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This is Mystia,

on a motorcycle.

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This is Mystia

With a guitar.

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Mystia, you can fly. You do not need a motorcycle.

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She needs a motorcycle to help carry supplies to her shop. They are very heavy so she cannot fly with them.

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This is Mystia.

She's pissed off.

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But Mystia can fly.
Why would she need a motorcycle?

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Did those kids just bash a nest of baby birds to death with a stick?
That's fucked the hell up. Who does that, besides future serial killers?

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This is Mystia.

She's a slut.

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unfortunately thats pretty normal behaviour these days

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kids who've been abused.

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This is Mystia.

In tiny panties.

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I don't think I like Mystia. Not at all.

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This is Mystia,

singing loudly.

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But then, a motorcycle is not a suitable means of transporting things. She should get a cart or...a motorcycle cart thing. They have those, right?

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Would you like her with some eels, as replacement for some dicks?

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This is Mystia

with her friends.

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This is Yuyuko,

eating Mystia.

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This is Mystia,

with a friend.

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Whose friend?! Not hers!

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This is Mystia,

forced into cannibalism.

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This is Mystia

with frien-

wait happen.

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This is Mystia

in a band.

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I could really go for an egg now.

Cirno, the bug you're trying to swat is to your right.

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This is Mystia,

oh wait that's not Mysita, it's Marisa.

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This is Mystia.

She's sad...

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It's just that artist. His porn sucks.

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This is Mystia,
receiving a kiss.

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This is Mystia,

she has disgusting tumours.

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post the damn picture... if you please

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Mystia painting Yuyuko

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fuck that


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This is Mystia,

her tumors are gone.

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This is mystia, about to die.

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This is mystia, dead.

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This thread has a terrible hatred of Mystia.

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This is Mystia

Felling good.

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But can she cook spaghetti?

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lol nazrin

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/jp/ doesn't like good touhous

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This is mystia, cooking spaghetti.

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>This is Mystia
...It is?

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/jp/'s likes change depending on which touhou the people that actually make threads are obsessing over.

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Those are attractive tumors....

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This is Mystia

preparing to vomit up chocolate for you.

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I don't follow.

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i'd boldly accept

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Where are you having difficulties? I can't help you understand if you won't tell me what you can't understand.

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Nevermind. Was reading "/jp/'s likes change" as
"/jp/ enjoy's change" instead of "what /jp/ likes changes."
Agreed, for the record.

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More people should make threads. If you don't see a thread you like, make one. I'm certain some of you do not do this.

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I would have to make new threads every time I visit /jp/.

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This is Mystia,

she is learning about religious tolerance.

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>>4676798 these days
That's been normal behavior pretty much always; kids hanging or drowning kittens was common and unstigmatized during the Middle Ages.

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Wizard Sign "Phoenix Egg"
User: Chen
Notes: Seen in places like scarcely traveled roads
Reference Level: I'm concerned about the eggs.
A spell card that flings bird eggs. Danmaku is formed from these eggs making what you could say is a "simple" kind of attack.
Rather than the power of a youkai cat, it's the power of the eggs. She's a cat after all.

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