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Already correctly guessed that my father will buy me the posthumous Graeber book as he knew I liked the guy. I also asked for a People's History of the US. Hopefully, I'll get that, too. Excited to read both

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yes very nice frend. Keep it up!

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cool cool no problem. see you around anon

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Brehs, I finished my novel today. Been a long time coming. It felt weird plugging in the last words and then thinking, "Okay what do I have to write next" but there's nothing left to write. Just time to pour over it and pick out things here and there that don't read quite right, which is going to be a whale of a process. It feels more overwhelming now because now I have to start trying to get it published, or self-publish and try to promote it.

Has anyone had experience printing up a manuscript at Staples or something? I'd much prefer reading a physical copy mainly and making the edits on screen to the side by referring to page number. Screen-reading just doesn't feel as comfy. I'm probs gonna print a few copies just to give to a few of my friends who enjoy reading, since if my friends who enjoy slow build high fantasy and don't even like it and can't into it then that's a problem.

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>But neets are maggots
Another mad wagie

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Got some great fantasizing about doing interviews done today bros. Anyone else?

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Everywan I’m think of writing a novel after the invisible dragon^^
novel after this is about after invisible dragon dies (sob sbo ;-;)
i’m going to just end invisible dragon at capter 50
after this novel is called duike~~~
the main character is name is Duike
please look forward to it~~~
dont cry tho after invisible dragon die^^;;;
(but even i cried hella lot when i thought of it invisible dragon ;-;)

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Had a great session imagining being interviewed about my writing today.

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>mfw I'm going to finish my books, get published, and have a happy life, but I don't rely my happiness on the success of my creative work, its simply one more contribution to overall happiness that I derive from creating in itself anyhow

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Cute. What do you read?

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Today was a good day to be on /lit/

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How, if at all, will psychology and the social sciences overcome the replication crisis in your opinion? If you think these fields will be able to overcome the crisis, what sort of paradigm shift in methodology and/or attitude will allow them to do so?

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I'm 5'7 and have never had trouble, but I may be an outlier as I have a genuinely handsome face and live in a fairly rural area where the pickings are slim as it is.
I have noticed, however, when I meet a girl for a date and they haven't seen me irl prior, that they always say they expected me to be taller. Literally every time. I guess because they innately associate height with attractiveness, still a bit off-putting though. Imagine what would happen if you met a girl for a date for the first time and you said, "I thought your tits would be bigger."

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At 11 AM I place a frozen hot pocket in the microwave, a Daewoo KOR6L77 with a 20 liter capacity and 5 power levels with the highest being 700 watts (it has no other options aside from timer knobs), and commence with the morning’s jerking session. Afterwards I grab a soft faux-cotton Kleenex – with auxiliary fibers to get even the most stubborn of dirt layers – and wipe the cum off my protruding stomach.

Then I open my microwave and grasp the hot pocket, with cheese, meat, and vegetables. The aroma is nice and familiar, and though the heat of it hurts my hands and mouth, I can’t wait any longer before gorging in the sublimity of it.

After breakfast is done, I go back to my room. My mother, a 42-year-old roastie who couldn’t keep a husband to save her life and who adores me, is still sleeping in the bed like some sort of ox. I sit at the edge of the bed and grab my PS4 controller, a DualShock 4 with Bluetooth capability, along with touch input sensor in the middle and wireless functionality, and press the button in the middle, turning on the PlayStation 4 console, with built in Blu-ray player, and start up OverWatch.

I am very good at OverWatch. There is aim-assist but I find this wholly irrelevant to the grand scheme of things, as I don’t even try aiming in the first place. I dislike playing on PC though because of the lack of aim-assist and how this allows PC gamers to cheat using adjustable DPI in their color-coded mouses. I tend to main Tracer in the game because her exotic accent hardens my cock and her ass invigorates a sense of pride in me for having so much prowess playing her. It is as if I control Tracer, I am her master.
Blizzard, the company who created OverWatch, has gone on record to state Tracer is a stupid-fucking-dyke and removed the lurid victory pose of her ass. This agitated me and so I sent 138 messages, each with burner emails, explaining my dissatisfaction and how the day of reckoning would come. I also informed them that if I ever saw one of their employees, I would slice their fucking throats with a chiseled disc of OverWatch and shove my dicks up their ass since they love faggots so much.

Around 3 PM my mother finally wakes. It is a loud and boisterous affair that breaks my concentration, which I believe is her intended effect as I looked over to acknowledge her and see her drooping hit-the-wall-when-I-was-23 face smiling at me. She asks if I slept well but I grunt a response and allow her to make her own interpretations off that. Out of the corner of my eye I see her scrunch her nose and make a face, I assume she is smelling the mixture of balls and semen on my hands since I didn’t bother washing my hands after my earlier jerk.

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Oh jeeze these might be too small brain for this thread




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Merry Christmas, frens. Despite how much I like to riff on the faggs in this board I actually like you all (even the tripfaggs)

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I don't know if I love you, but at least I know that I like you

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I cannot describe to you all how genuinely happy I am that Cline has put out another trash novel. The only questions is how far has he continued to deteriorate. Armada was so bad, I honestly believe that RP2 has to be better than it. I hope I'm wrong, and the the trustworthy excerpts in this thread suggest I might be.

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>So from now on I address you not only as my guest but as my friend."

yea pretty much all the neoplatonists have some degree of comfyness

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Working on finishing up Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises and rereading The Book of Disquiet. Before bed I'll probably watch a lecture on Guenon, as I really want to get started with him soon (I enjoyed Evola's Revolt Against the Modern World quite a bit). Guenon's analysis of modern science as an intensely limiting framework seems profound. Blog post aside: what is /lit/ reading tonight and why do you like it? I've got my pipe to keep things comfy too. Cheers frens.

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>If you're smart, why are you poor?
I put effort into being comfortable and generally being lazy as fuck

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Themes are overrated. Name one book with a strong theme that has actually added something to the conversation

>uuuhh protip? u can't

Screw that, I'm an aesthete, purely driven by the irrational allure of art.

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