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Homer is the context, you're learning from the primary source material. Other than reading Hesoid everything else comes after Homer and is written in a Homeric context.

As a supplement you could read the Hoemric Hymns, and from Hesoid the Theogony and Works and Days. But starting with the Odyssy itself is fine (other than skipping the Iliad).

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>No arse-rigged woman must deceive your wits with her wily twitterings when she pokes into your granary; he who believes a woman believes cheaters.

>In due season bring a wife into your house, when you neither many years short of thirty nor many beyond it ... As for the woman, she should have four years of ripeness (menstruation) and be married in the fifth. Marry a virgin, so that you may teach her good ways
Is Hesiod giving good advice here?

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I was thinking of getting either the Oxford one or the Hackett one, but I don't know how Lombardo is as a translator. What do?

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