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You're not /lit/ until you've read Enheduanna 𒂗𒃶𒌌𒀭𒈾 in the Sumerian original.

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Has everyone read 1984 here, I just got done reading it and wanted to know how everyone else felt about the book.

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It's pretty lame.

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Why does the English language exist again. Doesn't the ability to associate many different meanings to just one word become flawed at some point?

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All languages do this.

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Anyone know the best/most complete edition of Goebbels diary? The only full (1923-1945) edition ive seen only contains his thoughts on the jews. Is there a one complete book? or will I have to get it in individual volumes?

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Why can I not find the Epic of Gilgamesh as discovered and translated by Englishman George Smith? I desire the story for my bookshelf.

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What are some good literary examples of poetic justice?

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Okay this is Reddit tier

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nobody likes you. i actually agree with most of the stuff you post and i still detest you.

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I hope he dies, or suffers some sort of long lasting detrimental effect that causes his last years on earth to be constant suffering.

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I detest you for no other reason than that you are a tripfag. You are also a generally obstinate and unlikeable person, but this is implied by the fact that you are a tripfag,

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while Aquinas and Kant seem to disagree on a number of things, there is precedent in the intellectual history of the church in attempting to synthesize their thought (aforementioned transcendental Thomism). While I like Aquinas fine, Kant has the advantage of being a (comparatively) fashionable philosopher. this is important because it allows me to better project my carefully-curated aura of glum erudition when reading in public.

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I think Lonergan complains at the beginning of Insight that many neo-thomists are MERELY going back to the categories of thomism without justifying them in light of the complaints of modern philosophy, and that transcendental thomism is a better bet. I can't remember exactly though.

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I've never read him before. Where do you recommend starting?

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Insight is the only thing I've tried reading, from what I understand Lonergan was supposed to be a really big deal but nobody could understand him so not much happened.

I've heard good things about Norris Clarke too.

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I'll add him to my reading list thank you

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Who's the best English literature critic?

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>Best English-literature critic
Harold Bloom
>Best English literature-critic
Samuel Johnson

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Clever, but harold is a meme.

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>Actually, Brave New World better represents our times.

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Can't gobble enough cock? Better chug that rooster book bitch.

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This is just like the liberal 1984 dystopian government we live in.


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Unironically it IS the western world right now. That's the only good thing out of that book, desu, was how Huxley was able to predict it so accurately. That and the savage plotline

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Yes, a utopia, as long as you're not one of the shit tier classes LOL

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Unironically true tho you fuckin pleb tier faggot ass jew

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How did JK Rowling got away with obvious plagiarism?

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This too.
Once a movie studio signs you, all other potential claimants will be dealt with.

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>Witch, oh sorry, which

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Examples? Is this more "muh muggles" bullshit?

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you should be supporting your local TERF

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Read the article.
3 friends.
Potion teacher is very strict.
Nalfoy and the enemy of mildred, etc.

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What is the /lit/ consensus on Native Son?

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post fiction

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The thread didn't get bumped... has OP been caught samefagging a shit joke?

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>"Nothing is easier than to blame personal failings on vague abstractions. However, I cannot help but feel as though people exist purely in an economic sense in our society. Who is richer: the stock broker or the poor fisherman who returns to the embrace of his family and village at the end of his work? Is it wrong to desire the latter kind of life?"
Books for this conflict? Source: my diary

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>Hey Anne, come look at this cat dick
Cabin fever is one hell of a drug.

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I really obsessed by fast food, bro. Tasty, cheapy, and prepared fastly. What books should i read as fast food lover ?

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I suck at using 4chan but has anyone who's read this novel give me their thoughts on it? I've read it a few times out of historical curiosity and actually found myself quite absorbed in the plot (despite the romance). Goebbels speaks a great deal about the philosophy of labor, Faust by Goethe (I recommend), and includes a steady stream of references to Christianity (Goebbels was, I believe, raised Catholic). We (the readers) gain a lot of insight into Goebbels' life (since it is partly autobiographical) and his descent (ascent?) into what he would become infamous for. Opinions/suggestions?

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Thanks for the rundown anon. I’ve been interested in reading it. Did you read it in translation? If so which one?

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I've read both the German and English versions, the English one was translated by Gunther Sonnenschein.

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Any else use the amount of books they read as a cope to all their failures in life? It doesn't matter that I'm a virgin who still lives with their parents, has no friends, doesn't go outside, is extremely ugly, and poor because at least I read. It actually works for me and because of it I'm very happy even though my one previous friend of mine said if he lived my life he would kill himself.

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Any good books about alchemy out there?

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The Alchimest, I guess? I don't fuckin' know man, I don't read books.

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This is a real nice intro to Alchemy.

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In 1930, Guénon writes:
>"examine impartially what is taught in the name of the Church, and ask yourself if it is possible to find other things than simple moral and social considerations".
He's right, you know. Look orthodox judaism: for the jew, judaism reaches political systems, science, metaphysics... judaism is integral to everything. For the Christian? "Moral and social considerations". And he was talking about the preconciliar Church, this has nothing to do with muh II Vatican Council or whatever. Eastern Orthodoxy, the same applies.

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COEMONGUITO, desmiéntelo si puedes.....

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which authors would make me an incel?

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Can you stop frog posting?
For the next year. Please.

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I will stop posting frogs for a whole year if you post tits with timestamp.

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based frogposter

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