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Honestly? I like the guy! I’ve only read Kafka on the Shore and Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, but I think there’s definitely something to his writing. His prose can sometimes be a bit “procedural,” if that makes any sense, and sometimes I think he might be showing off with his musical references, but he’s definitely talented.

Also - I find it sort of inspiring that he took up fiction writing at the age of 30, or at least that’s what I gleaned from Wikipedia.

What do you guys think? I haven’t seen a Murakami thread in a little while.

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op @ /sci but they don't seem to know any better:

Is it really naive to question the validity of mathematics outside a consciousness? I'm not saying the universe came into existence after human beings first appeared with mathematical thinking, but what is math but logical thinking? We have every reason to believe that the beginning of a universe was an era governed by quantum mechanics in some form, and that the uncertainty principle plays a major role in the theory. I always understood the uncertainty principle as a mathematical fact derived from fourier transformations. This suggests to me that the logic that allows the uncertainty principle to exist, was prior to creation of a universe with sentient beings. But logic itself is a result of conscious thinking, we could only come up with the uncertainty principle with logical analysis. Therefore, is conscious thought the substratum of logic?

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Over the past few days I have been reading Dominique Venner's "Rebel Heart" as it was recently translated and published in my language.
I must say, it is an extremly interesting perspective on the war in Algeria. Published in 1994 it also gives an overview of the history and diversity of the French radical right, who over time realized that their Gaullist government was more of an enemy than the Muslim freedom fighters in Algiers.
Most importantly though, Venner allows the reader to gain insight to the motifs and feelings which moved the young generation in post-WW2 France.
Sadly and unbelievably it is not available in English so far, but perhaps a talented translator will take it upon himself to allow English readers access to this classical work in the future.

Besides his political activity Venner was also active as a historian and weapons expert. His mortal life ended in 2013 when he shot himself before the altar of Notre Dame cathedral.

Has anyone here perhaps read "Le cœur rebelle" in French or is at least familiar with the author?

From the chapter "Farewell to the Arms":
>The only truth is to hold oneself upright, come what may; to stand up to the absurdity of this world, thereby giving it form and purpose; to work and to fight as a man and to love as a woman. [...]
>Action and contemplation overlap more than one might imagine. Every man who dares to give himself an inner form is the creator of a world, a lone guardian at the borders between hope and the time.

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I've read his The Shock of History and read a lot of his articles around 2013-14. He was kind of on my radar before his suicide but only after that did I really pay attention. I'm learning French at the moment pretty much purely so I can access writers like Venner who are just never going to be translated into English

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Why hasn’t been there no great Anglo philosophers after him? What happened to Anglo s?

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They all became economists, scientists, and colonizers

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You obviously haven’t read Moore or Pierce

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They are obviously good, but not on the level of all time greats like Hume. Germans consistently have produced them, while Anglos haven’t.

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They don't want you talking about TekWar - a series of science fiction novels created by Canadian actor William Shatner.
The novels gave rise to a comic book series, video game, and later TV movies and a series, both of the latter featuring Shatner.
But... what makes it so based as a franchise? Whats the secret of its power over fans of anti-nostalgia (a la Everything is Terrible) and so-bad-its-good fags? Lets discuss these questions - or just talk about the TekWar universe - a home for everyone!

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You spelled "Jewish" wrong.

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Are there any good resources for writing children? I would normally watch childrens behaviour for inspiration but cannot because of quarantine.

Also any adult books with well written children would be appreciated.

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Read everything by Astrid Lindgren

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Why are right wingers so ugly?

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Dude came straight outta elder scrolls oblivion

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Little bits

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Slovenia seems to be doing better than most

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Anyone read this? Worth reading if you loved the show?

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The last 50-100 pages were a terrible wrap up to me and likely better off if they weren’t there. Great read otherwise. Haven’t watched the show yet.

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Simmons himself said that the show mogged the book. That said it's a great read, I'd recommend Drood over it though.

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I've spent the last few months completely idle, and noticing that my life hasn't really changed with the heavy lockdown really hit me. The week before the lockdown I read Buzzati's The Tartar Steppe and it was somewhat cathartic, I'd say something else along that line would be ideal

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I'm not alone in thinking Gregor wanted to fuck Grete, am I?

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There is some odd relationship between them. It's more like he wanted to keep her in a web and devour her

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What would Gregor did if the curse transfered into her?

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After reading some funny tweets, I really want to get into simp litterature.
For some reason I couldn't find the /simp/ chart on the wiki, so I'm posting here.

I will of course start with the original tome of simpcore, written by the amazing Hans von Grimmelshausen
(pic related)

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Good books on communism in the 21th century?

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what are the /lit/ classics with themes on man’s dark desires and traits manifesting into violence or evil?

I am thinking
>blood meridian
>heart of darkness
>american psycho

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hmmmm elliot rodgers manifesto would be a good place to start

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lmao, how is his prose?

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His prose is striking, howeverI find his spoken word particularly moving
E.g, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TgeR_SFNB8

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miura the madman will turn his wrists into dust just drawing the crosshatching on guts’ left testicle

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Germanons, which book of his should I read first? I'm guessing that some of them are more in-depth than others and that he repeats himself often. What little I read is pretty based, so where do I start?

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>Neoliberalism is bad

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Yes. Read "Capitalist Realism" by Mark Fisher. Or quite a lot of other people too really, right across the board.

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That which brings sadness to leftists is a priori good, and the more delighteful. Oh no, governments and businesses working together, how terrible. Communism is great. No, neither of these are canards.

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It's only been intellectualized as an ideology posthoc in response to Social Democrats. Truth is it is just another stage of capitalism. An inevitable power grab by multinationals to remove legal barriers to achieving greater economies of scale (instead of relying on innovation).

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Or, in Lenin's terms, imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism. Thank you for further articulating the goodness of neoliberalism, though this was not your intent.

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I'm not a Marxist, but neoliberalism was definitely a cope. I see it more as a historical period rather than an ideology. Now, it's synonymous with DC thinking, which makes it a meaningless term.

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All religious texts BTFO in one lecture. How will the schizos(god fags) of /lit/ ever recover?

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Based. All religious fags are mentally handicapped and should check themselves into a psych ward ASAP.

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Why would anyone be surprised that heresy leads to atheism?

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When is this reddit-faggotry going to end? Could it be soon please?

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Christcucks and other theists eternally btfo

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How does /lit/ feel about agnosticism?

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Ever since I was a lad I tried to find the right brand of belief for me but whenever I talked about it, even to myself, I felt silly. The reason being that I always knew it wasn't genuine. I simply lack belief one way or the other. Atheism being belief in absence is no different.
Having come to terms with this I feel no catharsis.

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it's the ultimate expression of the worthlessness of human intelligence. our intelligence forces us to ponder at the nature of our existence only for us to inevitably conclude that we can know nothing for certain. Intelligence only solves the problems it creates for itself, and even that only happens some of the time.

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It attempts to make an absolute statement that's an internal contradiction - that the only knowable truth is that all truth is unknowable. Even leaving aside all other problems (vis a vis knowable truths like mathematics), that it's based on a contradiction itself makes it nonsense. So, like other forms of relativism, it's inherently wrong.

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the only knowable truth is that all OTHER truth is unknowable

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e.g, making money, being recognized, having fun. What drives you to write.

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>>>15054528 (OP)
Culturally appropriating Southern dialect?

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I've already given up on becoming rich or famous. Even though I share most of my writings online for free, not many care. I guess I just want to leave some proof behind that I existed, that I tried to create something different, instead of just being wagecuck number 903816478113.

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Hatred. I want to put my perspective on the world into words so that other people can read them and also be miserable.

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Mostly for self enjoyment/stress relief. Don't mind the idea of someone relating to my writing

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I enjoy playing with words. Researching them (say, etymology), arranging them, rearranging them, evaluating the quality of the various patterns that can be formed. I constantly do so in my head, perhaps to make up for the fact that I can't form any mental images, am a terrible painter, and can't competently play an instrument; words are all I have, my sole source of stimulation and aesthetic pleasure.

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this was surprisingly good.

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I'm reading the Inferno (a blast) and the frequent references to the Metamorphoses are making me want to fill that gap. Came looking for recs on translations. I usually look/hope for a relatively faithful translation - with the Inferno I'm reading Durling/Martinez, and I'm really enjoying the notes, while the Cantos are pretty easy to read. I read Larimer for the Iliad and Odyssey. I do enjoy off-the-wall translations - Anne Carson's translations are fun reads. I've seen Slavitt brought up as an looser one for Ovid - what have you read, what are its merits?

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This scene was so fucking cringe.

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what didnt you like about it?

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I felt the book was entirely out of place and too on the nose. I could hear the writers scream HEY GUYS DANTE IS GOING TO HELL AND DON IS GOING TO HELL SO HE MIGHT AS WELL READ INFERNO RIGHT? LITERATURE IS IMPORTANT. I don't know, I really like this show, but this scene was rubbish.

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I agree. I dont care for Don's arc in the first part of s6.

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