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>tfw the best way to serve justice to the people, racial unity to those states that already have it, and to achieve high levels of economic prosperity under capitalism without consequently ceding power to oligarchs is under the monarch/aristocracy
I wonder why the publicized extremums are national socialism and communism---both populist and thereby liberal ideologies---and the moderate center is democracy, a populist liberal ideology.

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My leftist book club wants to read some fascist literature. All the fascists of /lit/, you have a chance of making a few leftists into whatever you are. Recommend the best possible book that advocates for fascism (no conspiracy bullshit, but something that is actually based on rational thinking)

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ignore the doctrinal crap and just read Culture of Critique (you won't)

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Its constantly labeled as facist, despite it not being that at all, but Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein.

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and maybe some of oswald mosleys books, the best one would be this.

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Fascism isn't based on literature or rational thought, and most fascists have been quite clear on this point.

Maybe you would be interested in reading The Pike: Gabriele D'Annunzio, Poet, Seducer and Preacher of War. Its a sympathetic look at the man who invented fascism.

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Seconding these.

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stop it spergs. it's not even properly spelled

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>has all tabs open to spam

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>tabs instead of the thread watcher

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i just open in new tab the see what the are about and close them

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Why isn't Robbe-Grillet big on /lit/? I've only read La Jalousie, Dans le labyrinth and Le Voyeur, but I'm planning to read the rest of his works. After reading La Jalousie I was blown away and Le Voyeur only cemented his skill as a writer for me. This dude is right up /lit/'s alley. Simple prose, great ideas, and masterful execution. I mean Le Voyeur blew me away.

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Once I start reading, I can go at least 10-20 pages if I can last for the first minute
Problem is I have trouble releasing myself from the computer. Have to watch a tv show, play vidya, or code, or shitpost. I'm a programmer by profession.
How do I release myself of this evil wizard's curse?

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count to ten and get up. ONce you get away it will be easy enough.

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b-b-but zeno's paradox won't allow me

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I don't want to learn everything i just want a job

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become a minority and/or woman
tech will suck your trans cock and pay you for it

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Alright so I'm new to this whole reading for pleasure thing. My gf convinced me to start with John Green and so far I'm loving his books, the dude knows how to write and I find myself relating a lot to his protagonists, especially Miles in Looking for Alaska. Anyway, I'm wondering where I go from here. I'm almost done with all John Green books and as great as they are they sometimes come across as a little juvenile. I want some books like his but a little more mature. Thanks

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John Franzen

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This isn’t /lit/ this is graffiti on toilet paper

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Thanks, they even kind of look alike lol

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fuck off to one of the 40 greek philosopher threads, then

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Bill Bryson.
Jasper Fforde

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Just ordered pic related. What am I in for?

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I thought the fart joke on page 20 was really inappropriate and out of place

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a watchlist and annoying your friends

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Mine is too long

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the "science fiction" of the renaissance

Do you like it?

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Tried this thread on X, told to come here

So I'm writing a novel, possible series. It, for now at least, is about a cop and reporter hunting a serial killer who may be an actual vampire.

I'm having a lot of fun using some minor red pill stuff about lilith, cain, serpent seed, moloch, all this religious imagry as the backstory to this killer

The Vampire is hiding amongst a group of hardcore Vampire LARPers and the rule book for the larpers has a bunch of stuff about lilith, demons, cain, all that good stuff. As I work on this book and get ideas ready for follow ups I just want to throw some of my ideas out there to see if you guys think theres any traction to them

So the Killer leaves messages about the coming "Dark One" described as the first born son of Cain and Lilith.

The Golden Calf that tempted the Israelites after the exodus is said to have possibly been the canaanite god Moloch

Carthage is referenced, as is there blood rituals and child sacrifice

RH- blood is a big part of the science of the book, all vampires are RH- and only an RH- human can be turned. Also that - blood is special and it's theorized that the line goes all the way back to ancient egypt, carthage, ect and there may be a cult of people who have been, through selective breeding, keep the recessive RH- gene alive through the ages.

Not in book one, but I plan to dive into the serpent seed theory, that Cain was borne of Eve and the serpent and the big overall villians are going to be the Canaanites preparing for the coming of the anti-christ and the final war to destroy humanity.

So these are the kinds of ideas I'm exploring in my book, anyone have some other stuff that might fit with this, been falling down Bitchute rabbit holes to get ideas (Have to filter out all the stuff about jews...but that might be a discussion for another time ;) )

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How often do you find yourself using dictionaries of literature?
Also, which ones will you recommend others using?

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What do you mean by "dictionaries of literature?" Like a dictionary with literary terms and definitions of literary styles, movements, and philosophies?

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A lot of times, anon. I'm an ESL. My STEM related vocabulary is decent. But when it comes to some daily things, I'm not that great. Things like cleaning products, fruits, food and house utensils. The kind of stuff that I don't really discuss on the internet.

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>Things like cleaning products, fruits, food and house utensils.
I kind of struggle with this too. Are there like graphic books that incorporate images of fruits and utensils with their assigned definition

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There is an illustrated dictionary or something. But I wouldn't bother, anon. It is not like I'm going to live in an Anglo country. You could try thinking about your own life, and search for words for everything in English, turn them into flashcards or something. It is not something that I would bother, but if you feel like it, seems like a decent approach.

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The only New Testament writer that wasn't a brainlet.

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Tbf not many illiterate Judean fishermen had a sophisticated knowledge of Greek language and philosophy

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>FIRST was the word
what did he mean

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True, but not many Jews attained to the rank of Pharisee, much less received education from Gamaliel.

Also, I'm just trolling. John is my favorite Gospel

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You are not anything close to the original texts.
The original texts where absolutely ridiculed by intellectuals in Rome and Greece for being of a crude and simplistic full of grammatical and spelling errors. So much so that during Julian the Apostate some Christians rewrote the biblical history in Homeric hexameter and the Epistles and the Gospels in to Socratic dialogues.

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Big if true

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What is he even saying half of the time?

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"Donate to my Patreon"

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The Will to Clean.

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Wash your penis bucko

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A step by step reasoning against extended adolescence

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The meaning of life is to suffer

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What are best books about polygamy? Both arguing for and against.

Preferably from a non-religious viewpoint aswell

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are you trying to talk about literature or none literature? anyway i only know about none lit and i think the closest argument for something like this i've ever read was in les miserables when mario's grandfather is trying to convince him to take his girlfriend as a fling rather than getting serious

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When you say “about polygamy,” what exactly do you mean? No Man Knows My History is a biography of Joseph Smith. It goes into incredible well-researched detail about the polygamy system in place in the early Mormon church. It describes how exactly polygamous marriages worked, who was involved, and how it affected the people involved.
I don’t know if it’s quite what you’re looking for

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A Night in a Moorish Harem is a good story. Its about a sailor who gets shipwrecked in a harem and is discovered by a group of ladies. He then proceeds to fuck all of them while they tell dirty stories in the style of 1001 nights.

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Opinions on Dean Koontz?

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Damn that's some great hair. I'm 24 and my hairline is fucked beyond repair.

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i read a couple of his books in high school. i liked them for what they were.

one was from the odd thomas series. another was basically a thriller about a psycho who leaves notes to the person telling them he's going to kill them before killing them. i remember after he gets caught and is put in jail, the hero guy goes to visit him and the psycho goes on a spiel about how strange it is that black people ejaculated white semen, it didn't make any sense for him.

thought that was a great, deranged detail.

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Based Aristotlean murderer

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i have to write a personal essay for uni in the UK and I was wondering how I could just shit on them Ted K style at the risk of sounding very edgy. I can't tolerate kissing ass for success in this world so I might as well speak my mind.

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>/lit/ - my blog

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>What's your ideal gf /lit/
>111+ replies

Yeah fuck off

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If you do it, you will look back on it later and cringe. I also don't know what kind of essay requires you to kiss ass. Personal essays are supposed to be an insight into you, not the university.

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Is that what he diagnosed you as?

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BASED Schizo. Too based for /lit/

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we know

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You will never be able to understand him.

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What the heck is Anti-Humanism? And why would anyone want that?

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Its based, humanism is reddit

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Anti-humanism is reddit too

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I don't know how they are using the word "subject" here, but doesn't this go against Marx's two ideas of "human: 1 that we manipulate nature to eat/drink/live, 2: our manipulation of nature is always social - as in production occurs with other people.

Isn't that still a Human? and not anit-humanist?

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I mean. We have an essence - we get food from nature, and we do it with there people. Would anti-humanism be against that?

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so our system is just modes or relations of production we are stuck in?

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Good women writers thread.
Gertrude Stein, George Eliot, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Bishop, Marianne Moore, Toni Morrison, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Louise Gluck, Katherine Anne Porter, Virginia Woolf, Iris Murdoch, Anne Carson, Gwendolyn Brooks. Colette, Marina Tsvetaeva, Sharon Olds.

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I can't decide between "Wuthering Heights", "Villete" or "Mansfield Park" for my next read. Which one would you recommend?

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I personally preferred Mansfield Park, but I do think Wuthering Heights was the superior novel. I'd say give Wuthering Heights the first read and then go onto Mansfield Park.

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Villette>Mansfield Park>Wuthering Heights

>> No.17363466

Thanks, will do. I have never read Emily Brontë before, whereas I have Charlotte and Austen, so perhaps it would be better to explore a bit more before falling back into my comfort zone.

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doris lessing, joan didion, susan sontag, clarice lispector, ursula k le guin

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What are some easy to read German books. I want to read in German but my level is probably B1 almost B2. Are there some simple but good German authors? Bonus points for 19th century.

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Sprich Deutsch du Hurensohn

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du solltest mal vielleicht einige Gesichten von ETA Hoffmann ausprobieren, wird sicher einige fremde und heutzutage selten verwendete Wörter geben, aber die sind ja im prinzip noch relativ einfach

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Ich mochte etwas von Hoffman proberien. Was ist der einfachester zum erst?

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Just look up what German kids read in middle school's German class?

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Der Räuber Hotzenplotz

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