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Let's be real for once. Are we actually going through Winter, or has Spring just begun?

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the jewish springtime was 2 thousand years ago

a typically english misunderstanding of spengler. there's always a pretence with englishmen that they're the only adults in the room. this arrogance was their ruin. spengler didn't care about the words themselves, they could've been switched around and it would not have mattered one bit. i can't stand pedants that think "what we say matters" is at all an important thought. spengler also doesn't reduce humanity to culture and civilisation, if you read his man and technics.

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We're literally 1/10th of the way into winter, retards. The feeling you have of being at the beginning of a value-defining period is just second religiousness.

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This shit is no different from Harry Potter/LoTR LARPing, you absolute fucking cretins

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It was taken seriously by a lot of people in the 20th century so no it is not like Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings

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success breeds jealousy eh

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Name a more based trio. Oh right, there isn't one.

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Me myself and I.

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>some other dragon

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Go back to your grave Steiner

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Sotha sil

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books for this feel?

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what feel?
writing like a goddamn douchebag? i like how he tries so hard to look like a smart, erudite guy, but leaves out both the subject and the period.

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fuck off nigger

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nice1 queer-o

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>Brothers and sisters, there is a global culture that is being forced down the throats of everyone on the face of the earth. This global culture is protected and promoted. Thomas Friedman--he is a famous writer in the U.S., he writes for the New York Times--he says, "The hidden hand of the market cannot survive without a hidden fist. McDonald's will never flourish without McDonnell Douglas." The designer of the F-15's. In other words, we're not really dealing with a global culture that is benign or compassionate. This is a culture that gives you no choice. You either accept McDonald's, otherwise McDonnell Douglas will send the F-15's above your head. It's a very intolerant culture that cannot coexist with anything else, it uproots every other culture on the face of the earth, it just cuts the roots of it. And you have here a quote here by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, he's a famous Russian historian-writer, he says, "To destroy a people you must first sever their roots." So it's really a destruction of the people of the earth, because every other culture is being demolished. So this is not a global culture that will coexist with others, it will replace others. And the only ideology that is standing up to this global culture is Islam.

The above quote is from an English khutbah (sermon) by Anwar al-Awlaki, the first in a series on the Life of Muhammad, salla Allahu alayhe


(excerpt is from 27:25)

Droned for supporting al-Qaeda, he was also ridiculously slandered by the FBI who said he solicited prostitutes and was arrested multiple times for it while an imam in San Diego (strange no news organization reported it until years later, considering his mosque was major and he was a national figure). Obviously this character assassination was to discourage Muslims from following him. My favorite khutbah by him is actually Victory (also available there)

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Profundamente, by Manuel Bandeira. PT and EN.


Quando ontem adormeci
Na noite de São João
Havia alegria e rumor
Estrondos de bombas luzes de Bengala
Vozes, cantigas e risos
Ao pé das fogueiras acesas.

No meio da noite despertei
Não ouvi mais vozes nem risos
Apenas balões
Passavam, errantes

Apenas de vez em quando
O ruído de um bonde
Cortava o silêncio
Como um túnel.
Onde estavam os que há pouco
E riam
Ao pé das fogueiras acesas?

— Estavam todos dormindo
Estavam todos deitados


Quando eu tinha seis anos
Não pude ver o fim da festa de São João
Porque adormeci

Hoje não ouço mais as vozes daquele tempo
Minha avó
Meu avô
Totônio Rodrigues
Onde estão todos eles?

— Estão todos dormindo
Estão todos deitados
When last night I feel asleep
At the feast of St. John
There was much merriment and noise
Stacatto banging of rockets and lights of Roman candles
Voices songs and laughter
Near the kindled bonfires.

In the middle of the night I awoke

And could no longer hear voices and laughter
Only vagrant balloons
Drifted here and there
Oh, so silently
And from time to time
Only the clatter of the streetcar
Bored through the silence
Like a tunnel.
Where were those who a mere moment ago
Were dancing
Were singing
Were laughing
Near the kindled bonfires?

— They were all asleep
They were all lying down
Oh, so profoundly.

When I was sic years old
I could not see the end of the feast of St. John
Because I fell asleep.

Today I can no longer hear the voices of that time
My grandmother
My grandfather
Totonio Rodrigues
Where are they all?

— They are all asleep
They are all lying down
Oh, so profoundly.

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Read Jorge de Lima's A Invenção de Orfeu.

Mensagem is better.

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Em todos os jardins, por Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen

PT and EN.

Em todos os jardins...
Em todos os jardins hei-de florir,
Em todos beberei a lua cheia,
Quando enfim no meu fim eu possuir
Todas as praias onde o mar ondeia.

Um dia serei eu o mar e a areia,
A tudo quanto existe me hei-de unir,
E o meu sangue arrasta em cada veia
Esse abraço que um dia se há-de abrir.

Então receberei no meu desejo
Todo o fogo que habita na floresta
Conhecido por mim como num beijo.

Então serei o ritmo das paisagens,
A secreta abundância dessa festa
Que eu via prometida nas imagens.
In all gardens I will flower,
In all I will drink the full Moon,
When at last at my end I will possess
All the beaches where the sea makes its waves.

One day I will be the sea and the sand,
To everything that exists I will unite myself
And my blood drags through every vein
That embrace that one day will open.

Then I will receive my desire
All the fire that inhabits the forest
Known in me as a kiss.

Then I will be the rhythm of the landscapes,
The secret abundance of this party
That I saw promised in the images.

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>shunted out of a void into a block-solid real

who asked for this? I want to speak to the manager

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Are you trying to say you took a shit?

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This is what you always wanted. Remember.

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Fine. Gimme yours.

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The fuck is his problem

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This is what happens when you inherit your rich dad's money and never have to work for anything in your life. Spoiled brat who turned into a tumblr tier reader.

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Is that the Destiny dude?

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No he does look like him though

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Exposed as a total pseud in his Beckett video. Couldn't even articulate why the books were good.

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Books were not meant to be analyzed on fucking YouTube and it shows.

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>Has nukes

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>nooooooooooo you cant just have nukes only we are allowed to have those
shut up pajeet

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These niggas finessed nukes and no one in the international community gave a shit. Pajeets are beyond based

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ever bought something made in Pakistan?
total shit
incompetent, cheap, fragile shit.
knives that break while cutting fruit

absolute garbage

more than likely they'll accidentally blow themselves up

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Was it better than the Homeric epics?

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Why compare?

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I've been reading this and loving it, seeing as the old epics are my favourite genre. Does anyone have thoughts?

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It's pretty cool. "Hold up" is a bugman term btw. We're talking art, not technology.

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I enjoy it. The first book describing the creation of the world is a little dull for me because it reads like Genesis with the names shuffled around a bit. Once the elves awake and Morgoth starts ruining everything and Fëanor gets too big for his britches I get more interested.

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I've read it 3 times. Second and third read were much more enjoyable.
Also don't concern yourself with the extend that a book "holds up" and other nu-age critique methods

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It is good, but basically retelling of the Kalevala. Cannot honestly enjoy it anymore considering it is just a ripoff

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>But as in landlessness alone resides the highest truth, shoreless, indefinite as God—so, better is it to perish in that howling infinite, than be ingloriously dashed upon the lee, even if that were safety! For worm-like, then, oh! who would craven crawl to land! Terrors of the terrible! is all this agony so vain? Take heart, take heart, O Bulkington! Bear thee grimly, demigod! Up from the spray of thy ocean-perishing—straight up, leaps thy apotheosis!

Started this today, just finished the first 100 pages, might read a bit more or might watch a film or summat, all I want to say is fucking hell lads, I knew this was meant to be good, but not this fucking good.

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oh yeh, what is it really that bad then?

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The gregory peck movie is ok, watch it after not before you finish. Also read dh lawrence essay on the book after too

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Lawrence is a hack

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Funny I’m at that very same part, same chapter

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weird innit, how you finding it mate? like I've said I'm absolutely loving it so far.

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Mira Gonzalez is the official Poetess da Residência of the Academy of American Poets. You can ask her questions about her art and process here:

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She aged so fast it's fucking scary. Is it something about latinas that makes them age poorly and rapidly? Or is it her shitty diet, drugs, and lifestyle?

Help me understand why Mira hit the wall at a million miles an hour. Also lol at her twitter pic being from when she was 19, while she won't post any pictures of herself on her Instagram without heavily obscuring her face for 2+ years.

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now that image or the idea of it will be in my brain for the rest of my life. thanks buddy

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recommend literature that can heal pessimists

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Maps of Meaning

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I disagree. I would rather suffer more, but feel pleasure than suffer less but never feel pleasure. Wanting to avoid suffering is impossible anyway so why not give yourself in to pleasure?

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The Idiot

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The gay science by nietzsche
I especially like the poem
Slippery ice
Is paradise
At least for those
That dance well
(Rough translation)
The whole book is a way of combatting nihilism, aiming your energy upward toward a higher goal and finding meaning within yourself - outside of god. It helped me tremendously. Especially part 285, the dam analogy sticks with me to this day. I recommend reading it in german or dutch if possible. Dunno how good the English translation is.

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Are all the arguments against it all subjective?

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What did our éminence grise mean by this?

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There are no other boards; there is only /pol/.

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This 100%. Every fucking board you get /pol/ posters constantly, it's been like that for a while now. I wish they would fuck off and stop shitting up other boards.

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I agree with you on this.
How can you be so based yet so cringe at the same time?

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It's in the subject, not the object you dumbfuck.

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Please recommend me blackpill-erasing books. I’m looking into a deep pit of nihilism and despair and I can’t afford to get sucked into it. I’m almost completely broken and I’m barely hanging on. No money, no friends, no education and it’s all because I truly have no purpose or goal to get from life. I see those as byproducts of having purpose, otherwise I feel they’re superfluous relations that only serve to distract you from the slow decay of life. Pleae help me /lit/, this is frightening and a therapist is not an option right now.

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Can someone really learn about taoism by himself? Studying the nature of the tao and works like the tao te ching seem like the kind of thing that needs some sort of guidance, otherwise you just end up interpreting it in a distorted way, much like millions in the west have done with any eastern philosophy that Manages to come this way.

>> No.15517313

Well, I would absolutely recommend the Bhagavad Gita. It's fairly short, and contains all of the most important information to the philosophy.

>> No.15517339

Aye, well, do your best. We don't all have access to the teachers we'd like to have. Live your life and try to see how the text and ideas relate.

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you're missing the part where he's been proactive and betrayed repeatedly

>> No.15517459

>At that point if would be much harder to be BAD at tennis
This is the real key. What would you have to do such that failure becomes impossible? That's the place to start.

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How the hell do you start off a story?

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Modern stories require some kind of hook, basically something that raises a question in the reader's head for which he wants to keep reading to answer. Contrast this with a thesis-like opening where you just state something.

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As close to the end as possible

>> No.15517205

>Modern stories require some kind of hook
Hello Mrs. Fifth Grade English Teacher

>> No.15517225

start with the corniest intro, string the most obvious openong lines together
>once upon a time on a dark and stormy night our hero awoke to find...
then rewrite it one the story is good and underway

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Based. Just start with a good sentence lol

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any lit recommended vidya?

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By Bioshock series do you mean Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 2? I don't know if many people approve of Bioshock Infinite.

>> No.15517251

I agree with you for the first time. What a time to be alive

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> back when it was the best board
So, never, exactly.

>> No.15517514

>back when it was the best board.
Being the tallest of the midgets is nothing to brag about.

>> No.15517519

Unless you're on /fit/

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>Dentist invites you to her house for a free check-up
>See this

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I once had a supervisor at a shitty cleaning job who randomly started talking to me about how I thought the world would react when UFO's were disclosed, and that the world had been deceived for so long. Could tell by the way she asked she was 100% serious. Unfortunately she was 60+ balding hag-troll.

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Yeah, this is peak schizo. Especially if she actually read them all. Inform her she needs to take her meds.

>> No.15517393

Neetzche was right. The perfect woman does exist, although extremely rare.

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Is there a single greater period in English letters than the English Enlightenment? Look at all these amazing writers and poets who lived in this period:

>Alexander Pope
>Jonathan Swift
>Samuel Johnson
>David Hume
>Edward Gibbon
>Edmund Burke
>William Blake
>Robert Burns

Obviously not all these writers and poets wrote in the same way or belonged to the same school. Many of them are quite different from each other. But they were all great, and they all lived around the same time.

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>fiction can't be part of a great period
let me guess, you read philosophy exclusively and you think you're smarter than everyone.

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>retards can't even reply properly
I need to get off this website man.

>> No.15516881

>le amazing philosofag is tumblrina faggot too
whoa what a surprise
you have to go back

>> No.15516891

>oh no I did something retarded, gotta save face, let me double down, if I don't then the bullies were right.
You need to get off this website too.

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but they wrote in english/scots

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Any literature on how climate/geography effects human culture and behaviour?

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File: 679 KB, 1920x1367, 1920px-Bamborough_Castle_from_the_Northeast,_with_Holy_Island_in_the_Distance,_Northumberland_MET_DP805117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't that what the book 'Guns, Germs and Steel' is about - Geographical Determinism.
I haven't read it though

>> No.15516529

Yes but Diamond's take is very bluepilled. He doesn't take his geographical determinism argument far enough, because if you did you would have to agree that certain groups of people who developed settled agrarian societies (because of their geography) are more genetically and culturally advanced than those who didn't. The reason for this is that in settled agrarian societies, large inequalities can exist in the distribution of wealth, and therefore in the distribution of reproduction opportunities, so gradually the genes and culture of the richest were spread throughout the population, since population always grew but most people in society did not reproduce. This culminated in European societies advanced enough to have an industrial revolution, and it explains why some parts of the world initially held back by geography are now first world because they were settled by Europeans (like Australia), but others are not which were not settled by Europeans (like Papua New Guinea)

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File: 280 KB, 1118x1600, ST11462a-100_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

John Motley's "The Rise of the Dutch Republic"

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File: 57 KB, 790x474, 8-Figure1.1-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Geography determines everything about a society because it is the only thing that is given/exogenous

>> No.15516567

The ecology of freedom by Murray Bookchin is good. Goes into detail on how certain environments gave rise to different of government and tribe rule

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>mock my words

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