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I bet she was one saucy tart back in the day

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>Why do you type like this?
because I'm a pseud. what else am I gonna do? Discuss books? Bleh

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Handmaid’s Tale is a unique one.
The reason women always bring it up during a fit of hysterics over abortion is a subconscious act of reverse psychological manipulation towards men. Deep down they all secretly fantasize about being rounded up and treated like cattle

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I have been reading a lot of classic literature for the past few years, really just enjoying the feelings the great works evoke in me.
I want to go deeper though. I want to improve my ability to spot symbolism and extract other deeper, more meaningful ideas from the novels I read.
I understand that this might fall under the umbrella of literary theory.
What are some good books on literary theory that can help me improve the depth of my experiences?
I’m not sure what form that would take. Essays?

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How do I make /lit/ friends?

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