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Would you physically abuse a touhou if the asked for it?

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I'd be too afraid they'd change their mind and then promptly eat me.

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She told me that she would rip my head off if I ever needed her to. That's love.

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No. I only like emotional, passionate battle when it comes to violence, although they'd probably decimate me at that.

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If you're in Genskyo that means you're already dead, what's there to be afraid of?

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You don't like emotional, passionate curbstompings?

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you have no idea, op

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Have you seen the way they treat ghosts in gensokyo? Although I wouldn't mind being Reimu's air-conditioner for a while.

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Corndog abuse

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No, not at all. Two people have to be giving it their all, exchanging blows, emotions and ideals clashing against each other, both individuals fighting on with a fire in their heart and giving it their all, with one being the victor. The two would fight against each other to bring out the best in each other, to improve each other, and rest and relax afterwards. Curbstomping doesn't do that, not for me at least.

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>Would you physically abuse a /jp/ if they asked for it?

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Which Touhou would you physically abuse?

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>Which /jp/ would you physically abuse?

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Eirin. There will be justice.

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Obviously you guys have never played Tenshi's Love Diary.

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What about the feeling of pleasure you get from laying down someone you care about, tying them up so they don't move, and nailing their limbs to the wooden floor? Not to mention the sheer joy in your heart as they twitch with agony from each strike of the hammer. Your pounding increasing at the same rate as their begging for you to stop, and a big grin of satisfaction when they finally go unconscious from blood loss.

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The ones that can't fight back. So... none. Maybe Rinnosuke but he could probably take me.

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Bleh. Gurofag's are up and about tonight.

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I dislike something so uneven and hurtful. To crush a person's spirit simply depresses me. I would disgust myself even more than I already do.

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Buck up. You're a better person than most of those around here.

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Seeing as how the mere mention of liking the R-18G tag is a week long banable offense, I believe this thread won't be around much longer.

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There's only one rulebreaking image in here.

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Might as well post the one touhou I wanted to beat up lately...

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...that's a little extreme.
Fucking new mod. Why is he so terrible?

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I concur. Seeing others in pain makes me feel terrible. There is no way I could hurt a Touhou even if she wanted it for some reason.

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Dem legs.

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Don't even think about it. You've still got something else to finish, remember?

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How the hell did she manage to shoot herself in the back with a bow?

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Being a disgusting pervert is no better. To cause such disrespect is no good. I also sometimes have the urge to beat sadists at their own game so that they may not inflict pain on others, although I wish to rid myself of that.

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I would if I could, even if they didn't ask. I'm into SM and they're durable, so it's not like I would be actually hurting them.

The problem is, they're also extremely overpowered, so unless some near-omnipotent cosmic entity grants me some proper superpowers (I'm fine with eating a god if needed), I'm not exactly in a position to do anything without a clearly expressed consent, now am I?

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God if this were real... Is it real?

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>You have been eaten by Tenshi

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We need more Touhou abuse in this thread.

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Don't worry, she likes it.

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It's not guro if there's no blood right?

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Remember, 100% consensual.

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in b4 depthbomb dump

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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Fucking hot!
got more of that stuff?

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yea i would! huehuehuehue

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Does tickling count?

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Only if she laughs so much that she begins to asphyxiate.

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I'm not an S&M person. At all. It kind of bothers me when Yuuka is portrayed in full-on sex dungeon mode, mutilating people as a casual hobby.

I rather liked this one, though. Works the sadism angle without compromising cuteness.

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Oh this is a suffering touhous thread now?

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Garbage, all of it. No Touhou would ask for that, only secondary Tenshi, and no one cares for that.

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Hence the reason why each Touhou who's done an incident becomes Reimu's friend after she beats them, possibly including SM with her gohei.

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But none of them would!

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Time to bring out the big guns.

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Big guns loose their oomph when they're posted a billion times.
I don't like Touhou guro, but I don't really care about depth bomb and her ilk anymore. Used to em.

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Who else apart from depthbomb does touhou guro?

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why is patchy mad at her, nothing seems to be a problem there...

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also what's that thing she's about to write on?

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Depth Bomb is good because she mutilates Touhous her husband likes. She's a real life yandere and not even 2D girls are allowed a chance to stain her husband's purity.

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Not really related, but I like this one.

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Hell, even I like it, it amuses me.

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