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>worship Jewish god
>get betrayed

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>about to order a book online
>customers who viewed this item also viewed:
>all books from Mishima, Evola, Guenon, Ted Kaczynski, Jung, etc..
/lit/ tards are responsible for this

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Why are all the great authors alcoholics/substance abusers?

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It's all a matter of perpsective anon

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Like virtually everyone under 40 has a tattoo you faggot incel. I was out this past weekend and virtually everyone in the bar we were at had some kind of visible tat.

Do you ever stop to think that acting like you’re too proud and superior to everyone else is why nobody likes you? You guys post this school shooter type stuff and then in the same hour are on other /lit/ threads bitching and crying about how depressed you are. I guess I just want you to know that you deserve the immense pain, loneliness, and alienation you feel

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>read Neuromancer in 7th grade
>didn’t understand a fucking word of it
>subsequently have read it every 6 - 12 months; always get something new out of it as I catch new references or understand things more clearly with the widened horizons of an adult
>check Gibson’s Twitter out of curiosity, don’t know too much about him other than he was a big 60’s leftist who dodged the draft
>he’s a completely hopeless libtard pee poo drumpf wears a diaper, is a cheeto, and is a faggot with Putin

Extremely disappointing bros. Was expecting a bit more uh maturity from a guy who wrote such a groundbreaking masterpiece. Last I checked on Twitter he was bitching about the fucking royal family drama. What the fuck?

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