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just read this and don't feel like shooting John Lennon.
What am I missing?

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Is he, dare I say it, /our guy/?
Just found this guy today. Which books should I start with?

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Wow, this is literally me

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Any inspiring biographies you could recommend of men who achieved great things even though seemingly against all odds? Preferably historical figures that can be verified, for example, the figure of Christ is shrouded in myth.

I've been lately reading the life of Muhammad, even though I do not practice Islam, and I must say what he achieved during his life was quite impressive.

I mean in a sense he was able to unite the whole Arabian peninsula and his religious visions started somewhere around at the age of 40, and even then he was denounced as a madman.

This thread is not to start a debate about islam, but just any biographies you could recommend about historical figures who overcame all odds so to speak.

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>While Abraham was building the Kaaba, an angel brought to him the Black Stone which he placed in the eastern corner of the structure.
It was definitely aliens, right?

Anyway start with the Greeks.

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idk, but Islam is basically bootleg Christianity

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>Islam is bootleg Christianity

Why is this board unable to understand that continuity within religious narratives does not equate imitation. The three have their similarities sure but they ultimately emphasize a variety of qualities / virtue that differ from sect to sect. Islam is a beautiful religion, it's difficult to uphold because it's very strict, but it's incredibly rewarding and beneficial for the character and soul. The benefits one procures from Islam are endless and to reduce it to a "bootleg" of what came before it is plainly ignorant. Different people are called to different religion.

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>"shrouded in myth"
>consensus of scholars is that the gospel accounts were written between 50-80ad
>meanwhile biography of mohammed and hadith were written several hundred years later

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>written several hundred years later
I mean several hundred years after mohammed's death

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I realized I'm a sadist.
Novels for this feel?

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Heterosexuality is gay. It's almost as gay as homosexuality. Women are basically men who are so effeminate their sexuality receded into their whole body. All sexuality is degrading. Virginity is the only path free from homo-eroticism. If your'e addicted to porn just remember that all sex is gay sex. Good day.

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Yeah, and fuck the demiurge.

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No fuck You.

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Inspired by the other thread about spanish books, let's talk here about literature in the tongue of Camoens.

What are the best pieces of portuguese and brazilian literature?
So far, I've only read Saramago.

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What do you guys think of Keats?

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Worthless crap like all romantic “poetry”.

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I would have also accepted the /pol/ version

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I love the romantics but don't really get Keats. He has some excellent poems like the Human Seasons though.

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i like keat s

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ITT: worthless brainlets

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Absolutely based and redpilled.
A human disaster. Poor Mary should have married anybody But him.

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There's this paradox - at least I've come to see it as such - that I see every once in a while on this board, and I wanted to make note of it to see what you guys think.

One of Stoicism's main tenets is to ultimately not worry about things that are out of your control - there's more nuance to it, but for what I'm about to say it doesn't really matter. Chiefly or solely because of this, some people claim Stoicism to be a philosophy by cucks for cucks (because, for example, if your wife were to have sex with another man a Stoic is supposed to be indifferent to it, therefore making them a cuckold).

I'm not here to defend Stoicism, so whether or not that analysis is valid isn't the point. What I do care about is the other side of humanity, the people who do let external things dictate their mode of thought. Describing these people in another way, they are people who literally allow others to control how they feel and even the actions they commit; could you not very well call these people cucks in a sense? As far as I'm concerned, if the aforementioned analysis of Stoicism is apt, then everyone is a cuck in some regard. The question then becomes what type of cuck you want to be.

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It is a cope, but it's a cope that was necessary during the philosophy's heyday. It's impossible to handle the vicissitudes of imperial Rome without a stoic conception of suffering

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>That's literally how people work.
that's my point. just because "that's literally how people work" doesn't not make them cucks, it just makes cuckoldry inherent.

>What makes stoics cucks is that fact that they let external world completely immobilize their behavior, by choosing to "not worry much" a stoic commits the ultimate act of cuckery - letting the world define not just his actions, but his character too.
I'm genuinely not trying to say this in a passive-aggressive manner, but have you even read Stoic thought? A Stoic wouldn't at all be immobilied by the external world, they do what is virtuous regardless of the external world - the external world doesn't dictate their actions in the slightest. It's not their believe to "not worry much", it's to be indifferent in regard to that which is out of your control. What do you mean by "define" exactly? Again a Stoic wouldn't let the external world define their actions or actions, those are defined by the tenets of their philosophy. You really need to clarify what you're saying because your analysis as of now shows a total lack of understand of what Stoicism is.

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>It's not their believe...
>Again a Stoic wouldn't let the external world define their actions or actions..
actions or character***

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It is too simplistic to describe people as belonging to either cuck or non-cuck. Same with any dualistic category. The reason people allow other people to dictate what they think is because it is extremely convenient to adopt about a system of thought than to come up with your own. You get to stand on hundreds if not thousands of years worth of individual thought. Sadly most people are born into one and never branch out or even consider alternative.

We need common ground in order to function. For example we are using language right now that some other people we have never met made and it is very influential to how we think and act. Does that make us cucks too?

Systems of thought should not be approached like a set of rules to live your life by, but a path of inquiry and a mental toolbox of concept to understand and construct the world around.

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Anything and everything is "cucked"
at some point according to your definition, and we live is this state where everything is able to "cuck" you, a stoic just remains stoic over these facts, is that simple.

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"Be a Roman among Greeks"

What did he mean by this?

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Start with the Greeks.

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practical tinkering type > theorizing s o y type

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Take what's usefull, discard the rest.

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Be a Byzantine Phoenician among Arabs

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Greeks: degenerates and reprobates who belong on a cross

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What are some good books about fat people losing weight or just being fat in general?

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I'm guessing your diary desu

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Hi /lit/. /tv/ anon here. I’m currently trying to read lovecraft but am worried his works going to get purged because of his backwards views on race. How likely or possible is this from happening because most people don’t even know he was a racist.

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>/tv/ anon here


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Stupid question. Lovecraft is too popular to fall into obscurity again or to be blacklisted like that.

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Not plausible in the slightest. His works are all public domain and have wide dissemination, literally anyone can print them and reproduce them digitally. It would be very difficult to censor them, even if someone wanted to.

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Good to know.

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>*blocks your correlationism*

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>requiring anything beyond correlations

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>read pic related
>drop every other book I try to read after it because none of them are even a little close as good as it
Pls save me

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It’s gay and so is OP.

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You haven’t read it and won’t.

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After resonating with Nietzsche, you have to start enjoying fiction and poetry more. Maybe read The Birth of Tragedy while you're at it.

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That is one the least interesting books in Nietzsche's bibliography to me. Still a critical read, but morality in general is a relatively boring subject compared to what else he delves into in his other works.

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why aint u read it yet

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Because there are more interesting eastern texts on my plate already. The snippets that I've seen look interesting though and I plan on reading it in 2019.

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Imagine writing this book and getting it published. Just how?!

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What did Alexander Pope mean by this?

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only big brain boys can transcend

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Scientists can't tell us jack squat about life

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Thought -> Being

I disagree with the message, but hands down great lyricism

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Is it worth the effort?

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Why is Pushkin featured on a french novel?

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Yes, read it last month. My favourite book to date. It took me just under 2 weeks to read.

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It's naive shallow and boring.

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Which of books of the Bible(Old and New Testament) and commentaries are the most useful for understand Judeo Christian law and morals?

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