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I'm going to tell you /lit/, I'm not like many of you. I'm not like a bitter incel who hates women because he can't get sex. If anything my abnormalities come from being very extroverted and self-confident but extremely eccentric and having no social filter, making me a bit of a retarded dynamo that becomes beloved as a class clown. All that aside, I have a sexual issue, that is that I get REALLY aroused by female humiliation. I love to see women humiliated, degraded and disgraced. Shit, just today I watched a lesbian gangrape scene (very poorly made and acted by the way) where a woman was violated with dildos and hands by almost a dozen other women, and the final shot of the victim lying naked alone, discharged like an used object, spent, twitching softly with a traumatized vacant stare on her face, legs open in despondent carelessness now that her body had already been used and abused to no end, this shot aroused me more than the entire video, than entire multitudes of pornography. Rape scenes in movies arouse me infinitely. The scene of the discharged used naked corpses of the beautiful mother and daughter who are raped and then killed in Nocturnal Animals made me harder than a diamond. Women treated as animals, abused and fucked senseless while they cry makes me hard. I don't know what to do of or what to do with these desires, but they have always been with me. Even as a kid, first discovering sexuality, my fantasies regarding my female teachers and colleagues have always been of domination and humiliation.

I love it.

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Gryffindor: Socially adjusted kids who are protagonist material, normal kids whose interests range from beating a dead squirrel with a stick to playing ball. This is where the average joes are placed. This house is constantly favored because it is the "face" of the school, normal dudes and dudettes go here.
Hogwarts Propaganda: They're like... Brave and shit.

Slytherin: The place to fit the trust-fund baby, wealthy members of society who are socially engineered from the womb to be entitled cunts and proto-Patrick Batemans, also equally genetically engineered to be cunts since they are spawned from the ruthless strategists at the top of financial institutions and the opportunistic gold diggers who suck their cocks. They pay to receive priority treatment and acceptance in the school and this is what they get.
Hogwarts Propaganda: They're like, cunning strategists and great business leaders!

Ravenclaw: Reserves of the best intellectual and academically competent kids who are capable of bringing formal academic glory to the school, also a great way to contain the more "eccentric" and mentally unstable kids, since intelligence is strongly correlated with batshit insanity, in one same area and keep an eye on them
Hogwarts Propaganda: They're just smart! (This time, it is correct)

Hufflepuff: Dumb, developmentally disabled, untalented, simple-minded, Lenny from Of Mice and Men, Ralph Wiggum, way too naive for this sinful Earth, ultimately good-hearted individuals who are just not made for the cunning speed-chess of life
Hogwarts Propaganda: They're kind and friendly!

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It's hard out here for a product of inbreeding

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Sure you did.

Spotted the fag

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