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Cohen or motteux?

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Whats are some good /scumbag/ books?

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Books that explore the aesthetic of absence?

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Tarkovisk's book
Sculpting in time

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this book is so fucking good

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Are there any books or philosophers that analyze or refute ideas in bhuddist thought like anatta (so-self)? How reliable are intuitions? Can we be sure enlightenment isn't some sort of delusional mind state?

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Kyoto School, probably

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I'm 95% sure these threads are false flags posted by Guenon fag.

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Why do atheists get so mad when you tell them it’s impossible to have objective morality without God?

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unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven
come on & try it bud

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But I don't want to be killed. That can still be true without "objective morality."

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That is correct. Only braindead theists believe in "objective morality"

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Films are not art but consumerist pop garbage

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>therefore when one feels love it also invokes all the lower emotions such as jealousy and hatred
This is retarded, you're just making shit up

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Does anyone here have a Ph.D. in Literature? Is it worth the money and time? Currently employed and making good money working from home. Curious about going back to school and the quality of programs offered in the USA. Does anyone have a good experience with a certain school/program?

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Who won?

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>Who won?
whoever didn't watch that video.

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i finally understand kant!

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Everyone in middle school knew the lyrics to only 17, God bless rucka rucka Ali

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this shit is ruining my fucking life i cant concentrate on shit for longer then 15 minutes. and fuck deep work , that book is basically "LOL JUST SCHEDULE AND STOP WATCHING YOUTUBE". im so fucking tired of this shit man i wanna die.

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i've helped a couple of friends with ADHD and myself and you can do it the "natural" route or/and the medication route (have to be smart and careful on this one)

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>get medication
stfu big pharma shill

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what is the natural route

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Not OP, but how do you build discipline?
I constantly hear this yet I never hear how to actually do it?

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I used to think I had ADHD, then when I hit 35 I realized that I can concentrate fine on tasks I enjoy.

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>72 days until L'Académie

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I can’t wait

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New Waldunkino out lads:
Yes, it's as badly written and boring as his others.

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I've realized that the solution to my problems can be found inside of Wittgenstein's writings.

Can you tell me why?

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because you've finally realized that logical positivism is satanic

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You're afraid of Metaphysics

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You were molested.

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I am 1/3 of the way through this.
It seems like there is quite a bit of symbolism or at least subtext here.
For example, the two major female characters so far—Esme and Esther, are both whores being passed around like doobies at a party.
What does it mean?

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women be whores desu, he was just describing women nature

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What third-positionist books should I read?

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So going clockwise
>going "green" aka energy crisis because anti-fossil fuel and anti-nuclear
>paying farmers to destroy crops
>not taking your meds
>more government/police
>racism with extra steps
>more culture war
>union shenanigans
>masonic shenanigans

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You're a loser that has no actual objection to the points so you resort to lazy strawmans. kys

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>not taking your meds
Stopped reading right there.

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Seek help you are experiencing delusions

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I'm a complete idiot in regards to philosphy;
I know nothing other than the names of a few thinkers.
Any recommendations on where to start? The books can be written in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Thanks, /lit/.

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Thanks for the recommendations!
Have a good day, anon.

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Plato, for real.

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Hegel's History of Philosophy. You'll see how it all was always leading up to the final system inside Hegel's head.

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I don't know why /lit/ hates this book. It was a great introduction to American history.

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Early life
Zinn was born to a Jewish immigrant family in Brooklyn on August 24, 1922

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he felt guilty for firebombing civilians in dresden during ww2 so he dedicated the rest of his life to attacking america academically

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/pol/ hates unions and minorities. It’s a book about breaking unions and murdering minorities. /pol/ should love it.

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The book is interesting but not a great intro as it don't reference elements other that its agenda. If you don't know about America's history you won't be able to trace those event in the grand scheme of things.

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Blacks, I have a question.

In several years I have amassed several devices such as keyboards, webcam, kinect, a gaymer PC, two drawing tablets, a gaymer gamepad, in addition to having the license of several indies game development programs.

Then I have the doubt, what I just did, in such a natural way and that it is to invest in my hobby as productivity to be more efficient.

Isn't this the accumulation of capital, the thing that automatically turns me into a bloody capitalist bourgeoisie?

So wouldn't this be like being an enemy of the Marxist model because now I own capital and obviously capital is evil according to the communists?

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Very few people are capitalists. The bourgeoisie and petit-bourgeoisie are small. Owning those things does not put you in that category.

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Look at the face on that dog. He's even starting to resemble Marx.

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The sergeant had a word to say about them. 'I know the stars,' he said. 'Steer by that star yonder and you make Tunis.'

'Are you from Tunis?'

'No. My cousin, she is.'

A long silence. But the sergeant could not keep anything back.

'I'm going to Tunis one of these days.'

Not, I said to myself, by making a bee-line for that star and tramping across the desert; that is, not unless in the course of some raid a dried-up well should turn the sergeant over to the poetry of delirium. If that happened, star, cousin, and Tunis would melt into one, and the sergeant would certainly be off on that inspired tramp which the ignorant would think of as torture.

He went on. 'I asked the captain for leave to go to Tunis, seeing my cousin is there and all. He said . . .'

'What did the captain say, sergeant?'

'Said: 'World's full of cousins.' Said: 'Dakar's nearer' and sent me there.'

'Pretty girl, your cousin?'

'In Tunis? You bet! Blonde, she is.'

'No, I mean at Dakar.'

Sergeant, we could have hugged you for the wistful disappointed voice in which you answered, 'She was a nigger.'
What did he mean by this

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don't think. just hop the fuck in here and write something

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china on the table
china at the door
china in the ocean
dengists on the dancefloor

passion in their hearts
as the deed is done
america on fiy - ah
china namba wan

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ironically I look like Jim Morrison.
same hair and same jawline.

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boredom is the cardinal sin, people murdering each other in the streets and kneeling to cia psyops just so they have something to do; the apocalypse comes when the distractions end

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damn I wanna be the main character in that show and make the twins fuck for me

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Nice, probably obvious but I was listening to the Doors when I wrote that.

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How much reading is necessary? Is it just a question of 'just enough knowledge'? A matter of 'once you have the message, hang up the phone'? Or is it necessary to follow the history of poetry and philosophy through the ages and places? At a time of confusion I comforted myself by applying the word 'idiosyncrasy' to all the world's myths, legends, folktales and traditions, the idea being that the form that these myths assume is not the whole story, though neither is it entirely irrelevant. The shape of a myth, when all the forking branches of the tree are accounted for, will reveal the sum of a culture, a history, a story of all the greater and lesser gods of a people, so to speak. But of equal importance is the spatial and creative relations between the forking branches, specifically the permutations over time, the outliers — the transformative processes by which myth is propogated, diluted, renewed, forked, dissolved.
This is necessarily a study in secondary sourcing. But what if, taking the world for the myth it is, we turned to the primary source that is available to all of us directly, has always been available to us directly, and perhaps as a result, swept under the rug. The emergence of a self from the primordial mud and mirth of childhood, the development of linguistic and symbolic associations, the fall from innocence into the corporeal world that occurs in adolescence, all of this forms a direct parallel to the awakening of man from prehistory into literature, history, and recognition.
Is it possible the knowledge that humanty's most ancient myths and rites tempts us with us directly accessible by a comprehensive study of the magical and ritualistic thinking that we all experienced in childhood? Is it moreover possible, that the allure of ancient myth and prehistoric consciousness, is in fact itself a projection of the lost world of childhood?

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What movie?

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now the question is, is there a telos to all this?

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>How much reading is necessary?
All of it.

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>How much reading is necessary?
None of it.

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I don't see a use in reading everything for the sake of reading everything. Read what appeals to you and can change you and follow logical progression from there

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>everyone is wrong except for me
Jesus will all of his books be like this? So basically after reading this, everything I thought I knew about Hinduism is wrong?
How am I to learn about Hinduism if everything in English/The West is pozzed? I was honestly surprised he called out Vivekanada, I thought he would be one of the few he would approve of, I loved that Swami's lectures on YouTube. They felt authentic, but I guess Guenon would completely disagree.

How do I learn about Hinduism in its true form as a Westerner?

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>How do I learn about Hinduism in its true form as a Westerner?
By reading all of Guenon's books on it. Also don't expect to love Guenon after one or two books, you didn't even read the metaphysical ones.

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Btw, Coomaraswamy also have some books on hinu art and you can find his essays on hinduism in general, he was in complete agreememt with Guenon but he was a scholar, maybe you will prefer his style.

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retarded keyboard

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>loved that Swami's lectures on YouTube
If you mean Swami Sarvpriyananda (pbuh) who posts his stuff on Vivekananda-affiliated accounts, the vast majority of his videos talking about Advaita dont say much that Guenon would disagree with

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