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Which translation of Faust is best?

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I want wealth to insulate myself from reality. I don't care about cars, houses or women I just want to stay as a NEET and hug my parents and feed the squirrels during my daily walk. I can't bare the thought of plunging myself into the terrible reality of this world and dealing with the stressors of people that see you as an object that can be used to extract resources from. I hate the thought of having to grow cynical and adopt the personality of a grifter to succeed. I don't want any of it.

So how do I do it /lit/? What do I read? Or do I say a couple of magic words? Please teach me.

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>Against the Day
>Navy OCS
>The studying part is over, which is the only reason I have my phone
>Holy fuck get me out of here I literally haven't moved more than half a mile from my bedroom since October

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harry clarke

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>dialectical materialism
marx had the great insight of temporalizing hegel, but it's not good enough. it's time to go deeper anon.

read kojeve's intro to hegel > notion of authority > outline of phenomenology of right (things will never be the same after reading this one)

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hey /lit/, which version of the Faust legend do i read: Goethe or Marlowe?

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...but rather than go on and on about myself, let's see if we can't keep this conversation going. maybe a more interesting topic than one demented pseud's ravings is called for...

>*romantic melody*
>bah gawd that's goethe's music

i've been thinking about goethe these days, he being a guy who seems mysteriously, well, *sane*. we don't talk much about goethe...but he knew all about mimetics and desire...and was no revolutionary...

so what gives? how about *this* guy? here was a thinker - no slouch - who saw better than most the organic holism of all things, and didn't seem to fall into despair. faust is in the penthouse of western literature, and goethe is an almost universally respected author, even among notoriously prickly philosophers...

...so what did goethe know that we seem to miss? how was it that he evaded so many conceptual traps that we fall into? no ressentiment here...and no naive idealism either...

maybe it's this:
>Analyses of Sacrifice in Literature treated it for a long time as a unified phenomenon, in which sacrifice is always the manifestation of a particular kind of violence. The most prominent example of this approach is that of René Girard, whose idea that every sacrifice is an example of a universal scapegoat mechanism has inspired many readings of sacrifice in literature...

>...in one of the most emphatic attempts to rehabilitate the notion of sacrifice, Douglas Hedley argues that sacrifice must be understood as a Christian structure that is to be opposed to the deficiencies of a secular culture. His approach is most relevant for the discussion of sacrifice in Goethe because it considers the opposition between Christian submission to a transcendent order and the primacy of the individual, an opposition that becomes a key theme in Faust. As Hedley writes, “any of the critics of the idea of sacrifice are anti-Platonic and so is Nietzsche’s odd retrieval of sacrifice, where sacrifice is an expression of the Will to Power and not the slave morality that encourages sacrifice of self for the sake of metaphysical values. Nietzsche is very telling in this reversal of the idea of sacrifice. The increasing emphasis upon individual freedoms and rights and the horizontal web of beliefs and commitments: dimension of family, friends, and contracts has been combined in occidental culture with an erosion of vertical sense of a mediated transcendent order.” The opposition between metaphysical values and human freedom lies at the heart of the Faust story, and Goethe’s Faust is significant in that it marks the boundary between a Christian notion of sacrifice and the Nietzschean modern one.


...share your thoughts, gents...

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my N I G

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Can books help me with speech therapy?
If so,how? Reading aloud? Subvocalising?
Also what are some good books that deal with speech therapy?

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What translation of it should I get? Can someone give me a link on amazon to a cheap copy with some coolio illustrations?

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>The possibility of finding a trap that would have similar literary tastes will be very slim.

I live in hope.

>I agree she had plebeian tastes, but it is better to find a girl with a curiosity to new literature. That way you can cultivate her into it.
>Rather a sapling than a gnarled thornbush as they say.

You might be right. I hate lowering myself to other peoples' levels however, in relationships and otherwise - no patience for it. It just feels like 'playing dumb' desu, which doesn't seem fair on either the person in question or myself. More to the point, it feels like acting - and like lying, you can only keep it up for so long before the mask slips.

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Either one of these guys, actually. I can relate to both.

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