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no one on /lit/ reads.
ITT don't talk to each other at all, just discuss a book you read.

>hard mode: you have to actually have read it
I'll go first:

Irene's Cunt:

it was a translation, so maybe I should give more credit to the translator for this, but the surreal sections of it really caught me. the lewdness was great, it makes me want to write something a little more risque and outrageous next time I write, but, like I said, the surreal bits were really the most captivating to me

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For me, it's S01E05: Pynch annoys Dave by acting and dressing like him and following him around. Dave's friends start excluding him because they don't want Pynch. around. But when Pynch's own friends refuse to play with him, he puts together a plan to send Dave away to Southern California.

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