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Who's the most useless and irrelevant Touhou character?

Think a bit, this character contributed to absolutely nothing, has connections to nothing and just.. exists there.

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>Who's the most useless and irrelevant Touhou character?

There is no such thing. They're all important, that's why they're Touhous.

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Oh, you're talking about...

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Simply being a Touhou makes a character relevant. That's what Touhou is.

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Moonbitch number two from SSiB.

I was going to say Reisen 2.0 first because nobody likes her and she doesn't even have a name of her own, but she actually did some things in the comic, as inconsequential as they were.

But the Moonbitch Duo? She did nothing. She was so pointless to the story (which was bad to begin with) that I sometimes forget that there were two. I have no idea what her powers even were or what her name was.

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Rumia. In canon she's just a loner youkai floating around doing nothing much in particular, with plans to do nothing much in particular, after have done nothing much in particular.

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Technically every stage 1 boss ever, maybe except for nazrin.

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Letty and the Akis are pretty important, though.

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> Rumia has done nothing much in particular
She is the first youkai to play by the spellcard rules.

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I'd say it's a tie between bucket girl and the useless rabbit.

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Why would Yamame and Kisume be more important than Parsee?

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Maybe Cirno? But she's a fairy so I'm not sure if she counts.

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That's not a touhou.

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hay gaiz

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Useless devil, only good for tea.

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Every stage boss that has not a dialog or important role on nature

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Tokiko is so useless that nobady in this thread remembered her.

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basically has no appearances, for all intents and purposes does not exist.
She's barely above a fan creation

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Genji. No contest.

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You're kidding, right?
Without him Reimu wouldn't have done shit.

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She always had the power of flying, right?

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Shitty toehows?

In no particular order.

Alice. Marisa. Flandre. Sakuya. Almost everyone else.

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Any of the characters that don't appear in the games.

Probably a troll topic since Sanae is more important than the majority of the cast just for appearing in multiple games and being a playable character.

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No.. she couldn't fly until EoSD
Marisa could though.

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You're wrong OP, you should take that back. Sanae is a good girl.

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Sanae is good for cleaning dicks

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