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Techniques of the selling writer(1965). I think Swains’s concepts of scene/sequel and motivation/reaction unit (MRU) are still solid. Are there other books that elaborate on these?

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Good guide books on wilderness survival and survivalism in general?

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idk why you're asking here, you'd porbably get better recommendations from >>>/out/

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>tfw iq in the high 120s
I'm king of the midwits it's great, meanwhile all you 130 fags are just small fish in the olympic pond

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yfw you made a thread humble bragging about being a midwit, would subtract 10-15 points for being low iq enough to make this thread

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What does this thread have to do with literature?

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Anyone memeing about IQs automatically has -30 points deducted at the very least.

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Thoughts on my prose, /lit/?

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>cliche in the first sentence
you are aesthetically doomed my friend

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Pretty bad, desu.

>we were all we were all (doing fuck all)
>everyone everyone (monotonous obscuration)
>I deserve the hedonism
This ranks up there with some of the most clunky phrases I have ever read
>put all my might into
This is a pathetic description of action. You removed all impact from the single action in the scene.

Everything about this sucks. I honestly would keep none of it. There is a total lack of precision and impact. It fails to accomplish any of the goals of conveying action, meaning, or feeling.

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Not OP but how do I learn to write prose?

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hey, you asked for it.

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Scepticism beats every other philosophical system and nobody can improve it or disprove it.

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this is a legit criticism though

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Have you read the book?

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It is a lazy and facile criticism if all you do is say
>oh, so you're into skepticism eh? Well, shouldn't you be skeptical of skepticism?
It's like those who go around saying
>you say everything is relative, but that's an absolute statement!
i.e. no shit. Congratulations, you can make obvious points. Now what? Do you have anything else to add to the conversation?

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you don't have a response to it though.

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You sound pretty assblasted, anon.

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jesus christ thanks for memeing me into greek tragedy, /lit/

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this song makes me think of jocasta hanging herself and oedipus stabbing his eyes out

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I really hate myself for enjoying these threads: OOOO GOD I HAAAAATE MYSELF, etc.

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>that scene when Agave's Dionysian madness wears off and she realizes she is touting around her own son's decapitated head, having ripped him limb from limb with the rest of the women

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this is def true if we're talking about like david foster wallace or whatver kind of crap is winning pulitzer or booker prizes nowadays

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just look at how baseded up this man is and he's not even a millennial, he's 61 fucken yreas old. jesus

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Books about how capitalism degenerates art and morality and causes decadence

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look momma, i posted it again

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The company I work at is so suffused with SJW shit, it's unreal. People lied so much when they said that this doesn't happen outside of university or the internet. It makes the world go around.

My company's internal company-wide web page is filled with Staceys and Beckys claiming they're disabled because they feel anxiety or some made up "mental health" shit, so that they can scoop up the attention whoring.

There is so much performative "woke" signalling and bs initiatives. You have to do this stuff to get promoted.

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Hint: workplace promotion is almost always 90% signalling bullshit. At your place it's fashionable SJW stuff, ten years ago it would have been whatever socia fad was trendy at the moment. Accept it and learn to use it or just keep a low profile and do minimal work. Your call.

Also, nice literature.

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You shouldn't take anxiety lightly, it can really ruin a person's life. It is, in fact, a disability.

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what book is this from?

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You ready for the antidote, bro?

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>Gradually, I began to hate them

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Post books that massively changed your perception of the world.

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Are you kidding? We charge him rent for lodging in his brain.

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Which is rather typical of them when you think about it.

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Stop trying to make Guenon a thing.

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im not a guenon poster. some of my other picks should make it obvious i have massive differences of opinion with guenon. i just think that book in particular is monumental. amazing stuff

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Good pick

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Is there a single fictional setting with the thematic and philosophical coherence, and beauty of Tolkien's Legendarium?

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Thank you anon.

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any single borges story and it's not even close as he's the vastly superior and more influential mid-century fantasist

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Theology of the catholic church

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epic multidirectional burn damn

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tolkien is overrated and I say that as someone who first read all the books when he was 12 and then read them again when I was like 16.

The eagles could've just flown the ring to mordor

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Thoughts on the Pistis Sophia?

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i'd like to piss dis sophia but only if she's hot

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Gnostics were the new age hippies of their age. Keep that in mind.

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>I flying jump kick him in the face knocking him in to the Thames
>I face slam him in to a bowl of spaghetti over and over til he dies
>I stick my foot out and let the blind faggot trip over lol
>He throws a weak punch, I catch it with one hand and choke him out with the other before sending my elbow in to his nose
>I put him in a headlock and break his neck
>I dodge his gay little greek sword and hit 5 different pressure points in 2 seconds killing him before he even hits the ground
>I dislocate his shoulder and throw him through a window
Donna Tartt
>She begs me to use the full nelson hold on her while fucking her anally, she commits suicide when I refuse
Mark Twain
>I smack him in the temple with my nun-chucks and he cries in the dirt while pissing himself
>I break his leg with a secret Muay Thai technique in front of Wyndham Lewis
Wyndham Lewis
>I knee him in the dick and burn his eyes out with cigarettes in front of Hemingway
George Orwell
>I chop him in to pieces and feed him to pigs
Charles Dickens
>Punch him unconscious, lay him in an elevator with his head sticking out the door and push the up button
Ann Frank
>I tip off the SS to her whereabouts
>I chop his legs off with a broadsword and force march him till he dies

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*solves religion*

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103:8.1.Although both science and philosophy may assume the probability of God by their reason and logic, only the personal religious experience of a spirit-led man can affirm the certainty of such a supreme and personal Deity. By the technique of such an incarnation of living truth the philosophic hypothesis of the probability of God becomes a religious reality.

103:8.2.The confusion about the experience of the certainty of God arises out of the dissimilar interpretations and relations of that experience by separate individuals and by different races of men. The experiencing of God may be wholly valid, but the discourse about God, being intellectual and philosophical, is divergent and oftentimes confusingly fallacious.

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low IQ religion

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The unity of religious experience among a social or racial group derives from the identical nature of the God fragment indwelling the individual. It is this divine in man that gives origin to his unselfish interest in the welfare of other men. But since personality is unique—no two mortals being alike—it inevitably follows that no two human beings can similarly interpret the leadings and urges of the spirit of divinity which lives within their minds. A group of mortals can experience spiritual unity, but they can never attain philosophic uniformity. And this diversity of the interpretation of religious thought and experience is shown by the fact that twentieth-century theologians and philosophers have formulated upward of five hundred different definitions of religion. In reality, every human being defines religion in the terms of his own experiential interpretation of the divine impulses emanating from the God spirit that indwells him, and therefore must such an interpretation be unique and wholly different from the religious philosophy of all other human beings.

When one mortal is in full agreement with the religious philosophy of a fellow mortal, that phenomenon indicates that these two beings have had a similar religious experience touching the matters concerned in their similarity of philosophic religious interpretation.

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brainlet post for not explaining why

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Any books on sexual liberation/promiscuity and it's relation to economic productivity and consumerism?

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Sex Sells.

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Funny that Evola being extremely anti-Catholic ended up defending catholics and europe more than the entire Vatican II cardinals, bishops and "popes"

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A bunch of Traditionalists are pozzed, particularly schuonites.

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>Seyyed Hossein Nasr recounts meeting Baron Julius Evola.

>Professor Nasr isn’t entirely clear in the narrative, but this meeting probably happened in the 1960s, arranged by Italian traditionalist Elemire Zolla:

>“Although Zolla no longer associated with Julius Evola, he nevertheless arranged for me to meet Italy’s most famous crypto-traditionalist writer who was a very controversial figure because of his espousal of the cause of Mussolini during the Second World War. I had already read some of Evola’s works, many of which are now being translated into English and are attracting some attention in philosophical circles. But based on the image I had of him as an expositor of traditional doctrines including Yoga, I was surprised to see him, now crippled as a result of a bomb explosion in 1945, living in the center of Rome in a large old apartment which was severe and fairly dark and without works of traditional art which I had expected to see around him. He had piercing eyes and gazed directly at me as we spoke about knightly initiation, myths and symbols of ancient Persia, traditional alchemy and Hermeticism and similar subjects. While he extolled the ancient Romans and their virtues, he spoke pejoratively about his contemporary Italians. When I asked him what happened to those Roman virtues, he said they traveled north to Germany and we were left with Italian waiters singing o sole mio! He also seemed to have little knowledge or interest in esoteric Christianity and refuse to acknowledge the presence of a sapiental current in Christianity. It was surprising for me to see an Italian sitting a few minutes from the Vatican, with his immense knowledge of various esoteric philosophies from the Greek to the Indian, being so impervious to the inner realities of the tradition so close to his home.” – Seyyed Hossein Nasr, “An Intellectual Autobiography,” The Philosophy of Seyyed Hossein Nasr. p. 68.

>Professor Nasr seems to be unaware of Evola’s extensive critique of Christian esoterism within his published writings. Anyone interested will appreciate the following five part translation from Gornahoor:


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And Archbishop Lefebvre did even more than Evola. Far, far more. Evola fucking sucks. What did Evola really do for Catholicism? Lefebvre literally ran into the burning building and saved everything important.

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We can always thank lefebro

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Atheistic existentialism? More like: why don't you blow your head off?

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Only one enemy remained; two if you counted God.

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>Now we are able to rejoice that we are saved not through the immanent mechanisms of history and nature, but by grace; that God will not unite all of history’s many strands in one great synthesis, but will judge much of history false and damnable; that he will not simply reveal the sublime logic of fallen nature but will strike off the fetters in which creation languishes; and that, rather than showing us how the tears of a small girl suffering in the dark were necessary for the building of the Kingdom, he will instead raise her up and wipe away all tears from her eyes – and there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, nor any more pain, for the former things will have passed away and he that sits upon the throne will say, ‘Behold, I make all things new.'

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Russian literature is a midwit trap.

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It is all just hand prints on the cave wall. Nothing to get worked up over.

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You just described all art ever made with the terminology of a bugman. Congrats.

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Thanks, dude. It means a lot coming from you.

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Thatta bugboy.

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Say that to my face negro.

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literally based but bluepilled vs cringe but redpilled the meeting

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Can you shove a couple more meme words in there you fucking disappointment

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was this the most based and redpilled meeting of all time?

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excellent post
cringe posts
>tumblr filename


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