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Show up to the Hakurei Shrine Festival with two powerful magicians I haven't committed to.
What do?

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> What do?
post /b/ shit ofc

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This do.

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Get reported for shitposting.

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This should be obvious.

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Cast level 7 magipenis

Ditch witches, bang Reimu

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Magic penis? That reminds me of a story.

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Use your guns to conquer the human village.

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Lesbian threesome.

Alice grinding on your crotch, Patchouli on your mouth.

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Reimu will get mad, ze

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>Patchouli on your mouth

What would Patchu taste like?

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Like Patchouli[/spoiler

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Then include her.

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Maybe she's been taking notes from her yukkuri version and has applied some delicious vanilla frosting.

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>Alice grinding on your crotch

Marisa's magic mushrooms make it much more than mere moist muff mashing.

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Does the appearance of Marisa's muscular mushroom mean the manuscript-loving magician will also manifest her own meaty monopod for Marisa to place her mouth upon?

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Pachouli/Alice is the best love.

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Marisa Alice is small time.

Genderswapped Rinnosuke and Genderswapped Marisa is where its at.

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But Alice is a weirdo.

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ditch em /u/ style OP,
pass it off as if you're just both their friends, and take steps to get them together like a loving couple. then you and Reimu can engage in delicious Master/Slave play as much as you like.

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Alice is the best

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the best pairing

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But Marisa wants to thrust herself into as many girls as possible, she could never be anchored down to just one.

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No she doesn't, if she did she wouldnt be here asking for our beta vagina's for help, she would be chaining those girls up, collaring them, and making them painfully accept their place as her slaves. Alpha as fuck touhous don't ask /jp/ for advice on their sexual relationships.

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Yeah but OP isn't Marisa, only Alice goes on /jp/.

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Rinnosuke laid on the bed, still perplexed with the lack of his genital return. Marisa, too, was dumbfounded for the spell’s effects only effecting herself. Rinnosuke was still under the effect of the mushroom elixir, however, not as heavily as he was during coitus. His head was clouded and body writhed in the excess of love and filth when Marisa spoke up.

“Look, I’ll go talk to Patchy, she’ll know how to fix this, you stay here and rest up, and shower too, you smell like my dick, well, your dick” She turned and left the room. Rinnosuke tried to watch her and assure that she didn’t take anything from the store, however, he could not move from the dicking he received and gave up shortly. Marisa walked the store selecting the items she needed, liquor, aphrodisiacs, and the wide assortment of phallic tools Rinnosuke kept around. She grabbed a few bottles and penile-shaped objects, as well as the Kama Sutra tome, stuffing them in her new set of clothes, and unlocked the door. Upon opening the door, she realized she did not have the ability to lock the door, which presented a new conundrum. However, like her previous escapades, she said “Fuck it” and walked out anyways, without a care in the world. At first she considered finding Patchouli, however, the young man she deceived would not be happy with her, especially after the brutal rape by Mei-Ling. She chose the only other wizard who would be able to help; Alice Margatroid.

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Although she had not been on good terms with Alice after the use of one of her dolls to shave her pubic hair, she could not bear going to Patchouli, who would undoubtedly demand for the Kama Sutra tome back. She chose the former, and began her way to Alice’s house to discuss with her, among other things, how to restore Rinnosuke’s dick. The path to her home was rather short, however, the fact that she was carrying booze and dildos made for an unneeded burden. “Rinnsouke owes me one, getting him his dick back.” She mumbled “This is worth at least all the things I stole, excluding his dick.” She cracked open the Kama Sutra tome until she arrived at Alice’s home at the edge of the Forest of Magic. Like the door to Kourindou, she did not care for locks or subtlety, prompting her near-destruction of the doorway.

“Hey-yo Alice! I’m gettin’ hairy, wheres Shanghai?!” She shouted. A shifting came from the workshop

“OH GOD DAMN IT!” A voice shouted “NO, YOU STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM SHANGHAI.” The stairs began to slam, as Marisa hid around the corner. The second she heard the landing drop Marisa took a strong backhand to the stairs, which collided with the face of a young girl. She fell to the foot of the steps unconscious from the smack, as Marisa also turned the corner. She felt remissive that now Alice would be much more pissed once she woke up, so she began tying her up with the strings she used for her dolls, which were durable and numerous. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that Alice was not wearing any undergarments, and had strapped a vibrator to her clitoris. Marisa took out the Kama Sutra tome and began to shift through the pages.

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sorry, those pictures with your words aren't doing much to convince me Marisa wouldn't relish touhou cock brutally pounding her and reimu's submissive pussies

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“Penis, penis...” she repeated, as she flipped through the pages, however, a small doll interrupted her reading. It was a doll dressed in light-blue with a red ribbon tied around her hair.
“Shanghai!” She gleefully yelled “Get over here!” She scooped up the defenseless doll, and brought her to her face. “I need you to do me a favor, remember what I had you do last time?” The doll nodded, and took out the razor Alice equipped her with. She dropped her dress and allowed Shanghai to nick away at her pubic area. The thin razor took down the bushel of hair she had grown, and left nothing but a well-shaven area. She rubbed her crotch, and stated “Fuck yeah, Shanghai, you always do the best shave, too bad Alice doesn’t use you more often.” Upon saying that, she thought about what she said, and lifted up Alice’s skirt. “Shit! It’s like a jungle down here!” She exclaimed as she rubbed the soft tussels of hair that surronded Alice’s vagina. “Shanghai, mind doing this one for Alice? She really needs it, I don’t care if she hasn’t fucked since god knows when, theres a point she needs to cut it” Shanghai obliged, whipping at the plentiful hair around her vagina. Her autonomous hair-cutting ability was precise and swift, leaving nothing but a minuscule stubble. Shanghai stopped, finished with Alice’s lawn mowing, and turned back to Marisa. She flipped Alice’s skirt and aired out the large excess of hair that fell from her pubic region, and began to rub her smooth crotch. While rubbing, an idea occurred to her.

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“Hey, Shanghai, think she’ll forgive me if I give her this?” She pulled a phallic object out of her pocket. Shanghai disagreed through head movements. “Oh? How about now” She reached down to the Kama Sutra tome and flipped to the page she was on before Shanghai interrupted her. “Magic typpið koma til lífs, að ríða þessum leggja í” A red glow like before filled the room, and the dildo sprung to life, almost like Shanghai. “Hold this for a second Shanghai” She handed the magic cock off to Shanghai, who could only hold it by gripping on to it with all fours. It began to rub against the Doll’s chest and between the breasts, disregarding her size and material. Marisa bent over Alice, and began to tap her face. A large bruise was left on her cheek from where she hit her, and as such Marisa avoided touching that spot.
“Alice, hey, Alice” She moved slightly “Alice, I found a tasty dick for you” Alice’s eyes sprung open, and gazed around. Marisa grabbed the magic dildo and placed it in her skirt, Shanghai still attached. It began to push open Alice’s disused opening, and penetrate the dry and dull hole. She winced at the dry pressure, and attempted to break her bonds, but to no avail. Marisa gripped the base of the dildo and removed it, allowing Alice to think straight.

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“Marisa! You fucking bitch I’ll tear out your ovaries and put them in Shanghai if you ever break in to my house again!” She screamed. Marisa slammed the magic cock back in to her dry pussy as deep as it could, Alice screamed at both the pain and pleasure, and Marisa removed the dildo once more. “God damn it why are you doing this?! You want my fucking books? Take them, fuck it, you punch me in the face and rape me I don’t give a fuck anymore”

“Well, I did shave you too, Jungle-bitch.” She scowled, preparing the now-vibrating magic dick, which Alice winced towards.

“For what? So you could rape me without hair in the way?” Marisa moved the Magic dick towards her pained orifice. “Please don’t! At least lubricate it if you do that!”

“I’ll shove this back in unless you help me with something” She prepared the mystic phallus for insertion when “I need you to help me find a dick, although, in retrospect you’re the worst person to ask”

“What makes you think I can help you? Can’t you find enough dicks, you fucking slut?”
Marisa chucked the Dildo at Alice’s face, nailing her in the eye.

“Because, I stole it from Rinnosuke, and then promptly lost it, he doesn’t have a dick at the moment”

“You fucking lost it?” Alice said, recovering from the dildo to the eye. “Fine, I’ll help you get the dick, but I get to fuck him once we find it.”

“That reminds me” Marisa brought out her book again “I stole this from Patchouli, it lists quite a sum of sex magic, I thought you’d be interested” Alice’s eyes lit up, the words ‘sex magic’ resonating in her ears. “It’s got this one spell, basically makes your junk a swirling black hole that fucks everything”

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“Like you” Her rude remark caused Marisa to begin reading “That was a jo...”

“hóra hóra svarthol tík. Taktu 500 Tittlingur!” Marisa finished reading, and the room began to glow red once more. Alice wrenched back, her genitals dripping wet and her back arching. She began to pant with heavy breath, writhing around on the floor. She managed to grab the possessed manhood with her mouth and hand it to Marisa, although it had attempted to jump down her throat at the time.

“So, hows it feel?” Marisa grinned, knowing she held the only sort of pleasure for Alice.

“Nnh, fuck, cocks, now, me” Is all she could manage, or a variation involving coitus.

“Well, I’m really tired, so you have fun, I’m going to go pass out for a minute” Marisa stood up and began to walk away, dick in hand. Alice rose to her knees, her feet bound, and hopped after Marisa in attempt to snatch the spellbound shaft from here. She was begging like a dog, in great desperation and in sex-driven pants.

“Alice, fuck, now, please” She managed again.

“You want the boner? You want it? Go get it!” She threw it down the hall, and Alice hopped after it in heavy breathes and leaps.
“I’m borrowing your couch by the way” as she slumped down on the couch. She had grown tired of a life of constant rape of others, and needed to rest. She heard Alice mount the enchanted pecker in a shout of ecstasy and glee. She began to fall asleep as she heard Alice finish, on the floor to be exact. She scratched at the stubble left by Shanghai’s razor and passed out after her long day of rape.

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But my Marisa wants to impregnate every girl in Gensokyo.

I do not accept your feminine Marisa.

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But Alice would post threads like: I have to go to a thanksgiving party but conversations with things that aren't completely under my control make me nervous. How do I gain complete control over the partygoers, /jp/?
And: yesterday a lost human came to my house rather than getting eaten by various youkai. He wants to fuck.

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That was actually the end of that specific story, however, I'm merging it with the other story I've been writing (https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B1VZ0PDdb4qzYjdiZTg4NGUtODVlMi00OTRlLWJhYmEtYmY5Y2JmMmI5NGY1&h
And that chapter is done, which I will post now.

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Rinnosuke sunk back in to a sleep as Sakuya walked in to the main room. Remilia took my hand and led me out of the room with a look of disappointment on her face. Sakuya cracked open the door as she realized that they too would not be able to lock the door. She shut it abruptly and walked back to Rinnosuke’s bedroom.

“Remilia, I think it’s best I stay here, and make sure Marisa doesn’t come back.” She took a seat next to the bedside.

“If she comes back, insert an item resembling phallic manhood in to her rectum” Patchouli said sternly. She turned, opened the door, and walked in to the street. I opened up the umbrella and followed her, Remilia right behind me. With Patchouli’s slow walk, and Remilia clinging to my hand under the umbrella, the walk was considerably long. We arrived to a large home with the door kicked in at the edge of the forest. Patchouli was the first to walk in, finding hair scattered on the floor. She scrapped up some and took a smell of it, wrenching back at the stench. A small doll began to climb up Patchouli’s dress and wedge itself between her breasts. It’s small hand extended to the back room, where a small trail of liquid led. Patchouli followed it, pushing open a door, and finding on the floor a small blond girl, being penetrated by a possessed dildo. She looked exhausted and far away, somewhat like Rinnosuke. Patchouli reached down and took the phallus out of her, her entire body slipped back.

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“Get her on the bed” Remilia tugged at me. I approached the shambled girl, scooped her up, and placed her on the bed, her excessive juices dripped on my arm. Patchouli approached her, with the doll climbing out of her shirt. Patchouli took the dildo and inspected it, whilst it attempted to writhe from her hand like a snake.

“This is definitely done by my book. By proxy, Marisa did this.” She looked down at Alice. “Shanghai, where is she?” She asked the small doll. It once again pointed to the other room, and went back to tending to Alice. We entered the main room and looked on the couch, a slothful young lady was laying lazily with her dress pulled up, exposing her freshly-shaven pubic area. Patchouli walked over to the door, and shut it as gently as she could and began to undress. I feared for my anus for what this meant, luckily she walked over to Marisa and placed the damp toy in to Marisa, she shook slightly as it entered and began waking up. Patchouli sat down on it as well, pushing it farther in to the both of them, knocking Marisa awake. In her daze, Marisa tried to push Patchouli off, but was only granted a hard thrust and Patchouli shoving her in to the couch. Patchouli stopped momentarily to inspect the stunned Marisa.

“Looks like the dicks on the other side, isn’t it Marisa?” She said confidently. “Now tell me, wheres my book? And wheres Rinnosuke’s dick?”

“Well, I have one, but I lost the other.” She managed out. “We were hoping you’d help us with the latter”

“Help? After you broke in, molested me, and took my book?” She protested. “You’re lucky I don’t have Remilia have the concubine fuck you in to stupor.” She, of course, was referring to me, however, Remilia’s grip tightened on my hand.

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“Hey, don’t drag my whore in to this, I’m the only one who gets to sell his dick” Remilia retorted “This is your problem, you deal with it with your dick.” She pointed to the still vibrating magic cock lying on the couch. Patchouli picked it up, and replaced it in Marisa, who was still in a bit of a daze from her rude awakening. Patchouli began to massage Marisa’s breast with one hand, and push a finger in to her open mouth with her second. The mystic shaft automated itself with no need for guidance. Remilia tugged again at my sleeve.

“Well, they’re having fun, why aren’t we?” She reddened in the face from embarrassment. Truth be told, watching a rapist get raped is one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen, and had already hardened at the sight. Remilia unzipped my pants to the sight of an erection popping out of the opening. What worried me was that she was not in direct sunlight or under water, and had full vampiric power which could tear my arms clean off in passion. My thoughts were drowned out as a tight ring formed around the head of my penis, suckling the blood-fueled flesh. I felt my legs giving in, however, there was no room on the couch. Remilia took my penis down as far as she could, pulling off to gasp for air. I picked her up by her armpits and took her to the couch. I positioned myself back to back with patchouli, who had fashioned a makeshift strap-on with the elemental erection. She continued where she had left off, attempting to take it in deeper each breath. At her deepest thrust, I lost my composure, and finished down her throat. She pulled it out quick enough to catch her breath and receive a small shower on her face and hair. Patchouli’s back stiffened and shudder momentarily, leaving a large wet spot on the couch. Remilia coughed up bit of white and took deep breaths.

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“Well, I’m satisfied with these results” Patchouli leaning against me.

“I’m... not...” Remilia managed between her coughs. I patted her head to comfort her, but she pushed me in to Patchouli. “No dog of mine is going to get all of the pleasure.” She turned around and told me to undress her, beginning with her dress. I slipped her out of her thin undergarments, tossing them to the side. Patchouli as well as turned around, and grabbed hold of my dick, guiding it between Remilia’s slit. Her soft chest on my back felt softer than any pillow I’d sat against, and her soft hands mixed with Remilia’s drenched vagina left me locked in ecstasy. With Patchouli’s guide, I pushed in to Remilia, who still had trouble breathing. I grasped her and pushed deeper in, with her small body tightening every inch. Patchouli had reached around again and had begun fondling both Remilia and I. Remilia placed her small hands on my hips and began to push herself, leaving my hands free. I took my sweet revenge on Patchouli, forcing my own fingers up her slender ass. She gripped my balls in an effort to loosen my fingers, but to no avail, as this was the only way to prevent her from using the same method on me again. Remilia let out a deep moan, which increased in volume and pitch, until she finally dropped her weight on me and silenced. I felt her tighten and push off, leaving a sticky mess on me and the couch. Patchouli was still holding on to my sack as I pulled my fingers out of her tight anus. I turned around, placed my shaft between Patchouli’s 2 balloons and finished for a second time. Remilia gripped her small arms around my waist, and pulled me back down. Marisa had long since fallen back in to a sex-exhausted coma not much different from my own. Patchouli fell back on to her and fell asleep. Remilia stood up from the couch and pulled at my collar.

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oh thats cute, maybe she even does have some small fantasies like that, but seriously, they're humans, they're like pet cats or dogs to youkai. they probably think its adorable the two got as far as they did, but they are still permanently children in their eyes, they still will die if you so much as poke them too hard with a knife. Marisa scrabbles her way to the top by stealing spells but she looks up to youkai too much to not realize almost all of them are superior to her in every way. and what better way to serve them than to collar herself and her loving best friend and work side by side to please their betters.

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“What? You thought you were done?” I sat flaccid on the couch, with Remilia standing before me covered in sweat and semen. “Lick me clean, and we’ll get going.” She tugged my collar towards her, as I licked her forehead clean of my own semen, swapping a kiss on the way down. Honestly, it was not as disgusting as I thought it would be, although Remilia enjoyed it much more than I did. After her face was clear of any foreign liquid, I reached towards my schlong, preparing to zip my pants up. She pulled me by the collar, cutting my circulation off and pulling me to the floor. “Come, we’ve got work to do” she pulled me along the floor, her strength showing itself. She drug me in to the kitchen and let go of my collar, letting me fall to the floor. I regained my balance, stood up, and rubbed my now sore neck.

“I’d like a creme dick with chocolate, you can cook right?” She asked. As rude as I may have thought it to go through someones fridge after they were raped, I could not deny Remilia’s wishes for risk of having my bones crushed and organs eviscerated. I opened the refrigerator, and found the necessary ingredients, pulling them from their placements. I placed my dick in a bowl, and took a large scoop of ice cream. I dropped it in the bowl, nearly freezing my member, however, I persevered and drizzled chocolate syrup on top. Remilia looked upon it with a great appetite, but I needed a finishing touch; whip cream.

>> No.6504030

I took a large glob to my near-frozen schlong, and presented it to Mistress Remilia. She did not use a spoon, opting to tongue up some of the melting ice cream instead. The freezing shrinkage was not only embarrassing, but painful as well, as I could no longer feel my shaft. She finally hit the sweet spot, both literally and figuratively, as she began to lick off the excess whip cream from the tip-downwards. Although I could not feel it, I could see my now-erect penis. Remilia continued her treat until she had finished off all of the real food, and moved on to what she considered the real treat. My metaphorical icicle felt as if it was thrust in to an oven, as Remilia reared back, holding her head.

“Nuuhn, brain freeze from dick...” She managed through her pain, waiting before she attempted again. She warmed back the feeling in my penis, as well as the feeling of climax. She pulled off and pointed my finish in to the bowl, along with the leftover liquid from the make-shift aphrodisiac. She took the bowl, and slammed it down with little hesitation. She took a second to regain her taste and breath before gripping me around the waist.
“Thanks for the meal!” She said appreciatively, hugging me at the waist. While dragging me, my pants had been pulled off and left in the hallway. With us both staunchly naked, I picked her up, and carried her in to the main room. Patchouli had fallen asleep in Marisa’s rack, and Shanghai tending to Alice, I sat on a large armchair and nuzzled Remilia, both of us exhausted from the orgy. At some point, I felt and heard her snores, prompting me to do the same. I slipped in to a snooze between Remilia’s nude body and the warm armchair.

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And done, I'll have chapter 7 done tomorrow.

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>Marisa! You fucking bitch I’ll tear out your ovaries and put them in Shanghai if you ever break in to my house again!
i didn't read the story but i lol'd when i read this line

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It has some pretty good parts, but I really do suggest reading parts of EroRemi, because of:
Vampire lolis
French Toast Fellatio
Anal violations
Drunk Chinese rape.

Marisa-Rinnosuke has:
Genderswap rape
Lost dick
Mushroom trippin' genderswap rinnosuke
Marisa slapping Alice.

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but i like alice

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Good, you'll like the next chapter then.

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No, I still don't accept it. Marisa is a mage with latent power and youkai are equals with humans in Gensokyo.

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What, is Alice made of the chocolate? Because thats Rumia.

>> No.6504085

I was subtly implying that Rumia is the superior short haired blonde Touhou but perhaps I should have said something to get that across.

>> No.6504089

>I’ll tear out your ovaries and put them in Shanghai if you ever break in to my house again!

Not too far from reality, there's an Egyptian deity, Meskhenet, who takes form as a woman wearing a cow's uterus as her hat, complete with ovaries. She'd be a good Touhou boss, shooting eggs from her ovary hat at you.

Of course, you play as Ba'al-Pe'or-chan, a little girl with a frilly dress, a silly hat and a penis for a tongue (Ba'al Pe'or had this, and his "worship" consisted of taking a shit on him. ) and defeat her by spitting semen back at her.

>> No.6504101

>tongue penis
holy shit those egyptians got their ideas from /d/!

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Uh, well, the more you know.

But you'd best count your dick before you'd think I'd write something that crazy.

Fucking Egyptians and their super-drugs.

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Are you saying Alice is male?

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your tsundere for it, I can tell, why else do you keep protesting while posting pictures of other girls molesting kirisame. Look at alice abuse that little witch.

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Dark age... Must... endure..

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