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I've seen this template go the rounds of /mu/ and was wondering what /lit/'s favorites would look like

Post, rate, comment on each other's

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Okay, tell me, how the fuck did this get a Tv adaptation?
I read the first book pretty much as a dare, and I have literally never come across anything as tedious and pretentious. Which wouldnt be such a big deal if it wasnt for the fact that 90% of the reviews Ive read for it share my exact sentiments. How is a book this popular without any fans??

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I already told you, It's a journal, not a diary. Diaries are for girls, now leave me be. I'm busy taking notes for Plato's Symposium.

Stop calling journals diaries guys please.

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Anyone read this? Just finished and damn...
I guess interesting life story general.

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Killing Fields and the genocide within Cambodia is a hollywood myth. She spreads lies and falsehoods because of her own faulty personal experience from childhood, which is not objective but subjective, devising justifications for the world around them, which is what Loung Ung did in "First, they killed my father". The very title presupposes innocence but consider that her father was a high ranking official, lived a very comfortable life while the people he was supposed to serve lived in squalor, and if you were a revolutionary regime, of course he would be persecuted for crimes commuted against the people.

She further perpetuates lies to about the Pol Pot regime.
Pol Pot wasn't out there just pointlessly slaughtering his own people. That doesn't even make sense. Also is the myth that people with glasses were killed, for fucks sake, Pol Pot himself wore glasses. Sure there might have been some low level thugs who did some bad things but to act like it was an orchestrated effort by Pol Pot, is lunacy.

Pol Pot was unironically not evil. Watch this video for yourself. Tell me if this is a bad person.


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All I read is wikipedia articles and I'm definitely more intelligent and knowledgeable than you.

If you actually read books today you are a fucking idiot pseud.

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This is the complete text of the Wikipedia article for Tolstoy's Boyhood
>Boyhood (Russian: Oтpoчecтвo, Otrochestvo) is the second novel in Leo Tolstoy's autobiographical trilogy, following Childhood and followed by Youth. The novel was first published in the Russian literary journal Sovremennik in 1854.
Youth get this
>Youth (Russian: Юнocть [Yunost']; 1857) is the third novel in Leo Tolstoy's autobiographical trilogy, following Childhood and Boyhood. It was first published in the popular Russian literary magazine Sovremennik
Childhood gets three paragraphs
>Childhood (pre-reform Russian: Дѣтcтвo; post-reform Russian: Дeтcтвo, tr. Détstvo) is the first published novel by Leo Tolstoy, released under the initials L. N. in the November 1852 issue of the popular Russian literary journal The Contemporary.[1]
>It is the first in a series of three novels and is followed by Boyhood and Youth. Published when Tolstoy was just twenty-three years old, the book was an immediate success, earning notice from other Russian novelists including Ivan Turgenev, who heralded the young Tolstoy as a major up-and-coming figure in Russian literature.
>Childhood is an exploration of the inner life of a young boy, Nikolenka, and one of the books in Russian writing to explore an expressionistic style, mixing fact, fiction and emotions to render the moods and reactions of the narrator.
>"Will the freshness, lightheartedness, the need for love, and strength of faith which you have in childhood ever return? What better time than when the two best virtues -- innocent joy and the boundless desire for love -- were the only motives in life?"[

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>impress normies with my Kant knowledge
>never read a page of Kant, just skimmed his wikipedia page

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>I definitely wallow in beauty more than you

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I cant believe I’m real

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Who are your favorite /lit/ regulars? For me, it's Ryan Gosling poster.

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guy who first posted screen caps from this movie. there are several posters who do so now

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>no one will ever recognise your posts

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Come to think of it, he's not much of a regular these days. I think I saw him in the Colombo thread. He has some good movies suggestions.

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Remember that guy who read an old book on masturbation and then went on a crusade against people touching their peepers?

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Give me a primer on meter in poetry /lit/? I just can't get it.

Provide succour to the poor soul,
Be the knight whose might,
Will resolve me of my plight
Words I can match, advice, I can follow,
I can understand I am not a pole,
I have to write, there is nothing else in sight,
Can't quit ,
My poems don't flow and they are shallow,
I will fix the ideas but meter is my bane,
Help me and relieve me of my pain

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no one cares anymore
just write sentences
and split
them up
also draw little
- people like those

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"It is only people who possess firmness who can possess true gentleness. In those who appear gentle, it is generally only weakness, which is readily converted into harshness."
-La Rochefoucauld.

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>if I endlessly make people define concepts into narrower and narrower definitions, I never have to actually argue a point

Socrates sucked, and so do you

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>free men
sounds spooky desu

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>if I never have to define the basic premises upon which my arguments rest I never have to say anything that comes from the result of rigorous thought, only half baked platitudes I can pass off as independent thought!

as a side note anyone who takes ayn rand seriously is a mental invalid. shit philosopher, shit author, shit human.

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Fellow Ayn Rand chads have always been the heroes of /lit/

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Where do I start from in poetry, I love to read and want to start reading and writing poems which are the best books to read in poetry /lit/?
>Pic unrelated

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Why do writers put so many difficult words in their stuff? I read an article where every other sentence was some obscure word. Isn't that the first thing you learn is to not do that because it's irritating and smug?

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It's their job to find the right word to describe a certain thing, which leads them to use difficult words. But obviously I'm sure many of them do it just to appear more intelligent.

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To rationalize their overeducation

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Better a surfeit than the alternative, Rowling, or that gobdaw Stephanie Meyer; who have the irremediable vocabulary of an autistic gangbanger. Stretch the brain.
The English Language has the richest lexicon of any tongue on this tortured globe. Revel in this, glory in this; the native locution of Milton and Shakespeare. Language is the dress of thought, honour this with august raiment and magnificent deportment.
Howz, dat, niggah?

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>The English Language has the richest lexicon of any tongue on this tortured globe

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learn more words nigga
expand the thoughts you can have

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>LARPs in a garden for a few seasons
>Spends the whole time telling his neighbors why he's better than them
What are some actually good /out/ books?

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Yes but if his attempt was to draw philosophical conclusions from secluding oneself from the modern world would it have made a difference if he tried to survive in the middle of nowhere rather than the cabin by the lake?

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Don't try and reason with them.
Nearly everyone that attacks walden on /lit/ attacks it for the exact same regurgitated reason.
Most of these people haven't gone innawoods since they went on a camping trip with their grade 5 class.
It's just like middle-class white people attacking drake for not being "real" enough and not being "hood" despite being limp-wristed faggots that walk across the street when they see a black guy approaching.

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mf it was the 1800s "the modern world"

And no, nobody taught me to hate Walden. It was hyped af, I felt for the hype, and I was disappointed af.

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Wasn't america in the middle of industralization and urbanization back then? I think it would be fair to call that time "modern" and his retreat from the world "seclusion from the modern world". Just like the romantics in europe were longing for nature in a time of rapid industrial change couldn't thoreau's experiment have been a similar longing to seclude himself from modernity? (Again, I haven't read the book, feel free to prove me wrong)

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>Growth of the Soil
Everyone should read this book

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/GG/ Greek General. I found a copy of 'freedom and death' last year in a Cretan bookstore. Never heard of Nikos Kazantzakis but he is apparently very famous in Greece.

I greatly enjoyed Freedom and Death, the rebellious Cretans fighting the Ottoman Turks in that beautiful dry mountainous island landscape resonated with me.

I continued with his most famous work: 'ZORBA THE GREEK'
I couldnt finish it. Didnt like at all.

what am I in for?

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hipster shit

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Based. I am Greek and Kazantzakis is very good. Dont listen to that faggot probably he doesnt know where Greece is on a map. Also i recommend the poems of Kavafy. Modern Greek authors-poets are extremely underrated.

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The aim of this thread is to stump others and strive to be more logically consistent. Share debates, thought experiments, stupid shit you've seen on Reddit, anything. Only rule is no (contemporary) politics. Break this rule at your own peril.

Mr. Tippett said to me, "You can't argue with me on English because I am a college-educated man with a degree from ASU." I grinned and only shook my head. Either Tippett was lacking in education or he is extraordinarily bad at logic or both. What fallacy am I?

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I want to reject this world we created. Most people are slaves to a convenience and comfort state-of-things which is labored for and alienates people in an ironic cycle, where in the end it matter not, as everyone is like a human centipede, being born, consuming the fruit, then laboring for the next, but even inconvenience and discomfort can enslave, so nothing contigent on the human mind can save us, and what we need is a higher power, above human intellect, that is in order to transcend the bonds our world keeps us in. Books for this feel?

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12 Years a Slave

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Thank you. Slave narratives are interesting, showing the cruelness tribals can have for man with racial differences, even to make it lawful in their society, to alienate their fellow man based on looks alone.

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Un homme qui dort.

Watch the movie on YouTube.

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Post books which made you cringe

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I am a proud monolinguist and I adore my Mother tongue above all others, finding it to be the most immaculate. I will never learn another language.

Non-native English speakers need not attempt any replies, whatsoever, for they are not truly initiated into the wonders of this glorious language and fail to understand its inherent, absolute beauty.

I pity those not born to this language, the greatest of them all. The envy of all the world. Purely pitiful, are those born to my language and then discard this prized possession away to gain knowledge of inferior tongue. A precious pearl, one of a kind, one that is a treasure— and these sad cretins decide to trade it for what they think are stores of coin. Keep your filthy lucre. I will do as Shakespeare, Milton, and all great speakers, the masters as I like to call them, of this glorious language have done and keep my priceless English language utterly unsullied.

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If only contained in their respective spheres, the idiosyncrasies can they have any merit, or mutual respect. Two great leaders staring at one another across the void of a demarcation line, knowing if they cross, total and mutually assured destruction will ensue.
Truly, it is when one decides to learn the other, they both are tarnished. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

Alas, I fear that you've been made the mistake to have endeavored or learn have already learnt it first to ascertain such an opinion and second, evidenced by your use incorrect usage of "swell" to denote a good, which is slang and vernacular, and while surely the flexibility of the English language is to be marveled, failure to adhere to it routinely, much less in a digital correspondence concerning the wonders of English, and this was followed by "to" rather than too. Both of these are signs that the English faculties are corrupted. As such my boy, you will never be a a King. People like you are mere foot shoulders, literal message boys in this war designed to take scribes, and translated them to and fro for the apex predators of each tongue to better make sense of them in their default speaking arrangements where the real progress is made. I pity you, my child.

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this is pasta

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>I am a proud monolinguist and I adore my Mother tongue above all others
Stopped reading here. You are just naive so refrain from having strong opinions on anything.

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>a language
>not a mongrel creole that anyone in the world can "speak"

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Be sure to read your W. Somerset Maugham

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I keep seeing you all talk about Catholicism, but does anyone know anything about orthodox Christianity? Wherever I’ve looked online the information has been quite lackluster to be honest. Where can I look into it better?

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One reason might be the lack of historical presence of Orthodox influence in western educational institutions. There's still probably more information available now than ever before so it shouldn't be to hard to come across unless your looking in expressed by non-orthodox places maybe.

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>expressed by

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I reccomend Orthodox Christianity, by Hilarion Alfeyev. Four volumes are currently available in English

I was baptized in 2017, was a catechumen for a year before that, happy to answer any questions

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You probably need to search for the Greek orthodox church, they have strong presence in America so they will probably have some translation and guidance.
Or see what kind of orthodox church is near you and check that out.

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I would suggest Antiochian if possible, much, much higher presence of converts.

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How in the literal fuck does a poem like this warrant a four-figure payout?


How do we combat the bastardization of what used to be literature's greatest modality?

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Because it's the communist broadcasting corporation and the recipient fits the central committee mandate - not a white male.

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Outstanding example of English prose.

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I remember how leftists used to hate that Plato wrote that all art should have a moral purpose. They called him an authoritarian.
Now that they have cultural hegemony, they rate art by moral purpose (and by the identity of the author).
Meaning that they didn't disagree with "art for moral purposes", they disagreed with "art for Plato's morals".

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This poem is decent. It’s true, it’s got good use of language and rhythm and it says a lot. You need to read more poetry if you think this is bad.

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