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Can I eat you?

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why would you want to Yuka?

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Get the fuck out Food Anime.

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Food anime? the hell is that?

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Again? I'm getting fucking tired of you asking, Yuka.

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Why does she ask first? Everyone all ways said no.. she should just do it all ready.

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Come on OP, we just had this thread last night

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To put it simply, he's the one making these shit threads.

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If Yuka can't eat you can I?

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those threads are why yuka isn't higher on the popularity polls.
seriously, she is nice, but stop forcing her down our troats, because i, too, want her to get a better place. and playable in the next IN, along with wriggle.

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Whenever I try to search the archive for all the times this picture has been posted, it comes up empty. Try it. Click "View Same". Is there something wrong with this picture?

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only if you let me eat you first

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Start from my dick.
Be gentle.

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Who cares about polls.

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You should know better. Every time someone says "be gentle," they get the opposite.

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I thought Yuka was in the top 10.

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>Implying that it is possible for Yuka to be more popular if she is never mentioned.


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popularity helps at getting playable.
look at 12.3

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Rough blowjob is fine too.
We both know that she would eat my sperm instead of me.

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How much higher could she possibly be? Seriously.

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Really? I can eat you?

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oops, my bad.

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just do it all ready! jeeze! Before I get bored.

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If you say so...

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Come on!

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lol deleted

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I don't feel myself being eaten yet..

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yes. whan i state a wrong fact, i delete it.

I don't, say, repeat it over and over untill everyone in /jp/ believes it.

but that's just me.

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I just went looking for that "Yuka's meal" copypasta, but discovered that it seems to have been erased from existence.


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Perhaps it never existed.

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He's using a slightly altered image each time he posts the thread.

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Get the fuck away from me, Yuka. You stink like shit. And cut your nails you fucking hag. Learn some proper hygiene.

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you see, that is why /jp/ does not allow roleplaying.

anyway, your resistance only makes her penis harder.

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>that is why /jp/ does not allow roleplaying.

Because they make fun of your favorite character?

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Because of the swearing, obviously

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It's not slightly altered, or else there would only be one image in the search results on the archive (the slightly altered one).

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