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What the fuck.

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Reading that unironically had convinced me that when people whine about how "the west is strong", I'll remember this.

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Post your short story ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.

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Story about a guy who travels all the way to Australia to meet his only online friend who does not get along with her family cause they abuse her. He murders her family and they escape to Europe.

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A bunch of people move to the countryside and try to form a commune. Too bad the regime and locals don't want them there.

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A guy trying to quit his smoking addiction falls asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand and wakes up with his house burning. He loses everything except for the clothes on his back and laughs at the absurdity of it all.

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A super smart boy detective tries to uncover the mystery of what's in his school cafeteria's mystery meat. Turns out it's a dead hooker

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>literature professor calls 50 shades of grey a bad book

still sold a shit ton, if it's so easy and bad why don't you write something like it and make a couple of three mil?

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>anything that gets women wet is good

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>he thinks things that sell well are good
Holy shit lmfao do you also listen to fucking boy bands for 17 year old girls bro

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well he told us to read it to learn how not to write and things to avoid and stuff which is pretty dumb if it was such a success, and again if it was so easy he could make a similar book and make bank, he's just coping

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Have you actually read 50 shades? Shit is well paced, engaging, and easy to read. You can learn a lot from that book

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hella good

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Like Proust, he realized prose was his home.

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But he practiced poetry until the end of his days and released a shitload of verses, ignoring the ones he took to his grave he could have easily written 2 or 3 times more verses than what we have from him

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Which one was the better kino?

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> the virgin late Jacques pirate yarns
> the Chad early worldbuilding novels

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/bycf/ also any interesting books you have found

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I'll start. The whole History of Mathematics series would be nice https://www.amazon.com/Logics-Lost-Genius-Gerhard-Gentzen/dp/1470428121

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You're not a cute asian girl fuck off. It's the only 3d girls I get to admire from afar

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>You're not a cute asian girl fuck off. It's the only 3d girls I get to admire from afar

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why is she eating from a trash bag?

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They're beautiful, perfect and even better I never have to confront them.

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>slow reader
>slow typer
>accidentally skip lines/lose my place all the time

Can this be helped with practice? Ive had this problem my whole life, always been self conscious about this stuff.

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Have something to eat or drink or smoke while you read, I find it helps focus my thoughts immensely, also don't worry about speed, read for comprehension.


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Yes just type on a speed typing website for a few hours every week for a week or two

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In the 4chan meme sense of the word, yes. You did it right. Its original meaning -which is dead- was something like "experimental craft in filmmaking." The only reason I tell you this is because you asked. I am not upset with the meme definition of the word or your use of it.

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Thank you friends.

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fuck off /lit/ is a Friends board

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What are some short books?
I read animal farm.

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Pynchon - The Crying of Lot 49
Kafka - Metamorphosis
Joyce - Dubliners

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s is pretty short

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imagine the stds

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post this whore's pic before she becomes an alt slut. she was quite cute before.

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Anthem by Rand

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>So much for that! But you should hear what else he did during that same campaign, ‘The exploit our strong-hearted hero dared to do.’ One day, at dawn, he started thinking about the Catalogue of Ships; he just stood outside, trying to recite it for himself. He couldn’t complete it, but he wouldn’t give up. He simply stood there, glued to the same spot. By midday, many soldiers had seen him, and, quite mystified, they told everyone that Alexander had been standing there all day, reciting the Catalogue. He was still there when evening came, and after dinner some Ionians moved their bedding outside, where it was cooler and more comfortable (all this took place in the summer), but mainly in order to watch if Alexander was going to stay out there all night. And so he did; he stood in the very same spot until dawn! He only left next morning, when the Sun came out, and he made his prayers to the new day.

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The Catalogue is much more interesting if the mentioned places belong to your empire

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>spend an entire day and night listing great heroes and their places of origin
>all of them are within your territory

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at least spell it correctly you pathetic faggot

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Is this supposed to be bourgeoisie or Borgean ("borgeano", in reference to Borges)?

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Just finished Genesis. Overall a great book. With many fun adventures across Isreal. Characters were memorable because of their flaws, and it is adorable how God keeps helping them regardless of how many mistakes they make.
The books ends solemnly with the deaths of Jacob and Joseph. I couldn't help but feel sad that the wild ride had come to an end.
There were some silly parts. Like Noah drinking naked, Lot's daughters getting him drunk to sleep with him, and Jacob actually making his dad think he was Esau. I honestly think these were lighthearted moments, meant as jokes more than anything.
The book as a whole feels like a collection of stories parents told their kids to explain the world around them. How it came to be, why we wear clothes, why there are many languages, the geography and names of all the places in the region, and a dive into the behaviors and flaws of humans.
This collection, which came together from the oral traditions of the tribes that gathered to form the Jewish people, is strung together into a flowing narrative, with our good friend and all too human God as it's beating heart. It feels like I have spoken with spirits of peoples long gone. I met them and learned about their hopes, their dreams, their worries, and their humanity.

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It wasn't unified very well. You can tell the final version was signed off on by a committee.

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Nice dodge. You won't answer the question because it would incriminate you.

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If the metaphysics of Genesis is uninspiring to you then try another metaphysics that deals w creation. It's remarkable that the big bang, black holes etc has this singular point of creation as well.

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Have sex.

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This and also it's interesting how adam and eve are similar to the hunter-gatherer phase morphing to sedentary. If you can't understand the framework well then read parmenides/heraclitus/plato/Aristotle

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>haha I don’t care
books for this feel

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Anything by JG Ballard and Brett Easton Ellis

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You do avoid these 13 writing mistakes, right anon?

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What are these mistakes?

You have very poor tastes.
You do too.

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tattoos are disgusting and originated in slaves. I am glad people are seeing through this disgusting nigger trend

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I like virgins and the ones with tattoos aren't them

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Why yes, I love Count of Monte Cristo, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels and Ivanhoe. How could you tell?

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It was in your Grindr profile dumbass. Now do you want me to blow air up your ass hole on this rooftop or not?

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Recoomend me books about

>Being deserted
>Being left behind

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My diary, desu

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Maybe try a western instead

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>mommy, i wanna play the airplane game, spoonfeed me shit pls

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I feel like I've read "enough" books. I just finished Serotonin and it was pretty fucking underwhelming after reading Possibility of an Island. Anyways, I've had a good idea in my head for years now, with scenes, development of the story etc. Do you guys know the modern means to formatting and publishing a book?

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sorry if in advance if it doesn't make sense. It's just a dumb idea that popped up in my head 5 secs ago.
I was thinking of maybe writing a story where the protagonist is a wizened 30 year old dude. He wasted his youth, he doesn't have anything to enjoy and nothing to live for. Lacking in youth he eternally remains a child inside. But he hates that part of himself and actively inhibits it. Due to an absent youth, he possess a mimetic desire to experience a perceived teen lifestyle: to go to parties, do irresponsible stupid stuff, listen to terrible young people music, wear faggy young people clothes and most importantly find young love. Despite his dreams, he's ultimately chained to a monotonous adult life. Until he meets a vivacious 17yo girl in a discord server. They quickly befriend each other and after some time meet irl. Essentially she becomes a vehicle for the desires of the main character. During his interactions with her, he learns how to cope with life, develop mentally and finally transition from an adolescent to an adult.

Dreck or Art?

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go ahead and write it. i think it;s fucking dumb, but all ideas are fucking dumb

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Thread idea; Beans

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Typically authors should avoid making their preconceived that obvious, let alone having biases toward how and what other people should be and act, etc. it just sounds like your seething and obsessed with someone and like to project your own insecurities about the world through the behavior of someone you don’t really give a shit about. Typically authors write about characters they rooting for in one way or another. I suggest reading more before you attempt to write anything

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This is lit tho

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I dont necessarily disagree with ur conclusion, but your idea of me is just conjecture. I'm not seething or projecting or as much as I would love to obsessing over someone

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why is right wing philosophy so shallow
it's either
>rich people good, poor people bad
>muh degeneracy

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These threads are being made every day by the same mentally ill person. Reply to them if you're an idiot.

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How am I supposed to enjoy reading after 6 years of heroin addiction?
How am I supposed to enjoy anything?

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What do you think of TM/acem meditation? Could you share your thoughts on meditation in general and its neuroscientific side?

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yea my brother has been a heroin addict since he was 21, he's turning 31 soon. he laterally switched to several anti-psychotic drugs, still takes suboxone, and STILL shoots up on the sly. He's fucked. hope you find something pal

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You might just be a random noone but... ive been having a hardtime sleeping at night for a month and due to quarantine and have mostly been sleeping at day. im really scared im braindamaged because of not sleeping at night how do I fix it :(

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I don't really know enough about TM to speak with any real authority -- but from what I've seen, I don't see any reason it wouldn't be effective. There's copious amounts of emerging research on the effectiveness of meditation, and so far it has fit every emergent model of neuronal organization pretty closely. I'd recommend looking into theories about mind modularity. The article from Stanford's Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a solid place to start.
You're not brain-damaged brother, don't worry. I myself got on a schedule of sleeping only every other day for a couple months and I was fine once I fixed it. The time that you go to bed isn't very important, what matters for fixing your sleep schedule is waking up at the same time every day. Entrainment (syncing up your circadian clock to the external clock) happens best when you force yourself to consistently wake up in the morning when the sun is out, like 8am-9am. The first few days you'll be feeling really tired but don't let yourself take a nap or wake up any later. Even if you got 1 hour or no sleep at all that night, do not sleep past your designated wake up time. Within a week you'll be all better.

If it's very severe, I can personally recommend eszopiclone to force yourself asleep. If you use it for a week with the same method of waking up consistently that I mentioned earlier, it'll be fixed. Absolutely don't take it longer than a week though, and avoid other prescrption sleep aids. Especially zolpidem.

>> No.16077855

Forgot to mention, when you wake up in the morning allow yourself to see sunlight within the first few minutes. Just put your face in the window for a minute or two. Blackout curtains and quarantine have probably fucked up a lot of people's photoentrainment.

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So I''ve been reading Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling and I'm enjoying it a lot.

There are other books lik this? I like his approach to biblical texts.

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They actually are. I read fear and trembling last month too. His series is pretty good you should check it out dude.

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I will obey the dubs then. Thanks!

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please tell me she's not 18 yet

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She's 18 years old as I write this.

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If shes 18, then I'm 65

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