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Did marx ever wrote about the dead of secularism?

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>Future tech this, anti-industry that
Can't I like both?

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Why are black people so retarded? Why did you write all this lol?

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love you too anon

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I havent keked this hard is ages

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You made me giggle :)

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that would be when i have sex

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>I am assuming all of you are intellectual and have successful high earning positions, right?
kek I'm just a lonely NEET with no ambition. I'll play along though.
>50k net worth
>Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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Where can I publish my poetry? Give me some cool magazines, and some of the bigger ones as well.

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What version of the Bible should I read? Is there a particular version Catholics or Orthodox use?

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HIGHly based

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>tfw I realize my favourite characters in books aren't real and hence will never die and will never change and will never let me down and I can enjoy them forever

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Youtube has been throwing this guy into my recommended feed in the last month. I had never heard or seem me in my life. I'm atheist, but I love listening to this guy.

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