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What books line up well with NoFap

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The works of saints on chastity and purity killed my libido.

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Read Kant.

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Look at some nice asses and tits and your libido should come back. If not, you're probably a vegan.

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The Kreutzer Sonata

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just relapse

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Hoff makes a lot of claims in this book that sound anti-intellect and anti-education.
>Why listen to the news? What’s that going to teach you?
>There’s nothing you can learn that’s worth learning that nature couldn’t teach you
>you’re being taught about the wrong things, learn the “health effects of nuclear power”

Is this just Hoff or is Taoism actually against learning?

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>>Why listen to the news? What’s that going to teach you?
It isn’t anti-intellectual or anti-education to recognize the news is just propaganda

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>“health effects of nuclear power”
qrd? that sounds like trolling

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Hoff drops that statement twice in the book and never delves any deeper into it. He just says it and doesn’t explain further

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At the time he wrote this three mile island had just happened, there was no need for him to go into more depth, it would have been redundant and condescending. We were facing an aging nuclear power system and little was being done to improve and update it. Nuclear power at that time was literally designed around the building of bombs, not efficient power generation, as a result it was producing huge amounts of highly toxic waste that served no purpose. It was literally a byproduct of the war, we have been able to build much better reactors from a power generation standpoint for decades but they were not as good when it came to producing weapons grade material. In the US this all created a stalemate in progress with regards to nuclear power generation and as a result we still have the same ancient system. Learn Context.

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A blog that no one reads is called a diary. I already have a diary, anon.

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The Pen Island blog is a beautiful time capsule

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Yeah, there are plenty of them. But I doubt the blogs that interest me would interest you.

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Stick to it then, you heathen.

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His life was actually way above average.

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It probably could have been much more, though.

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That goes for you, me and everyone else too.

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Such is life.

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did you think the point was supposed to be "dude's life was sad, huh?"

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Has anyone sperged out at a party like the underground man?

>Hmm yes me? Im busy.
>Walks backward and forward for hours alone in the corner.

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I was at a birthday party the other day and I hardly spoke at times and was asked if I was okay twice. At one point I said something after being quiet for a long time and someone said "you're still with us?" and laughed. Not as bad as the underground man but enough to make me feel awkward and disconnected.

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Did they want you to leave? Asking if you're "ok" would subtly signal disapproval with your perceived lack of engagement. If they think so little of you that you're easily mocked among peers, should you really be there? If you were hurt by a comment, you're seeking validation from people that probably despise you (passively). Shit sucks, bruv.

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They were just trying to include him you retard

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Your brain on literature

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The guy who said it seemed genuinely friendly but the girl looked offended

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Books on ascetism

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Litany of the Long Sun

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Have there ever been any direct responses from ascetics to refute the arguments for the Middle Way or similar moderation approaches?

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I've read so many good books and classics but my favourite is still this damn series of novels purely due to characterisation

Whenever someone asks me what's my favourite book, I tell them Flock of Brown Birds to avoid embarrassment

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My favorite book is a scifi novel about neo dark ages Catholic monks venerating a dead Jewish guy who may or may not still be alive kek

dont stress

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What book is it?
It's really the weeb connotation sometimes, it's just pain train when you're in arts college and a philosophy major too

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>What book is it?
Litany of the Long Sun

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fuck off
Its A Canticle for Leibowitz

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do you consider yourself an outsider artist/writer?

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I consider myself a failing artist and writer so yeah, I’m outside of it in a way.

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I believe that i am a cock, I spread the seed of wisdom not by my own choice, but at the command of the master who wields me. Taste my seed and you will be sneed

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i have the artistic abilities of a forgotten and over ripe banana

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Yes but I haven't done anything

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I consider myself an outlier, more than an outsider. I am simply not ready yet for my art to take center stage. I am still learning about life. If you mean “marginalized” I don’t think I appreciate the word as anything more than a crutch. But no one I know has ever published any kind of art.

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why did he do it?

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Telle about the Moon Landing again, George

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He was a dangerous retard.

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Because he prefers to have Lenny die ignorant rather than get caught by a mob and lynched.

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Im more perplexed about how those pants stay up without a belt

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Because it was useful for theme and plot. Probably my biggest issue with Steinbeck, to often has these convenient events which don't quite fit.

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how do you even begin to get a general education? just miscalleneous knowledge everyone should have, there's so many things to know, how do you even start? is there like a collection of this type of knowledge?

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>so basically reading wikipedia articles?
How would you know which Wikipedia articles to read? And then how would you know which sections matter and which don't?

What exactly is the goal here?

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Unironically yes

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You must look for introductory textbooks from university presses. Oxford Press has a series called Very Short Introductions for example.
There also publishers specialised in introductory books like Dorling Kindersley for several subjects and Taschen for art.

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no, wikipedia is not an accurate source. it is currated by brainwashed faggots seeking to rewrite history

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Google has gone to absolute shit nowadays though. It's a lot harder to find valuable content. And it doesn't help that Google has been skewing results for a few years now, favoring content which stands in line with their beliefs and outright hiding stuff which does not.
It's valuable to get stuff recommended by people who know they're talking about, who act in good faith, instead of that biased AI.

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I've had a giant fuck off tome of his non-fiction lying around for ages now and I finally feel like making my way through it. I'm thinking of starting by reading the essays contained therein, there's 58 of them that have been selected, so which of Orwell's essays would you say are the best and that I should keep an eye out for as I'm going through them?

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Off the top of my head:

- The Lion and the Unicorn
- England Your England
- Why I Write
- My Country Right or Left
- Notes on Nationalism
- Politics and the English Language

It's a shame Orwell has become almost a literary meme, he was incredibly complex.

A socialist who was intensely patriotic, which is practically non-existent these days. I remember Christopher Hitchens commenting on how Orwell fiercely attacked the "three great evils" of his time; Imperialism, Capitalism and Communism.

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Need more stuff like this except not from the Bible. Something about spiritual connection with God

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That books is basically some schizo with the “I live in a movie, and I’m the main character” delusion.

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Thank you this is very good

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Not an argument

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The Imitation of Christ

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Why are so many young people on this board so obsessed with Buddhism/Advaita non-dualism, Hinduism, Esotericism, Gnosticism, Guenon and other idolatries?
/lit/erature on how to fight this impulse in the West and return the young people to a better state for their soul?

>For the worship of abominable idols is the cause, and the beginning and end of all evil.
>For either they are mad when they are merry: or they prophesy lies, or they live unjustly, or easily forswear themselves.
>For whilst they trust in idols, which are without life, though they swear amiss, they look not to be hurt.
>But for two things they shall be justly punished, because they have thought not well of God, giving heed to idols, and have sworn unjustly, in guile despising justice.

(Wisdom 14:27-30)

>For of a truth, O Lord, the kings of the Assyrians have laid waste lands, and their countries.
>And they have cast their gods into the fire, for they were not gods, but the works of men's hands, of wood and stone: and they broke them in pieces.
>And now, O Lord our God, save us out of his hand: and let all the kingdoms of the earth know, that thou only art the Lord.

(Isaiah 37:18-20)

>The idols of the Gentiles are silver and gold, the works of men's hands.
>They have a mouth, but they speak not: they have eyes, but they see not.
>They have ears, but they hear not: neither is there any breath in their mouths.
>Let them that make them be like to them: and every one that trusteth in them.

(Psalm 134:15-18)

>Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you. Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind.

(Colossians 2:18)

>Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry. I speak to sensible people; judge for yourselves what I say. Is not the cup of thanksgiving for which we give thanks a participation in the blood of Christ? And is not the bread that we break a participation in the body of Christ? Because there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body, for we all share the one loaf.

(1 Corinthians 10:14-17)

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Zoomers are a bunch of depressed gender confused castrati so it makes sense they'd be attracted to nihilistic and gnostic stuff. It's an entire generation of Cathars.

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I think they are getting this from Augustine, who went from coomer to christer and then in a manner that persists to this day, such people who restrain their oversized passions act holier than thou to normal or otherwise moderate, people since they've caught up to passing as moderate and believe it is some profound quality they have over the outside.

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I don't use 4chan but I logged on to leave a couple of Christian comments and I'm glad there's more

I don't think it's as simple as just people wanting to wank, and that's hardly the point of Christianity, sex is overtalked about, just be a chaste man, wait till u marry, like people have done for centuries

I think it may be from wanting to stand apart or be above other people, Gnosticism and Buddhism is exotic and esoteric enough to make them believe it is like so, though they never truly delve into it, as a true gnostic or buddhist would have to be like an evil St Francis if they want any chance of reaching their version of heaven, instead of there being different vocations

They don't realize that Truth is like a light, it's not hidden at all, and they brush away Christianity and the Gospels as something simple and with not much depth because the simplicity of the Word of God carrying such deep meaning confuses them, whereas the pretended depth of esoteric writings makes them believe there's something there

I shall mention these miracles time and time again, St Bernadette's body has not rotten after over 50 years without any treatment and in the 90s many consecrated Hosts bled actual blood, analyzed in a lab, in Buenos Aires. Blessed Carlos Acutis has a good page on it. Convert to Catholicism and you will know joy and be saved

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>Guenon, Advaita Vedanta, Hinduism, Esoterism... it's true... all of it

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So I can rape whoever I want?

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no as you cannot rape yourself

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the spooks are gonna get you though
namely, the people who serve the spooks
you can rape in prison afterwards though, just be wary of the spooks turning the tide

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First, you have to get your grammar right. It's "whomever".

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No I don't, fuck you get your butthole over here

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I am absolutely livid right now. In trying to ween myself off of LoL, I came here looking for some help finding books that could keep my interest. As that has been my issue, all my life, with trying to read. I become completely bored with whatever I am trying to work through. However, I had a genius idea as I was typing out a post, that being, why not try to find something that captures not merely an interest in my on its own merit, but also something with which I could identify. In that thread, an eloquent person was insistent that classical fiction was where it was at. Now, being a classics major, I was immediately intruiged, however I still required that secondary condition to be satisfied. This person, on mine explaining what precisely I was looking for, revealed a thrilling fact to me. That the Illiad's protagnoist featured a gay romance, something with which I could whole-heartedly identify. I am over 200 pages into the story now, and the sum total of my take away is "war not great," and "Zeus's wife is an insolent brazen bitch,". Well enough, the promised character, Achilles and Patroclus, have not really been the the focal point of the tale yet. I held onto hope, thinking maybe that homosexual plotline would play out in later chapters. Yet, what do I find here, on page 274? Nothing short of the absolute evisceration of the efforts I had invested to date.

"And deep in his well-built lodge Achilles slept with teh woman he brought from Lesbos, Phorbas' daughter, Diomede in all her beauty sleeping by his side. And over across from him Patroclus slept with the sashed and lovely Iphis by his side, whom Prince Achilles gave him teh day he took teh heighs of Scyros," (ine 810 - 816).

LIVID, I tell you, at you. I told myself that maybe the Briuseus, or whatever the bitches' name is, could possibly lead to character development as Achilles realized how foolish f*moids made him and so he'd turn to the superior form. Or at LEAST some sort of bisexual activity. However, I go not just dissapointed, but crushed. I have no hope nor faith anymore. These two men, promised to me they who'd with I'd be most pleased, seem to show no inkling of homosexuality.

Thanks /lit/, thanks for fucking ruining my last seven weeks of effort. Guess it is back to League for me.

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I’m trans btw if that matters

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>league of legends
you lost before you started.

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No, actually, I am a femboy. Big difference.
Hey, let's not use homophobic slurs in my thread, thank you :0 :3

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i dont get this post at all

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Didn't read

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Why did she lie for half a millennium?

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hoes always be playing games

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Even beyond the grave these hoes ain't loyal

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"My neck is fine" - headless Anne Boleyn, yesterday

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The history of moral philosophy has usually been written - except for those historians influenced by Augustine, Marx, or Nietzsche - in such a way as to disguise this fact [The fact that constancy and integrity are required for us to be moral agents, and that practical thinking, which necessarily engenders tensions as a result of the conflicts between different roles and responsibilities in a social order, is necessary in order to exercise constancy and integrity]. Why does this matter? It is because it is from these tensions and conflicts, when and insofar as they are present, that morality gets an important part of its content. There are of course social and cultural orders in which tension, let alone conflict, between such rival moral systems has not yet been generated to any significant degree. But, whenever it has been so generated, it defines an area in which at least some moral agents find themselves with particular responsibilities to discharge. Consider how this might be so with regard to truthfulness, considered as one essential constituent of the human good. Both Aquinas and Kant hold that it is wrong to tell a lie in any circumstance whatsoever. But one could refrain from lying throughout one's life without having done what is required of one, if one is to achieve the good of truthfulness. For truthfulness requires of us that, when it is of peculiar importance that rational agents should understand some particular aspect of their lives, so that they are neither misled nor deceived, it is a responsibility of those who are truthful to disclose what is relevant to such understanding. What it is relevant to disclose is in key part determined by the limitations of the contemporary role structure and the ways in which it assigns responsibilities may obscure from view just that about which the virtue of truthfulness requires that we and others should be undeceived. Conflicts about whose responsibility it is to know about this or that are therefore among those that in some circumstances, especially the circumstances of distinctively modern societies, provide content for the requirements of morality. "Ask about any social and cultural order what it needs its inhabitants not to know" has become an indispensable sociological maxim. "Ask about your own social and cultural order what it needs you and others not to know" has become an indispensable moral maxim.

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What degrees and kinds of tension and conflict are engendered by the incompatibilities of established role requirements and the demands of the virtues varies of course from social order to social order. There are societies in which the potentiality for such conflict has not yet been realized, societies in which conflict has been effectively contained, societies in which conflict has disrupted and fragmented, sometimes creatively, sometimes destructively. So that often a key moral question is that of how best to find our way through conflict. Notice also that the dimensions of moral conflict are more than moral, at least if morality is narrowly conceived: they are moral-cum-political, moral-cum-economic, moral-cum-religious, indeed sometimes moral-cum-religious-cum-political-cum-economic; and remember too that the established norms and values with which we may be invited to enter into conflict will commonly be to some large degree our own norms and values, the norms and values by which we have hitherto been guided. So that initially at least that conflict will be within each of us. (Such conflict is not only a matter of incompatibility between two sets of practically embodied norms and values. It is also a matter of a certain resistance to critical questioning that claims about the limitations and errors of the standpoint of the established order are apt to evoke. And we may in some cases be misled about the nature and degree of such resistance, if we are naive in our identification of the norms and values of the established order. For there are types of social order, including our own, in which those norms themselves not only legitimate but encourage questioning, criticism, and protest, so that the set of approved social roles includes such roles as those of the Indignant Protester and the Angry Young Person and activities of criticism and protest are themselves governed by prescribed routines. We need then to draw a line between conflict or apparent conflict that is internal to and in no way a threat to an established order and conflict that is more radical, conflict that genuinely raises the question of whether established roles and routines can or cannot be justified in the light of the best account we have of the human good. It is conflict of this latter kind that social orders may need to contain or suppress, if they are to continue functioning as they have done.)

>> No.18764627

This is from "Social Structures and Their Threats to Moral Agency" in Essays and Politics: Selected Essays, Volume 2

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>"Ask about your own social and cultural order what it needs you and others not to know" has become an indispensable moral maxim.
So, what facts of relevance to morality might our society not want us to know? Please no racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. If you'd like to state a fact, state it without judgement or vitriol. Try to state it using language that would not invite censure.

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Wow so he read what, past book 4 of Politeia and the myth of the different ores?
radical insight there anglo.

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Are you okay?

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ITT: times when you knew you were in for a good time from the first minutes of the game

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How come working class whites exist today despite all the wealth they stole from colonialism the past 300 years?
All it took for my nonwhite family to escape the working class was one generation.
How come poor whites exist despite a 300 year head start?

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too based for a blue board

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You type like a racist and a polack, you post images like a racist and a polack, and then you claim you're not one.

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We can change how everyone wants to be white by altering history so that nobody will know what whites created.
People will think French came from Africa.

>> No.18765365

The vast majority of poor people in the United States are white. This has always been the case.

Politics focuses on popularity as distinct from reality, this should not surprise anyone.

>> No.18765400

The global South will feel nothing but resentful vengeance towards whites no matter how well off they become or how destitute whites become. Ranjeet here is the perfect example. His father is an executive and he more than likely lives a life of relative luxury. America, or England, or wherever he is opened its doors to his parents or his grandparents and gave them the opportunity to live lives they would not otherwise have access to, and they made the most of that opportunity and rose to the top of society. Yet all Ranjeet can do is seethe uncontrollably at the fact that there are white people out there who are poor. How dare they. It's almost like he's mad that the old colonial masters turned out to be nothing more than normal people back home.

I think an interesting contrast is when America opened its doors to millions of poor Irishmen and Italians. They came here with nothing and were generally seen as outsiders by Anglo Americans. And like Ranjeet's family they generally did very well in escaping poverty and ascending into positions of power. Yet how many young second- and third-generation Irish and Italian Americans have this weird resentimental chip-on-the-shoulder hatred of poor white families that have been here for hundreds of years but never escaped poverty? None I've ever met. I think the difference is that Italians and Irishmen wanted to be accepted as white just like everyone else, and in time they were. But Ranjeet will never be accepted as white and no amount of money or prosperity will ever satiate this desire.

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>Start with the Greeks
Why? When I'm learning math I don't start with Roman numerals and Euclid's Elements. When I'm learning the piano I don't start with harpsichord pieces. When I'm studying history I don't start with Herodotus. When I'm studying philosophy and literature, why should I begin with a people who didn't know light worked or what zero was? Surely in 2,400 years we've come across better ideas, or at least better ways to communicate them? We don't even teach the Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica anymore because of how obtuse it's written.

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>When I'm learning math I don't start with Roman numerals and Euclid's Elements. When I'm learning the piano I don't start with harpsichord pieces. When I'm studying history I don't start with Herodotus

>> No.18765189

alright then don't start with greeks if you don't want to :v

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It is a meme, that doesn't mean there is no basis to it

>> No.18765268

It's a meme. Most grad students and profs I know laugh at the idea of reading all philosophy chronologically.

>> No.18765323

Reading ALL of philosophy chronologically is unnecessary, yes, but everyone should start with the Greeks, and from there, you can go ahead and read whatever you want.

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