregnancy stuff
shit algorythm it should be recommending me jks

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did the guy who made ajatt really just steal antimoon and say "oh yeah this was inspired by antimoon"?

>> No.37056327

the guy who invented ajatt invented ajatt
ajatt is just an acronym mentally ill authists use
the acronym didn't exist before him
he didn't invent immersion

>> No.37056332

and it's no surprise he's black

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what does pic related say? pls help

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the pleasure of being cummed inside

>> No.37056373

dame just opened the pic and it actually does say that i got owned

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center outside direction joy

>> No.37056395

wow thanks for the help guys

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average IQs of japanese music fans—
-200 IQ: j-rap fans
0 IQ: casual アニメOP listeners
70 IQ: アイドル shitters
80 IQ: j-rockers
100 IQ: 80s シティーポップ redditors
110 IQ: : ボカロ nerds
120 IQ: japanese power metal enjoyers
130 IQ: YMO boomers
140 IQ: シューゲイズ /mu/tants
200 IQ: 電波 pedos

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happy birthday anon's mom

>> No.37056425

pretty much, but you forgot 300 IQ 中田ヤスタカ patricians

>> No.37056441

iq too high to be measured!

>> No.37056445

nakadasi no etsu

>> No.37056448

gakusei datta

>> No.37056470

the delight of cumming inside

>> No.37056475

based and koone pilled

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cloze occlusion manga grammar cards

good/bad idea?

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finna read konosuba, the audiobook makes pauses after every sentence and my autism cant take it

>> No.37056543

>moe's got a name again

>> No.37056549

could work, who knows
make a few and see if it does

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>> No.37056563

why are javs so boring.
they barely include any double penetration, let alone actual gangbangs or piss drinking.

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i like all music, I just only like the very very best of each genre.

>> No.37056584

i wont fall for this reverse psychology attempt of getting jav recommendations with those in them

search for yourself, anon

>> No.37056607

why are javs so amazing.
they barely have any double penetration, actual gangbangs or piss drinking.

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yoooooo moe-dono

>> No.37056659

day 2 of ajhtt lets gooo

>> No.37056669

we need better op images

>> No.37056672

why are you here if yo u are doing ajatt

>> No.37056677

do you like sitting in seiza style? i like it because it relaxes my butt but it puts stress on my knees

>> No.37056683

you already fucked up
ALL japanese

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ajhtt bro

>> No.37056689

i'm here doing all english and some japanese all the time

>> No.37056691

all japanese half the time

>> No.37056693

keep your butt flexed and your weight evenly distributted between both your legs and ass
you need to keep muscle engagement so there is no pressure on the knee

>> No.37056698

rattata bros

>> No.37056706

who here /aeatt/?

>> No.37056709

i'm playing gacha

>> No.37056713

ratatta here just took my vitamins and im reading this as i type
todays gonna be a good day
already revving up a jav WITH JAPANESE SUBTITLES

>> No.37056717

based, can i get a tier list of vitamins?

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>> No.37056748

this is so 2015

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whwhen i sit seiza, i can use my lap as a table and put down a plate or book on it. very useful, japanese people are very smart

>> No.37056770

the most important one is dexedrine for sure
but also doing nac, coq10, b complex, d3, c, asthaxanthin, curcumin, k2, and additional niacine (flush is important for retention), also omega 3 and zinc and ashwagandha
peak language acquision

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finally a good easy book.

>> No.37056781

thanks finna drug myself with some ADD medication too, next week is going to be retention heaven.

>> No.37056784

when i sit seiza i can use my lap as a jk platform and place jks on it, sure to keep any mucus or other overflow off me and on the floor
the japanese are geniuses

>> No.37056801

raspberry heaven

>> No.37056803

remember its not magic anon, you HAVE to sleep at your hours, and you HAVE TO remember to eat
the ashwagandha is taken before sleep and helps with it, niacine does too
dexedrine makes you not hungry or sleepy, you have to eat and sleep anyway

>> No.37056828

zhong1 chu1 zhi1 kuai4

>> No.37056831

i've been trying to fix my sleep schedule but i always ruin it by staying up late playing vidya with my friends.
i only could fix it when i left them for final fantasy xiv for a month.

>> No.37056849

nakadashi no kai

>> No.37056853

get a qt3.1416 gf that begs you to come to sleep every night in a sultry voice while cutely flinging her mucus at you

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>> No.37056873

I hate you people. I still don't know which guide to follow.

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>> No.37056918

If you need a guide you cant learn Japanese

>> No.37056919

Why are you learning Japanese?

>> No.37056920

here is what i've done
>learn hiragana and katakana (1-2 days)
>do core 6k (25 new words a day only use again and good buttons)
>watch at least 1 jp subbed anime episode from an anime you've watched before
>do fun shit like play games or read books if you feel like doing more stuff that day.

been at it for almost a month already, dunno if im making a lot of progress but at least i feel like i've develop a habit of learning japanese every day already.

>> No.37056926

give up, it's not for you

>> No.37056932

Ok. It seems most guides at least agree that the first step should be learning hiragana

>> No.37056935


>> No.37056938

yeah, romaji is a newbie trap, don't fall for it

>> No.37056940

i want to move to japan because i don't fit in here, once i go to japan they'll celebrate me as a white god and ill get to defile a japanese woman.

>> No.37056941

damn i dont blame djt for being such cunts at this point, honestly
beginners are cancer

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File: 1.23 MB, 1280x2299, guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37056947

>i want to move to japan
>The rest
Clearly bait but if it's not you're dumb

>> No.37056953

hes right, tho
thats literally how it be

>> No.37056958

you have to see the hacking general in /vg/, thos dudes are jaded as fuck because of all the newbies that join, even legitimate questions get passive-agressive answers.

>> No.37056960

I already regularly consume content(albeit with English subs) so I guess I should just learn kana first.

>> No.37056965

the part about wanting to defile a japanese woman wasn't bait. i want a japanese woman to do 露出 for me

>> No.37056968
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>once i go to japan they'll celebrate me as a white god and ill get to defile a japanese woman.

>> No.37056971

Being celebrated as a white God is bait.

>> No.37056974

i dont like it anymore than you do, but ugly white men simply get it done in japan somehow

>> No.37056977

looks like we need og to put some uppity cunts in their place

>> No.37056984

stop talking about yourself in the third person

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File: 1019 KB, 320x240, 1090166 - LouisKatzComedy animated featured_image moon sun.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you want to be a normie, you can get bunpro (but it's a monthly subscription).

>> No.37056988

true true

>> No.37056995

did my reps

>> No.37056997

>monthly subscription
No thanks.

>> No.37057000

so when i move to japan i don't feel soo out of place.
don't know how people can move to a country without knowing the language.

>> No.37057002
File: 92 KB, 1300x866, 1622700867105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>once i go to japan they'll celebrate me as a white god and ill get to defile a japanese woman.

>> No.37057005

true, true

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do this >>37056920
also gmi
mega based and gonna make it pilled
anon is right
no jaded people here just helpful bros

always remember to keep your omanko passport upto date

>> No.37057020

lets be honest you will quit before the trial period ends.
also you should get yomichan, and get the ability to type in 日本語 using an IME (google's IME is popular on windows).

>> No.37057021

>don't know how people can move to a country without knowing the language
Here in America people do it all the time. I'm from NYC and here there are tons of immigrants who live here for decades yet can't speak any English.

>> No.37057036

they can speak english actually
they just don't want to speak with you
>t.we switch languages when we don't want what we are saying understood

>> No.37057037

i should have saved an image of the youtuber who dkj after being there 10 years with a japanese family

>> No.37057042

at this point there is no point in learning english if you are moving to NYC, there is a place for any language.

>> No.37057043
File: 26 KB, 130x138, nukeletgo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37057047

didn't know japanese?

>> No.37057057


>> No.37057058

learning languages isn't magic
you have to constantly find ways to make it harder, like with exercise
else you plateau

>> No.37057059

Are there any japanese YouTubers or people who make videos about Japan/Japanese worth watching? I plan to self study so I'm not looking for videos about learning Japanese I'm looking for videos about Japan, it's history, it's culture, interviews etc

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Today's stats.
Decent, if a bit slow, but I had a lot of new cards today so it makes sense.

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File: 9 KB, 936x79, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

chinese be like

>> No.37057065

read through some kana guide like tofugu's for example
then play the hiragana game until you feel comfortable

for katakana either do the same or get a katakana loanword anki deck until they click

>> No.37057072

don't mind that anon, hes not well
by all means stay

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File: 68 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you have to constantly find ways to make it harder, like with exercise
>else you plateau

>> No.37057090

as for me, its korone and jet black academy
look em up in youtube

>> No.37057098

does this apply to relationships too? as in: if you're happy in a relationship, you have to make it harder to improve the relationship?
this would make a lot of sense because many women end up bored in a relationship and cheat or break up.you gotta make it hard for them, make it seem like you have other options so they fight for you

>> No.37057099

i wonder if i should learn the basic phonetic writing system of the language i want to learn
dueeeeuuur tell me guysss???

>> No.37057102

Does pitch accent matter?

>> No.37057104

My personal fave from many years ago

I guess paolo from tokyo is sometimes okay too, the manga studio interview was nice

aside from that maybe nobita or yuta

>> No.37057107

no it's fine, just use romanji it's what every japanese person uses nowadays

>> No.37057108

I'm asking to confirm if that's the first step, retard. People like you gatekeeping Deserve to die

>> No.37057109

it's not pitch accent, it's just "hear the word" and try to mimic it.

>> No.37057118

All the guides posted here are essentially the same. The main difference in between them is which anki deck you should do at the beginning.

>> No.37057119

it applies to relationships most of all
women want excitement, not security
if things get too boring, they WILL leave
this makes people seethe but really all you have to do is try and make things always fun/have adventures/play together/whatever
human beings hate boredom

>> No.37057123

yeah learn hiragana, dipshit. would you learn russian without learning the cyrillic alphabet?

>> No.37057138

heh, I know russian without knowing a single letter.
but I grew up with russian parents and I never really had an interest in russian other than music.

>> No.37057139

menhera tier: japanese content creators aimed at western audience
brainlet tier: third worlder content creators
midwit tier: western creators aimed at other westerners
good tier: japanese native content aimed at other japanese
god tier: western content creators aimed at a japanese audience

>> No.37057144

this is the intermediate thread
please direct all beginner question to >>>/int/djt

>> No.37057148

agree with the sentiment but yeah
you jave to learn hiragana, katakana, and some 2 thousand kanji plus
don't think "oh this isn't used that much i can avoid it"
it doesn't work like that
eventually you will have to learn all of that and more
the good news is it gets easier as you go
the jump from 0 to 100 kanji was harder than the jump between say 1000 and 1500

>> No.37057149

and you deserve to never learn japanese
not that i have any doubts about that lmao

>> No.37057151

i agree

>> No.37057152

where is the advanced thread?

>> No.37057156


>> No.37057157

that'd be 2ch

>> No.37057163

oh read tadoku too
just google it

>> No.37057164

the advanced thread are the friends we made along the way

>> No.37057165

kek, mathematics is written as number's study

>> No.37057172

gatekeeping is good

>> No.37057176

sasuga 4 big cocks

>> No.37057177


>> No.37057188


>> No.37057195

thats what happens when your language doesnt use latin and greek roots to sound scholarly

>> No.37057209
File: 1.40 MB, 1080x598, 1626546937168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just play vns and watch vtubers are you are set

>> No.37057217


>> No.37057220

>dude, what if we grow melons but make them SQUARE
why is japan like this?

>> No.37057223

what is mathematics? it's obviously not just the study of numbers, that would be too simplistic. that'd be like saying computer science is about interpreting and analyzing 1s and 0s

>> No.37057224


>> No.37057227

study of logical patterns

>> No.37057230

I just found out about geddan and now I can't stop watching

>> No.37057237



>> No.37057241

sounds good

>> No.37057242

it ruined (or improved) the song

>> No.37057245

because they take less room, stack easier and dont roll
and now you know

>> No.37057246

How did the meme videos start?

>> No.37057249

n64 goldeneye cart pulling out glitch

>> No.37057257


>> No.37057262
File: 144 KB, 620x484, 1635012519738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not worth holding poor melons in square prisons for it

>> No.37057266


>> No.37057267

>10 years ago
But I saw a video of someone doing the dance thing from 12 years ago

>> No.37057268

unironically "kafkaesque"

>> No.37057275

oh thats https://youtu.be/5K7aY-_b9sk
this post gave me feels

>> No.37057284

i wonder if they have more flesh to seed ratio than the round melon

>> No.37057290

oh god what have they done

>> No.37057291

managed to upgrade to audible japan
finally i can get linnie audiobooks without relying on pirates with shit taste

>> No.37057309

i thought years of this place had desensitized me
i dunno why but this picture gave me feels
bad feels
the world is fucked up bros
so fucked up

>> No.37057313


>> No.37057319

sex with asians

>> No.37057326

you don't need a vpn, all you need is a credit card they accept
they ask for an address in japan but i just put in one from a hotel in tokyo

>> No.37057330

wtf is your problem

>> No.37057337
File: 92 KB, 582x433, 1497285010696.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you know nothing about pain:

>> No.37057356

i love this song

>> No.37057365

wotd: Moulage

>> No.37057366

whenever i tried this before on other sites they refused because the credit card wasnt issued in the same country as the address

>> No.37057370

isn't she a vtuber now

>> No.37057374

>that first clip

>> No.37057378

>but i poop from there
i got this reference

>> No.37057380

its nyanners, yeah

>> No.37057383

fucking nyanners
you simps should all kys
cringey mother fuckers

>> No.37057386


>> No.37057392

i wanna taste her 本目

>> No.37057399

the melodic structure of this phrase is so weird
HA ni KInu KIseru

>> No.37057402

it's out bros plus legendary ericsurf6 collab finally

>> No.37057407

it's only a matter of time until the tabieats collab happens

>> No.37057408


>> No.37057409

that babe needs to do va asap

>> No.37057411

bookmarked her page

>> No.37057415


>> No.37057429


>> No.37057439

sigh had a dream where i was hanging out with and talking to a really great japanese artist in japanese and they drew me an original

>> No.37057447

sex with nyanners

>> No.37057450

wouldn't have sex with any of those nasty sluts in vshojo

>> No.37057454

she's not a slut, she's been with one guy for many years

>> No.37057456

gonna go to japan and save all these babes from their dreary lives pulling rickshaws and make them jav babes instead

>> No.37057458

but I've heard that nyanners is hot af

>> No.37057461

uhh, based?

>> No.37057463

don't think you have to worry about sex bro
worry not, your virtue is assured

>> No.37057465

this is why im learning japanese

>> No.37057473

wtf vshojo sluts frequent djt? begone thots

>> No.37057475

just pay a hooker

>> No.37057479

nyanners back peddled hard after making that video (deleting it right away), and she got doxxed by 4chan and attacked by the sjw crowd at the same time.

>> No.37057486

she was underage when she made the video

>> No.37057491

bros ideon is so good
can't belive i had slept on it all this time just cause the ideon and the trucks thing are retarded
shows the importance of getting a good mech designer
anyway its one of the best mecha shows ive seen
peak tomino

>> No.37057493

yeah case in point she's a fucked in the head slut

>> No.37057498


>> No.37057505

mech shit is one of the few genres of anime i absolutely do not care about in the slightest

>> No.37057508

not that much different that other JP vtubers.
but I guess that doesn't need to be said since it's obvious.
nyanners doesn't do sexual streams sadly.

>> No.37057512

if jamal is reading this, thanks for recommending that movie shoplifters, it's pretty good i watched it with english subtitles.
it reminded me a lot of my own family

>> No.37057514

it's one of those "tomino-esque" things

she has an ahegao face that's all you need to know
you just know the ones that hide it the most, especially being a group full of whores that love to show it, are the most freaky ones of them all

>> No.37057530

dont think it was him

>> No.37057540


>> No.37057541

I don't think she hides it any more than the other vshojo streamers.
And I don't think the vshojo streamers do sexual streams either on twitch.
JP is way more sexualized but it depends on the vtuber.
like haachama, now that's a chuuba.

>> No.37057544

They like their job

>> No.37057547

past of 追う is 追った
past of 問う is 問うた

and people say japanese dont have irregular verbs

>> No.37057553

they will like their new jobs too

>> No.37057555

their job is to have sex with me

>> No.37057560

can't believe i share a thread with an unironic vslut eop simp

>> No.37057566


>> No.37057576


>> No.37057579

here you go NlGR-420

>> No.37057585

>implying that we watch vshojo for the sluttiness
anon, I am a coomer, but that is the reason why I'm learning japanese... chama...

>> No.37057589


>> No.37057598

so are you all finally done talking about the m word

>> No.37057600

for me its minato aqua (im a chink)

>> No.37057605

i can't believe i actually googled that, 12 years on 4chan and i fall for it

>> No.37057608

they already received their checks in the mail the viral marketing campaign is over

yeah there's no point to watching vtubers outside of hololive

>> No.37057609


>> No.37057610


>> No.37057614

did you watch holotalk today?

>> No.37057616

this one is a strange breed of menhera

>> No.37057625

imagine the mucus

>> No.37057629

no i hate keiki hime but i did watch some kirinukis

>> No.37057632
File: 92 KB, 863x603, 1633183812618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37057642

the design really is shit
filtered me from watching it way back

>> No.37057647
File: 44 KB, 1030x557, 5ca1b3bda79b2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is why learning japanese

>> No.37057651


>> No.37057654

this is so fucking hot
this makes me feel nothing

>> No.37057662

not attracted to girls with glasses

>> No.37057672

the only thing all guides agree on is that tae kim is good (which it is)

>> No.37057679

dq11 or xenoblade chronicles hd

>> No.37057689

toss a coin

>> No.37057698
File: 6 KB, 40x485, pasokon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37057701


>> No.37057706


>> No.37057708

press esc to set to japanese

>> No.37057711

mushoku tensei

>> No.37057713


>> No.37057718


>> No.37057732

korean words look like nothing. it's like a monkey just crazily typed something and they chose what came out as their words

>> No.37057740


>> No.37057747

so the harifag is learning korean

>> No.37057748

i thought i would like fishing but no one ever told me that a lot of it based on luck

>> No.37057749

i wanna eat her mucus covered eel bro

>> No.37057755

saying fishing is luck based is like saying poker or mahjong or nakadashing jks is

>> No.37057765

yeah there are ways to raise your chances but in the end you can still go entire days without a single catch if not nibble

>> No.37057775

>there are ways to raise your chances
like using a huge fishing net

>> No.37057778

but that's not fun

>> No.37057781
File: 319 KB, 566x762, 1635017671483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reminder that no one gives a shit about korea.

>> No.37057789

excellent anzu pic to accompany your post brother

>> No.37057793

but when you get that jk to nibble...
brb gotta go immerse again

>> No.37057797

i want to go to tokyo and have a girl pull me in a rickshaw ride

>> No.37057819

do not underestimate luck.

>> No.37057830

just saw matt btfoing animemans girlfiend lol

>> No.37057837

today's 聴解

>> No.37057840
File: 20 KB, 480x360, 035_carry_on_hawkeye.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

M.A.S.H. was a good tv series.

>> No.37057846

its time we cancel matt the racist

>> No.37057850

i always knew matt was based

>> No.37057853

you cant even remove tatsu, good luck removing matt

>> No.37057854

what did he do

>> No.37057857

reminder to stop watching porn and manage your dopamine

>> No.37057881
File: 19 KB, 183x160, Clipboard01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post em

>> No.37057891

we dont onkey around here

>> No.37057893

i get my dopamine imagining women naked

>> No.37057898


>> No.37057901
File: 114 KB, 494x700, FCYNSmJVIAEu8ZO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nagas del toro bros, good news

>> No.37057927

never liked this brown takagi clone.

>> No.37057939

they had surprisingly good chemistry
aqua-tan was more open than usual

>> No.37057946

what are sentence cards

>> No.37057958

after i read some chinese, russian, german and korean i watched an episode of jahy-sama without subs and understood 90% of what was said.

>> No.37057965

>saturday night
so what are the plans tonight?

>> No.37057970

doubt any int poster has 30k words in anki tbs

>> No.37057971

i get my dopamine from mucus drank from the tap

>> No.37057976

probably jerk off cause i live in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of a storm

>> No.37057977

driving to my gf's house after ive finished up this assignment

>> No.37057985

anki is a quintessentially /int/ djt way of learning japanese

>> No.37057986
File: 925 KB, 921x639, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37057989
File: 94 KB, 473x570, aotagai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37057997

seems like you would eventually know immediately what was on the other side of the card by looking at things that stand out in the sentence as opposed to learning the actual word

>> No.37058001

djt posters acquire
and use anki as a tool to aid the acquisition process (which happens when watching epic anime)

>> No.37058003

and thats a good thing, because we acquire from understanding, not repetition

>> No.37058011

this is the most common argument against sentence cards
it's really not hard to just read every sentence that comes up like you would read a book instead of looking at the sentence as a whole and trying to memorize its shape or some shit lol
you all you have to focus on is whether you can read and understand the sentence

>> No.37058013

no, im saying the complete opposite of that. you're learning through repetition and unique identifiers in the sentence, not understanding the word in context

>> No.37058018

nice layout

>> No.37058022
File: 38 KB, 587x600, 1607505253486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a tremendous waste of time.

>> No.37058028

i think cards with a japanese definition instead of an english word on the back are much less susceptible to what i was talking about too.

>> No.37058031


>> No.37058037
File: 302 KB, 728x679, 1612768444090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because we acquire from understanding, not repetition
why are you using anki in the first place if you don't want repetition? why not just read more? this is the fucking problem with sentence miners.

>> No.37058042

this guy >>37058013 is who yoga is talking about in this video


>> No.37058044

the truth is that for 95% of words making cards and repping them is indeed a waste of time if you just read and watch enough
anki is only really useful in the beginning to get some vocab and start consooming, and then for words that are very rare and that even japanese people have trouble with

>> No.37058052

you're telling me you've never known immediately what's on the back of the card based on a unique identifier like a certain kanji or stroke? you must be braindead my man
not watching, give me the tldw

>> No.37058059

>you're learning through repetition and unique identifiers in the sentence
not really, no
i guess if the word is up front its not really in context, but thats maybe 1 card in a 100 and im too lazy to put the previous sentence as well

i pick whichever is shorter, for gazebo the picture alone would be enough though

>> No.37058075

that's a non-issue
>see word on anki
>get it right
>see it in the wild
>maybe don't recognize it
>look it up
>"oh it's that word"
>see it again on anki
>"oh that word again"
>acquire it

>> No.37058078

sentence cards are repped differently
you don't make an effort to associate front --> word, definition like you do with vocab cards, you just read the sentence and if you can't read or understand it you look at the info on the back for help

>> No.37058085

most words are not concrete things but abstract concepts that need more context to express their full meaning

when we look at an isolated word that we already know, we already have a general idea of it based on all the usages we've seen

sentence cards give you a chance to fix at least one of the meanings but since we're supposed to get sentences where there's only one unknown word you'll repeat words in many scenarios giving you the chance to capture the word fully.

they also put less strain on you because you infer the meaning from the sentence instead of you just memorizing meanings like it's a list. when you see a sentence card you think in the language. you get a complete thought so you can just feel the sentence without translating

with vocab cards what you do is a translation in your head. you have nothing to grab on to unless it's a word like "cat" or something
and this translation is obviously not satisfactory because it's only an approximation

>> No.37058090

it definitely is an issue since you're just associating something not related to the word with the word
this makes more sense but then what's the point in repetition? for it to be done properly it sounds like you would have to rep them once a day

>> No.37058094


>> No.37058101

unrelated to what im talking about

>> No.37058105

haha i have a life too

>> No.37058112


>> No.37058114

i just use vocab cards because they take up less time

>> No.37058122

linux bros, we keep winning

>> No.37058132

take pictures of words i dont remember in context sometimes no cards

>> No.37058136
File: 1.38 MB, 1350x1251, 1618674022597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

remember this guide? the og? no sentence card or anime card bullshit, just plain vocab cards.

>> No.37058138

>do i know the meaning of every word individually?
>do i know the readings?
>do i understand the grammar?
>do i understand what the sentence is trying to say?

yes -> pass it
no -> hit again

>> No.37058142

djt quickmaster cards

>> No.37058154

So today I took an N5 mock test online to see if I was up to level because I am very hard on myself and without any sort of benchmark to refer to I just feel I'm perpetually at the beginner stage, and wonder if I'm even progressing. I am so happy that I got 129/180!!!

Just wanted to be able to share my excitement at this small achievement

>> No.37058157

someone posted a djt pastebin from like 2014 and it unironically recommend genki

>> No.37058159

Khatz has showed us the light

>> No.37058164

i mostly use animu cards (also known as core2k cards with a hint field) cuz they're fast to create but i still find sentence cards superior to them

also adverbs suck as vocab cards in my opinion

>> No.37058165

memory and understanding are different things
anki does memory, not understanding
reading does understanding, but memory not so much
they are complementary tools
memory is very important for japanese because you have to remember 2k kanji+
different things

>> No.37058171

think about it like guided reading practice that ensures youll run across a given word at regular intervals

>> No.37058178

based, congrats bro

>> No.37058179

and also why sentence cards are pointless if you read enough
cure dolly explains that sentence cards a relic from when people did rtk and had no idea how sentence structure worked because of shitty textbooks

>> No.37058180

itazuraneko's guide is also pretty much the same
honestly if you have a good retention rate and memory, you don't need anything more than plain vocab cards and reading/listening

>> No.37058184

true even matt admits it

>> No.37058186

yes and no
just reading you have a harder time making sure you see the words in particular you need/want to learn
which is a problem because as you advance, the words you are missing will get rarer and rarer
again, its a tool
if it works for you great, if it doesn't, don't use them

>> No.37058190

sentence cards still make no sense to me, all my vocab cards have a sentence on the back so I benifit from learning to actually recognise the word in the wild AND how it's used in a sentence. Yes it takes 2 seconds longer that's not an issue at all

>> No.37058195


>> No.37058197

doesn't seem to recommend genki, just mentions it

>> No.37058199

thats why i use fallback cards

>> No.37058203

well yes, this is what i do too and what i think is best
i also rotate the examples if i feel i memorized them/understood them completely and try to avoid english at all

>> No.37058205

be honest how often do you actually look at the sentence on the back

>> No.37058214

thats why i use ballsack cards

>> No.37058216

>cure dolly

>> No.37058218

what's a good retention rate?
obviously, high is good, but it's always a balancing act of how much you want to learn and how much time you want to spend on each thing

>> No.37058219

nta but i read the sentence every time, play audio, and repeat it, sometimes several times
i opted out of the "premature repper" 2s per card club

>> No.37058220


>> No.37058224

found jamals youtube channel


>> No.37058231


>> No.37058234

your retention rate is always gonna be around 80 to 90% no matter what
anyway thats the theory
if it gets higher or lower you are fucking up

>> No.37058236

every time i fail a card. i wouldn’t pass a card if i dont remember the context

>> No.37058239

shut the fuck up about flashcards, niggers

>> No.37058244

you had a deck with 7k cards
suck my dick

>> No.37058248
File: 940 KB, 1307x829, 1613062984408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

le arch logo, pepe, and terminal on thumbnail.
this guy is trying to be luke smith (who is also a retard) so hard.

>> No.37058250

youre as bad as tatsucuck nobody gives a shit what matt said or thinks
matts lead dev took over a month to set up anki
clearly they arent the people you should heed

>> No.37058251

no i didnt

>> No.37058252
File: 790 KB, 854x1300, cure dolly dying for our japanese sins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37058255

so how many cards then?

>> No.37058262

hmslc matt and ciaran all did anki

>> No.37058264

>nobody gives a shit what matt said or thinks
why say things that are clearly false? you know that's bullshit but you say it anyways.

>> No.37058265

i purge my anki deck every couple months when i feel like im repping too many easy words

>> No.37058267

i deleted the deck whenever it got to like 500 cards i did maybe 2k or 3k in a year

>> No.37058280

what is Kigurumi Cock Squishing

>> No.37058281

how will you get sub 1 second times like 4bbc then!!!

>> No.37058287

sounds like its what happens when kigurumi squishes your cock but thats just a guess

>> No.37058289


>> No.37058294

4bc is too busy to spend his time doing flashcarsds

>> No.37058299

looked that up, found a new general that fits my interests

>> No.37058300

dude spends like over an hour a day on them

>> No.37058304

how is nagatoro a takagi clone when nagatoro existed first

>> No.37058306

guys that are like
>just read
to pre-beginners are full of shit

>> No.37058308

>he doesn't know about 4bcs deck
oh yeah you weren't around
4bc is the ankidrone of legend
he has all the cards
doesn't speak a word of japanese either
truly highest of high iqs

>> No.37058311

feel it out

>> No.37058314

just mined 現金

>> No.37058315

this is the intermediate thread who goves a shit what beginners do

>> No.37058316

just do some grammar and read

>> No.37058319

japanese people also learn to read that way, not via their school classes
they just enjoy manga and linnies

>> No.37058320
File: 115 KB, 810x799, just read.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37058322

true true

>> No.37058324


>> No.37058326

just get a japanese mommy gf who'll baby talk to you until you understand

>> No.37058327

the cool meaning right

>> No.37058328

from wikipedia
Takagi: Original run June 12, 2013 – present
Nagatoro: Original run November 1, 2017 – present

>> No.37058330

that's why keep saying to just watch japanese subtitled anime with yomichan instead :)

>> No.37058331

rather watch anime

>> No.37058335

if you are at an intermediate level, djt will hinder your progress than help your progress, because this is just a guide posting thread.

>> No.37058339

50 year old please

>> No.37058341

this is the true guide
make a japanese mommy gf guide and how to get them and ill subscribe to your channel, share like subscribe and donate while suuuing her mucus

>> No.37058342


>> No.37058349

vocab cards do the same exact thing, but take half the time

>> No.37058350

nagatoro had a douijinishi which came out forever ago, but the author didn't make it into a coherent manga until way later

>> No.37058351

i advanced the most when i chose one anime genre (isekai) and mined every single word that i encountered

>> No.37058361


>> No.37058362

love going on reddit and discovering people who are n2 or n1 reading graded reader shit that they dont even enjoy at a snails pace

>> No.37058364

nice bro, keep the hard work

>> No.37058368

if they're n1 they're almost fluent though

>> No.37058371

feels kinda weird having dedicated so much time into a skill that i only use as a hobby that i can barely share with people around me

how do you cope with that?

>> No.37058372

the difference is they already know jap when they start reading

>> No.37058375

those people will never break the mental barrier and understand japanese without thinking about it

>> No.37058376

stop caring about learning japanese and watch anime

>> No.37058377

i have nothing else better to do

>> No.37058379

nah his point is that people who study to test usually can barely read
their score is n1 but they can read less than children

>> No.37058381

knowing japanese means knowing the particles more than anything

>> No.37058382

for me i do it by flexing my gains on inferior jsls

>> No.37058385

but ur sharing it right here

>> No.37058388

if they have passed n2 or n1, they can definitely at least read 小学生 level text with ease

>> No.37058389

as for me i went to the uni language exchange club and began finding exchange 美人 to mentor

>> No.37058390

best part about geyline guy taking 8 months to finish 1 route is playing it yourself and realizing its only like 150k characters long

>> No.37058391

I'm starting to regret reading umineko. I can handle slow stuff but reading at snail's pace while having bloated prose I can't appreciate yet plus the plot being boring at times is getting to me. I'll still finish it though

>> No.37058396

yeah bro, i love watching shit i don't understand!
watching hundreds of hours of pictures moving around is so cool. i only need to do that everyday for a year! how exciting!

>> No.37058398

a lot of people dump the same amount of hours into shit like LoL

>> No.37058401
File: 79 KB, 900x900, 1606125926502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats her end game?

>> No.37058404

reading is a skill separate from the words bro
they know the words but read at a snail pace cause their brains cant assemble the meaning
that's what ive seen anyway
reading everything and taking amphetamines are very important for making it

>> No.37058406
File: 6 KB, 461x132, 1627496674476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wake me up, cant wake up, save me

>> No.37058408

crash the japanese learning community with no survivors

>> No.37058410

this is why you start with peppa pig

>> No.37058411

you would just use eng subs if you didn't care about learning japanese when you watched your animu

stop with these garyben tier "aphorisms"

>> No.37058415

why are you in the intermediate thread

>> No.37058416

n1 has reading comprehension tests harder than that bro
you probably could fail all of them and still pass

>> No.37058419

lol no one is forcing you to learn japanese. you can give up rn if you feel like that

>> No.37058422

she taught the masses japanese as her last work
i will always f her
based dolly sensei, rest in peace sweet princess
choo choo

>> No.37058424

i mostly do that already but i feel like ill plateau if i stop caring, especially if i stop reading


>> No.37058426


this is why japanese

>> No.37058432

you know when ur learning japanese when you have migraines

>> No.37058435

garyben is right about a lot of things except that he cares about learning japanese
if you stop caring then plateauing is ok

>> No.37058437

this is why im learning japanese

>> No.37058445

shit just makes me tired

>> No.37058448

holy mucus

>> No.37058451

She still has the best explation of ki ni naru i've seen
And by that i mean i BARELY understand.

>> No.37058453

imagine paying a girl to carry you around around the busy streets of tokyo and making small talk with you.

>> No.37058460

best part about sentence guys taking 45 minutes to finish anki is realizing its only like 200 cards

>> No.37058461

jlpt has reading tests though

>> No.37058464

this is my favorite immersion after jav
cute girls doing cute things truly is the best genre

>> No.37058468


>> No.37058472

does japan have a tipping culture?

>> No.37058476

you used flashcards and had to endure hundreds of hours of listening practice to begin understanding something.

no one does that if they don't care about japanese.
it also requires a high level of autism to go through hundreds of hours of white noise

>> No.37058477

if you have never taken jlpt, then your opinion about it is irrelevant.

>> No.37058484

true but i could ace the n1 doe

>> No.37058486

yet another classic moe post for the ages
absolutely brilliant

>> No.37058489

after reading 5ch for a while I'm convinced Japanese is the superior language for banter

>> No.37058490

i'm just saying that he is full of shit with the
>i don't care about learning japanese

>> No.37058491

god no, they'll run after you and give you back the tip

>> No.37058492

fuck jlptards lol

>> No.37058499

link some good threads onegai

>> No.37058500

fuck the ricksaw girls, I want a ricksaw man to pull me at 90mph, and talk about nostalgic video games.

>> No.37058503

took 6 minutes for him to get 上手d

>> No.37058507

jlpt exams have sections for vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening.
that makes them inferior to european language exams which also have writing and speaking portions (the speaking portion is with a native interview partner)

>> No.37058511

Only USA has, no other country does

>> No.37058514

Been reading dual language VNs lately and am realizing that you don't really lose much being an EOP. As long as you hear the voiced lines, you're good. That said, fuck EOPs

>> No.37058522

my fetish is a rickshaw girl who keeps going to shes really fucked up and then we have sex

>> No.37058526

true i took the cambridge certificate in school and we had to write like 2 pages, a letter and an essay
plus talk to some guys in a room about a painting they had on the wall

>> No.37058540

i always tip 美人s when possible yes

>> No.37058543

>Been reading dual language VNs lately and am realizing that you don't really lose much being an EOP
The dual language ones are an special case i guess because they know they can get caught with shitty translations, although i only read one like that but i guess it applies to all of them.
Im playing nier replicant videogame rn and the localization is atrocious, they straight up write whatever the fuck they want.

>> No.37058545
File: 528 KB, 1697x1049, fraternite_hd_crack_uTxMxv3z1F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gonna start this tomorrow

>> No.37058549

looking forward to the next installment of nekopara

>> No.37058557

looks shit

>> No.37058559

I'm fucked bros. I genuinely don't find any one of them pretty. If I don't find a way around this I'm gonna be miserable all my life

>> No.37058560

that's because everyone would fail if it had writing and speaking portions

>> No.37058562

unless you consider rounding up change as tipping

>> No.37058563

such an amazing game
cant wait for the card game this month
hope its good

>> No.37058567

nice self own

>> No.37058576

cant tell if youre just jealous or low iq probably both but if youre going to do anki at all you should do it fast if you dont instantly know something fail it until you do finish your reps quickly and get on with your day spend time doing things that actually matter

retards who spend a minute+ staring at each card dont learn jack theyre ignorant dunning krugers idiotically following their own untested theories about "learning" and "absorbing" things ultimately it all boils down to their arrogance inexperience unwillingness to experiment and general lack of intelligence in any case i have 0 interest in correcting their flawed perceptions they can continue wasting their time on dumb useless shit idgaf not like guiding them will make any difference in the end

>> No.37058579

why are they all holding pictures of themselves in that frame they put up for death people?

>> No.37058585


>> No.37058589

mlenmao 4bbc got triggerd

>> No.37058594


it's apparently a pretty fucked up game, so i guess that's subtle forewarning

>> No.37058602

it's messed up that the dollman died

>> No.37058603

breathe 4bbc breathe
holy shit

>> No.37058614

he really is autistic isn't he

>> No.37058615

I actually thought that was an old brittish man with a voice changer, but I might there is a possibility it's just a granny with a bad microphone trying to sound like an android.

>> No.37058616

bet that other anon is laughing his ass off right now

honeslty cant tell if that is what you really wanted to happen with your post
maybe 4bc is playing 4d chess on all of us trying to cheer up the thread once in a while

>> No.37058629

why does 4bc act like he is smarter than von neumann and einstein put together?

at least learn japanese first before acting like you're the hottest shit in the galaxy

>> No.37058632

nta but im laughing my ass off

>> No.37058633

Is there a list of dual language vns or something
I'm nearly done going through my first vn nekopara and I found it helpful to toggle between them when I got lost

>> No.37058634

n1 is better than native, n2 is fluent

>> No.37058638

4bbc is a comedy trip
hadn't www'd so hard in a while

>> No.37058670
File: 734 KB, 807x446, YHxTpZJhND.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


hapa dismantles the farce ajatt

>> No.37058676


>> No.37058680
File: 220 KB, 750x565, 1604168884743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Give me the WORST japanese "guide" videos you have ever seen. Not even just glossing over things or giving subpar information, just straight up incorrect and bad information.

>> No.37058691

i think women actually input via output, thats just how their brains are wired

>> No.37058719


>> No.37058721
File: 337 KB, 1920x788, 1587896700564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is literally how I learned english. Shitposting your way to fluency
>intermediate thread

>> No.37058726

Considering that they are probably over 60 i really doubt that they were trying to mask their gender since old people dont care about that, especially for an old man to pretend to be a woman and not for fetish shit

>> No.37058727

can confirm

>> No.37058732

i don't even like anime
but i've chugged 90 of them

>> No.37058739

im an esl. can someone explain to me what "LET'S GOOOOOOOOO" means? i understand the literal meaning, i just don't understand the meme.

>> No.37058745

I think all translated yuzusoft vns has dual language at any time
Anything by shiravune has 3 languages but you need to restart the game to change them

>> No.37058753
File: 8 KB, 656x69, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37058769

eww a turk
why did she learn german?

>> No.37058780


>> No.37058782

don't listen to this on'na

watch this instead

>> No.37058783
File: 73 KB, 800x600, 1569640137301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37058792

>listening for women advice on language learning

>> No.37058794
File: 106 KB, 733x767, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

take em

>> No.37058801

matsuyani yea i heard of it

>> No.37058810


>> No.37058819

going to increase good interval cards are starting to pile up too much

>> No.37058836

Why are there three threads

>> No.37058841

Make a new one if you think there aren't enough

>> No.37058850

Should I learn Japanese?

>> No.37058852

my favorite japanese food is McDonald's

>> No.37058855

Yeah, its fun.

>> No.37058859

if 所 is heiban why is 所 in 所で pronounced as odaka?

>> No.37058861

why are there 3 uppercasers

>> No.37058862
File: 1.31 MB, 1637x1088, 1627339324467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37058869

it isnt

>> No.37058873

4bbc's iq is so high it rolls over to 0

>> No.37058875

i alternate to fuck people up

>> No.37058877

why do you guys need mpv and shit to make anki cards, just use audacity to record the audio, then put it into anki, easy as that.

>> No.37058879

it just means lets go
don't overthink things

>> No.37058883

you will die whether you know japanese or not

>> No.37058884

krashen is a sham, he can only speak english.

>> No.37058890

how long does that take you?

>> No.37058914
File: 66 KB, 396x750, 1517049455334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cure dolly

>> No.37058929


>> No.37058938

why did the rickshaw guy translate 法律 as criminology?

>> No.37058963

better 曲

>> No.37058967

fake news

>> No.37058971
File: 7 KB, 329x310, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. visit https://holodex.net/#clips
2. open settings
3. pic related
4. immerse

>> No.37059005

it is pronounced as odaka when there is something preceding it that described it. same thing with 人 下 上 内(うち), and 日 i think ところで is always odaka though

>> No.37059022

there is not a single video of Krashen speaking a foreign language

>> No.37059030

i think he spoke a bit of other languages in matts interview
iirc it was german?

>> No.37059062

this is true at the end the charm of japanese is completely gone and theres nothing of value left
all whats left is dabbing on the dekinais which is why the community so so shit

>> No.37059076


>> No.37059089

>nuke revealed a new learning method involving, I shit you not, watching things with english subs first, then just turning the subs off
When is he gonna admit he doesnt know JP? god I really hope I dont turn out like him, 10 years in and not fluent only 6 more to go.

>> No.37059099

fake news

>> No.37059103

nuke is toxic as shit

>> No.37059110

every skill has to be practiced.
if you read all the time, you will be good at reading. which is great! but you'll suck at speaking, listening and writing unless you practice those too.
if you disagree you're a literal retard.

>> No.37059118


>> No.37059133

i agree
whew for a second i was worried i was a retard
6... years...?
y..you must be... really good at learning japanese by now...

>> No.37059141

6 years to go means I've been studying for 4 years
I can read VNs and LNs but vtubers and actually talking still filter me

>> No.37059156

watch the english dub first, then japanese

>> No.37059158

im backwards
i can understand almost everything spoken perfectly and speak to a basic level
reading is much harder for me

>> No.37059163

Thanks captain obvious!

>> No.37059170

took some xanax to see what it's like and i could not cum for the life of me for like an hour when i was jerking off

>> No.37059174

sometimes i feel bad for 4bbc
hes like a dog looking at the world confused and angry
he clearly understands english, sort of, or at least knows some words, but its like the meaning or nuance of things completely evades him
he always seems so mad too
having like 50 iq must be really frustrating

>> No.37059176

I really dont want to coom to a voice clip but

>> No.37059179

got 2 hours of immersion on sadpanda today

>> No.37059191

if you arent already better than nuke after the 2 years mark ur ngmi

>> No.37059195

stay away from benzos bro
they do not fix your anxiety or depression or anything really
in fact, theyll make it worse cause youll get a really huge hit when they wear off
>t.was in that hole
shrooms fixed me and i got off all meds

>> No.37059201

i took 6 mg of bromazepam and this was 0.5 mg of xanax i think and i dont feel anything at all (other than an inability to cum). prolly due to the muscle relaxant properties. no really desire to try it again since it felt like nothing

>> No.37059204

where do i get shrooms online
ive only ever taken drugs at music festivals

>> No.37059205

I am literally dead

>> No.37059206

>yomi chan works with it out of the box
Holy fuck

>> No.37059216

this is true
also they make your body think your pain receptors are too low sensitivity so your body cranks that up if you take them regularly
when you return to baseline youll be in pain when you stop taking em

>> No.37059226

easiest way is to buy spores (legal everywhere) and grow your own
lots of good guides and you can sell the excess
look up shroomery
you can also grow gourmet edible mushrooms and sell them (its no meme)

>> No.37059259

listen to more 曲
concentrated language, stories, fun and catchy

>> No.37059268

og doesn't understand that a woman's attractiveness doesn't change just because a man gets older.
if im 20 and find a 20 year old woman attractive, i won't suddenly find her unattractive when im 30 or 40

>> No.37059289

watch more english subtitled anime and you'd know this

>> No.37059299

anon no, even for clockup this is depressing.
Join me in one of their other games like dead days or A Tale of Love, and Cutthroat.
Maggot baits was kino

>> No.37059312

>do RTK for 3 years and then start learning
>major in JP, get N3 and then start reading
>take 3-4 years of JP classes at this uni before you're first kanji
all different

>> No.37059314
File: 613 KB, 834x1177, 1635029676776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

chinks rip off zelda botw with genshin impact and it blows up among normalfags.
gooks rip off battle royale with squid game and it also blows up among normalfags.
they both ripped off nips.
this is why i learned japanese instead of korean or mandarin: japan actually makes original media.

>> No.37059329

running man was the first death game

>> No.37059333

yeah, cant believe how they start putting twist after twist on isekais

>> No.37059334

ill grow some and try microdosing while reading

>> No.37059336


>> No.37059365

this song is directed at me bros

>> No.37059382

cant browse 2ch because i dont have a japanese ip

gotta make do with this

>> No.37059393

this but with 10代前半s

>> No.37059404

thats why im an english native now. japs steal from america

>> No.37059414

imagine two lesbians going to a ラブホ
hot steamy girl sex

>> No.37059418

never thought they look good just cute

>> No.37059436

if you're gonna that far then
>A lawsuit determined the movie [The Running Man] was plagiarized from the French movie Le prix du danger (1983).[3]

>> No.37059447

huh, it's just a cycle of ripping each other off

>> No.37059452

you can improve your listening with subs in the target language
it takes longer but it's comfier

>> No.37059460

wait, running man was published in 1982

>> No.37059461

you can improve your listening with subs in the target language
it takes longer but it's comfier

>> No.37059463


>> No.37059466

>It is very loosely based on the 1982 novel of the same title written by Stephen King and published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman
>very loosely

>> No.37059470

i read the book, it's death game 101

>> No.37059479

what about this?

>> No.37059482

some languages are easier to understand by ear than others in my experience

>> No.37059485

i have an idea for a novel
its about a fristrated slary man who gets run over while trying to save a loli and wakes up as a loli in a different world
unbeknownst to her, she now has a super power
this power is to stretch
please don't steal

>> No.37059489

this probably exists

>> No.37059498

no its just that ur used to some languages than others

>> No.37059503
File: 290 KB, 1000x1422, 81fhf9xi01L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37059506

the story of humanity

>> No.37059507

dubs of good taste

>> No.37059509

i have an idea for a movie
there is a secret spy who works in british secret sevice and stops bad guys from taking over the world
this has never been done before, right?

>> No.37059510

japanese is easier to understand by ear than english. i say this as an esl.
im a very visual learner. i connect spoken words to the way they are spelled. when someone says いきる i understand いきる but if someone says "albeit" im not sure what that means because it sounds like "ohlbaiht" like wtf how am i supposed to understand that

>> No.37059511

does not
"i died and woke up as the worlds most attractive little girl in a medieval world full of well endowed nightmare horrors"
that's my working title but feels short

>> No.37059518

will i become a girl if i pick this up

>> No.37059523

no what the fuck you just havent heard the word albeit used enough because you probably read way more english than you listen to
it has nothing to do with you being a visual learner

>> No.37059534

this doesn't have the nightmare horrors or the stretching power tho
mcdonalds didnt invent bread or buns just made the best ones
i think my formula will be popular with the masses
its gonna be like yotsubato
lolitocentaur is the first chapter when she meets a friendly centaur tribe she takes turns riding

>> No.37059535

true you can look up unknown japanese words by hearing easier
but once you get a feel of english it doesnt really make a difference

>> No.37059539


>> No.37059543


>> No.37059547

so what happens when they don't speak in perfectly clean mora lol
it sounds like you based this post on the genki audio cd

>> No.37059552

nah he is right
you are a native speaker but truth is english shit is all pronounced randomly
it also lacks accentuation or any guide in its writing as to how it should be pronounced
japanese, everything is pronounced as youd expect

>> No.37059558

it's also about how different the pronunciation looks from the written language and the separation between words. some languages just sound like everything gets connected into one sound

>> No.37059563

yo can you send me an amazon link to the projector you're using?

>> No.37059566

>japanese, everything is pronounced as youd expect
except when it isn't and you can't understand shit and don't know what to even look up

>> No.37059571

give 1 (one) example

>> No.37059572

aight show examples

>> No.37059575

i have an idea for an anime.
there's an elementary school girl that meets a furry mascot creature that gives him magical powers, which he uses to stop bad guys from taking over the world. the same transformation sequence is also going to be played in every episode.
i'm so original.

>> No.37059578

you don't japanese or english, lmao
pity you

>> No.37059592

this is what he is talking about

>> No.37059594

this sounds neat
needs a twist tho
like her power being suffering, or tarot cards, or the moon, or some such

>> No.37059597

i have an anime for an anime.
a teenage exchange student goes to japan and spends all day using anki instead of spending time with his host family. eventually he gets depressed and goes back to america

>> No.37059599


>> No.37059608


>> No.37059609

> japanese, everything is pronounced as youd expect

>> No.37059610

don't reply to shit tier bait like that bro, you only encourage him
he should earn his yous like everyone else

>> No.37059619

the mlen schizo retard is an esl? lmfao

>> No.37059620

wtf the age limit for rickshaw employees is 30

>> No.37059621


>> No.37059624

reminds when of when og couldnt hear 下だぞ or whatever lol

>> No.37059633

that was very hot
i admit defeat i have no fucking idea what he said

>> No.37059645

i-i could hear that just fine...

>> No.37059648

but that's just a case of talking fast and slurring words
if you write out what he said it'll match with what's written. our ears that are shitty in this case

>> No.37059650

mlenmao nice

>> No.37059652

did the elementary schooler transition mid-sentence or something?

>> No.37059666

lol i didn't even notice that
there's already a manga with that twist tho

>> No.37059674
File: 318 KB, 954x1433, 1635032391432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have an idea for a manga.
the mc (average young boy) wants to be the strongest X in the world, but he's too weak. he then meets a mentor who helps him get stronger. he also has an edgy friend that gives into the darkness. there will be a tournament to determine the strongest X so far, which the mc almost wins but loses anyway. he then tries to get stronger. finally, with the power of friendship, he saves his edgy friend from the darkness and stops bad guys from taking over the world. also light = good, darkness = bad.
it's a very unique idea, i know.

>> No.37059692

with some minor tweaks you get the plot of the original star wars trilogy

>> No.37059694

i just hope they never stop making isekais

>> No.37059703


>> No.37059706

star wars is a shounen?

>> No.37059709

funny thing is i made out the words after listening to it like 20 times
anon saying that its our ears being shitty is right
you more than made your point tho

>> No.37059752
File: 191 KB, 1024x768, ロックマンとソニック.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have an idea for a game.
cool blue guy goes on an adventure to stop the evil scientist and his robot army from taking over world.

>> No.37059770

i want a pekora gf

>> No.37059774

what programming language did queeran learn

>> No.37059789
File: 2.88 MB, 900x484, shoplifters rain.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37059797

she said 足 something dont remember

>> No.37059807

mined 簾 from this

>> No.37059810

based korone

>> No.37059816

this is japanese

>> No.37059856

youtuber sucks for listening practice
they all speak too fucking fast in every language

>> No.37059884

depends on the video though... if you're watching one of those "i sit in front of the camera and make ten billion jump cuts per minute" videos then yeah. then you're right

>> No.37059894 [DELETED] 

>they all speak too fucking fast in every language
cant listen to this guy at anything below 1.5 video speed

>> No.37059906
File: 373 KB, 1500x1000, 1635034041161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

japanese men and women during the edo period (circa 1847)

>> No.37059908

all be it, means although

>> No.37059909

there's also nothing interesting on youtube. most stuff is vtuber cringe or just boring in general.

>> No.37059917


>> No.37059927

jetblack academia

>> No.37059941

shes really easy to understand despite speaking a mile a second
wish she was less ugly

>> No.37059942
File: 162 KB, 834x904, 1559062522277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


real thread:

>> No.37059952

is this abba?

>> No.37059958
File: 118 KB, 225x227, 1503089793371.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you want to watch hamtaro:
sadly there is a weird anomoly where only episodes above or equal to 106 have an english sub, also the videos are sorted in a terrible way.

>> No.37059965

why did the west change the name from rockman to megaman? rockman sounds cooler.

>> No.37059986

i drank a huge ass cup of coffee from dunkin donuts about an hour ago and now i feel like a tweaked out schizophrenic. i don't normally drink coffee, i don't react well to it. i need to go to sleep in two hours. i don't know why i did it.

>> No.37059987


>> No.37059998

it's sunday tomorrow why do you need to sleep early

>> No.37060005
File: 181 KB, 500x500, 1635034827287.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

of course

>> No.37060012

i have responsibilities

>> No.37060017


>> No.37060019

burgers are to low iq for complicated themes like music
also rock and roll corrupts youth as shown by roll being a literal loli

>> No.37060037

are there other developers that do similar things to clock work? what are some good developers to search for on vndb? im new to all of it really

>> No.37060042

Read the filename genius

>> No.37060047

what kind of responsibilities do you have?

>> No.37060087

its Shoplifters

>> No.37060095
File: 112 KB, 505x889, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37060096

theres a girl i know, ive known her for a long time but she didn't congratulate me for my birthday

>> No.37060097

dr. light/right probably fucked roll a lot
it's okay because the age of consent doesn't apply to robots

>> No.37060106

care less

>> No.37060108
File: 18 KB, 450x541, absqfd6bkc42e7fi8srobcs36q._SX450_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

finally caught up with reviews for the first time since my grandfather died in may. now I've reviewed every core6k card and created my first mined card. today is the first day in my true path to fluency. i will make dolly proud.

>> No.37060117

i tried that and it didn't work

>> No.37060119

>this is wrong doctor... ahhh...ahhhhh...!
>its right baby... doctor right... time for your medicine

>> No.37060127

you clearly didnt

>> No.37060138

nice, just 13999 more cards until you're fluent.

>> No.37060143

because she doesn't like you as much as you like her
move on or make her care more

>> No.37060145

no no, i tried the whole "not caring" thing for years and it just caused people to react in a mutual way, not caring about me.

>> No.37060156
File: 1.33 MB, 1373x2150, 1635035887336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's okay because the age of consent doesn't apply to robots
it probably will no longer apply to humans as well in the near future.

>> No.37060159

get out of my head. wtf you're post is like it could come straight out of my head stop mindreading me

>> No.37060182

y'all niggas play any good games lately?

>> No.37060203


>> No.37060233

bro i like you so ill be honest
girls don't like whiny bitches
think of chad, whatever you think chad is
do you think chad sits atound wondering why girl forgot his bday?
no of course not
he is doing chad shit
so do chad shit
work on yourself, get fit/er, work on your hobby, w/e
do not be a meek pathetic fuck crying over some random chick he isn't even fucking
you can't make anyone care
just have fun, create a fun environ, and invite girls over to do fun stuff when you want to do fun stuff with them
then fuck them
by all means be nice but eh
be less fragile
girls don't like depressed or broken dudes
good luck bro

>> No.37060251

>girls don't like depressed or broken dudes
what about yellow hikkis

>> No.37060254

isn't luke smith that christcuck neet guy who lives in the woods?

>> No.37060272

they like those

>> No.37060277
File: 8 KB, 268x159, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is 予算 really heiban? kanjium says it is but the yomichan audio sounds like atamadaka to me. am i just hearing it wrong or what

>> No.37060282

always hear that as atamadaka in immersion

>> No.37060301

pitch accent is not real
forget about it

>> No.37060302
File: 11 KB, 262x205, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37060322

if you're not being ironic what do you think is a reasonable number of words to mine from here? Around 20 or around 50 a day?

>> No.37060325

if pitch accent isn't real then how come i cant speak japanese?
checkmate apitchtheists

>> No.37060328

>t. sounds like shit

>> No.37060329
File: 105 KB, 768x576, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]






>> No.37060343

just mine 1000 words a day and be done in half a month
spend the last day victory fapping

>> No.37060349

the audio from k-on that i mined it from sounds like atamadaka as well but sometimes i just can't hear it right for some reason. i guess i'm fine after all.

>> No.37060356
File: 9 KB, 463x172, yomichan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

maybe get the accent dict from learnjapanese.moe

アクセント辞典 - Pitch accent dictionary made with data from the NHK Accent Dictionary and the Shinmeikai.

>> No.37060357

record yourself speaking japanese.

>> No.37060359
File: 19 KB, 686x114, Screenshot 2021-10-23 20.56.06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

these are the kinds of people who post in these threads kek

>> No.37060369

10-15 or you'll burn out. keep in mind matt only did 10. it's not a race, your brain needs time to store the info as permanent/passive. you can't substitute time for anything.

>> No.37060371

im not the one saying pitch isnt real :)

>> No.37060374

i know this post is ironic but if you do 50 words an episode that's just 20 episodes, sounds easy

>> No.37060390

>keep in mind matt only did 10
matt did sentence cards and took like 6 years to get fluent lol

>> No.37060405

as many as you can handle
some people just cant do more and thats ok everyone is special in their own way :)

>> No.37060413

but you do have good pronunciation, right? if you're so confident, why don't you record it?

>> No.37060433

the real alswer is the number of cards doesn't matter past where you are
you are in read more territory
you need to learn to think in japanese
if you achieve that, the words you mine don't matter
if you don't, the words you mine also don't matter
look at nuke
that is the future of those who don't learn to think in japanese

>> No.37060445

>look at nuke
he consumes native content all the time though
he's a mystery to me

>> No.37060454

>girls don't like depressed or broken dudes
true true, unfortunately if you're depressed and broken, it doesn't help if you say "just stop being depressed and broken"
it's a catch 22

>> No.37060456

yeah, the point is he learned all the words but he can't think in japanese
the thinking part is the hard one
if you just translate from japanese to english in your mind, you are nuke

>> No.37060471
File: 251 KB, 1080x759, 1635037632864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

based as always.
oh no, japs will know i'm a foreigner if i don't have the right pitch accent. of course they won't realize this by just looking at me.

>> No.37060474

cause i enjoy your concessions and dont care what you think about my japanese

>> No.37060498

>just stop being depressed and broken
one day you'll realize being depressed is real gay and that'll happen on its own
gotta have that realization yourself though

>> No.37060523

this who cares about pitch accent

>> No.37060528


>> No.37060545

haha yeah

>> No.37060547

>accent vs pitch accent

>> No.37060552

this anon is right
just lift or play an instrument or stream or whatever, just get good at something, build a source of pride
this is 4chan bro
weve all been fucked
getting unfucked is a slow process that takes time

>> No.37060566

that's because you don't speak japanese
you just like being in a cult

>> No.37060596

haha yeah ive never spoken japanese haha

>> No.37060607

interesting how the daily programming thread on /g/ feels the exact same as djt did when i sucked at japanese

>> No.37060609

do people actually enjoy gachashit?

>> No.37060620

people dont, but japanese people do

>> No.37060635

addicts enjoy their highs yed

>> No.37060660
File: 164 KB, 378x487, 1633807083971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37060671


>> No.37060672
File: 49 KB, 339x500, eGsE4Ebg7WRuvTK-Thw31uL-u-FE07jUqQkjhWRJD1Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any good/easy (2nd-5th grade) spooky books?

>> No.37060706

true true

>> No.37060709

i enjoy gamba

>> No.37060728

Fun game for you lads. Drop leading pronouns at the start of English sentences when you feel the context is obvious to you and watch how quickly people get confused or angry.

>> No.37060732

tried lifting and sucked at it, but i get what you're saying. maybe programming is something i can be good at

>> No.37060782

do this all the time already

>> No.37060810


>> No.37060815

what's the difference between learning japanese and being in a cult?

>> No.37060826

pretty much always done this as a brit, americans get confused by it the most

>> No.37060840

pretty much always does this as an american, brits get confused by it the most

>> No.37060853

americans are esl's

>> No.37060862

based on what

>> No.37060866

i'm literally gay

>> No.37060868

you speak american first, english second

>> No.37060890

punk ass bitch

>> No.37060898


>> No.37060922


>> No.37060936

are you afraid of the competition, og?

>> No.37060941

i do this and no one gets confused

>> No.37060946

god damn it i'm not fuckin og holy shit

>> No.37060948

is there one with a kansai dialect?

>> No.37060964

maybe you're the true faggot then

>> No.37060976

god damn fucking og holy shit
better game
no pronouns whatsoever ever

>> No.37060981


>> No.37060989

maybe the true オカマ were the dekinai met in djt along the way

>> No.37060991

my two onee-chan are buying me breath of the wild and pokemon brilliant diamond for christmas

>> No.37060992


>> No.37061004


>> No.37061007


>> No.37061010

do you have a cute fem buss?

>> No.37061029

>on djt
>I'm literally gay
im shocked I tell you

>> No.37061035

postin on the old dgayt on the gaypee

>> No.37061064

anon didn't lie one piece was indeed crazy good this week

>> No.37061069

learning japanese = learning japanese
being in a cult = arguing about what method is the best for learning japanese every single day

>> No.37061086

i remember that post

>> No.37061102

>being in a cult = arguing about what method is the best for learning japanese every single day
who does this?

>> No.37061105

>being in a cult = arguing about what method is the best for learning japanese every single day

>> No.37061117

is og a tsundere?

>> No.37061123

og is that crazy bitch from aku no hana

>> No.37061166

what is og's problem

>> No.37061200

i just read this comment
>YouTube is the closest thing to a time machine we have
in a rap video from 2008 lmao

>> No.37061217

breaking news: zoomers are retarded

>> No.37061239

excuse me for uppercasing, but:

Why do people still fall for the "pitch accent" meme? Yes, Japan has this, but it's just there to tell you that your intonation should be through pitch and not stress. Or even simpler: Just listen to Japanese and listen how they say the same word in different situations and you will understand what this means.

And for people who want the more scientific explanation of how pitch accent works (it's still worthless to learn, because if you understand Japanese fluently you will hear if you sound good or not):
>pitch accent is called 高低アクセント
>the pitch accent depends on the 拍/モ―ラ
>the Tokyo dialect has unmarked and marked accentuation differences
>unmarked accentuation, also called flat, means the first モ―ラ is Low (L) and every other モ―ラ in this sentence in High (H) (for example むらさきいろが [L-H-H-H-H-H=H])
>marked accentuation means that the last high pitched モ―ラ in a one word phrase is marked, which means everything after the marked モ―ラ has to be low, and the first モ―ラ has a low pitch (The only exception to start a marked accentuation with a high pitched モ―ラ is if the first モ―ラ is the only high pitched モ―ラ in the one word phrase). Also every モ―ラ between the second and marked モ―ラ has to be high pitched
>There are three different pitch accents with the marked accentuation: 1. "falling pitch/first モ―ラ is marked" for example おつきさまが (H-L-L-L-L=L) 2. "increasing pitch/last モ―ラ is marked" for example おしょうがつが (L-H-H-H-H=T) 3. "increase-fall/neither first nor last モ―ラ is marked" for example おまわりさんが (L-H-L-L-L-L=L)

Now here is the reason why it's useless to waste your time with learning the pitch accent. Even if you know those four possible ways how the Tokyo dialect works, things like grammar or even the fucking talking speed (yes, your talking speed can change the pitch accent) makes everything you have learnt more or less useless.

That's why every scientist says in regards to pitch accent "JUST FUCK IT". It's not worth learning because even if you have a hardcore Kyushu accent, everyone in Tokyo will understand you, even though your accent is a mess. In fact the reason how people realize you are a gaijin is not through accent, but through vocabulary and grammar.

That's why I don't like Dogen's show. He is so focused on something, which is completely useless and a time waste to "learn". In fact the language is changing all the time and even his knowledge about pitch accent is already outdated. Also if you leave Tokyo your whole accent he is teaching you is useless anyway.

>> No.37061254

been away for a few days, has og posted her fat monkey oozing mucus yet?

>> No.37061262


>> No.37061266

is 2chan even worth browsing if you can't even post on it?

>> No.37061280

stop with the retarded questions

>> No.37061281

is this a pasta?

>> No.37061327

great post, its better every time i read it
course, cant believe you missed it
her pantsu were translucid it was so slimy
she told us it tasted of raspberries and fine wine as she shiku shikud on stream

>> No.37061367

which is more useless, pitch accent or handwriting?

>> No.37061381

>fantasizing about o.g.
talk about being desperate

>> No.37061410

Literacy is obviously more important than having a slightly better accent

>> No.37061446

It takes me atleast an hour to do anki

>> No.37061452


>> No.37061456

t. jsl

you dont even know what youre talking about nerd

>> No.37061492


>> No.37061504

About 100 words into Anki and I still haven’t immersed once

>> No.37061523

just pick up a manga or something, don't have any expectations about how it will go, try to observe and take it all in and enjoy the whole experience

>> No.37061524

>100 words
rookie numbers

>> No.37061540
File: 1 KB, 113x88, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37061554


funny how japan is split on this too. the shitposting is pretty entertaining

>> No.37061563

wtf did that come from
i understand that more than most people
that's literally the crux of some my biggest intimacy issues

>> No.37061576


>> No.37061659

code gayass is a top 3 anime for me. literally nothing has even come close to being as bold/ambitious while delivering on countless over the top cliffhangers and plot twists. one of the most entertaining shows in existence.

>> No.37061668
File: 278 KB, 1080x1080, FCRY-wdVIAQ-z6t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37061747


>> No.37061808


>> No.37061866

never seen blows gay ass

>> No.37061968


>> No.37062068

im gonna watch this

>> No.37062120

no you dont og

>> No.37062129


>> No.37062138


>> No.37062156

the only pitch i need is a tent when i consume and coom

>> No.37062173

boku mo manko to mucus ga daisuki!!

>> No.37062183

just cringed

>> No.37062198

one day ill be unassailably fluent when i can live for years in my apartment, and you all can suck it

>> No.37062201

i thought vtubers were based not cringe.
then what should i watch

>> No.37062218

is it weird that i think my armpit scent smells good w/o deodorant

>> No.37062232

yeah its weird, but probably common since humans are gross

>> No.37062245

normal 実況者s are fine

>> No.37062255

ok zoomer

>> No.37062276

really could do for a double stack bacon bourbon burger right about now but it's almost midnight

>> No.37062282

that's a boomer standpoint if anything. vtubers are zoomy as fuck

>> No.37062294

letsplay as a concept is absolutely only for the under 25 crowd
vtubers are just the cancer icing on top of that

>> No.37062307

v美人 confirmed とても 大based

>> No.37062312


>> No.37062325


>> No.37062330

korone is older than most people here, achtually

>> No.37062337

og just keeps winning

>> No.37062341

shes playing in japanese, nice

>> No.37062350

she also weighs more than most people here

>> No.37062351

miss the days of gamefaqs walkthroughs, then youtube walkthroughs with no commentary became the fad, and now you have to deal with annoying screechers like chuggaconroy
like sit down man the only chug i like is badlandschugs

>> No.37062353
File: 1.13 MB, 1174x881, Rattata_IL001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just spent the past 5 hours researching about how to grow shrooms because of some anon here lol
already diy'd an sab

>> No.37062361


>> No.37062362

shrooms are weak you gotta take the acid

>> No.37062366

ugly ババ with a dusty まんこ

>> No.37062372

s1 was better they introduced way too many subplots in s2

>> No.37062384

based and gmi pilled
all the parts talking about hygiene, gloves, boling things and being super careful are very important btw
good luck anon

>> No.37062399

i may be a ババ, but im pretty cute, objectively

>> No.37062400

next you'll be looking at how to get DMT from bark

>> No.37062401

beautiful 女性 with a nice 美味いまんこ

>> No.37062403

i'm watching kdrama
where did it all go wrong?

>> No.37062408

cuter than that hana slut i'll give you that at least

>> No.37062414


>> No.37062417

if you strip the word of all its meaning, perhaps

>> No.37062424

thats nostalgia talking, hana is drop dead gorgeous and fresh
she also delivers on the pets

>> No.37062428

i'm in the dark world in adventure mode of smash bros and i swear to god if the map expands another time after this...

you're just a pedo

>> No.37062445

she does not
korone is like 120 lbs tops TOPS

>> No.37062451

thanks bro, definitely gonna be careful

>> No.37062453

shes legal anon

>> No.37062465

just barely and i have no doubt that if she were under the age would that stop you from simping for her
plus it's without a doubt a lot of those pics she posted of herself were when she was underage hell we don't even know if she's telling the truth about her age in the first place if you asked me she looks way too young to be 18

>> No.37062469

dont care

>> No.37062473

she said she has a condition that makes her look younger
she would never lie to us

>> No.37062480

chapter 2
of grandma and jealousy

>> No.37062481

for once i agree with 4bro
quit talking about random attention whores

>> No.37062485

do care

>> No.37062495

no youre not og. and between you two you are slut. kusatta onna me

>> No.37062498

i wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.37062501

for once i disagree with anon

>> No.37062503

have no idea who or what anyone is talking about. not interested in redditdiscord drama

>> No.37062507

put on you trip cuck

>> No.37062513


>> No.37062516

actually please keep it off forever

>> No.37062518

pretty sure i (anon) am the only person who calls him 4bro

>> No.37062521
File: 239 KB, 743x480, external-content.duckduckgo.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.37062524

im not the hanako basher i honestly like her
not sure why someone chimes in to sound like me being salty when she gets mentioned reminds me of

>> No.37062527

no i always call him 4bbc
its cause he likes bbc

>> No.37062532


>> No.37062542

see i knew og was based
rezu time

>> No.37062546

he does love bbc

>> No.37062548

no way thats the real og she has enough self respect to not come here after some 19 year old used her

>> No.37062551

wish symphony of the night was easily available they need to port that shit to another portable already

>> No.37062554

fool without his trip we'd never be able to tell who he is

>> No.37062557

im not trying to be you, people just conflate hating djt personalities with you but you arent the only one who hates personalities itt and i haooen to hate all of them including you

>> No.37062565

does hanako like the big brazilian cock?

>> No.37062567


>> No.37062569

yeah this guy hates personalities so much he hates even the anon ones

>> No.37062570

gah, the dyslexia strikes again

>> No.37062571

cool, do you want a medal?

>> No.37062573

i wish i were not so crazy to the point where i could just lay back and enjoy getting used by a 19 year old ngl
the reality is he tried to get fresh with my knees and i started ghosting him

>> No.37062580

don't want to emulate or homebrew my switchy

>> No.37062581

this but i love og and hana

>> No.37062590

the only thing i'd like a 19 year old for would be to have my dick sucked by one.

>> No.37062593

oh i meant pc
the good or bad news is that unless its a very particular early production switch homebrewing it is almost impossible atm

>> No.37062595

would you look at all this off topic trash

>> No.37062596

aren't you that anti-pol fag?

>> No.37062603

> i wish i were not so crazy to the point where i could just lay back and enjoy getting used by a 19 year old

>> No.37062608

all anons are anti pol

>> No.37062610

4bc's hands typed this post

>> No.37062611

why are libtards always into femdom/masochistic/humiliation fetish shit?

>> No.37062613

i like my woman bitchy and flat as washboard so i choose og. sorry hanako

>> No.37062615

this whole site is /pol/ lite tbdesu

>> No.37062619

its more anti poltards proselytizing
pol belongs in pol

>> No.37062620


>> No.37062622

that can't be true. that guy says he likes og
og is extremely racist as in nazi tier racist

>> No.37062625

I'm not pro-/pol/ or anti-/pol/. I just hate America and Israel.

>> No.37062627

nah we all hate whores like og here that’s why this is a hanako派 thread

>> No.37062629

it's cute as long as they're not abusive because they show their feminine side to you once in a while

>> No.37062630

i like girls with penises.

>> No.37062631

no shes not
og say it isn't so
og this is a lie
take it back

>> No.37062639

this fucking newfag is simping for og but doesn't even know the bitch, embarrassing

>> No.37062642

hanako is even flatter
djt is an おっぱい free zone

>> No.37062644

hanako is most likely a whore who's been fucked by 200 men and plays with black dildoes

>> No.37062650

can't trust a hoe from 4chan remember that boys

>> No.37062653

4bc isnt like that
hes only jealous of me dating and working because im not using that time to chanto study
hes not into me in any other way
dude i dont know what to tell you, you shouldnt fall for memes when you are that new

>> No.37062654

imagine not loving women
i can't

>> No.37062658

ya i tol u guys bout dat hoes who know dem chanz finna b fucd up

>> No.37062661

i like playing with oppai
i like sucking oppai
i like burying my hear in oppai
i like dicking oppai
i love oppai

>> No.37062662

true that homie

>> No.37062668

og... no... og... this is a nightmare...
this... this can't be...

>> No.37062675

why would you love a woman who won't love you and you only?

>> No.37062681

especially one learning japanese. no matter how hard they try to gas light you

>> No.37062682

its okay anon
we will fix og

>> No.37062685

used to like 2ds with big tits not sure why my preferred size has decreased

>> No.37062687

imagine liking people who don't like you back.

>> No.37062689

no brother j cole said it himself don't save her (she don't wanna be saved)

>> No.37062691

imagine not being liked back

>> No.37062698

seriously addicted to my own scent wish i could bottle and sell it

>> No.37062701

why was i given me the autism that makes me unable to compromise on my idealism, but the human flaws that made it impossible for me to live up to them?

>> No.37062702

nice self own
this anon is right otoh
ntr belongs in jav

>> No.37062703

used to be a small tit man myself until i got to enjoy real tits
that being said 2d tits are better smaller

>> No.37062704

imagine not loving black people

>> No.37062709

wait till you start recycling your protein shake

>> No.37062716

black women are so sexy, especially the 2d ones and the ones who got that curly hair thing going

>> No.37062718

og is even hotter to me now that i know that she is not only racist but easy too

>> No.37062719


>> No.37062722

imagine liking a woman who could cuck you any day with other men and receive much more pleasure getting cummed inside by their huge cocks spilling gallons of cum inside of all of her orifices while you listen to the sounds of her getting glopped next door and masturbate to that.

>> No.37062725

i can't

>> No.37062728

incel post didn't finish reading

>> No.37062729


>also i have anger issues with mixed race couples and making mutts but its wrong to take it out on the kid its not like they can do anything about it

>> No.37062734

please continue

>> No.37062740

yeah there we go

>> No.37062741

you can take the girl out of a trailer park, but you cant take the trailer park out of a girl

>> No.37062743

Women who do the "'i'm not like the other girls' spiel aren't worth the effort

>> No.37062747

black women are made for black monster cocks only. WH*TY clitties begone!

>> No.37062749

true true
to be honest basic girls are the best

>> No.37062750
File: 7 KB, 830x73, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.37062754

you can wash it out fool

>> No.37062757

1/3rd of the way from collecting every spirit in smash
sigh they're such a downgrade from trophies

>> No.37062758

you should have seen all the posturing and shit talking she did just to be exactly like them lmaoo

>> No.37062762

yh imagine asking og for a paizuri and shes all hazukasii rubbing the d against her non existent breast while trying her best to please you
nah. woman with a decent breasts are chill and hanako is chill

>> No.37062763

those are just anonymous posts...!

>> No.37062765

trannyspeak detected

>> No.37062771

wrong. black women love being submissive for me

>> No.37062773

sorry to bear bad news but literally every girl believes they are special and different
the key to sleeping with one is to go along with it no matter how basic they are

>> No.37062774

imagine taking a buzzword label like 'racist' this seriously

>> No.37062776


>> No.37062777

sounds hotter to rub a huge 11" dick against a flat chest than to see a tiny dick buried between some huge breasts.

>> No.37062784

cis women have clits incel bro

>> No.37062786

11 is too big

>> No.37062790 [DELETED] 

to be fair, i made peace with brown basement dwelling brs
i realized they were part of a djt falseflag campaign led by jamal

>> No.37062792

bringing the thread back on topic. You guys did watch the en girls play among us right??

>> No.37062793

calling a dick a "clitty" is feminization fetish tranny lingo

>> No.37062795

jamal dont run shit around here, i do

>> No.37062797

i did it was a little awkward hearing gura get so heated

>> No.37062800

Get a life incel

>> No.37062801

english language videos are no more on topic that whoreshaming

>> No.37062809

Japanese clitty... jlitty

>> No.37062811

og redemption arc
if you need me ill be simping
ah sorry i dont hang with trannies much

>> No.37062815

i hate gura so much

>> No.37062816

t. dicklet

>> No.37062818

> whoreshaming
whats up with all these buzzwords right now lol

>> No.37062822

imagine flitting a boijlitty and seeing jizzy comimg out of it

>> No.37062823

be patient with her she has autism

>> No.37062824

i only jp holos for immersion

>> No.37062829

those og posts are pretty entertaining if nothing else

>> No.37062834

fool we all do

>> No.37062838

do you happen to be from india?

>> No.37062840

this is an esl thread sweaty

>> No.37062844

troons ruined the hotness of cute guys fucking each other

>> No.37062851

lmao how did you know?

>> No.37062862

there is nothing more manly than making a guy cum from only fucking him

>> No.37062863

brazil actually
before you call me esl ill let you know we are white

>> No.37062867

was playing smash with the boys earlier and one of the epic quotes of the nights was "HEHEH want me hold him down while you fuck him bro" and there's just something inexplicably hilarious about one guy holding down another man while another guy fucks him

>> No.37062868

is there a japanese dub of squid game? that main girl is hot

>> No.37062870

so? i don't come here to post about rare english words i came across last week while reading a victorian era novel.

>> No.37062872

only if you have contempt for the guy you are immasculating in such a way

>> No.37062879

>show bob and vagene

>> No.37062880

mined "immasculating"

>> No.37062881

look at the state of brazil lol. you guys arent white

>> No.37062882

having one italian ancestor does not make you "white", joão

>> No.37062885

i want to inmasculate some manko

>> No.37062887 [DELETED] 

emasculating i meant
fucking esls

>> No.37062892

only poltroons use this word

>> No.37062893

wonder if og says tintin or tinpo

>> No.37062900

does this board even have jannies?

>> No.37062901

fuck guess i gotta edit that card now

>> No.37062904

dont @ me scum i remember those conquer and kill posts you made all the while laughing and standing on the graves of dead children

>> No.37062905

i lover emasculating young fresh まんこ

>> No.37062906

chinko cause ikj

>> No.37062909

vtnc, para de ser cabaço fdp

>> No.37062915 [DELETED] 

most latinos are of part mednigger, part amerindian, and part sub saharan african ancestry. for them, having at least two iberian ancestors counts as being "blanco/branco", so never believe them if they claim to be "white".

>> No.37062925


>> No.37062926

yeah, i literally stood on those graves, gloating
while posting a hypothetical on 4chan lol
i also have iron teeth to chew the bones of children

>> No.37062930

oi irmãos

>> No.37062936

4bbc just let it go, ogs iq is like 40 points above yours

>> No.37062947

imagine how cute 4bc would be if not for his unyielding nature caused by extreme autism
he literally cannot let go of a single datum and has to somehow exist like that
i feel bad for him

>> No.37062948 [DELETED] 

i wish i were 100% black so i could apply for refugee status in sweden and get swedish women to open up their legs for me. i could make even the shittiest doodles or poems and still get some art critic to laud my work for reflecting reality for a post-colonial disenfranchised person living in an oppressive community or some other gay post-modern shit like that. why couldn't i be born black and muslim?

>> No.37062952

id rather die with my pride intact desu

>> No.37062954

bet you would if you got the chance
弱肉強食 am i right

>> No.37062955


>> No.37062963

honestly wish the latina i used to date was a little browner but she was nearly white

>> No.37062968

og is objectively a bad person

>> No.37062971

reminder that anybody who tells you to go back to /pol/ is a projecting /pol/ immigrant

>> No.37062973

if you deny the reality of nature, you are just showing how naive and idealistic your sheltered life has been
i dont have to like it to accept it
you think i like being "racist" and culpable for wrongthink as a social creature obsessed with people liking me?? (irl, anyway)

>> No.37062975

bros og is actually really based
4bbc is such a ledditor lmao

>> No.37062983


>> No.37062984

hate both of them

>> No.37062985 [DELETED] 

alright then die trash

>> No.37063000

4bc needs to work at a strip club to gain some life experience, bro

>> No.37063004

both of them are pretty pathetic. imagine being so much of a weak retard that you use a general thread originally meant for learning japanese as your personal "bro lemme tell you what i got in my mind" space.
Imagine being obsessed with politics but being too much of a beta cuck to make your own thread on /pol/.

>> No.37063016

Reminder that if you care about normalfag issues, you should go back to r/politics, r/news, or Facebook groups for Boomers.

>> No.37063019

bro he would get murdered on his first day
wed read about it in the news
>foaming at the mouth beginner bartender gets pummeled to death in bizarre bar fight
>i have no idea what it even was about, kind just kept going at whomever, something about flashcarda and his iq or something...

>> No.37063020

all djt personalities are basically lolcows drawn un by the allure of japanese and we get front row seats to the entertainment
pretty great honestly

>> No.37063023

man, i missed this
i had a fun year here, honestly
too bad im too busy and djt is getting too different to be worth living in anymore

>> No.37063030
File: 13 KB, 1029x900, Pocket Monsters - Pikachu (Japan) (SGB Enhanced)-211023-220526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I picked Pokemon Yellow for my first piece of "reading" material and everything was fine for a minute but then I just went on autopilot and beat the game as normal. I wasted two and a half hours and learned nothing.

>> No.37063031

actually id said i wont make those kind of posts at her i cant break my word so i deleted that last one
i just linked something from the archives thats it im not part of whatever dumb conversation you guys are having right now

>> No.37063033

>imagine being such a retarded simp giving money to skank whores shaking her ass at everyone, lmao
>4bbc no.. just... be quiet bro...

>> No.37063037

everyone acts like i am obsessed with politics when its usually me just giving a hot take on a topic thats already going and suddenly its
"everyone hated that"
and im suddenly /pol/ over the same stupid offtopic shit thats always going on here

>> No.37063040

did that hypothetical hurt

>> No.37063044

maam this is a wendys

>> No.37063058

maam this is ankis

>> No.37063061


>> No.37063065

Ankis sounds like the name of a Greek souvlaki place.

>> No.37063068

maam this is mucus

>> No.37063079

og and 4bc first date

>> No.37063080

hey guys wanna go to ankis to go for some gyros, greek fries, greek rice, and greek salad? i'll pay for the drinks.

>> No.37063090

might hate zoomers as much as i hate djt personalities
still undecided on that, but there arent many parts of 4chan i even can tolerate anymore

>> No.37063097

no thx imma go to supermemos for a superburger and superfries

>> No.37063099

try a, a is pure kino

>> No.37063105

make sure you tell them supersize me

>> No.37063108

now you understand why its pointless to care about any of this shit
this site is a festering corpse

>> No.37063112



>> No.37063117

the best board on 4chan is /trash/ because /trash/ can never fail at being what it is meant to be.

>> No.37063119

you are supposed to honk and laugh bro

>> No.37063122

zekkou desu

>> No.37063125

sorry, they only got 1980s ethiopian famine-sized portions

>> No.37063131

then why don't you go to another site?

>> No.37063138

the concept of a "site" itself is basically dead
this is all thats left of the old internet

>> No.37063139

left that board ages ago already
starting to spend more time on small altchans i know zoomers havent heard of and its been fun but the old days are long gone for sure

>> No.37063146

thats just what happens when you turn 30

>> No.37063151

thats a cope
old people and moms are using tiktok

>> No.37063158

just fuck off somewhere else if you don't like it.
>I hate 4chan but I refuse to look into any alternatives because I'm 100% certain that other sites are worse than this one
Why are 30 year old Boomers like this?

>> No.37063160

give a single good alternative
just 1
ill wait

>> No.37063166

maybe if you hate people you should just not use any kind of social website

>> No.37063171

she isnt talking about those who blindly follow current trends in a deseperate attempt to maintain relevancy in a world that is moving on from the one you know, she is talking about those that linger in the world they once knew, only to find it more and more devoid of life and the things that made them love their world
youll understand when you get older anon

>> No.37063172

i thought this guy couldnt read english lol

>> No.37063173


>> No.37063183

that's just the backwards looking boomer mindset

>> No.37063187

ive lived through many times and this is not the same thing as before
i know that sounds cliche, but shit really is different in a sick way

>> No.37063190

hav u tried 9gag and funwa iv herd theyr breddy phunny

>> No.37063191

>woe is me

>> No.37063192

dont say we didnt warn you; one day the bell will toll for thee

>> No.37063194

problem is people forgot its supposed to be fun
lots of angry autists overflowing the sites now that they got ran out of everywhere else
they don't understand humor, they don't understand lulz or the place, and they just sperg idiotically about whatever crusade they have going in their heads, here of all places
its gonna sound weird but b, a, and even pol used to be a lot of fun
now its all angry autists doing things out of malice and hatred and forgetting everyone ehre is supposed to be bros
hate to see it
it was all supposed to be about lulz
lulz all the way down
not even gonna go into the astroturfing

>> No.37063196

just another reason why imouto is a disingenuous piece of shit

>> No.37063208

shut the fuck up

>> No.37063209

this site is for autistic people. you probably got lost on your to leddit or facebook

>> No.37063214
File: 22 KB, 434x706, 1635053689285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you dont think this is funny, theres something wrong with your funny detector

>> No.37063216

a lot of it was to do with the astroturfing and simple generation changes
zoomers cant afford to do everything for the lulz in the world they live in, i sort of get it. you either pick an army or get steamrolled in the culture war

>> No.37063224

case in point
imouto is a joke, autists
of course imouto is one of us
but you get triggered autists who don't get it, randomly sperging at one of the anons who is actually on topic, actually makes good posts, and who actually either is teying, or knows japanese

imouto is fucking based

>> No.37063227 [SPOILER] 
File: 23 KB, 400x400, 1635053820058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ebic joke

>> No.37063232

imagine coming to 4chan of all places and complaining about "autists" lol

>> No.37063242

i said stfu

>> No.37063243

just read ダンケ男系レボリューション
really compelling content

>> No.37063248 [SPOILER] 
File: 25 KB, 400x400, 1635053910632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

le funni mem imuhj

>> No.37063256 [SPOILER] 
File: 26 KB, 500x566, 1635053992499.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37063263

the autism thing itself was always a joke anon
4chan was full of super high iq people with high social intelligence and charisma, which is why essentially all memes and culture began/begin here
the autism thing was itself a joke and a term of endearment about the single minded focus anon had on whatever was lulzy at the time
it didn't mean the place was full of humorless antisocial retards
i guess actual autists wouldn't understand any of that tho

>> No.37063264 [SPOILER] 
File: 16 KB, 400x400, 1635054071537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha i get it

>> No.37063273
File: 584 KB, 640x750, sothis_girl_enthroned_slide01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those nintendo bastards can't keep getting away with this

>> No.37063280
File: 26 KB, 384x381, 126894136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished reps... too tired to immerse. Goodnight djt friends

>> No.37063283 [SPOILER] 
File: 26 KB, 400x400, 1635054147834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

indian people are the best humorists in the world!

>> No.37063287

no shes right though, you just think 4chan has always been autism haven
the entire internet used to feel like magic as people started making all sorts of crazy and innovative sites. everything from a forum dedicated to collecting virtual stickers to "totally true" declassified military documents proving gray extraterrestrials exist to ebaums world and newgrounds and of course 4chan
everything used to be so much fun back then, thinking about the old days makes me truly sad, we lost something more special than any of us realized at the time

>> No.37063308

true females ruined this place

>> No.37063309

again they will never even get it
man those were good days
goatse, closing pools, boxxy, ebaums was here, that really happened, shops, and even maddox was fun
ah well
cheers bro, as long as someone remembers the world that was, it lives

>> No.37063325

>my days good current times bad
yeah yeah we hear you grandpa

>> No.37063329

We didn't lose anything. Everything just became a lot more centralized and people went from having 20 sites that they frequently browse to having only one or two main sites that they browse. Nowadays you can see more of everything on the front page of Reddit or on any big board on 4chan (/pol/, /int/, etc.) than what you'd be able to get by looking through huge collections of old books. People have become numb to "amazing" and "spectacular" stuff.

>> No.37063333

nah it was just a place full of gore, pedos, psychopaths and all kinds of fucked up shit

>> No.37063446


>> No.37063553






>> No.37063579


>> No.37063627
File: 49 KB, 688x516, mpv-shot0491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

avistaz sign up is open bros

>> No.37063671


>> No.37063672

that's not him. that's me. and i only call it "stealing" if people call what matt did "stealing". i'm fine with people copying a methodology and making tweaks and monetizing it. that's what khatz did with antimoon and what matt did with ajatt.

>> No.37063710

genki is a fine recommendation though

>> No.37063728
File: 1.94 MB, 1486x872, fail line.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol @ this save screen

>> No.37063738

there was a wild west feeling to the internet that i feel deeply nostalgic about.

>> No.37063746
File: 103 KB, 634x713, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ajatt is not antimoon

antimoon says "get a lot of input"
but everyone says that

ajatt is the most extreme version of that
as the name says all japanese ALL the time

he tells you to do passive listening and listen to white noise. basically do everything in japanese as much as you can

>> No.37063751
File: 279 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when a southern girl from the united states speaks with a southern accent it's such a turn on for me

what did she mean by this?

>> No.37063755

khatz himself didn't literally do all japanese all the time as he played sports, had a part time job, and was in college. it's just a mindset/motivational philosophy, which is actually another reason it sucked because his writing style was cringe. anyway his advice is not practically different from "get a lot of input".

>> No.37063782

many ありがとう 兄貴

>> No.37063799


>> No.37063820

wtf i just watched the first half of that video like 20 minutes ago because i had the tab open for a few days after an anon posted it in this thread and i took note of that comment she made about southern accents but got kinda mad and wanted to clobber her in the face. anyway, what a coincidence

>> No.37063828

anon please don't hurt misa sensei just cuz shes yuri

>> No.37063849

careful guys we have a badass over here

>> No.37063868

i know i'm not a badass and i can't act out my thoughts, but i do have these thoughts.

>> No.37063872


>> No.37064055


>> No.37064088

lmk when animebytes is open so i can get my account back after the retarded midget got me banned

>> No.37064150

dame i remember when ab had open signups 24/7 and all you had to do was write a few surface level sentences on how much you love cowboy bebop n shit and you were guaranteed to get in

>> No.37064180


i saw the video twice. in fact i might watch again tomorrow.

in fact i was the person who posted it yesterday

>> No.37064193

i always watch japanese-related things three times

>> No.37064224

so in きょうとthey say なにしてはるの

in おさか they say なにしてんねん

>> No.37064228
File: 563 KB, 2095x2674, NOT_ALL_THE_TIME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AJATT was always a misleading scam

>> No.37064261


listening japanese while you are sleep sounds like some pseudo scientific method for japanese learning
i guess listening to japanese while you fall asleep is reasonable but while you are asleep?

>> No.37064268


>> No.37064269


listening to japanese while you are asleep*

>> No.37064472

then why would khatz whoop your metaphorical japanese ass after 2 years?

>> No.37064600


>> No.37064921

got in the last time they were open, still looking to get into ab tho, also rip ciaran

>> No.37064954

i'll be lucky to get to 61

>> No.37064959

is that nichinose from maison ikkoku?

>> No.37065189

the rickshaw guy speaks better japanese than english lol but s